Wednesday Morning Update & Clarification

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Well… yesterday turned out to be quite eventful, despite it being a non trial day :mrgreen:

We started off by exposing Tony Barberini… the habitual sex offender & onion peeling pedo from Michigan.

Then some retard supposedly guessed the password to one of the Vent pages… posted it on another site… and tried to claim he’d “hacked” it. Yeah, right. And although it was never proven, we quickly changed the passwords as a precaution. Turns out it was Cavin O’Quin – no doubt another loser with a very questionable past.

Following on from that, Jodi’s Twitter account featured a message clarifying that this site is the only site authorized to collect donations on behalf of the Arias family. That was in light of the “Kavonna Arias” scam/fraud site I highlighted yesterday – read about it here if you missed it.

Jodi Arias twitter account message 5-14

That subsequently led the radical clerics at the HLN mosque to mention the site (and Jodi’s tweet) during their usual BS broadcasting… along with discussing some other comments that were made here in the site. That resulted in even more traffic for us :mrgreen:

It’s no surprise that traffic wise, we’re in the top 100,000 of the most visited websites on the planet… and in the top 18,000 of most visited sites in the USaccording to Alexa at least.

So following yesterday’s closed door bullshit hearing, the Arizona State Circus returns to town again today for the next phase of this unprecedented judicial farce — and it currently has a scheduled start time of 10.00 am JT.

As I mentioned a few times in the site yesterday… even though the media are hyping it all up for ratings & ad revenue purposes, whatever happens in court over the next few days will ultimately count for very little in the big scheme of things. That’s mainly due to the planned appeals, which I’ve no doubt will be successful. We are here for the long haul – and we will ultimately get JUSTICE FOR JODI!


Leave your comments below. I’ll add a new page later on today peeps…

Team Jodi

The new “Survivor” t-shirts are now available. A portion of the profits generated from the sales will support other survivors of domestic violence, and go to Non-profit Domestic Violence organizations selected by Jodi.

If you would like to help Jodi directly by way of a financial donation via check or PayPalclick here (or click the Team Jodi link below) for further details.

We Are Team Jodi ---- And We Will Be Victorious!



  1. I am first today!! Yay!! Have a great day everyone and lets all say a prayer for Jodi and hope she can feel our love surrounding her today!!

      • Yes, whatever happens today, let’s pray for Jodi and her family to continue to be strong. I would like to think that Judge Pickles and the jurors could see beyond their biases and the jurors beyond their fear of public retribution, but I am not optimistic.

        What a fiasco this trial has been to date. I have never seen so little respect in a court room as far as decorum and the behavior of the prosecutor. I was really surprised to hear that the family could choose the prosecutor they wanted. Could it be because of Flores’ Mormon connection?

        Hang in there Jodi and family. You have a lot of support here!

        • I just re-read that – the Alexander family got to CHOOSE the prosecutor in the STATE’S case??
          I missed that one! Does that happen via official channels or is this a hush hush thing?

          • THAT is simply disgusting. All Mormon bought and paid for, I presume, how else would they be able to afford him.

        • Soooooo, the Alexanders pick John ‘Juan’ Wayne, and he picks Judge Dreadful, and she ‘helps’ with the jury selection, who in turn help John Wayne with their verdict, which helps the Alexander fly, and around, and around it goes… and HLN rakes in the dough – and as Sam Cooke sings ‘What a Wonderful World…’ I bet this is NOT what he had in his mind! Sad, truly sad 🙂

        • Kara,

          Your prize today for being first is a one on one date with CHRIS HUGHES…. Don’t forget he has memory issues and always likes to order 3 desserts…………….! I suggest you don’t share a fork with him. 🙂

            • Jester,

              I will pass, thank you very much……….. That scumbag wouldn’t last two seconds with me… I would have him down on his knees praying to GOD that he wished he never showed up for dinner……… with my TEAM JODI SUPPORTERS behind me. Whoop his ass.

              • I’m behind ya too! I saw Jenny Butt and Dr. Drew crying about Jodi blocking them on Twitter hahahahaa!! That’s hilarious! I have a Twitter, but don’t know what I’m really doing HA! Guess it’s my age… I’m lucky to get around on FB, and after that post from HLN I closed it down….
                I would love to take Juanderman on…. I’d love to knock those false teeth down his throat! Little midget with an attitude!!!

                • BAHAHA Don’t forget his hair plugs and CVS brand at home hair color! Thank you guys for keeping me posted! I have been at my new job for a month now and I am having Arias Trial withdrawals but you guys are like rehab! haha

                • LOL @ Jenn Butt…that woman drives me insane. She was the leader of the pack excusing away the “you sound like a 12 year old having your first orgasm” thing by saying that ALL men have those kind of fantasties. Yeah ok. Dr. Drews show is one giant pom pom session for Travis and a platform for the so called “friends” to continue their 15 minutes of facetime.

                • ALL men fantasize about 12 year olds???? Is she for real???? Men who fantasize about 12 year olds are called PEDOPHILES.

                • I’m so sick of the good old Doctor. He is such a fake. We need to put him and Nancy on a boat and set them a float. Should throw Vinnie in there to0.

                • Ahhhh, ain’t the entire cast of the ZERO BUREAU so ‘deep’ and ‘perceptive’ with their observations? Ms. ‘Butt’ Hutt had an epilectic seizure when she realized that JA actually gets people donating to her cause and fly – and Mark Eiglarsh (who I swear has got to have ‘done’ his eyebrows or something) interjected that ‘any money JA receives even from donations can and will go to the Addams, oops Alxndr fly! Then the red-headed kewpie doll/troll seemed pacified by those ‘kind’ words from Mark.

  2. I will keep candles burning and say prayers for Jodi and her family* tomorrow. It will be a difficult time….I have no illusions. This is a bend in the road on the journey to Jodi’s freedom. Of course, this is not the end, there is much to do and much to be done. I know she will prevail and the truth will be known. So I stay positive, send good energy and have faith that justice will be done.

    Stay strong and prayers to all.

    *Arias family and “family” of supporters.

    • I agree PK, whatever happens today it is just a bend in the road towards Jodi’s ultimate freedom.

      The jurors, judge Pickles, Kermit, they have already proven they don’t have critical thinking skills, so today will just be another act in the play they have written toward railroading jodi.

      I pray that someone has let her know we are behind her and support her.

      • egads…I forgot to mention Droopy dog Flores in this…the first person involved who is missing the critical thinking skill part of the brain.


        • I’m SO glad to hear Jodi KNOWS about the support she has here. I hate to think about how lonely and upset she must feel with all the hateful bastards thirsting for her blood.
          I hope that she can find strength to keep fighting, and I like to think we will/have a hand in that.
          Team Jodi FOREVER!!!

    • I have a candle burning for Jodi as well! I like to think that the flame represents all of those that will some day burn (you know…) when they meet their maker. They will have to explain how they were bought out to hide the truth. I am praying that those that know what abuse that Jodi suffered will come forward. This as well as the jurors coming forward about being in fear for their life with any other verdict will assist in her appeal. I believe Jodi!

  3. Good Morning Everybody! Glad you were able to figure out who it was that guessed at a password.

    I know this is not the end of the road for Jodi but I can’t help feeling very bad for her today. If I cannot tolerate the demon JM bellowing I will be here with all of you reading along.

  4. Morning Everyone!
    I just lit my candles for Jodi and her family. Last night I put candles out they call them paper lanterns I think. I put candles in white bags and lit them. I have also put a sign in my car that says Honk if you support Jodi Arias. Drive off a bridge if you don’t LOL I went to the store last night and I got honks and thumbs up and smile about my sign. I was at a stop light when a car of older women pulled up. It was warm here so I had the windows down. One of the ladies said, ” you go girl!!! TA was a pedofile!” Then I hear this little voice from the back ground that said and I quote, That son of a bitch was a pervert. Jodi should of cut his dick off and put it in his ass to see how it feels.” My mouth fell open! The woman in the passenger seat who had spoken to me turned around saying the childs name and that he was in BIG trouble Mister. HE said but Mommy you said that earlier. So you are the one in trouble Missy. LOL The lady just shook her head laughing. The light turned green and we pulled away.

    • Jennfier,

      That would make an awesome T-shirt…. On the front Honk if you support Jodi Arias, Drive off Bridge if you Don’t”

      On Back : That S.O.B was a PERVERT, PEDO

      • LOL that so would. I think I will ask my cousin who has a t shirt printing company to print one for me.

                • BeeCee,

                  I don’t let anyone drive my car either, but I am sure going to put those bumper stickers on my kids cars………. early B-Day from MOM 🙂

                • Im a chicken ..My own family is so bias. No one has taken the time to even look at thistrial. They watched the news CBS,NBC,ABC..and formed the beleif that she is guilty. I tried to talk to them way back when but got told I was crazy and I thought the sameway about the CA trial. Damn sure can’t pick your family..

                  I find it really odd that the two people that went through abuse just day I didn’t. Kill him. So …. we have agreed to not talk about it. It’s very sad…kinda like sweeping. it under the rug. If you don’t see it its not true.

    • Good morning to everyone! Jennifer, that is nice to hear. It shows we are not in such a minority as we sometimes think we are. Really, you know, who in their right mind would try to post on those other sites after the first few times? No other opinions besides the haters are allowed. I’ve posted many, many times, and almost every one of them has been deleted. These were merely a different opinion, not posts violating any terms of service. Straight forward disagreement with HLN.

      Every time I pass by HLN, which I can’t watch anymore except to marvel at where their bottomless pit of energy for hatred comes from – every time I see them saying the nastiest garbage about Jodi. They pull it out of thin air. They’ve all diagnosed her with every single possible evil they can come up with. They’ve dredged up every little thing they can possibly imagine.

      I hate to think of what would happen if someone went looking for people to say nasty stuff about me!

      A little story – I have always been an avid horsewoman. I had an extremely beautiful horse, and I would take lessons, work on what I learned, and then take myself to horse shows with her and show her. Most people I knew took their coach or “trainer” with them to shows, in fact, I didn’t know anyone at the time who didn’t take a trainer with them. I would go by myself, with my friends and family to help.

      I lived in a very horse dense area, and I would ride to these shows. One day, after years of hard, hard work, I went to a horse show and won first place in every class. I had to leave before dark, just after the last class but before the award for the most points ceremony, in order to make it home in time by riding on the trail.

      As I was riding away, I heard them announce the last award of the day and it went to my horse and I, it was the high point award. Happy and exhausted, I rode home, took care of my precious horse, bathing her with warm water, rubbing her down with liniment, and giving her a nice carrot mash treat. I put new bedding in her stall and a clean blanket on her and went home to sleep.

      When I went back to see her the next day all of my equipment in my tack room had been vandalized. The window had been broken. Several things had been stolen, and nasty words, foul words attacking me were written all over the tack room and my equipment. Words like I’ve seen all over the comment boards against Jodi Arias.

      Eventually, it came out that one of the girls who had been at the horse show was responsible for the attacks, vandalism, and theft. I had placed higher than her and her horse. She was angry at me for that, and it motivated her to do all that damage. Truthfully, I had always been very kind to her and to everyone I knew who was involved with horses, maybe too kind.

      That experience taught me a lesson about human nature and I can’t help but think, what would those people have said about me if they had the chance to broadcast it all over the world? Their motivation lay within themselves, I knew that whether or not anyone else did. I would hate to have been at their mercy if it was something more serious than damaging property. And if they had lied about me, what then? Would anyone believe me, even though I had done nothing? Most people would think that I had done something to deserve it, even though I knew that I had not.

      That’s just one of the reasons it makes me sick to see all of the people who have come out of the woodwork to say nasty stuff against Jodi Arias, and HLN can’t wait to get their grubby hands on it and throw it all over everyone. Jodi is an attractive girl.

      Another thing that comes to my mind is when my mom, who was recently divorced, took myself and my two older brothers to her fundamentalist christian church. She was a very beautiful woman. It wasn’t long before several of the wives in the congregation were treating her in a hostile manner. Then she started to hear gossip. Eventually, she was dragged into a meeting with the hierarchy of the church. The subject was how single women needed to be careful about how they were perceived by the married men in the congregation. WHAT? I was disgusted. She was the one fending off the men, she had never “led a man on”! She was counseled to keep to herself more and be more circumspect.

      I was there. It wasn’t her personality to even flirt with these people. But the wives were threatened, and my mom had to deal with some really nasty gossip that was completely unfounded. One of the myriad reasons I can’t stand organized religion, fundamentalism in particular.

      Another lesson for me, and pretty sickening to see the buffoons on HLN solemnly nodding while listening to some other hate monger talk about how Jodi Arias was exuding sexual energy toward the husbands. Sounds like something I’ve seen before. I’d wager that Jodi Arias could have been the most modest and self-effacing woman, the most clueless as to men flirting with her, and they would have probably been even worse with their gossip!

      Perhaps that should be on the vent page. Kind of some stream of consciousness thoughts that go through my head when the tidal wave of abuse comes crashing out of the television from HLN and the like…

        • It is really sad that their are people like that in the world. I would freak out if my church members did that to me or to another woman in the church. I feel so bad for your Mom. And for you that you went through that mess you did.
          I too have insomnia most night and I am also very long winded on my posts a lot of the time. But that is what the site is for..expressing our opinions about Jodi and the injustice that goes on.

      • It is amazing what people will do when they are suffering from a wounded ego. I hope the girl that vandalized you was punished.

      • Thanks for sharing your story Milan!

        I just find it so hard to realize there are so many shitty people in the world.

        • BEECEE there has always been shitty people in the world..Just now with social. media they can be heard.. So you either give them their voice or you tune them out as if they do not matter.. In the whole scope of things who gives a f… what they say..

      • Milan,

        Thank you for sharing your story of jealousy.

        I read most of the HATE aimed at Jodi is coming 90% from jealous women.

        Surly ‘ Haters Love Negativity’ own Nancy Grace will do a story about jealous women hating Jodi.

        I love when Jodi’s supporters vent right here for the world to see 🙂

  5. SJ
    Thanks for sorting out the “Vent” issue. I appreciate your diligent monitoring of this site for all of us that support Jodi. It is so good to be able to connect with like minded people and share thoughts, idea and feelings. I know we will be able to help Jodi and her family during this difficult time. Again, thank you.

  6. Good morning to all
    First of all I would like to thank you for this great site, SJ for doing such a great job on creating and keeping this site save.
    I do not believe Jodi has received a fair trial and should have never been convicted guilty of M1, the prosecution has not proved his case brd. Also I am a strong believer that there is another big ‘power’ playing a role in this trial.
    This being said I would like tell you that I will no longer be posting here for several reasons some of them may be unfair drawn conclusions, but that is my own personal business to deal with.
    My prayers are with Jodi and her family as so as with you keeping this site up and fighting for Jodi’s rights

      • Good Morning Vebe,
        I am so sorry to hear that you will not be posting here anymore. You have been so very kind and thoughtful towards me. Thank you for the prayers you have sent my way. Is their anything that I can do to talk you into staying in our little family? I really hate to see you go. But most of all I hate that you have been hurt or offended by anyone’s words or actions you are a very kind person.

        • How on earth did you just do that Jennifer? Draw my feet back down to earth within a split second?Moving me to tears
          For the record what I was trying to say that my decision might not be fair on my part, this trail has worn me out, drained me out like others here and possibly made me over sensitive resulting into what might be, me silently reacting maybe inept and unfair to anyone here , which is the exact reason for me to withdraw here from further posting. I just need time for myself to process and sort out my emotions around the Jodi Arias trial right now my nervous system is in overload dreading and fearing what is yet to be served today in court.
          Just ordered a T-Shirt in memory to all, fighting here for Justice.
          Thank you again for your most kind words I feel they are coming straight from your heart, then there again I always had and have a soft spot for you without really knowing you sending you a special Prayer from my heart …Thank you Jennifer for reaching out to me

    • So sad to see you go. 🙁

      I completely understand that you are emotionally worn down and need to gather your own thoughts and feelings and sort them out. I was devastated by the verdict and the disgustingly unfair treatment of Jodi as well. I was caught off guard to have such strong emotions for a woman I have never met. Please do what you need to do to take care of yourself and know that we have nothing but love for you!!!

      Once you feel better, please come back to us!

    • Good Morning Jaz……

      A Message from Jodi’s Aunt Sue Allen Halterman

      ” Just keep moving forward and don’t give a shit about what anybody things. Do what you have to do for YOU’ ( Depp)

      Amen…….. Rock on Jodi, we are standing behind you in this battle of a Fk-ed judical system for a smug Judge, hostile prosecutor, and God awful hateful Media.

  7. Good morning from sunny Greece. I would like to send all my positive energy to Jodi. She must keep in good spirits and remember we are out there cheering for her.

    I also wish to remind everyone that may have doubts about Jodi’s kind heart, the following:

    John 8:7
    And as they continued to ask him, he stood up and said to them, “Let him who is without sin among you be the first to throw a stone at her.”

    Jodi, I believe you and I care. <3

    • Pandora I love your name. I had a best friend in Junior High School with that name and always thought it was such a cool name.

      • Yes it is! I hope the jury has that in mind. And talking about the jury… pffff… hypocrits! Believing that Jodi’s act was in cold blood… She was a victim of abuse, with a beaten-up soul and yet always found a way to justify all of TA actions. He bullied her, stripped her of her dignity, giving her crumbs and taking advantage of her love for him… As we call men like him here in Greece: A TOTAL ‘MALAKA’ (translation: jerkoff asshole). He will absolutely pay for how he murdered her soul… NEMESIS. He mocked his religion and mocked everyone around him, devaluating everything and everyone with morals.

        • Hey Pandora!!!!
          Oh wow,what a surprise to see another greek here even at this point in time.
          Απο πού εισαι; Αν έχεις λογαριασμό στο FB θα ήθελα πολύ να σου στείλω αίτημα φιλίας,είναι χαρά μου να έχω μια ελληνίδα να τα λέμε για την υπόθεση.Η Τζόντι είναι πολύ σημαντική για μένα και έχω αφιερώσει όλους αυτούς τους μήνες σε αυτό το σάιτ με όλους τους άλλους ευφυείς ανθρώπους έδω, μαχόμενοι για το δίκιο!!!

    • an new one Greece thank you god thank you world we are being heard around the world keep it coming thank you for joining jodi today

  8. Hey guys good morning!
    Wow, just got in from a long trip
    hope everyone is doing fine –
    Just when you thought shit couldn’t get anymore surreal!

    Well all I know is I am never pronouncing that special place in hell: Maricopa County Courthouse
    but I will pronounce it
    Mea Culpa County Courthouse.

    mea culpa: a formal acknowledgment of personal fault or error

    Yes ladies and gentlemen all 12 of you that represent
    the jurors, can one of you misguided souls step up and
    and say “‘whoops, my fault!”

    I see no hands….

  9. SJ thanks for the update on Jodi. I refuse to watch the judicial farce. And I don’t step near HLN. I have read a lot of tweets and I think many people besides us on this website see the judicial farce and injustice. There are lots of crazies out there spewing Revenge4travis. Lets keep our hopes up and Jodi has a her life ahead of her. Great day to everyone!

    • I’m not going to watch today either.

      Whatever they do today won’t matter…we will bring the lies to light even if it takes us a while.

  10. Thanks for clarifying why the paw was changed SJ! And for ousting the interloper too! I’m nervous about today for Jodi. It sucks all the BS she has to endure at the hands of those bloodthirsty pigs and her mom can’t do anything to protect her child from it. The whole thing is nauseating.

  11. Good morning….WOW SJ. Who is this Tony Guy from Michigan? I sure don’t like this…..

    VEBE you will be missed. Boy I went away yesterday and came on last night and wow…Great Jocelyn SJ and team..Thank you.

    I guess I’m just simple minded and don’t understand why they keep this BS up when they got what they wanted? Jodi was convinced. I think there’s more to it. I with all my heart believe that someone got away with murder and it wasn’t Jodi. Very strange question the otherday from Prissy Prissy. The was from the haters side. Love to know who’s IP adderess that was..

    I have a question ..will Jodi be moved to another prison after this part is over with?

    WE ALL KNOW what is a head of us today..more lies … and pictures …so perhaps we had better find the mute button….and try to focus on Jodi and the fight that is ahead.

    As my father always said sometimes you have to walk through shit to get to the goodthings in life. Well this is the shit….

    JODI we are here for you..take our hands we will help you through this time…NEVER GIVE UP!!!

          • Oh when you get back can you tell me how to cut and past on a phone..Hummer perhaps mine isn’t as smart as yours..or it could just be the person holding it…lol

            • Well Cindy that ass is from Bear Lake, thankfully I’m an eastsider. He runs the JA is guilty site, where he has all the personal information of all of JA’s family and friends. And now the latest thing I read from Stark, JA got a speeding ticket in Oregon. Demon seed behavior for sure.

              • TB1…2 hours and 17 minuets away from me..humm road trip….male or female? Can’t ya just picture that person? FUCK HEAD..LOSER. Now I’m really pissed offgiving My state a bad name… got a address?

                • Cindy,

                  I did a search for his home address and can’t find anything on this dude. I could up with his businesses, and a myspace page that I cannot access since I don’t I don’t have MYSpace and I am not friends with the loser.

                  Also did a sex offender registry search and cant find him………hmmmmmmmmmm

                  Have I lost my mind this morning …..

              • Fk that Bitch Stark, she’s the GOSSIP QUEEN……………. digs up all the dirt and spreads lies about JA… She’s in thick with CH and TA family. Suprise , Suprise…

                • TB1…No you haven’t lost your mind. I didn’t think he’d be on the “list”..Wouldn’t be that stupid. I’m just woundering what the connection is with TA.
                  Doesn’t make since to me. He’s hiding something. He’s from a podunk town in Mich. for God sakes. Talk about being of the radar.

                  Like this old lady has always said from the start..The ones who scream the loudest have the most to hide..

                  Call me crazy …but this Guy is hiding something..

                • Ok if SJ can send you my email address send me his info …
                  I can check this dude out without getting myself put in the slammer…oh hell maybe I should get me some of that PPL/LS SHIT.

                  SJ do you have a issue with me just taking a nice drive on a nice Spring day?

                • Hi Cindy. I think you said enough already. Anything else you should say in the Vent/Mission page, ok?

                  Team Jodi

              • I hate people that hide behind a screen. .Humm hey SJ can your tech. guys find anymore about this Guy? He just might be connected. to Travis in the web site for all the kiddy porn…Just a thought…

    • Morning Cindy,

      As of right now Jodi is in ” jail” not “prison.” Yes, she will be moved to prison after this phase and she’s been sentenced. This could take another couple weeks depending on how this goes….Hope this helps.

      Prayers for Jodi.

      • Thanks it does..I just wanted to send a post card but didn’t want it to not get to her. You know she is. back at the main jail but is still on watch. That is why she is in the cell she is. They check on her every 15 minuets. This is the most f…up crap I have ever seen in my life. I’m struggling with the DP or LWOP. If she gets the DP the f…. state of AZ has to pay for the appeals all of them. But if she gets LWOP She has to foot the bill. So how should I think? I know that Jodi DID NOT KILL TRAVIS …
        Berger help me..

        • hmmm Cindy, this is a tough one. Considering the cost of an appeal at 150k ( I think that is min) from what I could find. We need appallete attorney that is seasoned. Not some other jack in the jack that wants his fame or a book deal, interviews. Someone that knows the system. I know we have a lot of support here for Jodi, and lets say we have 3000 supporters that are willing to donate $50 bucks each that would give us 150k. However, we know there are retainer fees that must be paid UPFRONT, and there are stricy guidelines for the appeal process.

          So, if we can come up with the money as a TEAM JODI I don’t care which way they go today. I just hope and pray that Jodi doesn’t waivi her appeals. This will totally break my heart………

          On the other hand, we know that JUAN and TA siblings want the DP…….. now we have to pray that Judge does the right thing……… she hasn’t this far, so I am not sure what she will do in this case. I do know that during this trial she she had another case where I believe she gave the man the DP… and that was the reason for a delay or court being cancelled one day. I would have to go back and search for the case that she was on…. ( anyone correct me if I am wrong with this sentence she gave)….

          • What does an itemized breakdown of that $150k quote look like?
            Would waived attorney’s fees put a dent in that?

            How does the price tag differ depending on the sentencing outcome?

            • Jester,

              To be honest I have no clue what the break down is on this sort of appeal. I just searched for the amount that it cost for appallete appeal process and got a number of 150k …..

              Maybe Cindy could find out more for us since she has laywers in the family. My sister works in the law field but different state and not on this type of case.

              Hopefully someone will take the case…..

              • From what I understand appeals are very expensive and there are usually
                several of them in a DP case.There are anti DP lawyers that do nothing but
                this type of work. I don t know how they are paid. Most people who are on
                death row are indigent and quite a few have been released due to the work of
                these lawyers. Students are also used to do the tireless research that goes into
                these appeals.

          • Im in with the $$$$$$. Damn I have 3 lawyers in the family and not one of them does this kind of law. You would think someone would be willing to take this on.

            Maybe there is but they are holding off until this part is done. I am going to have faith …

            • Thanks Cindy,

              I am also in with the money………Maybe one of your family members has a friend that could take the case Cindy who has a lot of experience in this area and can practice in AZ….

            • Thanks for the response, FUJuan (I feel so rude calling you by that name btw even though it’s a funny one..)

              I, too, am hoping someone pops up to take this on, and I think it makes sense for them to wait and see what the sentence will be because I can imagine that last detail has a huge impact on how they would need to proceed. My fingers are firmly crossed.

    • “I have a question ..will Jodi be moved to another prison after this part is over with? ”

      Yep. She is in the county jail now. After the trial is over she will be taken to the real prison.

  12. They were the minority .. who in the beginning, had nothing in common, but a trial and a young woman they did not know. Faced with either spending their time watching HLN or banging their heads against the wall, they stumbled apon this website …

    At 7 a.m., they had nothing to say, but by 4 p.m., they had bared their souls to each other and become good friends. To the outside world they were simply the Jock, the Brain, the Criminal, the Princess and the Basket Case, but to each other, they would always be the Breakfast Club …..

    Off topic but the breakfast club came to mind this morning …. People, albeit a minority .. coming together from all walks of life, across the globe in support of Jodi … who in the beginning had nothing in common but the search for truth, and the need for justice ….

    Baring their souls daily .. sharing with one another .. Joys .. Hope .. Frustrations ….

    A tweak on the breakfast club description …. but all in all the truth …

    Strangers becoming Friends!

    Thoughts & Prayers for Jodi & Family … and all of you this morning!

    • omg The hairs just went up on the back of my neck when I read this. It’s so true, how we have all bonded over a common belief. It’s also very heartwarming.

      • 2 Brothers .. they were “throw away pups” at least that’s what the shelter called them .. Love yours too! .. love all the pics of the animals!

    • Sojourn066 ,

      I like your breakfast club thought.

      And without SJ moderating this site for Jodi’s supporters, many of you wouldn’t of stayed to be “Strangers becoming Friends!”

      And thank you for your prayers, It has been said that, “Seven days without prayer, makes one weak.”

      • I remember back in February when i first turned the tv on .. flipping through the channels and i came apon the trial, for some reason i started watching it, Jodi wasn’t on the stand yet, now i forget who was .. but i listened .. and then the camera panned to Jodi .. and she seemed .. “familiar” to me, sounds strange right?

        But i continued to watch, and listen .. and take in the evidence, unlike the “Dark Side” .. it was on in session back then and i remember thinking as i continued to watch .. WOW, i hate this channel and it’s commentators! I couldn’t believe how awful they were .. and biased against Jodi. I wrote to them .. called HLN trying to tell them of my dislike of their coverage … to no avail.

        I never heard of Jodi .. or TA or this case, but by this time i was hooked, and getting more and more disturbed at the anger and hate from … the “Dark Side” … by now i couldn’t stand In Session, but it was all i had …

        Until ….. i did an internet search to learn more about Jodi .. and this case … i stumbled apon this site … NOW … i didn’t have to watch In Session … i could click the link at the top of the page .. and finally watch in peace .. and “HEAR” the truth of what was happening!!!

        I never looked back …. i don’t post as much as some …. but i loved reading your posts when i had the opportunity to watch the trial .. it was like a One-Two punch … watching the “live feed” and reading all of your posts .. i learned alot!

        So i say thank you to everyone …… and a big thank you to SJ for this place to “Hear … Learn and Speak” the Truth!!

        God Bless Everyone!

    • Baring their souls daily .. sharing with one another .. Joys .. Hope .. Frustrations ….
      Yep, that’s us in a nut shell.

  13. I am going to be hoping for NO DP sentence today but even if the moronic twits dispense it, it won’t amount to a hill of beans. It will just be a copout like the whole verdict was to keep themselves out of the crosshairs of the bloodthirsty public. If this trial isn’t appeal-able and this verdict isn’t over-turnable then nothing in history is. Keep the faith, Jodi.

    • You are right Gwen.
      Their rush to judgement – or already pre determined decision- seems designed not to find the truth, but to satisfy the rabid public sentiment. Can we expect today to be different.? Let us at least hope so. Good luck to Jodi today.

    • From what I understand, the jail has been ordered by the court to not allow any interviews set up with Jodi in jail. I am not sure if this was a motion from her attorneys to protect her or to keep her silenced. My cynical and jaded self thinks perhaps it is the latter but I don’t know.

      • I agree..that’s why I’m not as upset over her being where she is right now. It sucks for her but at least she is safe. But I do fear that she will just ask for the DP.
        If that happened …. I just don’t know what to think..

  14. I am going to pray that Jodi makes it through today
    and the universe somehow aligns in her favor
    and ours…if not today, soon! I really hope all this
    negative BS goes away soon, and that I am going
    to keep having faith that people will open up
    their eyes from the tainted kool-aid & get
    Glad this site is on the radar now, kudos
    to SJ & everyone who runs this…
    I am sure, and hope that people who do
    come here out of curiosity will see that
    the truth is all here.
    No lies or smoke and mirrors.

    I am still dazed from the verdict last
    week seriously!

  15. Where will Jodi go after this phase is over? Is their a prison closer to her family they may place her that is when the DP is rejected

        • According to AZ this could take a couple weeks, but they are hoping to have it wrapped up in a couple days….. Just depends on the moron JUDGE and how fast she moves on this case.

          • Yes, we wouldn’t want the trial interfering with Pickles’ salon appointments or golf days now, would we…

            Team Jodi

            • Eh.. I’m not convinced she goes to the salon.. Looks like a bleach bottle in the bathroom job, blow dried with a round brush a la 1970? Maybe a splash of Aquanet?

              • LMAO Jester……..Aquanet………… gotta love the .99 cent crap…. It will hold for a week… LOreal Hair Color at your local Walmart for a 3.99…..!!! and her cheap ass lipstick that she wears and her .99 cent readers from the jail commissary.

              • Def a bathroom out of the box Nice n Easy job. Looks too wirey for round brush though. I vote she’s still using those pink spongy roller thingys and air drys. Aqua net to hold it in place for sure! She prob gets the cans left behind when a prisoner leaves.

                Very trailer trash from the 50’s look goin’ on on the bench!

  16. Good morning everyone.

    I so wish we all could surround Jodi today to shield her from the filthy, vile disgusting shit that is undoubtedly going to be thrown at her by the “grieving” family. They will pour it on like maple syrup for the cameras, the jury and their servants of twilight. I know we will be with Jodi in spirit and will be with each other here (provided traffic does not impede that) but I do wish we could wrap Jodi inside her circle of support.

        • Lol!!! Dean Koontz is my most favorite author and the very first book I ever read of his was Servants of Twilight at the age of 15yrs! Love that book and the implied reference that you made! It is scary but true, nonetheless!

          • Dean is one of my FAVORITE authors as well – and might I add – he has some REALLY WONDERFUL ideas on what should be done to an unmentionable amount of people (hint hint….MUNSTERS…MASSENGIL…FLOWERS….PICKLES….)

            I think I’ve read about 38 of his books thus far – I still have about 100 to go (LOL LOL LOL)

          • I also LOVE Dean. He plays to the conspiracy part of my brain perfectly. I have read almost all of his books. I’ve never finished Dragon Tears. I’ve tried like 4 times too.

    • I won’t be watching either. You know that asshole Hughes and his pig wife will find a way to speak about how much they miss Travis. To them I say, the only good pedo is a dead pedo.

  17. Here’s my 1st rant of the day before I go to the doctor later this morning.

    A few days ago, a Mexican perpetrator who physically decapitated his victim received a 15 year sentence in the same courthouse that Jodi is in. Drug gangs Gone Wild. 15 years.

    I’m going to put down here what I think the most EXTREME case that could be made against Jodi. I don’t believe it, but this is the MOST Extreme.

    Jealous Jodi planned to drive a thousand miles to re-capture the heart of Travis. She may have even been jealous of the Cancun trip scheduled in a few days and wanted to accompany him. She took a gun, because of all of the violence Travis had visited upon her, just in case Travis became violent again.

    They had glorious sex multiple times, and in a few seconds during a photo session something happened (AND WE DIDN’T WITNESS IT) and the heartless bitch shot him and, in an apparent rage, cut him up like the bitch that she is. Glorious sex, then death. The LOVE OF HER LIFE. Dead, dead, dead. She lied repeatedly and now we are in the penalty phase where most likely she will receive the death penalty.


    We can look at the details of the ‘trial’, I guess. No sequestration. Electronic iWhatevers being used continually by jurors wearing shorts and flip-flops and an angry, corrupt prosecutor/judge/ME combination that the lumbering Nurmi just couldn’t overcome no matter how long he refused to look witnesses in the eye, Nurmi thought the solution for saving his client’s life were in the fibers of the courtroom carpet. He was coasting. Onward and upward to hang out his own shingle and plea bargain every defendant he could until the money in his account piled up high enough so he could just stay home and eat, eat, eat.


    “Did I ask you that question Ed B.? Answer only what I ASK YOU” – Juan Martinez


      • Cindy
        Good morning
        The stuff that went down
        in this trial in Arizona
        was the freakiest and unreal
        scary evil thing I have seen unfold
        before my very eyes….
        If i feel traumatized
        I can’t even imagine what Jodi is
        feeling…ugh and especially today.
        It’s a double edge sword day

      • I lived in AZ for short periods. The state scenery is beautiful, but there local laws are weird and I was always on the look out and to add that at least in the region I lived in the south a lot of locals looked like meth heads. No offense to AZnians. It wasn’t all of them but some did. :/

        • Its hard for me to have bad feelings for AZ. I’ve visited the state a few times and enjoyed myself while I was there. Its also the birthplace of my political God Barry Goldwater too! I can tell you had he been alive and seen the way this trial was conducted he would have wanted to put his boot up a few asses at that courthouse in Maricopa.

    • Good post Ed B.

      Even in the jealous-heartless-enraged-lying-bitch scenario you’ve laid out, the intense vitriol against Jodi, and the sadistic cries for her head on a platter, just can’t be accounted for. There are many, many monsters out there who have committed the most heinous crimes, and yet all the fascinated hatred, encouraged and perpetuated by the media and social media, has been concentrated on and directed at Jodi.

      Of course, it does make sense when one realizes that this hatred is highly sexualized and misogynistic. In so many ways, it’s pure backlash, and is not at all interested in justice. Think of the rather plain and unremarkable women who have killed their partners–or even their own children–and how uninteresting those women are as targets of public hatred and abuse. The burning desire to hate them is absent or weak–not as much sadistic fun.

      And the death penalty! I’m against it on principle, but even if I accepted its use in extreme cases, this is certainly NOT one of them. It’s much too arbitrary to give a light sentence to this decapitating gang member you cited above, but to sentence a woman like Jodi to death. A penalty as irrevocable as death cannot be applied so inconsistently. But, it is applied in that inconsistent way–and that’s one of the factors that makes it a cruel and unusual punishment. America seems like a pretty crazy place, in my view.

  18. “I swore never to be silent whenever human beings endure suffering and humiliation. We must always take sides. Neutrality helps the oppressor, never the victim. Silence encourages the tormentor, never the tormented.” Elie Weisel…someone listed this quote here last week….it has helped me…i will repost it again *-*

  19. Good morning everyone. Well, the day we hoped would never come is here. I will not be watching…I cannot bear to listen to the Ultimate Misogynist/Pornographer. Prayers for our sweet girl. No matter what happens we are here for you Jodi with love and patience. Victory is only a matter of time…be strong!

  20. I am in disgust at the comments I heard on HLN last night. I only listened for a minute to hear them trash this website, complain that Jodi has not apologized to the TA family, and that they had some secret court meeting yesterday to make sure no one could interview Jodi. Now this should raise serious questions. If no one can talk to her then they should put a gag order on TA family. They’re saying it’s because Jodi’s trying to influence the jury…lol..but they’re not??? Really??? Good luck Team Jodi.

    • “Gag on Jodi . HLN saying it’s because Jodi’s trying to influence the jury…”

      No worries. None of the jurors ever watch any trial coverage. Just relax, they will be truthful to pickles about this in the courtroom.

    • Even if Jodi apologized, which she should not unless it goes something like this. ” I am sorry that I had to kill your brother to defend myself.” I know I should have just lay down and let him kill me but I really wanted to live.”

      So even if she gave the most SINCERE apology in the world, HLN would have found fault with it because they HATE Jodi. I don’t know why they have such a pathological hatred for her throughout the network. There HAS to be some influence we don’t know about working behind it all. It’s just not rational.

      Jodi can wish this never happened all she wants but the alternative to killing TA was to die. It’s only instinct to try to survive. She was in a kill or be killed situation. I firmly believe that.

      • Agreed. Jodi cant win either way. They hate her if she doesn’t cry, then hate on her for crying and say she’s faking it. They hate her for lying at first, then when she changes her story they hate her for saying something else happened. They hate her for not apologizing, but if she did apologize, they would continue to hate her and say that she was only apologizing to make herself look good. It never ends. They wont be happy unless she took the stand and said she planned to kill him and gave them lots of gory details of things she planned to do to satisfy the sick ideas they have of her wanting to kill him. If he was my family member, I think I would feel better hearing that she never meant to kill him and it was truely not supposed to happen that way but it escalated and got out of hand really fast. I could understand still being upset but who WANTS to go on thinking that this person hated your family member so much that she was planning out his death in murderous delight for weeks? That just doesnt make any sense to me. I think it is a tragedy all the way around but the way these people think and act just blows my mind.

    • What hypocrites, every one is saying JA tried to influence the jury with that interview, but HLN never did that!! Speaking of HLN, was flipping throu the channels and on NG she was showing clips of the inside edition interview, back when JA was telling the intruder story. One of the questions was-Was your relationship with Travis ever violent?-Jodi refused to answer this. She didn’t say no. So more proof her abuse wasn’t made up to fit in with self defense.

      • Yes, yes, yes!!! I noticed that as well!!! “Next question” Why didn’t her attorneys bring that home to the jury?! I just think there is soo much proof if you really look at the details here!

    • The apology thing is such a crock of BS. She killed him in self defense. Why should she apologize and show remorse when her life was in danger??? He used and abused her. WTF do they want? Oh wait we know the answer… Put her on the stake and burn her.

    • Unfortunately, at least for right now, anything Jodi says or does going to be used against her 🙁 Anything she does is going to give the Alexander family, the media and the TA supporters more to be “outraged” about.

    • No wonder the site has been next to impossible to access.

      HLN gave its seal of disapproval, and the hits have skyrocketed here.

  21. I just had a weird server issue with the site. Server offline, some gobbledegook message and after a few refreshes I’m back and I wanted to memorialize this in case the site is under attack..

    • me too! I was getting a bit paranoid that I was being locked out (don’t think I posted anything inappropriate – but …) And I have sent a couple of emails to SJ and received no response (yesterday and this morning).

      If I did something wrong, please just let me know.

  22. Vinnie’s on GMA telling them what a liar Jodi is. He conveniently forgot to mention what a liar TA, his peeps, and JM is. Maybe the blue ribbon stands for pedo-hugging, abusive, lying, scamming Mormon con-artists. That entire family and their friends are such pathetic whining liars full of nothing but shit and greed. Prayers for Jodi and her family!!!

    • I hate Vinnie and I think he has pedo tendencies too with his “hug your children” shit. It gives me the creeps.

  23. With a bit of luck the truth behind this trial will come out. Then HLN will be seen as the one sided, vindictive bias a**holes they are and they all will get fired and have to find a real job. Though I don’t know what they could do for a living.

  24. “Vinnie’s on GMA telling them what a liar Jodi is”

    Doesn’t matter. The Triers of Fact (the Jury) Pinky-Swear daily to that they never watch TV, have friends or family, or radios, and never, ever use their iPhones, or iPads, or Laptops to learn info about the case. Never. They are pure. Nothing Vinnie or Nancy says has ever entered their beautiful minds. Pinky-Swear. Really.

  25. I’m hoping the civil suit by the methheads will backfire on them. In civil suits the rules of evidence are more lenient and I think lots more of those emails and texts, maybe pedo letters will be shown. Be careful what you wish for.

  26. Is something going on with this site? I too had problems this morning.
    Jodi please stay strong today, remember what ever happens that God is with you and it is in his hands. When you see the people in the court room with blood thirsty looks on their faces, know that there are many people watching from afar praying for you.
    To Sandra, from one mother of a daughter to another, I will be holding your hand in spirit as you sit in that courtroom watching your baby girl as she has to face her accusers.

  27. Well I cant watch today. I am so afraid of what will happen. I was amazed when I read someone took the time to guess the password to the vent page. What are they so afraid of?

  28. Good morning everybody,

    I have a few questions concerning this phase of the trial. First, I don’t know if I got that quite right: at this point would it be better for Jodi if she got the death penalty, because that would me she would get automatically an appeal at a higher court, plus she wouldn’t have to pay for it as opposed to appealing to lwop, where she would have to pay for an appeal all by herself?
    Secondly, how does that phase of the trial work? Is it like a mini-trial where prosecution and defended each get their time, and, from what I read here, the Alexanders get their turn, as well as Jodi to plea for her live and afterward the jury gets together again to decide on the punishment? If so, how long will this mini-trial take? Is it televised again?
    Mind you, I am an uneducated (in US law) German and I am really confused right now what the next days will bring for Jodi and for all of us and what to hope for. A little help an clarification would be very much appreciated.

    Also there is a question that has been bothering me to whole trial. Isn’t the prosecutor bind by the law or an oath or whatever to defend the rights of the people of his country and to find out the truth? We all know that Juan was out for another notch on his belt (obviously) but isn’t there something that prevents a state lawyer from having his own agenda and acting out like he did? I seriously don’t get it!

    And does anybody know what happens to Alice LV? Is it true that she was/is in the hospital? Is this illness court related? Can she sue for what happens to her?

    Hugs to everybody that want one!

    • The trial has two remaining mini-trials to decide the punshment. The first (aggravation) is to determine if the crime was atrocious/heinous/cruel … involved torture etc.. If the jury decides that the aggravating factors override the mitigating factors (no previous criminal record, childhood abuse etc) then it moves to the penalty phase. Life or death.

      If jurors hang up in the aggravating phase, and fail to convince themselves that the crime was atrocious/heinous, etc. (ain’t gonna happen), then the jury has done its job, will be dismissed and in a month or two the judge will decide whether Jodi gets Life or Life with no Parole. The judge cannot give the death penalty without the jury passing thru both of the phases that are left and recommending DEATH.

      Both sides will be represented. The ones with the blood porn will be the prosecutors.

    • I’m glad you mentioned Alice l. I have wondered about her and hoped that she wasn’t harmed by all of the hateful attackers. She is very kind and compassionate and she did her best for Jodi. She didn’t deserve the treatment she got from JM and I am sure she never expected to be treated so disrespectfully in a court of law and I am suprised the Judge allowed it.

  29. Does anyone know if Jodi wants the death penalty still? Do you think she wants a life sentence now since she got out of the psych ward? I havent heard one word about her attorneys or what yesterdays hearing was about

  30. Sorry to say, but the idiots on hln after dark already voted that the killing of saint pedo was over the top. So just having the title, not knowing what a real judge does, Judge pickles and team Kermit will proceed sucksecfully today. Remember they watched after dark last night and they know what to do. The media convicted this poor girl a long time ago. Getting of my sad prediction, I just received a Nielsen rating package, I’ll bet when they get it back, there won’t be any thing nice about hln in it. I have to pay them back somehow don’t I? Oh well lets see , hopefully, that the closed hearing they had the other day was something positive for Jodi. Another note can someone tell me if stopping Jodi’s contact or interviews with the press violates her freedom of speech rights , or is that something you give up when your in jail? We are team Jodi and we will prevail. To all the haters, Stay the f@#k off this site today.

    • Just another note, they gave me 5 bucks to say Vinnie, looks like pedo travis, Nancy, looks like a pig, but instead of wanting food, she wants blood, and to bitch about all the other saint pedo lovers. HEE HAW I can’t wait to send it back.

  31. Good day friends.

    I’m really dreading these next two Phases of the trial for Jodie. I have such a heavy heart, but will watch with full attention. May the Jurors have some compassion and humility in their hearts for Jodie as these next days unfold.

    • I’m dreading it too, but have to watch. I hope they have compassion too.. I’m so worried for her, its so stressful and I feel so angry they have treated her so appallingly..

      Has anyone had any problems getting in to vent? My password won’t work. 🙁

        • LMAO, now I am glad that I didn’t ask!!!!!!!!!!! Please oh pleaseeeeeeeeee don’t break out the wooden spoon again???????????? Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, I’m still so sore from last times beating, rof lmao!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just had to I couildn’t help myself. Im still mad but damn I had to laugh some too.

  32. Dear Lord……please protect Jodi and her family today. Let them feel love and peace surrounding them. I also wish love and peace for the family members and friends of Travis Alexander because they will only see the foolishness of their actions and thoughts when they finally feel that peace and love. I pray for the prosecutor and witnesses today…..please give them clear thoughts so that they will tell the truth. And mostly I pray for these wonderful people on this site. We all feel so deeply about this case and it is affecting our health and thinking. Please bring us peace so that we can continue to support Jodi and her family. Please show us how we can help her and help each other.

  33. Good morning, everyone.

    GeeBee2, evidently, the butcher site is so obsessed with you and I they are using our screen names to post…

    I am praying for Jodi today. I would pray for the jurors, but they are already neck deep in the AZ kool-aid bulllshit.

    • Good morning, Renee!!!
      Those bitches over there just WISH they were you guys! Then maybe they could post well informed thoughts instead of mindless sheep that don’t look at things objectively and follow the herd!

      • Hello SET,

        I seen Jodi’s tweet on Fox & Friends this morning.

        I have never seen the ‘Support A Pedo’ websites on Fox.

        And I have no intention of visiting the ‘Support A Pedo’ websites 😉

  34. Renee, just goes to show how insane they are.. I’m so glad to be me and see normal and wonderful people here.

  35. I have heard, and I hope it is wrong, that the money donated and used to buy the t-shirts is not going to Jodi but to somebody else!!!!!! 🙁

    • Sally,

      I believe all of the money is going to groups who work with survivors of DV.

      And I heard Jodi had an anonymous out of state donor give $3,200 & $1,500 at the jail.

      Apparently the jail has an ATM like machine to give inmates money.

    • Sally,

      I know I read at one time part of the money was going to Vera House.

      I just found the Survivor’s Poetry @ Vera House … I like this one:

      Big, brown, bottomless eyes in the mirror.
      and never again mine.
      Any reprieve from this brutality,
      his inexhaustible hatred.

      My once graceful dancer’s arms
      now churning
      in desperate and sloppy cartwheels.
      My impotent blows
      no match for his rigid steel frame.

      My rapid breath escapes my body,
      taking with it my simple life.
      But I need it back.
      So I struggle to catch it, claim it again;
      take it down to the deepest part of my soul
      where I will be safe,
      before I am consumed inside the insatiable oven of my rapist’s rage. Date

  36. Goodmorning everyone

    Praying for some Justice for Jodi today! God, please open the eyes of the jury and the family of TA and remind them that vengence is yours..not theirs!

  37. Site hit again:

    “Fatal error: Unknown: Cannot use output buffering in output buffering display handlers in Unknown on line 0”

    • Ed, do a virus scan, I had to yesterday after I posted a comment to SJ, had an alert pop up on my pc, so did a scan and removed a virus. Also do not set up remote access to your computer. Had computer techs tell me that is the easiest way to hack someone’s pc. If you have it set up, disable it. Every one here should do that, remote access is like giving someone the key to your front door.

  38. Good morning Team Jodi!

    Remember that no matter what happens, we need to stay strong for Jodi and her family. Do not allow these fuckers to bring you down. We just need to get through today.

  39. Oh, god. Those television-jackals are re-airing Juan’s closing, and the only video being shown is Jodi reacting to Juan’s bullshit. It is brutal to watch. How is it M1 and the probable death penalty not enough for these people?

    Again, no one kicks a dead dog. SO STOP IT. Give Jodi an ounce of the compassion you lavish on the dead pedo.

  40. Hey-O! They switched up the video with the bullshit overreaction of Tanisha and Samantha storming out of the courtroom during Horn’s direct. GRANDSTAND much?

  41. Good Morning All,

    As most of you, I’m sure, I didn’t sleep well. I’m on the verge of tears, and I can’t cry cause I have company…my head feels like it’s going to explode. I would normally have live stream going on my Ipad and be watching the proceedings, but I’m not sure that I’ll be able to. No one in this household understands. I nearly had a melt down yesterday, when I read that the Doctor who cut the spinal cords of those babies, copped a plea and didn’t get the DP. WTF !!!! I’m not a believer in the DP, but in some cases I can be swayed….

    I’m hoping for the best, but I’m afraid these jurors are out for her head, regardless of the evidence that was presented. TA was a pedophile and an abusor. Full stop !! I know if I was on a ‘covert mission’ to kill someone, I sure wouldn’t fuck like rabbits for hours, then do the deed, when there were soooo many opportunities before hand to do it.

    I can’t get past my anger, and frustration over this circus/nightmare we’ve all been witness to for 4 months. There’s a young woman’s life on the line, and the jurors refused to see it and hear it, even when it was coming from TA’s own mouth, and texted words. Simply astonishing to me. If these people, and all the haters can wake up in the morning and look in the mirror and like what they see, then they have NO conscience, and Karma is a bitch….

    God Bless you Jodi…be strong our sweet butterfly…Mrs. Arias and Family…my prayers are with your entire family today. You’re not alone, and we will get through this. May not have been the path we would have chosen, but there are many paths to reach the same end…this once ahead, may be somewhat of a fight, but I know we’ll get there, and in the end ‘goodness’ will win….Huge hugs and love for everyone here too…thank you SJ for this wonderful site….it’s allowed all of us to feel like there is hope, even in this hour of darkness…many blessing to you…

    • Yep, alone with my family here too. Everyone thinks I am nuts. I have finally convinced the other half that this was likely self defense but he still believes she had gotten away( he sees the physical distance as getting away) so she should have stayed gone so it is her fault for coming back. I am tired of talking myself blue trying to make him understand. All I can say is embrace the fact that you feel so deeply and hurt for others you have never met. IMO that makes you a wonderful person. Many hugs to you and peace for the days ahead. We all need each other and this site now more than ever. You are in my thoughts.

  42. Good morning all!
    I was away for the weekend, nevertheless constantly thinking about poor Jodi. I am heartbroken and so scared of what may come. I read some of your comments from the past few days, trying to see what you thought about how appeals might work out, if it’s even possible to get some appeal at the federal level out of Arizona.
    It is obvious that it is a total miscarriage of justice, that Jodi might die or be locked up for life because the victim was a white male ‘virgin’ mormon saint and the so-called perpetrator a poor attractive abused woman persecuted by the media, somewhat like Amanda Knox was persecuted by the Italian media, and yet Amanda was not abused. In this case the defendant is persecuted because she was abused, along with the other reasons. The jurors, just like the media and the prosecution, decided that there was no abuse hence no self-defense, even though there was plenty evidence of it. They chose to be blind. How they decided that there was premeditation is beyond understanding. They are either all total morons, hateful irrational lowlifes or have been tampered with.
    I feel crushed and hope that some of you guys can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

  43. Damn, yesterday WAS quite adventurous wasn’t it? I was only on early in the day and missed all the follow up to Anthony Robert Barberini.

    How is everyone today?

      • That’s how i was feeling yesterday. I’m flabbergasted by this unjust and unfair verdict against Jodi. The fawning over a sexual deviant. abusive, pedo pig that Travis was makes fair open minded people want to puke..
        Justice for Travis my Ass. We need Justice for Jodi.

  44. The idiot at Jodi Arias Is a Butcher just used Juan’s “It wouldn’t be a stretch …” bullsh*t to reinforced the non-existent validity of the Jodi’s guilty of M! verdict:

    “In the case of Jodi Arias it has been “Blue, Yellow, Blue, Yellow, Blue, Yellow, Blue, Yellow, Blue, Yellow, Blue, Yellow, Blue, Yellow, Blue, Yellow, Blue, Yellow, Blue, Yellow, Blue, Yellow, Blue, Yellow, Blue, Yellow, Blue, Yellow, Blue, Yellow, Blue, Yellow, Blue, Yellow, Blue, Yellow, Blue, Yellow, Blue, Yellow, Blue, Yellow, Blue, Yellow, Blue, Yellow, Blue, Yellow, Blue, Yellow, Blue, Yellow, Blue….” Well duh! ITS YELLOW!!”

    WTF? And this is from a dude who considers himself an expert on Jodi’s trial.

    • I saw that and all I could think of was…you know what happens to people who “assume”.

      The problem is those brainless f’s are connecting dots and then assuming the next dot, the one they want to be true (premed), is a valid one. There is still NO EVIDENCE that is above reasonable doubt that this was premed. There is COPIUS evidence that travis was an abuser.

      We aren’t talking about a computer program here with regards to behavior…we are talking about humans.

      It was a stretch.

    • I think this whole thing could have been avoided if someone would have bought that kid a Real Doll to begin with. Come to think of it, this whole trial could have been avoided if someone had bought Juan Martinez a Real Doll.

      • joujoubaby maybe then juan would know a cottage is not a shack & knowing how he got that so wrong…it’s no wonder he can lie about Jodi w/o regret…we can see his imagination so well

  45. I know a little about how appeals work, since my daughter went through one. A lawyer will be assigned the case, they will have to read all the transcripts and review all the evidence. This could take a couple of years. Then they will write up what they feel was wrong in the case. Unfortunately the DA also gets to answer what they present. After that the appeal court will either allow a brief (and it is brief) presentation from both sides. The court will then take it in review and will return a verdict. All this can take a long time. It took her 3 years before they came back. Her case wasn’t a DP case, so I’m guessing at least up to 5 years if not longer.

    • It’s sad but in some ways it’s better for Jodi if a few years pass and people forget about this farce. HLN will probably have changed their tactics or name and (cross my fingers) won’t be on the air. A few years will be good in the end because Jodi couldn’t live a normal life at this point in time.

      • That is so true. After the sentencing and if they get the DP, she will be transfer to a maxmium prison. Where she will placed in a cell alone. Everywhere she goes she will have to have a escort. Visiting will be for a limited time and will be behind a glass. If she has family there will be a deputy with her at all times. If her lawyers she will get to be alone with them If she get LWOP, she can be placed in general pop, have a job, go to school, have all day visitation with family. It would be more of a life than the DP. Either way she loses and so does her family.

        • “Everywhere she goes she will have to have a escort.”

          And for now at least, she is also in waist and ankle chains. Motherf—–. My stomach is instantly in knots, every time I even think about it.

          • His grin is like its glued to his mug. I bet he wears it in his sleep. I’d have to slap it off his face if I was his wife!

            I have no idea how on earth he or JVM ever were hired to be in front of the camera. I have no idea how that stupid Mike guy or Vinnie remain employed either. Vinnie usually has a psychopathic eye’s glazed over look.

            JVM in how she forms her words and with emphasis tossed in here and there she sounds like she is shoving he words out. I’d like to walk be her and rip her wig off her stupid head.

            Then theres the hood rat’s of them all: NG and Dr Pew.

            They all gag me

    • Rachel,
      I think Ed summed it up:

      The trial has two remaining mini-trials to decide the punshment. The first (aggravation) is to determine if the crime was atrocious/heinous/cruel … involved torture etc.. If the jury decides that the aggravating factors override the mitigating factors (no previous criminal record, childhood abuse etc) then it moves to the penalty phase. Life or death.

      More or less JM gets to put on his show of autopsy pictures again with a narrative of how Travis suffered.

    • Yess, thanks fred s. Even though Nurmi debunked all the non-points of the prosecution along the way, he did not story-tell and recap to make them see the whole picture in a simple way. The jury heard it all but apparently got influenced by the media and the prosecution propaganda who just kept repeating sound bites as if it was the truth. The jurors did not seriously deliberate on the evidence and did not remember the defense’s debunking of all of it.
      The defense counted on the jury to use common sense and be conscientious, but shouldn’t have. Story-telling and visual aids are powerful tools, I agree.

    • I do that kind of thing too! I was wishing I could have illustrated the dura mater and brain for them. The brain image they used was not very helpful for these purposes.

  46. OK I hope everyone trust to look past today. SJ please give anyone my email address that asks for it. I’m going to lay low for awhile ….with duct tape on my mouth.

  47. Prayers being said for Jodi and her family to have strength today.

    Also, want to take a moment to wish loyal Jodi supports,Tonya and Natalie a Happy Birthday.

  48. I am praying and wishing for a miracle today Its my birthday and no cake with candles to blow out but still wish for that miracle for Jodi no wishes for me only for Jodi today

  49. SJ will you have a link above to get live coverage of the trial if they are going live or do we need to go to Wildabout

      • Thanks Janeen need that I knew I could not stay away from here HLN did it again used my words SCREAM and transferred it to the Travis family I wanted Jodi to SCREAM the Hughes killed Travis but she will not one of Travis’s Sister is married to one of the Hughes brothers or that is what I thought I heard somewhere I could be wrong … I bet HLN will not use these words MFERS

  50. Have you all see the HuffPost article where certain “@#&$&$*” (nasty, nasty words) are QUOTED…

    I won’t give them FREE press by using their names here – but you all know who I am referring to….


    KARMA ——- pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee do something…………………………………………


  51. Found a slice of coco nut cake in the refrigerator but no candles so I guess I will use a toothpick make my wish for Justice for Jodi and then blow it out thanks to every one that has given me birthday wishes l love you like family thanks so much from the bottom of heart

  52. 8.5 hour flight from Charles de Gaulle airport to YYZ stuck between two women who could not drop the subject of how overjoyed they will be the day the needle is inserted in Jodi’s arm.

    Hour 1: Ignored it.

    Hour 2: Asked politely to change the subject.

    Hour 3: Tried to drown it out with earphones.

    Hour 4 …….acted very unladylike
    Hour 4.5 ………………separated and forced to sit beside a member of the flight crew until touchdown.

    • Oh,Misty I admire you!! I wouldnt be able to restrain myself from screaming at them how blind they are and try to change their pitiful minds…

    • Why cant I ever get put between two shit heads like that? I would pay extra for that seat.

      Some people have all the luck…lol.

      • I jus wanted to say what a nightmare that must have been for Misty.

        But now I am curious. Sirlips, how would you have handled it? Maybe we could learn something from you.

        • I minored in talking circles and mastered in bullshit. I love when uninformed, arrogant and biased people try to argue a point that has no merit. ESPECIALLY when they think their argument is unfaultable.

          A possible argument with these fucks:

          “so, to be clear, you don’t think people should be allowed to kill, even if they “supposedly” have a good reason, like self-defense…or whatever?”

          “No, ok… so if killing someone is so wrong, then you are against killing Jodi arias, right?”

          “No? But i thought you just said you are against killing, for any reason? So, what you really mean is that its ok to kill, if there is a ‘good’ reason…? For example, if someone was attacking your child…that would be a ‘good’ reason to kill them, if that’s what you thought it would take to stop them?”

          “Yes? Ok, then why do you feel Jodi arias doesn’t have the right to defend herself, when you have a right to defend your kids?”

          “Oh, you don’t BELIEVE Jodi arias? Ah…She is a proven liar? Well, you have lied before, right? Yah?…then how can you defend your children, if you’re a known liar? After all we all lie. OH…she lied about killing him, I see. So what if i told you i would also lie to stop myself from being put to death? Does that make me a bad person, or just human?”

          “Oh, she did OTHER nasty stuff too…that shows the type of person she is? OK. To be clear, your saying she is to be put to death ultimately because she is a nasty person then…not JUST because she killed someone? I’m getting confused, a minute ago you didn’t think ANYONE should ever be killed, then you said only killers that lie, now you’re saying its killers that did naughty/nasty things?”

          “So, i have a question, do you think, ONLY IF IT WAS TRUE, that tying someone to a tree and ass raping them like a 12 year old…is that nasty?”, “It is? Well since that statement came from TA himself, NOT the liar Jodi Arias, shouldn’t we be thanking her? NOT that I think that…but isn’t that what you’re saying?”

          “Do you know what a double standard is?”

          “So, to understand you, basically, because you don’t like Jodi Arias, you think she should die? After all, you said just killing someone isn’t enough, just because she lied isn’t enough, just because she is “icky” isn’t enough…it’s the “total feeling” about a person that kills? How does a jury standardize this “feeling”?

          “OK, ok….lets change gears for a second. If Jodi had not covered up the killing by lying and had not stolen the gun, would you still have found her guilty of M1? No? Ok, then tell me, if the prosecution had a REAL case that proved she stole the gun, they why didn’t they charge her with Felony theft? In fact if they could prove ANY felony (for felony M1 charge) then why didn’t they charge her with that crime?”
          “Oh, so you’re saying because they couldn’t “prove” she actually stole the gun, because they never found it, had a picture of her with it, had ballistics match it, had someone testify that they saw her with it/steal it that they can’t PROVE that charge?” “Well, then how can you use this as proof of murder, when you can’t even prove she had it?”

  53. Good morning/Buenos Dias/Καλημέρα(ok,no greek people here but me but anyways)/Guten Morgen everybody!!!
    Just got back from work and I’m still indesicive.Do I want to watch this torture that they are bound to make Jodi undergo or will it be too painful?I guess we all know the answer yet if she is brave enough to endure all this,it is our moral responsibility to be here even mentally standing by her side since we cannot actually be next to her,hugging or comforting her pain.
    (((((((((((((((((HUGS to all my FAMILY here)))))))))))))))

    HAPPY B-DAY,I will Survive!!!!Love you much***

  54. I was lying in bed last night thinking about the trial as usual and all the things the jury did not see. I have a ridiculously long list but the thing that hit me the hardest last night is that (assuming they were not looking here) they have no idea that Travis was estranged from his thespian sisters and brother. They don’t know how they are acting and trying to ruin the careers of the witnesses. They don’t know of the refused plea deal and their bloodlust for Jodi. All they see are heartbroken victims. And over the next days they will get the hyped up megadose supercharged for the media. They will see a loving family heartbroken over the loss of their beloved brother. It all just makes me sick. I hate what they have done to Jodi and I hate that they are getting another 15 minutes of fame. Literally sick.

    • And another thing…..why were there no texts, emails, IM’s or anything with JA ad TA arguing over the Cancun trip? Nothing in the journal. Trust me, if there was mention of Cancun in any way Kermit would have been all over it. There was none because it was no big effing deal to Jodi. I am sure she wanted to spend a week up Chris and Sky’s ass in Cancun……trust me, it ain’t a big enough place. I mean she caught him red handed months earlier with a woman undressed and probably headed toward the big nasty and she leaves… threats, no scenes……but OMG he is taking an unknown woman to Cancun and she kills him for it…….(three times) WTF?!?!?!?! The next few trial days will make me crazy.

  55. I haven’t posted a long winded rant in a while, needed a break, but here yah go….

    Desensitized, that’s what we are.

    I believe the desensitization of our society is the “root issue” of our generations. In my opinion there has been no bigger threat to our society, in the last 30 years.

    I have often used this example; Imagine that an alien space craft landed in central park. Not, a “UFO” but a real alien spacecraft. It hung around long enough for hundreds of people to get clear photos and videos of the spacecraft. Then it left. Now, imagine the response to this event. Would you in Georgia, California, Minnesota or Sweden believe it? It could be on the news, it could be on the net it could be in the papers….yet, would you really believe it? I doubt it. We have become desensitized. Before your rational mind could make a decision on this event, your defensive desensitized ego would step in and say “it’s a recreation of the 1950’s ‘War of the Worlds’ “, “Its faked”, “It’s a weather balloon”, “it’s the Russians” or you would simply say “I don’t have time for this crap”…anything, other than the obvious that it is “aliens”. The REAL news would try and cover it, but not until it was too late. (They fact check first, their competitors have the advantage of not doing this) The ENTERTAINMENT media would be all over it, to get their ratings. They would have 100 possible stories all that counter the truth. Real news no longer stands a chance. We would have “chatter” hitting us from all the angles, and would be left to our own wits. Not knowing who to believe, we believe no-one or we believe anyone.

    I tend to be on the “I believe no-one” group. I tend to need to “see it”, “feel it”, “hear it”… I don’t take it “on faith”. This would probably explain how I know more about the bible than 95% of the people around me, yet I have no belief in any of it. (I am willing to keep looking, but until I KNOW, I won’t believe) I have been so desensitized from all the “crap” out there that I now internalize my beliefs and only trust facts and evidence based on my own eyes and my own critical thinking.

    My point: This idea explains a lot about almost every aspect of our world today. How can Jodi be convicted in the public’s eyes to the extent that she has been? It goes back to the 2 groups that come out of a desensitized society;
    1) The people that now believe no-one and question everything
    2) The people that will believe anyone, regardless of the facts, since no-one really knows the “facts” anymore. (the sheep)

    HLeN markets to the majority…the sheep. These are the ones that are susceptible to mob mentality and believing anything. I think a lot of the minority, those that question everything and trust no-one, are here. (we have some sheep here too. Remember… some people will believe anyone…our sheep just happened to believe us.)

    Critical thinking skills are no longer the major force that controls our society. Critical thinking no longer matters when most people don’t know what to believe anymore. Their sense of truth is gone.

    Don’t get me wrong, the sheep are not all dumb. They can still be articulate, educated, friendly, civil people. But, when you mix this propensity to be desensitized with certain personalities, you get someone like NG, Dr.Drew, Juan Martinez, the leader of “hate Jodi .com/kill is” or whatever that guys website is… He/they attract tons of sheep. I believe some of these people are not as dumb as we think, they know EXACTLY what they are doing, they are herding sheep…all the way to the bank.(Time Warner)
    If you’re not buying this idea that we are desensitizing our society…just ask someone who shot JFK? Did we really land on the moon? Were there weapons of mass destruction? Who caused 9-11? Was CA innocent? Was OJ Guilty? Is the planet heating up? Who is to blame, IF you believe in global warming? Why didn’t we get XYZ bill passed last year? Is our president really an illegal alien with no birth certificate? Gun Control? Etc…etc…etc… Conspiracy theories have been around for a very long time, but now, EVERYTHING is a conspiracy theory. The Media is operating in their “golden age” right now.
    The “facts” no longer matter to most people, because they stopped really looking for them a long time ago. It’s about what keeps their attention long enough, via shiny lights, smoke and mirrors to get them to be drawn into the drama. Then it becomes more “entertainment” for them than “news”.

    When we allowed our “media” to be based on sales rather than “facts”, we were in for a huge set-back in ALL aspects of our lives. That set-back is here, we are living it now. The media is LOVING it.

      • I’m good, thank you for asking. How have you been Sally?

        I have been here, but have been reading more than typing. sometimes my own advice needs to be followed…we have 2 ears/eyes and only 1 mouth for a reason…

    • Great to hear from you. Regarding the media, I’m in group #1. 1) The people that now believe no-one and question everything.

    • Very well said, Sirlips. And tragically true. The phenomenon seems to be a kind of intellectual indecency that has people trained to open your mouth faster than others to sound smart, but you don’t have anything to say or it’s not thought out. Expressing opinions for the pretense of looking like you have one at all. And it’s become almost all that matters at all.

      • cant view the Youtube vid till i get home…work computer wont allow you tube… Probably better that way, i would get NO work done then.

  56. This is the first time since Saturday I have been able to access this site outside of being able to get it on my phone.

    The visits on this site must be tremendous.

    • No one questions anything anymore because everyone so busy. The news twists everything. I have the ability to read in another language and get different takes on what’s reported. It’s very concerning to me. I saw Jodi arias in her 48 hours special a few years ago. Based on her story I figured something was off. And it’s not because she is soulless or all that bull crap. She appeared to me to be kind of delusional. She was in a fantasy. In her mind she wasn’t even in jail. What does that mean? I don’t know. But fast forward to now and it’s all part of Jeremy Machiavelic plan. After reading all different perspectives of the news, the police report, the pictures, IMs, emails, texts and all other stuff out there it was clear to me the news was lying and twisting the facts. People have become lazy thinkers and its leading to the degradation of our society.

      • Exactly right. That “48 Hours” broadcast simply didn’t ring true.

        CBS should never have been allowed to interview Jodi while incarcerated, but I guess Sheriff Joe Arpaio thought that was perfectly okay.

        She WAS delusional during that interview, and I believe it was part of her PTSD. Something wasn’t right.

        That was why CBS had no ethical right to go in there and interview her. They could simply edit it down to make her look like a crazy person, which fit right into the Chris Hughes narrative he spewed on the show.

        The “news” media in this country have lied about this case from Day One.

  57. Last week then the verdict was read I “stood up” in front of my monitor , like it would help Jodi & the defense team. Silly me!

  58. It is unbelievable that there is so much hatred and anger from people in this case. From the so called journalist from HLN and people posting on the web sites. These people don’t know Jodi and definitely didn’t know Travis. But yet they judge so harshly about something they know nothing about. THEY WEREN’T THERE when the incident happened. They refuse to look at the evidence that Travis was a womanizer and user of women. If you watch the videos he’s in, he is always the center of attraction. I’m not saying that Travis was a bad man at all times, but he used his power as a priest in the church for his hidden life. That is abuse!

  59. I was going to change my name, because that pathetic piece of shit web site is posting as me… then I thought, nah. Fuck them and the horse they call their wives.

    This is my name, I own it, and FU to them if they think it bothers me.

    I guess I should feel flattered, so I will.

    • Who’s posting as you?? The crap site we’ve been talking about yesterday?WTF is their problem?

      • Yep, they are using my name and geebee2’s name stating that posting as us will make us go crazy…. whatevs… really dont care. If anyone on this planet thinks I am not a Jodi supporter, than they have been living under a very filthy rock for far too long.

        fuck em’ with a cactus……….Travis style

    • Yes feel flattered. ” horse they call their wives.” Can I change it a bit? horse they ride & call their wives. Or is that to mean?

  60. can someone answer my question? is it possible to write letters to Jodi while she is settled in her cell? it’ll be nice if most of us send her nice letters to support her so she wont feel so alone.

    • Jimmy, you can send her metered postcards only at this time. I am not sure of the rules beyond this jail once she is sentenced. You should be able to find the address with minimal digging.

    • Can you? Yes, will she get them? probably not. There are limits to the amount of mail a person can get. Even though there is no legal limit, jails and prisons say “they allow all mail, but can not be responsible for being able to check it all”, so they suggest no more than XYZ each WEEK. Some places have made it policy to limit the numbers. Every piece of mail sent to a correctional institution is opened, read (unless it is stamped from the courts or an attorney) and then checked for contraband.

      Since Jodi is sure to be getting a HUGE amount of hate mail, i would guess it is going to be very difficult to get her our mail.

      • Hopefully the haters will get over it soon and transfer their hate to George Zimmerman. Jodi Arias birthday is 2 months away, I will send her postcard either way.

        • They have their next life to ruin…

          The State vs Andrea Sneiderman ~ Murder of Rusty Sneiderman

          they will start this hate and unfair judicial campaign in July

  61. I’m going to try and watch today but don’t know if I’ll be able to watch for long….just sitting here reading this page and thinking about how Jodi must be feeling has me crying already…

    This is the scariest thing I have ever seen in my life I think…..I don’t understand how it could have gotten this far…it seems like someone should of stepped in and put a stop to this ridiculous “trial”…does President Obama know about this? I know that is a stupid question but this whole trial was such a joke that has brainwashed the masses but seems as plain as day to me that there is so much corruption that has gone on in this trial where are the people who have the power to do something about this?? Juan and Flores belong in prison, Pickles should be removed and disbarred would be a good start…they should be ashamed of themselves and so should all the haters and the jury.

    I wonder how much the jurors fear for their own selves and their family’s safety played in to their verdict. It’s possible they feared for their lives if they had given anything other than the verdict they did. The fact that we are supposed to believe that not one single juror spoke to someone about this trial or read about it or watched anything on TV about this trial for what 4 or 5 months is so ridiculous, it’s not possible that they didn’t. If it were me on a jury that was responsible for deciding if someone lived or died I don’t think I would be able to stop myself from doing my own research at home, even though I know you aren’t supposed to, the temptation would be too great and I would be trying to find out everything I possibly could but that’s just me…whatever happens today doesn’t really matter because in the end Jodi will be saved and released, I just know that she will and I hope that Jodi and her family know this too.

    • whoa there CM..slow down a tad.

      That was quite a mouthful there.

      usually if you spread it out a bit it doesn’t sound so sarcastic (like it sounds as the moment, sorry, but true) and like you are finding all the bits on this site and putting them together in one paragraph just to sound cool.

      If you are a Jodi supporter, just hang around and share.

      • Exscuse Me? I wasn’t “trying to sound cool” and there was no sarcasm intended in anything I said so I guess you took what I said wrong…..

        I’ve been sick to my stomach since the verdict was read and the only thing I was doing was venting somewhere that I felt was safe to do so (or did I not get the memo saying that your only allowed to vent if you have a password for the vent page? THAT WAS SARCASTIC BY THE WAY)

        I can be long winded and while I haven’t shared on this site but a few times I’ve been here reading and taking comfort from everyone who does post here.

  62. sorry i forgot to send the link, silly me,
    This attachment may have been removed or the person who shared it may not have permission to share it with you.

    what the HELL is this some one sent this to me and I have an alert attached to it

  63. I’m thinking about Jodi’s mom. I wonder if there’s a way to send her postcards meant for Jodi without the haters having the address. Sounds difficult. Any ideas?

  64. Goodmorning team Jodi!!! I hope everyone’s doing good today. I also hope Jodis ok. It must’ve sucked bring on suicide watch!

    I also watched that dateline episode, the “Obsession” one. They STILL failed to recognize that TA was NOT virgin befor meeting Jodi! And Chris and Sky swearing that those emails they wrote said NOTHING about abuse! Yeah ok, so you also never wrotecthst if you had a sister, you wouldn’t want TA to date her, huh? Whatever Sky, both of them LEIRS!!!

    Anyway, what I wanted to point out was someone by the name of Michael Griffen/Kriffeth (something like that), he was right on about people treating this case as if was a TV reality show! That’s exactly what these people see!!! It’s sick! These two sister missed a week of work to be there and they were saying it was like being in Hollywood, and they wanted to see Katie Wack (even though shes nothing, not a reporter, not an expert, NOTHING)! She’s just a normal ugly person with a whole extra pound of eyeshadow wishing she was famous enough to have her own make up artist (because she REALLY seriously needs one)!

    I saw this and again, another reason why there shouldve been a mistrial or why this verdict should be overturned! I can’t blv this judge can lv with herself KNOWING that the jury found the defendant guilty, way before she turned over the case to them because SHE didn’t sequestered them!

  65. Really……they’re calling this fucking LIAR up to the stand again? To keep lying?! They’re trying to put someone on deathrow based on lies!!!!

  66. Oh the HATERS were expecting Jodi to be in prison clothes. They’re complaining that she shouldve at least been in handcuffs! TOO DAMN BAD, IDIOTS!!!

    • Really? What would have made the difference if she were in prison clothing??? And what about the handcuffs? What do they think? That she will grab a pencil and stab anyone??? IDIOTS.

  67. Did you guys see one of TA sisters crying? She was looking at the jury and it seemed that she was trying to put on a show every time someone looked at her. The same with her looking at the camera. It was soooooo fake. She is such a viper. Jodi has been punished, TA’s sister will not stop if she doesn’t witness another death (the one of Jodi). That makes her a murderer as well… Pffff…


  69. This prosecutor Juan, speaks just like a Mormon Brain Washer, knows exactly how to talk to this jury decided, that they were going to use Jodi’s fait, to right every wrong in the Judicial Systems history. Men are Higher Powers to all women in the Mormon church! IM sure that most of these jurors are connected in some way to the Mormons, Jodi never had a chance with this Jury! They claim she planned this murder weeks before! Who attacks their victim, a much stronger person, a man, while warring slippery sox on their feet, sure that makes sense! I love the part of the plan, where she holds a camera in one hand snapping photos while attacking Travis with the free hand, while holding the knife! A Planned Murder?

    Jodi loved Travis and she allowed him to degrade her and did anything for him and he new it, especially if it turned him on, if it pleased him, she would have done anything to please Travis. The Man Of The Year, “Travis”, that’s according to 90% of the popular people, who were conned by Travis as well, byproxy, he was very good at convincing people, to believe as he did, even the HLN media groupies got sucked in.

    Since when do the HLN people Praise men, who finds the sound of a 12 year old virgin, having her first orgasm being a turn on, and sharing that, with his lover, that he believes is his slave, his little wh0re. (MR Flirtation; but that’s just Travis)! The only old girlfriend they could find to come and take the stand, to say he was a great boyfriend, was an ugly donkey headed women, his first and only real true love??? He was not using that juan now, was he? Yes, what a gentleman he was! His foreplay byproxy over the phone was so sweet, “I want to tie you to a tree in the woods and fvck you in the azz”, WOW that’s hot stuff, RIGHT HLN folks, he’s a great guy!

    Jodi went to his apartment she had sex with Travis, to get Travis to take her to Cancun and he was taking a shower at that time, while she was pleading with him, to take her, and telling him that she loved him more than anything, and he just laughed at her and told her. She was his dirty little wh0re only, not worthy of going on a trip with the great Travis! That’s when she had enough, she was done with his games!

    She had enough of his degrading of her, she had put up with and interacted with, his degradation long enough! That’s when she told Travis, that she recorded the phone conversations and she was going to let everyone know, who he really was, “a degenerate” as the tapes proved and not an all high and mighty rags to riches great guy. Who needs to share a condo, with 2 other roommates, just to afford the place??? Who needs to borrow $200 bucks from Jodi, this wealthy well to do guy, not a loser? He got out of a Trailer park and got into a Condo and that’s his rags to riches story? Where is the success story here that everyone talks about???

    When he heard he was going to be found out about, after fooling all of his so called BEST FRIENDS, that he made suckers out of. He was a scum bag, who thinks about little 12 year old girls having orgasms while thinking he was giving his little wh0re Jodi an orgasm, where is the connection? If he is talking about 12 year old girls having orgasms, he is definitely fantasizing about 12 year old girls having their FIRST orgasm? No way around that!

    He is sick, Jodi even sounded shocked when he said that, had to ask him to repeat it and he was glad to share it again? He was so angry at Jodi when she told him, that she had recorded him and now he could lose everything and everyone, he was not going to let that happen, he was going to kill her! What else would he be thinking, I forgive you, IM Travis the great forgiver! He went after her, like a line backer; but she was prepared, she was quicker to the knife, if he had gotten to her neck first, he would have broke it, he would have killed her and he would have claimed self defense, and he would have gotten off! Juan says Jodi killed Travis 3 times during that attack, well maybe that was what she needed to do? He kept coming and she kept fighting. He was in a blood thirsty rage, he was not going down without a fight and just kept coming at her. She was horrified he kept coming she was trying to save her own life, she felt in danger, even after he stopped moving!

    That’s the simple truth, it had nothing to do with Jodi dropping Travis’s camera; but fear of thinking she was in huge trouble, being blamed for murder and thinking that they would never believe what she said, so she made up lies?

    That was where Jodi made her big mistake, if she had just came forward and had gotten an attorney and said nothing and turned herself in, she would have had a better chance, maybe, most likely not? Not only the Jury and the Media at HLN and Dr Drew, the fake Doctor, as well as society, they all want Jodi to pay for Casey Anthony, OJ Simpsons and the others, who did not get convicted, Jodi must pay for all of their crimes as well. This is how they did it in Salem MA! For they will give her the death penelty, because its what the popular people want and in giving her death, it will make these Jurors more popular!

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