Trial Day 6 – January 14th, 2013:

Part 1/3:

Michael Melendez (Mesa PD, PC/camera forensics)

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Part 2/3:

Michael Melendez (Mesa PD, PC/camera forensics)

WARNING: The section of this recording (from 1hr 33 mins thru 1hr 38 mins) includes the graphic “bedroom pics” broadcast via the live trial feed during the recess. Viewer discretion is advised.

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Part 3/3:

Esteban Flores (the Jodi interviews)

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  1. Seriously??? I think it was rather mean to be posting her nudity photo’s I mean get real I understand making the point that they slept together and what not but that I believe should have been kept private not on the internet to be showing everyone (the public) if someone were to do that about someone else in general they could get in trouble for that I mean really where is the brains of these people?? If I were Jodi I would sue for that. SET JODI FREE it was Travis that abuse her in everyway and drove her to kill him not to mention if she did kill him I believe she wasn’t alone. What I strongly believe is that she did not kill him. Jodi hang in there sweetie it’s only a matter of time before the judge hopefully see’s how stupid these people are before you get set free.

  2. Melissa????? I hope they find her not guilty of 1st degree murder but I believe she admitted she killed him. That would only lead one to believe she did it right? Self defense I hope they find but with her admitting doing it I have to believe she did kill him on her own in self defense.

    • Since Jodi said she couldn’t remember about the stabbing, and then on cross, says, “yes”, when asked “Did you stab him” etc; people are inferring it means she DOES remember and THEREFORE is now admitting to all of it. I believe that when Nurmi does redirect on Monday,he will clear this up. She was under duress when she said that yesterday, and could not understand the nature of those final questions. It’s not over yet!.

  3. I want so badly to believe Jodi but when looking at the time from the last pic of him alive to the one where hes on the ground dead is only 1 minute 2 seconds. If she ran in the closet got a gun and stabbed him 29 times that would take longer then 1.minute 2 seconds. I hope they find her not guilty of 1st degree murder but the time stamps on the pictures now have me wondering a little.

  4. You are tough. Hang in there a little longer. What are your plans when you get out? You need a nice place to rest and where u won’t be bothered!!!!! I think you should paint or draw more of the praying hands or the baby in the bigger hand. I think they would sell faster then of a woman they dont even know. Your work is very good.I am in Ok and my daughter is in Bakersfield. I sure would like to take the trip going through Highway 1 that goes closely by the winding coast. Some famous bridge. Beautiful..
    I know all abt mental abuse and having been made to have sex because I am his wife. Bull. No is No
    Goodluck to you. Love to hear from you.

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