Trial Day 3 – January 8th, 2013:

Heather Conner (crime scene/latent print examiner)
Dr Kevin Horn (Medical Examiner)
Elizabeth Northcutt (forensic firearms examiner)

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  1. Thanks for the video, I’m not able to watch this during the day, but now I am able to watch it because of your links. Thanks, and awesome website!

  2. Thank you so much for putting the trial up on here. This is the only place I’ve been able to find it. The only draw back is I’m up half the night watching. Once again. Thank you!

  3. Now I am not a medical examiner but I surely have seen many people that have had everything from bullets, to nails to other objects penetrate their brain and it did not kill them, nor did it incapacitate them to the degree that they could not function. The bullet from what I see went through the frontal lobe and down into the face. I would not think that would kill Travis and there is a good chance it did not incapacitate him either. I would not be surprised if the bullet was the first injury and it did not stop him so that is why she or someone else, stabbed him and slit his throat.

    • my stepson was shot in the head, definitely a bullet through the brain. He lived for three days able to talk and function. he died because of the brain swelling, if it happened today he would not have died due to the fact they have medication now that could reduce the swelling and other procedures. but my point is he could walk and talk with a gun shot injury to the brain.

  4. Here I go again. I am almost done watching Day 3 and am glad to see Jodi’s attorney confront the medical examiner about the bullet passing through the brain. I think the ME went to the wrong college. He should have traveled a few miles East and gone to Johns Hopkins and not University of MD and maybe he would know what he was talking about. You can have parts of your temporal lobe or other lobes removed in an operation and wake up fully functioning. He is wrong.

  5. Why and how has the LDS Church gotten away with this kind of thing for so long? If TA hadn’t been MORMON this case would have been settled from the gate! That church takes these boys aside teaching them about oral and anal sex not being as bad of an offense as vaginal sex. Who does the bishop think is going to offer this kind of thing up. Not a good mormon girl right, wrong! Some of those girls are so surpressed that they act out sexually and in the danger of secret so they will not be shamed. We can’t do anything about their religious rights to teach whatever they want. However, the church does need be exposed for these practices. More of this kind of thing goes on than people would like to admit. Even Sky Hughes wanted to know about any abuse that could have been inflicted upon her son. A blind eye will get your babies hurt. Trusting every mormon is like trusting every human. It is BLIND. Nobody is better because they are mormon. They are just better at getting away with it because the church backs up these good folks. I’m surprised the bishop tried to bury it instead of holding him accountable for his actions. EXPOSE THE CHURCH. EXPOSE THE CHURCH. EXPOSE THE CHURCH.

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