With The Law of Attraction getting mentioned almost every trial day for the past few weeks — and with so many people emailing me and asking me about it — I thought I’d include the full 90 minute movie of “The Secret” here in this page, so everyone can watch it and of course benefit from it. I watched it when it first came out back in 2006, and it’s had a really profound effect on my life ever since. I can’t recommend it highly enough.

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Introduction to The Secret:

The Secret Has Traveled Through Centuries To Reach You
And Reveals The Single Most Powerful Law In The Universe.

No matter who you are, no matter where you are, you can change your life. This is The Secret to prosperity, health, relationships and happiness.

Rhonda Byrne’s discovery of The Secret began with a glimpse of the truth of life within a 100-year old book. She went back through the centuries, tracing and uncovering The Secret that lay at the core of the most powerful philosophies, teachings and religions in the world. What Rhonda discovered is now captured in The Secret, a film that has changed billions of people’s lives across the planet…

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To learn more about the Law of Attraction, click here to visit the official website of The Secret.



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Never doubt it.

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  1. SJ….Thanks for posting this link to The Secret…years ago I bought the book and then the dvd…reading the book and watching the dvd confirmed all of my childhood teachings from my parents about being positive in everything that I do…

    My parents were pretty much from the old school about many things…but they only allowed us to speak positive things in the family…no negative talking was ever allowed…my father was a very successful businessman and he taught us well…

    I feel the secret would benefit many people if they just took the time to read it…reading the book will help with the understanding that a lot of what we are already doing each and everyday is being a part of the connection with our inner selves…and it is this positive mindset with the inner self that helps you achieve your dreams and realities…

    You believe it and it will happen…

    You can sign up to receive Rhonda Byrne’s periodic emails…reading them for the past several years has been both inspirational and rewarding for me and many others…read the positive comments that she has received from many people…

    • SJ…. thank you for the secret video. I told you my secret on the page you sent me I don’t know if you have read it or not but what I said I beleive with all my heart and now I will use this video and its teaching to make that secret to help Jodi ….

      • This is a troll with the NEW email name of horsenaround.heather@ (Im much too nice to past that part) .com

        This is the FIFTH time she had make it past the blocks and posted by using a proxy and making fake emails.

        • The difference between you and your colleagues is that none of you have examined and spent time evaluating Ms. Arias. Opening yourself up to tantrums and drama? Really? What a savvy way to introduce yourself. I question the credentials you say you have based on your introductory post. Please don’t waste your valuable time patronizing us with anti-jodi rhetoric under the guise of fake credentials and invisible allies.

          • JC, those aren’t even credentials….LOLOL

            Heather h, Having a degree is great, but if you don’t have practical and real life work comparable to that of ALV, AND you haven’t done the evaluation, then your opinion means nothing except to yourself and other judgmental people.

        • I don’ think it takes a PHD in Psy to figure out that Jodi has issues? However, your statement that the “expert” I will put in quotes only as you did, because I think your quotes should have been followed by a HUGE question mark, if honest? Did not have a chance to be heard as an expert? Between the on going objections, and sidebars,dirty looks and out right condemnation of her. ALV was completely over taken by ignorance! She was basically called a liar, biased, and money hungry…all because she used the YEARS of experience, compassion, and endless amounts of knowledge on battered women to access Jodi. Had she been welcomed, and treated in the manner in which the grossly inexperienced and biased Dr. Dimarte was, it would have been a completely different “feel” to her testimony. I cannot imagine anyone with problems confiding in that cold, judgemental girl? ALV Knew if she were going to get from Jodi what she needed to accurately access her…she had to as she said…get her trust…and be genuine. So, I would have to agree, while you subtly stated that you thought the State or Court needed to sort this out….PLEASE remember there are reputations and MONEY to be made off of convicting Jodi Arias! And the State, the Courts,nor anyone else in the Judicial system CARES if anything get sorted out? So, save your phony condescending remarks…people on this site are fed up to the teeth with those who think they “know” Jodi or what she did or what she needs! Everyone wants to play the expert…yet you can’t see one or will not believe one when they are right in your face.

          • Cheryl,

            That person is not a real shrink. I deleted her comment. She has been using proxies and other means to slip past mod for months. She is a psycho and I don’t use that word often.

    • I started watching the first prosecutor witness. Poor choice for a witness, young, inexperienced, doesn’t matter how many degrees you have. This was extremely evident when she started putting down “The Secret” and the use of positive thoughts and thinking. Although in the Scientific Psychiatric world it isn’t called “The Secret” but it is called Cognitive Therapy by Aaron Beck. Very well respected therapist from The University of Pennsylvania. This therapy is used frequently in anxiety/depression areas. Also mood disorders. If we traced where “The Secret” got it’s origin we could probably also find that Cognitive Therapy got it’s origins in similar somewhat parallel fashion. I wish the defense could point this out. Aaron Beck’s scales are used by practically 98% in the psychiatric world. His therapeutic measures are highly respected and used for real life therapy. This prosecutor witness should know this with all her schooling. She clearly doesn’t live up to the level of education she claims. Plus for being clinical in psychology she doesn’t understand the therapies or therapeutic value. Please, Defense Team question her so the prosecutors witness is shown for her lack of experience and inability to retain scholastic knowledge in the courtroom.

    • I wasn’t able to watch it here but saw what it said was the full movie on you tube and it was very inspirational!! Also, very much puts JA in perspective!! Thank you so much for bringing this into my life!

  2. I am greatly concerned by that way that Jodi has not be entitled to a FAIR TRIAL. Idiots in the social media have mobbed her and her witnesses making it at this point impossible for her to get a fair judgement. This should not be allowed. I hope that she is able to het a new trial and that the TV cameras aren’t allowed to see & hear what is going on the courtroom. Justice for Jodi!

  3. I am greatly concerned by the fact that Jodi has not be entitled to a FAIR TRIAL. Idiots in the social media have mobbed her and her witnesses making it at this point impossible for her to get a fair judgement. This should not be allowed. I hope that she is able to get a new trial and that the TV cameras aren’t allowed to see & hear what is going on the courtroom. Justice for Jodi!

    • I agree that Jodi will have a hard time getting a fair trial. I can only hope the jury listens to the judges instructions and follows the law. What the media is doing is so very very wrong. It is like a witch hunt. They are ready to burn her on the stake.
      I cannot imagine someone like her committing such a violent crime, and doing so with competent mental faculties. It is just not possible. I do believe she blacked out during this crime.

      I also can clearly see that Travis had issues, and their relationship was toxic. You don’t just snap and go into a frenzied rage like this for no reason.

  4. I feel for her,I’m in a domestic abuse relationship as I speek,I almost got out of it and got a restraining order only to be made to shread it,I only know that I would be capable of this on the days he is laying loose (witch is daily)if I were to finally snap and fight back,I know in my heart of hearts that Travis probably earned every thing he got,may god be with you Jodie.
    From someone who knows.

  5. My heart goes out to Jodie,take it from someone who is still in a relationship with a domestic violence relationship I feel for her becouse when I’m being the center of all the abuse and I faught back the outcome would probably end the same as Travis Alexander.after watching this trial I went and got a restraining order,befor I could serve it he intersected it and I was forced to shread it.I believe god will give me my day and time.

  6. I truly believe that Jodi didn’t get a fair trial. With all the HLN coverage and HLN mock trials, she was presumed guilty before they heard any or all the evidence. They even had Jean Casares on the stand saying she saw jurors outside. That tells me they also saw her, and if any of them follow HLN I’m sure that would influence them. They could possibly conclude if Nancy Grace is following this case, Nancy must think Jodi is guilty.Remember Nancy is still sore about Casey, She wants someone to pay. The jury was not sequestered, they went home every night and on weekends. I’m sorry but I have a hard time believing none of them watched tv, HLN I’m sure, talked about the case , or read about it.Look at the furorcc that was out drinking and then got caught drunk driving, I wonder how much he talked about it,being that he was drunk. Then it makes you wonder about the rest of the jurors how many were in the same situation but just didn’t get caught. This was a modern day witch hunt! I believe Jodi has real good chance to overturn this unjust and influenced verdict! Don’t give up Jodi you’re a SURVIVOR! TAINTED JURY!! For sure!

  7. As a an “experienced” (30 years) and licensed mental health professional, it took me 1 second after reviewing the intro to “The Secret” to guess it was parrallel to A. Becks premise of Cognitive Therapy. I watched little of “THE” trial as it was obvious that the prosecutor (I wont give him the dignity of capitalizing his title or list his name) has NO dignity and that very likely he treats his “loved” ones much the same as he treated JA and her defensive witnesses. I pray that JA gets a re-trial sooner rather than later. Thank you for setting up this very supportive site for JA and her loved ones.

  8. The secret isn’t really a secret and never was. It is basically obvious that thinking bad thoughts bring on bad situations or bad moods and feelings. I don’t think the universe is responding to your thoughts ,, more like the emotions and perceptions are responding not the universe.. The secret is neat but the universe part is a little exaggerated..But it is very interesting.. Thanks for the vid.. Lovin Jodi

  9. Jodi, As time goes by I know you sit and ponder what’s going to happen. I swear this case sounds like the Casey Anthony case but better. I am a Domestic and Sexual Violence Counselor. I myself am a survivor. Just hang in there and what ever the future holds we must take it. It might not be the answer your looking for but sometimes we get dealt a bad hands and we got to take them.

    • I disagree. Jodi you must never give up! The truth will stand in the end and we will be behind you supporting you all the way. “sounds like the Casey Anthony case but better.” what? There is nothing good about either one of these cases. People died. Yes, Casey Anthony is free but will relive every minute of her life from now on. How can Jodi’s case be better?? She is in jail paying for a crime where she was only defending herself from a vicious attack from an obvious abuser. It is not a crime to defend yourself from someone who is attacking you. Now Jodi is being abused by the legal system in the state of Arizona. Stay Strong Jodi!!!

  10. In thee, O LORD, do I put my trust: let me never be put to confusion.

    Deliver me in thy righteousness, and cause me to escape: incline thine ear unto me, and save me.

    Be thou my strong habitation, whereunto I may continually resort: thou hast given commandment to save me; for thou art my rock and my fortress.

    Deliver me, O my God, out of the hand of the wicked, out of the hand of the unrighteous and cruel man.

    – Psalm 71

    • I am as a wonder unto many; but thou art my strong refuge.
      Let my mouth be filled with thy praise and with thy honour all the day.
      Cast me not off in the time of old age; forsake me not when my strength faileth.
      For mine enemies speak against me; and they that lay wait for my soul take counsel together,

      O God, be not far from me: O my God, make haste for my help.
      Let them be confounded and consumed that are adversaries to my soul; let them be covered with reproach and dishonour that seek my hurt.
      But I will hope continually, and will yet praise thee more and more.

      – Psalm Chapter 71

    • How true CC! ♥ If everyone could put themselves in Jodi’s shoes they would see this whole farce for what it truly is. . .injustice.
      “He who commits injustice is ever made more wretched than he who suffers it.” Plato

  11. The Lord is my light and my salvation
    Whom shall I fear?

    The Lord is the stronghold of my life
    Of whom shall I be afraid?

    When the wicked advance against me to devour me,
    It is my enemies and my foes who will stumble and fall.

    Though an army besiege me, my heart will not fear;
    Though war break out against me, even then I will be confident

    Psalm 27

  12. Though I walk in the midst of trouble,
    You preserve my life.
    You stretch out your hand against the anger of my foes;
    With your right hand you save me.

    – Psalm 138:7

  13. I suffer with borderline personality disorder/bi-polar/ptsd, I was in a simular relation as Jodi and Travis had, he led me on for 8 years, made me beleive it was something it wasn’t when all he wanted was the sex. He found someone else and wanted to end it, and I completely snapped, I can see how Jodi was hurt over a man that clearly lied to her, used her for sex, and It is my belief he played a huge role in his own death. people do not understand how Jodi has diassociated from the crime, I can understand it, I also disassociate with my illness. I do not understand how everyone can think / say she is so evil , when circumstances led up to that. In the police interviews or after the crime, she disassociated herself from it, Why didn’t they take that into consideration, when her parents in the interview said she always had a problem?? Her friends called her parents and tried to warn something was going to happen. people do not head to the warnings. Travis being in the church and doing things he clearly knew was against the church, he wanted a “good girl wife” BUT he never stopped having sex with Jodi. He played a role in his own death. I Hope they do not give her the death penalty. She was out of her normal thoughts , Has anyone heard of “seeing red” when your so blind by rage and anger you are not your self? I feel she was abused as a child. All that and the way he used her for sex broke her into something she could not stop. It happens. She needed better lawyers to make that known in her trial.

    • Melissa, Jodi had moved away from TA and was in the beginning stages of another (possible) relationship when this tragedy occurred. The mental anguish that TA caused Jodi was evident by the time she left Mesa and moved back to Northern California. It is sad that no one could impress upon Jodi how important it was for her to simply stay away from this man, but I believe this is because she never wanted to completely reveal to anyone his dark side. The relationship was unhealthy, but Jodi didn’t feel trapped in it. She willingly visited him because he kept insisting that she make the detour. The violence that erupted was not from her side, but it fit a pattern of his being angry about her seeing other men, and his wanting her to end those new relationships – he even asked her to go so far as to put it in writing to at least one man. The lawyers were confident that this was a self-defense case, and that is why they proceeded in the manner that they did. They did not anticipate that at the last moment, the state would change the wound sequencing so that the case could not possibly be seen as self-defense if a person believed that the gunshot was last.

  14. Just wanted you to know the Jodi Arias haters are so disgusting, and hateful, they are the ones who drove me to look at this site. The more I watch and think about this trial, I know that Arias is where she is because she is poor. Had she been able to post bail, get good defense experts, and good lawyers, she would be able to prove self defense. This is about having the system stacked against you because you’re poor. I know Travis should not have died this way, but I also know he did things that put this whole horrific story into motion.
    Your site is reasonable, and just doesn’t have the nuts posting in it that the Hate Jodie sites do. Those people post the filthiest most disgusting hate posts. I’ve never seen such a mob mentality. They are like the torch people going after Frankenstein. I’ve never seen anything like it. They have forgotten that she is a mentally ill girl. She was probably in a psychotic state and has been in them many times, and nobody has diagnosed her yet. It takes years sometimes to realize someone is psychotic. She probably believed all the stories she told at one time or another. I have personal experience with psychosis, and I know you could convince a psychotic person of anything. They can believe many different stories at once. The mind is no longer organized and has no time organization. I believe Jodie is lost half the time. I can see by the way she is emotionless that there is something terribly wrong. She needs the right meds, and real psychiatrists to treat her. This is truly a travesty.

  15. Deuteronomy 31:6

    “Be strong and courageous. Do not fear or be in dread of them, for it is the LORD your God who goes with you. He will not leave you or forsake you.”

  16. I wish I could write her a letter I have followed her with much attention. I hope she gets out and gets to live her life and be the picture of perfect that she truly is and can be……

  17. Jodi has issues and that is consequently obvious but none of us were there at Mr. Alexander’s death and cannot be a witness as to how his death occurred, and we therefore cannot judge as to the extenuating circumstances of self-defense. Self-defense is a difficult aspect of law that is not easily provable and there have been many people executed who were later found innocent but too late to restore their life if they are innocent but only God can be her judge in this case as to her guilt and the possibility of self-defense is still an open issue as this case is not final as to judgment so therefore the appeals will tell the truth and retrial of Ms. Arrias which should be done in a free country that US claims to be and not be a lynching.

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