Trial Day 2 – January 3rd, 2013:

Part 1/2:

Esteban Flores (lead case agent)

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Part 2/2:

Heather Conner (crime scene/latent print examiner)

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  1. I wonder if Martinez is always an asshole or is it just because he knows he is going to lose this case? Maybe he should have done his homework before he over charged Jodi.

  2. Thanks for posting the trial. I have been looking all over for this as I missed so many days being in the hospital. Please keep posting it helps me keep up when I have Chemo and have to miss days.

  3. I wonder if the bleach bottle and laundry bottle/box were dusted for finger prints…and the washer lid/knobs and drier doors/knobs. SOMEONE ELSE WAS IN ON THIS!
    Men’s sweat pants in the washer…and men’s socks and large t -shirts and mens underware! Whomever was cleaning up this scene MUST have been a man. Travis was naked, unless his clothes were used to mop up the scene, but the socks? really? This doesn’t make sense. Also, if the laundry was left in the washing machine for DAYS it would have had a horrid stench. Were fingerprints of these items I mentioned and the smell of the laundry ever brought into testimony? Things are too sketchy… I missed these first few days. catching up. But the more I watch (I have seen ninety % of the trial so far) the more I confirm that the prosecution has NOT proven much of anything.

  4. Martinez: “Are you familiar with door switches?” What an ass. I mean, really!!!! Sim card? in a camara? Really? Yea, there’s a bicycle, and there’s a garage door opening, and there is a door, and there is a car, what is the point of all of this?

  5. Why would there ever be a justified reason for calling a ‘woman a three hole wonder?’ That line of thinking is similar to saying a rape victim was asking for it. Supporters of Arias’ guilt say that Alexander’s character is being sullied but there is no way the prosecution wouldn’t have done the same to Arias. She has been painted as a ‘slut’ by haters for the past five years. This is a classic case of slut shaming. So why shouldn’t Arias defenders beat them at their own game? If Arias wins this case, it will be landmark legislation because it proves that sexual degradation is a severe form of abuse.

    • I pray and pray and pray and work and work toward proving and instilling the value of exactly this! Sexual degrading, using, toying, with a woman’s emotions to satisfy a man’s sexual urge as if it is HIS birthright is so wrong. It should be wrong in the eyes of the law. And it should definately be a form of abuse as far as the law is concerned. Certainly the term temporary insanity should apply here, only because she is a strong enough woman to regain herself. She told him his comment was DEFACING when he talked about tying her to a tree and “PUTTING IT IN HER #@%. The good mormon justifies because she is sexually active that she must like it. Would one of his sisters LIKE IT? I’m so furious. Trying to keep my emotions out of it is not possible because I’ve been married to a man who was religiously confused and highly abusive because of it – especially sexually degrading. A recent life experience was a very short lived time with a man that wouldn’t lay a hand on a girl, yet he destroys women with his very presence. If she will have sex with him, he becomes angry when he desires that again because it MUST BE HIS BIRTHRIGHT TO SCREW A GIRL even if it is messing with her head. He thought he had me trapped up on a mountain in the middle of nowhere. Without a lot of family in my life or resources, he thought I’d be stuck there to tolerate his emotional and sexual abuse. He did not verbally degrade me sexually, however he screamed that emotions were not valid. That I was wrong to feel even after I became pregnant. It is no surprise I misscarried and thank God because it was the worst experience I’ve ever lived through. Had I not been able to get away from him I don’t think I’d have lived through it. Physical abuse would be a welcomed thought after what he did to me. All his Ex girlfriends have went crazy, turned to drugs, and even became homicidal. The woman doing time for literally losing her mind and murdering (someone else) has no life left, she will spend the rest of her life in prison because he messed with her head until she cracked up. And then this guy has the nerve to complain about how crazy she is. This ancient secret of tellling a woman she is crazy to belittle her and gain control must stop. Sexual and emotional abuse need be addressed in EVERY CASE.

  6. Thanks so much for posting the trial videos; I didn’t have a chance to watch it live, so finding this site is great! Jodi is such an amazing person; she is talented, articulate and such a humble soul. It is good to know that there are so many people, besides myself, who support her.

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