“Why Martinez Struggled & Failed In His Cross Examination of Dr Robert Geffner” (by Amy)

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Check out the comment below. It was posted here in the site yesterday (by Amy)… and it details just how & why Martinez struggled & ultimately failed during his cross examination of Dr Robert Geffner… and the reason why Martinez (in addition to all his yelling) lost the plot with so many irrelevant questions.

For example… here are 2 random tweets from Thursday:

2-19 t1

2-19 t2

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

And here’s Amy’s post:

“I highly doubt that Geffner ‘fumbled and bumbled.’ That characterization says more about the describer than the man described.

Smiling and chuckling is perceived as unnerving by Martinez, because Martinez (and presumably Hayden and Kraft) only understand narcissistic posturing, solemn grandiose displays of self- importance, vanity and will- to -power masquerading as a quest for justice, and indignant, self- righteous passion disguising a banal, cold hate.

Martinez is driven by narcissistic grandiosity. His greatest fuel is opposition, because opposition affords him the opportunity to annihilate the ‘other.’

ANY ‘other’ constitutes a threat to a narcissist’s sense of self, so an all- out effort to annihilate the opposition allows him to fuel his energy by trying to diminish and destroy the vital force of another being, so Martinez can consume the other’s power.

Martinez is a true vampire.

The tragic fact is that so many in the U.S. culture are impressed by displays of arrogance and force, and this is most evident in courts of law and the prison system.

Martinez is disarmed by Geffner, because Geffner is established at a higher plane. Geffner is not moved by a need or desire to be antagonistic; Geffner can embrace the entire scope of the situation with a benign understanding.

Martinez is stymied because Geffner will not provide him with the fuel (antagonism) that Martinez thrives on. Geffner does not engage on the level of a bully; that takes the wind out of Martinez’s sail.

It is tragic, ironic, and disturbing, that much of the culture perceives Martinez as the serious person, and Geffner as the ‘frivolous’ one, when actually the reverse is true.

Geffner’ s aim is not to be a professional debater; his aim is to enlighten the court on the issue of violence. He is a wiser, more humane man than Martinez.

Geffner’s affable nature indicates wisdom and compassion. He has made his career and passion the study of human nature, and he does not view people in simplistic terms of good and evil.

Geffner’s laughing and chuckling are indicators of a higher understanding, a more loving understanding.

But especially in the U.S. court/ legal / prison system, love and compassion are alien concepts and do not factor into its structure. This is the essential problem that creates a core of corruption and malice.

The justice system should be geared toward an effort to understand and help humanity and the culture; instead the system is designed to separate, destroy, and eradicate.

How vile, that this culture demands that a human-being beg for mercy, so that her life can be saved.

Mercy is an imposter. It is a false name given to a compassionless attitude and act. Mercy means that a person with more power chooses to use that power in a less severe way. It is still the act of a tyrant- king over a slave. It is a violent stance. And it is a cold, murderous hate.

— Amy

2-18 Dr Robert Geffner

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Kick-off is currently scheduled for 9.45 am MST tomorrow – for what may be the last week of the retrial.

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  1. Amy, needless to say your post was its extremely insightful. I have read it 3 times now. I am caught up on your definition of Mercy. Although I understand how you were applying it to the rest of the post.

    I would not ever try to impose my religious beliefs anyone else, but I ask God to have mercy.

    • Thank you Cindy.

      I went back to this post I wrote on the previous thread, and clarified what I meant in regard to ‘mercy.’

      Michael J[ ohn] Strickland responded to my post. He gave a good and accurate definition of what TRUE mercy is, and I agree with him.

      In my first post, I meant that the word ‘mercy’ is often used disingenuously. Often people who pretend to be merciful, are coming from a place of arrogance. Their ‘mercy’ is far ‘inferior,’ and a poor substitute for what true mercy is.

      I do believe there is real mercy, and that real mercy is good.

      Michael J[john] Strickland followed up my response with another response of his own, where he gives valuable commentary on ‘mercy.’

      (P.S.: I believe in ‘God,’ but not the concept of an anthropomorphic God. I consider ‘Love’ to be God, and, in my opinion, God never needs nor requires asking, because ‘God’ can never NOT be loving. There is never a decision involved.

      And again in my opinion, organized religions__ by definition created by falliable people__ have inaccurately defined ‘God’ as a judge who separates the ‘good’ from the ‘bad.’

      I think this concept has had devastating consequences in the way it informs the legal system/ justice system.

      A concept of a ‘God’ that can relegate a ‘bad’ person to ‘hell’ for eternity, contributes, in my opinion, to very inhumane practices in the legal/ justice system__ practices that people feel are morally sound.

  2. Perhaps I misunderstood but didn’t JSS say this retrial would end on the 25th. ?? Now how does she expect that to happen?
    The DT has 3 more witnesses. Then anyone who would talk on behalf of Jodi and then closing arguments!!! Either they are going to have marathon court days or JSS is in lala land again.

  3. Beautiful post, Amy!

    I, too, was struck by your words about mercy – never considered mercy in that light before.

    It occurs to me, though, that while what you say might often be the truth, it isn’t always so. It is often the case that the supplicant seeks mercy from someone who never sought the power or wherewithal to grant it.

    Jodi’s jury, for example – just ordinary folks living their lives, summoned by the court to decide whether Jodi should live or die.

  4. I did a little research online regarding Tammy Rose as I wanted to know how she fits into all this (tweeter, blogger, so-called “journalist”?) and what her motives might be. Then I found this disgusting piece on her website (

    “From Jodi Arias to Casey Anthony, ‘Obsessed Trial Watchers’ can’t get enough of these high profile cases. Freelance Reporter Tammy Rose and Jen Wood with the Trial Diaries takes you inside the courtroom as these real life dramas unfold. This exciting new web series will air after the Arias’ sentencing retrial verdict in Phoenix, AZ. It’s a must own DVD that includes a 1 hour show with Arias Trial footage, extended scenes & a blooper reel you won’t find anywhere on the internet. Although I will be releasing a 30 minute free on-line version, DVD orders will be placed first and released quicker. You can pre-order now. To get an idea of what the show is about, see some of my clips below. I will also be releasing a jewelry line soon. Thanks for your support!”


      • So they to are going to join the gravy train of Travis’s death. No wonder Mrs. Cash is buddy, buddy with Scooby all about $$$$$$
        They have no integrity as their tweets show. It’s as if they are at a sporting event. It’s appalling.

            • I’m still trying to get over the LE officer in Phoenix and his poor dog ( who has to work for him) who charged 2 innocent people and put them in jail because their houses burnt and they were wrongly charged with arson. What really is wrong with Phoenix, Arizona and their law enforcement officers and their court system? SMH Our government needs to be checking up on all of them quickly. . .they are out of control.

                • I really don’t remember people being so mean, spitefull, arrogant and full of hate a few years ago.. what happened? I think the internet lets their true spirit out.

                  I agree with your definitions of mercy.. I would say that true Mercy lies with a true soul.

                • LOL Won’t we look funny with both of our heads in the sand? 😆 You have to laugh to keep from crying!

    • Throwing up in bucket!!! Now covering my head with my pillow! Those type of people should live on their own planet! The sooner the better! The World would be much better off without all of the Hate stirrers. SMH uuuurrrpppp!

  5. “He does not know love does not know God, for God is love” 1John 4:8
    God is love…….
    JM, be careful: “Do not be deceived, God is not mocked; for whatever a man sows, that he will also reap” Galatians 6:7

        • My reference to that verse for JM was for his seeming need to crush Jodi, and his lack of putting out the straight truth….nothing else was intended in that reference…..just a warning to him and to all of us that whatever we sow and put out there this is what we are going to reap and have come back to us… harm intended ever…..this is the difference between those here on this site and those on the haters site where they seem to relish destruction…..we here want truth and justice and fairness for EVERYONE……

            • R.Love,
              I believe it was people like HLN and other news media that followed them.
              They really couldn’t care less about justice or truth.
              I think there’s been a big change since then.
              It all became a circus for the media and rather it was truth or not, they jumped on Jodi.
              People watching bits and pieces believed everything the clowns said.
              Ask anyone if they watched the trial.
              Their answer no, but I heard it on TV.

  6. Jen’s Trial Diaries ‏@TrialDiariesJ · 4m4 minutes ago  Avondale, AZ
    Geffner says Jodi would space out in front of him during interviews and he had to bring her back a lot #jodiarias #3tvarias

    Jen’s Trial Diaries ‏@TrialDiariesJ · 6m6 minutes ago  Avondale, AZ
    Someone had a good point…why didn’t #jodiarias “space out” while she was testifying for 18 days on the witness stand? #3tvarias

    Just one of the many times that Jodi had this problem on the stand and I didn’t understand why until Dr. G’s testimony.

    • I was thinking the same thing when she tweeted that Carol – quite clearly remember Jodi spacing out on the stand several times. Even shutting down once or twice.

    • CANADA Carol

      I just don’t seem to be able to access the site at the right times

      Possibly I can sort that out

      But I made a couple of posts in the comments of a couple of days ago, now of no particular interest, but I did ask if you were in TO

      I’m interested since I shall be there in a few weeks and would like some information.

      I have had a letter a week or so back now from Jodi



      • Hi Bill, Sorry, I didn’t see your question. No, I’m not from TO. Actually, I must confess that I have never even been there. Terrible I know, but I would be glad to help if I can.

        • Pity as I have a few concerns which I would much rather discuss with a knowledgeable poster like yourself than broadcast in the Forum

          I could mybe give you an email addy?

          • Bill, this case and the haters have made me paranoid about my computer ending up like TA’s – full of viruses. My general advice would be pack your woollies because it has been chilly there, and as long as you aren’t a smuggler or some other kind of bad actor, you should be okay. 😉

          • Bill, I am a longtime supporter of Jodi and have been in contact with her. I don’t believe she belongs in jail. I have long tried to figure out ways to help her, but there are so many obstacles it seems. This board is phenomenal and it’s where I first started reading more in depth about the case. I created my own blog. If you would like, feel free to email me at Oh, and I don’t have a TV station, ha….it’s just that “InconvenientTruths” was already taken…so I added “TV”! 🙂

    • Canada Carol – in hindsight I sure can see on that clip how Martinez made every effort to make Jodi look deceitful. He twisted the words and badgered her and there is no way she could give him a straight answer. That is his M.O.

  7. It is amazing the composure that Jodi maintained during her many days of brutal questioning by JM….beauty and grace under fire…… IMHO if JM was truly after the truth there would be no need to badger, harass, misdirect, yell, scream, rage at the witnesses…..the truth would be sufficient to win, but since he had no truth he had to put on a show of smoke and mirrors and misdirection……..Snow White…were you smiling at 10:06am, and other idiotic irrelevant questions to witnesses…….all the while the reall truth was left buried at the courthouse steps hoping never to be discovered….well we pray that these jurors are not as enamored with JM’s circus act and are truly seeking the truth and are able to weed out the irrelevant nonsense…….

    (((((TEAM JODI)))))
    (((((KN & JW)))))

    We are with you and support you forever !!!!!!!!!

  8. I have a question. Did Jodi ever actually say she remembered stabbing Travis at all?

    During cross-examination Martinez kept asking if she was crying when she stabbed Travis, slit his throat, etc.
    I heard her answers as ” I guess” which sounds a lot like “Yes”.

    Was she ever directly asked “Do you or do you not remember stabbing the man [Travis Alexander]?
    If so, what was her reply?

    I know she said “Yes” in reply to Wilmont’s question ‘Did you kill Travis Alexander?” but that is not the same thing.
    She might have been convinced that she is the only one who could have killed him yet not remember stabbing him because she was knocked out (unconscious) when it happened.

    I have yet to hear her admit to stabbing him. If she does remember, she might be able to clarify the sequence of the major wounds (vena cava and throat) which still seems to be in question.

    • No, Michael she doesn’t. She testified to a vague memory of the knife dropping to the bathroom floor and she also has a vague memory of putting a knife in the dishwasher, but doesn’t know if that memory is even from that night. During cross, JM was making issue of the time and that she didn’t have enough time to run and get a knife, to which she responded that TA might have had the knife. Kermit threw a fit about her having another version, but really it is possible, that when he went to the sink after being shot, he could have picked up the knife where it was after he had cut the rope earlier as she suggested in that answer.

  9. Sandra Webber is kind of haphazard about posting to her blog, so I don’t check it daily. Maybe once or twice a week.

    Checked on it tonight and see she’s been a roll the last few days. Y’all go have a look at comments she’s snagged by various Travisties about CASH. Scroll down a bit, like I said, she’s been on a roll. I think the CASH column was from the 19th.

    • Journee, hummm. So the cashes…..still think it’s very suspicious that all of a sudden they show up in court. I also think it’s disrespectful to the Alexander’s. Always trying to take the lime lite..

    • CH was talking about his book the other night. “One or more” of the Alexander family did not want them to write the book. From SW’s capture, it seems like Steven wanted to be the first to cash in on the book writing.

      • Looking at it again this morning, it dawns on me that all of these folks suddenly speaking up to say how they ‘never liked’ ‘never trusted’ ‘something always bothered me’ etc. about CASH –

        probably an attempt to ingratiate themselves to or show solidarity with the twisted siblings.

        Apparently the family has recently come out against the CASH book? I don’t know – I’ve never paid much attention to them. So of course the rank and file imbeciles have to fall in line behind them.

        • Journee, I really don’t care who writes a book. I do find it VERY odd the cashes just showed up in court when they did. I still feel it is disrespectful knowing their feeling about the cashes at this time.

          Oh well not going to wast anymore time thinking about any of them.

          • Chris and Sky Hughes are guilty people IMO. They will try to profit off of any opportunity they are able. They will use any one they think can promote their love of money and fake success. It will not last for them, it never does. Their pedestals are beginning to topple and as far as I’m concerned none to soon. What they have done to Jodi is truly pathetic and evil, hopefully they will pay for their lies. Maybe they are only guilty of being horrible friends and then maybe they are guilty of much worse. Time will tell as their pedestals crumbles beneath them their feet. Truly disgusting people. They deserve the truth to come out about them. It is time.

          • Yes. And his b.s. reason of why they only showed up now. It’s in his interview on websleuths. Intimidation is my conclusion. Oh and they want to rub shoulders with Beth Karas and other media folks to try to continue spinning their own fairytale.

            • Yes and that they will do. Beth Karas is no one to be rubbing shoulders with IMO. She is a fence rider and she is quickly turning into a has-been, IMHO.

          • I think EVERYONE who’s written a book is despicable, because they are each and every one looking to make money off of a double tragedy.

            No, I returned with that comment this morning, about the motivation for the CASH badmouthing, because in my weariness last night I’d mistakenly given some of the Travisties credit for having half a brain after al, if they’d seen through CASH. Nah they’re as clueless as ever – just still trying to kiss up to the Alexanders.l

        • Yes, Journee “haphazard” is me! My brain gets more focused the closer the “deadline” gets…..I have soooo much in “piles” , ha…..Oh, I have never taken my sights off CASH and Sky Hughes. I remember the morning I woke up with the thought of them…..Well, I won’t say the “N” word….And since then the more I find and piece together, the more plausible it seems to me that they have a real “stake” so to speak in putting Jodi away forever or worse. Travis was CASH’s “cash cow” so to speak for one thing. Is CASH overcome with guilt for not checking on his “best friend” for five days? Is that part of why he can’t STFU? He doth protest too much, in my view, but I’m not entirely sure why….Even in his latest interview with websleuths I found a few questionable remarks.

            • How many people discover their Best Friend Forever has been murdered and the first thing they can think of is to clean up his computer? Zero. There was something on that computer that was going to incriminate them IMO. They were cleaning up their own mess of deceit. Not saying they murdered Travis, but they are too involved in this to not be guilty of something. Maybe they are only guilty of loving money more than any thing else. Just makes me go Hmmmmmmm.

        • First, they say there was NO PORN on Travis’s computer, no never. Now that it has been uncovered that in fact Travis’s computer was FULL of PORN they state ,”oh well, boys will be boys” ???? It is suddenly alright to view porn and even pedo porn for the Mormons? Remarkable. It’s ok to talk abusively to women and to abuse them for your own self gratification. What a convenient religion to have the laws changed for you every time some one commits a sin.

  10. No one can serve two masters, for either he will hate the one and love the other, or he will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve God and money. Matthew 6:24

    GOOD MONDAY MORNING TEAM JODI! ♥ Praying for JODI and JODI’S FREEDOM!!! One day the eyes of the misled people will open and they will see this tragedy for what it is really about, Money and Corruption. Jodi is innocent, self defense has never been a crime. Jodi has paid her debt for her part in all of this and NOW it is time for the rest of the guilty to stand up and face the music!!!

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