Trial Day 23 – February 26th, 2013:

Part 1/3:

Jodi Arias (cross examination continues)

[hdplay id=80 width=500 height=300]

Part 2/3:

Jodi Arias (cross examination continues)

[hdplay id=81 width=500 height=300]

Part 3/3:

Evening recess called

[hdplay id=82 width=500 height=300]



  1. If I were a jury member I would find her innocent just because the way the prosecutor is being a complete arsehead in the way that he is speaking to her….. He’s getting my back up and I’m sure he is p*ssing off the jury too.

    • I agree with you entirely Garth, Martinez is acting like a rabid dog and I love the fact that Jodi is so stoic against his barrage. As with the Casey Anthony trial…Ashton was not liked by the jury and I think the same thing is happening here.

  2. why doesnt jodi defence team object to martinez asking the same questions over and over again, i see tons of remorse in jodi, God help her, she is so full of shame i pray she can cope with it, God Bless Jodi!!!!!

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