Trial Day 41 – April 4th, 2013:

Part 1/3:

Alyce LaViolette – testimony continues

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Part 2/3:

Alyce LaViolette – testimony concludes
Alyce LaViolette – cross examination starts (w/Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs)

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Part 3/3:

Alyce LaViolette – cross examination continues

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  1. I found it quite telling last night that Nancy did DONT play ANY of the cross of AL until the last minute of her show. You think maybe she didn’t want her viewers to see AL make mincemeat out of the prosecutor? Methinks so 😉

    • My goodness:

      I think Mr Martinez was given something by the seven dwarfs that has warped his mind, He is on a bad trip as they used to call it in the seventies.

      What has this got to do with Jodi being a abused woman? JM is truly lost, and AL is making him look childish. Why would he continue with trying to compare Jodi to snow white? You ever watch the world’s dumbest show on trutv? He is now a viable entry in to this show. I would love to hear some of the comments the crew could come up with.

      With JM’s ears pointed and a green costume, pointed shoes… hey, dwarf’s are people too, we get abused, my cookies were thrown cuz I got crumbs in my bed… waaaahhhhh!!!!!!!!!

      Juan, who is really grumpy in disquise has truly lost his dwarfed mind.

  2. I gotta tell you, if I was on the jury, I would vote innocent just due to the ignorance of ‘Juan” or as I like to call him, ‘Whine.” Every question he asks makes me think he is hiding something. He is the absolute worst prosecutor I have ever seen. He comes across as an idiot and why anyone would think he was some kind of folk hero and want his autograph is way beyond me. Are people that stupid?

    Also, a comment on HLN. I thought it was a news station. They are so one sided it is almost comical. Many times, these hack on air personalities, (including Nancy Gross), actually appear to be a SNL skit. This Jane Velez joker reminds me of watching a third grade play where a ten year old is playing TV personality. Wait, that is an insult to ten year olds. I have to go to the trouble of DVRing the trial just so I don’t have to watch these absolutely horrendous announcers.

    Juan and the HLN crew obviously rode the short bus to school.

  3. Somebody pinch me… I must be asleep because this bullshit cross CAN’T be for real. Is Martinez REALLY taking the story of Snow White literally? And WHY is the judge letting him continue along this laughable line of questioning? Jennifer’s Objections are MORE than reasonable!

    I… I really don’t know what to say to this. I’m speechless.


    • By letting him make an absolute idiot and ass out of himself in front of jury and the world was brilliant and hillarious!
      Letting a grown man in all seriousness discuss the life and emotions a fiction toon had and why snow white didn’t leave eventhough she could have left….come on guys, laugh with me here!! 🙂
      After this episode could Anyone take Anything he said seriously?

  4. Wow, this idiot Martinez was really grasping at straws with this whole Snow White thing! I can’t believe that Pickles kept over ruling the objections. But then the judges and prosecutors are always on more friendly terms in courts. You can even see this in traffic court. The judges are always more hostile towards outside council.

  5. From what I have seen so far… it looks like AL is carrying her own… He is being an ass, I was almost hoping he wouldnt be .. wishful thinking, guess I shoulda known better..

  6. good luck Jodi I feel so sorry for you. I wish I had someone like you to love me as much as you loved him. He treated you very very badly. I think he got what he deserved. I’m pulling for you Jodi . I wish you all the best. Keep up the fight, and keep your chin up if you can..

  7. Finding this web site for me was like finding water in a desert! I thought I was alone with Jodi on this horror trip and a media that is oppinionated and blind beyond belief!
    Empty-shell-embodiment labeled as Nancy Gross looks at a (super nasty) text message TA sent Jodi on the phone and states: “it is only what Jodi told them that he said…” and she is calling someone a ‘pathological liar’???
    Last night soneone called Jane M-V saying that they always take gas cans when going on along trip and was cut short by the Screamin Skull who seriously stated that pple don’t do that because there are gas stations and rest areas everywhere…I guess a life that is more than telling lies and a trip to the local liquer store is beyond her intellectual comprehesion!

  8. Hi –

    I hate Nancy Grace’s one-sided idiotic coverage of this trial. But I do feel sorry for her. Little known fact, she has leprosy – that’s why she is always holding her right ear – she doesn’t want it to fall off!


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