Trial Day 12 – January 31st, 2013:

Part 1/2:

Daniel Freeman (LDS friend) testimony continues

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Part 2/2:

Lonnie Dworkin (computer forensic examiner) direct starts

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    • Unless it was his, possibly because he was sending pictures of his own, er, junk to women. Many of my female friends would attest to the fact that this happens more often than you’d think. Based on Travis’s other behavior, I wouldn’t be at all surprised to find out that he was doing this.

      • this is true, some men are “proud” of their anatomy and want to think theirs is more enticing to a woman the the man she is currently with and want us to oogle over it.

  1. Thanks for posting the video re: testimony by the computer expert. I’d read about a penis photo being a part of his testimony. Only here did I learn (via video) how it came up in court.

    I believe Travis was challenged by his sexuality (among other things). I say this because of a male friend (or two) I’ve seen interviewed on the HLN shows:

    1. One guy was so distraught — voice trembling and so weak with emotion — that that he sounded almost like a devastated widow in mourning. He was telling how lost he was in life until Travis came along and inspired him. Not saying that men can’t get emotional: some do. But something about this young man just seemed too weepy to be your typical guy friend. Especially when coupled with the following…

    2. I don’t know if this was a second guy I saw weeks later, or if it was the same person described above. But this particular friend of TA said he’d never heard ANYTHING about Jodi until after Travis’s death. It doesn’t add up… This guy was close enough to TA to be invited on NG or JVM’s show, but never heard of JA? All of TA’s other close friends knew of her, and many had even met her.

    To me, this might explain why TA had a penis pic on his computer. I doubt the guy(s) above will be called by the defense, but coupled with that peen photo, I’d say there was a lot about TA’s personality that people really didn’t know.

  2. Why can her defence not think on their feet?

    Jury Questions: “Mr. Freeman….did you ever witness Travis physically hurt Jodi? Did you ever witness Travis strike Jodi? Did you ever witness Travis call Jodi names?”

    Mr. Nurmi rebuttal: Nothing.

    I had this within a few seconds of those questions. Crude but relevant. What Mr. Nurmi should have asked Mr. Freeman are the following:

    “Mr. Freeman. Did you ever witness Travis get Jodi to wear pigtails, lubricate himself with KY Jelly and perform Anal Sex on Ms Arias?”

    He is actually going to allow that Jury to walk away with the impression that because no one witnessed it, it never happened?

  3. check out around minute 35….this penis belongs to ex boyfriend, Darryl B. (UNLESS, or course, Darryl B. drove to Mesa and held Travis’s penis for a picture)….It is easy to compare the hand to Darryl’s handswhile he was on the stand. Many pics of Travis where you can clearly see how different his hands look.

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