All I really need to know, I learned in the Jodi Arias Trial [by SirLips]

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While we wait patiently (not) for the jury to come back with either an acquittal or a manslaughter verdict, check out the post below from our resident contributor SirLips. Enjoy…

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Everything I Really need to know about the world we live in didn’t come from Kindergarten, it only started there. I learned the value of these ideals when seeing it unfold in the Jodi Arias trial. Here is what I learned, and the acknowledgements to the person that taught me the lesson, good or bad:

1 – Don’t hit people, because sometimes they hit back. (TA, JA)

2 – Sneaky men get you to say what they want you to say, wise men get you to say what you want to say. (Nurmi-JW)

3 – Listening involves closing your mouth and opening your ears, not the other way around. (N. Grace)

4 – It’s only “trust” when it is inconvenient. If it was convenient, you wouldn’t need to trust, you would KNOW. (JA)

5 – Good people, bad people, young people, old people, white men, black woman, singers, forum posters, teachers and juror members – all die. So will we, don’t forget this.

6 – Don’t live your life on a “teeter totter”, sooner or later the other person will jump off. And you only have one way to go after that. (TA)

7 – Live your life on a bench swing. You can do it with your partner, alone, fast or slow. But, it will always remain balanced. (ALV)

8 – It is better to have character than to be a character. (Juan M.)

9 – If you think sex is a pain in the ass, it’s because you’re doing it wrong. (TA/JA)

10 – Yelling does get people to hear you; however it seldom gets people to listen to you. (JM)

11 – Having talent and being good at your job is not the same thing. (JM)

12 – Winning streaks are great for Football, baseball and basketball; they are not good when you are a hangman, an assassin or a prosecutor. (State of AZ death penalty prosecutors)

13 – When judging someone that lied, remember this: We all lie. The bigger the issue, the more reason there is to lie. What did you last lie about? If it was a “minor” issue, then there was less reason to lie…not more, yet you still did it. Be careful how you judge a liar. (JA)

14 – Share. Thoughts, food, money, love, opinions… Always share.

15 – Our past does not define who we will become, how we deal with our past does. (Me)

16 – If you have to tell people you are something, there is a good chance you are not. (JM)

17 – Speaking about yourself in third person will always make you a dip shit. Always.  (The Prosecutor)

18 – 5 people on TV, getting paid to judge, will always have an easier job than 12 people sitting in a room being asked to judge. (HLeN/the Jury)

19 – When you’re upset, it’s easier to count to 10, than it is to breathe with a slit in your throat. (TA)

20 – The state only needs to be wrong one time, to lose. The defense only has to be right one time, to win. (US constitution)

21 – The most important time to show respect is not when you like someone, but when you don’t like someone. (JW, greeting every witness with kindness each morning)

22 – Small voices make big differences, even when they are just typed.- (JA is contributors)

23 – We don’t have to trust a defendant to find them innocent; we have to trust the prosecutor to find them guilty. (US Law)

24 – Don’t talk to cops, ever. Period. (

25 – True friendships are not always realized until they are gone. Un-true friends are not always realized until you are gone. (TA’s “best friends”, still on vacation, after his murder)

26 – It’s better to think about god while fishing, than to think about fishing, while at church. ( posters)

27 – A real friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world just walked out. (Donavan Bering)

28 – A loyal friend laughs at your jokes when they’re not so good, and sympathizes with your problems when they’re not so bad. (Al, to many contributors to this site)

29 – The best thing a person can do is “live”, there are a lot of people that should try it. (haters sites)

30 – Many “great people” have inspirational comments about dreaming. Dreams happen when you are asleep; people don’t accomplish work when they are asleep. I prefer to work towards my goals when I am awake, rather than dream about them while I should be working or sleeping. (a dead abusive motivational dreamer)

31 – Laws were created in your name, you have a responsibility to remember that.

32 – Love is an act of the heart, not an act of the groin. But that’s fun too. (TA/JA)

33 – If you don’t want to know what your neighbor is doing in the bedroom, stop looking in their windows. (HLeN staff)

34 – My measure of a great education is not if it gains you a great living, but if it gains you a great life. (DR. D vs DR S and ALV)

35 – When media advertises only when someone lies, they are not news, they are “drama”. When the media advertises the truth and only the truth, they are news. We need more news on TV. (HLeN, FOX, CNN, ABC, NBC, unTRU TV…..)

36 – Be careful of what you say, because you never know who could be listening, but you always will be. You can’t lie to yourself. (JA)

37 – Some people are experts at talking, without saying anything. (JM)

38 – MANslaughter doesn’t mean he was one.

Have a great day everyone!

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Thanks to SirLips for the post!

So while the 2nd full day of jury deliberation rumbles along, let’s not forget one thing that can’t be disputed…


Never question it.

Never doubt it.

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    • Congrats Bruce! SJ will be sending you the dinner tickets next day air. Be sure to tell JM we all say “hello” (which is JAish for ‘Go Fuck Yourself”)

      They did tell you that was todays prize, right?

      • too funny sirlips…hahaha…

        And a really great post today sirlips…

        Do you feel a story line of how the movie “Hunger Games” correlates with Jodi Arias Trial?…I feel a parallel connection between Jodi Arias and Katniss Everdeen…if you feel a story will you please write one for us?

        Many thanks

        • I have been following this trial sporadically since it began. I am amazed that more hasn’t come out of the fact that the Mormon Church is historically linked to the practice of Blood Atonement. Check out the link It is interesting how Travis Alexander’s throat was cut from ear to ear as described in the Mormon Endowment Ritual of Blood Atonement. I am curious as to why no investigation has been done as to the involvement of Travis’s Mormon buddies, starting with Dustin Thompson!

          • your not the only one who has been wondering that. when I described Travis’ injuries to my aunt who has been through the temple, the first words out of her mouth were “BLOOD ATONEMENT” and even though done away with by the church, she feels like me that there is something more, that someone else was there, and that there is something Jodi knows and isn’t telling anyone and my aunt has not even been watching this trial.

        • Yes, too funny and too true. As far as HLN and Fat Nancy, well they’re despicable in every way..All they say is that people should get a fair trial but they will go to no ends to make sure they can influence everyone and anyone to REACH those jurors…I feel anytime there is a hearing anywhere that entire network should be banned. One thing I did notice that I do not recall anyone pointing out was the tape Sky Skank Hughes played. Was Travis this big motivational speaker/ aka scam artist that helped them so so much…or did he have some secret sex thing going on with them? I also noticed his voice in their tape was fake and not the same person that was in Jodi’s who’s the borderline??? Maybe Dr. Boo hoo Drew can answer that. Just sayin

        • I never read the Hunger games, but i did see the movie. Not sure, but i can think of several other connection JA’s story has with other literary works.

          I will kick around the idea. Right now im trying to get work done, so that i can take time off to write, wehn the verdict comes in. My boss believes we should accomplish stuff when we are at work….hm…

      • sirlips- Congratulations on your post. It’s amazing. Everything there make sense. You have so much wisdom. I love it 🙂

    • All I want to say Is Jodi your beautiful and amazing and not all men are abusive and bad and when you get out it would be my honor to show you that how beautiful you are and treat you as you should be treated

  1. So nervous, I just want to be able to press fast-forward so I can hear the verdict. It is a good thing, however, the jury is taking time to deliberate.

      • I have been silent. As a survivor, a blog watcher, and a trial watcher. Until I read your “All I really need to know, I learned in the Jodi Arias Trial” post. It moved me to speak in support of Jodi. Hasn’t any domestic violence survivor somehow identify with Jodi? It blows my mind they are “offended” by Jodi’s support of them! I stand in support with you all 🙂

        • I have to write again because I am just so upset and want to help her. I am a battered woman and I can totally relate to many of the things I heard. I just feel that this was a bias verdict due to the circus that this case has become due to the media being like a bunch of judgemental bias people that have not been in the position yet they seem to feel like they know how one would or should act in that situation well, I can tell you that I know how Jodi felt when Travis went after her, belittled and scared her. I am sorry Alisha his old roommate doesn’t believe Jodi was abused by him. Jodi is guilty of only killing him due to being abused and the evidence was totally misrepresented~I don’t think that it was premeditated! The media has REALLY REALLY GOTTEN THIS WHOLE CASE FUCKED UP! OMG! I AM SO SICKENED! JODI – I PRAY FOR YOU SWEETHEART! You deserve a fair trial and I am not sure you could possibly get that now that the media has made such a mockery of the whole thing! Jodi – I think that you need to stop contacting them …. they are making you look bad and twisting things to make you look like you are from Chicago- the broadway production/movie I know that Travis was not good to you. I never spoke negatively of my ex. yet he broke my nose … and many other horrible things I never told anyone about because we have 2 kids and I din’t want their daddy to look bad. And,,, ya know I can think of a lot of the things that people were twisting around I saw in a totally different way which I think is how you meant it. Anyway, good luck and God bless you! Amy

  2. “Whether it’s to yourself or looking at someone else … Everybody lies, lies, lies …. It’s the only truth sometimes …. ” — Jason Walker

  3. Chris Williams ‏@chriswnews 14m

    Woman resembling #JodiArias juror 16 walks out of courtroom. Heads to elevators not looking pleased. #verdictwatch

    • I’m guestimating (which is the processes of taking both hands, placing them behind your back, moving them down to your butt, then pulling something directly from your ass) that we will hear an verdict of manslaughter on Wednesday or a hung jury next Tuesday. If we are going to get a M1 or M2 verdict it will be today or never, IMO.

  4. Chris Williams ‏@chriswnews 3m

    Woman who left resembled but was NOT #JodiArias juror 16. Court staff

    so much to good observation, hello everybody here wishing you all a wonderful afternoon and a nice evening to us Europeans 😉

    • Weren’t the women on the jury identified as more “pro-prosecution?” Of course, you can never really tell. But if she was not pleased, maybe others are leaning toward lesser verdict?

  5. Just read where a 21 year old smashed her toddlers head into the wall and killed her. She had been reported twiced for mistreating child and said they found nothing. She is currently in jail and is 8 months pregnant. That just breaks my heart.

    • Just horrible. Why does anyone have children if they don’t want to protect & care for them? TA’s parents being another example.

  6. Nicely written Sirlips. I especially liked numbers:

    17 – Speaking about yourself in third person will always make you a dip shit. Always. (The Prosecutor)
    (Ever see Seinfeld’s “The Jimmy”?)

    18 – 5 people on TV, getting paid to judge, will always have an easier job than 12 people sitting in a room being asked to judge. (HLeN/the Jury) (Especially when they pretend vital evidence doesn’t exist.)

    38 – MANslaughter doesn’t mean he was one.
    (He was a violent creep with questionable sexual proclivities.) I real man does not hit women or abuse children)

  7. Some of your points made me think, some made me go awwww, and some made me laugh until my sides hurt. Thank you for lightening the mood Sir. 🙂

    • Thanks Jaz. I’m only allowed 1 good idea a year, this is my second. We know what that means…next year i’m going to be dumber than a solar powered flashlight.

  8. Loved your post Sirlips, excellent as always!

    25 – True friendships are not always realized until they are gone. Un-true friends are not always realized until you are gone. (TA’s “best friends”, still on vacation, after his murder)

    so shaaaaaaaady!!!

  9. off topic since the jury is at lunch:
    Have you heard the news that three teenagers, who have been missing, were found in Cleveland, Ohio!! They were held captive for 10 years by their school bus driver! One of them escaped yesterday and the other two were found at the bus drivers home…

    • Yes!! Miracles do happen.
      Did you see the short interview they took by the man who heard one of them crying out for help?His body language was so….off when he uttered the words” I thought it was just a Domestic Violence thing” or sth to that effect.As if saying,no big deal!!My mind immediately went to Jodi and all our discussions here. 🙁

          • I found it ! He said also that he’d been living there for a year and had no clue that there was anyone else living in the house except the man. He said he was surprised to hear the girl’s screams because he didn’t think any girls lived there. I guess there were babies found too!

              • Oh my, I hope those guys get what is coming to them! What a horrible people! I can’t even imagine what those girls went through! I am glad the have been found! Their families must be elated. Will there be updates? I do not live in the Cleveland area, but expect THIS to be TOP news!

                • Yes it is top news, and has been top news on CNN too since last night. Also the Air Force officer in charge of sexual assault prevention programs who was arrested for sexual battery.
                  One good thing about the three girls story might be that the police might change their attitude about 16-20 years old who disappear and stop calling them runaways and start looking.

                • viri, I do not watch the TV news generally, unless for a weather update or if I hear of something local… I avoid CNN et al…so I am generally behind. News stresses me if I watch it too much. You make a good point about the 16-20 year old girls. I hope there are some good changes made as a result of this.
                  I will look up the other story re: Air Force officer.

                • You’ve got the right attitude, Dorothy. I only keep a news channel on a tiny 7″ tv always on mute/captions and check what’s going on there and on internet news once in a while. My real TV is only tuned to nature, science and smithonian channels shows, most of the time mute also.

                • viri, I checked out that story of the Air Force guy…well, at least the victim had the wherewithal to call the police. Having a position like he did OMG! Just OMG…It kind of reminds me of the Canadian Air Force pilot who started peeping in woman’s windows, then moved on to stealing their undies out of their drawers, then moved on to rape and videotaping it all.He even videotaped himself wearing the underwear. He had TONS of panties and bras that he had stolen… CAAARRRRAAAAYYYYZZZZEEEE 😯

              • OMG! Is this a new development? Are the children well, were they recovered? How could there be THAT many people in that house? It doesn’t look very big! AND no one noticed? The guy had a dog too?

                • Its bigger than you think
                  Two stories plus a basement an an attic conversion .
                  Thats 4 levels in all.

                  Can you imagine a friggin G ZIMMERMAN TYPE there
                  Seeing the Black dude kicking in the door
                  Wouldve gone over a emptyd a hollo point into him.

                  An then shook hands with the monster inside.

                  For pprotecting his stuff from thease suss Black dudes.

                  Geez they will even try to steal your Kidnapp victims

      • I heard the interview of that man and interpreted it differently. I did not thought he was minimizing, but going to help even though he thought it was domestic violence. He was not going to ignore the cries for help.

        • Rebecca what I wrote was that his body language seemed off to me,not his words or actions.I’m thankful as a human being to that man for rescuing these girls.But what I didnt like was that if you look at him talking he sort of ”shrugs” his shoulders (lifting them up)when saying he thought it was a domestic violence dispute.

          • Maria, he did seem super excited, hyped up from all the hubbub. I would imagine I would be all excited as well.

    • It wasn’t their bus driver, it was just a bus driver. The three girls were abducted about a year apart from one other. Ranging ages from 14 to 19 when taken between 2002-2004.

      Three suspects in custody, all brothers in their 50s. The man seen on TV that heard the screaming and went over to investigate actually saved these women, he kicked the door open (was blocked/boarded up to keep them in) and set them free while the kidnapper was out of the house.

      Google the name Amanda Berry, she was one of the three girls/women rescued.

      • oops sorry JJ…I had heard it was their school bus driver, must have been “a school bus driver”. It is a wonderful outcome to what MUST have been considered by many to be homicides. I hope those young ladies get GOOD counseling! What a horrific ordeal!
        THREE brothers in custody?
        YES! That man is a HERO! and so is Amanda for daring to escape. I am glad it was the neighbor’s day off. The timing was right for her escape. The neighbor was all elated and giddy…his comment about “[You know there has to be SOMETHING wrong when a white girl runs into the arms of a black man]”…I think that the young lady saw FREEDOM and SAFETY! No color difference. I was saddened by that comment…I guess how he has experienced his life, prejudice is evil and thriving… 🙁

        • No worries! I just happen to know all this because I am local to the NE ohio area, I watched the entire thing unfold last night around 7pm live on local TV. I was running around the house like “I can’t believe this is happening!”

          • JJ, so you must have been aware of their disappearances? It was SO long ago! Were the “Missing” posters still on display? I am so happy Amanda found the courage to do what she did.

            • I am actually fairly new to this area so I wasn’t around when she disappeared. I am also many miles outside of Cleveland so I wouldn’t have seen any signs around here.

              I have heard her name on the news though recently, there was a vigil held for her just a month or so ago on the anniversary of her going missing. And somewhat recently they had dug up someone’s garage on a tip, looking for remains.

              • Wow, I am so glad they were found alive. I can’t imagine what their families experienced while they were missing and what emotions they are feeling now! Is there any talk of an interview with family or friends…I expect the media will allow the girls recoup time though.

  10. So check this out lol…I’m having lunch with a group of women and I mentioned the Jodi case…omg I got horrible looks lol except one and it’s sad because the way they reacted was like they watch HLN. Thankfully I stood my ground and told them my point of view and what I believed in. Jodi is innocent.

    • UGH! Been dealing with this with one of my closest friends who only watched the trial by way of HLN and not every day…. So, therefore she was only shown one side of it and didn’t see all parts of it. I have told her MANY times how biased, one-sided HLN is, along with other points that state that this case is NOT black and white like most of the pros-pros acts like it is. So frustrating but theres almost no point.

      Its the kind of people that follow mainstream and the popular vote that are pro Travis and you cant talk to. It seems like they trust what they hear that makes them think “Because HLN says it with such fact and aggression, it has to be true!”


      • Best friends are hard, very likely impossible to replace. If I were in your shoes, I would honor my friend by respecting his/her opinion; If I found myself feeling too passionate about the subject to do that, I would avoid the subject of the trial while in his/her company.

      • Can’t believe the venom & hatred coming from people, especially Nancy Grace & that Velez Mitchell woman. They’ll only be happy to see Jodi on the deathbed!! What horrible people.

  11. Wild About Trial ‏@WildAboutTrial 54m

    Free pizza out side the court house. Police have out up police tape around the entrance. I guess security is a bit tighter. #JodiArias

    I guess HLN doesn’t have the mob scene they wanted, so they’re trying to create one?

  12. Good afternoon/evening everyone!!
    Sirlips,great post as always!!
    I liked both the serious and the humorous lessons included in it.I bet if sm could read the hundreds thousands of our posts throughout these months they would find a lot more.
    I remember some good ones like ”If you didnt write it in your journal it means it didnt happen” ”Never dye your hair when leaving for a trip” or ”Decomposition does NOT smell like dog poo ”

  13. Sirlips,
    Enjoyed your post:)
    #24 is good advise…We probably wouldn’t be here if Jodi had remained silent.

    • Grazie Dorothy. Yah, i’m sure we wouldnt be, but everything is so easy in retrospect. Thats why sites like this are so awsome. Think of the thoughts and personal inspection that comes from reading and seeing everyones remarks. Hopefully we all learn something from this.

    • WTF sick article is this?????I’m not a religious person,Im spiritual.But since they brought it up,here it goes:They have the nerve to quote one of the Pope’s words?”When it is a question of the execution of a (woman) condemned to death, it is then reserved to the public power to deprive the condemned of the benefit of life, in expiation of (her) fault, when already, by (her) fault, (she) has dispossessed (herself) of the right to live.”

      PUHLEEEEZE!If something is wrong with the world is all the evil things/holy wars/prejudice/superstitions/deprivation of rights the organized religions out there have inflicted upon the human race throughout the centuries!! IF,IF they want to sound religiously objective they why not quoting the Man they consider their Messiah???


      • You go Maria!!!!!!!! AMEN, AMEN, AMEN, AMEN, AMEN AMEN….and so on…….

        A M E N!!!!!!!

        (((((((((((((((((Maria)))))))))))))))))))))))))))) and good afternoon/evening/early morning/ ALL TIME ZONES – oh fuck it:

        HEY MARIA!!!!!


      • Or this one:

        Romans 12:19
        Beloved, never avenge yourselves, but leave it to the wrath of God, for it is written, “Vengeance is mine, I will repay, says the Lord.”


  14. I’m catching up on Nurmi closing. I think they should have checked the blood in sink for saliva & mucus to prove he spit it out after gunshot wound.

    • I spoke to a friend of my that works at Mayo about this very thing. He said it would be extremely hard, if even possible to do this, and the processes would not be very reliable.

      He stated that the saliva on a sink, where people brush teeth, etc, wouldnt prove it came from the same time as the blood. He also said something about the saliva drying faster and in a different way that blood. He said he would have been more worried about it becoming an impossible to prove theory, which may sway jurors to think it was not true, just because they couldnt “prove” it. Which does make sence.

      I am more surprised that the state didn’t do this, long ago.

  15. #17 is my favorite too.

    17 – Speaking about yourself in third person will always make you a dip shit. Always. (The Prosecutor)


  16. if they werent in handcuffs mayb they were being threatened by the others. wld that b a mistrial? i need a fast forward button. this is some crazy wack-a-doo shit.

    • I don’t think they were hand cuffed or even in trouble for that matter. Just know jury isn’t all together so deliberations must be halted.

  17. I take the news as a good thing………….I am guessing during deliberations it became obvious to other jurors they were watching the media so they were called out. This means the jury is taking their position very seriously.

  18. Lunch breaks…….escorted by deputies…. 2 jurors came back with sodas. The 3 more left escorted by deputies.

  19. Love the post sirlips, but if I may be ever so bold to add one of my own….that I definitely learned from this case….

    Not all those who die at the hand of another are VICTIMS

  20. Haha, sirlips, I see you have been learning how to say thank you in various languages – I caught Arabic and Japanese.

  21. nope, no knee jerk reaction going on here. no jumping to conclusions either. i give up. where did my crystal ball go????

    signed a plea years ago mg? really? she tried that you moron.

  22. Thanx for taking down the link to that stupid article,Team Jodi.
    i’ve been meaning to say sth the past few days but I didnt want to sound offensive or as if gagging someone.
    I refrained from going to any haters site/page for at least 3 months.It was beyond toxic.Right now I’M DONE,DONE,DONE reading negative,lynch mob articles,tweets,haters opinions!!!! That’s why I rarely comment here any more when such things are brought up,be they HLN rumours,haters posts etc etc.
    What I’m standing here asking you,my beloved Jodi supporters is to PLEASE stop bringing any of this venomous hatred here.What good can come out of these sub-humans’ points of view???I dont see the reason why we should willingly torture ourselves by reading or looking them up??
    At this point,our staying positive and patiently waiting for the Verdit is the most important thing.We should stay focused on Jodi and Jodi alone.

    I dont mean to sound harsh or to offend anyone.Everyone’s entitled to their own search and info sources.I’m just saying please excuse any of us for not commenting on the links you’ll be posting hereafter.

    • I agree with you maria…I think the time is done for people here to be posting garbage like that.

      We are in the final stretch here…we don’t need no stinkin’ hater talk posted.

      • Yes, I think it’s (more or less) ok to chat about anything, but I never see the point in links to hate/BS pages & sites being posted here. Serves no purpose and only throws people off course. We have far better things to concentrate on right now.

        Team Jodi

        • I fully agree with SJ re; people posting links from HLN
          & Hater sites here. Please don’t attack me for saying this
          but in all honesty I come here to read your thoughts &
          opinions / feedback on Jodi’s case & tribulations.

          I did not come here to here about what Dr. Drew or
          Chris Hughes had to say on his show or what
          nasty venom Nancy G is spewing.

          I have learned the only way to keep negativity
          & toxic shit out of your life is to simply disengage!

          Some of you say it really bothers you to read
          all the hate filled vile-ness over on the dark side
          but why bring the links over to this side?

          Simply disengage folks
          Read stuff that is good for you
          not posionious stuff that will cause you to be upset!

    • Yeah, I know what you mean, Maria. What you are saying makes me think of the Daily Show on Comedy Central, it is a good program, but I got so tired of them showing clips of horrible people spewing garbage, that I mostly have stopped watching it now.

    • I totally agree Maria. If we want to torture ourselves, each of us can do it without involving the others. I personally want to avoid the negativity as much as possible.

    • It’s ok, Maria, I was at your place not too long ago myself.

      I don’t generally go to the hater sites, and if I comment it’s usually of what someone else has copied/pasted.

      But you’re right, they are a dime a dozen and this isn’t a platform for their bullshit.


  23. A lawyer on HLN (spit!) just said if Jodi is found guilty, the defense can then question the jurors as to how they came to their decision. This information can then be used for a new trial or appellate purposes. Does anyone have more info on this process?

    • Yes, I have seen this done in other trials, where both sides ask the jurors, but they don’t have to talk if they don’t want to.

      • Thanks, TB1

        I recently watched a “48 Hours” show that featured one of Martinez’s trials. What struck me was a juror’s comment after the defendant got 5 years for manslaughter. It was a M-1 case, I think.

        The juror said: “Nothing was proven but it’s just a gut feeling…we thought he was a (muffled word?) scumbag.”

        So, he voted to convict the guy even though he admits “nothing was proven.” This is the kind of juror that worries me.

  24. No, this is normal during deliberations, and the Judge did say they would be escorted. Don’t panic, it keeps the ignorant press (JVM) away from them.

  25. Wild About Trial ‏@WildAboutTrial 2m
    Back at courthouse. Jurors had lunch here it seems. Fire truck just pulled up. Not sure why yet.

  26. Just heard on HLN Jodi has to sit in the holding cell with nothing…no notebook, no book, nothing

    How is this humane? She hasn’t been convicted!!

    • No books to read?? Nothing to draw on? Oh how awful. I guess she can catch up on her sleep at least.

    • that sounds fishy to me. Why let her have stuff during the trial out in the open and not in the cell?

      • The spokesperson said this was standard treatment. And from what I know about our ‘Sheriff Joe’ if sounds about right. This is a no frills and no comforts type Sheriff.

      • It is really shitty, but it is standard. During the trial, she is allowed and encouraged to assist in her own defense. So she can take notes, wrote questions for her attorneys, etc. In holding, the premise is that the trial is over, and she doesn’t “need” anything. She does have the trial notes, but nothing to write with. Her attorneys can visit her as well. It must be boring as hell, if I were her, I would just try to sleep, although it would be likely difficult with the stress she is likely feeling.

    • Also said ‘she gets three meals a day. For breakfast, 4oz peanut butter. For lunch, 2 oz peanut butter”

      • No free pizza either, I’m guessing. This whole circus is like something out of sick sci-fi movie with Marie Antoinette as the evil alien or something. Let them eat cake & all that sort of cruel & unusual treatment of others while the royal class uses and abuses the resources. I’m not really sure what I’m saying here, but you know, something about cruelty, lack of empathy, disparity, stratification, & all that sort of rot.

    • Oh, that was painful to read. It’s bad enough that she has to wait while people deliberate her very right to live, but to put her in a cage w/out any means of distraction while she waits? So incredibly inhumane.

    • It is really disgusting and inhumane. Oh I want her so much to get OUT of jail, away from her persecutors. Poor Jodi.

    • No man that’s standard for our court system. The standard procedure for going to court is the following…they make you get ready at 4:30am and put you in a holding cell in the front. Four hours later when your ready to leave to go to court they but a big chain around your waste for the hand cuffs and they put shackles on your feet. When you go to court you go in an underground holding cell with 30 other inmates still cuffed all over like before. They make the temperature between 40-50 degrees and you can’t even lay down on the cold concrete because of how you are cuffed to the waste. You even have to eat like that where you can’t move your hands but a few inches. Most of the time they don’t bring you back until the last person is done around five. This is an easy way to get people to plea and not go to trial, Its literally torture

    • Sick. These people are just horrible. They are trying to punish her based on the firestorm of hatred.

      Also, I’m not sure if someone posted about this farther down, but I saw the media vultures attacking her over her tweets. So now she has no right to have an opinion?

      This whole thing, just ridiculous and outrageous.

  27. Haha, so they put up police tape to keep JVM away from the entrance after she didn’t listen to them yesterday. They kept telling her not to gather near the entrance yesterday. That women is just making a fool of herself.

  28. just a few random thoughts. JVM talking about Jodi in her “prison stripes”
    1st- wow, great journalism. can you find out what toilet paper color she uses?
    2nd- why not poka dots? why stripes? i wld sooo notice a person in a poka dot jumper faster than the stripe ones.

    • I think Jodi looks very cute in her prison stripes. It may start a fashion trend, maybe we should all go out & get black & white striped shirts & wear them in public!

  29. As a mother and a victim of sexual & physical abuse since I was a child, my heart breaks for Jodi. I thought the world have had a wake up call after the not guilty verdict in the Casey Anthony case. Those jurors made a statement to America that we can’t be brainwashed by the media. I hope the Jodi’s jury has the same courage. It is their duty to protect the innocent no matter how much the press tries to vilify them. I’ve watched every minute of the trial since it began & the only victim in all this was poor Jodi.

    I know in my heart that the jury will be sending her home this week. The tragedy is despite no longer being behind bars, she will forever be imprisoned by her persecution in the media. Just like Casey, poor Jodi will be forced into exile. They have ruined her chances of finding her dream job, her Mr. Right, and having a family. I hope she makes enough from her book & her artwork to live a happy life. If she were in need, I would open my home to let her stay with me. We have so much in common with the type of men that have ruined our lives that we couldn’t help but become the best of friends.

    I seriously think both Jodi & Casey Anthony should advertise online the chance for people to eat dinner with them. I know I would pay $500 just for the chance to tell them how much I admire their personal strength and how they are role models for women like us. I bet they would have a waiting list of people anxious to meet them that would take years to complete. Anybody else agree?

  30. All roads lead back to Dr. Geffner. You can bet the term dura mater is reverberating around that room.

    It was the epicenter that the entire case for Martinez rested on. Without convincing the jury beyond a shadow of a doubt that a 25 caliber bullet above the right eye had the immediate effect of rendering Alexander helpless, the entire case fell apart for disproving self defense. Now at the very end of the case, it’s been held up to ridicule. That couldn’t have happened at a better time because the ME repeated over and over three different times on the stand it HAD to go through the brain. The emphasis Jennifer put on it with the question ‘do you know how serious this case is’ riveted that ME’s incompetence or deliberate lie in their brains.

    Now all the other things that possibly seemed so unlikely can much more logically fall into place as Jodi described it. Once they can accept the premise of the POSSIBILITY of Alexander fighting, the self defense is automatic.

    It then morphs right into why? And the second prong, domestic violence, i.e having the same man’s hands around her neck that caused the shutoff of oxygen to her brain once before is now not able to laughed at by any juror who tries to dismiss it and argue it. Now it is very real that he was trying to get on top of her just as she described on June 4th to do again. The flashback is now very believable and again it was Dr. Geffner who pulverized the only witness who tried to indemnify it as the preformed mentality of a violent and dangerous woman.

    The twelve in there are mostly seniors. Seniors have life experiences, they have raised their own families. They are envisioning some of their sons or daughters being abused in the manner they heard on the tapes and the texts and the emails. They are realizing these weak inferences don’t add up and they have seen the sham attempted to be perpetrated on them by a rabid bloodthirsty egomaniac that I bet most of them couldn’t stand. It had to be made clear to them when it was laid out like a road map in Nurmi’s closing how common sense will tell them that to believe the hyperbole Martinez pleaded with them to construe as premeditation beyond a reasonable doubt, not only didn’t meet that standard, it should be an insult to their intelligence.

    There is a lot of material those folks are going over and any that may be pro prosecution in there is not having an easy time convincing those who are not I can assure you of that. I had said from midway in the trial this is no Simpson jury. There are some very bright people who are pointing out many of the same things we have for months. But now, with what I had said all along about this amateur ME being eviscerated if only a top coroner expert had been able to testify, it was all done by the one person who came at the final hour, decimated the State’s case and shined the spotlight on the real murderers.

    I believe we will see that, although this isn’t truly a jury of Jodi’s peers in age, it will be a jury Martinez will not like what he hears. And it couldn’t happen to a more deserving prick.

    • OMG Jade I consistently love your posts. Always very informative and you definitely have a way with words! I especially enjoyed the last line. Priceless!

    • Jade, have I told you lately how much I dig you?

      I am telling you, you need to write a book about this case.

    • I agree,

      the dura mater is the icing on the cake…

      that alone proves the state is just out to lie and get a conviction.

    • Absolutely true. And I still believe Travis used a knife to cut off the duct tape from his arm before taking his shower. (The duct tape was on his right upper arm in the nude photo of him on his back on the bed. The duct tape was on the bathroom floor, labeled with one of the yellow numbered crime scene markers.). The knife HAD to be in the bathroom. How else can you get duct tape off easily? It was shown cut in the crime scene photo.) I don’t know why this was never brought up. And, since the Defense didn’t mention the possibility, it is because Jodi didn’t remember…. which should be validation that she DOESN’T REMEMBER the knife being there…. Available to grab & stab Travis is the back after he lunged at her and she struck the shallow 1/4 inch blows … An attempt FIRST to get him off of her! The shot being accidental truly put him in an even greater adrenalized killer mode.

  31. Of course the jurors are being escorted. It’s the only way to keep the brain dead media away from them! If they weren’t escorted they would be completely mobbed by HLN (SPIT) (Had to borrow that from you, coldcase53) For some random reason it suits, heh heh

  32. Good afternoon all,
    I hope everyone is doing well. I’m trying to stay busy and get some laundry done and a few other things around the house. Wanted to cut grass but it rained for about an hour so forget that. (darn,lol) I am trying not to “clock watch” and read anything into the time the jury is taking. It’s enough to make me crazy. I had alot of crazy dreams last night, tossed and turned and slept, at the most, 4 or so hours. In my dream, the jury all left for lunch and never came back. When the Judge called them to see what was going on, they all told her they couldn’t decide and didn’t want the case anymore. That they quit and didn’t want to think about it anymore. Weird I know. I am not a dream interpreter, so no idea what it means, if anything…but it was really odd. Then again, I dream alot, (nightly) and always remember my dreams, most are very lucid and very logical to me.

    Anyway, just wanted to check in and say hello, its is close enough to 5 for me to pop open something to drink, to hell with waiting another 50 minutes….

    • Hi Anna ((((hugs)))) I know that this is really affecting you. I send you warm hugs and positive vibes.

      • Anna I made a drink at 1:10 p.m… so go for it. your day sounds like mine. you all have been with me as I got my sprint close out. 4 loads later and I think they’re gone. now I need to iron.

        • Wow… are impressive Cindy. I honestly cannot remember the last time I ironed. I’m serious, if it’s something that needs ironed, I either don’t buy it, or if it’s just ‘kinda wrinkly” I hang it in the bathroom with the hot shower on, door closed, or if I REALLY love it and have to buy it and it requires ironing, it goes to the cleaners. LOL….

    • Anna….

      Your cat never arrived at my home…………have you decided to keep him???????

      Good afternoon to you ((((((hugs))))))

      Drink till your hearts’ content girl – it’s 7 pm somewhere!!! No worries about the 50 minutes…..LOL LOL LOL

      • LOL Janeen! Yeah….He redeemed himself just by being cute. Sigh……damn cat, he knows how to get to me. (rolls on back, purrs, sits in show box looking adorable)

        Yepp…..decided to go ahead and have a glass of wine or 2. (or 3) and try to relax and keep the tv on but muted and listen to music and post here now and then. My mom already called to say WTF is taking so long…LOL. Told her to have some wine too and she said good idea. 🙂 Dinner for me will be something normal hopefully, hate to admit it, but last night, (and several others) I have been eating crap like junk food for dinner, if anything at all. Last night I ate half a bag of “Bugles” a tangerine, and later, a Butterfinger. So healthy. At least today, so far, I made a smoothie of strawberries, bananas, and soymilk.

    • Anna, My laundry is PILING UP! When you are done with yours feel free to come to my house to do mine 😉

  33. Forgot to mention……how about those 3 girls found alive after 10 years? I am just amazed….imagine the families and how they must feel?? So amazing…….these poor girls, 10 years enduring who knows what hell, finally free.

    • Isn’t it awesome to hear some good news for a change? I can’t even bear to contemplate what those little girls went through. I heard one of their mothers passed away during the time they were missing. Such a tragedy. Their lives are forever altered because of these freaks. Cleveland must be rejoycing today!! I wish them well on their journey of healing.

      • Right!!! It is so rare to hear of kidnapped victims being found alive after so long……it is usually just the opposite. I didn’t know one of the mom’s passed away during the 10 years, how awful. I am sure as the days and weeks go on, we will get more info about what happened to these girls. I cannot believe they were actually right in their own neighborhood all this time. Such a scary world. I do not have children, and if I did, I can imagine I would be so overprotective it would be unreal.

    • No punishment on this earth could make up for what those girls’ lives were like and what they have endured and lived through.

      Those three bastards are going to burn in hell for what they did.

      I am too angry about this story to be polite. I apologize.

    • It is amazing and heart warming that they are finally free. I am especially happy for the 6 year old. She now gets to learn a life that isn’t a prison.

      • Especially happy for that 6 year old, I bet her mama’s survival instincts were going into overdrive as this little girl started getting to an age where these creeps could potentially abuse her also, and she said I am getting the hell out of here NOW

  34. Outside enjoying the beautiful weather. I check my phone occasionally to see if a verdict is announced. Better than watching HLN’s “journalism”.

    • Kira,
      I thought of that just now…and of course, it made me nervous. ughh….I need to stop trying to guess what is going on. Time for a xanax.

    • Mendez case 4 days guilty – OJ Simpson 4 hours innocent – Scott Peterson 7 days guilty – Phil Spector 30 hours guilty – You just never know.

  35. I’m starting to like this delay. May be people are really doing their jobs in there. This is not an easy one folks. Remember, we’ve all been talking, and researching, and re-listening to testimony and generally discussing it. Even here we have differences of opinion as to the verdict ranging from M2 to manslaughter to outright acquittal. And we are all pro-defense.

    Now imagine, you had been listening to all of this for 4 months with no discussion. You’ve never had an opportunity to review the testimony, or the evidence, you’ve never actually had to defend your opinion to anyone.

    This is going to take some time, I suspect.

    But they’re working it. And in this case, if you work it, you work the evidence, or lack there of, you work the testimony, you weed through the ifs, ands and buts, and all the rhetoric there aren’t too many choices.

    So its all good.

    • I think so too Al.

      It just shows the prosecution was not slam dunk like they thought….which of course we all knew!

      • Man, I hope you guys are right. I was thinking this way too, and now I am freaking out. Do you think they are giving any consideration to Juanabee’s remarks about the gun, ie if it were his, she stole it, hence Felony Murder?

        Someone, talk me off the ledge……….. 😯

    • I agree! I would rather it take some time instead of quickly to where everyone would be say it was a rushed decision.

    • I was going to say the same thing, Al. Imagine if 12 of us, randomly selected, had never discussed the ins and outs of this case. We would just be getting started. We have discussed it ad nauseum and yet we still fall along a spectrum from acquittal to about M2.

    • Good point Al,
      In fact, not only are they starting with “blinders on” in a way, they haven’t been able to even view opinions to each other or get to know each other much at all. They could very well have started off talking about mundane things having not much to do with evidence or lack thereof at all. They are just human after all. Not to be mean, but for example, “Damn, isn’t JM loud and obnoxious?!”……..”Geeez….that Nurmi is really chubby”!! “Gosh, Jennifer is cute isn’t she”? “Wow, Jodi looks alot different than in those interviews, huh”? Just your basic chit chat that people do daily when all in in a group, and there are 12 of them, with alot to say! I am sure tey have talked about alot of things that do not even pertain to the actual verdict, just observations, they are just humans who have been forbidden to discuss anything about the case with each other. IMHO, this is not a long period of time, it is a big case, a HUGE case, and they have alot to discuss, and TONS of things to sort through, (document wise) We, on the other hand, have seen, heard, read, so much more than they have, and are also able to research, as you said, things that they have not been able to.

      So, that being said, I need to calm down. I jeep telling myself its all good, just like you just said. I guess I am just impatient, I wanted this to be FAST. Like fast as in 4 hours. But as many have pointed out, time of deliberations just doesn’t prove which way a jury will go. It’s the waiting thats killing me.

    • I may be simple minded, but I would not have the patience if I were a juror. I hadn’t spoken to one soul about this trial when I made up my mind for not guilty. All it took for me was to hear TA on that phone call and I was convinced he was a violent man and that self defense was absolutely probable. That gave me all the reasonable doubt I needed about the BS the State was spewing.

  36. I definitely do not agree on 5. Accepting death nowadays is like closing your eyes and ears and saying Jodi is guilty to lying over and over again. If you’re not familiar with technological progress, google for Aubrey de Grey, Raymond Kurzweil, Dmitry Itskov, Peter Diamandis, …

    But the rest… well said! Very wise words!

  37. Dont they realize how utterly ridiculous they look sitting outside the courthouse with their fake jurors wearing their stupid numbers, acting all serious as if they matter, at all. So stupid, Judge Joe Brown got on their when they first started doing the jury thing and told them in no uncertain terms how dumb he thought it was, thats about the last time I sat thru one of those. Its like a wreck, you just cant look away sometimes.

  38. What I have learned from this trial ….

    1. Media sensationalism is not just wrong, it is dangerous to us personally and to us as a country.
    2. You could learn more from ALV in one minute than from JM in a lifetime.
    3. Sometimes you can share more with people that you have never met than people you see everyday 🙂

    Great post Sirlips!

  39. I am imagining that when they got to the deliberation room they all looked at each other regarding Kermi exhaled and said “What the f#ck was that?” Maybe they have already decided on acquittal or manslaughter but don’t want to be pounced on by the haters so they are playing scrabble to draw it out. They may also be afraid the Juanster will go psycho, batshit, balls to the wall crazy on them if they don’t do what he expects so they are making it look good by taking their time. I am hoping that’s what is going on anyway.

  40. I am doing some hypnotherapy meditation to stay calm
    ( you can search for some on you tube or download
    Some apps – my fave one if ” Simply Being” the woman’s
    voice is mellow & calm and she talks very slowly )

    Also reading – google stuff like The most peaceful cities
    on earth to live or watch a great indie flick comedy
    or like I have mentioned before some old courtoom
    I am revisiting Alfred Hitchcock’s vertigo!

    I won’t deny it’s very tempting to turn on HLN
    to just see the chaos outside the courtoom,
    but ummmmmmmm NO! I refuse to support
    or tune into that rubbish and hearing their voices
    are gonna trigger memories of JM voice.

    Stay Zen and Calm everyone.
    Everything is going to be fine
    Jodi would want us all to not worry
    and think as postive as we can &
    do things that will keep us chill in this
    time of unease, unpredictabiltiy & stress.

    Lots of love to all of you and to Jodi!

    • Watching Ellen .. she’s my daily fix and inspiration . . I make people watch Ellen until they “get it” lol

    • ”Stay Zen and Calm everyone”
      Yep!That’s the best way.Just like our girl has during these months,and god knows it’s her life which is at stake!

    • Thank you JoshDavis,
      That is what I am attempting to do, going thru my mountains of music, and trying to play songs that I feel “fit” the mood I am trying to create. I have so much stuff, which is good really, it is taking me some time, and taking my mind, (and eyes) off of the tv. My musical tastes are all over the map, I might post something that I think you would all enjoy. Thanks again for your post.

  41. HLN’s mock jury reached a verdict…..hung jury.

    7 1st degree 3 manslaughter

    Wonder if Kermit is watching the talking heads

    Team Jodi

    • Whaaa? If HLN can’t get get a M1 verdict with their lame ass jury after the Broadway show they’ve put on for them then surely to God the real one won’t! I bet the whole cast and crew is crushed and heartbroken at this turn of events!! If anyone sees Nancy on a ledge…walk on!! lol

      • it was actually quite interesting and refreshing! There was a lot of reasonable doubt with both juries on after dark last night! The judge from Anna Nicole Smith was on and said he doesn’t think Jodi can get a fair trial. Most ppl on these fake juries said they would not be able to resist TV/internet even with the judge’s rules.

  42. I never watch HLN but I’m home and was watching about the 3 kidnapped girls.

    VP and BK were now talking about how the jurors questions did NOT seem pro-pros and started listing a few. Then they were talking about the make-up of the jury could very well not be good for the pros. Talked about the juror who asked the question of Dr. Horn if the patients he worked with were dead or alive and BK noting this DIDN”T bode well for pros.

    Well they never had a case….lol. I love seeing the talking heads squirm.

  43. Why is everyone being so mean when I posted that link? You guys are always quoting HLN and pointing out the ridiculous stuff they say . Yet when I showed an article that was so ridiculous it was laughable, everyone pounces on it like rabid dogs. I get the impression you’re not very fond of new comers. Ivebeennothing but behind jodi and I feel like some of you have made me feel unwelcome. Different rules for different people. 🙁

    • Did you post the link without offering context ? That may be why. People have been trying to creep on this page to hate on Jodi, and this activity has increased recently. That is why members of this site are suspicious

    • It’s ok, I’ve been here for a long long time and I don’t think that anyone would purposefully make you feel unwelcome. Everyone with an open mind and who are not idiots, I believe are welcome here. We all want the same thing, after all.

    • Shalk,I can only talk baout muself.I wasnt attacking you.I was attacking the article itself and the person who wrote it.
      Then I made a post of my own asking people if they would be so kind as to try and not bring any of the hatred here any more or at least to understand that I no longer wish to comment on the hln/haters related posts because they make me lose my focus.I was particularly careful in taht post of mine and apologized in advance in case I offended anyone.Please do re-read my post.
      You are definitely welcome here.All Jodi supporters are.

    • Welcome, Shalk. We’re all on edge waiting and these sites have been spewing their hatred for so long that most people don’t want to hear it or see it any more, even to laugh at it; their behavior is too pathetic.

    • What did you say, we will listen again. I’m sorry if you think that you were picked on when you posted that because that doesnt sound right. We love listening to everyones opinion! So no hard feelings,ok?

    • Hi Shalk,

      The link you posted (which I never saw) was deleted but you were not banned … so it was indeed the message embedded in the link and not the messenger. I feel very fortunate to have this site to express ideas and opinions without fear of attack. The site administrators are fantastic and keep the hate out.

      Praying for Jodi and all who are Team Jodi!

  44. Is there a prize for most Pepto bottles gone through since fri? I was just wondering? LOL!! Maybe a Survivor T shirt sent to Jodi!!

  45. Thanks for the nice comments from so many of you over the past days.

    I don’t write for that reason. I only hope I’ve added something worthwhile. It’s been a pleasure to be here.

    • Thanks Jade for YOUR contributions. You’ve been very pleasant too! I read everyone’s comments too. It’s hard to keep up with everyone.

  46. 56 days of trial and STACKS of evidence…I recall the attys even having difficulty finding what they wanted now and then…the deliberations should be QUITE a while if the jury is taking things as seriously as they should.

        • I don’t think we’ve seen Bella since the video of someone shooting at their TV set with Juan Martinez screaming on it. She came across it and posted it for us. Am I wrong? Maybe she’s been around after that?

          • I hope we didn’t say anything about Mormons that insulted her. If I have, I’m sincerely sorry. I think Bella is very nice.

            • Theresa,
              Unfortunately, that is exactly what I think has happened. There was alot of negative talk about the religion, and she is Mormon. I think she just decided to leave based on that…just my guess.

          • Yes! I had posted that update … but here is more to his story …

            I was talking on the phone to my daughter about how distraught I was (and I had left the front and back doors open just in case) and in he walks! I guess he heard my voice (although I had been calling for and searching for him outside for hours).

            Well not sure where he went on his little adventure, but he has a “sauce” stain on his white fur … spaghetti, pizza, chili??? Not sure but the stain is not coming out … will have to wait for the fur to shed.

            So he is home and happy and I am so thankful to all who sent prayers, positive thoughts, ideas, and hope. You all are just wonderful … and I am now the crazy cat lady in my new neighborhood! 🙂

            • Oh sz!!!!! I’m so glad he came home!!! With spaghetti sauce!!! LOL He probably made friends all over town, feeding him and feeling sorry for him! LOL

    • Juan Martinez is a big fat liar and he’s a freakin troglodyte that thinks its ok to rape a woman while she sleeps because a woman can consent AFTER the sexual act and that if you don’t report abuse it NEVER happened. And that when a grown man says a woman orgasming sounds like a 12 year old girl his words are taken out of context. He’s a freaking troglodyte!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • I can’t even describe how angry this makes me. That man IS a troglodyte. He looks like one of those little trolls, just make his hair stand straight up and he looks like one. Except, it’s kind of an insult to the troll dolls. They’re cute. He’s just ugly.

        I’m horrified at how he has minimized the abuse, minimized TA’s words, minimized his actions.

        Also, I can easily picture him yelling at whomever his family members are just like he does in the courtroom. He himself is abusive, that’s a fact.

      • Yes, and the jury was instructed to “recall the testimony” after Nurmi’s “mischaracterizes the witnesses testimony” objection.

    • And one of the gas receipts shows she put $40 in cash worth of gas (I think) … and then there were a second (and I think third receipt). Well if you put a specific dollar amount of gas in and the car is not full, you may “top it off” if on a long trip. As for the gas cans … someone posted here a few weeks ago that they had 5 gallon gas cans that really hold slightly more than 5 gallons (which makes sense design and safety-wise). So those gas cans just don’t show what JM alleges. I wish one of the jurors had asked “what color was the “gas” can you purchased” to get the point across that it was a kerosene can.

  47. Just had to share these tweets I sent today. Apparently I’m blocked now…….Oh well….

    Beverly @sylkenfire 07 May

    @bigbluestu42 @ChristinaCali @Jodiannarias TA was an abusive horndog who knew what a little girl sounds like when she orgasms. You approve?

    • Haahaaha. After a day of asking dr. drew if he feels he has killed enough peoplei saw his podcast was live and some dr. chick was with him and this jennifer lady tweeted #JODIARIAS has the nerve to sell shirts for DV She makes me want to puke! So I tweeted But Pedophile travis doesn’t what does thatsay about you “DR.” She tweeted back and said Jodi admitted to killing him Show me DV Or anything else from travis. SO OF COURSE I TWEETED BACK ” TRAVIS TOLD YOU HE WAS IN THE S.T. FROM HIS OWN MOUTH> NO WONDER YOU NEED A BUCKET U R SICK!
      Yeah I didn’t have anything else etweeted after that. Because really what could she say I was right. I’m Just saying! Your thoughts!

  48. Hey, anyone remember what trial day the snow white fiasco was? I’m trying to catch up on some ‘key’ testimony I missed.

    • Anna thanks so much for posting that song. I have never heard of this band before but definitely plan to check out more of their music. I’m so glad that theres still quality music being made out there. With all the autotune crap that’s hitting mainstream radio it sounds pretty hopeless. I am posting a link to a band that The Twilight Singers kind of reminded me of. Good, quality complex music.

      • Bev,
        I’m glad you liked it! The band has been around awhile, and it is an “offshoot” of the band called The Afghan Whigs. I have followed them for many years, have all of their recordings. I agree about the autotune crap…cannot stand mainstream radio or top 10 crap, it is (to me) mindless and numbing. I love the song you posted….Dream Theater has always been a remarkable band, creative and unique. Thanks for the song…:)

  49. Hoping the jury has some wisdom and does not send a message that a meek woman who finally decides to fight back should be punished for her uppityness.

  50. HLN just said that Jodi could start a clothing line and make Zillions of dollars…..It seems they are lurking on this site.
    Ha ha ha ….you gotta love it.
    I move that we declate a moral victory thus far.

    • jane valez on HLN doesn’t want Jodi to have drawing material or decent food…JVM goes on & on about saving killer pit bulls but not Jodi…Jane is a fony 4 the owner of HLN..

      • That is just so disgusting, no decent food or drawing material? Someone should remind her that Jodi has not been found guilty as charged. How can anyone say such things, just how?

        I’ve heard that should Jodi be found innocent, the Alexander family will take out a lawsuit to ban Jodi from being able to make money from her drawings/paintings. I can just imagine them wanting to do that, too, spite and malice are just up their street.

        How can this be possible if Jodi is found to be innocent of the charges made against her?

    • No way to tell. It does indicate they are not all in agreement. Which is good, because it definitely indicates there are members against M1.

      No way to tell whether those against M1 are in favor of M2 or manslaughter or acquittal though

  51. Hi, so, does the Jury have to leave at a certain time, or are they allowed to deliberate as long as they want to? Like, do they have to be out of the courthouse at 5pm or ???

    • Not necessarily. In the Sandusky case the jury, on the last day went into all hours of the night, since they figured they were close.

      I think even Ms Pickles will let them if they tell her they might think they’re close.

  52. I don’t think they’ll bring their verdict to the court after 3:00 in the afternoon. If they do, they’ll be leaving just enough time.

    • Josh, thank you so much for these, I watched both of them today, I really enjoyed them. I’m sitting here with a nasty abscess under my back tooth so they were an excellent distraction!

      Thanks again 🙂

  53. Saw this on the state v. jodi page. These yahoos needed to be reminded that just because Nasty says Jodi is guilty, does not make it so 🙂

    One of our members wrote to Sheriff Arpaio re Arias’ tweets. Here is the reply:


    Sheriff Arpaio received your email and asked that I respond. First off, Jodi Arias, much like the other 800 women at the Estrella Jail, is a pre-trial inmate. This means that they have not yet been found guilty of a crime and still have all the rights that you and I have. She has the right to use the phone to talk to whomever she wants, and that person, who is not in custody, has the right to tweet or Facebook or run a website based off those conversations.

    Per the constitution of the United States, the Sheriff cannot intervene, until such time as she has lost those rights. Inmate Arias’ tweets are bothersome to the Sheriff and his Office, however there is nothing we can do at this time to restrict any pre-trial inmates access to the phone.

    Thank you for your concern, keep in mind that this is something that we are actively looking at.

    Sergeant Brandon Jones
    Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office
    Media Relations Unitponse

    • Well they are forced to protect her rights. But notice Goon Arpaio is concerned. If he had his way she would be in irons.

      • Well, some part of ‘Innocent until proven guilty” still stands
        I am angered that, “Inmate Arias’ tweets are bothersome to the Sheriff and his Office”. If they are BOTHERSOME he and his “office” shouldn’t READ them!
        WTF! There was NO NEED for Sergeant Brandon Jones to include THAT in his correspondence.

    • Then why is she basically having to eat peanut butter constantly. Dam, I want crab legs every once in a while and crawfish every weekend!

      • Sheriff Joe gives them lots of peanut butter because it’s calorie-rich and he can claim that the inmates are being fed properly. He is such an asshole.

    • That is what these HLN bobbleheads and the minions don’t seem to grasp. Jodi has all the same rights they do. She has not been found guilty, and if she wasn’t in custody she would be on facebook and twitter herself, and she would have every right to be on there.

      They make me so mad I could spit!!

  54. I thought Nancy Dis-Grace was going to have coronary last night. She expected the jury to have voted for the death penalty in less then an hour? I can’t wait to see the look on her ugly mug when she hears the words NOT GUILTY! She calls Jodi a psychopath. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black. She would must likely prosecute her own mother, if it meant a higher rating for her crummy show. She bullies all her guests & even her producers are scared sh-tless to disagree with anything she says. Dis-Grace doesn’t allow anyone connected to her show to use the word Jodi during or after the trial . Their only allowed to call her Arias. That is one sick puppy.

    • She still can’t bring herself to say Casey Anthony, still calling her “the tot mom”. Stupid bitch !!!

    • Nasty’s hand cuff necklace says who she really is….if only she had a guy likeTA…what fun she would of had..she deserves what happened to Jodi…. she could really learn about abuse w/a TA

      • I have to admit… much as I despise Nancy Grace….I LOVE that necklace! LOL! What can I say…I was a “punk” back in the day, wore all the studded bracelets and some other punk garb, and think that handcuff necklace is pretty cool…looks dumb as hell on her, but I would wear it! 🙂

  55. What great comments everybody. Sirlips, so clever.

    I was thinking of another last moment gift from the ME after reading that super post from Jade. The ME said, “It was the cut to the throat that killed him. He was already dead when she shot him.”

    So did JM write his closing at the beginning of the trial? The jury is supposed to swallow that Jodi went to a lot of trouble to stage a Yreka gun theft, the cans, the gas, the rental car – or, of course, maybe none of that, but she stole Travis’ gun from the top shelf premeditatively! Any way you want it just so she could kill him. But wait! She didn’t kill him with the gun!!! There was no murder with a gun! So why are we spending so many weeks trying to get her a gun of some kind?

    Is this a premeditated never-happened? Does that qualify for a death penalty?

    It might have been Gagic today who said JM had to have a stabbing come first or he wouldn’t have the intentional theft of the gun from the closet for Felony Murder 1 in case the jury didn’t fall for the first murder 1 charge. What’s the penalty for shooting a dead person? Al?

    Also, thinking about the older people on the jury. Back when they were “sowing their seeds” there were no computers, HLN, cable TV, cell phones, texts…and giggles came from “Did you get to first base with her tonight?” I personally think they will be appalled by the sex talk from Travis. “Pfft. Kids are promiscuous nowadays. But this guy is disgustingly out of line!!”

    • Hey why Al?

      Anyway since you ask, there is an arcane law in Arizona that considers causing injury or mutilation or something to a dead body to be an aggravating factor. If I can find it again I’ll let you know.

      I know I’d found it at one time and thought that’s why weasel shit was insisting the shot came last. Of course now he has this whole new theory of Jodi doing this to steal the gun from TA.

      But wait, isn’t that the gun TA never had, but Jodi stole from her Grandpa, while she was hanging out in the grubby little shack with Snow White and the seven dwarfs, petting her chihuahua, while getting her hair dyed from the dye in the 3rd gas can?

      That’s what I thought. Now I got it.

      You guys never tell me nuthin’.

    • Nym

      I’m one of those old people you talked about. I’m not a prude nor have I ever been one. I raise two sons I have five nephews We have always had open dialogue about sex Even when I didn’t want to know. Travis Was not your normal Young man. I would hope But the man on the jury would be appalled. He was way too into anal. Sex* f**** The remark about the 12 year old girl Turned my stomach. They did not have normal sex life. I think Travis words are going to make a big impact on the jury. let’s connect just be swept up under the rug
      As pillow talk.

      • Oh no! I’m not calling any of them prudes. (And most certainly not you.) This has nothing to do with how open and creative the older ones are on the jury. Goodness no. I agree with everything you said.

  56. HLN hosts just said they think having more men on the jury helps Jodi. I am goin to have to agree and this is why. I think that like all of you I understand that 99% of the haters ARE haters because they get their information from the wrong sources whatever they maybe. But that being said , I feel having more men helps her because I think the reason more men are supporting Jodi because they either know a friend of theirs or they, themself have treated a woman they way Jodi was treated. and they have seen the aftermath of a man treating a woman that way by way of their mom/sister/friend ect. I think so many women are so hateful because they have been a victim of some form of abuse JUST LIKE JODI. and because of how the media is treating anybody who relates to Jodi or how she was treated they feel like they are monsters because of the abuse they have suffered. They don’t want to relate to her because if they do then they must be monsters too. Its sad But everyone on HLN has undone so much for DV victims. They have made it look like the victims are monsters and the attackers are the victim. It’s a sad sad time.

    • HLN said that men jurors tend to feel sorry or protective over the defendant, so male jurors are better for her, and earlier they said that women tend to be very hard on women defendants. But I was thinking that these women on the jury are older, and they might also feel protective over her. It’s a coincidence, but someone on HLN just said that. I know I feel protective of her.

    • I agree with you about the men aspect. Any of them who are fathers would be appalled by both the 12 yr old girl comments as well as the sexual and verbal abuse from TA. I also think their age is in her favour because I have to say that I was furious at the way that little prostitot DuhMarte critisized ALV and Dr Samuals expertise. I have a lot of respect for anyone who has worked decades in a field and I know if I were on that jury I would not take kindly to her immature, venemous attack on both their character and their expertise as well as Jauns. They have more knowledge in their pinky than she has in her whole sorry carcass.

      • I agree Bev, any of them that are fathers on the jury of daughters have to be a little shaken up by the testimony about Travis.

      • This gets me at so many levels as a man.

        Dorks like TA never get the respect they think they may be getting from real men. There is something inherently abhorrent about guys who mistreat their girl friend or spouses.

        Fathers of daughters believe there is a special place in hell for guys who mistreat their daughters, or sons for that matter. But I really do believe that daughters have a special place. And there is nothing but sympathy for a girl whose father had the unmitigated gall to compare her body to her friends’.

        And no man would want his sister to be treated the way TA treated Jodi. I know many a guy who would have been ready to take his block off if that was their sister or daughter.

        That is why the men will react differently.

    • Probably because men know what other men think/do/are capable of, but women always go to the “well, I wouldn’t have acted the way she did if I were in her shoes” place

        • It is interesting — definitely a higher percentage of men here than on TA sites.

          I am in the age-range of the jury, and I agree that we tend to value experience, especially life experience. The older you get, the less you realize you know. Dr. DeMarte was way too sure of herself.

      • Agree. I told my adult son a little about the case and he immediately said “he probably deserved it!”. I thought that was very telling!

    • Krista, you just opened my eyes. That is the first time I have heard an explanation of the phenomenon that I can understand. Not relate to. But understand. This explains why other DV survivors would turn against “like” in situations that share so many commonalities. Perhaps it takes only one degree in separation in terms of personality type to strongly desire distance rather than to align yourself and empathize. As a DV survivor, I have been baffled until now. This is fascinating. Thank you.

      • Yes..that was an àha`moment for me too..that survivors of DV would feel loathing for Jodi because they identify with their self loathing (what did I do wrong)….

  57. Hello Peeps!! I had to run errands and try and get my mind off this WAIT!!! I’m glad it is taking a while, because that could be good for Jodi, but you’re KILLIN me smalls!!

    I gotta jet to school soon, but I’ll be back tonight to talk some more smack, and I swear, If I get a text that the verdict is in in class, I’m grabbing my books and RUNNING to my car and STRAIGHT home to watch LIVE!!! LOVE you all SMOOCHES!!!

    God! You guys are the smartest bunch I have EVER had the pleasure of being part of!

  58. Is there a prize for most Pepto bottles gone through since fri? I was just wondering? LOL!! Maybe a Survivor T shirt sent to Jodi From the winner? Could you send it to her SJ if there was a contest or would you guys like to just send her one? If she cant have it maybe send it to her mom.Maybe have a page we could all leave a message and our name and print it off and send them in a gift? Thoughts Everyone ?

  59. I hope the next BOMBSHELL TONIGHT is that Nasty Nancy has been flown to the cuckoo’s nest alongside JVM, and Juan Juan. I also hope that their caretaker is Nurse Ratchett(played by the ever-so-compassionate Dr Demarte) and that she wallops them with a wooden spoon every time they attempt to utter a syllable and that the only therapy they receive is from Dr Drewsome’s quack ass and that the Sheriff of AZ runs this facility and they have 2 bologna sandwiches per day to split 3 ways. Talk about poetic justice.

      • Krista why do you keep promoting Dr, Drew?
        I really could give a flying fuck and that is not what I want to read
        when I come here

        • Because its funny shes going now and because Mariana said who was on NG . Second I dont come to say what you want to hear. I say what i want . And you must NOT read what i write about him when i talk or you wouldn’t come on here and sound so stupid. Your entitled to your thought s and I mine. So like you said I could give a flying fuck about your toughts!! Hugs!! : )

          • Actually, I am glad Krista informed us of that, or at least for me…I am interested in hearing what Deanna is going to say, regardless of what show it’s on. With all due respect JoshDavis,Krista has every right to post whatever she wants here, as does everyone else. No one is forcing you to watch Dr Drew tonight, but maybe some of us are glad she posted so that we are able to watch it if we choose. Relax….

            • Plus only a FOOL stays ignorant to their opponents actions. Maybe that is why you don’t understand Joshdavis. Is says alot!

              • Oh don’t sound all offended like people are going to think your stupid because of what i said. You made them think that all on your own buddy.

                • if they think it at all. See thats why this site is great. EVERYONE has a voice and everyone is heard. You don’t need to be a butt because you don’t like something you just scroll down and move on. Thanks for your thought they are appreciated. I just wish You had more class then you showed earlier.

                • Krista
                  your seriously attacking me now
                  below if you have not noticed
                  at 8:00 pm
                  I apologize to you and your still
                  attacking me?

              • No I didn’t see that. SORRY! My nerves are crazy right now and im ready to defend myself and jodi against haters and stuff. I HATE Dr. Doom and have a petition to get him and NG off the air I know a shit ton of things That make him an ass hat. His show was cancelled because 5 peopled killed themselves in his care, he admitted he would plant evidence if it would get someone in rehab, He ISNT even certified in ANY Psychological Profession….. I am very passionate about getting these pigs off the air. But i also know we need to know what the other said is saying and doing so I post it here for every one. I AM SO SORRY FOR yelling at you . I think your awesome. I hope we are still friends. Unlike butt head Jaun I can admitt when I am wrong. : )

          • Krista
            I am sorry I should have reworded what I wrote

            I meant to say “I don’t give a flying fuck about DR DREW & DEANNA”

            and I was feeling dishearted by all the postings
            that seemed to me that was linking and promoting HLN/ N G etc
            I cannot stand those people.

            So again my apologies Krista

            maybe this isn’t the right forum for me to be on.

            I leave you all with a smile


  60. I just don’t think they’re going to announce a verdict this late in the day. They would wait until tomorrow morning, right?

  61. Really trying not to fall asleep on my keyboard,2.10 am here.
    Having my white candle lit for Jodi,sending her white light and love,hoping she feels our warm support.I never literally pray,I meditate and ask,which is basically the same.Anyone willing to join me?

      • Aww Moni,you’re always so good to me.I wish I could sleep,I want to but unless sm posts that the jurors have left the courtroom I wont be able to sleep.Just did a short guided meditation,gonna keep meditating to send Jodi all the white protective light I can.

  62. If the prosecutor in Maricopa County doesn’t get a needle in your arm, Sheriff Arpaio will have his mercenaries execute the innocent.
    Cops arrest Ernest Atencio for yelling at a woman and charge him with assault.
    Booking Officers coerce Atencio to make funny faces for his mugshot being that he is mentally handicapped.

  63. I am glad that the majority of the jury is male because, not to bail on my sista’s, but lots of women tend to be petty and jealous of someone they consider to be prettier and smarter than they are. I think it’s mainly a self esteem thing though. These female hate bloggers must just feel like shit about themselves. Just saying…

  64. Off Topic…..CNN has a special tonight at 10 pm, interview with Amanda Knox. Should be very interesting. I have so many mixed feelings about her and that whole crime, looking forward to seeing/hearing what she has to say.

    • She did some interviews last week too. Amanda is similar to Jodi in that people expect her to act a certain way, and when she doesn’t, they write her off as a sociopath. I think that both Amanda and Jodi fall on the autism spectrum somewhere; they remind me of my sister.

      The most important thing in Amanda’s case is that neither her DNA nor Raffale’s was on the murder scene. The prosecution said that she cleaned up her own DNA yet left the murderer’s there. Like that’s even possible!

      • Its not possible to clean up your DNA.. Amanda and Jodi are both young, beautifull women who are secure in their sexuality and have every right to enjoy that part of themselves without being painted as nausium…(eyroll)

    • Anna, what mixed feelings do you have about amanda? I actually see similarities between jodi and amanda and their cases. There is circumstantial evidence in both and no real motive and I believe both are innocent.

      If you aren’t sure about amanda how do you really feel about Jodi?

      I know you are against the death penalty, is that why you are here? Are you supporting Jodi because you are against the death penalty and not because you believe her?

      I’m just wondering because I think the only positive thing you have said about Jodi is how she looked one day.

      I’m not trying to be mean or anything…I would just like to know.

      • BeeCee,
        My mixed feelings are based on nothing more than knowing little to nothing about the case. I never really followed any of it, and what I heard was all secondhand, things such as “she confessed to be there when it happened’, then “she denied being there at all”, then ” she said she knew who did it”, then “her dna was on the knife used’. Now, as I said, those are all things I heard, seconhand, and heard so very long ago I cannot even tell you where I heard them. I would never judge someone until I had ALL the evidence in the case, either by reading unbiased reports, or watched the live trial such as in Jodi’s case.

        You asked, “if you aren’t sure about Amanda, how do you really feel about Jodi”? HUH? I don’t understand why you would ask that. One has nothing to do with the other. Being against the death penalty is not the only reason I support Jodi, as you know, the DP isn’t required to find her guilty of M1 as the state is charging. I would never support someone who I believed guilty simply because I am anti death penalty. I really do not understand you grilling me, or your implication, (nothing positive to say) but will gladly answer you. I have believed from the beginning of this case, that this was, indeed, a heat of passion crime. In fact, almost a case of temporary insanity. I always wondered why the defense did not go with that defense from the beginning, (manslaughter/heat of passion OR temp. insanity) and in the end, they did with the Manslaughter. It is just common sense IMO. The total disarray of the crime scene, the sex beforehand, including nude photos, the non stop back and forth sexual relationship that went from a basic bf/gf to a pretty much “underground” one to suit TA when he felt like he needed sex and couldn’t get one of his other “good girls” to comply. I feel he KNEW just how much Jodi loved him, he knew she would go to the ends of the earth for him, and he banked in that, calling her for sex at all hours, telling her to go on and see other guys, but then acting pouty and jealous when she attempted to, sending so many mixed signals. I have been there, and all this does is make you, (Jodi) feel like you have a chance, a real shot at being “the one”. I believe that is why she asked him in the phone sex tape about “kinky Mormon girls”, she was trying to feel him out about that. He was a pro at manipulation, and as smart as she is, she could not pull away from him, she loved him. Smart is no protection from your heart. I believe he did love her too, but towards the end, he decided to marry someone else, and rather than be a real man and leave her alone, he strung her along, having more sex, telling her he would still visit, take trips, etc, thereby keeping her hope alive for a future, when he full well knew there was to be none. I think that fateful day on June 4th, when they had spent all day having sex, taking photos, and doing whatever else, I think she finally asked him. Maybe, (Im just guessing) while he was in the shower and she was taking the pics, they were talking about things. Maybe she wanted to know exactly where she stood and he ignored her, or got shitty or sarcastic, calling her a name, which he was obviously good at. I believe she snapped. I believe she had enough. I think all the bullshit, all the abuse, the sex anyway he wanted, anytime, the lies, the cheating, the leading her on, all of it, she just snapped. The killing itself shows a lack of control, its obvious no matter what order the wounds are….it is a scene of total chaos and someone who is not thinking.

        Anyway….these are my thought, and FTR, I have never commented on how Jodi looked at all. I have made many positive comments, so am not sure what you meant by that comment. I try to just state my opinions here and my thoughts, feelings, concerns., etc, like everyone else. I am not sure why you have questioned me, but if it is due to my comments about another case, I really don’t see the relevance, and like I said, I know little about Amanda Knox. I was simply stating that in my post, being on the fence means I am undecided, which I always am until I know all the details.

          • I can’t say either way, like I said, I know very little about the case. Just bits and pieces I have heard from newscasts over the years.

          • I think the same thing. I watched a very thorough documentary on it and have read quite a bit about it. That they ever tried to charge her and her boyfriend with that crime is just baffling, except when you know how giant the prosecutor’s ego is in that case, and the degree of his corruption.

            She was a total scapegoat. There’s no way she could have been involved at all, if you look at the facts of that case.

        • hey, thanks for answering.

          I was not trying to grill you, but was just curious based on my observations. I believe you just said she looked nice one day…and all the other stuff I remember is that you didn’t like how she answered Kermit on the stand, you didn’t like her lengthy answers, you didn’t think the pedophile claims were relevant, you described it as “overkill” (all this is based on your previous comments throughout the trial that are here on the site still) etc etc. Perhaps all that was from your concern or fear as you say that she would get the M1 conviction. You have mentioned how you are the pessimistic type, so I can see that.

          I think Amanda Knox is innocent and I can see how if you haven’t read anything about it you would not know the similarities…although I personally could not have mixed feelings about something if I hadn’t researched it.

          Like I said before, I was not asking in a snarky or mean manner, I was just curious. I appreciate you having taken the time to answer.

  65. Ha, I had to laugh at Kmiller above me here who said she was going to run out her class if the jury gives notice they are done.
    I am working my horses in 20 minutes per lap around the trails here, trotting and loping (cantering), and then stopping at the house to check in with my Mom who is watching for the latest news.

    It usually takes me 35 to 40 minutes for the laps but not while this is going on!

    My trails are in deep forest, so I’m communing with nature, getting centered and conversing with the higher powers to take good care of Jodi and surround her with all of our love.

    • Ranchmom,
      Lucky you……that sounds like heaven to me! How many horses do you have, and what breed? I have wanted horses, or a horse, my entire life, but it just wasn’t meant to be I guess. When I was young, my favorite toys were all my little plastic animals, (horses, dogs, etc) and my sister and I planned to grow up, live together forever, never marry, and have a big ranch where we would live with all of our animals and care for them and get old. I am still a huge animal lover and advocate, but never got my horse, my calling ended up being rescuing dogs, working with shelters and local rescues, and trying to educate people about animal welfare. Sometimes it feels like I connect better with our 4 legged friends than 2 legged…:)

  66. This always makes me feel better. Thanks SJ:


    Never question it.

    Never doubt it.

  67. Well bruised all to hell and back and broken ribs. I think prolly two or three. I’ve broken them enough times to know. This is hell. Anyway, I am waiting on the jury to send the right verdict. I have NO tv now but that’s ok. I will just wait on yall to fill me in. Like I have said before, there are so many unanswered questions, how could any jury come back with a verdict with less than either manslaughter or not guilty. They need to read that FLORES report over and over until they get it.

    • I fell in the dark at my sisters this weekend. We were going up and down the steps in the dark taking things to be burned and BAM. I broke two or maybe three. I know this because I know how it felt last winter when I broke 5 just from coughing. But I am bruised baddddddd all down my left side.

      • Ughhh…..I am so sorry. I have broke ribs before and it hurts like hell! Nothing to do about it either! I hope you at least got some good pain meds. ribs can break easier than people think, I once had them broken from someone who hugged me too hard! take it easy and try not to laugh or sneeze or cough! Hugs to you, (light hugs) feel better…

  68. Hi Tonya,
    It has been 13 hours… verdict so far… is driving me crazy. I’m trying to relax as best I can, but it isn’t easy. There is no way to know what to make of it, I am trying so hard not to over analyze it…just wait it out.

    • I fell asleep and just woke up not to long ago got some food tea and a sig. It is better to wait then to have them make the wrong decision about someones life now we have had 4 months to go over the trial plus see evidence they did not see they have that to consider too sure they saw that in there questions and in JM antics let us trust that they will set her free and think only that so for what is above so below quote for one of the cards the magician 🙂 anna 🙂

      • tonya…do the cards tell you anything like this today? this is what I heard earlier today…they were looking at four pieces of evidence and they are going to acquit her on those…but there is a fifth piece and…then they faded out and I didn’t hear anymore…

        • I’ve been asleep where did you hear about that and I don’t read the cards everyday the last time I did I asked how long will it take the jury to come to a decision and the card had a number on it 18

      • Hi Tonya…I knew you had to have a nap 😉 you were up to all hours this a.m. I couldn’t imagine you lasting much longer.

    • All the “fame” went to his head and he lost it… Being in the lime light can be very seducing. I think because of all the media attention with the anti-Jodi club JM must have thought he had it in the bag…like easy breezy…

  69. Jane Velez Bitchell made a comment a bit ago about not knowing what the jurors are thinking. She said, and I quote, ” The experts are often wrong.” Sooo, if they’re often wrong why would they be considered experts? Just another mind-numbing comment by one of those incredible morons at HLN.

    • It would be nice if she could see Dave Halls hunting or should I say harvesting photos, of the animals he slaughters unfairly, from the safety of a tree stand 20 feet from the ground.
      She’s been kissing his behind for 2 days.

    • Sometimes, in certain cases where there are several expert witnesses, the jury can become either overwhelmed with them all, or not sure whom to believe, and just decide to discount them all. In that case, they go with the other evidence provided and use their common sense to fill in the blanks and draw their own conclusions. I saw someone else here say something about “cancelling each other out” and that does happen at times. Not sure if that is happening…..we won’t know that until it’s over and someone talks.

  70. Ok, I think I’ve got this delay figured out.
    This juror is female between the age of 50 and 60, married their high school sweetheart at the age of 19.
    She dropped her journal leaving the courthouse..
    One day I woke up and I’m sitting on the JA trial. I’ve got my pad and pencil and OMG they play this sex tape with all these sexual terms. I didn’t want to seem old fashion so I put them to memory and wrote them down later. Next thing I know I’m hearing more sexual terms..Provo Float, Provo Push, Brazilin on, vanilla sex and this goes on and on. Even JM has a Webster dictionary with him. I’m wishing he would share it . I’m taking notes like crazy. I really like that AL lady and I connected with her. Oh the lawyer is saying she to old fashion to be an expert. I’m starting to feel, maybe I’m a little old fashion too. I’ve obeyed and judge and I’ve stayed away from media. I take my duty very seriously. I can only hope my number be draw and I will become an alternate. This trial has gone on way to long and I’m getting stressed. I’m having nighmares, talking in my sleep and my husband is waking me up all hours of the night wanting to know if I’m dreaming of cooking..tossing the salad and vanilla… I’ve started sleeping in the other room. Well the day came for jury selection and my number was not drawed. There seems to be a very nice young man in his 20’s here with me. I’m going to take my note pad, and go set next to him. Hopefully, we’ll strike up a friendship and I’ll build my nerve up and ask him some questions and discuss this sex evidence. Once I’ve cleared up all my doubts about this sex stuff, and the others finish their scramble game, we’ll be ready to vote and send this young lady home. :-),:-)

    • Yep Ann, I’m taking a road trip to Cal. Avoiding Arizona and Utah, especially Provo. Just seeing on the map is like PTSD.

      • cb, You should drive through Mesa and smear dog poop on the door handles of all the detectives cars… and the ME’s and JM’s too while you are at it. If you haven’t any dog poop handy, I have plenty…that way it will be “random dog poop” and the DNA won’t be traced back to you 😉
        If that’s considered vandalism, forget it…but the idea of it satisfied something in me. YIKES!

        • Omg, dorothy, i am roflmao imagining jm staring at his dog-poop-smeared hand after using it to open his car door! Thanx for making my night, ha ha ha! 😆

    • So I’m going to be an ignoramus, but there’s that term again – Brazilian.

      What the heck do you mean by Brazilian?

      I’ve heard of french and Greek and all that sort of stuff, but what’s Brazilian?

      • Al……….a brazillian is when a person get’s there booty crack waxed.
        Kind of like when a lady gets her eyebrow’s waxed just a differant area!

          • I checked it out on the the web. It’s real.

            Man that’s gotta be rough. Like pulling a bandaid but around there.

            And they do that voluntarily!

            Holy camoly.
            Damn, there’s my lesson for the day. Makes my toes cringe.

            • LOL 😆 Al! “And they do that voluntarily!”
              At least you didn’t say Holy cannoli …that’s too close to cream pie 😉

            • OMG ILMAO.. you guys remember when Jodi said she stopped and got her nails done… I don’t think she did
              d I think she got the wax job. Travis wanted her to look like a 12 year old girl.

              I’ve always believed what’s good for the goose is goose for the gander

              • Well he was pretty bare there too.

                Wonder if he got a Brazilian too.

                That would account for the red equipment.

                • He could have used a product called Veet Hair Removal Cream…it is painless and leaves the skin beautifully smooth…

                  This is the cream that a friend of mine buys and he pays me to remove the hair from his back, front, and underarms…when I first apply the cream to his skin….it warms the skin some…wait a few minutes…then I had to use this plastic scrapper that came with this kit to lightly scrape against the skin and it takes the hair away…then I swipe the residue on some paper towels and continue to do that until finished…then he takes a shower…and the skin does stay red a little before it gets back to his normal color…he likes the smooth polished look…he is into body building too…then he lays in his tanning bed…and then gets oiled down…

                  You see girls…we aren’t the only ones who spend a lot of time grooming our bodies…LOL…

                  I just thought of something…wasn’t Travis into getting his body into shape with all that workout equipment that was behind that screen in the corner of his bedroom?
                  maybe he too liked that smooth polished look???

          • Al, remember on the stand when Jodi said, Travis didn’t like any hair? Heck no, not me.. but my daughter’s friends have done when they are going to be wearing little biniki

              • Not to be too, ummm,..indelicate, but it is very common. Shaving is time consuming, and itchy, and also kinda hard to reach every little spot, plus you can cut yourself in a very delicate area. So, people go to salons and have the Brazilian done. Or a different type if you prefer. Kinda like a band aid, grit your teeth and OUCH. In my neighborhood alone, there must be 6 or 7 salons with signs advertising waxing, and they aren’t talking eyebrows…LOL. There, more info than you wanted probably huh? 🙂

                • Jodi should of said, when she was on the stand and JM was drilling her about the salon where she got her mani and pedi done implying that salon dyes hair also…she should have the reason it took so long I was getting butt waxed!!

                • So last question on this topic.

                  Isn’t there some kinda liquid they can use or something. Or some laser thing they can do to just zap away the hair.

                  This Brazilian thing sounds like something invented by Torquemeda or that dentist from Marathon Man.

                  “tell us vat ve vant to know, or off comes another”

        • In that picture Travis looked hairless down there…he and Jodi both seemed to like the “bald” look….like the little kid look…no hair underarms, legs, arms, and private parts…all hair free…

  71. Any and all compassion I had for Deanna Reed is now gone. Stupid wench is going on “Doctor” Drew tonight– while the freakin jury is deliberating. What a pathetic pig!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • yes we have another day they can go home and watch TV and look on the internet again to find out the answers that they did not get in the room in court.


      • tonya….I left you a comment on your post right up above a few posts….let me know…ok…

        • Truthseeker1111 🙂

          was it the question about the jury and the 4 Pisces of evidence and the 5th one faded out ? I really dont know unless it is talking about the one with his throat cut…

          • yes…sometimes this happens when I hear things…fades in and out…but more times than not it proves to be true…I will keep asking them…I will be out tomorrow morning…I’ll let you know if I see a dragonfly…

  72. Hello Hello Everyone!!
    I’ve been popping in here and there reading everyones post when I had the chance!
    My little family has kept me busy busy busy since this past friday!
    Glad things have slowed down so I can have some me time 😉

    Been praying and praying for God’s will to be done in this Trial.


  73. Beth Karas reminded HLN viewers that Scott Peterson jury took 7 days then convicted on 1st degree murder.

    Still, I think any day without a verdict improves the odds for Jodi…….

    • Ah, but the “experts” all thought that this case was so much more cut-and-dry than Peterson’s! The haters are all posting statements like “How can they NOT have come back with M1 already?”

    • Beth Ca Ca is a dum dum…… just saying……:-D OH, and HLN has the Amanda Knox story going on……Im positive they will fuck that all up too……

  74. Off topic……well, not really. I never liked Donal Trump. Self righteous, limelight seeking, pompous ass. First his asinine stunts regarding our president, wanting his birth certificate, offering money, and other foolish sore loser, disrespectful, bad taste, joke type behavior, and now not only tweeting about Jodi, but going on HLN to discuss it with NG? he has NO shame. Is there anything he won’t do?

    • I saw that this morning, Anna! Now why didn’t he get the nomination for President, I wonder? Cause he’s a pompous ass that’s why!! Is there any pathetic attention-seeking whore who won’t put their 2 cents in to be seen and heard on TV? Me thinks not!

      • Exactly! I am waiting for Rush Limbaugh or Ann Coulter to put their 2 cents in and appear on NG or begin a tweet fest!

    • He’s a has been and knows it. He’s writes off all his failures as business losses, thereby getting tax breaks, thus riding tax payers coat tails. He needs to be humbled.

      • Donald only thinks about Donald. He LOVES drawing attention to himself and it’s impossible to find anything that he says believable.

    • Nk sure about that he has been spinning two tales on his show one for us and the other for the other side to get them to join in not sure about him either

    • Vlad wrote us off after THIS site posted HIS upcoming live show times, etc virtually advertising for him… and WE were the only participants to listen to and call in on his live broadcast. He said he does NOT want to be associated with this site and wants everything to do with him removed….In my opinion he could say what he has to say in a few minutes…he is rather droll, not good at filling in the silence.

  75. No one in the TA camp has behaved appropriately. If Deanna realized how foolish she looked on the stand for letting that man use her at his convenience and then discard her into Mormon Never-Never-Land where no one else would have her then she’d stay on the down low for awhile. But defending him to this day? Go figure.

    • She is hiding little or big secrets and will never tell them but must make sure that she puts in her two cents worth about Jodi on HLN

    • OMG, thank YOU, I have said this from jump. He used women. That was his thing, if they didn’t fit for sex then discard them until them either did or forever, until they became of marrying age. It’s truly unreal. We know sheeeeeeeeee said that she went to the bishop but did he really??????????????? He wanted someone there to do whatever he wanted to do to them and thennnnnnnnnnnn discard them. It makes me sick.

  76. Jury left,13.5 hours…
    I have to leave too,3 am here.gotta get up for work tomorrow morning.
    It’s so good feeling I’m not alone during all tis hours waiting,thank you guys.See you tomoroow.
    Keep Jodi in your thoughts and prayers.
    Good night or….Kalinihta!!