Trial Day 42 – April 8th, 2013:

Part 1/3:

Alyce LaViolette – cross examination continues

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Part 2/3:

Alyce LaViolette – cross examination continues

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Part 3/3:

Alyce LaViolette – cross examination continues

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  1. Watching part 3 of the trial last night and the first thing to come to mind was Tennis player, Mackenroe, ”YOU CANNOT BE SERIOUS!”

    Thank goodness I went to bed last night and didn’t watch this childish nonsense, watching the Judge overrule all Jennifers objections, is laughable, truly disgusting but laughable because it doesn’t matter how much abuse JM dishes out, the judge thinks it fine and sanctions it.

    • The judge and the DA might as well be butt buddies. It’s this way in all courts. As soon as I was arraigned for my DUI, I saw this. If one person even brought up the hint of the idea that somebody might have a cross word to say to that DA, that judge was all over them like stink on shit.

      For this reason alone, I think our entire judicial system can be blown to hell.

  2. JM: ”Judge my witness is uncooperative”

    She just won’t take the abuse I want to give her.

    Judge: ”You may answer the question, yes or no”

  3. how can any judge actually believe it when she asks the jury if they have had any contact or media watching on this case? when and entire tv channel paid for by CNN to have horrible people contantly using this trial as a media feasco…

  4. How can Juan Martinez continuously badger and show disrespect to these witnesses? Is there no law abou this. What ever happened to respect.. this guy should be disbarred.. this whole trial has turned into comedy.. the jurors are laughing and I believe the jury is tired of this crap from Martinez…

    • because it seems CNN and HLN must be paying for this feiasco that is going on forever… and now taking days off so the jurors can keep personal appointments. i am disgusted with this judge and martinez who is the most abusive person other than Nancey Grace there is (imagine her name being Grace) there is no on at all that i have spoken to that believes this trail is for real and that it is benefical to anything. at all. this is the most miss trial of all trails ever. that judge is just so sad. i wonder what kind of jobs they all got after this via TV

  5. enstien never took an IQ test!! Einstein never took an IQ test (they are a fairly recent development) so no one knows what his IQ is. But the fact that he was brilliant in some fields doesn’t mean he would have had a high IQ. There are people, called ‘idiot savants’ who are incredibly brilliant in one field, but hopeless at other things. For some reason, mathematics is often the field of special intensity – they can calculate numbers in their heads that you or I would have trouble entering into a computer, and solve them faster than the computer. They can tell you what day of the week any date in history was, or project it forward into the future. But they may not be able to figure out how to get across town on a bus. So IQ, no matter how high it is, doesn’t always indicate brilliance. And your personal IQ can and does vary over your lifetime, so it isn’t a set number.
    It is used as a guide, however. IQs of under 80 are generally deemed to need assisted living conditions, those with IQs over 135 are MENSA level. These are people who sit around and do math problems for fun and find sudoko and crosswords much too easy.
    Some people with high IQs are not especially socially adept, because they can’t undestand how other people (with lower IQs) have such trouble understanding things that come naturally to the. Others with high IQs are wonderful, kind and caring people. So there aren’t really any generalizations you can make about people with high or low IQs.

  6. The judge has a set of cards (much like a monopoly game). The cards have overruled and sustained printed on them. Each time their is an objection she flips a card, gets a giddy smile and reads the card out loud. She’s just as suprised as everyone else!

  7. I really can’t believe how many times this circus leader known as the “judge” has overruled the defense. Sherry is clearly biased or sleeping with Juan Martinez because she doesnt even let Jennifer finish her sentence when she is shouting OVERULLED. Ridiculous and she should be disbarred and most definitley NOT a judge.

  8. Sent that … person… A letter, the one who wrote that article, Jodi Arias Has Admirers — Who & Why.

    Also sent her a couple’a nasty tweets.

    To :;

    There’s really no point in me writing this letter, as you’ve been on Fox News. That tells me everything I already need to know about you.

    However, there’s one point in your contentious screed of an article I have to contend with.

    As you state in your “article”, I love to laugh at someone when they deserve to be laughed at, “They’re also ego maniacs that refuse to believe that such a small and frail woman is capable of such evil.” Okay, egomaniacs I’ll go along with. We all think of each other in such superfluous terms every day. But it’s really the last part of that sentence, by the way, I must commend you on your spelling and grammar, that really gets to me. I know an editor helped, but man, I didn’t think that drooling on a page could get an editor anywhere. Then again, look at Fox News. Anyway, I digress. “…small and frail woman is capable of such evil.” Umm, what? Were you even alive during Lorena Bobbit’s extraction or her tossing it out a window of a car of her husband’s penis? Didn’t you see The Burning Bed? I realize that a woman is capable of extreme acts of violence, hatred, and evil.

    It’s the weight that I concerned with. 200 lbs guy vs. 115 lbs woman = guy wins every time. It would only make a difference if she had a gun. And if she did have a gun, then why didn’t she just kill him to begin with?

    So, please drop the attitude. Of course, I know you won’t. It’s either that or GDIAF. (That means, Go Die In A Fire).


    I suggest y’all do the same. I bet she’s not gonna be the “I.T. Girl” for long.

  9. Another point for Team Jodi! I can’t believe Judge Stephens is letting JM’s childish antics play out the way they are- I really hope the jury is taking notes, I hope they are seeing that JM has no argument, that he is running in circles bullying the witness. He wants certain responses out of the witness which she is just not giving him- good for her! I’m really surprised he hasn’t asked her if she has memory issues like he did to the previous witness. I found myself more annoyed than anything watching Day 42 of trial, my goodness!

  10. OMG forget disbarring the idiot DA this judge is totally not capable of objectivity how the hell did she ever get on the bench, this is unreal martinez is a great minipulater he can twist words and ask the same damn question over and over and over the judge is so stupid she is just allowing this idiot rant and rave with his total cocky attitude he and she both need to be disbarred and never be allowed to practice law in any state. This trial is a joke…..

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