Trial Day 24 – February 27th, 2013:

Jodi Arias (cross examination continues – full day video)

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  1. And one more thing’ I would suggest not watching in session. the people ohn this program wan’t to make money and are not looking at this trial fairly, i noticed when i was watching Before i realised what was going onn. that they had a few lawyer’s on the program, that saw a different side than the in session folk saw i noticed they dissapeared very quickly. and would you like joey to defend you he sound’s more like a prosecutor than a defence lawyer. what do you think? “MONEY”

  2. I have to say JuOdi is one of the most articulated witnesss
    On the stand I have seen in years. She is really holding
    His feet to the fire of being detaied and she doess not let him get
    Away withe trying to putt words in her mouth.
    Aas well he sems to have memmory i.sues as having to have
    Mike read back quistens back that he just asked.
    If i eas a juror she would have me on her side as of this point.

    Typed on my tiny phond please excuse the spelling andshorthand grammer

  3. The video dropdown menu needs to hang on longer so us android users hvae time ti sellect it. Or better yet a page to all archives that can be selected and not a drop down at all.:-)

  4. Travis is lucky, imo, that he only got shot once and only cut about 30 times after all the torment he did to Jodi.

  5. When Martinez asks her about the drive from Redding to Monterey, Jodie Arias twice uses the plural term “We”. Is this a simple mistake of pronouns? Plural vs. singular?

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