Trial Day 5 – January 10th, 2013:

Nathan Mendes (fmr. detective with Siskiyou CSO)
Lisa Perry (forensic scientist, biology/DNA unit)
Esteban Flores (lead case agent)
Jodi Legg (forensic scientist, biology/DNA unit)

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Mistrial/Dismissal Request – Part 1/2:

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Mistrial/Dismissal Request – Part 2/2:

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  1. Amazing that the defines let the prosecution lay out the crime scene in regards to all the blood stains, especially in regards to the large amount of blood in the hallway and on the carpet at the entrance to the hallway. He used the action “walking” so many times to portray why the blood would look the way it did in that area, painting the picture that Ms. Arias was walking all over the place after the fact, doing who knows what. Attempting to clean I suppose.

    Defence missed a good opportunity to counter this witness with a very simple question:

    “Your opinion to the prosecution was that the properties of the blood seen in the photographs could possibly be attributed to someone walking over it many times. Could all this smearing of blood, transfer of blood, and the appearance of blood on both sides of the hallway, also be attributed to two people struggling against each other? Is that possible?”

    But oh no. Wouldn’t want to be on the ball or anything. That counter argument popped into my head after the 3rd or 4th time the prosecution hinted at it all happening due to “walking around on it”.

    WTF is wrong with her defence?!?!?!!

    • They might be doing her a favor of sorts as she can claim she did not get adequate representation. The prosecution over charged/charged the wrong charge and the defense is using the wrong defense. I think the self defense claim is going to hurt her. I don’t think there would be as much hatred towards her had she of gone with crime of passion, which is what it was.

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