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This is an interesting clip from Fox last weekend, featuring Geraldo & defense attorney Mark Geragos – together with their respective thoughts on Jodi’s latest tweeting escapades and the trial itself…

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  1. Good morning all. One day closer to freedom for Jodi. Must go over to Youtube and check out Jennifer teaching Vally Girl a lesson in humility.

    • Me thinks VALLEY GIRL made a MOUNTAIN out of a MOLE HILL when putting together her CV…or did Kermit write that for her?

      I think she is going to need a bigger pitcher of water tomorrow! I love how sweetly JW is ripping her to shreds.

        • Oh dear that is painful. I have not turned on hln in weeks and I am so much happier with the live feed/you tube post. Well at least you can FF the bobble heads.

        • Me too, and for some reason only got to see a small portion of Jennifer. I had Nancy Grace on and she had Patty on again with pictures of her and Jodi as kids. Such cute pictures, but couldn’t figure out if Patty is selling Jodi out or she really is a good friend to her. I had to turn it off before I broke the TV with Nancy’s antics. It sounded by what I was reading on here that Jennifer was doing a good job with the cold and no feelings Dr.

          • Yeah, Dr. Delmonte Fruit, seems more into her phd, and her titles – “Dr”, “psychologist”, “Director”, etc. Power-seeker.

            I also wondered abt Patty’s motive – friend or ‘we-were-once-friends’? But, there was one still of JA, either in B & W, or Sepia tone, with just her in a dress that looked white, she looked just gorg. in it. You can just picture her as a bride in white entering a chapel, in that shot. So very sad that such a promising young woman had her life go awry when it was just beginning for her.

  2. Good morning ….I
    Didn’t see JW go after baby Dr. Poor kid she just does not know what she did to her future “

    • Yes, and IMHO Baby Doc’s performance has had the added effect of elevating and restoring Dr. Samuels and ALV’s testimony and credibility with the jurors. I guess we will see when we hear the jury’s questions.

      • Kitty, I agree that her lack of experience in the field was very telling and it showed that experience is worth so much more. She and JM are so dead set on the bubble test being the best and mostly only thing to analyze someone’s behavior as compared to ALV and Dr. Samuels who use many other methods or tools to evaluate the patient. They tried to make it so black and white which is not true. She was intelligent and I know getting a P.H.D is hard work but with that being said her arrogant superior attitude was a huge turn off and she came off as cold with no compassion. I would not like to be one of her patients.

        I really enjoyed the beginning of JW’s cross and I look forward to watching more today. I love JW’s style and she does not have to yell and throw things to get her point across. I was so thankful that JM only took a day for his direct.

        • Yes, unlike Alyce, this psychologist never showed her heart. Alyce turned everyone into a human. She actually showed her unbias when she talked about not seeing people in black or white, but many shades in between, that people aren’t all good or all bad (I think that’s how she phrased it). She conveyed nice things about TA. I learned things from AL that gave me some deeper understandings of myself as well as more insight to Jodi and TA. I think the young psychologist couls have offended many of the jurors.

  3. IM not worried about the jury questions. There are too many older people that will not take kindly. to
    young girls remarks. I’m sure JW will show her for the inexperienced person she is. JM is trying to just put doubt in their minds.

    • I guess I qualify as an older person and it’s not so much Baby Doc’s age that bothers me …. it’s her attitude and her willingness to put herself out there as an “expert” when she has not yet matured in her profession.

      • I agree she needs more experience before she can truly be an expert on the stand. Getting an education is important but it takes time to apply your knowledge in the field. My experience after obtaining a degree was that it was a good foundation but the knowledge you receive on the job is priceless.

    • Cindy, I am also not too concerned after hearing her testimony. She clearly is lacking in her experience and it shows IMO she is not seasoned enough to be an expert in a trial much less a DP case.

    • I’m not worried about the jury questions either.

      It wouldn’t surprise me, nor upset me, if the jury have very few questions.

      After seeing parts of her testimony I really wouldn’t have any questions for her because I have already discounted her based on her lack of experience. Although if I were a juror I might ask if she saw the journals and text messages.

      • If I was a juror….I would like to know exactly in numbers how many children did she/herself only evaluate….and how many adults did she/herself only evaluate…I would like to see the difference in how many total that she/herself only evaluated versus how many that she taught in classroom or directed in a clinical setting…

        She was vague in her answers to that number yesterday…she was more interested in telling us that she taught a class of 20 something…and she directed masters and doctorates in a clinical setting…

        • Yes, and early in her testimony she said she currently only had a hand full of clients. What does that mean? Not much. Two? Three?

  4. Dr.D Director of the agency at the time of graduation. I’m all for initiative but one must be personally ready for the challenge and responsibility. Sounds like she did a disservice to herself and the staff.

  5. Real life domestic abuse victim posts comment on my Current post. LeBoo describes what happened to her. Jennifer Willmott should read this and I hope it can be passed on to Jodi because I think it will provide her with inspiration. Here is the link. Scroll down to LeBoo comment.

    Hang in there Jodi. You are going to beat this.
    Bill Corcoran, Chicago

    • I do like your posts and page Bill.

      It appeared to me at one time you said she planned it though, so I am not going to agree with that one. I believe her that it was self defense…

      Of course I am also one of the conspiracy theorists on here so I also believe it is possible she is trying to protect her family and that SOMEONE ELSE planned it, but I won’t go into that.

  6. Here’s my view of Demarte’s testimony yesterday. Firstly I found this gem with respect to PTSD and BPD

    “As mentioned previously, BPD has been found among people with PTSD and vice versa. One study of veterans with combat-related PTSD seeking treatment found that 76% of them also had a diagnosis of BPD. Likewise, another study found that approximately 56% of individuals with BPD also have a diagnosis of PTSD.”

    The statistics are staggering and I wonder if JW and team are aware of this? If not can one of you guys forward this to them.

    In any trial either side is going to put on testimony that is beneficial to their side. That is a given. The jury typically would look at credibility.

    When I look at the prosecution witness I see a person with almost no experience in real world analysis. She is no doubt intelligent, etc but the sagacity that comes with years of being in a particular field is missing. I may be wrong, but I’ve always viewed psychology as a filed that needs a very deep understanding of people, not just the physiology, to be able to peer past the various shields troubled people would put up. A lot of that can only come through experience. So she has that as a strike against her.

    A question that came to my mind was; This is an important DP case. The prosecution knows that the defense is throwing two relative heavy weights up as witnesses. This case was supposed to go to trial a long time ago, at which stage Dr DeMarte had even less experience. At the stage where ALV and Samuels were interviewing Jodi, Dr Demarte had a few months of experience. Why her? Phoenix has to have psychologists and psychiatrists with more experience. There are probably people in the Maricopa County Government with more experience. That is the question I would be asking if I was on the jury.

    I have two possible answers, and again if they’ve crossed my mind, they have to have crossed the mind of at least someone on the jury.

    In both cases it boils down to this. The prosecution needed someone who would say what they wanted.

    1. The prosecution felt, given other evidence (such as the texts and emails) that the chances were that a bunch of people would come to the same conclusion, or

    2. They did have other people evaluate Jodi and come to the same conclusion as ALV and Samuels.

    • good points as usual. I applaud her for her PhD But I think she just committed Professional suicide And it will take years to recover. JM Used her shes to in experience to even realize that

    • Good morning Al,

      I posted quite a few links in the morning session yesterday about the fact that abused women suffering from complex PTSD are quite often misdiagnosed as having borderline personality disorder (another common misdiagnosis is bi-polar disorder). This is something that has been well researched with plenty of studies to cite from (do a google search) and is very well known among domestic violence therapists. It is probably not as well known among the psych community at large however, and is a rookie mistake. I really hope the defense is aware of this and can bring up to this doctor while she is on the stand.

      It is extremely common in women who were childhood victims of abuse and later, also became victims of intimate partner abuse. I’ve said so many times here how much I relate to Jodi and this is yet another area. Although I was lucky enough NOT to be misdiagnosed as a borderline or bi-polar, when I first joined online domestic violence communities, it was something frequently discussed. As I looked up the clinical indications of BPD, especially since my ex had so frequently told me I had some type of psych disorder, I became convinced I fit the profile, most especially because of my sudden emotional shifts. I discussed my fears with both of the therapists I’ve seen over the last two years, one I was evaluated by, and also, the psychiatrist I saw. All of them explained to me how frequently this particular misdiagnosis is made. Luckily, since I was seen exclusively within the psych community in MD by professionals who were highly experienced with domestic violence treatment, no such mistake was made with me.

      One of the things we discussed was that because, until the beginning of this year, I was frequently being “triggered” and re-traumatized due to first the criminal case, and then the divorce and its appeal, I was not able to make significant headway in stabilizing. I had one brief period in the last quarter of 2011 where things were on-hold, and I was surprised how much better I fared during that time. However, once everything started up in early 2012, I was right back where I had been and emotionally very unstable. Finally, this year, once again, I’m making significant progress. Poor Jodi has not had that period of respite due to her criminal case and I’m sure her emotions are all over the place.

      I find it particularly offensive that the best the state of AZ could come up with was this very inexperienced psychologist. She is obviously highly intelligent and book-learned. JM has a habit during this trial of desiring black or white testing and an exact science for everything. He has frequently harped on things like “These isn’t a test for this, as there is cancer, right?” while cross-examining witnesses. Even cancer is not something that can always be absolutely diagnosed and staged within 100% degree of certainty. But psych disorders certainly are not an exact science. I consider myself very lucky that during all the times in my life when I’ve sought out the assistance of the psych field (to recover from my childhood abuse, after I was a stalking victim, and to recover from domestic violence), I have been fortunate not to meet mental health professionals who wanted to fit me into a “hole” and give me tests. Instead, they have realized that psychology is a very grey area and compassion and allowing me to open up and trust has been more important than anything else in a clinical setting.

      I doubt the state had other psychologists evaluate Jodi since Dr. DeMarte was retained shortly after Jodi changed her plea to self-defense. But I wonder how many they approached prior to finding her. I’m sure most could not testify with absolute certainly as did Dr. DeMarte that there was no evidence of PTSD or domestic abuse. Nor could he have found many who would so directly attempt to discredit experienced professionals (the defense experts) as this woman did on the stand yesterday.

      I’ve seen people say this case sets domestic violence back 20 years or more. I never agreed because I thought both Dr. Samuels’ and Alyce’s testimony actually opened up a great deal that the average viewer would not have known. However, this doctor’s testimony has actually set domestic violence back further than 20 years, especially some of her statements such as that not every woman in an abusive relationship develops battered woman’s syndrome, or her “criteria” and description of what an abused women presents with. I’m honestly not sure where she got that criteria from and hope some psych professional here will explain.

      This is a travesty and I’m thoroughly disappointed and quite honestly, quite disgusted.

      • Yes AA, I totally agree.

        I actually suspect that Baby Doc had already committed career suicide…they clearly didn’t want to keep her on, for whatever reason, at Bayless. If she were such a GREAT clinical psychologist I think she would not have had to open her own office.

        • I would imagine that was something she wanted to do for her own ego. People like her don’t work well having to report to someone else. Plus, it’s more prestigious for her to have her own practice. She seemed to enjoy bragging about being hired on as the agency director after 7 months working at Bayless and just one month (or as she put it immediately) after achieving her Ph.D. That’s highly unusual in any professional setting.

          Think about anywhere you might have worked in your life. How would you feel if a new employee and recent graduate was promoted to the highest rank within a month after starting full-time employment and graduating in their chosen field? Did it ever happen? Perhaps in a start-up!

          • True, true AA. Ego is one aspect.

            Years ago I spent some time volunteering at a wildlife rescue center and the ladies in charge were all in their early 20’s, while I was a bit older. It was quite interesting to say the least.

            It is important to recognize what one does not know, and they just didn’t have the life experience to do that.

          • AA. It happened everyday now. They can get these
            Kids for less money. Being a Dir. doesn’t mean she is good with people. She was a paper pusher.

    • Once again you are right on point Al. In my estimation, not only will her inexperience go agaist her, the tone of her testimony will as well. She comes off as very arrogant, robotic and disrespectful of her more experienced and well spoken counterparts, Dr. S, and Alyce L. I don’t think her attitude will be lost on the jury, particularly older jurors whom I’m sure have encountered the “know It all kids” that think they are all that when they first enter a profession.

      • I heard all the HLN pundits praising Del Marte s testimony, however, I found herj very cold.
        Evaluating a patient is not like having an MRI . One must get to know the patient he or she is
        evaluating to know who they are and what they think , not just giving them written tests.

    • Al, I always look forward to your insight. Pardon my ignorance but when BPD is referred to in these posts is it Borderline Personality Disorder or Bi-Polar Disorder? Also, I agree that the same thought kept popping up in my head: why her?? and I agree wholeheartedly with your answers to that question. Someone on the jury MUST be thinking along the same lines.

          • I cringe when I see Bipolar Disorder abbreviated as BAD for obvious reasons. I rarely see it shortened to that thank goodness. I am not saying some do use that abbreviation but most people in this community like myself prefer BD. There is enough stigma associated with this illness. After living with it for 25 years I know more than I would ever want to know about it. It was still being called manic-depressive back then and I was glad they changed the name but now with so many abbreviations and the use of Bipolar being thrown around I would almost rather go back to that. LOL. I agree the abbreviations BPD and BD do get confusing not to mention they share a few of the same symptoms. Also just to make it even more confusing there are several types of Bipolar Disorder now as shown in the DSM-4 soon to be DSM-5. One of the best sources to get information on mental illness is from NAMI(National Alliance on Mental Illness) Anyway I am sure many here are probably sick of me posting about my illness and if you are then just tell me. I am just trying to help others understand it better.

            That is one of the many things that has bugged me in this case. I think someone on this site stated it so beautifully that this was going to hurt yet another population of people that need help but they are once again putting more stigma out there. So many of the haters keep throwing out all types of mental illness that Jodi might have. Personally I have no idea if she even has one because IMO that should be left to Doctors that actually have spent quality time with her. The way they (Mostly Dr. Drew) love to diagnose people through the TV is wrong. He has been doing this far too long and while he is a M.D. In internal medicine he is not a psychiatrist. As I said before he just likes to play one on TV.

            • I’m with Alaina, I’ve been diagnosed with several mental disorders, and the drugs I’m on they call them Anti-Psychotic medication. So of course if I tell anyone that I’m on this medication, they think I must be “Psychotic.” I’m just DEPRESSED Dammit! My wife has Bi-polar disorder too, and OCD, and Tourette’s syndrome. Everybody thinks that Tourette’s is associated it randomly yelling swear words, but in reality it’s just a lot of facial and other tics and is a lot like OCD. I guess people use stereo-types to understand things better. ~shrugs~

    • If I was a juror …these are the things that I was thinking about yesterday as I watched JM and his expert witness…

      1. As a juror…I noticed how the expert witness seemed to echo what JM wanted or needed for her to say in response to his questions…and that concerned me…
      2. And if I was one of the jurors that does not believe in a lot of the “crap” that JM is trying to sell to the jury….then I would just add that expert witness to my list of “Not Credible People”…

      • well, on Jodi Arias’ Twitter account, a lot of people seem to think that JM and Janeen Damarte knocked it out of the park. I followed a couple hateful people just to keep track of the horrible things they say.

  7. she has a cold spirit to her
    and EVIL EYES!!!
    cannot wait to see JW rip her to shreds, sew her back
    together and show to the world what a phony
    lil disrepectful and inexperienced rag doll she is!!!!!

    • I’m guessing because she was young enough in her career to be manipulated in to saying what JM needed for his case against Jodie. Young lady Dr. Is making the fatal mistake that a lot of young college grads make. Thinking they know EVERY damn thing about everything just because they went to college and earned a degree(s). I know I made some similar mistakes when I got my fancy Mechanical Engineering degree many years ago – thought I knew it all and nobody could tell me any different! Wow, how naive and stupid! Experience is life’s best teacher. This young lady will one day realize the err of her attitude. She is educated, but not very bright. And, I personally find her rather arrogant and cold.

      • Chances are JD is ignorant about something called suborning perjury, which I have no doubt JM and his minions in the C.A.’s office engaged in.

      • I agree, and it makes it that much more ironic that she says Jodi Arias is “immature” and behaves like “a teenager.” Jodi’s more mature than most people our age. (30’s) She’s more mature than me, I can tell you that much.

    • Well AL was paid by defense, and I have a feeling after watching her sorry story yesterday that she is probably in need of that kind of money herself. So… probably for hte profit and free advertising, although… who would sign up for her kind of “treatment”?

  8. Okay so just wondering, if Baby doc does 8 to 16 evaluations per week, as she stated, and each of these evaluations take lets say 4 to 6 hours, that would have her working 32 to 64 hours per week, or 48 to 96 hours. So my question is her practice just evaluating people, because I see very little time for therapy.

    • Exactly, something is not right here. Does she just usher clients into a system. I have this funny feeling she was made a director of Bayles to make claims to meet their bottom line. I just wonder what Bayles was all about.

  9. In watching the video of Geragos and Geraldo, I heard Geraldo make reference to Alyce L’s testimony and that she was caught in a little lie. Not sure what he is referring to…anybody? I only remember Alyce clarifying anything she stated re: where the gunshot took place.

  10. LIGHT BULBS and FireFighters. Light bulbs tell tales to FF’s, indicating intensity of a house fire and also the location of where the fire originated. A light bulb will literally get so hot that it melts without breaking and take the shape of what appears to be a finger pointing towards the fire source. Among other things regarding forensics, glass can help in solving crimes. The ceiling photo with the light bulb above the shower stall needs to be analyzed because of it’s reflective qualities. I’m confident that some compelling evidence can be discovered by zooming in and making appropriate adjustments.

    • Phillip-
      From your previous posts, it sounds as if you have a lot of training and experience with knives. Can you give me some insight as to the neck wound of TA, and particularly if it would be easy to slice someone’s throat in an all out flailing fight for your life?

      • Actually TR, I asked my husband how JA could do that, and him being a former Marine, showed me how she could have done it with TA on top of her. And the way he did it fits with the way his throat was cut. Before that I was having a hard time with that wound. And he also says from his deer hunting experience, that the throat cuts easily because until you get to the spinal cord, there are no bones in the neck except the hyoid bone, which was missed here according to the autopsy report.

        • Thanks TB1-
          so from this I can guess that when Jodi was flailing she could have easily hit his throat with the knife and not even known she was slicing it. I have always thought that might be how it happened. (Although I reserve the right to think it was a blood atonement ritual done by his
          “friends” who found out TA was molesting their chidren. )

  11. Oh thank God! I watched part 1 and 2 of yesterday’s trial and was really scared. I’m so glad this site is here, because Team Jodi is still optimistic. I personally know from experience that not everything, not even testing, is exact or precise. I’ve been diagnosed by different psychologist/psychiatrists several times and gotten different diagnosis every time. I have a friend who has been a psychiatric guinea pig for 20 years and they are just now realizing they had her inaccurately diagnosed, so it’s ALWAYS subjective, and compassion COUNTS BIG TIME! This lady is just saying, “facts are facts.” I wish someone would have called a mentally ill person as an expert witness, or a vietnam vet as an expert witness, or an Iraq Vet. They know better than this lady what it’s like to forget traumatic things, subconscious/selectively because they’re too horrific to bear, as Dr. Samuels testified to. And this lady,Dr. Demarte, not only has no compassion or room in her assessment for circumstance or grey area, her age and inexperience pose a problem for me. I don’t know how old she is, but maybe 35? How many patients has she really seen, having only been out of university for a few years?

    But she dresses and sounds very professional (that hair must have cost 500 bucks) and I was really upset watching the trial, I was thinking, “The jury is gonna bite HARD for this.” Anyway, I’m glad you all are still here and still thinking positive! Thanks for that, and thank you SJ for all you do! I really appreciate it.

    • If the jury buys her perjured testimony, then there is no hope at all for humankind.

      The jury better be asking themselves why the state couldn’t get somebody at least as qualified as Samuels and LaViolette.

  12. with all the water Dr. Demarte drinks so much water, I was amazed she didn’t need bathroom breaks. She must be a camel and store all that water

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