Yesterday’s highlights + Alyce LaViolette’s interview

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Here’s a 47 second overview of Jodi’s 60 second hearing from yesterday – where another hearing was scheduled for September 16th. Yawn…

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I’m also including Alyce LaViolette’s full interview, without the BS commentary that followed it:

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    • That won’t solve the problem of death threats! Unless you put armed guards outside her office of course.
      The simplest solution is not publicizing the trial. Close the courtroom to the public, seal the records until the trial is done and that’s it!

      • You can’t close the courtroom to the public per our constitution. And there is good reason for that. The right to a fair trial and freedom of the press have always clashed.

        • Generally speaking, you’re right.
          But in exigent circumstances (which we’re having now – all the defense witnesses are in fear for their lives and are afraid to come forward and testify) the judge may decide to close the courtroom
          I took this excerpt from Wikipedia, I think it applies to Jodi’s case, there’s no other alternative to guarantee the safety of the witnesses than to close the courtroom:

          The accused may also request a closure of the trial; in such a case, it must be demonstrated that “first, there is a substantial probability that the defendant’s right to a fair trial will be prejudiced by publicity that closure would prevent, and second, reasonable alternatives to closure cannot adequately protect the defendant’s fair trial rights”

          • I don’t think she can do that under Arizona statute though. I understand your concerns but every motion so far has been denied about barring cameras from the courtroom. I think the judge could compromise saying it won’t be televised but she will allow live streaming. I doubt she will though.

              • Working here you have little rights, they call it a right to work state! They have to give you a lunch but breaks are not required, they can fire you, just because, without prior warnings and so on.

          • I think that the judge has the right to have the camera’s removed from the courtroom if they are causing a problem with the trial. In this case the defense has the right to defend their client.

        • That is BS! What about Jodi Arias rights??? When a person CANNOT get a fair trial because of the MORONS that we have in this society…it should be CLOSED to media, CLOSED to public and allowed only to be viewed on television WITHOUT ANY commentary from the IDIOTS that created this farce. NO DISGRACE, NO VINNEY PILE OF SHIT, NONE OF THEM. There should be a gag order to PREVENT any of them from commenting on the trail. PERIOD!! That is what our constitution should be about.. FAIRNESS for everyone!

    • They could but who would want someone to testify who was scared? Being scared would affect her testimony. She would be also considered a hostile witness and that wouldn’t be in the best interest of due process.

    • I am so sickened by our society – women really think TA was a good guy – I have relative who believe that too and and Alice L. how unfortunate = our society has such mental health disorders they haven’t a clue what reality is. Oh, I want to leave this country so bad, but I have a 20 year female child in college and no father or other family so – I am imprisoned here in the USA.

  1. ALV is a hero.

    No wonder abuse victims stay silent.

    I can only hope that things have gotten so bad because they are about to get better.

  2. I know Sam, that’s what I’m hoping.
    Unfortunately the attacks on Alyce were attacks on many.
    They don’t want anyone to testify for Jodi.
    These severe attacks are real and I believe that they did the same to Jodi.
    I believe, have always believed that Jodi is trying to save her family,
    just like they did Alyce LaViolette.

    Remember when the judge told her that she didn’t want to hear about her personal problems?
    Where in the hell and who was Alyce supposed to talk to about her threats?
    The judge is WRONG again.

    • Does anyone know the religious preferences of the judge and prosecutor? Just wondering? There is something much deeper than what we know about. . .there has to be. I have never heard of the stupid injustices that are going on with Jodi’ case. We had a huge trial in TN, where I am from,and 5 people were on trial for murdering (Tortured them) two people (Christian/Newsom) trial. It was all DP trials and only one ( the worst of offenders got DP but the others got sentences of life one 30 yrs(?) Anyway, the Judge was on painkillers and buying them from people he had helped to get out of jail. The victims families had to go through 5 more trials again because of the judges mistakes. There was no question of the horrible murders and what should have happened to them all but the families are still enduring heartache because of one judges illegal abuse of drugs. Jodi’s trial is so far from this because she was only defending herself. Travis brought is death on all by himself. It is becoming apparent that the laws are only for the abusers. If you an abused woman fighting for your life. . .yep they want to let her rot in jail. It is upsetting to say the least.
      PS Judge is in jail now but will receive his retirement, go figure. Maybe Judge Stephens is on drugs too.

      • I’m afraid that you have that right R.Love,

        “There IS something much deeper than what we know about…there has to be. I have never heard of the injustices that are going on with Jodi’s case.”

        I don’t think it’s drugs, I think it’s even beyond that!
        None of it makes sense at all.
        It seems like there is a huge criminal ring around it somewhere.
        Just when you think it is really bad and couldn’t get any worse, it does.
        Very unsettling!

        • What then? Maybe the Mormons? The “Friends”? The Detectives? The Maricopa County? The Judge? The Prosecutor? HLN? Who or What is behind this farce???? What is it that we all are missing? Things just don’t add up.

          • I agree R. Love except where you say TA brought his death on all by himself. Unfortunately we do not know what went on the night of June 4, 2008 (I think you agree). Abuse is horrible and inexcusable, but taking a human life is not an option with God as our judge.

            • Yes, your right and I stand corrected. But what I meant was I feel his abusive ways led to his death. We don’t know what happened on that day and it is driving me crazy. Murder is a horrible thing but did Jodi do it?. . . I just can’t see her capable of this whole event..Nothing measures up. Poor Jodi.

            • Maureen,
              I don’t understand.
              Abuse kills!!!
              If someone is abusing you and they tell you that they are going to kill you,
              what do you do?
              If Travis hadn’t threatened her, he would still be alive, MAYBE!
              I don’t think any of us know what happened to Travis.
              everyone that testified for the defense has been threatened.
              Gus Searcy said that there were many people that would testify for Jodi and have been threatend.
              I feel confident enough to believe that is what happened to Jodi and her family.
              All of us would protect our family if we were put in that position.
              I feel so sure, for there’s is a BIG reason why there were so many lies and coverups on the prosecution side.
              That’s why none of it makes sense.

  3. How about barring the public from entering the courtroom and not televizing the trial at all?
    I bet that would solve the problem of death threats and La Violette won’t be afraid to testify!
    God, it’s moments like these that I hate America for its freedoms – there are always some illiterate butt-heads that abuse their freedoms and justice is not served as a result!

    • LaViolette appeared to be a wonderful witness for Jodi . . . what she has had to endure is ridiculous. I hope she will reconsider and testify for Jodi again. The Haters are an evil group and appear to growing all the time ( with the support of our mainstream media). Yes, nothing else about Jodi’s trial should be televised. American is in a very disturbing state right now for sure!!!!!!!

  4. Sometimes it’s hard to know what to say.

    I confess to being fascinated by symmetry and time.

    That’s why Debra’s case has become so important to me as well as Jodi’s.

    Sometimes time telescopes. Sometimes everything comes together.

    This is interesting : Google “amanda knox diary”

    See the headline below and click the image top left.

    And read the message Amanda translates from Italian to English.


  5. If anybody is new or hasn’t before seen my online petition, please take a look and please sign (your information is secure and only seen by the recipient of the petition):

    This petition is an attempt to remove courtroom proceedings from commercialized television and only show them on a network such as CSPAN, no commercials— and especially no commentary telling the ‘sheeple’ of the world what to think.

  6. ALV was pitiful. So sad. It is disgusting how the Haters of this world are multiplying! Where in the world is justice and love for one another? How can people be so full of hatred for people they don’t even know except for the media coverage? They out of the clear blue dare to call someone the Most Hated woman in the world or Enemy #1, what an evil bunch of haters!! Jodi appears to not have a “chance in you know where” in getting out of this nightmare. Why are we so hated that they want this site down? We just want justice for Jodi. All of this just proves that there is something so EVIL going on behind the scenes. It is frightening. Don’t give up ALV there are a lot of people supporting you too.

    • Maybe we should be sending postcards to ALV as well, letting her also know that there are still some sane people out here.

      • That sounds like a nice idea. I found Alyce to be a marvelous witness for Jodi, and I wrote her a letter of appreciation saying so.

          • No, but now I can guess why. I called her trial testimony a “profile in courage” and said I’d be proud to think that I would do nearly so well in the same circumstances. So maybe now she’s embarrassed to write back, though I can easily understand her decision. The basic problem is that Maricopa County has abjectly failed in its duty to protect defense witnesses against criminal threats.

      • I’d love to send Alyce a postcard reminding her that she has people supporting her too. She needs all the love she can get. She put her reputation and ass on line to defend Jodi without hesitation. We need to thank her for that.

        Karma does knock on good people’s doors too: with a handful of gifts. ♥

        ((((((Alyce & Jodi))))))

      • That is really a great idea. When the trial was going on i suggested a page here on this sight to leave messages of support for ALV . I was really upset about the way she was treated by JM and when she started getting all those death threats I felt so sorry for her. I wanted to try to find a way to let her know that the whole world was not against her and she had and still has many of us who respect her. Love ya, Jesse

    • I cannot believe the way she has been treated, what a bunch of mindless bullies, so strong and brave behind their computer screens. How pathetic, my heart hurts for her after all she has done for those in need

  7. One thing is for certain – Jodi’s trial is becoming more and more reminiscent of the Salem Witch trials! The same ignorant, crazy, semi-retarded mob thirsting for blood. The only thing missing is pitchforks and torches!
    I’ve never been so ashamed of my fellow Americans!
    And what’s even more frightening is that this crap can happen to anyone! Once they got you in your sights – there’s no escaping.
    This is just crazy!

    • I think Martinez’s job title should be “persecutor”, because he’s been relentlessly persecuting and hounding Jodi for years. For shame, Martinez! Hope you rot in hell when you die, you pathetic angry midget!

      • Do you think if Jodi had a different prosecutor such as the kind who act normal, stick to the facts ie Zimmerman prosecutors – Alyce wouldn’t have been bullied as badly? Do you think Martinez set the tone with his bullshit enabling the mob outcry we saw?

        • He definitely set the tone and gave permission for all those people to come out from under their rocks who believe the person who yells the loudest and can twist the truth to their own best advantage should be declared the winner and touted as a hero.

        • Indubitably!
          While Martinez is a good attorney, his moral compass is completely skewed! He is a shitty person, his only concern is a win, so he can get a promotion and a bigger salary. He saw in this media frenzy an opportunity to get a quick conviction. His bullying attitude shows his true colors, that he will stop at nothing to get what he wants. His highfaluting talk about how he cared about the victim was just a ruse, we all know he doesn’t care about anybody but himself. I despise him for that narcissism. He’s the biggest liar and conniving bitch in the courtroom!
          And the judge was complicit in that too – she could have stopped Martinez, but she chose to turn a blind eye to his antics.
          Now the judge can do right by Jodi by simply closing the courtroom and assuring the defense witnesses that nothing will happen to them because the trial will not be shown to the public. Will she do it? I doubt it.

          • “Martinez is a good attorney”

            Alexey, forgive me but I totally disagree with your opinion about martinez.

            If bullying, screaming at all defence witnesses, not allowing them to finish their sentences, mocking Jodi, Jen and Nurmi and being all over the place not making sense most of the time (just babbling nonsense) makes him a good attorney then what can we say about Jose Baez or Mark Geragos who actually are good attorneys?

            As for sherry?? I’d rather not comment… cause it won’t be a nice one!

    • Alexey, Below is something I posted a while ago about the Salem Witch Trials. Also you might want to read geebee2’s Femme Fatale article:

      And then there is this article about Jodi’s attorneys using that same analogy in a motion for mistrial:

      I hope, when all is said and done, that someone does a serious study and exposé of this epidemic of mass hysteria, much like that of the 1692 Salem Witch Trials. Here is how one of the theories about the Salem phenomena is described at the website

      “Mass hysteria caused by an over zealous religious faith, all fueled by superstition, panic, and rumor. Tituba, a West Indian indentured servant, recently imported to a household in Salem, had been telling stories and folklore about demons and spells to several young girls who, in turn, spread the stories through the neighborhood. Such stories of witches and demons and spells to ward them off or attract them had always been in circulation, but under the influence of an “authority” like Tituba, they took root in the minds of some very impressionable adolescent girls and spread.”

      Perhaps someday someone will use similar words to describe this 21st Century witch hunt:

      “Mass hysteria caused by an over zealous and pre-determined verdict of guilt, all fueled by unproven accusations, hearsay, and rumor. HLN, a self-proclaimed “news network”, had been telling stories and folklore about stalking, tire slashing, doggie doors and other unproven acts of evil to their viewers who, in turn, spread the stories throughout social media. Such stories of “boys will be boys” and women are basically evil beings (out to control men and make their lives miserable) had always been in circulation (see Genesis), but under the influence of an “authority” like HLN, they took root in the minds of some very angry impressionable people and spread.”

  8. Hello my lovely friends.

    It was nice seeing Jodi even though it was just for a split second. Graceful as always. ♥

    Now, where to start about this poor woman, Alyce? I hope the haters are proud of themselves. They made a professional domestic violence specialist break down. Clap.. yawn.. clap.. yawn.. clap.. yawn.

    What the fuck is wrong with these people??? I am sick and tired of hearing them nag about us JAIIer’s talking bad about the alexander family. Give me a fucking break! So, some of us said bad things about travis’s family…suck it up cupcakes and move on!!!! Put on your big girl panties and act like adults! I have yet to hear about someone supporting Jodi threaten anybody from the ‘other side’. It was just that one ‘cuckoo for coacoa pops’ that went after nancy grace and we did NOT applaud him. We do not applaud violence and death threats and bullying. By threatening and attacking anyone that is a Jodi Arias supporter makes it ok? What are they thinking? “Now we’re even”? By threatening witnesses and their families they will make the witnesses back down from testifying pro Jodi? If travis was such an outstanding saint without a flaw in his life, then what is their gain in trying to ‘shut up’ defense witnesses? What are they afraid of? That people will actually see that Jodi was a victim opposite to what they try to make her out to be?

    I have yet to hear a member of the alexander family say: leave Arias family, defense witnesses, friends of Jodi and supporters alone. Maybe if one of them said something like that we would be able to respect them more. I also didn’t hear any of the travis clan go on tv and say “Stop with the threats and the bullying. travis wouldn’t have wanted this”… What I did read and hear was tanisha encouraging haters to attack Alyce LaViolette. I also have read vile and venomous comments about Arias family members, Jodi’s friends and Jodi’s supporters. So excuse me when I say that alexanders, travis clan and travis supporters get what they give.

    Sorry if some are offended by what I wrote but enough is enough! I am sick and tired of the haters thinking they can do what they do and then expect us to say “I’m sorry YOU stepped on ME”!

    I hope Alyce reconsiders.

    Peace out!

    (((((((Alyce LaViolette)))))))
    ((((((Arias family & friends))))))))
    (((((((Jodi supporters)))))))
    ((((((JAII – SJ & admins))))))

    • “I have yet to hear a member of the alexander family say: leave Arias family, defense witnesses, friends of Jodi and supporters alone. Maybe if one of them said something like that we would be able to respect them more. I also didn’t hear any of the travis clan go on tv and say “Stop with the threats and the bullying. travis wouldn’t have wanted this”…”

      Well said Pandora. Well said… Remember, anything you say will be considered, “vile and nasty” when these same haters promote vile and nasty sites that photo-shopped the family and and spread vicious and nasty rumors about Jodi’s sister being involved in some sort of relationship with a family member. Consider the source before getting yourself all riled up. You know the truth.

      • Hi Alex and all of my cyber family. I hope you are all doing well. I am still so sickened by the way those horrible bullies threatened ALV and Patty among others. I think the best way that we can represent Jodi is by never stooping to their level of petty name calling and vicious attacks. For instance, JVM wrote some wretched book about Jodi and Travis and she is proffeting off of his death and her pain. I really hope that no one here will go and write hideous reviews about her book. Although I understand the impulse I think we should show everyone that we are above them and we come from a place of peace, love and empathy. We can not go wrong if we remain civilized.. Everyone here seems so sweet and like really good people. Hugs and kisses to you all, Love ya, Jesse

  9. (((((((((((((PAN))))))))))))))))))

    I ADORE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU PREACH IT GIRLFRIEND!!!!!!!!

    I always knew you were a spitfire my friend, each and every day I learn so much more and have so many more reasons to love you. You are priceless to me. ♥

    Hello everyone. Hope all is well.

    • Janeen,

      How are you? I’m sorry for your loss. I hope you start commenting more. I hear you are insightful, funny and a blast when posting here.

      • I don’t believe it! I’ve been trying to be here to post when I see you are here since you joined JAII! I wanted to introduce myself, but I see you’ve already been told about me…LOL

        I truly do not know about how insightful I am, but there are times I have been considered funny and I will always be a blast when I’m with my fellow friends here.

        I’m hanging in there. Tomorrow is the wake which I am DREADING. Our family is having a difficult time…death is never easy, regardless of who you lose. 🙁

        • I never know what to say in situations where people pass other than I’m sorry. I’ll keep you in my thoughts. I hope you return soon. We can blast it up together 🙂

      • ALEXIS, mark my words: Janeen is as awesome as it gets! She is a wonderful person. I am proud to call her my friend and sister because she is faithful and true. Never turns her back on people she loves!

        Janeen, stop blushing! 🙂

      • Oh Pan…I wouldn’t have you any other way. NEVER sugarcoat ANYTHING. You are so intelligent and so honest. You have not ever minced words and I would not ever ask you to start now. ♥

  10. Does anyone know if the State presented a theory about how the camera ended up on the floor? (One knucklehead told me that she did indeed drop it but it was while she was stabbing him. In other words, she attacked him with the camera in one hand and the knife in the other. Sounds to me like a friggin’ death wish on Jodi’s part.)

      • You mean you magic camera?
        That is another one that makes no sense. It took a picture of “supposedly” Jodi’s leg?
        that just can’t be possible.
        It was probably Sky’s pants. Remember they were the same size?

  11. I am realizing that HLN has used their 1st amendment right to create fear in others who voice an opinion different than theirs. This is dangerous and has a resounding ring of Nazi Germany to it

    • Yes it sure does Justus. Great analogy. HLN is all about money, their hubris for which is especially evident in their exploitation of Jodi Arias.

    • Great point! This country is starting to really scare me. People seems to be getting so mean and bitter and hateful. I think the internet has brought out the worst in some people. They hide behind their computers and spew hatred. Is it just in the U.S. or is it the same in other countries? As much as I love our freedom of speech there has to be some kind of law enforced to prevent trials from becoming witch hunts! Love ya, Jesse

    • Hi Justice, i totally agree! What was almost comical to me was when the Zimmerman fiasco happened I could tell that HLN couldn’t figure out which side to take, since the country seemed to be equally divided on the subject. They are so predictable and despicable! Love ya, Jesse

  12. Firstly Janeen, so sorry to hear about your loss. Take care of you.

    It’s absolutely shameful that ALV has been harassed to the point where she has broken down. It must be devastating to her that she has had to make this decision not to testify, to preserve her own safety and that of her family. Shame, shame, shame on the haters for applauding this. Does their hatred for JA go so deep that they can basically thumb their nose at due process? The emails ALV was reading are TA’s own words. How can anyone justify those words and just sweep them under the rug like they’ve been doing? I feel like I am living in a parallel universe or something. Why does what seems so clear to me and the rest of us on this site seem to escape those pathetic losers who support TA?

    I do not hate TA. I don’t know him. However, I definitely hate his words and his actions. I hate hypocrites who hide behind their religion, profess to be something they’re not, and then live a double life. Displaying one persona to the people in their church and their friends and family, while leading a different life privately. Had I met him, maybe I would have fallen for his phoniness. I like to think I would have seen through that, but I can’t say for sure. Apparently he was very good at conning people. That’s why he was so successful in his profession. Most people don’t do well pimping pyramid schemes. I don`t know that he was a pedophile, however I guarantee this, if any adult male EVER made a comment about a 12 year girl having an orgasm, neither me or my husband would EVER allow that male to be alone with our daughter! If my son ever made a comment like that I would make damn sure he understood how completely inappropriate such a statement is and how it would likely be interpreted.

    Now to Jodi. I don’t know her, I don’t love her. How could I love someone I don’t know. There’s a chance if I met her I wouldn’t even like her. What I do know is that NO WOMAN deserves to be treated by a man the way TA treated her. I do believe that she was abused by TA. Why do I believe it? HIS OWN WORDS HAVE CONVINCED ME OF THAT. No man should ever speak to a woman the way he spoke to Jodi. Any man whose religion meant what TA professed his meant to him would EVER utter such words to another human being! I believe that any man who would talk like that would definitely follow those words up with action. I believe he put his hands on Jodi many times. Maybe I don`t love Jodi but from what I`ve seen of her in interviews and with watching her testimony, I can say that I do like her. I feel that she`s in a position of damned if she does, damned if she doesn`t. If she smiles it`s a `smirk` if she doesn`t smile she`s cold. If she wears her hair up she`s doing it to create a demure image. She literally can`t please these people. It`s pathetic how much satisfaction some of these people get from seeing her in stripes and shackles. Just shows how vile and hateful and insecure the hater`s are that they get so much enjoyment out of someone else`s misfortune.

    I can`t even begin to imagine what EITHER of their families have gone and are going through. When you think about it, really think about it, it must be devastating. None of them asked for this. Both families are forever changed. How horrible for both. What I don`t understand is how denying Jodi a fair trial is serving anybody. It puts justice in jeopardy for all. It`s setting a dangerous precedent. Between media (and I use the term very loosely as I am referring to HLN in particular) and social media, it has forever changed the playing field. How many people are going to end up wrongly convicted and possibly on death row because the jury was influenced by media and witnesses were terrorized by crazy people. It`s a slippery slope and it`s going to end badly. Odds are it`s eventually going to affect some of these nut cases who have influenced the Arias trial. (karma).

    I realize this post falls under my own criteria of TFL (too fucking long) but it`s been on my mind and some of it just had to be said.

    Have a great day my friends.

    • ((((((((((((BevM))))))))))))))))))

      Thank you so very much. Your post wasn’t too long. I enjoy you and your take on things. Hugs my friend.

      • It wasn’t too long at all Bev,
        I agree this is the ultimate disgrace of a trial that I have ever seen OR heard of. You’re right Jodi can’t do anything that doesn’t set off the haters.
        I think that Jodi is doing her best to be just Jodi and it is driving them fucking crazy.
        I know that in all of the tapes that we heard and all of the e-mails were very hateful from Travis, NOT Jodi.
        His words were mean, hateful, intimidating and controlling.
        Yes, anyone that gets excited about sex with a 12 year old IS a pedifile IMO!!
        But, the HLN and all of the haters, must have the same feelings, just hidden.
        How else could they condone it?
        Plus they PRAISE him!! Are they ALL sick?
        Many of the talking heads have children under 12 even and they PRAISE him?
        Something is damn sure wrong with all of them.

  13. I am so sorry to hear about your loss Janeen and I hope that you and your family are doing as well as you can under the circumstances. I have really missed your posts although I don’t get here as often either. But occasionally something so egregious happens that I just have to vent. Poor Alice should not have been subjected to such ignorance and malice! And I am in agreement with Pandora that the family of TA, if they had any morals at all, would have spoken out against it. But it just proves to me what I suspected all along. They don’t. They give former meth-head addicts a bad name. See how they make me behave but show a little class people!! I am fed up with this whole campaign of hate, blame and ignorance that has been launched against Jodi. TA was an ass. It’s time the family admitted and owned it.

    • ((((((((((((((((((Gwen)))))))))))))))))))

      DO NOT ever change. Thank you very much for the kind words. I appreciate your sentiments, your humor, your intelligent, your posts. I enjoy you immensely. 🙂

    • Bev M, I enjoyed your post so much and kind of sums up my opinions. I say I love Jodi but, to your point, I don’t know her but I respect the position she was in with TA, and also the way she carries herself. I try to live in the real world, and remember that, for all the awful domestic violence and abuse that we know she sustained at the hands of TA, she did brutally kill the man, and I believe we do not really know what happened the night of June 4. Also, as much as I hate what TA did to Jodi, I do respect his family’s need to feel a loss.


      • I agree, I don’t know Jodi except for the postcards and letters from what I know from that I can say that I do love Jodi not in a creepy way, like she is one of my own kids. It breaks my heart to see her in stripes and restraints the same as if was one of my own daughters. And no we don’t know what happened 04 Jun 2008, Jodi and GOD know, and I believe Jodi…..every word, and I will support Jodi to my last breath.


        Ray in Harrisonburg Va.

  14. So sad to hear that ALV is not going to testify in the second trial….this will set a precedence! One that says if you are CRAZY and threaten people YOU will get your way… and a fair trial will be impossible. There are very few times in my life that I was ashamed to be an American.. and this is one of them.

    • I think, in a way, Alyce is doing Jodi a favor. She went on national TV and said she’s not going to testify again because of the threats and intimidation that began just two days into her testimony and landed her in the hospital shortly thereafter. That should make for a slam-dunk appeal.

      I’m sorry as hell for Jodi, to have to go through another trial, but I have great hope that if she can get some lawyers to do it RIGHT next time, she will be FREE.

      A RETRIAL is the only way to get her out of there. I am very optimistic that Alyce just gave her a retrial.

      I don’t, BTW, feel bad for Travis’ siblings at the prospect of a new trial. They have ownership in the media debacle this trial became, as well as the tsunami of hate that slammed into our dear Alyce. I would be happy, in fact, to WISH upon them the ordeal of a new trial, if not for the fact that they will ALSO be HAPPY to have yet another chance to capitalize on their brother’s death.

      • Journee,
        Why do they need to be there IF it’s so inconvenient for them?
        If I understand it right, it’s only to atch through the whole thing again
        and it’s only about the DP.
        They want to be there to sway the jury on the DP??
        That’s all!
        I’m damn tired of them saying that they need to get this over so
        that they can go home. BS!

      • Dittto! They do like the lime light don’t they? It’s just like unlimited amounts of money being dumped into their greedy little hands.

  15. I think a great title for a movie or book would be, “The Jodi Arias Trial – The Ultimate Cover Up of the Century”!!! I honestly believe that we will see that, hopefully one day very, very soon!!!

  16. The reason that I thought of the above title for a movie or book is because of research I have done on the death of Travis Alexander. From my research, Travis was not dead when Jodi left his house and, in fact, Travis did not die at his own house but was taken to another location by one or more persons and died a slow, agonizing death at the hands of the person or persons who took him and after Travis was finally dead, his body was brought back to his house and positioned in the shower (the unknown boot print)?. That is why the roommates and any other people who may have been in and out of Travis’s house during those five days before anyone inquired about him and found his dead body didn’t smell the odor of a decomposing body!

    • I’m kinda leaning that way myself, Mary.

      Kinda hard to backtrack and travel a new path, but I know that I started questioning this case when Martinez said Travis lay dead in his shower for five days and Flores reported that the roomies said they didn’t smell anything.

      I know that EITHER the roomies are lying about the smell OR Travis wasn’t dead in the shower for five days. Problem is, if there is evidence at the scene that something else (OTHER than the state’s story or Jodi’s story) happened, the only bit of it that made it into evidence at trial was the shoe print. Like, did they luminol elsewhere in the house, to see if there was any trace of blood trail going out of the house? Did they dust outside of the master suite for fingerprints? Travis’ office, for example?

      OH! And every now and then this thought pops into my head and I lose it again before I can carry it anywhere, though I do think I’ve asked about it here before:

      Flores report has a list of people who came and went from Travis’ house on Jun 4 – it lists the roomies and their girlfriends and the guy that Travis supposedly called his ‘Mesa dad’ – Dr. Karl Brent Hiatt. Hiatt, according to Beth Karas on HLN, was there around noon on Jun 4 to lend Travis money. Where’s the money? There’s a photo of a check from Jodi on Travis’ desk, where’s the check from Hiatt? Or the cash, if that’s what it was?

      • Mary and Journee (and others who have suggested this possibility), are your scenarios consistent with Jodi’s trial testimony? Or do they entail that she perjured herself in some way? I’m curious to know your views and others’ on this point. It was my reason for rejecting this line of thought, but maybe I was too hasty.

        • The roomies lying about the smell wouldn’t necessarily be inconsistent with Jodi’s testimony – but it would raise the question of why would they lie? Why would they live with a reeking dead body in the house and not report it? If they knew he was there, who else knew? How much can we rely on crime scene evidence if the scene has been tampered with?

          As far as any possibility of Jodi committing perjury, my response would be the same I give all the haters who want to rant about Jodi’s lies and how can I believe anything she says – I fully expect anyone whose life is on the line to do or say whatever they think they need to do or say to save their life, and I wouldn’t fault them for it. But I would take anything they say in that situation with a grain of salt.

          Jodi stuck to her intruder story for nearly two years, and then she was PERSUADED (according to Samuels’ testimony) by Nurmi and Samuels to admit that she killed Travis in self defense. It was discussed here a few months back that ‘legal minds’ might have decided that self-defense/crime of passion would give Jodi a better shot at acquittal than her continued insistence that someone else did it.

        • Same Chris. I”m wondering that too. I can tell it’s more of alternative theory not talked about at trial though.

  17. Pandora, great post!!! When you said, what are they afraid of?, that’s just it, Pandora, they ARE all afraid of something – the big cover up at Jodi’s expense!!! The whole lot of them, not only the Alexander family, but the whole prosecution team, judge, medical examiner, detective/s, lying witnesses for prosecution (yeah, I said it – lying prosecution witnesses not the other way around like they are trying to insinuate!!!) the Hughes (especially!), and there are so many more that I don’t want to rack my brain to think of all their names! They all know who they are and what they lied about! That is why someone threatens someone, because they are afraid of the truth coming forward!!! I mean, duh, that’s not hard to figure out! I mean, it is so simple and obvious to see what has gone on during this trial and NO ONE, NO ONE in authority has done anything about it and I just don’t know why? Is the whole world afraid of Maricopa County? They shouldn’t be and it’s time somebody does something!!! Maricopa County Superior Court and law officials are NOT ABOVE the law themselves!!! I did write to President Obama about it. Whether my email was one of the 25 picked for him to read, I don’t know, but I hope so!!!

  18. Journee, exactly!!! There are so many unknowns that it is just ridiculous to even think that there could have even been an arrest of Jodi, let alone the dumbest trial that I have ever seen in my life and then a conviction, on what?!!!

    • Mary Williams and Journee,
      I wish you were the investigators.
      All of those were facts, but NOT questioned.
      They have forgotten all of the stuff that we all heard.
      I agree with both of you and it is total mind boggling to me.
      I think the whole thing was a set up to begin with.
      HIM in there for 5 days and all of the BS that we heard from his roommates, friends and
      I think it was planned before because if we go back to the very beginning of this, there are way
      too many fishy BLATANTLY in our faces to doubt so much, we can’t be wrong.
      Plus the lady that bought Travis’s house shortly after and had it completely renivated, EVERYTHING in it, she said she loved Travis and Martinez.
      Isn’t there something wrong there?

      • All of you are making perfect sense to me! What’s with the rest of the world? There are multiple questions that remain unanswered and it appears no one will ever investigate them. The police botched everything from the start, or like I have said before, someone else disturbed the crime scene. I think Jodi was the biggest victim in all of this. She was easy prey for Travis and then his friends. It is unbelievable for me to think we are the only ones who think this way. We appearto be very small in numbers from what the media has said. Someone is covering something up!! I pray Alyce will reconsider but understand she has suffered greatly. I have felt sorry for the Alexanders but as time passes it becomes harder everyday. The Alexanders (with the Medias help)have spread such hatred it is disgusting and disturbing. This is the Worst trial I have ever heard of in my lifetime.

  19. I do think one thing Alyce said is important.

    What upset her most was not the attacks on herself, but the attacks on Jodi.

    It was that she found hardest to cope with. And that’s very true.

    Also, I imagine she felt very bad for the small errors she made, which were then used to attack Jodi.

    She is obviously quite old and infirm, which makes the attacks all the more reprehensible.

    • I agree. Alyce appears to be a very honest, sweet and dedicated individual. I pray she will recover from the abuse she is suffering now. It’s a shame.

    • Geebee Alyce is not that old, she’s only 66. However, she has definitely aged since I first saw her at the beginning of her testimony. I guess hatred will do that to a person. I bet she never, ever dreamed she would experience such unbridled hatred from so many people she has never met. People discount her expertise because she doesn’t have a chain of letters after her name. I would rather put my trust in her decades of knowledge than in Demarte’s years of study with very little hands on experience. Give Demarte a few years and yes, of course she will have the practical experience to go with her studies. (No amount of education is going to fix her personality though.) People say Alyce is a man hater, but I never got that vibe from her. I do feel she hates what the many men she has dealt with have done. That’s a given in my opinion. I hate the violence I have seen come from men, but I actually adore men. I have some wonderful male friends.

      At the beginning of Alyce’s testimony she looked healthy and vibrant, confident and capable. Seeing her in the above interview is tragic and disturbing. Is that what expert witnesses have to look forward to from now on? If so, good luck getting an expert to testify if any of you ever find yourselves on the wrong end of the law. Thank you haters, you have effectively changed how “justice” is served. Proud of yourselves? Shame, shame on all of you.

      • Thank you Bev!

        I was a bit offended by the description of Alyce as ‘old and infirm’, because that’s not the woman we met when she took the stand.

        Alyce LaViolette is a warrior.

        • I bet if one were talking to her she would say that the ordeal she has been through has “aged” her. One only has to compare pictures of her before and after this trial to see it has taken it’s toll. I think she went into this will all good intentions and we can only imagine the reading she was privy to that the hobbit got disallowed. That’s probably why Alyce says without a doubt that Jodi was an abused woman. Unfortunately we may never see or hear all of what Alyce heard and read. However, those going on the premise that Jodi is a liar about everything use that as their excuse to give TA his crown and to say that he had done nothing wrong. How they live with themselves I’ll never know. Here’s my guess, wait for it, wait for it……….. Denial anyone? (gag me, that’s the last time I will be using that lame expression).

  20. Huge flaw, Detective Flores report! To many unanswered questions. Ashley T made an anonymous call stating she believes her husband was involved in the murder. Why was Dustin T never questioned?! Flores twisted and manipulated his report to fit the states story. Oh and we sure can not forget about the ME’s lie after lie!!! If we as citizens can see all the flaws how can the state continue the cover up?!

  21. I feel miserable about what Alyce has had to go through.The Haters must be so proud of themselves along with Sherry Shithead and Juan Martinez.
    If someone were to hurt or kill Alyce or any members of her family Stevens and Martinez should be charged as accessories. Martinez should be held accountable for the threats Alyce has already gotten.

    Man I HATE that little troll piece of shit.

  22. Alyce is so right. How can people have such incredible hate inside themselves for someone they don’t know?
    It’s as plain as the nose on your face now. Jodi DID NOT receive a fair trial and she absolutely should get a retrial.

  23. I thought I wrote this yesterday. I bought a post card to write Jodi. It is a plain post card from post office. It has a printed graphic stamp on it. Not one that I bought and put on. One that is already printed on post card. The Post Office Lady said that is what a metered post card is. I am just checking to make sure she is correct.
    Thank you for any info related to this.


  24. I did a Twitter search for this site today for the hell of it and while this is the first site at the top of the list, underneath it is nothing but other sites dedicated to bashing SJ in particular and this site in general.
    This site is a fraud. We’re all gullible suckers yada yada. This site steals money blah blah blah.

    Luckily I didn’t bother clicking on many of the bashing sites or I’d be more pissed off than I already am.

    I find it hard to believe how stupid and gullible all the TravisTaliban are. The Alexander Acolyte’s and HLN have done a tremendous job of brainwashing the uneducated.

  25. Good Grief when did it become a crime to want justice for all? We must be bigger than they let on if they are disturbed by us and our questions.

  26. Wow! Edgar has a sense of humor along with some good points and maybe a few far fetched ones. But, there again . . . so many unanswered questions.

  27. Life got in the way. I’ll catch up with every single post in a couple of days.
    I love you, my cyber family.
    And you all know how much I love Jodi, right? 🙂 🙂

    ((((((((((((( JODI )))))))))))))

  28. (((Jodi)))


    Thank you SJ and mods for providing videos on this site! I don’t have lots of time lately to watch things live.

    • I really liked Alyce and for that matter Samuels, but I have to be honest, I do not think they were powerful witnesses for the defense. A bit sloppy, a bit unprofessional, and too “close” to Jodi (e.g. acted biased (buying her books,looking at her in court)). I think Jennifer could have done better as far as witnesses.

      • That is what Kermit tried to twist and portray them as, but he utterly failed with most of us here because we saw that Kermit’s method was to not get the truth but to twist it.

        I totally disagree with your assessment, but you are entitled to your opinion.

      • The unprofessional one was the prosecutor. He disguised his weak case by badgering and demeaning every single defense witness.

  29. i believe i heard alyce say, when she was giving testimony, that she thought ta was not a sociopath

    but it was only a very brief statement, a few unqualified words

    here’s a huffingtonpost article “11 Signs You May Be Dating A Sociopath”

    was alyce being too optimistic, pollyannaish, about it?

    Pollyanna principle

  30. Chris, in response to your question on your August 28th post, yes my and Journee’s scenarios are consistent with Jodi’s trial testimony. Like Journee said, when Jodi finally admitted that she WAS at Travis’s house during her interrogation by Flores, she told Flores about the intruders coming in when her and Travis were going through the pictures they had taken to see which ones they wanted to delete, etc. and after she told him exactly what had happened, Flores got up and told Jodi he didn’t believe her and Jodi told him I didn’t think you would. Then Flores asked Jodi if she was going to leave it at that and she did for two years, because it was the TRUTH, but like Journee also said that Jodi was persuaded (according to Samuel’s testimony)by Nurmi and Samuels to admit that she killed Travis in self defense since ‘legal minds’ might have decided that Jodi would get a better shot at acquittal than her continued insistence that someone else did it. Personally, I think Jodi should have stuck to her true confession of the intruders because Martinez doesn’t have one bit of evidence that they weren’t there and the burden of proof is on him to convince the jury without any reasonable doubt that the intruders weren’t there and he could never do that! He has no evidence to back it up!!! Also, Jodi is a VERY intelligent person because when Martinez was screaming all those questions to her about did you do this and stab him like that and blah, blah, blah, if you remember Jodi replied, crying, I guess, yes, I guess!!! Also, why Jodi doesn’t remember anything after the gun went off (which one of the intruders shot Travis, not Jodi!) is because Jodi said the female intruder knocked her out and when she got up she said Travis was moaning and had blood on him (which was from being shot) and Jodi was trying to help Travis and he told her to go get help but the intruders wouldn’t let her.

    • Yup. Jodi couldn’t testify to anything beyond the gunshot, because SHE DOES NOT KNOW what happened to Travis after the gunshot. The only thing she knows for sure is that the gunshot came first.

  31. Very interesting Mary. Her first story made sense to me all the time but what could happen now if its true? I believe Travis was involved with some really strange and devious people, to say the least. Jodi didn’t have a chance from the beginning of their relationship. I wish she had turned and ran away from the abuser! If only we had a magic wand! POOF!

    • Speculating that someone said something to Jodi on the phone that either:

      a: supports the defense case in some way not yet explored
      b: underscores, in some way, the position the defense has taken in the plea for change of venue
      c: gives evidence of how social media may have corrupted the first jury

  32. Your right again. I presume he is smart like his owner. I have a 9yr old Choc lab (130lb) who is indeed smart and spoiled and it has been fun every minute. Anyway, Back to Freeing Jodi!!!

  33. Once again I would like to thank Alyce for her attempt to help Jodi!!! Alyce you are a very brave and strong woman and I pray things are going better for you. Thank you and I’m so sorry for the abuse that you suffered. . .just know we all still love you and are pulling for you! 🙂 I hope you will have a Happy Thanksgiving with your family.

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