Jodi Arias Trial – Day 56 (after trial comments)

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With the defense closing arguments duly delivered by The Nurminator… the state’s overcharged BS case in ruins… and a summary of the instructions given again to the jurors — leave your comments below on the last day of the trial, day 56…

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    • They will start deliberating on Monday morning, but I’m sure they’re thinking very hard this weekend.

      Did Jodi take the hit for some Mormon blood atonement killing? I see people in those photographs. and no, I am far from insane LOL

    • MY GOD WHO THE FCKK tells their woman they like to Cork little girls

      and likes to hear 12 year ld moaning

      sick travis does thats who

      • no grown man thinks like that!!!!! unless he’s a perv!!!!
        what if a woman said, o`o`o`o`o`o`o you sound like a 12 yr old little boy getting off for the 1st time and it’s hott!!!! aaaaaaaaaaaagh!!! puke!!!! sick and twisted – period!!!!!! did you hear how he said hot? sounded like a hawker coming up!!!! i hope nancy grace, dr drew, vinnie, mike brooks knows the message they’re sending out!!!!!!!!!! thanks you biased twisted freaks!!!!!! let it happen to someone in your family, then we’ll talk!!!! bet it will be a different story then!!!!!
        jodi rocks!!!!!!!!!!!
        she’s beautiful, and talented…….. so they hate!!!!!!
        watch your daughters around the ones saying this behavior is okay!!!! i thought we had laws against this??? guess anything goes, so i say…… forget 911, i call .357!!!!!

        • Hi Missy!

          Damed if you’re a freak damned if you’re not. If Travis was alive people would want to cut his wee-wee off lol

  1. HAD TO:

    I have to log off for the night, so I thought I would grace you with a dream I had last night. It was about THIS trial. I know crazy hu? (just go with it)

    So in my dream I was in HELL. (yikers)

    The devil is giving me a tour of the place. At one point I ask him “hey devil, what’s down there?”

    The devil reply’s “Ah, Sirlips, you don’t want to go down there, that’s where we keep people from your past”

    I say “holy shit, There are people I know down here? I got to see”. So I run over to the hall way and peak in the first window.
    OH MY! It’s terrible. There, lying in bed, is my father! He is making out with a very unattractive 800 pound woman! He is rubbing her all over and doing “things to her body”…

    I ask the devil “holy shit, that’s my dad! Why is he doing that with that woman?”
    He replies “Sirlips, I don’t know how to tell you this…but, that’s your fathers punishment for all of his sins, while he was on earth!”
    Wow..i had no idea it was “like that”.

    Curious I look into the next window. I shouldn’t have!
    My best friend is stark naked, lying on top of what appears to be a half decomposed woman’s body. But, she is alive and enjoying everything that my best friend is doing to her!

    I ask the devil “WOOO, that’s my best friend! Why is he doing that to THAT …thing?” The devil Replies “Sirlips, I don’t know how to tell you this…but, that’s your best friends punishment, for all of his sins when he was still on earth!”
    I almost throw up.

    Well, there is nothing worse than I just witnessed, so I decide to look in the last window. And I can’t believe my eyes! There reclined back in a chair is Juan Martinez. He is all laid back, relaxed. On top of his lap is Brittney spears! She is rubbing him all over, feeding him fruit and massaging him ALL OVER!

    I ask the devil “hey, I know that guy, that’s Juan!, what is HE doing here? And why is he with Brittney Spears?”

    The devil replies, “Sirlips, I don’t know how to tell you this…but, That’s Brittney’s punishment for all of her sins, from when she was on earth”


  2. Juan Martinez & his non-nonsensical arguments:

    “She shot him when he was dead.”
    “She killed him three times over.”

    One of these statements is obviously wrong – unless you can kill a dead man.

    Using Martinez’s line of reasoning, it wouldn’t be a stretch to say Dr. Horn killed Travis when he cut him open during the autopsy.

    • Gone over the weekend, they will make a schedule and get it approved by the judge.

      Usually they say early is bad, long is good. The longer it takes, the better chance that it will be a hung jury, or arguments from people that wont give up on innocence, Usually. but its all speculation.

        • I have no shame, i will explain.

          I worked in a bar when i was much younger, slimmer and… well yah.

          Our group of friends at the bar all gave each other “sir” names…. “Sir CandyMan” was the lead bartender…he made the candy. “Sir Captain” he was x-military… “Sir Rook”… He was the ROOKie… There were 13 “knights” in all.

          well, anyways, I was always nicknamed “lips”, apparently a girlfriend at one point spread around my “prowess” with my Tongue. “Tongue” sounded wierd, so they started calling me Lips (not that thats normal..but hey, it is what it is) Well, when i started at the bar… i needed a sir name, So, SirLips was created. 20 years later…. i still use it as my screen name.

          Funny thing, i dont know if a single perosn in the bar, some i know to this day, even know my real name. LOL.

          So, there yah have it.

      • depends on what Verdict you want. a Fast verdict is usually in favor of the defendant.

        0J’s jury was very fast, it was 20 years ago but I think it was within 3 hours.

        • does anyone know how I can get a text when the verdict comes in? I hate that I can not check while o am at work. ) ;

        • Another reason to overturn a guilty verdict! Can we really trust that no juror is

          1. Passing by a newsstand

          2. Will not watch any TV (Especially HLN, (who has been 100% Jodi bashing bias since the trial began).

          3. Not sequestrating the jury DURING the trial was bad enough, but even during deliberations is total incompetency on the part of this judge. This is just too high of a profile case not to sequester. Mark my words ” I’m 99% sure a higher court will overturn any conviction”.

          • Agree 100% @Juggler. The penny-pinching by this judge may well work in JA’s favor. There’s no way in hell this jury isn’t tainted by the astronomical media coverage of this case. She looks foolish giving her ‘admonitions.’ Like somebody on the jury’s going to raise their hand and rat themselves out. What a joke.

  3. how are we going to find out what is happening, like when they break for the evening, a verdict reached, etc


    • Are you serious?? I must have walked away!! The nerve!! That’s in such bad taste after how badly she talks about Jodi!

      • When my stepson was a toddler he saw NG on tv one time and called her the “lady with the angry eyebrows.” lol

      • Just that horrible Nancy sitting there could sway them, has she done that before? Did she go to Casey Anthonys or anyone elses? Was that unusual? I feel so scared for Jodi, I cant believe I feel this way!

    • Thank God for the men!! According to Beth Caras(sp?) she said they were very attentive during the defense closing. And ,unfortunately, as a woman I know how unsupportive we can be sometimes. Most of the crazy assed supporters are women!! Hopefully, the men will rely on their own knowledge of how some men can be and accept the theory that Travis manipulated Jodi and lied to everyone else about this alleged stalking!!!

    • They set the schedule as long as the judge agrees. Most judges will pretty much give the jury a free hand.

      • So Al, they can deliberate for a few hrs or so today/tonite if they choose? Not like they have to quit at certain time or so??

        • So glad I found your site, so fed up with all the haters and the biased media.
          Did anyone notice that the former GF who has the dog now nodded her head up and down as she replied he didn’t abuse her? Was that her way f telling the jury?

          Question: Why is the taliban (family) asking for Money donations? What the hell do they have to pay for?

          A small circle of us in SW Florida are praying every day for Jody! I have been through some abuse myself and know what it’s like! I also recognize an abuser (ta) when I see one.So sorry for all of Jody’s suffering!


  5. I thought the judge said they were going to deliberate now on their deliberation schedule — not the actual deliberation?

      • Thanks. I tuned it on my muted-captioned tiny tv. Watching ‘undersea heavens’ on bigger tv where HLN is no longer ever welcome.

    • Correct the actull deliberation start 9am Monday morning.

      That what she said Im releasing you into the care/custody of two bailiffs whom wers sworn in as bailiffs for protecting jury whilst there deliberating.
      An getting snacks coffee ect.
      Told them go with them work out your schedule an then we will see you back here Monday morning.

      She couldt say that if they were retireing to deliberate a verdict.

      As in theory they could ve been back in half an hour with a verdict.

      So the deliberation begin in ernest this Monday.

      I hope Ernest is ready.

  6. Serums, I disagree with you regarding Travis’s sisters!Grief is not an event that happens and ends. It is not something you get over! Grief is a process, a lifelong process! I am sure every time they hear about his death or see photos, they relive it and it is very hard for them! It is not their fault that Jodi is on trial and I think we can still be a Jodi supporter but also have some human compassion! I pray you never have to go through what they went through. I have lost a brother , my husband, and 2 children ! Grief sucks!

    • Grief is a process, and it takes time to move through the different stages…but you do eventually come to an acceptance.

      This family was not the Brady Bunch, they were estranged, yes they lost their loved one, but they obviously didn’t know their brother very well either.

      There comes a time when you have to stop blaming everything and everyone for the loss of your loved one. You have to move on.

      And yes, I lost my husband when I was 37 years old, and a child….

      • I don’t believe that TA’s family is so grief-stricken that they can’t behave correctly. I’m pretty sure all of us here know about a little about grief and we can relate to it. But we also recognize bullshit when we see it.

        • I’m not without sympathy for them, but they make it difficult to feel sorry for them when they’re so adamant about the death penalty. Also, their tears, by now, HAVE to be fake, and couple the fake tears with the eyerolling and sneering and I think they should have been thrown out of the courtroom a long time ago.

        • I have been watching the Media (HLN) throughout this trial, which has been bias against
          Jodie Arias. I cannot understand why they put a Halo on TA s head. His actions toward
          Jodie were not appropriate to say the least.Some of them must have daughters or sisters
          that they would not want treated in the way Travis treated Jodie.

          I thought Kirk Nurmi explained their relationship very well to the jury. Jodie was
          not manipulative, she had very low self esteem as a woman.

  7. Beth Karas just said they would probably go until 7 pm tonite and regular hours 9 – 4:30. JVM is interviewing a woman from the galley who works in dv and she rated Nurmi highly. What do you know.

    • I saw that… that woman is intelligent, unlike so many others out there. SHe isn’t afraid to think for herself. My kinda gal 😉

    • They re-wrote the Scriptures to include UNPARDONABLE sins. Jesus was to forgiveness-y for them.

    • Technically, religions that focus on Christ are “Christian” — but there are obviously different interpretations of being Christian.

        • I never knew much about them. I assumed they were Christian too. Since this trial, I’ve read about them and they are NOT Christian. Even Chris Hughes said it the other night on the Dr. Drew show. Even they don’t consider themselves Christian. If they’re worried about what kind of bad press they will get in this trial, well, they’ve done it to themselves. They come off as very hard-nosed and unfeeling. They do NOT believe in forgiveness and understanding, or certainly mercy, the way Christians do.

          • I’ve seen hundreds of them parade past on my tv screen, and they cry for themselves and for Travis, they all say the exact same thing as though they were told what to say, many of them ask for money, and not one of them has shown any sympathy or feeling for Jodi’s family. They treated Alyce LaViolette like garbage. I can understand them not having feeling for Jodi while things are so raw, but I don’t like the stories they’ve told about how they treated Jodi. They were rude brats to her and they’ve been beyond rude to Alyce LaViolette.

  8. SO Nervous. My stomach is upside down & a lump is in my throat and I am just praying praying praying for Jodi.

    I just can’t believe she might get death for this. Death. Charles Manson didn’t get death. Drew Peterson killed 2 wives and got a 30 year slap on the wrist. The Boston Strangler didn’t get death. But a girl who was treated like dog shit by a pompous self-absorbed man may get death.

    Oh Jodi, I am praying for you, and I wish I could be on that jury!

  9. I have a confession.

    I missed KN’s afternoon session. I had just eaten lunch, was very tired, and his voice lulled me to sleep on the couch.

    I was kind of half-in / half-out.

    I did see him stop.

    THEN, I drifted off back to sleep.

    JM got up and started with his irritating voice. THAT IS WHEN MY NIGHTMARE STARTED (I am not kidding).

    In my dream, he kept going on and on. At one point in my dream, Jodi and her team left the courtroom because it was 5:30 p.m. and Jodi couldn’t miss dinner.

    But, the poor jury was stuck there. And, Juan kept going., and going, and going.


    In the rest of the dream, I had a wedding dress that I was given to hold for JM (I did not want to hold it).

    It was REALLY heavy. It fell off the hangar, and my sister and I were trying to get it back on and put it in a garment bag.

    It was falling out all over, the bottom wouldn't fit into the bag, and it was a mess.

    Not sure what this dream means, but I woke up just as JM was finishing.

    Anyone care to interpret the dream???

    Prayers for Jodi…

      • lol sirlips!… I’m still laughing at Nicole’s dream though…sounds like one of mine…bizarre…
        Nicole, maybe it was JM asking you to put a square peg in a round hole…just doesn’t fit, no matter how hard you try. Maybe?

        • Yeah, that sounds good to me, I can’t describe this but it gives me a good visual in relation to the case. I’m still a little out a whack from my nap, can’t write clearly yet.

    • Yes….he told one HUGE white lie…and there are just too many holes in his story for it to hold together.

    • Interesting dream. I’m fascinated by dreaming and by writing down my own dreams I have been able to get to the point where I remember my dreams with vivid detail every night. I’m by no means an expert on interpreting dreams but I do spend time reflecting on my dreams so I will give it a shot. This is just what I got from reading what you posted.

      The wedding dress that was given to you by JM to hold could be representative of JM’s story he is trying to sell. I have noticed some on here get quite worried when JM brings up some things (i.e. the gas cans), and maybe there are some things JM said that worry you. Not that you believe them or think they are true, but maybe they cause you some anxiety because you think the defense didn’t do enough to address the certain issue, or maybe you are worried that some of the jurors might choose to believe JM on these issues and that is what worries you. So the dress is like JM’s story, you don’t want to hold on to the dress and you don’t want to hold on to or believe JM’s story either. When you and your sister try to put the dress in the garment bag, it’s difficult and the dress won’t fit. This may represent how JM’s story doesn’t fit with what you believe and you are trying to make sense of it. You also specifically mention how the dress is very heavy. I think the heaviness represents the seriousness of the case and the next few days, and also how much the trial and the outcome for Jodi matters to you.

      Just my thoughts, maybe none of this will ring true for you. Thanks for sharing your dream with us Nicole.

      • While I feel asleep during Nurmi’s closing today, I had a brief dream that Jodi was free. It was a vivid image when I woke, but now I have forgotten the details. I think it was something about her having a career on TV. I was watching her program & thinking, here she is, and it is such a long time ago now that she was on trial.

  10. I hope everyone has a great weekend! I’m sure going to miss reading all your intelligent, inquisitive, and sometimes comical comments on this page!
    Thanks SJ, MB, and JC for moderating this awesome forum, you all did a great job, and we so much appreciate having this site to support Jodi, and the defense.
    We will win this! I never doubted it, and never will! [_] …’s a drink for everyone! Cheers!

  11. I think it’s good that there are more men on the jury. They seem to be more sympathetic in similar cases!

  12. Juror No. 1

    She is a white female in her 60s and sits closest to the witness stand. She doesn’t look at Arias often during her testimony. People in the gallery observed her yawning once during an emotional part of Arias’ testimony.

    Juror No. 2

    He is a white male in his 50s. He takes few notes and usually has his head cupped in his hands as he listens to testimony.

    Juror No. 3

    She is a white female in her 40s. She takes a lot of notes and often watches prosecutor Juan Martinez as he moves around the courtroom. She has been seen submitting questions.

    Juror No. 4

    He is a white male in his 60s, and he takes few notes.

    Juror No. 5

    She is a married, white female in her 30s. She sits on the edge of her seat and is the most visible juror from the gallery because she has a “unique hair style.”

    Juror No. 6

    She is a white female in her 60s and is also seen taking many notes.

    Juror No. 7

    He is a white male in his 30s, and he is married. He takes notes and often bites his nails.

    Juror No. 8

    He is a white male in his 50s and is married. He also takes notes and has been observed submitting questions.

    Juror No. 9

    He is a white male in his 60s. He wears denim on most days and sits at the end of the jury box. He sits close to the first row of the gallery where Alexander’s family sits.

    Juror No. 10

    He is a white male in his 70s and is married. He has a tattoo on his right arm. He rarely is seen taking notes. He sits the furthest away from the witness.

    Juror No. 11

    She is a married, white female in her 30s. She takes a lot of notes. She does not look at Arias during testimony. She tends to look straight ahead or down at her notes.

    Juror No. 12

    She is a white female in her 40s and also takes lots of notes. She swiveled her chair toward Arias during her testimony.

    Juror No. 13

    He is a white male in his late 60s to early 70s. He wears an audio-enhancing headset provided by the court. He does takes notes.

    Juror No. 14

    He is a white male in his early 60s who often swivels in his chair. He does not appear to be taking notes.

    Juror No. 15

    He is a white male in his late 20s or early 30s. He appears to be the youngest member of the jury and takes very few notes. He smiled when Martinez asked Arias if she could predict the future.

    Juror No. 16

    He is a white male in his 40s.

    Juror No. 17

    He is a Hispanic male in his late 20s to early 30s. He dresses casually and sometimes slouches so far down in his chair that he is hardly visible to the gallery. He does not appear to be taking notes.

    Juror No. 18

    She is a white female in her 40s. She is an occasional note taker and she often looks at the gallery during sidebars.

    • thanks Trix..I’m Pacific Time, so I’m sure NO verdict will be reached today..they will want to double check all the LIES of the ME and Flores!!!!!

      • Who needs to review shit falling out of someones mouth? They smelled it through the whole trial.LOL


  14. Now might be a good time to start talking about what we are going to do after the verdict comes in…because even if she’s acquitted there may be several things we need to think about:

    1. What we can do to help Jodi move on with her life, especially in a safe way?

    2. Think about what we can do about HLN. I know someone said that the FCC can’t do anything but I think they have crossed the line regarding the First Amendment. As we know, the First Amendment doesn’t allow people to yell “Fire” in a crowded theater. Why, because it creates a dangerous environment. The environment created by HLN with their openly biased reporting is very dangerous and there must be something, as Team Jodi, that we can do about it.

    3. Have a party here in Phoenix.

    Then there is also the case if she is convicted of manslaughter. I am certainly hoping for acquittal but I can see the jury saying, “Ok, she was defending herself but she went a little overboard.” I personally don’t think she did go overboard. I felt she did what her gut feelings told her she needed to do at that moment to survive. But we should maybe talk about what we might do in the case of manslaughter.

    But…if she’s convicted of either 1st or 2nd degree murder, I think we should all get together, buy an island somewhere and move there together, because here we are living among a bunch of lunatics.

    • RB, we could start a petition against HLN on the web..that w/b a start! And I love the Island idea!! 😉 I’m a beach girl!! 😉

    • I have a petition on to get nacey and others on hln taken off the air ( one of witch is dr.drew whos show Celebrity rehab is cancelled because of 5 DEATHS so far) heres the link TELL EVERYONE!! BECAUSE I WILL GET AN ATTORNEY with 30,000 signatures. It doesn’t matter there are no laws about BULLYING there are cases brought in front of the court everyday . I just need the support! TELL YOUR FRIENDS. Heres the link TELL THE WORLD. everyone in public and the government: have Nancey Grace & others taken off air for BULLYING & MISREPISENTATION

      • Thanks for doing that, Krista. I will work on getting the word out. Unfortunately, I fear that we won’t be able to find 30,000 sane people out there. But it certainly is a start and beats doing nothing…

    • What can we do about HLN? …. don’t watch them. They have to hurt in their pocketbooks to get the message. If you watch, their ratings go up, and that increases their revenue.

      • Natalie, I’m afraid there are just too many idiots (aka sheep) out there that will be watching, so our small number of intelligent people is not going to make a bit of difference. We are up against a large population of nincompoops so we need to be more aggressive.

        • RB,

          I agree something aggressive needs to be done. A lawsuit has the potential to get it done. I signed a petition when I found this sight a couple of months ago. I think it was Maggie’s boycott petition. Any and everything can help. In the meantime I don’t want any part of contributing to their bottom line. Everybody’s help is needed in whatever way they can or want to. The sheep that are asleep and dumbed down by NG, JVM, Drew, and all the rest need to wake up and be educated about what is really happening. NG doesn’t care about her audience … she cares about the soulless entity she sold her soul to.

  15. I posted this at the end of the last thread so I am reposting here. Why? I have no idea except that it is part of my own “mental health.” Thanks everyone.

    I have only commented a couple of times but have been following the trial and the comments here. As I have said in the past I could no longer watch HLN and knew there had to be more to the story than just what they were spewing. There are so many things that have lead me to believe that Jodi WAS a victim of abuse, emotional for sure and it spilled over into physical when his manipulation of her, horrible words and sexual abuse began the day she was baptized.

    The first time I heard her on the stand describe her relationship with Travis I heard my own story. When I heard the so called “sex tape” I DID NOT hear mutual enjoyment of their bedroom experiences. Instead, what I heard was a young women so desperately wanting to hear the words that made her feel special, complimented, wanted, and LOVED. She tried to ‘set the dialogue’ as to illicit a response by Travis to tell her how special she was, how he loved her and only her and how she was the goddess she said he made her feel. I think when he describes what he wants to do to her after tying her to a tree was telling in so many ways. I believe the huge pause you hear from Jodi after Travis describes this to her is because she is SHOCKED! She did not expect that and it certainly was not what she NEEDED to hear. I firmly believe that to Jodi sex was the way to bring out Travis’ “love.” That was all she was looking for. Nothing more nothing less. Her low self esteem, her horrible relationship with her parents and the lure of this ‘successful’ man kept her coming back for more. For her it was Travis for me it was the Pastors son. Both dirty little secrets secured by low self esteem.

    The best way for me to describe this for myself is that I “heard” Jodi that day. I heard her heart. I heard her pain. I heard her devastation. I recognized all that in myself from many years ago. Yes, she has admitted to the world she did this. That is not in dispute. But I firmly believe that she DID NOT premeditate this killing. I do not know what happened in that bathroom, no one does, but to give this girl the death penalty would be a travesty of justice. (On a side note I wonder if the throat slit was a thought toward “blood atonement?” Was that act out of love for his eternal soul? I have not researched the ritual enough to know for sure. Just a thought.)

    I too will be praying. Praying for wisdom, guidance and clear perspective for these jurors. I will pray that God in his infinite wisdom will be gracious. Thanks for letting me share. Now we wait.

    • I pretty much agree. my only issue is that she MAY have started in defense but ended in offense but even that is weird because if you are fighting for your life at what point do you stop to check and see if the threat is removed? don’t you, in self preservation, let instinct take over and “snap” until the threat is 100% removed?

    • Amen! The waiting will be torturous, especially for Jodi! I pray the jury will make the right decision, though, no matter how long it takes.

    • She tried to ‘set the dialogue’ as to illicit a response by Travis to tell her how special she was, how he loved her and only her and how she was the goddess she said he made her feel.

      EXACTLY my thoughts on that tape!!!!! Jodi kept trying to get an emotional response from him and romance instead of the raunchiness…You and I are on the same page!! Thank you for sharing that! I would think most women would of picked up on that part of the tape, and I sure hope that the women on this jury do!!!!!!! Thank you again!

      • Yes and when she talked about the bath moment where she tells him how special that made her feel and how romantic the moment was. Females love the romance and she was wanting to hear him say those affectionate things all we women love to hear. He sounded like a clod and an unromantic pig.

        She deserved so much better.

    • I can relate to your story and feeling as well mommabear. I feel much the same as you….and I see myself in Jodi…and I know exactly the type that Travis was.

      I have been and will continue to pray for Jodi.

    • Thanks for sharing, mommabear. I had the same reaction when I heard the tape. I was never abused this way, but went on pondering on why she would subject herself to this and not just hang up on this vile partner, and came quickly to the realization that Jodi was an abused woman who wanted so much to have him love her that she put up with his abject behavior. This did not happened overnight. He had manipulated her into it, alternating now love, now abuse.
      I heard Jodi too. And believed her.
      I was so glad to find this site, and to hear the rest of the trial without all the hateful TV commentators.
      I hope all your prayers are answered too.

    • Did anyone notice besides me that Travis never once said I love you during that sex tape? He called her honey a couple of times but he was all about the sex and his fantasies. There was no love for Jodi at all , no matter what she wanted to think , he was only with her for sex.

    • Hi mommabear thank you for posting this I totally agree with you Jodi wanted to hear love and care from Travis not being tied to a tree.

    • Mommabear,
      A heartfelt post! You went through the fire and so were able to pick up the nuances of what really was running through JA’s mind, as almost all of us here. Some didn’t even have those soul-scaring experiences and were able to ‘hear’ JA behind her words. Its a gut-level belief – she wanted to win him over so bad that she was willing to play along his sick, perverse line of thinking! I can actually hear even her being taken-aback momentarily with the vision of what he really desired to subject her to. She seemeddismayed at the glimpse she got of what truly lurks behind that ‘gee-whiz ain’t I just the nicest, friendliest, smart, successful, god-fearing hunk of male specimen’ called Travis. I could also hear in her voice, despite how she’s painted by the media, a true child-like innocence of the putrid darkness that was spewing from his mouth. But, even in that instance (and I recoiled and felt such an immense level of sadness and heaviness in my heart for her) JA’s immmediate instinct is to protect him from sensing her innate disgust, by being laughingly compliant, and non-judgmental in her approach towards him – She provided him a ‘safe-haven’ to be who he really was – to fully express himself even if her personal views were no where close to his. Those of us who have been in that exact spot know what that ‘selfless act cost us – our non-existent sense of self, a corroded self-esteem, being pushed beyond all our mental/physical/emotional and, yes, ieven our spiritual limits. As we ceased to exist, ‘they’ – the collectve abuser, seemingly increased in their confidence, ego, joy and overall well-being. A sort-of human vampire that zeroes in on, preys and doesn’t let go on their grip on us until we cease to be anymore. They seek out the good and light in us and try to transfer to their being all these qualities until we are emptied out. We are now just an empty shell of a person we once were ! This is where JA is today.

      • Introspective. I found her laugh on that tape to sound very phony indeed, so yes I would agree that she was providing him a safe haven, even if she really wasn’t going along with it in her own mind. When he tells her he is going to tie her to a tree, she states that is sooo debasing and quickly adds I love it. In my opinion she is not saying that because she wants it to happen, she just wants to please him, I don’t believe she loves it at all. I feel Nurmi had it right when he said it was sick when travis said she sounded like a twelve year old having an orgasm and hopefully he really does not know what that sounds like.

  16. so JM’s theory is Hey baby let me bang you before I bang you? Really?
    I am gonna throw up. Manslaughter is 7 yrs with a dangerous weapon minus her 4 already served, right? minimum?

  17. I haven’t watching all of Nurmi’s closing but I’ve seen enough to call it brilliant. I may be up all night to watch to the finish. I saw some negative fb comments scrolling across the bottom because this is HLN and they can’t stand to see the defense squash Juan’s theory so I went to HLN and commented ‘You people are delusional. Take your meds.’

    • Gwen, Mr. Nurmi was fabulous (minus his English grammar 😉 ) It is worth watching HIM. I had enough of JM yesterday so I only listened for a few moments today…then just waited for jury instructions…I don’t feel as though I missed anything by NOT listening to JM, except maybe getting another headache.
      Let us know what you think 🙂

  18. ((((((HUGS)))))) and cross your fingers and pray to god that the jury sees through all the lies and BS the same way we do!!! ((((((Hugs)))))) again!! WE LOVE YOU JODI GOOD LUCK!! XOXOXOXOXO MUAH!! 🙂 🙂

  19. I have a petition on to get nacey and others on hln taken off the air ( one of witch is dr.drew whos show Celebrity rehab is cancelled because of 5 DEATHS so far) heres the link TELL EVERYONE!! BECAUSE I WILL GET AN ATTORNEY with 30,000 signatures. It doesn’t matter there are no laws about BULLYING there are cases brought in front of the court everyday . I just need the support! TELL YOUR FRIENDS. Heres the link TELL THE WORLD. everyone in public and the government: have Nancey Grace & others taken off air for BULLYING & MISREPISENTATION

      • Greta was on CNN, same company as HLN, before Fox, and I don’t think see would want to go back cause they have been going downhill ever since.

      • Yes they do need someone like Gretta. Unfortunately, they prefer dramatic, histrionic people, who like to interview Travis Alexander’s “500 Dear Friends.” I don ‘t know how anyone could have this many “Dear Friends.” Dr. Drew, Nancy and Jane just keep finding the.

      • Hi Lynn. I finally caught up with you! Love you boxer (tears). I’m glad you have him as your gravatar… He IS with you now. ((((HUGS))))

    • Krista, I am going to sign your petition and tell all to do the same.

      Wasn’t Nancy Grace responsible for a young woman killing herself a few years ago? I remember some young girl that was suspect of child abuse, and Nancy ripping into her and the girl killed herself that night. Am I correct?

      • Yeah 2 women have killed themselves because of her and she has been called out for prosecutor misconduct and had a verdict thrown out because she used false or known to be false testimony and comparing the case to UNRELATED CASES. Oh there is so much please go there and read my petition. its crazy!!

        • Krista, I just read your petition page. I have one question: Are you aware that you misspelled Nancy Grace’s name on the petition? As a result, will this misspelling make a difference in the outcome of the petition?…Just wondering…no harm intended 🙂

  20. I want thank everyone who has contributed to this site. I am more of a lurker but I read everyone’s posts every day.

    I feel very nervous for Jodi, can only imagine what she must be going thru.

    Still don’t believe that the jurors are avoiding all media and influence from families and friends, however if they are online, I hope they find this site.

  21. Did anyone else notice at the end that Jodi was very solemn and seemed to be praying?

    I think the reality hit her that it’s the end and now it’s in the hands of the jury.

    I pray for her to have peace and know that her fate is in God’s hands.

    • Nicole, I did notice that…. I am sure she’s glad it’s over with…. lies, naked pic, rumors, ex boyfriends, family, you name being slung through the mud. She knows that there is APPEAL coming her way if they don’t come back with the right verdict.

      I don’t think there will be aquittal, I thinking manslaugter only because the stated she killed TA… even thought it was self defense. But then again you never know with a jury.

    • I saw that and commented in the previous page.She had her eyes closed,her ehad down and her hand resting on her forehead 🙁

    • I noticed that also. I also want to say I appreciate the way her family has handled all of this. They just showed the grandma being wheeled out and they asked her if she wanted to say anything, her response was not at this time. And Jodi your not alone in your prayers. A lot of others are also praying, myself included. And HLN, I will be glad when you no long can make your living, pay your bill, or increase your ratings off this trial. And as for these alleged friends of Travis’ I will be glad when your 15 minutes of fame are OVER!!!! One thing I wish I knew if they brought this up, why would she want to kill him when they were planning to meet in June for the “little red riding hood” scene?

  22. Don’t worry, KN punched craters into the states “case”!!!! Especially when he called out the states team as what they truly are —–a bunch of liars who will stop at nothing to win a case!!!!!! GO TEAM JODI!!!!! And a HUGE HUG for JODI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

    • Duke,

      I agree… pick a foreman, decide on times for deliberations, and then role call for M1…. Ok so they don’t all agree with M1 at this time…….. if this is the case, it’s in Jodi’s favor.

      Great job JW and KN…. don’t believe we will have a verdict until Monday or Tuesday. ( that’s my guess)

      • I agree… it probably won’t be until at least Tuesday; but something tells me more like Wed. or Thursday…I think they are going to give it the respectful deliberations a trial of this magnitude deserves… I’m taking this opportunity to head to the mountains and a casino… with any luck I’ll hit a jackpot,which then would enable me to buy a piece of Jodi’s artwork! Praying and Keeping the Faith….I KNOW Prayer in large numbers work!

  23. I have to say that I am a little bit disappointed that Nurmi ended on the manslaughter note.

    I mean, I think it’s great he explained it, gave them the option. But I wanted him to end by saying that, whatever it was that happened, however it started, ONCE it started, Travis fought back. Would have continued to fight for as long as he was able, so Jodi had to fight too. When two people are involved in a life or death struggle, it is not going to end until one of them dies.
    That’s what I wanted him to say at the end.

    • He stuck to the evidence…. showing the photos. That’s what a good defense attorney does….. he poked a million holes in the states case with resonable doubt.

      • I know. I just wish he hadn’t ended by telling them what to convict her on. I wanted him to end on an acquittal note.

        • Maybe he really doesn’t like her as he said — I thought that was the one thing he should not have said.

          • He has to be realistic. The photos and nature of the wounds are pretty graphic, and some of the jurors will have a hard time with that. Manslaughter is a hell of a lot better than M1.

          • Yes, B.Berry, “9 days out of 10”, he doesn’t like Jodi…That bothered me too. JM objected and it was stricken from the record…I wonder if Nurmi was attempting to leave room for “defense issues related appeal” or something when he made that statement. JM wanted it stricken to eliminate that. I have noticed that Nurmi does not interact with Jodi at all…doesn’t sit next to her, etc. I wonder if he blames her for putting a delay on his private practice pursuit. He had tried to be excused from the case years ago… Many have said that Nurmi only said that to show realism or that you don’t have to like Jodi, but you do have to look at the facts of the case. I know that it was stricken, but I heard it and so did the jury…and it is the only time that the DT has done or said anything that really bothered me.

            • There have been several times that I recall when Nurmi was kind to Jodi. He told her that she didn’t have to apologize to Martinez and told her that it was OK when she apologized to him. The day that Martinez made her cry on the stand, Nurmi walked over, asked her if she was okay, and told her to take a minute to calm down.

              He was joking today – Jodi smiled. I’m sure that lawyers and clients frustrate one another, and I think that’s all he meant by his “9 days out of 10” remark. This has been a long, exhausting case.

            • I personally think that remark 9 out of 10 days was beyond brilliant, but I am afraid it was too smart. He actually pointed out that feelings and emotions would be distracting. Now I finally understand why he seemed cold towards JA a lot of times during trial he was concentrating on his work. Who are the best doctors? The ones who are capable of setting their emotions aside
              God bless Willmott and Nurmi for this defense

    • Same here. Especially since it was a life struggle between a small 115 lbs woman and an enraged wounded 200 lbs man within narrow bathroom and hallway. She had to keep stabbing until he no longer moved, or else if he could still grab her in any way, she was dead.

  24. I’ve been so busy (2 family emergencies in 5 days)… I’m so nervous about the verdict that I can’t stop shaking, my heart feels like it’s trying to burst through my chest like in “Aliens”, and I might just end up hyperventilating & passing out. I’m hoping and praying for the best but preparing myself for the worst.

    This sucks.

    • Ashley I’m so happy to see you. I hope things are settling down now on your life. You were missed.
      I’m trying to act like a mother With all the positive feedback. but damn I just keep praying.
      I thank God I have all of you and the site to find comfort.
      SJ Thank you!!!

    • Ashley…drink some orange juice…we drink the Florida Natural brand from Walmart…the potassium in the juice sometimes will help slow down that anxious racing feeling…it works for us…

  25. I can’t believe JVM just tried to question Jodi’s grandmother….are these people really this obtuse???

    • Too bad Jodi’s grandmother didn’t reach up and ripped the wig off ugly JVM’s head.

      JVM is another one that just hearing the sound of her voice and the way she talks is beyond grating. That thing has zero talent. I’m stunned she continues to be employed.

    • I didnt know how all of that worked; the deliberations.
      I thought they had to stay there until they came to a verdict.
      Silly me, forgot this was in Arizona and they arent sequestered.

      • Can you *believe* that the body language expert on JVM believes they are going to “vote” for murder 1?

        She wasn’t even paying attention to the juror instructions. It’s a fucking vote. It has to be unanimous.

        The ignorance of these people is deplorable.

  26. Anyone know if there’s a notification or text message service that will alert me when the jury is done deliberating, so I can flip on the tv/laptop to watch the verdict live? I can give one of you my cell number to text me if I need to. As much as I’d love to be able to watch for the jury myself until they read the verdict, with my family situations going on right not, it’s just not possible to keep my face in the tv or computer (no matter how badly I WANT TO). Thanks in advance, y’all.

    (((((((BIG HUGS)))))))

    P.S. – This has been such a draining experience! I’m glad that I’ve stuck with Jodi and this trial through the whole thing… BUT I can’t say that I ever want to get this involved/invested in any trial, ever again.

    • Do you have andriod phone or iphone Ashley? If you have the iphone download the CNN app, and NBC news….. I am sure HLN also has an app but I don’t have it on my phone to know if it works correclty.

    • No, it’s excruciating for them. They still don’t get to talk about it while all their friends do get to talk about it. That’s why I feel sorry for them, after all this time, they don’t even get to participate.

      • they are there in case something happens and one of the 12 jurors is dismissed for illness or other reason. That way they don’t have to do the trial over, only the deliberations.

  27. Was it just me or was JM’s closing kind of for the defense? He kept hammering about the jury instructions, but here’s my point:

    “You must convict based on fact alone”

    Uhm, isn’t the states case circumstantial?

    1) They didn’t prove she brought the gun.

    2) They didn’t prove she didn’t return the gas can to another store, or return any other container that could have held gas.

    3) Didn’t prove a motive.

    4) Didn’t prove she lied on the stand.

    5) DID NOT prove it wasn’t self-defense

    6) Did prove the medical examiner to be a lying sack of shit. — on that note, I would like to point out something he had said the other day (I was too busy to post then). After he backtracked and said the dura mater was damaged, the way he worded it he made it seem that since the dura mater was damaged that the brain also had to be, which isn’t true. There are two more meninges and a subarachnoid space that the bullet could have went through, causing little to no damage to the brain itself.

    Anyway, I hate that we (and mostly Jodi) have to go until at least next week to hear the outcome. I hope the jurors will have the courage to set her free. I am not a very religious person, but I am praying for Jodi.

  28. Oh boy, I am stunned how dismal that rebuttal closing was. He was like a man floundering in quick sand as he’s going down. It was like a marathon runner that is a mile from the finish line and just goes and sits down on a bench puffing and saying the hell with it lol.

    There were so many things that were blatantly twisted and blatantly made up that I believe is going to inflame the jurors as outright insulting of their intelligence. They will have these things in their notes. If one doesn’t, another one will.


    She never testified the knife was in the bedroom when the rope was cut. She said Travis cut it somewhere in the bathroom after they were both holding an end of it. That’s why the knife was already there.

    The experts never said she was tied by her ankles. Neither Samuels or LaViolette did. When they had a chance to look at their notes, it was exactly as Jodi said, she was “play” tied only by her wrists on June 4th. It was a time much earlier on the other occasion when he tied her wrists and ankles with the rope that was like “twine” and was uncomfortable.

    He has her killing him three times. How do you kill somebody three times with premeditation?? You can’t have premeditation after somebody is dead. When they’re dead, they’re dead. There is nothing to premeditate.

    He sloshed right over the body slam and said words are not justification for self defense. Of course not. But a fucking battery is.

    She never testified she cut her finger on the knife while killing him. She said she cut it on a glass.. ugghhh

    And the mega blunder with the bullet where they finally have moved the shot location to right by the sink….reaches over and shoots him in the right eye, which is now pointing the gun right at HERSELF. Plus she’s got to hold him up, keep his head from flopping back which it would have. AND STILL BE AT LEAST TWO FEET AWAY when she fires. Then she’s got to make the bullet casing defy every law of physics known to man so it plops out of the gun and falls straight down which STILL wouldn’t cause it to end up where it did.

    But now she’s also got to change direction with him and somehow drag him toward the shower because he’s at the sink now. And somehow miraculously STILL not have his body or feet drag over that blood puddle or disturb the bullet, if by some Kreskin–like magic, it fell there in the first place.

    Wow! This is so full of holes and so weak, distending every norm of logic a person could conjure, that it wouldn’t even qualify as competent for a first year law student.

    There are some super sharp people on that jury based on some of the questions and if they don’t see through this cock job and they find 1st degree, I will be astonished.

    I will be the first to spring for a gas can to be sent to Martinez’ rubber room when he hears this verdict.

    • Then how did all the blood get in the hallway by the bedroom? He’s lost his mind, he really has!

    • Oh yeah…and one more.

      She’s ambidextrous when she reaches down to stab him in the shower, that’s why it was no problem. But somehow since she…. *cough*… cut her finger on the knife and is now unable to stab with such great force into his BACK, she suddenly lost that talent to be ambidextrous that she had a few seconds earlier.



    • I’ve been saying that about the rope for months. Martinez and the mob keep saying there was no rope, but Flores himself was convinced that the rope fragments he found would tell a story. He was the one who specifically asked the forensics people to take pictures of the rope fragments found. The fragments weren’t only on the stairs. There were pieces in the hallway mixed in with the blood. The rope pieces don’t match the piping on the pillows as far as I know. All of this puzzled Flores. Then, once again, Martinez told them what they should consider “the truth.”


    “I know what I want, I have a goal, an opinion, I have a religion and love. Let me be myself and then I am satisfied. I know that I’m a woman, a woman with inward strength and plenty of courage.”
    Anne Frank, The Diary of a Young Girl

    Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage.
    Anais Nin (1903 – 1977), The Diary of Anais Nin, volume 3, 1939-1944

    Live as brave men; and if fortune is adverse, front its blows with brave hearts.
    Cicero (106 BC – 43 BC)

    Courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear – not absence of fear.
    Mark Twain (1835 – 1910)

    Courage isn’t having the strength to go on – it is going on when you don’t have strength.
    Napoleon Bonaparte

  30. I’m convinced we are dealing with 2 types that feel hatred towards Jodi…

    1. Mormons
    2. Lonely women who have nothing else in their lives but 10 or 20 cats.

    Everyone else fortunately, would be willing to entertain logic.

    • I wish I had 10 or 20 cats, to be honest.
      I’d still be Team Jodi.

      But I’m not your average Cat Lady.

    • No the comments you dont see also show a ton of women hating men too! Just adding to your research 🙂

    • What gets me, is that the ‘religious’ ones have said some one the most awful things. I understand each side disagreeing, but if you read most if the things written on the other side, it makes you wonder if these people are sane! I’m not even talking about the trail, but what they say about the person of the day. How much hate these people have is amazing.

    • In defense of “crazy cat ladies”, I used to have 13 cats and I was very lonely in my abusive marriage. I still wouldn’t have felt hatred towards Jodi. It broke my heart, but I had to leave the majority of those cats behind after my ex-husband was arrested for trying to kill me because he then turned off water in the house and stole the business that was the only source of income I had. I had to move across country and I only took 4 cats and a gerbil, which I still have today. I still don’t hate Jodi.

      And I proudly call myself a “crazy cat lady” because I love love love my cats. My fiance loves them too and we now call them “our” cats and we call ourselves their mummy and daddy, so I guess we’re “crazy cat people”. If I could, I’d gladly have 10 or 20 cats again. They are THE most amazing creatures in the world.

        • Haha the cats watch “gerbil TV”. They are obsessed with watching him, especially my little bluepoint siamese guy who is 4 years old and acts like a baby. My gerbil provokes them, to be honest. He knows the cats can’t get to them, and it’s fun for him sometimes. You’d have to see it to realize it. He’s in a really cool aquarium tank with tubes on top and all sorts of neat stuff that he can run through.

          He’s such a neat little gerbil. He’s visually impaired (but has some sight) but he knows his name and my voice. He responds and comes running out of his house even if I whisper his name. I have to admit that he’s motivated by sunflower seeds — his obsession. He’s actually a very very old gerbil now going on 4 years but he’s still very very active. I brought him with me because his tank mate died after my husband was arrested and before I left the house. He was so sad and I just couldn’t leave him there.

          I’m so glad I brought him but I never expected him to live this long. Gerbils normally succumb to strokes and death between 2-2.5 years. I had one other gerbil who lived to 4.5 years old and she was also disabled — she had a deformed front paw. Perhaps the disabled gerbils get a little longer to live.

          We started having gerbils back in 2003 when my elderly cat had radioactive iodine for hyperthyroidism. He had to stay in the facility for 48 hours after the procedure and the staff said he was fascinated with the gerbils they had there in a tank facing the cages the cats were in. So, I ran out and got a couple of gerbils to keep him happy. Well, he never had any interest in them, but as we added other cats to the house, they certainly did.

          Gerbils do better in pairs (it’s said) so we ended up in lots of situations where one gerbil would pass away and we’d get a “friend” for the remaining one. Even so, sometimes, they just don’t take to one another in spite of lengthy introductory periods and extreme caution. Gerbils, if threatened, will fight to kill like crazy. I actually had that happen with one extremely aggressive gerbil (my ex picked her out, wouldn’t you know? And he nicknamed her Natural Born Killer — which he thought was funny). It’s very very sad. Anyway, as a result, we often ended up with gerbils who couldn’t be tanked together, so then, we had to get 2 gerbils as companions for them and doing introductions all over again — this time in 2 separate tanks — separated so they get used to smell. (In my book, once you adopt an animal, you don’t return them!)

          This particular gerbil (Kirby) who is with me now was one we got as a companion to a young gerbil (Quincy) — he’s the one who passed away after my husband was arrested. Quincy was a gerbil we got to accompany Ricky after his litter-brother, Micky passed away. Quincy gave Ricky a whole new lease on life. But eventually, Ricky succumbed to strokes. Since I wasn’t allowed to leave the house, my husband went out and got another gerbil, Jake, who was several months old to be Quincy’s companion. Quincy was very timid. Jake was very aggressive — and although my ex was told that in the store, he didn’t care. He just liked the way Jake looked. So, he brought home Jake. And in spite of a very careful introduction, Jake attacked Quincy. So, we tried segregation again. But again, Jake attacked Quincy. At that point, I said “enough! Go get really young gerbils for them.” And so, we ended up with Kirby and Jerry. I loved Kirby at first sight and picked him to be Quincy’s companion. After a segregation period, Quincy (a big fat gerbil) and Kirby (a teeny little gerbil) became like Laurel & Hardy. They adored one another. It took a while longer to integrate Jake and Jerry, but they ultimately did well together. I ended up leaving them behind, which broke my heart as much as leaving the other kitties.

          But I couldn’t leave Kirby and he’s still alive and doing well, and addicted to his sunflower seeds which I give him on a limited basis nightly. He is very communicative. When he wants something, he lets you know, which includes waking you up in the middle of the night. My fiance has never known a gerbil before and wasn’t sure how he would take to a mouse-like creature. But he has come to really really love the little boy. My heart will bleed when his time finally comes. He’s still so active, I hope he has a lot longer, but I know that’s as unrealistic as me believing my 22 year old cat would live forever.

          And that’s far more than you ever wanted to know about gerbils! I love love love all animals, most especially those that are disabled.

          • So funny (and sad in a way), AA, to have to multiply gerbil tanks because of personal gerbil incompatibilities. I had to do that with tropical fishes too 🙂
            A similar situation happened with the cat I found abandoned in the middle of a wilderness park and brought home. After initial quarantine in a room and vet check, I let her loose in the house, and found out that she HATED cats but loved dogs. She attacked and chased my two little cat-friendly cats. I could not find her owner, had to keep her. They HAD to live in peace. So I went through a rigorous schedule letting her out and supervising her every move, and taught her tolerance, 15 mins a few times a day, until she calmed a bit. Then my two little twin brother cats retaliated by ganging up on her and stalking her, and I had to protect her. And so on. It took a few months to live in peace, without friction, sometimes even curling up close to each other.
            Give a little pat to your old little Kirby, from my blind doggy — not the one in the gravatar, but her blind companion who came from the same abusive home; he is bonded to her and also ex-abused 😉 — Kirby sounds so sweet.

            • Indeed Viri, I feel your pain. I’ve integrated soooo many cats. It can really be a chore. When I moved here, one very timid cat (from a little of 7 ferals — of which I took 2) was picked on by the other cats — especially my little Siamese boy. He just wants everyone to play with him. He doesn’t understand why another cat might not want to play. Accidentally, because I hadn’t clipped claws, he drew blood. I have always been told if cats draw blood, they will never get along. I had to segregate her to a room by herself. Luckily, her litter-sister wanted to spend time with her. But letting her near my Siamese boy …. agony. In FL, they didn’t get along either, but there were so many other cats to keep him distracted.

              Well, my fiance wouldn’t give up on integrating. He watched Galaxy Jackson’s programme for months. He tried everything and anything. Finally, just a few months ago, she started to venture out of the room. Now, she sleeps with us every night and she has her “spot” between us which she claims quickly. And while she is still scared of the Siamese boy, she has found a safe spot that she runs to. She has also started slowly but surely to stand up to him and say “No, I don’t want to play.” I actually have visions of her playing with him in the future, but saying “Don’t be so rough” like the other cats do.

              You were amazing to take in that poor homeless cat. Thank you. And bless you for also taking in abused dogs. There are sooooooo many of them. I love your doggies as much as your kitties. Thank you for sharing their stories. It’s sooo cool to me when dog/cats can be interactive in a home. Of course, as many say, cats always rule. But they can be so cute together. What a joy!

      • AA–
        I hope you feel better each day. The stress now is very high, the uncertainty of Jodi’s fate. Try to stay in the moment. I know it must be so hard for you at this time because of your past, and your work problems. Sending you good energy. You always have insightful things to say here. BTW, I am a woman and have 4 cats, all former strays. Sorry that a-hole ex-husband caused so much pain and you had to leave some of your animals behind. Karma exists, and he will get his in due time.

        • Thank you Jean. Both for your kind words and also for taking in those stray kitties. I’m still waiting for the karma bus, but I hope it comes. I dread dread dread going to work on Monday, but I don’t have a choice. I hate that most of all. I just wish I could say “no more” and quit and have enough to live on while I look for another job. But my ex took it all, everything I had, as abusers do. I should be glad I’m alive, really!

  31. NG declares the goblin’s rebuttal close as “Juan Martinez’ FINEST HOUR”. Okaaaaaaaaaaaaay.

    • It was boring, he said the same crap as before as convulted as ever. Then he goes over the jury instructions again. Control freak.

      • Why do all of us see Jodi this way and HLN are so set on seeing her the other way? I need to know why I feel for her the way I do, sorry for asking but I feel compassion for her, why dont they, why are so many people so mean.

        • IMO they found someone to hate, trash and persecute and believe that their behavior is condoned because their victim is charged with murder. They are haters at heart looking for a witch to burn or to throw to the lions for the show. They have dehumanized her, cannot conceive of looking at her life through their victim’s eyes, and can no longer feel compassion for her as a human being.
          HLN are hate mongers. They sell hate and people buy it.
          Not every one buys it. Proof here. And probably the majority of people out there are not that interested in their hate peddling either, but won’t go out of their way or are too busy to inquire further into this trial or find this site on line.

  32. I have been reading on the link Mak39 posted earlier. It is a good website. If you have checked it out you should.

  33. Hey my friends…

    Just for the record….Anthony: I have 9 cats that LIVE with me and I take care of 15 outside….and I am NOT lonely…..thank you very much!! LOL

      • I didn’t pick em M….most of my fur balls were left on my lawn….in my neighborhood I’m kinda known as the “cat lady”….LOL LOL LOL

        If I had a farm with acres and acres of land I would have 400…

        As it is now I had to put up a shed that I have a cat door through the living room wall into – it’s where I keep the litter boxes….

        You would NEVER know I have any cats in this house…and that’s the way I like it! LOL LOL

        I agree wholeheartedly M….3 is not enough… 🙂

        • Bless your heart Janeen.
          That warms my heart, all the cats that have found a safe home with you.
          They need a mommy like you! 🙂

          I’d be half tempted to sleep in the Cat Shed – it’d be super cozy!

          My three lazy cats say, “Thank you Janeen, you’re awesome!”

          • Give those fur balls big kisses and hugs!!!!! Ty M….

            I do what I can. As do so many others who truly try to make a difference. 🙂

            • Still room to go, Janeen. There was a documentary (on WildNatGeo or perhaps AnimalPlanet) on a ‘cat lady’ with 200, 500, 700 — i forgot — cats, all healthy and happy. Full time job 24/7…
              I have three kitties, two adopted and one found, abandoned or lost never claimed.
              Your cat shed must be a purring heaven. You’re so kind to give them such a good home. Bless you.

          • Thank you. She is my ex-abused dog who is giving her support to Abused Humans. She suffers from PTS also, is slowly getting over her traumas, but is now happy and along with her companions makes me happy.

  34. Evidently, the village idiots at HLN’s fb can’t read because no one has commented on my post. Maybe Demarte needs to administer a reading test to them because they just don’t seem to understand when they’ve been insulted. I so hope the jury comes back with a full acquittal but manslaughter would be a win too. I know Jodi is exhausted and it will be a good day when she can rest without the DP hanging over her. I can see it now…the human waste at HLN ie Nance, JVM, Drew, and Vinnie will be begging JW for an interview and offering to shine Nurmi’s shoes when this is over. They will backtrack and say Kermi didn’t do a such good job which is true but you can’t tell that now with all the ass kissing that’s went on. And my words to Jodi are, not all of humanity are as ignorant as the people hating on you. There are still good people in the world who believe in your innocence so keep your spiritual nature because this too shall pass.

  35. Just curious, do we know how many people are currently registered on this site? Just trying to get a feel for the size of our pro-Jodi population.

  36. NG Is so disgusting b****. She just said” dirty little secret that he likes sex”. Okay Nancy How would you like your daughter In the ass. how would you like your daughter to be abused.
    Having a mother like you is a possibility.

  37. The haters believe that who ever yells the loudest and insults the most is the winner of an argument, irregardless of a lack of logic. This is also how abusers think.

  38. Good evening everyone…..Well, as I posted yesterday, I was a nervous wreck and feeling sick. Today…worse. I am trying to be hopeful, trying to find all the reasons in the world that I can, and yet, the complete emotional wreck of a person I am, can only feel jittery and on edge. And that’s with xanax for my nerves, and a couple bottles of Redd’s Apple Ale, (which is yummmm btw)

    In my mind, I am just clock watching at this point, and trying to keep myself distracted with other things. I knew that there was not enough time to have a verdict today, all they likely did was select their foreman, set the schedule for deliberations, and talk about how glad they are to be in this phase. It’s possible they took an all around vote, but maybe not. Monday morning will be the day they really get to work. I have mixed feelings about how long it will be, I do believe it will be a quick decision on their part. There are people who think that it will be very fast, and that the jury won’t want to show that it was fast, so will wait to signal their verdict. This is possible, and we will never know all the details of that part. I do have a feeling though, that this will not take a long time. I would be surprised if it took more than 2 days. Meanwhile, my heart is jumping around like I’m on speed, my hands shake, and I can barely think about much else. This is going to be one long weekend……I hope everyone here is doing well.

    BTW, has anyone heard from AA? I haven’t seen her post for several days, and she is usually very regular. In fact, there are several regular posters from awhile back who I haven’t seen here for quite awhile…

    • Anna…drink some orange juice…we drink the Florida Natural brand from Walmart…the potassium in the juice sometimes will help slow down that anxious racing feeling…it works for us…I used to suffer with anxieties and refused to take med’s….and someone told me about OJ…and I have been buying and drinking it for years….and I stay calm as a “cucumber”…LOL…

    • It’s normal to feel anxious about this case. I wish more people felt that way. It keeps you awake so there is more time to pray. We will all be able to relax soon. When you feel anxious talk to God . II Timothy 1:7 “God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.” Sweet Dreams Jodi!

  39. Two youngest and the Latino are gone. I think that is probably a good omen for Jodi. Those elder men and women are going to really hold to their positions. And I believe they know the trials and tribulations younger people like Jodi can go through because they certainly would have experienced it with their own.

    With Jodi’s history of no criminal record, no adult violence, and the unlikely state of the crime scene, they are going to know it was conducive to a brain disengagement and a reaction to something extraordinary.

    It’s not really a jury of her peers. But I feel very good about all those senior jurors being the ones left to deliberate. They bring a LOT of life experiences and some good ole horse sense.

  40. I having a drink in honor of Jodi. Here’s to you, Jodi, and to every other woman who has ever been abused and then not believed…

  41. Posted again on this page for the ones who missed it on the other page…

    manslaughter in Arizona per A.R.S. 13-1103

    Possible Punishment for Manslaughter
    Manslaughter is a class two (2) felony. Typically Manslaughter is always a “dangerous” felony. As such, a first offense minimum is seven (7) years in prison, the presumptive is ten and one half (10.5) years, and the maximum is twenty-one (21) years in prison. If a person has one (1) allegeable historical prior dangerous felony conviction, then the range of “prison only” range is fourteen (14) years minimum, fifteen and three quarters (15.75) years presumptive, and twenty-eight (28) years maximum of incarceration. If the person has two (2) allegeable historical prior dangerous felony convictions, then the “prison only” mandatory minimum punishment is twenty-one (21) years, the presumptive is twenty-eight (28) years, and the maximum is thirty-five (35) years of incarceration.

  42. i looked for, but couldn’t find much material to explain hate, and hate groups, which was surprising

    i can think of circumstances where some hate is clearly rationale, but that aside, to my mind there’s a strong pathology in those who for example hate jodi

    it seems clear that their hate is quite independent of the target of their hate, jodi; it’s intrinsic to them the hater, their psyche, their life’s experience

    they need hate; it satisfies something deep in them, and it’s not a transitory emotion

    if they were psychopaths, or sociopaths, they wouldn’t care enough to hate, but not so the haters, who are deeply imbued with this emotion

    it’s a self righteousness, and morphs from individuals ro groups,; it’s in part an ingroup-outgroup phenomenon, so maybe a large part of the answer is in the field of sociology, not psychology which is focussed on the individual

    the holocaust, and the spanish inquisitions, were i suppose extreme examples of mass hate

    maybe it’s also related to religion

    that’s enough 🙂

    i am uninterested in listening to the the haters, but i acknowledge their presence

    • Wes, If I were studying sociology and intended to write a thesis, I would use this trial, and the abundance of hate that it elicited, as the focus.

    • Wes….

      I think there is a fine line here when anyone searches for information about hate groups…the hate groups still don’t recognize themselves as haters…they think they are the ones who are right about everything…

      It will be some time yet before the next generation of doctors will discover that their is a distinct breed of Hater Homo Sapiens all around the world…and they live among us the Modern Normal Homo Sapiens…I am sure there will be more studies on that breed in the near future…

      • I believe that research has already been done, and it’s still going on….. just look at all the terrorist. Talk about hate crime….. psycho sociopaths ….. Hate groups have been around forever in religious groups, sexual orientation, war groups etc…. go to Google Scholar and search hate crimes there is a wealth of infomration on this topic.

        • fujuan
          have a look at the wikipedia entry on terrorism

          re google scholar and hate crimes thanks had forgotten to look there

          i was thinking more of thegeneral concept of hate vis a vis the social sciences to figure out what’s happening and why, than at how the expression of hate through speech and actions is dealt with in the legal system

          will look at hate in google scholar

      • Sil
        thanks; had a look at it; had in mind more looking at such behavior not in a legal scenario, but in a social science settings such as psychology, sociology, anthropology, etc

        • oh, I see…

          Hmmm. Well, there’s plenty of case study examples at this um…. HLN website.

          That is *IF* you want to dip your toes in that cesspool! lol

        • Good point, Wes. The intrinsic ‘hater’ socio-psychology, regardless of the hater’s target.
          IMO Like serial killers and bullies, they look for easy targets without taking unnecessary risks that would get them either caught, get them backlash or get them to be sued and loose.

          • Maybe you can help me, I have asked Sj, is that the person that runs this and the other one but no one will tell me how to make an avitar, am I even saying the right word or tell me how can I find if I have been answered without scrolling down everywhere until I find my original comment? I dont go to my email because I am afraid of the hate emails I might have received from posting on HLN or other sites before I found this, thank you

            • To find your comments, use keys Ctl-F to get the ‘find text in this page’ box and enter ‘kmea’ to find your comments. If you want to save the address of one of your comments for later, mouse on the date/time of your comment, press mouse button 2, and bookmark or save the link.

              To make a gravatar picture, go to, sign up as a new userid/password. It will ask you for an email address to assign a picture to. Use the email that you enter here when you post on this site. will email you an authorization request. You will have to go to your email to authorize to associate your email address with your new gravatar userid. (Just open the one email from the gravatar site and click on the specified link to authorize.)
              Gravatar site will then ask you to specify which picture to upload to associate as a gravatar picture with your email address. Voila. Logout from You’re done.

    • You make a fantastic point, I did my undergrad in Sociology and now am in Criminology for my Masters.This case as sickened me and the state and courts antics has contradicted everything I have learned thus far.

      I would too agree with your analysis and would add that this is why these people conform so easily, as it is they that have identity issues and are unable to think for themselves, so they feel more comfortable following the herd.

      they are bounded by their rationality and anger is the chain they cannot escape from.

      I would also like to see the numbers of how many times the Judge sustained the defense and overruled the little guy. I am certain there must be a place to find them.

    • “they need hate; it satisfies something deep in them, and it’s not a transitory emotion”

      That is, in all seriousness, she scariest thing I’ve ever read. Gave me shivers.

  43. Will the reading of the verdict be live streamed? And does anyone have a twitter feed of someone who will be at the courthouse and will update when jury has a verdict? Thanks.

  44. Hey RB…

    Can my kids come to the island with us???? They are almost adults….(21 and 18) but I don’t want to leave them out….

    Since the beginning of this trial somehow – they developed some brain cells that turned them around to OUR way of thinking so they will behave!!!

    • Sure, Janeen. I would bring my son too. He is 46 years old, an aging hippy with long hair and an attitude of justice for all. He is a vegetarian, not because he doesn’t like meat but because he respects the lives of all creatures. (He did say he was going to have a big steak on his death bed.) All will be welcome who don’t see the world as black and white, or right and wrong, based solely on what they deem it to be.

  45. If I were on the jury my intelligence would be insulted by Juanboy. It seems to me he thinks if he contorts the facts enough and bullies enough witnesses that the jury will buy any crock ass shit of a story he conjures up. His story isn’t plausible and never has been. I’m surprised he could keep a straight face while regurgitating it. He and Nancy Distaste should be banished to a remote island like Typhoid Mary. Their sickness is much worse.

    • If I were on the jury, I would too, Gwen. I would I also go in there and say, I find her NOT GUILTY of all charges and no one here is changing my mind so we might as well save our time, call the judge and tell her already that we have a hung jury!

      • On the basis of his two perjuring witnesses, I would vote not guilty.

        Even if they told the truth, same thing, because there is no case of murder or manslaughter.

      • My first comment after entering the jury room would be ‘Can we give Juan Martinez the death penalty and let Ms Arias go home now?’

  46. NG just said “Thou shall not kill” is the most important of the 10 Commandments, that’s why it is the 1st of the 10 commandments.

    • Thats why it’s 1st? So they are in order of importance Nancy? Did God tell you himself? Oh wait YOU ARE GOD!!!!

      I don’t wish any ill will on her. I’m just not a fan.

    • Nancy Grace quotes the ten commandments, tho shall not kill, but didn’t mind sending people to death row when she was a prosecutor. She is such a hypocrite.

    • Isn’t there another commandment about not committing adultery? And another about not coveting thy neighbour’s wife? And another about bearing false witness? Or were my years in Catholic boarding school a dream?

    • grace is not a half wit; i think that fraction is far too high

      so she’s fond of quoting scripture
      and has a very conveniently forgotten the trouble she got into in georgia

      ie she’s a liar and stupid and a fraud

      stupid because she thought she’d get away with quoting scripture

      here’s number nine:
      Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor

      hey grace remember the courts in georgia ripped you some new ones ?

      Prosecutorial misconduct

      The Supreme Court of Georgia has twice commented on Grace’s conduct as a prosecutor. First, in a 1994 heroin drug trafficking case, Bell v. State, the Court declared a mistrial, saying that Grace had “exceeded the wide latitude of closing argument” by drawing comparisons to unrelated murder and rape cases.[9] In 1997 the court was more severe, overturning the murder-arson conviction of businessman W. W. Carr in the death of his wife. While the court said its reversal was not due to these transgressions, since the case had turned primarily on circumstantial evidence, it nevertheless
      concluded “the conduct of the prosecuting attorney in this case demonstrated her disregard of the notions of due process and fairness, and was inexcusable”.[10][11] Carr was freed in 2004 when the Georgia Supreme Court ruled unanimously that Fulton County had waited too long to retry him, thereby unfairly prejudicing his right to a fair trial.[12]

      Despite upholding the conviction she sought, a panel of the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals wrote in a 2005 opinion that they agreed with the magistrate judge who said Grace “played fast and loose” with her ethical duties,”we cannot say that any false testimony clearly rose to the level of a due process violation” and failed to “fulfill her responsibilities” as a prosecutor in the 1990 triple murder trial of Herbert Connell Stephens.[13] The court agreed that it was “difficult to conclude that Grace did not
      knowingly use testimony” from a detective that there were no other suspects, despite the existence of outstanding arrest warrants for other men.[13]

      what an idiot grace is

  47. Nurmi was really good while Martinez was flailing around repeating himself constantly. I was surprised just how lousy Martinez was on his closing argument. He’s counting on some very lame rhetoric to put a person to death.

    • Nurmi presented closing arguments with the professional demeanor that I would expect from any attorney. JM was just his usual self which is just absolutely disgusting, the exact opposite of how I would expect an attorney to behave. Can’t believe JM is actually considered to be some kind of all-star prosecutor in Arizona. If he is supposedly Arizona’s finest then wow…

      • kurt and jennifer are specialized criminal trial attorneys and in that field are far above general attorneys

        i think they have been great
        the stamina displayed by jennifer was amazingl at the end she was almost dead on her feet

        kurt’s summation was great
        i don’t think he had any notes ?
        i watched a little on the computer
        will watch it later

      • I didnt watch JMs closing after Nurmi, I just heard from you all that he was a jerk again, so I came home and told my husband how well Nurmi did and awful JM did and my husband, of all things said he watched it and JM was good and didnt yell? ugh, why oh why, of all days did he decide to watch this, he must not have watched it all, from what I heard here he was yelling at them again, wasnt he? I just cannot stand that man, he makes me ill, just the sound of his voice and his presence, he is so condesending and mean

        • kmea
          hubbie needs sensitivity training lol
          i wonder if alyce would be helpful ?
          i sense you’re not a battered woman, however, since alyce is so good, maybe she can help hubbie ?

          here’s a plan:
          make an appointment with alyce laviolette for both you, and your husband

          tell your husband that you’re so mixed up mentally, and simply need to see alyce lavioletter for psychological help

          also, tell your husband, you realize that most of the arguments, or disagreements, if any , in your household are because you’re so mixed up and confused, and that your husband is a wonderful, sensitive guy and you’re so lucky that he chose you

          lay it on real heavy lol

          you would like your husband to accompany you for emotional support during this time when you talk with alyce so that you can become a better, and more understanding and helpful wife

          if he’ll go for that, it’ll get hubbie in the door lol

          question to myself: should i post this plan for subtefuge ?

  48. And does it apply to police officers? Or having to DEFEND oneself??????? When someone is coming at you with any type of weapon – it’s kill or be killed – I think God would understand…..

    I want to know what Stupid Graceless would do if someone was attacking her kids….would she okay with “killing” then??????

  49. As I have said before if Nance felt her life was in danger she’d slash her way through a baby kitten farm.

    • I really dislike that woman – about as much as I dislike Octomom…..both are as useless as a pimple on a horse’s ass….

    • Did she go out to eat dinner with juando after court this evening? I heard they were serving good ole southern fried frog legs at the local restaurant in the downtown area…LOL…

      On a more serious note…someone did say earlier that a rather attractive female in the courtroom was interested in him….hmmm…

      • I forgot to say that would explain her absenteeism from Dr. Drew tonight…she’s out eating frog legs…LOL…

        • The words to describe what a lowlife piece of shit skank that woman is have not been invented yet….

          I wish her 15 minutes would expire already…..

          • Everyone hates Katie…even the pro-pros boards LOL. We all recognize her for the pathetic famewhore that she is.

  50. How come Martinez and the haters seem to have missed the fact that Travis liked the sound of a 12 y/o girl cumming? No problem with that huh?
    Travis was an f’n pig who got what he deserved. Any woman that defends Travis is as fucked up and sick as he was.

    • Sick is an understatment………… I about fell out of my desk chair today when they replayed that recording. Even blushed a couple times… just WOW….. and he called himself a MORMOM ( elder) wtf ever TA…. your on sick bastard.

    • I honestly can’t say he deserved to die. That goes against everything I believe in.

      I can’t say my ex-husband deserves to die either, even though he tried to kill me, assaulted two other women (that I know of — there are most likely MANY more), has an ex-wife who died under “mysterious circumstances”, and another ex-wife/long-term-girlfriend who has been missing for decades.

      But I will say this, because Travis Victor Alexander (as JM keeps calling him in the rebuttal I’m finishing up) is now dead, there are MANY women out there that he will not hurt, abuse, demean, and cheat on. Perhaps instead of encountering someone like him, they will meet a nice guy like my fiance. And perhaps they will, therefore, not have their entire life messed up by meeting the wrong guy.

  51. Hi, I’m new here. I have never in my life seen such hatred of a defendant before by the public. Women hate her because she’s intelligent, attractive, and had no problem getting boyfriends. Men hate her because she fought back against an abuser. HLN hates her because of a financial incentive–the more hate they stir up the more viewers, more revenue for the station. And they have the nerve to blame Jodi on the air for costing the taxpayers of Arizona so much money for her defense when they are making money hand over fist by it. HLN are a bunch of hypocrites. I think that JM should be held accountable for his unprofessional conduct abusing witnesses. As far as TA’s family…the dirty laundry about Travis wouldn’t have come out if they had taken the plea deal. The plea deal would have been the best resolution for all, but JM had to go for blood and fame and fortune. I don’t know what the verdict outcome will be, but I’m 99.9% sure that the Jodi will not get the death penalty because it’s her first offense, she took responsibility for her actions, and the mitigating circumstances of her childhood and DV abuse. I hope the jury finds for manslaughter, but you never know what a jury will do. This is why if I was ever charged with a crime I would not opt for a jury trial, but take a bench trial. I’ve enjoyed reading your posts; let’d hope that justice prevails…just my 2 cents. Oh also, I cannot believe what the psychos did to Alyce LaViolette, it was so abusive. I hope she sues some of them for harassment.

  52. What a draining roller coaster this has been and also
    This week!
    All we have to do is just sit back, make it the best weekend
    and embrace our lives now that the trial has come to an end.

    Go out and do things you would think would make Jodi happy.
    Bring on the postive energy after all that negative energy
    from JM sucked us like a vampire!

    Hope and Faith in humanity still exists
    and now it’s soley in he hands of 12 human beings

    That’s all we can do.
    The Journey’s been amazing knowing I was not the only
    one who was passionate about how I felt.

    Again everyone on here has been truly amazing
    and I am wishing you all the best!

    Jodi our hearts, energy and love is with you!

  53. what did the judge mean when she told the jurors to come up with their own schedule and to let her know…

  54. You know, I hate harping on this but it makes me ill to my stomach. My husband keeps telling me to get over it and that the world has gone to shit unfortunately. The moment I heard the recorded phone conversation and heard Travis make the comment about the 12 year old little girl having her first orgasm……that set the bar for me. For me that comment summed up the kind of person he was. He was a pig and he had some serious problems.

    I don’t know about you guys, but my husband and I agree, if I heard someone my daughter was dating say that, anything like that, she would NEVER go near him again. Period.

    To read and listen to people like Nancy Grace and idiots on HLN downplay it and blow it off like it’s nothing, makes me ill. It really does.

    Today Mr. Nurmi said it perfectly in his closing arguments. He played the clip, then said…”Who SAYS THAT!?” I agree, completely, who does say something like that? A creep and an abusive pig, that’s who. We are all sorry this tragic event even happened but Travis has some serious issues. Have you ever looked at Travis’ MySpace page? It’s still active. Look at what his profile says…MONEY, WOMEN, POWER…..Yep, that sums him up.

    All this talk about Travis already being dead so let’s not kill him over again by trashing his name….GIVE ME A BREAK! HE RUINED HIS NAME! Not us! Oh and isn’t it the law to tell the truth in a court of law? I’m sorry you don’t like hearing bad things about your precious Travis but the fact is he was a dirt bag and it has to be said.

    You guys ever seen the movie “A Few Good Men”? During the trial Tom Cruise is asking Keiffer Sutherland’s character (Lieutenant Kendrick) and he LIES on the stand regarding weather or not Private Santiago was a good Marine. He lied and said he was an average Marine. Tom Cruise (Defense At tourney) then says well that’s not true it says right here you graded him as being below average. Keiffer Sutherland then says, well yes but I did not see the need to trample on a mans grave. Tom Cruise then says, Well, we appreciate that but you are under oath now and I think as unpleasant as it may be we’d all just as soon hear the truth.

    This is the same thing. We don’t make these things up about Travis….IT’S ALL FROM HIS MOUTH! HIS WORDS, not ours. We don’t even have to believe Jodi about the crap Travis said and did to her, we can hear it and read it straight from the horses mouth. I guess HLN thinks its ok to pick and choose which truth to talk about……

  55. Even with 1st degree, there could be a very good outcome.

    Per Arizona law there are two types of life sentences:

    1. Life …………… die in prison.

    2. Natural life…… are eligible for parole in 25 years.

    Aggravating circumstances have all but shattered that the prosecution still has to argue. A judge has already knocked out 4 of the 5 they wanted…heinous, depravity—all the bad ones appropriately suited only to REAL heinous killers. The only one left that they can argue is cruelty. That makes the case for death almost patently destroyed.

    Having said that and hearing both closing arguments, I think there’s a better chance of a cop not being found in a doughnut shop somewhere than there is of her being convicted of premeditated murder.

    I just don’t see it. Not with this jury. This is no OJ jury that will take their oath lightly and eat this yellow snow.

    • None of those are good outcomes for Jodi. Better than the death penalty, but Jodi said she does not want to spend the rest of her life in prison and would rather have the DP :/ o.O

      • No, I’m not saying life in prison. I’m pointing out that even with a “life” sentence, it can be as short as 25 years if a parole board decides you meet parole guidelines. With her time served, that can be on the same sentence equivalent as M2 or Manslaughter.

        And then with the avalanche of reversible error this knob-head Martinez junkie judge, appeal is almost a cake walk.

        Of course acquittal is utopia. but I think the jurors in order to have all twelve agree are going to have to come back with something besides total not guilty. And the odds are it will be no worse AT all than what she would have already pleaded to.

    • Jade,
      Where did you see (hear) that the Judge has discounted aggravating factors? I had not heard that, I know there are several factors involved in this phase, but from what I understood, I thought that only came into play during the sentencing phase. That is when aggravating factors would be discussed, as well as mitigating factors.

  56. i wanted to say something about the so called overkill. i hope a juror reads this. i am over the overkill because there wasnt any. i had a really unfortunate experience with my ex husband when my eldest daughter was just a baby. i didnt know him very well when i married him. he quickly became abusive and i suspected he might be abusing drugs. i took our baby and went to stay with my mom. two days after i left him, he broke into my moms apartment by hoping the balcony and just opened the sliding glass door. he looked me in the eyes and i knew he had ti be on something. he pushed me down and walked into my moms room to get my baby. i was terrified about what he might do to her. i knew he was capable of horrible things. i ran after him and we wrestled. i was loosing and he was determined to take my baby. i ran to the kitchen and went to the cutlery drawer. i grabbed a steak knife. my hands were shaking so bad. i am 100lbs and he was 240lbs. i did not want to get into a knife fight with him. i could see myself jumping on his back and getting a good hold of him with my left arm around his neck and then just stabbing him as many times as i could in his back until he was hamburger and i knew he wouldnt get up. until i knew it was over. until i knew it was safe. but my mom was thank god, right behind me. she told me to drop the knife or i was going to get us all killed. that i had to let him go and take the baby and that the police would catch him. i knew she was right, so i put the knife back in the drawer, collapsed on the ground and started dry heaving. my mom was on the phone with 911 and a minute later she told me the police had him and she could come downstairs and get my baby. jodis mom was not there. jodi had to make a choice in a moment of sheer terror. dont judge her for what she did. if i was her, she is just who i would be.

    • and no one would believe me that he was abusive because he was such a nice guy. until he went to jail for trying to kill his next girlfriend. than i became highly believable.

      • Oh lara, I’m so so so sorry. I know the feeling of not being believed all so well. They are such charmers. I’m so glad you got away and are here today to tell us the tale. Bless you!

    • Lara,

      Your very lucky to be alive today to tell this story. Thank God for your mom and her common sense. Your correct that we don’t know what happened that day with TA and JA, it only takes short fuse to set off an a abuser……… over the dumbest things ( in this case dropping the camera). Or maybe she told him she was going with her life. They seem to know how to lure you back into their web… and beat you down until you have lost all self -respect for yourself becaue you want to be loved and you want them to change.

      Hopefully Jodi is in the healing process… I can only imagine what is going through her mind tonight sitting in her jail cell waiting for a verdict. She did what she had to , to save her own life. There is much more to this story than we will ever know unless Jodi gets to write a book or maybe Jennifer. Jodi seems very connected to her, and I could see them both writing a book together.

      Until you walk in their shoes NOBODY should judge…….

      Thanks for sharing your story.

      • “Until you walk in their shoes NOBODY should judge…….”

        Thank you FUJuan. You are a wonderful person.

        • awe, thanks guys. it’s scary when you are little and scared and fighting someone big that you have lost to in the past. jodi loved travis. she never wanted this for him or her.

  57. So if you die an untimely death in the commission of an assault, no matter what type of hypocritical low life you are, you will be revered therefore deviant behavior of any kind will be made light of and swept under the rug? Good to know. I hope everyone on that jury has a 12 yr old daughter or granddaughter.

  58. I love it that HLN can beep out words like ejaculation and other words in the trial but Nancy and Dr Drew can say Bullshit multiple times!!!

    • I noticed her face is looking older…like she is under stress from wanting to win so bad…it can bring out the bullshit words right out of ye mouth…

  59. I have lost all respect I ever had ONCE for Dr Drew. He is making a fool of himself. He tries to hard to be funny , but he’s not. He tries so hard to fit into media/news programing but ends up looking like the attention whore he is. What happened to that man?

    • did you hear they canceled his celebrity rehab show….I lmao!!! guess after 5 people died, he’s not qualified to treat real patients anymore.
      couldn’t happen to a better dude

  60. back had to go to emergency room with my brother again at least he does not have a blood clot in his leg hes a happy camper they gave him morphine for the pain. I just watch dr drew talk to chris hughes and his lying ass about travis was not a pervert his day is comming….. I have prayed to bernedette and blessed virgin mary and jesus and god and the holy spirit to set jodi free punishment is gods job not the kkk clan or chris and sky hughes and the jury…..

    • hope your brother is doing well tonya…I am asking the angels to watch over your brother too…

  61. nasty grace said bull shit on national tv and my brother said I thought they were not allowed to do that as we watched them all line up to put jodi down. bear false witness against they neighbor is that what they are doing believe so

    • ((((tonya))))) hugs to you and your brother! I hope he gets well QUICKLY!!!!

      I’ve heard nasty grace say “blow jobs” on her show too. It seems they are quite discriminatory in what is allowed and what’s not.

      • All of these media people have said so much they weren’t suppose to say, but you’d think the world is coming to an end if Jodi dare giggle out of nervousness. It’s called Nervous Laughter, something people do to lighten their mood, but Nancy tries to make something out of it. I’m sure Nancy Disgrace would be doing more than giggle if her fat ass were sitting there where Jodi is sitting. I think Jodi has handled herself with dignity during all of this.

    • I would file an FCC complaint online if I was you. I filed several already, they will fine them if they get too many.
      It’s easy to do, on their website.Go get um!!! lol

  62. The prosecution witnesses have lied. They have changed their stories to try and match up the theories. Notice Juan never denied his witness’s had lied while having his little temper tantrum at the end of the trial? I hope the jury caught that too. Juan came off as desperate and hostile, no wanting to know the truth, just wanting to win. He has a lot riding on this case..probably a book deal, his political career and his Job Status now and he will misconstrue the truth however he can to make himself look good.

    • thanks for bringing that up lilly…my mind was hearing it and I was trying to figure out what I was missing…and that is what it was..thanks so much….now I am relieved…Juando did not argue back at Nurmi about the state, the detective, and the witnesses lying….

      Juando did not argue back…I am just reminding myself…lol…

  63. Janeen Russo 🙄

    read that you have all the cats and I love the 2 I have and 3 birds and they give me the love and affection I will ever need a man in my life now is so far out of my mind and will never try to find the perfect one they dont make them like my dad or the good ones are taken all that is left is travis shit. and nasty nancy is something else hate her she comes here and uses what is said here. I think the hughes have seen what I have said about them too if travis molested their son he will show signs of this later on in life could become gay or suside or mental probablems happend to me and had all the systems except gay but would have prefered a womans company to what I was delt in life im old and decrepit now but happy to be alone now.

    • Tonya,
      With all due respect, and I am sorry for any abuse you endured, being molested as a young person does not “make you gay”. That just isn’t how it works. You might be suicidal, you might be depressed, have drug and alcohol issues, mental issues, but you do not become gay. You are either gay or you aren’t.

      • know that but I wanted to feel safe and the female touch and careing is what i was referring too anna but the rest of what you said is true had all the issues you mentioned

        • Anna Ryan,
          my male cousin was repeatedly raped when just a little boy. He said he began to find the pleasure in the violations. He sought sexual pleasure from men and lost all interest in women. He believed both in sexual orientation and sexual preference. He says homosexuality was forced on him by the perpetrator.
          He argued that gay men’s behavior is mimicked trait, that gay men observe gay men on learning appropriate body language. He said gay men are over-feminine or act more feminine than women. He was an excellent person.

          • Phillip.
            First, I am very sorry that your cousin was raped. I truly cannot imagine the horror of that. That being said, I have never heard of a person who was raped/sodomized, becoming gay due to the crime of being raped. I am not saying your cousin hasn’t said this, just that I have never heard of it.
            The second part of your comment, where he “argued that gay men’s behavior is a mimicked trait, that gay men observe gay men on learning appropriate body language” is one of the most outrageous things I have ever heard. With all due respect, and again, you said your cousin said this, so it isn’t you, but what? I am very confused by this….he was raped as a child, found pleasure in it, and believes being gay was forced on him due to this. If that is his opinion about his own sexuality, fine. But to go further and speak to homosexuality in general, and to say the behavior is “learned by observing other gay men” is totally wrong. So, it is a “learned behavior”? Gay men just wake up straight one day, see a gay man, watch their body language, mimick them, all in order to become gay themselves? Interesting. I wonder how to explain the gay men who grow up around complete heterosexuals and yet, somehow, are gay? Also, your comment, “Gay men are over -feminine or act more feminine than women” is not only strange, but insulting, and not just to gay men. ALL gay men are feminine or act more feminine than women? I just don’t know what to say, or where to start my list…..but I guess since it’s recent, I will refer you to John Amaechi.

            • I meant to add something….following this logic…if a young girl is raped and molested by a man as a child, does she “grow to find pleasure in it”? And if so, does she end up being…a nymphomaniac? And what if that young girl is raped by a woman? Does she then also, grow to find pleasure in that and then end up being a lesbian? I am sorry, but the more I read this, the more disturbing it became to me. Nothing personal really, but it’s a very insulting post.

  64. miss the beginning of nurmi’s closing did he bring up the roommates ashley or dustin or the flores report

      • recored some of the testomany but not the beginnig will get it here on the site and watch it when SJ puts it up to bad no mention of the roommated I would of rather heard it and them be poop pooped by Jm to shut the help up than not to say anything at all but there is hope that the jury will not want to spend the time on the DP part and go for a lesser so they can go back to there lives.

  65. I finally got to listen to Nurmi’s closing. I think he did a smart thing given the time allowed by the judge. He concentrated a lot of his energy on destroying those arts of the state’s premeditation case that he could. Remember, in order to raise reasonable doubt he needs to shake just enough of the case. His concentration on showing all the facts that point away from premeditation was, in my opinion very smart. You don’t want to necessarily get into arguments over every nitty gritty point in the chain of circumstantial evidence. You need to pick just enough points to punch some holes into the argument, and that was done very easily.

    I think the greatest thing that he did to fight the premeditation case was to spend a bunch of time on the two times where Jodi could have easily shot TA and didn’t, while he was at his desk, and while in the shower. That way he didn’t have to make general arguments, but could instead point to concrete examples and I found that very powerful.

    I think, another smart thing that he did was basically skim over all the ME’s testimony. He did point out the lies a number of times, but by this stage everyone knows that the ME’s testimony is suspect. If you believe that Horn’s testimony is worth a damn, then no amount of arguing is going to change your mind. So there’s no need to waste time dealing with it. The same can e said about DeMarte’s testimony, and again, there was no reason for him to spend a bunch of ime arguing it.

    JM has actually really helped in certain ways. His brutalization of ALV and Samuels was so fierce and unnecessary, that there is no way under the sun the jury will ever forget her testimony. So again, all Nurmi had to do was mention her testimony a few times and let it go.

    His treating of certain parts of the state’s case as irrelevant works. These are unconnected facts and don’t warrant an argument. When a jury has been dealing with a case such as this for 4 months, it becomes a long running burden on them. When that happens people tend to remember things in greater detail. These folks have all evening to personally thrash through every aspect of the case, and probably know it better than just about anyone else. He didn’t need to go over every tiny detail. What he needs is at least one juror who is adamant and forceful enough to make sure a true deliberation occurs. If that happens they’ll go through the whole mess themselves. If he doesn’t have at least that one juror, he’s not going to be able to make any converts in closing.

    Now o the issue of self defense vs manslaughter. The self defense argument is there, everyone knows its there, and everyone knows why. There is just no mystery about what Jodi said happened, and this has come up so often that there is no need to waste the Jury’s time arguing it. Also the jury instruction is very clear. However he had to address that manslaughter issue. Ever since I first came to this page, I have always said that the one thing that bothered me vis a vis a self defense based acquittal was that throat wound. Pretending that wound does not, or will not bother people who may be inclined to believe self defense is like an ostrich with its head in the sand.

    My grandfather, was defense lawyer who specialized in homicide. He used to say that a jury is like a bunch of people who walk into a room that has many hat racks, and the lawyer must get all of them to hang their hats (in his time men still wore hats) on one hatrack. Hence you must give each of them a peg on your hatrack. And that is what Nurmi had to do. He had to give the jury something to hang their hats on, if they were inclined to accept self defense except for that wound. Plus he had to provide pegs for those who might be inclined to disbelieve Jodi because of her previous lies. That is the reasoning behind arguing the opportunity stuff and the physical evidence. But now he must also give them something to gauge what happened in that room. If you don’t believe Jodi, and you don’t buy JM’s ridiculous argument, then you are faced with the question, ” What the heck happened”. And I think Nurmi was right in pointing out that something happened, that is just evident. This was not a cold calculated killing. Something set her off. If you don’t buy her self defense argument then what do you do? And so he pointed out that this was obviously not a cold calculated killing, so what set her off. And as Nurmi said, in that case we don’t know, but something did.

    So now he needs to find that one hatrack, and the best hatrack for him is actually the manslaughter charge. For those who believe this started as self defense, but should have stopped, the manslaughter charge is what AZ uses. For those who don’t buy the self defense, the fact that she “snapped” has to be based on something, and that is normally because of provocation, and again that’s another form of manslaughter. The manslaughter charge probably works for all except those who adamantly believe in the pure self defense, or pure M1. If there are any adamant M1 folks on the jury this case is either headed for a hung jury or a conviction in any case. If there are enough people voting for self defense or acquittal, he has a better chance of getting a favorable verdict, based purely on the fact that the other folks don’t have to be moved too far, and so one side (acquittal) or the other, manslaughter have an equal chance of jst nudging the unbeliever over the dividing line fa more easily.

    So, our boy Nurmi did just the right thing. He gave them all s middle ground to fall back on – manslaughter. So now if there are folks who don;t agree, at least each of them has a peg on the same hatrack, and a place for their hats.

    • Manslaughter is being offered as an “out” for the jury to avoid a hung jury.

      The throat wound isn’t proof of premeditation. It’s not proof of manslaughter. Manslaughter is being offered only as a compromise.

      I hope the jury acquits outright if for no other reason than the state had major witnesses who committed perjury.

      • NONE of the state’s case can be believed as a result. In that case, acquittal is absolutely mandatory.

        It would simply be CYA to opt for manslaughter to avoid public condemnation.

        • Sadly, the jury will probably still get public condemnation with a manslaughter verdict. The sheeple who are out for M1 will be devastated that St. Travis’ killer will leave prison someday *rolls eyes*.

      • Absolutely. See my post above.

        The throat wound has nothing to do with premeditation, but it does have something to do with where the limit to self defense comes in. Remember, by AZ law, there is a limit to how much force you can apply when exercising your right to self defense. That tonysam, is the law. I didn’t write it, but that is what it is. It says that self defense stops, when in the minds of the jury, the threat had diminished enough. Again, not my opinion, that’s the law.

        So a possible argument is that at the time when that throat wound occurred, she had control of him. That means that the threat had diminished below the critical level. I’ve said, for months now that this could be an issue the defense would have to address. Obviously I wasn’t alone, since the defense team also felt that way, which led to Nurmi’s argument today of self defense that went too far.

        Again, in a case such as this, where many possibilities exist, the defense must give the jury more than one option. So unless you believe that Chris Hughes story, or some other Mormon atonement ritual stuff, then you must acknowledge that at least some folks on the jury might consider that throat wound to have crossed the line with respect to self defense. I think it would be too dangerous to the defense to not offer those folks any option other than M1 or M2.

        And this defense definitely does not want a mistrial. There is no way under the sun that the state would ever screw this case up more than Juan did this pass around.

        So, yes you’re right, the manslaughter is a compromise, but sometimes a compromise is a good strategy. If they get her a manslaughter conviction, they could have her out of jail in less than a year with time served and time off for good behavior. That right there would be better than a hung jury and the wait involved in a retrial after a mistrial. And again, they would probably have to face a better prepared prosecution team.

        • I so agree with you Al. All along, you and I have said over and over that the throat wound would be the “hanging” point for the jury on acquitting Jodi on self-defense, and I think the defense team knew that too. Juries are regular people with consciences and who are taxed with an enormous civic duty in this case.

          At its core, like it or not, when you take away all the sex, lies and audiotape, this case is about a young man who lost his life in a very brutal manner, and a young woman who admits to killing him in self defense. Whether or not Travis deserved to be killed in a brutal manner, or whether or not Jodi had any other choice than to kill him in that manner is really unfortunately beside the point. She admitted to killing him, and the jury will, most likely, not want to just let her walk free. If we had a Jodi in the hospital after the incident, a Jodi with serious injuries, or even a Jodi who immediately called the cops, we *might* have a different outcome — but even then, to be truthful, we probably wouldn’t. Look at past cases like Barbara Sheehan, Susan Wright, and even, Casey Anthony. The jury convicted those women of “something”. A jury always wants to give them “something” if they admit the crime. In this case, that “something” will hopefully be manslaughter — the lesser of the evils available to them.

          Either that, or it’s a hung jury. But I think as you do, Al, that manslaughter will be the compromise that will leave the jurors feeling they performed their civic duty. I honestly think that’s the best outcome we can reasonably expect. Nurmi knew that, presented a defense that begged for that instruction, accomplished that, and presented the best closing argument he could.

        • Al,
          I agree with your comment above as well. I believe, and like you have said, that the throat slash is an issue. I actually believe it is the biggest issue. The reason you mentioned above, the law regarding self defense, is one reason. I am glad the Judge allowed for the Manslaughter charge to be included, that is huge. My other concern about the throat slash wound though, and always has been this: the location. Out of the bathroom and on the edge of the bedroom. This is why I say that, obviously, the defense wants the jury to consider heat of passion type/manslaughter, as Nurmi ended his closing with that very thing. Thats fine, and it makes sense. But, (yes, me with the but’s) I have read the instructions, they were read aloud, and it is very clear. Gas cans, rental car, Walmart be damned….doesn’t mean squat and we know this. But in those instructions that they all have, and believe me, will go over word for word, premeditation does in fact say, that the time can be short, in fact, can be the time to reflect on the thought. THIS, is what has had me shaking like crazy, and my heart racing. This is what I fear out of the entire trial, this throat slash. Mainly, that it happened down the hall from the rest of the entire ordeal. I have tried to ignore this uneasiness I get about it, but to no avail. I am petrified that the jury, or 1 or 2 or however many, will look at all this and say, that was time to reflect on it, that was time to know he would die. (or words to that effect) I read and re-read the instructions, and cannot get around that feeling, to the point of talking to my mom about it until she just got sick of discussing it. Told me relax, just wait and see..etc etc. I know so many people who think she will be convicted of M1 based on all the crap like gas cans, the gun, etc, and I will admit, that is scary, its all scary. Thats all circumstantial, but direct evidence and circumstantial are to be viewed the same by the jury. But even that does not bother me as much as the throat… has form the beginning, and it is worse for me now.

          At this point, it is out of our hands, well, it always has been. I know they will be back Monday and start their deliberations. I know I have no say in anything…I’m just posting on a chat board. I know I am a pessimist, always have been, and it does me no good, mentally or physically. I don’t pray, or I would. I just dont have the confidence that many here do. I wish the closing had been a little stronger. It wasn’t bad, but IMHO it could have been more passionate. The states closing was a rehash of the entire trial, easy for me to ignore.I believe the jury will be back fairly quickly, maybe even Monday late day, or Tuesday. I just do not feel comfortable, it’s just not a good feeling that I have about the outcome.I cannot even make myself type out what I fear, and I am not normally superstitious. I am seeing now, why my Dr told me to stop watching this trial so much, it’s too stressful and engulfing. I hope the positive ones among you rub off on me, I really do.

          • How do we know the location of the throat slash for sure? By the picture of Travis bleeding? That could have been from the head wound – it was only 62 seconds after the photo of him alive.

            • Kira,
              Both the defense and the pros said in closing that the throat wound happened there. And by Jodi’s own testimony, she said she shot him in the bathroom.

              • OK, thanks…I haven’t watched every minute of the trial and I’ve been avoiding Kermit! 🙂 Hopefully the jury will conclude that Jodi was still under the “heat of passion” when the throat wound took place. I believe her when she says that she doesn’t remember.

          • Anna, I’m sorry that the trial is affecting you so much. Do you think that an antidepressant might help, even temporarily? I take them and they help a lot with allowing my mind to switch tracks from all-consuming thoughts and worries.

            You’re right that the verdict is out of our control. But remember that even if the worst outcome happens, Jodi has appeals ahead of her. She won’t be getting the death penalty any time soon even if she does receive that unjust sentence. Just have faith that all will work out :).

            • Kira,
              Thanks….I am on them, have been for years! And yes, this has affected me more than I had anticipated. I really should have known that, I felt it weeks ago. It’s stress, and that’s just how I am. It will go away in time. I have been this way before, but usually with “real life” situations that were happening in my own life. I just got overly invested in this.

              You are right about the worst…..even if that happens, Jodi does in fact have appeals, and that will be years and years. I think it is all this watching, following, all this time, and now here we are. It’s just very nerve wracking. Like I said, I actually try to be positive, but I have several negative people around me, (grrrrr) and a somewhat pessimistic nature. Regardless, I will be ok.

      • I agree. Throat slash not proof of premed. The point is, because of the throat wound, the jury may be less inclined to let her walk. Gunning for manslaughter was good thing because it’s better than M2 and definitely better than M1.

        If the jury is having trouble with an acquittal, manslaughter is the next best option.

        Anything less that M1 is a victory for the defense though

    • another good read long for someone like me how is a slow reader. I liked what you said about your dad and the hatrack

    • Al I have always agreed with you about the throat wound. I have a hard time getting past still not convinced Jodi did that what time will tell. KN did a great job today. I like the fact that is such a tragedy happened. I was impressed at how he describes their relationship. I love your analogy from your grandfather.

      I hope that history write the story As tragic as it was.
      I pray for the jury I pray for Jodi The defense team And for Travis family. I pray that all will find peace in the days to come.

      I also pray this is a wake up call For domestic abuse….

      • Cindy,

        Thanks. I know you believe someone else was involved. As Nurmi said today, there is nothing in the physical evidence that rules that out. But there is also nothing in the evidence that says someone else had to be involved.

        So being the simple minded guy that I am, I say, Jodi tells a story, and the evidence matches that story. So let’s believe it.

      • “I also pray this is a wake up call For domestic abuse….”

        Unfortunately, cindy, I think the movement is going backwards, not forwards. All the exceptional work of those who fought for abuse victims in the 70s and 80s has been mostly reversed in the present time. A HUGE part of the problem — which appeared to be the solution — is unfortunately, the VAWA. When the movement was mostly underground, amazing advocates cared about the victims. The VAWA allowed greedy nonprofits to spring up and care more about posturing, positioning, politics and funding than actual victims.

        Ever call a domestic violence hotline/organization looking for help? You get phone numbers. You call those numbers and get more phone numbers. You call those numbers and get more phone numbers. Eventually, you get all the same phone numbers you already called and you sit there numb, wondering where all the help is. Call for a friend, even a made up friend. They will tell you they can help, but your friend must call — the victim must call. Those nonprofits base the “help” they provide on the number of calls they receive. It’s not about the victims they help and the help they provide. It’s about how many people call them. That’s it. That’s all the accounting they do. Meanwhile, their directors are paid 6 figure incomes and 6 figure bonuses. This has been documented. They use volunteers to man the phones who are well-meaning, but all they can do is give out phone numbers. They receive millions in funding, but less than 3% goes to actual victims.

        The last fucking thing a domestic violence victim needs is MORE phone numbers. You feel like you’re on a rat wheel going round and round and round begging for help, calling all the numbers you get. But all anyone can do is give you more numbers to call. After a while, you sound like a broken record telling your story and telling the new person on the end of the line “Oh yeah, I already called them. They referred me to you. Yeah, I called that number too, same thing. Oh, I also called that one, and that one, and that one.” I spent the better part of 2 years doing just that. I did get free counseling but that was all I got.

        Meanwhile, Father’s Rights Groups have risen up and figured out how to counter the domestic violence movement. They also get funding but they use it to help abusers.

        Domestic violence reform is essential. Nonprofits receiving funding MUST be held accountable. I rarely agree with the republicans on ANYTHING but when it came to re-authorizing the VAWA, I found myself in complete agreement with them on that point — which actually shocked me to agree with them on anything. The system is corrupt, completely. And all the work the pioneers — like Alyce LaViolette and Bob Geffner, for example — did is going to waste.

  66. Good evening Jodi supporters! I’ve missed everyone including the trial all this week. I heard the jury has the case. From what I’m hearing people or the haters think Mtz did a better job than Nurmi. I highly doubt that, but I’d love someone to enlighten me on today’s closing arguments…please…Purdy please 😉

    • meow…I was just thinking about finding you a little while ago…and now I have stumbled on your posts…and look at the time you posted…that is my birthday…

      Read Al’s post right above and it explains everything…

      Is it ok for me to ask SJ to send you my email address….I need to ask you something about the angels…

  67. The friend that made the video of TA’s tall tale was actually filming Jodi. She looks uncomfortable with the perverts camera on her. She is hiding from the camera on TA’s lap.
    Hollie Mefford your husband Jacob Mefford has a crush on Jodi.
    Why did he center Jodi in the video?
    Why did he not zoom in on TA?
    Why is one man filming another man?

  68. Well a long time ago, I watched the entire OJ case bc I was on pregnancy bed rest for 6 months. I would watch the trial every day and then listen to the commentary. It was crazy how the news media told the public a completely different story everyday. I knew OJ would be found not guilty bc the prosecution did not prove it. Interestingly, good ole Geraldo was the only news person who predicted that OJ would walk.

    Geraldo also did not think Casey would be found guilty, and lets face it the prosecutions closing was fantastic. But Juan did a heck of a defense.

    Recently I have heard Geraldo say that Jodi will not be found guilty of first degree. He thinks it is self-defense.

    I know he gets a bad rap, but….I was glad to hear him agree with us about Jodi. It is so stressful bc every single person on TV is against the defense team. But I learned from the OJ case, that they do not speak for normal people.

    I felt so sorry for Jodi at the end today. i have no idea how she has managed to hold on.

      • Geraldo is a sensationalist, but he was actually a lawyer at one time. At least he is an honest observer in this case.

      • Honestly, I thought that Jeff Ashton’s closing was pretty hard to swallow. He wanted the jury to believe that Casey just decided to kill Caylee because she was getting old enough to talk. Meanwhile Caylee was nearly 3 and already verbal. I never, ever bought the theory that Casey chloroformed Caylee and put duct tape on her mouth.

    • suz

      I was pregnant during the OJ trial also. I also felt the jury had no choice, the prosecution did not prove their case.

      • Baloney. You had a star-struck jury who was sick and tired of being sequestered for nine months. It had nothing to do with “evidence.” Remember, they “deliberated” only four hours in a NINE MONTH trial.

        I am glad the bastard is rotting away in a Nevada prison. He will NEVER get out except in a pine box. He should have been sent to San Quentin instead many, many years ago.

        • Robert Blake was a murdering dirtbag just like O.J., and we had the same thing.

          He will never get work of any note again, thank God.

        • Now OJ…I do think that he killed Nicole and Ron, even if the state couldn’t prove it. His smirk when the verdict was read just solidified that.

        • tonysam

          yeah sorry to say I was a die hard fan of OJ, and at the time he had a lot of support. I watched the trial and read many books on it. I was not convinced he was guilty until I read the book called Blood Secrets, I even met the author and was shown crime scene photos. I now completely agree with you. but at the time I really didn’t believe the prosecution proved their case.

        • Yeah, but I was hoping beyond hope that the jury would walk back out tonight in 2 hours and say not guilty. It would be a huge slap in the prosecutions face.

          No citizen should have to endure the behavior of JM. The Arizona bar should suspend his license. The jury should send him a message by saying, we are so dang confused by all of your rantings that we are going with not guilty just because you wasted our time.

          Also, Flores sitting at the prosecution table spoke to bias in regard to his testimony. Since when does the lead detective assist the prosecutor during a trial?

          • Yes, Suz, that would have been great, they probably feel they have to give it a respectable amount of time.

          • Flores actually has to go back to work now instead of sitting there like a bump on a log and helping his daughter record lousy songs.

          • I asked that same question Suz…so bizarre to me to see a detective sitting at the persecutors table, wouldn’t that be a total conflict of interest. It’s not a detectives job to “prosecute” a defendant. He supposed to provide objective evidence and testify to that evidence. FACTS only, but I guess the job in Arizona is much different.

    • Geraldo is THE ONLY person in the media who actually told even a smidgeon of the truth during Michael Jackson’s 2005 trial. That trial wasn’t televised, but much like this one, Nasty DisGrace and Diane Diamondless spun a tale that simply wasn’t happening. Every night, I read the transcripts of the trial which someone was kind enough to post online. I wasn’t a HUGE Michael Jackson fan before that, to be honest. I grew up with the guy and liked Thriller, who didn’t? But that trial and what was done to that man made me a HUGE fan of his. I couldn’t believe the injustice being done to that man — and I finally learned the truth of what had happened in 1993, when he was first accused of molestation and how that was also a big media lie. Finally, Aphrodite Jones, a reporter, wrote a book about the 2005 trial which tells a completely different story — and also, how she was forced to report the “party line” (i.e., lies the media wanted presented) during the trial and got fired as a Fox consultant when, at the end, she just couldn’t do it anymore and told Bill O’Reilly a little of what was actually occurring. Then, no one would publish her book. No one wanted to know the truth. Geraldo was SLAMMED to pieces for supporting Michael. He was THE ONLY one willing to tell what was really going on. When Michael was acquitted, no one wanted to hear from Geraldo even then. Even today, people think Michael Jackson actually molested children. I enlighten people on that debacle every chance I get. But people still don’t believe me. They believe what the media told them. Just as they will always believe what they heard about Casey and Jodi. It’s sick!

      During Michael’s trial, DisGrace and Diamondless paid people to tell lies on their shows. They actually paid people and that came out later. You have to wonder if that’s going on here.

        • Amazing, right Kira? In today’s media, we are actually surprised that a media representative — someone who was once an acclaimed reporter and a lawyer — actually WAITS to see the evidence presented BEFORE condemning a defendant. Holy cow. What a novelty that is in today’s society. But what about this amazing nation of the US with its theories of democracy that formed this nation out of nothing but a bunch of immigrants who sought refuge from their own nations — and the founding fathers who sought to avoid all the mistakes other nations had made, and established particular due process rights under the fifth, sixth and fourteenth amendments to the US constitution.

          Presumption of innocence was adopted from ancient Roman Law (“Ei incumbit probatio qui dicit, non qui negat” in English “Proof lies on him who asserts, not on him who denies”) into Common Law, and finally, into many many legal systems in the world. Although not explicitly stated in our constitution, legal decisions dating back to 1895 clearly establish the presumption of innocence and it became a duty of the judge to explain to the jurors.

          But apparently, it’s not the duty of the media, even those who went to law school, — other than Geraldo. Interesting, huh?

    • Yes, they are all full of it. I saw that special –48 hours– where (was it Karas?) said “in retrospect, I can understand the jury decision on C Anthony. I was shocked when it came out.” What a shit face. I only saw a few hours of the trial, tuned off HLN completely after seeing Nancy F*Face talking about Casey, and only read two or three New York Times articles about the case. And even I knew there was no evidence to convict.

    • I remember her slamming Casey, what a liar!!

      She’s also the one that said her and other lawyers are going to DESTROY Alyce and Dr. Samuels, they will never testify as an expert again!!!

      What a bitch!