Trial Day 54 – May 1st, 2013:

Part 1/6:

Dr Robert Geffner PhD – surrebuttal witness – direct

Part 2/6:

Dr Robert Geffner – direct continues

Part 3/6:

Dr Robert Geffner – direct/cross

Part 4/6:

Dr Robert Geffner – cross

Part 5/6:

Dr Robert Geffner – redirect + jurors questions + defense/pros follow-up

Part 6/6:

Dr Kevin Horn (ME) – direct/cross/redirect  + jurors questions + pros/defense follow-up
Dr Jill Hayes – rebuttal witness – direct/cross/redirect (state rests)


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  1. todays show directed by Mr. Martinez, was a joke. I mean he sits there (or wait maybe he was standing, his height makes it hard to tell) and tells the jury that Jodi brought the gun with her to Travis’ house, and in the same breath he says she stole the gun from Travis. Hey Mr. Martinez, it cant be both, so which is it?? or maybe its neither! You have no case! If she hadn’t said she did it You wouldn’t be in court today for this. I so hope the def attorneys bring this up tomorrow

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