Trial Day 47 – April 15th, 2013:

Part 1/3:

Grace Wong (Field Producer / HLN-Turner)
Bryan Neumeister (audio/video forensic examiner)
Bryan Neumeister – cross/redirect

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Part 2/3:

Arguments r.e. evidence submission
Motion for Mistrial – prosecutorial misconduct discussion

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Part 3/3:

Instructions to jury r.e. eye photograph – trial day ends

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  1. This judge just blows my mind- the defense painted a crystal clear picture of prosecutorial misconduct- I’m still in shock.

  2. please ask jodi not to write in her journal where photographers can get a picture of it. u can see them doing that when she was sitting with her journal on her lap.

  3. at least the judge is now looking at the jury before she didnt. and its time to figure out how this wondering jury does this, being at home, watching tv. how martinez says, he just doesnt watch HLN at all for this case. which makes me smile that is their host… in truth that is what Tuner Broadcasting, CNN and HLN is the host for this because we wouldn’t even see it on TV. i only hope someone makes sense and takes this off cable line up and off TV for bad new broadcasting

  4. .. Does anyone know what happened to Alyce Laviolette. Was her testimony held in chambers? i hope so this is unacceptable that this woman is being harassed and was so even by the judge who seemed angry that this was happening at all but angry at Alyce, this my friends is what abuse looks like, its second hand abuse but it exactly that. our children become abusers because what they saw and felt and people who work in this arena do the same thing because they actually cant handle the way it is to do this. and it was meant to be on camera but we are seeing it and catching snippets of what its like to abuse someone. The Judge Stephens to Dr. Lavioette, i don’t care what your personal issues are. that is abusive. there was nothing professional in it ether. so America sees this and people attack her and her work. lovely! all of it is abuse and this is classic transfer of it.

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