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Trial Day 48 – April 16th, 2013:
Defense rests
Janeen DeMarte – Clinical Psychologist (state rebuttal witness) direct testimony
Janeen DeMarte – cross examination

Trial Day 49 – April 17th, 2013:
Janeen DeMarte – cross examination continues
(No  afternoon session)

Trial Day 50 – April 18th, 2013:
Janeen DeMarte – cross examination continues & concludes
Janeen DeMarte – state redirect
Janeen DeMarte – jurors questions + state/defense follow-up

Trial Day 51 – April 23rd, 2013:
Jacob Mefford – direct/cross/redirect
Amanda Webb (Walmart) – rebuttal witness – direct + juror question
Chelsea Young (Tesoro) – rebuttal witness – direct/cross/redirect
Deanna Reed – rebuttal witness – direct/cross/redirect  + juror questions + pros/defense follow-up
Michael Melendez (Mesa PD) – rebuttal witness – direct/cross/redirect + juror questions

Trial Day 52 – April 24th, 2013:
Robert Brown (Mesa PD) – rebuttal witness – direct/cross/redirect
Esteban Flores – direct/cross/redirect + juror questions + defense follow-up

Trial Day 53 – April 25th, 2013:
Dr Kevin Horn (ME) – rebuttal witness – direct/cross/redirect
Dr Kevin Horn (ME)  juror questions + pros/defense follow-up
State rests

Trial Day 54 – May 1st, 2013:
Dr Robert Geffner PhD – surrebuttal witness – direct/cross/redirect
Dr Kevin Horn (ME) – direct/cross/redirect  + jurors questions + pros/defense follow-up
Dr Jill Hayes – rebuttal witness – direct/cross/redirect (state rests)

Trial Day 55 – May 2nd, 2013:
Jury instructions from Judge Pickles
State closing arguments

Trial Day 56 – May 3rd, 2013:
Kirk Nurmi – Defense Closing Arguments
State closing
Summary of jury instructions prior to deliberations

The Penalty Phase Day 2 – May 20th, 2013:

The Penalty Phase Day 3 – May 21st:

No Verdict – Mistrial called – May 23rd:

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  1. I think Jodi is in denial. She clearly has a personality disorder so do I. Mine has gone on for years undected but I feel in my heart this girl is suffering from a mental illness and deserves help not the death penalty. I do believe because she carried out murdering a man that she does not deserve to live outside of prison. But she does need help while she’s in there so eventually she can find some peace in within her tortured mind. I feel I’m the only one who has any compassion for this girl but its made me open up to my own problems and I’m seeking help. I’m not a danger to anyone but myself. And just like Jodi no matter what you say no one in their right mind would do what she did and think she could get away with it. She could careless what happens to her, I know the feeling.

    • Hi Diana, thanks for sharing your story. But do you think you might be projecting? What personality disorder do you have if I may ask? Do you feel that anyone with a personality disorder can murder, just by having one? Thanks in advance.

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