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“Along Came Jodi” – Dateline NBC – 3/1/2013

“Picture Perfect” (CBS), Season 2008 Episode 0307 – 3/7/2009

Jodi Arias – CNN Transcript,  9/24/2012

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  1. Jodi I am standing in prayer for you. I pray your life be spared and you walk away a free woman. I am team Jodi all the way.

    • I had a teacher just like Martinez. Kids, including myself got into more trouble for laughing,
      It’s the way Martinez was acting and she wasn’t laughing uncontrollibly and put her head down. Laughing and crying come on some time when you least expect it. I didn’t even notice until the Motor Mouths starting making a deal out of it, like they do the glasses.
      They’re pathetic.

  2. Jodi Arias is innocent and Victory is near. Can’t HLN/ Nancy Disgrace get in trouble for posting pictures from this website without authorization: Jodi’s artwork, because that’s exactly what they did mon. night. Also cant they get in trouble for defamation of character when they say that Jodi slashed his tires, stole his ring, stole the gun from the grandparents,they are saying she stole and vandalized. That just seems illegal to me and way more serious than all the other bs they perpetuate about her solely for the purpose of making money to sell scandal.Drew pin dick is also in this category, the bullies all stick together propagating lies for $. It’s really scary that so many idiots believe what they say without ever questioning their motive or watching any of the trial for themselves. I wish this website could have equal airtime and be on HLN right in between Disgrace and PIn Dicksky. Another scary issue is all the victims that have come out because they can relate to being abused like Jodi.So many women are victims from abusive assholes like Travis.I’m one of them. I’m glad that they have a voice and get support here(the people here are really amazing and supportive, its such a healthy and positive vibe), the complete opposite from HLN- I know I try not to watch but occasionally I’ll catch a glimpse when surfing and then I cant help but get really crazy mad like tonight when they said “Jodi was giving the prosecution a sign for slitting their throat” when all she did was rest her hand under her chin and slightly scratch, the shit they say is just maddening and ludicrous.Half the time its so stupid you just have to laugh- but then you remember that Jodi is fighting for her life and just because they can make more money with lies, they dont care if they kill her by media murder. It could just as easily be you on the stand , millions of people watch this crap and believe it, we have to try and stop the media lies and bullying

  3. This case, like the Anthony and OJ case, show just how mean spirited, vicious, and dangerous media like HN are. They are not what the Framers of the Constitution and Bill of Rights had in mind when they gave the press freedom. Nancy Grace is the sort of sick and twisted person who would, if she could, stir up a mob to storm a jail and hang the defendant. If she had any, any, dignity or honor, she would feel ashamed. But all she cares about is money and being on camera.
    Jodi, you have endured all that has been thrown at you with grace and dignity. You are in my thoughts. Bless you. I support you 100%.

  4. What the hell just happen? I came back to this page and all I saw was that dead pedo ass fucking bastard. Would you fucken haters leave this site be? If I have to jump in my screen and beat you senseless, I will. Ho I forgot you are already senseless.

  5. It drives me crazy everyone Casey’s case was nothing like Jodi’s.I know you weren’t saying anything bad Steve I’m just tired of ppl like Nancy grace and all them saying Jodi’s case is like Casey’s. In on case a child was killed in the other a poor poor chomo was killed.most of us would kill or do something bad to a chomo. Right. Right OK so why is america so gunho about criticizing Jodi when we should be standing on a mounting clapin our asses of and praising her in all reality she did the country a favor and got rid of a sick person.if she had not defended herself I’m sure TA would be in jail for his sick sexuall deisers on Lil boys. Then how stupid would you TA supporters be.. I mean you guys already look stupid. It just makes me sick you all want justice for a chomo. But no get justice for the double life living chomo and put the true victim in jail for life…. Yep sounds about right america. Jodi my thoughts and prayers are with you. Hang in there there are just as many people who support you as those who don’t.its easy to fall victim to believing the media and believing she is a monster. When really the justice syelstem is the monster. If everyone was showed all evidence and testimonials not just those chosen to best help the JM curious. You’d be surprised by how many people would change their mind. I know because I was a puppet of the media and lies myself. And the way they presented it I felt hell yes give that monster death…. Only when I looked for myself and seen the whole story and evidence that was not submitted to court and all the lies and cover ups by the state and others its like wow I’ve been root in for the way wrong team this whole time. So tell me how dose someone like myself who was against Jodi this whole time have such a drastic change of heart…. I quit believing what was being pounded into my head by the media and found things out on my own if everyone did that then maybe things would a turned out different for Jodi. Things can still get better there is still hope for miss. Jodi….. Arias family hang in there

    • It’s never too late to realize you have been fooled by the media frenzy. I find it really ballsy of you to speak up in honesty. I really appreciate that. Welcome to reality, Harmony.

      You are right, Jodi’s and Casey’s cases are totally different. The only thing that they both share is that both women were named the most hated women in the USA. Casey is still in hiding and when Jodi is freed she will be in hiding too. The media and people like Nancy Grace are to fault for that.

  6. The prosecution tried to get her to admit to guilt right on the witness stand. Law twists the facts. They were trying to have me say I had a metal object on a case and later the witness who accused me said she saw no metal object when I greeted her at the door so that is how lawyers wanted me to say I had another object but not a dangerous weapon but a weapon, but lawyers force people to admit to untrue statements for the sake of a fast conviction even for an innocent person. Law should not be based on expediency in conviction but for truth of the facts, no matter how long it takes to reach the truth.

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