Trial Day 17 – February 12th, 2013:

Part 1/2:

Jodi Arias (testimony continues – includes sex tape recording)

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Part 2/2:

Jodi Arias (testimony concludes)

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  1. That audio tape was hard to listen to. It took me a few hours to get thru it. Bleck!
    1st– Jodi would stink as a porn star because those orgasms were so fake (but TA didnt care, his ego… “Did you stop playing with yourself”) OMG I wish Nurmi would play the clip of Meg Ryan in “When Harry Met Sally” and her explanation of how men never think women fake it. I mean she said yes, oops my charger and then 1 minute late she has an orgasm. He is a ego maniac. Yuck! Why fake it? Cause he wants her to do it.
    2nd–Also, she is using his terminology, “Jizz” what woman says that? only one conditioned by him.
    3rd– with the porn pictures, she says twice, at least, We should BLUR my face and focus on your dick..
    4th–How can they use Inside Edition against her. Those media folks are savvy, we dont know if the video has been cut, etc and just unfair.
    5th-He admits, the other women he has been with, didnt A, shave or was clean and B…. blaa blaa, so he admits he has been with other people.
    Lastly, when he says 12 year old girl, you sound like a 12 year old girl having an orgasm, show proclivity toward pedophilia, thus, the letters SHOULD be allowed in. His own words, 12 years old and “Thats HOT”
    oh the letters should be entered into evidence AND did he had plenty of time to get rid of the little boy pictures. They say they are not on his computer. OK listen, and I am not rich but my 19 year old son got 3 computers within 6 month period. One is a notebook to take to call at college (required) the second a gift from his dad, an apple and one from me for his birthday, before that in August. So he could have tossed the computer and or burned the pictures.
    Finally, the tape IMO hurts her defense, I hate to say it and hated hearing it.. UGH
    That said, it can be redeemed if Nurmi, plays it right and explains that it shows his depravity and her role playing to make him happy.she wont get the death penalty but I am so afraid she will get life. I hope the Judge gives NO alternate sentencing because the defense asked for that already,the F’n prosecutor said no way, so based on testimony/evidence.. The only verdict is NOT GUILTY!

    Thanks Patty

    • Patty- if Im not mistaken the second chargeable offense is felony murder. i have to read up on the difference and lesser time.

    • Patty, I haven’t had time to get through the whole thing…but from what I have heard so far I agree with your assessment.

      I don’t think it is really helping the defense, uless the DV expert can explain it better, but it also PROVED that Travis was a lying bastard when he was calling jodi a stalker and saying he was a virgin. I wonder if they can find “esther”.

    • LMAO Patty I too wondered where that orgasm came from….. all of a sudden she was done and they weren’t even feigning closeness at that point. Yes I can say Meg Ryan for sure lol.

  2. Hi there. I am desperate to watch day 17 tesitmony and for some reason it just keeps saying I need the flash player. Every other day of testiminy comes right up. Just wanted to see if anyone else was having this issue. Thank you!

  3. Isn’t this manslaughter in Arizona? A crime of passion? Even if it is premeditated as in a wife that finds out her husband is cheating and kills him, that is manslaughter. The prosecution charged the wrong charge and the defense is using the wrong defense.

  4. I agree with Curiouscourt.Isn’t this a crime of passion?The prosecution should be charging her with manslaughter.There’s alot more to this case thats probably not going to be herd!!!!!! Although I Know that TA lost his life and that effects a lot of People.When you take a life not ot to nly are you taking away there life,your taking away a son a brother a sister and many more people whom love and respect MR.TA.
    So Im not forgetting the fact that he wats violently killed.I pray he’s in heaven at peace. Im just commenting on the fact that Something is not right HERE!!!!!I I Also believe theres alot of other stuff that went on behind closed doors. Her whole story on how he messed with her head is not being told in my opinion.For so reason I feel really sorry for jodi.He got inside her head and she loved him so much. She literally did everything he liked or asked her to do.Im goning to leave on this note If you ever really loved some one with all your heart soul and mind & are not spirually sound in Jesus you can get caught up so with some one who really controls your whole being.We all dont know what happend that day so lets just leave it in Gods hands.I pray she gets Saved & LEAVES THAT MORMAN RELIGION and REALIZEs that Jesus died for eveyone and all he wants is a relationship with everyone & not a REIGION!!!!!! Jesus Died so we can all live… Jodi Im Praying for you girl!! Tell it all Jodi THE TRUTH WILL SET YOU FREE!!!!!

  5. I really hate to say this but the prosecution is going to replay over and over again Jodi stating in her interview with Flores that Travis never raped her. At the time she said it, it was out of the blue and off the wall, however considering that Travis told her during their phone sex that she was miserable and he still raped her , her denial of him ever raping her is going to get into the minds of the jurors. This is the kind of crap that prosecutors pull and Martinez will do just that in cross examination.

  6. If Martinez cannot get it in during the cross examination of her because he cannot submit any evidence of his own during cross examination, he will surely bring it up during the rebuttal phase.

  7. That sex tape clearly tells me that Travis was a victim. NOT!! That was a conversation between 2 people who were so into each other….yes even I am Guilty of talking like that….who hasnt had phone sex with their lover? I wouldnt even declare it as phone sex. It was alot of talking about alot of stuff and oh ok we got a little horney for a bit. Nothing wrong with that. He even said that before canjun he was coming to see her…First on his list he said…nothing else mattered. Yes that sounds like someone who broke up and wanted her away. yep…excuse me while I go slap stupid off a Travis poster. he makes my skin crawl.

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