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Morning peeps!

As positive momentum starts to build once again, check out the recent post below from the excellent “Justice For Jodi” blog:

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“Without question, we are definitely in for a long, legal war.  In fact, it goes beyond a legal battle.  Make no mistake, this is a war and one that will not be resolved within a short period of time.  But I am absolutely confident and positive that when all is said and done, within a few years, we will be the last ones standing and victorious in our quest for justice for Jodi Arias.

It is my belief that Jodi Arias will NOT receive the death penalty.  Not now.  So, this leaves two other options: life in prison with parole or life in prison without the chance of parole.  Either way, whatever option is chosen, we will continue to fight for Jodi’s ultimate freedom and release from prison.

As I sit here and type this, I am constantly amazed at how popular the Jodi Arias trial has become.  I never expected this case to be so polarizing with both sides.  I would have expected this for the upcoming George Zimmerman trial, but not Jodi Arias.  Why do you suppose that is?  I believe that it is because there is a lot of emotion placed into this story.  Whichever side you support, Travis Alexander or Jodi Arias, most people are emotionally invested in this story and have allowed it to become a part of their everyday lives.  And I think that the media is also responsible for fanning the flames of this war between Team Travis and Team Jodi which they privately love and thrive on the conflict.

HLN has done a really good job of promoting Travis Alexander as this Mormon Golden Boy over the last six months while depicting Jodi Arias as the Devil.  But truth be told, deep down they don’t give a damn about Travis Alexander or his family and friends.  They are invested in this story because they know that it has given them huge ratings and they’re in this for the money.  One might even call them “gold diggers”.

And, if you are an ignorant, uninformed person that doesn’t keep up with this trial and you turn on HLN, you would understandably buy into the bullshit that the network is putting out there.  It is very easy to understand why someone would be sympathetic to Travis Alexander and not to Jodi Arias if they spent their days and nights watching HLN or most other media networks.  Because they have framed the story to depict Travis as a rising young man who was brutally murdered or butchered by this evil stalker.  It doesn’t hurt for them to have so many of Travis’s friends and supporters coming out of the woodwork to praise him and bash Jodi Arias.  I’m all for showing support for someone you claim to love and care about, but what they’re doing is tantamount to “media whoring”.  In fact, I’m convinced that for most of these people, Travis’s death is probably the best thing that could ever happen to them.  Why?  Because they are exploiting his death and using his name to put money into their wallets.  Personally, I find that offensive and I’m not even a fan of Travis Alexander.  I find this equally as offensive as someone posting autopsy photos of Travis in an attempt to smear or attack him.

The funny thing is that you would think that Team Travis would be emboldened and confident because they clearly have most members of the media on their side at this time and they are well-funded thanks to Travis’s fat cat friends.  But if that is true, then why are most Travis Alexander supporters so angry and hateful towards Jodi Arias supporters?  I can understand them not agreeing with us or liking what we believe, but I don’t see why we couldn’t just agree to disagree with each other.  Contrary to what they may think, I don’t hate them.  So why all of the anger and hate coming from their side of the aisle?  Why do they go to such extreme lengths as they do to track down Jodi Arias supporters, copy screenshots from their personal pages on the Internet and post their private information on websites?  Why do they make death threats against us?  Why do they impersonate us on their websites and pretend to be us in an attempt to mock and ridicule us?  If they are so confident and emboldened in their quest for justice for Travis Alexander, why is it that all they can do is attack, attack, attack?  Because they are scared……..”


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  1. You know what…. I think “Dirty Little Secret” is going to be pretty good for Jodi.

    That’s because it’s largely based around pre-trial material, which is mostly the truth that nobody yet knows about….

    • I brought this over from a USA Today article about this “movie” this is the screenwriter talking:

      Despite the barrage of new information, the writers say their opinion of Arias never really shifted.

      “We had a pretty good take on where she was coming from,” Blaney says with a touch of understatement. “We never really doubted that she was the bad guy.”

      Well you can see what “angle” they are taking w/this production. Not that I expected them to give Jodi a fair shake.

  2. On fear – certainly…

    There seem to be four groups : Alexander’s family, his friends, Arizona police state and HLN,

    The balance seems to be shifting. Perhaps not much is being said in public.

    Jodi’s high profile got her convicted, but I think it will get her out in the end.

  3. Good morning folks!

    I agree wholeheartedly with Renee’s post on the prior page. There are MANY, MANY more people that are working their collective asses off trying to right the wrongs. Jodi has a TREMENDOUS amount of support behind the scenes, which is friggin AWESOME!

    And the icing on the cake is Jodi knows.

    (((((((((((((((((((Team Jodi FOREVER))))))))))))))))))))))))))

    Please help me in wishing our fearless Team member an AWESOME birthday: Happy Birthday Jaz!


  4. Good morning friends 🙂
    I was without computer for about 2 weeks and now I have a lot to catch up with all your posts.
    Just want to let you know that I am still here and supporting Jodi as always and will support her until I die !!!
    I received my Survivor shirt and will keep it and cherish it, since I can’t wear it ( my chest is too big…lol ).
    I am glad to be back !!! I don’t post too much , but love to read your posts, since I don’t go on FB and stopped watching HLN.
    Everything about the trial and Jodi I learned from you guys and I know that this is the truth. You have so much information, you are AMAZING !!!
    Keep the good work !!!
    Love you all 🙂
    ps. I posted this on a wrong site, so this is a repost

  5. Good Morning everyone(and good afternoon to anyone on a different time zone like myself and Pandora)!!

    Some of us may have felt that Verdict day was the end and maybe it took us a while to recover but as I’ve said before we may have lost just ONE bttle but we have definitely NOT lost the war!
    We won’t be dishertened,we won’t be intimidated,we won’t be scared. We are here to stay.Stay and fight till the end of this nightmare.

    We are here for Jodi nd time will tell that true Justice will be served.MARK OUR WORDS!

    Happy Birthday,Jaz!!!!!!!! You are a true,loyal Jodi supporter,girl ♥

    • Good afternoon Maria. I have just started my day in sunny AZ.

      I believe the tide may be turning and sanity returning to the mob. I cruised past the primary haters site (I know I can’t help myself). To my surprise the majority of comments were bashing juror 17. And there were almost sane comments about enough is enough and the case should be over. This is a far cry from their praying for death.

      • Hmm…I dont think sanity is something they actually possess,LOL! The majority of them seems fed up with the jurors,mainly because they failed to sentence Jodi and that’s why the haters are now indignant.See how superficial they are?They’ve turned against the people they used to praise! They basically prove they like no one. Not even their ”own guts” as we say here.

        • True they are still bashing the jury foreman for voting against death. And before that they were singing praises for the ridiculous M1 verdict. Stupid haters.

      • Tara Kelley is starting to wear out her welcome with the haters…she’s obviously going on TV for famewhoring purposes and doesn’t really give a shit about Jodi/Travis/the case itself anymore. She wants to get her face out there for a potential book deal or a job on HLN.

    • Good afternoon ((((((((Maria))))))))
      I agree with you, this is just the beginning. Jodi is not alone. All her supporters are here and are not going anywhere until she is walking out of jail – a free woman.

    • The verdict and fallout of continued hate stole my focus for a bit but luckily failed to steal the wind from my sails. I am so in this for the long haul.

  6. Sj that was very insightful and 100% truth and I completely agree with everything you said. I’m glad so many other people share our opinion. The truth will come out eventually

  7. Morning everyone!! Took a few days off from posting to deal with a wayward 18 year old. Amazing how kids work….when they are little they think you know everything, when they are teenagers they think you know nothing, then they once again figure out that you are not quite as stupid as they thought. I am trying to remember at what age that happens and hold onto that 🙂 Happy Birthday Jaz &hearts

  8. Good afternoon to all my friends and Jodi supporters.

    SJ, thanks for the post.

    From the day that Jodi was arrested everything that could have gone wrong, did.
    Jodi was manipulated into saying whatever Flores wanted her to say. At the trial she was abused from jm, twisting her words around in order to make an ‘impression’ for the jury. jm also tried to ridicule Alyce LaViolette’s testimony – a woman with decades of experience in DV.
    All the evidence was not investigated properly.
    Evidence that could have proven Jodi was abused were not accepted by the court.
    The list could go on and on and on.
    There is no doubt that Jodi was convicted wrongly.
    BUT because of all the publicity and because people DO see the injustice that has been done, they are starting to look into things and realize that ‘there is always another side to a coin’.
    Everyday, the support Jodi recieves is growing. People are coming out of their daze of hatred.

    Jodi IS innocent. Since when is it a crime to fight for your life?

      • Rationale for being opposed to the death penalty is being taken to the extreme by two posters on this site. Doing so becomes tasteless amd extreme. Journee states, “David Berlowitz, Son Of Sam, is reportedly quite impressively rehabilitated.” Journey, are you kidding? BeeCee states, “Who am I to say someone like Holmes or Dahmer can’t reform and redeem themselves if stuck in prison for the rest of their life?” Redeem themselves BeeCee, are you kidding? Evil does exist, and thankfully society recognizes this. BeeCee, You state that you are not God and can’t determine “whether they will reform.” Well BeeCee, I am not not God either, but let us deal with the realities here on earth. There are people who have training and qualifications to determine the “likelihood” of the ability to reform, and the “likelihood” of being a repeat offender. The “likelihood” of reform for serial killers is almost non-existent, although I am aware of serial killers professed come to Jesus meetings.This is better known as Sociopathic Personality traits. In summary, using such grotesque characters to argue against the death penalty is ridiculous and borders on the bizarre. There is a “dangerousness standard ” in the psychiatric and legal literature, and all of us should have respect for this standard. Although there are reasons to argue against the death penalty, these serial killers, with a likelihood of recidivism, are not among them. But perhaps you would like a “redeemed” serial killer to move next door to you and your loved ones. This logic is not helpful to Jodi Arias and the overt unfairness of her trial.

        • Ummmm Rebecca…..

          From the tone of that post I think you need to take a chill pill!

          Why gang up on Journee and BeeCee?!?!?!?!?!

        • Rebecca64

          I agree. There are some offenders who, for whatever reason, will offend again. Whether its in their psychological makeup, or whether they are just, what in common parlance is referred to as “pure evil”. In the case of serial killers it seems like their behavior doesn’t just come on one day, but grows over time sometimes starting in childhood. I’ve read stuff where people have tried to do all kinds of correlations to other phenomenon in their lives with their final behavior. I don’t know if we quite understand what creates them or not, and I would say that society would, and probably should, not take the risk of reform on the parts of such offenders, until we can be certain sure that this won’t happen again. And of course, how do we know that a first time offender is not going to be a repeat offender, unless we can guarantee that we know what caused the first offense. And so there will be people who are better removed from society, probably for life. The question is whether you do it by incarceration or execution.

          People on the anti-death-penalty side of the equation are there for a variety of reasons. Some are there because of religious beliefs, others because they don’t believe its applied uniformly and in a non-arbitrary manner, and yet others who don’t agree with the expense involved in supporting it, particularly since it doesn’t seem to have any deterrent value.

          I don’t believe that I would have the fortitude to sentence someone to death. That of course comes from the vantage point of never having been touched by violent crime. I have no idea how my beliefs may change if someone close to me was subjected to a brutal crime, so I for one can’t judge those who do ask for the death penalty for someone who committed a crime against a loved one. But as things stand today, I just have a sort of gut feeling against the DP. Just can’t quite get with the whole concept of society killing people in a sort of cyclic revenge thing. But again how do I gauge the reaction or belief of others?

          Over 60% of the country supports the DP. However that support has been diminishing since the 80’s but is still not at the levels it was in the 60s when only about 45% or so of the population supported it. Of course given that 20 states and DC have abolished it, the populace of those states may account for a large part of the 30 some percent who do oppose the DP. I believe its here to stay for my lifetime in at least some states.

          • I wouldn’t worry about her Journee.

            I guess she misunderstood, I don’t think either of us ever advocated releasing people like Holmes.

            (and, yes, I did know that dahmer was dead, I was just trying to keep it simple, lol)


            ((((Janeen)))) thanks for having our backs Janeen!!!

            • That’s where I was confused too, BeeCee, because I NEVER saw anyone here advocating for the release of serial killers. Berkowitz is doing well in prison? Great for him, but he should always stay there.

              • Adding to that, I’ll even say that Paula Cooper, who was released this week after serving 28 years for the premeditated murder of an elderly woman, didn’t serve enough time IMO. She was doing well in prison, but I think she deserved to be there longer. Her case was not the same as Jodi’s.

        • Rebecca, I can not respond at length now, but will try to write a more complete response in the near future. I have read your past posts, and I have respected your humaneness. I understand your outcry and that there truly is danger and evil, but to me, evil and danger are true accurate labels applicable , yes, but never absolutely applicable, and never always applicable.
          I consider life to be an ever evolving, ever changing dynamic flux, with a potential and a protean plasticity that is infinite. A lot can be said about a person, but what is said or is true about a person can never be substituted for
          or stand in place of the person. To me, a person – any person, even the worst serial killer, is ultimately undefinable because there is no life that is a discrete entity separate from the rest of life.
          I consider existence to be one indivisible life in its entirety, with everything interpenetrating each other. As Ken Wilber said, “There are no boundaries in existence.” It is impossible to absolutely demarcate anything, yet of course for practical and pragmatic reasons the intellect must construct boundaries, even though they have an an inherent arbitrariness to them.
          Unfortunately, the tragic situation is that the ‘evil’ person suffering from severe pathology has himself become stuck in various sorts of boundaries, for whatever reason, and that stuckness has rendered the person more similar to a thing, or a malfunctioning, repetitive machine; ironically that ‘evil’ person can not transcend and surpass its pathological stuckness and pathological motivations. For whatever reason, that person cannot be fully alive because its sickness has petrified it like a stone.
          Evil is real, but I don’t believe it is in the nature of things that evil can ever be absolutely defined. I believe evil is a stuck kind of energy; I believe evil is a perverted energy dynamic that has the potential to transform into healthy, loving energy- goodness.
          In short, I do believe where there is life, there is hope and potential. I am not aware of the particulars of Berkowitz’s life now, but I do believe he may truly have become saner with a greater capacity to love. I believe that, though difficult or even unlikely, a sociopath could possibly transcend the confines of the pathology; likewise, perhaps a serial killer’s being can enlarge enough that that person could grow a true heart.
          I realize how what I am saying can sound trite and Pollyanish, and a person might protest that what I said diminishes the level of discourse of a serious subject– the two sides of the death penalty issue.
          I do stand by my belief though that where there is life there is hope and potential and possibility. Love is real and love can prevail and even the most evil person can change and be transformed by love. I know it sounds trite, but
          that doesn’t make it less true.
          I believe that as human beings we must believe in the potential for all people to transform themselves into loving, healthy beings.
          No matter how ‘evil’ they are, I believe we owe it to them because we have to believe in love.
          We don’t have a right to ‘write off’, or banish forever, or forever give up on any human being. No matter how evil a person is, even if he does not feel or experience his suffering since his experience of awareness and being is so constricted—– still, it is a profound tragedy for the evil person also, that he is evil.
          Regarding Dahmer, maybe some crazy malfunction in the more primal regions of his brain caused some drive from humanity’s animal past to take over and influence his drive to eat people.
          Life is a mystery, but we owe it to evil to help loosen it from its own hell.

          • Are you saying a more complete response would be more lengthy?!?!?!?

            I would say you posted quite a mouthful Amy….. 🙂

            • Hi Janeen, when I saw the post I was due to get ready to see Fleetwood Mac in concert, so I knew I had to rush my post and I was worried I wouldn’t be able to address it substantially enough, but I didn’t want to not respond right away because it is such a compelling issue.
              I am going to add a bit to what I said when I respond to MB’s post (several past this) and probably to LL’ s comments following that.
              I do not like using the word ‘evil’ at all, even though I have used it in this past post. I used the word ‘evil’ only as a convenient shorthand, and often it definitely has its place and need as a descriptive word, yet I also know it is an unfair and inaccurate word. Also, although I said I know evil exists, I know it is just as true to say that there is no such thing as evil per se, and that truly evil does not exist.
              I do want to brand or stigmatize anyone, no matter what they have done, because life can’t be contained in a label. Also, I don’t agree with us vs. them or either/ or dynamics regarding concepts such as ‘evil’.
              I believe ‘ both/and dynamics ‘ are more accurate and reflective of reality.
              Ken Wilber spoke about how language misrepresents reality because language by its very nature is dual, whereas reality is non-dual. Language causes us to superimpose constructs of thinking, concepts, and categories upon reality, and consequently it is easy to then believe that that is reality, when in fact it is a fundamental bias from
              the mind, and a person is likely then to view reality from a false perspective, or ” through a glass darkly”.
              In Zen literature, there is the underlying theme that reality is one indivisible whole, and Zen, whose major emphasis is to see reality as it is, and not through the conditioning of the mind and intellect—-Zen
              posits questions like, ” What is the difference between yes and no?” and “Who can say what is good and what is bad?”

              • This us-vs-them and good-vs-evil way of thinking has been in operation throughout the trial. Both Jodi and Travis have been turned into objects by all the superimposition and projection constantly at work.

                With all the talk of borderline, sociopathic and narcissistic personalities going around, isn’t it time for the media and the public to do a little self-evaluation and identify themselves as a source of these much-hated traits? They’ve turned Jodi’s body into a dumping ground for their vile, unashamed misogyny. They’ve turned Travis’ Madonna-Whore complex into an altar at which to worship narcissistic abuse as “normal”–just ordinary, young-guy behaviour. It isn’t anywhere near normal, and for that reason, men should be offended right along with the women by all this black-and-white, dangerous myth-making in progress.

                But, mostly I’m worried for all the women who have participated in discussions about this trial for the past six months because the emotional, psychological and social territory where the “disagreements” have played out has been positively toxic and unsafe. Witness the violent and sexualized terms used to describe Jodi AND the women who identify with her relationship with Travis. The word “cunt” for instance, has been used as a weapon, with glee and encouragement. And it’s been used alongside intimidation and threats and the desire–desire!–to see her “fry” and experience agony.

                Isn’t this terrifying? This conflation of the female sex, and female body parts, with such violent hatred? More terrifying yet, is that those who lust after harm being done to “cunts” have declared themselves righteous, on the side of truth and justice and against evil. This black and white discourse, of course, leaves very little room for analysis and criticism that goes beyond Jodi Arias herself. I’ve always thought that the real, personal Jodi has very little to do with this war, which is actually one of ideologies and mythologies. Though, admittedly, as a dehumanized female object, she’s at centre stage.

                • Pique,

                  I agree with every point. The labeling goes even further. If a woman supports Jodi they are touted as a man hater, lawless, in love with murderers, too battered to think straight, the list goes on and on. Just because a woman has been abused in the past does not always mean they are projecting their issues in this case. Projection could occur but assigning such negative labels jodi supporters who are survivors while at the same time, declaring abuse survivors who support Travis as emotionally healthy is erroneous. I would never discount the survivors who support travis as projecting or not dealing with their own issues because I wouldn’t want to disbelieve a survivor’s account. I don’t think it’s fruitful to compare.

                  I for one, love men. I own the mistakes I made back in the day with choosing abusive men. I do not think every man is an abuser and to categorize every woman who has been abused as lacking perception is another way to polarize…

          • “I do stand by my belief though that where there is life there is hope and potential and possibility,”

            I agree.

            For me the argument against the death penalty comes down to the simple fact that there is too much we do not know.

            That starts with the people wrongfully convicted and put to death, but it doesn’t end there.

            There’s also too much we don’t know about the minds of the criminally insane. We don’t know how their brains got ‘broken’, how it might have been prevented, how it might be fixed. Only time and study might change that.

            Then there’s the element of what we can never know: The value of a life and the power of one person’s actions to profoundly and positively impact the lives of others. Even when or if the person’s actions are, on the face and by all societal definitions, ‘evil.’

            The worst thing that ever happened to me, being assaulted, raped and left for dead, was also the best thing that ever happened to me. Took me a few years to get there, but ultimately my life was changed for the better and the changes wrought in me improved the lives of others also.

            • Everybody has made very good points for and against DP. I like what Journee said about an argument against it being that there is too much we don’t know. Pointing out the wrongfully convicted. I have nightmare of Martinez getting DP sentencing for Jodi and scheduling her execution for the next day. And although I know this isn’t possible with scheduling that fast it is still the idea of Jodi getting sentenced unjustly.

              Also that there is still so much we need to know about the criminally ill.

              Every situation is different. I don’t see people completely turning from evil to good. But I have seen people that did a lot of killing in gangs, I guess it would be considered self defense. I have had a few patients that did 20 years in prison, came out, and stay far away from the gang thing. That is a good change. But I wouldn’t cross those people.

              There are so many variations. I also have become so disappointed in what happened to Jodi. M1 was so inappropriate and the whole justice system in Arizona is non existent.

            • ((((((((Journee)))))) 🙁

              I totally agree with you. I am sooo against the DP, for so many reasons.

              First of all,it is unheard of in my country.It never was part of our Penal Syste
              Then, of course comes the human argument -my belief that all life must be respected,even the life of a sick criminal (though honestly,sometimes I find it hard to keep this belief ‘abiding’ when the crimes committed by an individual are abominable such as Dahmer,but I quickly realize it’s the primordial feeling of revenge that speaks to me,not justice!!) which leads me to reason No 3.
              These disturbed minds need not to be locked behind bars only to be exposed to more violence which turns their minds from sick to sicker.They need to be placed in mental facilities where scientists can study analyze and try to understand what went wrong,whether straight from birth or during their formative years.
              Otherwise,we will never know how to deal with the next Dahmer. We will always be an ‘eye for an eye’ society; and God knows we pride ourselves in having come a long way from our primitive ancestors.

        • This is my philosophical argument against the death penalty. It needs work, but…

          Death Penalty Cases in Regards to the Mentally Ill
          P1) Murder is wrong.
          P2) To punish one who has committed the act of murder by taking their life is, by definition, also murder.
          P3) The death penalty is murder.
          C1) The death penalty is wrong.

          P4) The mentally ill, like minor children, can only be held partially responsible for their thoughts, behavior & resulting actions.
          P5) Intervention is imperative to prevent irresponsible acts.
          C2) If intervention is not provided to a person suffering from metal illness, they are only partially responsible for their actions.

          C1) The death penalty is wrong.
          C2) If intervention is not provided to a person suffering from metal illness, they are only partially responsible for their actions.
          C3) An individual who is mentally ill & commits murder should not be committed to death, but should rather receive intervention in the form of treatment for a portion of their sentence, which is to be decided upon by the collective opinion of individual’s doctor(s) & the court.

    • It kinda makes you wonder, doesn’t it?
      Do the words ”Self Defense”, ”Domestic Violence” and ”Beyond a reasonable Doubt” mean squat to people nowadays???

  9. SJ,

    Thank you for sharing Frank’s Blog entrée. It is written from the heart. I posted it to my twitter account 🙂
    I do agree that the difference between the supposed Travis people and us is the hate within themselves that gets transferred to Jodi. The media although consciously, subconsciously have played these Travis people. As Frank said, the media can care less about Travis, it is all about the money. I have written earlier posts speaking of the dynamics of this hatred.
    I don’t hate Travis. I can appreciate the sadness of his life and demise. But all of us who can critically figure out the situation, we also see his multiple faults. It would be wonderful to bury these multiple faults. But in order for fairness, for justice, and freedom for Jodi the truth is the only thing that will bury Travis’s multiple faults for eternity.
    Thank you SJ. Thank you Frank.

  10. Hello to everyone- This is my first post here but Ive been reading posts here for the past couple months. I just wanted to say Thank You I had so many questions and found this site so helpful in seeing the truth. I do know in my heart Jodi is a wonderful person. Im a people watcher ” not a creapy one” and seeing how crazy,deranged & obsessed the jodi hater lunatics are made me seek the truth. There are so many unknowns. I do believe “IF” Jodi killed travis it was in self defense. I do not see how she got him in the shower. How did Jodi over power him she is small. All my questions lead me to second guess our justice system. Jodi will continue to be in my prayers. Linda Rose

  11. I think that someone who was on TA’s side from the very beginning initiated all this kind of brainwashing on HLN. If to think, the story of an abused woman could have attracted much attention and a lot of money as well. Why do they love TA so much? I think someone ordered all this HLN crap. The Alexanders might be involved. This is my opinion. Thoughts?

    • Kate
      From experience, I don’t believe in any kind of “conspiracy”….
      It’s just the way things happened…. which are often a bit odd.
      I mean a lot of prejudice was operating here… loads of it.
      But nothing more.

    • Kate….

      Why would you pinpoint the “Alexanders”???? Why would anyone believe they would have that length of a reach and would do something that malicious?

      Just asking……your thoughts?

      • This NLN brainwash can put Jodi on a death row. I just was wondering who could be interested in this. Of course, the Alexanders. Additionally, it is all about money. I think TA’s friends get some money for their interviews on HLN. So some groups of people could have cut a deal.

      • I will point out that this is a fairly religious & Mormon community, & there are cops in the family… They probably called in favors from their corrupt buddies in law enforcement & the media. These cults, I mean groups, stick together.

    • Kate

      HLN is not really a traditional news channel. Actually none of these 24-hour news channels are truly news channels. There just isn’t that much news. So they go out and find stuff to fill up the time. HLN seems to have taken a more “tabloid” sort of path to their offerings.

      So obviously their coverage is tailored to the audience they wish to attract (or do attract). And, seeing the path they’ve adopted they need to make their coverage sensational. Plus, add to that the generally pro-prosecution stance of some of their anchors and you get the coverage you do. I don’t think the Alexanders have anything to do with that. It just makes for more entertainment value to have a more lurid story (as if this wasn’t one to start with).

        • Yeah,but the ratings wouldnt be as high. The ” blood thirsty Femme Fatale” sells more! (puke)

      • Yeah, they remind me of those magazines you see where people claim to have seen big foot, aliens, Jesus & Satan & gave birth to cupid…

      • I will always contend, if they are presenting themselves as a legitimate news outlet they need to be held responsible as one; or at the very least include a disclaimer that they are reporting hyperbole and that belief should be suspended for the sake of entertainment.

        I don’t like how HLN has been given a pass in this, and I never will. They are instrumental in Jodi’s conviction, and if the juror questions read in court don’t prove that the unsealed ones do. They are responsible for inciting people to hateful anger where there need not be any. They dehumanized Jodi, and in many statements implied that if Jodi were to be hurt she wouldn’t feel it, so it was okay to wish violence upon her. They reduced her to a punching bag for the public. They aided and abetted an angry crowd to gather in front of the courthouse and *cheer* in anticipation for a woman losing her life. These sick people had orgiastic glee with the idea of Jodi learning she would die. I expected them to start dry humping the steps to the courthouse.

        Previously only serial killers and “evil people” you talked about in your previous post would behave like this. Is this where we want to go, as a society and as a culture? Does someone have to get hurt of killed before we snap out of it and realize that the media should NOT have any say in our judicial proceedings? These HLN clowns aren’t politicians, and nobody voted for them to serve public office so they should stop acting like they do.

        HLN is not harmless. They are dangerous, and they appeal to people with dangerous proclivities. The attacks on Jodi and her family, and on this site are proof positive of that.

        • Very well said, MB. I could not agree with you more. This was a blood thirsty witch hunt. In hard times, people need someone to hate, & Jodi was the perfect VICTIM of their hatred. I feel so bad for her that it’s hard not to break out in tears. I just wanna go visit her so badly, hold her poor hurt hand,& assure her that weverything is going to be ok, that people know the truth, that she is loved & that WE WILL BE VICTORIOUS!! This is bad journalism, I agree with that for sure, & they should be held accountable. But then again, even our basis news channels are biased, & there is freedom of speech, so what can we do. Sue them for slander & libel? Ha ha!! Sorry, I had to make that joke!! Silly trolls!!

        • I agree, news is news and should be an impartial reporting of the facts. Everything else belongs in op-eds. The problem of course is that some news outlets blur the lines between news and opinion, and this tendency seems to be on the rise just about in all news media.

          Of course there are only two ways one has to hold news outlets accountable, since short of libel, slander and certain criminal acts like incitement to riot, etc they have the right to free speech. One of course is to stop patronizing news outlets that one finds objectionable and hope there are enough like minded folk to affect the organizations profits. The other is to conduct a public campaign that makes them change their ways, again hoping there are enough like minded folk.

          Which is why people bitch about HLN I always say – first of all stop watching them. Your watching them boosts their ratings, but your private kvetching does nothing. Secondly, bring your gripes to the public forum – whether through blogs, the social media or whatever.

          If HLN’s output is truly objectionable to enough people, they will change. If, on the other hand, there are enough folks who like what they put out, well then they will carry on.

          After all the supermarket check out lines still have rags that talk about aliens advising the President in the Oval Office, and grasshoppers the size of cars, and Elvis eating ice cream at the local Maggie Moos.

          • But I bitch and rarely ever watch. I haven’t seen that NG once. Can’t we bitch anyway? is okay to bitch AL about something I don’t like and not patronize the channel?

          • “Which is why people bitch about HLN I always say – first of all stop watching them. Your watching them boosts their ratings, but your private kvetching does nothing.”

            I stopped watching HLN months back. You know that, too, as I’ve made several comments saying so and you’ve been here long enough to be aware of that.

            “After all the supermarket check out lines still have rags that talk about aliens advising the President in the Oval Office, and grasshoppers the size of cars, and Elvis eating ice cream at the local Maggie Moos.”

            Yes, but most reasonable people KNOW those rags aren’t worth taking seriously. Those rags don’t PRETEND to be REAL NEWS, most people don’t recommend them as REAL NEWS, other news outlets don’t cite them and use their content as REAL NEWS, and those magazines that feature Elvis eating ice cream and grasshoppers the size of cars are required to have disclaimers to suspend belief for the sake of enjoyment.

            HLN presents itself as a legitimate news agency, and people take them seriously as one. That is the problem. Someone tried to run over a woman because they thought she was Casey Anthony. Does someone have to die before you’re willing to stop defending them?

            “Secondly, bring your gripes to the public forum – whether through blogs, the social media or whatever.”

            I’m sure you remember this site I made, I only linked to it for two solid months:

            Besides, this is a PUBLIC web site. This IS a form of social media. Aside from password protected pages, gripes here ARE in fact publicly available. If we’re just privately “kvetching” then I suppose the haters wouldn’t be so interested in shutting us up would they? You can’t have it both ways. We can’t be criticized on one hand for the site being publicly open, and then criticized on the other because it’s a privately owned web site. So which is it?

            So Al – I have to ask what’s your point? Why do you on one post, talk about evil people relishing in murder and death then defend them in the same post?

            And if you’re going to say you’re tired of hearing about HLN, Travis, or the family, I go back to the one post I made where I said – if people are talking about things that annoy you, just scroll through it and forget about it. Do your own thing and stop worrying about it.

            • I think maybe I wasn’t clear enough, I wasn’t saying people shouldn’t complain here. In fact when I said they should in public, a site such as this was also on my mind. Griping here, or other similar sites, is the right thing, and that’s what I was saying. So I don’t have anything against people griping about it here.

              Its a sort of dilemma. We can’t just stop them saying what they want to. They have a right to, unless they cross some lines. I don’t think we want some external body controlling the press either, that’s not a good place to go to. So what’s the answer?

              Obviously one criticizes those, in the media, one doesn’t appreciate in all the appropriate ways, sites such as this being one such spot. And also one stops providing them with their audience, again in ways that are appropriate.

              And hopefully it makes a difference.

              I am also not defending them at all. I was just saying they do what they do because it sells. Now as you say most reasonable people do understand that those supermarket rags are a joke. But other parts of the media, who often can be just as wild in their “reporting”, seem to benefit from a certain sheen of respectability. And the only reason they do adopt their posture is because they have an audience. So like a lot of other movements, I guess one just keeps expressing one’s opinion and hopefully it will make a difference.

              Of course what is interesting is that, at least in as far is HLN is concerned, there is no competing mainstream media outlet that approaches some if this stuff from the opposing point of view. I wonder why that is so? Is it because an alternate way doesn’t sell? I find NG (or did when I last saw her) sort of off-putting. But she does have a large audience.

              So, anyway, didn’t mean to upset folks. I guess sometimes my composition just doesn’t come out right.

              • ” We can’t just stop them saying what they want to. They have a right to, unless they cross some lines . ”

                I think they crossed those lines loooong ago, Al.

        • It was the incessant, constant piling on of Jodi Arias by HLN and Travis’s minions that turned me off that network completely. I think that most of us can handle constructive criticism of Jodi Arias or the defense team. It is the non-stop bashing and bullying of her, her family and supporters that rational people from either side can’t stand.

          HLN has gleefully mocked Jodi while simultaneously holding Travis up as a paragon of virtue. What kind of man refers to a woman as his “dirty little secret”?

          • So JM, what side do think HLN will take and spew for? I think it will be for TM….I hope to hell that there will be a fair trial…give both sides equal justice.

            • They will take the side of Trayvon Martin. I’m sure we’ll hear a lot of rhetoric from certain individuals about how “we better get the right verdict or else”. The media is going to try and stir up emotions by bringing up the possibility of riots in the streets if George Zimmerman is found not guilty.

            • At least the jury is sequestered, so no matter what goes on in the public domain, once the trial starts the jury itself will be immune to that stuff.

                • If they’re sequestered, they can’t. No access to social media, newspapers, TV, anything that could give them details about the case.

              • A number of people wrote to the Florida Justice System/Courts explaining what happened in the Jodi Arias Trial with a non sequestered jury. It was also told about the media, HLN, and the electronic devices. The Zimmerman jurors were just given all strict rules. I don’t think they have been specifically picked yet. But rules and boundaries need put in place. With HLN media, social media, mob lynching it can’t go on.
                We just need to keep letting the correct people know the right story. Helping others not to get wronged and to help Jodi’s wrong become a right.

    • Kate,unfortunately we cannot undo what’s already been done.No matter how much it hurts.
      Bottom line? Let’s leave all that behind us and focus on helping Jodi.

    • Yea……I have a thought Kate…….IS IT A FULL MOON!!!!!!!

      Yeah y’all….just passin’ through!!! All is well just BUZZZZZZZZZZZZZZY at work this time of the year!!!!

    • Eh, the problem is that people are taught WHAT to think, not HOW to think, so when it comes to things like this, they accept the majority viewpoint without even giving it a second thought. I will admit, HLN can be mighty persuasive, but for someone when is educated, especially in philosophy or law, will see right through it very easily. This is why ai believe more people need to be taught HOW to think for themselves & draw their own conclusions, & why I think philosophy & logic courses should be a part of all public school curriculums, as well as a college requirement.

    • Kate, I have always thought so too. PPL has a lot of money and so does the mormon church. HLN does tend to be pro prosecution but in this case the hosts brought such a level of utter contempt for anything pro defence and with such a relish for the death penalty, most strikingly in VP and JJ. Their whole demeanour screamed revenge for TA. Tara and some other jurors are going to the hearing because they are vested in this case, me thinks too much.

    • ” The effect on modern high-profile cases, according to many, is that the process scrapes the busiest and civically engaged citizens from juries, leaving what critic Albert Osborn said was a jury made up of “thirteen-year-old minds.” ”
      Interesting read. And the questions raised in it have been discussed repeatedly here.

      • It’s really unfortunate too, because anyone with a philosophical background (meaning we have been taught how to think, logic, argumentation, etc. is not allowed to be a juror, ever. We’re too highly trained… Really? So people who have been taught how to analyze arguments for soundness & vailidy aren’t the perfect people for the job? Hogwash! They claim we aren’t a jury of peers because of our training, but ai suspect it’s more likely because they can get away with more b.s. if they have a jury of average media monkeys that believe everything they see & hear on television & the radio…

  12. i just want to add that i didn’t start watching HLN/ Jodie & Travis until the very last part of April 2013.
    and… after about a week, i was all for Team Jodi and thought it was pretty pathetic the way HLN was glorifying the entire Alexander family & talking like Travis was an angel that just fell from the sky & landed on Jodi’s lap.
    HLN is in it for the money. that’s all & that’s pathetic beyond any words i could type
    I also think the Alexander siblings are a bunch of real bad actors & don’t understand why alot more other
    people can’t see that..

    • Oh yeah, they totally swooned the jury with their tears. They looked evil & hateful, every last one of them. Every time bitch face (she looks like an incredibly mean person) noticed that the jury was watching her she’s cry or go into hysterics, but when the jury left she was calm. You know that was a guilt trip directed right at the jurors!! It’s infuriating!!

  13. What tripped me out was how Juan Martinez was consistently allowed to say things that he knew he was not allowed to say. Prosecutors, especially, like to do this because even when it is stricken from the record, no normal human being can completely ignore it. It plants a seed, just like the “…because you have feelings for the defendant” comment. It was like watching a bad John Grisham movie…

  14. SJ,

    Thank you for posting the link to my blog post from above. I stand by every word and I’ll never stop supporting Jodi no matter what.


  15. Theres alot of talk about ‘haters’ and I just wonder why they are called haters? Theres a mentality that they hate Jodi so they are haters, but many here hate Travis and the fact he was an abuser. I’m not trying to be a troll but everytime I see that word I think yes, I am a hater too, of Travis’s abuse towards Jodi (and any other woman who was afraid to come forward).

    I wasnt always on Jodi’s side and I want to put this out there to people who may think that the jurerers didnt do their job or that they didnt think for themselves. My sister and I were talking about this the other night and she reminded me of something I had totally forgotten and that was a conversation we had years ago when this case was first in the news right after it happened. She wondered what had changed my views and why I was team Jodi now. I told her I had always been and then she said that way back then we discussed it and both thought Jodi was guilty. I totally forgot about that. If I had been called on that jury I would have honestly thought I hadnt heard of the case and hadn’t formed an opinion, but I had. I just saw some stuff on the news and the media and I the 48 Hours show from that time and based my opinion on that, but that was a few years ago and I never followed it, and it was just another horrific crime in the news that was soon forgotten.

    My point is that many jureres may have thought the same way. They forgot they heard snippets of the case and it was only after something in the evidence or Jodi herself, reminded them of their first impressions. First impressions are really had to shake and even though they may not have realized it at the time, they may have formed opinions and so when the case came before them, they felt secure in whatever impression had been formed, but they obviously weren’t aware of it at the time. Jurers are only human and all of us have mistaken impressions and can swear up and down we didn’t know something or do something and then someone shows us proof and it all comes flooding back to us.

    I like this site a lot because you guys discuss all the different ways of seeing things, but I think we also have to be mindful that the human brain works in mysterious ways and while we all give Jodi a benefit of a doubt with some of her perplexing behavior we need to give others that same benefit. When we try to understand where people are coming from is where we make the most impact with trying to resolve whatever conflict.

    Those people on those bullying sites shouldnt even be given the time of day. You can’t change their minds and as a matter of fact they’re just idiots who don’t care one way or another. Having conversations with pro-Travis people who are open to hearing what we have to say is important. We can also listen to what they have to say, it might be a small thing that has them hung up on feeling Jodi is guilty of murder and we have more than enough evidence to point them towards the truth, so why wouldn’t we take the time to listen to their points and then provide them with the evidence that might make a difference. I know I’m not threatened by my beliefs and if a pro-Travis supporter was interested in why I think the way I do, I’d feel confident in telling them. They may not come over to this side, but at least they would see our opinions are based on sound logic and not just because we think Jodi is pretty, and that might make them want to learn more.

    The more people we have who are on team Jodi, the better for her. That’s more people who can help turn this thing around. When the majority of public opinion turns to favoring Jodi that’s when politicians and other big people will have to listen.

    • Me calling Travis Alexander a “douche bag” doesn’t make me a hater. IMHO he behaved like a douche bag. If I were to post autopsy photos of him and gleefully mock them and at the same time make threats to pro-Travis Alexander people, then I would be a hater.

      • JM I wasn’t calling out anyone as a hater, just saying most of us identify with being a hater of Travis’s behavior so that makes us all haters, and ‘hater’ in that way shouldn’t be a bad thing.

        • Contrary to what people think, I don’t hate Travis Alexander. I can’t stand him, but I don’t hate him. And, I never wanted to see Travis die. Whereas the majority of Travis Alexander supporters want to see Jodi die.

    • I am a fairly new member of Team Jodi also. When It comes down to it, I suppose I am also a hater. I feel intense dislike for people who down others for thinking for themselves and arriving at a difference of opinion. Yes, this was a tragedy for everybody involved. Water under the bridge, I wish they had never crossed each others path.

      But why the hec does HLN embellish and slant the truth for the mighty dollar and smile when they talk about Jodi’s next status hearing “Will she get life or death”. Give me a break.

      I do have a problem with Jodi placing Travis’s body in the shower. I know firemen that have advised that dragging a 165-200 lb dummy for distances is hard in training and competition exercises.

      Welcome aboard.

    • Let me say also, even though I have dislikes for certain parties and their opinions, I have not gone on their sites and threatened them, their families or their way of making a living.

    • “Theres alot of talk about ‘haters’ and I just wonder why they are called haters? Theres a mentality that they hate Jodi so they are haters, but many here hate Travis and the fact he was an abuser. I’m not trying to be a troll but every time I see that word I think yes, I am a hater too, of Travis’s abuse towards Jodi (and any other woman who was afraid to come forward).”

      The reason they are called haters, is because they hate Jodi for the sake of hating her. They hate her for being female, Latina, and that she defended herself against her abusive boyfriend and lived to tell the tale. They hate her, irrationally, for things that normal people do, like having sex with a person they love and looking past their faults. They hate her for not having the self esteem to walk away from him, which is unreasonable because he did much to erode her self esteem. Their knee jerk reaction to hate Jodi is also influenced a lot by HLN and other media that took HLN’s tone and ran with it.

      Now posters here, when reacting to Travis, are reacting to things he has actually DONE. I don’t recall ever saying I hate Travis, although I do not like him, I have good reasons to not like him. I think it’s worth pointing out that I don’t have to like anyone, nor do I have to believe in the best in them just because someone else says so. I don’t have to like any man that degrades women so he can dominate her, or uses language like bitch, slut, skank, ho, three holed wonder, ect to keep the woman feeling like shit so he can have the upper hand. I don’t have to like a man who is an elder of a church and cannot abide by the requirements his religion expects of him. So when people get on my case for not liking Travis; I feel compelled to point out that it’s not even their decision to make. That’s mine to make, that’s my call. Not theirs.

      That’s the difference between our reaction and theirs. There is a reason for the way we feel, it has to do with how WE have been treated at one time too.

      Until society *wakes up* that nobody has a right to treat anyone else like shit, we’re always going to see people trying to guilt or shame other people into conceding to identify with abusers, whether they be HLN, Travis, or whoever else. It doesn’t work with me, and it never will.

      • MB, I am a male.

        I do not believe in degrading or abusing women in any form, let me add, anybody or any animal.

        • Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying all men do that. I’m just saying that, I don’t have to respect a man that does do that. The prevailing opinion is, I have to look past all Travis’ faults and accept him and never criticize him no matter how terribly he’s behaved. Nope, I don’t have to accept his behavior, just like I don’t accept Jane Velez Mitchell, Nancy Grace, or any other female that acts like a total asshole either.

          • MB

            I did not get you wrong. It was not a shot at you. I agree with you. I do not respect a man that does that. From a personal experience, I was at a mall where a man was slapping and yelling at a female he was with. I jumped in and stopped him. I did get crap from him and her for interfering. WTH. Even though they got mad at me, I stood up and let them know I disagreed with his behavior.

    • I can’t say that I hate Travis or his supporters……..but I don’t think too much them either. I do pray for them thou. It’s not for me to hate or judge…..they will all be judged in time. GOD have mercy on them.

      Ray in Harrisonburg Va.

    • That’s all well and good about jurors being human, but they aren’t supposed to let “first impressions” from an edited TV program that aired years ago affect their judgment of what goes on in the courtroom. If they at any point remembered that they had heard of the case AND formed an impression, then they should have done the honorable thing and asked to be excused.

      • Kira that’s what I meant. I saw those shows and totally didn’t connect them with this case (I was in the middle of cancer treatment during the trial so that may have had something to do with it) but I didn’t even remember until my sister pointed it out to me after the trial. So the jureres may have just had an unsettling feeling that there was something famiiar but they couldn’t put their finger on it and went with that feeling.

        What would you have done as a pro-Jodi supporter if midway through jury duty you realized you had watched those earlier reports and had made a judgement based on those? Would you raise your hand? This is not a confrontational question, I just don’t know what one would do in that situation or if you’d even think it was important enough to bring up.

        • Well, first, I don’t think that it would take anyone until mid-way through jury duty to connect the dots. They’d hear Martinez and the defense lawyers’ opening arguments and think “Oh wait, this is familiar, and I think this woman is guilty/not guilty.”

          I don’t think that this was the case with any of these jurors though. They heard the prosecution’s opening statements and were pretty closed-minded from there.

        • Cindney,
          There isn’t a site like this where you can talk rationally about Jodi.
          This isn’t sarcastic, but you wouldln’t have come to this site if you thought Jodi was guilty
          and wanted her to die.

          I was so sick of hearing nothing but hate about Jodi, so I’ve HEARD the other side.
          That’s why I like it here.
          If they think Jodi is guilty and should die, I don’t want to hear them.
          I could go there and I’m not going to.

          MB said this

          “Until society *wakes up* that nobody has a right to treat anyone else like shit, we’re always going to see people trying to guilt or shame other people into conceding to identify with abusers, whether they be HLN, Travis, or whoever else. It doesn’t work with me, and it never will.”

          I think that explains in a nutshell why.

          BTW, I think Travis is an asshole, but would I go over to the other side and try to make them change their mind OR think they would come here and change their mind? I really don’t think so.
          It was a BIG relief to find that Jodi had team pulling for her and I was and will always be happy that I found it.

          Thank you team Jodi. : )

        • Cindney,
          I just don’t see why you keep going back to that imaginary situation. We have plenty of scenarios, overflooding the world by HLN,we do not need more.
          Do you know for a fact that these jurors saw these shows years back and somewhere in the middle of the process connected the dots,as you say? I dont think so.
          And to be honest, to me it sounds like you’re making up excuses for them. If we were in the courtroom,I’d be jumping up my seat right now saying ”Objection! Calls for Speculation” 😉

          ”This is not a confrontational question, I just don’t know what one would do in that situation or if you’d even think it was important enough to bring up.”
          You’re asking Kira what she would have done if she were in their shoes. Hey I’m no american citizen, shouldnt they have said so anyways and ask to be removed the right thing to do? Plus,Kira had already answered you before ”If they at any point remembered that they had heard of the case AND formed an impression, then they should have done the honorable thing and asked to be excused.”

          Sorry,I’m not being confrintational either it’s just that at this point, there are so many issues to deal with,I find it pointless to debate yet another one which by the way is not even remotely true.Or if it is, we have no way of knowing it.

    • I am not a Travis hater. I haven’t ever hated him. I am sad for him and all the masks he was living behind and all the false friends. Travis had multiple problems from before he was born. Their are zillions amount of research in this area. Hence, one of the reason for the defense experts.
      I am not happy with the Witch hunt, Lynch Mob, Crucifixion, hanging, execution for improper assessment of a situation after months of having it in your face. It isn’t someone who watched something on 48 hours and then it didn’t come around again for 4 years. These haters watched everyday during the trial where there were huge mistakes. Much of these processes are so intricate when you trace back why the haters are haters. But I am tired. I can say that the hate is displaced on us, first on Jodi.
      Yes, MB. I just looked back and saw that you posted. A small amount of time can always be spent reminding all of us haters do not deserve our time. TEAM JODI is here for the positive, Our energy goes to VICTORY! Please realize that whoever hates will destroy themselves before they destroy others. WE WILL BE VICTOURIOUS xxoo

  16. Tara Kelley, Diane Scwartz and Marilou Allen-Coogan – The three that have been talking incessantly on HLN and elsewhere . .Saw these 3 are supposed to appear at hearing Thursday . . Since we’re not supposed to get live-cast, the gallery should be closed to public . . in this case. I would say someone needs to take charge and do the right things, make concessions under the circumstances but actually since it’s so botched up and will be proven . . let’em keep fkn up. I cannot explain the excitement I feel once the maggots lose their prey and the worm turns on them.

    • I love that they felt the need to make a “big announcement” that they’re attending the hearing. Who fucking cares? They aren’t jurors anymore. Their 15 minutes are up and they should stay home.

  17. I, too, wonder who anointed HLN to crown TA a wonderfully flawless perfect Prince and to deem Jodi, the polar opposite…the Princess of Evil. My opinion is partly due to ole Nance, the hag’s, jealousy. And even after it became obvious they were totally off the chain and wrong they still cling to it. Also, I think the inexplicable throat wound played a part. It’s like, well, we don’t really give a damn how it happened, if she was abused or defending herself, this is how we’re gonna play it and we’ve already decided how to cast this tragedy…evidence and truth be damned. OUT damned spots, I say!! Like Shakespeare, they wove a tale of highly dramatic fiction. I hope Frank is right and that justice does prevail eventually.

    • Yes, and so little was said by the jurors for or against about actual evidence decision. They felt . .: Jodi lied, had no remorse, showed no emotion . . well they sure as hell based dp on remorse and emotion for alexdisasterous so they are liars too . I don’t say I hate him, he’s gone . . nothing to hate but I loathed what he did when he was alive. I would not like anyone who did those things. its a serious character flaw and usually nothing short of an epiphany (as in they experience something really fugly), might cause change. Also I don’t even hang with people that allow others to abuse them without taking/try to take care of their problem because I get tired of listening to them whine about it. I have gone the extreme routes to help those who needed and wanted out. No disrespect to anyone but just sayin.

    • Me too Gwen.

      Without a doubt Nancy Grace spearheaded this campaign, with all the other talking heads jumping on board. It is a 24/7 hate machine. There was never any room for any real discussion about the entire case, just one big long campaign against one battered woman. I won’t even PRETEND for a moment, that there wasn’t anything highly destructive and socially detrimental about their spiteful commentary.

      Yes their characterization of Travis and Jodi was VERY divisive and polarizing, wasn’t it? Travis, the golden saint, with Jodi the evil seductress. It was another round of misogynist malarkey, only this time they were less inclined to hide their woman hating tendencies by hiding behind women who are misogynists themselves. What a clusterfuck.

    • Instead of the seal of AZ being shown during commercial breaks they should have rolled credits that said written, produced and directed by Nancy Grace and brought to you by HLN. And had an asteroid been plummeting toward earth during those months Nasty Nance’s dying words would have been against Jodi…nothing could shut her up. I don’t know how a person could ooze so much hatred and have energy left for anything else. I have rage against the machine and I mean to show loads of disrespect when I speak of them.

  18. Hello SJ and MB and Jodi Family! So sorry I have been away for a few days. I have had some medical emergencies and have been very ill so I haven’t been able to participate as much as usual. I am home recuperating now and I have been trying to catch up on what has been going on. I wanted to add ,pertaining to watching HLN, that as far as I am concerned, I only watched their station when the trial was on. My computers Audio is not working so that was the only way I could watch the trial. For the most part I try to stay away from that channel but every once in a while I will flip by to see what they are screaming about! LOL. It is sort of like being able to see the enemies playbook, so we know how to counter some of their schemes and scams! As I have said many times before I really did used to have respect for “Dr.” Drew but am so disappointed with all of his antics that we are all aware of and I will not repeat right now. He just really disappointed me. It is sort of ironic that for months Drew has been harping on the FACT that Jodi is definitely mentally ill. And that Jodi definitely has borderline personality disorder and psychopathic tendencies. So now the defense has embraced their claims and the prosecutions claims that Jodi is mentally ill. Earth to the prosecution, it is unconstitutional to put a mentally ill woman to death,!!HLN’s heads are exploding ! IRONIC! Love ya, Jesse

    • See, that’s what I don’t get – how can the prosecution pretend on one hand, that Jodi is mentally ill and has a personality disorder; but on the other hand, refute the testimony of THEIR OWN EXPERT WITNESS so they can still pursue the death penalty? They are picking and choosing what applies where, same with David Drew Pinsky who on one hand. He railed against a battered woman for six damn months, pathologizing her with bullshit diagnoses with no evidence to support them. Then turns around and claims sympathy, maybe because he thought he could undo the damage HLN collectively put out. No, Mr. Pinsky it doesn’t work that way.

      I am disappointed with him too, because he could have been a truly compassionate voice in this farce of a trial. He didn’t have to like Jodi or dislike Travis, but he could have at least talked about how her relationship with Travis was unhealthy. No, he drank the haterade and jumped on the bandwagon with the rest of them. He’s lost all credibility to me, which is sad because at one time I thought he’d help turn the tide of aggression and abuse in this country. No, he helped it keep right on going instead. What a waste.

      • I could not have expressed it better myself! I did notice though after he became aware of this sight and that he was losing respect from a lot of people, he tried to slightly change his tune and say “Jody needed help a long time ago” and recently spoke out against the mob mentality! HMMM…. I think he has been reading our posts and is starting to realize that we are not a bunch of nuts. We are compassionate and insightful thinkers. I could see Drew trying to show a hint of compassion but not much! He is TEAM HLN and he knows where his bread is buttered, but in his heart of hearts he knows he is wrong about a lot of the things he says. At least that is the feeling I have been getting from him lately. Kisses, Jesse

        • Hi Jesse,

          Well HLN can thank their lies, witch hunt, lynch mobbing and improper reporting for the sequestered juries and the multiple closed doors they will get in the future. Was it really worth it HLN? Was all the mischaracterization of Jodi Arias worth all those lynch mobs? Did you think you would win the Nobel Peace Prize for that Jodi Arias Trial debacle? Wait! You did intentionally behave that way! For Sure.

      • Sorry Dr Drew is forever on my shit list. I will never watch any show he is part of again. He did nothing but ridicule Jodi and suck the butts of any of Travis’s friends that wanted to continue to fame whore their way onto his show with lies and hate speech and any pathetic video they could dig out of their narcissistic friend. If even one guest had been sought out who had a different take on the flawed parts of the man or actually admitted to his womanizing (lying Hughes’) I would have had more respect for the internist Dr Drew. He is no specialist on psychology either as he pretends to be. He unsuccessfully in many cases tried to treat celebrity addicts and he sensationalized teen pregnancy with his dumb shows. All the man cares about is his bank account. He is a farce of a doctor who’s oath is to do no harm was cast to the wayside for big bucks. A talking head and a boring puppet is all he is now. Helping people wasn’t a good enough career ambition for this “doctor”.

      • Thank you so much. I have to have an operation but I will be fine! I could use you guys prayers. So if I am unable to post for a while, please don’t ever think I have abandoned you my sweet family or our cause, to help Jodi. Again thank You so much sweet one, Love ya, Jesse xoxoxxo

  19. from Pitchforks: anyone know zervakos cancelled on them? lmao off if it’s true

    Having had William Zervakos, the Jodi Arias jury foreman, cancel his appearance on “Dr” Drew last night, you’d think that the producers for Drew Pinsky’s long-running disaster-relief therapy-show would be reflecting on why that might be, and would be leaving their options open in case he should change his mind. . . .

  20. How many of you are going to watch the life time movie? From what the news has reported the Taliban is angry that the movie is being played before the trial is even over which I can understand. However it looks to me from the preview at least that it will be pro TA. But the Taliban is always in an uproar over everything! As I said in a previous post I can’t wait for another Jodi Arias movie to come out and have it be Jodi’s story, Jodi’s truth. Include all the abuse from TA. ALL the physical and mental and sexual abuse and his pedo-problem and what TA was really like. That is the film I want to see and make for that matter! Love ya Kisses, Jesse

    • Anything that doesn’t portray Travis Alexander as a squeaky-clean angel that loved his mama, loved Jesus and America, too, and probably wanted to save puppies is going to be wrought with criticism and attacks from the TA supporters.

      From the one clip that I saw of the movie, they didn’t paint Travis in a very good light. Jodi is basically telling him that he knows hardly anything about her or her family and he’s like “Yeah, but who cares? Because what we do doesn’t require a lot of talking”.

      • I read some of the dialogue too and it’s beyond corny and stupid. They are portrayed as one-dimensional characters (coz life’s THAT simple yeah right…) Jodi as the obsessed one with getting married and with Travis (of course!) and him as the ‘player”.

        • Yeah, I know but I really loved that show and yeah, I’m a Canadian. Last winter when I was freezing my butt off I was actually thinking of maybe going down to AZ for the winter this year, but after this trial I won’t be so jealous of the sunny weather and I think I’ll stay up here where I’m safe.

  21. Gotta go….

    Don’t squat down on your spurs! We are here for the ride!

    Go Team Jodi!

    Thanks for the site, SJ, JC, MB and for the peeps who have been here.

  22. OK, I have been pounced on the haters site using a different alias than the blog name I am using on this site. I have expressed my opinion in a diplomatic way and have gotten threats and mud slings.

    I can now understand the people here that have gotten threats and have taken a break.

    I will still blog here on this site.

  23. I pray to God that Jodi Arias receives a fair trial and justice. She DID NOT get a fair trial. And furthermore, she should have been charged with a LOT LESSER crime, if any.
    One man’s humble opinion.

    • Edward, “One man’s humble opinion” at least you think for yourself and state it. Yes it deems so necessary that we need to pray for Jodi and her family. Damn, what troublesome times..

  24. Hi everyone. Here is my latest blog post called “Justice For Jodi: Fact Or Fiction?”

    I am writing this to clear up some misconceptions and lies that are being told by human garbage on an anti-Jodi Arias website which I will not even bother to mention.

    Fiction: “You only created this site and want to see Jodi free because she is hot. If you cared so much about innocent people in prison, why don’t you create blogs for them, too?”
    Fact: Seriously? Do people realistically expect me to drop everything that I’m doing and write blogs for every single person in America that I feel has been wrongfully accused and serving time? I have signed and created petitions and contacted government officials on behalf of other people that I felt were innocent, but serving time in jail or prison. I also created a group in 2007 called C.A.R.A.V.A.N (Citizens Against Rape, Assault & Violence in America Network) and worked with a rape survivor along with groups such as RAINN and Men Who Can Stop Rape. I have worked with law enforcement in trying to solve cold cases including the murder of Brianna Dennison a few years ago. At one point, we thought we had identified a possible suspect, but he later turned out to be innocent. And, I have also contacted all 50 state governors every year since 2005 to insist that they pass “Jessica’s Law” in honor of Jessica Lunsford a little girl in Florida that was murdered and raped by John Couey. I created websites and pages for these groups on MySpace, Facebook and Twitter. Some of them are no longer in existence, but I remain passionate on these issues. I never expected to get this involved with the Jodi Arias case, but early on I felt a connection to Jodi that I can’t explain. I remember reading her blogs and seeing her videos and even talking with one of my friends who is a medium that has helped police solve murders and she even said that Jodi is innocent. To me, Jodi has become a new face for domestic violence and I want to help her and others who are survivors of abuse.

    Fiction: “You call the Travis Alexander supporters ‘haters’, but when you call him a ‘douche bag’ you’re no better than they are.”
    Fact: Any man that treats women the way that Travis did is a douche bag in my book. Sorry. The truth hurts. However, if I was such a hater, then why have I strongly condemned pro-Jodi Arias people that post autopsy photos of Travis in an attempt to smear and attack him? I have never made fun of Travis Alexander’s death. And, for those of you who are about to reference the picture I posted the other day parodying Weekend At Bernie’s with Dave Hall and Chris Hughes holding up Travis as Bernie, this was not in any way shape or form intended to be disrespectful towards Travis. Quite the opposite, in fact. I was pointing out through satire that Travis Alexander is being used and exploited in death by two guys that Travis didn’t even think highly of enough to put them in his top 10 list of friends on MySpace. These two guys are leeches that are sucking the blood off of Travis and using his murder to put money into their pockets and get face time on TV. THAT offends me! And I’m not even a Travis Alexander supporter. There are a few family members of Travis’s that I genuinely feel sorrow for and those are the ones that have chosen not to put themselves out there in the spotlight. They are one of the few people on that side that have shown class and dignity throughout this whole trial. The real tragedy about Travis Alexander is that he had everything to make himself one of the best success stories in America. Here was a guy who came from humble roots and a dysfunctional family riddled with drug abuse, but he somehow was able to escape that lifestyle and make himself into a successful, young man. Travis was also a charismatic, great public speaker. These are the good qualities that I think that Travis had, but all of these good traits about him were undermined by his dishonesty, hypocrisy and his treatment of women especially Jodi. If we’re going to give him credit for some of the good things that he was able to accomplish, is it not fair that we offer fair criticism for many of the bad things that he did? I don’t hate Travis Alexander nor have I ever hated him. I’m truly sorry that he died and if I had a magic wand I would bring him back to life. But I’d also make damn sure that he faced the legal consequences of his abusive behavior towards women, too.

    Fiction: “You are in love with Jodi Arias. Admit it, you creepy stalker…man!”
    Fact: I have never met Jodi Arias. I do not know her. And, while I will not deny that I find her to be a lovely and beautiful woman, I am not in love with her. However, I do see a lot of women in love with Travis Alexander and the way they hold his posters up in the air outside of the courtroom like he was Justin Bieber is sickening to me. Most of these women never knew Travis Alexander and, with all due respect, after looking at them I can honestly tell them that none of them would have had a shot with Travis if he were alive today. I see Jodi as a kindred spirit based on mutual interests especially in the arts and because I have studied her body language including her faces and voice and I know with all of my heart that she is innocent. But, I will make a deal with the Travis Alexander supporters. If I am ever proven wrong and Jodi Arias ever admits to pre-meditating Travis Alexander’s murder and it turns out that we were all lied to, I will personally send a check for $2008 to the Travis Alexander family. I will also personally use this blog to publicly apologize for being wrong and I will never again post on the Internet after that. Of course, none of this is going to happen because Jodi IS innocent so those of you who support Jodi and this website have nothing to worry about.

    Fiction: “You take marching orders from the admins at ‘Jodi Arias Is Innocent'”.
    Fact: Since when? Let me break this to you gently: everything that I post here or on any other pro-Jodi website, I do it independently and freely without any outside influence. The admins have their own busy lives to lead and there is no great conspiracy happening between us. But since you mentioned marching orders, how about you take a look at the majority of posts on the anti-Jodi Arias websites? There is an agenda on these places which is to destroy Jodi Arias and the participants on this board have a field day parroting the same garbage out of their mouths every single day. Very few of them actually have an original thought in their minds. And, they’re not interested in the truth. They’re only interested in hurting people who support Jodi which is why they try to do that as often as possible. But it’s really easy to sound big and bad hiding behind someone else’s identity. I am willing to bet that the majority of these people in real-life are nothing like their online alter egos. Sadly, they plop themselves in front of their computer all day so they can root for the termination of someone else’s life while not getting one of their own.

    Finally, I’d like to close on this note: as I stated earlier, I’ve worked with law enforcement in the past and I’ve made lots of friends there along with some who work for the government. Some of these people I can’t identify because of the classified work that they do, but one thing I do know is that cyber-bullying is a crime and they take it very seriously. My advice to anyone thinking about participating in such behavior is don’t start. And, to those who have already started to engage in behavior, I would stop if I were you. Thank you.

    • Great post JM!

      Don’t you think it’s absolutely sexist how they say ALL men who support Jodi just want to hump her?

      They also say that any woman who supports her is a man hater. 🙄

      It doesn’t get any more obvious that these are just silencing tactics from the other side, does it? We call them haters because they hate Jodi irrationally. For whatever reason, they’ve decided that Jodi is an acceptable target to use as their emotional toilet.

      And that’s just it – that’s why blogs are created to help people like Jodi and Casey; because NOBODY deserves that. If every person in prison were on the receiving end of a horrifying witch hunt by HLN and the rest of the clueless media that follows their lead, then there would a blog for every person in prison.

      But not every person in prison is at the receiving end of a witch hunt, are they? Have they ever asked themselves WHY that is? Even though, in the grand scheme of things, Jodi’s actions weren’t any more extreme or offensive than other comparable killings (whether in self defense or otherwise); they somehow find it absolutely outrageous that a battered woman picked up a knife and defended herself against her abuser. It doesn’t compute with them, does it, that abuse victims also have rights, and just because they can’t get away from their abuser soon enough does not mean they have forfeited the right to continue existing.

      This is why I say that Travis supporters are quite often abusers. They view this entire case through the lens of the abusers mindset – that abuse victims, women especially, are somehow not entitled to their own organic existence outside that paradigm of aggression. Abusers are used to victims identifying with them, and placing their own self preservation on the back burner. When they see a group of people who come from abusive backgrounds refusing to identify with perpetrators (whether it be Travis, his family, or HLN), this enrages them. So they lash out, and say the ugliest things they can; then have the gall to compare themselves to us. No, they are haters because they have no real reason to hate except their own unresolved issues, especially about women. If we dislike Travis it’s because he was a total asshole to Jodi. The haters are delusional if they think *yet more* assholishness is going to change our minds about Travis, his family, his supporters, and HLN.

      • I agree with most of this, but I have seen many female Travis supporters who claim they were abused or victims of domestic violence at some point and they claim because they experienced it in one way that Jodi doesn’t follow that pattern and therefore she wasn’t abused. I have seen far more victims supporting Travis than ‘man haters’. I wonder if them supporting Travis is an extension of them supporting their own abusers and trying to deny what is right in front of their eyes.

        I think if Travis was not an attractive man and looked more like what people believe an abuser to look like then Jodi would be home today and have a nice career in art and photography and a sweet husband and a couple of babies.

        • Oh I agree, Cindney, I think it’s a very good chance they are still struggling with the issue of identifying with abusers. I don’t think anyone can come out of a situation of abuse (relationship, bullying, ect) without having that kind of baggage to unpack.

          A major problem with this trial, is the way HLN and subsequently social media framed abuse as only happening to “good girls.” Because Jodi is sexually attractive, and open minded about a lot of things (not just sex, but religion and probably other things people are close minded about) people viewed her as a “bad girl.” When female Travis supporters came forward to share their stories, it was to uplift themselves higher status over Jodi so they could look down their noses at her and lord over her with imaginary supremacy; i.e. being a “good girl” who didn’t deserve mistreatment whereas Jodi was a “bad girl” that somehow did.

          People don’t seem to grasp that Jodi is a victim because TRAVIS chose to call her ugly names, kick her, choke her, smack her, and use her as a “three holed wonder.” HE chose to do those things, that is the point. He also could have chosen NOT to, even if it meant letting Jodi go on with her life. So it really doesn’t matter if Jodi had six boyfriends or if she’d had anal sex with an ex-boyfriend; TRAVIS’ actions TO Jodi is what determined her status as a battered woman.

          Oh, and I agree, if Travis were some scrubby dude with tattoos, scars and unwashed hair that wears A-tops and doesn’t shave regularly, yes people would probably accept his actions as those of a batterer. And that’s sad, because some of the most mellow guys I’ve known are sloppy.

        • Frankly,all I’ve read on those sites is womn trying to COMPETE Jodi’s abuse. To them I say W..T…F…?
          Is abuse something to be competitive about? Meaning, should there be a legal or acceptable amount of abuse a person should receive in order to be welcomed to the Abused Club? Of all people, these women should be the ones to embrace Jodi. The fact that some of them dont only proves that !)either they were never abused and are just making a fuss about it to SEEM like Jodi’s lying and minimize it (and to whoever this sounds like a far-fetched scenario, I will kindly remind that we’ve experienced worse cases of extremities with the haters)
          2)or that they were indeed abused and the emotional and physical traumas this heineous experience entail are just too fresh to deal with anyone that may have not suffered as much as they have.So,Jodi becomes an outcast or a non eligible person to meet the abused ‘criteria’.

          Personally, I’d rather there were no ”patterns” in Domestic Violence as they say. DV is DV ; so if Jodi wasnt beaten on a regular or daily basis,doesnt that make her a victim too?
          I was disgusted by one comment(I’ve mentioed it here long ago) from a DV survivor.She wrote something to that effect ”I’ve been kicked,I’ve broken bones,I;ve been to the ER blah blah blah.. How’s your finger,Jodi?” I was like OMG! So if that woman suffered all this shit in the hands of her abuser, if Jodi were her daughter and came to her one fine day with her finger broken by a disturbed individual, would she have the nerve to tell her it was nothing, that she as overreacting? Or if Jodi were her daughetr and she happened to see her convos with TA would she tell her that this is not abuse,just because it’s verbal??
          Sorry to rant but comments such as these insult me personally. No drama intended,but my sweet mom was severely abused by my father. As I was growing up and when I hit puberty the first thing she told me regarding relationships was to ”take no shit by any man” .She would not accept it even when she would see me cry over a guy.
          So,bottom line? Women who claim to be abused but have no synpathy for Jodi’s story were either NOT abused or have still great issues of their own and they had better not share their opinions on the matter,especially when they know that their opinion is invaluable in this case.

      • Thank you, MB! I don’t understand why we can’t agree to disagree with the people who support Travis Alexander. If you notice, the majority of them don’t try to make a persuasive argument based on the merits of their case. All they do is attack Jodi and make her out to be this femme fatale that slaughtered or butchered the Stormin’ Mormon Golden Boy. Travis Alexander was far from pristine and even if Jodi was an evil femme fatale, he should have known better than to invite her to “hang out” with him and be his fuck buddy, which is all he ever really saw Jodi as. Jodi was his fuck buddy and he never took the time to really get to know her. I believe that Jodi genuinely fell in love with Travis and wanted a relationship with him, but to be fair she also enjoyed participating in the sexual relationship with him. However, I think that over time she became increasingly frustrated with his lack of commitment and his flaunting other women in her face. And I can picture them having a conversation on the day that he was murdered with him saying “Jodi, you KNOW we’re not going to Cancun together!”

        He used and abused Jodi Arias and he bullied her until she reached her pressure point and had enough. She fought back, things got violent and Jodi just snapped. Yes, it was a brutal murder and the stab and gunshot wounds were awful, but as you pointed out, she’s not the only woman who killed someone in self-defense and left her attacker with mortal wounds.

  25. I feel so bad for this girl. It was an unfair trial with too much negative publicity. She was used and treated badly by the man she loved. I wish I could hug her. Hang in there Jodi. There are people who are rooting for you! xoxo

  26. My personal opinion period. I truly believe that he should be exhumed and the foremost forensic pathologist conduct his own autopsy and come to his own conclusion. Toooooooooooo many lies and perjury threw that other trash out the window. I believe the coldcase people need to pick this up because a small town or even a couple of small town investigators can’t cut an investigation like this. ALL of the avenues should be addressed, along with all of the suicides. ALL of the evidence needs to be examined. THROW this kangaroo court shit conviction out the window and have a REAL trial. Oh, and all of his “friends” who came out of the woodwork need to slither back on under the rocks. Do this RIGHT people!!!!!!!!!!! This is why I want to call the President. This place seems to think they are above the law and it’s enough of that.

  27. Good Thursday morning friends.

    I just finished catching up on all your posts. I would like to put my thoughts out about the one topic that has been a major issue lately. The ‘haters’:

    Only a week ago did I find out that there was a ‘look-a-like’ site (of ‘Jodi Arias Is Innocent’) on the internet . Of course, curiosity got the best of me and I went over to take a look and see what was going on there. To my surprise, I saw humiliation of certain Jodi supporters, verbal abuse, all sorts of threats, cyber bullying and many other things that really upset me.

    I do not understand the purpose of that site. It is not a pro Travis site (I hardly saw any remarks actually referring to Travis and what happened to him). Except for maybe 4 or 5 posts that actually did mention topics and opinions written about what stands in the present concerning the trial, everything else posted there was garbage (mostly swearing and copying & pasting posts from our site and trying to make smartass comments about those posts, which imo didn’t even have a sense of humor). I think that the only and real reason for it’s being is to bash supporters of Jodi, so maybe the admin of that site should change the site’s name to “Bashing the supporters of Jodi Arias”.

    Why would I care what my fellow supporters’ real names are, or where he/she lives or what their occupation is? When someone uses a ‘cyber name’ it is only to protect their personal information from people like those who post on that site.

    Why would someone go as far as poking around the internet to gather this personal info of someone they do not know (and will never meet in person) and then post it on their site? If they do not intend on harassing (as it has been said by them) then it is idiotic for them to waste so much time to find all this info. What is the reason for their finds? Is it to show how smart they are by finding our info? Oh believe me, you DID NOT BREAK THE ILLUMINATI SECRET CODE!

    I too, can poke around and gather info of others that I do not know and post that info on the internet BUT what would I gain? I’d rather spend my time trying to help in making this world a better place to live in then spend hours in front of a screen reading and posting dumbass remarks. I have seen people scared shitless of this harassment to a point where they left our site. Do the ‘haters’ really believe and think that by scaring away people, these people will change their believes? I think not.

    No one from their site was forced to read the posts we write (unless they were ordered to do so and they just follow orders like little soldiers). I too went and checked out their site although I was wisely advised not to because it was worthless.

    Yes, yesterday there were posts that were copied from their site to ours and remarks regarding their posts. Just so they can taste a little of their own medicine. I am sure that they were offended by what was commented. It hurts to be battered about your likes in life, doesn’t it? So do not do what you don’t want others to do to you (I am talking to the ‘haters’).

    As for JM’s lovely gesture of writing and recording a song for Jodi, I do not understand the hatred. Yes, maybe it is not their taste in music and that’s ok but for Pete’s sake, we can’t like every song we hear. You don’t like it, fine! You are not forced to listen to it. To ridicule the art of music shows how shallow someone might be.

    As for the fun making of my friend Maria as well as myself and others too, because of our vocabulary, grammar and spelling, I personally think it is so childish. I for one, being Greek, challenge those who like to make fun of not native speaking English people to try and learn Greek, French, Chinese, Italian, German, Russian, etc. and communicate in those languages with native speakers as well as express their thoughts in a foreign language. Not so easy, haters.

    Finally, I question those people that bully, threat, ridicule and abuse other people (that are total strangers to them, btw), what they are teaching their children? Are they telling them that it is acceptable to use vocal abuse and threats and intimidation to other children who are not in the same group as them? Your child is what you teach him/her to be. Your children look up to you and copy your pattern of thoughts and behavior. Do not raise them to follow and accustom your immature behavior for someday along the line they will be lost and not have a purpose in life.

    It would better off if we can agree to disagree.

    As for me, I am here to support Jodi and although I did get sidetracked by all the hatred, I will not lose focus on what is important: to speak my voice and help prove Jodi Arias’s innocence.

    Bless you all.
    (((((((((Team Jodi & supporters))))))))

    • If the song I wrote had been called “Dear Travis” and had lyrics written in tribute to him with the same musical arrangement, I guarantee you that the same people who bash it today would love it if it were a tribute to him.

    • Well said, my friend!
      Hear,hear! (see haters?I can spell that one correctly when it is often abused by native speakers of english and written ”here,here” LOL)

      I love ya! ♥

  28. I have been away due to health matters that after much ado led me to need my gallbladder removed earlier this month. In the meantime I have received numerous emails that are apparent to me are from bullies who have frequented this site and obtained information like emails. How I do not know and frankly don’t care. I ignore emails from anyone I do not know and frankly they have all been pretty similar asking me to verify an address, invitations to linked in etc. This is the only site I have posted to during Jodi’s trial. I make no apologies for anything I have posted here as we are entitled to our opinions. All strange correspondence has been reported as spam and ignored.

    I am on the road to recovery but it has been slower than I anticipated. I do stop to read here even when I do not post. I hope everyone is well.

    • Oh my gosh! I’m sorry to hear that, both about your surgery and the harassment from haters.

      I totally ditto your take down on Mr. Pinksy. <3

      Also, if you need to, you can report them as abuse by sending a report with full headers to abuse @ emaildomain . com, wherever they are emailing from.

    • I’ve kept this private until now, but I tried calling the owner of the other Jodi Arias website by telephone last week. The number was based out of Walker, Louisiana, but it was disconnected.

      • Thank you everyone you are all very kind! And how kind of the judge to delay this further so I can be up to my usual mouthy self when Jodi’s story continues. LOL

        Missed you guys

  29. I first heard of this case (State v. Arias) after the trial had actually started. So does anyone know how this became such a big cause celebre in the first case, with 2 TV shows about it, and all the trial coverage – allegedly HLN’s rating had a huge bump up due to the trial, and now a movie?

    There’s this woman in Texas who killed her boyfriend with stiletto heels and no one’s talking about that? Now there’s a way to go – beat him to death with your heels.

    But it seems like this is not that rare an occurrence in as far as homicides are concerned, a woman killing a boyfriend or ex-boyfriend. So why did folks jump on this case? Was it really big news in that area when it happened?

    • I heard it from 3 sources; family in Mesa, wildabouttrials, and Insession/HLN. How it become so big…three little letters…HLN. HLN makes no bones about being pro-prosecution. They don’t even try to hind it. Jean C. was the only one during the CA trial that mentioned feeling inside the courtroom were different than feelings outside the courthouse. She said, Jose had a good relationship with the jurors…he would greet them and they would smile back at him. I remember empty seat in the courtroom in the beginning of this trial. Where has there been a prior case that the trial had be shut down & 2 hearing needed to be held do to the media coverage…and… 2 reporters was questioned on the stand? None that I’m aware of.

      stiletto heels murder—things that make you go hummmm…there is fiction book titled this.

  30. Just got done reading herrspeight’s rather detailed analysis of the bullet wound, to which someone posted a link here the other day. Not being a physiologist I have absolutely no way to gauge the content’s but he sure did a great job researching it and putting it together. And that again raises the question of why the two sides treated that evidence the way they did.

    I can understand JM’s tactics. Once the defense notified him that they were raising self defense, AZ law puts him into the unenviable position of having to disprove their claim. I’m guessing here, but I believe that somewhere in their notice of self defense they must have said that the gunshot came first. And so JM decides to contest that claim by the ME’s testimony. That’s probably all he had – the stepping on the shelf issue probably arose later. But why didn’t the defense get some expert to contest this right at the onset? I guess we’ll never know.

    • I think they were just thrown by the state changing their story.. maybe didn’t realize there COULD be proof that the ME was lying on the stand.

      Before the trial, they’d never had cause to question the ME’s findings, never needed their own expert because there was nothing in the autopsy report to refute Jodi’s version of events. It wasn’t until Horn took the stand and interpreted the autopsy report through the JM’s brand new lens that they realized they had a problem… and even then didn’t know what the problem was. They didn’t know who was lying when, but they knew they had proof of conflicting testimony and decided to tackle THAT instead of seeking an independent review of the autopsy itself.

      • Regarding the DT attacking the conflicting testimony –

        Doesn’t the appeal on the aggravator specifically charge that Flores committed perjury at the Cronis hearing?

        When in reality he was telling the truth then – the lie happened at trial.

        • Interesting point . I hadn’t caught that angle. So if one believes the shot came first, then Flores did not commit perjury at the Cronis hearing with respect to that issue. He may have lied about whether the ME told him that or not, but this makes the appeal sort of moot.

          Of course perjury by a witness on the stand isn’t an appellate issue, unless one can show that that the state suborned said perjury. Otherwise it becomes an issue for the trier of fact.

          So, what now?

          • An appeal on whatever grounds most likely to win Jodi a new trial –

            And a defense team that gets it right next time.

      • But the state did inform the defense that they were going to claim the shot came first prior to the actual trial. That in itself should have been a tip off, and should probably have sent them back to Horn’s report and possibly a re-interview of Horn.

        Now way back, many moons ago (specifically Jan 9, 2013), a blogger wrote

        “Generally speaking, it seems that the consensus among the public is that the sequence of weapon use is irrelevant. Oh, but I beg to differ! It is very much relevant to the case, especially now that Doctor Horn’s testimony contradicts the charges of murder with premeditation. I find it rather appalling that Miss Arias’ defense team has not been quick to capitalize on this seemingly minor quandary.”

        I wonder how many can guess who that was? I have a hint – new gravatar. (Is that enough of a citation, or am I plagiarizing?)

        You are right, there is nothing in Horn’s report that contests Jodi’s story. That in itself should have been reason for the defense to be suspicious of what might happen on the stand (of course I have the luxury of Monday morning quarterbacking this). If you have a report that supports the defense’s story, then sure as shooting the state must negate that report, or bring out some issue that tends to refute the defense case. The state just can’t let that pass by. And that means either you’re missing some nuance in the report, or the state’s going to twist something around. That’s enough reason to have an expert ready.

        But the sad thing is they missed this so badly, that they had two more cracks at Horn and couldn’t get to the crux of the matter. In fact it was a juror question that finally backed Horn into his “typo” admission.

        • Sitting here nodding head at everything you wrote… the defense team was just TOO SLOW on the uptake.

          Responding only to this last because of my understanding of court procedure – thinking perhaps that you know something different?

          “But the sad thing is they missed this so badly, that they had two more cracks at Horn and couldn’t get to the crux of the matter. In fact it was a juror question that finally backed Horn into his “typo” admission.”

          The dura matter issue came in with Geffner’s testimony, during the defense sur-rebuttal.

          Horn came back after that (looking quite dis-sheveled and put out, I thought) during the state’s sur-sur-rebuttal (or whatever the hell it’s called).

          My *understanding* of the rebuttal phase is that opposing counsel may only address matters brought up in direct. As in, Willmott had this new info about the dura mater in her pocket when Martinez put Horn back on the stand, but she couldn’t touch it because Martinez didn’t go near it on direct. I mean, I was sitting here cussing at Martinez at the time because I KNEW (or believed, anyway) that he was tying Jen’s hands. So I was relieved (and kind of surprised) when the juror’s question got through.

          • I lost a post somehow.

            Anyway I went back and reviewed Horn’s testimony in rebuttal. It was all about the gunshot and its effects and when it occurred in the sequence. On cross the defense is allowed to raise any issue relevant to the testimony, so they could have gotten this in.

            I remember clearly saying during the defense’s case that they should have just called Horn and grilled him, and I couldn’t believe it when JM called him during rebuttal. And then again during surrebuttal. JM must either have some real chutzpah, or very little respect for the defense team’s acumen.

            • “On cross the defense is allowed to raise any issue relevant to the testimony, so they could have gotten this in.”

              OK, for some reason I thought the rebuttal phase had rules similar to those of re-direct, limiting the scope.

              I don’t get it at all then. Jen clearly knew she had something with Geffner’s testimony about the dura mater.

              • I think you are right. During rebuttal the cross is limited to the scope of the direct testimony. But Horn’s direct testimony on rebuttal was that the gunshot came last because it would have been immediately incapacitating and would not have allowed for the defensive wounds or the movement around the bathroom and hallway. So he once again addressed the sequence of the gun shot and its effects, which would have allowed her to attack the premise of those assertions. Or so I believe.

                • We don’t know when or how completely Geffner was interviewed by the defense team.

                  They may not have known about the dura mater issue until Geffner actually said it on the stand, which was after Horn’s rebuttal testimony.

        • In all honesty, Al, I suspect that many of the things the defense team never pursued might go back to a matter we discussed a few weeks back – when we wondered whether the defense team had made a tactical decision to proceed with a self defense case instead of the intruder story, just because it could provide more lesser includes, more wiggle room to save Jodi’s life.

          If Jodi’s first story was true, there was a lot she didn’t know about how Travis actually died. The only thing she was pretty sure about was that she heard a gunshot at the start of it.

          The defense team didn’t know what they would find if they went down the road of ballistics and medical evidence and things of that nature. They might very well find something inconsistent from the case they were putting forth, and then where would they be?

          • It could be. I’ve often wondered at the tack they took in this case, and what prompted it.

            Some of the talking heads have opined that their only purpose was to keep Jodi off death row, and so the DV stuff was actually offered up as mitigation. Sometimes I wonder if the defense felt that maybe they could get a lesser verdict than M1 based on DV, as has happened in other cases around the country. At other times I wonder if their presentation was constrained by the fact that Jodi was there and the intruder story is just another “some other dude did it” defense, most of which are rejected by people. Other times I have all these questions about the set of stories that I for one can’t answer, and I don’t know how they play into the whole presentation of the case and any jury deliberations.

            But either way they had the physical evidence for years before trial and should have been ready for it. And also, in my opinion, the physical evidence has enough in it to make for a very strong case against M1 for the defense.

            • And do we know with absolute certainty that at no point did the defense team ever hire a forensic pathologist and/or someone who specializes in forensic reconstruction, although obviously we know they did not call such witnesses during the trial?

            • “But either way they had the physical evidence for years before trial and should have been ready for it.”

              Which goes back to my first reply above. I think they thought they *were* ready. They didn’t think they would have to attack the ME’s testimony because the story they were telling matched the autopsy report.

              I have not seen it confirmed anywhere else, but I’ve seen it stated often here that Martinez didn’t change the story about when the gunshot happened until just days before the trial was to start. IIRC, I think it was even mentioned that Nurmi tried for another continuance because of it.

              • The dried blood, that, the ejected shell, landed on, proves, the fraudulence, of, the prostitutors’ misrepresentations, to, get an extradition, in the first place… disproving, the time between these two, crimes, as in, four or five days apart, debunking the obvious lie and, perjury of the record, that, the gunshot, was first; so as to gain the advantage, over the ridiculousness, of, a mouse, derailing, a freight train; impossible for Jodi, at 130 pounds, to, overpower, Travis, at, 75-100 pounds, over, and, he, being a martial arts, kickboxer, weightlifting, school, wrestler, fighting for huis life…… The non case, soap opera, should have, then and there, ended, but, for the antics of the DA, pandering to the Mormon “church,” and, all, those voters… Edgrrr… These sites, need to be crisscrossed, to, show the criminality of these charges… and, the interface, of socalled, and, disproven, facts, and, “facts.” lost, between, sites…

                • Then there’s the concealment of the praying hands, duct taped together, as, provable, or not, by the pulling out of wrist hair; considering the disappearance of, the duct tape, which, also, had the fingerprints, of, whoever, pulled the tape off the roll, and, applied the sacred, ritual, procedure… all, concealed, from the jury… Edgar../.

                • Hey Edgar! You, I believe are right on the whole take but it is in the proving of it all that’s the Huge problem. When the prosecutor appears to be underhanded and the Judge also,what next? Everyone is covering everyone’s butt. How on this great earth will Jodi ever get the help she needs when everywhere we look there are criminals masked as the good guys in AZ? This whole mess is extremely upsetting and it should have been solved years ago. Never in my life time has a trial bothered me like this one. I suppose it is because of the so-called religious are literally trying to burn Jodi at the stake when they are the guilty ones.

    • I don’t know if I’m right but this is how I understand it please correct me if I’m wrong

      A .25 caliber bullet means that the projectile is .25 of an inch diameter see here

      Which should have make a whole of at least 6.35 mm see here

      But in the autopsy report it says that the gunshot whole was only 1/8 of an inch which is 3.17 mm see here

      So I think that herrspeight’s scenario is undeniable the bullet did not pass into the skull it just passed by and deflected

      I remember seeing a picture entered in evidence on how big the projectile found in Travis’s cheek was but i don’t remember how big it was can anybody link me to that so i can see how big it was ?

  31. Happy Thursday.
    Good Morning Everyone,

    My quote for today:

    “I have yet to see a death case among the dozen coming to the Supreme Court on eve-of-execution stay applications in which the defendant was well represented at trial… People who are well represented at trial do not get the death penalty.”
    -Ruth Bader Ginsburg, U.S. Supreme Court Justice

    • According to people who keep such statistics the DP charge is most often brought against the indigent. Indigent by the way in capital cases can include normal middle class folks since it costs a lot to defend those cases.

      While the right to be represented at trial has been understood for years (the 6th amendment and Powell v. Alabama). But the qualifications of counsel weren’t addressed till much later, when over 50 years later in Strickland v. Washington the SCOTUS said

      “The Sixth Amendment right to counsel is the right to the effective assistance of counsel”

      But even then states were relatively slow to move. It was only later, when the appeals process was further tightened by limits on federal habeas corpus filings after passage of the Antiterrorism and Effective Death Penalty Act, that some cases came by that started making it imperative on the states to assure adequately qualified counsel for indigent defendants.

      AZ only passed its requirements in 2006.

      So it is no doubt that most of these cases show up with ineffective counsel.

  32. When, is a murder, not, a murder; when, a nurse, pulls the plug… when, the executioner, activates, the killing machine… when, the necrophiliacs, are seated, and, ready to watch the killing… when, a sacred ritual, is agreed to by, secret rites, and, blood oath, blood atonement, heart plunge, ear to ear, throat slice…??? Read “The God Makers,” and, the precision, rites, between, Anderson, and, Alexander. Read about, the admonitions, of, Brighamist Young, as to the sacrifice, necessary, to, redeem, an eternal soul; according to sworn agreement, by those who claim to be, devout… and, the penalty, to so redeem; heart plunge, ear to ear throat slice, blood drain, body rinsed, clothes/bedding, laundered… Read the books, written by insiders… “We, would not kill a man, excvept, out of love; to, redeem his eternal soul.” so, saith, Brighamist….Young…

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