Trial Day 46 – April 12th, 2013:

Part 1/3:

Alyce LaViolette – jurors questions continued + defense follow up

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Part 2/3:

Alyce LaViolette – defense/state follow up 

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Part 3/3:

Alyce LaViolette – state follow up (+ instructions for next week)

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  1. I have been a trial lawyer for 45 years. The jurors questions all betray a great skepticism about LaViolette’s testimony and the Travis abuse evidence, especially anything based on Jodies testimony and interviews with her, and fixation on the relative abusive behavior of Jodie vs Travis, even though there is no real evidence of Jodie being abusive to him; but the only real issue seems to be whether the killing was planned and not a spontaneous reaction to his actions the same day. The trial conduct — allowing severe witness badgering by Martinez and failure to sequester –was unfairly biased against Jodie and should lead to reversal if she is convicted, but the best hope for her is that the jury follows the instructions that will not allow a conviction unless premeditation is proved beyond a reasonable doubt. The jury seems lost now about what the real issues are in the case.

    • Great insights. Given the common style of many jury questions, including length, and complexity, I hope they came from the same juror. Hopefully, not created externally. It’s pitiful to imagine the bulk of the jurors might compare relative abuse. Is the trial conduct you referenced widespread ?

      • To someone at the trial or watching the videos it seems clear that Martinez has been allowed to try to badger and intimidate defense witnesses without the court’s intervention, but on appeal the appellate court ordinarily looks only at the written transcript where only the words appear without tone of voice, mannerisms, inflections, etc.. That creates a much different picture, unfortunately. A really great US District court court reporter, Jack Greene, gave me an example when I was a young lawyer. The prosecutor accuses the defendant saying “and then you killed him” to which the defendant responds “I killed him?” The written question mark comes only from the voice inflection of the defendant, and a bad court reporter may report it as a period, making it read as if the defendant confessed when reading the transcript.

    • I think that wasn’t a trial. It was a fight between two kindergartners. . Your a poopie head, noo you are a poopie head.
      Now ,let’s stare a Jodi all day.
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  2. why did the state opt to pay private attorneys for her defense? In my state, if you are in need of a public defender that is what you get. I don’t know if this has been stated previously.

    • C.T. too. I’m not sure but I think Jennifer was,a,replacement. Last lawyer had a conflict?? Then Jodi defended herself for a few days, till JW and I don’t know if Nurmi has,been there all along. I think they subcontracted out ?? Not positive though.

          • I do believe that there are some REAL tricks going on, MAD. I think Pandora got first on day 45 which would give her the Hat Trick she has been waiting on. . . I suppose we should be happy for her because she does have to walk 13 cats everyday(with their high-heels on) . Not an easy job.

            • LOL ! I will make 1st one of these times … I’m sneaking up on them =)) hehehe
              YAY PANDORA 3 for 3!!! Note ,I posted all over this darn pg. LOL not sure where to start.
              ( lack of sleep)

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