Trial Day 1 – January 2nd, 2013:

Defense Opening Statements:

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Prosecution – Opening Statements
Defense – Opening Statements
Marie Hall (friend of TA)
Sterling Williams (patrol officer)

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Defense attorney Jennifer Willmott began her opening statement by telling the jury Arias killed Alexander in self-defense. She described the couple’s relationship as psychologically abusive and controlling, stating Alexander kept Arias as his “dirty little secret,” Meanwhile, Willmott stated Alexander repeatedly degraded Arias by telling his friends that she was a stalker.

On the day of the murder, Willmott said Arias was subjected to rough vaginal sex. Willmott stated Arias killed Alexander while she was defending herself against her angry ex-boyfriend after she dropped his new camera. Willmott discussed two time stamped photos taken on the day of the murder. One photo points up at the bathroom ceiling light after apparently accidentally falling. The other, a bloody photo of Alexander. Willmott concluded by telling the jury that if Arias had not chosen to defend herself in the one minute that passed in between those photos being taken, she would not be here today.


  1. This is just such a sad case for all. I can totally understand Jodi’s thinking… Seems like everyone wants to continue saying over and over how much of a liar Jodi is and portrayed herself as quiet and gentle.
    HELLLLLOOOOOO, have they seen pics of the crazy raunchy sex? He lied to church, friends, families, etc. Apparently, there will be messages he left her presented. There is NO question, he portrayed himself differently as well. I can totally understand how loving someone so much and them making you feel like you are just a piece of trash and used only when needed. They say ALL the rights things, everything you want to hear, but as soon as sex is over… BAM! Different person! Jeckel and Hyde. Enough to make any woman in love insane. IF you have ever been treated this way, then you know how badly it hurts. IMAGINE, hours and hours of sex with the man you totally are in love with is planning to go on vacation the next day with another girl?? OMG, that alone is enough to make you lose it. If he wanted nothing to do with Jodi and thinks she is a stalker and says he is worried and/or she is crazy… WHY didn’t he say NO, WHY was he still awake at 4:00am, why let her in if he thought she slashed his tires 2 TIMES? REALLY??? AGAIN, I ASK… Why let her in the house AND not only allow her to take incriminating photo’s of them having sex, but pose naked in the shower! MAKES NO SENSE.
    IF he really thought she was crazy, slashed his tires and was capable of all that, why no worries that night? hmmmm

  2. Defense cross examination of the first female witness sucked. Why didn’t he counter the prosecutions attempt to portray Travis as “Anger Free”, via a witness who barely knew him and who was not his sexual slave?

  3. jodie loved travis and he just used her for a play thing. I think he was physically and very emotionaly abusive!!! I don’t think her defense team is doing a very good job! I took one look at travis’ my space page a got a real sense of what kind of guy he was… a User! it’s a tragic story….travis used the wrong person and Jodie trusted the wrong person with her heart….SO SAD

    • YEP! How would he have felt if someone treated one of his sisters this way!!! And correct about the first female witness… he had no “OWNERSHIP” of her at this point,,,, he had not had sex with this woman and was still trying to get in her pants. Also he would present himself as a saint in front of THE CHURCH FOLKS. He liked the glamour and popularity he created in his lifestyle, but did not want to live up to the morals on the outside… way sad for everyone. And what is this crazy crap of calling her the sexual deviant, as if he was seduced and hated it?! REALLY? PLEASE! From what I’ve been taught is the church takes the boys aside teaching them about the anal and oral sex being more okay. Therefore, training them to create “their own personal whore” because it is stated that it is better to drop your seed in a whore than on the ground.. WTF? So they teach the boys to use girls. What is a girl to do? Nothing at all. Mormon girls are to cook and clean and stay in their PLACE. They do no even realize what is going on inside the church with the “side teachings of the boys”. They are ultimately brainwashed. Powerful men protecting MEN and money.

  4. Jodi stay strong you are doing well. Please remember that its not your fault. He was a sick man and he deserved it. and if it wasn’t you it would be someone else. Keep going girl.

      • I’m allowing this comment in because I thought some of you may want to address this as we here this question over and over. Let me know if get’s out of hand.

  5. My problem with the states case is she is a small woman. If she was not enraged and in fear for her life how could she have drug his body all over the upstairs of that house. Travis obviously led a double life, he presented his outer stage character to the world, while trying to enjoy a certain reputation, he knew he didn’t deserve. If he was afraid for his life why would he let her in his house? I think her biggest obstacle is the various statements she made to 48hrs and Inside Edition and the police. I believe she is innocent until proven guilty…..our Constitution clearly states that and all these shows like Nancy Grace and the like are designed to poison the jury pool. She is innocent until the state meets its burden of proof

  6. Jodi I know many people have said this but yes at first when I heard about this i thought you were guilty, but after I actually took the time to read and watched/listened the audios and videos I was shocked. You are a gorgeous, nice women. You don’t deserve this and its pretty sad how our justice system is these days. Its obvious you were in a terrible situation and its sad that they only focus on what happened to Travis because he isn’t here and that they don’t really give to Shits about how he treated you. Your doing the right thing stay strong beautiful. I know how it is to feel used and it sucks. And it sucks when your really into someone and they treat you like that you want to do everything to make them happy and when they’re not you feel like shit. I hope you get justice after this. Keep your head held high!

  7. One should also have a look at the past lies and violence of the mormon history and they way they have treated women and they will get an inkling of how men have abused women in that church in the past, and how violence, the demeaning of women and more is and has been a part of that church where women were considered.

    And the way he insulted her as not “wife material” or other terms is just common practice in mormonism which has many commonalities with islam, harems and the abuse and demeaning of women, notwithstanding the violence plus the lieas of all kinds

  8. Martinez is a really a little weasel. The HLN gossipers talk how he is a pittbull in court and how shrewd he is . He seems to be reaching new lows everyday, now he is attacking the expert for the defense, who has impeccable credentials. Yet Martinez, bullying tactics, his yelling and stepping all over him when he is testifying, caused him to slip up on a couple of statements, Yet he still has shown that he not only knows what he is doing but has a wonderful gift in his ability to connect with his clients.

    Shame on you Juan Martinez. Give up you have not proved in any conceivable way premeditation in this case. Jodi stay strong, you have many on your side. Nancy Disgrace, Dr. Smut, and company continue with their lies, spreading all the BS while ignoring all that you had to put up with in that abusive relationship. Keep your head held high, and know that we believe in you Jodi.

  9. Despite all the untruths that Jodi told it’s obvious that Travis was a pig and treated Jodi like a piece of trash. Having been in abusive relationships both physical and non-physical I can spot his seedy type a mile away. As far as I’m concerned you have to look no further than the photos he took of her and his face in the photos of him. What a complete egomaniac.

    Now do I believe he should have been murdered? NO. I do however believe that you should be careful in life and if you are NOT bad things can happen to you. You wouldn’t walk down the street of the “bad” part of town flashing your cash around for all the world to see. Or park your Mercedes and leave it there. And Travis would NOT have treated a Mormon Bishops’s daughter the way he treated Jodi.

    I’m sad for Travis’ family and even a little sad for Travis (however he is dead now). But I recognize and validate Jodi’s pain also. I don’t believe that Travis ever felt one iota for Jodi’s feelings as he was dragging her physically, mentally and emotionally through HELL for his own personal sick satisfaction. And all the while telling his vast circle of friends, that Jodi so wanted to be a part of, that she was a stalker so they could all sit around and ridicule her behind her back.

    Shame on them ALL!!!!!!

    Jodi I’m sorry that you will never be able to realize the dreams you once had and I pray you find and achieve new ones and look back on your life one day and feel content.

  10. Hello to all supporters of Jodi Arias! I’m from Ireland and i’m a Mormon. I don’t believe in Capital Punishment! But I do believe in self-defense. It’s pretty obvious that this Travis guy manipulated and used and abused Jodi. He wore the facade of Mormonism but on the inside was – as the say in the Bible a ‘Ravenous Wolf’. I really hope Jodi Arias beats this case/trial. God loves you Jodi & you have the support of a lot of people from all over the world i’m sure. I’m praying for you! Good Luck from Ireland.

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