Trial Day 8 – January 16th, 2013:

Part 1/2:

Mike Galliatti (police office)
Raphael Colombo (rental car franchisee)
Esteban Flores

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Part 2/2:

Esteban Flores
Mistrial discussion w/attorneys – starts @ 32:30

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  1. The detective Esteban Flores is suspicious. Take a look at his shifty eyes and demeanor while on the stand. I am still so surprised at how he won’t believe her story just because she doesn’t know the motive of the unknown couple. She didn’t even live there and wasn’t really dating him anymore. How was she supposed to know what was going on his life. Who could have predicted the motives of the school shootings or the movie theater shootings recently. You can’t expect someone to predict motives like that. It could have been some girl that was jealous of him and hired some thug to help kill him. It could have been an old school enemy. I’m really suspicious of him dismissing her so quickly. Its almost as if he has an agenda.

  2. It makes sense to me that she would deny knowing anything about it because she was afraid for her family’s and her life. Then a year or so later, after already being in jail, I think she realized that she had no other choice but to tell them what had actually happened with the masked couple. The last story about Travis being abusive and that she killed him in self defense (that’s what the news has been saying, I haven’t actually watched that in the actual trial video yet) if that’s whats happened, I think her counsel told Jodi that the only way to keep her from getting the death penalty is if they make up some self defense story (that’s basically a lie). So if that’s the story that the defense is using lately (which I actually haven’t seen on the actual trial footage yet) then I think its just a story the defense made up to keep her alive. I think they are trying to save her life out of the goodness of their heart because they believe she’s innocent and they believe her story of the masked couple but they know they can’t prove it in court. Thoughts?

  3. I have listened to her entire interview with Flores, and that is what made me start believing her. She never contradicted herself. Flores tried to make it seem like she said two males at first but she really just stumbled over her words and corrected herself within seconds of first mentioning them. Her story is very detailed. Her spatial story is consistent of where things happened in the house. Her story explains her hair and blood being found at his house but caused by the intruders. Please listen to her interviews with Esteban Flores and I think you’ll feel/see what I’m seeing. Don’t put too much value in the news stories. I have already seen them twist her words just from that interview.

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