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Jodi has asked me to post details of the new “Survivor” t-shirts pictured below.

100% of the net profits generated from the sales will support other survivors of domestic violence, and go to Non-profit Domestic Violence organizations selected by Jodi.

The t-shirts will look similar to the following examples:

The Survivor T-shirt - Jodi Arias is Innocent - com


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It's NOT OK!

We thought we’d also post this video & lyrics for y’all…

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“Thought I couldn’t breathe without you, (I’m inhalin’),
You thought I couldn’t see without you, (Perfect vision),
You thought I couldn’t last without ya, (But I’m lastin’),
You thought that I would die without ya, (But I’m livin’),
Thought that I would fail without ya, (But I’m on top),
Thought it would be over by now, (But it won’t stop),
Thought that I would self-destruct, (But I’m still here),
Even in my years to come, (I’m still gon’ be here.)…

I’m a survivor…….”

“Jodi you are my new HERO! I just finished watching the end of the prosecutions ridiculous attempt at a cross and you stayed calm, cool and collected. I am in your corner. You stand for every girl who has ever been used and abused by some creep I can tell you are a very intelligent and sweet person. You cannot measure a person’s worth by their worst act. Yes I know what you did was wrong, but I know it was done for a very good reason. I wish you all the best of luck and know we are all beside you!” – Jesse

Remember peeps…


Never question it.

Never doubt it.

Have an awesome Sunday!

Team Jodi

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We Are Team Jodi ---- And We Will Be Victorious!



      • Good evening Jeff…congrats on being 2nd…looks like you missed it by 3 minutes…LOL…

        I’m not sure what SJ is giving out these days for 2nd place but it will be something good…LOL…

        SJ….thanks for the beautiful song and video of Survivor by Destiny’s Child…

        You are so wonderful SJ for keeping us informed each and every day…thanks a million…

    • This makes my second time being 1st 63 and before I was never 1st at anything and now here on this site to support Jodi I’m proud to be 1st and have been here for Jodi for a long time and the people here are so kind and wonderful thanks

    • Jodi we love YOU and you have shown you are strong and who stood for yourself and a women with substance.
      We are sure you will win this rap of jealous, biased and crazy prosecutor who has no sense of responsibility.

      We will celebrate your WIN!



  1. Congrats Tonya for being # 1 and Jeff for being 2

    Just saw Intolerable Cruelty again
    Such a funny movie

    Best part was courtroom scene

    Made me think of baby doc & JW

    Freddy Bender: Objection, Your Honor: strangling the witness.
    Judge Marva Munson: I’m going to allow it.

    Happy Sunday everyone
    Light and Love to all of you

  2. Is it possible to get those Survivor T shirts done in long sleeve and/or 3/4 sleeve. I would love both colors but have had lymph node removal in arms due to cancer. Due to swelling, I can’t wear such a short sleeve. Feel free to email me about this. Thank you.

      • Hi Jennifer and everyone else on Jodi Arias is Innocent. I am so proud to be here.
        I was diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer on the left side in my early thirties. I actually found it on a self breast exam. I had been a registered nurse for 10 years a knew exactly what I was feeling. At that time, there wasn’t as much recognition for women under 40 getting the diagnosis. I sat in doctors offices, internests to breast surgeons to oncologists who were all sure it was my head that was sick. They could not even feel the malignancy. I had an Aunt on my dad’s side that had similar symptoms to me, it was never detected and she died within 9 months. So, I stared those doctor’s down. Now looking back, it seems like I was up against a bunch of Juan Martinez’s. I told them, they are being held responsible for my life. So, next step, since the idiots could not feel the malignancies, they had me point them out. The internist drew the picture, the breast surgeon biopsied from what the internist drew, I was sent for a mammogram which I was told to wait for results they were sure were going to be negative. And I had to get blood work for the Oncologist to look at. Every single doctor that was doing this made it clear they were doing it because they thought I was crazy and they just wanted to shut me up. No one said, you graduated from the top nursing school in the country with honors. You work with the most difficult patient populations. You clearly would be questioning this if it needed questioning.
        The first step was the biopsies. I got blood work. The next day I went back for the mammogram. I waited after an hour for someone to come in about that mammogram. Finally the technician handed me results which on the outside said metastatic breast cancer. My stomach dropped. I would have rather have them think I was crazy. I could hardly drive home. I got home and the surgeon called me telling me how serious it is. I needed my breast removed, I needed lymph nodes removed, on and on. Then the oncologist calls starting to talk about chemo. I said hold on I need more opinions. All of you thought I was crazy. I can’t take your word. I need two more opinions from the top doctors in each of your fields. And so it went from there. Just one second occurrence in 2011 but nothing had spread as far in the other breast and that was removed. So all of that is the reason for the need for the longer tee shirt sleeves.

        • I think that in the medical world we have to be our own best advocates. We know our bodies better then anyone. My mom had a heart attack for the first time in her early thirties. She was having symptoms for awhile and was told it was heart burn. She was too young to have a heart attack. Sadley my Mommy died in 2007 at the age of 48 from cancer.
          I am so glad that you made those doctor listen and now you are able to tell other women to fight when they know something is wrong.

          • Jennifer,

            You are so correct. We have to fight for our health. It is both woman and men. I think sometime doctors think a woman is just a hypochondriac. But I am sure it happens to men also. I am so sorry about your mom. She lived many years with serious health issues. It must have been very difficult.
            When I was putting all that down on my computer, responding to you, every doctor I talked about looked like Juan Martinez in my mind. I can’t imagine what Jodi is going through. At least I had evidence to prove I was correct. But Jodi has Juan Martinez making up a fantasy story.

  3. Survivor shirts = awesome!!!

    What comes around goes around
    Good Karma for Jodi and
    all the women who Survived!

  4. love to see the t- shirt in XXL size when you are old and decrepit your body sags and you put on weight Jodi I love the t -shirt survivor thanks SJ for posting that if it gets off the ground would love to see it long make a nice night gown too.

    • I want a xxl size also and more of a sleeve than the short cap sleeve. I don’t expose that extra flesh on my upper arms that can swing or flap with arm movement. Nobody needs or wants to see that.

      • I too must regretfully say that I need a xxl. I feel I earned this weight I brought 6 beautiful children into the world. I need longer sleeves also because when I wave my upper arms become fans. Just flappen along…LOL.

    • Thanks so much Al, I just saw it. You are such a brilliant man!!!!

      My fiance is going to take me to the ER later on today. I talked him out of taking me last night on the condition that I agreed to go today. I think we’ll go back to the one I went to the other night because if I should have to be admitted, I would want to be somewhere he could easily visit, rather than somewhere that would be inconvenient.

      I looked at the FB page you linked and saw a list of symptoms for HE. I don’t have any of those symptoms other than sleep disturbance — which could be related to so many other things. I looked further and don’t have any cognitive impairment which seems to be the No. 1 symptom. Nonetheless, I think my antibodies levels should be checked as they haven’t been checked in a couple of years and if they are ridiculously elevated, that might lead to further evaluation just in case of HE. I just don’t know if an ER will check my antibodies or simply discharge me and recommend follow up with an endocrinologist. Perhaps though, if I get a reasonable doctor there (and both times I’ve been at that ER, the doctors have been very reasonable), I can get them to write a note to my job that I must be given time off to follow up. I asked the doctor that on Friday, and he refused. Jerk!

      Thanks again, Al. You rock!

      • AA,

        Get those antibody levels checked. The thing that facebook page doesn’t talk about is the early onset stages. Things get very whacked out there and you show a lot of weird and peculiar symptoms. The symptoms typically described on these sites have to do with a full blown case of HE. Early symptoms include occasional bouts of aphasia and ataxia, confusion, mild tremors in the hands and legs, small myoclonic episode (such as stumbling, tripping, etc), memory problems and shallow psychiatric symptomology. There is a very good online support group

        Just go over there and ask around.

        We lived through this hell for a almost a year, and when we found it the control was miraculous.

        But do go to the ER for the other stuff. It’s really important. Also since you have a very caring fiance, please show him these posts.

        • Thanks Al. I can’t seem to access that group. Do I have to pay to sign up?

          I don’t have any of those symptoms. My only symptoms are tachycardia and, when my heart is racing, feeling lightheaded and dizzy upon exertion. I don’t have any other “weird” or “peculiar” symptoms at all — other than being upset about what happened at work and how I was treated at the doctor’s office, which I think is reasonable. I don’t trust the EKG at the doctor’s office because it wasn’t administered by a trained medical professional and I pointed out to her several times that the leads were not attached.

          I’m so sorry you had to go through such a nightmare. Healthcare really sucks.

          • AA-
            Just now catching up on posts, and am so sorry to hear you aren’t feeling well. Was concerned when I didn’t see you posting. You are correct that health care sucks these days. I have been to hell and back over the past year since I sustained injuries in an auto accident. I have been given about 30 different diagnosis, one surgery and referrals all over the place, just to be no better than I was 12 months ago. Unfortunately, I am not close to any major Medical Centers to see real experts, but I hope that since you are, you will be able to find a good doctor who will really investigate your symptoms. Be well and get lots of rest!!

            • Thanks so much TR, you are soooo kind. Typing on my iPad in the Er so I’m sorry for typos.

              Al, it wouldn’t let me register without paying.

      • AA

        You mentioned that the doctor had you drink OJ before the blood tests. Tests for thyroid (and many other conditions) are fasting blood tests. The OJ may have altered results. You also mentioned some abnormal BUN results – did they also do a urinalysis? I have kidney disease (FSGS and NS). Kidney problems can affect all other organs and if your thyroid is indeed out of whack you may need to also look at auto immune conditions. This is what I have and the body is actually attacking itself by misreading what the immune system should really attack. I have to take immunosuppressants that are given to transplant patients to keep their bodies from attacking the transplanted organ.

        I have also experienced bullying in the workplace and can only imagine the mental and physical toll that is taking on you. I am praying for you to find answers, health and peace, Please take care and stay strong.

        • Hi sz, yes, I have always been asked to report for testing fasting before, so I really thought the oj was a poor poor idea. They were concerned that I hadn’t eaten, but as I said, they were young girls with no actual medical training. My BUN was slightly low, my creatinine was perfect though, and I have no known kidney disease. They did an eGFR which was perfect as well. There were no abnormalities in calcium or hematocrit levels either. While I know human medicine looks for other signs, as an educated vet tech (educated, but not someone who worked as a vet tech) having had a kitty with kidney disease for 6 years, those are the things I look at. They did not do a urinalysis at the doctor’s office, but one was done at the hospital last Tuesday night/Wednesday morning and showed nothing irregular. I have a copy of those results. I do have autoimmune thyroid disease: Hashimoto’s, so your points about that are interesting indeed and correlate with some of what Al said.

          Thanks so much for being so understanding and kind.

          • Also Abused

            I’m going to say a Hail Mary for you now get yourself to the ER my brother was there yesterday do like I did or get someone to go with you make them find out what is wrong if its the money or the lack they can not turn you down Greg my brother has not money no job and he owes them tons of money I told him I have SS use it give them each a dollar and say that all i can borrow.

            • Thanks tonya, I have insurance. I’m at the er now, all plugged in and stuff. I so appreciate your prayers.

        • I have family over for Cinco de Mayo, so I’ll be checking in sporadically.

          I love love love everyone here!! Muah!

          And I love love love our Jodi!!

          • Ditto here Sil! I so love both Cinco de Mayo and Mexican Independence Day too. Hispanics will be a majority here in California in a few short years so these two days will become equal to the 4th of July!!!:-)lol

  5. it is so weird i was going to go to sleep and then checked my Facebook and emails then returned home here its destiny that I got first place again. Hope that my intuition is going to be good because I predict that Jodi will not get 1st degree murder and to all the hate sites this is for you 🙄 🙄 will be doing that when the verdict come in to you

    • I pray she can walk out a free woman. Maybe I am thinking too positive. But I don’t think JM proved anything. He lied and projected his lying on her. His witnesses were honestly aweful. The Jury question that asks the ME about the bullet he said didn’t make it to the brain before. Then the ME got up and lied about something he forgot he said. True life is the velocity in all intensive purposes didn’t make it to the brain. So YES Travis very likely was lunging at Jodi threatening her life. JM puts on Psychology supposed Experts that don’t know the difference between PTSD and Borderline Personality Disorder? The defense has on 3 strong psychologists with years and years of experience.
      If Jody doesn’t get at least manslaughter, but I think Freedom, this needs big time Appeal!

  6. I posted this on the last page and thought I’d repost it. Al and others may have some thoughts:

    While googling something last week, I came across a Legal Question & Answer thread on one of the hater sites. There are lawyers on there who answer questions. It’s been a really tough read as the lawyers are all so incredibly biased and the people asking questions are haters to the nth degree. However, there is some interesting stuff that I didn’t know about pertinent to AZ law interwoven among the hatred as there is a lawyer in Maricopa County who posts on there.

    One thing that interested me was that this lawyer said if the jurors ask for testimony to be read back to them from the trial, the judge will more than likely refuse and will instruct them to rely on their own recollection (as she did during the trial). In fact, this lawyer said he/she has never heard of a Maricopa County judge allowing testimony to be read back. Wow! In IL (back when I was involved in trials anyway), it was not uncommon at all for jurors to ask for testimony to be read back to them. Sometimes, they asked for transcripts, and generally, that was denied after the attorneys argued about it. Usually, that was because they were asking for transcripts of one side’s witness and the other side would vehemently object because they worried it didn’t favour their case. However, read backs of small portions of testimony were very common.

    I googled this a bit further and apparently, in FL, appellate courts have found it to be an abuse of the trial court’s discretion NOT to read back testimony. From what I found, it’s also very common in CA, NY and NJ for jurors to ask for testimony read backs and it’s typically granted. Apparently, in TX though, it’s common for a judge to refuse such a request. Also, in multiple federal cases, there are appellate opinions that testimony SHOULD be read back to jurors — of course, as long as counsel is apprised of the request and involved in the decision.

    In AZ, it seems the Supreme Court considers that read backs *should* be granted by the judge, especially in lengthy trials:

    “Requests for particular exhibits or partial read backs of transcripts generally ought to be met. Since the jurors are the decision-makers, they ought to have the right to decide what evidence they need to rehear, and that decision ought to be respected. However, the judge should inform the jurors that the meeting of their request does not mean the judge feels one way or the other about the exhibit or particular testimony, and that they should consider all of the evidence in the case in making their decision.”

    So that begs the question — assuming this attorney who answered on that forum is indeed correct — why is this request commonly refused in Maricopa County?

    • Never assume a lawyer answering a question is right.

      The Arizona Supreme court and the 9th district, both of whom have jurisdiction over Maricopa County Superior court have precedent that not reading back the transcripts is reversibile error.

      However, there is a long standing precedent for the testimony being read back in court as opposed to handing the jury a transcript. Also a supplemental instruction is typically issued prior to and after the read back reminding the jury that they need to consider the evidence in its entirety.

      • “Never assume a lawyer answering a question is right.”

        Truest words spoken — especially on a hater site with such biased attorneys.

        Based on your answer then, I’m assuming you believe that if such a request came from the jury, the judge *would* allow a read back?

        With this being such a lengthy trial, I wouldn’t be surprised at all if jurors made such a request. I have forgotten half of the testimony already!

      • Interesting posts by Also Abused and Al about readbacks. The jury procedures manual for the 9th Circuit is a good read, but probably requires legal training to interpret?
        The manual says the court has broad discretion on readbacks, it should balance the jurors’ need to review the evidence before reaching their verdict against the difficulty involved in locating the testimony to be read back, the possibility of undue emphasis on a particular portion of testimony read out of context, and the possibility of undue delay in the trial.
        Furnishing prior testimony may place undue emphasis on that testimony. This is particularly true when the testimony repeated to the jury directly contradicts the defendant’s testimony or that of other defense witnesses. Jurors should be told to give full consideration to the entirety of the testimony when a specific witness’s testimony is read back in part or in full. A cautionary instruction can mitigate the danger of undue emphasis. The judge has to consult with counsel before denying readback request, it is an error to deny readback without proper consultation with counsel. However, absent a showing of prejudice, the error is harmless. On the other hand the manual says the judge should probably never send a transcript of testimony into the jury room.

        • “it is an error to deny readback without proper consultation with counsel. However, absent a showing of prejudice, the error is harmless.”

          Interesting, Dell. Thanks for summarizing that.

        • Dell,

          Of course just like anything else the read back is at the judge’s discretion

          Rule 22.3 says
          “After the jurors have retired to consider their verdict, if they desire to have any testimony repeated, or if they or any party request additional instructions, the court may recall them to the courtroom and order the testimony read or give appropriate additional instructions. The court may also order other testimony read or give other instructions, so as not to give undue prominence to the particular testimony or instructions requested. Such testimony may be read or instructions given only after notice to the parties.”


          The harmless error was when the judge provides the read back without consultation with counsel.

          So like so many things in law, it comes down to the circumstances.

          • Yep, and I think with the “circumstances” of JM being one of the counsel, Judge Stephens would not DARE make that error, harmless or not!

        • court should have the internet and each juror should have a monitor that way they could look stuff up buy using find it or to view photo the way the system is now the will get frustrated and give up if they had not already made up their minds already.

  7. Also Abused

    read and nasty if they do not get to have something read to them more shit they have to step in

  8. What a wonderful thing Jodi is doing in regards to these t-shirts. Bless her heart. This will make the haters lose their ever loving minds. Yes, she is using her “publicity” to do something good for other people who have been abused. Since the haters are sooooo angry about her domestic violence defense, perhaps they could do the same — instead of collecting thousands of dollars for the Alexander family. Imagine if a shelter got a donation of $3,500 (or whatever the huge amount was given to the Alexander family). Imagine how many victims might be able to finally leave their abusers because of that kind of help!

  9. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if this judge disallowed the defense questioning to be read back but allowed Juan’s nonsensical riddles to be since his convoluted bs didn’t make sense the first time. How can the jury be expected to remember every detail since it’s been going on for so long? If they do I hope they notice that JM would spend inordinate amounts of time trying to twist the words of the witness and in the end usually only got one verb or consonant to change. He’s such a useless prick.

    • out of all i have seen and heard of the trial the one that stood out to me the most was the closing by Nurmi he was short and to the point pointed out the fact about the people will hate you if you don’t give the right verdict and to use there common sense and look at the evidence he was not jumping all over the court room ranting and raven about lies lies lies what does lies have to do with the evidence

    • Yeah, I didn’t know about this – I had always just assumed anything the jury asked for about the trial during their deliberations, if it was available, they would automatically get it.

  10. Those pedo huggers are so freaken funny!! After my post where I was very kind, they were very nasty. They blocked me from the site and continue to respond to the post. I cant defend myself because they blocked me from doing so. LOL they are freaken Idiots!! One of them that responded had a picture of Michael Jackson…She is a serious PEDO HUGGER!!!

    • Assholes. Here’s a quote suited for them.

      “Those who enjoy their own emotionally bad health and who habitually fill their own minds with the rank poisons of suspicion, jealousy and hatred, as a rule take umbrage at those who refuse to do likewise, and they find a perverted relief in trying to denigrate them.”
      Johannes Brahms

    • Jennifer, they are indeed insane. But I feel I must set you straight on Michael Jackson. His story was nothing other than another media fanfare orchestrated in part, by none other than Nasty DisGrace alone with her cohort, Diane Diamond(less) — much as you’re seeing here. Before you do ANYTHING else, please listen to this: That is a recording of Jordie Chandler’s father, Evan Chandler, discussing how he will frame Michael if he does not pay him the money he wants to produce his films. Jordie Chandler is the boy Michael Jackson was accused of molesting in 1993.

      • Also, Jennifer, please read this: It is a GQ article about how Michael Jackson was framed by the father of the child he allegedly abused in 1993.

        Let me just excerpt this paragraph because it really tells it all:

        “And what became of the massive investigation of Jackson? After millions of dollars were spent by prosecutors and police departments in two jurisdictions, and after two grand juries questioned close to 200 witnesses, including 30 children who knew Jackson, not a single corroborating witness could be found. (In June 1994, still determined to find even one corroborating witness, three prosecutors and two police detectives flew to Australia to again question Wade Robson, the boy who had acknowledged that he’d slept in the same bed with Jackson. Once again, the boy said that nothing bad had happened.)”

        As for Michael’s 2005 trial, I highly recommend that you read Aphrodite Jones’ book, the “Michael Jackson Conspiracy” if you want to learn more about how those nasty scam artists set him up.

        I was NEVER a huge MJ fan (although I grew up with the guy), but during that trial, something struck me as wrong with Diane Diamond and Nancy Grace’s “reporting” during that trial in 2005, especially since I was abused as a child. I began reading the nightly trial transcripts (as the case was not televised) which someone kindly posted online. I was amazed that what was being “reported” was NOT what was being given as testimony. Seeing what was done to that man prompted me to go out and buy ALL of his albums. That man later died from the travesty of what was done to him and it’s a tragedy, just as Jodi’s case is.

        Learning the truth about Michael, I found myself unable to EVER trust the media again. Was it wrong that Michael had kids sleep in his bed? For one, he rarely did that. And if it was wrong, then I guess it was wrong of me to have my friend’s sons sleep with me when they stayed over at my house. I guess I’m as big a pervert as Michael, but I’m just not famous.

        • AA,
          I thought the trials were twisted but if you watch an interview before the accusation was made of Michael and the boy something wasn’t right in the way they touched each other. That boy from Home Alone gave an interview that Michael tried to touch him once and wanted to shower with him.
          The media is so twisted I agree. I never listened to MJs music.
          My point that I was trying to make with the photo is that he is an accused pedo and that TA is one so I found it amusing that she had his photo on her page.
          Sorry I didn’t mean to offend anyone on here with that comment. SORRY 🙁

          • No worries, Jennifer. I just always feel it’s my “duty” to point out the truth about MJ. And I will continue to do so. Perhaps after watching this trial, you’ll see that there just may be another side.

            Okay, so you’re talking about the video with the 2005 boy, Gavin Arvizo, right? And the video made by Martin Bashir? Did you ever see the entire video uncut — the one presented by Maury Povich? You see, Martin Bashir twisted that all up. That boy, Gavin Arvizo, had cancer, and his mother went out of her way to approach MJ to get him to take an interest. I mean, seriously out of her way. She tried Jay Leno as well, but he didn’t bite. Here’s another video of them hanging at Neverland: It might just give you a different perspective.

            Macaulay Culkin, the Home Alone star, actually testified in the 2005 trial and he said Michael NEVER touched him. He NEVER gave an interview that Michael did anything to him. That’s what you’re remembering from the very strange media coverage. Here’s some of Macaulay’s actual testimony:

            “Q. How long has he been a friend of yours?
            A. I first met him when I was 9 or 10 years old.
            Q. And how did you meet him?
            A. He kind of called me out of the blue one time, just said, “Hey,” you know, “This is Michael Jackson.” And this is after the “Home Alone” movie had come out. So it’s kind of like — it was like, ”I think I understand kind of what’s happening, and I’d like to get together and talk.”
            Q. And he’s still your friend?
            A. Yes, he is.

            Q. You heard about some of the allegations about whether or not Mr. Jackson improperly ever touched you, right?
            A. Yes.
            Q. Did Mr. Jackson ever molest you?
            A. Never.
            Q. Did Mr. Jackson ever improperly touch you?
            A. Absolutely not.
            Q. Has Mr. Jackson ever touched you in any sexual type of way?
            A. No.
            Q. Has he ever touched you in any offensive way?
            A. No.
            Q. What do you think of these allegations?
            A. I think they’re absolutely ridiculous.
            Q. When did you first learn that these prosecutors were claiming that you were improperly touched?
            A. When did I first learn that?
            Q. Yes.
            A. I — somebody called me up and said, “You should probably check out CNN, because they’re saying something about you”.
            Q. And did you check it out?
            A. Yes, I did.
            Q. And what did you learn?
            A. I learned that it was a former cook had done something to me, and there was something about a maid or something like that. It was just one of those things where I just couldn’t believe it. I couldn’t believe that, first of all, these people were saying these things or — let alone that it was out there and people were thinking that kind of thing about me. And at the same time it was amazing to me that they — that nobody approached me and even asked me whether or not the allegations were true. They kind of just were — threw it out there just like — they didn’t even — they didn’t even double-check it basically. I mean, even if they assumed that they knew the answer, what got me was that they didn’t even ask.
            Q. Now, are you saying these prosecutors never tried to reach you to ask you your position on this?
            A. No, they didn’t.
            Q. Do you know if any police officer from Santa Barbara has ever tried to call you to see what the truth is?
            A. No.”

            From his cross-examination:

            “Q. And did Mr. Jackson ever do anything improper to you on any of these trips?
            A. No.
            Q. Ever see him do anything that you found disturbing on any of these trips?
            A. Absolutely not.
            Q. Has Mr. Jackson ever hugged you?
            A. Sure.
            Q. Have you ever hugged him?
            A. Absolutely.
            Q. Were you ever suspicious of any of these hugs as being something sexual in nature?
            A. No, it was always very casual. It was just the way I hug any of my friends.
            Q. Did you ever see Mr. Jackson hug your sister?
            A. Sure.
            Q. Were you ever suspicious of his hugging your sister?
            A. No.
            Q. Ever see Mr. Jackson hug your brothers?
            A. Yeah.
            Q. Ever see them hug him?
            A. Yes.
            Q. Did you ever think anything suspicious was going on when your brothers hugged Mr. Jackson?
            A. No, it was always just how you kind of greeted him, greeted almost anyone basically that you were close with.

            Q. Mr. Culkin, as a nine-year-old child, what did you wear to bed?
            A. I wore my clothes.
            Q. You would just wear whatever you were wearing during the day?
            A. Yeah.
            Q. Every single night?
            A. Up until I was about 17 years old. That’s when I kind of discovered what pajamas were.
            Q. And you did that at home as well?
            A. Yeah.
            Q. Whatever you were wearing?
            A. I always fell asleep in jeans and socks and a T-shirt.
            Q. All right. So whenever you were at Neverland, you would crawl into bed in jeans and socks and a T-shirt?
            A. Yeah.
            Q. How old were you when you stopped sleeping in bed with Michael Jackson?
            A. Well, like I said, I stopped going there just because I had really — I had never really found myself going to Los Angeles or anything like that. So I didn’t really come back again until I was about 17.
            Q. The question was, when did you stop sleeping –
            A. I know. I’m getting there. And so when I got — when I started coming back again, I found myself just not sleeping in bed. And I’ve always kind of fell asleep in the guest units ever since then.
            Q. Why didn’t you stay with Mr. Jackson in his room?
            A. Because I enjoyed my privacy a little bit more.
            Q. All right. So is it safe to say that up until and through your 13th year, you stayed with Mr. Jackson in his room?
            A. On occasion — On occasion I’d fall asleep there or wherever. It wasn’t really like a thing to, like, ”Let’s go to sleep in a particular place.” On occasion I’d end up falling asleep there. I’d fall asleep anywhere.
            Q. Did he tell you how close he felt to you?
            A. Yeah, and I’m trying to explain –
            THE COURT: You don’t need to explain.
            A. Okay. I understand. Yeah, we were close.

            Q. Did you ever consider making false allegations against Mr. Jackson so you could get money?
            A. Absolutely not.
            Q. Did you ever even imagine doing such a thing?
            A. No.”

            That was the Home Alone star’s ACTUAL testimony on the stand. Hardly the “interview” you heard of, right? See how this gets sooooo twisted? The interview Macaulay gave was with Larry King wherein he DENIED any molestation.

            It was actually a former major d’homo of Neverland (Phillipe LeMarqu) who testified for the prosecution that he saw MJ with Macaulay on his lap and MJ’s hands down his pants. A former maid testified that she saw MJ and Macaulay in the shower. Obviously, their testimony was BLOWN apart when Macaulay himself took the stand.

            Interestingly enough, LeMarque (along with his wife who was a Neverland chef), was fired after 10 months in Neverland employ for theft. They then opened a restaurant, but it didn’t go well and they got into a million dollars of debt. It was then that he decided to peddle his story to tabloids that he saw Macaulay Culkin being “molested” by Michael Jackson. Initially, his story was that Michael “caressed” Macaulay, and he was asking $100,000 to tell that story. But a while later, he was offered $500,000 if he would “add” to the story and say he saw MJ’s hands in Macaulay’s pants. He enlisted the help of Paul Baresi, a former porn star who had frequented his restaurant, to help him peddle the story. Baresi actually tricked LeMarque and recorded his “story” and sold it to The Globe, pulling a runaround on LeMarque and collecting the cash for himself. LeMarque then went on to launch an internet porn site of “teens”, Virtual Sin, and another site Galaxy 101, educating others on how to launch internet porn sites and how featuring “teens” was the biggest moneymaker!

            The former maid, Adrian McManus, was also fired from Neverland when she was caught having sex with two male security guards while “on the clock”. The security guards were also fired and sold their stories to the tabloids. McManus, inspired by the money they made, went on to make a living by giving interviews regarding the “fake noses” that MJ had in his closet. Strangely enough, his autopsy report debunked ALL of that. Before she did that, she sued MJ along with the other employees who had been fired with her, stating that she would go public with all her “dirty little gossip” unless he paid her $5 million In fact, as brought out in the 2005 trial, she wrote him a letter saying she didn’t want to sue him, she just wanted some money and if he paid her $5 million, she wouldn’t sue him. On the stand, Tom Mesereaus, MJ’s attorney, also pointed out all the people she had previously told that the 1993 charges against MJ were bullshit and he NEVER did anything improper with kids. Amazing how someone’s story changes for a few million bucks, huh? After MJ’s death, McManus also claimed MJ was very very ill during her time in Neverland, had heart disease, and that he died twice of overdoses while she worked there. Hmmm, again, his autopsy showed his heart as very healthy.

            The sad thing about MJ is that people were able to make a fortune selling stories about him, and they did. Again, now that you’ve seen how the media twists things in Jodi’s trial, perhaps you’ll think a bit more about whether or not MJ was a pedophile or not.

              • WOOO ……I didn’t mean to offend you all…….Sorry!!!
                I was just trying to point out that he was accused of it and TA is one and she had his photo next to hers on her webpage.
                I never said he was guilty or was found guilty. He lived a little different then most men do. I don’t know why he lived like he did or why he did the strange things he did. He was a talented man that is WHAT I DO KNOW!!! He is gone and I do not like to speak ill of people unless I have solid PROOF of something. That is why I defend Jodi the way I do. Her testimony gave me SOLID proof that she was abused by TA.
                Didn’t Diane Diamond lose her show because of her false reporting?
                I must also say that I feel OJ was not guilty also!!

        • Michael Jackson was never guilty of anything.

          There is a special place in hell for Diane Dimond. She is even more despicable that Nancy Grace.

            • I thought it was disgusting how Nancy Grace and all of the others raked MJ over the coals when he was the defendant in a trial, but then acted like they always loved him when Conrad Murray was the defendant. Such hypocrisy!

                • I too was disgusted how the talking heads were so sure Michael was such a bad person, laughing at him, mocking him, then when he died thy were dripping with hypocricy of the worst kind.
                  They, themselves bullied Michael.
                  I never believed a word they said, still don’t. I’m so sick of hateful people trying to run a wonderful sweet and kind person down.

                  The boy that was burned so bad by his Dad, had many surgery’s. The dad was going to kill himself too, but jumped out of the bed.
                  Michael Jackson showed him so much love and Michael to this child was considered more like his father.

                  Michael was evrything good and as usual the media tried to distroy him, BUT his fans knew the real Michael Jackson. Too bad the media didn’t.
                  I’m so sick of the media and their hate. Ireally don’t pay any attention to them.
                  I know MOST of the time they are lying.
                  How they sleep at night, I will never know.

              • I was devastated when MJ died. I went up to The Apollo on 125th street in Harlem and celebrated Michael’s life. I could some how understand that a human being could only handle so much in one life. Even though I know his concert would have been the best ever and he meant to make it the best ever..
                But Nancy Disgrace and whoever works with her need people to do the same thing back to them.
                The first time MJ had to go to court I said he wasn’t guilty. Everyone called me naïve. I am not naïve, I just looked at MJ’s life and recognized what he was trying to recapture. I till today miss him so much.

      • I agree AA. I never doubted MJ’s innocence. I know we did not get unbiased or complete reports of what went on at that trial. I feel that these false accusations were the beginning of the end for Michael. I am almost the same age as MJ, by a few months and have loved him since the beginning of his career. I think there should be a special place in hell for the people who falsely accused him and all the others who falsely reported about him. I have set many people straight about the reality of the situation.

        I have known of people who were accused of child abuse and when asked, would I ever let my child go anywhere with them, I would always concede that no, I would not, just in case. However in Michael’s case, I could honestly say without hesitation that yes, I would trust him 100% with my children. His only crime ever was his complete trust and innocence. He trusted the wrong people and paid dearly for it. I can’t even bear to think of the music the world has been robbed of because he was taken from us all too soon. I hope Conrad Murray rots in prison. He left us with this one last beautiful song.

    • Hi Jennifer-
      Just catching up on posts and saw that you were felling better yesterday. So happy for you. Prayer works.

      • Thanks TR. I have felt better more each day. So I know that all of my friends on here who pray for me are great souls because GOD hears their words.

    • Hi Jennifer and all, want to have a laugh, we all need one. From the other side!! LOL

      ”I thought that was a weird comment for an attorney to make about his “battered, PTSD, fog afflicted, had to fight for her life client. Isn’t the defenses argument that she is the “victim” – why would he not like her? Oh yeah, because like the prosecution Nurmi believes she is an evil, dangerous murderer.”

      How dim can one get? 🙂

      • WOW that is one dim witted individual!!! Are they that stupid that they did not get what Nurmi was trying to say with that…It is not about us liking the person we have to listen to the facts presented not THE person on trial!!
        I love my fiancé a lot but I must say that yes 9 out of 10 days he drives me CRAZY and I want to hit him with a car. BUT I STILL LOVE HIM!!!

  11. Finally got to the page after being away most of yesterday. I saw a bunch of posts saying Nurmi should have pointed this or that out, and wondering why he didn’t.

    Here’s my two pennies’ worth.

    We has over 4 months of testimony. There were a ton of points that would favor one side or the other, a million little contradictions and mini themes all through those 56 days of trial. There is no way under the sun that either attorney could have covered all of that in a limited closing. Also, Nurmi stood a huge risk of losing the jury in the minutiae if he went into the little nit picky details that stick out to all the folks that followed the trial. Instead what he had to do was lay out, in broad terms, the path he wants the jury to go down, and he needs to do this in a manner that the salient milestones/landmarks of that path stick out. Then he needs to rely on a conscientious jury doing its job and deliberating to the fullest.

    And I think he achieved this purpose very well.

    The main themes of the defense’s case are very simple:

    1. Jodi did not set out to kill TA and her actions are inconsistent with someone doing that.
    2. Something happened that led to the situation that day. Jodi claims TA was abusive and she feared for her life, and there is evidence to prove his abusiveness.
    3. Her behavior after the killing is consistent with a traumatic event.

    Given the amount of time he had available, he needed to drive these three points home. If he can get the jury to start deliberating down those lines, they can go back and revisit the evidence, the testimony and have all the discussions they need. However he needs to have them starting down this path. So instead of picking apart the State’s case with a fine toothed comb he opted for a broad approach that sets the theme.

    So he spent a lot of time pointing out why this was not premeditated. That is a must. He has to get them to first agree that this was not premeditated. If he can’t do that the rest is moot. So he spent over an hour doing that. ( I have a feeling that the judge limited these folks to 3 and a half hours each because thats what they both took). Sprinkled throughout his arguments were nullifications of the state’s case due to the lying of Horn and Flores and the inexperience of others.

    Now if it was not premeditated what was it. This is the abuse column of his argument and he spent almost an hour discussing TAs treatment of Jodi, played the tape, showed some texts, etc. He started and ended this part asking for consideration of the self defense claim.

    Lastly he needed to address the scene and physical evidence, and that is what he did in the third part of his closing, again blasting the state’s case. This is where the biggest issue lies with respect to the self defense case, in terms of a possibility that some in the jury may think she went too far. He had to address that issue and that’s where the manslaughter charge comes in. But for that charge to be valid, the incident must have started due to some reason not related to a calculation on Jodi’s part. That is why he must first remove the premeditation leg, the create the abuse leg and now show that something started the incident and it is quite likely that it was due to provocation on TA’s part. That is why that argument has to come last.

    So all in all, I think he did just fine. The defense now has to rely on the jury following the path they have laid out for him. As this trial went along, the jurors had to have formed certain impressions. That’s just how the human brain works. It takes in info and keeps forming opinions, that they keep molding as more information comes in. Once all is said and done they can, and often do, go back and rethink the issues and reformulate their conclusions, but those conclusions start forming early on. You could see that just out of the jury questions. Some of the questions were actually based on the testimony of prior witnesses, that were rolled into a question asked of a current witness. And you could see from those questions that at least one juror, if not more, were buying the path laid out by the defense. And I think Nurmi did a wise thing by bringing up some of those jury questions. When he did that he was talking directly to the person who asked those questions. He was telling them they were right and asking them to ponder harder and longer and bring those issues up again during deliberation.

    So in all I think Nurmi did a reasonably good job getting this jury started down the path he needs them to follow. Of course we would all have a different way of handling this, but he’s the guy up there.

    Now, we must hope that the jury will deliberate this case with all due rigor. And I believe they will. It is normal for a jury to take a quick straw poll as soon as deliberations start, and they then set their schedule based on a feeling of where they are headed. After having been at this for over 4 months, I’m sure if they felt they could get this dealt in a day they would have either opted to stay late or come in over the weekend. The fact that they set a schedule starting Monday leads me to believe that they feel they have some work ahead of them. That means at least some are on Jodi’s side. Short of an immediate, and outright acquittal, that is actually a good thing for the defense.

    • If the jury comes back early on Monday with a verdict, it will be devastating, I believe. I don’t think they deliberated at all — not even taking a quick poll — on Friday. I think they had some long days, a great deal of information to process from those days, and they simply discussed their schedule and probably elected a foreperson.

      My hope is that Nurmi appealed enough to their common sense, along with their sense of decency, that they will begin to deliberate in earnest on Monday and consider all the evidence they have heard.

      Could you, if you have time, point out which juror questions Nurmi addressed specifically? I didn’t pick up on that, and don’t want to re-listen yet.

      • They shouldn’t deliberate at all if it is an acquittal. The prosecution’s case was completely discredited by Horn’s bullshit.

        If the key witness for the prosecution can’t be believed, then none of the case has validity.

        • Actually, tonysam, while I do understand your ardor in this respect I must beg to differ, and so does the law.

          Here is the issue; A person is dead as a result of homicide (remember any killing of a human is homicide, and not all homicide is a crime) and another person has acknowledged committing that homicide. Now what the jury needs to decide is whether that homicide was justifiable or not. And if it was not justifiable, then the jury must decide on the degree of culpability. In this case the “Not Guilty” verdict only comes if the homicide was justifiable under the law.

          Now the law says that the jury may, based on its assessment of a witness’s credibility accept or reject all or part of that witness’s evidence. Let us assume that the jury rejects all of Horn and Flores’ testimony based on their lies. That still leaves you with the incontestable fact that a homicide occurred and, by her own testimony, Jodi committed it. So they must still decide whether or not it was justifiable. In order for them to determine that Jodi was not the person committing said homicide, they would have to reject her testimony about being involved. That would then require them to reject all sorts of testimony given by Jodi about what happened that day, and would now have to deal with the yet un-refuted fact that a homicide occurred, and the other evidence that shows her presence at the scene.

          So, much as we might want it to be, this is not quite as simple as you might think.

      • AA,

        Two instances that come to mind immediately were the Tiger/bear question and a question that was asked of ALV about the ability to stop once hse started. There was one more, where I remember Nurmi saying that the same question was asked of both Jodi and ALV with slightly different language, but I can’t, for the life of me, remember the question.

        Having one of those “duh” moments.

    • Al,

      A most excellent summation! Just what I needed to read after a 13 hour, transatlantic flight!! (Hate those flights, I really do).

      On the bright side, Jodi now has support in another country abroad (at least as long as I am here :D)

    • Thanks Al, good summary.
      Yes, they will deliberate carefully, there seemed to be a few very inquisitive and thinking people on the jury from the questions that were asked.

    • Al- I agree. I thought Nurmi did a stellar job. When he was finished, I felt like all the pieces were put together and I had a full understanding of what happened, including during the killing in self defense, itself. I am very hopeful that this jury will take it’s dury very seriously and will see that the entire
      State’s case is based on lies from the ME to the Detective. JM harped on “not believing a liar” so the jury will probably take that to mean not to believe the State’s witnesses!!

    • Good morning and great post—totally agree with you and hoping the ones that made it to the jury are pretty pro Jodi. There are some there for sure based on some of the questions.

  12. I would love to have one of these shirts. So many of us never told about what these abusers were doing to us. Who would have believed us?

  13. The last couple of days I tried to subtly pick a fight with insults at HLN’s fb page but these idiots didn’t bite. Evidently they don’t understand subtle. I just feel like telling someone off but I shall refrain from going all psycho and ghetto on they asses since they have that attitude sewed up. Morons.

    • Really? They actually hunt me down and attack me on Jodi support pages. Come on over; these shitbags are rearing to fight.

      • lol…I know what you mean Basse. I’ve tried to be nice, and engage them in a conversation about what is abuse and what isn’t, discuss the evidence, and show them another side, but they don’t want that. They purposely avoid anything that doesn’t fit their agenda. So I normally just go over there to “poke the hornets nest” and stir them up a bit. I have seen several people who are now speaking up more in support of Jodi over there, but mostly they remain silent.
        Sometimes they just need a reality check! LOL

          • I agree with that!! I went on the site to tell them that I am not an IDIOT neither are the rest of the people on this site and the admin responded that they were not referring to intelligence they were reffering to us having no common sence. To which I replied that I thought it was childish the way they degrade us for having a different opinion. That this is a sad case and two families are suffering and a person is dead and that page is concentrating on what we say on this site. WHen we ALL need to concentrate right now on supporting the family of our choice.And not on what the other side is saying. And for all that I got booted my comment was taken off after several people responded what an idiot I was and I got what they said because how face book notifies you when a comment gets commented oon and I could not even go defend myself because they had me barred from the site.

            • They are incredibly infantile. The same has happened to me. Posts that are using critical thinking and reasoning and present a different opinion have been removed, without coming anywhere near violating any terms of service or anything like that.

              I just want to say, that my mother became a Jehovah’s Witness when I was about 13, and so I grew up surrounded by them, and they are very, very much like Mormons. The mind set and attitudes that I see on all of the hate sites sound like the same mindset and same attitudes. Having been immersed in the religion (but never baptized), it doesn’t surprise me. Everything is very black and white, women are to keep to their place as secondary to men and obedient, and everyone who doesn’t do their definition of “God’s will” deserves to die in Armageddon, which is always just around the corner, or “any minute”.

              A lot of this, to me, is hatred because Jodi is “uppity”, if you know what I mean. How dare she defend herself. How dare she, anything.

              I was severely abused by the first person I “dated”, a person who ended up stalking me and still does. I never told ANYONE about that abuse, because I would have been blamed by my family for the abuse. They blamed me for being stalked, as well. My brother, who is the main religious person, has been the ringleader for blaming me for not following the religion as they deemed I should. Anyone who leaves the religion is dead to them, not just gone from the religion, but, dead to them and deserving of anything bad that happens to them.

              In addition, I have always been very careful of what I write down as regards journaling, because I have been taught, and experience has taught me, that almost everything you write down will be read somehow, by someone that you don’t want to read it.

              • I wanted to add, that at one point during the abuse by the creep who still stalks me, when I realized that I really, truly couldn’t get rid of him and neither was he ever going to be anything remotely like a friend….Wait, I’ll back track a little, I was in denial for a long time about the danger I was in. A lot of that is because I never told anyone what was going on so I never got any feedback from anyone with my best interests at heart.

                The other reason is that I was so incredibly naive that I thought I could tell him I didn’t want to be “with” him, but we could still be friends. Another reason is that my religious older brother and his wife blamed me for his behavior by telling me that I “led him on”, of course that was something the abuser said to me as well.

                Anyway, he had come over to my home unexpectedly yet again, and a fight ensued because I was angry about it. I told him that I wanted him to stop calling, stop showing up, just stop. I had stupidly allowed him into my apartment to “reason” with him. I was so frustrated that I told him to leave, at which point he grabbed me and started pulling my shirt off as I wrestled with him to get away from me. He got my shirt off and I let him have it in my effort to get away from him. He then pulled a gun on me and held that gun to my temple. He told me that I was not allowed to tell him to leave me alone and that he would kill me before he would “let” me go out with someone else. My response was “go ahead and pull the trigger, my life is worth nothing because I can’t get rid of you”. At that point, a neighbor slid a window open, letting us know that someone was listening close by. That is the only reason that I think he didn’t pull the trigger. He then fled my apartment.

                I never told anyone about it until much, much later. My family were already fond of bullying me themselves, and blaming me for everything that happened to me.

                Telling anyone would just have brought more abuse upon myself, and I certainly didn’t trust the police. I had a very good reason for not trusting them as well, which is another story.

                I know that there is a stereotype for abused women, and that also is a reason to not tell. No one wants to be put into that stereotype. At the same time, if you met me, you would never in a million years think any of this had happened to me.

                I’m from an upper middle class family, I’m very cheerful and kind. I have never used drugs of any kind. I have been very sheltered all of my life, and was prior to my mom’s involvement, then my brother’s involvement, with Jehovah’s Witnesses.

                In addition, I did not have many friends, and not by choice. When my family became involved with JW’s, I was not to associate with “worldly” kids, and was supposed to drop my “worldly” friends. I did that under pressure, but then found I had nothing in common wit h jw kids, and that I didn’t agree with the way they treated people and thought about people. So I was isolated by the religion to begin with, and then of course the abusive creep did as much as he could to isolate me further by smearing my reputation as much as possible. In fact, I don’t think there is anyone that he knew of that I was even acquainted with that he didn’t get to and gossip about me to. He is a very inappropriate person who has no inhibitions or boundaries and would say anything to anyone.

                These are reasons why I am so horrified about this whole trial. No one knows what goes on in people’s families, and then they judge them without really knowing anything about what abuse is like, what is involved. There is SO much more to it, and people like things to be short and sweet and wrapped up all tidy and neat and easy to understand. It’s easier to blame someone than understand them.

                Sorry that’s so long!

                • Darn it, I don’t know how to edit. Just wanted to add, that my background certainly has nothing to do with being abused, and anyone from any background can experience abuse. There are stereotypes, but they are false. Anyone can be a target of abuse. Didn’t mean to offend anyone with that comment, was just trying to say that I’m probably not the first person who would come to mind when most people think of someone who has been or is being abused.

      • They are raring to go! Oh just so everyone knows, I am Alyce LaViolettes gay lesbian lover! Or so I have been told by one group of travisites! Oh, and I’m a stalker just like Jodi!!

        I am moving up in the world!! LOL

        • Gail wow I never knew that. Please tell your LOVER she is a great woman and should be proud of the work she has DONE. Please tell her that the next time you two are cuddling up! LOL

        • LMAO oh you gals are brave I would not even waste my fingers typing to them or reading their hateful words. Its just not worth it the calories I’d burn getting mad…lol

          I notice HLN seems to be dialing it back in case they lose I am sure. Don’t fake being a professional outet or unbiased now.

          And Miss Nasty I wish they’d keep her in the jail but thats cruel and unusual punishment to the inmates!

  14. AL YOU Are a true prince among men. Thank you for the song!!! GD music is like a drug soooo sooo addictive. I heard tit for the first time at a very young age my Mom told me I would cry when they turned it off. LOL Thank you for the continued well wishes!!!

  15. I really had a well needed day to decompress–love that Survivor song and the shirts. I find myself more peaceful and yet still overwrought– its not the knowing the result that is hard to process right now. I am just glad that I found this site where i could read learn and discuss all the real truths about TA.
    I cannot believe that the jurors will completely overlook Travis’s own words in sex tape and in the various texts.That is the only voice we have left of TA. They have to see that he was a deviant, narcissistic and Jodi was his sex doll to be used and abused. He failed for whatever reasons to find or get a good Mormom girl to marry him by age 30 and if he did he for sure would have continued freaky stuff on the side.

    They have to see that he derided and used verbally abusive wording in his texts Those are from Travis’s own hands.. I sense they will take Alyce into consideration who to me was bullied mercilessly but held her own and in plain words believes what she was privy to that suggesed abuse and TA being the dominant controlling type in the relationship. Would she put herself up for public ridicule for any other reason? I do not think so.

    I wish more had come in about any and all suggestions about perdophilia but i think those that know more were afraid to speak out for retaliations.

    If they do not discount that the fact that the ME was called to the stand and changed his words a littlle each time with a final smoking gun of what he referred to as a a typographical error with the gist being that he lied on the stand 3 times and his report is inaccurate. He must not be considered as having performed a reliable autopsy is my bottom line.

    Flores should have never gotten this case. The fact that he is a Mormon himself makes me trust him even less and he lied and called it a “misunderstanding”. What else might he have altered in his report—we do not know.

    The roomates and girlfriends had axcess to the crime scene and the house for 5 days why did nobody stress this? Even though she ultimately admitted to the killing a compromised crime scene and /or the potential that they removed any incriminating computer etc and evidence that Travis had that is derogatory and would help Jodi is a real possibility. They smelled him without a doubt by day two at the latest. That computer they examined was his business computer and was registered in Deanna’s name. I believe he had another computer for his porn and sicko sex stuff. There is no way that a man who knew about cream pies etc did not watch porn.

    The letter and emails exchanged between Sky Hughes and Travis are very telling. She was as sweetly as a friend can do tell him he was a player and toyed with women and that it wasn’t right.

    I know these thing have been discussed alot here it just bothers me that so few except The Freeman’s and a forced to Lisa suggested negative traits Travis displayed to them. Everyone else was silenced and did not want to say what they may have known.

    I know its out of anybody’s hands but the jury now and we can only hope for a just verdict. We are on the side of truth. I pray that the truth will prevail as best as it is possible.

    • And Daniel Freeman has since changed his tune slightly. That bothers me a great deal, actually. But he’s Mormon and in PPL so I suspect someone forced him to speak out differently.

    • Anything short of an outright acquittal is the wrong verdict.

      This is a case of something close to jury nullification.

      There is nothing to deliberate about. The prosecution is tainted and corrupt to the core.

    • Kalista,
      And the picture that they show, they say that Jodi is dragging him?
      I can’t figure out how that was taken at all.
      In fact, I’ve never been able to make out that picture at all.

      I know what you mean about finding this sight. Its helped me more than
      anything. Thanks for all who made it.

      About the roommates being there for 5 days??
      That tells me something “WRONG” here.

      There’s so much wrong here, I don’t see how the verdict could be anything but
      an acquittal.

      • I thought I was losing it because I could never make out the picture and see what they “claim” is in it.
        I also do not get how Jodi did it alone. TA was a BIG boy and he wasn’t going to just stand there and let Jodi attack him. I think there was someone else there that day, I have tried to drag my fiancé who is about TAs size and I am bigger then Jodi and I couldn’t do it. Let alone lift him over the rim of the shower because there were no marks indicating that he was drug over the metal piece on the rim. The shower was running that is why the water was all over the floor. TA ran out of the shower after Jodi. I am pretty sure he didn’t take the time to turn it off before he ran after her. That is one thing that right away would make me say self defense if I was a juror.

        • Really Jennifer?
          Because every time I look at that picture, I can not figure it out either.
          I thought I was losing it too. lol
          What are they supposed to be saying ,that Jodi was dragging Trabis and in the meantime,
          just accidently the camera took that picture.
          No way!!
          That is total bullshit and I agree he must haveleft the water running.

          So juan says she sloushes back through the water, making it even harder for her to drag
          him PLUS pull him over the ledge .
          No way possible.
          The shower was 3 X 3? AND she supposedly pulled him back in?
          How and WHY would she do that anyway?
          None of this whole thing makes a bit of sense to me.

          And the knife marks are around his shoulders, NOT his back!
          That also says self defense.
          But if we have to make sense out of this, I can’t!

          • I just had to laugh when JM said he was shot last, I mean, did he actually expect to convince the jurors that he just stood there in the shower and let her stab him?

            I’d have handed my verdict in pronto after that!! 😀

            And yet the masses will hang on to every word of that. Unreal!

  16. I actually remember JVM and one of her talking heads, early on, saying this relationship was ‘no different than your average relationships nowadays’ and that TA was just an ‘average guy’. HELLO…really? Maybe that’s why you prefer women JVM and why the talking head that agreed with you is a spinster. Nothing against gays bc I am one but if this is how you think it goes in this day and age, you 3 holed wonders, then you need to bend over and take it in stride. That goes for Nasty Disgrace too. I imagine if she even suspects her hubby of having a freakish perverted thought she bitch slaps him. lol

    • Oh sure, he was just an average guy alright. Do “average guys” say things like ” I’m going to tie you to a tree and put it in your ass” or “You sound like a 12 year old girl having her first orgasm” or “There have been times when you’ve been miserable and I’ve liked raped you?” That’s just a few of his classics. If she thinks that’s normal I sure as hell don’t know how she would define abnormal.

      • I was talking with a friend last night. She’s also an abuse victim. She married him while in her 40s. Prior to that, she’d been married twice and she’d dated a fair amount of guys. I also had a fair amount of boyfriends before marrying my ex-husband. And both of us had female friends who were open and honest about their relationships. We were talking about the things Travis said to Jodi. No guy ever said those kinds of things to us — until we met our abusers. We never heard any of our female friends talk about guys saying those kinds of things either. Normal? I think not. “Unhealthy communication pattern”? Yeah, and then some.

        It’s really sickening to think that the world is being told those kinds of things are “normal” or “healthy”. I saw haters say “Travis was very respectful to women but Jodi was a temptress whore.” Respectful to women? Here’s what I know of the guy — even without knowing about what he did to Jodi. He convinced Deanna to break her vows to the law of chastity, while pretending to want to marry her. But he didn’t marry her. Then, he called her a stalker. He grabbed Lisa’s butt when she didn’t want him to and didn’t stop when she asked, and talked about sex with her frequently, even though it made her uncomfortable. While dating her, he had sex with Jodi behind her back. He pursued Mimi even when she told him she was only interested in friendship with him. While dating her, he had sex with Jodi behind her back. He tried to convince a poor girl who suffered from anorexia that if she didn’t come over, he’d kill himself. He talked to a married woman about sex. He strung along multiple girls at the same time — how many did we count? 10, 15? I lost track.

        Really respectful guy, huh? And that doesn’t even count what he wrote and said to Jodi — a woman he also described as “the easiest person to be nice to.” Uh-huh!

        • I was watching a girl talking about abusive relation ships
          and number ONE is charm.

          I know some are that way and are always that way, but when charm turns to abusive, most women are confused and think it’s only a one time thing OR but for the most part they think they are sweet, then abusive again.

          Talk about living a roller coaster romance.
          It would do their head.
          That’s why the ones that think they would never have stayed in a relationship stay.
          They love them and believe one day that they will change, but sadly it never does.

      • Jeff-
        How more transparent could TA have been. Anyone supporting so called Justice for Travis, should be fully embarassed. No body in thier right mind would support this type of vile and digusting person. That’s why I don’t bother to engage any of them, including HLN, in any on line posts. Not worth the time to try and reason with unreasonable and clearly demented people.

      • Normal for her – probably everything short of coprophilia. Movie 43 has a hilarious, totally off color bit with Anna Faris.

    • Good post – what world are people living in to think that TA’s behavior was normal. NOT!! At least not in my world, and I imagine most folks. The guy was a creep and abusive manipulator. How JVM or anyone else can condone this behavior is beyond me.

    • So there is something wrong with never being married or that never being married is akin to being gay?

      Oh, brother.

      • No Tonysam, nothing wrong with being either single and gay, which I am, but it is wrong to make light of abuse just to force feed your twisted views to others.

    • I don’t know about Nancy Grace slapping her husband for perverted thoughts, the woman wears handcuffs around her neck and black pleather. I suspect she might be a Dom, or just read too much Fifty Shades of Gray… 😉

    • I’ve wondered the same thing Gwen. I love your posts, by the way. I can’t stand how JVM or any of the pedo-hugging abuser-apologists try to pretend that Travis’ or Martinez’s behavior was somehow normal. It’s hypocritical that they accuse Jodi of “pathologizing” heterosexual relationships; but then, isn’t that exactly what they’re doing by pretending that abusive relationships are normal and healthy?

      I guess they haven’t thought of the social ramifications of allowing women to be abused and used as a human toilet by their boyfriends or husbands. People want women to make all these good decisions for themselves and their kids, but how can they when in a climate of intimidation, fear, and feeling worthless? Women are people not robots. Women are just as much a product of their upbringing and circumstances as anyone else. We cannot say abusers are just victims of their upbringing if we aren’t allowing the same compassion for victims of abuse.

      It’s STUPID to assume that women are somehow robots, programmed to act and behave a certain way despite the affects of negative human interaction – i.e. rape, abuse, bullying, terrorism, ect. And that, if a woman doesn’t have the behavioral output we expect, that she is somehow faulty. Or like a broken blender is disposable and should be replaced. But that’s how women are treated.

      I am disgusted with HLN’s programming. There are kids growing up watching this shit and taking home the message that the only way to be a “real man” is to be the biggest, most aggressive and destructive asshole as they can be; and that part of being a man is having the capacity and privilege to destroy women physically, emotionally, and psychologically. And that identity is the only thing that separates them from whom they view as inferior – women, children, the elderly, the infirm, and conquered peoples.

      No, I don’t believe men are like this. I believe ANYONE can form their own identity outside of this limited, stunted, destructive psychological framework.

  17. Jodi, I will buy the t-shirt and wear it for ever until it turns to shreds then cut it up to stuff a comfortable doggy bed. {{{{{{{{ hugs }}}}}}}}

  18. SJ – you are awesome! I’m so glad there are people like you (who have the means and resources) willing to help Jodi out like this!

    A Short Play
    By CanadaLinda

    Heinously Lewd Nimrod (We’ll shorten that to HLN): Visualize Tasmanian Devil. Big evil grin, sharp teeth, and drool – lots and lots of drool.
    (Dictionary definition of heinous: hateful; odious; abominable; totally reprehensible)
    Note to Prop Dept.: Have blond wig and handcuff necklace on stand-by.

    Justice For Jodi aka Voice of Reason ( We’ll shorten that to JJ) – A roving reporter. Visualize you, me or anyone contributing to this site!

    SETTING: Outside courthouse in Arizona. Large crowd gathered– amongst them are jugglers, sword swallowers, acrobats. Smell in the air of popcorn and cotton candy. Calliope music in background.

    JJ approaches HLN

    JJ: Excuse me. Do you mind if I ask you a few questions?
    HLN: Whatever
    JJ: Any comments on the Jodi Arias trial?
    HLN: Ya..only one. Guilty!!!!!
    JJ: You seem to be very invested in this. I take it you’ve been watching the trial and listening carefully to the testimony?
    HLN: Don’t need to. She did it. She killed him! The bitch deserves to die!
    JJ: That her actions resulted in the death of Travis Alexander is not in dispute.
    HLN: Huh? So what the hell is the trial for? Just fry her skanky ass.
    JJ: Do you know anything about the case?
    HLN: Enough to know she’s guilty as hell. Tons of blood man…in the bathroom, the hallway, the bedroom. That must have been some fight! And then she killed him!
    JJ: What you’ve just described is what the defense is claiming…a struggle and ultimately self defense.
    HLN: Say what?!

    Voice in the crowd!: Verdict’s in! NOT GUILTY!

    Camera cuts back to HLN character. Manic spinning has stopped. Eyes are bulging. Devil creature is melting into stinky, brown slime. Note to camera man: Close in on the shit flies gathering over goo.
    Calliope music stops. Jugglers leave. Crowd is dispersing. Final shot on sign at base of courthouse steps:

    • THat is some FUNNY SHIT THERE!!! Hollywood should be calling you. I was amazed that Lifetime is the one making the movie not HLN. They will miss lead everyone in that movie just like they did in the Drew Peterson movie. It was so so far off ever the family of his third wife said so.

    • 🙂 Love it, CanadaLinda ! closeup zoom on the brown slime with gathering buzzing flies. LOL !

      and while the credits scroll up:
      Trumpets, Jodi walks out eyes blinking in the sunny springtime, friendly dragon swoops her out and drops her dressed as Snow White in the forest surrounded with little birds singing ‘FREE FREE FREE’

  20. Would anyone be willing to do something for me…..I live in Iowa and due to an incident with a cup, Nancy DisGrace, and a TV getting broken I am banned, by my fiancé, from all news channels except local news. And with this illness I fall asleep a lot during the day. If I was to have SJ email someone my phone number would you text me when the verdict comes back so I can get to a computer. I can’t figure out twitter and have just a regular cell phone. If you would be willing to do that let me know and I will have SJ email it to you.

    • I would totally do that, but I am overseas right now. I get back on the 14th. If I get back before a verdict is rendered, I will do it. Otherwise, I won’t be able to!!

    • Absolutely. I’d be more than happy to do that for you. Feel free to get my email address from SJ.

      • AA, if a verdict comes back before the 14th of May, would you be able to shoot me an email alerting me of the verdict once it comes in?

        10 hour time difference between me and AZ now 🙁 It’s driving me crazy!! I am hoping I’ll be back before the verdict is in!

  21. HLN is run by a bunch of ass clowns. ASS CLOWNS, I tell ya! I hope they lose the key when Nance gets locked up in ‘play’ jail and that JVM ends up going through garbage FO REEZY when this trial is over. And may karma be a super bitch to all those who have participated in ignoring the evidence for ratings sake.

    • Sometimes for laughs I play back the day Cassie Anthonys verdict was read and the reaction of the HLN talking asses! They all ate so much CROW that day!!

      • Question: What do you get when you have the crew over at HLN up to their necks in shit?
        Answer: More shit.

      • I do too, Jennifer! Their reactions were priceless. Also, for fun, I often play back Geraldo handing the Baez-haters their asses when Casey’s verdict came in.

        • Even though I don’t always agree with him, I like Geraldo regardless. Hannity said it best to Baez when he told him “you stopped the prosecution on the goal line.”

  22. Question:

    So while the jury is deliberating, does Jodi wait in the courthouse each day? Or do they just bring her from the jail to the courthouse once the jury renders the verdict?

    • Good question. I don’t honestly know how they do that in Maricopa County. With Sheriff Joe’s weird rules, who knows? Hopefully, someone will be able to answer.

      • I think she’ll be brought in everyday & wait in a holding cell until a verdict is reached or 4:30, whichever comes first.

        • Are you serious? What it it takes a month or more? So she will be fed as she was during trial? That’s awful.

  23. Looks like hln is trying to do some damage control with ng. trying to make her look compassionate with inmates. maybe hln is feeling the heat more than we think.

    • This may be terrible of me to say but I hope a riot breaks out while she’s in there and that barrette gets slung to high heaven. lol After all, they want a young woman who was abused, mistreated and attacked to be put to death for protecting herself.

      • Gwen,
        Can you believe that Graceless actually said that she was in court and Jodi didn’t even look at her????
        That’s why she got a seat, she thought Jodi would look at her???
        Damn fools

        • And if Jodi had looked at her, even a glance, she would have had something to say about that. Like Jodi was staring her down or something. She is beyond ridiculous.

    • Perhaps she is going to the jail just to find out what she can….. about Jodi….what other reason could she possibly be going there f…….of course by turning on her phoney nice little voice that she uses, the hugs she gives to the inmates to make them think “Look I Care” just to get them to open up.

      She knows exactly what she is doing…….. and why she is going there. She will have her camera crew
      with her and she will definately exploit those inmates on her show …..
      She has already been there once…… what is the purpose for her to go back? To suck people in to watch her show….or to flip Jodi the bird….on camera . Spiteful…you bet.

      • NG even lies during her ad about her show! Stating that what she wants is the truth! Yeah, Right!!! Well NG, JM, EF, WH, JDM, JVM, VP, HLN, and the rest of the Turd Alliance—–Hears the truth!!!!!! You’re ALL a bunch of fucking lowlife, slimy, garbage-spewing, shit-bags whose collective IQ is less than that of a snail’s!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And, here’s more of the truth, you sick motherfuckers should all crawl back into the primordial ooze that spawned all of you and cease to exist!!!!!!! Thereby making this world a far better place to live in!!!!!!!!!!! (Sorry for my rant Will)

  24. Morning everyone! And good to see you AA! 😉

    Thought I’d share an article about Drew..maybe many of you have read it, but it lists a few of the celebrities that have died on his friggin show, including Mike Starr from Alice N Chains,who thankfully I got to see twice before that fraud of an MD got his hands on him!!! What a joke..the first paragraph says it all..quitting the show because too many patients have died on it!!! WAY TO GO HLN!! That just about sums up the type of “experts” you have on your show!!

      • seriously Tony, what kind of crap is that!!!! How can they get away with passing those frauds off as professionals?????? I am pissed!!

          • There is that petition on the net, but I’m afraid to put my personal info down on it yet…I wasn’t sure who all can view that..I was thinking after trial I might go ahead and sign it!

            • I somehow doubt that will do any good. HLN is going to be going strong this summer with the Zimmerman trial.

              • true, but if enough of us at least sent a signal???? IDK, I’m just sick of what all has been going on..this trial has really shown that they are nothing but a “tabloid trash” network!!! At least a lot of us have cut them off, and I hope that counts for something!!

              • Lol they are already advertising for it! So, they will have about a month more on Jodi then Zimmerman.

            • Hey Lynn, Don’t be afraid, I signed it. Be proud to show them that you aren’t afraid of their sick and twisted minds!

      • AA, he makes me sick!!!!! He friggin KILLS people!!! Reality TV BS! Good, I’m glad his ass will no longer be “helping” people in recovery..joke…And again good to see you AA!

        • I just want to defend Dr. D a tiny bit. I don’t agree with televising anyone that is in treatment but I’m sure his patients sign off on that so who am I to argue. All I really know about him is that he treated Mindy McCready and she lived in & took her life in my community. This is a very small community without media hiding behind every tree. We have one small weekly newspaper but they respected her privacy for the most part. Mindy had problems that required more than outpatient treatment. People in the community knew it, her landlord knew it, her friends knew it, her family knew it, her attorneys knew it and her doctors knew it. The problem was that no one could keep her in treatment without her consent and they tried many times to get her to enter treatment and she just refused. Many of us that met her shopping or at the courthouse and those that had become true friends with her here were devastated when she took her own life. She had become a part of this small community & we pride ourselves on reaching out but the person you’re reaching out to has to let you take their hand. Mindy said that Dr. D had recommended several continuing treatment options for her when she left his care. She, as an adult, chose not to pursue those. I don’t know the circumstances of anyone else that has been treated by Dr. D and whether they walked out the doors like Mindy did or whether they followed the treatment advise but I do know that know one was going to save Mindy because she didn’t want to be saved and didn’t want to stay in treatment long enough to get to the point of wanting to be saved. I think this speaks more to our mental health system rather than Dr. D in particular.

        • I always had a problem with celebrity rehab because in my opinion it exploits people’s suffering and Drew is an opportunistic money grabbing jerk for being a part of it. It’s hard enough to overcome an addiction without the whole world watching. What planet is he on to think that a show like this was a good idea? It was all about the money thats why! I have no respect for this quack, whatsoever!

  25. You have a great day Tony and everyone..I have a stomach ache now..I had no idea what happened to Mike until I read that it’s a beautiful sunny day here in the Pacific NW, I’m going to sit out of the patio, have a chai latte’ and chill!
    Peace to all~

  26. Wonderful post today. Prayers and hugs to Jodi and her family. I thought of of something last nite. Was going over testimonies on youtube yesterday and a thought came to me. So need help and opinions.
    I would think that any exhibits entered in to the court, the jury would have access to. If so, here’s things i would like the jury to look at:
    1.Exhibit 4 & 5 are travis alexander/chughes/skyhughes letters. Written 1-21-2007 expert concluded highly probable travis wrote the letter. Look at you tube chughes testimony 14:40.
    2.Flores police report, roommates inconsistences, ashley reid thompson call to police to check out her ex dustin thompson. Ashley reid thompson supposed suicuide??????, gun shot to head. 2010
    Florez purjurying hisself on sequence of events and contaminated crime scene.
    3.Kevin horns autopsy report: “the dura mater and falx cerebri are intact”. Then claimed a typo. Lied.
    4. Remember Nurmi told jury to look at injury to chest. DOWN TO UP, DOWN TO UP. Frontal attack.
    What do you think?

    • Exhibits marked in court are not accessible to the jury unless the judge admitted them into evidence. Neither the Hughes emails to Travis, nor the letters Nurmi discussed with Chris on the stand were admitted into evidence. The hearing where Chris was on the stand was outside of the jury. None of the above exhibits will be available in the jury room.

      I would assume the police report was admitted into evidence but I would have to recheck that part of testimony to be sure. Ashleys suicide was never brought up during the trial, so that would not be evidence. I’m not sure whether the supplemental reports from the police report were in evidence or not. I recall the jurors asking about the roommates. Perhaps they are then?

      The autopsy report was admitted into evidence.

  27. Now Kirk Nurmi’s closing argument has sunk in, I think it will have impressed the jury greatly.

    He has not insulted them with a parade of lying witnesses, a confused, muddled, changing and illogical theory of the the crime that makes no sense. And finally, he pays them the compliment by saying that THEY are the fact finders, he does not even ask for the verdict he must in his heart desire.

    The jury will surely dismiss the most serious charges on the grounds of complete illogicality, and will finally be faced with the manslaughter charge. By this stage, they will know that Jodi has simply told the truth that she knows. That her story of appalling abuse by Travis Alexander is the truth. They will then have to determine if there is proof beyond all reasonable doubt that Jodi did not simply defend herself against repeated attacks from Travis Alexander. There is no such proof, and I hope that they will therefore take responsibility and find her not guilty.

  28. Happy Cinqo de Mayo family!!!!

    Good morning: AL, SJ, Tony, Gwen, Bystander, viri, Tonya, Jeff, BeeCee, Josh, Nk, sz, dell, Kalista, tonysam, marianne, Jennifer, zoe, richard, Joanna, Lynn, AA, spring, will, silent, CanadaLinda, and

    ANYONE else who posted after I posted this one!!!

    I adore all of you (((((((((((((((TEAM JODI FAMILY HUGS))))))))))))

  29. Happy Sunday, everyone!

    Did anyone else notice that the courtroom was PACKED when KN gave his closing. Yet, when JM stepped back up, no one was in there?

    I think that is VERY telling.

    Also, HLN made it seem like there were “thousands” of people at the courthouse the other day. In reality, there were about 60 people that I could see.

    One more thing:

    When I was watching Nancy Grace babble on Friday, she was in her “studio” outside the courthouse.

    I kept seeing traffic coming around the corner (it’s a one-way street in front of the courthouse), and all I could think was….


  30. Good morning everybody.

    I have a question. Does anybody know if Jodi is found guilty of M2 or manslaughter, who will decide how many years behind bars she gets…the jury or the judge?
    If it’s the judge ,we know she will probably get the maximum 🙁

  31. Hey finally someone on the NY Times mentioning Jodi today :
    ‘Sexism and the Single Murderess’, Frank Bruni, 5/5/13 Sunday Review, NY Times.

    “Knox and Arias aren’t just women accused of murder. They’re minxes accused of murder, sitting in their courtroom seats with scarlet letters emblazoned on their chests, no jury needed to pronounce them guilty of wantonness at the very least. For men, lust is a tripwire. For women, it’s a noose.”
    “a world in which there’s a cornucopia of synonyms for whore and slut and no comparably pejorative vocabulary for promiscuous or sexually rapacious men.”
    “Had a Southern governor named Marcia Sanford been entangled with a Latin lover when reputedly hiking the Appalachian Trail, would she today be her party’s nominee for an open Congressional seat?”
    “The Arias case hasn’t made quite the leap from the tabloids into the mainstream that Knox’s did. But HLN, the cable network on which Nancy Grace fulminates, has enjoyed a ratings bonanza with its saturation coverage of the courtroom proceedings.”

    • This is an op ed, not reporting, viewing it as a part of sexism, not mentioning domestic abuse at all.
      They had journalist coverage on the Steubenville case, (way early in the Sports section among all places,) on A Knox, C Anthony, bullying-suicides, woman eating fantasies of the stalking cop, but none assigned yet to cover Jodi Arias.
      They must think of it as a ‘tabloid’ case. Sad.

      • with the greatest respect to all here, especially to viri and JC – TEAM JODI ADMIN, and their comments above, i have a different take on, or general attitude to, the nyt, and the entire official media

        i almost never read anything from the mainstream media. i long ago decided that. i shouldn’t say never read; i’ll read the first sentence of an article, and decide on the basis of that. that’s my criteria, and if i exclude an article, i almost always exclude that entire media source from that first sentence assessment almost 100 % is rejected
        there’s a lot of crap out there
        especially mainstream, or establishment, crap, or their echo chambers, the official cool-aid is pervasive

        initially to find this reliable site i googled >>> jodi arias
        and whittled down 56 million results to just two using an exclusionary search method in google
        i excluded, lies, deceit, malice, sensationalism, etc

        as for the nyt, i haven’t looked at anything there for ten years at least, despite them buying placement
        in google news and other internet media sources
        the nyt is a far right wing propaganda outlet, or speaking tube, for the ruling class oligarchs; it’s establishment crap
        government propaganda outlets such as the nyt, i simply ignore

        i suppose as you’ve noted here they create some peripheral salacious material to lure people in

        whether, or not, the nyt considers jodi’s case “tabloid” is entirely irrelevant to me
        i don’t care a rats a$$ what some rag, such as the nyt, or any of their scribblers, thinks of this case

        their opinions are irrelevant for me; i’m totally uninterested in anything they have to say in their scribblings
        i form my own opinions, and locate reliable facts, from trustworthy sources, and the “media” including the nyt, is not in that league

        the spurious “prestige” attributed to the media, mostly self-referential narcissistic adulation, accelerating, with the advent of the internet, with increasing fervour from years ago, doesn’t count
        despite their pathetic praise of themselves, i remain completely unimpressed
        before the internet, these corporate outlets had captive audiences, as did all local media outlets in the us
        but that’s long gone
        the canard of the media as the bastion of freedom is a myth, a delusion long gone, if it ever existed
        the media is the bastion of the ruling class, of the elites, of privilege

        not so the internet
        that’s where the bastion of freedom resides

        i get all i need to know from this site about jodi’s trial

        in the morning, instead of a blaring alarm to get me out of bed, i turn on the radio to one of the local stations
        as soon as i hear the first lie or deception, i hit the off switch on the radio, and get out of bed
        that little ritual pushes the start button on my brain
        generally, i’m up in less than two or three seconds, five at the most, as the bs runs so fast and continuously from their orifices


        I swore never to be silent whenever and wherever human beings endure suffering and humiliation. We must always take sides. Neutrality helps the oppressor, never the victim. Silence encourages the tormentor, never the tormented.
        Elie Wiesel

        “Wisdom, compassion, and courage are the three universally recognized moral qualities of men.” –

        • “the canard of the media as the bastion of freedom is a myth, a delusion long gone, if it ever existed”
          I agree, Wes. I don’t believe anything printed, posted or mouthed anywhere unless it can be checked or someone with integrity has checked it. There are still a few journalists in print though — less and less as TV, soundbites and internet rumors take over — who try to report the facts, interview people, check their sources, and try to do their job in a legible manner. But I take everything I read including the NY Times with initial skepticism. They are the ones who kept publishing on the front page all the ‘leaks’ about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq hence Iraq had to be invaded asap, while in page 15+ another journalist would debunk it all but would be ignored by most readers. I found this site by googling too to find out more information on the case, having been appalled by HLN and other posting sites.

          This was an opinion piece, not a reporting article; I like the points he made.

          • viri, so the straight scoop is on page “15” lol

            i was thinking i’m a cynic, then i researched it some more and realized i’m not a cynic but a skeptic


            “Blind belief in authority is the greatest enemy of truth.”
            ― Albert Einstein

            “Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.”
            ― Carl Sagan

            “One good schoolmaster is of more use than a hundred priests.”
            ― Thomas Paine, The Age Of Reason

            “Most institutions demand unqualified faith; but the institution of science makes skepticism a virtue.”
            ― Robert K. Merton, Social Theory and Social Structure

            • lol, yes, page 15+, but only a few times, and may have lost his job by now. The other so-called ‘journalist’ with scoops from Dr. Strangelove’s office on weapons of mass destruction was on front page almost every day, along with pictures of aluminum rods…

              I managed to put on a comment about Jodi’s case on the Frank Bruni’s article today. Most comments were in agreement with his opinion, but readers know nothing at all about this case and think of it as a case where the woman is blamed for her open sexual behavior. Geez.

        • I don’t want to be or appear arrogant, and pour cold water on others internet material.
          Nowdays, the material available on the internet is so vast, it’s forced me to figure out a criteria to reject almost all of it

        • amendments

          i thought about some of my comments later, and realized what i said about my internet search methods are much more flexible than i described
          however, the gist of my approach to searching , as i’m sure it is with most other people, remains the same, to quickly find relevant material

          for example, on a new topic, i use tentative search words in the search engine, and progressively refine them as i look over the results

          i exclude articles simply by the extravagant or sensationalist headlines created by the headline writers to attract viewers
          on familiar topics, i’ve developed a history of reliable sources, which i’ve book marked
          firefox i’ve found very well designed and flexible with bookmarks
          others like chrome; i haven’t looked at it yet

          on my getting out of bed technique, by using the local radio stations as the initiator i’d add, it applies to talk radio, and everyone knows it’s mostly ego driven crap by the “host”
          so to use that as a spur to get out of bed, is somewhat of a rigged game because their rubbish is so predictable

          i suppose i should switch to music stations

          tha above comments are made while we wait for the jury’s return

          kirk and jennifer conducted a marvellous defense for jodi

          jm revealed himself as a dishonest and vindictive zealot; totally untrustworthy
          sensible people would see him for the scoundrel he was

          as for the judge
          we all know the problems

  32. does anyone have text alert I can sign up for for the verdict? I saw one on ABC I think it was but I think that might be for all ABC breaking news. I just want the text alert on the verdict.

  33. The messiness of the crime scene tells the real story. It is not the scene of a premeditated, heartless, and coldblooded massacre like the prosecutor wants everyone to believe. There was an intense struggle that occurred there. The scenario fits Jodi’s testimony much better than the inept interpretation by Martinez. I believe the photo of TA on the floor with Jodi’s leg near him is after he has been shot in the right temple and they have fallen to the floor. After this he makes his way to the sink and spits and coughs up blood all over the sink and onto the mirror. The bullet has penetrated his nasal cavity and filled his mouth with blood. Most of the blood from the entrance wound can be seen in this photo spilling down the right side of his neck and shoulder.

  34. I have a question regarding the stipulation photo, the one we refer to as the no gun, no knife, eyeball photo. Once it had been stipulated is it hands off what can be said about the photo? Just curious if Nurmi could have said something like at this time and knife, no gun?

  35. Good Morning! Thank God for this website. Sanity despite powerful media. I’ve only posted a couple of times, but have followed you brilliant people all the way.

    Al, your description today of Nurmi’s closing was so lucid. Nurmi made two crucial points in his closing that I hope the jury caught. 1. He said (paraphrase) ‘There is no testimony about the size of the gas tank’. Awhile back I sent JW this:
    I have looked also at used Ford Focus websites showing 2007 gas tanks as 14 gallons, and 2008 as 13.5 gallons. Jodi Arias doesn’t need a third gas can to fit the gasoline she brought. The 2013 is now down to 12.4 gallon gas tank.”

    When JM hammered at the gas cans early on, it was to show that all the gas purchased couldn’t have fit in 1 gas tank and 2 gas cans. That’s when he made the famous statement, “Would it surprise you to know that the Ford Focus gas tank only holds 12.4 gallons?” That’s not testimony, but it’s the only size the jury had to hang onto.

    In closing JM changed his tune from ‘Doesn’t fit’ to “…so she could get an extra 450 miles”. Even when he was questioning Muscle Lady at the end, he didn’t bring her “3 gas purchases” to ‘It doesn’t fit so you must acquit!’

    2. Nurmi put up that OOPS evidence photo of Jodi’s sock and told them the evidence # (which I can’t remember- 169ish?), and that they would be able to have that to look at carefully because it isn’t what JM said it was. In the actual photo you can see that it is Travis’ shoulders and head off the floor and his right arm raised. It cannot be after the throat was slit!

    Those two things alone, if they follow Nurmi’s instructions, completely wipe out what JM spent so much time on to prove premeditation and what actually happened during the struggle. By the way, that evidence photo seems to show the missing hall rug at the bottom. The outline of the rug in blood is in one of the crime scene photos of the end of the hall next to the bedroom. That would mean Travis’ feet were toward the shower/bathroom, and he was in the process of getting up. The end of the hall stuff hadn’t happened yet.

    I have such faith that this jury will do a careful job, and if they do they will see what we all see. She had no choice. The guy was fury and she was fear, and he kept on fighting to the bitter end, so she had to, too. The good thing about any verdict is that JM, Horn, and DeMarte’s missing raw data that ended up in the prosecution’s hands have given ample room for appeal.

    Thank you, every one of you!

    • That’s excellent stuff, Nym! I was very confused about what JM was trying to say about the gas cans all along. Was he trying to say Jodi bought a knife? Was he trying to say she bought KY Jelly? I still am unclear.

      You just disproved whatever he was trying to say very easily.

      As for the photo which show’s Travis’s head off the floor (and that he couldn’t have had his throat slit at that point) I thought Wilmott handled it beautifully when she made Horne state it on the stand. Horne has been a great witness for the defense.

      • Truth be known, Jodi was trying to help Travis get up.

        The killing took a whole lot longer than 62 seconds.

  36. As a digression, I keep seeing mention of the Zimmerman case coming up. Leaving aside any and all social implications, that case raises a rather interesting legal dilemma created by the stand your ground law.

    Just so that we can get past all the racial overtones, etc, consider the following hypothetical, in which both parties are law abiding stalwart citizens of unimpeachable character and of the same race.

    One person is walking down a deserted street acting completely lawfully. The second person is driving down the same street looking for an address, but is lost, so he is driving really slowly. He sees the first person, stops his car and gets out. The first person has been watching this car nosing along the street and is getting worried. When the car stops and a guy gets out and approaches the first person, that person gets afraid and reacts in a “stand your ground” manner. Now the second person, who intended no harm, sees the first person’s actions and based on the “stand your ground” philosophy, and fearing for his well being, takes pre-emptive action. And now you have a tragedy.

    That is the dilemma the Zimmerman case brings to the forefront for me. I think, with little variations, that is what happened.

    It’s going to be interesting to see how this sorts itself out and what ramifications, if any, it has on the stand your ground philosophy.

    • If they both ‘stood their ground’ without moving and spoke politely to each other instead of flying off at each other throat there would be no tragedy.

      • go to – click on “add an image” and choose from your hard drive the photo you want…. 🙂

      • viri posted this a while back and I saved it. I just haven’t had the time to do mine.

        “To make a gravatar picture, go to – sign up as a new userid/password. It will ask you for an email address to assign a picture to. Use the email that you enter here when you post on this site. will email you an authorization request. You will have to go to your email to authorize to associate your email address with your new gravatar userid. (Just open the one email from the gravatar site and click on the specified link to authorize.)
        Gravatar site will then ask you to specify which picture to upload to associate as a gravatar picture with your email address. Voila. Logout from You’re done.”

  37. I can’t wait til this case is over. FB changes had changed the messages settings some time ago and now i have to block each person that messages me and calls me names all because I support Jodi. Its is sick how people do that. It used to be you could set it to friends only and now FB got rid of that and anyone can message but only friends go into inbox, even with “strict filtering”. I get sick reading the hateful messages in my “other box”

  38. One thing to remember is that jurors love to play detective. Once they agree how absolutely ridiculous the State’s theory of premeditation is, they will want to solve the mystery of what really happened in that bathroom. They will carefully go through the crime scene photos (with magnifying glasses if they had them) and try to come up with their own theory or theories. And I expect one will be something like this: After getting shot and spitting blood into the sink while looking at the damage, he’s now really pissed so he chases after her, knocking her down (even though she’s found the knife to protect herself by then), getting on top of her and she goes berserk, slashing away to save her life. And I think the neck wound may have even come during that violent struggle, with Travis possibly running his own neck across the blade.

    • A unknown variable in the event is adrenaline. The body can and does do strange things when adrenaline is moving through it. Run faster, jump higher, etc. And since his body was in decomp, traces if left, was easy to miss. One shouldn’t assume it wasn’t there.

      • I believe it was adrenaline that gave her the strength to drag his body to the shower. I think she was actually trying to help him, perhaps thinking she could wash his wounds and apply first aid.

      • And JM’s argument that the shallow knife wounds to Travis were because Jodi’s cuts on her hand made it too painful to exert much force is a bunch of bullshit. When you got a lot of adrenaline pumping and in the heat of the moment you wouldn’t even have felt a thing! JM insults the jury’s intelligence on a lot of things.

    • It’s always been my belief that the blood on the carpet came from the chest wound, which happened when Travis lunged at Jodi, who was holding the knife up like a sword – that it was his weight, not her effort, that caused that first fatal wound. And then, yes, he’s on top of her and she goes berserk and their struggle moves back towards the bathroom.

    • Yes, you’re right. There are probably a few addicts to the ID channel, the CSI, 48-hours, FBI-labs, you-name-it, who will want to figure it out. They might even have heard of the Mormon blood atonement ritual. Or that he fell on it, like you say, or that she just wacked the knife toward his throat while he was still moving his arms to grab her.

    • Excellent RB! That all makes the most sense – except that if the knife was on the bathroom sink still, after cutting the rope, Travis may have grabbed it and run after Jodi initially. After that picture of him on his back getting up, she’s further up the hall toward the bedroom. If he tackled her at the end of the hall with her on her back and him lying on top of her, and she somehow had the knife in her left -more dominant hand- the back stab wounds would have made perfect sense to be desperate and shallow and coming from the right of his back, as several have already theorized here. All Jodi would need is one opportunity to get the knife between her and Travis and slit his throat just the way it’s been described -deeper on T’s left side and shallower on his right side. I’m an ‘ambidexter’, too. The hand you write most with is the hand you use for other tasks, with the exception of artwork possibly. Jodi definitely writes most with her left hand as she said.
      He had to have been shot first or he would have easily overwhelmed her little body. This is one big body-building guy!!!

      • Actually, Nym, I don’t think we don’t know where the knife was. Jodi couldn’t remember where it was left after the rope cutting. She believed it could have either been in the bathroom or on the nightstand in the bedroom. (Someone please correct me if I’m wrong.)

        • Hi RB! All we know is from Jodi’s testimony that she was holding one end of the rope near the bed and he was cutting it in the bathroom ‘to make sure it was just the right length’. Then she doesn’t remember if he put it on the nightstand or left it in the bathroom.

          Here’s something that’s has really puzzled me from the start: There’s a washing machine crime scene photo showing the left side of the washing machine contents. The middle spindle covers most of the right side of the picture. The left side of the shot looks like a pair of black pants with writing on them-really neatly lying in there. On the right side of the pants is a very clear red instrument that looks just like a Swiss Army Knife to me!

          Some of you who are more astute about both computers and Army knives could tell better. I haven’t had any luck even though I saved it and augmented it.

    • They shouldn’t do that. They have really nothing to go on.

      What they should do first thing tomorrow is meet in the deliberation room, take a vote, if there are any people who think Jodi Arias should be convicted of anything, those who think she should be acquitted need only show that the key prosecution witnesses committed perjury under the direction of prosecutor Juan Martinez, and then render a “not guilty” verdict.

      This wouldn’t actually be jury nullification like it was with O.J. Simpson (where there was an overwhelming amount of evidence of his guilt), though HLN and its ilk would call it that.

      After a not guilty verdict, the jury should give a press conference lambasting the prosecutor and the Maricopa Count officials for abusing the legal system in order to railroad a woman to death row in order to impress some kind of lynch mob. They should call for the firing and prosecution of Martinez, Horn, and Flores.

      I am not kidding. Why convict somebody wrongfully and let the appellate court do the same thing when you have the power to send a message to the media and to corrupt county officials that abuse of the legal system is not acceptable?

      • tonysam 🙄

        The haters will be turning green if that happens you said it all and that is what should be done they should do it just to find out the rest of the evidence that they left out and would not let them see that must of been evidence when their question were wrote done and then not used

        • This is what the jury SHOULD do, but who knows given the makeup.

          The case for an outright acquittal is so obvious that any conviction is questionable on its face, especially given all of the witness tampering on the prosecution side.

            • Although…I think if she gets manslaughter, she may just want to let the whole thing rest, do her time and be done with it.

      • Tonysam, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with them coming up with their own theory, based on the crime scene evidence. They don’t have to just go with the theory of either the prosecutor or the defense. They can use their common sense to come up with their own theory.

      • Tonysam, I am thinking the same way. As a juror, with the weekend under my belt and the words of Nurmi ringing in my ear that either the ME or Flores has perjured himself, I cannot bear the weight of those instructions to any other conclusion. It is as though the four months have been trashed. In a huge sense it is also very sad, even coming from my standpoint as a Nonjuror. It seems as though there would be some validation in self defense though not guilty due to you self destructed because you bullied your witnesses into perjuring themselves has some merit too and of course she would be free; of course I get that! I hate typing on iPad. It makes me sound illiterate.

  39. from RealMormonTruth website :

    Truth is interesting in Mormonhood. When I was a child Mormon, we were taught how to lie about Mormons. Church officials would tell us people would ask us many questions, and our job was not to tell the truth, but we were given a line to tell people. I have forgotten about those days when we were brainwashed as children on how to talk about Mormons when people asked certain questions. I always said it feels like a lie, but I was told it was not a lie, that it was a way to protect me and my family. Oh yeah brainwashing trick number 142, the threat of you being held responsible not to spill the beans because your family would be at risk.

      • I wonder if Jodi is hiding the truth of what really happened. I just don’t believe she did all this, even in self defense. There is lot more to it, but i guess we will never know.

        • Mariana, for a crime scene that was so gruesome and bloody, yet JA came out almost unscathed – yes, it makes one ponder – did she ‘really’ have any part in killing him.

          Remember that the car rental guy alluded to the presence of a guy being there with her. Perhaps, yes she decided to take JA up on his invitation and go visit him – but, not alone! When they get to the house, the guy waits downstairs, while JA goes upstairs to be with TA. Something goes wrong, TA begins to physically assault JA. TA is perhaps even unaware of the guys presence or is peeved that she even brought him along to his place. The other guy must have beenA’s ‘insurance’ against any sexual advances from TA. This was to have been a short visit. So, on hearing JA’s screams the other guy could’ve gone into the room – seen the knife on the night stand, grabbed it and did what he felt he had to do to save JA. This would address the odd bootprint in the blood at the pool of blood near the hallway. Whoever the other person was, was someone worth protecting for JA!

          • Hey Introspective…I thought this too. I mentioned it to JC a while back. I was thinking it was Jodi’s ex bf from back in the day.

    • yes and the Catholics would tell us your going to go to hell where the devil will get you but my religion never supported to killing they had had enough when they crucified Christ. Thou shall not kill and if more countries or country use this rule more than any other maybe we would be better people all over the world ….

        • Yes Tony…….I know the catholic were crazed at one time and we have our pedophile priest the church has shit to deal with in the past just was making a point on the one commandment that GOD gave us I’ve been excommunicated from the church but I still love GOD and the teaching of Christ and all I learned from my grandmother who was very religious.


    Upright Three of Cups Tarot Card Meanings

    The Three of Cups is representative of friendships and collegiate, harmonious relationships. It is a time when you are open to helping others, which in turn means that others are open to helping you. It is about spending quality time with your loved ones and your friends.

    This card reminds me of the wonderful connection and friendship that exists between the four female characters in “Sex and the City” – Carrie, Charlotte, Samantha and Miranda. They stand by each other, through thick and thin, and they are always there for one another as they make their way through various relationships, careers and other life journeys. Nearly every episode, they can be found enjoying each other’s company, often over a Cosmopolitan or another fancy New York cocktail. You get the feeling that these girls will be friends forever and will know that they can always count on each other for support and compassion.

    You may find that by turning to your female friends, you receive the love, support and compassion you need right now. Your close circle of friends may be a mothers’ group, old school friends, a women’s networking group or a collection of friendships that you have built up over the years. There is a oneness shared between your close friends and you, and there is a general feeling of sensitivity and sympathy with one another.

    The Three of Cups heralds a very sociable period. You will find a harmonious balance between meeting your commitments and spending quality time with friends and family. This is a great time to let your hair down and indulge yourself a little! You may be particularly drawn to the bar or restaurant scene, indulging in great food, wine and cocktails! You may also be celebrating something special, such as a birth, engagement, wedding, re-union, or birthday.

    For the moment, even though life’s problems go on, you can take time out to forget about the hassles of the everyday world and enjoy the company of your friends and loved ones. Such respites are often needed before and after periods of high stress, to stop you from getting burned out emotionally or physically. When this card appears and you are experiencing a high level of stress, take some time off to recuperate, and gain the support of friends before returning to ‘reality’.

    More broadly, the Three of Cups indicates the end or conclusion of any problems you have been experiencing, particularly those that relate to your interactions with others. A compromise will be found which will serve all the interests of those involved and will allow for a more harmonious environment. You can facilitate this process by bringing about positive change within yourself and changing your attitude and the way you react or deal with what is happening. Treat the situation with compassion and give the benefit of the doubt where possible.

    The Three of Cups represents community and groups of people coming together to focus on a common goal for the greater good of others. You may find that by reaching out to others and banding together, you can achieve a huge amount in terms of sharing your positive energy and passion with others, benefiting the wider community. It is a sign that you should seek out other people to celebrate your successes along with you.

    The Three of Cups is also a very creative card, suggesting that you may pursue a creative outlet within a group environment, such as an art class or a dance class. This is a great way to connect with others and to access your creative abilities.

      • viri….. It’s a good day it is Sunday its nice out here and hopefully where you are HUGS to all and a walk in the sunshine music is need Al

    • The meaning of this card

      The Three of Cups is a card of celebration and accomplishment. Three young maidens dance in a circle with their golden goblets upraised in a toast of joy. Their arms reach out to each other and they connect through their emotions and their friendship with one another. The ground is covered with fruit and there is a general sense of abundance and happiness. Each woman in the Three of Cups has a wreath of laurel on her head. Wreaths of this type have long been a symbol of victory and success. A sweet smelling laurel wreath is also a symbol of protection, peace and purification and is a message that the favour of the Universe is upon us, and that we shall be the victor in this stage of our lives. At the women’s feet lie various flowers, symbolising joy, beauty, compassion and growth. The flowers remind us of the good times in life, the sweet smell of success, and the beauty that surrounds us if only we open up to its presence. to me this is about this site all of us here and Jodi’s innocents

    • I love Sex and the City and have been watching old episodes recently :). I like your observation about the women’s friendships.

  41. I’ve only posted a few times but I’ve been reading daily and I cannot tell you how very grateful I am that this website is here. It blows my mind how many haters Jodi has and I feel like I’m in the twilight zone when I see how almost everyone (other than the like minded people on this site) seems so convinced that Jodi is this evil scheming person when I see Jodi as someone who has been mistreated by Travis (an obviously dishonest slimy LIAR) and if she is guilty of anything it is of being too nice of a person.

    Thank God for this site, if it wasn’t for you all I would probably be wondering if there is something wrong with the way I see things.

    Im so nervous for the verdict, with almost everyone thinking the way they do about Jodi I just hope that the jury isn’t like the majority out there…

    I wish I had sent Jodi a postcard while I was sure she would get it in time to let her know she has people out here who are on her side and who care about her and want to see her walk out of there and begin living her life again…I don’t have much but I would let her know she never has to feel like she has nowhere to go because she is welcome to come stay with me if she needs somewhere where she will be left alone and she can regroup and decide where she wants to go from there

    I live in Washington state near Seattle and most people around here have no idea who she is (I find out because whenever anyone has come over lately and asks what Ive been up to, watching the trial and reading on this website is what Ive mainly been up to and come to find out nobody else I know has any idea this trial is even going on)

    I hope that Jodi has others out there like me who would open their home to her if she is acquitted and needs somewhere to go where she will be safe and can begin to put her life back together? That would be wonderful if she had her choice of many many different states and countries where she has people who care about her and want to help her that she could go if she chooses to?

    • CM 🙂

      I to found this site after the attacks on me for commenting that the commandment Thou shall Not KILL and found this site and have nerve returned to the other site we have lots of stuff here use the links above and on the side and the calendar and most of all the coming together here to support Jodi welcome CM stay we open our hearts to you for your kind words

    • She could come to me in London with pleasure, it would be an honour to have her stay with me and I would spoil her rotten!

      No one has heard of her here, it would be a very safe place for her. 🙂

    • I am very nervous too, CM, and most likely every one on this site as well.
      She could come to the hicks in New-York here too. Safe.

  42. What an inspiratonal and uplifting card Tonya!!!!!


    Thank you to SJ and all the behind the scenes angels who keep this site active for our family here. Apparently, even the cards feel we CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE.

    We have been brought together, yes by a horrific tragedy, but the love, friendship, honesty, compassion and yes COMMON SENSE that we all possess and KNOW HOW TO USE, have banded us together as a family.

    I for one am touched beyond my ability to express by the friends I have made here. I will hold each and every one of you in my heart and I promise each of you if you ever need anything that I can help with even if it is just a (((((((((HUG)))))))))) – I’m there.

    We can and will make a diference for Jodi and for all survivors of heinous abuse and maltreatment.

    All my love to you all. 🙂

    • The deeper issue I have with this theory is why the prosecutor is allowed to do it?  He isn’t charging her with this crime, she has never been convicted of this crime, and there was no evidence presented supporting her guilt.  How is it that a prosecutor is allowed to claim an unproven, uncharged crime is proof of another alleged, charged crime?

      This is what got me too! How the HELL does he get away with it!

  43. I hope the jury gets it right, but there are some things that bother me and might throw the jury. the 3 different stories, I guess right after it happened, 911 should have been called. she might have been more credible with that and may have also been able to show her own wounds. recording the phone calls, that is a tough call. I know that I would not want to be recorded without my knowledge. they may see this as she could have messed with the recordings or something. I do not get this one for either side, if you are scared of someone, why go to their home , especially so far away / or let someone into your home when they arrive. they both could of and should have said “no”. I hope these don’t throw the jury.

    • Nobody ever knows what a jury is going to do. We’ll just have to wait and see. If we get a verdict on Monday it will either be not guilty or 1st murder.

      • Actually, I was thinking just the opposite. IF, and that’s a big if, the jury comes back with a verdict fairly quickly on Monday, I just can’t see it being M1 or acquittal. Based on the juror’s questions, there is at least one person it seems that is sympathetic to the defense. And that person isn’t going to switch to M1 that quickly. And I’m sure that anyone that has a pro pros bent isn’t going to concede too quickly to an acquittal either. It seems to me if there is a quick verdict on Monday it would be most likely manslaughter. That would make the most sense. Nurmi has given everyone a peg to hang their hat on. Anyone holding out for an acquittal knows that the defense would be OK with manslaughter. And anyone leaning for something more may feel that manslaughter may be justice enough. And if there is a quick verdict I would think that that signifies that the jury is ready to go home. Could be M2, too, I guess. But anyone that feels even a little bit sympathetic to the defense’s case isn’t going to want to rush to quickly to an M2 verdict either. Anyway, it’s just all speculation. I’m hoping for acquittal!

        • Jodi didn’t mess with the recordings. Like someone said in a prior post, unless she’s a very talented ventriloquist, she didn’t get Travis to talk about 12 year olds having an orgasm. That was all him.

    • Because she wasn’t scared of him all the time, just when he lost his temper. He’d always apologize and be sweet afterward.

      The better questions is (for Travis’s “friends,” and I use that term loosely considering they took 5 days to figure out he was dead and apparently some of them stayed to finish their Cancun trip even after they heard the news) …. Why are they shouting about Jodi being a stalker and Travis being afraid of her if Travis continued to sleep with her? You don’t sleep with people you fear

      • Tell it Nk my ex was nice and then slap hit punch then nice slap hit punch if a voice in my had had not told me to drop the knife I would be were she is now jail to many question to many secrets lies I have lots of questions what really happened and have figured out some of them . questions Ashley Thompson reed Dustin her husband Chris and sky Hughes PPL Mormons ???? ❓

    • Sam Walker it is not up to you to guess what happened or why she did or why she did not its up to the jury now and this site is for Jodi to get a fair trial

      • yeah, I know and I hope for that too. you need to chill out. I am just saying if these items stick out to someone for Jodi, how do you think they look to other people? it is just an observation.

        • Sam,

          Thank GOD Jodi did record that conversation – it is the MOST compelling PROOF she has that he was a twisted individual!

          The fact that she went there – she DID NOT GO THERE TO HURT HIM – She went there BECAUSE SHE LOVED HIM. He opened his door to her because he was a bastard who wouldn’t pass up being able to “cork” her. (I’m sorry for that reference my friends…)

          She went there with the intention of spending time with the man she loved (unfortunately the heart wants what it wants – our brains do not always have the upper hand).

          As far as calling 911….she doesn’t remember anything up to being in the desert. How would you suggest she have called 911 in a “flight or fight” adrenaline laced RUN FOR HER LIFE????

          These are just my observations.

            • I agree. Even though it was self defense, taking the life of another human being is not something anyone will just come to terms with. It’s life changing. Esp. since Travis was someone she knew and loved, still loves.

              Now this trial. Everything being played back over and over. The entire world knowing all about it. :/ 🙁

              It would def. change her. A part of her probably did die with Travis.

          • lets not forget he wanted to pork her the moment she showed up but she said no im so tired Ive have been on the road I’m tired

                • Happy Sunday to you all. I am sick of fence-sitters and shit-stirrers. I am suspicious of most people these days leading up to Jodi’s acquittal.

                  Man, Tony, you have me made out to be some kind of scary psycho. I am not a drill instructor, nor am I a WMD. I am a woman sick and fucking tired of bull shit.

                  So I say it how I see it.

                  I am a very small girl, and I am not a loud and violent person. I do, however, believe that going round and round with bull shit leaves you with more bullshit.

                  And I am too fucking old to beat around the bush.

                  Off to grill with the hubby– Have a wonderful Sunday, friends.


                • Renee’, I think you know that I don’t mean any of that maliciously dear lady!:-)

                • Renee I hear you. My patience for bullshit has been getting thinner and thinner to the point it’s translucent. Especially with moles on the blog outright telling people that there’s going to be mass-harassment come verdict day by haters.

                  IMO if they ever gave a shit about this blog, they need to say something to SJ or JC NOW so they can weed out the harassers before they have a chance to do any damage. If they ever gave a shit about freedom of speech, freedom of thought, the right to self expression, THEY WOULD STAND UP AND SAY SOMETHING WHILE THEY HAVE THE CHANCE.

                  Because if they say something after the fact, and didn’t lift a finger to help, IMO they should be banned. Like SJ said, we have no time for fence sitters or fair weather fucks.


              • Thank you, MB. You always seem to “get me” exactly. I too, am exhausted beyond belief. I have no more patience, tolerance, or niceness left in me.

                I am spent.

                You nailed it on the head; fair weather fucks I just don’t have time for. No more arguing to them. If they don’t like me, or don’t like what I say–then, just move the fuck on to the next post.

                Later, all. 😎

                • Renee, Hope you had a great afternoon and got some rest.

                  I love your kick ass sassy style. You have a great eye for the BS’er’s. Keep it up!


            • I am for Jodi, but you guys turn on your own supporters for even asking questions. That does not make any sense. What do you smell like Renee? Are we not allowed to speak up or speak out?

              • Sam,

                No one “turned on” you. YOU interpreted tonya’s response to your post in a negative way. If you have read tonya’s postings, you would understand she does not attack other supporters on this site.

                YOU need to not be overly sensitive if you post something that we are going to comment on.

                And…Renee is a friend of mine – please do not attack her.

                • Sam, the women here at this site are VERY supportive of Jodi. Many of these ladies have been in abusive relationships too. Let me say that women pretty much rule this webpage so weigh your words carefully. Renee’ is a friend of mine too!

                • I am not attacking her or anyone, just trying to be impartial to other posts/ people. As far as being overly sensitive, well, she did call me a rat . I do not call people names, if you read my postings.

                • uh oh…did I miss something here? I know Sam’s cool and so is Renee along with all of us girls on this site 🙂

        • Of course, the questions will/may come up with other people. We were just providing you with some possible answers to your observations. Tonya is very passionate about this case. We all are. It’s been a harrowing couple of months, and now deliberations.

          Personally, to me, the question should be, if Jodi was really stalking Travis like his friends are claiming, then why did he continue to sleep with her? You just don’t do that. There is no “men will be men” excuse here! If you are afraid of someone, you don’t sleep with them. You lock your doors. You file a restraining order. You don’t shower them with compliments. You don’t risk aggravating them with awful comments (ex. whore, three whole wonder). You simply stop contacting them.

          Jodi explained why she was not in constant fear of Travis. She loved him. She wanted to see the best in him. He was not always abusive. Whenever he was abusive, he apologized and was sweet, then would compliment her. This was evident, not just by her words, but in emails and texts that Willmott and ALV went over extensively!

        • it goes back to the same old question, “why abuse victims do not leave” which has been answered many times over and over again. I suggest you watch Alyce LaViolette’s testimony, she explains it very well.
          Not calling 911 is not that much of a stretch to figure out why she didn’t, she just killed someone, whether or not its justified, she was in a state of shock, fear, and running on fight or flight. And now you see how the police treat her, do you blame her…Det. Flores, who was the lead detective is sitting day in and day out at the prosecutions table. That’s certainly shows a conflict of interest on his and the departments part. Its not their job to convict someone, but it is their job to find out the facts and testify to such, which he didn’t do either. {caught lying on the stand about the ME report} Daily you see him whispering in JM’s ear, like he’s an assistant DA or something. Again, not his job. Ignoring evidence, like the rope on the steps, that’s damaging evidence to the state, so they ignore it. Again, are they seeking justice or just seeking to convict someone to further their careers.
          And lastly, recording their sex talk is no different than taking sexual pictures, which they did on many occasions, under direction of Mr. TA himself. Its highly unlikely he didn’t know he was participating in a recorded sex tape. highly unlikely…and thank god she did it otherwise we would never have known how sick this man really was would we…

          • Exactly! Had it not been for that recording, no one would have believed that coming from Jodi about the “amazing” St. Travis. And now they try to chalk it up as to being “normal” fantasy. Nothing normal about it! Sick. Very, very sick.

    • In a perfect world, that is what the brain would think but it doesn’t happen that way. I know people who have hit deer and freak out so bad they kept driving till reality hit and they are miles away. In moments is shock, logic can go away…

    • I kept going back to my abuser, I was only scared of him when he was being mean, I know its hard to understand when you have not been through this. When he was not mad he was amazing and loving and kind and outgoing and charming and the best lover so I would always go back because all of this outweighed the bad and leading up to the bad he had made me believe I was not worthy of being with anyone else anyhow so I would crave the good attention and conviently forget the bad, I thought he would eventually change and not ever be mean, so I went through all of this for eleven years. He even moved all the way to Hawaii! I could have been far far away from him but where did I move? Hawaii, I got away from him again while there, after I had my child, I moved to my friends in Long Beach, I got away again but then he moved to my parents house in St George, my freakin parents house, the dam charmer charmed the pants off of my family and they said, oh he is such a nice guy, do the right thing and come here with your child and we will all help you out, they of course, did not know the abuse, you dont tell anyone this, you just dont, just like Jodi, you think you can make them better or if you do every sex thing they want, please them in every way, they will eventually change and always be that nice guy, so again I went back to him, it just got worse so I tried to get away again and anyhow, enough of me, I eventually did, I just wish Jodi had before all of this

      • kmea,

        You just described an abuser to the T.
        They say FIRST is charm, just like your husband and then he charms everyone else,
        like Travis did and has and in death sill is.
        He’s the charmed one!

        Jodi the abused loved him and thought she could help him.
        She ended up having to fight for her life.

        She never said she was frightened of Travis.
        Travis is the one that told all of his friends he was frightened of Jodi,
        another part of abuse.
        And NOW Jodi is STILL having to fight for her life.
        People like Travis make me sick!

        NOT FAIR!

  44. OMG, it’d be so awesome if someone stomped the shit out of NG in jail!!

    Sorry, disregard all of the above. It was a typo. =)

    • Actually I won’t disregard that!!!! LMAOOOOOOO


      LOL LOL

      I’m with you!!!

        • Either sex Tony….

          The people she has slandered, defamed and disparaged publicly should all be allowed 10 minutes with her in a private room.

          • Janeen, that’s where I would have to respectfully part ways with you. I NEVER would want to see a woman beaten by a man! Sorry my lady, but its just the way I am.

            • Respectfully parted my friend…(although nasty face is no “lady”. She is so hate filled and so sharp tongued that sometimes you do forget her gender and just want to go ballistic….)

                • PLEASE stop saying you’re sorry…….we wouldn’t like you any other way….! 🙂

                • As the lyrics to the song Let Me Be by The Turtles goes, “I am what I am and that’s all I ever can be…..”lol

        • I just hope Nasty Nancy Grace Shit head full of vomit for words is not there to stir up shit and get them to hate Jodi I fear for her if the bitch does go to the jail watch you back Jodi if you have to say in your room be careful

          • That’s what came to my mind, Tonya. She thinks Jodi will be in jail and might have plans to go persecute her there.
            Dreadful thought.

      • lol! You guys are too funny.

        This woman has ruined so many people, I can’t even believe why she still has a show. Same goes for Dr. Drew. Whatever the hell happened to him? He’s just as catty as the women who hate Jodi.

        • Sil, not only that she has a show, but now she has another one called “Nancy Grace mysteries”. Now she wants to be a detective. And it’s all about Jodi. Gosh…I hate that bitch !!!!

          • Mariana, I saw that too!

            She’s a fucking hack! I love watching shows like “Unsolved Mysteries”, “Cold Case Files”, “FBI Files”, etc. and when I saw the promo for he show, I was curious so I watched one of them…OMG, what she has done is she has taken all the cases that have been covered by all these shows and pretends she investigated them herself…LOL!! she just pretty much puts herself in the spot light and talks about these cases as if she has firsthand knowledge about what happened.

            OMFG! It’d ridiculous!! And then…she has the other HLN talking heads as guests and pretty much they all just go around talking on and on and on about whatever case as if they were witnesses to what happened.

            It’s so pathetic. And then she has the gall to say in her promo…”I – want – to – inves-ti-gate – the case” “I – want – to – get – the truth” “If there is one thing I love about what I do, is that *I* get to make a difference”.

            OMG, kill me now!!

            • Gag me, I hate the commercial. She plays it with her voice like she’s about to cry. Makes me wanna cry just listening to that witch!

              • And the way she keeps milking that fiance story is getting so very old.

                I suggest she find a new line of work and get out of sticking her nose into homicide stories. Put that piece of her history where it belongs – far back into her past and move on. Doesn’t mean she has to forget. Just quit exploiting it all these years later.

                • Yes, Bev, it’s sickening.

                  And yes, Rainy, she’s the master of manipulation. She’ll use everyone and everything possible to boost her ego.


  45. Question: ?????
    I posted this in an answer to RB in AZ earlier today, but thought I would throw it out to the whole group because you guys are so smart.

    Here’s something that’s has really puzzled me from the start: There’s a washing machine crime scene photo showing the left side of the washing machine contents. The middle spindle covers most of the right side of the picture. The left side of the shot looks like a pair of black pants with writing on them-really neatly lying in there. On the right side of the pants is a very clear red instrument that looks just like a Swiss Army Knife to me!

    Some of you who are more astute about both computers and Army knives could tell better. I haven’t had any luck even though I saved it and augmented it.

  46. Did anyone else notice that KN greeted the jury when he gave his closing arguments and the little turd-factory that can’t—i.e. JM—got up and started his rant without so much as a hi or hello? I think this, too, may also make the jury be more for the defense—especially now—since N made them feel important (which they are) and Tiny Tim made them, IMO, feel as if they are just no-brained drones who must follow his lead!

  47. Hello Fellow Supporters!

    I just wanted get clarification about something. I know the responding officer from the burglary at Jodi’s grandparents, but was the police report entered into evidence?
    I think (as well as many here have discussed) that the stolen gun in that burglary will play a big part in the jury’s decision. The police report (if in evidence) I believe states that the grandfather said the gun was loaded with hollow point bullets. Even Lying Horne had to agree there were no fragments which is inarguable evidence that TA was not shot with a hollow point.
    If the jury is even coherent they will find Jodi NOT GUILTY.
    I think manslaughter is most plausible, but I do not believe an acquittal is impossible.
    I can hardly stand this wait. I just keep imagining Jodi in her cell, and how much this wait must be SO hard for her. I hate to complain about how hard it is for me, but I just can’t stand this WAIT!!

    • ((((((((((((Kmiller))))))))))))) We’re all the in the same boat…..waiting is hard…..

      You are NOT ALONE FRIEND!!!!!!! We are here with you!!!!!! 🙂

      • Casey Anthony she killed 1st deg murder and was charged with lying HOPE the same here for JODI she is charged with Stealing the Gun

      • AWWWW (((((((((HUGS))))))))))) to you too Janeen and Tonya!

        Tonya, your card did bring a smile 🙂

        I hope Nasty Disgrace gets all her fuckin fronts busted out by a prisoner, that’s the only way I will watch any of her bullshit shows. She’s only doing it to make it seem as though she is capable of compassion. Give me a fkn break!
        She is probably there to try and get one of the poor unsuspecting inmates to incriminate themselves in a moment of weakness, then she will be in the studio calling for their DEATH!

    • +Kmiller,
      Hmm, I don’t know if that report (re:grandfather’s gun theft police report) was entered into evidence…I would like to know that myself…
      Anyone know if it WAS?

        • Meowington, So you don’t think it was admitted? … I do not recall it being admitted either, and I do not recall ballistics testifying to the type of bullet that was recovered either… I keep wondering if I missed something.

          • Hi Dorothy….I always feel like I’m missing something too, but I don’t think that was entered into evidence unless I’m wrong…someone please correct me.

  48. I wonder if we can all appreciate how much Dr. Geffner did for annihilating the prosecution’s case and setting Jodi on a very potential path for early freedom.

    He single handedly cremated the one–year–experience amateur witness Martinez tried to pawn off as a psychology expert and held her tests up to ridicule for the jury. This is a guy who trains judges in understanding of psychiatry and psychology so they have the ability to be knowledgeable in their court cases so to put their credentials side by side is like putting a Bentley next to a Yugo. And Nurmi weaved that Demarte demolition they witnessed as jurors into his closing argument subtly and cleverly reminding them how pathetic and bought-and-paid for Demarte was.

    Then by Dr. Geffner’s equally prolific knowledge of the brain pointing out to Jennifer that the frontal lobe could not have been penetrated without the bullet passing through the dura mater was CATACLYSMIC. This ME cretin was smug and thought he’d covered enough of his bases to have followed Martinez instructions to Armour-all his report to hold up under Public Defender level attorney’s scrutiny and never be found out that it had been fixed and totally manipulated to fit the theory they had to claim–that the shot wasn’t first. But along comes the career ruining slip–up.

    Jennifer didn’t decimate the ME with that devastating fact on her first cross examination so I believe it had to be Dr. Geffner that pointed it out to her. What a bombshell that was! And how ironic, it was the self absorbed, erudite, water–drinking evidence pimp for Martinez that opened the door for Dr. Geffner to be called. Talk about your karma of what goes around, comes around.

    Can you imagine if she could have had a defense team of oh say, Vincent Bugliosi as lead attorney and forensic experts like Dr. Henry Lee to and Barry Scheck to obliterate Horn toad and Fluoride? It would have been like what Custer saw at Little Bighorn. It cannot be underestimated how much knowledge Jennifer had to have to put forth the questions to Alyce LaViolette and Dr. Geffner so they could inform the jury about all the intrinsics of those reports and their respective brain banks of knowledge. She had to know almost as much as they knew in many respects to lead them through the questioning. And Nurmi’s summation in closing was masterful breaking down each point of pre–planning to absudity and not opening any door to let Martinez talk about what he was salivating to use in his wrap–up.

    All in all, I think the fact that Matt McCartney turned out to be a big bluff by Martinez is going to huge in that deliberation room. This is the one man who could have testified that Jodi’s claim of being choked unconscious was made up because he was the one who she said saw the choke marks on her neck. The fact that he wasn’t called speaks volumes. That lays the predicate to her in fact BEING choked and underlies the fear she would have experienced that day after being thrown to the tile in his rage.

    There is no doubt in my mind, Martinez never expected this kind of battering from this defense team.


    • JM rarely mades sense in his ramblings. I think he uses the yelling and pacing antics to throw attention away from what he is actually screaming since most of it makes no sense. Even he did not know what he said most of the time.

      • LOL… that is the most convincing part of jms rant . . he got lost in his own hype. Most bullys are like that: bolter, intimidate and inflict fear. Wise people can crush and the battering gains concept, but the defense team didn’t crush . . they stayed focused and re developed concept. Sticking to the truth or as close to it without fabrication will win over bs any day. when being judged. I’ve had people say they did not really like me but could count on the fact what I said was reliable, honest, had integrity and trustworthy if needed but to not approach me asking for me to twist a situation in their favor. Being a Teamster Steward was a good teaching platform and I’ve even told the BA either stick to the contract (which had convenient holes) or shut up during litigation, I’ll handle it.. Either way my case wins because i will prove someone is in violation, so unless the ba wants the union proven in violation of the contract, best to defend my lead which will be truth. Some situtions I would turn over to another steward because i could not help the member honestly and that was difficult because I might like the person, friends . . but they goofed. LOL I did tell them what NOT to say the same as on the message board here, leaving Jodi a message she’s done enough, maybe too much, stop volunteering information not asked for. And as we all can see, because the people on this site have made astounding revelations and superb investigation, some questions were not asked. It would be an experienced guess, this jury has people who have dealt with things in life, they will learn from each other in deliberation, the hard headed ones are just pffft hardheaded, .. Jodis going to walk . . we just don’t know when.

    • Jade I agree with you completely. I said this as soon as his testimony was done. Geffner was absolutely the best, and most important witness in this case. Other than the points you made above there was one other thing that happened during Geffner’s testimony.

      JM has a nasty habit of disarming adverse testimony by either cutting the witness off or presenting selected evidence, that is put out of context or is otherwise misleading and forcing an answer. Unfortunately, the defense team was rather amiss in not being able to always repair that damage. What Geffner did was actually expound on the defense questions during the redirect and actually point this out in a number of cases. That then led to further probing and laid this out clearly in front of the jury.

      Of course JM’s selection of Janneen DeMarte should also make the jury ask why? Why is it that in a metropolitan area of over 4 million people, and in a capital case to boot, the state had to rely on a rank novice for their case? Was it because no experienced psychologist or psychiatrist was willing to counter the testimony of either Samuels or ALV, or the diagnosis was made by Dr Karp?

      Court watchers and lawyers will tell you that sometimes what is and isn’t delivered has a great impact on the veracity of a lawyer and his case. As you rightly point Martinez’s question about Matt McCartney falls into that category, just as does his use of DeMarte.

      Hopefully some of this stuff gets through to the jury.

      One other thing that struck me, both during the presentation of the evidence as well as the closing was JM’s reliance on possibilities, without proof. He often relies on putting up some point and asking the jury whether or not this was possible. He actually went as far as to say that he couldn’t tell what happened in the bathroom, but it was possible…….. Now this is an OK argument for the defense, because a viable possibility for their argument, shows reasonable doubt for the prosecutions case. But for the state to do that automatically raises reasonable doubt. A crowning point of this came every time JM had to argue that “it would not be a stretch”, because then he is asking the jury to make a speculative leap from point A to point B. By its very definition, speculation means that there is a possibility that the exact opposite is what happened. And when you have that you have reasonable doubt.

      • True my friend. And Dr. Geffner didn’t mince words either when he ripped Demarte–saying literally she didn’t understand what she was doing and that there were no excuses for things she didn’t do such as get the latest tests.

        Another thing that had to infuriate Martinez was how polite he was when he was being crossed, even when he was confronted about the judges throwing out his testimony. Martinez wanted him to be angry so it would fit right into his rabid foaming-at-the-mouth monkey pacing demeanor he had used with all the other witnesses. But Dr. Geffner was cool. He knew Jennifer would let him show how moronic Martinez was to suggest he was a discredited witness or that he was in fact, not only relied on in some 300 cases, but was the pinnacle of of the elite in his profession. And testifying without pay by the hour like Demarte milked the state of Arizona for. He is one sharp cookie.

        Plus that mind numbing catch that he saw in the medical report they would have literally gotten away with had he not been brought into the case. That was the underpinning those prosecution death merchants were banking entirely for the shot. Without the frontal lobe crapola, it’s bye-bye to any hope they had that the jury would buy incapacitation after the shot.

        And it came right at the end where it HAS to have had TITANIC impact to that jury.

        The highest possible accolades to that man and his sole interest in unselfishly only wanting to see that justice is not another casualty for Jodi like the set-up Milke’s was.

        I’ll betcha Geffner is one name Horn and Martinez will never forget. I hope it ends both their careers.

        • Great posts as ALWAYS, Jade! Love how Doc. G exposed Nostrils for the incompetent snot nosed bitch she is! Then JM had the verve to bring in Southern non-responsive speech delay heffer. Her excuse for Nostril’s giving an outdated test was the $200 expense! Other than that I can’t recall much of what she said, I can only remember wanting to shake the shit outta her while yelling, “OMG!! SPIT IT OUT!!!”

    • Jade,
      KUDOS TO THEM ALL! Indeed *\ 😆 /* They should be applauded. They had MANY hurdles to jump and not once did they fall. I am impressed with EVERYONE.

      • Martinez is a great example of the saying “If you can’t dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with bullshit.”

      • I think that might have been overlooked by a lot of people. I marveled at how much Jennifer had to know.

        She had to know all the technicalities, the names and terms of the different tests, the intricate studies and knowledge of subject matter in the backgrounds of ALV, Samuels and Dr. Geffner. Without her asking them the question, they couldn’t have told the jury all the things that she led them through like a General Patton. And the questions couldn’t be leading, in addition to what was already amazing understanding of what each one knew. Martinez was just waiting to object.

        Plus another thing that I don’t think can be understated is how incredibly well they preserved a record for appeal IF it comes to that. Those objections and motions all went into the record. One can only imagine what they made record of in the in camera sessions or sidebars.

        This judge is so up to her neck in reversible error, that the best thing she could hope for is a verdict that won’t be appealed. Some in isolation, were mind boggling rulings. Taking them all into account in cumulative bungles, it is probably only going to be most difficult to pick out which ones were the most egregious to file the petitions.

        Fortunately for her, I believe her ass will be spared the embarrassment when the verdict is read and Martinez becomes a laughing stock to the world.

    • The National Judicial College is located in Reno, which is where I lived for many years. It’s located on the University of Nevada, Reno, campus. Geffner taught classes there.

      Some truly major figures in the area of law have attended classes there, but the college keeps that under wraps.

    • The ME’s final lie was the coup de grace of this case. My jaw just dropped to the floor when I heard him pull that shit.

      You can view that lowlight on this site on Day 54, Part 6, 22:12 into it. It is just unbelievable in its audacity.

      He and Martinez thought the jury was stupid and they wouldn’t notice.

      For cryin’ out loud, that autopsy report is almost five YEARS old. If there had been errors, it would have been corrected a long, long time ago. Horn had lots and lots of chances to correct it, but Martinez told him right before he was to get up there to lie about the brain injury, if necessary. He probably called him as soon as he knew Geffner would be on the stand and talk about the brain.

      If the jury comes up with anything other than acquittal, they are not doing their job and have been watching HLN.

      When the central witness for the prosecution can’t be trusted, you HAVE to throw the prosecution’s entire case out. You can’t look at the autopsy pictures and think, oh that throat is so bad, we must convict Jodi. Those pictures mean nothing without the autopsy report to help interpret them. And the author of that report is corrupt and discredited.

      • Of course I mean the brain injury according to the prosecution’s theory, not to whether it was ever injured at all.

        • I cannot believe it. This idiot will NEVER live this lie down for the rest of his life. Millions of people around the world SAW that crap.

          • I think that might depend on the verdict… just not sure how.

            But it wouldn’t surprise me if everyone just looks the other way.

            Just like they basically looked the other way when Tanisha committed the felony of witness tampering.

      • The worst thing about the lie was it was a response to a JUROR question.

        Horn thought the jurors were idiots and he could pull that shit on them.

        • Lol! TonySam! Then my FAVORITE part of the entire trial occurred as Jen Stomped furiously toward him, ” Are you AWARE of the SERIOUSNESS of this CASE??”
          Dirty Sanchez objected a couple of times, but that only meant she got to say it 3 times 3 different ways! What a KNOB SLOB, that Horne!
          You are so right, Why in the HELL are Horne and Flores not in JAIL???

        • Then gave them that sheepish grin when he said he’d never examined a living person who’d been shot in the head.

  49. Although I agree with my fellow family members and their impressive and remarkable intelligence and insight, I am a bit scared after having had a precedent setting case here in New York with the “cannibal cop” having been convicted of CONSPIRACY TO KIDNAP – when the man NEVER touched anyone. He was convicted because he WANTED to do what he wanted to do…and of course because of his using the police software to “find out information” about the women he “thought about”.

    As Tony said….no one can predict what any jury will process and ultimately decide. Whatever will be, will be unfortunately. If the family here had our way – Jodi would NOT have EVER spent ONE MINUTE behind bars…let alone 5.5 years thus far.

    • Wow . . having law enforcement background what I see here is another thing . . spin on we have to do something with him . . he broke into and used police department communications software .. showing they aren’t secured . . so we’ll tag him with some kind of charge. The attorney might have been like jm influencing the jury with a hannibal theory which creates fear and that’s pretty shivering thought. Hmmm cannot believe the cop didn’t use a bogus dsn when obtaining information. As far as Jodis family . . I have no comment, but as you say “our way” .. that has heart felt support

    • I hope and pray that the jury was just as flabbergasted as we were with JM’s closing.

      I mean, this bullshit about ..”it could have been this…or it could have been that” “she could have brought the knife, or she could have been a fairy…” “She could have traveled in time or she could have been lying in wait inside the dishwasher”…Wtf kind of argument is that? It would not be stretch to say…This man completely lost his sanity.


      • Agreed Sil!!!

        TOOOOOO BAD the jury doesn’t know that that BLITHERING ASSHOLE said it looked like a “dog” to him in Travis’ eye taking a picture!!!!!!!

        That just about solidified his loss on reality….in my opinion……. LOL LOL LOL

      • And his next case is about a cop killing a person and their dog .. jm will twist that into the dog possibly being another person or a kid or a bunny/wildabeast/goper . . trying to find a soft spot in the jury whereas he has none at all . he’s just weird lol

      • Janeen, …I know! Right? His “closing arguments were SO …OUT THERE in nowhere land. He was NOT focused, he was NOT logical…I zoned out after I realized he was all over the place, like a poorly written novel.

      • I know Sil, it was just brilliant, I laughed and laughed, he didn’t have a clue whether he was coming or going! Oh and when he accused Jodi of loving the limelight, well, I laughed so long and hard, I’m still laughing. Of course JM hated the limelight, signing autographs.. BS Plain BS!!

        I just hope the jury managed to get that! 😀

        And THEN he accused her of.. lying on OATH?? ‘Scuse ME?

        Ahem.. JM..!!

      • JM’s closing reminded me of Ashton’s in the CA case. i.e., If you don’t like any of the scenarios I gave you, then just make up your own. Just as long as yours means guilty.

    • I think the conspiracy to kidnap charge was justified in that case. The cop was a sick fuck and all of his plans were documented.

  50. So I’m watching day 55 closing arguments…why are Travis people wearing blue ribbons. What does that mean?

  51. OMG I could eat guacamole for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks in between!!!!!!!

    Hmmmm, hmmmmmmm good!!!!

      • Mid west Mex is pretty darn good .. actually better than TexMex . . had the pleasure of West-Mex and well we’ll pass on East-Mex . . have some friends that are authentic and I did kinda have to pass on bouncing the beef tongue til tender enough to peel so put it out of my mind .. it was delicious lol

      • It sure does. Live in Calif. and eat Mex food at least twice a week, if not more. I’m Asian Am, my husband is Ital Am. We’re lucky cause there’s a chain market called Vallarta which has a deli for us non-cooks or kitchen challenged folk.

    • love guacamole but without the onion in it love avocados with lemon and salt when I lived in Hawaii had a neighbor that had avocado trees in there back yard and would eat and eat. and guavas another Mexican delight miss Hawaii loved it there but my dad was in the marines and the moved us all the time cried when i had to leave

      look no miss spelt words leaned to use my spell check

    • Great thing about Mexifornia is that you can get the real Coke made in Mexico that has sugar in it instead of American Coke that has high fructose corn syrup.

      • I only drink Coke from Mexico! My tacos are going to taste good. I’m also have some beans too. Corona and Modelo beer for me. The music is all Mexican/Chicano. Santana, War, El Chicano, Selena, Selena Gomez, Los Tigres Del Norte, and a whole bunch of other stuff!

        I LOVE BEING MEXICAN!!!!!!!

            • I am as full as a tick! Good Mexicano comida as usual.:-) I’m already looking forward to September 16th! A webfriend in Portland told me that they actually had a Cinco de Mayo fireworks show there! I cannot believe It really makes my heart sing with joy though.:-)

  52. You guys talking about Mexican food are seriously making me hungry! I’ve been so hungry for it today (and I don’t celebrate cinco de mayo or anything, but I’ve just been craving it today). We don’t have any good Mexican places here where I live. All we have is Taco Bell. 🙁

    • That’s too bad Britney you’re missing out. I’m sure you can make some…it’s simple to cook mexican food. Google some recipes 🙂

    • Oh no, sweetheart, we must do something about that, pronto! I have sent food to a friend before in a special container via UPS…so I wouldn’t mind sending you some if you ever want some. I would probably send you something not too spicy that wouldn’t upset your stomach. Actually though, if you can handle Taco Bell, I’m pretty sure you can handle something that’s actually authentic and healthy. =)

    • Awww, sorry Brit . . the only thing Mexican about Taco Bell is . . uhmm .. the name Taco. It’s not bad for something different than burgers but it’s not satisfying. Wow girl, you’re getting offers for palatial delights, that’s beautiful.

        • Oh yes, we DO, especially ME!! I had some pretty good Taco’s when I was in the US.. not from Taco Bell though!

          I love jalapeno’s too!

          • GREAT Heather1! Glad to see Mexican food becoming globally popular.:-) Because we have so many people of Mexican descent or birth in the US now, Cinco de Mayo and Mexican Independence Day(which falls on September 16)are both celebrated in much of the US now!:-)

  53. The challenge for jurors to avoid “The JodiArias Trial” is nearly impossible. It occurred to me as I washed my hands in the restroom of a restaurant with a mirror TV. On the way home stopping to fill the car, the gas pumps also have a TV. Waiting rooms , airports etc….the News is all over.

    • Maybe we can hope people are just disgusted with it all Phillip. Bin Laden didn’t get this much coverage.

    • Phillip, Hopefully the jurors are being true to their word. I like to believe in honesty when it comes to jurors. It is a very important duty and one that should be taken VERY seriously.

    • I thought the only network that’s paying any attention to the Arias trial is hLN…Aren’t most public tvs tuned to CNN or Fox News??

  54. I’ll probably be remanded to the ignore list, but these ideas won’t go away.
    When JA was on the stand and Nurmi asked, “Did you kill ta” and she too calmly said “yes”. quick glance to the jury then down.
    My unanswered questions are many; of which wasn’t addressed by any of the witnesses or jury or forensics or interrogation clips that the masses were graced with.
    Most comments addressed a lot of them

    • question, Jodi has admitted to killing TA. Her quiet answer and abashed way of handling the question shows that it is probably difficult for her to say it aloud and that it wasn’t her choice to do it, that she feels shame. She probably loved him then and probably still does.

  55. Those hln murder mystery stories always have part of the interrogation on them. one of them they accused the deckhand of stabbing his boss and throwing him overboard during a storm.
    His story was rhat captain’s foot got caught in the net and he drowned. Likely story. Well he was convicted of m1 and did some time. After a conciantious det dug around, they found that the captain caught his foot in the net and went overboard. False confession. the “stab wounds” were propeller injuries.

  56. I’m posting this in pieces because I agree with the observations of other posters thoughtful anyalses. The difference in mine is that I believe the man was alive when ja got outta there.

    I can see in a coupla-3 years, we’ll hear ” Breaking news” The killers had an awakening and came forward. Jodi had to live in order to take the rap.

    I so enjoy reading all of your comments. All of you are kind, thoughtful people.
    They’re so many hiccups in this whole deal. Was TA about to blab about something in the business deals, did he have to be silenced or something?
    It seems all so framey to me.
    Oh well, I just had to unburden myself. Now i’ll fade back and red the stuff i missed. blessing to all of ya.

    • Yup, question, I am hoping that the REAL truth is revealed…I ALSO think TA was alive when Jodi left that day… Maybe she was just being the sacrificial lamb on the stand the day she said she killed TA, maybe her quiet voice was because she was lying about that…but…who knows? I do think there is SO much fishiness in this case I wonder how the jury will make heads or tails of it…
      We await in anticipation…

    • You’re not alone to wonder. With all the conflicting statements, the absurdity in the crime scene, all the evidence hidden from the jury, all these suspicious characters dead set to lie about Jodi on the stand and on TV, the mysterious phone calls, conference calls, washing machine, floor cleaner, stinking reek, attic, dog gate and Cancun, there is a lot more to this than was shown.

      • I think so too, viri and everyone, too much happened in those 5 days. I hope the truth is revealed afterwards, because sure as hell we’re not going to get it now.

    • Oh, Renee…sometimes I feel emotional too. But I find that a little of humor is sometimes necessary to relieve the soul. Just to break the tension that I know we are all feeling.

      Please don’t stop posting. And please know that you are very loved and appreciated by me. You are absolutely one of my favorite people here.


    • I’m emotional over this case as well and I didn’t even know anyone involved. I started crying when the case was handed over to the jury.

  57. I cook for my wife and kids on Sundays, i made pork cutlets and fresh mushroom gravy and real mashed taters. Peas and pearl onions, homemade buttermilk biscuts, some fresh, homemade pasta noodles with a light butter cream sauce and some good ole ice cream. I grew up with 5 sisters and 6 aunts and 2 hardnosed grandmas from the midwest. It was either learn to cook or sew.

  58. The unknown is the hard parts of this. If a juror should happen to see some things they might as well just knuckle down to the tv and go for it. The media has made this trial nuclear . . alot of what the media is saying could also be part of a jurors decision knowing what all they heard while inside the jurors box, seeing the bizaar behaviors and feel for Jodi that she won’t even have any quality of life if she does walk Since the taliban have been supported by donations, we should take some for Jodi for a ticket off this planet. And that came from some people visiting me that know nothing much about this trial. One thing for sure . . judge asks if anyone has been exposed to media information and they say no .. that’s a bold face lie. . . or maybe they’re one of jm gophers, I dunno anymore. Another thing . . you can bet hln, cnn and other journalist/reports know exactly who and where the jurors live, they’re “stalking” lurking in the bushes ready to pounce as soon as they can.

  59. Jade, great post. Dr. Geffner did testify that the duro mater (sp) was not penitrated by the bullet so he obviously was the first to present that to the court. The smart jury member then questioned the M.E.’s testimony with the question about the duro mater. I think Dr. G. did a lot for the defence and he was unflappable to Mr. Martinez’s questioning. I also think Alyce L. got under the skin of this prosecutor and it showed. I have thought a lot about Matt McCartney and his friendship with Jodi and the fact that he wasn’t called to testify by either side. One thing for sure he didn’t betray his friendship with her. When I look at the witnesses for the defence and those for the prosecution, there is no comparison. Dr. S., Alyce L. and Dr. G were so knowledgeable compared to Dr. D’M and the others. The medical examiner was a disgrace and I think he did tell Det. Flores that the gun shot came first. He has told a number of versions of things so why wouldn’t that be a plausible idea. Det. Flores was the fall guy for the medical examiner’s incompetence.

    • You only have to look back at the recent overturn of the death penalty conviction of Debra Milke. This was the same cretins, in the same state, in the same county that suborned the perjury of a known lying detective attempting to send her to her death. This took 22 years to find these creeps fabricated the case.

      Armando Saldate was a detective that had testified in some 100 cases!!

      Now the volcanic lies PROVEN in this case by another detective and the coroner. And just imagine things we know that the jury doesn’t know.

      This is a county prosecution office that needs to have a full scale federal investigation the likes of which has never been seen. They are murderers.

  60. This reminds of the bad relationship Jodi had with Travis even though they were not married.

    Our luck is running out of time
    You’re not in love with me anymore
    I wish that it would change, but it won’t, if you don’t
    Our luck is running out of time
    You’re not in love with me anymore
    I wish that it would change, but it won’t
    ‘Cause you don’t love me no more

    You need so much but not from me
    Turn your back in my hour of need
    Something’s wrong but you pretend you don’t see
    I think I interrupt your life
    When you laugh it cuts me just like a knife
    I’m not your friend, I’m just your little wife


    They never laugh, not like before
    She takes the keys, he breaks the door
    She cannot stay here anymore
    He’s not in love with her anymore

    The bruises they will fade away
    You hit so hard with the things you say
    I will not stay to watch your hate as it grows
    You’re not in love with someone else
    You don’t even love yourself
    Still I wish you’d ask me not to go


    He takes a drink, she goes inside
    He starts to scream, the vases fly
    He wishes that she wouldn’t cry
    He’s not in love with her anymore

    He makes demands, she draws the line
    He starts the fight, she starts the lie
    But what is true when something dies
    He’s not in love with her anymore

    You’re not in love with someone else
    You don’t even love yourself
    Still I wish you’d ask me not to go


    They never laugh, not like before
    She takes the keys, he breaks the door
    She cannot stay here anymore
    He’s not in love with her anymore

    He takes a drink, she goes inside
    He starts to scream, the vases fly
    He wishes that she wouldn’t cry
    He’s not in love with her anymore

    He makes demands, she draws the line
    He starts the fight, she starts the lie
    But what is true when something dies
    He’s not in love with her anymore

    She’s had enough, she says the end
    But she’ll come back, she knows it then
    A chance to start it all again
    Till death do us part

    • That song was written by Madonna about when Sean would beat the shit out of her….

      I HATE him for that…!!!!!

          • I also hated his hypocracy too. He’s suppose to be a gay rights supporter but yet was a big supporter of Hugo Chavez who persecuted gays in Venezuala!:-(

      • I fell madly in lust with Sean because of the movie At Close Range.
        He was so handsome in that film and loving to Mary Stuart Masterson.
        Yah I was just a movie but I was young. 🙂
        Then I found out about the real Sean, and I don’t like him anymore.
        Besides, he did not age well.

  61. From the dark side:

    ”Not sure if that has been said on this thread but that statement tells you that Nurmi does NOT believe Arias story of self defense. If he really believed this woman had been abused and then killed to save her life and then sat in jail for 5 years waiting to see if she would get the DP, he would be fighting for her like a lion. He doesn’t like her. Cause he knows she is a cold blooded killer.”

    😀 O M F G !!!

    • LOL .. geeze . . I’ve been waiting on a property damage case just as long. Every time the opponent brings up something in depositions that’s stupid, we get facts. It takes time to do things right. What an idiot . . “wheels of justice turn slow” isn’t a made up coin phrase. Someone smack that person n give’em a reason to be stupid plz.

  62. It helps me to remember that the State MUST PROVE that it was NOT self-defense. It is NOT the job of the defense to prove that it WAS (which is apparently what the haters think is the way things should be done.) And I think when the jury looks at it that way (and I’m sure someone in there will state it as a reminder), I don’t think there is any way in the world they can say that they are certain BEYOND AND TO THE EXCLUSION OF ALL REASONABLE DOUBT that he did not attack her.

    • BEYOND AND TO THE EXCLUSION OF ALL REASONABLE DOUBT that he did not attack her. or that she did it all remember JM said she lied so she told the jury she killed him and that is a lie she did not kill him poor jury they have there hands full of question now.

      • Hold on guys I know the UFO community will try to mind with them and get them to show up for this Travis vigils and take the attention off of them. They showed up one time in Phoenix and can do it again

  63. Phoenix area news stations and papers are announcing public prayer vigils for TA tonight.
    I guess the jury was instructed to stay indoors all weekend so they don’t accidentally bump into a vigil?

    Total bullshit and I am angry.

    • Ditto . . this is waaaaaay outta hand .. actually I’d welcome westboro to come sabbotage their vigils this time lol

    • Hey there Trixels….

      Methface’s bullshit prayer request is alive and well in Phoenix I see…..

      LOL LOL about the jury bumping in a ‘vigil’…..

      TOTALBULLSHIT is right!!!!!