Trial Day 18 – February 13th, 2013:

The Evidentiary Hearing

Sky Hughes (to 14:00)

From 22:00, Kirk Nurmi calls for a mistrial based on numerous counts of prosecutorial misconduct & court order violations by the state.

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Part 1/4:

Jodi Arias (testimony continues)

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Part 2/4:

Jodi Arias (testimony continues)

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Part 3/4:

Jodi Arias (testimony continues)

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Part 4/4:

Jodi Arias (testimony concludes)

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      • i wonder is chris and sky were in az on the day travis was killed they were they there the nite the friend found his body chris has long brown hair jodi was in pigtails how did the hair get stuck to the wall did one of the roommates call chris and sky on the 4th roommate said the watched the fights in a groop on wed nite every week just trying to figure out what really happened the nite he got his throat slached that way

        • lets not forget the video of them shooting guns together was that an attemp to still fear in jodi

    • she just said he flipped me the double bird the nude picture taken of travis on the 4 he is flipping the double bird wondered what the two fingers up was all about now i understand

          • the day she moved back home says travis was seeing mimi hall in oct 2007 passwords exchanged he he sleeps with other girls

            • last video is telling us that deanna chris and sky hughes in may 2008 did not want travis to see jodi end relationship…..

  1. I have to admit I had pre-conceived notions about Jodi when I started following this trial. I wanted her to fry, thank you very much and a huge thank you to all the distorted media coverage! She has been depicted as a despicable human being with narcissistic behavior disorder; and I had acted as her judge, jury, and executioner without knowing any of the facts.
    On Monday, 2/11/2013, I had the opportunity to watch the trial on “In Session.” When I tell you that I sat there with my mouth open and my jaw dropped, I am not exaggerating. I repeatedly blurted out ( to myself, no less) “I believe her!” I knew she was telling the truth. “‘Cuz been there, done that…” Not to mention that I have lived and acted as an earpiece through the same with friends. We aren’t ALL narcissists.
    I am happy to have found this site. I had been getting my info through HP-certainly another biased site along with NG and her station.
    I had the gall to post on HP’s comment boards that I had made a 180 ;that I honestly believed her. Oh, the hate, the venom, the castigating replies I received. These people were vigilante cyber bullies (stooping to childish name calling and derogatory labeling) and armchair psychiatrists- sans a degree- to boot. And, this was all because I had a different opinion! With that said, you’ve appeared as a breath of fresh air, thank you!

    • Hi Bette,

      Welcome! Yes, the Huffington Post commenters are, for the most part, uneducated bullies. They relentlessly pick on one or two posters who defend Jodi.

  2. Can’t forward in these videos, I want to get specifically to the two letters she wrote…do you know which video they are on so I can at least watch the one I need? Thanks!

  3. Does anyone have an opinion regarding the evidentiary hearing that was held on the morning of day 18 regarding Ms. Hughes and Dr. Drew (?) and the motion denied. I was aghast at the snarky behavior of Ms. Hughes and surprised by the outcome. Maybe I missed something.

  4. I want to point out in case there are anti jodi people “stocking” us here. In the testimony jodi says regarding the text messages: Travis threatened her “…psycho things that you have done. I didn’t know what he was talking about.” So, there he was starting with the psycho lies even to her…and she doesn’t know what he is talking about. i still think someone else did the tire slashing and email.

    I truly am disgusted with Flores. He is the worst example of a police detective I have ever seen.

  5. Hi Beecee,
    Texting: I’m referring to a woman (not Jodi) with shoulder length dark hair, sitting at the table ‘directly behind the defense attorneys’, who has been smiling and using a cell phone while the trial is going on. Her behavior is a distraction.
    Imo: TA was the epitome of an arrogant dangerous deviant in a suit and tie. His “friends” and family are deliberately trying to convince people that he was just a regular guy. Regular guys don’t abuse women, call them names, etc. The women in his pathetic world were just objects, and there’s nothing that anyone can say to sugar-coat it.
    And, TA relatives’ behavior mirrors just a small picture of the TA monster that Jodi encountered. How’d you like to have them as a co-worker or in a church group? Nice, huh? Just imagine, their own friends are seeing their true colors now. They’re cold and mean. She never stood a chance w/them.

  6. I agree. It’s amazing how many people bought his facade.
    Just goes to prove that abusers can persuade intelligent people in business, and have an evil side under wraps.

  7. Watching SH day 18:
    Does anyone believe that SH wouldn’t be asking all kinds of qs about Gus???? PLz! She admitted to be very interested from the beginning… we all know her type. Smoldering gossip & deception.

  8. I’m just getting caught up with all the video. I saw someone else posted this but darn I can’t keep up with everyone. Zion Hughes set jodi up with ryan!!!

    WTH!! Are they going to ask Zion to be a witness? Where is the dang witness list anyone know?

    • Oh, poor jodi. I think one of the reasons she didn’t want the tape played in public was because of what she said about her sister….I think she feels really bad about that.

    • Oh good god! now I see what people are saying about the forwarded email. Kermit is a fucking idiot!!! how the hell does he brush his teeth in the morning??

      Of course the person you forward is going to be in the To:

      And when I forward, I delete the other persons email if they don’t know each other.

      I hope she has the original she sent to Abe also, otherwise he will lie.

      • BeeCee,

        I don’t understand that bcc issue in the email that martinez voir dired her on? what was he saying she did? I’m not getting the office lingo.

        • When a person clicks on an email to forward it, a new email pops up and the subject line says “FWD: Title Of Topic”, then you select the new person in the TO: part. The original from: and to: person would then be in the body of the email with the message you are forwarding, but if you don’t want to share everyone’s email you just delete that part.

          He was actually just ignorant by talking about the bcc. BCC could have been used with the original message. She would compose the message to Abe in the “to:”, then it is possible to select “bcc” and also send the same copy to another person without the original person knowing.

          what a tard kermit is…

          • Sorry JC, I am actually not sure what the heck he was trying to object to because what kermit said didn’t make any sense regarding forwarding and bcc.

          • yes I get forwarding but how he was tying the bcc into it? He made no sense? Either way she wrote the letter as travis asked, and sent to it to abe? Right?

          • Well, actually, I couldn’t see the photo. Probably a more accurate way to see if she actually sent it to Abe would be to print it from her sent box. So, in essence I’m really not sure why he was trying to exclude the email. But his reasoning makes no sense…it really makes no sense why he would go on about bcc…

    • Oh, so the prosecution must have deleted text message from travis? All they have to do is get the LOGS to show how many are missing. Of course that depends on how long the mobile companies saves the logs.

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