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Jodi Arias #281129
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P.O. Box 3300
Goodyear, AZ 85338

Any mail previously sent to the original Perryville address will be forwarded on to Jodi @ Lumley.

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* No packages.

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* While in maximum security Jodi’s mail, incoming and outgoing, is subject to be read in its entirety or in part.

* DO NOT, under *any* circumstances, send *any* information about Jodi (or any inmate) obtained via the Inmate Datasearch at the ADC website: https://corrections.az.gov/public-resourc…/inmate-datasearch

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* Jodi may possess up to 30 photographs at one time. Those that she chooses not to keep will become part of her overflow and will be sent to Jodi’s family for storage.

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– No newspaper clippings
– No article tear-outs from magazines
– Used or unused postage stamps.
– Stickers, labels, address labels or decorative stamps.
– Photos where the non-photo side can be separated (Polaroid’s).
– Photos of other inmates.
– Unknown foreign substances and/or powders.
– Oils, perfumes, incense or personal property items.
– Lottery tickets or games of chance.
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– Unused postcards.
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– Candy, gum, or any food items.
– Art, crafts and hobby supplies.
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– Calendars.
– A printed individual item (not a supplement of an item such as a newspaper), specifically intended for the purpose of advertising or selling merchandise (catalog, circular) for any items that an inmate would not be permitted to receive.

* All metal, including paperclips, is removed from incoming mail. This mail and publications with metal bindings, including paper clips, binder clips, and other metal fasteners are prohibited.

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  1. I hope the Jury give Jodi not the Dead Penalty. She ist a pretty young girl.
    She must life. I am a christian.

    • This trial and Juan Martinez in particular has been a farse allowed to fester by the judge who has allowed everything from name calling to dirty tactics and withholding evidence to happen.

      It makes the Justice system look laughable.
      Jose Baez said it best. The only thing that matters is the evidence, and the evidence speaks for itself.

      How the judge has allowed all this just clears the road for an appeal down the road, preferably by Jose Baez!!!!!!!
      This ruling has to be appealed and a new trial has to be granted in a new venue.

      Martinez set the standard with the snowwhite being brought into evidence, I have never seen a bigger farse then this trial, it feels like an outright hangman competition.

      I hope JA gets rid of Nurmi, he is a terrible lawyer and seems lazy to the point of incompetent.

      Appeal needs to happen here.


          • I thought I was the only one who noticed. None of the Jodi hating News media would even mention it unless it was a Joke attached.Disgusting. That lawyer for Jodi should have had his fat ass canned by the court and everything thrown out. It makes me want to practice Law and go get her out myself.

            • I thought the same. Why did he say he didn’t like her? I know he was trying to make the point that personal feelings should not enter into the verdict, but it just made her look worse. 🙁

            • So true the media was so biased we all make mistakes I believe there was way more to trial and story hope she gets a fair new trial

          • I don’t think so. It was a good and clever way to make a point via a joke. Jodi, as the clever girl she is, understood this as well and smiled. The point is they don’t need to like her to vote for the right thing/justice, because you know, nobody believes that this justice system with a not influenced jury even works remotely. Of course they are subject to influemce by media and public opinion EVERY SINGLE DAY.
            All this circus about an independnt jury and reading the rules for them prior to the verdict is so pointless and untruthful regarding what’s realyl going on….

          • For sure he was, and a pathetic hypocrite. Not a fine human being at all as he portrayed himself in the public and for some reason Jodi still portrays him here and there (I think some kind of self-betrayal or a strategy on her part to cope with what happened and for the public), not even remotely. I guess, like the catholic church, this mormon “religion” breeds such hypocrites and perverts in masses and on a steady basis (in case the pedophilia accusations are true which I rather believe than not- since I don’t find anything remarkable in their other sex life because games of roleplay, anal sex, telephone sex and whatnot else are pretty normal and healthy for any sexual active couple – at least I had not one relationsship where things like this were not totally normal – but important is that it is just a harmless game and not really a form of disrespect lie it was on Travis part – he was an asshole to begin with, let’s face it), with unnatural rules regarding sex/etc. I believe Detective Flores even said something along those lines in one of the interrogation interviews in Yreka speaking of the Mormon sect as some totally different society with people in there becazuse they need to be there since something is deeply wrong with them and they try to suppress is – which of course won’t work. Flores was right here. It’s along with the catholic church for suire one of the most pathetic and despicable religions out there. A pool of disgusting hypocrites, often perverts behind the curtains. And yes, I know Jodi joined the party, but I really don’t understand why and actually think that was the initial mistake. Joining this club without proper research what they stand for, also regarding their disgusting history is not something she should have ever done. Jodi does not even remotely fit in that club as a normal woman with an active and not hypocitical (sex)life and there are a 1001 more respactable religions out there if you actually need a “club” for your faith…

          • Jodi just picked the wrong guy to be with. That’s all. She’s too beautiful to have wasted her time on him. She was looking for love in all the wrong places.

            • Yep, a total mismatch, optical- and character-wise due to her low self-esteem and lack of self-awareness in what league she actually played.
              There’s no question she had like 100+ better options on each on her 10 fingers, if she just would have known and realized it, while the *cough* “Men’s Health-Model” could have been happy with Deanna Reid as his optical match.
              In lack of ANY sense for reality regarding himself he was not even happy with that though.

      • I agree that an appeal should be filed and granted. And definitely in a new venue. The justice system really let Jodi down here. Unfortunately Jodi has to suffer by spending her time in jail while waiting for a new trial. That is extremely unfair. Please keep me informed on how shes doing or updates if you send emails……I’m not sure which twitter profiles are for her due to the fact that there are so many

      • my comment is= this trial is what is going on in a lot of courtrooms. The constitution is not followed. Its a win at all costs circus that the prosecutor puts on. The juries are who? why do they have the right to make these life altering decisions as they are mostly not qualified. This whole system has to be revamped. There are so many innocent people doing slave labor for corporations who hire these prisons to enslave these people as workers for 25 cents a day, etc. Google ‘ who profits from the prison system’. Yes there are things about Jodi, I dont know if I even believe that she killed Travis. Look at their faces of the last pix. Is it really Jodi taking Travis’ pix. He has the strangest look on his face. Thats what I wonder about, In the mean time , whats next?

      • Hi Jodi,

        I possess the somewhat dubious distinction of creating the Jodi Arias voodoo doll. Ironically, over time, I have come to the conclusion that you in no way were granted the right to a fair trial. I would like to apologize for contributing to the media circus that was your trial. I do not believe in the death penalty.

        I wish you the best in representing yourself. I believe that even if there is a chance that the circumstances occured in the manner in which you testified, you should be spared that ultimate punishment. The only people who really know the truth are you and Travis. Good luck; I would like to hope you can use your talents to help others.

      • The world sees only what they want to see. My ex, also a mormon, abused me in very very very similar ways to how Jodi was abused. appeal so needs to happen – Jodi doesn’t need to die. BUT No matter what happens – at least the world knows the truth. They know the real Travis Alexander the one Jodi endured and tried to love and then he broke her heart. We know Jodi. We all know, and we know why this happened. I wish I’d have the courage you have now.

    • About me. I’m a middle-aged father of two how has been watching the trial since the beginning, At first I was against Jody . However as the trial dragged on and on, It became clear to me That I don’t agree with the actions that Jody took, There was definitely reasons for it. I believe that there was two victims here not just one as a general Consensus Believes. I wish Jodi the best and believe if allowed she can use this experience to help others that are in similar situations..I also find it very disturbing that the media is using her and this tragic event to profit from.. As soon as they’re done making a money from this they will move on .Its Despicable How hypocritical the media is…Steve

      • There were four people at the kill scene, and, site, as evidenced by the Slates, reliance uopn the photographs. They were, two, masked, intruders, Travis, and, Jodi, or, whoever was taking pictures; claimed to have, been dropped, indicating, if so, that, she, had to have been holding it, to have dropped it. Proof, of two, “ninjas,” presense, at the time and place of the killing, is proven by the distance of the camera, to, the subjects; unless, of course, there were no people on the other end of the booted and, socked, feet…. In addition as to the time element, there is the bootprint, in wet blood; otherwise, dried blood, nearly a week later, when, the “let’s set, Jodi up,” stabfest, and, gunshot, that never bled, proves, the bootprint guy, who was the only one there, who could, , overpower, Travis, never called the police to say, he was standing in wet blood, which puts him there, at the time and place… as the killer; no doubt, as compared to two girls; one of which is the targeted vivtim, of the Alice in Wonderland, mad hatter, Arizona, perjuries at law, system… Track down, my, six years of proofs, of her innicense, and, note, tha,t with the State bribed, defense, announcing, a 3 million dollar payday, in the middle of the trial, not one of dozens of reasonable doubt, was put before the court, for appellate, cleanup…. In addition, the prosecutor, recanted his fabricated, and, non case, so as to reverse course, and, claim the opposite of the bogus facts, that, two governors, relied upon, to, issue an interstate, extradition; and, even after the confession, to backpedal his lies at law; the prostitutor, continued in reverse, of his recanted lies at law. Where then, was the defense, petitions to the governors, to unwind, the noncase, due to perjured, allegations, prima facied, perjuries.. as, confessed to, and, also, proven by the three stooges, recant, ofv their initially sworn to, perjuries, as well……??? Edgrrr…

    • I wrote a post card to Jodi, and then went to the local post office to get it “metered”. The clerk said, “we don’t meter post cards.” Then she placed a stamp on it. So I don’t understand this Site’s advice to have the post card metered. I would appreciate some clarification.

      • 12. Inmate Mail
        All incoming mail, with the exception of legal mail, must be standard postcards. This is to ensure the safety and
        security of jail facilities, inmates, and staff.
        Acceptable STANDARD Postcards Unacceptable Postcards
         Metered or stamps

        Here’s a link to the PDF file


        • I was framed & falsely arrested last April by the Feds. I know first hand, things are NOT always like they seem and Truth is stranger than fiction. I would like to have direct communication with Jodi at some point in the future. I just completed a documentary & the screen play is being written for a full length motion picture in Hollywood. I am researching Jodi’s case at the present.

          I am KC & I approve this message

          • Kevin, hi!
            I’m sorry to hear that you have gone through all that!
            If you’d like to communicate with Jodi, you can write to her. All that ‘rules’ for what is accepted mail at the jail is way up ^^^^ on this thread.

            Hope to see you around more often. 🙂

            • I am wanting to write Jodi a letter. Did she receive yours? If uou know of the address please send it to me. Thanks and merry Christmas

              • Hi Natasha,

                Happy Holidays! The address for Jodi is at the top of this page. Be aware of the rules governing how Jodi is able to receive mail.

            • I sent a letter with my address label on the upper left hand corner of the envelope. Is this ok and will she get it ? Thank you !

              • Hopefully she will receive it. Next time you write her, hand write your return address on it instead of the label. They may just remove the label and let her have it. They are picky about labels and stickers. We are hoping she gets it.

          • Track down my thousand blog proofs of her innocense, over six years, and, there’s not one fact, or, reasomnable doubt, overlooked…. so, why, if not because of the 3 mill., bribed defense, not one, made it to court…??? What, therefore, is there to appeal….??? Edgrrr… Edgrrr…

      • Yeah, taking the rap, for a sacred blood oath, blood atonement, heart plunge, ear to ear, throat slice, ascenscion to planet playboy, and, all those virgin angels…. Read, “The God Makers” exact killing, format, suicides, of Anderson and Alexander; killings, to redeem their eternal souls…. Edgrrr

      • Amen to that!
        Her sentence should be reduced to reflect that she too, was a victim….a victim of psychological abuse….its No. 101 in the rule book on domestic violence….along with verbal, financial, physical etc etc…
        He would likely still be, on this earth if he hadnt have treated her so abhorrently….

    • Dear Jodi , Jesus will forgive you for the things you have done in your life . Please take the time while your still on earth to ask for forgiveness . Ask Him with all your heart and mean it that you really want to be saved an forget the horrible things that have become of your flesh . He is ALWAYS forgiving ! He loves you JUST AS YOU ARE JODI : ) GOD BLESS YOU

      2 Corinthians 5:17 – Therefore, if any man be in Christ , he is a new creation: old things are passed away ; behold, all things become new.

    • I am a woman who has been in abusive relationships and have been in healthy relationships. In my opinion this man was very manipulative towards Jodi. And in a way that made her believe, by having sex with her and that he was in a monogamous relationship with her. And indeed on his side that wasn’t the case for him. He thought he could string her on to believe that a relationship was growing but it was only for his sexual fulfillment. And for any woman that would be heartbreaking. I would feel betrayed. Jodi went to the extent to convert her religion for this man, and he acts like it’s not a big deal. If this man was as smart as everyone says he is than how could he be so blind? I am getting very frustrated that the media portrays him to be a saint, but he is a hypocrite, liar, and was using Jodi and God knows who else. Any woman in her right mind or not would lose it. I am not condoning killing a man but I do understand the anger she must have felt. Sounds like an unhealthy relationship. God Bless Jodi. Amanda

      • yes

        I AGREE with what you said !,jodi didnt know if she was comeing or going, _travis was very very manipulative,he brain washed her mind{,which can damage the mind this is true} just aske a psychiatrist,or a{ psychologist} i know i once went through a similarly. relationship, many years ago,but at the end thanks to a careing nurse, i had to have psychological therapy,5 years of therapy yes,i had shock treatment and other treatment in a hospital, BUT MY MIND WAS BROKEN AT THAT TIME, THATS MORE CRUEL THEN A BEATING I PRAY SHE CAN FIND ANOTHER DEFENSE ATTORNEY,iam not shure the one she as now can go to BAT FOR HER, ITS HARD TO FIND A PERRY MASON, BUT YES THIERS A FEW OUT THIER,, , I HOPE SHE ALLOWED TO READ ALL THESE COMMENTS{,OR HER FAMILY CAN MAYBE PRINT A FEW FROM HERE,} A POSTCARD IS ON ITS WAY FOR YOU JODI I HOPE ITS NOT TWO LATE TO GET ANOTHER, HIGHLE INTELLIGENT ATTORNEY , {I PRAY HER PARENTS CAN LOCATE HIM OR HER}!!!

      • Amanda,
        I agree! Perhaps because I was with an abuser who used the best mind tactics too! Only an abused woman would even understand! I can’t even explain it in words, but the torment is bad emotionally, mentally, physically, and sexually! Funny that Nancy Grace would report on Jodi nightly, but she didn’t want my story! Nor Gloria Allread! They are fakes when they say that they stand up for the victim! They pick n chose the victim that they want to help!

      • I read the book “Picture Perfect The Jodi Arias story” by Shanna Hogan & feel even more sympathetic towards Jodi! I’ve been to hell & back with an ex, so I can see how someone can be pushed to the edge, or in this case, over the edge. And come back with no memory! I’ve done that myself, not remember situations that caused me great stress. Yes, she was wrong for taking a life, but Travis did push her over that edge. I wish more guys would take the hint, NO you can’t always do what you want to women and get away with it. Snap, crackle, pop!

      • I agree I’ve know a religious Travis Scott and the sick games they play are just that sick. His family think he was a Saint, but he wasn’t and no that doesn’t mean she should have killed him. But he twisted her mind and this was the result of his sick doing to her mind. I think he was a narcissist and what they’re seeing in Jodi is actually ptsd that’s why she acts weird.

      • I have to agree with you while what Jodi did was wrong it’s nobody’s right to take a life, Travis was no innocent victim either. She was good enough to have sex with but not good enough to marry? Come on now. Did he abuse Jodi and degrade her and such, I’ll bet he did. You don’t just kill somebody bc your jealous or mad you got dumped. There’s got to be a lot more to the story. I personally think she should have gotten the possibility of parole at least. I have to say thou all the girls that were trashing Jodi around the trial that were friend of Travis or other ex girlfriends sounded jealous and petty. Every one of them was ugly as sin and clearly hated on Jodi from the start bc she was beautiful. It’s that simple. Even the guy friends of Travis were not attractive. Kinda funny I thought. I hope Jodi writes a book about everything a true honest account of what happened. She is already in jail it couldn’t hurt.

        • You’re right Jessica. Ugly girls who were jealous about Jodi for totally different reasons. And Travis was a pathetic and untruthful hypocite who couldn’t love her openly because of his sick religion/sect.
          One thing that also puzzles me is this.:
          The media and some people speak of Travis as a handsome guy and they being a beautiful couple. LOL, I mean what? Look at the pics. Jodi plays optical-wise like 3-4 leagues above that kind of spongy and flubby little guy with a max average looking baby face. He is not handsome by any means but ok, these couples exist where one looks WAY better than the other and looks is not everything of course but be at least truthful about it…
          He did not even look handsome in a suit or smoking…optical-wise a no fit to her.

      • I totally agree with you amanda …there made him out to b a saint ..No one bat an eye lid when there heard him say ..you sounded like a 12 year old coming ..everyone in court heard that but there just brushed it under rug..I believe jodi did not get a fair trial..he used her ..

      • Yep, totally agree. A very toxic and unhealthy relationship and I don’t realyl get it how Jodi could not see it and took early consequences. She also should have never joined this sect of hypocrites aka the mormon “church” since it doesn’t fit her nature at all. And if she did proper research prior to doing that, also about the history of that disgusting sect, she would not have doen it, I guess. But blind love is sometimes stronger than reason.

    • I have seen some of your trial on YouTube and I find your story very inspiring as I live with difficulties as well, though nothing like yours. I think that you are very brave to be able to keep your composure despite so many odds being stacked against you.
      If I was ruler of the world you would be given a second chance; just remember there are people on your side, not everyone is against you.

    • I AGREE WITH AMANDA KELSEY COMPLETELY!!!!! she made some poor choices in her life due to abusive relationship s in the past and should not be put to death.She deserves a second chance and rehabilitation, not the death penalty.I am a 28 year old woman and mad poor choices with relationships since I was 17 years old and finally I have a great man in my life who is loyal, faithful, trustworthy and not to mention gorgeous!!! We support u JODI <3 Stay Strong and Positive!!!!!

    • The trial was a farce; clear evidence that Travis was an abuser and a pedophile were ignored out of hand. I believe Jodi Arias will get a chance to be productive in society and she deserves that chance, after all she has been through.

    • Dear Jodi Arias, to me you’re not guilty. Hope you’re doing OK considering your current situation. You’re in my heart and I wish you the best of luck. You’re a great woman. People say bad stuff about you and I don’t believe a word of what they say. You’re smart and kind.Hope you don’t get life in prison or death sentence. God loves you, people love you too. Your friend, Steven.

    • that nancy grace makes me wanna puke. her ex-fiancé is better dead than to have to wake up next to that ugly bastard of a woman every morning! as far as travis alexander, I wish Jodi wouldn’t have killed him, but I do believe he caused something to snap in Jodi. I don’t believe for a second that travis didn’t know Jodi was coming that day. he certainly didn’t send her away when she got there did he. there are lots of ways that people die, to be able to spend the day with a beauty, both inside and out, like Jodi, would be a dream come true for many. Jodi definitely was way too hot for this travis, I just wish she could’ve seen that before all of this mess had to happen. and it just frys my ass to see all of these haters make so much money off of Jodi . if it wasn’t for these media pimps, Jodi might of had a chance at a fair trial——-cocksuckers!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • This is so weird! The other night I watched a show about the trial and its outcome. Last night in bed I thought, I would sure like to send her a letter! And lo and behold this email came today!

    • We all need mercy and I want her to get her freedom back!!!!! She is battered women who only snapped because she just could not take the beatings any longer.

    • Please Jodi, don’t ever give up. I am here for you. You deserve our support, plus the support of generations to come.

    • I Pray for all family’s that was involved with this.That being said.Jodi was a victim being played by Travis he should of lead her on like he did .As said she was good enough for the low key sex.But not good enough for his family & friends.Travis was just as a freaky freak as fuk.But im a good Mormon.if he didnt want her leave her.you cant leave some if still giving her the D.

    • He toyed with her feelings. That of itself is abuse. You toy with a person’s feelings then you’d best be willing to face the consequences.
      Jodi should not get life in prison without the possibility of parole.
      Justice was denied for Jodi

  2. Keep you head up Hun . I just think you are innocent!! So
    I am on your side. I hope you get this message
    Just SMILE.

    • Well Said, Maria. I graciously second that! Here, here! So very important and crucial to acknowledge her, unlike the cold & biased media, My heart goes out to her Sandra Arias & her entire family as well.

      • I couldn’t agree more with you! Jodi.was crucified every night on.HLN.for.16.hours a.day.for 6.months and someone is gonna.tell.me.the.jury.never.saw.Nancy.DisGrace? I Dont care.who.is.on.trial.and for.what.!.That.is.not right.and.not.fair!!!!.Paulie

  3. I think you don’t deserve all that. Life in prison is too much for what happened. I hope it will get better for you and your family. You are beautiful and intelligent and it seems like you don’t get a better treat because of that. I wish the best.

  4. I did think to send a postcard to Jodi but that idéa seems to fall to the ground.
    It is no way I can send a postcard without stamps from Sweden…
    I guess I could try and just hope for the best.


    • I have the same problem. I live in Denmark and I have to put a stamp on. I don’t understand why we can’t put a stamp on or why we have to use blue or Black ink. It’s like they are searching their minds how to make it as difficult as possible to write to her. I guess they are afraid we will put a tiny weapon under the stamp:) I will try anyway and use the smallerst stamp I can get so they can see there are no hidden messages under it:)

      Jodi loves to travel so I thought it would be good for her to get postcards from all over the World.

    • YOU CAN USE STAMPS! No where does it state that you can’t use them. What it does say is that the stamps are removed from the post card before the inmate gets them!

  5. Dear Jodi,
    You have a life to create waves of hope for those who lost theirs during acts of violence. To be alive is a gift in itself from the Universe. Embrace the power that God intended for you. You are much too important to be missed out. He hears you!
    The God I love is a God who loves you just as much.
    Be Well.

  6. Jodi,

    I survived the heinous act this creep put you through and more! I want you to know there is a place of healing! I am not saying that it will take a short time and some lingering issues will be residual, this is similar to going through shell-shock and a war.
    A war that you were brave enough to do the best thing you could under the circumstances, although it is an agressive act, you made the decision to live and not die a new death everytime he walked away with a peice of your soul and or used body part. Keep trucking on.
    I have one question. Why are they not scrutinizing, or researching his roomates cell phone records and his goings in and out all day while all this was going on?
    Does Ashley’s death have anything to do with this case?
    I know you could not answer these questions here, I just wonder if anyone else is curious to know how you had time to wash two loads of laundry in between all the ruckus. Just does not make sense.
    By the way Travis alexander’s family looks like the Adams family with skeltons in their own closet. You have to make amends between only you and your maker. You could tell the family you are not sorry for living through the hell but you are sorry that TA made the choices and suffered the consequences.
    I hope you find plent of time to be creative and paint and escape this cruel ugly and mean world out here.
    Love Lale

  7. I watched every day, trying to see the trial, but only got buried in HLN TV Talking Heads, spewing biased vengeful hate speech==== ” Don” Juan crucified Jodi Arias—- stripped her naked before the public, and nailed her to a cross. I will write to her when she gets settled and out of the clutches of Sheriff Joe.
    My current reaction to this TV Farce —- called the cable and had it disconnected—- HLN is no more in my world. There is one thing they cannot take away ==== HOPE !!

  8. Thinking and praying for you Jodi. Am praying for a new trial with a better outcome. Stay strong! Keep praying! Never give up.

  9. I just received a postcard from Jodi to acknowledge one that I had sent to her.

    Jodi indicated that she was surprised to receive my note as I had used a felt tip to write the card to her–therefore, if anyone on this site does send mail, I gather that it should be in ink. (oops)

    Her handwriting is lovely and the sentiments were very kind; Thank you Jodi-(-if you can read this…..)

    I am sickened by the waste of Jodi’s incarceration.
    Surely someone can envision a better use for her skills as a form of criminal restitution than putting her in a box with air holes (etc.)…… prior to Travis Alexander Jodi had spotless history.
    This system is a travesty.
    Who knows what ANY PERSON would do in split seconds of self defense given her circumstances?

    I am uncertain what Jodi is presently allowed to receive in her judicial Limbo…..If any readers of this forum understand how funds can be directly deposited into her prison account, I would like to do so.

    Jodi-you and your family remain in my thoughts and prayers. norma

      • hopefully she will,her lawyer NURMI was very unfair saying that 9 days out of 10 he disliked his own client,that alone should be reason for mistrial as that was a very bad blow to her case since he said it directly to the jurors who were to decide her fate,a lawyer is there to be on your side,if he disliked her then that was to be kept to himself,not to advertize to the same ppl who were to decide her case…so very unfair bc the jurors had to think that if her own defense didn’t like her then he had to have reason,so how were they to feel about her? so very wrong and so very unfair!

        • I completely agree! How can YOUR OWN LAWYER say that they don’t like you 9 days out of 10?! Right before the jury goes to decide your fate?! Oh wow it gets my blood boiling… This should be grounds for an appeal…

    • Norma, thank you for.your…post. it’s one of the most heartfelt.posts.on.here. I sent her.a USPSTHE post card a month ago. I hop she writes back ! I would be thrilled !!!!! Paulie …

    • Hello there Jodi my throughts are with you yes i look at your site some times and i think you are innocent ok i live here in Christchurch,New zealand ,,,may i hear from please take care.

  10. Hi jodi I hope your doing well under your circumstances .?I do beleive in your story so I hope your not letting the haters get to you ? you are a beautiful women and wish we had met before you got involved with Travis .I would have kept you out of trouble that was coming in a relationship with him ….so keep Ur head up and keep in touch with god and me …..I wish you well and hope your life stays sane and hopeful for a new tomorrow ….xoxoxoxo AL .ny

  11. Hi, You are a victim and this is so not right to have you locked up in there. I am a single guy that never had the luck to meet a woman like you. I would give my life to be able to find a lady with your qualities. You are loved and I will write you letters. I am going to make it my life to write alot of letters to not only you but to political powers until someone gets this whole thing straightened out for you. I am serious. That jerk was thinking he could go and treat you like trash in the name of his religion. No body ever gave a shit about you. ! You did the right thing. Hate is the force behind were you are at it speaks for itself TA has law inforcement in his family and that is the only reason you have been treated the way that you have been.
    I wish you the best Jodi I offer you love and respect from me and everyone that I consider worth knowing. Love you always.Keep up your smile and dont let the system take anymore from you. You are surrounded by love. I have been in prison before I learned my lesson. and it aint over till its over. You are not alone.You should not even be there but unfortunately you are. You will be ok in there until somebody figures out how to get you out. Justknow there are alot worste places that you could be. It sounds strange but really.I just want you to stay smiling. You will beat this someday. Love yourself we love you and god loves you and your family loves you. God has plans for you still. Please don’t ever give up Jody.I will write you a post card. Also thanks to team Jodi

  12. Just a little note to say that Jodi is and will continue to be in my prayers. I pray for a new trial, Jodi being set free and the people who run HLN to realize what a disservice they are inflicting on the American public.The reporters on this channel are all trying to become famous on the backs of people who are struggling to live in a world where sin is prevailing. I pray for Jodi and her family. Also, I pray that Travis’s family will realize that Travis is at much at fault as Jodi! My heart goes out to everyone affected by this event. I feel that Jodi’s defense should be self-defense (very clear to me) and that her defense team has gone in the wrong direction to represent her. She has already served too much time in jail for this horrible event. Everyone who cares about this trial should be praying with me for a new trial. FREE JODI!
    PS Please, Jodi refrain talking to anymore reporters! No one can twist your words if you don’t speak. They have made it clear that they will take anything you do or say and use it against you. Stay strong! 🙂 xoxox

  13. I support Jody 250%! That could have very well been me 21 years ago!
    My husband turned on the charm and had everyone fooled – friends, family, colleagues, even me. Until 3 months after we were married…a very short 6 months after we met. I saw signs of his anger then but nothing nearly like what he was capable of after we were married. The things he would do to me were unspeakable – I am still traumatized thinking about them 21 years later. I feel the need to speak out now after reading her story. The manipulation, the mental head games, the control, verbal, physical and sexual abuse I tolerated to be with the man I loved. I was fortunate enough to get away from him before a similar situation happened to me but not before fearing for my life to the point of hiding a butcher knife in the couch cushion in fear of my life every time he came home.

    I would love to speak with Jodi directly, or anyone who would like to hear a very similar TRUE situation where it felt the whole world was against me in my darkest hour. My own family turned against me and assumed I must have done something “to deserve it.” They had no idea what I endured DAILY.

    Please have someone contact me on her behalf. I will gladly speak on her behalf or speak directly to her to let her know there are others out there with similar pasts.

    God knows what happened. I don’t judge her. Not my place. Or anyone else’s.

    ***email removed*** (if you are an Alexander supporter, where I feel compassion for your situation, please do not feel you knew everything about him. I assure you there was a very dark side of him he kept very hidden. It is called Martyr Syndrome. I am very sorry for your loss, but your son sounds like my x-husband. Very full of uncontrollable anger only aimed at the very one he knows he can control better than anyone else.)

  14. I first became familiar with the case in January…I was on a mini vacation in our hotel room when I came across a pretty Latina girl giving an interview after being accused of murder. After that I followed the case as much as I could. I heard the testimony and feel that Jodi was railroaded and nit-picked by the prosecution. I’ve been on the witness stand being dissected by a DA for a crime committed years ago and feel for this girl. You can’t prepare for their line of questioning because nobody knows what they are gonna ask…not even your own attorneys! I think she did an honest job of answering the questions…even the demeaning, embarrassing ones. Anyway, this past weekend I was back in the same city I first saw Jodi on tv and felt impressed to write her. She has been through many things and she has to live with decisions she made. Although she may look okay and seem like she is dealing with her situation I know she is hurting inside…she is only human. I am praying for her and her family and hope that all of this reaching out and support does something for her. It’s never too late…

  15. Jodi you are inspirational and a beautiful woman. I am your age and have been through a similar experience as I feel I’ve gotten to see who you are I believe we have a lot in common and we would be good friends. Anyway I believe god is with you and justice wil be served. Your amazing…

  16. Snap! I just read ‘no stamps’… Jodi’s jodiarias.com site doesn’t mention this. Any way to know if she’s getting them? Most were sent from overseas where ‘metered post’ doesn’t exist…

    • YOU CAN USE STAMPS! No where does it state that you can’t use them. The procedure is the stamp is removed before the post card is given to the inmate.

  17. I feel so bad for you Jodi…. 🙁
    the weirdest part is that she lived 3 minutes away from my house in Mesa, Arizona.
    I’m verry interested in writting her, my question is..I can only send a blank postcard? with no writting?
    I wish I could exchange letters or postcards with her, I honestly can just visit her in jail because Estrella jail is not so far from me.. maybe 25 minute drive but I rather exchange mail first.

    • Actually you cant…..Sorry. you can’t just walk in and visit her. She has to add your name a d all your info to the “visitation” list a d then she bas to submit the list for approval. Then they run your name. If you have any open cases including speeding offences or are a felon you won’t be approved

  18. I think about Jodi every day and hope she gets the justice she deserves. The more i watched the trial i belive she really is a victim and a survivor. She’s in my prayers that she will be victorious somehow in this.

  19. The Secondary Forensic Report has been published.


    2 Experienced Forensic experts have joined my team.
    Please read the very stunning, factual report that PROOVES there was NO GUNSHOT to the head!

    Jodi stay strong. The truth is now out.
    The State of Arizona now has to withdraw its case against you, retract the verdict and declare you as
    NOT the perpetrator of the crime against Travis Alexander.

    Be strong. We will not give up on you!
    Blessings to you Jodi.

    Warmest Regards,
    Miss Pajama Girl

    • Still here with prayers for you. Hopefully people will continue to see what a injustice you have faced. I will continue to pray for you freedom. I will not forget you!

  20. Jodi, It has been a couple of weeks since I have written. Just want to let you know that I am thinking about you and still praying for you. Keep your chin up and never give up.

  21. Stay Strong Jodi.
    We’re working our butts off here.
    We know you never were involved in the murder of Travis Alexander!
    Those who do not want the Truth out are trying. Intimidation tactics will NOT work!
    We have GOD AND the TRUTH, on our side.

    Justice for Jodi.

    The Truth is now coming out. We are uncovering it as we speak.

    For anyone who is interested. Please review the Forensic Analysis myself and two other Forensic Experts have reviewed. More are joining our cause Jodi!


    Your in My Prayers Always.

    Warmest Regards,

    Miss Pajama Girl

  22. Everybody should go to the MissPajamaGirl.wordpress.com to read her findings. Hopefully with people like her working hard behind the scenes Jodi has hope!!! Apparently someone had it in for both Travis and Jodi. They both deserve justice. Let the truth come out, the sooner the better. Still praying for a miracle for Jodi! May God bless All who are working hard to help. Thank You!

  23. Jodi,

    I just want to say my thoughts and prayers are with you even though I don’t know you I still think about you everyday, I really hope that you will get a second chance and will get to walk free, I do believe that you are a victim and were just defending yourself. Anyways my thoughts and prayers are with you.

    Keep trying

  24. Can someone please tell me why Jodi cannot receive normal mail? i would really like to send her a support letter if at all possible please someone contact me. i would really like to get my support and well wishe’s out to her ….thank you

  25. Hi Jodi ,Friday on our local news in TN there was a segment about a man who was sentenced to 15 yrs for a drug charge. (minneapolis? i think) He did not know how to paint but decided to learn from a book that he had received from his mother. He became really good and his mother would get pictures of children ( all ages) that had died from cancer. He would paint them and his mother would give them to the grieving families. It was very helpful to him, his mother and also the families that received the beautiful pictures of their children who had passed. I was just thinking with all your talent that it might be something that you would consider. It might help time pass. I’m praying everday for your freedom. Stay Strong.;)

  26. Thinking and praying for a good court outcome tomorrow. Stay strong and brave. You have so many supporters. . .we are behind you all the way.

  27. Jodi I watched your trial and even though I have respect for travis and his family I just want to give you my heart to let you know that keep your head up and hang in there ok ,my brother is in prison and its really hard on me I miss him so much but hang in there take it one day at a time and do what you got to do keep it strong .love Jess

  28. I have just checked out the site for incarcerated inmates and it does NOT STATE that you can’t you stamps. What it does say is that the stamps are removed from the postcards before the inmate gets it.

    So bombard the jail with postcards and don’t be afraid to put stamps on them.

  29. Hey!! I hope I can help: I just sent Jodi a postcard the other day. I sure hope she replies. I sent it metered mail at the price of a letter — $0.46 — not the price of a postcard — $0.33. For you Europeans out there, is this option available? I know some have said that the stamps are simply removed. But I really want her to get my cards, so I had them metered.

  30. It has been a beautiful day in TN. Hoping and praying you are holding up!
    So many talented and gifted people are working hard for your freedom.
    Never give up. We are all with you!

  31. John 8:7 So when they continued asking him, he lifted up himself, and said unto them, He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her!

    Ephesians 2:8 God saved you by his grace when you believed. And you can’t take credit for this; it is a gift from God.

    Romans 6:14 For sin shall no longer be your master, because you are not under the law, but under grace.


  32. Bottom line…. Travis told her one thing, and told his friends and family something else. You don’t do people like that!!! Disgusting!!! Absolute betrayal!

    • Someone did this to me and it broke me inside, these sick individuals ruin lives by purposely breaking/playing with hearts and not giving one damn. I’m not saying she should have killed him, but this should be a lesson as to the fact some ppl can snap if mentally messed with to much.

  33. hi jodi, hey i”m for you 110% and beleive you and that you were being used and abused, i”ve been down that road before a couple of times and know what kind of effect it can have on a person, you are a beautiful girl and have stole my heart from the first time i saw you on tv, any man in their right mind would be proud and thankful and grateful to have you for their girlfriend or their wife at least i myself would,i”m sending you a post card i sure hope and pray that you will get it, i wish that they would let you have letters, cause i sure would like to be able to write to you . i hope that at least they let you write to anyone that you would like to cause i realy would like to hear from you, i play and sing gospel music, an draw with charcoal, you are truly in my prayers and thoughts each day and night, only our God and you and travis realy know what happened in that room, you hang in there and don”t give up on yourself i beleive in you (ps) i look at your pic each morning oooxxxxooo Don Sisk

  34. don sisk here, hi jodi so glad that your support team posted my last comment, hey i to beleive what manny p said , who in that court room was without sin, an could cast the first stone, sin is sin ,no such thing as little sins or big sins, i don”t beleive its a sin to protect yourself in self defence , and you was surly being sexual abused and abused in lots of other ways to to have to try and protect yourself,my heart goes out to you for being put through all that youve gone through .you are a beautiful girl and so gifted and talented to , i hope that you will be able to send me a reply in a post card, when you receive the one i sent to you,i pray that our Lord will bless you with inner strength, an increase your faith ,and bless you with inner peace,knowing that ther are those who care so much about you,and who beleive in you. i hope all is well with you. im a artist, and play music and write songs and sing and feel a strong connection to you or with you , have a great day, oooxxxooo don sisk

  35. Jodi you will continue to be in my prayers! You really have been blessed in so many ways. I’m sure you don’t feel it where you are now but just believe the truth will come to light soon and you will receive justice. . .freedom!
    I am so proud of you. . .Hang in there:)

  36. jodi,i too have been in the situation you were put through except the outcome was different,you were not to blame for defending yourself against the abuser ,he used you in so many ways,so was i,that is why i can actually believe your story,juan martinez has no idea wat it is like bc he is a man,nancy grace has no idea what it is like as she calls herself a victim just bc her fiance was murdered,how does that make her a victim? she is out for ratings,not for justice! i would love to be able to write a letter to you also,why are just postcards allowed? thats crazy! please keep your head up,a smile on your face and know that there are alot of women who have been put through wat u had to go through with ta…you do have alot of supporters..we are behind you,would love to hear back from you so i am sending you a postcard to show you my support! hope you receive it and i get a response! GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR FAMILY AS THEY ARE VICTIMS ALSO!

    • Jodi,
      I can relate to you as I was also a victim of verbal and physical abuse. It went on for more than 20 years and the only reason I can say that I stayed in the relationship was for my children. When I did get the GUTS to finally leave, I moved back with him 3 different times. My youngest daughter cried when I had her head cradled in my lap and begged me not to go. They chose to stay with their dad because he was their “best friend” meaning he would let them do anything they wanted to as long as they stayed with him…they were the age of at least 12 which means they can pick the parent they want to stay with. Anyway, this really doesn’t have anything to do with me..I just want you to know that when you think that all is dark and there is no hope or anyone that really cares… There are those that do care, no matter what…and God is there for us…I know he was always there for me and he will be for you too. I lost my mother during this time and my father to suicide, along with my children due to my marriage failure. You can do this…I know you can, if you have faith. WE ARE TEAM JODI !!

  37. hi the Jodi team… I have written to Jodi and she replied (4months later) and I just mailed another post card…the problem I have ..it takes 4 months to communicate to her…what is the best way to communicate with her…is she not visited in jail by someone ??? could I not send mails to them and they could forward it to Jodi??

    please let me know..
    thank you

    danny thomaidis

  38. Hello Jodi !

    I know you probably will never read this, but maybe SJ will relay it to you. I feel sooo horrible about how you were simply railroaded into prison. I watched the entire contrived, bs, kangaroo court that you were so unjustly subjected to. It’s an extremely sad commentary on the American Judicial system if anyone thinks you received a fair trial. What a nightmare ! The judge was an incompetent flores lover. She allowed him to continually trample on due process for the entire trial. Your lawyers were intimidated by flores and mostly incompetent. I know that you would be a free woman if you had received a fair trial. My prayer is that our donations will enable us to hire competent lawyers that aren’t intimidated, and will fight vigouresly for your freedom. Keep the faith. We all love you Jodi.

  39. Correction – I meant to elude to the slimeball prosecutor Juan Martinez in my earlier post. I’m just so disgusted I can’t see straight. Jodi, you have a beautiful inner light that shines into the darkness that surrounds your days. SJ – Do you have any info about Jodi ? Is she well, ( under the circumstances ). Does she have the few comforts that are allowed in that hell hole they kidnapped her into. I would gladly send her money if she needs it. I just need to know how. I already donate to her defense fund. WE HAVE TO SAVE HER LIFE !!! Then we can work on freeing her from that horrible nightmare. Jodi, you are loved by many.

  40. I watched every minute of that trial and if I had been on the jury she would have walked. She did suffer from PTSD. He came off as a good Mormon but he also was abusive. The day they dragged that girlfriend who said, “He never did that with me.” I said to myself… You aren’t exactly someone I would do that with. The HLN Network was biased and so was that so called reporter Nancy Grace. The Mormon Church wanted her convicted… And they got what they wanted…

  41. The first video trial was very convincing. Jodi was pulled and tugged back and forth used by Travis, for his own dirty little secret pleasures. The man betrayed on the outside is not the man he really was.This happens a lot in religion..He treated her like a piece of meat,, his own secret trophy..

  42. Going to try and send her a post card, if I can get the rules right.. Seems complicated certain size and no stamps? well will try any ways..Love Jodi, shes awesome young lady I think anyways.

      • That’s awesome Jodi loves to get mail? cause Id love to send her some and a money order as well..I know she could use it, so she can buy her own food and stuff,,I hear the food is not so good at the jail shes in..

        • Need to check about the Money order maybe one of the Administrators can answer than question for you. Everyone may also contribute to her Fund set up for her appeal. There is information on another thread on this site.

  43. Thinking of Jodi on New Years Eve and hoping the future brings her hope for freedom. I pray that you are safe and well. Remember that God’s love is unconditional and everlasting. He is with you always.

  44. Dear Jodi , Jesus is forgiving I know in your heart you are lost and need comfort , please ask Jesus to save you from your sins . You can be a new person an the past will be gone . Before you leave this earth as soon as you read this or as soon as possible say the prayer for salvation . I pray for you and the things you have done I know you may not understand that but you will one day Jodi . Ask for it He loves you no matter what , JUST AS YOU ARE ! GOD BLESS YOU JODI !!

    2 Corinthians 5 :17—
    ” Therefore if any man be in Christ , he is a new creature : old things are passed away ; behold, all things have become new. “

  45. Hi, beautiful Jodi, inside and out!!! I hope you are feeling all of our love and support every single minute of the day! Jodi, you are not alone, even though that horrible prison system may think they have you in a room all by yourself because, number one and most important of ALL, God is there with you ALL the time! Second, God’s Holy angels surround you at ALL times! Third, all of your supporters here at TEAM JODI are with you in spirit with all the love, hugs and prayers that we can send to you!!! I know you feel it and that makes me happy! Jodi, don’t worry because there are more people than you even know working behind the scenes on your case and one day the missing pieces to the puzzle will be found and you will be free! So, hang tight, Jodi, hold your head high, smile and just be the beautiful person you have always been!!! So much love to you and lots and lots of great big hugs!!!! Love you always, Jodi!!! 🙂

      • Thanks, R. Love! I just want Jodi to know how deeply she is loved and cared about and that there are so many, many people constantly working on her case to set her free because she is innocent!!! Also, R. Love, if you get a chance, can you look at the question I put out for anyone who can help me on today’s posts? Thanks! 🙂

  46. Jodi Arias I believe isn’t the monster people make her out to be. I feel an arguement ensued and Jodi shot him in the head 1st. Perhaps the allegeded 27 stab wounds come as severe rage. In other cases overkill was looked at as automatic non-planned premediated murder. Nobody stabs someone 27 times with a plan to do so that comes from very deep painful and tramatic hurt. Travis went out of his way to hurt Jodi mentally 1st, emotionally 2nd, physically possibly. I know probably less about women than anyone but I wouldn’t contiously have sex with a woman who I was certain I wasn’t interested in mainly because I have conscious and I don’t want to hurt someone and/or humiliate them. What Travis did was the ultimate case of hurt and humiliation, I’ll also mention Jodi converted her religion for his liking and was very serious towards a relationship with him and probably very much in love with him at times. The defense should get hold of cases where women received reduced and in at least 1 case the case was dismissed due to overkill. I know that is too late and the only aspect pending is sentencing. Personally my heart is broken to a certain extent to see a very warm and loving person possibly receive the death penalty which Jodi doesn’t deserve. I honestly feel this is no way a premeditated murder. The arguement is why did she have the gun maybe in the past she was threatened and felt she needed it. It could be true here was a guy who invited her to cancun uninvited her then told her to stay away and at the same time said he met his soul mate…all true aspects that he went out of his way to hurt her immensely proving a sadistic person and I hate to say it but he got what his karma had coming for him, he wasn’t an innocent person or remotely good. Jodi Arias is loving and not a mean person never sawy any evidence of a mean-ness whatsoever….good luck and i hope you get parole in 5 years…nevermind life or the death penalty.

  47. Jodi is a hero and a model citizen period. Travis had it coming period. She should have strangled him with his own intestines and watched that look of terror grip his eyes as she dragged him across the apartment with it. Period shes innocent. All the little girls out there being sold on Ebay Well Jodi struck the first blow. She is Elizabeth Stanton that just couldn’t take it anymore. She is a total bad ass and has my full support. Maybe it would have been cooler if she like maybe had like tied him up first and showed him what the girls deal with the sick ass BDSM freaks. Showed him an industrial staple gun and told him each and every one of those fucking staples are going in him one way or the other you sick Mormon Fucker. Polygamize this bitch. That would have been cool. Fuck yea Jodi Rock On!
    Hey Ya all the Sleigh Bells a indy rock group did the Song “ril ril” about Jodi and I even asked on Songlyrics.com if the songs about Jodi and I got some confirmation. So Rock on Jodi. Your fans will some day rescue you from your torment and place you as queen of the great feminist revolt.
    Maybe it would have been cool if she had maybe made him wear a dress before she did his little bitch ass in. Fuck yea!~

  48. I don’t judge people and I believe people are innocent until proven guilty I wish you the best in your trial and that you get a fair trial best wishes sincerely tom

    • I swear if I had the resources I’d get a team of former Teir 1 operators & ex-Mossad agents to rain a precision Hell on the facility where Jodi currently resides, locate her whereabouts then free her so she can live the rest of her life in a quietly secluded little European town. Would somehow have to keep her away from Social Media but nevermind that right now. First things first; gotta spring that beautiful lady then worry about details…Call me crazy but I believe she’s worth a 3rd, 4th or 5th chance….

  49. Hi Team Jodi:

    Is Jodi’s mail room site still open? I wrote to Jodi via this website, which I thought was a great idea, as there is not enough room on a postcard for anything.

    I received a reply from Jodi date March 21, 2014 and was very excited to hear from her. My Mom and I have both bought some of her art work and we have it framed and hung where everyone can see it.

    I would like to respond to her via Jodi’s Mail Room. A lot more can be said that way.


  50. Jodi was only protecting herself from an abusing ex boyfriend who attacked her. Nothing heinous and cruel about it. . .it is called self-defense. Please stay and read all about Jodi trials and tribulations and you might change your mind.

  51. I think that Jodi got screwed. I am an ex state peace officer; if I had been on the jury, she would have gotten 2nd degree at the very most. Travis was a liar and a player, and a user. He proved that in every aspect of his life, all the way from women, religion, and that scam business that he was in. Jodi is a human being; that guy treated her as a thing for his own selfish pleasure, she snapped. I think maybe something like reckless homicide would have been a more apropriate sentence. I am going to send some money to help her out, towards an appeal. Best of Luck

    • For sure he was Scott, and I’m glad someone finally mentions that it is and was a scam business he was in, and he was a pathetic hypocrite in all aspects of life. Not a fine human being at all as he portrayed himself in the public and for some reason Jodi still portrays him here and there (I think some kind of self-betrayal or a strategy on her part to cope with what happened and/or for the public and his family), not even remotely. I guess, like the catholic church, this mormon “religion”, more like a sect by defintion, breeds such hypocrites and perverts in masses and on a steady basis (in case the pedophilia accusations are true which I rather believe than not- since I don’t find anything remarkable in their other sex life because games of roleplay, anal sex, telephone sex and whatnot else are pretty normal and healthy for any sexual active couple – at least I had not one relationsship where things like this were not totally normal – but important (as opposed to in their relationship) is that it is just a harmless game/play around and not really a form of disrespect and degrading like it was on Travis part – he was an asshole and little boy (not a man at all)/hypocrite to begin with, let’s face it), with unnatural rules regarding sex/etc. I believe Detective Flores even said something along those lines in one of the interrogation interviews in Yreka speaking of the Mormon sect as some totally different society with people in there because they NEED to be there since something is deeply wrong with them and they try to suppress is – which of course won’t work. Flores was right here. It’s along with the catholic church for sure one of the most pathetic and despicable religions out there. A pool of disgusting hypocrites, often perverts behind the curtains. And yes, I know Jodi joined the party, but I really don’t understand why and actually think that was the initial mistake which started all the drama thereafter. Going home fucking after the baptism to a church which forbids that is so freaking pathetic on his part – wearing the priest clothes adds to it. A really sick and disgusting person is what Travis was – and nobody speaks it out becuase he died – well you can die from murder or manslaughter and still be an asshole, can’t you? Joining this club of hypocrites aka the LDS without proper research what they stand for, also regarding their disgusting history, is not something Jodi should have ever done. Jodi does not even remotely fit in that club as a normal woman with an active and not hypocritical (sex)lifeand an open-minded personality and there are a 1001 more respectable religions out there if you actually need a “club” for your faith…

  52. I was so touched to receive a letter from Jodi recently. Even with the impending sentencing phase bearing down on her she still found time to selflessly give of herself and open her heart to another. The state of Arizona’s relentless vilification of Jodi through these glaringly biased and recklessly prosecuted trial segments are an example of what the systematic miscarriage of justice on the innocent really represents. We all need to understand that this travesty of the justice system really reflects how quickly a persons life can be upended.
    Throughout this unbelievable ordeal, Jodi has shown incredible strength, integrity, amazing grace and spiritual determination that can only enlighten the world to her vitality and character. I’m grateful to know the soul of such a beautiful person. Remember you’re never alone and you are loved.

  53. The Dog is Man’s Best Friend

    I am a man and I have a dog. She is the sweetest, most loving creature you can imagine. This behavior reserved for family and strangers once she has decided they are belligerent. When we go for a walk, she sniffs and sniffs along the trail, just because she is a canine, and they do that. But, she is descended from wolves, and is a compulsive hunter. When her sniffs pick up the scent-trail of some creature like a rabbit, squirrel, or chipmunk, she is determined to follow the trail in the hope of finding prey. She gets good meals at home, so is not hungry, just instinctively motivated to seek prey. On the rare occasions when she catches something, she will shake it and bite so hard as to relieve it of its life. This happens relatively quickly. Then, presumably since she is well fed at home, she simply leaves the carcass and starts to look for the next victim. After all, the poor prey creature is only a small, weak, and not fast enough thing. So taking its life is no big deal. If the prey’s family suffers, that is not my dog’s concern. She did her duty as a descendant of wolves, and that is all there is to that. Just like an Arizona prosecutor.

    • Sorry about the error in the story about the Arizona prosecutor. It says that my dog is friendly to “strangers once she has decided they are belligerent,,,” If should say “strangers once she has decided they are not belligerent,,,”

  54. I just recently learned about this and have been reading up on it. it sounds to me like Jodi got screwed by our legal system. People can be driven to do desperate things in moments without thinking. I am sure Jodi is a good person with a kind heart, but was driven to this by an abusive ex boyfiend. I hope she doesnt get the death penalty and hopefully can get an appeal and get out. Hopefully Jodi stays strong and knows she has alot of supporters. Is it still possible to write to her at the address listed above.

  55. Jodi, I am sending my guardian angel to Maricopa County to help and protect you

    “People are often unreasonable, irrational and self-centered.
    Forgive them anyway.
    If you are kind, people may accuse you of selfish, ulterior motives.
    Be kind anyway.
    If you are successful, you will win some unfaithful friends and some genuine enemies.
    Succeed anyway.
    If you are honest and sincere people may deceive you.
    Be honest and sincere anyway.
    What you spend years creating, others could destroy overnight.
    Create anyway.
    If you find serenity and happiness, some may be jealous.
    Be happy anyway.
    The good you to today, will often be forgotten.
    Do good anyway.
    Give the best you have, and it will never be enough.
    Give your best anyway.
    In the final analysis, it is between you and God.
    It was never between you and them anyway.”

    – Mother Teresa

  56. Jodi,

    I am copying Canada Carol’s quote from Mother Theresa above onto a piece of paper in my best handwriting, and will place it where I’ll read it every day. I hope you do, too. Thank you, Carol!

    Stay strong in your truth, Jodi!

    • Me too! I don’t know how I missed it before! Thanks Canada Carol for the quote and whichtrial? for the idea! 🙂 (((((((((Be Strong Jodi)))))))))

  57. Jodi shows that she is a good person on a regular basis. She writes to virtually total strangers, she warns about scam sales of her letters and artworks, she makes donations, she offers helpful suggestions in her letters. Give the stress and strain under which she suffers, it is absolutely amazing that she cares enough to find ways to be kind to others. Can’t anyone tell these stories to the jury?

  58. Hi Jodi:

    Miss Pajama Girl has supplied me with all of her findings and she is on your side. I have thoroughly read through all of her reports and I was wondering if all this information has been given to your attorneys?

    Also, why is the new trial only for sentencing? I thought that the whole trial was going to be appealed due to the misconduct, misleading, battering the witnesses of Mr. Martinez. And if the information that Miss Pajama Girl has supplied, raises a lot of inconsistencies in the first trial.

    Is anyone is doing anything to get a new trial?

    I think of you often, I thank you for your letter. I have bought two of your prints and are still following your case.

    Keep fighting and don’t let anyone let or make you stop believing in yourself.


  59. Hello there Jodi Arias Yes i would like to hear from you yes i go to your site just to see what other people write yes i do live here in christchurch ,,new zealnd which is a long way from you please send me a message if you i will send you a post card of our nice city of christchurch please take care young lady…

  60. uhh, I just read the card requirements :(. I only sent one standard pre paid post card, but since the post office doesn’t sell the larger 4-1/4 x 6 cards, I made my own out of an index card. It does have a metered stamp but I did cut the index card to the dimensions…..I sent like 3, I hope they make it to her. The restrictions are ridiculous. They also offer a folding postcard, so you have two sides, but who knows if they will take it. I cant even get the jail on the phone. I know your busy but if you have time & you can lend any advice I would greatly appreciate it, thank you.

    • Hi anthony davi, I just check my metered stamped post cards from my post office that I have used. They are 3 – 1/2 X 5 – 1/2. Use only black or blue ink. I agree, the requirements are beyond
      crazy but everything in Arizona appears to be from the Twilight Zone! Thank you for writing to Jodi, she will appreciate it!! 🙂

  61. Jodi…u will survive this…I have faith for u….After all said and done,u will bounce back and really show these haters that they failed…U are very beautiful not only in looks but to this world…Good luck and God bless u

  62. Jodi first and for most you are a gorgeous young woman who in my eyes has been greatly taken advantage of, I myself understand wat its like to be abused mentally and sexually, I wish you would gave came forward about it to someone long before this happend but at the same time understand 100 percent why you didnt and why you were scared. I really wish the best for you and hope people will open their eyes and realize thatnot only was Travis a victim you were a victim first.I do feel for teavis and his family and nobody deserve s to die by the hands of another human being but I know there’s only so much a woman’s heart can take before she looses it mentally so having said that jodi deserves to live.

  63. I would like to send Jodi a postcard for Christmas. However, I live in Ireland so don’t see how I can get a metered postcard. I don’t think such things exist here. Has anyone from Europe sent anything to her?


  64. To Ms Jodi.
    Our Best Wishes on another Holiday, November 2014.
    One day at a time and remember that you are never alone.
    Never give up the fight for Freedom.
    Sgt Paul
    US Department of Defense

  65. With all that has come out recently about the State withholding and tampering with evidence connected to Travis’ computer and probably the cell phones, I have had the sense that the Nurmi and Willmott are really digging into this case much more thoroughly than was done with the guilt phase.
    This is sad, but not irreparable, and it could result in dropping of all charges.

    It would be terrific (praying hard) if The Defense also has a ‘forensic pathologist witness’ who would look at the time of TA’s death. Something didn’t ‘smell’ right about the ‘5 days’ and I would bet that a forensic pathologist would agree. The dead body could never have been identified without DNA if it had been there 5 days.

    The Flores Report says that Travis was dead 1-2 days, and the Medical Examiner’s Report (although the ME did not noted it as 1-2 days specifically) notes the condition of the body and, as he describes it, the condition of the ‘items’ lines up with the characteristic stages of 1-2 days post mortem.

    Travis was dead for 1-2 days according to both State witnesses, whether they wanted it to be so or not.
    A forensic pathologist will show Jodi is absolutely innocent!
    It COULD, and probably WILL turn out at the end that Jodi NEVER lied at all, not ever!

  66. i love you jodi and i believe that you are innocent and you was wrongly accused and that you will survive to the death penalthy and i admire you and my heart is feel something about you and i wish you that you get life soon and never give up, only have faith in god that he is the only fair lawyer that only make justice when we are in troubles and don´t leave that believe in yourself .You are a beautiful people and a wonderful woman and i believe in you ,good luck in all that you do free jodi

  67. i love you jodi and all my support is for you and don´t give up .Have faith in god and yourself too even the mountains are big you are a winner because you have the support of all your follower and i keep believing in you and i don´t rest until you are outside of the jail and go back to be happy and i want to know something about you .I believe that you are innocent ,that you never did something bad to travis ,that he never taken in serious and for that reazon you are in jail but i don´t leave of fight for you and i believe in justice and you will be rewarded only have faith in god and you will your freedom .

  68. Well now, I have a different perspective of what the news media thinks when people say they want “justice.” The loudest “hands up,don’t shoot” crowd had their idea of justice. The “we just want justice” crowd was miffed when the jury didn’t return the death penalty in the Jody Arias trial. After the jury verdict, their sentiment was, “Justice will be served when she BURNS IN HELL!” My point is that the news media catered to the give-em-hell zealots, and by doing so perverted all that we were taught about how justice is served in America. Free speech so long as you cry and scream–burn in hell. Really?

  69. Did anyone else find the behavior of the psychologist (Dr. Janeen Demarte) a bit odd? -as if she was rehearsed for Mr. Martinez the (States representative)?

    During most of her testimony (with the defense) she rarely made eye contact with the Jurors, nor used any hand gestures, to help explain her answers. -She toyed with the questions she was asked, and talked in circles, when she spoke. -She continuously threw out Jodi, did not have post traumatic distress syndrome, yet, ALL the scales determined that she did. -When she was asked a question, she would agree; only to later retract, her reasoning for the answers she gave.

    My questions are; Why even bother giving Jodi the tests that she did, if she wasn’t going to interpret them ALL. and, WHY use an OUTDATED version, of one of the tests that she gave, when she knew a newer test, was available? This isn’t the 70’s.

    In my opinion, Dr. Janeen Demarte, made as little effort as possible, when it came to determining the TRUE and ACCURATE mindset and emotional stability of Jodi Arias. -I believe her testimony to be deceiving; misleading, and, dishonest; only to discredit Jodi.

    She clearly looked rehearsed for the prosecution and, even at one point during one of the breaks; you can see that Mr. Martinez’s aide, followed, Ms. Demarte out of the room. –I wonder how much Dr. Demarte was paid?

  70. Not sure what happened to my message the other day for Jodi and why it is not here, and as I so it post.


    Just wanted to say that I have followed your case since original trial in 2013, and have read hours of comments on this board throughout. However, I could not post, since posts never showed up, once I posted something. Anyway, just wanted to say that you are stronger then all of this, and one day justice for you will prevail.
    My thoughts go with always, Kone

  71. Jodi,

    I heard what has been going on with your case, I think it is wrong that the judicial system can treat you this way, But I may not know you But i believe that you are strong and can make it through this

  72. what will HLN do if they don’t have Jodi to hate on? after the second trial it was something to hear that bitch nancy grace motherfuck judge stevens and what a terrible job she did and now after sentencing Jodi to life without parole, HLN has nothing but good reviews for judge stevens. I watched a show on tv the other day, it was a case where this guy killed his baby’s mother by slitting her throat, then gutted her, took all her guts and flushed them down the toilet, dismembered her entire body to fit in a backpack and went to the woods and dropped her body parts randomly. he took her head, skinned it, cut out her eyes, scraped the skull [could see scrape marks in the bone of her skull], cut off her lower jaw and pulled all her top teeth out with needle nose plyers. after being caught, the guy gave a confession and showed police where to find what was left of her body parts. after trial, the man was sentenced to 12 to 25 years!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this whole thing was spurred by an argument over a monopoly game!!! then you have Jodi’s case where this alexander mentally and physically abuses her, causing his own fate and well you know the rest———–life without parole. what a justice system!!!!!!!!!! i’m on your side Jodi, this whole judgement is a crock of shit!!!! your friend, pete

  73. Maybe my take is somewhat different than the normal on here, but please read it all before deleting
    While I do think Jodi is responsible for TA death, I have a very difficult time with the 1st degree murder conviction. How on the one hand it can be considered premeditated, and on the other a ‘crime of passion” seems a direct contradiction. Should she be punished to some degree? Yes, and I know I am outside of the mainstream on this site on that but I also know I have great sympathy for her I don’t know exactly what happened in that condo, but I do know that no chance of parole ever, is just not right. 2nd degree murder? Maybe, though voluntary manslaughter I think would be more apropos. Funny thing is, if she had just shot him once or twice, she probably would have been charged with that. Why is the overkill (which even more makes it appear to be sudden, spontaneous act) cause a higher degree of criminality? Not sure but just does not seem equitable. I hope she does not get up hope herself. I don’t know how good her chances are on appeal, but if nothing else, maybe they will eventually change the laws in Arizona to allow her a chance at freedom.

  74. Arizona Dept of Corrections Guidebook at this web address:


    page 25 suggests that perhaps as early as Friday, April 17, 2015 her address will be as follows:

    ASPC – Perryville Lumley Unit
    Jodi Ann Arias 281129
    PO Box 3300
    Goodyear AZ 85395

  75. Oh, one more comment while I’m hoping my other comment makes it out of moderation.

    I saw the post about sending Jodi Arias letters and I would like to do that. For some unimaginable reason she can’t be sent “inspirational cards”. Can she be sent cash?



    • Don’t understand about the inspirational cards either! Will say one thing, God himself can reach down and inspire Jodi Aries and the (State authorities in Arizona) can’t do a thing about it. I have wanted to write to Jodi Arias a letter of hope and encouragement but will it be trashed and she know nothing about it?

  76. You can send paperback books, but not from your personal address, you can order through AMAZON and have them sent directly. I have heard that they cannot receive hardback books, but not sure if that is true.

  77. dear Jodi

    i watched u go through this. he was behaving like a psychopath. he was pretty clever. he tried to play you. manipulative ruthless pedophile. he deserved what happened. he wasn’t a nice man. treat u like that. then take someone to Cancun? really. i don’t know if i wouldn’t have given him a taste of his own medicine myself. hes actually an ugly person. buh bye travis . rip bitch

  78. Hi Jodi,
    I have so much I want to say.
    I have a postcard still, but not the right paper and envelope, so I’ll get that tonight!
    In the meantime, I’m sending a little hello on a postcard.
    It’s so small and trying to write even a little hello, it get’s smaller. : )
    But, I’m going to send it anyway and can send a longer one tomorrow.

    I’m hoping things are a lot better in Goodyear. I know that sounds crazy, right?
    No body knows until they’ve lived it, I’m sure.
    You hang in there and just know there are a lot of people who love you and care deeply how
    you are doing and want freedom for you very soon and will never give up.
    I love you,

  79. Who is deviating, all these sites, so as to see to it that, never the truth,s shall meet….??? …Edgrrr…


  81. Dear Jodi,
    I have fallowed your case since from the beginnig. I haven´t lately been following cause of my health.
    Now,I came back to see how are you doing. I am so happy for you, that the second jury also had a hang.

    I am sure that you´ll be free one day. Things change, even the laws..
    I´ll be sending you a letter soon. I haven´t yet, cause I was not sure, if you would of gotten my mail, as your case was not yet finished.

    Now that you have your permant address I will be writting to you more times and telling you things about my life too. I was once in jail for drug traficking. I know exactly how you feel. I almost fricked out in 2 years. I can see your strenght… Dont forget, that you are not alone and we all on here loves YOU!
    Take care lots of courage.

    • Well done Brian, well done! I’m 98% with you and the 2% is my 2 cents, and my thoughts are not 100% against you. I’m certain Jodi will benefit from your work!

  82. Dear Jodi,
    I write this letter hoping that you will read it personally. The best thing we can all do for you is to ignore the biased media against you. Media like HLN who only care about ratings and filling their pockets, we should not give them the satisfaction of watching them and giving them the ratings. Jodi you have a wonderful personality, you are a beautiful girl, and I really like your uplifting positive attitude. I truly admire everyone here supporting you and how they have proven the media cannot manipulate them. It’s disgusting how some media is able to manipulate people into believing what they want them to, and also for many people to allow themselves to be manipulated by it. Jodi, I would love to see you write your own book if possible or have someone write a book for you, telling your real story. It’s time to hear your story in your own words, taking us into the details of what really happened in a way that you could only explain. It would a pleasure to meet you if possible, sit down and talk with you as long as permitted, and be able to listen to you with an open mind. You’re a very intelligent, sweet, and talented girl. You are beautiful and positive, but sadly misunderstood because of the greed and manipulation of people by some media, especially HLN, and that tremendously biased female night time host, I am sure you know who. Jodi, take care, stay positive, open minded, and as wonderful and welcoming as you are. There are many people like me who care about you and do not see you as criminal, but as a person, misunderstood, and made an example of the failures of the system, and the extreme greed and bias of some media. Jodi, even if I never meet you, I will think of you like a close friend. Thank you so much for reading my letter. Dave

  83. Well were to start.
    I’m not familiar with the US’s law system or the intricate details of this case, however I can over some relation to the situation that Jodi found herself in.
    Love is a very powerful thing and easily used for manipulation, to think that this case was black and white would be very naive indeed.
    I do believe that Travis was not the person he painted himself to be to friends and family and neither was Jodi, however I also believe how easy it is for young, passionate and vulnerable young women to be manipulated, especially by men and from the evidence this young man had quite a lot of power and influence.
    Nobody knows what happened that night other than Jodi and Travis. The stories she made up I can totally understand, we all do stupid things when were scared and I can’t imagine how scared she was not only of the prospect of what she’d done but also at what she thought she was previously incapable of.
    You don’t go from having no criminal record or behaviour to murder without good reason, it seems just too improbable.
    The sentencing seems totally unfair given other cases, she is not innocent of murder, she admits that herself, actions have consequences, but she clearly wasn’t treated very fairly.

    I’m sorry that this happened to these two young people, neither of them were bad and perhaps they both needed psychological help, perhaps then two lives could of been spared.
    Mental illness needs to start being taken VERY SERIOUSLY !!

  84. Happy Valentines’ Day JODI!!! I just want to let you know that all of us on this site are pulling for you and that you will be victorious!!

  85. Happy Valentines’ Day JODI!!! I just want to let you know that you are loved by the people on this site and that you shall be victorious in your fight for justice!! WE WILL BE VICTORIOUS!!!

  86. I’d like to write her a letter, but I’m a bit confused about the address format, is it really 5 lines as apposed to the standard 3? (those being name/street address/city-state-zip respectively)

  87. I am going to write to Jodi . I love this site. I think she is just fabulous and I hate this has happened to her . We have so much in common girl ..xox Chloe

  88. I would also like to write you and give you any support I can during these hard times . Remember God loves you no matter what. Keep the faith and never give up. I hope to get into contact with you soon. God bless.

  89. Hello people… I too feel Jody was railroaded… I hope she is coping as well as can be expected. I hope her visitation is restored…. Does anyone know what her current address is at this point… Jody Arias is INNOCENT… Carl

  90. Just want to say I’m thinking of Jodi more than ever at this time, sending her beautiful and positive thoughts for Christmas and into the New Year. xxx

  91. Hi Jodi. I just watched the lifetime movie of your ordeal with Travis. I can totally relate to the betrayal and the feeling of self worth you must have felt. I went to a church to try to get my life back on track and I was 19 and the minister was 28 and he t9ok advantage of vulnerability and one thing led to another and we became sexuallu involved. I loved him with all my heart but our life was a secret. He eventually left his wife and the church to be with me, only to keep going back and forth between me and the church and his family. He eventually left me for good. I turned to a life of crime and drugs and have been in and out of jail and prison my whole life! I could of ended up doing life had I gave in to my emotions. I felt like I was in the movie and I was playing you and I can totally sympathize with you. It’s no fun when men use us for their own pleasure and our feelings and emotions get involved. Hang in there and my thoughts and prayers are with you. Jeannie

  92. I’ll say a prayer for ya and hope things turn around for ya and good luck on your appeals hope u get some decent people

  93. Hey,

    I would like to send Jodi a letter, but I am from the UK… Therefore I am confused on the mailing rules!!!

    Am I allowed to write on paper, put it in an envelope & send it? Or is it ONLY postcards? & how do I know that she actually got my letter?

    Any help on this would be great, as I’ve NEVER written to somebody in prison before & am also unclear on U.S Inmate mail rules…. & I DON’T want to cause Jodi any problems by getting it wrong!

  94. Hi Sam,

    The rules for Jodi’s mail are on the top of this page. She can accept letters in standard envelopes. Enclosures are very regulated.
    I just wrote my first this weekend.

      • Hi Sam,
        Yes, the first line above states..
        Letters and enclosures may be sent in a standard-size (#10) mailing envelope

        I finally wrote a letter to Jodi like I said above as I figured it was about time. She has heard from everybody else by now. I was able to keep it to about three pages which was difficult considering how much has happened just within the past six months. I hope I don’t contribute to her bad case of writer’s cramp!!!

        • Thanks Lance,

          One final question… Do you have to put your return name & address on the envelope itself, or just on the letter inside?

  95. Doesn’t state if the return address needs to be on the envelope itself or not though… So I put it on the back of the envelope & on the top of the letter!

    Sent it today, 3 pages written on paper in black ink.

    You think she’ll get it?

  96. I believe she will as long as you put the correct address on the envelope. I don’t know how strict the prison publication review people are in regards to where the return address has to be… only that it has to be on the envelope. In the U.S, we normally put the return address on the top left of the envelope.

  97. If you are still unsure, inquire on the newest thread on the right side and somebody who knows more than me will likely give you more information.

  98. Are these comments for all to read? I don’t want to give much information away if it is, I’m very interested in being in touch with Jodi, I’m a soldier from Scotland who had found her case very interesting. I can relate about abuse from a partner and know exactly how she felt.

  99. Hey Everyone ! I want to write to Jodi , I am from Pakistan , I got the address but don’t know exactly which rules to follow so that my letter will reach to Jodi , Kindly guide as much as you can , I don’t want my letter to be back due to any reason .. Thanks

    • Hi Sarah, Just follow the instructions at the top of this page and you shouldn’t have any problems. Jodi will enjoy hearing from you.

  100. Unless you have been used abused and demeaned time after time after time………Then treated like a sex slave then five minutes later treated like the most beautiful girl in the world…….then five minutes later beaten to a pulp…..

    Then and only then will you understand Jodi!

    I don’t know her and I’m even in a different time zone!! But I can c it in her eyes!!!

    Yes she did it but her parents didn’t give life to a sick sadistic killer!!

    Ask yourself what happened yo Jodi to make her so cold and dead inside???

    Good luck Jodi! I pray for peace of mind for you because I can only imagine what you’ve been through to make you do something of this nature…

  101. Teresa what in hell are you talking about…do You know Her or write to Her or talk to Her? She defended herself from Her abuser…..that’s it! Odd how America thinks Her killing him is so wrong yet if he killed her he may be a hero…zimmerman ring any bells? How does one in their right mind see….SO COLD and DEAD INSIDE….in anyone? All She did was save Her life….from an abuser. Tersa You would be wise not to judge others with Your flawed mindset…there are many times one must do what one must do to survive.

  102. I would like to write to Jodi and was wondering if the Goodyear location is where she currently resides? In the past, having been in the system myself, I’ve found that its sometimes likely that mail isn’t forwarded when a person has been transferred and it tends to disappear. I know what she’s having to deal with from experience except for one huge thing that I couldn’t imagine; Jodi has no release date (YET) to look forward to and I did. I do remember that receiving mail was the biggest highlight next to visitation which was seldom in my case. I’m one of the many people who believe in her innocence and want to remind her she’ll never be forgotten.

  103. Hi Chris,

    I can tell you that the Perryville mailing address is the correct address. She is very busy now with her job and other duties so she may not have time to respond but she will receive it.

  104. The douche nozzle comment was never a joke. It should have been grabbed by CSI for DNA. If it wasn’t Jodi’s…who’s was it? Think about it… This suggests another woman had been there recently. Women frequently douche after what? Sex. If you are running for your life & taking a sharp corner, chances are you would place your hand on the wall as you took that corner to keep your balance. We have a right not to be stalked and harassed for seeking the truth. Don’t like out of fear, Jodi. Were there really two masked intruders? Did they shoot Travis by mistake? You need either EMDR or CPT therapy so you can remember. Can someone check into this, please? The evidence against her is circumstantial, at best. This is felony conspiracy. We’re doing everything we can. Hang on. Turn back to Christ. Don’t let a demon infested man ruin your chance at salvation.

  105. Throwing Baphomet and Preaching The Secret are both know as highly blasphemous to the Mormon Church and indicative of The Illuminati.

    Easier to get away with abusing Ms. Arias due to: her insecurity and mental health issues, their lack of mutual contacts, and her having less credibility than previous lovers. [Audio Tapes]

    Mesa, AZ is not far from the Mexican border. Mr. Alexander appeared to have assests outside his means. Possible involvement with Mexican drug cartels?

    A white car would make sense in the desert sun and extra gas is a wise decision during such a trip. License plate could easily have been a rental company error.

    Change in hair color could have been for new beau. Ms. Arias was attempting to turn a new leaf, so a change in hair color makes sense in light of this.

    Cuts on hands and chunks of hair are indicative of a struggle with the knife wielding female that Ms. Arias stated she charged. Defensive wounds are typically found on the hands.

    Palm print possibly left while using wall to keep balance as she took a sharp corner running for her life. Likely unable to recall this detail due to Post-Traumatic Stress.

    Ms. Arias stated that her ID was taken by the perpetrators and her family threatened. This is enough to keep her silent, especially after just having witnessed what the unknown intruders were capable of acting out.

    Gun caliber used matches that of gun previously reported stolen by parents, which is indicative of a framing.

    10,000 Ways to Die given to Ms. Arias, which could indicate that she was to be an Illuminati sacrifice. Refusal to commit this act may have resulted in the attempted murder of both victims.

    Illegal interrogation tactics! [Entrapment]

    Circumstantial evidence!

    Male and female friends of Mr. Alexander committed suicide shortly after the trial, even though they were of the Mormon faith and knew this would result in external damnation. This action would make since if they were plagued with guilt and knew they were already damned to Hell for murder.

    On the testimony of two or three witnesses a person is to be put to death, but no one is to be put to death on the testimony of only one witness.
    -Deuteronomy 17:6

    No witnesses present.

    [I don’t need credit, just get this out there and call her attorney.]

  106. Poor jodie i would have done the same. There is no Justice in this world.she was just entertainment. Its sick how they made her out to be the devil. I hope she gets a retrial.

  107. Dear Jodie , Hi my name is Pamela darnley I was literally in a abusive relationship for 7 years I would always go out with black and blue marks black and blue eyes and I know where you’re coming from I love you and I wish you could get out of jail you do not deserve to be in there you were just going through a stage and yeah you did a bad crime but he should have not treated you like that I would have the same thing if I was you I just got out of my relationship and if I didn’t I would be in the same boat as you I love you and I wish I could write to you more please if you get this please write me at 459 Poplar Street Meadville Pennsylvania 16335

  108. Hi Pam,

    Jodi’s address is at the top of this page. You can write her a letter or postcard which she will try to respond to although she gets a lot of mail and is unable to respond to it all. Please note that there are a lot of rules regarding how Jodi is able to receive mail so read the directions carefully.

  109. Welcome Darnell! Happy Holidays to you!

    If you would like to join our current discussion, you can click the comments section on the right side of the page which will take you to the most recent thread.

  110. Hola,
    Escribo desde España(valencia), no entiendo mucho el inglés, pero el juicio ha sido un circo, estaba sentenciada desde el principio, la jueza tuvo miedo de la gente, creo que perpetua es demasiado. Deseo que se mantenga y sea fuerte, haré una donación. Saludos.

    I write from Spain (valencia), I do not understand much English, but the trial was a circus, I was sentenced from the beginning, the judge was afraid of the people, I think that perpetual is too much. I want it to be maintained and strong, I will make a donation. Greetings.

  111. I hope Jodi is doing well. I have nothing but sisterly love for her. Everyone makes mistakes but Jodi, you are not forgotten. We will be victorious, and we will never give up. One day you shall be freed!

  112. Hello * I’m Jeff Collier and I’m an Independent Singer/Songwriter * Mostly Country but other styles also * I’m in TN of course lol * I’ve seen most of everything to do with your situation over the years and felt the need to write a song or 2 for you short time back called “Uplifting Grace”, it’s on YouTube and iTunes but also I wrote another one called “Back To You” which is on iTunes * I hope you get the chance to ever hear them * I have hope as I know (you) do * Stay strong ** Jeff

  113. HI, I think Jodi should’ve gotten a lesser sentence. Sometimes women are made to feel like they are worthless, maybe Jodi felt that way and didn’t have the resources to deal with it. Her Life is not over, even though it may seem that way to her, she will lose alot, but not all. There is light for her. If she is truly sorry, and realizes that she was wrong. I think a successful appeal, would rest on proving her mentally ill. I think she was mentally ill at the time. Therefore she does not deserve natural life, I think 25 to life would’ve been appropriate, because of the victim. Love can make us do crazy things. I think his abuse was severe, and caused serious emotional problems, Jodi is unstable and impulsive, she was mentally sick. That is why she should appeal. Also advise staying away from the media, the media will pre-opinionate, and like the Manson trial, pre-judge her in an unfair, media bias way. She is the victim of media bias!

  114. What if Jodi is a “me too”? What if Mr. Travis Alexander was the “me too”? How will me know? We wait for the millennial rule of God’s Kingdom to find the true answers. He knows what happened.

    Would C. Manson also claim to be a “me too” as he rants about society framing him? Ted Bundy? But if Jodi is innocent, it is registered in God’s books so it’ll come out in the wash.

  115. This man abused you in the worst way and I cannot see how it is possible that everyone, everywhere cannot see this. You are a beautiful person and you finally could no longer stand what he was doing to you. I am so sorry that this happened to you and I hope one day there is some kind of legal way to pursue people who are so abusive to young girls that do not yet have the mental capacity to deal with the situation.

    • He was a sick narcissist and he sent her mind over edge with the mind games. Read about what narcissist do it’s sick and it happen to me, Jodi snapped from being severely humiliated. She wanted him to accept her so bad that she even converted for the douche, and it didn’t make a difference to him anyway, he probably laughed that she did it. We must teach our girls to love themselves greatly and to never ever ever ever stick around a guy that shows outright disregard for them. We must drill it our young girls heads to respect themselves more and walk away from guys like this asap. There is a 17 year old girl that lives next to me, I hear her screaming and crying in agony to her bf screaming at him. “Why are you so mean why do you treat me this way, you don’t love me someone who loves someone wouldn’t do this. Stop hurting me stop why are you doing this stop don’t do this to me,” and then next day I hear her laughing on the phone. She literally screams and sobs at the top of her lungs, I want so badly to knock on the door and tell her mom to fight to save her. I hear her fighting with her mom screaming, “leave me alone give me the phone don’t l love him mom pls leave me alone give me the phone.” This young girl is in trouble I know it, she is dating a Travis Scott/narcissist and someone needs to step in and save her and hum cause who knows what can happen. If it were me I would go crazy on the guy he’d never call my daughter again. There are evil, twisted, cruel, mind game playing narcs like Travis Scott everywhere. We must teach our girls young what to look for/red flags. If only Jodi had loved herself and respected herself this wouldn’t have happened. Jodi didn’t get the chance to choose her dignity and walk away. By the time she killed him she had felt he owned her dignity and she hated him for taken that from her. She wanted him to pay for treating her like a piece of trash. We must teach our girls to walk away instantly from guys like this. Truth is though even strong, successful, independent, beautiful, educated women and from good families have gotten afflicted by Travis Scott’s. Awareness and the dangers that can follow dating a man like this, must be so loudly voiced to all young girls and women all over the world cause it could mean life or death as we see in this case.

  116. Can Jodi receive a page colored from a coloring book? I can’t see anything that it goes against on the rules but I’d like to check.

  117. Hi Jodi,

    I am very sorry for your situation. I remember hearing of this trial and seeing something about it while it was on going. I have started to watch a few hours a night of all of the stuff I can find about the case. I had a crazy relationship as well and it still affects me to this day. I am going to be writing you and I am extremely hopeful for a response.

  118. Hi Amanda,

    Welcome to JAII! Please join us on the most recent thread up top on the right. JAII can answer any questions you may have about this case.

  119. Dear Jodi,
    I would like to write to you and to in some way try to help you or understand truthfully and honestly how you are doing and how you are coping with the unfortunate sad situation you found yourself in and how you would feel about a visit in the future to discuss and maybe put forward your story since your conviction about how you feel now after such a traumatic and sad outcome.
    Kind Regards

  120. Hi! I have a question for those who run this page…..so I wrote Jodi and did a drawing…she did respond and understandably told me she was unable to correspond with me due to how much mail she receives…would that be annoying if I continued to send her drawings and to not expect a letter back?? I would feel bad for he to think I was spamming her, but since she did write back I’d love to continue at least sending her my artwork to cheer her up a bit! Thoughts?? Thank you so much

    • Jodi always enjoys the letters she gets and greatly appreciates every one. It’s just not easy to get back to everyone but she tries. Thank you for your thoughtfulness Joseph.

  121. Hey Joseph,

    I don’t run the page but I can tell you that Jodi is very humbled by how much mail she has received and does receive. However, the volume has become so large that she cannot handle it. The fact that she responded to your initial letter should bring you some joy. I don’t believe that she would feel you are spamming her as you are sending support and best wishes. Hope this helps.

  122. Joseph…Yes send Her mail….as Many others do…..it’s never about the getting but GIVING! And PLEASE send Your art as I am sure She would love to see it as We all would! Take care and THANKS from all who care!

  123. Is this the current and correct address for Jodi..?
    I would like to write to her all the way from England 🙂

        • Hello,

          Hope all is well, i just wanted to check in to see if Jodi received my letter and photos ok.. i wrote to her about 5 weeks ago roughly and wanted to see if it got to her ok, i know how OP’s can be, i haven’t had anything sent back as of yet so i’m guessing it didn’t break any rules..

          • Very likely your letter arrived just fine; mine always have. I’m sure she liked getting mail from England. But she has been doing very little correspondence recently. She still gets enormous piles of mail from all over the world — far too much to write back to everybody — and her writing hand is still painful.

            • No email, but I use this service:


              It is especially convenient for me since I live all over Europe but it works from everywhere of course.
              You kinda write an email via their service, they convert it into pdf, print it out in L.A. and then send it to Jodi/the prison via US postal Service.

  124. I’ve had someone jerk me around like he did Jodi. However, I took my rage against myself and survived somehow, several times. I’ve grown from it, but I had the chance to. I had a chance to seek therapy and self-help for what I was going through.
    Now, Jodi does have help, but will be locked away forever more, and I’m sorry, I just don’t think it should have been for life. I would like to help with her everyday needs, how do we give to her commissary?

  125. Hi Ashlynn,

    If you click on the site to the right of this page. The instructions for donating are very clearly listed. You can do it electronically or by check to the address at the top of this page. Every dollar is appreciated.

  126. G’day Team Jodi, from Australia

    Just peace n love really. love the art work, wish we could see more.
    may you feel warmth of the sun on your face and grace of the Lord in your heart.

  127. Hello – I was looking for the info on how to video call Ms. Arias. Do you have any info on how I do that? I know she has to approve, but Id like to try.

    • Hi, Ashley. I see that no one replied to your post before. Sorry! As far as I know, Jodi is not able to receive video calls. That was possible very briefly when she was in Estrella jail, but Perryville prison doesn’t support it.

  128. Hi, from Spain
    I dont know if this is still active, the link below doesn’t work so I will write my commente here, not sure if it will be readed.

    It’s only now in 2018 that I have knowledge of this case and as many others before me, has made my heart cry, and my mind think so much, poor Jodi, I can only feel sorry for you, not only you are not a monster, you are a very sensible and special person, the kind that usually get hurted in this world, no matter how full of love or reasons you are, and I am sure you have felt bullied all your life, not just now that you have been so unjustly treated and on top of all, so exposed to the whole world.

    From here I send you all my best feelings, I hope you find some peace and are loved in some way, because you deserve it, you deserve to be loved. The news about how are your life in jail is are not very clear for what I read, hope its bereable for you. I hope too that you have someone to talk to about your feelings and thougts, and get some confort, from it.

    The first time I knew about this case was wacthing the new lifetime movie, even though it is full of lies, as I have read , I saw thrugh it , I saw the poor girl abused and used, as many grils and women before, I saw how this girl looked for a piece of love in the garbage, or wherever she could find it,searching for someone to love and be loved, not seeing any faults in the person she choosed to whorshiped. We are all been there, many of us , and we can clearly see what this girl even in this bad movie, is feeling.
    Then I searchd on google and found out that it was based on reality, and I was suprpised to see that, first of all, you are much pretier, not that this is important per se, not the prettines, but the eyes, the smile, the expresion of love and kindness, this is important, no one can be that good at acitng a part, those qualities are visible to anyone who really looks ,and speak for themselves. I simpathised whith you inmediatly, and started to search more. I know very well what it is to love a man so much, and do anything , anything, to be loved by him.

    I saw the trial in part, how unjust, how badly your defense was taken, and how stressfull and horrible must be to see your life exposed that way, and for nothing, Idont know if you can have a new trial, here the new of this case are non existent, and the internet its not always very reliable, I wish they reopen the case and someone defend you the way you deserve, and with no media covering of course, here in my country that is unthinkeable, it totally contaminates everything, it is not real justice what you have there I am sorry to say it, that seems more like wicht hunting than real justice. You deserve a real trial.

    I dont know if anybody told you before, but I believe you, I believe you did it on self defense, you are not the kind of person that premeditates something, you just give your heart, and what happend is I think, you just fougth for your life, and unconsciously your rage for so many pain caused to you, took control , stabing more and more. ItS HUMAN. That person hurted you too much.And also, you are intelligent, if you were to premeditate, you would do it better.
    I hope you have someone to talk to , and have some confort, you need to be heard. and have some good councelling. I send you my best wishes, take good care of you, write your history, many people would like to hear it, and you are a good writer, not like he, believe me. You have insight, he only had ego. I’m sorry if you dont like to hear that. You are a much better person , in every way, than he was. It was you who needed to be loved and encouraged, not him.
    I wish you the best, Jodi, we are on your side.

  129. Dammit, gonna post this again without typos:

    Hi there Jodi and other supporters,

    for some reason I just heard about this case very recently via a YouTube video I watched absolutely out of pure coincidence and since then I was really drawn into it with maximum interest although this is usually not something I spend my time with. I’m from Cologne, Germany btw. but still strange I didn’t hear about this case just until 2 weeks ago, since it seemed to be such a big media circus in the US.
    Actually I’m disgusted by the ridiculous circus that is usually going on in such and similar cases in the US and I strongly despise the mob outside of the court room and elsewhere I saw on video footage. How poor and empty must someone’s life be if he goes to a court room for entertainment like to a basketball match and to literally cheer for his “team” or even to cheer for someone getting punished with the death penalty or any other verdict? I mean, what is wrong with these people? Seriously…
    Or with lowlifes and mindless and reckless profiteers like this disgusting (inside and outside in her case lol) to the core Nancy Grace and other mindless self-centered talking heads from the so-called media and news in the US? Pathetic and disgusting.

    I never did something like this before (getting deeper into such a case) and I’ma bit confused abouti myself lol but I actually watched all interrogation interviews in Yreka and almost all trial days meanwhile plus additional footage like interviews with Jodi etc.. That’s kind of sick but I really couldn’t stop and I almost don’t recognize myself hehe.
    The case and Jodi herself kinda fascinates me. I liked her and her courage and behaviour in the courtroom very much and I’m amazed she could resist jumping that little turd and bully Martinez right in the face. What an ass not looking for justice or something like that but for personal gain and some sick kind of victory with all dirty tricks and inappropriate and arrogant behaviour possible.
    Jodi, why did you never reply to him when he arrogantly mocked you about your memory by explaining how the very nature of memory is and how it works: You remember things you… remember, and the very nature of this is you don’t know if there is more to remember. That was so stupid on his part and could be so easily fought back with some rhetoric questions but I’m not sure if you are even allowed to reply with questions of thart kind so…but I’m sure I would have had a hard time to stay that calm like you Jodi and would have not been able to resist to give him what he deserved, but I am not in your shoes so I don’t really know how I would have behaved.
    But he is a disgusting person as well, someone not around in the name of a higher goal like justice but just to “win” his case and get the defender be sentenced to the very maximum possible. What a sick system which allows that.
    So, well, I’m about to hit the door for xmas with family and such and a party later and just wanted to drop a line (well, seems it became more than jsut one line lol) on xmas eve and send my deepüest sympathy to you Jodi.
    I don’t really understand why you still speak somewhat in good words of your Ex since I think he was a pathetic hypocrite to the core and I think it doesn’t really matter if someone does ALSO something good if that is the case – the more important thing is your general attitude and being a hypocrite in the most core things of life like love and such defines someone. Also if I have pedophilia and domestic violence tendencies and such really big character and mental deficits everything else becomes minor. It doesn’t matter and really is irrelevant if someoen like this goes about giving some homeless person some food, even maybe only to feel better for himself and not mainly or not at all to let the homeless person feel better. I don’t get that part Jodi. Some things are just more relevant than others and make little glimpses of light, honest or even not honest ones, meaningless in my eyes. A mafia boss responsible for countless deaths comforting his kids is still an asshole isn’t he? 🙂 Well, jsut my 2 cents to that part…
    Well, I’m gonna close this here now since I’m in a hurry since this became longer than expected. 🙂
    Merry xmas Jodi and everyone else who reads this! Have a nice time as far as possible.
    Below my Twitter in case anyone wants to get in contact with me.

    c ya around

    Frank, Cologne/Germany

    • I just realized the contact data below the posting form (email and website) does not actually get posted with the actual text. Well, since I’m not sure if it is allowed to post such things here you can just search for “DoubleUDude” on the net via some search engine (as an IT pro I refuse to use stupid terms like “google it” lol) and you will find my Twitch channel, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Facebook.

  130. Hi Frank,

    Welcome to the site!! Greetings from the U.S.!
    The personal info you input here is protected for your privacy as you can guess. It seems that this case has really interested you from your multiple posts. I invite you to read the following case synopsis from another supporter. The link is below.
    Also, if you would like to join the current discussion, please note the “Recent Posts” section on the right side of this page. The page at the top is the most current and so on. Hope you are having a Happy Holiday season!
    If you have any other questions about the case, somebody will be happy to answer them.


    • Yeah, it really did. 🙂 In fact I even wrote a personal 8 pages letter to Jodi yesterday via that Online Prison inmates mail servcice, jmail or how it is called.
      And thank you for the info and a Happy Holiday season for you as well.

    • Interesting read on that site you linked. Thank you very much Lance.

      This is maybe even relevant for the case (maybe more related as one might think at first) but it foremost made me lol:

      Travis on Myspace: “Do I work out you ask? Well I’d like to be modest but can you say triathlete, and if you can’t say that well simply say 16 1/2 inch biceps. If I look familiar you are probably an avid reader of GQ or Mens Health.”

      Fact is he was an almost fat, flubby/spongy little guy (to avoid the term dwarf) without ANY muscle defintion (people who take anabolics and don’t work out properly look spongy like him – AND anabolics also make people aggressive and modify the psyche – that might be an actual explanation for many things that happened) and with a maximal average looking baby face (I can tell that because I actually do several kinds of extreme/action sports), not even remotely handsome by any means, not even in a suit, as the media portrays him. How I hate this bs “Nothing bad about a dead man” Why not just the truth/facts? Truth itself harms nobody. He was a kind of Kevin James lookalike, body-wise.
      Well, Jodi must have seen something in him and looks is not everything of course, not trying to be shallow here but fact is

      1.) She played like 3-4 leagues above him optical- and body-wise, minimum


      2.) What kind of self-betraying narcisstic idiot was this guy? Drug overuse while looking in the mirror lol – I have no other explanation?! Did he EVER see an actual triathlete or a picture in Men’s Health without being on drugs? I question that. It also tells something about his sick personality in my eyes.

      Sorry, this is so ridiculous, and although not directly related to the case itself, I had to point that out and it is at least somewhat related regarding his disturbed and aggressive personality.

  131. Hi Frank,

    I am not able to do that as I am not an administrator of this site. There is no problem with multiple posts here as this is an open discussion forum. I will also tell you not to be discouraged if Jodi does not respond to your letter immediately as she still receives a lot of mail from people. She also has a prison job in the library which takes a lot of her time and keeps her busy. I would also invite you to check out the GoFundMe section which will explain why this is being raised.

    • Ok Lance. thanks again.

      I doubt that Jodi will reply at all because she might think what kind of nutter writes a 8 pages pdf letter to a total stranger? But once I start speaking or writing I am on it and can’t stop, my friends can tell about their suffering. 🙂

      I’d be totally cool if she replies but I don’t really expect it since I have no idea what she is up to, how busy she is, how much mail she gets etc. pp.

      BTW, yesterday, on YouTube, a woman whose girlfriend is in Perryville as well for another 6 months or so told me her gf saw Jodi, still 23 hours in solitary confinement after all this time, only one hour out of the cell and even then no contact to other inmates and guarded by 4 guards?! She said she still has absolutely no privileges. Is that still true or old news?
      I mean what? 4 guards for a girl like her? What a barbaric torture and how unfair.
      although we don’t know each other and sadly never met before all this happened.

      Laters guys, my friends are waiting

      • No, completely false. Jodi was never in solitary in Perryville, unless perhaps briefly right after her transfer. That was Estrella jail. She mixes with all the other inmates (besides her roommate) and has lots of hours out of her cell for rec time, her part-time job, 16 hours of weekend contact visits, and so on. She gets along great with guards as well as with other inmates, as she always has. She’s very popular with almost everyone because of her friendly personality.

  132. Frank, you are not the first to suggest anabolic-steroid use as a contributing factor to Travis’s temper. But I don’t think I ever heard confirmation of it.

    I have always agreed you about Travis’s looks, but then I’ve never understood women’s judgments on this topic. I was astonished to find out that Leonardo di Caprio was a movie idol.

    Is there some reason you’re posting here rather than on the current thread? You’re more likely to be read there.

    • Hi Alan 🙂

      actually and to be honest, although I’m an IT professional, I have yet to understand this strange forum software here lol. And believe me, I’m familar with a shitload of different forum software suites.

      You know, I don’t even see the reply from me you are referring to (or any of the maybe like 3-5 double posts with small edits in between but basically being the very same posting/reply). This happened because none of those posts was visible to me yesterday and I reposted it thinking something might have gone wrong (and edited/added stuff while I was at it anyway) because sometimes when you post here it appears immediately, but yesterday non of those posts and/or replies ever showed up for me – I guess some kind of admin approval mechanism to avoid hate or spam posts but why do then sometimes other posts appear immediately ? – I really don’t get it…
      Then you can’t edit or delete anything, not even time limited.
      A very strange forum software or i’m too dumb. 🙂

      Well, regarding Di Caprio, I think meanwhile he indeed does look good (although I think he is very small but I really don’t know or care, no homo here lol) but he for sure didn’t in the past. Now more manly and not so female/androgynous/childish as back then.
      What I really don’t get is Johnny Depp but even that I understand like 1000 times more compared to the self-declared Men’s health model and wannabe triathlete with the flubby looks of Kevin James but with a less handsome face here lol.
      Sorry, if I sound shallow or even arrogant but I just can’t help myself to find that MySpace posting so extremely unintended funny and ridiculous.
      You can only hope it was 100 % self-mockery, otherwise he was a very disturbed man, well, he was anyway as we know. Throwing candy after a facial and driving away, and boy’s underwear for his girl? Wow, just wow, what kind of sick people are out here? That part especially disgusts me the most, even more than the physical violence.

      Cheers guys, back on the slopes or on the funpark since I’m on a snowboarding vacation in the French Alps.


      P.S. I try to figure out this forum software later 🙂

      • As I understand it, posts (or some of them including certain terms?) must be screened before they appear. Since the screener isn’t on 24-hour duty, there is often a long delay before my posts are visible.

  133. Hi Frank,

    You are welcome! I believe that the Youtube videos you may be viewing are several years old. Jodi has been in general population for some time now and recently changed jobs from working in the commissary to now working in the library. She is currently focused on her appeals as well as her legal fight against the prosecutor of her case. She has described her mail as being a “mountain” which she received from people all over the world. There are people on this site from Britain, Canada, Greece, Australia as well as the U.S. Germany may also be represented, especially if you become a regular.
    I think I can help with your confusion about your multiple posts. As you can guess, there are a lot of negative views about Jodi’s case and some of these people like to come to this forum and write hateful messages. There is likely a delay in the postings due to proofreading although I could be mistaken.
    The site is setup like a timeline of sorts. The Recent Posts are Informational pages created by SJ and Rasna as new information or events become known or relevant. The Recent Comments section shows the most recent posts by supporters. This section is a digital support page for people to leave supportive messages to Jodi.
    As before, I invite you to leave a comment on the 6th Anniversary & Merry Christmas! thread which is the most current thread.

    • Hi Lance!

      Well, the YT video itself is from May 2018 but the conversation I had with that woman who has her gf locked up there as well was actually from the day before yesterday in ther words current. But I guess it’s simply an old story she heard from her gf quite a while ago. But it’s good news that this is old news.
      I will follow that link, thanks, I was just in a hurry yesterday and about to get knocked down by my friends for being late lol.
      Rearding the appeal, I have yet to read the whole thing but I have read big parts of it.

      Well, the prosecutor, no comment other than what an arrogant and sneaky ass he is/was AND that he looks like a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, yes he does! 🙂

      cheers and have a nice day all

      • One more quick question gues:

        Her Twitter account, is this one still maintained/active at all since my follow request is pending since 1+ week already.
        It’s an account with privacy settings so you need to be approved before you can see any Tweets so I don’t know if it was set to private in a measure to kind of shut it down without deleting it, or if the approval wall was just set up to avoid hate and spam.


  134. Hi Jodi I know have innocence in the heart. You are a very nice person. I hope that you can prove the world you are not wrong. So that you can be set to go free. I hope get your chance for happiness and to have apartment homes with your cats. God bless you.

  135. I don’t know Jodi, but I do know that the system failed. You could never dissect any act they way the prosecution did. We are humans and there is a human factor that can’t be measured by trying to break down every single though, act, movement, etc. Also it takes two to tango. . . it’s a two way street. I am not saying she was right or wrong, but never a wrong makes a right.

  136. Hello. I have reviewed Ms. Arias case online to the extent I could. The legal system in Canada (where I am from) has many differences compared to the US system however there are many similarities also. After carefully reviewing the stats law and and the information made available online, I sincerely feel that a new trial is in reach. It would be in Canada for sure and from my understanding of US law in Arizona, there is no reason besides bias on a Justices part to not grant a new trial. There is no doubt what happened. Everybody is clear on that. But there are plenty of mistakes made here that warrant the appeal and a new trial should be granted. In Canada… if she was Canadian, Ms. Arias Charter of Rights have certainly been violated. (Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms)

    • Hi there!

      First of all, this reply is totally in friendly terms. I just intend to make you think about what you just said. 🙂

      “There is no doubt what happened. Everybody is clear on that.”

      Yes? How so? You would actually be the only one in the whole universe to know that remotely for sure, much less being “clear”.
      Or you just mean the fact that someone died/has been killed, then yes, because that’s all that is for sure. Beyond that everybody can only have an (hopefully educated, objective and rational) opinion based on what is more likely given the protagonists involved and their antics, demeanors and issues/etc and which so-called evidence is actually none at all (car, cans, phone, plates, etc.) or which one at least could be (gun – the ONLY possible evidence – one that can’t be proven though), nothing is really sure or “clear” here nevertheless, for nobody.
      Also, regarding Arizona, you can’t know what happens in this corrupt “justice” system there, one even confirmed by a Harvard study. I admit it looks good atm with the court of appeals since they SEEM (I’m still sceptical) to be not that corrupt and biased as Judge “Desperate and Overstrained Housewife” Stevens and that caricature of a Marvel Superhero “The Prosecutor” (as he calls himself which hints already to very serious personality and mental issues – the so-called victim did the same btw, constantly speaking in 3rd person about himself, both nutters of the worst degree imho) aka Juan “Breast (caricature of a) Man” Martinez, the very epitome of a corrupt person himself, with not even traces of any integrity/honesty/decency.
      A “man” whose massive mental issues and inferior complex are inversely proportional to his body size and his looks.
      And well, from my point of view I have a hard time to have even remotely some trust in a state that seriously has “Ditat Deus” in its seal anyway – even if it would be just to respect the basic and very important separation of state and church/belief, but the sickness of this goes far beyond that imho. 🙂

      However, welcome from me as well. I guess you are the guy from Canada on Twitter (or is it just a coincidence!?) who popped up in my notifications (all follow-up comments to a very long post I made there once to explain these dipshits a few things – a cast pearls before swine effort though (and that’s an affront towards swines actually, I love all animals), like yours as well there).
      When I blocked you that was not because of your specific posts, although I don’t agree with everything you say, but you have at least an educated/differentiated/rational opinion and are not one of the shoot first/think afterwards (or never actually) types as opposed to these frustrated housewives, no life losers and other degenerated freaks there who do not even reach the intellect and the rational thought patterns of a five year old.
      I just have really no time and desire in my life to click away 100+ notifications after just 2 day absence from Twitter, things I won’t read anyway since there is no intellectual value to be found at all, just limericks from brain dead people. So I blocked this whole brain cells destroying nonsense/conversation, nothing against you. 🙂 I mean these people are REALLY brain dead although it was not confirmed by a medic by now – but it can happen any day now I guess lol.

      What was I saying? Ah yes, welcome. 🙂

  137. Welcome GDM! TEAM JODI appreciates your thoughts and thank you for sharing. We have found that Lady Justice moves extremely SLOW in Arizona once it has been so royally mishandled. Unfortunately for Jodi Arias too many used this tragedy to promote themselves instead of trying to find the truth. Self defense is not a crime in the US, I feel sure it’s not in Canada either. It is a SAD state of affairs to say the least. Again welcome 🙂

  138. HI Jodi My name is Beth I feel what happened to you was so unjust I’m so sorry you’re having to go through this You don’t deserve this I want to be pen pals and will send you a card soon I love you and I’m praying for you I will also be advocating for your release. You will be victorious! Love and hugs, Beth

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