Dateline NBC – “Along Came Jodi” 3/1/2013:

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  1. What an ass Hall is. I guess they forgot that Zion (sp?) fixed jodi up with Ryan?

    And it’s just sad that we still have those people who think there is a fork in the road between women who like sex and those who are “marriageable”.

    • Hi BeeCee,
      Yes, Dave Hall has already proven himself to be a complete dickhead along the lines of that lying bastard Chris Hughes and his POS wife. I like how he says Jodi was chasing after TA because of his money and his cars.


      I rest my case.

      Team Jodi

    • Well I am sure glad my husband went through with not marrying a prude! ALL GUYS WANT a lady in the street and a freak in the bed! Luda

      • It’s a stupid, pathetic and hypocritical attitude. Very much spread within men, but I guess even more within pathetic hypocrites especially the LDS and also other churches stands for.
        I pity and despise these man since fact is that you can have both in one person. Why would I want to marry a prude woman AT ALL if I am not an insecure coward and loser?

    • You are so right about “marriageable” that is the only reason I got married. If I don’t like have sex with whoever “him” is. See ya. and it is so spooky I have a very close relative who acts just like Jodi – when she is attacked by a Leo like TA SHE literally buckles – she does not lie – she just conceals the answer many times to avoid further conflict. That is a very scarey relationship. But you know how us females are the nurturing soul. Whew I am so happy I am 55 this year – I welcome each and every sunset. I also know the physical parameters she had to deal with – after reading the innocent report it brought back – how my husband got me to the ground – he was a lifetime quarterback. Freaky. Well, I am certain she will be released – the judicial system has to follow it’s protocol = so sad to see how these women who may or may not have been abused can not envision the act of a man 3 times your size on top of you and just what would you do?

      • The scary, relationship, is, of, the delusions of the for profit, prophets, concealment, of what they know to be their complicity, in, shielding their quasireligious, antics, to, pretend that none of their zealots, would take, Bringem Young, brighamist, seriously, enough , to save, Travis’s eternal soul, with their, sacred, secret, blood oath, blood atonement, delusionary, ritual, eternal soul saving, soap opera…. This explains the l;aundering of the crime scene, to set a girl, up for the socalled sacred ritual… …Edgrrr…

  2. I don’t care for Dateline anyway, so I doubt I missed anything.

    Travis’s friends and even family didn’t really know him anyway, so why should I believe their narrative especially now, when it’s all been debunked and discredited?

    If the media were really to do a decent story on this case, it has to explore the Mormon angle and the need of the church’s members to cover for one’s own.

    • Yes, tonysam, this is worth watching though for the good things they slip in there about jodi…at least at the beginning..

      I felt they started off well with ALMOST fairness..but they could have done a little better later.

      • I think he means by Travis was on the down low sneaking around with Jodi an telling them he was through with her because she was a stalker an all those mean things he said about her to them made them hate her more than they did already. An he was Dead Wed Thur Fri Sat Sun an no one found him till MONDAY so I think no one really knew him either it is all FALSE this crap they are ranting on now I think is what they mean?

        I do agree I wish Jodi had some support on the news but maybe they are too scared of the Media an death threats I heard the sister an the brother have gotten death threats already. An I read on one news media page where you comment this man said JODI BETTER not bash the CHURCH she knows what will happen. There is one Mormon on that Jury is what he said ! I don’t know it probably is a liar but still those people are not all there that are out for BLOOD of JODI. SO the family an friends maybe scared?

        • And, do note the arrest of the Manson wannabe, with, the prison ink, forehead, swastika, and, a trunk full of explosives, night vision, and, sniper rifle; caught in Y-RICO, organized crime at law, county, and, his arrest statement:”I’m on a mission, LSD term; to kill, someone, and, commit, suicide.” and, consider who might have the horsepower, to order that…. Also, note the news blackout, about it…, a Mormon D.A. and, a Mormon, lead detective; whom I heard was demoted, for some secret, or, another…. Edgrrr…

    • Oh so to the point – but our country is built upon faith and the minute you try to throw money as a motive in faith you are discredited. Pitiful = that is all religion is tithe. So, so many people have been paid off and they just say – I was forgiven by my priest, pastor, rabbi, what ever – or even Jesus and IT’S ALL GOOD. Just how hysterical is that?

      • Yep, I agree. I’m agnostic for a reason. I always felt that most so-called religions people and bigots, specifically those organized in “clubs” aka churches are merely pathettic hypocrites and most times don’t even remotely reach the moral compass and decency of for instance most agnostics or even atheists. That is a simple lesson of life. And the LDS church is for sure a special kind of pathetic and a big fraud.
        I always wondered since I watched this case why Jodi, allegedly so well-read, didn’t do any external research abourt this disgusting church and its even more disgusting and questionable history including its roots. She went that way totally uninformed and naive/brainwashed.
        That was a mistake on her part. She should have run away in 2006 already, before the baptism.
        Coincidentally I happened to know already quite a lot about the LDS prior to this trial since I was friended on Facebook with a mormon woman from Mesa, Arizona years ago, 2010 or something. She wass very nice on the surface but I later learned that she was so pretty much filled with hate, bigotry and hypocrisy, disgusting to the core for me. That was the reason back then why I did some reasearch on that sect.

  3. I just saw this last night. Jodi does have a glow about her like her friend said. Everyone tells me I’m nuts for believing in Jodi but I don’t care. I hated how they had Travis friends telling lies about jodi.

  4. ok,i’ve watched about 10 minutes and really trying to sit through the whole thing,the Traviscult makes me wanna puke,especially when his friend claimed(AGAIN) he was chaste but….along came Jodi!

  5. I remember a time when Lester Holt was a real journalist in Chicago. Those were the days, it seems. I can’t believe how this is just a rehashed regurgitated spit out of the same ole same ole. Ugh! I’m sorry I wasted my time watching it. Can I get a refund of those 43 minutes please?

  6. I actually thought this was a decent documentary (as these things go). I was already leaning towards thinking her self defense story was more likely than not substantially true. But watching this, it occurred to me how the killing may have actually played out.

    There’s been disagreement as to whether she shot or stabbed him first, but I’m wondering if the key is actually when she dragged him. Assuming everything up to the shooting played out more or less the way Jodi Arias testified….at that point, he starts bleeding and appears incapacitated, maybe not even conscious.

    She drags him down to the hall to the bathroom in a frantic, bungling attempt to help him, or at least assess the damage. While dragging him down the hall, she leaves the palm print on the wall and steps on the camera. He probably picked it up off the bathroom floor after she dropped it and while dragging him, she steps on it and snaps the photo of herself dragging him. That would explain the very short time frame between the last picture of him alive, the one snapped when she dropped the camera, and the one of him being dragged.

    She gets him into the bathroom, maybe even into the shower where the water is still running. He regains consciousness and attacks her — now they’re both defending themselves. She grabs the knife, left in the bathroom earlier, and, basically, completely loses it, leaving the stab wounds and slashed throat.

    I also thought this documentary did a pretty decent job with the Mormon angle. I’ve been put off by the anti-Mormonism that crops up on both sides, but seems more prominent on the pro-defense side. I’m not Mormon myself, but I’ve spent a lot of years in Mormon country and I have plenty of LDS friends. Some of the ideas around here about Mormons are just silly.

    For example, it means absolutely nothing that Travis Alexander was an “elder.” All it means is he’d “taken out his endowments” in the temple. Traditionally men do this before they go on a mission and women do it before their wedding, but with more young LDS women going on missions, that’s becoming the more common reason for both. So when you say “Travis was a elder,” about all you’re saying is he was a Mormon guy over the age of 19. It doesn’t indicate he had any special position in the church.

    It is true that one of the “penalties” in the temple ceremony used to be a symbolic throat-cutting. Another was disemboweling, but those were both removed from the ceremony in the early ’90s and it’s doubtful very many young Mormons today would associate that with the temple, even if they’ve been through the endowment ceremony.

    I’m just put off by the anti-Mormon conspiracy theories. There are some odd questions on both sides of the case, but turning it into some conspiracy by the Mormons is ignorant. I think this documentary nailed the more relevant factor of Travis Alexander’s Mormonism — as a young man pushing 30, he was under pressure to find a wife. That’s well past the age he would be expected to be married already and a recent convert with whom he’d been “committing sexual sin” would be frowned upon as a candidate.

    None of this, including the documentary, is what brought me around to the pro-defense side, though. I started out thinking she sounded guilty as hell. All her earlier lying probably hurts her case more than any other evidence against her. What did it for me was when cross-examination started. I think even Juan Martinez knows her story is plausible. Otherwise, he’d let her ramble.

    If she’s lying on the stand, his best course of action would be to let her babble away and then point out the inconsistencies as they’re coming out of her mouth. The trouble for him is that both her story and demeanor on the witness stand have a believability that she didn’t have on 48 Hours, when her story made no sense and she looked insane. That’s the woman he thought he was going to be cross-examining and his hyper-aggressive tactics probably would have worked on that woman.

    Now about all he’s got is the gun (which is likely a coincidence, since drawing attention to the gun with a staged burglary 10 days in advance wouldn’t have furthered her murderous plans) and Travis Alexander’s lack of violent history. But his lack of history only helps in the court of public opinion. It doesn’t say much as to whether Jodi Arias feared for her life in the moment she killed him, which is all that matters for self-defense.

    • I really believe Jodi had PTSD or some other problem in the months following the killing. I don’t think it was just with the 48 Hours crew’s editing to make her look and sound crazy. She was really a shell of what she is now and probably before she hooked up with Travis. I, like you, tended to believe the prosecution’s theory until the defense’s case started. Then the whole prosecution’s theory just blew up. Jodi’s account is completely believable and dovetails with the known evidence.

      • Maybe. I’m not willing to armchair diagnose her with PTSD any more than I think it’s a good idea to armchair diagnose her as a sociopath. It’s just that my own assessment of her credibility rested largely on whether she presented differently in court than she did in her pre-trial media interviews, where, in the non-clinical sense, her story and demeanor were nuttier than a fruitcake.

        And I think she’s presenting very differently in court. She dropped a few clues in those interviews — refusing, for example, to answer whether he was violent, or answering the investigator’s question about weapons in the home with “only his fists.” But her demeanor is not only quite different on the stand, she seems to have a sort of resignation that makes me think she’s telling the truth now. A lot of the media is characterizing her during cross-examination as “smirking” and that’s not what I see at all. To me, she looks like there’s simply nothing the state can do to her that her own conscience isn’t already doing.

        I remained skeptical through her direct examination, mostly because of her earlier lies. It was cross-examination that changed my mind. Juan Martinez…I know he’s unpopular around here, but he’s one of the most talented prosecutors in the state. That’s why he was given the case. If he was a rookie, I’d have written off what’s happening as lack of experience. But I think on some level he believes her and that’s why he kept cutting her off and getting discombobulated and making rookie-type mistakes. If he had the 48 Hours version of Jodi Arias on the stand, what he’s doing would have worked. When I saw him begin to flail and go under….that’s when I switched to thinking the defense theory is probably substantially true.

        • Jessie, She can say she’s Alice, there, in Wonderland, and, her words, are irrelevant to the facts that disprove this soap opera, which has relegated “proof,” to, whatever magic, the penguin in a tutu, can conjure, as Sir Spazalot, shucks and jives, pirouetting, his tightrope, ballet, to, obscure the forensics proven exculpatory facts, by, simply hypnotricking the jury, into a coma… with his, Whirling Dervish, thrusting, and, parrying, tapdance… If this goes on, long enough, they’l get wise to the lizards at law, mantra; that, “If you can’t dazzle them with dialogue, baffle them with bullshit,,,” Using Jodis’ words against her, when she’s been in a dungeon, unconvicted, of any crime, for nearly five years, denotes, exactly why, it has taken nearly five years, of the systems,’ criminality, at law, to, “grow evidence;” waving around, “get out of jail free, cards,” to those who’ll aid and abet, the criminalities of the at law, mob… Marc Carr, who, claimed he killed, Jon Benet Ramsey, to get a free flight home, should be imprisoned for her murder, if, we’re going to jail, everybody, who is duped into confessing crimes, the facts, prove they didn’t do… Jodis’ words, only became, believable, when she began saying, the only words, that the bloodthirsty, necrophiliacs, of government, wanted to hear; as they created her affliction, by fraudulent imprisonment…. kidnapping, at law, and, two million dollar ransom demands… Edgrrr… She can be Mrs.Howdy Doody, for all, erroneous words, seem to mean… See Joe Friday / Jack Webb… for, “just the facts, maam….”

        • Jessie, I briefly also wondered whether Martinez was faltering on purpose, and I’m still not sure about that. There is information online about other trials where he just hasn’t remembered things correctly during the cross examinations.

          This is the first time I have seen him in action and I wasn’t really impressed. I kept waiting for a bombshell or something major..but didn’t expect it.

          My perception is that the detective did not do a thorough investigation, I think Martinez did not know until the trial started that there was actually no evidence of stalking…that it was purely hearsay.

          • I don’t think Martinez believes Jodi and I also don’t think that HE thinks he’s faltering. I think that he’s been effective in the past when he’s been able to easily confuse witnesses with his questioning style. Jodi is hyper-literal and double-checks everything before she gives an answer. I think it’s frustrating Martinez, but he seems pretty confident in the state’s case.

          • kira, what you are saying is more of what I believe. My interpretation is that Jodi is physically taking herself back to the situation in order to remember and answer correctly. I don’t think martinez is acting any differently based on his other trials.

            In which case I have to scratch my head and go “what the hell is this man doing as a prosecutor.” i guess he has had easier cases until now. LOL

          • Well, yes….to say Martinez “believes her” might be too strong. I just don’t think he got the person on the stand he was bargaining for and it threw him.

            None of them get much experience cross-examining criminal defendants because they don’t testify that often, but Martinez is a veteran prosecutor, not a rookie. Yet he’s coming across as disorganized. He’s mixing up information. He’s getting himself trapped in go-rounds over nothing points that don’t matter to his case.

            I can’t wrap my head around that other than to think he was caught off-guard by the plausibility of her testimony and the gravity of her demeanor.

  7. “Someone to keep his bed warm until he found a nice mormon girl”

    Yes …..

    By their fruits ye shall know them …..

    • Careful, what double meaning, points to homosexual, hysterics, competing with, Jodi; no contest, rivalry. No contest, as to sex, and, conversely, no contest as to which sex, had the strength, to nearly, decapitate, with, a vengeance… Does this fear of a male; capable, or, Jodi, incapable, explain, Travis, cutting his own tires, or, a guy, doing so, to blame Jodi ? Then, the claim that, she was peeking in his window, while Travis and, a girl, were sleeping; who was watching her watch them…??? They were asleep… Why did Taylor, require convincing that Travis, sent, cruel emails to Jodi ? Where’s the bishops’ testimony, as to who the complainant was that, ratted Travis out, for his perversions…??? Would that not, point to a suspect, and, if not, Jodi;, then, how would Travis know, who ratted him out, and, could possibly, believe it was Jodi….? Why, also, is Jodi, credited with bringing a knife to her own premeditated gunfight, when the fact is, the knife was Travis’s knife; he used to cut short pieces of rope, with which to tie Jodi, up; surely, not, for Travis, to tie Travis up…???

      • I so agree with this. There is more that we do not know ! an I am not sure if we will ever know but there is something fishy about the Friends of Travis an roommates too.

  8. Read “The God Makers,” revealment, of Brigham Youngs’ dictates [ doctrines ], and, the only atonements [covenants ], for fornication; heart plunge, ear to ear throat slice, blood oath, blood atonement, eternal soul saving, sacred, secret, agreed to suicide, ritual. Now, for LSD proponents, to claim that Brigham Young, only meant his admonitions, symbolically, is to confess, that, he didn’t actually have a hotline to God, who, ordered the cult, to, knock off wagon trains, abduct their girls, and, kill the rest, while stealing their property, and, of course, “marrying,” their women, while the guys, were doing his organized crime, butchery, of the settlers… fornicating the daughters, and, wives of the men, giving their lives and wives to the elder perverts, all, of course, to be blamed on God; in any final, analysis… About, 84 wives, each, for, Joseph Smith, and, Brigham Young, and, now, the LSD, cabal, feigning some redemption, called, “Geneology,” which, should be called “Genie-ol-o-gee; trying to follow the heritages, as propagated, by the lascivious perverts, doing everybody elses’ wives and, daughters…as if to uncscramble that pile of entangled, legs… Are these, people for real, implying that, God, gave no such direction to those perverts ??? Do notice the Brigham Young name on the revered university… ” Is there a man among you who would not kill his brother, to save his eternal soul;” so saith, Brigham Youngs’ recitation from God, herself… And, get this, not, one Stepford wife, who’ll come forward, to support, Jodi….??? Not, one defense for Jodi, with, dozens of posted, reasonable doubt, … entered into the process… Too many voters, for the govern mentals to take on… Edgrrr…

    • Sorry, but I think your position is ridiculous. Brigham Young was church president in 1850. It’s a different world now for everyone, including the Mormons. The Mountain Meadows massacre has about as much relevance to contemporary Mormons — let alone relevance to a pedestrian murder trial involving two Mormons — as the dictates of Franklin Pierce, who was US president at the time, have on Americans in 2013.

      Yes, Young was highly influential and a theocratic despot. And I’m sure we could have a lively debate over whether he assured the church’s survival or took it in a direction that would have horrified the more libertine, pleasure-loving Joseph Smith.

      But it doesn’t have jack to do with this murder trial and it doesn’t even have much to do with contemporary Mormons. The history is interesting, but it’s no substitute for actually knowing Mormons as they are today. They haven’t remained in 1850 any more than the rest of us have and it’s unfair to apply their history outside the context of the church as it is now. I hate to burst the conspiracy bubble, but they simply don’t practice blood atonement today.

      • Jessie I am going to disagree with you. Most religions have extremists in them, regardless of whether contemporary members of the religion know it or acknowledge it.

        Last I knew polygamy is not sanctioned by LDS, but there are fundamentalists who do still practice it even though it also not legal.

        • Agreed, every religion has its extremists.

          I sense that some people here are very sensitive to Mormonism being ridiculed, though I don’t know why it’s such a sore point. I’m a Christian and I fully recognize that there are some Christians who go way over the top in their beliefs/actions. I don’t take it personally if people make comments about extremists.

          • Yeah, I’m not sure why that is that people get defensive. those of us here who have discussed the Mormon mafia/conspiracy and various things know that not everyone of any certain religion are necessarily how one or more extreme members may act.

            That’s like saying all women or whores, or all men are abusive in my mind, which I know is not true..

            My brain is tired or I might think of some better examples…

        • True enough. But we have nothing at all to suggest that these kids were fundamentalist Mormons, which are small in number anyway and mostly very isolated.

          I don’t have a problem with Mormonism being ridiculed. But suggesting there was a “Mormon mafia” who came in and offed Travis for “blood atonement” isn’t ridicule — it’s baseless slander.

        • Looks like the whole of PPL business is Mormon business too.
          She met her motivator when she was invited to be “motivated” to join the rows of employees.
          Did she ever get legal help from them, or did they just keep her money, while trashing her on TV?

          • It’s a scam business like any other Multi-Level-Marketing company, regardless if they sell insurances, water filters or whatever.
            Very few make real money while the system is based on steady recruiting of foot soldiers to mostly get their friends and other contacts as customers and/or foot soldiers (Jodi was one of these scam victims since she was so naive back then)- it basically works like a chain letter scam.
            And on the customer side:

            Usually a low quality product with a way too high price tag, unedcucated and dishonest salesman (not only regarding the product) who just use rhetoric tricks to hide all this.

            All this to finance the expensive payment system and the steady brianwashing on said events where fake and wannabe “motivational speakers” like Travis speak in front of a braindead and brainwashed easdy audience.
            I can’t wrap my head around why Jodi fell for this scam and this fraud from head to feet with the name of Travis Alexander, who also treated her personally like shit. Unbelievable and sad for her. This guy had no intellectual substance and decency whatsoever. And even looked like shit compared to her but that’s another topic lol.

      • Regret: Fratto was found guilty of kidnapping 16-year-old Costanzo (right) with her boyfriend and taking the girl to the desert. They beat her to death, slashed her throat and buried her in a shallow grave


        “I was doing God’s will, which is not a crime.” – Dan Lafferty

        The above quote is from a man who brutally murdered his fifteen month-old niece and her 24 year-old mother in their home while his younger brother was at work. Lafferty’s older brother Ron convinced him to commit the crime by claiming that God had spoken to him and instructed that it should be that way. Both men were born and raised Mormons, but turned to radical Mormon fundamentalism as adults. Through their horrific story and the history of the Mormon church in genral, author Jon Krakauer examines the larger issue of how relgion leads some people to commit unspeakable acts.

        “Under the Banner of Heaven” is not an anti-Mormon diatribe, as anyone who has actually read it can attest. Krakauer, who had such a massive success with “Into Thin Air,” should be applauded for taking a risk following up that work with a potentially controversial project well outside his area of expertise. Part travelog and part history, “Under the Banner of Heaven” is a very unique true crime book as the various narrative threads are wound together by the author. The simple yet forceful narrative style that made Krakauer’s Everest such compelling reading are very much evident here.

        Overall, “Under the Banner of Heaven” is an outstanding true crime book that raises some disturbing theological questions.

        Two books have recently been published about cold blooded murder in Utah and figuring prominently in both is the LDS church — the Mormons. The more publicized is Jon Krakauer’s UNDER THE BANNER OF HEAVEN. It is about recent (1984) murders and the kidnapping of Elizabeth Smart committed by individual members of Mormon Fundamentalist sects that exist in southern Utah,Arizona and elsewhere. Krakauer says they may number 100,000. They have been excommunicated by LDS authorities for polygamy and other deviation, but claim to be following the original teachings of church founder Joseph Smith. Sally Denton writes in AMERICAN MASSACRE about the near annihilation of the Fancher-Baker wagon train at Mountain Meadows in southern Utah on 9/11/1857. That barbarous act, the slaughter of 120 defenseless men, women and children, according to Denton, may have been authorized by church leaders and was certainly carried out by Mormons who believed they had official sanction for their acts.

      • True, No Blood atonement and NO polygamy. Both against Mormon teachings for years. Polygamy banished in 1890. Like Slavery of Blacks perpetrated by the USA, in whole. Things change. I do not believe Jodi premeditated this. I also do not believe the Church was involved. Travis betrayed the church teachings, pf course his friends still stand behind him. The church doesn’t. My BFF is devout Mormon, I could kill someone and she would say, It had to be done. She would defend me. This isn’t about the Church LDS, but a Lousy man, who was a false Mormon and used his religion to GAIN friends and further his agenda! They are wrong when they say Jodi used the Church. She converted to be able to marry within the church. He perverted the teachings of Chastity. Also, my Devout Mormon friend would wring another womans neck who would be with her husband. One man, One woman. Now the crazy off shoot Flds they believe all kinds of crazy stuff. Not the same. Peace.

        • Yes I agree there are wackos tho in every religion that carry somethings to the extreme. I understand there are GOOD PEOPLE an BAD PEOPLE in the world. An I would not condone my own brother treating a woman in the fashion that Travis did. Now if it truly was a stalker obsessed woman I would think he would have done more to put that out there besides a few things that there is no proof of. Except he was stringing her along but still looking for the nice Mormon woman to marry. I think she hoped he would change but you can’t change a man like that. An the whole story just stinks to me I can’t get it through my head she did it all still. An that no one missed him for 5 days.

    • not all of us agree with Brigham Youngs actions. The religion in my mind is not an ocult, but there are things that bother me about it. Interesting how what happened to Travis is similiar to that. Who would know this stuff. I doubt Jodi would. So is there another person involved in this that she may not be aware of? Has anyone proven that was really her foot and pant leg?

  9. I just watched this dateline and I noticed that one of Travis’ friends just said that Travis had “gone to the bishop to begin the process of repentance” shortly before this all happened. HE DID? First time I’ve heard that! So then someone within the church DID know what was going on.

    • Yea I bet will hear about it though. I wonder if they can call the bishop in the rebuttal case. I hope not.

      • The bishop would probably have clergy-penitent privilege and couldn’t be subpoenaed. Though, for what it’s worth, I took that to mean he’d started repenting of sex outside marriage, not necessarily of the other behaviors that rely mostly on Jodi Arias’ word.

        • Yep they have it. Does that mean though, they can overrule it post death of a person? It would seem like really good testimony for the prosecution.

        • I seriously doubt he had started the repentance process, because if he had why do we have pics of him and her on june 4th. I honestly don’t believe much of what his “friends” say.

    • ..if what any of Travis’ friends word are worth a dime. To me this looks like backtracking. They didnt know Travis boy liked sex and was having lots of it, and damn if they cant refute that nasty phone conversation and texting proof… but they CAN claim that he was turning his life around… Bingo.


  10. I am a convert to the LDS Mormon church, my ward is in Boston. Most of the people come here for school, some Harvard & some MIT. Let me tell you, I never felt more shut down by those people who are passive/aggressive and just plain mean. There is something about Mormons that rubs me the wrong way. I dont think Jodi knew these people would turn on her. The one thing ive learned over the last 10 years of being a mormon is there is nothing special about them, they are just like any other person struggling with afflictions and about 90 percent of mormon men are addicted to pornography. its a widely known fact. So when i hear of Travis being a man whore, i believe it 100 percent. i truly dont think Jodi knew that these people would turn on her. And im sure most women were just jealous of her beauty. I dont like to choose sides on who i think is right in all this but i will say the mormon religion is absolutely not what its cracked up to be and 1 other thing that makes me mad is travis’s friends laugh about him being a flirt but its really not funny because he used and disposed of so many women and thats just disgusting to me.

    • Thanks for this insider info which also is 1ßß % in line with my knowledge about the LDS. In fact I’ve seen extraordinary hate being spewed from those people in this church so even worse than other church goers/bigots. It’s a Christian sect with very questionable, in my eyes obvious fraud roots.

  11. There is a bromide in a group I belong to that goes like this: “You are as sick as your secrets.” Travis Alexander was a walking example of this saying. Even his best friends didn’t know the kind of secret life he was leading.
    Anyone who would believe Travis’ good friends only have to listen to the phone sex tape to know he was not the person they make him out to be. The audio tape doesn’t lie.

    • Thats why I have a problem with this story that just came out (after all the secrets were exposed) about how he was going to see his Bishop about this stuff.
      I dont personally believe it, I think it is just newly created. Due to the nature and laws of secrets told to clergy, no one can probably prove or refute this now. Its a last ditch effort to wipe a bit of the dirt off of his name post mortem. IMO.

  12. I have never read anything about the Mormons that is good..Those who are not breaking away from the church and call them self prophets to those who are indulge in sex with children or marrying them off to dirty old men.But i am not surprise because they call that damn joseph smith a prophet.I can’t help but laugh about Joseph being a prophet and that holy ground where according to the mormons he saw some spirit like he is Jesus Christ.The mormons i consider them to be a cult group just like those who believe in Ron Hobbard or what ever that bastard name is.
    Frankly in order for the mormons to cover up TA nasty behavior they will denied everything about TA and toss Jodi to the wolf..Every one of TA friends denied that he was anything like Jodi said,but i wonder how are they going to denied that the voice on the sex tape was TA..Oh my bad they said that Jodi tempted him and he yield to her.Jodi should have send all of those sex tapes and nude pictures to the church oh well they would have cover it up but that would have been sweet revenge..TA is a nasty pig and i am not surprise about the way his life ended.I guess if he was reading and following the word of the true God he would have known better that things that are done in darkness do come to light..or be sure you sin will find you out..Oh give me new york minute break,TA was a virgin before he met Jodi?,,Yeah right.He was a man whore and he misled Jodi and used her as his person sex toy.Jodi should not have joined that cult or listen to TA the devil advocate.TA is a he devil.

    • That’s a sanctimonious sack of shit, as if, such words can baffle anybody with dialogue, and, disingenuous, crap. Admitting, the perversities, of the socalled church, begs the question as to why, the socalled, latterday saints, have not, trashed, the whole, soap opera, “religion,” instead, of, such semantic bullshit, as if, conversely, there was something divine enough, for the real; people of today, to, expose all the clap trap, and, begin a religion, whereby, semantics, is, not, necessary, to account for all those, who were killed, by blood atonement…. where’s the list, of all those who martyred themselves to the antics of bringem Young, brighamist, and, the other, degenerate….who never, practiced what they, preached…??? … And, in addition; so as to dispel any scofflaw, impropiety, of , and by, a church zealot, administrating, Travis’s soul saving ascension to planet playboy, and, all those virgin, angels; just one penny, each, from 14 million delusionaies, and the thousands of wolves in sheeps cover; socalled Mormon, lieyers, would, have, exposed the D.A.s, pandering, for votes…. and, sprung Jodi, eons ago…. Has one penny, been ra\ised by the LSD cult, to protect the innocent….??? Has one Stepford Wife, come forward, to, protect a girl, from the alibiers, who baffle with, bullshit, what, they cannot, dazzle, with, dialogue; as if, the cult actually had any redeeming social value; brainwashing, and, enslaving, those who choose to let, criminals, do their thinking, for, them…. Edgrrr…

    • Yep, nothing more to add.
      Maybe regarding the part about the “true god” but I respect anybod’s belief, even though I’m agnostic. What I can’t stand and despise to the core is hypocrisy, and TA was the epitome of a horrible person and hypecrite.
      I bet Jodi was the first person he had ever sex with that was worth the time and could be caleld sex though – before he layed boring “good” mormon girls and he might have called it sex not knowing better lol.

  13. Means, motive, and opportunity mean nothing and circumstantial evidence means even less! The days of the smoking gun are going forever! There is only one person alive that knows the whole truth to this story and that is Jodi! If you could can you tell us about her. Where is she now? How is she doing? What is she like? Give us Jodi show us she is human she not just a pretty face. You know that T.R. is shown as nice guy with friends with family he was smart very well like by all. I also know what Mormons are like full of BS! I heard he mistreated Jodi OK can you tell us more? I said this because she lie BUT why did she lie because of what he told her or did to her. I thinking she is a victim then she was push to do what she did. I not saying this just for you but to some folks who don’t understand what it is like to be unseen victim and it clear to me that Jodi is an unseen victim! That is very sad to see Jodi in this mess but you can tell her I see her as the angel her family see her and please tell her I send her peace!

    • It takes thumb pressure,to depress the spring clip, on an automatic pistol, magazine, and, forensics, concealed the thumbprint, on the ejected brass, because, they concealed who loaded the gun…. proving, that, it was not, the grandfathers, gun…. Also, the were over a dozen, gun related, home invasions, in, Mesa, which, Jodi, couldn’t have done either, as she was locked down…. How many of those guns were .25 caliber… and, of those, fired, how many, ejected shells, came from, the same box, as, the one, in contention…??? … Acidity, from the thumb, would have etched a discernible, thumbprint…. ..Where, is it….??? …..Edgrrr…

      • All this stuff should come out on appeal or in a new trial. The mountain of evidence hidden,withheld,and accumulated after the trial has grown so large that even jodi haters are not going to be able to deny that they are “compelling”
        Thats not to say,the state didnt/wont hide or destroy evidence that proved/proves her defesne
        IDK why everything about this case screams theres MORE TO THIS STORY!!
        Even tho I know like 95-98% already.
        It just makes no sense. How she went from a photoshoot to Norman Bates in 30 seconds.
        The thing is,its clear after that last Gchat,that it was OVER! Did they talk after that?Was there any record
        of any calls even?
        If she said she met a stalker boyfriend that wanted to kill TA for being TA.I could have bought that.
        When the cop that pulled her over for the upside down plate took the stand.
        He said,there was another car that was with her. someone in front of her,pulled over with her,as he pulled JA over.
        I didnt see this expanded on……did I miss something?
        Was that the mystery guy with the bloody bootprint?
        Did JA team up with someone that she knew TA molested?
        I can totally see JA protecting someone. Why ruin someones life.If its not gona spare her own.
        Like I said. Theres a huge piece of this picture missing. I mean a BIG PUZZLE piece

  14. I just LOVE how so many people here see how what happened is something that could happen everyday. I agree. TA was a user of Jodi. I believe I was in a relationship much like this one. I would keep him happy and “stay sweet” to avoid his wrath. I believed this was my purpose because he told me so. I was in many situations where I felt my safety was at risk and killing him would have been warrented. Imagine if I did it? How could I prove it?

  15. i have quick question for the admins here…who know the case and the news….two nights ago i was watching either nancy grace or that lady who comes on before grace, and they had a man who claimed to be ‘friends of jodi”….(rare as you know…and since that night, not doing it any more)…this man who was only on a phone (no visual) said he talked to jodi alot and then suddenly said something like ” the TRUE story is the second version…she HAS to tell this third story to protect her life….the mormon church could hurt her so she had to change her story” something LIKE this….i didn’t record it. HLN cut him off right after that and he has NEVER been back on the air again…nor have ANY of her supporters. does ANYONE know anything about that news clip, that night? it does match something i read here, in this thread, about there being a true mormon Backstory. that is why i ask. PS bravo to the woman who posted here about abuse and pleasing an abusive man, in the way jodi explains. why do ANY of you feel that mainstream will NOT EVEN entertain her claims of abuse, when they are obvious. even just in the recordings AND the fact that he would NOT truly, make LOVE to her. thanks for caring. about her, but as importantly about ANY woman who has to defend herself, either by lying to save her family and her own life due to patriarchal abuse (either religious OR an individual)…or by having to make a man stop threatening her, by death.

  16. one more question…does ANYONE know what in the world carmen san diego was going on with “roomates” who didn’t know their roomie was DEAD for something like 4 days???!! this is VERY creepy….and suspect, isn’t it? just wondering if there are any spins going down on that front…

  17. I would like to know how someone is aware that there is a mormon on the Jury. Is Someone talking out of court?? someone might want to contact the Judge and let her know that. What I am wondering is did Travis have the knife? if I recall Jodi didn’t know what he did with it after he cut the rope. And how is it that the room-mate who slept on the same floor in the home didn’t smell anything? something is amiss with this whole thing. As for Travis’ friends, it’s easy for you to say all this now, but I don’t believe any of you. All it seems you want is your 15 minutes of fame. keep your chin up Jodi and stay focused.

  18. I just watched this Dateline video and a few points stand out to me. Her “lies” seem to me like someone who is not recalling a violent incident, that it was spotty. She appears to be authentic in her efforts to recall the events of that day. The masked intruders may be what she perceived to be real at the time of the interrogation and were images in her mind that she had suppressed; images of herself and Travis fighting and AFTER she felt in fear of her life. I wonder if Travis was the one who got the gun and held it to her head, like she said in the interview was one of the intruders… that she was in the closet and “he put the gun to my head”. Then maybe Travis shot himself. The gunshot wound could have been done by himself in an attempt at punishing himself for being so malicious. I recall her witnessing on the stand that at one other time, when he was angry with himself for being violent, he ran upstairs from the laundry and began banging his head on the door upstairs. Also, in this video, during the interrogation she said, “I remember he was slumped over on all fours and I asked him ‘what’s wrong?’ and he said get help. SO! maybe he DID shoot HIMSELF and suicide is to some an unforgivable sin. Maybe he ORDERED her to slit his throat, so as to redeem himself. (Mormon practice of spilling ones own blood to save one’s self from their transgressions and eternal dark hell. (?) Maybe she is trying to cover up for what he did to himself. She said during the interrogation as well, that she does NOT remember stabbing him..as per her testimony and I believe she will never recall that, if SHE is even the one who did that. These statements coincide with much of her “memory” she witnesses to on the stand. Her memory is still broken up but her words at the interrogation sound like someone who is authentically confused. Like she is seeing it from another person’s perspective, slow motion. She also mentioned in this video that there are a lot of people who are glad that she is in jail. Maybe she is still doing Travis’ bidding as she did with the sex and now has become HIS sacrificial lamb.

    • Interesting theory. I agree with you about her appearing to be authentic in her efforts to recall the events of that day. Something is amiss with the knife attack Nez alleges she carried out. I don’t care how angry anyone alleges she was at the time, I simply can’t see Jodi slitting the throat of the man she loved. I don’t think she would have been able to do it even if he had begged her to. Also, she has no memory of at all of the knife, but yet readily admits to threatening TA with the gun. Why admit to the gun, but not the knife? I think TA was shot in the head, either by Jodi or accidentally by his own hand, she fled the scene, someone else came in, found him injured, and finished him off. I reckon this case has tentacles stretching way beyond anything we can even begin to imagine.

      • I don’t think she slit his throat either. She cringes when that photo comes up with the blood and all. She would have had wounds all over herself. And what about the car? If she slit his throat she would have been covered in blood and there is NO way there wouldn’t be any blood at all found in that car. Dis forensics even test that rental car for traces of TA’s blood?

  19. Juan Martinez ( snivelling rat) once again succeded in confusing the jury. He also f’d up by attacking a witness who the jury ( in my opinion) could relate too. As far as being unprepared , ( by the witness ) He had in hand the original answer sheets and the original notes. * Rat Boy * is trying to discredit Dr, Samuels,, lame attempt ! I’m sure Samuels will have all nessecary documents in hand tommorrow. * ratboy * did little or no damage in discrediting the ptsd diagnosis which jodi suffers from. Perhaps when this trial is over, ratboy should ask Dr,. Samuels for a self help book ( gift) I think he’s gonna need one!! God Bless Jodi… keep strong! smile

    • I like Dr Samuels. He has an easy demeanor, rather gentle. Nez is acting like a Jackass today (not that that is unusual). But, Nez and Dr S are such polar opposites it’s like there is a powerful repelling force in the courtroom. Nez is pulling at strings with all his ranting, trying to discredit the Dr…. Shame on him! It’s a sure sign,IMO, that he’s a desperate little man resorting to unethical desperate measures.

  20. I believe she may have battered women’s syndrome or something along those lines. I have it although it’s not documented. I know if I get into trouble without it being documented it is what it is. Women are being abused & brutalized in the US every 12 seconds or less. Men need to STOP USING WOMEN. They should enhance sexual prowess within their monogamous relationship/s. Men need to mature up/man up & stop using women to cover up their own insecurities. Good Luck Jodi A. I’m sure she’s afraid of the consequences & that’s why she’s told different stories.

    She should only do half of what ever time the judge imposes and some of that should be under house arrest and she should be free to live her life. She’s already spent four years incarcerated. For using her TA has his share of blame. God rest his soul.

  21. I finally brought myself to watch this and I didn’t like it. It’s swayed by media and TA side of the story. No spotlight on real relationship issues because ofcoourse no ratings to Dateline NBC.

    Wouldn’t it be awesome though if Dateline recorded a new Jodi Arias episode geared towards women suffering from domestic violence? It would totally change people’s opinion about Jodi defending herself and more woman would find the courage to leave their abuser. It just seems that domestic violence is normal and accepted in today’s world. That’s sad.

    Now that she’s convicted of M1…would she have the same judge?

  22. I’m really glad to see a website where people who support Jodi can have their say without being attacked. I’m sick of all the bullies who can’t stand someone who has their own opinion. Hell, whether one supports Jodi, or not, if one says anything slightly doubtful of her guilt, or TA’s sainthood, they’re attacked and racked over the coals. Thank you for this space, SJ.

  23. Mormons nothing against them, but they are just plain snobby. They never go and talk with prisoners or show love towards any of the less fortunate or homeless like Jesus said too..They were snobby looking in court and not one Mormon from the church bothered to talk with Jodi about God in her time of need and hurt….. Travis was their God….

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