Child Sex Abuse, Chris Hughes & Soldier Hollow Charter School

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Well… so much for all the BS Chris Hughes is currently dishing out on “Dr Drew”.

Did anyone stop to ask him about the child sex abuse scandal that broke just before the trial started, at Soldier Hollow Charter School? If you remember, this is the same school where Hughes is (currently) the Vice Chair.

Solider Hollow Charter School child sex scandal - Chris Hughes, Vice Chair

Although Hughes doesn’t appear to be directly related at this stage, these events (as documented by Utah) revolve around Charles Weber – the former Principal at Soldier Hollow – who was promptly arrested a few months ago after admitting to sexually abusing children for decades. He currently resides in Wasatch County Jail on $1 million bond.

Check out the video below for further details:

[hdplay id=206 width=500 height=300]

It goes without saying that Mormons and child sexual abuse seem to go hand in hand and make pretty good “bedfellows” to boot. I’m not saying that applies to all Mormon’s across the board – but I just find it a little amusing that when this major child abuse story breaks, Chris Hughes just happens to be right in the middle of it.

Is there an underlying Sandusky-style trend to all of this?

Leave your thoughts & comments below…

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  1. Oh my gosh I so can’t wait for my PRIZE!!! I am pretty short and have never had dinner with a man that I WAS TALLER THAN!!

    • Congrats Jennifer!
      Ok then… well, you win a candle lit dinner for 9. You, Kermit + the 7 dwarfs, lol.

      Team Jodi

      • WOOO HOOO I will be taller then all of them!!! LOL But I will need that gasmask so I am not overwhelmed from the BULLSHIT that falls out of Kermit as he waddles along. Has anyone else noticed that he doesn’t walk he waddles like a duck? It must be because of those short ass legs!

    • Seems funny how they all “spin” the story to fit! THEY ARE ALL MORMON FOR CRYIN’ OUT LOUD! TA would NEVER treat a Mormon gal like he did Jodi! They would’ve went to the bishop! Why people are blind to that is beyond me!

      • Agree Missy. The LDS, Inc. has got Maricopa County by the balls. And TA used Jodi because she wasn’t a ‘real’ Mormon girl. AND WHY are people so blind to this?!?

        • As a whole society is BLIND TO FAITH – What needs to be noted here is this behavior is LEARNED BEHAVIOR — who learned it when and from who??? and what are those doing today? how long had it been going on? and we know it will continue to go on – as these children some will do exactly the same thing. OUT in SOCIETY — but again women, the weak the misled are drowning every day – while the media makes a mockery of them. I am convinced the the courts and HLN/CNN are being paid by the Mormon faith. You know full well who are standing outside that courthouse — After I heard the unedited version of the interrogation – I got a chance to hear how SKy and Ch and TA made fun of JODI. It was just heartbreaking to watch her crumble into a thousand pieces – by the end of the tape I don’t even think she knew who she was. I cried, and know there are thousands of women out there in society putting up with men – and their abuse – and society says ITS O.K. I just don’t want to think about it – I just feel helpless. By the way I posted Dr. Drew and staff was being backed by faith – ON HLN/CNN my post disappeared. Mark the attorney — someone needs to tear him a new one. Of course from what he says about liking kinky sex – that would probably gift rather than a curse.

      • So what happens now is there any way we can help her? I can’t see another show with all the bullshit lies. This was a popularity contest not justice.

  2. Well as when found out with the Sandusky case the cover up goes pretty deep. If CH was working at the Charter School he could of been one of those who covered for Charles Weber. There is no way someone doesn’t see the “attention” this man was paying to the children all those years. But as has been proven in the Mormon religion you cover your own ass then cover that of the person sitting next to you.

      • SJ,

        OMG is all I can say right now………. I found the link to a song that FLORES daughter made for TA family that is posted on YouTube showing him and his wife in the video along with TA familiy members. WTF …. this trial is so FKing twisted …… WTF would his daughter make a song…. He’s the lead detective and his family should not be involved in this trial.

        Do you know if his wife is a judge?

        If you would like the link I will provide it to you… just let me know

        • Do you have that link? I would LOVE to see that! Between lemon mouth, and bobble head (sisters) nothing would shock me! Did anyone see Ms Bobble Head looking at the jury as they left? I know she was saying, “i know ta is a pervert, i know he thinks of your 12 year old daughter/sister/granddaughter, i know he’s a liar, but shhhhhh, never mind all that! yes, there’s proof he abused jodi, yes! yes!, butt hay, just ignore all that…… see my eyes rolled back in my head (i’m dreaming of a 12 yr old little boy right now)?, see all these mormons changing their story to fit ours?, hmmmmm? do ya, do ya?, plz jury, i have to get back on the streets to save men like ta!! i have to let them abuse your daughters!! i so know you will appreciate that!! see jury, forget she could’ve killed him while he lay sleeping, dreaming of dopey because snow white was too old for him…… shhhhhhhh now, forget that! just let my eyes roll back down cause right now they are stuck in juanderland”!!!!

        • The saddest part is MEN always win. I honestly believe the jury was jealous of TA – and wish it was them/men – that was the majority – and probably have lived and are living a sex life like them. The women were jealous as well – and may be putting up with men at home that they do not hold accountable for their actions – The more we can keep it in the media the more we can get women to speak out – honestly. I’m 55 now, I don’t want to be responsible for another mans “e”. Sadly though the majority do actually prefer that 12 year old TA spoke of – don’t let them lie about it — my idea for wall paper — an Andy Warhol composition 12 YEAR OLD VAGINAs. — seems a bit absurd but hey its called actions speak louder than words — I recognize it now, society is all about HIS ERECTION, hetero or homosexual. Get him viagra – hugh hef displaying women for a mans E, media, print, film — the sad part is I have a daughter in her early 20’s — yet she is so instinctively unsocial – I give praise. YEP IT’S ALL ABOUT I GOT YOUR BACK — if this were my relative you wouldn’t catch me even driving down the same street as the court house. How embarrassing. I see the A family crying for their own shame. We live in a shameful society.

  3. I am not sure if anyone else watched last night the interview with Amanda Knox…but as I listen to her words about how it feels to have the world against you tears rolled down my eyes as she spoke of how it felt to sit in the court room while they called her a devil. It made me think of Jodi..many times during this trial I have just sat and prayed as I watch the live trial feed that HE gives her the strength to put those words out of her mind and not internalize them.

      • Amanda Knox will be on Good Morning America today for her first live interview. I cannot imagine the terror she faced…being in a country for only a few weeks, not even knowing the language and being charged with murder. Her case also shows how the media and “public opinion” attack every move she made. Like Jodi she got bored sitting in a jail for several hours. She stretched and did the spits and the media turned that into her doing cartwheels and back flips…just as they went crazy when the video of Jodi doing a headstand was released. I talked to a lady that is into yoga and she said she saw the headstand as Jodi trying to become “centered”. She said if that where her she may have done the same.

        • Hi all. Long time reader, first time commenter. Speaking of Amanda Knox, and you may correct me if I’m wrong – it’s always been my impression that the majority of Americans have sympathized with Amanda Knox for what she had to endure at the hands of the (not always so logical) Italian legal system (Google’s Peter Fleischers conviction for some Italian boys uploading a video to Youtube of them bullying another boy is just another example some people’s misguided sense of justice). If Jodi were on trial in Italy for Travis’ murder, I’m pretty certain the same Americans crying out for her to get the death penalty now, would be bending over backwards to see things from Jodi’s perspective and in general would be advocating for her release. Even Nancy Grace called Amanda Knox’ conviction a “miscarriage of justice” – and hell almost has to freeze over before that woman has anything “positive” to say about a defendant/suspect in a murder case, since she’s usually the first one to incite the pitch-fork armed mob. I guess the media and the fickle people who are too lazy to independently consider the merits of a case really are the judge, jury and executioner now.

          • Hi Lena..

            you are spot on about Jodi being supported if this had happened in Italy!

            see what media manipulation can do!

          • Oh no…Nancy called Amanda’s ACQUITTAL a “miscarriage of justice.” That bitch thinks that everyone who’s been accused of a crime is automatically guilty.

            A lot of Americans do support Amanda, but there are just as many who bought into the early media reports and still think that she killed Meredith just because she, her new boyfriend, and some random guy felt like it. Stupid is as stupid does.

            • My bad – her words are not something I usually commit to memory since her verbal diarrhea mostly acts as a vomit inducing agent for me – I guess I’m guilty of hoping there was an actual person in there somewhere. 🙂 Either way, my point regarding foreign jurisdictions and trials in the media is still valid apart from that one brainfart. 🙂

      • What I don’t get with the media attacks on Jodi and Amanda is that they were good girls before this. Neither had been in trouble with the law, neither were “criminal” types. What does the media think happened? One day these girls woke up and said ..Today I think I will kill someone for no reason and ruin my life because I feel like it. GOsh the media pisses me off!!

        • Yep…and throw in the ridiculous claims of devil worship by Amanda’s prosecutor. That’s all the brainless sheep need to pick up their pitchforks.

        • do ever notice that when the media sensationalizes a woman there’s always a theme behind it that they are ignoring. In Amanda’s case its violent offenders. No one paid attention to Meredith’s real killer even after he admitted it because its unfortunately SO COMMON. In Jodi’s case the same thing. The media set there sights on Jodi instead of the effects of abuse, Why’? It is so common for women to be abused that its boring but a female killer is something different and fresh so they play that up.

    • Amanda Knox is an incredible young lady with great strength. I am glad she’s FREE…. I believe she was set up.

      Now let’s pray that Jodi walks soon……….

  4. SJ do you have any type of notification of a verdict set up for the followers of this page. Because of my negative actions(throwing the cup at our new tv during the DisGrace hour) my fiancé has banned me from HLN and because I live out of AZ I am sure our local channels wont announce that a verdict has been reached.

    • If you use Twitter, you can follow AZ’s media accounts…I’m sure that they’ll Tweet right away when a verdict is reached. Usually the judge announces the time that it will be read in advance.

      • No I don’t use twitter I tried to use it once but couldn’t figure it out…(now I am sounding like my fellow Iowans) LOL I know that HLN announces on Twitter through VP but he is such a puke.

        • I couldn’t figure out Twitter either for a long time and I still don’t use Tweetdeck or other twitter software.

          But the basics of using Twitter are just using twitter. com and using SEARCH. Type in anything, Jodi Arias, any name or subject and after a while bunches of tweets with that subject will appear, then you can follow people discussing the same things or reply or just lurk.

          Just use twitter like Google.

          • Thanks Jan I think I will try to use it so I can be notified about the trial. I have a cousin that lives in AZ but his wife is one of the sheep that believe Juan is the next messiah so I don’t want to deal with them right now.

  5. The room mates stories stink to high heavens just as much as a decomposing Travis’s body was while they all supposedly never noticed a thing until almost 6 days into it!!! I don’t believe the roomates at all and I suspect it might have taken them 5 days to get rid of anything in that house office attic computers etc that would tell us and back up the real story of TA. Its as plain as day that was Deanna’s computer not the one Travis used for naughty activities!

    We have pieced it together anyway and will likely never know the full measure of his deviancy. I bet those guys on the jury had to stilfe laughs about no porn viewing found on a 30 year old man with a predelication for wild sex fantasies some out of the norm clearly stated in one sex tape. Can you imagine things that were said and done sexually that we have not heard about? Those we do know of suggest an avid interest in porn–another big no no for Mormans or people of any faith.

    Just the fact that the crime scene was left to a houseful of men with girlfriends in and out of it for that many days with an unidentified and downplayed footprint is enough to suggest a tampered with crime scene prior to the cops ever knowing a thing.

    They knew well before and they staged when and how the 911 call would go down. Massive coverup to save face for Travis’s memory, the ugly truths of this not good Mormon boy to save Morman church appearance of ethics intact and perhaps even to lessen the likelihood that PPL reputation would greatly be impacted by this tie to this sort of man. I mean they had to rename their company from the sheer shame of being connected to all this by being his employer with their shady Ponzi scheme style of marketing being bad enough.

    The Hughes are nothing but lying money seeking opportunists and know the truth but have chosen to go along with this farce of the perfect Travis for financial gain and to maintain their own considerable source flow of income.

    Next that bastard Vinnie’s bold accusation was–did Jodi begin planning the killing of Travis Alexander the day they met in Las Vegas. This is sensationalism at its worst and whats the most disgusting thing of all is they’d rather be bullshit tlaking hacks on HLN than make a living the honest way in their originally chosen field of being lawyers and such.

    Dr. Drew and Nancy are a disgrace as well there really are no words for me to describe how it disgusts me as I truly liked these people at one time and though naively they sought justice and respected the law and the rights the law affords each individual no matter what they are accused of.

    The treatment of the witnesses by JM has been deplorable and beyond hostile and condescending. He is nothing more than an angry small peckered creature and a BULLY probably in real life as well to make up for all his apparent inadequacies both as prosecutor and as a human being.

    The most digusting thing about all of this is an abused woman has been vilified unlike anything I have ever seen in this country in any case by our own fellow Americans. Decency objectivity and sticking to the facts instead of the incesssant personal insults and name calling make them no better than there false angelic hero TA.

    TA was a narccistic manipulative abuser and in his own world full of dirty secrets is also responsible for what ultimately ended up in his death.

    Rant over–thanks for listening.

  6. One last thing for now in all this grandstanding and text email IM reading not once did Martinez bring up a single unkind, verbally abusive, insulting etc thing that Jodi said in retort to his verbal abuse. If any such things existed he would have been harping on it for days suggesting they were mutually abusive at times and in a dysfunctional but reciprical unhealthy relationship. How Jodi took all that without at least verbal retaliation via texts IM’s etc screams to be of her submissive role to him and how much she is not a cold blooded killer. I hope the jury ponders this as well–no such filth ever came from her messages to him.

  7. a little better thanks for asking hubby’s usually the only one hearing my thoughts on this case…lol

  8. I have a new page up, thanks to “PK” for doing some transcript.

    I have started to highlight the many facts about teh crime scene that make Martinez’ argumetn completely untenable, bedcause it is completely wrong.

    Oddly many people who believe in Arias’ guilt seem to agree Martinez is crazy, and have formulated their own alternative theories to maintain their belief in Jodi’;s guilt, rather than accepting that she is innocent.

    I call this “guilter” behaviour.

  9. Thanks BeeCee I have been reading here for over a month and wasn’t going to join in but the closeness of the end of this trial has me on edge like everyone else here and I too need an outlet so I thank you for that. BTW I looked at all the stuff on your wiki page—very good analysis and setup of the facts.

  10. Any one want to make bets on rather they will br done today? I hope Jody brings protein bars.
    I do hope they can be done. The jurors needs it to be done. Jodi needs it to be done ……

  11. oops I digress I mean geebee’s analysis of the events. Still grateful for this site and all of you.

  12. Good Morning everyone.

    Al isn’t MIA. Al was up early this morning. Al had to take kids to 7AM AP classes. Now you have Al talking like the prosecutor (God forbid). So Al posted morning wake up music at 5 something.

    But for the latecomers here it is again

    Help On The Way.

    • And the lyrics to that song:

      Paradise waits, on the crest of a wave, her angels in flames.
      She has no pain, like a child she is pure, she is not to blame.
      Poised for flight, wings spread bright, spring from night into the sun.
      Dont stop to run, she can fly like a lie, she cant be outdone.

      Tell me the cost; I can pay, let me go, tell me love is not lost.
      Sell everything; without love day to day insanitys king.
      I will pay day by day, anyway, lock, bolt and key.
      Crippled but free, I was blind all the time I was learning to see.

      Help on the way, well, I know only this, Ive got you today.
      Dont fly away, cause I love what I love and I want it that way.
      I will stay one more day, like I say, honey its you.
      Making it too, without love in a dream it will never come true.

      It’s beautiful!

  13. Hughes is scum of the earth. He’s covering for more than one pedophile…makes one wonder if he too is one.

    • Be careful what you wish for………. I read a post from a prosecutor last night that this witness has been in trouble several times in the court systems ( 7) that I could find. If JM gets his wish he has a rebuttal witness for Dr. G. today…. she’s pretty impressive from what I could find on her last night.

      Hope the defense has their shit together today….. We need a stellar finale……. this week. I can only imagine how Jodi is feeling today…..

      Let this be the day that the defense shines for TEAM JODI and the ARIAS family….. many prayers for you Jodi from around the world.

      Keep the faith girl.

  14. Good Morning everyone…… I am functioning on very little sleep as I am so nervous for Jodi… and this twisted fk-ed up trial. ONLY in AZ would this happen. Came across a song that DET FLORES posted on YouTube for TA family showing DET FLORES and his WIFE….. wow….. wow…. can’t believe this is happening that he would involve his family in his case.

    Guess it’s true that the mormons stick together in their cult like religion. Makes me sick to my stomach today.

    Many prayers for Jodi and the Arias family today and in the coming days …

    • Makes me sick to FU. The whole lot of them are f’n crazy! Once again, soliciting for money too. Would love to know how much money they have all made off the death of their “beloved” friend/ brother, who rotted for five days before anyone even cared to find out. If he weren’t going to Mexico with Mimi, his body would probably still be in the shower. Just love how someone, that according to their own cult teachings wouldn’t even make it to the Celestial Kingdom for his unpardonable behavior, is now such a

      • TR,

        Don’t forget that TA missed his 4 pm conference all with CH… that should of been the first red flag….

        • When I replayed Chris Hughes’ testimony KN mentioned something about subpoenaing the wife but to my knowledge she never did. I wonder what happened? Sorry for digressing. I tend to be very analytical.

          • CH and SK were both subpoenaed by the Defence. They were ordered not to watch the testimony, except of course, they seemingly ignored the order, because ch was being interviewed on tv and he stated he was watching the trial from his home. SH was watching the trial and feeding information to jm.

        • CH was so concerned abut his old buddy that he went on his trip to Cancun without even checking after TA missed that important conference call. Priorties.

        • You’re right FU. Do you think they were covering up the crime that they actually committed or too busy to care he missed a phone call because they were happily packing for the trip they went on despite hearing that their “best friend” was found dead in his shower?

  15. Good Morning Everyone! Very interesting story about the school and the pedophilic principal and Chris Hughes’ connection to the school. I don’t like what he said about Jodi in the courtroom.

    Although I am not one of the well know contributors on this page but my heart is with Jodi and hoping she does not get the death penalty. I fear for her life in the event of a verdict that is not on the side of the family.

    To my knowledge the other woman in AZ jail waiting for execution are still filing appeals. One woman has been there for 23 years. I still have no idea how a juror could ever say this was premeditated. The facts are just not all there and there are questions I would want to ask other people.

        • Thanks so much. ?Wow is right !!!! Un freakin belivable. The only part I liked is where Travis is standing with his arm around JM and he is a foot or two taller. This trial is way out there for sure.

          • Yeah, this is outrageous……….. I think Flores wife might be a judge, trying to find out if this is true…. I ask SJ and waiting his repsonse.

            This is so unethical. Flores I am sure has investigated numerous murder cases, and for his family to get involved is below the belt………… HE fk-ed up this case in more ways than one……!!!!

            Did you see his wife?

            • Unethical,, but par for the course for the Mormon Mafia.. I bet Flores was trying to cover for Jodi at first because she was Mormon..then got the word that she was to be a sacrificial lamb….

              • O. M. G.!! I did not realize this about Flores… I wonder about JM? Have y’all LOOKED at the posts on that Flores FB page?? That is absolutely INSANE & UNETHICAL!! WTH?
                I was also scanning the posts & the comments and saw comments posted on there from Joey Jackson’s page! 😮

                • It seems really odd for an investigator to get so personally involved that he’s having family members record songs in memory of a victim. Of course, Flores hasn’t had much else to do over the last few months.

                • Totally agree that Flores FB is unethical,……just like the song that his daugher made for TA.

                  When your on a case you don’t get personally involved as Kira stated. There is more to this story than we will probably ever know……….. the roommates … TA, all this GF, the HUGES, etc.

                  Jodi got totally FK-ed in this trial…………. and I hope someone steps up outside of AZ., this stupid judge lacks experience in a DP case and cannot control her courtroom. I bet she doesn’t have a JOB after this trial.

                  JUAN can suck a watermelon, shame on anyone to want to put an innocent person to DEATH because of a FK-ed up CULT……. Guess he likes drug dealers/ users, liars, etc.

                  THis family is so ate up with themselves they cannot see the TRUTH in the case, that their brother had numerous issues. WTF didn’t they see their brother for numerous years, that speaks volume to me.

                • I totally agree Kira! I am in law enforcement and THAT is way beyond ethical guidelines! It’s not like he has given a book to them….It would be one thing to let them know that you support them and are behind them and the prosecution, which would be expected, but you cant get too personally involved. He is doing what the tot doc was accusing AL of!

                • I wonder if anybody has contacted the police department where Flores works and told them of this blatant attempt to influence the jury and public opinion.

                  It is absolutely unethical.

              • I have never ever seen a police officer/detective get personally involved with anyone related to a case. Certainly calls his ethics into question doesn’t it?

                • Absolutely Gail! As an investigator you have to stay as neutral as possible. The

                  investigator is NOT the judge of the defendant. Their job is to investigate. I’m not

                  saying to not have compassion or express some support for the victim. But this

                  goes WAY beyond that!

  16. Good Morning all!

    Just a few more hours to go. I woke up extra early and started thinking about Jodi and how she must be feeling right now. I know this must be extra stressful for her family right now too. I hope Jodi’s grandmother gets thru this O.K. As a grandmother of one granddaughter, I can only imagine how hard this has to be for her. I can’t even stand it when my son has to discipline my granddaughter, even when I know he is doing the right thing as her father. :-}

    • good morning kitty.. I know that i would be a mess if Jodi were my sweet granddaughter..keeping a positive view for Jodi and her famly …

  17. good morning everyone! chris hughes is super creepy. you know, there are not a lot of mormons in my area. i have only known one my whole life and once at the mall one came up to me with the black pants, white shirt and name tag thing. the one i did know, was really into butt sex too. (i mentioned that fact to the name tag one at the mall.) is it a common theme with mormons. (sorry i cant use my question mark right now. every time i press it i just get a french e. see…Éé. same goes for apostophies. i dont know why) and the worst part was my butt sex friend had a huge dink. terrible combination. like, one or the other, ya know. i prefer the other. i decided early on that we should just be friends. i just dont like butt sex but whatever floats your boat. so that is my big super important post. maybe a little tmi for this early in the morning. anyhoo, big day for all of us today. have a good one all!

        • TAs family were crying that she was using Tanisha’s face and making a big deal out of it. Now it proves that their stupid theory was bs and they’re still not happy.

        • I don’t think that Jodi’s drawings are an exact replica Maybe they were inspired by the ads, but the woman in the drawing doesn’t look much like Natalie Portman (and CERTAINLY does not look like Tanisha).

  18. Saw Skye Hughes on Dr. D last night. She had that same goofy smiley demeanor as Katy Wick. She had nothing to say of any substance. Just repeated what her husband said the night before.

    The HLNers kept offering her their condolences for the loss of Travis and she just kept this huge smile on her face. I think the Hughes are trying to audition for a TV job. Really weird people.

    • Funny how Sky can smile at inappropriate times and the haters don’t mind, but when Jodi does, it’s a sure sign of sociopathic behavior.

  19. Here’s a recent update:

    “Weber pleaded guilty to two counts of forcible sodomy in exchange for dropping four other counts. Charging documents say the former educator has admitted abusing several young boys over the last 35 years. And while additional charges haven’t been filed, prosecutors say it’s just a matter of time. Once investigations are complete and charges have been drafted, we are expecting charges to be filed in more than one county,” said Amann. Amann wouldn’t say how many victims there are but the guilty plea played out in a landmark moment.”

      • Im wondering that also. KN just kept saying to Deanna…just must have been a different relationship. He knew she was lying. The poor girl is either dalosuional or afraid.

  20. Good morning all…..

    Hero, SJ, AL, FUJuan, Cindy J., Mariana, Tired, PJ, Jaz, Gwen, Kitty, SR0606, Lena, Kira, geebee, BeeCee, leet, lara, Pat, Basse, Kalista, Ann, Bruce, TR, Can’ttakeit, Jennifer…and

    anyone else who appeared after this posts….GOOD MORNING!!!!! 🙂

  21. Early this morning, before court, Jaun M was sitting out on the front steps of the court house drinking his coffee, waiting for his fan club to arrive. A very elderly man was walking by, and when he got in front of JM he stopped turned and stared directly at him, looking deep into Juan’s eyes, saying nothing. After a few uncomfortable moments, JM finally asked the elderly “can i help you?” The elderly man said “Well, when i was a very young man, i fucked a clown, i was just trying to figure out if you could be my son!”.

    Good morning everyone.

  22. I’m very sorry…I usually do NOT condone violence…BUT in the case of Weber????? He should be castrated….and puke face Hughes and his porn star wife should be made to serve time in a Peruvian prison….

      • I have always though sick people should be cured. (if they cant be, you confine them from everyone else, until, if ever, they can be)

        Plus, castration would imply this was a “sexual urge” that is controlled by lowering or removing testosterone. Rape, however is not about sex, it is about control.

        • Rape is about power, true. It is also about sex. No one will convince me otherwise.

          Facts are facts, castration would at least limit the ways these sick fucks can ruin people’s lives and murder their souls.

          • I agree…with pedophilia/rape, I think it is a combination of exerting power combined with sexual urges. If it was only about power, they would just assault someone physically without needing to experience sexual gratification.

            I don’t think that pedophiles can be cured, so they should not be allowed back into society.

    • When I read that he plead guilty to 2 counts with 4 dismissed it made me want to puke. At least 6 lives altered by this man, Forever! IMO offenders like him cannot pay a price worthy of what they have done to their victim. Castration doesn’t take away the fact that they are manipulative and use people’s weaknesses against them. My neice was raped at 6. Her life was forever changed. Her rapist only has to spend 7 years in jail. So F’d up.

      • AMEN!! There is NO price that will EVER make up for what child abusers and rapists take from their victims…NONE. I don’t care how badly you torture the bastards…NOTHING is good enough….

      • Your poor niece….7 years in jail? See, that’s ridiculous. Those fuckers should not be released back out into the world where they can attack more children.

  23. Good morning all, and happy May Day! I have a minor point, but you know me-never one to pass up a minor point- that has been bugging me for some time, and it’s about this stupid school district.

    Initially when I looked it up, something struck me as odd/weird about it. It’s been a while since I looked at the web site, but it seemed like it wants to pass itself off as some public/private hybrid. As in, it’s a public school where the students don’t pay to attend, but the school board (on which CH is a leader of sorts) exercises curriculum control such that normal governmental restrictions are not upheld.

    Of course they bill that as a big plus, and for the families of the attendees, I suppose that is the case. But for the rest of us who have to make a decision for our children between receiving a paid for education at a school that does not promote one religious perspective, and paying full freight to send our kids to parochial school or home school, and for those of us who think that the Establishment Clause actually means something, it hardly seems fair.

    Of course, to people like the Hughes, little things like Constitutional rights are merely obstacles to the greater objective of their own enrichment. I wonder if the ACLU knows about his little sliver of heaven, and what if anything could be done about it. Chris and Sky Hughes are all smiles when they have the media groveling at their feet. I wonder how it would feel to have John Stossel at the door asking why taxpayers need to be paying for his kids’ private education.

    • Joujou-
      I will certainly tune in for the John Stossel report. Would love the see the Hughes squirm again, get all beligerent and sweaty while lying. Sounds to me like the school is just another way the Cult gets away with illegal activity and get to groom and brainwash their young under the guise of education.

    • Charter schools are private schools that steal public money from regular public schools and don’t have to be held accountable to taxpayers as to how that money is spent.

      They need to be illegal. They serve no purpose at all.

  24. Al,
    Speaking of minor points, I am a little fresher today and able to express myself, and what I was trying to say about M1 and the gun, is that I’m not sure (being unfamiliar with AZ law and the specifics of their Circuit) that the premed and intent behind the gunshot, which cannot be proved to have been fatal, can be transferred to the knife.
    Again, it’s the most minor of points, but I think I did not express myself clearly or well.
    As always, I’m groovin to the tunes.

    PS I posted something in defense of Willmott and Nurmi that didn’t get picked up about how they are in the May to the December of the careers of Spence, Garagos, Bailey, et. al, so give them some time to grow and develop before you compare them to the greats. It’s easy for Michael Jordan and Kevin McHale to critique Kevin Durant. Let’s just wait and see what happens.

    • joujoubaby

      I now get what you are saying. But in a single incident I don’t know if you can separate out the individual events. So whether its a gun shot followed by a knife thrust, or another shot, the issue always is whether the intent was to kill, or merely injure, etc. Also, in the whole reckless indifference argument, the issue then becomes one of whether the assailant should have known that the act might cause of life, and yet with a reckless disregard continued on his chosen path. That’s the argument used for drunk driving manslaughter, or sometimes M2 convictions.

      Of course if a self defense claim, or some such other exception is accepted then the premeditation angle vanishes.

      With respect to your PS. You either got it or you don’t. These two, while being adequate attorneys, don’t got it. Just stuff I’ve seen as a non-lawyer says they don’t.

      • I agree, Al. and the Stuff they don’t got is SO fundamental, I put the blame on their law schools as having deficient curicula and coaching. They went to separate schools, but both in Arizona. Just from reading the awkward language and structure of their Motions, I don’t think their schools coached them in how to CONSTRUCT A SOLID CASE. They also come across as having NO coaching in effective delivery of their case.

        And my biggest pet peve_don’t let me ever catch you getting up in front of an audience without VISUALS. Think about Geffner’s Chart. SOOOOO Essential!

        They should be elegible for a refund from their colleges! Allong with an apology!

  25. Just wanted to wish everyone a good day! I will be with you in spirit watching today’s proceedings, as I have this thing called a “job” which interferes with my ability to follow minute by minute, and not miss a moment……………………..

    • There is no reason to let this so called “job” you speak of, get in the way of bantering back and forth. Seriously..priorities Wonderwhy, priorities!

      Have a good day at work.

  26. And of even less value: Today is my long work day, so I will be incommunicado for most of the testimony, but tomorrow is my day off, so I’ll have my tongue sharpened and ready to go in the morning. Have a great one, all. You’ll be in my thoughts today!

  27. I listened to Chris Hughes the other night on HLN. I also listened to Sky Hughes last night.

    There were two things that stuck out to me.

    First, everyone thought that Jodi had some kind of “special radar” to know that they were talking about her. Well, DUH! I am sure the mood was cold from the Hughes’ before she went to bed. Then, Travis does not join her in bed, but sits up with Chris and Sky. That would cause anyone to think they are being talked about.

    Second, I don’t think Jodi had an evil look when they opened the door. I think she was probably looking dejected and hurt. I mean, come on. Your boyfriend is talking with his best friends about you. It had to be painful.

    Third, they didn’t like Jodi but kept letting her in the house??

    Fourth, they TOTALLY brushed over the email exchange between Travis and them.

    Fifth, I loved how Chris Hughes said that they were doing some non-profit about reading for underprivileged kids because Travis liked to read and go read to kids? REALLY? Since when?? No pictures or video of him doing that!!

    ***FINALLY, here is what REALLY struck me:***


    Conveniently, they could have erased things.

    The plot thickens…anyone have any thoughts on any of this?

    • My thoughts are C&S are in this up to their eyeballs.

      Corrupt, soulless, and quite possible, TAs “real” silencers.



      • yes.. I wondered yesterday about them having Travises computer to get all the emails and IMS,,it seems that the persecution has been supplying HLN with ammo..

        this is one big coverup and Jodi is their sacrificial lamb !

    • I had exactly the same thought about her ‘evil’ face —

      I don’t care who you are, if you wandered up on that scene, maybe wondering where everyone was, and realized they were all talking bad about you behind closed doors and you overheard some of it, you would feel angry, hurt, and humiliated.

      That’s a normal human response. Hello!

      • Just wanted to add that my point is that the Hugheses are obviously full of crap and are in this for the attention and possibly money.

      • That’s the bullshit story they told on 48 Hours. The Hugheses have been shown in this trial to be total liars.

        They warned JODI about TRAVIS, and not the other way around.

        This “evil eye” story was fabricated.

    • They’re total liars.

      The emails don’t lie, but the Hugheses are hoping the contents of those messages are never made public.

  28. Chris Hughes and Charter School. Interesting to see who is casting stones. Perhaps he should spend less time commentating on CNN and more time monitoring his own life.

  29. Hello all, off topic, but Amanda Knox’s memoir came out yesterday if any of you are interested in that case. A lot of similarities between hers and Jodi’s cases. It’s called Waiting to Be Heard.
    That’s all! I’ll check in later when the trial starts up. 🙂

  30. Today’s BOLD ACCUSATION!:

    Travis and Chris Hughes were having butt sex! 😯

    hey, if they can do it, so can I. lol!

  31. You state in the articles beginning that Mormons and sex with minors is prevalent. Mormonism is a CULT

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