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Happy Tuesday peeps! :mrgreen:

So while we’re still waiting on the jury deliberations – and prior to them reaching a verdict of either an acquittal or manslaughter – I thought this would be a good time to ask which of those options you think the jury will come back with, and when.

I think they’ll come back tomorrow (Wednesday) with a manslaughter verdict. One of my other contacts think they’ll come back within the next couple of days with a hung jury, and Jodi’s gonna plead out with what she wanted to do in the first place.

Feel free to post your speculation & assorted thoughts here in this new page.

In the meantime, here are a few of Jodi’s latest tweetingz from late Monday night:

I would have signed a plea years ago to avoid this disaster, but I was refused a plea as the State and the family refused to settle. I wanted so much to avoid trial but the State forced it…

N. DisGrace has set back the cause of all women who have survived domestic violence. Her circus makes a mockery of something very serious.

Re: commissary,many of the items I didn’t receive were for indigent girls less fortunate than me. I, thankfully, have a mini surplus of food.

If you missed my post from this past weekend, the new “Survivor” t-shirts are now available. A portion of the profits generated from the sales will support other survivors of domestic violence, and go to Non-profit Domestic Violence organizations selected by Jodi.

It's NOT OK!

I also posted this last Friday – and I’m posting it again today in case anyone missed it:

To everyone that has contributed & posted here… your dedication & support over the past 4+ months has been truly amazing. Without you, the site wouldn’t have been anywhere near as successful as it is right now… and long may that continue. That also goes for the admins & techs that work behind the scenes too. Collectively and individually – and without a shadow of a doubt – we are all TEAM JODI and we are all very fucking awesome.

I’ll add another post this afternoon (JT) in relation to the burden of proof and Cheney Mason’s kick-ass Reasonable Doubt chart :mrgreen:

Until then – Remember…


Never question it.

Never doubt it.

Team Jodi

Don’t forget to check out the new Jodi drawings I added to the site this past weekend.

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      • Hmm Jeff is in Mesa, AZ, so what’s his prize? Perhaps he could have dinner with Kermit, Judge Pickles, Detective Flora AND the seven dwarves???

          • Awww really Jeff? It would be soooooo much fun for you. You could sing with Gloria Esteban all night long. “Hi ho, hi ho, it’s off to spoil another crime scene we go.”

      • SJ every one once a prize for being first we all love music and you can get the like to music and put it up as a prize its easy and every one loves music I like the old stuff in the 50 and some times the stuff in the 30 just find what they like and us it what you think

    • Does anyone know why Jodi’s mom and dad talked bad about her? Bringing up her teen years? How does Jodi feel about that? If you would ask her, and post, I would appreciate that. Seems funny the mom talked kinda bad about her, but supports her in court. Just curious.

      • I think this is where Jodi got her self esteem problems. I don’t know why they talked bad about her but the way they spoke it was a pattern all of Jodi’s life. That was the first thing I picked up. If it were my child I would say “No she didn’t”. Even if I thought it may be true, I would still say “No she didn’t”.
        I would then get a good attorney. When Jodi admitted she did murder him, I would say “There had to be a very good reason my daughter did that”.
        Both Jodi’s parents had multiple things they spoke negatively about. So the parents have their own loyalty issues. Regardless, they love Jodi. I am sure the mother feels guilty about not getting Jodi the help they spoke of Jodi needing. I am sure everyone in her family wants her life saved.
        I keep praying Jodi can get out of prison and really do something with her artistic talents. There is so much she has to offer.

    • Is there a place to find an address to write Jodie? I am in Thailand, and want to invite her to visit here after her acquittal, or short sentence for time already served. All expenses will be taken care of, she deserves at least that!

    • Jeff In Mesa 🙄

      your first congratulation is this your first time I’m 3rd on the site my computer shut its self down for updates and new virus stuff. sure love my new computer my last one the kkk killed it

      • Hi Tonya. This is actually my second time being first and I missed it yesterday by a few seconds. Can’t win ’em all. LOL

  1. Well I very much hope to see Jodi acquitted of all charges once the jury reasons that there is no proof beyond reasonable doubt that she did not simply defend herself from Alexander’s repeated attacks.

    Why would someone like Jodi have done what she did for no reason? I think she quite possibly had no other option when she slit his throat. Perhaps he had started to choke her, and it was her only chance, I don’t see how you can say for certain.

    • I suspect the slit throat was after he was dead.

      There is no other acceptable outcome because the state didn’t prove its case at all beyond a reasonable doubt, and its chief witnesses are tainted.

      The scenarios SJ pointed out in the post are distinctly possible, but if there is a hung jury, Jodi is in a much better position to plead down the charges than she was before.

      • My brain keeps returning to the blood atonement thing as the best explanation. I know it sounds crazy, but all those folks who committed suicide several years ago to join the aliens that they believed were coming even did that in a big group of people, so this type of stuff does happen every so often. If Jodi had some odd/eccentric leanings psychologically, like a lot of very creative types do, then under the severe stress of 6/4/08, she could have gotten pushed more that way and after TA was gone, she ‘undid the evil’, through the blood atonement. She acted alone, because she appears very self-contained & didn’t think to include anyone.

        • She acted alone in that she didn’t call 911 or run to a neighbor, like most people would do after their violent beau tried to kill them. I’ll try to discuss this better later.

    • Has anyone listened to Darren Kavinoky, and Anna Nichole’s Judge? Even they say the jury is watching ALL this! They took a jury vote on HLN After Dark, and most said they would lie to the judge about watching this, but they couldn’t refrain from it! Please tell Kirk, Jodi, etc… I have it all on DVR, and I’m saving it! This is not right, nor fair for Jodi! I said it day 1, the jury IS watching this!
      BTW – If that tape come out, TA was alive….. Turd wouldn’t have him IN jail, TA would be UNDER the jail! Just b/c he’s dead doesn’t mean it’s all on Jodi now! The emails, IM’s, text, etc… prove what a scumbag TA was!
      Uneducated-Uninformed people on HLN!
      I truly see what’s happened to our society!
      Walk one mile in MY shoes, then we’ll talk about abuse! TA was so abusive, and for HLN to say different is sending a BAD msg to women who don’t speak out – like me and Jodi! What a shame!

      • me also Missy….never spoke out….NG may leave Jodi alone now due to the women held against their will (in Hell) for 10years….his name is ario castro (another demon)…who kept these women captive 4 the last 10years…Hoping HLN is sued for all the damage to Jodi&Family

      • Bravo Missy, well said, All Jodi did was rid this world of a dirt bag that didn’t deserve to be here in the first place

        Ray in Harrisonburg Va.

  2. I’m very grateful that Gus Searcy had the courage to separate himself from the masses and stay true to his own convictions.does this sound like a cold blooded killer to you this is what Jodi said on her tweeter still reading

  3. “Let us keep our mouths shut and our pens dry until we know the facts.” – anton j carlson what does she mean there what facts

  4. I think they’ll come back tomorrow (Wednesday) with a manslaughter verdict. but I would rather see them finding out who the man and woman was in the home and the roommate issue and Ashley Thompson and Dustin cleared up and why so many of the KKK clan pointed at Jodi right out the gate.

  5. I say hung jury on next Monday. Also why didn’t she get her full commissary? I sure hope she isn’t bullied I jail. I wish I could be patient. Poor Jodi has for 5 years. Wow.

  6. SJ, I should be sleeping, but I’m not, so I happened to read this and it makes me feel sappy. You shouldn’t be thanking us at all. You have provided us with the ONLY safe place on the internet where we can discuss our feelings about this ridiculous trial. Many of those who post here have tried to express their opinions on other sites and have been harassed and/or banned, and even stalked!

    You and your amazing team have kept us safe, tossed any haters sneaking in, been attentive to our requests and thoughts, and essentially, allowed us the free will to be ourselves. As a result, intelligent discussion has persisted for several months and friendships have blossomed. Many of us have discussed our pain about our own abusive relationships and our various life situations. Never once have you objected or told us that we’re off topic or overly verbose (which in my case is very true). Instead, you have always been gentle with us all. You are a very kind and very fair man, and one who actually seeks to help victims of violence and abuse — a rare commodity indeed.

    Not only that, but you have provided us with daily informative and humourous postings (which are often beyond hilarious) and which serve as conversation-starters on a twice-daily basis, updates about the case, videos from the trial, Jodi’s artwork, updates about Jodi, and so much more.

    I bow down to you, sir, for all your graciousness and generosity. I know that this site with all the required bandwidth must be costing you an absolute fortune. I can not thank you enough. We are all exceptionally blessed that you decided to start this site and that you have allowed us to congregate here. You are indeed an angel.

    • Also Abused I too thank this man SJ for this site and the wonderful team he has here I came here because I tried to comment on other sites and Just said it is wrong thou shall not kill and was attacked then came her and when he put up the Flores report I began to read it and stayed up 2 day trying to figure it out writing this down and an that down and after to days I commented that I was feeling like my bran was scrambled like Jodi said and the team read it and the next day they had an addition to it the detailed break down there good. I thank them for that I sill have questions about that report and about the lack of investigation he did not do … so SJ you are the best thing that happened to me and the rest of us here love the comment you made also abused he deserves a reward. I can tell you I have had my up and downs loosing a computer with virus the KKK gave me and getting a better on from my brother who wanted me off his. Thank you for responding that it is OK about the tarot cards loved how KN used the cards in his closing respect what you have to say will follow the rules you set. We love you very much SJ lets have a good day today. Jodi we are here for you let the haters come and we will attack you then SJ will shut you up for good so don’t start your shit here today this is our day and we will be victorious

      • tonya…love your comments girl….you bring a happy smile to my life everyday when I read your comments…thanks for taking that extra time to do the cards…I believe in them and the presence of angels too…

        • your welcome I try to do my best truthseeker1111 🙂 if the cards are right we are looking at 18 hrs but the trail lasted 4 months my be they will pull a lets stay 18 days just to show them and make them on HLN scream about it

        • I third their emotion. I don’t know how I would have managed through this trial without this site! And now the verdict!! Really SJ, whoever you are 🙂 , thanks so much. It is truly a safe haven for us. And thank you too, AA, tonya, and joujoubaby. I don’t comment that much, but I love reading your thoughtful comments. It does me so much good to read ALL the comments on this site. What a great bunch.

          • I fourth their emotion! Thank you so much for having this site. Plus you can tell that people who are guiding us who don’t know as much about the law are willing to share their knowledge. This is not a site that bashes TA’s side. It investigates, it finds true facts, it educates. A small amount of time is used to tell intelligent jokes about the other side. But this is about Jodi. Helping her, following her story, supporting her, supporting the causes she identifies with, recognizing her strength, and helping all of us to get through this serious ordeal.
            We also don’t need to like her because we are idealizing her as the perfect person. Yet the haters want to make Travis God like or the President. Travis’s situation is sad and I pray for him. But he held many deep down problems. That is okay but I am supporting Jodi. More truth came out about Jodi than anyone will have the nerve to admit about TA. Yet the writing is there. JM just worked so hard at deflecting it and lying while he was deflecting.
            Yes SJ, Thank you.

    • I agree with you AA…love your comments…

      SJ….you care and treat us all like family…many thanks and hugs to you SJ…you are one awesome person…I love being here too…

  7. To me she killed him in self defense. How she did it doesn’t matter. If the first shot or first stab killed him. Well he can only die once. That is when I feel she blacked out and snapped. All that pent up pain and degradation he did to her. I think hung, hope for acquittal and will accept manslaughter. Nothing more

    • I agree 100% and did from day one. There was a lot of passion in the killing, and that doesn’t happen unless you push someone to that point. The fact that they spend the day having sex shows she hadn’t planed on killing him, but after he used her and probably told her to get lost, she snapped. Any man knows women can be this way, and you know what not to say. But Travis was clearly stupid.

      My prayers have been with Jodi every day, and it will be over soon.

  8. In case some of you didn’t see my late posts from yesterday, this is soooo sad. Here is the letter Jodi’s mother wrote to the judge when Nurmi filed a motion to withdraw from the case after he left the public defender’s office and began his own practice:

    It is heartbreaking to see what she wrote, especially about their own family struggles, Jodi’s father’s illness, and her concerns for her daughter’s life.

    • Also, here is Jodi’s own letter to the judge requesting that Nurmi be allowed to remain on her case in any capacity. Apparently, Nurmi informed Jodi, when he filed his motion to withdraw, that he would remain on her case as counsel anyway, even if he wasn’t compensated. Jodi was begging the judge to allow him to do so because of his familiarity with her case and the fact that she always believed he would provide her with the best defense. She says in the letter that she doesn’t care in what capacity he remains, as long as he remains.

      Also, I forgot to mention that in her mother’s letter, she talks about how Jodi helps other inmates.

      And JM wouldn’t accept a damn plea deal, but instead allowed all of this to come out about Travis at trial, when Jodi didn’t want it to? Grrrr

      • I had not seen either of these letters before……very interesting. Thanks for sharing.

      • thank you for what you have found and shared what the hell happened to the money she spent to get help from the on business that tried to make a living at the damn PPL I thought you up your money up to get in and have legal council to help you so what happen to that guess Chris and sky Hughes fixed that I would never ever spend my money on a company that could do that and to top it off Gus Sercey was her mentor teacher so the mom had to beg to get NK to say with her case and Jodi pleading to the Judge. It is so sad she was railroaded by PPL I hope there business hits bottom.

      • The Media (HLN) talks about the millions plus dollars spent on her defense. The prosecution
        wants the DP even though in my opinion this is not a DP case. Az. allowed Lochner, who
        murdered six people including a child and wounded several others including congresswoman,
        Gabby Gifford to plead out and avoid the dp, but not Jodie.This million plus dollars could be
        spent on helping people including battered women to get help. instead it is spent on this trial and
        HLN is laughing all the way to the bank.

        • Joan,
          All of what you said is completely true. I couldn’t agree more. And this expense could’ve all been avoided but for some blood- thirsty people.

        • Speaking of Gabby Gifford, I hope the jury remembers this woman who was shot in the head by a higher caliber bullet, was not immediately incapacitated and currently is able to ambulate.

          • that is a fantastic point about Gabby!!!

            I am watching some of the trial again I am off today and you know they never found or tested for blood in the shower, I must have missed that but that seems important, because there should have been blood all over that shower if JM’s theory is correct.

        • Omg isn’t that the the coldhearted truth! We all deserve a fair trial, not that this has been fair, but money should have nothing to do with a humans life being on trial and JM and the family are the ones responsible for the cost of this trial they should have settled and someone other than prosecutors should make these decisions this just show how too much control rest in these peoples hands that tilts the scales for us all!

          You know what I have been thinking I wish that the jury were placed behind a two way glass so that the people at the trial cannot see who they are. Their names are not public record right?

          I think it will be very possible for a hung jury and I doubt elderly people will send a young women to death. But I do worry that some may feel pressured by stories of how Alyce and others on the defense have been attacked. I am sure they had to have heard of how people have threatened these people even if they haven’t they knew it going in if they heard how the country reacted to the jury on Casey’s case.This may cause some to be afraid of retaliation, this bothers me. I think that we need juror boxes that protects their identities so they can feel free and safe with their decision. The circus that is happening outside the courthouse its hard to believe they do not see or hear about it.

          I also want to thank SJ and team and everyone for a safe place to voice our opinions I know I have not posted much but I read all the post and feel so happy not to be all alone. It is a shame there are so many bullies out there my god even my own mother I hate to say it but people are so narrow minded and so judgmental, how can they think they are any better than they make out Jodi to be?

          Any ways, thanks and I hope we hear soon!!!!!

      • Dear lord.. I just read Jodi’s letter to the judge. What a mess; I’m so glad it worked out and Nurmi was her attorney. I’m also glad to see that she hasn’t had to sit aimlessly in jail for 5 years, but that the wheels of justice were indeed turning, albeit slowly. I very much commend her patience and gentle tenacity through all this – my approach would have likely been, ahem, much more radical, forceful and likely damaging. And I look forward to a positive, sensible and obvious verdict, and that any necessary jail time has been that she’s already served. Thank goodness for that at least.

        A possibly helpful tip for some regarding “haters”: I like to picture them as a pack of semi-deranged, hysterical pilgrims/early American settlers, all pointing fingers at a sensible young woman (an outsider compared to their own standards) screaming WITCH WITCH WITCH, trying to light a fire and scurry for rope. It’s comical, though serious, but should serve as a reminder that maybe less has changed in a few hundred years than we think it has and we should be steadfastly reflective and diligent concerning what’s actually going on around us.

        Happy Tuesday.

        • I agree it seems like a witch hunt. That’s how I see it and describe it to others. Horrible, terrible and sad!!

      • thank U 2 all here.. who gave us good infor….& made us laugh while we were so upset about the lies by HLN ,,,DA & his Mesa gang…so thankful 4 Nurmi..He is great

    • Thank you for the links AA! I fell asleep crying last night,reading Jodi’s mum’s prayer and am crying again this morning reading her letter and Jodi’s. You know sometimes the Universe is so harsh on people-their lives take unexpected twists and turns just like Jodi’s life turned into a living Hell.However,I do believe there’s also celestial providence and in Jodi’s case Nurmi and Wilmott were her providence.

        • Jodi’s mum wrote it in a secret FB group called ”Jodi arias’s acquittal page,friends and family.”

          Here it is,Jennifer.

          ”Sandy Allen-Arias
          Romans 12:12
          Rejoice in hope, be patient in tribulation, be constant in prayer.

          Jodi Ann Arias, You are my first born, You are my number 1. I love you more than you will ever know. I long for the day that I can put my arms around you. That will be soon. I know that God has his arms around you right now keeping you safe.
          Love, Mom”

          • That is so sad but the true way a mother feels. I cant imagine the ache in her arms from not being able to put her arms around Jodi. When our kids are little we protect them from dangers, even though my oldest is nearly 19 I still put my arm out when he is in the front seat next to me and I stop suddenly, when they skin their knees we kiss their boo boos away, when they get their first broken heart we are their to tell them that in time this pain too will pass, and then they are grown and leave our home…and we can no longer go into their rooms at night just to watch them sleep. We have to trust that the love you gave them and the words you said to them will be those arms around them in moments of trouble. I have been a Mommy for longer then I wasn’t one…I don’t remember what it is like to sleep with no worries about my children. When they are on their own you hold them in your heart and pray that the LORD is with them. But what does a Mom do when she cant take the boo boos away when the pain someone else has put them through is invisible to you when they are experiencing it. And then your child is somewhere that for the first time you can’t just hug them when the need arrises. Like I said before I cant imagine the ache in Sandys arms…that comes when you see your child cry and you cant wipe their tears away….

            • Awww Jennifer,you made me cry….Again.Oh boy,I have a feeling this week is gonna be long.Long and way too emotional.Give your children a big hug and kiss from me,all the way from Greece****

          • OMG Maria, that is soooo sad. Now, I’m crying again. Poor poor Mrs. Arias. She has held it together so very well in court and represented the family in such a wonderful manner. I sincerely hope she gets to hold her daughter very very soon. So much suffering! It’s amazing to me how much havoc and grief one abusive man can cause in the lives of so many.

            • I’m not married nor do I have children of my own.But I work with children and I get so close to them and grow to love them dearly so I can only imagine the pain a mother has to go through having her child put through all of this torture.

          • I’m all teared up again reading the prayer from Jodi’s Mom. I’m praying for the whole family, and I want to tell Jodi that I’m praying she gets out, and she should let her mother hug her and hug her even though she’s not a child anymore.

    • Well AA I got my morning cry in…thanks… That was a heartbreaking letter. I kept thinking as I have many times what if that were my baby at the defense table. Her family has been very classy during this last 5.5 years and have proven to us as parents that when it comes to your child the old saying turn the other cheek apply 10 fold. They have not bashed the Alexander family like they have the Arias family. Her mother is such a strong amazing woman. I see where Jodi gets her inner strength from.

      • I’m so sorry I made you cry, Jennifer. I just felt it was so important that we, the members of this group, see the truth of the Arias family’s hardships and the decent people that they are. Not that we didn’t know it already, but it really brings it home. Also, many ask here on occasion why Nurmi tried to withdraw. Well, Jodi’s letter explains it, and also, that he offered to remain as counsel, even if he wasn’t paid. What a good and decent man he is. Obviously, this wasn’t just another job as a public defender to him. He really put his entire heart and soul into this case. That showed in his closing. I’m so glad he found someone as wonderful and classy as Jennifer Willmott to work with. They did their very best. Now, it’s up to the jury.

        • Oh I am glad that you posted the letters. It is so sad that they are going through that and the media attacks them like they do. I think Nurmi has such a great heart. The statement he made in court was said to make a point. I am so tired of people attacking him for what he said about 9 out of 10 days.

          • The media is just ridiculous. Half of them on HLN are defense lawyers. They’re put on TV a whole lot more if they criticize Jodi though. I have a lot more respect for the defense lawyer who are steadfastly pro-Jodi.

            I’m glad to see you this morning Jennifer. I pray for you every day.

            • yes, HLN has been against Jodie from day 1……….they had her convicted before the trial even started………….so did Nancy Grace………… sad

  9. Morning my cyber family!!! I just did some reading of what is similar to the Comic section in a news paper. It was some KNOW nothing reporter saying this site is the worst site on the web!!! The article was full of jibberish and the same moronic slurs that have been common during this trial so I had a little to say and this is the post. I had to pick anonymous because I do not have an account with the other choices or I would of written under my name and address!!!

    Anonymous said…What happened to responsible journalism? What you and HLN have done during this trial is NOTHING BUT CONTINUED ABUSE ON JODI ARIAS!!! This site is the worst site on the WEB!!! Juan Martinez kicks ass LOL more like is so short he has his nose up ass!!! It is funny how so many have taken bits and pieces from the trial and chose to believe them. I am so sick of JODI LIED!!! YES JODI LIED and she ADMITTED SHE LIED and I am sure all of you haters have lied once or twice in your lives!!! TRAVIS ALEXANDER lived a LIE!!! HE claimed to his family and friends he was a 30 year old VIRGIN while telling young ladies he wanted to tie them to a tree and **** her in her ass!!! But don’t take my word for that listen to Travis Alexanders own voice saying what he wanted to do.BUT I don’t hear HLN screaming about him being a liar! Yes this case is sad but so are the many each year where a man kills a woman during abuse but that isn’t splashed across every paper and web page…WHY because it is acceptable for a man to hit a woman. Well a woman finally got tired of being verbally abused, again look at Travis Alexanders own writings and listen to his voice,sexually abused, listen to Travis Alexanders voice, and physically abused and DEFENDED HERSELF!!! It is sad that so many are screaming for the death penalty…WIll that bring Travis back to his family?? NO!! All that will do is Kill someone to teach them that killing someone is wrong!!! If Jodi were someone you loved would you listen to the talking heads on HLN or ALL OF THE REAL EVIDENCE not just bits and pieces that fit your argument?? TWO FAMILIES ARE SUFFERING and ONE MAN lost his life and you people are cheering for more pain!!! You attack people who defend Jodi. We are speaking our minds with the SAME constitutional RIGHT that you publish your HALF truths and KKK type attacks!!!!

      • Thank you ladies…I was defending Jodi as much as this site here is the link to the article…It is the worst piece that has been written about this site since the trial began.
        I just got a message that mine will be posted only AFTER it has been approved..which I am sure it wont as it attacks their site

        • And you are very courageous for doing so but its best not to argue with fools— they are beyond reasoning with.

        • LOL,Jennifer I wrote a brief sth to all haters out there but got the wait till it’s approved comment.I guess they dont like people being pro-Jodi?

          • LOL I saw a few pro Jodi posts but not many. Those people are so ignorant!! I had to stop reading I was getting too riled up. LOL

    • Hi Jennifer! Well, if this site is officially “the worst site on the web” – then I’d like a trophy and a certificate to put on my office wall to celebrate the achievement :mrgreen:


      Team Jodi

      PS. I removed the link to the site from your post, as I didn’t see any advantage to publicizing it.

      • That’s ok I was trying to delete it myself. But couldn’t figure it out and was actually sending you an email asking you to take it off..LOL great minds think alike..

        • Good call removing the link. We are all super sensitive at the moment. I often wonder what sickening things could have happened in the hater’s lives to want death for Jodi. I am a strong Jodi supporter yet can feel for Travis and his family. I don’t agree with what Travis did and how he lived his life. Or his friends who go on HLN and so stupidly show the transparency of the whole situation. But I still hope Travis’s family can find some peace.
          So I can’t understand the people who are making this a witch hunt. I also think this has been an unfair trial to Jodi with a Jury that goes home all the time. The whole world knows what is happening. At least 90% of that jury is lying about not hearing anything about that case outside the courtroom. I would give them all lie detective tests at this point. First ask them that question about hearing anything or seeing anything or talking to anyone about the trial. Then, take each one of them individually for a lie detector test. Let us see who lies! Now we have liars deciding whether Jodi gets first degree murder with Martinez ringing in the back of their heads “Jodi Arias is a liar. You can’t believe a thing she says.” One person above that Judge needs to shut down this whole witch hunt. Arizona judicial system needs to take responsibility for this farce of a fair trial. Jodi, as always, my prayers are with you.

    • Well Said Jen!!! And my prayers are w/Jodi! I think there will be a hung jury, or if any charge, it will me Man 1….I am relishing that HLNr’s are probably sweating right now…they prob thought they’d have a conviction yesterday!! The longer this goes, the more they will panic!!! Can’t wait to see their jaws drop when there is no M1/DP verdict!!!! Their bloodlust will not be satisfied!!!!!

    • wow !!!!!
      that was awesome, I hope it gets posted, some people would change their perspective if they would just be quiet, listen and think.

  10. I made the sorry azz mistake of watching some of HLN last evening. Nancy Disgrace, Vinnie and Dr. F*ckface Drew are truly gag worthy and I wanted to throw my TV several times. They lie and report over and over on rumors, innuendo, and unsubstantiated info still and they heckle and make fun of Jodi the entire show. Will never watch any of their shows again.

    The two mock juries in large amounts admitted if they were on the jury they could not abide by the admonition of not viewing info elsewhere. Thats part of the reason I have been so utterly irritated that these people were not sequestered and that HLN and other news sources are on a virtual witch hunt instead of reporting in an objective fashion. They don’t even pretend to be objective or truthful on any level! The lies they told tonite I lost count of and I haven’t watched their shows in weeks.

    I think not sequestering this jury will either cause a mistrial or be a good reason of MANY for overturning the result and getting a new trial with a sequestered jury. The end result will tell the tale if the jury pool was tainted by outside LIES and FALSE info. Worse yet it can make them fearful to make the decision they really feel is fair based on the madness of the haters. Stand strong jury please—hang it if you must but no way no how M1.

    If they vote M1 they are biased and have been reading, watching and talking elsewhere about evidence not presented in the trial and things the judge shot down for various reasons. I am hoping this is not the case but I cannot believe that that many people abided the admonition.

    Trying to stay positive and good morning.

    • KALISTA DONT THROW YOUR TV or anything at it….I did that and it doesn’t stop HLN. I hit a brand new tv And HLN still keeps going. and smashed it!!!

      • oooh I hate this computer..that last line should of been
        I hit a brand new tv and smashed it and HLN keeps going

        • I think that a petition needs to be started nationwide to end HLN and their lies. I have found out through the correction from others on this site that the media has been attacking innocent people for decades now and Michael Jackson was one of them. I am tired of the way the media portrays people..the writers of our constitution would be saddened by the unethical free speech that is done today.

          • You know its comical when even the anti Jodi freaks are angry at HLN but from what I read these are some of the best ratings ever. Nancy used to be their golden goose with ratings and so they all followed suite with her and I am being kind in this wording “style”. They just pass that perfume Snarky Liars around and proceed roll around in it before each show.

            I have lost any last shred of respect for HLN and their parent CNN over this.

            • I think the reason the rating are so high is because that is the ONLY place to watch the trial on TV. Many people do not know how to connect their computers to their Tvs so they can watch the live feed off the internet with no interruptions.

              • I read that HLN had a strawberry Frappuccino party last week after closing arguments concluded! This is not a fucking party!

                The jury should have been sequestered. The temptation of “peeking” at media coverage is far too great.

          • I would sign that petition in a second. I used to like HLN but now since their never ending horrendous attack on Jodi I will never watch those clowns again! They have the “Jerry Springer crowd” wound up tight and ready to hurt Jodi and her supporters. They need to get a life and leave Jodi alone.

    • In the UK, there is NO way a tv station would be allowed to report in such a biased fashion. Can you imagine the BBC behaving like this???!!!!

      • I’ve hardly heard a whisper in the news about this trial. I don’t watch hln, but I know all about what’s on hln because all the people who love to hate it – and there appear to be many of them – talk about it ad nauseum. For many, it’s pretty much all they talk about, think about. Boring.

        • I got ‘hooked’ on this trial, but I’ll slip it once the verdict is in and get back to my real life, family, and friends. My first and last live streaming trial of murders that happen in far off places by and to people I don’t know, LOL!

          • And that’s what most rational people will do…but the haters will not just fade away if they get a verdict that they don’t like. Expect protests, more negative online book reviews, etc.

          • spring is here! LOL… my sentiments exactly! 1).HLN talk=boring… 2). First and last live streaming, etc. Got to get back to living…

      • I think part of that problem is the nature of CNN’s history; they got their big break as a network by broadcasting breaking coverage of the Gulf War so they trip over themselves to keep their corner on the market of drama and disaster. Plus, the medium of 24-hour ”news” ”reporting” is in itself excessive. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve wanted to tell Don Lemon to go take 5 … 5 hours, and come back when there’s something new to say. 😛 🙂

    • This is what I’m afraid those bastards are going to do. If it’s a verdict they WANT, they’ll leave it as is. If it’s a verdict they DON’T want, they’ll out the jury on watching TV and internet news.

    • Lets hope that if they did see HLN that they would be disgusted, and would see how bias they are and see right thru them!!!!

  11. Hello everyone! Please forgive me for the long post but I feel this is something that I must say before this is over.
    I wanted to tell you all what a pleasure it’s been to be here. We’ve shared a lot over the past 4 months; anger, laughter, frustration, confusion, sadness and, I’m sure, more than a few tears. Each and every one of you are truly amazing people and I wouldn’t trade this experience for the world. It has been an honor to be here among such great people. Hell, you’ve become my second family!
    I can honestly say I would walk headlong into battle with any one of you – anytime, anyplace, no questions asked. After all, that’s pretty much what this has been hasn’t it – a battle? We’ve fought so hard for someone we’ve never met and may never meet. That says something about the character of each and every person here. You’ve conducted yourselves in an exemplary manner and I’m proud to have been a part of it. I’m also damn proud to call you friends.
    None of you have lost sight of what is really important here and that’s Jodi. She is the reason we gather here every day. She is the reason for our seemingly endless days and sleepless nights. We’ve not wavered, not one iota, from our belief in her and her innocence. My wish is that one day she’ll be able to come here and see the support she has. I think she’d be totally blown away by it.
    Long after the verdict is in and it’s all over I’ll be here. As long as this site is up I’ll be here. I can’t imagine NOT coming here and I’d love it if you’d join me when you can.
    You are all to be applauded for your honesty and I do so admire your guts and tenacity. So, EVERYONE, pat yourselves on the back for a job well done – regardless of the outcome. We’ve expressed ourselves in a fair and unbiased manner. We here speak the truth. We here speak the voice of reason. Which is more than can be said for the other side.
    So again, thank you, ALL of you. You should be proud of yourselves, I know I am.
    Finally, SJ, words are not enough to express my sheer gratitude for providing a place to come and share my thoughts in a safe and friendly environment. Thank you so very much and God bless.

    • Jeff it has been my honor to exchange comments and thoughts with you as well as the countless others.
      This hasn’t been an easy four months and yet you have been a constant support for me. I want to thank you for your kind words thoughts and prayers. It is the men on this page and the one that I luckily found that restored my faith in men. And I pray that Jodi is able to find the same when she is released VERY SOON. I began this trial thinking that she was guilty based on HLN and what was court tv. Then I learned what the real evidence was and when I saw Jodi on the stand and heard her voice I knew that she was a victim and I Knew right then and there that the media was being SO UNFAIR to this lady. I like you am so grateful for this site. It is nice to have a real discussion with people who are intelligent enough to look at the Real evidence and not just bits and pieces.
      Thank you for your prayers and again for all the well wishes that you have sent my way.
      I owe a great weekend to the prayers of my FAMILY on this page.

    • Here here. I am so happy I found the solace of this website with the vile stuff everywhere else. I too will remain here no matter what happens. I read for a long time before I posted–you guys and gals are all great!

    • Hi Jeff!!! You are so sweet. I promise I will be here too,for as long as the site is up,always in support of Jodi!!

    • Jeff-
      So beautifully said. This site has been a refuge for me and has given me hope that there are still good people in the world willing to fight for Truth and Justice. I too applaud SJ, Admins, and MB & JC, for the countless hours you spend keeping this site as a safe haven and for giving a voice to Jodi and all victims of Domestic Violence. I couldn’t agree more, that all of you here are the most intelligent, well read and commpassionate group on the web, and I too consider it an honor to have been with you in the fight for Jodi.

      I continue to pray for a full acquittal, and for the safety of Jodi, her family, the jurors and the Defense Team. Justice will prevail!

    • Thank you ALL for being a voice of reason amidst the chaos. I sincerely hope Jodi gets to read all this someday soon so she knows what amazing people she has had pulling for her and believing in her. Call me crazy but I wish that TA’s family could have had a site such as this to help them heal through all this as well. Maybe then they would not have turned this into the nasty witch hunt it has become. When you put people into a pressure cooker envirnoment they can become something they were not. I think this is what happened to them. They were caught up in the frenzy then they became the frenzy. This entire situation is a travesty. God Bless each and everyone involved.

    • I feel the same Jeff! : )
      This site and the people in it are the best therapy.
      Couldn’t do without them.
      Take care in Mesa
      Maybe run for judge or something! : )

  12. SJ,
    if anything we should all take a step back and thank YOU from the bottom of our hearts.
    You ‘ve been nothing but a ”painkiller” (lol)all along,patiently,wittingly,supportively,generously relieving us from the pain of wanting to support someone,to fight for a cause and having nowhere to go.Indeed,we would have no place to turn to unless you had created this ”safe haven ”as I like calling it.Personally,I want to thank you even more because I would LITERALLY wouldnt have anywhere else to find info about Jodi.I would rely solely on FB and god knows that aint a good place to get informed!You were my saviour,my parent,my guide.All the posters here have been an invaluable source of knowledge for me,a novice in all legal stuff.
    When I talk to my family about Jodi and this site I start my sentences with ”my friends said that…” ”my friends wrote that….”. And I mean it.
    Thank you SJ and all.


      • Agreed 10000%!! SJ you have given us a place to be a family in support of Jodi. THANK YOU!! I know I have told you that many times but I am so greatful for this site because I know the information I get here is accurate unlike in the news. SJ you have worked so hard to give us a place to discuss with others our views and to ask questions we are wondering about. You keep out the haters and let in people who truly want to have an educated conversation though they are Pro Prosecution. THANK YOU !!!

        • SJ is the awesomest :). I’ve been following Casey’s site since late 2011, and it’s been a pleasure to post on Jodi’s with all of you as well!

    • Yes, thank you SJ for providing this site! It’s interesting how many intelligent people we have here, and so different that the “hater” sites.. We have class and have serious discussions regarding this case, and don’t sling mud and spread hate!! I’m thankful that you have provided a forum where we can express our feelings about this miscarriage of justice and show support for Jodi! Thanks again for doing this for us, but especially for Jodi!!

  13. Back to the question at the top I have no idea what will happen but I’m thinking a hung jury is a real possibility. People on the outside have such strong opposing theories and opinions. It stands to reason the jury may be the same and may not be able to find a common ground they can agree on.

    • I’m torn between Manslaughter and a hung jury. Strong opposing opinions may result in the jury being unable to compromise. But, I think if they do come together with a compromise, it will be Manslaughter.

      • The ONLY reason there is even the alternative of a manslaughter verdict is to avoid a hung jury. It has nothing to do with whether Jodi “lost it,” because that can’t be proven, either, just as self-defense can’t be DISPROVEN.

        The CORRECT verdict is acquittal because of no evidence any of the other possibilities is what happened and the tampering of witnesses.

        A hung jury is a distinct possibility. You would hope Martinez would have enough sense to approach the defense and negotiate a plea deal.

        The family should have NO say in this after this screw-up.

  14. Site admin. : I thought I posted on this page, either it hasnt posted yet or I put it on the wrong page. Its kind of long can you tell me if I put it on another page, it is 3:30 am so I probably made a mistake I would just hate to rewrite it again, it is my first post. Thanks for your help.

    • yvonne you can go to the right of this page and look for your name and it will tell you were it is and click on it and it will take you there not computer literate but this site I have learned a lot on were to go and what to find just need to point and click love this site

    • the 2nd degree murder it is somewhere above you can see the lawyer did file for it but the pros said hell no

      • Well she is going to get manslaughter ( or even walk!!) now. So juan is going to be pretty peeved he didn’t take that in the first place. Ha ha ha ha ha

      • Well she is going to get manslaughter ( or even walk!!) now. So juan is going to be pretty peeved he didn’t take that in the first place.

      • Nope. She had to have done it with the intent to kill. There is no evidence she did.

        She either “lost it” after an argument, or she killed in self-defense. The first can’t be proven, and the second can’t be disproven.

        Acquittal is the only correct verdict. Anything else and the jury is tainted.

        • Sorry for the confusion tonysam. i was saying 2nd degree was the plea she was offering. I personally am praying for her freedom.

    • Back in 2011, she offered to plead to second degree murder, Shalk. That would carry a penalty of 10-22 years.

      • It must have been heartbreaking for her to even agree to that plea. 10-22 years is a long long time. That basically means she would have given up hope of ever starting her own family. Heartbreaking.

        • Remember that she’s already put in almost 5 years…so if she does get second degree and is sentenced to 10-15 years or so, she could be out by her early 40s.

  15. I think the fact that the jury hasn’t reached a decision yet, is a good sign. If they were all on the same page, thinking alike, they would have swiftly formed a verdict. I say hung jury as well.

    Well done to the team here, and thanks for providing this safe outlet for us all. Jodi’s defense team did a stellar job too i might add. i’m glad to have stumbled across this site a few months back to find all of you here that thought outside the box and listened to your hearts and not the cult (HLN) and its followers.

    Bless you all 🙂

  16. Tonya,
    have the cards shown you anything regarding Jodi’s dad’s health?
    I read cards too,a deck of cards known as Deste,dont know if you’ve heard it-it’s very powerful,considered ‘magic’.

    • No to both question will go look it up on the net afraid to ask about the dad my sister husband is on dialias it is very hard on the body I dont like it when I get the 4 of swords and the death card at the same time it means death although the reader is never suppose to say it to some one but it has happen to me with two people

        • I know what you mean.It’s always hard when I see sth ominous in tha Cards.The thing with Deste is that you may not ask about sth but the Cards will tell you anyways,so even though I didnt actually ask about her dad it came up anyhow.That’s why I asked you if you had seen sth too.

        • Trying these out today. Only physical deck I found in my suppliestoday was a herbal Tarot. Just didnt feel right.

      • Tonya, the Death card is a good card tho, it means rebirth. Also was it reversed or reg? Swords mean strife..I’ve had a deck for over 25 years, but don’t do the cards very often. When I do, I use the Celtic layout..Have faith!

        • Sorry Tonya, re-read your Death card, but The Devil..what layout are you using, and where did the card appear in the spread? Devil card can mean hopelessness, indulgence, journey in life off course..Reversed, indecision and weakness, don’t be timid, free self from past habits

  17. Just saw where Donald Trump thinks Jodi is guilty and tweeted her she should accept a deal. What a dumb f#ck he is! I can’t imagine why he wasn’t elected President? The verdict is in the hands of the jury now genius. Go fire yourself.

    • here we go $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ Donald Trump jack ass don’t you hate people that have $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ and never use it for something good just want to make more I’m glad I just make enough to live or I will go to heaven

    • He’s another one who’s show my husband has banned/boycotted due to his stupidity during the last election. He’s a rich irrelevant epitome of bad hairdos of a creature. He doesn’t even know the facts in this case just looking for attention.

      • “He’s a rich irrelevant epitome of bad hairdos of a creature.”

        OMG Kalista, that cracked me up sooooo bad!

      • Yes Kalista! Plus, the dude is ORANGE! wtf? Whenever I catch a glimpse of him on TV…I’m half expecting for the animal he uses on his head as hair, to take off running! 😯

      • LOL Kalista, really!!!! What on earth is Donald Trump doing making comments on this???!!! And why is HLN airing it???!!

    • Donald Trump is a tard and should stick to real estate. I heard him on my way to work. I always have talked to myself a little bit but it’s getting out of hand lately with the trial and HLN. lol

    • Well, at least they finally found someone to comment that doesn’t need their 15 minutes of fame or the money, lol.

      Maybe The Donald should just swap hairpieces with Kermit and have done with it :mrgreen:

      Team Jodi

      • LOL! Kermit would look just smashing with Donald’s hair!

        The Donald obviously has no idea how trials work if he thinks that Jodi can just accept a deal right now. She has to be OFFERED one first, dumbass!

  18. Guys

    We don’t want a hung jury. Nothing good lies there. That would mean a do-over for the state. I doubt if JM will settle for a plea deal, unless his boss forces him to. And JM can’t screw up again. As AA said, we may not like him, but he is a seasoned prosecutor. You won’t see DeMarte again, and Flores and Horn will have their story down pat, and maybe JM will take a chill pill.

    The prosecution almost always has the upper hand on a re-trial. This is why I wasn’t keen on a mistrial, and will definitely not root for a hung jury.

    I still think we’re going to get a manslaughter verdict. The evidence will not support anything more. If it wasn’t for that neck wound I’d bet on an acquittal. Given that neck wound I’m saying manslaughter. In descending order of probability I think the likely verdicts are:


    It’s sort of like when a cop stops at an accident – someone’s going to get a ticket. You have two folks who got into a tussle – one is dead. Chances are the jury’s going to find someone at fault, and the probability is its going to be the one that came out alive.

    Again, just one man’s opinion.

      • I hope you’re right too!

        I know that a lot of pro-pros supporters thought that the jury would be back in 15 minutes with an M1 verdict yesterday. They were shocked that it didn’t happen. I mean, really?

    • Yes, a hung Jury would suck. I agree that Manslaughter will be the likely verdict. M2 a close second. Like I said above, I think the jury may have extreme opposing opinions and be unable or unwilling to compromise, resulting in a Hung Jury.

    • Agree Al.The little understanding I have of the american justice system tells me hung jury or mistrial dont sound like a good alternative in Jodi’s case.

    • We have to mentally be prepared for any outcome including hung jury. I know we will be devastated but its better than M1—JMO.

    • but what if they find that the second story was true and they found evidence to support that would that not be a good thing Al

    • And one woman’s opinion. I agree with you wholeheartedly, Al.

      And yeah, I hadn’t even thought of that — it will give them time to get that Dr. Jill blonde woman (what was her name) up to scratch so they wouldn’t have to use DeMarte again. Not only that, but I doubt Dr. Samuels or ALV would want to go through it all over again. Dr. Geffner probably would and he’d certainly still be a great witness. But who wants to go through all of this harassment?

    • I don’t want a hung jury.

      I just think it is the most likely scenario.

      The case has been too polarizing, and I do not think there will be a meeting of the minds between the people who want her dead and the people who want her freed. Acquittal folks, like US, might compromise to manslaughter, but the folks who want her dead are not going to back down.


      • Hopefully no one on the jury wants her dead…and they’re not supposed to be deliberating on life vs. death at this point anyway.

    • Was Martinez assigned to prosecute this case or did he select it? If it were to be re-tried, would he have to be prosecutor again, or could that change? I don’t really know how all that works in general, and even if I did, AZ is likely to have their wonky exceptions muddle things up…

      • Actually, I gather they had a different prosecutor first, but then for some reason it was reassigned to dipshit.

    • I agree with you, Al. I read all those posts. I’m praying for manslaughter. It’s the appropriate verdict.

    • Again, how will you prove the neck wound is proof of anything when you have an ME who is corrupt?

      Any verdict other than acquittal is proof the jury has been watching television.

      I would really question their reasoning in absence of any proof of anything other than self-defense.

      • A medical examiner who is corrupt AND a lead detective who is corrupt. And who is part of that little trio? Juan Martinez. I agree, tonysam. If I were on the jury, I’d be pointing that out constantly.

    • Agree AL, hung jury would not be good…I guess I’m just praying for anything other than a M1/DP conviction!!

  19. Jodi Arias is innocent and Victory is near. Can’t HLN/ Nancy Disgrace get in trouble for posting pictures from this website without authorization: Jodi’s artwork, because that’s exactly what they did mon. night. Also cant they get in trouble for defamation of character when they say that Jodi slashed his tires, stole his ring, stole the gun from the grandparents,they are saying she stole and vandalized. That just seems illegal to me and way more serious than all the other bs they perpetuate about her solely for the purpose of making money to sell scandal.Drew pin dick is also in this category, the bullies all stick together propagating lies for $. It’s really scary that so many idiots believe what they say without ever questioning their motive or watching any of the trial for themselves. I wish this website could have equal airtime and be on HLN right in between Disgrace and PIn Dicksky. Another scary issue is all the victims that have come out because they can relate to being abused like Jodi.So many women are victims from abusive assholes like Travis.I’m one of them. I’m glad that they have a voice and get support here(the people here are really amazing and supportive, its such a healthy and positive vibe), the complete opposite from HLN- I know I try not to watch but occasionally I’ll catch a glimpse when surfing and then I cant help but get really crazy mad like tonight when they said “Jodi was giving the prosecution a sign for slitting their throat” when all she did was rest her hand under her chin and slightly scratch, the shit they say is just maddening and ludicrous.Half the time its so stupid you just have to laugh- but then you remember that Jodi is fighting for her life and just because they can make more money with lies, they dont care if they kill her by media murder. It could just as easily be you on the stand , millions of people watch this crap and believe it, we have to try and stop the media lies and bullying.

    • Hi Yvonne, I found your earlier post in the TV/Transcripts page and re-posted it here for you.

      Team Jodi

    • I saw that too where Jodi had her hand under her chin and they said she made a sign of slitting her throat. I agree that it’s laughable if it wasn’t so serious. Can’t these people see how utterly simple they are? I am just shaking my head at the rediculousness of it, but a human life is at stake here.

      • Bev, they are so evil that I can’t even watch them anymore…I get physically ill if I do…Life is short..I won’t let them wipe me out with all of their hate and negative energy and lies!!!!!!

    • Hey Yvonne, welcome. Love your post, love your views. I’m so sorry you were also a victim, but you’re in good company here.

      Unfortunately, I don’t think HLN can get in trouble for what they’re doing. Freedom on the press, and all that. Plus, a few years ago, Fox News was sued for presenting false information and they got out from under it claiming they’re an entertainment company. Ugh! Don’t you love how they can call themselves “news” and really be entertainment for sickos?

      • It’s not freedom of the press to create a lynch mob mentality. They have been sued because of reckless remarks.

        • True TS! Putting the lives at stake of innocent people should not be listed under “freedom of speech” since they reach such a vast majority of people!!

  20. Well, I’m still not asleep and have been up all night. I got very very pissed at my ongoing work saga yesterday evening after thinking further about an email I received from my boss. She actually said that a co-worker laughing about my seizure disorder disability, calling it “ridiculous”, calling me a liar, and calling my attempt at progressive relaxation to prevent a seizure a “crazy type of breathing” does not constitute harassment under the firm’s policy. I spent most of yesterday evening and all night writing, editing and re-editing a response (which I sent to HR as well) detailing the law. I also included reference to the other times my boss has harassed me about my zodiac sign (even though I said I found that offensive), told me that saying “How was your weekend” to another employee is inappropriate, her repeated comments about my height (or lack thereof), and her comments about my abusive ex-husband. To write it, I put on my “I went to law school” hat, but as usual, it’s pretty long and detailed. I finally sent it a little while ago, after making final revisions. I have no idea how it will be received by HR. They work for the firm, after all. I also have no idea how I will be retaliated against for it, but I don’t expect it to be pretty. I just don’t really care anymore. I have had enough of being bullied and harassed by my boss. It has affected my health and that’s not funny anymore.

    I’ve worked my butt off, worked all sorts of insane hours, canceled doctor’s appointments at the last minute because someone else called in and she was short-handed, canceled dinners and stayed late because she forgot to schedule someone to work late, given up any semblance of a life because I never know what my schedule will be and can’t make any plans and she won’t give it to me until late on a Friday, and then it changes anyway, never been able to take a day off until the last minute in case someone else asks for the day off, and put up with her harassment and now, a co-worker’s harassment in front of her. If it comes down to me losing my job because I stood up for myself finally, well, so be it.

    I didn’t get away from my abusive bastard of an ex-husband after 13 years of sheer hell only to stick my head in the sand and allow myself to be abused and bullied in the workplace and make my life a living hell all over again. There just HAS to be more than this to life, doesn’t there? Somehow, I’ll survive. I don’t know exactly how yet, but I will. I’ll get another job. I’ll find one. Someone will hire me. I deserve some sort of break. Life just can’t be shitty ALL the time, can it?

    If you guys have any good joujou left to send out, or any little prayers you can include me in, I’d totally appreciate it.

    • Sending a prayer and a smile your way. I have faith in you. You WILL get through this, I’ve no doubt!

    • I will certainly pray for and send you white light AA!You deserve to b treated with respect.The workplace should not be like a schoolyard full of bullies.My best friend works in a bank,he was more than happy when he found that job when all Greece is sunk into Depression and unemployment.A few weeks after he took it,problems began.He sacrificed everything,working from early morning till late evning non-stop only to be bullied,ridiculed and exploited by his boss and colleagues.And mind you,among 15 co-workers he’s the most qualified and bright.This however didnt stop them form making his life a living hell and affecting his mental and physical health even,
      It was only he found the strength and courage to stand his ground and sue some people that he could breathe again.

    • Me too how can ya sleep when a life is one the line my eyes hurt my butt hurts and my back but can stop it is like a drug need coffee and a sig

    • can you go over your boss head I did that with one of my jobs and he was fired for it …. they should not be doing that to you and you should get a lawyer but don’t spend your money on PPL company

      • I’m not sure where to go, Tonya. It’s a law firm, so I guess, over her head is the management committee? Or is it HR? If so, I copied the HR Director. Thing is, they’re all in NY, they don’t know me from a hole in the wall. My boss is the office administrator in DC, where I work. It’s a sticky situation.

        • my best suggestion is the next time hold up your hand and say talk to it let it go in and then out if you have worked there for some time they will not fire you that would mean they will have to pay unemployment you have medical issue ignore them word cant hurt you. Tell God to help you give this probable to him and be at peace. start looking for new job start over you will find what you want just look and put your info out to others and see what happens keep you job till it does. then when it happens you can say kiss my ass

        • OMG I cannot believe that this is happening in a law firm. Aren’t these the people who should know better? I am sorry to hear about your situation. My 16 yr old was diagnosed with a brain tumor after staring to have seizures. The hardest part for him was feeling like a freak. He had the most amazing supportive friends through it all. I was humbled and touched by how these “hard ass” sixteen year old boys came around my son and took care of him physically and emotionally. He couldn’t drive and there was always someone there to take him anywhere he wanted to go. He is great now (after surgery) and is seizure free (to the best of my knowledge…he would lie about a seizure in a heartbeat to keep driving) I am just dumbfounded that these children with no life experience were better humans than those with higher educations that you were so misfortunate to have in your life. Ever need to talk get my email from “the guys” and I am here. Prayers to you!

      • I’m so sorry that this is continuing. If I could share with you one thing it would be “faith” from having been exactly there myself that it can be better. Part of it for me was acceptance of the illness, and not trying to overcome it, but to live with it and the limitations that it brings. You don’t have to meet her expectations to be good at your job. Very likely that cow despises you because she feels inferior. You will not let her win.

    • AA – I am sending prayers and happy thoughts your way. I hope that your letter to HR is well received and your are not retaliated against.

    • AA,

      I really feel for you. I went thru a very similar situation a few years ago, which went on for 12 yrs. I felt so alone and even though 2 of my co-workers saw what I was going thru, they were afraid to speak up due to fear of retaliation.

      I finally had a sort of mini break down at work. It was like suddenly nothing made sense to me. I would look at my computer screen and it might as well have been blank. I just mentally shut down. I went to my boss and said I wasn’t feeling well and then went straight to my dr. and was immediately hospitalized. My Dr. took me off on stress leave for 6 mo.

      When it was time to return to work, I realized I couldn’t go back so I ended up retiring 3 years short of my retirement age. Because of being diagnosed with clinical depression and PTSD I was able to get SS disability. It has really been a struggle mentally and financially.

      I hope you get some relief soon. Every time I read your posts I really feel your pain. I wish I could offer some sage advice but I know from first hand experience, what a difficult situation you are in. Do you think a Dr. or, if you have a therapist, could take you out from work on stress leave? It sure gave me some space to get some prospective and clear my head enough to decide what to do.

      Anyway, I just wanted to let you know how much I understand and you will be in my prayers.


      dont make it an employment issue when reporting harassment

      have you told them to stop?

      have they continued?

      if YES to both, the its harrasment

    • Now THATS the AA I LOVE!! Who gives a RATS ASS if you lose a job that is only making your life hell? I can only imagine how devastating it has been for you lately, but can you imagine the devastation of enduring the abuse only to be given the boot? NO! You go out on YOUR terms! Even if you are forced out after this the one thing that you WILL have is your PRIDE and that, my friend, is PRICELESS!!
      I can’t tell you how proud I am of you for standing up for yourself. Now I would LOVE to see you change your name to “ABUSED NO MORE”.
      – With all the love I can muster-

    • AA,

      Of course you’ve had my concern and my prayers, even before you asked. I don’t think it would be the worst thing in the world if you lost that job. It might be very good for you. Anyway, I would look for another job. To hell with them.

    • Screw your co-workers AA!!! You don’t need to listen to them..I’ve worked in offices before…gossip, backstabbing etc…You hang in there, and don’t care what they are saying, you take care of yourself, they need to grow up!!!!!

    • AA
      just read your post. You are in my prayers, would it be okay for you if I’d send you some distance healing to strengthen you?
      hugs vebe

  21. SJ , thank you so much I was going crazy looking thru every page, I never would of found it there.

  22. Anyone have a clue what Vladimir Gagic meant by this tweet?

    Vladimir Gagic ‏@vlga 4 May
    “@Jodiannarias: 9 days out of 10… that sounds about right.”

    Lawyer/client not liking each other never been winning appeal #jodiarias

      • I personally took that to be in reference to Nurmi and Jodi just not seeing eye-to-eye about aspects of how to conduct her defense. Like the fact that she wanted to keep as much underwraps as possible to protect the feelings and reputations of others when her own life is on the line (?!*@?!!). Even when Nurmi, ever so über gently, pressed Deanna on points about her sexual relationship with TA, you could see Jodi was visible uncomfortable with that line of questioning and her jaw even dropped at one point. And then the ”press” lights up about how inappropriate he was in concuding that. People. Really..?

      • you do know that was humor to play on the hearts of the jury

        sometimes words like are synonymous of affection

        we say things like that at weddings to the bridesmaid , it grabs the heart, it actually means the opposite

        and thats what Numri was pressing for

        when jodi said her sister was dumb, that was the same type of thing, we say things like that about the ones we love or like sometimes,

        its known as ” terms if endearment “

          • It sounds like he left out a word…”lawyer/client not liking each other (has never) been about winning (an) appeal.” Sounds like a response to the haters who theorized that Nurmi said he didn’t like Jodi on purpose so that she could file an appeal for ineffective counsel.

    • No offense to you AT ALL, AA, But just a quick FUCK YOU to Gagic. I can’t stand that pansy ass knob slob!! He showed his true colors when he pussied out scared shitless over our infamous “body bag pic”.
      He got more traffic form our site thanks to SJ than he would have ever gotten on his own. THEN he shit on us to “save face” with the haters. If he was loyal like he should have been (if for no other reason than the fact the SJ MENTIONED his name) he could have privately addressed the situation. No, he was all over twitter denying his ties with us. Then he had the NERVE to throw them a bone by posting the sheriff’s email so they could stop Jodi’s tweeting. Fine if he didn’t necessarily “support Jodi”, but to actively work AGAINST her and US, was UNFORGIVEABLE, and he can suck a limp one for it!

      • “But just a quick FUCK YOU to Gagic. I can’t stand that pansy ass knob slob!! He showed his true colors when he pussied out scared shitless over our infamous “body bag pic”.”

        Love it Kmiller!!!

        Gagic is a pu$$y. I removed him from my twitter and FB because of that.

        • Lol! Thanks guys! The love here is astounding! I know I must sound violent, but I am truly a lover, just very passionate about our site and Jodi’s freedom! 🙂
          If there is one thing I can’t stand it’s a backstabber!!

      • LOL!! I love love LOVE when you unleash your unhealthy communication patterns!!


        And yes, to everything you said! Fuck YES!

    • I think he meant that nearly every lawyer and client have that dynamic. From his other tweets, he taunts the pros and HLN, so…

  23. First, I want to thank you SJ for giving me a home to come to. When I first took notice of this trial, on HLN of course, I was just sitting there yelling at NG. I live alone so I have no one here to talk to about it except my dog Draco. I am not overly assertive and I do tend to go along at times, but I have two daughters a few years younger than Jodi, so I guess this struck a nerve with me. This time in particular I just knew I couldn’t go along.

    Thats when I started looking on the internet, hoping to find more info without the bias attached. I very quickly found this site and knew that I was home. Most of the people I come in contact with here aren’t even aware of this trial, but one co-worker I work with agrees with me that it’s all bull we’re getting from HLN.

    I brought this up to another co-worker the other night and was able to completely turn her around, thanks to the FACTS I have learned at this site. She was quoting nothing but lies she was getting directly off HLN. I was so thankful that I was able to convince her with my knowledge, thanks to all of you.

    My hope is that Jodi is found innocent, however, I feel we are more than likely looking at either a hung jury or manslaughter.

    I also hold out hope that even if some of the jurors have been accessing the media, that they also are using their brains like we are and realizing that they are being fed a line of shit. After all, we found our way here because we knew something wasn’t right. I also have hope that some of them feel the way we do about the death penalty and will hold out rather than send her to death row.

    Well I worked a night shift so I have to catch my beauty sleep. Thanks again to you all for giving me a safe, sane, intelligent place to give and recieve support. You ALL rock!

  24. I’m watching Day 7 of the trial where they played Jodi’s interrogation with Flora and Fauna where she’s giving the intruders story.Not saying that I believe it but I’m still indignant by how unwilling Florecito is to even care to listen to her,he says ”From what you’re telling me and from what I know about Travis and all his dealings,there’s no reason anybody would go after him” I beg to differ,Fauna!!! Nobody really knew Travis and if you had taken the time to dig a bit further you would have seen there’s a lot of shit smelling bad!!But how can we ask you to when you cannot see beyond your own nose,as we greeks say!!!

        • Flora, Fauna and Merryweather:the 3 good fairies of Disney’s Sleeping Beauty.
          But hey!! Florez sure is NO fairy,just an evil witch along with Kermit the frog Martinez.

          • Yeah I know in the original but there was a spin to the Cinderella story a few years ago that had Anne Hathaway in it called Ella Enchanted…I thought that was the sisters names…but not sure.

    • ”From what you’re telling me and from what I know about Travis and all his dealings,there’s no reason anybody would go after him”

      Droopy Dog is the WORST detective I have ever seen…and I know a couple and I also know a couple of private investigators.

      The two I have shared my thoughts with regarding Droopy Dog’s investigation also agree with me.

    • I think that’s really very possible Maria. He and his family were estranged, his roommates weren’t besties with him, and he was in way over his head financially. Loan sharks, anyone?

  25. Well all I have to get lil lady ready for school. She again is refusing to go because she wants to be here with me to hear the verdict. I cant believe the love she has for Jodi and she never met her. My daughter has told me that Jodi has a good spirit and that is why she loves her. I don’t argue with that.

  26. SJ once again, thank you very much for having a site where we can show our support for Jodi and for anyone who has suffered from domestic violence. As for the verdict, while I’m praying for an acquittal – I believe the jury will come back with Manslaughter. If they do, let’s hope the judge does the right thing with sentencing.

    • No Juan here cares for Martinez’s and HLN’s lies. We willmot let them win and show the world how graceless they truely are. They’re politan our air and the world with their lies. All of these people should be removed from tv and forced to scrub flores in the mimi hall. Beth Karas about people more than nancy disgrace does, thats certain. Chris hughes couldnt see the truth for the open sky and too much sherry and nurmi mind about jane valez mitchell, she cant see it either. Well im tired so im gonna janeen back in my chair, have a Casarez salad, and some sherry (ewww). See ya all tomorrow mormon. Laviolette u all very much! 🙂

    • I dont know if this is true,but the person who started this petition(Jay Bass)is the admin in the ”Jodi arias’s acquittal page,friends and family” and says Jodi herself asked him to start it.

      • I’m not sure whether it’s true or not, but I know Jay Bass is an asshole. Why? Because a few months back, he started the rumors that the I was (somehow) pocketing the donations coming in for Jodi.

        Team Jodi

        • Sorry to hear that SJ,I had no idea. I didnt mean to offend you 🙁 I just saw the petition and thought to post the link here.

        • Wish I knew that before. I joined the site a week or so ago. I’ll be removing it now. I also would not fill out the petition because of the info they wanted.

        • A definite asshole, SJ.. it takes one vile person to start a malicious rumour and suddenly all the haters believe it, an asshole indeed.

      • so would that mean the facebook page is a false front too?

        I only go to the FB page that SJ has on the links page here.


        • Hi BeeCee, No. I don’t think that FB page is a false front in that sense. I was just commenting on my experience with the Admin there, that’s all.

          Team Jodi

    • I have hesitated until today to post what I am thinking regarding all the petitions.

      Everyone needs to be careful because the person who has the petition will then have your real name and address. It would not surprise me at all if a hater were to create a petition in order to get our information.

      The ONLY petition I have signed is the one put out by our very own Sandra AKA Maggie, AKA Inconvenient Truth. Which I do not have access to the link at the moment.

      I personally will not be signing any more petitions because they really don’t do much anyway.

      • I also signed Maggie’s petition. Because I had one ipad ruined, have had viruses sent to me, and have seen people from this page threatened I hesitate to give my personal information out.

        • I have not had any virus problems, but I hardly ever click on anything that gets sent to me. I knew “Maggie’s” petition was safe because I know her offsite.

          Fake Facebook emails are a really bad one, I also don’t click on anything sent to my email allegedly from facebook.

        • Jaz, I am waiting until trial is over before I sign any petition, but have bookmarked them. I am worried about giving my info out as well, so want to make sure they are legit before I do!

      • Good Morning!! 🙂

        I live up in the middle of nowhere in Canada. And I mean nowhere…little itty bitty town with a population of a whopping 900 maybe!! If anyone who got my information from petitions I signed wants to venture up here over my supporting Jodi, bring it on.

        Hope they don’t mind the occasional bear and the giant size mosquitos we have up here! lol

        These keyboard warriors need to find a hobby, they are so brace when sitting behind a monitor aren’t they?

      • BeeCee –
        I totally agree and the only petition I signed was from Inconvenient Truth. Can’t be too careful at this point with the haters really revving up even more.

  27. Good Monring Everyone ! 🙂

    As the deliberation continue on today, let’s keep the focus on Jodi, her family and the defense team. We don’t need to mention the mob HLN, as JODI needs poistive energy to get through another day ….. praying for her life to be spared.

    A court room reporter out of AZ posted last night that the deliberations don’t start until 10 am today, and end at 4:30 today if there isn’t a verdict. For all of those who want to know where to get the lastest information you can go to azcentral or abc15 which are both out of AZ.

    I pray when Jodi walks FREE that she steers clear of Donovan who I believe is drumming up all the drama on the net about the ” twitter” account ” blog” and anything else that is being spread. This chick is vicious and on a one way mission to destory another person for her own benefit. Until you hear it from her attorney’s or family don’t believe it…………..

    Peace be with you today Jodi, the end is nearing for your FREEDOM.

    I am going with manslaugter, M2 or hung jury. I don’t see aquittal as she confused to the killing.

    • I really wish that Donovan would stop tweeting, as well. She is providing fuel for the haters.

      If I were Jodi’s attorneys, I would tell that woman to stop her actions. And, if Jodi is giving her the fuel for the fire, I think I would do everything in my power to not let her talk to that woman.

    • Morning FUJ! I don’t have a cell phone ( I know, my hubby and I get a lot of flack for that, old hippies an all) so they only way I know of to get an alert of a verdict in, is to have HLN on mute and look for banner on bottom, or check on here! I never really cared about having a cell phone (don’t need the x-tra bill), but this is really hard on verdict watch not to have one!!!

  28. I think the jury is going to come back with a verdict today.

    If it isn’t right away after they start this morning, then it will be about 2 p.m.

    Frankly, I think they have known what they were going to do yesterday. But, I am certain these people are living in fear from haters.

    Further, I think they wanted to give the appearance of deliberating for “long enough” so they aren’t questioned in their decision.

    Frankly, I can’t believe they all sat in court for 4 months, listened to all the evidence, had their questions answered, etc., and didn’t know what they were thinking.

    IMHO, there are only two scenarios for a verdict that apply here: Manslaughter or acquittal.

    Honestly, I don’t think they are going to acquit her. I think she is going to get Manslaughter.

    And, when it comes to sentencing, I think the judge is going to sentence her to 15 years. She may give her the max due to pressure from the outside world.

    These are just my opinions – feel free to comment on what you think.

    • It is possible that you are correct Nicole.

      It’s just really hard to predict what is going on in their minds and if they have already come to a verdict agreement.

      I mean look at all of us here who can see that they have no premed case, and yet there are also people who do think the information the persecution has is true evidence.

      • But BeeCee, the biggest difference between us and the jury is we have been discussing the case all along. The jury members have not been able to do that, nor if they are following instructions, they haven’t been able to look anything up. So it might seem to us, it’s taking them a long time, we have to remember they haven’t had the advantages that we have had. I’m glad they haven’t come back yet, it shows consideration for both sides.

        • exactly. That’s why I said “possible”.

          It doesn’t worry me if it takes them longer, it doesn’t worry me if it doesn’t.

          It just is.


    • Hard to predict what a jury might do. Especially a non sequestered one. I just hope that none of them have been expossed to main stream medias opinions of this case.

    • How would they know where to find the jurors? The haters, I mean?

      Also, what about the Casey Anthony case, she was aquitted, I think she had many haters too. I never followed the case, its just what I have read.
      This is the first and the last case I am going to follow, its far too stressful.

    • idk, Nicole, I think the jury asked a lot of questions during this trial and some were mixed..I would hope that they are going over the evidence, and especially the GLARING change in testimony of Flores and Horn…I think they are divided..just a thought. Thank God a verdict wasn’t reached yesterday as I’m sure all of HLN was expecting!!

  29. Deliberations day 3… They say the longer, the better, so I say let them deliberate for 3 months! I’m personally very amused just listening to how many octaves Nancy Grace’s voice goes up every additional day of deliberations with no verdict… LOL! Praying, praying, praying….

    • Nice to “see” you Ashley!

      I don’t mind a longer deliberation either…

      A quick one means, who knows, could be either way, but I can’t imagine them all seeing it the same way. Look at how we feel watching the same trial the haters have watched. There are probably at least one or two 2-brain-celled people on the jury.

      I mean, one of them was stupid enough to not realize Jodi was hypothesizing regarding the gas cans…AFTER kermit asked her to. Hopefully that one was the first juror that got dismissed.

    • Definetly Ash!!!!! The longer this goes (even tho it’s hard for us) the more NG is freaking out!!! Feel sorry for the Twins if Jodi is aquitted!!! Hope Mommie doesn’t have any wooden spoons handy! ;p

  30. Hey Y’all! I have been lurking here for the last 3 months. I got so sick of the hater sites and their nasty comments and attitudes. I actually found this site when one of the aholes commented and said this site existed. It’s really nice read comments that have been thought out and that are intelligent 🙂

  31. Amazing how people are changing their tune…….. this is str8 from ABC15 out of AZ

    PHOENIX – If Jodi Arias is acquitted of murdering Travis Alexander, she can expect a seven-figure offer for either a book and/or movie deal, according to attorney David Cook.

    Cook, on behalf of the victims’ families, successfully sued O.J. Simpson for millions of dollars following the football star’s not guilty verdict of two murder charges.

    “[Arias] can even expect a deal for, are you ready for this, a clothing line,” said Cook via telephone from his California office. “There are people who are lined up with packages at this moment.”

    Although he is not involved in the Arias case in anyway, Cook told ABC15 he would not be surprised if the family of Travis Alexander, the victim, has not already prepared a civil lawsuit against Arias.

    Cook believes a civil lawsuit, if victorious, could prevent Arias from profiting from the crimes if she’s found not guilty during the criminal trial.

    “Justice is money and money is justice,” said Cook.

    Cook said he does not expect the jurors to come to a unanimous decision and thus, he is predicting a hung jury.

    Read more:

    • Wow. I agree about the hung jury (or Manslaughter) and with all the Taliban members, Jodi would need all the money she could get just to hide and protect herself from those nutjobs.

      • She would never be allowed to make money ever again because the parasitical Alexander family will likely sue her in civil court.

        This is by no means over with.

        • Yep. Not that I think Jodi would be interested in a clothing line or any of that crap anyway. The haters all predicted that Casey would be all over the media when she was acquitted, trying to make money – didn’t happen.

    • Just remember Cook probably knows NOTHING about the case.
      Nor do any of the other “celebrities” they wheel out.
      Well if he does know anything, maybe it’s because he read my wiki 🙂

    • Hate to say it but the porn companies will go after her too. No I dont expect Jodi to do it nor do I want her too.

  32. Good morning all! I was feeling such despair last night but much better today. We all help each other so much don’t we? AA, your words to SJ sum up the gratitude we all feel to him. Thanks SJ! Every morning when I go to this site your mantra cheers me up and and gives me confidence in what WILL happen:

    We are Team Jodi. We will be victorious.
    Never question it.
    Never doubt it.


  33. This post is going to make tonysam very happy.

    I got to thinking about this case on a level removed from the nitty gritty of the evidence, but on a more philosophical/civic level.

    The State, and by extension the prosecutor is supposed to be the people’s representative to see that justice is done in situations where a there is an allegation of unlawful conduct by a member of the people. Their job is not to win convictions or any other court victories. Similarly it is the police’s responsibility to enforce the law, and where necessary, to provide assistance to the prosecutor in their task of achieving justice.

    A prosecutor should take the evidence, as it exists, present it in an honest manner, and charge a person based on the evidence and the facts as presentable in a court of law. A prosecutor should not tailor the testimony of the state’s witnesses in order to achieve what he perceives as being a victory. In fact a prosecutor should not stand for any misrepresentation by either his, or for that matter, the defenses witnesses. The prosecutor should also not shop around for witnesses who will be willing to testify in a manner that suits the prosecutor’s version of the case. In fact, if after a reasonable amount of due diligence the prosecutor finds that the preponderance of expert opinion does not support his theory of the case, then the prosecutor should not further his theory.

    Now, given any responsibility, there needs to be a mechanism that assures that the person tasked with that responsibility does in fact fulfill it, in the manner intended. The courts are not always the answer, because not all misconduct is criminal, and in fact certain jobs and tasks enjoy a degree of immunity. There needs to be a method to control a prosecutor who distorts, or causes, or accepts the distortion of witness testimony. Of course at the first step we have his immediate supervisor, who is supposed to protect against this happening, but there is an obvious conflict of interest there. You have the courts, who are supposed to guard against this, but the courts themselves are bound by constraints of what they can or cannot do.

    The greatest check on this sort of prosecutorial misconduct is the jury, which when faced with such a situation can and should reject the prosecutions case.

    In this particular case, the State v. Jodi Arias we have substantial evidence of a prosecutor flying outside the bounds of justice. Putting aside, for the moment, his behavior in court, we have at the very least the following acts that show him clearly perverting justice:

    1. The whole Flores/Horn issue with respect to the sequence of the gun shot. Someone is lying. We know it, they know it, JM knows it, the judge knows it and the jury knows it. JM should have never elicited that testimony. But he did it 4 times.

    2. Horn’s testimony about the typographical error vis a vis the dura mater was a lie. JM may have not prompted him to say it. Once Horn said it, he lied under oath. Again, everyone knows it. However, it is incumbent on the prosecutor as the representative of the people in the cause of justice to call him out on it. Other DA’s have done so with their own witnesses. Gil Garcetti charged, and convicted, Mark Fuhrman of perjury before the OJ trial was over. And he had a sequestered jury, so he wasn’t even posing for the jury.

    3. The only possible reason that JM had for using DeMarte was that he needed a particular opinion from a psychologist. Given the nature of the tests conducted, the chances were that he was going to get the same opinion as Samuels from any psychologist. The tests conducted by DeMarte were probably done as a part of her job at Bayless, where she was probably just the person administering the test. He probably couldn’t get the opinion he wanted from any of the other staff, and so went with her. And she probably did it to get into the lucrative field (by comparison to her other work) of being an expert witness. Again, we know this, the jury knows this and in my opinion, JM is liable for gross misconduct in eliciting testimony, which though just an opinion, is grossly outside the bounds of “expert” testimony.

    JM’s conduct is a blatant miscarriage of his job as the “justice” advocate for the state. Given that situation, the jury should just reject his pleadings in their entirety. It is the only recourse the public has in a situation where a prosecutor starts playing fast and loose with his responsibility.

    • Al, I am in awe. Your post conveys what I’ve been thinking but unable to express with such clarity. Yes, the prosecutor represents the People and as such should be on a mission to seek the truth, the whole truth. If this truth supports the innocence of the defendant he should welcome it. Witnesses take an oath to tell the whole truth. Shutting them up with yes or n – this is not justice! Al, I always look forward to your thoughtful, well written posts. Thank you.

    • That post makes me happy right along withTonysam!!! You hit the nail right on the head. The only fair option for the Jury is an outright acquital.

    • It really needs to be what amounts to jury nullification despite there not being much in the way of evidence (unlike O.J. Simpson’s which WAS jury nullification despite a mountain of evidence as to his guilt).

      Now people here are looking at what the jury is likely to do, and yes, manslaughter seems to be the most likely verdict because it gives the jury an “out” by having Jodi be punished for “something.” But that isn’t what the jury should be doing.

      A verdict should be strictly on evidence and burden of proof. When you have a prosecution willing to cut corners and do anything to get a guilty verdict despite the evidence, you as a juror have no choice but to acquit.

      I think there has to be a lot of fear among the jury members if they let Jodi “off” of anything other than M1.

      • The jury needs to send a message to Maricopa County officials that tampering with witnesses is NOT acceptable.

    • It would take an act of moral courage to acquit; I am not sure this jury has the guts to do the right thing.

  34. Here is why I don’t think they will come back with M1.

    If the state had proven beyond a reasonable doubt for that charge, the jury would be back already. The evidence was NOT overwhelming. There were too many holes in the case.

    So, that leaves deliberations about M2 or manslaughter.

    I TRULY think they are going to come back today. Why else would the jury suddenly change their start time to 10 a.m. on the 3rd day of deliberations?

    Some have speculated that it’s because they are going to “get themselves shined up” to give interviews afterwards.

    Frankly, if the jury comes back with anything outside of M1, I wouldn’t give ANY interviews for fear of the Travis Taliban!!

    • The jury may have changed their start time just to avoid rush hour. I don’t know how it is in the Phoenix area, but around here (DC suburbs) we schedule anything that we can to start after 9 and end before 4. Else you have to put up with rush hour traffic, which is a bitch.

      • That is possible, Al. However, the rush hour tapers off quite a bit here after 8 am.

        But, interestingly, they set their own schedule to go from 9 to 4:30 (or whatever it was).

        So, why the sudden change now?

        • Maybe a juror had to go to the doctor’s, or parent teacher conference, or get his oil changed, or pick up his dry cleaning, or wanted to sleep in, or who knows what.

          I just wouldn’t read too much into it.

        • someone said on the other page post that the judge said last Friday that the jurors would report at 10 am on Tuesday because of an appointment…

          It seems like I remember her saying that…but not sure…she said so much…

          • Not last Friday – that day a couple of weeks ago when the judge was discussing the calendar going forward with the jurors, wanting to be informed of conflicts, etc. The post I saw said it was THEN that the delayed start on May 7 was mentioned.

      • Apparently one of the jurors had an appointment, that’s why the start time is an hour later. But who knows…

        • That’s what I read too. Although the haters are convinced that they’re starting late so that they can sweep in with a grand M1 announcement.

  35. Morning, family! 🙂

    I think maybe this jury came to an agreement towards the end of the day,and agreed to sleep on it before the final vote. We will know by what they are wearing when they show up today. The fact that they returned early from lunch and got right back to work, and yet they are coming in late today, at 10 makes me think this way.

    I will light my Saint Jude candle, and pray for the best.

    • I agree Renee. I think today is the day.

      Plus, if I were on that jury, I would want this case to end SO badly.

    • Renee..goofing morning mam..just my opinion..I
      Think they have a lot of evidence and testimony
      To go over…do you think that it would be good for them
      To return a verdict today..just seeing what your thoughts

      • I would prefer that they take their time and go over everything. But they have had 5 months and haven’t been able to talk about it. For all we know, they entered that deliberation room and were all on the same page.

        But I suspect not. I would image it would look more like real life, ie the Huffington poll, 65% M1, 25 lesser, 12 innocent. If that is the case, then I pray that who ever is holding out, continues to hold out.

        That being said, if they are following the admonition, it should look more like 12% M1, 25% lessor, and 65% manslaughter/or not guilty.

  36. I just though of another couple of reasons why Kirk didn’t ask for not guilty on manslaughter.

    Firstly he may not have had time.

    Secondly the jury are competent to make the judgement – there is no proof, beyond reasonable doubt, that Jodi did anything except defend herself. The cut throat may suggest otherwise, but not beyond reasonable doubt.

    But finally, it means Martinez had no opportunity to rebut whatever Kirk may have argued.

    Let’s put our trust in the jury. They have shown themselves to be smart, intelligent, capable.

  37. Somewhere I read that the statue of limitations has run out for a civil suit by the Alexanders against Jodi, would our legal eagles like to comment on this. This has left me wondering if they really can do this now. And I also read you don’t have to wait for the criminal trial, before starting one.

    • A. Notwithstanding sections 12-505 and 12-542, if a defendant is charged by a criminal complaint or indictment the statute of limitations for any civil cause of action that is brought by a victim against the defendant for criminal conduct against the victim is extended for one year from the final disposition of the criminal proceedings, regardless of whether the defendant is convicted of criminal conduct against the victim.

      • Personal Injury, Medical Malpractice, Wrongful Death:

        The limitations period for injury to person, injury when death ensues, or medical malpractice, for claims against the tortfeasor, is that the lawsuit “shall be commenced and prosecuted within two years after the cause of action accrues.” Generally, for injury to person, the cause of action “accrues” on the date of accident, when one is injured. The statute states that an injury when death ensues “accrues” on the date of death. ARS 12-542.

  38. Good morning folks! Again thank you SJ for allowing
    Me to post and for information. I’m glad to be here.

    However, I’m having to use my phone instead of laptop
    Cause my Internet is down.

    My day started off awkward I thought my vision was
    Getting worse. Come to find out my 13 year old had my glasses
    On and I had his on! I guess he had laid his glasses by mine last
    Night on the bathroom sink. What a mix up. Took us both a hour
    To figure everything out.

    Once again glad to see people here not only supporting
    Jodi but supporting justice as well.

  39. I do think we may be reading too much into the timings. Honestly, they went through over 6 hours of deliberations. The reason why they came back early from lunch may be because the jurors never needed 1 hour 30 minutes for lunch, but the court just always took that much time. Now that they can set their own schedule, they can change that. The jurors may be exhausted and just want to start a little later than usual. Perhaps someone has something to do early in the morning, and they want to make sure they get to court on time! 🙂 They could be done, but I do think we are reading too much into the timings 😛

    I will say it is only natural we are reading into things especially at this stage in the trial! But “Que sara, sara”

    • NK, a few of us have posted above, that the delay in deliberation start time could be something as simple as someone had an appointment.. I agree we can’t read too much into that!

  40. The state wants you to believe in zombies, by stating that jodi killed him 3 times ?
    now i`m no doctor , but i thought you can only kill a person ONCE?

    maybe the CDC with all their zombie Apocalypse story’s of zombie killing virus is upon as after all


    Roll on the next episode of THE WALKING DEAD 🙂

    • I meant would their political bent affect their thought process? Just trying to think of some reason why so many people in AZ hate Jodi, and, of course, in other States.

            • I don’t know about political affiliations in general, since it seems like we have both conservatives and liberals who post here. But in terms of those who are staunchly behind the death penalty, they are likely far-right in their views.

              • I can say for certain that if Barry Goldwater was alive he would be absolutely FURIOUS for the way this trial has been conducted! He was a strict contructionist who did not believe in any nonsense.

        • Yes, I don’t know what political motivation there w/b…but defiantly social…a saturation of hate from HLN and distortion of facts to whip people up in a frenzy…

      • People in AZ dislike Jodi because of what this trial has cost the tax payers. Most the people sparing off at the mouth are those that have not even watched the trial they are just media follwers who think they know everything when in fact they are uneducated couch potatoes.

        Surfing through some tweets last night with my 20 year old daughter I was applauded and outraged at the girls her age want to see Jodi get the DP….. this is there mindset, lack of respect, knowledge, education, DV, and tells me that something like this might of happened in their family is the reason for all the hate.

        As on a political agrenda, politics and religion always come into play in cases like this…….. someoe got to point the finger at someone else.

        Pray for FREEDOM today for JODI

        • Yes, FUJ, I agree with you, it does come into play–gets passed down from the generations.. Something about all the cost.. hmm.. don’t like to bring politics into this, but, hmmmm

          • ABSOLUTELY NOT! Nor should he have the right being that this is a state case and not a federal case! Jodi can appeal all the way to the US Supreme Court though if its M1.

            • No, not Obama…I think he can only pardon federal offenders. Like Tony said, Jodi’s appeals would reach the U.S. Supreme Court at the highest level.

              • I strongly support seperation of powers and I don’t believe the Executive branch of government should have any more powers than it has already. I STILL cannot believe what FDR did to Japanese Americans during WW2! WITHOUT CONSENT of Congress to boot!!!:-(

        • Let’s see…..he is coming at me to kill me…..he is twice my size…. he has hit and choked me before… he has threatened me….. I am in fear for my life….. PAUSE AND THINK JODI!!!!! People will say I am a whore…..I will be costing the taxpayers WAAAYYY to much money……no one will believe me…… I will have no life left after the media circus……OK back to the siutuation at hand……Oh well shit, I am dead now but thankfully I stopped to think about the real consequences and the taxpayers are all happy with me. WTF? WAKE UP ARIZONA!!!!

    • Heather….I hadn’t thought about politics-haters….

      But I have given it a serious thought about Travis’ death being politically covered up by the mormon church who is a powerful church all around the world and is involved in politics and all branches of the government…

      I really don’t like to talk politics…politics gives me headaches…LOL…but you can research on google and find many articles talking about that statement above…

      • and I forgot to say that if a lot of the haters are mormons…then that would further explain the hatred…read on google how their inner circles work when they get members all around the world to help their causes…

        • Ah, I will.. don’t know much at all really about the Mormons, just that they’re a cult, same as the JW’s, no time for either and if either knock at my door, I tell them I’m not interested and close it! 🙂

      • Hmm I will, don’t want to give you all a headache! lol

        Yes, the Mormon church has a lot to do with it, true.. but over £40,000 and counting.. who are.. mormon?.. don’t quite see it..

  41. Good morning my brothers and sisters. Late start this morning due to my other family.
    AA, Jen and anyone else who is struggling my prayers are with you..
    Jodi and famly you are in my thoughts and prayers.

    I agree with Al and others that the verdict will be. Manslaughter. Oh I
    do wish she could be aquitted but …

    Something is still missing in this story. and I pray that the truth. will be found. Who ever was there or hiding. evidence you will slip up someday and. that will be the day your. world will become a living hell

    • Morning cindy and everyone!

      I daren’t let my thoughts go .. thoughts travel…

      I am trying to put myself in the feeling place that she has an aquittal.

    • I agree with you and have felt that way for a long time that something is missing and I’m not talking about the fog. That bullet casing has me bugged because they say no blood was found on it, heck that was a pool of blood it was laying in, there would have been some blood on it regardless. and an imprint in the blood after it was removed. so did the people who found him kick it or contaminate the crime scene?

      • Taylor, I can’t find it at the moment, maybe geebee2 can post a link to the higher quality shell casing image.

        Once you see how the blood appears to have come from the side of the casing and pooled under the casing then you will see how the bullet came first.

        They purposely showed a poor quality image during the trial, they should have shown the better one.

          • Wow BeeCee that’s the chip in the tile GeeBee mentioned before too. He said he thought it was from the knife missing and chipping the tile, which is possible, but It takes me back to when we discussed maybe Jodi Didn’t shoot TA, she missed, when she shot. We wondered if there was a hole some where. Could that be it? I know its random, but I STILL remain convinced Jodi is completely innocent!

            • “but I STILL remain convinced Jodi is completely innocent”

              I hear ya and I’m right there with ya!!!

          • That casing either got kicked into fresh blood that slowed it down or was kicked into congealing blood that made it stop. A bullet would not hit a tile floor and stick where it landed. Have these people just got zero common sense. The pool of blood to the bottom of the pic at the edge of the casing seems to be disturbed like the bullet rolled or bounced into it.

            • tnlucy,

              to me it appears as if the casing was already on the floor and the blood was dripped to the top right of it, perhaps even right on the grout line. The blood then spread out and started to seep under the casing because the case has interfered with the normal outline.

              If one places an object on the ground and then pours something the consistency of blood next to the object I predict it would look similar.

              It’s too bad they didn’t have money for a better blood spatter person.

              • I can also see that happening. Either way I will agree that the casing not having blood on the top surface does not mean anything at all. It still simply baffles me that there was not more time spent on the forensics in this case. I suppose it is because Jodi confessed to the killing and they were not looking any futher really. Shoddy shoddy work on all fronts IMO.

  42. The Networks are all profiting big bucks on Jodia Arias trial….

    Scot Safon, executive vice president and general manager of HLN said that Jodi and Travis were interesting young people, in love theoretically, and it went bad…

    The Turner Broadcasting-owned HLN launched a new show called “HLN After Dark” devoted primarily to Jodi Arias Trial.

    Nancy Grace…main personality covered nothing but Jodi Arias…

    HLN has set up a mock stage and it seats mock jurors…

    Lifetime Movie Network has a movie in the making…

    Major networks like ABC and “Good Morning America” scored a major ratings during the trial by obtaining Arias’ diaries…

    • It’s very sad isn’t it truthseeker. They are making money off of this – and want to see this poor girl put to death. Why? More ratings? This whole thing is sick. If Jodi killed TA she did it in self defense. The media chooses to ignore the evidence of TA’s abuse and use of Jodi – and others. They would rather make him a saint and her the devil. I wonder, if they had a daughter/niece/or other young female relative who went through this – would they demonize them. Or would they say if she hadn’t have done this she would be dead? My heart goes out to Jodi and her family.

  43. praying, praying, praying!!

    Love every single one of you and of course, SJ and JC and MB and all the people behind the scenes who keep this site safe!

    AA, praying for you, my friend! Don’t let the people at work get you down! Love you! <3

    I have to get some work done today, but I'll check back in later today.

    Keep the faith! Don't let anyone bring you down. We need positive vibes.


  44. Al, re your posting. I fully agree re the points you made about the ME and police offier. It is blatantly clear that someone is not telling the truth. Also, the ME report was read over and over before trial and the “typo” made it to trial. Thanks to Jennifer, Dr. G. and the jury, the matter was exposed. I really agree with the last line of your comment. The only way to stop dishonest prosecutions is to call them on the deceit by giving not guilty verdicts. So we shall see. Re prediction on a verdict? Later today . I think Mr. Martinez may be out of luck with murder one , I hope so anyway, The defendent has already done 5 years and I am sure she is not the same person she was 5 years ago. I have thought about how I would react if it was my son that was killed. I feel pretty confident that I would not want to see someone locked up for life nor put to death. I am a believer in Grace and forgiveness. Being a Canadian, I have already admonished the death penalty in my mind. I really believe the death penalty was only created for sake of vengence. So that’s my blurb for today. Have a great day everyone.

  45. I read some speculation that the Alexander family is already in preparation of a civil suite is Jodi is aquitted. It’s almost as if they want her to walk so they can have themselves a nice cash cow.

  46. hafa adai Fam?????

    This morning’s sentiments: dia duit

    (Jeff, your post this morning was AWESOME. You are a remarkable man. My heartfelt gratitude to you for being a part of our crusade.)

    It seems to me today is a sappy day to convey emotions and sentiments that more often than not get pushed by the wayside because life tends to get in the way. I do not want to be derelict in my duties as a participant in this extraordinary venue we have here. I have said it many times before and risking becoming a pest and redundant and repetitive fool, I feel I must repeat it once again. SJ, MB, JC – everyone behind the scenes, God has such a special place for you. Thankfully he has bestowed the blessing of all of you on all of us.

    To all my family here…I am severely handicapped due to my humanism, but I hope these words will get my point across as inadequate as they are…

    I am humbled by the greatness, sincerity, genuineness, compassion, honesty, loyalty, selflessness, caring, giving individuals that make up our family network. I bow down to each and every one of you. Your collective generous hearts are more welcoming than some “blood” family. I am without words to express how truly touched I am by the awesomeness of each of you.

    For what it’s worth, Jodi, this site and every single one of you have my undying loyalty and gratitude as well as my eternal love.

    • I feel the same, Harmony! When Judge Pickles began reading instructions I started bawling. Unfortunately, I was locked out of this site at the time. I felt so alone and distraught. I feel like she is my sister, or even ME back when I was in my 20s, and no one knew or give a shit about my abuse.

      I am so scared of this damn verdict.

  47. Ms. Jodi,
    I’m praying for you. I told my daughter about you. She said she will do a little prayer for you too.

    I read on a earlier comment. That someone else could have been there during the fighting between Jodi and Travis? Cause, I really believe someone else was there. I could be wrong. I don’t think so.

  48. Goodmorning everyone .. thank for you all being here for Jodi and each other! Colllectively WE CAN make a difference!

    If things were just, Jodi would be free right now! Whatever the outcome of this kangaroo court, we will be here for Jodi and each other.. love you all..xoxoxo

  49. I have talked before on here about how imposing the death penalty is really punishment for the family left behind. I cannot understand, try as I may, why the system calls for this as justice. And, if the Alexander family is truly hurting over the loss of their brother, how do they justify their desires and wishes to inflict that same pain on the family of Jodi Arias?

    • I’ve mentioned here before that my Step-son’s Mother was murdered..Perp pled to avoid DP..My Step-son’s wanted Death…I would of preferred Life in Misery, which is what the perp is currently serving…What baffles me is the Alexanders have taken it many steps further….campaign of hate..destroying defense witnesses lives and careers, donations of $$$$$…at least my Step-son’s were in regular contact with their Mother….these people hadn’t been involved in TA’s life for years!!!

  50. Az is ridiculous. I have a brother in Az prison for felony murder. He was on drugs. He and his gf at the time planned to rob some drug dealers for their drugs. They had a gun. These drug dealers lived with their elderly father. But upon arrival they chickened out about the robbery and decided they were going to trade the gun for drugs. So they entered through the open garage door and the elderly father was there watching them walk up. Whe he noticed my brother had a gun he freaked out and grabbed it. Pulling it by the barrel towards himself. The gun fired and killed him. The drug dealers were not home. A younger mentally disabled son was there and my bro tied him up and set him in the bathroom so they could get away. Very sad. Yes my bro was wrong but he did not mean to kill. The state tampered with evidence….lied so much…But my bro was convicted of conspiracy to armed robbery felony murder and kidnapping. Jurors fell asleep during trial………a mess. He has to serve his sentences consecutively 25 to life for murder 15 for kidnapping and 7 for armed robbery….hate this state…..

    • I’ve heard that juries tend to believe the prosecution, police and medical examiner. I don’t personally subscribe to that because of cases like your brothers and Jodi’s case. I know another criminal case where friends were overcharged and practically forced to plead to excessive charges out of fear and lack of funds to defend themselves.

      I don’t believe this is unique to AZ though. But they are bad and may be a result of an oppressive culture set by goons like Sheriff Arpaio.

      • The conventional wisdom on this is that juries go with the premise that if the person had not done something wrong the state would not have charged them. Of course this flies in the face of all the wrongful convictions, cases of misconduct whether by the DA or the police, and everything else.

        Don’t know if this is actually true or an urban myth. It seems like most overly publicized trials end up going against the prosecution, so who knows.

      • Well if that’s true Jeff then the credibility of the cops and the pros and ME then this should be a no-brainer for them, since they lied on the stand!!!

  51. I dusted off my tarot cards and the outcome card I drew for the jury is the seven of cups reversed:

    “Cut through the fluff and get to the heart of the matter” is the message for the jury!!! JMs fluff and BS is exposed.. the TRUTH that Jodi is a victim is revealed..

      • Oh I ment for the day I know they did 7 hours yesterday but wasn’t sure if they were starting at 9 or 10 am today. GMA said 10 but I read 9 somewhere else and I live in Iowa so I am not in the same time zone.

      • Sorry Jeff, I thought you were being facetious…you know…like they are taking a few days off because that is how they have been doing things all along.
        I see now that you were referring to the actual start date of deliberations… 😳

  52. As to SJ’s question at the top of the page:
    HOPE it’s acquittal…but doubt it
    THINK it MAY be manslaughter
    DON”T want a hung jury

    not guilty of all charges; self defense

    the closings
    i listened to a little of kn, nothing of jm, and almost nothing of stephens
    so i could clearly be mistaken

    i’d heard some of stephens first go at expounding the law, and in the incomprehensible speed reading of the relevant law, in which it appeared she’d mangled self defense, and later she tangled or conflated self defense up with the crime of passion
    they are separate


    13-404 and 13-405

    it appeared that stephens misused the word “reasonable” to cover jodi’s response to ta’s attack



    the law does not state any careful calm calibration of jodi’s response while she is repelling a potentially deadly attack
    adrenaline is pumping through her veins
    neither she nor anyone else can see into the future, nor are they expected to be able to
    she will likely be killed by this larger male, who she loves, but is violent
    her death was imminent unless she acted then, immediately

    maybe this calibrated response rubbish is a judicial gloss
    if so it’s wrong, or misapplied to this case

    also, a fortiori, the arizona law unequivocally states there is no duty to retreat, which lend support to this argument

    a generalized attacker has created a huge area of uncertainty in the mind of the victim, especially if the attacker has a history of violence towards this victim

    so a “reasonable” victim doesn’t know the future, so can’t know whether she will be just bruised or killed

    thus, in good’s case, she had knowledge of the blood choke across her carotid artery, potentially fatal

    also, the victim of an attack, a “reasonable” victim of an attack, has no control over her adrenal gland
    so to defend her life it is expected that she will not be calm, smelling the coffee, quietly and contemplating what the want to do that evening, looking out the window and wondering what the weather will be
    none of those considerations apply NOW
    it’s all on
    her life is in peril
    adrenaline is pumping through her veins, her heart is racing

    from the state, it’s the rankest unsupported speculation that they postulate as what happened

    jodi defended herself, and if, as claimed, she did all the injuries to ta , so what ?

    she was in fear of her life
    the adrenaline was pumping through her system
    action was almost entirely automatic

    he attacks, she resists, and retaliates, he increases his attacks, and says he’s going to kill her; she uses a weapon; the incident continues; another weapon, until jodi is exhausted

    how many people have real life experience in killing a an attacker in such a situation
    you are untrained in combat
    your attacker is a larger, more violent, skilled in combat

    it seemed that the law as expounded by stephens was that jodi was required during this deadly attack to be “reasonable” in her response

    where in the statute does it say that in response to a potentially dead attack ?

    no where that i saw !

    she is not required,part way through defending herself, to call for a time out, so she can rationally and dispassionately consider if ta’s attack has been permanently blocked, or inhibited
    that is not the law in 13-404 and 13-405

    maybe it’s elsewhere ?

    with that in mind, if self defense is raised, and is a viable defense, the burden is then placed on the prosecution to disprove such beyond a reasonable doubt, which they haven’t done

    so self defense is proven and it is effective against ALL charges


    • Hi Wes,
      SJ posted the charges yesterday. (Jury instructions). I read it but found it absolutely confusing. It was on the Monday Afternoon Comments page. Give it a look. Let us know what you think.

    • i’m going to severely scold the typist who typed my comment; it’s loaded with typos and ungrammatical constructions
      i’ll personally correct one of the more egregious problems with the comment myself

      “thus, in [ OMIT good’s, and replace with JODI’S ] case, she had knowledge of the blood choke across her carotid artery, potentially fatal”

      to the typist:
      “please be more careful when typing the comment , look it over for errors before posting it !”

    • there is another element to a comment i made above

      the proportionality of jodi’s response in using deadly force to defend herself

      hypothetically, a child accidently bumps against you in a store
      you can’t pull out your concealed carry gun and blow the child away
      that’s disproportionate

      but that’s not jodi’s case

      for her, deadly force became necessary
      look especially at ss 2 below

      13-405. Justification; use of deadly physical force

      A. A person is justified in threatening or using deadly physical force against another:

      1. If such person would be justified in threatening or using physical force against the other under section 13-404, and

      2. When and to the degree a reasonable person would believe that deadly physical force is immediately necessary to protect himself against the other’s use or attempted use of unlawful deadly physical force.

      B. A person has no duty to retreat before threatening or using deadly physical force pursuant to this section if the person is in a place where the person may legally be and is not engaged in an unlawful act.

      ss 2 sets out when deadly force is justified

      not half deadly force

      to defend oneself one can’t fire half a bullet

      women don’t get a little bit pregnant

      this case is a petri dish for the entire us

      are men going to be continued to be allowed to kill the women in their lives ?

      there were no police at the door to restrain ta, or by extension any other men in comparable settings with other women

      things have changed

      it’s now no longer ok for men to kill their women

      and it’s no longer appropriate for the patriarchs to prosecute women for defending themselves by killing their violent male partners who crossed the line and commenced to kill them

      the battered women, and all women, are saying to the PATRIARCHS, ENOUGH !

  54. I know many here go to visit HLN and that liar Nancy Disgrace. I’m not one of them short of seeing a few clips here and there. Her so called analysis is riddled with lies.

    But I seem to have my own odd attraction to see the comments on the State haters page. When I do it makes me angry so why do I do it? I tell myself its to keep my friends close and my enemies closer.

    If anyone has any insight as to why they are so full of hate I’d be interested. Their comments are often rabid and odd. Praying for Jodi to die (because God likes to kill his children?). This case to me is a tragedy. Travis and Jodi went down a terrible and dangerous road. I’ll be sad regardless of the verdict, but I support Jodi because the premeditation evidence is laughable and she is a human being. She needs to be helped, not punished.

    • Jeff, I don’t know!!! I wish I did! I’ll just say that Nancy Disgrace considers herself a Methodist, and she is the furthest thing from Christian I’ve ever seen.

    • I agree Jeff.

      What is sad, is these folks are going to have to face their own behaviors and prayers when all their virtual friends have moved on to their next cause and they have to live with praying to their “God” for the death of a stranger, in the name of justice for another stranger.

      One of my favorite quotes:

      Work out your own salvation; With fear and trembling.

      They will face their own demons eventually. I suspect, after looking at some of their profiles, when THEY are defendants in their own cases, and suddenly, the Constitution of the United States will be valuable to them.


    • it is said, in the end times, “right will be wrong, and wrong will be right”….well, this shows the world is on the end of one kind of reality, and on the brink of a new one.

    • Jeff, Your guess is as good as mine as to why they are SO full of hate…It is absolutely frightening to know that people hate on people they don’t even know.

    • HATE

      what is the purpose of hate ?

      what function does it serve ?

      looked into it a little, because jodi is just their transient target
      it’s something that feeds their needs, it temporarily assauges their anxiety; the the individuals in the hate groups form transitory alliances

      some of the relevant interdisciplinary fields it seems are:
      psychology, sociology, politics, religion, anthropology, economics, primatology [ our relatives], evolutionary biology, etc

      ingroup cohesion; in particular, this trial has increased mormon fear, especially their cult paranoia exacerbated by their isolation
      they must fear the modern world encroaching on their bizarre theocratic structures

      also more widely, their group hate can be viewed in terms of projection

      Perhaps no concept has been more consistently applied to group stereotypes by psychoanalytic observers than that of projection, that is, the attribution to others of unacceptable impulses within one’s self.
      Pseudospeciation may be understood – at least in part – as an expression of one group’s projection of its demonology and displacement of its self-generated aggression onto another. Undesirable characteristics will turn up attributed to an out-group (projection) which will then serve as a
      rationalization for violence against the out-group (aggression displacement) (Erikson, 1964).

      there’s a lot more at the above site, and elsewhere in the google search results

      search parameter >>>

      hate fear evolutionary purpose ingroup cohesion survival sociology biology

      economic anxiety; we’re in a global economic depresson greater than that of the 1930s

      individual survival vulnerability has increase leading people to reassert tribal instincts

    • I agree joe….all the speculation about them dressing up and body langueage and how quick the reach a veridict etc..Thats all it is is just speculation…noone knows what they are thinking…just my opinion.

  55. Good morning everyone! Just checking in for a bit.

    I had a bizarre dream of Jodi and the jury that they couldn’t decide. I believe it’s not guilty, but I have to be realistic and the fact that she said she did it makes me think it’s manslaughter. I’m pretty sure the jury has thought how in the world did she do this alone? Anyways hope everyone is doing well take care 😉

    To AA…I req to have SJ send you my email.

  56. I am hoping very much for an acquittal verdict or manslaughter with credit for time already served. I don’t believe murder 1 has been proven beyond a reasonable doubt. The slitting of the throat is gruesome but something that happens as overkill in a heat of passion or a life or death struggle. No one knows how far they will go to protect their own life until they are put in that situation. Overkill isn’t pretty but it is very real in this case. Hopefully the jury can look beyond that and reach a just verdict for Jodi.

    • Overkill is the prosecutions argument to fit their trumped up charges. But the evidence tells us that 1/3 of the wounds were to the back and were not fatal. They were not deep stab wounds and are indicative of him being on top of her or giving her a bear hug while she reached around to get him off of her. If she were behind him why are they so shallow? The other wounds look to me like she snapped. Hack hack get away from me. Probably more than self defense. Which is why I’m ok with manslaugher.

      Jury needs to consider the evidence, not Juan’s rants.

      • Yes, the point is that in fact Travis only had three stab wounds, if you adopt the proper definition of a stab wound, and all of those are to the front chest, consistent with her fighting him off. I think she was in the linen closet at this point, so couldn’t retreat.

        That was the whole point of my page

        Then finally he gets her out of the linen closet, and is about to choke her when she cuts his throat ( one possibility ).

  57. Can anyone tell me how to get A text message When the verdict this then. I tried what people said yesterday Yesterday I need step by step up Sorry to be a burden Can I use sucks being old?

  58. Has anyone here ever located an actual police report on Ashley Reed’s death?

    Or know of any way to determine whether Sean Drenth was involved in any way in the reporting of, or any investigation into Ashley’s death?

    • 1111 angels…don’t forget to thank the angels for helping us too…I have been in their care since I was a crawling baby…and I love them too…may God and the angels keep peace around Jodi throughout the rest of her days…amen…

  59. I’ll tell you, the lies of the medical examiner and the lead detective, Flores, would really bother me if I was on the jury. Maybe Maricopa County is just used to this kind of corruption, but I am NOT, and I would acquit based on those lies alone. Who knows what else they’re up to?

    • Exactly the point I was trying to make. The whole case should be thrown out on its face.

      I doubt the jury has the moral courage to do it, especially when it isn’t sequestered.


      Sorry to use expletives but…..

      that is just unfuckingbelievable……There truly are demons living among us….it’s DISGUSTING

    • Good Day to All!

      Good news; I just clicked on that ebay link and it said the page was no longer available.

      I will be in and out again today as I work, but Keep the Faith everyone! And pray that the maricopa county judicial system and those involved are exposed for the liars, cheats and frauds that they are.

    • OMG Crystal are you OK? I feel you. Mine was acting up and I was headed straight towards a full blown panic attack 🙂

  60. Just to put the media in perspective, one person’s dead and another one’s in a fight for her life and here’s an insane headline from AZ Central your friendly neighborhood entertainment outlet

    “Jodi Arias murder trial: Best trial moments”

    Like it was a variety show.

    The editors of this particular rag ought to be ………..

  61. Something to smile about. I can’t say if this is legit, but the haters are BESIDE THEMSELVES about it, so I makes me ecstatic!! They are especially livid with us for our donations, LOL!!

    Jodi’s commissary list:

    Prepaid envelopes
    Writing pads
    Coloured pencils
    Roget’s Thesaurus
    Butter lotion
    Hair conditioner
    Hair bands
    Samoas cookies
    Cranberry juice
    Almond snickers
    Milky Way

    Lol! The milky way bar and the mascara has them SEETHING!!! LOVE IT!!!

      • My husband came home last night bearing gifts for me because it’s ‘that time of the month’ and he always does whatever he can to make sure, in case I get my panties in a wad, there is ice cream on hand to diffuse the situation. Last night’s ice cream was Samoa cookie ice cream. O..M..G!! Best Ice cream EVER.

    • Lets see, she has no real contact with her family, most jails prohibit newspapers, limited mail, she is told when to eat, sleep and pee. She never knows if it is night or day without looking at a clock. Fresh air is a thing of the past. If you are freezing to death it takes an act of Congress to receive and extra blanket. Medical care is non existent and mental health care is just out of the effing question. If anyone in her family is sick or god forbid they die…..well she is still in jail. She sleeps on a plastic mattress laid on a metal bunk, sits on metal benches, everywhere she goes she is in shackles. She has to be worried for her safety daily. She has basically no human rights at all. Oh but we are going to freak out over a candy bar?

  62. I think jodi has a good chance for guilty of manslaughter. After listening to Martinez’s rebuttal to nurmis closing he doesn’t lay out facts. What’s ironic is he said your argument is just that an argument when facts are not on your side. Yet his case is empty and only based on argument. He wants the jury to read Jodi’s statement on a magazine and somehow he claims that she was lying about Travis’ pedophiia. This despite his own argument of you can’t read into things because you’re not there you don’t know. His most backward ass comment that a man in his position representing the state of AZand the people was that Jodi wasn’t sexually assaulted by Travis after Travis said he did on the phone call. His argument because she never reported it. He is a freaking troglodyte.

  63. I bet the jury is having a difficult time with the fact that TA’s throat was slashed…that is the only part that doesn’t fit. What do…I…make of it? I think she didn’t do that part…and Jodi’s testimony states that she does not remember, so it COULD be that she didn’t do that part at all. But that is a theory, not evidence…hmm, I wonder if the defense could have just thrown that theory out there. Okay, I know there was no EVIDENCE that anyone other than Jodi was involved…but there is NO evidence there WASN’T someone else involved. The investigation was MORE than focused on ONLY Jodi. I think that none of what the prosecution is alleging was proven beyond a reasonable doubt. I just wish that Nurmi had hinted, “perhaps the reason Jodi doesn’t recall anything that happened following the gun shot, until she threw the gun into the desert is because someone ELSE was there. She wouldn’t remember either way, but it’s a possibility.”
    I know I sound ridiculous…but the case all around leads me to believe something was left out.

    • Dorothy, I agree. There is SO much left out, things we may never know.

      I believe Jodi is scared shitless, and because of that, she may never tell us everything. I hope she is acquitted, goes into hiding, and writes a book exposing those involved.

      • Hello ladies…I agree…my thought on the throat (trying to think like the jurior YIKES) goes along with the other wounds…and thats is she just snapped and went over board. I mean dam once you ve been threated and get the upper hand…how do you know where to stop?

    • The slash is the hardest part to get thru. I agree. But when JW questioned the ME he said the angle was coming from down to up. IMO they had a big fight and Travis has cuts on his legs and feet. They haven’t focused in it as much because it doesn’t fit the narrative that she went to “murder and slash” him. I think he probably held her down or something like that and even though he was dying he kept moving so she did it out of panic.