Trial Day 48 – April 16th, 2013:

Part 1/4:

Defense rests
Janeen DeMarte – Clinical Psychologist (state rebuttal witness)

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Part 2/4:

Janeen DeMarte – direct testimony continues

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Part 3/4:

Janeen DeMarte – direct testimony continues

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Part 4/4:

Janeen DeMarte – direct testimony continues/concludes
Janeen DeMarte – cross examination (starts 33:40)

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  1. finally watched the whole start (and finish) of cross.

    1. why did she start talking about the crime scene if Dr. Samuel’s was not allowed too?
    2. Her patients are more important on her CV than lectures, and yet she really hasn’t seen that many patients?


    • you know it is almost comical how cocky this Martinez is if you watch closely enough the body language between this Janeen and Martinez. This witness seems to just be giving her opinion only I would like to question asked where is the “Scientific testing” for her theory… per Martinez’s quote of a blood test or cancer test???? He really is his only biggest fan….and question why was she able to talk about the crime scene and Dr. Samuels was not??? I would like to know as well. and this witness is a joke she already previously had her mind made up and her theory was completely personal opinion based with the smirking and giggling makes you wonder…

    • Hi ithink ji need now need support. The hole thing witch hunting the girl is a sick youggirl. Hanh in there. Juddijudi. Belive me I am old. And live goes up and down and up. I pray for you Berit

  2. miss. arias i follow every trial and always give the benefit to the accused. unlike my friendcasey i dont have a friendship with u and i do hope u do not get the death penaltysince im againstthat. i wish u well

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