Trial Day 16 – February 11th, 2013:

Part 1/4:

Jodi Arias (testimony continues)

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Part 2/4:

Jodi Arias (testimony continues)

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Part 3/4:

Jodi Arias (testimony continues)

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Part 4/4:

Jodi Arias (testimony concludes)

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  1. Why have they even got her in court according to in session she is already guilty that pisses me off they say they only trashing Travis he is nothing but a pervert and child preditor

    • DWA so in session is the law and whatever they say is true? Get your head out of your ass, people are innocent until proven guilty and just an FYI that verdict is not chosen by in session. This situation isn’t as black and white as TA supports think it is. You don’t know Jodi, you don’t know Travis, and you clearly have been watching to much “In Session”.

  2. I am a regular In Session viewer and have been since the O.J. Simpson trial. I find it very distressing that they are being so biased toward the prosecution. They have played/quoted Jodie’s part of the conversation in the tape recordings but far less of Travis. I am 56 years old and have met many men, too many, who want and desire the things he does but he is by far the most manipulative. He is a top salesman and unfortunately sold Jodi what he was selling.

    I feel so sorry for the family of Jodi and cannot imagine the level of their pain in having to endure the trial. Her sisters comments about the threats are aweful but not surprising, this whole case is about power and greed.

    What happened to “Innocent until proven guilty”

  3. This Mormon thing is such a cult!!!! Travis was totally inducting Jodi as another sex toy! UGH!!!! Check out the Cult Awareness Network if you have any doubts.

  4. Seems the Mormon’s never taught Travis about a woman scorned???? Also, why was Jodi aways lending this “Mr. Successful” money?

  5. I have been following this case but never heard whether or not they found any kiddy porn pics or on computer?I do know not all sites were trackable he visited.

  6. I hope that the truth will prevail in the end! The mormon faith is a cult and i believe that ta mentally abused jodie! He used jodie terribly! I think jodie snapped to defend herself and she probably doesnt remember stabbing travis! This is such a sad and tragic story! I wished that jodie never went to travis house that day so sad i am praying for all that are involved in this horrible tragidy!

  7. Clearly heat of passion. Can anyone understand why az is seekin the death penalty on a woman who snapped in a heat of passion. Yet the green river killer killed how madny andd no death penalty for him. Its sad. Clearly heat of passion

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