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“Jodi you are my new HERO! I just finished watching the end of the prosecutions ridiculous attempt at a cross and you stayed calm, cool and collected. I am in your corner. You stand for every girl who has ever been used and abused by some creep I can tell you are a very intelligent and sweet person. You cannot measure a person’s worth by their worst act. Yes I know what you did was wrong, but I know it was done for a very good reason. I wish you all the best of luck and know we are all beside you!” – Jesse

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  1. I have had a difficult time watching and listening to the media witch hunt that has taken place over the past few years, and especially the past few months. The prosecution blatantly made things up, and made many inappropriate comments simply for the TV cameras to get a rise from those who love to hate. So much for justice.

    The Travis supporters have proven his character by supporting behaviors of hate and anger that most abusive people gravitate towards.

    Domestic violence is no joke when you’ve been through it. I support Team Jodi for fighting through it with honesty and integrity!

    • Jodi, I honestly feel you did what you felt you had to do in an abusive situation, being as i have also been pushed to my limits some abusers will not stop until they suck every last breath out of you. Its sad that abuse has to happen even more sad when our government wont do anything about it until an actual crime happens. I believe it was self defense all the way. Im praying for you

    • I offered support for Jodi on Free Jodi facebook, the hate response was massive and furious.
      I believe most of these Jodi haters are Mormons, they are very organized like the mafia.
      I had to do CEASE AND DESIST!
      I believe that Jodi did what she did to Travis because she was pushed beyond her limit and the guy just would not give up. Nobody would admit a murder like that and they would change their story alot due to shock of it all. Jodi is not a hitman nor a mass-murder. Our society is still in the viking mentality, Travis abused Jodi and provolked. I wonder how many mormon jurors there are?

          • I also thought the media portrayal of Travis as some good upstanding Mormon made me sick. I don’t think he deserved to die for being an abusive scumbag whore, but he doesn’t desrve to be treated as some sort of martyr. Obviously, Jodi needs to pay and serve some time for what she has done, but I don’t believe she deserves death for it. I’m not against the death penalty per se, but I think that it should be reserved for the worst of the worst. No matter how hard I try to hate this woman, I can’t. I understand being treated like garbage by someone who is veiwed as incapable of doing wrong or having malice. Of course, I never acted out in such a brutal way, and my philosophy is fuck em if they can’t see my awesomeness, but having been through the hurt…I just kinda get the hurt she felt. And why does it make her some dirty whore to enjoy sex while the one who lectures others about how to live their lives gets off like a saint once again??

            • Ali, OMGsh I totally agree with you. I have spent probably hundreds of hours studying this case, the relationship of Jodi and Travis, and the trial. Understand this : I am a 47 year old DEVOUT Mormon woman, born into the church, temple endowed, 27 year eternal (temple) marriage, seven children, even have a “high” calling – Relief Society president (LOL…for any who are in the church, these are some pretty huge “card carying” Mormon “credentials”). The thing that surprised me early on as I was learning the facts, was how EMPATHETIC I was towards JODI, NOT Travis. I have to admit, I, Like Ali, the poster above, wanted to be disgusted by Jodi, but I couldn’t be. I thought I should probably hate her, like most Mormon Travis supporters do, but I couldn’t. I was almost ashamed for these feelings, I didn’t know where they were coming from. I started to wonder if there was something WRONG with me. Then I decided to just spend some introspective time, and through much pondering, meditation and even some prayer, to put this into perspective for me, I figured it out. TRAVIS ALEXANDER WAS A TERRIBLE PERSON! He was an absolute FRAUD, as far as “real” Mormons go. Sorry, he was. I am a faithful member of the church, Travis Alexander was as far away as one can get from being a faithful member of the church! What in the HELL does anyone see in this young man?? That he is a murder victim?? OK, that is horribly sad and awful, yes. What else?? HUH?? NOTHING GOOD!! He lived the life of a FRAUD, every second, every minute, every hour, every day. PERIOD. BUT….I am not talking about the sex, like everyone else. I am talking about so, so much more than SEX. There was so much about him that was not in harmony with ANY RELIGION, let alone Mormonism. I’m talking about the HUGE, mount Fuji sized EGO he had. I am talking about making a living from a ponzi scheme, and scamming innocent people so he can come off as being “successful” the EASY way, without an education to speak of. I am talking about his not honoring his sacred priesthood he possessed. I am talking about the dishonest, CRUEL, BLACK-HEARTED, SOUL-LESS way in which he treated WOMEN! Gosh, and especially Jodi. This poor young woman! He didn’t just hurt her feelings. He CONSISTANTLY, PURPOSLY demeaned her, demoralized her, belittled her worth, rejected her, abandoned her, broke her HEART, CRUSHED HER FEELINGS, tormented her, the list goes ON and ON!! Yeah, sure he was a nasty, gross, little “man whore” himself, who couldn’t keep his THANG in his pants, and that goes completely against the teachings of HIS RELIGION, and made him an absolute hypocrite every single solitary SECOND that he proclaimed to be an active Mormon. But that is tiny, really miniscule in comparison to the ABOMINABLE WAY in which he demoralized this poor young daughter of God. He KNEW that Jodi kept coming back, and back, and back out of LOVE. He KNEW she was having sex with him because she loved him, and also in order to please him so that he would commit to her. OF COURSE HE KNEW HE WAS LEADING HER ON! He knew it, yet he chose to keep doing it over and over and OVER. Jodi had/has a TON of serious psychological issues, and she behaved very badly in this relationship as well, as far as the snooping, spying,stalking, invading his privacy, etc. We all know how we feel as women when we are rejected by a man we care very deeply for, and he toys with our emotions. OUCH!!!!! Come on you Travis supporter women! You know how much he hurt her!! ON PURPOSE!! He called her at night for bootie calls, then the NEXT DAY would have these seemingly virginal ice cream and movie dates with Molly Mormon, making it clear he thought of these girls as SO MUCH BETTER and WORTHY than Jodi. WOW, what a horrible little prick! I’m not excusing those “bunny boiler” things she did. But there were understandable reasons why she was driven to that! Look….I don’t care WHAT feminists out there say. Every “normal” woman ON THIS PLANET cannot in all honesty deny that when she gives herself to a man, in a sexual way, she gives him A SPECIAL, SACRED PART OF HERSELF! That she feels that she in many ways BELONGS to a man with whom she is having sex! Especially regular, frequent sex. Nope, tell me all day long that is wrong and I will say you are not being honest. Women CONNECT and BOND with men through sex. Men DO NOT always normally do that. Women almost almost ALWAYS DO! I believe 100% that even though everyone is making Jodi out to be this way experienced, super sexually experienced, sexually aggressive, dominant NYMPHO….I believe she was just a vulnerable young girl, who used her huge sex appeal to try DESPERATELY to bond with men. Bond with Travis. Find true and everlasting LOVE. And that little hurtful prick (sorry! that is awful but I think he was) used that VERY raw, vulnerable part of Jodi SOLELY TO GRATIFY HIMSELF. That’s ALL! He tore her heart out and stomped on it, and however HORRIBLE her actions were, I believe that poor girl just could not take ONE MORE MILLISECOND of being used by the man she loved so much, gave herself so completely to. She snapped. The damn broke. I feel very badly for Travis’ family and friends for their loss. Very, deeply sorry. I feel WORSE for the loss of Jodi’s chance at her life here on earth. What a tragedy. All she wanted was what all women have wanted from the beginning of time. What Eve wanted from Adam. To be cherished like she cherished him, to be adored like she adored him, to be LOVED like she loved him. Instead , she was driven to what I truly believe in my heart of hearts was temporary insanity. God will be her ultimate judge.

              • Thank you for your thoughtful, kind and insightful words SuziN. I truly appreciate them because you have made me realize there are Mormons who are not like the hate filled blood thirsty ones that are trying to kill Jodi! I say I’m sorry to you because I had started to believe all of the Mormons were all the same and I can see you do have a heart and extreme intelligence! Thank you for speaking up and I am sorry if my words have ever hurt you or your religion. Please forgive me.

              • SuziN, thank you for your comment. You are right: not all people are the same. Thank you for your honesty! Hope to see you here more often.

              • Suzi,

                OMG! I loved every word you just wrote. You sound like such an insightful person, such a deeply caring one. Everything you said was TRUE. 100% true. And coming from a Mormon, I appreciate it even more.
                Travis’ behavior has painted all of you Mormons (and subsequently your religion too) in a bad light; people like myself who have never had any knowledge of the Mormon religion thought it must be a religion where hypocricy and leading a double life is common among members.
                Of course this was all Travis. Travis was the one making up rules, editing like a director the parts he did not like and abiding by the ones that were not difficult to follow. Travis was the one lying, making a mockery out of the Law of Chastity! No, I do NOT blame Jodi; at least not as MUCH. She was NOT born into the church, she very much relied on Travis’ knowledge of the Book of Mormons (though she had read it and thus has a share of responsibility) and the Mormons teachings, she would take his word because it was both convenient (yes, she did very much loved him and desired him) and because Travis’ word was sort of sacred to her.

                It was Travis who ridiculed and HUMILIATED the LDS church and its teachings and to be honest I’m shocked and appalled that there are no members protesting and speaking out against him but sanctifying him instead!

                • High Maria, Sorry I’ve been away for a while handling family matters, but I’m still-and always will be- in JODI’s corner. As for SuziN’s comments I whole-heartedly agree with her view on turdis assexander; however, I believe that it was self-defense on JODI’s part

              • Hi SuziN, strong and informative words. It is good to get your perspective, both as a woman as well as a active Mormon person. I also believe Jodi gave herself to Travis in such a way to fill a void in her heart and wanted him to have the same feelings as her. It is shameful that Travis in his interpretations of Jodi’s actions and feelings didn’t slowly pull away, but actively took advantage of her and her body, specially when Jodi converted to Mormonism. I believe Jodi does not deserve the death penalty for her actions. I hope the court and legal proceedings do go in her favour, gaol is a harsh environment. Reading the rules, the meals and the daily routines, is something no one would wish on any one, let alone for decades to come. All the best and let’s pray for Jodi.

            • I agree totally, if travis didn’t want her anymore he should have made a clean break not string her along and treat her like garbage. I WISH someone had intervened and pulled her aside to tell her life goes on and help her heal over the break up. I would make the statement to his friends and family that I HOPE the Mormon church does a better job of teaching the men of the church how to treat women with respect.

        • You are a hater & a loser. What do you dislike about a person who had the courage to fight for her life. I think you are misinformed. If you have watched HLN at all, then you have been brainwashed just the rest of the Travis Taliban.

          They have lied consistently thru this whole ordeal. And stick up for their useless little cult, and it’s members. They will say untruths as long as it fits their agenda, and will defend a man who had so much hate stuffed way down inside himself, but would not , or could not seek help to heal from it.

          Jodi, is a sweet, wonderful, and strong woman, not to mention beautiful. I’m proud to support her. If you have followed the case, and not been brainwashed by the haters, and the prosecution, you would see their case makes no sense. It is backed up by misinformation, innuendo, and out & out lies. Grow up, and listen to the reality of this case. If you do honestly you will, change your mind. We can always use some extra support.

          • That’s right !! You tell them ,…….. amen ………. :)Jodi is innocent!
            Innocent ! Free jodi ! Free jodi! !!!!

    • I’ve been following this case off and on. I looked through all the data I possibly could find on your case. Watched the interrogation video’s. Looked at the pathologist reports, crime scene and autopsy photo’s.
      People, women in particular do not like you because they’re not used to seeing someone as unpretentious as you. Humanity is used to seeing others as calculated and selfish. So when we see someone who is actually decent, we treat them as suspect.

      Your a good woman! Do not let them destroy you. Do not let them re-victimize you. I know it’s easier said than done, but keep your head held high and know that you are a good woman.
      Women are suppose to support each other, but unfortunately only a small percentage of women have the inner strength to do so.

      The main problem you have with your situation in general, is that each and every woman see’s a bit of herself in you. To many women it scares the hell out of because they’re afraid to admit that they have been victimized and what we are capable of when pushed to our limit.

      Be strong Jodi…your representing the women around the globe without a voice. Your strength of character in example that will help other women. (wither many admit to it or not).

      You are in my prayers.

      • Im a 26 year old woman from Ohio, and I completely stand behind this statement and for Jodi. Men can be like wolves in sheeps clothing. Even though I am out of my relationship with my ex. I am still constantly being attacked and provoke, emotionally/verbally, defamation, threats, stalking…etc. I now suffer from Extreme/Panic Disorder and Agoraphobia due to all the stress and fear associated to my abuser. Most of society just doesnt get it. I am so sorry that Jodi is in the position she is in. But i can deeply understand her and what lead her to do what she did.

        – Anonymous Supporter

    • Stay strong Jodi. People are so quick to judge and hate though they are fortunate enough not to be going through what you’re going through, or experiencing life from your point of view. You are a survivor. Everybody makes mistakes; it’s unbelievable how society expects individuals to be perfect in every way. You don’t deserve to lose your life, or spend the rest of it in prison. Here in Scotland Capital Punishment was abolished years ago and hopefully one day America will do the same. I’m 16 years old and I have never felt so strongly about anything like this before and seriously, I don’t know how I could wake up every day and hold my head high under those circumstances. I just wish more people would give you more support and stand up for you. You have supporters from all around the world, here in the UK, everywhere. We love you! x

  2. I haven’t posted anything anywhere. Have just watched the trial, kept my mouth shut, kept an open mind. Watched and listed to the closing arguments, and have thought long and hard all weekend. As a juror, in my opinion, that would be a short deliberation for a decision so important. I am not saying guilty or not, I am saying I do believe Mr Nurmi did succeed in saving Jodi’s life from the DP. They cant prove premeditation. However felony murder 1 is still there, that could keep her in there for life. But at least her life would be spared, and that was one of their primary jobs. So, now, I need to go play back some recorded court stuff, and deliberate some more. I only hope the jury will be as attentive.

  3. Hi Jodi,
    I want you to know that I am praying for you every day. I know what you went through, because I have family members that were victims of domestic violence. What angers me the most is that no one feels that the statement Travis made on the sex tape, about you sounding like a 12 year old school girl having her first orgasm is SICK and totally wrong!! Who says something like that? Stay strong, and remember that NOT everyone hates you!!
    Paula Hernandez

      • Excuse- me Mary morales, I have a question for you; The “Prayers” are going out to whom really ? Because on this page, the Prayers on here is ONLY for Jodi Ann Arias and her family …

        Prayers for Travis Alexander belongs on his family website. You just can´t pray for both on her, because they are wishing Jodi the death penalty… You see now, it can be only for family Arias on here… !!!

  4. How much I wish for this never to have happened, for you to never have crossed paths with him–right now, your life would be unfolding as intended by God, a life befitting an intelligent, articulate, beautiful young woman. I catch myself thinking how such a talented, smart person could have allowed herself to be demeaned by anyone, let alone by someone who seemed to be, at best, a somewhat pompous mediocre…although, truth be told, we have all made our share of ill advised choices and endured the fustian tendencies of some. I just wish all this had never happened and that you could be free to pursue your life objectives. I think that what occurred that horrible day is between you and God, and that he is the ultimate Judge of us. Strength and forgiveness can only come from Him.

    J. A

  5. My ex husband, also mormon, abused me since I was 16yo when we got married. So many times i almost made the same mistake Jodi did, but somehow the cards just fell diffrently. Guilty or not, God is the only judge that matters. God bless you Jodi. I will say a prayer for you and you keep being strong.

  6. I definitely want a black Survivor shirt and support victims of domestic violence. Jodi has my prayers and needs to shout her story to the world. She is a Survivor!

  7. Jodi I know this outcome was a devastating one. Hang in there don’t give up! There are many of us supporting you!! Don’t listen to the haters!!!!

  8. Hi Jodi, I have watched the trial from beginning to end. I am a supporter of yours. I am very sorry, you were found guilty. I feel that you should had been set free. Hang in there. I will be praying for you and your family. Please take good care of yourself. You are a Survivor!

  9. Jodi- we know the true you. Not the one portrayed by the media or other ignorant people out there. You are a true survivor. We will always love and support you.
    Hi from Aunt Susie

  10. Jodi,
    People love you and care about you!! Even people you don’t know! I wish I could have been your friend. I wish SO MUCH that I could have helped you before things got so bad. I feel so sad about what’s happening to you. There are so many things I wish I could say to you.It breaks my heart what you are going through right now.
    Please remember YOU ARE NOT ALONE!!! I don’t pray very much, but I do pray for you & pray that God gives you comfort. I don’t know you but I do care about you.


  11. Jodi-
    I feel for you. The media is portraying you as the devil and Travis as an angel (which he was FAR from). He used and abused you both sexually and emotionally. You finally stood up for yourself and for all of us who have ever been hurt by a man. It’s a shame that it had to come to this, but it WAS NOT first degree murder. I only hope Travis gets what he deserves on the other side. I support you 100% and would like to write to you in jail if that is possible. Stay strong and you always have an appeal.
    Praying for you,
    Jenna in las vegas

    • Well said Jenna! I also think it is funny that everyone says Travis was respectful wtih them and his aggressive sexuality with Jodi was a side they are shocked about…So obviously there was a side to Travis they did not know! But instead of connecting the idea of abuse they BLAME Jodi. Like she had magic powers and seduced him to act evil. If you didn’t know he was acting out on rape fantasies with Jodi….why is it not possible you didn’t know he would hit her?

      Like you… I don’t excuse what she did but..she is a human being and can’t magically control someone. As much as Nancy Grace wants to think.

  12. You are a good person who made a bad decision. You deserve a second chance! Thinking of you
    P.s. you are a talented artist (i looked at your paintings for sale online)

  13. I’m with you Jodi.. Keep your chin up. As I’ve watched this whole thing unfold I’ve wondered to myself what if she had just been shown love.., you know, the way men act when they know how to treat their woman like a lady. Things would have been so different. Instead he chose to user her like a sex toy for cheap thrills. The things he said and did to you.. it’s not normal. Those are thoughts of a depraved individual made that way by a repressive over-reaching cult religion (which I at one time even belonged to myself). In his own way he was lashing out and you were the unfortunate target.

    I’m not giving you a blanket pass here.. What you did was wrong – in the extreme.. but a cold blooded killer you’re not. You had a break – a mental break. I know it, we all know it. At best this was self defense and at worst – a reckoning. In my mind the evidence suggests a woman who had been mentally, physically, and emotionally, damaged by an abusive and sexually deviant partner who was pushed too far once too many times.

    Godspeed Jodi Arias. May you find some comfort and eventually real justice.
    -Adam in AZ

  14. I am still shocked that people can just close a blind eye of the devastation it is to women to be used for sex, play games with them, the double standard that if a woman has sex she is a whore but a man, well he is just being a man. Women are lied to, abused,, threatened, told one thing to your face then slam you to their buddies and so called friends.
    Travis was all about two faces, one for business, money and net working, the other his real sick side. I am sad it all happened but there are 1, 900 women murdered by men yearly, this does not include all the horrific things done to them. Yearly. 89% of homicides are by men. There are 3,500 men on death row in the USA–only 49 women. I listened to the Travis tapes, seems his family has not. I understand their love for him, but be REAL and Honest, he was a fake, not some virginal guy that some women made him some sex deviant. He had demons and used Jodi. and liked it. I am also shocked with the violence against women in this country so many women still do not stand up for other women, instead they still think they must have asked for it.
    People are closing their eyes to all this.
    Appeal–there are so many messed up issues in this trial. After watching more than 200 I was astonished of the things allowed. Was not fair.

  15. The verdict is wrong on so many levels. I believe in our justice system and I believe it works when it properly functions… In this case there’s clearly so much dysfunction it’s sickening. I’m stunned, I’m shocked, and I’m extremely disappointed… We have jury problems here and it’s so very clear! A removed juror stating they are doing crosswords and such in court??? Playing on iPads??? In the court??!?? What in the world. I’m so horrified. The media coverage stained the jury. The jury stained the verdict. Now I pray Jodi’s blood doesn’t stain the jury members hands. The court officers, Judge included, allowed this trial to become a circus… Beyond a reasonable doubt in this is absent… There’s so many plausible possibilities as to what happened in that bathroom. There’s to many questions to throw the full weight of the law upon Jodi.
    My prayers be with Jodi and family. Please stand tall and together and please let Jodi know we are rooting for her… We support her… Her life means something to us. Love to her.

  16. We all have our own reasons to do what we do and we might never know yours for doing what we all know but God does so if he whants you to die or live its because he has something for you and is not here. So God bless you Jodi.

  17. how can we live in a country that treats it’s women this way. does anyone doubt that travis flipped out when jodi dropped his new camera? makes me ashamed to be a man. i am standing for jodi!

    • Amen to that Bill… Exactly my sentiment. How can this jury be so heavy on her when there’s so much evidence that he treated her so horrible and with so much contempt and cruelty. It’s just gross.

  18. Jodi, oh I wish you would have just walked out and left that day. it sucks that u felt u had no other choice. Ive been in very abusive relationship, and he nearly strangled me to death, blacked my eyes shut. but I gave as good as I got. I finally moved away and got past it. the reason i stayed with abusive guy for so long is because I had such a low self esteem, thanks to him and my upbringing was very negative atmosphere. anyway…I just wish u wouldve just left, hummed the camera at him and left. he continued to use u for sex, just as my ex did me, and talk to you like a dog, just as my ex did to me, in hopes u would go away. and it backfired on him. Some men prey on the insecure cause they know they can treat them like shit and they will just take it. well I hope men will wake up, and realize u cant treat women like dogs and expect them to take it for a very long. yes u should have walked away, I so wish u had got mental help. cause whether or not u believe it, You do have mental problems. otherwise u would have never settled for less, you would have never allowed him to verbally abuse u and you wouldnt have killed him.. Im not saying what you did was right, it was so wrong…but I can understand how it happen. you snapped. anyway, Good luck with everything.

  19. Jodi, I am a strong supporter of yours! I have been from the onset, and I will be til the end! I even went as far as calling HLN and defending you to their anchors! I am a survivor of domestic violence myself, and I know first hand how the friends and family of the abuser enable them by defending their actions! At one point, my former mother-in-law went to the extent of telling people that I “beat myself in the face with a yellow flashlight!” just to defend her son! I believe in you, and your innocence! When this trial is officially over, you will be granted an appeal! On that appeal, use the fact that your defense team tried to remove themselves from this case multiple times! That should be enough to get a new trial, with new jurors! Stay strong chica! I know right now it doesn’t seem like justice has prevailed, but it will! Don’t let this break your spirit!

  20. HLN is such a pathetic Network which seems to promote a lot of hatred and most of them like Dr Drew his sidekick Jenny ,Vinny, mark and Nancy Grace, Beth, andso many more not even worth mentioning all their names, it is pathetic on the way they continue to broadcast everyday like they are surprise what happened in your trial, just wanted to let you know I do feel for you and your family it must be extremely hard what your family is going through there are two families involved which may be hurting and its unfortunate that HLN only can see one side hurting and not the other. I can see that you and your family are going through a lot of pain as well. I am sure glad that all those idiots at HLN don’t run our government or we would really be screwed.they are pathetic to support the death penalty that is barbaric and an eye for an eye mentality that should not exist in the 21st century.I feel for you and your family and hope something good can come out of all of this that has happened.I wish you well.

  21. wish you all the best I’m for you but once you are in the system you are in… Stay strong and fuck the state of Az

  22. Jodi,
    I am so sorry that you got sucked up into the vaccum of people who claim to be righteous, God fearing and ready to do the will of the creator, but they are the opposite…Your care-takers should have alerted you to this at an early age , but alas this is not your “story ” Keep you spiritual energy up and you will prevail…
    Wishing you Solace and Sustenance

  23. I think it is really important that we remember, in spite of the constant misinformation from the media and from the Mormon based foundations, that Jodi did nothing wrong–self defense is okay the last time I checked. Jodi is being crucified for not passively allowed Travis to kill her. There was no way for her to “walk out of that house”–she was being chased, her life was in danger, and she defended herself in the best way she could. THAT is what the evidence shows–and for some strange reason, it seems that Jodi was always already guilty because she was a woman who survived an attack by an oh-so-holy Mormon man whose disrespect for woman has been proven multiple times.

    If it’s tough for his family to see what an absolute waste of air and light their Travis was, tough. That does mean that Jodi should be locked away forever or die in order to somehow exonerate what cannot be exonerated–we all know the truth about Travis and that is never going to go away, no matter what is done to Jodi.

  24. I wish the survivor shirts came in bigger sizes! I would love one and would like to get one as a gift for my mom, but XL isn’t going to cut it 🙁 We support Jodi, think of her constantly and I’m going to write to her this week.

  25. Hi Jodie I just want to let you know that my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family keep strong stay positive never surrender never give up I would love to be able to write you a letter and have you write me remember God is great. I hope someday I will be able to receive a letter from you and maybe we can build a friendship much love Tyler

  26. Jodi, you are a survivor, and your story is very similar to mine , years ago.
    I feel a deep sadness at the treatment of your case and how you were
    not given the opportunity to have a sequestered jury . How you were treated by HLN, and all
    the pundits who portrayed you as guilty of premeditated in the court of public appeal. I know you will
    pray for these lost souls also. You are the only one who knows the true horror of what happened, as all
    survivors do. Your eloquence shone through in your final statement to the jury. There is a light inside of you that shines with the truth. As a survivor, I am shaken to my foundations that your case was a circus and justice has been cast aside for ratings. The prayer I send for you is that God will shine here and cast light into your darkest hours. Thank you Jodi.

  27. How much money of each t-shirt sale is donated and what are the names of the organizations receiving the money?

    • Why don’t you contact the family and ask them yourself? Why would that info be listed that information on the website? So you haters can stalk and harass the shelters she donates?

      • This response is off-putting. Why label michele as a hater as her post is indifferent. If you’re unaware, please either say you’ll check with the family and get back to those interested, whether they’re supporters or not.

        Jodi did state, “100% of the proceeds” whereas here it’s “A portion of the profits”. If it’s the latter, so be it, if some goes to the cause and some goes to Team Jodi. Regardless of Jodi and her trial, transparency is a reasonable request with charities if such isn’t clear. Sadly there are many so called non-profit organizations and donations that aren’t really what they claim to be. Those taking advantage of tragedies like the recent Oklahoma tornado disaster for personal gain being the worst of them. I am NOT accusing just stating I understand how some may question and have concern.

        Personally, I’d directly donate to a cause and skip wasting portion of the money on something to [vainly] advertise I donated. Here such an option isn’t available but should be. Best wishes.

        • I gave the appropriate directions. Contact the website owner which is not me or the family. Have a nice one 🙂

  28. I’ve been watching the trial from the beginning and i think it was all in self defense. When they came down with the verdict I truly Thot it was going to be 2nd degree or manslaughter. I was blown away to see hear it’s far worse. I’m hoping that they will have a heart and see the real you and give you life. Jodi my dear you are in my prayers and hope you hold your head high. Hoping for the Best for you.


  30. Jodi,

    I hope you come through. No matter what happens, someone as creative, intelligent and gifted should never be sentenced to die. I hope the jury is competent enough to realize that and spare you your life.


  31. I believe in Jodi. I’ve been watching HLN for the last part of this trial and boy oh boy I can’t stand the way that these news people are only dwelling on the worse of Jodi. But guess what I am behind her 100% cause I believe that she was only defending herself from a monster who everyone now is claiming to be a “nice guy” but who knows what Jodi really went through only she does and from past abusive relationship where I wanted to protect myself from my abusser but just couldn’t do it the way Jodi did I strongly believe that she is all women that has been abused inspiration. Not saying that she did a good thing but I believe that she did what she had too in order to save her life. Love you Jodi even thought i don’t really know you and you are in my prayers. Stay strong and remember that god never forsakes nor forgets non of his children.

  32. 1: -i’am for jodi .
    2: I believe her.
    3: I pray for her and her family….
    4: set Jodi Free!!!…
    5: Jodi is innocent .!
    6: SET JODI FREE. !!!
    7: people please STOP being so HATEful .!
    8. What if it was U- or u’r DAUGHTER ,
    Mother- Sister- anyone in u’r family.? !?….
    9: women shout to stop D V –
    10: We LOVE JODI ARIAS .!!!
    GOD BLESS ALL WOMEN .!! 🙂 <3
    Thank – you .

  33. It scares me think of how many people in our country have been so easily brainwashed by the media, especially HLN, concerning this trial. Dr Drew should especially be ashamed of himself! The “letter” sent to him by this site was excellent and right on. I feel terrible for his family!
    This young woman did not get a fair trial and we all need to do something immediately to try and help her. I have sent out many letters but apparently to no avail. We all need to keep trying. We need more honest and caring people like Alyce Laviolette in our world. Stay strong Jodi!

  34. So—Got my Jodi-‘Survivor’ tee shirt! I have posted a link to this page for order purposes on my own site–not sure it will stimulate any sales–have gotten a few nasty emails but that actually only serves to galvanize my belief that AZ vs Arias WILL BE OVERTURNED.

    I bought the black tee, but have now ordered white as well (^0^).

    I wish I could find a constructive way to be of more help to Jodi and her plight—- I remain ironclad in my resolve that this judicial travesty should be reversed.

    My thoughts and prayers remain with Jodi and the Arias family.
    Godspeed. n.

  35. Jodi, you got caught up in a bad situation which certainly was not your fault and now they’ll make you a scapegoat — boy, does that sound familiar. I, too, have been in love and been betrayed. Noone can put blame on someone unless they’ve walked in their shoes. Keep the spirit and know that I’m with you.

  36. Jodi, can you see when someone donates to your personal account there? I have made two deposits into your account to help you afford your writing supplies and help you keep up the fight. I know a great deal about your situation and I believe in your innocence with all my heart. May God be with you. Please let me know if you received my deposits.

    Johnny A.

    • No. She doesn’t see when someone donates to her commissary. She only knows that someone donates. You need to write her and tell her it was you.

        • Oh Alyce La Violette rocks! They say she was sexists and biased and much of that is due to her sexuality which is ridiculous! I learned so much from her testimony about abusive relationships. At the time she was practicing, men didn’t report DV!!! She was a pioneer. She cares about men too.

          Love your comments MAD 🙂

  37. I am not Mormon, but I totally agree with this! I have been treated horribly by men in my life, and believe me, even though I’m now a Pastor, I must admit I have envisioned myself murdering the ones who hurt me in this same way, in my heart. I had to ask God’s forgiveness many times. I didn’t kill anyone, but the thoughts came to mind, as I said. God gets them eventually, as I have seen, but I think because Jodi was pushed so far, she DID snap and it started happening with the “bunny boiler” behavior. Had she had friends support, maybe they could have helped defuse the situation. It looks like ppl turned their backs on her or just ignored her at every turn, so she really had no one as she suffered in silence, and her mental state kept darkening until she could no longer tell reality from thoughts of vengeance. I feel sorry for her! I feel sorry for Travis’ family too for their loss, but you are right about his mistreatment of women! I haven’t met a man who is any different that him though. I’m married for the 3 Rd time, and was set free by bible standards as they committed adultery…the two exes. My husband now has never cheated, but I would probably snap if he did because I have been through so much, and he knew my pain from the past. Anyone who plays on another person’s pain and fears as Travis did to Jodi for their own joy, is a total prick, and I guess eventually it catches up with them. He pushed her to her breaking point. Given the tight circumstances, we ALL break, and she finally did. Enough was too much. She should have only gotten s manslaughter charge, demanded to spend her time in a facility that does counseling for a few years to build her back up so she can function normally again, then let out to live her life. Punishing someone by caging them in is not the answer for Jodi. Travis is gone in s horrific death, but the other men in her life who hurt her so badly before Travis, the ones who helped lay the groundwork for Jodi’s mental and emotional state, should be locked up away from women and demanded to take classes in how to love and treat a woman! Maybe there should be dating classes before sex education in schools so this kind of thing stops? People date to find a compatible mate. They should learn how to break up without devastating someone, and not to use them in any way. In a perfect world…yeah, I know…but I taught my son how to treat women. His first wife used him that way and they divorced because SHE had no moral compass. It goes both ways. But yes…Jodi was used, abused, and thrown out like garbage. She simply snapped! Who wouldn’t when you give your ALL and then either women are paraded in front of you as potential bether-than- you mates?!!? It makes me furious that everyone is treating Travis as if he were as innocent as Jesus really was, and murdered for no reason! As if he were a martyr!!! I’m not saying he deserved it, as nobody deserves what he got, but he treated her like crap, she snapped, the end. I pray for all involved.

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