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I have links to videos emailed to me all the time… including the odd porno clip, which I sometimes have to review multiple times prior to rejecting it. But sometimes I receive videos that align perfectly with the current trial circus we’ve all come to know & love over the past 4 months.

So in an attempt to break the monotony of Martinez’ current inability to even find his own ass with both hands… and while Judge Pickles continues to help him find it… check out the videos below to see how a couple of other judges effortlessly handle BS, gestures from the gallery, facial expressions and arrogant courtroom assholes…

Video #1 – Direct Criminal Contempt (& Jail) in 12 Minutes Flat:

[hdplay id=158 width=500 height=300]

This is from Casey’s trial back in June 2011. It features a dude by the name of Matthew Bartlett, who (from the spectator gallery) briefly flipped the bird at Jeff “The Laughing Guy” Ashton during the trial. Very soon after the event, Bartlett was hauled before Judge Belvin Perry, who promptly advised him that gestures & facial expressions during court proceedings are strictly prohibited.

He then promptly ripped him a new one… sentenced him to 6 days in jail… imposed a $400 fine (plus court costs)… helped him arrange flexible payment terms for the fine… and advised him of the prevailing appeal process… prior to having him handcuffed & having his ass carted away to Orange County jail — and all within the space of 12 minutes.

Being immune to such restrictions himself, Belvin Perry’s facial expression at the 7.40 mark is truly priceless.

I guess Elvis (and the rest of the eye rolling Addams family) should be glad they’re not in Florida, or they’d be doing more jail time than actual trial watching.

Video #2 – Don’t Mess with Marilyn Milian:

[hdplay id=157 width=500 height=300]

In this clip from The People’s Court program (2007), this is a shining example of what happens when you start acting like an arrogant asshole in the courtroom. It features former Florida state circuit court judge Marilyn Milian… and just like Belvin Perry, she ain’t taking any bullshit either. It’d be interesting to see what would happen if she replaced Judge Pickles :mrgreen:

Leave your comments below – while I go back to standing on my head and singing…

Team Jodi


  1. I did it
    it’s me
    I’m third
    thought I was number 2
    I was gonna say I’m Al’s poo
    but geebee posted too fast
    so, for now, I am last.

  2. I got this from Huffington Post.

    “The prosecutor in Jodi Arias’ murder trial, unable to shake a defense expert’s contention that Arias was a victim of domestic violence, lashed out at the expert on Tuesday. Domestic violence expert Alyce LaViolette told veteran prosecutor Juan Martinez he needed to “take a time out.””

    The key thing here is that this guy David Lohr is one of those seriously pro-prosecution guys. So if he says that JM was ” unable to shake a defense expert’s contention that Arias was a victim of domestic violence, lashed out at the expert on Tuesday” then maybe we’re getting ourselves worked up for nothing. We’re seeing JM lashing out at ALV and its getting frustrating. But at least one pro-prosecution guy, and a real loud one at that is seeing him not making any ground. That is good.

    And JW still has re-direct. May the Force be with her.

    Keep the faith folks.

    • Good point AL…but for us that have been abused it’s just very hard to watch that little man…..ya just want to bitch slap him silly….But Jodi seems to be handling it well…God Bless her. Aly. is a rock.

      • Its not just you folks who’ve been abused. I could throttle the little sod.

        His other cases must have been stone cold winners, because I can’t see him being able to convince people of anything.

        I wonder how the jury is taking all this in. I know they’re not supposed to form an opinion before its all done, but that’s not how people work.

        • I know. How could anyone sit there and listan to his………. and not form a opinion. I know I couldn’t and most likely would be hauled off to the slammer by now…

      • Can you imagine how abusive he must be to his wife if she ever disagrees with him. His voice is like nails down a chalk board.

  3. I know he is trying to discredit Ms. Aly. and is playing this game with her. I wonder if he is doing this way to totally confuse the jury and when he gets his “expert” on the stand it will be fast and painless.

    He’s not making any points with them I am sure. I think he has totally lost his case and can not prove PM.

    • Hmm interesting strategy indeed, Cindy, regarding his expert. He’d better keep her brief. Her experience is extremely brief.

      As for PM, he’s NEVER really been able to prove it. He has no eyewitness. There’s no smoking gun admission. All he has is some gas can receipts, a rental car, and inflammatory photos he hopes will sway the jury. Have you noticed how he has never brought up her hair colour again since Jodi was on the stand? That’s one sloppy mistake he really hopes everyone has forgotten about.

      This case was really a manslaughter case all along, maybe maybe maybe murder two at the very best, and that’s how it should have been charged.

      • JJ I was thinking along the same lines. But she will have a bunch of test to go over….you know to make the jury think she is more qualified then AL to form a opinion because we all know that if you don’t have a BIG degree you are unable to form a qualifying opinion.

        What happen to good old common scenes in this world we live in?

        I feel that AL did a very good job in getting her point across to the jury. Nothing fancy….just the facts. So let him come in with his Girl and watch how her over zealous to prove herself as the “expert” loses the jury….. with all the test,ie.

        • You just can’t put the genie back in the bottle with a jury. Travis’s own words and those of his friends and potential love interests are out there. The jury has to have reason to believe he was at least, somewhat abusive. All the testing in the world isn’t going to change that. It may not form a justifiable basis to kill him in the juror’s minds.

          All his expert can do is to really rebut that Jodi had PTSD or was suffering from battered woman’s syndrome. And then, it’s her tests and 3 years of experience vs. ALV’s decades of experience.

        • Agree! Whatever tests were done on Jodi by the prosecution’s expert have nothing to do with the question of abuse. So is the prosecution trying to prove that Jodi is a “nut case” – well so what (and who wouldn’t be in need of therapy after going through what Jodi has been through?) No test will indicate the presence or absence of physical and emotional abuse.

        • His rebuttal witness simply doesn’t have enough experience to be qualified as an expert witness, especially as rebuttal to two people who have something like 70 or 80 years combined experience.

          Undoubtedly Juan could find nobody wiling to testify in this high-profile case who had extensive experience and come up with an opposing diagnosis or viewpoint.

      • What was the deal with the hair color? I missed that.

        I often can’t follow where JM goes with his questions and I am not sure he does either. Often it is not clear who/what the “it” or “that” is. He tries to trip her up on dates…just minor stuff from what I see. In the whole scheme of things, I don’t see utmost importance of practically anything that has been asked of her on cross..at this point anyway. JM seems to flail around and grasp. Desperate is an adjective that comes to mind. I think park of it is she is not intimidated by him and there is a control thing going on between the two. That is the body language issue to which JM refers. ALV can’t answer with clarity when the questions are so confusing, and perhaps that is by design, so later he can twist words to fit his secnario. I noted yesterday that she answered “yes” to one question that should have been a “no”. She quickly realized that and was going to correct and JM wouldn’t let her and moved on with speed. I hope JW caught this and will clarify same.

        • According to JM, evidence of premed is JA’s changing hair color, she was blonde when she picked up the rental car, then before she got to TA’s she dyed her hair brown. But I don’t think she changed her hair at all.

    • Cindy,

      I’ve wondered in the last few days what his expert will have to say. The fact of the matter is that the meaningful direct testimony presented by the defense experts is fairly limited. (Though I do wish Dr Samuels had steered clear of the PTSD stuff). Samuels meaningful testimony has to do with the physiological aspects of acute stress and the denial aspects and ALV’s testimony has to do with DV.

      Given AZ rules for cross examination, I believe that an option open to the defense, when dealing with the prosecution expert would be to just highlight these aspects. So a possible plan would be to first show her lack of experience, follow that up with re-asking one of JM’s questions from yesterday “Aren’t any psychological evaluations and tests somewhat subjective and open to interpretation as opposed to something like a DNA test?” Then walk her through the physiological aspects of acute stress, and then walk her through all of those e-mails, IMs and texts, even if she hasn’t seen them, take a page out of JM’s book and say look at these, now bring out the content and ask her how that would affect her analysis. And then let it go. Short, sweet and to the point.

      • Al, what would you have preferred Dr. S testified about?

        In my opinion, he was there for one reason really: to give the jury a reason why Jodi doesn’t remember — not to justify self defense. Therefore, I think his testimony was critical. Without it, the jury would have had no frame of reference whatsoever and may well have believed her memory loss was simply convenient.

        Could his testimony have been shorter? Yes, indeed. But since he didn’t see her when she was in an acute stage, he had to explain his rationale, and that’s where it became lengthy.

        • AA,

          Agreed. The parts about the physiological phenomenon due to acute stress and the resulting dissociative amnesia were the gems of his testimony. I think it was imperative, not legally speaking but from a real world point of view, for the defense to explain to the jury how this could have happened, why Jodi doesn’t remember stuff and the denial she went through. And I think the early part of Dr Samuels’ testimony did that masterfully. And I think if they walked through the validity of the science behind that with the prosecution expert they would hit a home run. Firstly the phenomenon he discussed are familiar to just about any adult, maybe not in the technical sense, but on an anecdotal level. Secondly he presented them in a manner that let ordinary folk, not just understand them but also be able to relate them to other incidents we have all heard or read about. Given that, if the prosecution expert tries to refute them she is going to have a real hard time.

          I’m not so sure whether the PTSD part eventually turned out to be beneficial, but again I’m not on the jury.

          So essentially I think the defense, in their direct had it mostly right with Dr Samuels. Then we got the JM obfuscation.

          • I agree, Al. But I think he had to go backwards because by the time he first saw her, she was in the Post stage, not the Acute stage.

            JM made his entire testimony seem like nonsense and Dr. S got mad (not that I blame him). I think ALV helped explain some of the problems (i.e., the book) but was he completely rehabilitated? I don’t know. I wish he hadn’t been so sloppy in his recordkeeping. That hurt.

        • That’s right, Cindy. And the longer those experts are up there, the more we hear the story of the pattern of DV; first reiterated by Samuels, restating Jodi’s story, and tacitly endorsing it; Second reiterated, and in many vases restated by third parties and openly endorsed by ALV. we can nit pick about this or that with the defense case, but as I said yesterday on the twit box, it’s hard for me to notice the mote in the eye of the defense with the beams blinding the prosecution.

          • I hope the defense walks back through the texts and IM with ALV to refresh that in case it got lost in the confusing cross. All the hypotheticals need to be addressed to in order to ensure understanding with jury. I just hope JW can be succint and get points across with clarity and not drag all out, due to attention issues.

        • Here’s how I could see it being done.

          Hand her an email, or text and ask

          Read that. Have you seen it before?

          Do its contents say ……………? (Remember on cross she’s allowed leading questions)

          Hand her the next one. Same set of questions.

          Do that with the 10 -15 most sordid.

          Now you just need two more questions.

          Do you have any experience with Domestic Violence and abuse?

          If she answers Yes the next question is

          Isn’t it true that a person who does and says ……………………………… is abusive?


  4. OMG!! I am missing SO MANY great posts from so many long term people AND newer people!!!

    I need to take a long vacation, I have no life at the moment as it is trying to keep up here, cause i like everyone SO MUCH!!!

    Guess I should check my megamillions tickets, LOL.

      • someone posted this blog on HLN AFter Dark FB page and said they reported it to Maricopa co. prosecutors office saying it is threatening, just FYI in case you guys did not see that.

        • Just another form of bullying us. HLN has repeatedly requested interviews with us. We are protected under the first amendment. I bet the prosecutor’s office is sick of them reporting things they deem are illegal. Maybe we should inundate the prosecutor’s office with screen shots of all the threats toward Jodi and AL?

  5. I didn’t get to watch live yesterday and based on all the comments, I’m not sure that I should! I hope we can get to redirect today. Is this trial ever going to end?

  6. Some of those court watchers including Katie Wick need some justice like this. Even Dr. Drew called Ms. Wick out on her laughing and party-like behavior in the courtroom.

      • aa, How much do you think this jury can take? I’m thinking along the teams of their personal lives. Graduation is coming up, end of the school year, vacations..ie.

        I honestly believe in civic duty but this way over the top….

        • It is over the top! I was a juror on a murder trial that lasted 7 weeks and by the end, I was so stressed out. I can’t imagine more than 3 months with no end on the horizon.

    • I noticed in my fast forwarding through that drivel that she is no longer confined to her mini segment at the end. He’s added her to the pyramid. Aside from the real issues to go without mentioning, I can’t wait until this trial is over and Karma has her way with this bitch.

  7. The judge here is on another planet!
    I pray and hope this all backfires on all their
    asses. I have never seen something snowball
    out of control into something like a “WRECK”
    with a capitol “TRAIN”

    When i hear her overrule like a broken record
    in JM favor i cringe & try to have some faith
    for humanity.

    I have a feeling things in CrayZeeVille
    are just going to get more insane

    In the meantime I have been watching
    some amazing courtroom dramas
    from “The Verdict, Witness for the Prosecution, Jagged Edge
    Anatomy Of A Murder, and 12 Angry Men” which is so amazing
    for those of you who have not seen it, it delves into the
    mindset of the jury room deliberations. A masterpiece
    that made me think of this case. Here is a link to
    watch the whole movie on You Tube:


    But the one courtroom drama that reminds me
    so much of this lynch mob mentality
    towards Jodi has to be Meryl Streep’s
    A Cry In The Dark.

    It really resonated with me and after watching it
    i honestly wish I can say
    ” A dingo ate Juan Martinez”

    • You know, every time JM speaks, because of the tone of his voice, the sarcasm, the level of anger, and volume, I flinch! I feel like each word is a whip, and a harsh and relentless crack – it almost feels like a physical beating – because its so reminicient (sp?) of the verbal/emotional/psychological beatdowns that IS encountered and endured. But, I wonder for those who have had a fairly normal peaceful life, how do you feel (not to quote KN or anything :)) when he speaks? Becoz, if there are any jurors who have not personally experienced any kind of psychological browbeating, then I wonder how they would interpret his stance and verbal delivery?

  8. Al, I meant to respond to you yesterday about JM not being a native English speaker growing up. Ding Ding, you’re RIGHT on the money, as usual.

    “The seventh of eight children born to illiterate Mexican farmworkers, he immigrated to California when he was 6. He says he resolved as a youngster to learn English: “The people around me who were successful spoke and read English well. You didn’t get far if you couldn’t do that.””

    I wonder when he truly learned English and how much was spoken at home. He may well still speak Spanish whenever he is outside of the court room.

    I have spoken English all my life — but a different kind (English English and Irish English) — and I’ve lived in the US for 27 years and yet, I still miss nuances of American English and I’ve often been mocked for it. Americans also often miss my English English nuances.

    One good example of the differences that I’ve always given is: In America, you brush your teeth. In England, you clean your teeth. In Ireland, you wash your teeth. They all mean the same thing, but if you’re not familiar with the local way of describing it, it can sound pretty funny to hear someone saying they’re going to “wash” their teeth.

    • You didn’t accept the hall pass I wrote for Juror 5’s misbahavior for being a political refugee, and I likewise don’t buy this one for Juanito. Regional English idiom is tricky, as are regional differences, and country-to-country variations. My best friend is not a native speaker. In fact, I was once teasing her about how quiet she was when we played as children. I felt really stupid when she retorted, “Well, at the time I didn’t speak English.” Fast forward, she was valedictorian of our hs class, graduated with honors from a Seven Sisters college, and is nationally recognized in her field. Juan’s command of English is not his problem. His closed mind is.

      • JJB,

        What got me started down this path was watching JM in court. I could only attribute his behavior at times to one of 3 things:

        1. He doesn’t get the spoken language.
        2. He is incredibly dumb
        3. He is incredibly sleazy and his interpretation (or lack thereof) of someone’s words is off just so he can sneak his own innuendo etc in.

        So I figured he’s been to law school, he’s holding down a job, he wins cases how dumb can he really be?

        OK, so let’s assume he’s not dumb. Then if this stuff he pulls is just sleaze, he’s got to realize that sleaze becomes very apparent to your audience.

        So the only logical explanation would be that he just doesn’t get the language.

        Of course even as I write this, I can hear all you guys yelling —- “You want us to tell you how sleazy he is?” And one of those my voices is mine saying look at the timing of the release of Jodi’s Dad’s tape to the public.

        So, I don’t know – does he not get the language or is he just a sleazy rat bastard.

    • AA,

      Couple of great stories about that. We were vacationing in London when the kids were about 6. Towards the end of the first day our daughter turned to me and said “Daddy what language do they speak here?” I said “Guess”. She said “It can’t be French cause the don’t sound like Inspector Clouseau. Must be Greek”

      A few years ago we were in Montreal and the waitress asked my wife how her meal was. My wife replied “It’s to die for”. The poor waitress went off in a fluster and the next thing we know the Maitre de was by our table wondering what was wrong and whether he should call a Doctor or Ambulance.

      • Hahaha Al, that’s hysterical. You know, when I first moved here and cooked something and someone said it was “good”, I was highly offended. “Good” is not a term you would use to describe food in England/Ireland, but here in the US, it means it’s a great meal. We would say “beautiful,” “gorgeous,” or “fabulous.”

        And joujoubaby, I guess that’s what I’m talking about: nuances, idioms, manners of speech. JM’s command of English is perfect. But I’m not sure he gets all of the subtleties.

  9. Morning Y’all!
    Who wants to bet that ‘The Prosecutor’ believing all the hln hype about himself, will soon choose to call himself (ala Prince) “#%&*@!*$#” – No Name, just Symbols! :D). Because, he’s just THAT great! (Sarcasm).

    • Not to mince words..or symbols, but I thought it came out that the whole Prince thing was a result of a legal problem with his record company. He wanted to leave and they told him that he could go, but that they owned the name “Prince” or something like that. My information could be wrong, but if not, I say “Good for you, Artist formerly known as the symbol representing artistry previously presented to us as being the work product of the human known as Prince”

      • That was pretty much it with Prince, joujou. It was a big “FU” to the record company who wanted editorial control over his next album. He didn’t agree with the direction they wanted him to go in. They said he couldn’t take it elsewhere because they owned rights to his name. So, he went elsewhere and used a symbol and called himself “the artists formerly known as Prince”. I thought what he did was AMAZING. Too many record labels think they know what’s best for an artist.

  10. AA,
    You are very open-minded and I always read your posts because they are not name-calling and hateful. Thank you. This probably will not be posted because I am not a robot Jodi groupie. I am listening to the evidence, the experts and looking forward to closing statements to pull each side’s case together before I form an opinion. I am also an abuse survivor (back in the 70s).

    • You haven’t bashed anyone so I don’t see why your comment would get deleted.

      I’m not a robot groupie.

      I already have an opinion though, you probably do too, you are just waiting to see if anything CHANGES your opinion I bet. (No, that is not meant in any kind of mean manner)


    • None of us here are “robot groupies.” That’s an insulting assessment, frankly. Take time to read the posts here before painting us all with a broad brush.

    • Thank you RD, that means a lot. No one here will bash you and from what I’ve seen, the moderators really consider who they delete and only do it if someone is outright disgusting and offending the bulk of the folks who regularly post here.

  11. Has anyone calculated the average number of hours of testimony per day in this trial? It can’t be more than 4 or so. What’s wrong with 8 or 10 hours of testimony per day? Why are there no sessions on Friday’s or Saturday’s? Is this a purely Arizona phenomenom? This trial should have been completed by now.

  12. I love Judge Milian. She is a no-nonsense judge. I also liked how the other judge admonished the guy about giving Ashton the middle finger.

    Judge Stephens has NO control of the courtroom. And, I think she is senile!

    I was watching the proceedings about the Bill Arias statement being let in or not. The judge sustains it and then allows JM to ask anyway. WTF??

  13. Regarding the photo that was posted of AL, JW, and the other attorney having lunch yesterday, something popped into my head.

    Do you all think that perhaps the “in chambers” meeting on Monday had to do with AL’s safety and maybe the judge ordered that it was ok for her to be with the defense team?

  14. Matthew Bartlett wanted to shit his pants the whole time…LOL.

    “What is that SYMBOL that you are PROJECTING with your fingers?” Perry is funny as hell!

    As much as we were all extending the “middle finger of affection” to Ashton at home, you don’t do it in court, dumbass!

    Marilyn Milian handed that little jerk his ass! Good for her!

    • Thank you, SJ. I’ve been beating this drum for a long time. Sheriff Joe does not run that courtroom; nor the prosecutor’s office. The integrity (or lack thereof) of this trial is Sherry Stephens’ responsibility. She and Juanito are the ones who will be called out if there ever is an appeal. I wonder what Juanito the Flapper’s record would look like if you factored in all of the cases that were overturned subsequently. I also wonder why all of these people who are so worried about how much this is costing are so ready to do stuff that increases the chances that it will just have to be done all over again.

    • Just another piece of useless trivia, of which I am a veritable font.

      During the 100 Years war, the French would amputate the middle finger of any captured English longbow men. The “bird” gesture arose from English longbow men taunting the French by showing them they still had their middle fingers.

  15. Thanks SJ for the videos, they’re funny (to me)! Lol I would love to know WHY judge Pickel is letting all the eye rolling, smirking ans SLEEPING going on in her courtroom? ??? Does she NOT see it or does she feel bad for the Alexander family. Idk but its GOTTEN WAAAYYYYY OUT OF HAND!

  16. Good morning everyone. I was so stressed last night after watching J.m. make an ass of himself. I came to this sight to calm me down. The best thing to watch before you go to bed is a you tube video of someone shooting there old T.V. while Jaun is on it screaming. Take it has you may,I wouldn’t hurt a fly, just a pestky black fly like we have here in N. Maine, but sometimes it’s good that we have a flat screen . Ka boom problem solved I can’t watch T.V. anymore, I just shoot J.M.I guess I’ll go do some charity work at the local food bank.

  17. I have been trying my darnest to respect this judge and this courtroom, this is how I grew up….but damn it’s getting harder and harder with each passing day….Please can anyone tell me why I should?

    • I joke on this site from time to time, but I was brought up the same way. When I was in high school my friends use to think my parents were my grandparents. I was the baby of the family. We were brought up to respect law inforcment,are teachers and anybody of authority. I sorry to say can not respect this judge. This whole trail has been unbelievable. They couldn’t do a better job in Hollywood. I tried to almost force myself to see her rulings during proceedings but I can’t. I feel your pain.

  18. I wish AL would get her spunk back like she had on the first day of cross. She seems to be run down. Her eyes are very dark and she isn’t speaking with authority like she should be IMO. She can speak with authority without sounding rude. She just doesn’t seem to have the confidence that she had during direct and the first day of cross. She is a professional expert in her field and she needs to be making that more clear. When questioned about her decisions she needs to just say… I determined my opinion based on all of the evidence and used my knowledge and experience as a professional expert in domestic violence.

    • I agree, scrappydoo. I am not surprised she is run down after all the verbal abuse, but yes, I want spunk back.

      I am also concerned that there seemed to be evidence that she hadn’t seen before, and therefore, was taken by surprise and it showed. I wish the defense had showed her EVERYTHING, so they could have better prepared her.

      But, Jenny will get this all sorted out…

    • I think the onslaught of hate attacks on her books and to her office, as well as threats of violence causing her to cancel her workshop last weekend have taken their toll on ALV.

      I don’t think anyone could have predicted this and I am sure it has unnerved her. Who expects that because they are testifying? It’s insanity!!

      • I wouldn’t take 1000 dollars an hour to go though what ALV. is doing. She needs our prayers to help keep her strong. Very sad case.

  19. I don’t think JM’s background and command of the English language really plays a big role in the way he conducts himself. He’s just a freaking neanderthal.

    This fucker has not evolved at all.

  20. Off topic but – remember how JM kept asking Dr. Samuels why he didn’t retest or do more research – yet yesterday JM was harrassing ALV about why she did do more work (after her meeting with JM) – an expert loses either way.

    And JM kept hammering that the sextape should have been more important than text messages – well the sextape proves that JA was not a stalker, TA called her honey or something during the tape, he called her his girlfriend when he was discussing his jealousy of other men Jodi knew, and that he looked forward to seeing her again, and how much he missed her. So where is the fear of the crazy stalker?

    • Correct, that is always the tactic, the prosecution can always use the amount of time spent with defendant and spin it to their prospective. We knew this was coming. JM wants the jury to think he’s the only one that know the exact amount an expert should spend with a defendant.

  21. Did anyone see the comparison to the movie Psycho? That was kind of freaky, huh? What do you guys think? I mean, it does not sway me in any way, but it was freaky to see the comparison.

    • Did you see the comparison between My Idiot Brother to the travis taliban? Kinda freaky ha. I mean I’m not saying you’re an idiot it’s just freaky how you remind me of them.

          • Forgiven, I guess I should have made it more clear. I can see how it might have come off as smart alleck-y, but I really wanted to know if anyone else saw it and what they thought of it. The media is so clever, but dangerously so.

            I just recently found this site two or three weeks ago, and I started commenting as Lisa S, but decided to change it to LS, because honestly I am afraid of some of the HLN folks and what they might do to opposition.

            • IM sorry. It was because your comment came through pending actually. So I thought you were a new poster. Perhaps you changed log in info or something. No matter, we are good 🙂

  22. Good morning!! I love this!!! Is judge Marilyn Milian for real? OMG this is the judge we need for Jodi Arias 🙂

  23. I love the cadence of Judge Perry’s voice.
    Judge Perry: “Mr. Martinez. Why. Are you. Givingthedefense witness. The, Ahhh..cour-t-sey of throwin’ your pen. At. Them?”

    • Perry was certainly a trip. I think both sides of the aisle liked him. He would’ve injected the perfect pitch for this trial. However, the ‘Crying’ judge from the Anna Nicole Smith trial, would’ve burst into tears and left every time JM or should I say #@%&$ 🙂 started one of his XE!!

  24. Wow, if the clip with Judge Perry does not make anyone with half a brain think twice about facial expressions and gestures in a courtroom, I don’t know what would! SJ, I laughed like crazy when Judge Perry perched his lips@the 7:40 mark, hilarious! Thank you for your insightful, intelligent, witty and entertaining comments. 🙂

  25. OK som I’m starting a pool for what time things get going in court today.

    The winner gets dinner at Chez Arapaio.

    The losers get 2 dinners at Chez Arapaio with standup entertainment provided by JM.

  26. Made an earlier post asking whether are not we were watching a trial or the Spanish Inquisition. And now I am positive that it is the latter! it seems that the “judge” and the worm have pre-decided that Jodi is guilty and doesn’t even deserve a fair trial. It makes me sick to my stomach the way that idiot on the bench continues to overrule the defenses objections and allows that little weasel to act the way he has been since day one. I know JW and KN will hand him his ass in a dog dish–he doesn’t deserve a platter–when they redirect and allow ALV to clarify everything. GO TEAM JODI!!! VICTORY IS NEAR!!!

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