Trial Day 34 – March 20th, 2013:

Part 1/2:

Dr Richard Samuels – redirect continues

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Part 2/2:

Dr Richard Samuels – redirect continues

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  1. can anybody stop the HLN hate machine? they might as well be shouting crucify Jodi.. what an injustice.. I challenge them all to put the shoe on their foot.. I record the trial daily so I can review testimony … the benefit is that I can fast forward past all those A%#holes who never say anything positive about Jodi, her defense or the fact that the States attorney is losing this case and cannot prove anything… And why is Juan Martinez allowed to object to every little thing? He should be disbarred for his treatment of Dr. Samuels.. I am really hoping the Judge declares a mistrial at this point… and to Jodi I and thousands of others BELIEVE YOU and BELIEVE IN YOU. hang in there


  2. Just so glad to have found other people who are being disgusted by Insession VP, MB, NG, JVM,DD and all their biased guest! I have been screaming at TV. thankfully, I am now watching the trial via live streaming feed…no commentary….no TV screen being sprayed by Vinnie’s hate filled salivating! I truly am disturbed by what was once court TV who had both insides covered, but even in that…Ashley, Jack, Lisa, etc were biased reporters! Kinda strange when in the biggest media covered trial since Casey Anthony..InSessions shortens their coverage to 2 hours! Then the lying taut that HLN is the only place to see non-stop coverage..with their pause and play effects..when clearly they lie…there are at least 3 sites with live streaming coverage with no commercials and no venom spewing hosts!
    Ever since Vinnie thinking he was off mike..made the comment on Casey’s boobs…you just know he has a hard on every time he compares Jodi to Casey! Mike Brooks…the cop who is just as hate driven as Vinnie commented that Martinez got Jodi on the left finger injury…proving she lied. As. Physician assistant who worked orthopedics prior to Emergency medicine…….the natural anatomical position of the hand is hand out with thumb side up…little finger down with a “C” shaped of fingers. No one keeps,there fingers perfectly straight…..the body naturally forms the “C” shape….meaning all finger are bent at the joint closest to the knuckles. So, Martinez proved nothing! No ah-ha moment! Each day Vinnie predicted this would be the day Jodi .”breaks”…each day he is dead wrong…so the next day he gives once again his “feeling” that today she will break! I feel like I do when Fox is on…unfair and extremely biased coverage.
    I do think there is a market for legal coverage like court TV..where they actually format the show for the audience to hear testimony and judge for,themselves….where the viewer is respected enough that they aren’t brow beat with Vinnie’s way of thinking!
    Lastly….Travis lied to everyone when he represented his self as a virgin. His first sexual encounter with Jodi was him performing oral sex on her….which makes me question just how many sexual partners he had prior to Jodi…yet lied to keep his position in the church and Among his Mormon friends. No wonder the guy was ticking time bomb…..he hated his sexual actions but punished the gal instead of himself! A part of a show where Travis’s friends who claim he was a virgin..should be asked about how his lying to them changed or didn’t change their views on his integrity and therefore Jodi’s claims of abuse…psychologically and physically!

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