Jodi Arias Trial – Day 54

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So after a 5 day break, the infamous judicial farce circus returns to town for the last week. Based on yesterday’s filings and Martinez’ tit-for-tat shenanigans, I’m not exactly sure who’s on the surrebuttling menu for today, but no doubt Dr. Robert Geffner is gonna be somewhere in the mix – and duly ripping the State a new one.

If all goes to plan – although it never does in this trial – Judge Pickles is still penciled in for giving instructions to the jurors at the end of the week. After that, she’ll be packing them off so they can slug it out between them while deliberating between an acquittal or a manslaughter verdict. That’s basically what its come down to.



Never question it.

Never doubt it.

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    • Welcome to Trial Day 54 and counting………….. May we join our hands together across the globe to show support for JODI and her family. Lord knows her mom has been through hell and back with this trial sitting day after day listening to lies about her daughter, sexual context that could make you blush, media twisiting and turning every chance they get, and then the MORMON CULT…………… !

      Your not alone JODI…… You have many supporters praying for your FREEDOM…:)

      • ITA, FUjuan! Reaching out my arms to join in with all of you today.
        Hang in there, Jodi ♥

        (originally posted this in wrong spot…oops)

      • Amen! On the subject of the Dr. Horn’s testimony , by the way I am new to this site and am so very thankful for it. It irritates me to no end how Jodi is being blasted from all sides and basically guilty in their eyes without giving her a fair chance. Thank GOD for Willmont and Nurmi.
        Listening to Dr. Horn answering the jury question about how the on his report he says the brain “lining” was not ruptured and he says it was a typo error on his part. That is such BS…. how can he get away with just shaking it off to a TYPO??… without any form reprimand by the by the judge or grounds enough for a MISTRIAL. Its like Willmont told him , “do you realize the seriousness of this case … , apparently he has no conscience or cares more about keeping his job with the state of Arizona and in good terms with the prosecution. I think the defense needs to call another coroner to repute his biased autopsy report. I wonder if its too late for that…since they are already talking about closing arguments. I think th defense needs to look in to that….because like Wilmont said this is a capital murder trial.

      • Yes, I am hoping she gets off because this is ridiculous. being a survivor of domestic abuse , I can imagine her fear when Travis was coming at her. I have posted on that I am behind Jodi all the way !!! I will petition if they find her guilty. She is innocent & I truly believe that. why put a innocent woman to death!!!!!

      • Hi Rose 🙂 I seen you requested my friendship on FB. I have no way to accept it, because the haters shut me down. I have about 15 friend requests, including Gus Searcy 😆 as soon as I find a way to get back on, I will accept your request. 🙂

  1. I need another few months of trial to be first………….I want this over and done with for Jodi, she deserves to live the rest of her life in peace.

    • LOL 😆 Harmony…I gave up on trying long ago 😯 But I feel okay with it… If I would get a JAII mug or t-shirt or DINNER WITH MR. NURMI!!!… I may have tried harder…but dinner with JM and the 7 dwarfs…I let the others have the…pleasure 😉

    • Rachel..Yes, Sinus meds are the only things.. can make you drowsy though, don’t drive!!!! Pleased you’re better, its horrid when you can’t breathe through your nose!

      • Oh SJ, I found it~~the link to click–my mother always said I looked with my elbows!! 😀

        Guess I was just feeling stressed that I’d miss the start of the trial. Leapt out of the hairdressers and luckily caught the first bus.. ran for the second–in the house, on with my laptop.. aaargh!!!!!!

        Now I can relaxxxxxxxxxxxx 😀

        They’re late as usual!

      • Ah, well THAT’S a better one. Jodi Time 🙂

        But the others fit for pickles, droopy dog, and kermit, LOLOLOL

  2. I need to ask you all for a favor. My beloved cat “George” is missing. I just moved and somehow during the movers unloading my belongings, he got out of the house. He is in completely unfamiliar surroundings hundreds of miles from his old home. I am heartbroken.

    I know how many of you are pet lovers. Please say a prayer for my George and send out positive thoughts to keep him safe and find his way back to me.

    Thank you so much.

    • awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww………..

      Put something of yours on the front porch/lawn or something so he can smell his way back to his new home…..

        • Mine too!! She was missing for a month (actually my mom had lied,had given her away to a farm about 10 kilometres away) and she came back on my birthday!! Now,that was a real gift!!! So,dont lose hope sz!! Prayers sent****

    • Go back to your previous home, you may find him there 🙂 This happened to my Mum. She moved…only 40 miles though, but found her kitty back at “home”. I hope you find George!

      • That’s a good idea! Also, try shaking a bag of cat food outdoors near your new home. George may be scared and hiding nearby. I will pray that you find him!

    • I will be praying for your kitty.

      This happened to me before. Do you have a scented candles that you frequently burn? When my kitty escaped I lit my house candles on the porch and left the door cracked. I thought maybe the familiar scent would draw him home. He wandered in a couple of hours later.

      • There’s a plan!
        I LOVE George! (via your gravatar photo)
        Sending out positive energy to you both to find each other, Iam sure he is looking for you, too, hope you fins each other safe and SOON!!!!

        ♥ {{{{{{{{{sz((((George))))}}}}}}}} ♥

    • Ohhhh sz I do hope he comes home, maybe he’s found a playmate and isn’t ready to come home yet, yes put something out for him. I’ll send positive thoughts.

    • and have someone on the lookout at your old home i have heard of cats traveling 100’s even 1000’s of miles to get back to old home.

    • sz,

      Try looking in small spaces that he might have crawled into to feel safe. When my sister moved, her cat stayed under the bed for about a week until he felt comfortable. Since everywhere is new to him in your new home, he may have found some small, quiet enclosed space outside to hide in.

      Many years ago, my kitten was lost outside for about a week. One morning I heard him meowing and I found him in this little spot in between the stairs and the house.

      Also, leave a box with a small hole right outside the front door. He may climb into it at some time when it’s quiet. Like maybe tonight?

      I hope you find him sz!!!

    • Also do a really thorough check around inside the house, every conceivable cat-sized hiding place. When I moved, one of my cats was so freaked by the new space that he hid for five days and refused to come out.

    • sending you hail mary and try opening a can of cat food and tapping on the can and call his name i have even gotten in the car and called for my cats to come home find something he slept on something he can smell that is his smell and see if that work if that does not my sisters cant made it back to the house she moved out of try that too

    • Thank you all for your support, wishes, and suggestions. I have met several very friendly neighborhood cats while looking, and since I left food, water, and snuggle toys out on the porch, other friendly cats have come by to say hello. I do feel reassured by the seemingly large number of outside cats around here, that my baby will be okay until he finds his way home.

      • That is good to hear, sz!
        I think you will find each other, keep us updated.
        Hope it is SOON! Can imagine the waiting/watching/worrying is harrowing, but I sense your love for George will be rewarded. He is probably being VERY cautious in unfamiliar surroundings and so keeping himself away from danger.

  3. Jill Hayes isn’t that squeaky clean either.

    Here are some comments from a federal appeals court (2:94-cr-00381-HGB-ALC) where Hayes was the Government psychologist/expert witness for a DP case. The whole document ia 168 pages long and the court basically tore her a new one for being lame and inconsistent.

    “The Court concludes that Dr. Hayes inappropriately discounted data
    supportive of the accuracy of the IQ testing, and disregarded essential scientific
    principles, such as the standard error of measurement in reaching her opinions. ”

    “So the issue raised by Dr. Hayes, aside from
    being contrary to her own assessment of Hardy’s intellectual functioning, is in fact
    no issue at all. ”

    “While there may be room
    for clinicians to debate particular items and how they were scored, Dr. Hayes’
    criticisms and alternative conclusions are simply not persuasive enough to
    overcome the compelling showing made by Dr. Swanson.”

    “Dr. Hayes’
    ultimate opinion was tainted by the use of evidence that the AAMR/AAIDD has
    cautioned against allowing into the assessment of adaptive behavior.”

    • AL,

      Good find…. It was late last night when I was trying to find information on her but without success. I have never meet two -three-four psychologist that agree on each others views. However, the test is what it is …… and many factors need to be taken into consideration when reading the results without bias.


    • It sounds like Dr. H. and Dr. D. do their testing in a similar manner, discounting data that doesn’t fit their findings.

    • Thanks for that onfo,Al.Actually it’s not surpriseing that Kermit would choose an expert like that 😉

      • Al…she is doing much better. Resting and watching TV. Talked with her last night as she was eating some cheese and chips…..crunching in my ear:>)))) She likes those chips from Trader Joe’s. If she’s eating…she’s feeling better!! Thank you so much for asking

        • Moni,
          I missed some days so not sure what happened with your Mom, but glad that whatever it was she is doing better! We scare our Moms silly when we get sick when we are little and then we grow up and the shoe is on the other foot and such is the cycle of life, huh?

    • I am so nervous today, I hate hln and don’t watch but ABC Dan Abrams was saying today that he expects Jodi to be found guilty. TA supporters are calling us crazy, immature and a waste of time, makes me so angry. I just hope today is good for Jodi. Don’t post much but read follow this post everyday to get some positive insight. Praying the jury will see things the way they should be seen and not like the hln crew has swayed so many people to think. Seeing Sky Hughes was on Dr. Drew last night, what was her bomb shell information? I still don’t understand roommates not smelling anything for all those days, Flores saying the me said the bullet wound would not render TA unconscious and the me saying he never talked to Travis, nothing being investigated about Ashley death, Chris Hughes saying they sent those text messages to Jodi only to get her away from Travis, not that they were true. There is so much unanswered for me. Thanks for listening.

      • Louise…..I think we all are a bit nervous about this week!! There are a lot of unanswered questions in this case. I know I have many of the same questions you do. Especially the roommates. You didn’t smell anything….really…..really. If Jodi is convicted….it won’t be murder#1.

      • OK this is what I think happened someone gave the hughes proof that travis molested there oldes son and they asked there son was this true and he said yes this would have been in may now they are mad and plan the revenge on travis they probable knew about the gun being stolen from the grandparents house because of the statements by dan hall and others that called jodi the hughes brother introduses jodi to ryan and they envite her to be at his house on the 4th but jodi went to travis house instead and all hell broke loose the intruders had hoods on they were suprised that jodi was there they knew she was to be with ryan if chris and sky were the ones in the house or they had someone else do it. they shot travis and knock her out when she comes too she is confronted by them have to go back to her story of the intruders now they let her go she goes to ryans and he and dan hall meet her at a restraunt or meeting but before she is ready to leave she is asked to go 4 wheeling this is the chance to kill her but she say I have to work and does not then they fix her lic plate and the cop stops her rayan is in back of her when this happen then she gets home and mom says people are calling saying she is crazy and needs treatment. she is envited to go camping get a 9mm gun but does not go another attemp to kill her now the 911 call travis is found 5 days later why house is open door policy and the cover up is on the way for 5 days a mentions of computer broken someone shows up at the house with a lab top to point jodi out with a photo Dustin also arives also Dan hall was called by the hughes to ask about travis and more and more and flores is told jodi did it why to cover up the real killers the hughes are on the cancun trip so they only have to talk on the phone while everyone goes into the jodi did it then flores gets the ashley reed saying her husband knew or may have done it then changed her mind then the flores report and all the stuff we know now with the breakdown that something was a foot sherlock homes was not in charge I can go on and on but this is what happens next she tells matt what happened to her at travis house and he was with her for 2 yrs till ashley’s death and 4 months latter her story changed because someone must have threaten matt or his family would be hurt jodi’s family was getting threats too her sister said someone said some really bad things to her daughter or that is what I read and to the self defence it was not from travis but from chris and sky hughes remember she told the jury that she said her sister was stupid because she was on drugs and in an abusive relationship and jodi was in the same with travis but he was killed for touching someones kid sexually and that is what killed him that is why she told the story of travis masterbating to little boy picture if he did not get it from the computer he got it from chris and sky hughes house he was always spending the nite with them and if he snuck in to see jodi and have sex with her he could have done the same to the hughes kid well that is what I think and the cards said and god showed me on easter sunday and I will hope that god will help her find a way to prove my theory on this someone will talk or something will point in that direction the trial has done everything to keep the hughes out of this and she is being railroaded to the DP has to happen to keep her from talking just hope no one kills her before that happens if you think im an on to something lets talk about it because the way this trail is now there is no way she can get a fair trial and ryan burns invited jodi to his house when she went to the restraunt dan hall was there and he has made statements about her they knew things before flores did ryan says this in the flores report page 20 ???

      • Who is Ashley and how does the death come into the Jodi case? I still have my doubts about the roommates myself. I think it’s entirely possible that they know a lot more than they are willing to admit. I think TA had probably accumulated many undercover enemies, what with his arrogance and desire to be at the top. Probably has walked on a lot of people on his way up…and in reality, still was making little progress in my estimation. I don’t write much either, but this entire involvement had raised my blood pressure considerably. If not for SJ, I’d be a total basket case! If you read this, please reply, I will watch for you. Peeps

      • “TA supporters are calling us crazy, immature and a waste of time, makes me so angry.”

        Hi Louise… well consider the source. Those people don’t even believe in the Constitution, but they are condescending enough to project their own issues onto total strangers.

        I don’t visit the haters web sites. They are full of themselves. They believe that they are the only ones who understand the truth of the matter, but they have no facts so go figure. They make it all up as they go along, kind of like how Travis created his own reality and either wouldn’t or couldn’t tell fact from fiction.

        You are welcome to join our family here and find some refuge from the insanity. 🙂

    • Got it. I’ll give you my car analogy tomorrow. Kevin Durant was a bad comparison. KD will be the best there ever was!
      The other thing I left out was that they are really good at making a record, which is an undervalued skill (or habit, or gift..a debatable distinction) and an essential one when an appeal is almost inevitable.

  4. Hello everyone! Good to be back here. I haven’t been able to read all the posts, just too busy taking care of other things. Looking forward to today. The last day of trial seems like so long ago. I’m feeling very optimistic about this witness.

  5. Hey everybody! Couldn’t sleep last night so came here and now here I am back again, lol. I hope today goes perfectly for Jodi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. While I don’t believe this jury can come back with M1 or M2 I still feel anxious. This is not just about Jodi – this is about justice. I hope there are some jurors who see what’s really going on in this circus of a trial.

  7. When was the email fight where Travis threaten to expose Jodi for so etching written? Chris Hughes tweeted this is why she killed him?

      • And it’s pointless, like DeMarte’s. DeMarte gave a quack diagnosis of BPD when in fact there is no evidence at all she had anything wrong with her before she killed Travis.

        It only makes sense she would have PTSD afterwards. After all, causing the death of another person is the most stressful thing imaginable.

        There is no evidence she had anything other than PTSD after the killing.

      • There shouldn’t be any sur sur rebuttal. JM had his chance to plead his case. That’s it that’s all this is nothing but BS if she allows it.

  8. 3 college students have been arrested in Boston in regards to the bombing. Guess those brothers did not act alone but we knew that.

    That aside, I hope all goes well today in the courtroom.

    • I read that PJ!!!!! Yea….I figured it was some little “home grown wanta be terrorist cell” in Boston. Can’t wait to hear their story of I didn’t do anything!!!!

  9. Been running errands all morning and made it back in the nick of time!
    Ready to see what today has instore for our sweet Jodi!

    Praying for Jodi and Team!!!

  10. Constant follower, first time poster. Retired paralegal who worked for a LDS lawyer who represented church members, paid for by LDS in criminal, family law cases. Without breaching attorney/client priviledge, from my personal experience, child sexual abuse was not that uncommon. Many of those who were represented never made it into the criminal judicial system. Just saying.

    • Hello Everyone – glad to see all the positive people here, today. MerryO, thanks for sharing that with us. It must have been difficult for you to work there. I hope that justice will prevail in AZ for not only Jodi, but for all victims of abuse.

  11. I have butterflies today.

    It is going to either be an excellent day for Jodi, or a terrible day…

    Sending prayers for the defense team. Please don’t fuck up this chance.

    I need to breathe.


  12. Hey everyone!JUST got back from work-thank god it’s still Seal Time!! Sooooo nervous for today! Happy last day of witnesses,everyone!! And Go Team Jodi!

  13. There is so much missing that I don’t know how any jury can come up with a verdict at all. Roommates, evidence, dead woman. I mean come on!!!!!!!!

    • Roomate’s and evidence have to have crossed their minds but they have no way of knowing about the lady who thought her husband could have been involved and is now deceased.

      I hope the fact that they have the police report ( I think it’s evidence) that they question how jodi would have known when they would be there in order to pre med. I mean if she didnt wanted to be seen in AZ that kinda makes no sense going to his house when roommates could have seen her.

  14. I wonder if the jury will ever complain about the amount of time they have to spend in that room while waiting for court to start? I know I would, then again today I’m edgy.

  15. Hello everybody!

    Just know that I have been praying for all of us and of course for Jodi and her family. And I have faith that Jodi will be okay. There’s so much love here from all over that I’m certain will prevail over the hate!

    TEAM JODI all the way!!!

      • …sorry, i couldnt resist. She is there for the “penalty” phase, if it comes to that. In a DP case they must have one.

        • lol I meant that I thought the mitagation specialist was there to try and dig out info from someone and what else are they trying to get?

      • LOL.
        Ever the Clever ENTP?
        Hi, Sirlips!
        Enjoyed your opening post ala SJ the other day. Was following the posts and so witnessed the ensuing altercation and haven’t caught up on posts yet to discover if there was long term fallout, but I think I saw Josh posting today so… not gonna worry about you two. Just have to mention that I have a little bone to pick with you, myself, Mr. Sir Lips: first of all I am feeling teased after you uploaded that handsome pic with your gorgeous smile in your gravatar; then I am left to ponder how tantalizing your physique might be after you revealed your height and weight in the process of discussing the shelving experiment conducted with your 14-year-old son; and you’re just so darn rational and clever and intelligent in so many of your posts, and titillating because of that. …well, what I want to know is, how LONG do I have to WAIT to see the pink speedo? I’m beginning to lose patience here. JK. Hugs. 😀

  16. Since the judge said they are “going until we are done”. This could be a very long day, for all. I wonder if they will have to split Jodi’s first meal into 3rds today, rather than 2, like they do now. lol.

    9:00 Start time scheduled
    9:14 it will flash to the court room, then seal will be back up
    9:27 they will start
    9:27.5 they will side bar
    9:28 they will go to chambers (seal back up)
    10:13 they will start again
    10:14 side bar
    10:15 morning break.

    • LOL Sirlips…….

      How the heck can they go until midnight tonight? That is what people are tweeting out. They can only go over certain informtion on this rebuttal………… This is the most fk-ed court system I have ever seen in my life… They never start on time, more side bars then a salad bar, or a swim up bar, this judge needs to be FIRED…… worse judge in American history.

  17. Feeling anxious…hoping for kick-ass performance from Defense. Question: does Defense team get to review the judges instructions to the jury and if so, can they make objections/request changes before it is read. I feel that the proper instructions, relayed clearly, is vital to Jodi’s acquittal. And if the Defense could make use of Cheney Mason’s Reasonable Doubt poster, that would be great too.

    Jodi, my prayers are with you. Let’s do this!!

    • Al said that they are “pre” made by law, the judge does write them, simply reads them to the jury. So, depending on what “lessers” she allows, it will change the instructions, but besides that, they are set by AZ law.

    • Both sides submit jury instructions then they argue and the Judge determines which instructions will be given. There are certain form instructions depending on the jurisdiction.

  18. Made it.. went to grocery store..spent a hundred bucks on good for a few days..

    bring it J..fuckface M

  19. There is no reason for court starting late today. Geezz they’ve had 5 days to prepare for today and they still can’t start on time.

  20. the only HLN program i watch is Morning Express with Robin Meade, and she was reporting this morning that the trial could last till midnight today. not sure if she meant eastern time or AZ time. The judge did say on Friday that they would stay until there done on Monday

    • yah, we wouldnt want to keep the jury “fresh”…after all…its just a womans life they are debating. Maybe the judge should have thought about the schedule a bit more before she did a 4 day week, started late every day, took more breaks than pro-golfer and didnt sequesture the jury.

      Now, she is presuring everyone to wrap up?

      Is she getting word that the jury isnt able to “go much longer” and is in fear of loosing more jurors? If so…TO BAD.. I dont think they should send this to the jury, if in fact the jury is saying they need to hurry up. We dont want the jury to rush. (not that this should take more than 30 minutes to deliberate. that includs time to pee, smoke and leak the verdict to the media.)

    • what?midnight AZ time?Great ,that’s 10 o clock in the morning for me and I’ll have to be at work by 11. Still,it sounds a bit far fetched.Or not?Anyone?

  21. Chris Williams tweeted that court staff has added seats in the aisles of the courtroom to handle overflow…. come on people this is still the trial it is not verdict day!!

  22. OK, since we all keep looking at the Seal of the State of Arizona, here is a little history lesson.

    Here is what is depicted on the State Seal:

    The Five Cs


    Those were our crops for many years!

  23. I can’t wait for him to blow that little prostitute DuhMarte’s testimony right out of the water.

    BTW Good morning everybody!

  24. Can we call this guy RG4? PLEASE? (RG3 is already taken..du.)

    RG4 is going to make the baby doc look like a fool.

    • I agree. baby doc did not have the life/professional experience yet. She rubber stamped Jodi as borderline personality.

  25. I’m surprised the young female doctor hasn’t made the media rounds yet. Wonder if she is feeling embarassed

  26. The haters are panicking.

    How do I know?

    When they panic, they resort to violent insults on peoples looks, manners, ect.

    Talking about Jenny’s “bald spot” and saying they want to “kick IT in the face” shows they know they are in trouble.

  27. If anyone going to get a B&ch slap today, it’s going to be SAMANTHA…………. She strikes a nerve with me in the wrong way

  28. Hi ya all.
    This doctor ROCKS !!! amazing credentials.
    Nurmi today is proof that a very masculine man can wear bright pink and wear it well.

      • I don’t think it would matter if he was since the others were but it does help if he isn’t. Juan will bring it up if he is being paid. That or he’ll imply these love jodi since he is doing it for free lol

  29. Hi Everyone! 😀

    Have been in training, and will be for another 6-7 weeks, so I’m only here briefly. Sorry if I’ve missed any responses to my random posts 🙁 But, its gooooood to be back! Missed all of you!

    JM is probably sitting on the edge of his seat, getting ready to fling some dung hoping it will stick, as he usually does… 😎

    • Hey Introspective! Missed you too*****
      Let’s see how long it will take him to jump off his ass and yelp(he JUST did as I was writing this)

    • Hey you two, (MB + Maria) :), Thanks! JM doing double doody (walk and talk) – soooo impressive. All his peeps must be holding their breath till JM tries to ‘slay’ Dr. Geffner 🙂

  30. I loved it how he HIGHLIGHTED the fact that he wont get paid to testify.Unlike DuhMarte who got paid to assign a reading test!

  31. My phone gave up on the live feed, had to turn on TV. Now that I can watch I see a full courthouse….snd someone was looking at his phone….

  32. They have proved the young doc has even less expirence then she testified which wasn’t much anyone. The fact that he is nationally accredited to provide cont Ed also proves that he is up to date on tests and currently phych philosophies

  33. Good Morning/afternoon all :). This witness is very impressive, and JW is rocking it today.

    Go Team Jodi

  34. chris and sky hughes are in court today and deanna we have the trinity of kkk jodi out in force today 🙄

  35. B I N GO………. Love this DR…. That is why DEWAD didn’t get her license right away, just like I thought….

  36. Wow, AZ requires 1500 hours of supervision? There is NO way that Baby Doc had that kind of time after getting her PhD….

  37. I’m going to have to look and see what the Travis Taliban has to say about the good doctor. Sigh … I know they’re saying something.

  38. Boom Tot Doc is busted with her “experience” and license. What a joke she was and I hope the Jury sees this.

  39. I hope they warned him about kermit…it’s hard to believe someone who represents the court would behave in the manner that kermit does.

    He is doing great!

    • I’m sure they have. I think JM will need to tread lightly with this guy anyway. If he is overly rude it will turn off the jury. Especially if this guy keeps his cool

  40. ” This witness loves to talk. I can see this going on all day. May have to take break. He is already getting on my nerves.”


    That’s basically it so far. I hate these assholes.

  41. This guy can’t be picked apart on his credentials. No way. Is Juan good to say that the national board of who ever gave him his license to provide training to judges , other experts are all wrong!!!

    Neuro phych …. Nice

  42. Alyce must of called this man for a favor for the defense since they worked together…… He’s compassionate about his work to testify for FREE unlike greedy DR. DEMARTE who lacks respect and experience…………. she’s a JOKE…JUAN looks pissed off today.

  43. Live feed isn’t working at all for me today, no matter where I try it. I just have to listen on HLN today. Ugh. 1 minute of testimony and 10 minutes of commercials.

  44. Oh my gosh guys I don’t want to get too excited but this guys seems like a dream come true! Not even getting paid! Love JW!!!!

    JM looks really uncomfortable!!!!!

    Go team Jodi!!

  45. Whoosh! What’s that sound? The Turd Alliance (get it TA, LOL) and the head piece of shit( i.e., JM) heading down the toilet to the sewers from which they were hatched! GO DOCTOR Geffner and DT! GO JODI!!!!!!!! ICTORY IS NEAR!!!!! There is absolutely no way in hell that the weasel will be able to discredit real doctor like Doctor Geffner! PS, the turd’s probably writing out his resignation before he’s fired!

  46. I hope he gives defendants books and spends 40 hours or more with them lol.

    100 capital cases! Wow! Been a while but still. Last one was 10 years ago.

  47. He is good but so far he has only discredited the pros doc. Lets see what he says regarding jodi and this case

  48. No disciplinary actions against him! Let’s see you Kermit trying to imply he’s unethical!!

    • LOL…JM must have used ALL his resources and spent ALL his time looking for SOMETHING, ANYthing…JM will be lost in space. He (JM) is taking notes though. I wonder what he is up to…hmmm

      • And to think that he almost never takes notes,Probably shitting in his pants right now,trying to twist the Doc’s words.

  49. Perfect .. exactly what’s needed to be said by a witness. . they are not on trial or personal inuendo .. they are there to explain and testify for “issues” the defendant shows having indication of..

  50. JW seems focused and ignoring JM’s overbearing presence. She’s not letting herself get distracted. Good for her. She’s seems ’empowered’ today – Love that royal blue on her.

  51. Over on the hate sites they are already calling him a quack…except for those who are busy complaining about having to listen to this stuff about all his damn credentials and qualifications… 🙂

    • He’s one of the top people in the United States in the area of domestic violence, not to mention psychology.

      • isn’t it funny how that would be relevant if it was on the prosecutions side but since its not then it doesn’t matter and is boring and bragging?

    • Now they’re also calling him a Braggard…geez, you can’t win with these type of thinkers (and I am using the word “thinkers” here very loosely).

  52. So this is the 54th day of Jodi’s trial…if I remember correctly, Casey’s trial lasted around 43 court days.

    Yet timewise, Casey’s trial was completed in a month and a half while Jodi’s has been going on for four months!

  53. Big surprise: The Travis Taliban HATE the witness.

    ” Ok Dr., never talked to Jodi and reviewed tests that Jodi answered with a bunch of lies…WTH are you even doing here other than wasting time???”

    ” So doesn’t this “re-scoring” make all of these tests subjective? In other words, the scores are not written in stone and can be interpreted by each person differently. I hope this jury throws all of this testimony out because it just is not relevant and it is more evident now.”

    ” Dont think i wanna know wht this dr getting paid to testify”

  54. Beth Karas InSession
    Geffner reviewed 4 psychological tests conducted on Arias and rescored 2 of them. He did not speak to Arias nor did he review the police reports but he did review DeMarte’s report.

    I missed it because the feed was messing up so I thought I would post what she put.

  55. Good morning everyone!!!
    I don’t know about you guys but
    I am having anxiety today watching the trial…
    Anyone else?
    That being said Dr. G is kicking major ass so far!!!
    Fingers crossed for a spectacular day for Jodi & Defense.

    • Given what some of her students said about Dr. D being unprepared at times, I have wondered whether her laptop was really stolen, or if it just conveniently went missing because all the ‘work’ that was supposedly on it hadn’t really been done.

  56. (((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((JODI)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

  57. Sooo, you have to put the persons answer into the computer? Sooo baby doc had to enter those answers in? But yet they were all over Dr S for transferring answers.

    • They would HAVE to since Jodi is incarcerated.

      My brother took the same test, but he entered the answers himself into the computer.

    • Right, Dr Samuels testified that he put the answers into the computer. His transferring of answers is a nonissue because the impression I’m under, it’s the computer that does the analysis.

  58. I know of people that served time for perjury that did by far less in a criminal trial than JD did with her accolaids of experience. If perjury isn’t on the platter, career suicide by her own hand is in order.

    • Doc G might do more than ALaVs “time out” by offering free counsel to JM after JM loses it exposing some PTSD and definite PD. I know we all get it, hope the jury does.

    • Yes I said that when she took the stand and made it clear she was following the money. Who would want to go to a doctor that has zero empathy or compassion for someone? I mean really. Why go into the healing arts if you can’t muster a simple human connection?

  59. FUjuan>>mine is not working right either it will sometimes skip and sometimes repeat the same that what yours is doing??

  60. The Travis Taliban has NO interest in facts. They are comparable to screaming villigers with pitch forks.
    It is disturbing to see their collective mania, supported by Juan’s rude behavior.

  61. I watched Dr. D last night, mistake… I got angry. He makes me so sick, he has to be right or he is going to take a commercial break. Sky H. she looked scarry she had that goofy smile the whole time she was talking did anyone see that and notice that besides me?

  62. I guess JD failed to EXPLORE the OTHER elevated personality profile issues that the test Jodi took. JD was not thorough in her diagnosis…her testimony is impeached now. IMO

  63. Everytime the camera pans to Travis’s siblings I shudder
    They faces are so rude and I understand the pain they are going through
    but seriously those faces…

    • You know there are people out there,aching inside for whatever tragic reason but they still manage to carry themselves with dignity.

      • Yes Maria, like Jodi’s mom
        can you imagine the pain she’s going through?
        but you never see her eyes roll when JM is on cross..
        she may not be perfect but she is dignified
        more then I can say for the Adams Family

    • I’ve mentioned this before, but I will write it again. Yes, they are sad and mad. I also think Martinez sold them a bill of good that made it sound like the trial would be a slam dunk. Obviously, it has not been a slam dunk and there has been a lot of things about Travis to come out that have not been nice. And I would bet that Martinez implied to them that he would./could keep the undesriable things about TA out of court. Which didn’t happen. Like the email from the Hughes 🙂

      • Like they say in real estate when you are selling a house…’you’re 1st offer is usually your best’…they should have taken Jodi’s plea bargain for 2nd degree.

    • Yeah, and it doesn’t come across as pain to me. They look so arrogant & disdainful to me, pisses me off.

    • Well that’s just it. We all understand if they don’t like Jodi. They can feel however they want.

      But to act up in a court of law? It’s so disrespectful. It’s been going on since the defense started their case.

  64. Hi, I couldnt get my co worker to change the channel from the view so I am “watching” this through all of your comments, it is looking good? I sure hope so, I have so much anxiety about this, I just cannot believe it, ugh, the stupid Huffington has an article about where her last days will be spent and how she will be executed, they cannnnnnnnnnnnnnoooottt execute her. right? They wont, please?

    • They are freaking liars. Even if she is given the DP, the conviction will be overturned.

      It’s a no-brainer.

      • I know they are, haha, they are the ones that inadvertantly led me here by asking me if I had come from here because I did not agree with the jerks awhile back so I do thank them for that. I wish so bad I could testify to how abusers get away with their behavior in secret, how you almost never tell until something really violent happens as it did in this case, I feel bad for this girl and its nice to be able to say it in peace over here

  65. I hope Baby Doc is watching this from her toilet…she’s drinking gallons listening to a REAL expert.

  66. It would be great if this doc could convince that there is nothing wrong with Jodi out of the norms we all have, that Jodis actions were accute at the onset of fear for her life, reacted like alot of us might and it’s clearly self defense.

  67. Wild About Trial ‏@WildAboutTrial 3m
    Juan takes notes and flips through the pages of scales as Dr. G continues on. #JodiArias

    Hhhhmmmmmm….. 😎

  68. JM is nit picking to distract the jury…yes asshole..the doctor is looking at the same info as the exhibit.

    Going to let him look at his documents during the break…
    Juan is seriously reaching big time &
    The judge’s head is so far up Juan’s Ass
    it’s beyond pathetic………………………!!!!!!!!

  70. LOL council please approach .. it has come to our attention JD has been arrested for impersonating a doctor and practicing illegally in Arizona .. Jodi walks .. have a nice day.

  71. Good testimony for Jodi. Low ego strength and self esteem could be due to trauma and/or abuse. Yes!!

  72. Good Grief! Can the judge just catheterize everyone or take away their water so they can quit taking all these damn breaks, right in the middle of the best part of the testimony..omg..such a poorly run court room.

  73. I just started watching a few minutes ago, and now Geffner is talking about how being a diagnostician is like putting together a jigsaw puzzle, and that throwing away data inconsistant with your hypothesis islike throwing away a piece of the puzzle… hello!!!! I LIKE this guy!!!! 😀 ❗
    And he shows what a dipshit DM is/was, too! 👿

  74. good so far time for coffee and a sig ((((((((((((((( hugs to all of you and Jodi )))))))))))))))))))))

  75. This doctor has TOTALLY discredited Baby Doc. I don’t think she has ANY experience in these tests. Geez, I wonder if HER career is going to be flushed down the toilet – without ANY of us even lifting a finger like the haters did to ALV and Dr. S.

  76. This man knows his stuff and i see no way JM can try to fuck him over except by saying he didn’t interview Jodi.

      • That’s what I was thinking! He can’t say oh you fell for Jodi’s lies and you liked Jodi didn’t you. I wonder if that’s good.

    • He is simply interpreting the test results and he is the expert at it. Dr. D. put her career on the line for JM and I doubt she will be seen in a positive light by her peers the way that she was so insulting in her manner towards two senior professionals who are so well regarded by those same peers. As for being a expert witness, she didn’t get off to a good start.

  77. My latest question for Martinez:

    How does the knife make the chip in the tile by the cartridge casing, if the last act of the knife is to slit Alexander’s throat at the end of the hallway?



    an extract

    Surrebuttal is a fourth step in the courtroom dance. It allows the party who has just seen his evidence or argument rebutted to present more evidence.

    Surrebuttal is something that I’d not thought much when I first started practicing law. The courts wherein I practiced looked upon surrebuttal with strong disfavor. An attorney had to ask for it and (I am fairly certain) had to have pictures of the judge in a compromising situation in order to get surrebuttal. I only actually saw it asked for a few times and can’t remember ever seeing a judge allow it.

    Then I moved to a different area of the Commonwealth and learned how differently courtroom procedure can be even in the same State. Routinely, the pattern in this area of Virginia the judges allow back and forth until the attorneys exhaust themselves. In other words questioning of a witness goes like this: prosecutor questions, defense attorney cross examines, prosecutor asks rebuttal questions, defense attorney asks surrebuttal questions, prosecution asks more questions, defense attorney asks more questions, prosecutor asks even more questions, defense attorney asks even more questions, and prosecutor asks even more questions, &cetera. Usually the number of questions winnows down until one side or the other runs out of things to ask. The attorneys don’t even have to ask permission to keep questioning; they just stand up and start questioning. In fact, I’ve seen judges prompt attorneys until one side finally admits he can’t think of anything else to ask.

  79. Happy Day to All! I wanted to thank SJ and Team Jodi (again) for this wonderful site. I have been watching “The Secret” from the other page and I REALLY appreciate that it is posted here. Thank you.

    I am feeling positive and on my third day of fasting for hope and justice. (In your face Taliban!) I know that, in spite of all the haters, the GOOD people of AZ are waking up because of this trial and getting motivated to change the tide over there. (Maybe the feelings are the ‘high’ from fasting – but I’ll take it! lol )

    Also, the posts and comments from the last few days were amazing. Thanks for letting me be part of this, Team Jodi.

    • Awww and some of us are good people, I am in AZ and some prosecutors here are not all bad, my friend just got custody of her stepdaughter from her mom and new husband, idiots, creeps were running a meth lab and type in Lancelot Lipe meth lab and see that lovely face, NOT!!! They lived in Sun City, in a brand new home, acted all high and mighty, seriously had NO idea, none of us but the kids are now safe with their fathers, yea, each child had a different dad, Anyhow, the prosecutor on this case has been amazing to all of us so we are not all bad here, heh.

      • You are all so awesome! Thank you for your concern, FUJuan, but it’s okay. I am an experienced faster and understand all precautions. 🙂

  80. Can’t wait to hear how 1) how this guy handles Juan. Hope he sticks to yes no as much as pos 2) can’t wait to hear jury questions

  81. Huge difference here. Dr. Geffner speaks with/from knowledge and experience. Big contrast between him and Demarte who can only regurgitate memorized passages from a book and even who had too look up the acronyms used on the tests. She looked like a fool then and she looks even worse now. Dr. Geffner is HIGHLIGHTING her incompetence.

  82. THIS is today’sTravis Taliban comment that has just pushed me over the edge:

    “No juror needs a test result to show them there’s SOMETHING wrong with her! The way she killed Travis proves that!”

    These are the same assbites who lauded Tot Doc’s test results. SMFH.

  83. I love the jigsaw puzzle analogy the Dr used.Its exactly what the jury needs to do.If the pieces dont fit you must acquit! Love JWs suit.Go team Jodi!!

  84. They need to fix that feed. That stalling and repeating is driving me crazy, and I will have to be diagnosed by Dr. Geffner.

  85. Twitter is full have hate. Someone already mentioned looking to see if this guy has a book on Amazon to review!!! What is wrong with people

    • I am so angry at Amazon for even allowing this. It’s obvious most of these people have never even read a book, and if there’s no record of them having purchased his book from Amazon then they definitely shouldn’t be allowed to write a review. Pathetic.

        • Exactly…I’ve written to corporate office and told them I will no longer order anything from them, or use their instant streaming.
          So done with them. However, I do know that alot of people are aware of the bullies and their tactics. The intimidation factor is waning big time….even the major networks are talking about it, so they’ve been exposed as lunatic fringe :}