Trial Day 21 – February 21st, 2013:

Part 1/3:

Jodi Arias (cross examination begins)

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Part 2/3:

Jodi Arias (cross examination continues)

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Part 3/3:

Jodi Arias (cross examination concludes for the day)

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  1. In short, the prosecutor’s logic is so flawed, that I can’t give credence to anything he says. If I have time this weekend, I will breakdown his flawed logic in a post. Either way I like Jodi and hope she gets off.

  2. My goodness, he wouldn’t get away that in the UK, I mean, calling your sister stupid? WOW, I couldn’t believe it! What an absolute pig he is. Stay cool, collected and alert, Jodi, rough rides are ahead, you are doing so well, I marvel watching you. Hugs xxxxx

  3. Read all the wimped out blogsites that, crawled back under their rocks, for, all the reasonable doubts, as to why, Jodi, even needs to defend herself from the criminality of the court jester… whose concealments of exculpatory evidence, precludes, Arizona, from prosecuting anybody, for, anything… Read “The God Makers,” and, others by those who have revealed, the Eternal Soul Saving, Blood Atonement, heart plunge, ear to ear, throat slice, ritual, and, the bribery, of one’s own “Goddom,” and, all those virgin angels, inducement, to be duped, miscreants, into their own murder; as in, suicide; to prove their own, feigned, devoutness… Read about all the quasireligious facts, about the “sacred, blood atonement,” practice, by the delusionals, as, programmed by the tax dodging, socalled, religion. wherein the god they worship, condones, heart plunge, ear to ear throat slice, as, neither suicide, or, murder, but, a sacred, ascension, from planet evil; [ that would be here ]; to planet playboy and all those virgins, with which to do, what got you iced for, here… this, hardly computes, unless you’re duped, by doctrine… There’s more; read four years of reasonable doubt comments; all concealed by the court jester, pirouetting, all around the courtroom, with his slap dash, tap dancing, while putting on his skit., and, lying, by every question, while, concealing, the truth….. More, by the hundreds of words; none concealed, and, none, answered by those with the Arias bias flu…. Read about the fraudulent dismissal of letters, because, Travis, was exercising, one schizo, mood mode, as different, from writings, done in disimilar mode, mood… etc., as if, only one of his mood modes, and, mode moods, is actual, yet the other, obviously, the one, concealed, is, actually, authentic, and, the one less conducive to such obstruction of justice, is, admissable; while the “Jack the ripper,” mood mode, is best concealed, so as to get Arizona off the hook for this charade, under color of law… What, will all the reasonable doubts, posted, with their time and day stamps, play, when, these lizards at law, become accountable, for conspiratorial concealments, and, or, bogus conviction ??? Read the books, and, subpoena the bishop, Travis, pleaded his non defense to, for, his heart plunge, ear to ear throat slice, sacred ritual, to liberate him from his “used up Life, after being ratted out to the bishop, for his perversions, of his “secret,” blood oath, atonement ritual, which was on the way… Was this not a grand finale, taking Jodi, out, or in, by the same, soap opera; and, has not every iota of “evidence, equally, contained, its’ own equal, refutation; as in, the gasoline and gun, it is alleged that, with such premeditated, lividity, she never burned his house down with him, in it; or, the gun, it is claimed that she had, as forensics, proves, that, with no gunpowder particulates, she, did not, fire; then, where;s the significance, or, actuality, that premeditation or, equally, not, she did none of it…??? Put the bishop, under oath, to explain why church killings, by Brigham Youngs’ own words, is none of the States’ business, unless the State is in the process of doing murders, by execution, for the “church’s” purposes; to show the other Stepford Wives, what they can expect, when they, get out of line; again, pretending that the precision heart plunge, and, ear to ear throat slice was obscured by the slap happy, pecking away knife jabs, to set Jodi, up… Compare the Anderson / Alexander, exacting, ritual murders, as were done; it’s in the book…. There’s much more; all, concealed by the interchangeability, of the lizard at law, court jester, and, the reptillians, of their own idol worship. Thou shall not kill, unless, we get to do it; where’s that, written… or, get the State to do it, for us… Read the posts; there, you will find the Free Jodi, validation… Edgar….

  4. Also Edgar, have you done any research of the crime scene? I know you have mentioned you have been studying this case for 4 years now. I’m wondering if Jodi shooting the gun is true, or something she needed to say in order to make a self- defense claim (because we all know otherwise she would fry), or if she actually did fire a gun and she didn’t hit TA, is here a possible bullet hole somewhere else at the crime scene?
    I know the palm print suggests she never fired a gun, but this is just another angle I’ve considered.
    Also do you have any sources (other than the books you have mentioned) that you can direct me to?
    Any source of evidence not listed on this site. Thank you in advance. The trial took so long so much of the information is hard to find on line, its buried under the media garbage.

    • No gunpowder residue, is not a suggestion, but, is, a fact, as proven vy the medical examiners testimony, and, the forensics, failure to add gunpowder particulates, to the unscrambling of the omelet, with magic tweezers, which would have been identified, and, now, despite theb prosecutorial criminalities, is a little past his bedtime, to revise his, criminal, concealments… over four years, after I pointed out that with gasoline, still in the car, and, no gunpowder particulates, in the blood, Jodi, did, none of it; couldn’t fight for her life, couldn’t shoot him, couldn’t burn him out, couldn’t do any thing but get sodomized, pinned down, and, shown that , “Oral and anal sex, is less of a sin, than, vaginal sex.” So, what was Travis;s plea to the bishop about, if not, that somebody, ratted him out to the bushop, whose advice was, he’d handle it, or not, at which time the petitioner to the bishop, had to right the vwrongs, himself, or, himself was appointed by a usee who had issues with, Travis…? Somebody was pissed, that’s for sure; and it had to be a bruiser, big enough to grab him from behind, and nearly decapitate him; Jodi, couldn’t possibly have done this… Church involvement is clearly denoted, by the spin around, heart plunge… the bleed out, down the shower drain, washing of the body and, clothing, or, symbolics, of the sheets, since he had no clothes on to launder… Now, read “The God Makers,” for, Andersons,’ heart plunge, ear to ear throat slice, blood drain, body wash, and, clothes, laundered, eternal soul saving blood atonement ritual… Where’s the bishop, to explain it all…??? Edgar…

      • Any, further defense, to the fact that she did none of it, is, belied upon being duped by the four years of PTSD, and tortures at law, meant to be exactly as they are, a recantation of one story after another, which when you wade through the bs, still, the facts, as proven will not change, and, are so proven by forensics…therefore, there has been no case from the gitgo… no matter how many times, Jodi gets duped into another spin on this merry go round… The facts speak for themselfves Your question should be answered; why didn’t the defense get proof… because the defense is defending nobody… Where’re the PTSD experts… which should have appeared, first, to determine her eligibility, to be so tortured, after being, imprisoned for over four years; unconvicted, of any crime; except, standing up for all of our rights… . The longest walk begins with the first step….. she never took it; never fired a gun, and, never smoked the house, with or without him in it; so, their is no rest of it that should, be used to twist the facts, claimed to now become meaningless, when, disproven…Why ask why, when there is no what….??? Edgar…

      • Edgar- can you tell me anymore about TA’s plea to the bishop? Do you recall where you got that info? I have heard it somewhere else, just cant remember, I would like to know more. Jodi said on the stand that she found evidence that he was having an affair with a married woman.

        Did you read Flores “investigative” report? Ashley Thompson called into an anonymous hotline, which turns out to be not so anonymous. She told the operator that police may want to speak to Justin Thompson. Later when questioned by an officer (someone other than Flores) she never mentions she called in that tip. Later when Flores speaks with her he lets her know her phone was traced, and they are aware she called in the tip. She says after thinking about it, she changed her mind. She didn’t think he was involved after all. I have seen no evidence that Justin Thompson was EVER investigated. I wonder if he’s our “bruiser”. If Ashley Thompson is the person who TA had the affair with, well I can see Why Justin would be pissed and rat him out to the bishop. Ashley Thompson now goes by a different last name. Divorced?

        • Kmiller,
          Maybe you can help me with this one.
          I thought ot was at the end of the defense with Jodi, but can’t find it.

          Nurmi asked did you tell anyone about the “sex” or whatever with anyone?
          Jodi said she had told Aaron because she knrew she could trust him in what to say or guide her someway to tell the bishop.
          Of course we know now she couldn’t trust Aaron or anyone else

        • If the lizards at law, had, half a brain, they would have, interrogated the Corporate, tax dodging, countryclub, bishop, for what, he did, or, refused to do, to Travis, despite the blood atonement rules, that, set off, the complainant, whom Travis, wronged, into, homicide, mode… The bishop knows, but, will continue to hide behind, “religious,” privilege, leaving Jodi, to the setup, for Travis’s graduation to Club Lascivious, with all those virgins… Who didn’t know that the evil witch from the east, was taking advantage, of poor weak, Travis..and, for five days, not one of these, great friends, checked on him, even when all were packed and, ready for their Cancun trip; including, another squeeze, to be ravished….??? Edgar….

          • Great friends indeed! I have also questioned why no one checked on him over 5 days. Phone, ring, car, missed meetings for the business he is getting ready to travel with????? I will read “The Godmakers”. Edgar you mention the Bishop?? Was Travis’ called on the carpet for his actions? I have seen mention of this but wasn’t sure if it was fact.

    • Kmiller,

      I thought she said she fired the gun only once? If that’s true, and there’s a bullet in TA’s head, then the one firing of the gun produced this bullet? Is that fair to say? I might be missing what your point is, sorry.

      Were they able to determine which palm print it was? Although it’s my understanding she favored her left hand, it’s said that she used them both well I think.

      • Yes she did say she fired once. But she also said she didn’t think she hit him, and at the time thought she may have hit a wall because she saw no blood, or anything different. She also said she thought that because after the gun went off (unintentionally) he charged at her “like a mad man” and yelled, “kill you bitch”.
        Since I’m going by my theory that it is possible she did none of this, my question was did she shoot somewhere else? Perhaps her memory could be “fuzzy” on this issue as well. If someone else came in, did they shoot the gun too? Again this is based off of a theory.

        • Oh, I understand, there’s the possibility that she shot more than once, and only remembered one shot cause of the fuzziness/trauma of it all, or that even she shot once, but someone else at whatever time shot the same gun again. And the police would do well to look for any holes in the walls/flooring for another slug. I wonder how well they went over the area.

          • She never fired a gun, period, as proven by forensics with no carbon particulates, in and on the combined blood handprint, proving also, that the blood, appeared before any gunshot, as evidenced by the bullet brass, landing on an already bloodied floor. There goes the premeditation, including, the gasoline, that, was still in the car, and, she never deployed the gun, or, the gasoline; so whatwith, premeditation, why would she not use the gasoline and or the gun, first…? Then, it’s to be believed that she at 120 pounds, overpowered, Travis, at over 200 pounds, and, he, a wrestler, bare knuckle fighter and, weightlifting bodybuilder…??? Why she’s even in a pissing contest with a skunk, is, better explained by PTSD experts, and, dieticians, who can explain what 42 cents per day subsistance, for over four years, can do to a girl… Edgar…

      • Reasonable doubt gallops; left hand, right hand, makes no nevermind, where, a, as in 1 reasonable doubt, walks out of that den of thieves at law… so, who cares about, peripheral and, collateral issues, where there is no such lawful jurisdiction…That Ship, sailed, with the States’ own forensics’ proof that, with no gunpowder particulates, Jodi, never fired a gun. and, it would make no difference if she did, considering the medical examiner, being far more intelligent than any reptillian illiterati, and, fixing the cause of death, as getting ones’ head nearly cut off. Is the lizard at law, court jester, still, chewing on the incompetencies of his at law education, and, delusions that he can work the jury by dazzling with dialogue, or, failing that, baffle with bullshit…??? Shooting a dead body, and, or, pecking away with a knife, is, off the wall, but, hardly a death penalty, provocation… So, let’s just back up a soap opera, or two… no gunshot, means, we’re to believe that Minnie Mouse, overpowered The Ogre, , wrestler, bare knuckle fighter, body builder , weight lifter, fighting for his life, and, had the strength to nearly, decapitate him…??? How many reasonable doubts, do you, require…??? Edgrrr… The jury should sign a citizens arrest against the court jester for embezzling a paycheck…and extorting their brainwaves… Free Jodi… and, sue the bahhstards…

        • Also, there is the matter of dried blood, underneath, the brass shell, proving that, Travis, was long gone, as in watching paint dry, by the time, somebody got the bright idea to frame Jodi… The statement that the head shot, was post mortem, because there was no blood on that wound, also puts in question, whether or not, the statement, the body wounds appeared to have been washed, off, when, they too met the same criteria as the head wound, to point to, the same judgement call, that the 27 stab wounds were to set Jodi up, and, or, to feebly try to obscure, the precision heart plunge and, ear to ear, throat slice, ritual, killing… which was done with a vengeance, to. nearly, decapitate, Travis; something no mouse could do…

  5. Hi Edgar! Glad to see you weighing in 2day! I’m so with you. I don’t believe Jodi did ANY of this at this point. Have you watched the trial? Specifically during the portion where Jodi told about all the things she did NOT do on that fateful day?

    • K Miller,

      I have a close friend who also has posted here but not often that she is wondering if jodi is innocent and being set up. Her doubts are the roommates not smelling decomp, how she could drag him across the floor when he was dead weight, and that the throat slit would be very hard to do. What do you mean when you say the things Jodi didn’t do that day? I’m very curious about all this. I have my doubts as well. What is your theory? I miss posts because they fly through so fast LOL. Do you think it was a roommate, a money deal gone bad, or what? I don’t know what to make of why she is covering like this accept that if she is, someone very powerful was involved but I don’t really see the motive yet.

        • Well, he hasn’t alluded to her innocence yet. I don’t know if they will go in that direction or not.
          I think if they wanted to they could very easily do it, as they seem to me to have set that up very nicely here.

        • Because they’re all lizards at law, officers of the court, organized crime at law, and, toadies of the system… that’s why, and, because, open season on the reptillian, chameleons, has not been opened on them yet… Gunpowder particulates, non existance, refutes, premeditation, and, quashes the whole soap opera, as does ten gallons of gasoline, she could hav smoked the place, with him in it… neither, deployed, proving she had no such intent… then there’s the prosecutorial fantasy that, Olive Oyl, at 120 pounds, could whip, Bluto, at over 200 pounds; a wrestler, quarterback, fighter, bodybuilder, weight lifter, fighting for his life, withouf roasting or shooting him first, which the States’ own forensics, analysis proves she did, neither… Do we have the complete analysis as told to the prosecutor crook, or, did he, fine vtune it too, to enhance his whirling dervishe rope climbing tricks, tapdancing his spastic charade, while trying to hypnotise the jury, into a coma…??? And, the judge; what’s her problem, watching these lieyers, parade an accused, into televised, exposure, and, a different story for every occasion, noting that post traumatic stress disorser, has so afflicted the judge and spastic prosecutor, that, they being so afflicted, don’t even notice it, in Jodi; having been so traumatized… What trauma, besides looking in the mirror, have these lizards at law, been sybjected to, that was through no fault of their own; and, being so obviously stricken, by what bias, do they try Jodi, for their own indolence, and, criminality; being in contempt of what, Jodis’ principles, have shown them to be… Quettion, then, they, are the ones on trial; not, Jodi; so she can call herself an Easter egg, afraid of being boiled; who cares; she’s only guilty of watching these chameleons, changing colors, before a jury, that should be onto them all, by now, with their tools in trade; to wit: “If you can’t dazzle them with dialogue, you can always baffle them with bullshit;” almost sounds quasireligious, doesn’t it?; Maybe that’s why the lizards demand their titles of nobility; your honor; surely not a fact in evidence; despite the ministerial, high priest robes… and, Esquire; they can’t even spell squirrel… Enough derision, for now… Free Jodi, and, sue the Bahhstards…. And, of course, with King Alexanders’ larger than life, delusions, there could easily have been some drug inducements, and, a dope deal, gone south; but, no self respecting dope dealer, would let her take the rap; they’re surely, more honest than lieyers… Edgrrr… Long live this website….

        • JC… Her lieyers, “are too busy to read the concerns, on the internet,” their statement, so, it’s unclear except for being aiders and abettors of organized crime at law, exactly how, they are actually defending her, by ignoring forensics, proof, that she could not have overpowered him to begin with, so, there has been only one need for this soap opera to have been scammed from, innocent, to guilty, and, foiled, back to innocent; hoping that a forced confession would get the cops away from their donuts long enough to bring in the actual killer… and, execute, anybody who questions the religion of organized crime at law…when, at all, possible, so as to extort plea “bargains,” against the next victims of the at law, mob… Re submit the past answers as they fit the questions posed by newcomers… Hopefully, the Gestapo, will print up a catalogue, or, encyclopedia, of all the questions, answers, and, sneaked away evasions, of this soap opera, for law schools to teach these wannabe lizards at law, what they will become… when criminals become lieyers, and, crooks become cops… as if, they aren’t already… Edgrrr… Too cool that a Minnie Mouse can expose them all, for what they are …

      • JC- I say “all the thing she did not do” because, IMO, Jodi did not admit to doing anything wrong. She says she unintentionally fired the gun. She says she didn’t think she hit him because he continued to lunge for her even more fiercely than before. She says she thought she hit a wall or something. She says she has no memory of stabbing TA. She has a vague memory of hearing the knife hit the tile floor. She may recall putting the knife in the dish washer, but she is not sure if that was the same day or a previous day.
        Then, for me, the cherry, on the icing, on the cake: She says she cut her hand on a glass she broke the night before TA died. So, for me, that is her further, indirectly denying that she cut herself while stabbing TA. Why else account for that injury? If she was saying she did stab TA (weather she remembers or not) why make a point to say, I cut my hand on a broken glass, not with a knife?
        Is she going to tell more later, or is she going to hope some one in the jury reads between the lines?

          • Kmiller, i just saw these postings. Hard to keep up. You know I am right there with you in your theories and ideas.

            I doubt if there were an extra gunshot to the wall that flores and his cronies would have found it. You and I both know they missed the second gun in the second rental car, so that is a sign of their lack of competence right there.

        • I theorized Jodi only claimed self-defense because that is the only way she can show any evidence. I said before she would have to say she blacked out, because there would be no other way, if she is truly not guilty. I think she was cornered into making this claim, because before, when she plead “not guilty” all of the proof was not being allowed. when someone claims self-defense the rules change. Things that are not allowed as “hearsay” in a “not guilty” case, may be allowed in a “self defense case.
          The court records posted on this page include arguments between the state and the defense. JM says, the texts, IM’s, emails, letters, etc. should not be allowed in as evidence, “just because Ms. Arias has changed her plea.” that shows exactly why she changed her plea, IMO. You see, she has to say SOMETHING to go along with the claim, but still NOT admit to killing TA. with that thought in mind think back to the exact words of her testimony. Brilliant, really, IMO. OR, I have a real KNACK for writing crime novels, LOL!

          • I think she was either at the right place at the wrong time, or someone came to her rescue, a room mate. If she did fire the gun, then maybe someone heard the shot and came to her aid. If not, maybe someone heard the struggle. There are so many times through out this trial where I really feel like Nurmi alluded to the chance that a roommate was involved, especially when he crossed the forensics lady and had her pull the articles of laundry out. That was big for me.
            Also (omg I could go on) when (sorry forgot her name) then Female lawyer with Nurmi asked ( I think Flores) about testimony where they discussed the fact that they pulled Jodi’s cell phone records. She made a point to quickly ask, “did you pull the records of Ashley Thompson, or the records of Justin Thompson”. Remember Ashley T. called in an anonymous tip suggesting her hubby should be looked at? Well, If Jodi is saying she did this, why even point that out?
            Wow, Im probably rambling by now, I just feel so strongly about this.

          • Kmiller,

            Would an Alford Plea allow her to do something similar … wherein the defendant says they are innocent, but believes the evidence will still convict them, so they make the Alford Plea?

            I didn’t understand the idea you mentioned of Jodi changing the plea to self defense based on the evidence that was going to be allowed in the trial.

            I was wondering if there was any way to know in advance what evidence would or wouldn’t be allowed, given that during the trial itself each piece has to be presented and approved: Exhibit A, B, C, etc. is allowed into evidence, “no objection by the defense your honor”?

          • Dicky- I don’t know what an Alford plea is. I will look it up, though, it sounds interesting.

            They changed the plea to self defense after not guilty had been the plea up until 2010.
            They were already aware the evidence would not be admitted under the not guilty plea, so when they changed the plea, they were able to argue the evidence was crucial in her defense and then at that time a lot of it was admitted.

          • No home invasion robbers with half a brain, would not, burgle an out of state car, first, and, in this non case, find the .25 caliber pistol,Jodi, rightly carried for protection. See 2nd Amendment, for precedent… Then, the home invasion robbery, occurred, with, a gratis, gun, thrown in… Not, likely ??? Then, why the news blackout, over the subsequent home invasion robbery, wherein, a bullet to the head, also, occurred??? Jodi, was locked up, and, couldn’t have done that one, either… Maybe, the court jester, will conceal her alibi, and, discount all those lawbreaking, witnesses… Maybe, the real criminal, in this soap opera, is the State of Arizona, for not keeping their lizards at law, on a shorter leash… What, is the caliber of the gun used to shoot the next guy or girl, in the head… care to bet, that, it wasn’t the same gun; same angle trajectory, same distance…??? Care to bet that the court jester had no hand in concealing that circumstance of proving reasonable doubts’ applicabilityu, to Jodis’ railroad job, obstruction of justice; putting a lid on the carbon copy home invasion robbery, for his, overturned slam dunk, soap opera, against Jodi; whose only guilt is that Shuck and Jivester, can prove negatives, by pissing on innocent women; sadistic, fruitcake… pirouetting, and, tippy toeing around the courtroom; insulting the jury and, … Criminally orchestrateing obstruction of justice ? Why do you think he’s bouncing all over the courtroom, if not because he’s a spastic, three card monte, trying to hide the pea, under his nuts… Edgrrr… Free Jodi, and, arrest the court jester…

        • Hi BeeCee- just scooted over here since I saw Edgarrr pop up, LOL! Its easier to follow a chat on here if its on a separate date than the most recent busy thread. I know you and a few others see this as I do. Im really eager to get JM’s lame ass questions outta the way so we can see where the defense is going to go next. When Jodi said she blacked out, I was like OMG as soon as BeeCee sees this she/he is gonna remember that if she says that then we may be on to something!!.

          • Oh Yeah! I remembered our conversation!! I mean how else would she say she did it? It is not physically possible if there were a man and woman there doing it for jodi to be able to describe herself doing it. Maybe there were two knives, one with the man and one with the woman. Then, they had already stolen the .25 from jodi’s grandparents so after she left they shot him with that in order to frame her…they just didn’t know she would be there when they showed up.

            I wish the Bishop could be subpoenaed…

            I think part of the nervous smiling with Jodi is because she KNOWS SHE DIDN’T DO IT!!! And she is thinking in her mind…”are you nuts Kermit, I didn’t really do this and here you are badgering me??” Ok, she probably doesn’t call him Kermit.

          • I’ll bet she has an even better name for him, lol!

            BTW-The knuckle draggers are really out tonight, lol- AKA jealous women, I”ll bet in their mind their like, “How DARE this bitch be pretty AND get off scott free for murder!”
            I bet they can barely sleep at night!

            Oh, and while Im at it BeeCee- let me run THIS by you. This didn’t really hit me until a few mentioned here recently that Nurmi is usually a defender specializing in cases where the defendant has been accused of a sex crime. Well then I started thinking of the fact that his previous partner was released from the case because she/he represented someone who is involved in this case. This is the motion:

            “This motion is based upon the grounds that the office has previously represented an individual in this case and further representation of Ms. Arias would run the serious risk of violating and/or disclosing confidential information obtained from our former client, may be directly adverse to the former client and may involve the use of information relating to the representation of the former client that would be to their disadvantage.”

            So which one of the guys in this circus was represented by this defender who works sex crime cases? Remember SJ posted that one day how he/she felt there might be some sort of
            child porn ring connection in this mess. Wonder if we could figure out WHO that was?

          • Edgar- What home invasion is this you speak of? Sorry if that is not what you meant. I know there is a method to your madness, but I really try and get your gist, I feel you have a lot to say.
            Are you saying the murder was a home invasion, or that there was one similar somewhere else that was blacked out in the news?

        • Yes and one of them ( I think Zach) claimed in his first statement that he had done laundry on the 7th. That would have been the time frame between the time TA was dead to the day he was “found”. When he was questioned again, he was asked again and he changed it to an earlier date, I think the 2nd. Really a 5 day difference?

          • Thanks Kmiller,
            I saw him in an interview and was confused.
            He WAS living there at that time, right?
            Wasn’t the washer upstairs and didn’t anyone see ANY blood anywhere
            down the hall or stairs?
            What he noticed first was the blood in the bedroom, NOT the smell and what about the dog?

            Who were the roommates at that time besides Zach?
            The camera?
            Since he was into photography, could it have been his?

            The roommates have to answer for something.
            The investigators questioned them AND didn’t find anything suspicious?
            There’s something really wrong here.

          • Yes it was him and Enrique Cortez.
            I never even thought about the possibility of the camera being Zach’s. It resonates, because Jodi was mumbling about some pictures and memory cards, etc. during her interview with Flores (the intruder one) it made me think something was off with the camera. I will have to go back and review that.

            The laundry room was down stairs in the area of the bath and the office. Flores said he noticed blood on the outside of the washer/dryer right away during his initial walk thru. Zach’s car was in the garage, and he had to pass by that bloody washer to get to the garage. Flores also noted in his report the stench of the decomp was apparent as soon as he entered the home. yes, something’s rotten in Denmark.

    • Kmiller… Thanks for the moral support, as I beat the dead horses, of the LSD / LDS plethora, hoping to get one to get off his BURROck, and, respect the laws, which, allow them the privilege, to lie, embezzle, and, connive for their control of the afterlife virgin angels, they’re selling, to, the perversion , controlled, freaks… and, maybe, to get, a filly or two, Stepford Wives, to, stand up for Jodi; who’s leading them out of their, LSD stoned, stupors…and, make the “Men,” gallop on out of there, to, follow their wives and, children, to, pay to support their families, instead of a Nazi cabal, with, slavery based laws and unconscionable agreements, while holding their wives and children, hostage… damned, pimps; have they no couth…??? No television, so, I have to wing it, with, the smidgeons of internet, arguments, that, still, after over four years, remain unanswered, except, by the default of morons, with death threat, and, name calling; as the third grade, Nobel laureares, crawl back under their rocks… of course, establishing their acquiescence that, they of course, are wimping out, without two marbles of brain matter, to call, their own… Self explanetory, that, the guy or girl, disgruntler, hasn’t the courage to fess up, that, Travis, got himself snuffed, by his own cruelty, and, that, for reasons not entirely of their own, considering Jodis’ soap opera, they, should tell us what they told the bishop, that, what’s to prevent the person who ratted Travis out, to the bishop, from letting us in on what has been revealed to be, common knowlege, as, Travis’s words, come back to haunt him…despite the church’s secrets, maybe, concealed by the honchos,’ keep him from, saving Jodis’ life; quasireligious, heretics, that bishops must be; letting a girl, take the death penalty, contrived, rap, for the criminality of their “god.,” Kolob… Better ask an Aussie, what that, mispells… …… Better that, all the sour grape letters, written by Travis, be sent to Jodi, for comparison, until the ones in like mode mood, validate the letters that the court jester is invalidating, so as to prove that, which is actually, not, inconclusive at all, but, also, not a chosen handwriting specimen, most likely to look like he might not have written one, that proves, Jodis’ non case… Let’s see all the letters, the prosecutor, used to invalidate, Travis’s’ letters, so, the jury can decide, what is or is not; and, which were written, while drugged, drunk, or, in one or another schizo mode moods…….and, let’s read the thousand, other messages, the lizards at law, are concealing from the jury…as they ply their trial, within a trial… Edgrrr…

  6. So she got her nails done, I bet the JM has video or a witness that puts her there in the strip mall where they do nails and HAIR, because now, everyone is seeing and hearing about this trial and coming out of the woodwork. I thought all evidence was already in but, now I am realizing that the prosecution is entering more. I am so mad that they are trying everything, to discredit her, even the unknowns. OH and I never put bad things in my journal. I don’t want my friends, my child reading them when I am dead. Journal dont have every detail. this is not looking good for our Jodi. I am freaking out.

  7. I love how Jodi talks back at Martinez…thumbs up to her. It seems like actually he was trying to fish for bullshit hopeing that Jodi would crack, the thing is I believe she has already cracked and so what she has confessed is what happened so what does he hope to find out??? He is wasting his time. It is possible that she blacked out I find that he is some rude to her and the yelling he did at her what a piece of work…in any case you are not aloud to be treating anyone like that on the stand let alone yell at her. He is posing her same questions that Kirk did I believe Martinez knows more that would benefit Jodi yet he is not saying what a piece of shit Martinez is. I am so proud of Jodi may she stay strong and continue to make Martinez look like a fool amongst other things.

  8. A woman, standing up for her rights, in the LSD “church,” is a serious threat, and, must be dealt with; despite her sacrificial, conspiracy, to ascend Travis, to planet playboy, and, all those virgins, by, the only redemption here on planet evil; for her sacrificial fornication with, him; a heart plunge, ear to ear, throat slice, blood oath, blood atonement, altar type, alteration, sacrifice of ones’ “used up,” life… to, trade, Jodi, in, for godhood, and all those virgins. So, for Jodis’ sacrifice, she gets into a pissing contest with all sorts of skunks, who have crawled out from under their toad stools; perjuring the States’ own proofs, to scam a conviction, by, harassment, and, criminal concealments, of the facts; and, solely, by badgering an innocent person into, the lizard at laws’ mental masturbation at law, prancing around the courtroom… inciting her to return, contempt, for, contempt; convoluting, standing up for ones’ rights, into, proof of his non case. What penalty should the lizard at law, get, for, tainting the evidence, he’s already concealed.; or, will he claim blackout spells, when caught facing what he is ..??? KMiller… I got it from reading these blogs… all of which, owe allegience, back from refutation of the soap opera, to, the bogus arrest, to begin with; the fraudulent and refuted, by the States own forensics, perjured process, to dupe two governors into an interstate, kidnapping, under color of law, and, a justice obstruction.of, a two million dollar ransom demand, pie in the sky antic, to justify the charge; the arrest to justify the ransom, extortion, the five year imprisonment, for failure to pay the extortion, And, denial, of the right to fight the bogus charge for, extradition, as the judge, gave the Arizona State, “within ten days,” not, when they got around to it on the thirteenth day; with, no time out, wherein, a motion against, interstate kidnap, could, as a stage of the proceedings, have a lieyer, present, according to superior law… There was no space, within ten days, to, study, prepare , and, file an appeal againt the bogus, and, proven false, basis for the perjured process, to begin with, and, the same forensics’ proved, refutation, continually, ignored, despite, my four years plus, pointing it out, and, now, supported by the kidnapping States’ own forensics, proving Jodi, is not guilty, of anything besides, having all the principles, these conspiratorial lizards at law, are, devoid of, as, the perjury continues, with each fact concealing, tightrope tapdance,, fraudulent, question, scammed as a ruse, to get her, convicted, solely without facts, by her, uncowering, attitude; as if, she’s guilty, until proven, innocent. Edgrrr…,

  9. Where’s the Stepford Wives’ exodus, from the patriarchal, slavery, as led by Jodi…??? Nail the perverts with, child support and, alimony payments, and, listen to them mewl, and grovel… no better beginning, than now, while the bishop, Travis, whined to, after being ratted out to the bishop, sits on concealment, of Jodis’ freedom, and the needed facts; hiding behind, “religious ” privilege… It’s time that humility, invaded, those, Temple / Palace, schemers… Edgrrr…

  10. Ms. Kmiller… 42 cents per day subsistance, is the, revealed, by Sheriff Joe, cost, to feed his prisoners… [ each ]… What do you think about, Arizona condoning such cruel and unusual punishment, and, the “No victim left, Undead,” policy, by his graduates, returning to crime for whatever economic reasons; addictions, etc., rather than going back for more cruel and unusual punishment, at Joes’ hotel…??? Not to belittle Joe, but, he’s man enough to not need the approval of the sheeple, and, should do what he would have done to himself… and, consider, how many graduates, are going to let their victims, live, to, identify them; given what awaits them at Joes’ Joint… not, unlike the two home invasions with, gunshots to the head. How many more, before the court jester, is locked up, for, harassing a girl, while killer home invaders are free to enhance, Arizonas’ federal grants… Edgar… What, layed off, cop, will, reveal, the facts, being concealed, that will free Jodi, and, lock up the D.A.and his lizard at law…??? Edgar… 42 cents per day… maybe, in addition to what they produce, themselves… ???

  11. Ms KMiller… I am saying that there was a subsequent home invasion gunshot to the head, on the news, and, I was unable to access, any follow up, after I noted, that Jodi ,was in jail, and, could not have done that one, either… I am not saying that I know any more than you, or anyone else knows or, suspects, as this soap opera has too many deviations to be believable, anyway, but, what I am “saying,” is that I know what, a lizard at law is, and, what, reasonable doubt is when, I see it… and, this twilight zone, episode is surely the epitomy of barnyard residue… Someone there, knows who gave the blackout orders, for that second, robbery, and, was either done by the sam people, or, a copycat, robber, or, robbers… I, without hesitation, prefer, that, considering the rush to judgement, against,Jodi, that,the same pair, of masked bandits, did both; given the exacting modus operandi…. Too coincidental, and, coincidental, enough for the powers that be to coverup the second gunshot victim; why, if not to rock the boat, until the lizards at law, have put away, Jodi… Then, I, almost forgot, the subsequent coverup, here, where a Charles Manson clone; forehead, prison blue ink, or black, forehead, swastika, was caught, by Yreka, Cal. cops with, a trunk full of explosives, guns, sniper rifle, / night vision, and,pistols, with explosives also strapped to his body. His, [ also blacked out case ], comment was, when he had an altercation with a local cop and, bar, was obviously a reluctance to kill himself, as his statement, was, “I’m on a mission [Mormon term ], to kill someone, and, commit suicide,” No further report, on that one, either; sent here by the LSD racketeers…??? We have Mormon Judges, and, Mormon D.A.s… so, paranoia, takes a back seat to irrefutable facts… Who, but law enforcement, and, other gang bangers, have the horsepower, to load a guy up with all the explosives, order a killing, then to commit suicide… or, and, to cover it up…??? And, given more LSD / LDS overtones, where, isn’t, the Mormon connection…??? And, why do I not believe I was the intended victim…??? It was August eighth, 2011, I think, but, it’s lost. I will try to find it, somewhere in this computer… Edgrrr… Strange that, I had completely, forgotten it…

  12. Ms. KMiller Just a few eons off, but,I found it for you to study, and, add your thoughts… 8 August 2009 and, the clever way that the Manson clones’ statement was concealed, away from its’ “on a mission,” author, into, a Jodi, comment…as if it was her statement; more conspiratorial coverup, or, what…??? And, why no continuation of news follow up; this FBI explosive BATFE [Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and, Explosives } jurisdiction, concealment…??? Who, but a filthy rich, CIA, ” Church,” or, “Church,” CIA, has such power…??? Or, look up Yreka, Cal 8 August 2009 arrests, and, try to find any part of the Manson clone “unibomber” arrest… Edgrrr… And, try to imagine any connection to my opinions, and, Jodis’ non case… as of three years ago… as well as the seriousness, of the Manson clones’ statement, I posted, eons ago… Consider who ordered the coverup, and, the news blackout, on the second Mesa [ I, believe], home invasion, bullet, to the head… and,why, there is no connection between a hitman, coming 800 miles, plus, “On a mission to kill someone, and, commit suicide;” and, be loaded with federal crime explosives, to prove it… and, any other above the law, disregard, for the rights of others; the epitomy of quasireligious heresies… Edgrrr…

  13. Mesa home invasion shootings… Jesus Christ, help youse guys… You have a plague, going on… Paydirt, hitting the mother lode, of reasonable doubt for, Jodi; she damend sure never did any one of these, either… Youse guys, ought to keep an eye open when you sleep, or, spend your nights in a bank vault. I wonder how many of these perpetrators, are graduates of Joes,’ dynasty…Come on,Joe… put Steven on this epidemic… Edgrrr..

    • I just counted ten, home invasion shootings, in Mesa, plus the old other two; that makes twelve, in Mesa, alone, and, is prima facie evidence that your Gestapo, are wasting your time.sucking on donuts… Issue a gun to every household, and, watch these guys, look for another profession; like lieyers, embezzling for a living, or, pirouetting , and mincing, to mesmerize a jury….. That’s twelve home invasions with shootings; I haven’t yet looked up, how many, without, shootings, which had the potential, for more shootings… and, by the way, Jodi, is in jail, and, didn’t do any of them, either…. Do you think, the cold blooded lizard at law, will order another cover up, when another .25 caliber bullet, shows up, lest Jodi, walks out, and, over to her Federal District court, for her ten million dollar, fraudulent arrest civil rights, lawsuit…??? It ain’t over till the toadie at law, croaks… Just keep on keeping on… the longer we repel the lizard at law, the more home invasion shootings, will, occur; as just another, reasonable doubt, to free Jodi… Unfortunately with gun confiscations, citizens, at the mercy of cops and robbers; those who will kill you, and, cops, whom are not, required to protect you…… The “Free World,” at your service… With, GLIBerty and Just Ice for all… Edgrrr…

  14. wow i was just watching the movie The God Makers II. Now this is what i think happen, I believe her and TA was struggling and the gun went off, then about that time is when someone came in (which could be one on the roommates, and picked up the knife stabbed his back and slit he throat from ear to ear, dropped the knife she said she heard the knife dropped .) This person or persons told her to clean it up. And for her to keep her mouth shut about what she seen happen or else the same would happen to her. There is no way Jodi could put TA body into the shower stall, that person must of done it. OMG, the mormons are some really sick ass people. Poor Jodi she is scared. Something should be done about these mormons.

    • You know the story she was telling about the two people that came in could very well be true, then she changed up on her stories. oh im so thinking so many things.

  15. I’ve just started to follow this case, and I’m scratching my head, how in the heck is a roommate in the house and does not smell decomp? Why would you not go looking for your roommate? How many days went by between the date of the incident and when the body was found? And the dog, they said dog was going nuts at the door, and dogs are so on their game with stuff like this, how did the roommate not get tipped off by the dog, this is making no sense to me. I look at Jody I don’t see some of the typical signs of a murderer, I wonder if Jody just happened in on something and she’s having PTSD or memory loss from trauma. She certainly could not drag Travis anywhere, she’s half his size. I watched the trial yesterday and I’ve been playing catch up on the other trail dates. I would hope her attorney’s would be reading this site because their is some damn good arguments here for them to consider. Something does not sit right with me regarding the roommate.

  16. Jodi….don’t know if you read these comment …I’m sure someone does. Anyway your defense attorneys need to move for a mistrial…whether you are aware or not each night HLNews sets up a mock jury and puts a question to them as to your guilt or innocence on an issue and they vote on it… it has been said that the results of these mock trials …are finding there way back to the real jury and its my belief that they may seriously impair the way the jury may vote when they finally get the case. I do not think you are getting a fair trial anyways as Nancy Grace already has you convicted and is surely biased against you and don’t care who knows it. Its surely something Id have your attorneys look into…..
    Regards Frank

  17. One thing is for sure. This PA is absolutely annoying with the constant repetition of ending almost EVERY question with, “Right?” Also, he paces so much, I have to think he either had ants in his pants, or else was about to pee in his pants. Comical.

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