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Trial Day 1 – January 2nd, 2013:
Defense Opening Statements Video

Prosecution – Opening Statements
Defense – Opening Statements
Marie Hall (friend of TA)
Sterling Williams (patrol officer)

Trial Day 2 – January 3rd, 2013:
Esteban Flores (lead case agent)
Heather Conner (crime scene/latent print examiner)

Trial Day 3 – January 8th, 2013:
Heather Conner (crime scene/latent print examiner)
Dr Kevin Horn (Medical Examiner)
Elizabeth Northcutt (forensic firearms examiner)

Trial Day 4 – January 9th, 2013:
Ryan Burns (Jodi’s alleged love interest)
Maureen Smith (latent print examiner)
Kevin Biggs (latent print examiner)
Heather Conner (crime scene/latent print examiner)
Esteban Flores (lead case agent)

Trial Day 5 – January 10th, 2013:
Nathan Mendes (fmr. detective with Siskiyou CSO)
Lisa Perry (forensic scientist, biology/DNA unit)
Esteban Flores (lead case agent)
Jodi Legg (forensic scientist, biology/DNA unit)

Trial Day 6 – January 14th, 2013:
Michael Melendez (Mesa PD, PC/camera forensics)
Esteban Flores (the Jodi interviews)

Trial Day 7 – January 15th, 2013:
Joey Citizen (Verizon employee)
Larry Gladysh (Mesa PD)
Esteban Flores (the Jodi interviews continued)

Trial Day 8 – January 16th, 2013:
Mike Galliatti (police office)
Raphael Colombo (rental car franchisee)
Esteban Flores
Mistrial discussion w/attorneys

Trial Day 9 – January 17th, 2013:
Esteban Flores
Jeff Strohm (Sprint employee)
Leslie Udy (friend of Jodi & PPL distributor)
State rests their case
Discussion w/attorneys – request for release of charges & Rule 20

Evidentiary hearing – January 28th 2013
Gus Searcy, Abe Abdelhadi

Trial Day 10 – January 29th, 2013:
Gus Searcy
Darryl Brewer (Jodi’s ex)
Chris Hughes (continuation of evidentiary testimony)
Abe Abdelhadi (continuation of evidentiary testimony)
Gus Searcy. Testimony ends when Gus pleads the 5th. Private discussion.

Trial Day 11 – January 30th, 2013:
Lisa Daidone
Desiree Freeman (LDS friend)
Daniel Freeman (LDS friend)

Trial Day 12 – January 31st, 2013:
Daniel Freeman (LDS friend)
Lonnie Dworkin (computer forensic examiner)

Trial Day 13 – February 4th, 2013:
Lonnie Dworkin (computer forensic examiner)
Bryan Neumeister (audio/video forensic examiner)
Jodi Arias (testimony starts)

Trial Day 14 – February 5th, 2013:
Jodi Arias (testimony continues)

Trial Day 15 – February 6th, 2013:
Jodi Arias (testimony continues)

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  1. Travis Alexander was an abuser.Jodi DOESN’T belong in prison.She needs to be getting help,not punishment.I hope the Travis Alexander’s in the world see this case as an example of what can,and does happen, when you repeatedly abuse other human beings.I truly believe that if Jodi had not have killed Travis in self-defense,Travis would have eventually killed Jodi.I really do.

    • I agree. I can’t believe people don’t have insight to see the arrogance in Travis’ facial expressions. I watch Nancy Grace occasionally, when I can stand it. Whatever happened to Innocent until proven guilty? HlN is making a fortune on Jodi, even introducing a new “after dark” show which has been mostly all about her. No matter who they are focusing on hln, it is always a ‘witch hunt’. I too am praying she will be freed. As a woman, I’ve felt jealousy over a man, I’ve sort of stalked a man….eventually I got over it, but I kmow what it’s like to have your heart continually broken….and then being called ugly names and blamed for it. When she is freed, I’m hoping society will give her leeway to make a new life. Just like the movie/book “The burning bed” There can come that moment when you just can’t take any more, and everything builds up and explodes at once. The procecuter, being a man, would not have true insite into this. By the way he speaks in court I wouldn’t be surprised if he himself is an abuser, if there are any women in his life. Please tell Jodi I am keeping her in my prayers!!

    • I agree 100%! It is very sad that so many people want to see this “Child of God” die. It escapes me how anyone can forget that we are all children of God, and that we are not not judge one another, nor seek vengeance. Only God knows the entire story, and only He can judge.

      I am not an overly religious person, even though it might sound like this at the moment, but I just don’t understand how time and time again the public can be led to a lynch mom mentality and not even recognize it.

      The only thing that makes me happy is that those judging her so harshly will face judgment of their own one day. Perhaps a close friend, family member or some other loved one, or even they themselves will find their life affected in just such a way, and in the end, God will surely judge them for judging another human being. God didn’t even put Cain to death after killing Abel… instead God told Cain that He would bring judgment on those that sought to have him killed or kill him seven fold. Well Jesus tells us that to think a thing is the same as doing it, so all those wishing Jodi to get death, it is the same as killing her themselves…

      The judge in this case is not even doing her job. Juror #10 goes on the news and tells how he was approached numerous times by others… well I never heard of any juror raising their hands and admitting that, yet here he is on the news telling everyone. The judge asks has any one approached you???

      • I completely agree. I for one did not watch the entire trial as it occurred but I just finished watching the film. I just want to say how wrong it is that they portray “him” as such a victim yet he toyed with beautiful Jody for far too long. Any woman in America could have shared your fate lovely Jody. I find it so ironic the soapbox our society stands on preaching about women rights yet in this case were it is apparent, sweet Jody, was demeaned, disrespected and lead ago in, my opinion, a torturous way, yet she was torn apart. Made to look like a deviant though it is so obviously “him”. Let’s look at facts on men in authoritative positions with a religion to hide behind. I will be sending you a post card, so much I would like to discuss with you.

  2. I want Jodi freed, she has suffered enough; scared for her life, she did what we would all do, try to save ourselves. All her life she has been abused, from childhood upwards, she deserves peace, not prison for the rest of her life. May Justice be done, I am thinking of her and her family..

    • I was married to a man for 24 years and with him all together for 26… the relationship was much the same as Jodi and Travis’s. I had no self respect at all. I had no belief that my life was worth anything at all by the time i had spent just a few months with my ex… If i had valued my life, I quite possibly would have ended up just like Jodi, and more than likely would have been hated by many. Very sad, how a person can abuse another human being and be praised for it.

      I walked away from my marriage after 24 years and ended up with nothing… It was as if the courts helped him to abuse me one last time in the divorce… Perhaps that is the same thing that is happening to Jodi, the court is helping Travis to abuse Jodi one final time.

      Thankfully in the end, God will judge justly. In the meantime, it just breaks my heart to see Jodi treated in such a way, by mankind in general. Thank goodness I found this site, I really needed to find others that were on the side of Jodi.

    • Had she not killed him he would have suffered a worse fate getting ass raped in prison cause they love to show em how it feels AMEN

  3. I am so happy to find a website that is NOT all about hating Jodi. I feel like this is a woman who became obsessed with a abusive man who took complete advantage of her weakness. That man (Travis )knew full well who Jodi was and he continued to see her. Everyone keeps placing all the blame on Jodi. Why didn’t hemake her stay away? ? I think he got enjoyment out of degrading her. I think he is equally to blame in this tragedy .All involved (including his family &friends)seen tragedy coming and did zero to interfere. With that said I don’t feel 1St degree murder is the case here this girl is not a monster she needs help!! !

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