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According to the MC Superior Court, the jury will deliberate from 9:00 am to 4:30 pm each day until they reach a verdict of either an acquittal or manslaughter. Once they reach a verdict, Judge Pickles will give 45 minutes notice prior to the reading.

Click here for the Jury Instructions document (22 page PDF)

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So while we await news on the victorious verdict, leave your comments below for Monday afternoon right here in this new page.


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  1. Does anyone know the date that the jailhouse interview with Jodi was done on back in 2008…the one they are showing on HLN now…

    • Yes, I’ve heard from SJ that he was giving out a prize for third, but unfortunately, it keeps getting returned to him, and so, he stopped even offering it a while ago because all the paperwork involved in the returns were getting a bit much. You know, he couldn’t use a dummy SKU or anything, so it became very time consuming. He told me that he thought it was a great prize initially. But now, he can’t even pay someone to take it. You see, it’s a 40 minute yelling cross-examination session by “the prosecutor”. You cannot object because only the prosecutor asks the questions, and most people can’t make it beyond the first 3 minutes, and SJ was giving a 4 minute guarantee on the prize that allowed people to return it up until then. He awarded it to many people but alas, as I said, he can’t even pay someone to take it now.

      I’m sure SJ would be willing to arrange for you to receive this prize if you’d like it though, CanadaLinda. 😛

        • Hi sz, I haven’t seen a doctor today (since leaving the ER again last night). I’m still feeling a great deal of heart racing, panic and anxiety. I’m a mess, really. I don’t know what to do.

          • Did ER give you any info as to what is causing your symptoms?

            BTW, I must have been thinking of Columbia Hospital for Women the other day. It closed in 2002, tho. I thought they would be good on anything hormone-related, with a focus on women in particular. A friend of mine had her baby there many years ago.

      • I wouldn’t mind going a few rounds in a verbal match with that little fucker.

        Diarrhea of the mouth is a sign of constipation in the brain.

        • He is scary – if I were a juror – I think I would get like Jodi — and just shut him out — as I am a female — now if I were a man I might get hard pressed to being yelled at by another man — he is somewhat dictatorial – he also, continued to remind me of the trash talk from Travis – which only continued to turn me against his lengthy harassing spectacles.

        • Sirlips you’re hilarious! I’d lve to take that midget on too!! Why O Why do short men act like that? I have 6 cousin, short – like 5’4 – 5’5, and they’re cocky! I truly believe Mr Turd needs anger management! Alyce was right! Time Out Turd!

  2. REPOST from old threads end…

    Thought we could have a little fun today, while await the Manslaughter or acquittal announcement, as we know that’s all we are waiting for….

    I found some of the juror’s comments from the deliberation. I am not allowed to expose where I attained these, but you can be assured that they ARE 1/3 of 72% accurate:

    Juror 1: “So, we are going to hang this crazy liar, right?”

    Juror 2: “um, they don’t hang people in AZ, they stick ‘em with the ‘cocktail’ “.

    Juror 1: “Sorry, so we are going to put this liar on the firing squad, right?”

    Juror 2: “Um, they ONLY use the lethal injection in AZ…No firing squad.”

    Juror 1: “Ok, so we ARE going to use the lethal injection then, right?”

    Juror 3: “You sure are bent on killing this woman, what up with that?”

    Juror 1: “Well, yah, she lied! You can’t say she is innocent, if she lied!, we gotta kill her, the short guy said we MUST kill her, if she is guilty, and she is guilty of LYING!!”

    Juror 4: “But, she wasn’t charged with lying. We are supposed to only judge if she is guilty of the crimes she was charged with, like Pre-meditated murder or manslaughter”

    Juror 1: “Then do we get to hang this thief, she stole the gun”

    Juror 2: “again, no, we don’t hang people in AZ, and she wasn’t charged with stealing anything”

    Juror 5: “Wait, they didn’t charge her with stealing the gun? Then how are they claiming the Felony murder charge, if they didn’t charge her with stealing the gun? Doesn’t she have to be convictable on the theft, to call her a felony thief? I’m so confused now.”

    Juror 1: “Ok, enough of this crap…can we at least chop her head off because she made up a story about not being responsible for the death of TA, but then retracted it and admitted to killing him? That’s gotta get her head put on the block, doesn’t it?”

    Juror 2: “Sir, as I have told you, they don’t chop people’s heads off in AZ, they use lethal injection. Also, they did not charge her with conspiracy to cover up a death. So, no, we cannot find her guilty of “story telling”. We can only find her guilty of the actual charges in this case… That’s it.”

    Juror 6: “So let me get this straight, she did lie, but they didn’t charge her with covering up a death, they claim she stole the gun, but they didn’t charge her with theft? What the hell are we supposed to use as evidence to convict her?”

    Juror 7: “I think we are supposed to use all the other evidence…like the gas cans”

    Juror 1: “But I have gas cans in my trunk, but that doesn’t mean I am planning a murder! But, if you want me to ignore that, I am willing to…after all this chick needs to be drowned like a rat!”

    Juror 2: “Sir. Drowning someone is terrible; we only stick them with a cocktail of deadly poisons. It’s much more human to murder that way that to drown someone…duh! Have you not been listening to me?”

    Juror 8: “I don’t think we should ignore the fact that “gas cans don’t mean you planned a murder”. We should use the real evidence.”

    Juror 9: “I know this is going to sound silly, but what real evidence?”

    juror 10: “Real evidence? There is tons….like the…….. well, there’s the…. The Book SHELF! Yah, the book shelf, she couldn’t have stepped on it, she lied! So she had to have Pre-mediated this murder”

    Juror 2: “Actually, that would mean she is guilty of lying, again. What does that have to do with murder? Just because her story isn’t the truth, doesn’t mean the states story is. Plus, I think she could have stepped on the side of the shelf, and it wouldn’t have tipped at all. PLUS, she could have not used the shelf at all, since she didn’t even really know where she stepped, she said. AND, she could have put the stuff back on the shelf, to hide the fact that something happened in the closet. She was very scared. I wouldn’t want to try to explain my involvement in a death!”

    Juror 2: “See, she is guilty, you just said she could have cleaned up the scene before leaving!!! KILL HER!!!”

    Juror 3: “No, sir, she said she “could have” but we don’t really know for sure. Plus, anything that happened AFTER the death doesn’t matter, as the charges are only for before (pre-med murder 1…) and during the killing. There are no charges that have anything to do with after the death.

    Juror 11: “but I saw on HLeN that she was doing headstands in the questioning room of the jail! That’s just weird ass shit right there, ‘em hm.”

    Juror 12: “You watched HLeN? Thank god, I thought I was the only one! Did you guys check out the internet sites about this trial too? We are going to be fucking famous!”

    Juror 2: “actually, we are not supposed to view any media coverage, that would mean we are guilty of breaking the courts order!”

    Juror 1: “Sweet! Can we hang juror 12 now?”

    Juror 2:”No, we should just vote, and get this over with”

    Jurors 1-12: “yah, lets see where we are at”

    The vote: “Instructions: vote 1 if you think there is reasonable doubt as to what really happened. Vote 2 if you think they have proven that she did charge 1,2,3,4 or 5. Vote 3 if you don’t think there is enough evidence to support either the state or the defenses story.”

    Results: “6 jurors voted for 1, 0 jurors voted for 2, 6 voted for 3.

    Juror 2: “Ok, let’s go tell the judge we have a verdict of not guilty.”

    Juror 1: “Wait, what the fuck? I voted for 3, that doesn’t mean I think she is innocent!”

    Juror 2: “actually, it does sir, we can only convict her if we have NO DOUBT that the story the prosecutor said was true, and that story has to mean she actually broke the law she was charged with breaking. Since no one voted for 2, we are done here.”

    Juror 1: “Well, shit, I want to burn someone at the steak, this isn’t fair! I like to fantasize about ass raping kids too, but that doesn’t make me a bad man, does it!?! Does it? I go to temple every Saturday, that makes me a good man. He may have been an abusive rape fantasizer, but at least he went to church! He was doing “the good work”!”

    Juror 8: “what do you guys say we milk this for a few more days, I really don’t feel like going back to my real job this week?”

    Juror 9 “that’s a great idea. I’ll bring in reports each day this week on what the HLeN crew thinks we are saying and we can all laugh at them. Does anyone have a deck of cards?”


    So, there we have it…the minds of the jury! If I hear any other news from my sources, I’ll be sure to post them.- Sirlips

  3. I know some of you say the longer they take the better it is for them to revise and consider all the evidence and I wholeheartedly agree.Deep down though I want this to end as soon as possible,i hate thinking what Jodi must be going through right now…

    • I honestly don’t think there is any evidence to consider. The prosecution didn’t meet the burden of proof, and its key witnesses are tainted.

      This thing should have already been decided.

      • They asked questions all along to the witnesses…I think that will shorten the deliberation time some…

        • The question to Kevin Horn regarding the dura mater should have ended all doubt here about the prosecution’s case.

      • Good point too tonysam.Horne’s last testimony should have made clear and convince even the most sceptical of the jurors.Unfortunately,we cannot know their way of thinking…. 🙁

        • If they convict Jodi of anything after that debacle, they don’t have any understanding of burden of proof.

      • I feel it should be decided faster than slower. I am fearing that the longer they go, the more doubts they are having. But it could be my biased paranoia.

        • Renee,

          Keep the faith…. It could be a couple jurors that aren’t going to budge on their stance. I would think if they all agreed on M1 they would of already come back with a verdict. So, staying postive that this is good for JODI… 🙂

        • I think it could go either way. I was a juror on a murder trial and we were 7-5 for not guilty on the first day. Six days later, we reached a verdict of not guilty. So you really never know.

    • The Casey Anthony jury only deliberated for 11 hours, so it really doesn’t matter how long either way I don’t think. When a trail has a lot, and I mean a lot of hard core evidence they might come back within an hour or two, but this case does not have the evidence to back up Juan’s claims.

      • I can only hope that the little troll over-tried his case like the Anthony trial…then this will be all worth seeing his ugly little face upon the verdict!

    • Me too, maria, been thinking of her all day.. I tell my friends and they look at me amazed.. but I can’t help that.

      I kept looking and all I got was the seal.. so I went out for dinner at 8.30.. came back and found the seal still there..

      What Jodi must be going through is agony.. I only wish I was there on the jury, I would insist they listen to me and decide, its just not fair on her 🙁

  4. Good afternoon SJ, MB, Sirlips, tonysam, maria, cindy j., CanadaLinda, Sil, Krista, Trixels and truth!


  5. OK, you guys keep overlooking my posts so I am going to ask again…… (what’s a girl gotta do over here? lol) Will we know if the jury asks for any clarification or for anything to be looked at evidence wise?

        • tnlucy,
          The trials I have watched, if a juror asked a question, we will know.
          Not positive about AZ.

          I wasn’t really sure. Not ignoring you though. : )
          But in the OJ trial they had a question about the limo driver.

          • Guess what? No body liked OJ either!! Yet he was found not guilty..and the Brown family is still trying to hang him high!!

            • OJ may not be a convicted murderer but he is a well documented woman abuser, and there are pictures and 911 calls from Nicole to prove that he beat the shit out of her. I think that alone is enough for the family to want him dead. Just sayin…

              • I’m just saying that I watched the trial and the jury was sequestered and I know of one question that the jurors sent to the judge before the verdict and the question was something about the limo drivers testimony..

    • I dont think so. We will know after wards, but i doubt they have cameras and crews in the courtroom waiting each time they ask for something to be read or detailed. I could be wrong.

      Plus, there is no assurance that they will get any details they ask for. The supreme court has been clear on “read backs”, but that doesnt mean the judge has to allow it. Silly IMO…but thats par for this court.

      • Camera’s on and crews there. Plus reporters.

        Of course the discussion might be at sidebar or in chambers, in which case we’re SOL

        • I read somewhere that they wasn’t letting reports in courtroom, they are just hanging around in hallways and stuff.

        • If it’s a minor issue, in trials I’ve been involved in, I’ve experienced it being conducted during a conference call between the judge and counsel for both sides. In other instances (especially when it involved testimony read backs), it’s been conducted in open court, but I tend to think in this case, it would be conducted in chambers.

          As I said on the last page, there may be some evidence that the jury doesn’t have access to in the jury room such as anything fragile. I think, but am not positive, that some of the receipts might fall into that category. If so, the bailiff would have to bring that evidence to them and remain present while they examined it. The magazines, if they were admitted (not sure) might also fall into that category. I’m also not sure about the audio recording. I don’t know if they have constant access to that or if the bailiff would play it for them upon request. However, this type of evidence would not require notifying counsel (as far as I’m aware) and therefore, the media would not be aware of it either.

          This is my best guess based on my experience but things are done differently in AZ, so …

    • They were just bitchin on HLN that NO cameras allowed in the courtroom during deliberations, so we’ll probably know they asked for something . but we probably won’t know what.

    • I am sure the hate club news media HLN will spin on it if they are to ask qustions or want anything pertaining to the trial.

      • Thanks guys! I was afraid we would all be at the mercy of HLN and Nasty Grace if there was any news at all. Sad.

    • I’m afraid we might have to watch HLN. I have it up on mute with closed caption on so I can watch the verdict clock.
      They recently announced there were no jury requests yet, but for sure they would let us know the moment the jury asks a question of the judge – in between all the hostilities.

    • Generally, if it is evidence, i.e., an exhibit it can be reviewed. In some jurisdictions the jury can ask for transcripts of testimony, but it doesn’t seem like that is allowed in AZ, although I don’t know. From what Stephens said, they would give a note to the bailiff, who would give it to her, and if she could figure out how, she would let the exhibit be examined.

  6. You are right The issue is Jodi admitted to killing Travis. So this isn’t a who done at trial, it so why did she do it trial. That’s the difference between The OJ trial and the CA trial.

  7. IMO, no fast verdict means that right now there is no unanimous decision. THAT means there are members who are in favor of acquittal or at the very least manslaughter. This is good people!.. Now they just have to persuade the others. SJ, if you’re reading this, please re-post Cheney Mason’s chart on reasonable doubt. Whenever i read it my confidence in the outcome soars. There’s no way she can be found guilty of 1st or 2nd. NO F-ING WAY!

    • Canada Linda,

      I totally agree…. however, we know that they all didn’t agree on felony murder or M1 otherwise they would of alredy come back with the verdict. I hope ” little man ” is spinning like crazy in his desk chair saying ” WTF ” is taking so long, I gave them the instructions on what to say, and how to come to the M1 verdict….. ( such a dick face).

      Jodi girl, hang in there, this is a good sign, that there are a few jurors that are on your side………. do I hear MANSLAUGHTER or AQUITALL? I am leaning more with manslaugter since she did confess to the murder. Unless they are buying the story that there are others involved.

      Such a mystery at this point.

    • “Rush hour” is more than getting home before the 5 p.m. crowd, I’m afraid.

      It could be called “escape hour.”

      • Tonysam,

        LOL ” ESCAPE HOUR” traffic is only bad in the downtown area …. However, this courthouse is close to the airport, sure hope those jurors have their plane tickets to get the hell out of AZ…..

    • oh my god i would throw up if that happens. but on the bright side it could mean they believed jodi and its manslaughter even better not guilty!!!

    • Why would juror 8 be inside the courthouse? He’s been dismissed…. that would be tainting the jurors….

    • They should be sequestered Here in Canada, once the jury goes to deliberation they are sequestered until a verdict is reached. My brother was a juror on a sexual assault case. The jurors were put up in a hotel: no TV, no newspapers, no internet. Bailiff out in the hallway.

      • Same here in my state……… just another reason for appeal if needed. Never heard of letting the jurors decided on when they want to deliberate making their own schedule. Seems like you can do whatever the hell you want in AZ…. Keep the faith going, hopefully we will know soon…

      • Exactly CanadaLinda,

        And most of the time the jury is sequestered from the start of the trial. Gag orders and ban on media coverage is not uncommon either.

        I’d like to see JM start his crap in one of the courts up here in Canada, he’d be moving into the cell next door to Bubba! lol

    • I don’t know cindy…I am sure they had to eat in the deliberation room so as not to be accosted outside by the media onslaught….

    • There’s a cafeteria at most courthouses, so I would imagine the jurors probably went there. I don’t think they’d want to risk braving it to go to a restaurant, but perhaps the court personnel is providing them with security to do that, if they desire.

  8. When I heard the questions from the jury through out the trial, to me at least, It sounds like they have two different camps on that jury. Some are dripping with sarcasm, “like how could we EVER believe a word you say!?” and others were more understanding like, and asking questions about how much Travis beat Jodi and degraded her. So I think it will take a while. I have not slept in 2 days! I just got too nervous and my adrenaline flowing. So I think I will say goodnight to you all and talk again manana. Adios, Jesse. Hugs and Kisses to you all! xoxoxox MEOW TEAM JODI!

  9. This is the most B.S. court system………. they should of had lunch bought for them so they can continue to deliberate over lunch…. not taking an hour lunch break with the MEDIA mobbing the courthouse. Then come back for 3 1/2 hours………….. then start all over tomorrow. Why not stay until you reach a verdict. Gosh this is the most assward back state for a DP case.

    C’mon jurors make the right decision……. Prayers for JODI and her family and defense team.

    • It’s ridiculous they’re breaking for lunch!! Why not eat inside while delibearting?Hasnt this ordeal already taken too long?Why unnecessarily prolonging it?

      • They have to be allowed breaks under federal law. They can’t be required to work through lunch. That might be something they could request, but it can’t be mandatory.

    • This jury has been subjected to the media, outside people’s opinions, people waiting outside the courthouse, they see all of this unfolding. This jury should have been in sequester. The judge was so stupid for not sequestering them.

  10. Why does everyone over there say this has to do with him not taking her to Cancun? Anyone who has ever BOOKED A VACATION knows that you cant just change the names on the tickets that close to the leave date. He died only 6 days before they were going . How HOW I ASK YOU was he going to change the ticket without paying more then the ticket cost to begin with. GOD THESE F*ING PEOPLE!! And what is so infuriating is you KNOW THESE MOTHER F^&*(%^ know that because they go onn vactaions all the time off the money they make off of “SICKOS” like Jodi!! PLEASE THE ONLY SICKOSI SEE ARE THE DISGUSTING TRAVIS AND FAMILY AND A STATE THAT HAS GROSSLY LET DOWN THE CONSTITUTION!!

    • I KNOW it’s almost impossible to change tickets. I left my abuser 2 months before our wedding. I tried to have the tickets for our HM to Cancun changed so I could use it for my best friend. They would not allow it. I could only do it if my ex was willing to sign off on the ticket(which he wasn’t) to get a refund which in turn would allow me to purchase a new flight. It used to be a lot easier before 9/11.

    • This has nothing to do with the Cancun trip. Jodi knew a long time before this trip she wasn’t going and that her and TA were going to go to Oregon when he got back. The media will spin anything for a rating as they are waiting for the verdict.

    • Omg I was just going to post something like that!! It would take time to cancel a ticket and rebook another! Also maybe flights were booked thru employer!! The vacation theory is so dumb

    • That’s the lamest argument for motive I’ve ever seen. They claim she went there to convince him (a) to take her to Cancun and (b) to marry her. Well, he couldn’t just have changed his mind and taken her to Cancun at that late date. The best he could have done was to persuade Mimi not to go with him, I guess. But Jodi already knew about his Cancun trip, and she already knew about Mimi (not that Mimi was going, but that he wanted Mimi to marry him). Nothing about that makes sense.

      As for Jodi going there to convince him to marry her, why then was she pursuing dating other people? Oh that’s right, that was just to make him jealous. Huh? And why had she moved away?

      It’s all such nonsense how they make things up and don’t even use their brains to process it. I sure hope the jurors have more sense.

  11. If I’m a juror..I would be thinking this.

    Premeditation evidence is not there because ..

    1. The supposedly stolen gun–No evidence she stole that gun.

    2. Gas cans in her car–She’s driving in the desert, a lot of people know to take extra gas in the desert, plus if she really had wanted to be unseen she would have drawn the money out of the bank and paid cash, takes care of that problem, why go to all that trouble and leave a paper trail?

    3..She dyed her hair–This is possibly the most laughable non-evidence of all. Woman dye their hair everyday, plus the fact she dyed her hair long before this happened.

    4..Her cell phone died..It happens and it is certainly not evidence of premed.

    5..Her license plate was upside down..Big whoop.

    Supposed Motive..Jodi got angry b/c she couldn’t go to Cancun. lol, that’s ridiculous. How stupid is that?

    I see a full acquittal for Jodi, at the most Manslaughter with time served. If the jury comes back with anything more..they have been watching too much HLN.

    • I agree! If they come back with anything less than manslaughter, I would hope SOMEONE would put in a motion to examine their internet history.

      • Yes, if I were the defense and there’s a guilty verdict other than manslaughter I would get a court order for their ISP records and see just what they had been doing.

    • As Nurmi said, the MOST suspicious part of it is “turning off her phone” (JM’s version) or “her phone dying” (Nurmi’s version). That’s it. The most suspicious evidence of premeditation. Have you ever turned your phone off when you went somewhere/took a nap/some other reason and forgot to turn it back on? I sure have. I do it ALL the time. Has your phone ever died? Mine sure does, even when I’m sure I have plenty of charge on it. So, really, would you want to put someone to death because of a phone being turned off/dying? I mean, really?

      • I turn off my phone when I can’t find my charger or am not near my charger, in order to conserve that last bit of juice for when I may need it. I do this so often that I often do not remember to turn it back on again. It is conceivable she did the same thing, especially as it was nighttime and desert–that is, no reception. This is not a unique experience and I am hoping the jurors will have the same thought.

        • Exactly. I do the same thing even walking home from work where there are plenty of people and places around. You want to preserve the last bit of juice for a 911 call, should you need one.

    • you know damn well they are watching HLN when they get home or DVRing it daily!! I think the jury should have been sequestered!


  13. Well…This is my 1st day to post…Cant believe I waited so long…However Iv been lurking since day two
    of the trail…I dont know if Iv been to scared to post or maybe to shy…Iv read every comment on here and agree with almost all them…very intelligent people on this site versus the other sites…I guess i can start bysaying hello everyone!!!! Im glad to be here and Thanks SJ for allowing me to post.

  14. I didnt listen, but yesterday CH gave his interview on some show. I followed along twitter with people that were listening.
    Something stuck WAY OUT to me.

    CH states that he broke into TA emails to read them before the police did.

    Anyone else wondering what is up with that?

    • He also claims he has the original 18 page letter sent to the family.

      He is also a pathological liar, and possibly worse, MUCH WORSE.

      He and his wife are disgusting human beings. 🙄

    • Yeah that show was on last night on CNN I think it was called inside the jodi arias trial or something. ITS DISGUSTING!! AREN”T THESE PEOPLE STILL UNDER SUBPOENA!!

    • Yea, I listened to that too, he was able to get TA’s passwords within hours of hearing he was dead and according to CH, he went through all of TA’s emails, and im’s to find evidence against JA. So I’m wondering about what else he tampered with before Flores told him to stop.

        • He explains it on the broadcast, I’d have to go back and relisten to explain it correctly, but basically from a computer tech.

          • Oh and Jodi’s the stalker?! psshhhttt… Whose the one actually hacking, not just accidentally pressing the back button?

      • Maybe he has TA laptop and the laptop they were searching for stuff was actualy Deanna’s and that’s the reason for it being registered to her, when it was suppose to be a Christmas present. WTF ever…….. they are all liars covering up for each other because they know that there is so much more to this case….. FK U CH… and the rest of the CLAN>

      • WTH! Why was he not charged with tampering with evidence, or hindering an investigation, or SOMETHING? How can that be okay?

    • CH is a weak little man. He is trying to keep his spot in the church by lying and not telling everything he knows. He knew Travis had deep dark secrets, but didn’t say anything during this trial about them. He is disgusting.

    • I just got finished listening to the whole damn thing. I feel like I need to bathe. My mind won’t function to summarize to save y’all the pain of listening, but just don’t. I’ll answer any questions anyone has, but yes, now I know what it must be like to be waterboarded and I’m officially changing my position on enhanced interrogation.

  15. JVM just said that they were stay FAR AWAY from where the jury is coming and going because if they show them it can do terrible damage to the case. Now my question is how would we even know it was the jury unless THEY(HLN) made a big stink about it like “LOOK THERE THEY ARE NOW!” Your thoughts and what kind of damage would it do to the case if the trial is already over? Sorry if this is a stupid question i;m trying to understand.

    • Bias them while making their decision perhaps?

      I have a feeling HLN will show all their faces on national TV if they come back with anything less than M1. Just so that they can ensure anyone who supported Jodi gets harassed.

      • I don’t think the media is allowed to show their faces unless they agree to it. I might be wrong about that, but that’s what I’ve always heard.

  16. I really have to feel for the 3 alternate jurors, sitting in a room twiddling their thumbs. That has to suck!

    • LOL Gail. I hadn’t even thought of them. Yeah, it must really suck! I hope they brought good books with them!

  17. From Huffington post:

    Is Jodi Arias Guilty or Innocent?

    She is guilty of first-degree murder


    She is guilty of a lesser charge


    She is not guilty


    • When a hung jury occurs, the presiding judge declares a mistrial, meaning that the trial has ended without a judgment. In a criminal case, the prosecuting attorney can decide whether or not to pursue a new trial, negotiate a plea bargain, or drop the charges.

      Don’t know that a hung jury is in Jodi’s favor with JUAN…. JUAN would go for a new trial… 🙂 He and TA family wants death….

      • Yeah but a mistrial is better then guilty!! I think it would be awesome if Jaun retried her because when he loses again then EVERYONE will know Jodi was telling the truth AFTER she came clean!! BUT lets keep our fingers crossed for not guilty/manslaughter!!!

      • Yep and keep in mind that when cases are retried, the prosecution has learned a few more tricks and more often than not, wins on the second-go-around. Since JM wouldn’t accept a plea for second degree murder, I think he would opt to retry this case as many times as necessary (assuming his boss allows it and he seems to give JM a great deal of leeway). Jodi is better off with manslaughter right now.

        By the way, I don’t believe she has credits for 5.5 years of time served as others have said. She was incarcerated in, I think, mid-July of 2008. That’s not quite 5 years ago.

          • No, not parole. But in the event of a hung jury, she would be back to the status she’s been in for the last almost 5 years, so she could get out on bond. However, unless they could petition to lower the bond, it’s doubtful she could afford it.

        • He wouldn’t win the second time, or the third time, or the tenth time.

          His case is hopelessly corrupt and inept.

          • This isn’t the usual trial in this country. It reminds me more of Fatty Arbuckle’s trial than anything else.

        • I think realistically if this ends up being a mistrial, they’ll strike a deal. This trial has cost approximately 1.6 million for taxpayers so far, so I think they’ll realize that it’s not worth it to have a whole new trial. Plus with a whole new trial it would be IMPOSSIBLE for her to get a fair trial with all of the press that’s been surrounding this one.

      • Yes, but there’s already a big stink about the cost of this trial. A second trial could conceivably triple the overall cost.

  18. Vinnie says that since Orlando he is feeling very nervous. I told him he should. I told him I fear that the jury will make the wrong decision due to fear instilled by people like him. Asswipe.

  19. Do you guys think i should tell Jennifer about that show last night and what CH said? Isn’t he perjuring him self and aren’t they still subpoenaed?

    • No. Under subpoena until they testify. That is why they were in court for closing.

      But yes. That is odd. Although, at this stage, nothing they can do about CH admitting to hacking into Travis’s email. At least, not until the verdict comes out.

    • It’s amazing what the Hughes have managed to get away with. Releasing evidence, twittering under subpoena, feeding the prosecution info while watching the trial when they weren’t suppose to. smh

  20. OMG Chris and Sky Hughs made their way up to the 5th floor where the court room is and were hugging the public who are there. Why are they there? It’s not like they are family…geez

  21. Waiting with my fingers crossed. Come on jury! Do the right thing. Don’t be victims of the State’s lies and exaggerations and public hatred.

    • fingers, toes, eyelashes, eyebrows, hair………cat’s paws….cat’s whiskers……(things crossed hoping for the JUST verdict….LOL LOL)

      Hi Gwen!!!

  22. Eff. This is infuriating. The day after the case went to the jury, Samantha Alexander, Travis’ sister, posted the following on her FB account:

    “I’m canceling my Facebook. I have received thousands of messages from many wonderful supporters. I never go on Facebook so they have piled up. I don’t want to offend anyone for not responding. I am simply never on Facebook. Thank you for your support and prayers.”

    Yep. Samantha Alexander no longer needs the Travis Taliban, and could not abandon them fast enough. Naturally, the Alexander minions aren’t smart enough to see Samantha’s diss for what it was:

    “Cathy James Schiffke Thank you for allowing me to support your family and Travis during the trial. Wishing you all the best of everything. Justice won’t be long now! <3"

  23. This line, above all else, tells me M with premeditation is not possible:

    An act is not done with premeditation if it is the instant effect of a sudden quarrel or heat of passion.

  24. Lets not forget what we are here for! We are here to support to Jodi!
    And keep in mind, Iv agreed with SJ from Day 1 well day 2 when I
    found this page, the prosecution has not done their job. All theories
    have been blasted by the defense on the PM.

    Im from Arkansas (dont be making fun of me) we have the death penalty
    and I have set on a DP jurior. Trust me it is very hard and difficult to have
    such a burden. With that being said the prosecutor is WAY OFF BASE.

    Sorry my spelling isnt very good either…Im a super fast thanker and a very slow typer
    so sometimes I make no sense.

  25. I personally think that a longer deliberation is good. That means the jurors are looking at things closely and it takes time to go over everything especially if they start at PM and are working their way down the instructions.

    • But I would ask this: Why go over it when it is clear the prosecution had nothing to go on and his main witnesses lied in court?

      There is nothing here to deliberate.

      • So true…however, that could be what the jury is trying to way on know. When I was on a jury and the case didnt last near as long as this one. You want to make it right and our FIRST question was about the PM part. It is something that as humans you want to get right. That one question took us over 6 hours to figure out.

          • I dont mind sharing if you dont mind all my typos…lol

            All kidding aside it is alot more difficult then what people think. Cause as humans you always want to do “the right thing.” And you do want justice. However, in this case most hater call justice…justice for travis, but we all know its not just about about travis its also about jodi.

            KN hit a cord with me when he said in closing….” something happen between the photo in the shower when travis was alive to the photo and the time he was dead.” he also stated TO the jury that they are “the finder of facts”. Those two points will set VERY WELL with the jury cause of all the choas the prosecutor has made in this case.

              • Honestly, he bounced around to much and NEVER drove any points home. REMEMBER part of their theories one of them being jealously. How Jodi was extremely jealous of Mimi Hall. Never heard that name in closing unless i missed it.
                Im not sure why the prosecution didnt take M2. Apperantly he was pushed into it by the family.

                • Yes, he did that all through the trial, trying to convince the jury to make sense out of nonsense. Thanks for your input.

                  Gn, I do have one burning question, then I promise to leave you alone. Since you have been on a DP jury how do you think the jury is thinking and feeling in regards to the pressure of this case being given national attention? What do you think it’s like for them when they go home at night … do you think a lot of pressure is weighing on them? I’m sure they know it’s getting national media coverage, even if they don’t know what kind of coverage, because after all it was being covered long before the trial began. I’m hoping they are following the no talk, no listen, instructions. From what you’ve shared it sounds as if they will honor that.

                • I may not like many of the family’s actions, but I can tell you for a fact, GN, that the decision to take a plea or go to trial is NOT the family’s decision. The ultimate decision maker in that regard is the prosecutor’s office — that would be between JM and his supervisors, which, at his level is the county attorney, himself. While they are required to listen to the input of the survivor family and it is requested that they take their input into consideration, they are not obliged to seek the death penalty simply because the family requests that they do. The decision to do so and to reject the proffered plea deal is that of the county attorney and his alone.

                  I know someone in another state whose parents were killed and the surviving family members vehemently requested the death penalty be taken off the table, and the prosecutor’s office proceeded with it anyway. I have also known prosecutors who disagreed with their superiors’ decisions and/or the survivors’ decisions regarding how to proceed with a case and had little say in the matter.

              • Another thing I liked about KN was he kept referring to evidence in his closing statement with a common sense approach.

                • Gn,
                  Did you find, when you were deliberating, that the clash of personalities was evident?

                  I served on a jury, it was my turn to talk (we went around the table) and another juror called me a horrible name and told me his opinion of ME! Needless to say the rest of the jurors heard me (I was a note taker) and the verdict went exactly as I had voted in the beginning, I held fast. Maybe something I said in the few minutes I spoke, (I refused to say another word after that juror was so offensive), maybe something I said was very convincing because after we all finished speaking the votes turned and what was a minority (I was on the minority in the beginning) prior to the round table, became the majority…except the dick head held out until the very end…he had a hard time admitting we were right and he had NO facts on which to base his opinion.

                  I’m surprised there haven’t been reports of deliberating juries breaking out into melees.

              • Natalie….your not bothering me at all. Im just glad i finally got enough nerve to post.

                Anyway about your question concerning the pressure of jury and the national media.
                IMHO…it SHOULDNT have any effect on them if they play by the rules. Where the real pressure is…is on deciding the case. Thats were the pressure is..just MO.

                • Dorothy….We never had that issue…what a jerk though. According to the instruction we followed. We spoke our finding strickly off evidence everyone participated. It there were questions people would simply state the facts based on evidence. For me it was rather a cordal experience.

                • Thanks so much for sharing your experience GN. It’s soooo good to hear that juries base their findings on the evidence. Our system is NOT broken!

      • I figure they took a preliminary poll and it was split. So that’s good and I’m gonna stick with GOOD.

  26. You know kills me (no pun intended) is that they use that 48hours video and inside edition against Jodi and now all those dumb asses get on TV and are doing the same thing. What the hell are they going to do if there is a mistrial and KN and JW use all THESE INTERVIEWS to not only get Jodi out of jail but put them in it along with Samantha and skeletor . I would love every minute of that!!

    • OMG really! Wouldn’t it be great if they were subjected to the BS they spew on HLN? And you know, if there was another trial and they testified differently, it could be used against them. Although, I’m not sure that would be in favour of the defendant …

  27. Well wouldn’t you know it. Some tool hit a power pole so I have been without power all afternoon. Now I have to get rdy for a night shift. I am bursting with stress here!!! Hang in everybody we need each other. Have a good evening!

  28. 8 Men 4 Women seems to be favorable to the defense. It appears the majority of Jodi Haters (for some crazy reason) seem to be woman. Jealousy is a very strong motivator I’m sure. The longer the jury stays out, the more confident I will feel, as far as a favorable verdict is concerned, HLN is still cheer-leading for the prosecution. At lest we don’t have to look at Nancy Dis-Grace until later.. That woman should have been charged with driving a poor young mother to suicide with her big mouth. Have you ever noticed that JVM & Dis-Grace only take calls from Anti-Jodi callers. Take about bias journalism. That news organization (CNN) should be ashamed of themselves, by the way they allowed their reporters to be so one sided in reporting on this Capital Murder case.

  29. I am not turning my TV on because I fear seeing NG perched on an electric line near the courthouse waiting to swoop like a VULTURE!. I just read a story about a missing hiker in France whose body was picked apart by vultures before it could be retrieved. This reminded me of the whole crew at HLN. I hope the bird at hand is crow for the whole lot of them!! I am crossing everything hoping for justice for Jodi!!

    • Thank you, me too, read that story also . Thanking God for the wonderful support and of course all the prayers .

  30. I think the 48 hours and all that entered into trial is non sense…personally none of that had ANYTHING to do with the crime.

    • It had nothing to do with it–it only served to poison public opinion when it was obvious from the beginning Jodi had been traumatized.

      She appeared like she was some kind of pod person–something was not right with her, and we know now it was from the PTSD.

      I get disgusted with the fact the media EVER talked to her when they knew she hadn’t had a lawyer.

      • You said it all poison public opinion….and isnt that what the prosecutor and all haters have thrived on.

        • Yes Gn,
          You nailed it.
          It pisses me off that they even have to say the most hated woman in America.
          I’ll bet if they took a poll on that, the knotheads on HLN would win it.

          I don’t know how we’re going to stop them. ALL of them have her guilty of eveything
          before the trial even starts, even lie

          That’s just not right!

  31. I heard that Chris and Sky Hugh(s) Liars went over to the media on the 5th floor but were kicked out..


    such assholes.. although they may be scared shitless that when Jodi walks THEY will be in the crosshairs!!

  32. I was reading the Juror Instructions.
    Every time I see The Honorable Sherry K. Stephens I have to laugh and roll my eyes. Honorable my ass.

    One instruction I couldn’t and wouldn’t go by is not thinking about what the punishment is for a particular charge and verdict.
    Sorry. If someone can be put to death based on my decision I promise you it’s going to weigh on my decision. Death is permanent. If I find out at a later time I made the wrong decision I’d have a hell of a time dealing with that.
    When I think of the DP I think of a truly heinous crime or crimes. Something that was cruel and inhuman.

    I’d like to see Juan Martinez put to death if anyone involved in this trial should be.

  33. Waiting for this verdict is sooo agonizing! Can you imagine how poor Jodi must be feeling? All I can do is pray, hope and send all the positive energy I can muster her way. Justice for Jodi!

  34. I posted this on this morning page!!

    Since we all up in NG chyt today…….here’s my contribution . What a lying shrew she is!!


    The Murder of Keith Griffin.

    What has she told us about what happened that violent day?
    In searching through interviews, magazine and newspaper articles here is what she has said.

    Then there are the documented facts gleaned from interviews with Jurors, Attorneys, Judge, Witnesses and newspapers in the area.

    First the date, she has said at various times, it happened in 1987, 1985, 1982 and 1980. You would think a date that according to Ms. Grace “changed her life forever” would be burned into her soul. A seminal event!

    The date was August 6, 1979[1].

    She said it happened in a remote wilderness.

    It was on the entrance road to the Georgia Kraft Plywood Co. and US Hwy. 278, 1 ½ miles from downtown Madison Ga.[2]

    She said her boyfriend did not know his assailant.[3]

    They were friends, work for the same construction Co. In fact the prosecutor at trail based part of his case on the assailant killing a friend.[4]

    She said her boyfriend was 25.
    He was 23.

    She said the assailant was 25.
    He was 19

    Said assailant was on parole
    He was not.

    Said he had a record.
    He did not

    Said it was a murder for profit
    It was not
    The man was out for revenge after being fired from his job at the construction Co.

    Said her boyfriend was driving a jeep,
    It was a Bronco that belonged to the Construction Co.

    Said it was robbery
    It was not.

    Said they found Keith’s wallet with $35.00 and her picture in McCoy’s home
    No wallet was found in his home. Just the 38 cal. revolver Ser# 33866[13]. (Griffin’s wallet was found several days after the incident in the Bronco, by Eli Ingram,)

    Said it was a mugging.
    It was not.

    Said it was random.
    It was not.

    Said he was still alive when he arrived at the hospital.
    He was pronounced dead at the scene

    Said she was asked by Joe Briley the District Attorney if he should seek the death penalty.

    Grace said she told him No and has regretted it ever since. (If that were true you would think Briley would have asked Griffin’s parents. rather than a 21 yr. old kid)[

    The State did ask for the Death Penalty. The jury voted against it

    She said she testified at the trial

    Two Jurors, a Bailiff, a Defense attorney a Court Reporter and Judge do not remember any “white girl testifying”. (The transcripts were destroyed in a fire.) .

    The Defendant never looked at her.

    The accused stared at the floor during the entire trial. In fact he never spoke a word to his lawyer or anybody before, during or after the trial. (One exception)*

    She said McCoy’s defense was “didn’t do it, you got the wrong guy
    The truth is… there was never a doubt by anyone he did the crime (there is a confession)

    The defense was insanity.[20]
    Said the Jury was out 3 days
    Jury was out 5 hrs.
    She said there were many appeals
    There were none
    Says she is 44 years old
    She is 47.

    Documented narrative of what really happen August 6, 1979.

    Keith Griffin 23, from Athens GA. and Tommy McCoy 19, an illiterate, mentally challenge Blackman, worked together for the Ingham Construction Co. on the Georgia Kraft Plywood Co. site outside Madison Ga.

    McCoy was fired and was out for revenge. On Monday the 6th of August Mccoy left his house with a 38 cal. Revolver stashed in a brown paper bag.

    Keith Griffin had taken the company Bronco to town to pick up lunch. Returning to Kraft he saw McCoy walking down the Company road at the intersection of US Hwy. 278.

    Griffin stopped either to talk or to give a ride to McCoy. It is not clear which.

    McCoy fired six shots at point blank range, five of which found their mark… McCoy then dumped the body in the back seat and in his rush, drove the Bronco in a ditch.

    Joe Brown, a maintenance worker for the plant drove by in his truck and not knowing what had happed offered to help McCoy. He refused. Brown drove a few yards decided to return. He told McCoy he would take him to the hospital because of all the blood on his shirt.

    The assailant then jumped in the passenger side of Brown’s truck, put the gun in the f ace of the Maintenance worker and pulled the trigger twice, ( At trial he said the gun looked like a “stove pipe”) The gun was empty, Brown ran and McCoy took of in his truck..

    Minutes later friends of Brown’s showed up and said they saw the truck and knew where it was. It was parked in McCoy’s driveway. He was arrested a few minutes later with the gun in his possession.

    Keith Griffin was pronounced dead at the scene.

    Tommy got a lawyer, a good one, Billy Prior. According to Prior, McCoy never said a word to him before, during or after the trail. (One exception)*. During the entire 1 ½ day trail the defendant stared at the floor without moving. Prior did a magnificent job explaining the psychiatric reports and mental history of the retarded defendant. McCoy had been judged “mildly retarded” by the Ga. Central State Hospital. (By the way, no one remembers a “white girl” testifying.)

    It worked! The jury turned down the death penalty.

    When the Jury came back and announced they would not render a death penalty verdict. McCoy turned to his lawyer and uttered his only words. “Does that mean I’m gonna live”?*

    Tommy McCoy, GDC ID: 0000400964 was convicted of murder, aggravated assault (Brown) and found not guilty of robbery. He was sentence to life, with possibility of parole.

    He is in his 26th year at the Hancock State Prison at Sparta Ga,

    “She has bent some stuff,” said Steve Griffin, Keith Griffin’s brother, in an interview with The Observer. “The reality of it is, the guy killed him. I know that. Our family knows that. There’s nothing we can do to bring him back. What she’s gonna say, she’s gonna say. I’m not gonna stop it. “But if she doesn’t tell the truth, it’s gonna come out sooner or later.”

    • Like I said in an earlier post, anyone that will lie about the murder of their fiance for personal gain (if they were even engaged and not just dating) has no soul!

    • Another minor thing, if this happened in 1979 and she is 47 now, then she was only 14 when it happened. I know in Georgia you can get married young, but I think this is stretching it.

  35. maryellenabc15 #travisalexander close friends have filtered up to the courtroom lobby. Nervous energy while they wait for a #jodiarias trial verdict about 1 minute ago · reply · retweet · favorite

    maryellenabc15 @MarthaSBenton #jodiarias is kept at the jail until verdict comes down. 3 minutes ago · reply · retweet · favorite

    maryellenabc15 @KimFab22 Rule of thumb:the quicker they return = better 4 the prosecution — the longer they stay out = better for defense. 4 minutes ago · reply · retweet · favorite

    maryellenabc15 @KimFab22 too hard to predict — especially in a trial that’s been completely unpredictable. 5 minutes ago · reply · retweet · favorite

    Read more:

    • (*&^(*&$*)@*$)(*$)(*)(#%*)(#%*)(#%*)(*%)(#%*)(#%*)(#%*

      Close friends – MY ASS………………

    • The deliberation time has nothing to do with the verdict.

      Some juries will want to stall an acquittal so as to not look they rushed into a decision.

      Even a decision that should be so obvious for an acquittal as this case.

  36. I am DYING laughing at the comments on HLN FB.
    This one in particular stood out for obvious reasons:

    When she jsut snapped then were did she get the wapons from? somebody snapps its a spur of the moment thing you dont go and get wapons that is not snapping,you dont bring wapons when you just snapp,how would she know she is going to snapp? when you snapp, and you have to get the wapons gives you still time to get out of it.This was not snapping nurmi this was slaughter premetitated and nothing else.You and wilmot knew from beginning this case is based on lies, you knew there was no dv you know Travis was no phedophile and yet you still trashed him,falsely accused him ,slandered him…. this makes you not any better then this killer.Shame on you.There is no respect for you but only contemt in my eyes.

    • Hah! I guess we shouldn’t be surprised. We all knew these people couldn’t string a series of coherent sentences together. Apparently the person who wrote that has never heard of spell check.


      Laughing here & catching up on posts.
      I went out from 3-9pm. Met up with friends went shopping and had a nice dinner.
      There were a bunch of Mormon men in the restaurant.
      I could not help but notice them, they had their black pants and crisp white shirt on, name tags with pen and pad in pocket.
      I drove home wondering if there was a verdict. I do not have a cell phone so I was out of contact for hours. I got in the house turned on TV no verdict. I was relieved. This means they are taking their time and no rush to judgement.

  37. tnlucy,
    JM saying “what’s a girl to do” made my husband really mad. He’s very protective of his little girl, she’s close to Jodi’s age. He said, no juror that has been through the ups and downs off their daughter’s dating relationship is going to like his “what’s a girl to do” snarling.

    • Everything that little twerp said was offensive. He is so clueless that his behavior is offensive. I remember him saying naked man in the shower or some shit during his closing.

      • Yes, earlier today, you wrote a post and put in () what’s a girl to do, I thought you were poking fun at JM using “what’s a girl to do” theme

  38. You know kills me (no pun intended) is that they use that 48hours video and inside edition against Jodi and now all those dumb asses get on TV and are doing the same thing. What the hell are they going to do if there is a mistrial and KN and JW use all THESE INTERVIEWS to not only get Jodi out of jail but put them in it along with Samantha and skeletor . I would love every minute of that!! Your thoughts!!

  39. Bullies, everyone hates them. IMO Travis was a bully. While, and I hope not, some of the men may think Jodi a booty call. I bet they have all experienced a bully. Something tells me this and real men Do not treat their women like Travis did. If those men are married, their wives may have told them about a man who treated them badly it each of the jurors may have been bullied. To me in death only Travis looked pitiful, but in life he was an arrogant lying, sodomite. I am not knocking anyone’s sex life but with a woman as hot as Jodi, you don’t have sex or passion like that. I think the jury will see this. I know you may not agree but I think the numerous stab wounds will lead the Jury straight to Crime of Pasion/manslaughter. I feel it works in her favor. The stupid gas cans, please. I live in Vegas. My besties live in Reno their last trip here they used has cans. While HLN may find this odd the good people on the jury will know the terrain here out West. My only only concern, is they are ass holes like Juan. But now , I am not but, then again, no ofence to anyone, the Jury may be like the previous GOV of Arizona, the olive in AZ and not like Juan the cocky abusive Mexican whom many in AZ feel all should be deported. Please don’t bash me. I am stating facts. Oh I was waiting for this day. I want an acquittal. I was in tears during Nurmis closing. Cried when he said manslaughter Cried when he said he didn’t like her 9out of 10 times. How many men are going to break her heart? Ok. Mormon mom with a Mormon son, for Jodi! If my child treated anyone like Travis did Jodi, I would beat his ass. Twice! Thanks SJ!


    • If I had a daughter, and Travis referred to her in any of the manners he referred to Jodi in, what Jodi (allegedly) did would look like a soft kiss compared to what I would do to him.



        • AND, I have three grown sons. If one of them spoke to a girl that way or behaved that way, I would go psycho on them. I love my boys unconditionally, but this deviant behavior is UNACCEPTABLE.

          • I have 2 grown sons as well Renee, and IF they ever treated a girl badly, like Travis did with Jodi, their lives wouldn’t be worth living once I got done with them!!!

              • Tony, both my boys know better cause they also know I’d f’n kill them…figuratively speaking. They know what I’ve been through, so they know I have ZERO tolerance for any bad behaviour towards women. Even if I hadn’t gone through it, I’d still have zero tolerance!! Thank you for your kind words!

                • You brought up your sons the right way! Boys should always know to treat girls/women with respect, courtesy, and deference!

          • AMEN my friend!!! My son would know what blue balls look and feel like if he EVER spoke to or treated a woman like the saint……

            He’d get away with it once because I wouldn’t know about it. He wouldn’t get away with it a second time. And I adore my son…..I would give up my life for my kids….BUT as Renee said…there are certain things and behaviors that are UNACCEPTABLE.

          • Funny you should mention that about your sons, I had to laugh because I have always told my sons they would be dealing with me if they ever mistreated a woman. They always bring it up when talking to friends that their Mother would kill them herself if they ever treated a woman in such a manner. In fact my oldest works with a woman who is a bit older and if he sees she’s lifting or moving something heavy he always goes over to help. One day she told him you know you don’t need to do this and he told her are you kidding me? My mother would knock me up along side my head if I just turned away! She told him to tell me thank you for raising a man. LOL

      • My son had a friend that treated girlfriends like doormats, and he treated his mother the same way. One day, this friend was bad mouthing his mother and girlfriend, and my son told him,

        “if I ever talked to or about my mother like you do, she’d slap my face for me. I don’t even want to know what she would do to me if I treated a girlfriend like a piece of trash, and honestly I don’t want to know…my Mom doesn’t tolerate treating women badly!”

        I was so proud of him when I heard that.

      • Ditto, I do have daughters and grandaughters and if I or my husband knew that they were
        treated this way by a man, G d help that man. He would feel our wrath

        • I now remember an incident my sister told to me once when she went to a abortion rights protest. My sister was part of the pro-choice crowd and there were pro-life protesters on the other side of a barricade. Both sides got into shouting matches with each other of course. Well I’ll cut to the chase and say that one pro-life woman and one man who suppported the pro-choice women were in each others faces yelling and screaming at each other. The pro-choice man proceeded to punch the pro-life woman in the face! BIG MISTAKE on his part! His fellow pro-choice women(my sister included) turn on him like a pack of wild dogs.

          They punched and kicked the hell out of him big time! The police arrested the bastard and took him away! My sister and the rest of the pro-choice women went to ask the pro-life woman if she was okay and if she needed medical attention. She was crying of course and she was upset. She thanked all of them and said she appreciated their concern even if they were on opposite sides of the abortion issue. My sister looked at the women and said “Even if we are on opposing sides here today, you’re still a member of my gender and no bastard man on this earth has any right to hit or abuse you!” The woman with tears running down her face hugged my sister and said “THANK YOU!”

          Talk about women bonding with each other.:-)

  40. My Mom was just listening to her XM radio and some idiot just said …’well, nobody likes Jodi Arias…’ and then went on with a hateful ignorant tirade.
    I heard my Mom shout out …’ I like her, you moron’……..and she turned off the radio and went outside to smell the flowers on the deck to smooth her feathers…

    I am so sick of hearing so much judgemental, hate-filled crap on the media I could scream.

    There happens to be many of us just like us here that think something is very wrong with the picture painted by this puny little man Martinez, who is mainly looking for another ‘notch’ in his belt ………..a
    and think this girl defended herself the best way she could.

    I’m sure some would be happy if Jodi were dead and Travis was waiting for this jury, but that is the only other outcome that could have played out differently given the fact that they were together, this guy attacked her and she is the survivor.

    I am keeping Jodi in my prayers and thoughts as much as I can and ask all the higher powers to help with fairness and compassion and a positive outcome for Jodi and her family.

    I’m so glad I found this site, I was beginning to think the whole world had filled up their ‘hate tanks’ and could not find their way out…….
    I just googled what I was thinking after hearing a month of testimony….’Jodi is innocent’ and voila there you guys are.
    You know before I did my own detective work with an open mind I was thinking this girl MUST be guilty…….gee sooooo much evidence…but then I thought, wait a minute I need to calm down and really ponder and watch all that is happening here in this trial. I am a body language buff and pretty darn astute in reading people now that I have had to learn that over the years and I have decided that Jodi is:

    A young girl who was in love with an abusive, manipulating jerk who finally took his control too far and she defended herself…………Travis died, Jodi lived…….end of story.

    Love and Light to all of you………and especially to you Jodi…….hope you are reading our posts here my dear.

    • (((((((((((RanchMom)))))))))))))) thank you for having an open mind, and for thinking on your own, rather than succumbing to “group think”

    • You know you are super awesome Maria!! Everyone here is super awesome!! we could all be doing something else(most SHOULD be doing something else LOL) But we are here getting sick with worry for a women who could some day be anyone of us. Thats what i wish The haters would never know what your life will bring regardless of the line you toe. This poor woman really could be any one them just as easily as it could be one of us!!

      • You’ re so right.Sympathy,solidarity,empathy,feeling the other person’s pain and wanting to relieve it,are among the most noble causes-we should cherish and admire that.That’s what makes us humans.If we lack these,we might as well consider ourselves animals.

  41. GOOD NEWS: The jury has been out long enough that Vinnie Politan and Jinkasaurus were discussing why the jury may come back with 2nd degree or manslaughter. They never considered anything less than M1 before today.

    • Awww should I shed a tear for them? How utterly and completely ridiculous that given the very nature of this case, the flimsy evidence of premeditation, the quite outrageous theory of felony murder, and the exceptional testimony of the defense experts, they NEVER considered any other verdict until today?

  42. On HLN, Vinnie Politan said that more often than not the verdict comes in during the afternoon, not the morning. For whatever it’s worth…

    • Because Vinnie Politan knows it all. He also seems to think that I can only get the news that the verdict is in by following him on Twitter and to that I say, nay! LOL Due to limited bandwidth internet because I live in the middle of nowhere, I have to watch on TV unfortunately and I’m TIRED of being told by him that he’s my only source of knowing when the verdict is in because he most def is not 🙂

      • I remember that OJ’s verdict came in around 1 PM Eastern (I was in college then) and Casey’s came in around 2:15 Eastern.

        • I could swear that I remember Jeffrey Dahmer’s verdict coming in at a weird time, like on a Saturday evening, but don’t quote me! That was over 20 years ago.

    • Sometimes, and perhaps he’s referring to AZ specifically. I’ve seen jurors opt to deliberate into the late hours of the evening before because they were close to a verdict though.

  43. I don’t think you can tell by how much time. But I do believe if they were going M1 they would have already been back. Considering that is the first thing they had to decide and the fact that there is NO evidence for it.

  44. HAA HAA HAAA! Ok let me get this straight only 1 of travis’ real friends showed last night!! LOL LOL LOL!!! So I guess they really DIDN”T know everything about mister perfect!! What chased ya off the fact he’s fascinating about your kid or the fact he wants to rape women? Yeah i probably wouldn’t go either!!

  45. I was just chatting with someone privately about the jury instructions. I need to read them over again, as I found them somewhat confusing in the way that the judge read them. However, the person I was chatting with seemed to think (sorry for paraphrasing) that the judge did a favour to the defense by including instructions regarding domestic violence and by making it seem as if the jury were required to interpret the events from the perspective of a domestic violence victim, and also, by including the lesser included offenses. I thought I’d post a couple of things about that, in case there’s any confusion here.

    First of all, the judge did NOT instruct the jury to consider reasonable acts from the viewpoint of a domestic violence victim. She instructed them that *IF* they believed prior domestic violence acts had occurred, they should THEN (and only then) consider the events from the perspective of a reasonable person who has been a victim of those prior acts of domestic violence. That’s a BIG difference because they would have to consider those prior acts proven by clear and convincing evidence FIRST, and they would have to be considering the possibility of homicide by self-defense.

    Deciding to include that instruction wasn’t something the judge did as a favour at the end of the trial. The court had previously ruled — long before the trial — to allow evidence of domestic violence to be given during testimony. The court had found sufficient cause to allow not only Jodi to testify about domestic violence, but also to allow experts to testify in regards to it. But that occurred years ago, and actually, it may even pre-date Judge Stephens as she took over this case a few years after it began. Once the court allowed that testimony and the testimony was given as evidence, it then HAD to allow the domestic violence self-defense instructions.

    In regards to allowing lesser included offenses in the instructions, I’ve held the belief since Jodi testified that the court would have to do so. Jodi’s testimony leaned towards the inclusion of lesser included offenses (such as manslaughter) most especially, because she testified that she was photographing Travis, then dropped his camera, which made him angry. At that point, he lunged at her, and she ran away. He said “fucking kill you bitch” which she interpreted as a threat to her safety. She then pointed a gun at him. She doesn’t recall the gun discharging. She testified that she did not intend to discharge the gun, in fact. She does not recall anything that transpired after that fact. Therefore, she did not testify in regards to having the belief that she needed to use extreme force in order to protect herself. She never testified that she interpreted the attack as requiring her to use deadly force, in fact. Actually, she testified that she thought she would discourage further attack by holding an unloaded gun up to him. That testimony leads more to manslaughter than anything else, sorry to say. That’s not to say the jury CAN NOT decide her actions were in self-defense. However, because she did not testify about her actions thereafter which required it — and no one else did either — there is actually no evidence of self-defense, technically speaking.

    Because of Jodi’s testimony, JM could have (and probably did) argue about self-defense instructions being given at all. However, because of Jodi’s testimony, essentially the instruction regarding the lesser included offense of manslaughter (a crime of passion) was pretty much mandatory on the part of the judge.

    I would have to go back in the minutes to find where and when domestic violence testimony was allowed, but I seem to recall that was before Judge Stephens took over. Someone please correct me if I’m wrong on that.

        • Manslaughter is simply an “out” to prevent a hung jury.

          You’d think people would understand the reasoning behind it.

          Manslaughter was included only at the last minute. Jodi has claimed self-defense for at least two years.

          • I know what you are saying, AA, but nobody wants to retry this high-profile case.

            I don’t think it has anything to do with how valid self-defense is in her case.

            This is all about arriving at a compromise verdict if necessary so this awful thing doesn’t have to be retried ever again and save Arizona taxpayers a ton of money.

            Jodi Arias cannot get a fair trial anywhere in the country thanks to 24/7 coverage. Manslaughter is an alternative to a hung jury.

            • I agree. JM didn’t disprove self defense at all. Jodi, as the defendant, had no obligation to prove it, either. She could have just entered her plea and sat down while he put on his silly little case. Unfortunately, if she did that, the jury would only have JM’s flimsy evidence to go on, and they probably would have convicted Jodi. So, she put on a wonderful case — even providing the jury with Travis’s own voice to listen to.

              I am not 100% sure that JM wouldn’t retry this high profile case. It would be ridiculous for him not to accept a plea in the event that there is a hung jury. But it seems he and Maricopa county retry cases like this all the time. I base that mostly on Vladimir Gagic’s opinion, to be honest. In any other jurisdiction, it would be reasonable to accept a plea.

              As for the defense’s request to include manslaughter as a lesser included offense, I’m not at all surprised that occurred at the last minute. It wasn’t a last-ditch attempt by the defense to prevent a hung jury. I’m sure they always intended to move for its inclusion. There had to be evidence presented that would lean towards its inclusion, and there was. At that point, it became reasonable to move for its inclusion, but not before.

              As for Jodi being able to get a fair trial anywhere, you’d be surprised how many people actually have no idea about this trial at all. I wonder if there are people in AZ who haven’t paid attention. Honestly, this trial has not had the kind of mainstream coverage that OJ or Jeffrey Dahmer did.

              But, I really really really hope there’s someone (preferably more than one person) on the jury who feels exactly the way you do and can convince other jurors.

    • AA,

      Good to see you alive and kicking and arguing.

      So in as far as the self defense instruction is concerned the statutory instruction says

      Deadly physical force was immediately necessary to protect against another’s [use]
      [attempted use] [threatened use] [apparent attempted use] [apparent threatened use] of
      unlawful deadly physical force.;

      and the selection of which of the parenthetical terms are used is left to the judges discretion based on

      “Use the language in brackets as appropriate to the facts”

      The Judge issued
      “A reasonable person in the situation would have believed that
      deadly physical force was immediately necessary to protect against
      another’s use or apparent attempted or threatened use of unlawful deadly
      physical force”

      Which means that from her reading of the facts at least those 3 are possible. But the key there is that at least one of them relies on the defendant’s state of mind, namely “apparent attempted”. How JM shows that there was no “apparent attempted use” in this escapes me. If the jury really thrashes this out the state’s case is screwed right there.

      Further, Jodi did testify, more than once than she was scared for her life.

      Also the use of the DV instruction is not in the statutory part of instruction 4.05 but instead comes from the use notes for the self defense instruction, which state

      “If there have been past acts of domestic violence as defined in A.R.S. § 13-3601,
      subsection A, against the defendant by the victim, the state of mind of a reasonable person
      shall be determined from the perspective of a reasonable person who has been a victim of
      those past acts of domestic violence. A.R.S. § 13-415.”

      Seeing as how a trial court judge should interpret the law as literally as possible I would say that prior to issuing that instruction she must have had to make a decision with respect to “If there have been past acts of domestic violence as defined in A.R.S. § 13-3601”. Note, this does not say “If there have been allegations of past”. Hence she must determine whether the facts or evidence presented would lead to a valid conclusion of such acts.

      I can go around and get the case law, if needed, but there are numerous cases (in AZ) where the defendant appealed because judges did not instruct a certain issue, and the appeals court said that such, non-statutory instructions are at the discretion of the judge and based on facts presented in court.

      So my point, as I posted earlier was that in issuing these instructions the judge had to determine what to allow in, and even though the presentation of certain evidence is gauged on the probative/prejudicial scale, the jury instructions are based on how the viability and validity of the facts presented in court (as appropriate to the facts). Two different standards.

      Hence the judge’s instructions do, or should if she is not in error, show that the facts were appropriate for assessment of

      “necessary to protect against
      another’s use or apparent attempted or threatened use of unlawful deadly
      physical force” and

      “there have been past acts of domestic violence as defined in A.R.S. § 13-3601”

      Not to split this hair even further the phrase

      “apparent attempted or threatened use ”

      can be read in two ways

      “apparent attempted or apparent threatened” with the tautological apparent eliminated in keeping with common English usage, or

      “apparent attempted or (actual) threatened use”, where I have inserted the word actual to differentiate the threatened aspect from a apparent situation.

      Now if a common American jury goes to these levels of dissection I will voluntarily dine with JM for a week.

      • Al, I don’t think you understand how jury instructions are decided. The judge doesn’t sit down, look at all the possible instructions and decide “Oh, okay, I’ll give these instructions because I believe they apply to this case and I think one side or the other has presented that as a possibility.” That’s NOT at all the way it works.

        What happens is (and I speak from experience having been involved in this process many times while I worked for trial law firms), counsel for each side prepares their own list of jury instructions they desire to have issued to the jury. Often, one side decides to this first and exchange the proposed instructions with the other side. This part of the process is normally conducted by a clerk, paralegal or a secretary. They begin with the statutory instructions of their state. They view the various bracketed options as they might apply to the particular case, and determine which options they would like to use and which conjunctions (and, or) they might wish to use to separate them. It’s not as if ALL options can’t be used, or only ONE option can be used. It’s a decision made based upon which options are applicable to the case given the evidence presented.

        The attorneys (that work for that office) then generally review the work of the clerk/paralegal/secretary to see if there are any other words contained in the instructions that they believe should be tweaked.

        At that point, the instructions are exchanged with opposing counsel’s office. There are many instructions on which both sides will agree. If they agree on all the instructions (which never happens), they would submit them to the judge. At that point, if it ever happened, the judge would almost always agree and use them.

        What usually happens though, is that the attorneys argue among themselves about the instructions for a while. Some element of compromise is usually reached, and there are usually some issues about which they cannot agree. Usually, one side or the other wants to “go beyond” the wording of a statutory instruction. At that point, they go before the judge to discuss the instructions in what is known as an instruction conference, which is usually on the record (i.e., a court reporter is present).

        The trial court has broad discretion regarding modification or supplementation of instructions. However, during an instruction conference, the judge will hear from both sides regarding the evidence that has been given during the trial and their argument as to the inclusion of each disputed instruction. (As a side note, I’ve attended conferences which kept going and going well into the wee hours of the morning on the night before the jury was instructed.) It can be a very complicated process where each party is attempting to preserve issues for appeal.

        So let’s compare the instruction you reference (noting that the first line occurs in each, but you omitted it from the first):

        deadly physical force was immediately necessary to protect against another’s [use]
        [attempted use] [threatened use] [apparent attempted use] [apparent threatened use] of
        unlawful deadly physical force.


        deadly physical force was immediately necessary to protect against another’s use or apparent attempted or threatened use of unlawful deadly physical force

        What was decided here (from the available options) was to use “another’s use OR apparent attempted OR threatened use.” “Attempted use” was omitted because there was NO evidence of Travis attempting to use unlawful deadly physical force, and I highly doubt either party would have attempted to request that option’s inclusion. And the conjunction “or” was placed between the options that were included because they were reasonable, given the evidence presented at trial.

        My best guess is this is NOT something the judge sat down and decided upon by any means. This is exactly the type of instruction that the parties would have negotiated between themselves. There really is no case for argument here. So, I’m sorry, but you cannot assume the judge decided any of those options were possible. Given my experience, I would find that highly unlikely. If the judge was involved at all, it would have been because JM objected to self defense instructions being included period. Even though he’s an arrogant ass, even he would know better than that. He’s an experienced trial attorney, after all.

        Yes, Jodi did testify that she was scared for her life. But, as I said above, she did not testify as to the necessity of using deadly force at that moment because she did not recall what transpired. Her testimony, in and of itself, gave rise to the possible inclusion of the manslaughter instruction.

        As I said, the issue of inclusion of domestic violence evidence admissibility was decided LONG before this trial, and possibly by a different judge. Once that was decided, that instruction was going to be included as long as reasonable self defense and domestic violence testimony (evidence) was presented. It was. As long as evidence presented created a possibility of prior acts of domestic violence, the judge would have been in error not to include that instruction.

        And yes, you are correct that the trial court has broad discretion in regards to jury instructions. However, I think you’re missing the point that the judge doesn’t prepare the first drafts — the lawyers do — because it’s simply not something you know about. The key part of your argument about appellate decisions is “based on facts presented in court.” Domestic violence testimony (including experts) was decided on LONG before the trial. Evidence was presented regarding domestic violence acts. Therefore, the instruction was included.

        Again, in determining which instructions to include, the judge reviewed the instructions agreed upon by both parties and allowed each party to discuss any instructions that were in dispute.

        It is up to the jury to determine what they believe, not the judge. The judge must simply view the evidence presented to determine whether or not the jury should have certain options. But again, most of this is already decided by the parties. The judge only reviews instructions agreed upon by both parties to ensure there isn’t some glaring error (there usually isn’t — these are experienced trial attorneys) and to review instructions in dispute and determine which side’s version is appropriate.

        Also, most of the time, items in dispute revolve around one word, or something equally as ridiculous. A few months ago, there were 15 attorneys in a room for two weeks from early morning to the wee hours of the next morning, arguing about the wording of a 3 page submission to the government. Attorneys will argue about verbiage; it’s what they do best.

        I hope that now understanding the process of creating jury instructions, you will have a better understanding of how little the judge was actually involved.

        • I think you’re pretty much saying what I was. You did elaborate on the attorneys, but at the end of the day the decision of which instructions to include and the responsibility thereof rests on the judge. So if the judge doesn’t agree with the facts or instructions she has a responsibility to disallow, or not deliver a particular instruction. Remember, when a case ends up at the appeals it will be decided on whether or not there was judicial error, not whether the attorney’s agreed to an instruction. In fact there are numerous cases where even if attorneys agreed to something the appeals court has found that it was still incumbent upon the judge doing the right thing.

          In as far the use of deadly force by Jodi, the testimony is somewhat on shaky grounds. She did testify that she was scared for her life, she did testify that she pointed the gun to try and stop him (so she threatened the use of deadly force), the gun went off (and I assume from her testimony, that was an accident) and then she doesn’t remember anything other than that she was knocked down. So the thing the state has to prove is that after she was knocked down, there was no further threat (apparent or otherwise) to her life. I don’t know how they do that? They may be able to argue (as I have always maintained) that the throat wound would have required to have her have control of the situation, but between the gunshot and the throat wound there is nothing. Obviously, the benefit of doubt goes to the defendant.

          In as far as the DV is concerned you’re just saying what I was. The evidence presented must be at the very least credible enough to allow a jury to decide on the facts. If not the judge as a duty to either exclude the evidence or omit the instruction.

          So I do agree that the attorneys request and agree to instructions, however at the end of the day the judge bears the responsibility. If this or any other judge does not review the instructions she is delivering, then we surely have a sorry state of affairs.

          So while I do understand the process, I also believe that the judge has a responsibility to vet the instructions she is delivering, and I would like to believe she takes that responsibility seriously. If not, then nothing in this court has very much meaning.

          • This is a very very high profile case, so one would assume the judge *did* indeed carefully review the instructions presented by the parties. But, I have to say that in other criminal trials I was involved in, if the attorneys agreed to the instructions, the judge simply gave them a peremptory view. Since the bulk of the language is standard, as in the instruction you cited an example of above, I highly doubt a judge would spend hours on it.

            And sure, while the responsibility is on the trial court to apply the law correctly, in reality, judges apply law erroneously every day of the week. Unless it’s brought to the appellate court’s attention (and often, even if it is), no one is any the wiser. While working on my divorce appeal, I found it interesting when appellate courts actually stepped in about an issue that wasn’t raised by either party in the appeal and sanctioned everyone about it. It happens sometimes, but just as often, it doesn’t happen. Judges don’t see everything, nor do appellate judges/justices, unfortunately. And it’s not as if they get into trouble for committing errors.

            My ex-husband’s attorney filed a motion for continuance without notifying me. The appellate rules state that he is required to notify me and ask for my agreement. He claimed that he did not have my address — even though the court had previously carbon copied him on responses to me containing my address. (Granted, the address he has is my address confidentiality program address — NOT my home address — but nonetheless, it’s my legal mailing address.) I filed an objection demonstrating in exhibits his lies. Nonetheless, they ignored me and granted his continuance. There were at least two, if not three, other motions he filed prior to filing his answer brief, wherein he alleged that he did not have my address. In one of them, he actually attached as an exhibit, a letter he had received from the lower court as an attachment to their response to me, which displayed my address at the top of my letter! And yet, he stated in his motion that I REFUSED to provide him with my address. Most of his motions were granted, despite my responses pointing out his lies. Finally, the appellate court ruled against him and for me when he tried to claim that my appeal should be dismissed because I had failed to serve him. He again claimed he did not have address, which I REFUSED to provide. I responded showing that he had been served by certified mail merely hours before filing his motion and that he was practicing motion abuse. I was actually quite shocked the court finally ruled in my favour. Still, they did not sanction him for lying or for motion abuse, although I cited several other cases where they had done so.

            My point is: You just never know with an appellate court. They’re kind of like a jury, really. LOL

            You are correct about the theory of force. I’m actually surprised JM didn’t try to use that one. I guess he thought gas cans were FAR more important to his case 😛 But, her testimony, really led to the manslaughter instruction.

            Again, in regards to the DV instruction, testimony had already been ruled allowed years prior to the trial. So, unless the defense didn’t put on ANY witnesses that testified about DV, that instruction *had* to be included. Whether she vetted the instructions or not, DV testimony was allowed; DV testimony was presented; therefore, a DV instruction followed.

            • Hello AA,

              That’s great you’ve had experience in cases before. I would love to be involved someday. I’m 36 yrs old and I’ve probably been called to Jury Duty 10 times in which 90% I requested not to attend due to school. Thanks for elaborating on the process 🙂

              • Hi Meowingon, it was a LOT of fun and a LOT of stress working for those firms back in the day. That was what made me want to go to law school. I was actually prompted when I worked for a criminal defense attorney. At first, I was so disgusted at what he did. I was 20 years old, a college graduate, an immigrant, and thought I knew it all. I couldn’t believe he represented these gangbangers who came into the office with suitcases full of cash to pay him. But they were all so polite both to him and me. They called me ma’am, which I wasn’t used to at 20. And he explained to me that in this country, everyone deserves a fair trial and a defense. He also explained that just because they were charged with one crime, didn’t mean they committed it. My argument was they probably committed other crimes. He explained that they couldn’t be convicted if they hadn’t been charged. He’d been a star prosecutor for many years and actually went into criminal defense in his semi-retirement years. (Semi-retirement for a lawyer means 80 hours per week LOL.)

                After that, I worked for a personal injury firm that represented plaintiffs and we went on trial a lot too, so it was also fun. Helping the little guys! Now that I work for a corporate firm, it’s soooo boring and such a slog.

                • So are you still working at a law firm? What country are you from if you don’t mind me asking?
                  The only law I’ve ever been close to is through immigration.

            • Haha Sirlips, I always assume we annoy the heck out of everyone else debating about the legal crapology! I enjoy your posts a LOT more. They’re so much more humourous!

  46. Huffington post has a poll to vote whether Jodi is guilty of 1st deg or Of lesser charges or not guilty. I was surprised to find that 36% of voters find her guilty of lesser charge or not guilty. I say this not because I think she’s guilty of premed I’m just pointing out that even though the media has portrayed this case and her as a spectacle there is a segment of the population that isn’t feeding into the craziness.

  47. Has any of the Jodi team ever gone to the court house? I haven’t heard SJ or MB Or any one talk about it bout I came in about 2 months in! God it would be awesome to talk to them from there!!

  48. One of the haters seems to think that the jury’s already in the penalty phase:

    “I’m guessing that the jurors are hung up on giving the murderess the DP or LWP!”

    Did this person listen to the jury instructions at all?

    Some of the pro-pros peeps are starting to panic about the jury not having reached a verdict yet. I seriously think that these people thought that the jury would sit down this morning, be like “OK, we’re in agreement, murder 1! Juan is awesome!” and have the verdict in by 10 AM.

    • I honestly believe half of them are uneducated on the workings of the criminal courts here in the US and are just hating on her to feel like they’re a part of the latest news sensation and that’s really sad!

      • Yes, Mel. I suspect many of the haters think it was up to Jodi to prove that he attacked her first and the fact that she hasn’t proven that (in their eyes) they think the verdict should and will come back M1. Ignorant bozos!

    • How can they be in the penalty phase when that is a separate proceeding?

      These people would have felt right at home during the Salem witch trials.

    • The haters have it all figured out don’t they?Not.. They sit all day watching HLN and Vinnie Politan until their brain cells have all dried up.

    • And that just goes to show how little they understand and how little they’ve been able to absorb about this case. They seem to have gotten this far: Jodi is a lying murderess bitch. They stopped there.

    • Kira, I think so too.

      They are delusional enough to actually think Kermit did a great job…he didn’t even do a good job…he was a lying sack of chyt and did a chytty job.

      How stupid are they to think they would immediately get a guilty verdict based on the piles of doo that came out of the prosecutors mouth?

      HAHAHAHAHA I say to them!!!

  49. I recently served as a juror on a criminal case regarding an individual who was being tried for promoting and compelling prostitution…..however the case we were deciding on was the witness tampering aspect of the case. The trial lasted 2.5 days and we took 3 hours to reach our verdict of guilty on 3 out of the 4 tampering charges. So I could see how deliberations could take a few days.

    • Since you’ve been a juror, can’t take it anymore, could you answer something for me, if you can? Let’s say you were on a jury like this one, and there was all this testimony about messages between Travis and the Hughes that was no admitted into evidence — so you didn’t have it in the jury room with you. How do you think members of a jury would feel about that?

      Also, what about the roommates not testifying, the Hughes not testifying, Matt not testifying? Would any of that have given you or any of the other jurors pause at all?

      Since you heard about the mysterious Dr. Carp’s reports, but she didn’t testify, would that have given you or any of the jurors pause?

      I know it’s difficult to speculate, but I’ve never served on a jury. I’ve certainly observed mock jurors that firms I worked for retained (who didn’t know which side hired them), and I’ve seen them become upset about various items that weren’t in evidence. So, I tend to think these things would cause some confusion. But I’m anxious to hear from a real juror who served. Thank you.

      • Honestly when it came down to deciding the case each juror took their jury instructions and duties extremely seriously. If we were told to disregard this or that than when it came to discussing the verdict we reminded one another of these points and moved on as if it didn’t exist. Not to say it didn’t weigh on peoples minds but given the clear instructions, our job as jurors were to apply the written instructions and applicable law in deciding the outcome. We had one gal in particular who had a real hard time with the concept and kept allowing her own personal feelings and emotions guide her decision.

        • And in this particular case I felt empathy for this kid who from day one never had a chance in hell in making it in this world………but regardless of his upbringing and my feelings towards society failing him……………..the law is the law.

          • Thank you so much for responding. It’s interesting that there was one person who had trouble putting personal feelings aside.

            I guess I’m still left wondering how jurors would feel about the evidence that was discussed in this trial, but not admitted into evidence. Jurors weren’t told to disregard that evidence, but they also don’t have it available to them. I think that would raise suspicion, especially since there was no specific instruction that addressed that.

          • I had a similar experience. The charge was receiving stolen property. The defendant was an unemployed middle aged mechanic with no criminal record who was found stripping cars late at night….He was obviously working for wages from the guys they didn’t catch. This was in Youngstown OH when the unemployment rate among black males was around 50%. Clearly this was an honest man desperate for work. But the law is the law. now he has a criminal record, while the theft ring crooks never got caught. It was a gut-wrenching experience, serving on that jury. I so understand the blindfold on Lady Justice. I don’t feel that way about this case though, I don’t feel sorry for Jodi Arias in the way that I felt bad for the gentleman we convicted.

            • Wow, thanks for describing that experience spring is here. You just have to wonder if he could have gotten a plea by offering up the guys he was working for. Jurors really take their civic duty seriously then? I’ve often believed so, but it’s good to hear it.

              I’m curious as to why you don’t feel sorry for Jodi, as you did for that gentleman. I feel incredibly sorry for her. Her life is ruined no matter what happens. Her genitalia has been on display to the world. Her private thoughts and a private conversation of a sexual nature has been heard by the world. With the internet, those things will persist for her lifetime, perhaps even longer. To me, that’s very very very sad.

  50. Upright Justice Tarot Card Meanings

    Put simply, the Justice card represents justice, fairness, truth and the law. As an outcome, the Justice card indicates that the fairest decision will be made. You are being called to account for your actions and be judged accordingly. Notice that Justice’s scales are balanced, thus its appearance indicates that events have worked out as they were meant to work out and that what is happening to you comes from the decisions you have made and the actions you have taken in the past. You have what you deserve.

    Justice represents a conscious awareness that your decisions and actions have long-term consequences and your present and future circumstances are most likely a result of these decisions and actions. At the same time, Justice shows that your actions in the future can be changed by a lesson learned in the present situation. You cannot become honest without extending that honesty to yourself and others.

    Justice reflects the search for truth. You need to know and speak the truth and perceive it in the words and deeds of others. Be fair and just with all and you will soon be able to detect dishonesty in yourself and others. Learn the rules that govern what you are involved with. This is a time to remain objective and to base your judgement on fact and not on hearsay.

    There is a need to be fair and just when you see the Justice card in a reading. When everyone is ‘playing fair’ and adhering to the rules, a positive outcome will be achieved. However, you need everyone to be on the same page for this to occur. It is no good if there is someone who is going against the grain or trying to stir things up!

    The Justice card also indicates a time when decision-making is required. Something in your life needs attention, mediation or a solution. Look to the two cards lying on either side of the Justice card to understand what it is that you are weighing up in your decision-making. As you contemplate your decision, are you the person to pass judgment, or is your role to accept the decision that is made? How can you remain as objective as possible, whilst searching for the truth of the matter? It is an important time for your ‘inner umpire’ (i.e. your conscience) to make the ‘right’ decision. Balanced judgement exists.

    Justice often refers to legal matters of all kinds. The courts are where judgments are made and decisions rendered. The legal system is the official arena in which the principles of Justice (fairness, impartiality and the quest for Truth) are explored. If you see the Justice card in a reading where there are legal matters at hand, expect the outcome to be just and fair. You are also likely to be dealing with legal contracts, such as a marriage license, divorce decree, business contract, financial arrangement or litigation. Where you are the person demanding justice, know that justice will be served and lawsuits won. Of course, if you have acted in a deceptive way or have not spoken the truth, be aware that justice will still prevail and you will need to take responsibility for your actions.

  51. Hello everybody! I’m brand new, too! Glad to have found all of you, thought for the longest us three women here in SW Fla. were all by ourselves! Thanks SK for not allowing hater posting, that keeps this site very sacred for us. I can’t stand the sisters either, the meth head most likely lost all her teeth, I’ve called her “Frankenstein” for the longest, such an ugly site!
    Maybe NG will somehow manage to strangle herself with that tacky handcuff necklace of hers! Lol, trying to keep up the humor. FTW Jodi girl!

  52. Wild About Trial‏@WildAboutTrial1m
    Valerie just came out with a ton of folders and went to the elevator. Still nothing noteworthy though. #JodiArias

  53. I wrote this 2 months ago.

    The average hater lets the “media” do their thinking for them. They themselves are incapable of thinking. Not withstanding their combined jealousy & anger problems, they have no apparent issues with pedophilia, rape & related abuses… they play on their Xbox for 18 hours a day… they are relatively poor… they have no regular means of transportation… they blame everyone else for all their problems & shortfalls (always have done – always will do)… and they basically have no life outside of that. I guess the IQ of your typical hater is also gonna be well below average. Half of them are probably still waiting for TA to testify too.

    Did I miss anything? :mrgreen:

    Team Jodi

      • The hughes make me sick. Really sick. Now that they are released from the orders not to talk to the media they are going full force ahead.

        • And mind you,regardless of the verdict they’re bound to parade their asses on every trash TV channel out there!

    • They need to crawl their hateful arses back into the hole they slivered out of – they are truely despicable, IMO.

    • We did, I think on the previous page………. I predicted 3 pm AZ time, which is now, so obviously I was wrong


      • I think it will be nearer to Friday or Monday. They have a lot of things to go thru. Yesterday was probably only picking foreman and setting schedules. So they actually just started today. I do think if everyone on that jury was as hell bent on convicting her as the haters think, they would have been back by now. The good news is…with each passing hour, the haters go a little more insane thinking about it.

  54. Of course HLN wants a guilty verdict, that way they can keep ratings going with the penalty phase. They don’t want this trial to be over at all. Idiots.

    • Yep, they’re thinking “Shit, we still have over a month until we can start raking George Zimmerman over the coats…”

      • God I’m so dreading that trial! I know “Pimp Daddy” Al Sharpton will be doing his pathetic excuse of a news show from there.:-(((

        • Tony….I’ve asked you this question before…..but you haven’t answered me as of yet. Just what do you know about the Rev Al Sharpton?

  55. I don’t even profess to know what transpired up there in that bathroom that day. I have tried to construct a theory of events but every one leaves me without a confident feeling that I have reconstructed the sequence of who did what, how, or when. It is mystifying.

    I just know two things. One, it did not happen in 62 seconds. And two, Alexander used all his UFC proclivities after becoming enraged that his expensive camera had possibly been damaged and had the full enunciated intent that Jodi would be the one left laying on that floor. We know something happened when the photo of the ceiling was taken. That’s not arguable by anybody. We also know shortly after that Travis is shown bleeding and ALIVE.

    For a woman with a near genius IQ to have sat in prison for five years and come up with as far-fetched a scenario as she has claimed, this is the very reason that a probing thinker should conclude this IS what happened.

    Could anybody imagine conjuring this as a believable trial story where her life is at stake and she says the precipitating event was dropping a camera? Puts the gun in a closet on the top of a shelf seven feet high? Not in her purse? Not on the armoire right at the entrance going into the closet?

    She knows that she has been diagnosed with PTSD, but willingly VOLUNTEERS that a stored image of dropping the knife to the tile has been retained in her memory instead of saying she doesn’t remember anything. She says she remembers throwing the gun at the roadside specifically, instead of saying she doesn’t remember anything after the black-out. All to her apparent detriment. She says that Travis assured her the gun was not loaded but yet she grabs the gun? She doesn’t say she was screaming at the top of her lungs for Travis to stop when she pointed the gun at him, which would be a natural follow-on to justify that she had chilling fear of her life. Something anybody would identify with. But she doesn’t say it. She VOLUNTEERS that the gun may have had a holster to complicate everything even more about the gun.

    In response to a juror’s question, she literally stuns the courtroom by saying if she could have gotten away with it, she doesn’t know if she would have ever confessed, bypassing an opportunity handed to her on a silver platter to say yes her conscience would not have allowed her to suppress that conscious tragedy and have to reverse all the lies she had stated on national TV. You could have heard a pin drop when she gave that answer. The reason, she didn’t want to berate Travis publicly and she was on the way to the location she intended to commit suicide on the day she was arrested to preserve his darkest secrets.

    Then to have all the scrutiny and blood evidence be borne out by the angle of the gun shot, the entry wound location of the gun shot and blood spatter on the mirror only being logical as a result of the gun shot.
    Then after 4 calendar weeks of being savagely battered with some 3,000 plus questions, not one material fact was deviated from in either her Direct examination or Cross examination. Martinez deployed every devious gutter level prosecutor trick and subterfuge he could think of to trip her up and impeach her and show conflicting statements but it didn’t happen. Not one, on the specifics of the day of June 4th. Not one!

    Countless times she corrected him before she would even answer the question. A trial being watched or followed by possibly several hundred million people around the world adding to the superhuman pressure she was facing.

    No one, not even with a photographic memory, could keep congruity and laser-like consistency in a story that was that so microscopicly examined for the tiniest detail without stumbling or making a blatant gaffe, screw-up or slip of the tongue. You just can’t think that fast. It’s only possible when you’re telling the truth because that is the only case when you’re not trying to remember what you said. The truth has no memory issue deviations.

    But “THIS” is the femme fatale that has plotted an airtight elaborate master plan, convenient and easy to pawn off as plausible with well thought out motivations for her every action, to outwit and deceive a jury? NO, it is diametrically the opposite by its very nature. This disjointed and often seemingly impossible series of first—glance assumptions without careful analysis does not conform to a nice perfectly molded alibi set of facts, because it is the TRUTH! Jodi has now placed her fate in the trusting belief of the justice system, whatever it deems appropriate.

    The jury has to start there. With the proven calamitous revelation that the coroner jury-rigged his autopsy report, which I can’t emphasize enough, came after THREE appearances on the stand, numerous pre-trial hearings and five years since the autopsy holding to the efficacy of everything as being observed without correcting or admitting the glaring medical impossibility. And the fact that that Martinez has Jodi changing weapons so often in their contrived version of events during the killing that she would have literally needed a tool belt to hold all the weapons and the camera, the only germane quip that should be reverberating through every jurors mind is the one made famous by Dr. Henry Lee in the Simpson trial…”something wrong.”

    It is s-o wrong, it is egregious enough to consider jury nullification. Remember these jurors were under no restrictions to research or learn everything pertinent to the Debra Milke case and the verdict reversal by the Ninth Circuit Appeals Court. It was a death case, it had proven suborned perjury by a Maricopa County detective and trial fixing by these same death freaks in the same county and the same state and the same Superior Court. A prosecution arm of a state, sworn and mandated by their oath to ferret out and make every case a search for only the truth, was in fact corrupt at its core and shown to be as vile as leftovers from Hitler.

    The jurors don’t even know half of what we know. The emails that were represented as not having any value to the defense was not accidental. It was deliberate. The text messages that were kept secret. That wasn’t accidental, it was deliberate. This was Travis Victor Alexander confessing from the grave that he was a child-craving, two-faced, puritan feigning pervert with violent tendencies. It was EXCULPATORY and these degenerates deliberately made every effort to deny her right to know.

    Wouldn’t it be sweet poetic justice for the twelve who hold this golden opportunity of power to say this corruption ends with US. We will not sanction Martinez murder.

    We the jury in the above entitled action find the defendant “not guilty.” SO SAY WE ALL !

    Doubters: view these links and see if this is a person that conveys fabricating a made-up patchwork of professionally architected convenient lies: Listen C A R E F U L L Y.
    49:33 pay particular attention to how she touches her head instinctively and where

    Now, look at the attempts to confuse her, to trap her, to twist her words, to distort and to obfuscate everything she said:


    krista walters
    @JenniferShindel @DrDrewPodcast @simonebienne but pedophile travis doesn’t make you puke?What does that say about you?do you even know “DR.”

    • Good for you. Someone should make some shirts with his ugly mug on it, saying this is the face of domestic violence. I mean seriously?? How about…hey, I am looking for 12 year old virgins. Their first orgasms are HAWT!

  57. I am verdict watching here. I can’t stand to watch the faces on HLN that are all contorted like they’re experiencing a difficult bowel movement!


    Anchor: “During the trial, one juror bit his nails; another yawned, and one man even cupped his head in his hands as he listened to some of the testimony.”

    Susan Constantine (body language expert): “The jurors who did not take notes rely on auditory information. The problem is, can they recall all this information when they get behind closed doors?”

    There’s more. Do any of you recall hearing even one word about the jury looking favorably towards any witness for the defense? I sure don’t. But today HLN is reporting:

    “The youngest juror, a man in his late 20s to early 30s was seen smiling several times during Jodi’s cross-examination.”

    F-U, HLN.

  59. So, four months later, hours and hours of testimony, evidence, “expert” witnesses, over 2 million dollars later spend by the tax payers of the state of Arizona, all the hoopla. All of it comes down to one simple thing….

    Even a complete moron wouldn’t leave receipts and a trail of breadcrumbs leading the authorities straight to them after planning and carrying out a murder. End of story.

    My husband is standing here and wanted me to add, the way Travis was killed screams “I SNAPPED, HEAT OF THE MOMENT, CRIME OF PASSION”. If she went there with intent, with a gun, knife, she would have shot him while he was sleeping. One shot, that’s it. Travis was a big guy, why the hell would she have allowed herself to get into a full blown bloodbath scuffle when it could have been easily avoided, had she planned killing him? It makes NO SENSE.

    • And why would she allow herself to be photographed—whether she was nude or not—-if she had planned to kill him? I mean what better evidence is there than the photographs of her there at TA’s on the day this happened?!!!!!

  60. Hi all ,

    I have been reading all your messages since the trial started and you guys are very smart people.
    I’m from canada and I have been hoping and praying for Jodie …. I believe she defended herself.
    How could anyone put her to death! she has no history of violence and the pictures show she loved Travis and its odvious he used her !!
    Did the Jury ask why no one found him till 5 days later?
    If he had so many friends where were they? I’m sorry I just don’t undersand.

    One more thing… someone was sleeping in the house when he was in the shower dead? would the house not smell of decompasition?

  61. I need to ask, If someone had done what Travis had done with jodi to one of his sister. How would they feel? And yes there are people who would go out with them as you can see meth face is married. Personnaly I would cut it off rather then let her have it. Sorry if that was rude but the truth is not always right and by the way I can’t spell

    • your point is made and agreed with Howard. From the photos it’ did not take many pixels to block out his member for our canvass view, .. nail clippers for the deed might do. I recall for one of the youtube videos flexing his biceps then grabbing his nuggets during one of his skits . . those needed removed too

    • Misunderstood your question, Howard, sorry about that. In answer to it though–I’d go medieval on his ass if he treated my sister like he did JODI.

  62. Guys… I watch HLN but WE ALL know where they stand. Anything they say doesnt bother me cause they are so dam bias. As long as the jury has followed their abmonition then there is no worries…or at least imo there isnt.

    remember HLNjob is to be bias and that is totally different then the juries job. So lets keep the faith!

  63. Has anyone listened to Chris Hughes on Tricia’s True Crime show?

    He said that while Flores was initially investigating the murder, Flores told them that he wasn’t looking at Jodi.

    SO, Chris Hughes got Travis’ email password and looked at EVERY email that Travis had gotten from Jodi.

    He could have erased emails that the Defense never got!!


    • Total douche. He should be arrested for tampering with evidence. He really should but of course Maricopa County, home of the great Sheriff Arpaio, heh would never do that!!!! What a crime!!

      • And also may I add, what an idiot for telling everyone what he did, but he has probably gotten immunity from everything.

        • Karma is a nasty b*tch, and I hope she pays Chris and Sky Hughes a visit soon. They are long overdue!

          • I believe in Karma, I just hope their Karma doesn’t involve one of their children. Their kids are innocent, they didn’t ask to be born to stupid parents.

            • In the karmic world the sins of the father are not descendent on the son. He who plants shall reap.

              The kids are alright.

          • Then CH states that neither he or Sky deleted any emails because they all pointed right to Jodi for the murder.

            Yeah, right! Anything that would have made Travis look bad would have been deleted.

    • So the worm turns…and there poor Travis was there in the shower for four or five days rotting away.

      It REALLY stinks to high heaven.

      Chris Hughes really is a piece of work.

      • It does make you ask a lot of questions…not finding him all those days, then somebody going in through the emails and try to delete messages–but those messages couldn’t possibly be erased from the hard drive.

        CH and his wife are total scumbags, worse than Travis.

        • I listened to CH’s web interview where he says that he got TA’s password from TA’s webmaster and accessed his emails. CS mentions that google keeps all emails, that emails can’t be erased. I’m guessing that he accessed the emails thru the internet and not from TA’s laptop, as that would have been in police custody. He said he accessed the emails because Flores acted like JA wasn’t a suspect at the time and he wanted to help. Then later he says that Flores said to him that Jodi Arias can’t take a breath without them knowing about it. At that point CH knows from Flores that JA was always a suspect from the beginning. So why did CH access TA’s emails? It couldn’t have been out of fear that Jodi would have accessed and deleted TA’s emails. He knew things couldn’t be deleted. He says he turned over all the emails to Flores, yet I recall CH saying on one of the talking head shows that he and Sky were going over all of TA’s emails and calling Flores to check on things.

    • I’m not surprised. I have believed all along that any pedophile evidence had already been removed by friends since droopy dog didn’t do a very good investigation…not to mention people had access to TA’s stuff for 5 days before they “found” him.

      • Someone said way earlier in the trial that they thought that Travis had a desktop computer and a laptop computer….Does anyone remember reading or hearing about this?

        The new owner of Travis’ house found “something in the attic” that was a personal item of Travis’ and she gave it to Travis’ sister the weekend of March 16, 2013…when Travis’ sister went there with katie and a bunch of other courtroom observers to try and find the gun on that dead end street where Travis’ house is at…

        “Something in the attic”….maybe he hid a laptop in the attic that had his pedophilia pictures on it…

        And then there was the girl that was at Travis’ house looking for a journal…I can’t remember who the girl was…Maybe Travis hid this journal in the attic…

        “Something was in the attic”…haven’t heard what it was…they all are keeping mum on that…

    • so does that mean that Chris Hughes has Travis computer how did he get it the night he was killed some one need to tell the mitigation expert about that one I hope they are still under suspension he had a child and Travis stayed at his house all time spending the nite he could have crept into his sons room it is possible so i don’t trust them and if he did kill him he is the owner of PPL and Jodi did say she was scared

        • o that would mean that anything CH deleted from Gmail would have a shadow on Gmails servers..

          These guys had the full co operation of Flores in the investigation..they handed Jodi to him on a platter..and the Pig Ate!!!

  64. I think the longer they take the better for Jodi. Especially since they start with the most serious charge…..and if they all dont agree they go to the next and the next. So in theory that sounds like a good thing for her. I hope so. I will be broken hearted if they convict her of first. But if they convict of felony murder that will be overturned. Id Jodi stole that gun it was AFTER he was dead. She was there on invitation.. Evidence shows he was willingly engaging in sex with Jodi. No way in any alternative universe could this be felony murder! Martinez is a fuckin asshole. Sawed off little ass sucker.

  65. Thank you for all the warm welcomes! Nice to be part of this Family!
    We are in Sarasota, Fl, just South of Tampa on the Gulf of Mexico.

    I’ve experienced abusive relationships and I never told anyone and tried to protect the abuser for fear of retaliation besides being ashamed and embarrassed. Plus these people ARE often well liked and respected by others, which hurts even more, Dr Jackyl & Mr Hyde.BUT, the Truth always comes out somehow and they end up paying for all they’ve done in the end.

    • Patty welcome to our family we are here for you if you need us I miss Florida and the beautiful light blue water and the white sand beaches and the sunburns not so much

    • They are well liked, arent they? Mine had everyone fooled and even believing I was the crazy jealous one, he had almost convinced me that I was like that heh, until he moved in with his mom and got crazy on her and stole from her and extorted thousands from her bank account, not until then did they believe me and then after a few years, out of jail, his mommy took him back in because now he had convinced her he did that because he was so sad about me and he did it to her AGAIN! UGH

  66. Now for the really important question.


    What did you have for Easter dinner?

    Those Greeks have a real edible complex going on at Easter time.

    • LOL,Al!!!
      On Easter Saturday,after midnight and after having attended church,we all go home and eat the red eggs and a soup made with vegetables and the lamb’s liver and intestines(ewwww I know,but it sure tastes good,traust me).
      On Easter Sunday we all roast lambs(on a spit)as well as ”kokoretsi” which is practically the lamb’s viscera and liver with spices,wrapped around and put on the spit.These are the ”prerequisites” for a traditional feast.There are different traditional salads like ‘tzatziki’ or ”cheese salad”,countless appetizers,pastry,beer and wine.
      Basically,it’s a carnivorous massacre/tradition yet no greek can imagine skipping it!!

  67. I can just hear the spin now if they don’t get the DP or LWP. They will concoct all sorts of ridiculous reasons. All the men on the jury wanted to do Jodi, the defense behaved inappropriately by bringing up TA’s true character…why, they should have lied like everyone else and deemed him a ‘saint’, the jury was distracted with the sex but, funny, seems to me, Juan was more interested in the anal aspect than anyone. Someone DO JUAN in the anus please!! I hope he and NG have an absolute public COME APART when the verdict comes down and have to be tranquilized and loaded on a cart and hauled away to some unknown location. I don’t even wanna know where!!

    • Yeah, Jodi would be seen as “seducing” those men in that jury, even though the term “seductive” or femme fetale doesn’t describe her at all. She reminds me of my niece, a person who is too good-hearted for her own good, the farthest thing from “seductress” you can get.

      • They’ll do what they did to Casey’s jury:

        “One of them has vacation tickets and didn’t want to waste any time!”

        “They just want to get back to their lives, so they didn’t take this seriously!”

        “The Pinellas Pinheads…they’re all SO stupid!”

  68. Vinnie Politan is such a tool and when I mean tool, I mean
    the kind of tool that habitually masterbates to Tranny Porn
    on a daily basis.

  69. I’ve been on pins and needles.. All diggidy dang day! I honestly thought they might have a verdict today. I will be patient. I’d actually prefer Thursday when I’m off so I can celebrate !!!!

  70. this is like waiting for news on a new pope….looking for white smoke….a good verdict!!!!

  71. Some time ago I heard a woman call into HLN and talk about how she had been abused by her husband and she ended up shooting him five times. According to her, she was charged with first degree murder but was acquitted. At this point I expected her to fully identify with Jodi, but no, instead she said she just doesn’t understand Jodi, that Jodi’s just a cold blooded murder. I don’t understand these people/women who say “I was abused but Jodi’s abuse wasn’t exactly like mine, therefore she must be lying.” WTF??

    • I don’t get that either! I guess they are still susceptable to herd mentality..what ever the TV says is da trooth..idiots!

      • no one knew my abused me had to cover it up with make up did not tell anyone untill I pick up a knife and wanted to kill him voice told me to drop the knife and I called my sister for the first time in 4 yrs I let him beat the hell out of me none of our friends knew.

      • Or that idiot lady that called in that day and said only soldiers who’ve served in Iraq/Afghanistan have PTSD not ordinary people. I thought surely i heard her wrong, so I rewound the DVR and had another listen…nope, she said it. Makes me wonder what this world is actually coming to sometimes, actually.

    • yep, you said it!


      I really don’t understand that.

      Of course I think those kind of people also think…oh, he/she treated HIM/HER like that, but they wouldn’t do that to ME because I’m more ____________(fill in awesome adjective).

      • what I don’t understand is why the only let the hates on and when someone has something good to say they are cut off or they don’t take their calls

    • i dont get those ppl either. i have trouble having much sympathy for a bullshittin’ guy who brags about rape, denigrating women, and fantasizing about 12 yr. girls having orgasms. that last one, that really doesn’t enter most guys mind, imo.

      those things str8 from the egotist’s mouth, should give jurors great pause in ANY pro-murder verdict.

      the rest of this is all media and the AZ justice system out for blood against Jodi.

      often, this IS the system at work. they tear down the accused. many innocents r in jail and/or over-charged. it’s also a $ maker for many…

  72. Just saw those fuck-heads on the Hilarious Lunatic Network having their fake jury reenact what they think happened! Oh, the drama! those sick fucks were staggering as if they were in some grade-f western or something —-all trying to get their sixty-seconds of fame at JODI’s expense! Where in the hell do they find those pea-brained motherfuckers? JM’s asshole!!!!!!!!!!!!!! One idiot even said that she thinks JODI brought the knife with her into the bathroom!!!!! What did she—JODI– hold it with?

  73. Plus, I believe that KN made he 9-times-out of-10 comment to waylay any possibility of the turd claiming that KN had fallen under JODI’s “spell”. IMO it was a brilliant move.

    • Yep .. it was a talk to that hand jm . . blocking it before going there . . really suprized since jm always seeing animals he didn’t refer to any beavers

    • IMO,it wasa brilliant move to eliminate the slightest possibility of a juror being driven by his/her feelings of disloke towards Jodi.Kinda like a reminder of the heavy duty they are there to carry out.

    • This bothers me more than anything,. If there had been a typo he would have proceded to describe the injury to the dura and since he didn’t the fucker didn’t see any injury to the dura. Asswipe. I hope the doctors (like me) watching this trial in some way, shape or form noted that. I have the luxury of working part time now. LOL!

      • As sm here has commented(sorry I forgot who it was) what did Horne mean by ”typographical error”?Does he want to make us believe he was supposed to write ”Dura mater NOT intact” ?? Puhleeeze!! He would have written ”Dura mater perforated” and then proceed to explain the injury.

  74. These morons on HLN. If Jodi is convicted will the family get to talk to Jodi. Well, yeah and they can tell her what it meant to lose him.. did they ever even talk to him or know anything about him?

  75. Now they are giving kudos to the judge when someone asked if she would be reprimanded for her circus like atmosphere in the courtroom. That blonde bitch said, oh no, there was so much evidence that she was ok acting the way she did.

  76. This is posted on the haters site..a transcprit of CH radio talk last night :

    “CH and Skye were in Cancun. Found out he was dead. First thought was that it was JA. Told investigators this immediately. When CH got home, called TA’s webmaster and he sent CH TA’s passcodes. CH tried them and the passcodes let him in. They read everything. As well as lots of other emails. Including google chat. Never once did JA ever ONCE say anything about pedophilia or abuse. Never, ever once. The only confrontations ever was TA confronting JA.’

    Sooo how long was he in Cancun? Who had TA’s computer?? NOT deputy dog I guess.. so many questions surrounding these CULT people!!

    • He’s so full of crap!! I don’t believe for one minute any webmaster gave him any passwords. Does he really think people are that stupid?

      • They might, and I say ‘might’ give the family the passwords with proof of relationship and proof of death. But they would most likely require a warrant to release them.

        He acts like he is a force to be reckoned with the way he beaks off.