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Just to clarify if you missed it the other day — the jury will deliberate from 9/10:00 am to 4:30 pm each day until they reach a verdict of either an acquittal or manslaughter. Once they reach a verdict, Judge Pickles* will give 45 minutes notice prior to the reading. *Based on previous punctuality performance (or lack thereof), we can safely say that Pickles’ 45 minutes could easily translate to anywhere between 15 minutes and 2 hours.

Click here for the Jury Instructions document (22 page PDF)

So… back by popular demand, here’s the chart Cheney Mason used (during Jose Baez’s closing arguments) for the defense in Casey’s trial… which clearly explained the concept of Reasonable Doubt to the jury…

Burden of Proof - chart - Jodi Arias Not Guilty

Fair enough, some jurors may strongly believe it was pre-meditated…

Some may think it very likely

Some may think Jodi is probably guilty or possibly guilty

… while others will suspect that perhaps it was planned.

That’s great… because they’ll be the bunch of jurors that’ll save Jodi’s life… uphold the constitution… and ultimately deliver a positive verdict. And I, for one, cannot wait for the Taliban reaction when that happens.

It’ll be priceless :mrgreen:

If you missed my post from this past weekend, the new “Survivor” t-shirts are now available. A portion of the profits generated from the sales will support other survivors of domestic violence, and go to Non-profit Domestic Violence organizations selected by Jodi.

So with the 3rd full day of jury deliberation starting later today, let’s not forget one thing that can’t be disputed…


Never question it.

Never doubt it.

Team Jodi

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    • I’ve been reading this site for quite awhile and find it quite refreshing after the one-sided, mind-numbing bias that HLN calls news coverage. The prosecution is trying to send a person to death based on assumption in my opinion. I am appalled at the lack of intelligence the majority of people show in rushing to judgement. All the HLN groupies have drunk the Juan Martinez KoolAid and now seem on the verge of strangling on it as they get more and more angered by the seemingly slow response the jury is displaying. LIke they want the jury to send a person to death in an hour, wrap it up, let’s go.!!!

      • I’ll say it again, if I’d been on that jury, in the first minute of The Goblin Prosecutor’s cross of Jodi, I’d have known I would vote to acquit her. I find Juan Martinez’ courtroom demeanor incredibly offensive.

    • I have been supportive of Jodi since hearing about this case. I say the jury is debating between manslaughter and acquittal.

  1. I read something interesting. Some of the pro-prosecution people are calling Jean Cesarez (dunno if I spelled that right…it’s late and I don’t care) a traitor and a closet Jodi lover. Why, you may ask? When asked on HLN After Dark to describe Kirk Nurmi’s closing argument in one word, she said “authentic”.

    • Nurmi is a very decent and wonderful man. Anyone with a single bad thing to say about him is from the darkside.

        • Beth Karas said on same night that KN was “effective” and that she thought those in studio had been too hard on him. I was surprised. That is really the only positive thing about defense though I recall Beth saying. I have always thought JC was the “fair” one. She stood up to NG last night too!

          • Beth Karas and Jinkasaurus are backpedaling in the face of a jury that likely did not drink the HLN Kool-Aid. They have BOTH been in the sewer with the rest of the HLN talking heads throughout this trial. They sicken me.

            • Yep, now that they can clearly see a verdict they weren’t wanting or expecting, they are backpedalling. I have noticed this with many of them…changing boats in the middle of the river….

          • Yes, luckily Jinkasauras occasionally has missed her daily dose of HLN Kool-Aid. I’ve heard her a couple of times be complimentary of Jodi or the defense team. And also take a fair stance, questioning something about Travis or the prosecution.

            Also loved hearing “Jinka” snap back at Nasty Disgrace last night!! Having to work with that woman must be like being banished to hollering hell.

            But poor Beth Karas, she often looks “over it,” on-guard, and defeated when she has to appear on Nancy’s show. She’s the smartest, most articulate of ALL those HLN talking heads. Yet, Nancy doesn’t hesitate to snap and cut Beth off.

            Nasty shows out too much for ratings. So glad Jinka’s not taking it any more!

    • I’d say it was authentic, logical and explained everything very well via lots of the previously admitted exhibits. Kermit’s closing on the other hand was like his whole case… based on nothing aside assumption & hearsay. You cannot convict on assumption.

      Team Jodi

      • So true… but you know what they say about assuming… To assume makes an ass out of you and me.. Lol just like Martinez and his followers….

    • This is so horrible and offensive but on the Travis loving Taliban sight they are saying Jean Casarez is a traitor and is secretly on Jodi’s side because they are both Hispanic! The Travis Taliban can not stand it if ANYONE , especially from HLN says anything that is remotely positive about Jodi. Any how,I am hoping for an acquittal today!!! Love Ya all!! Jessie TEAM JODI! MEOW!

        • You know, me and my cousin had a discussion about Martinez and Flores. We kind of both feel that they went extra hard on Jodi because they might feel that they have to prove that they can be “tough on their own” so-to-speak. Its just an observation I’m just saying.

        • That is exactly what I was thinking. That it makes no sense because JM and Flores are Hispanic. So HLN gets terrified if they hear anyone say anything rational about Jodi. So. after the Travis Taliban saw that Jean Casarez had said that she did believe some aspects of Jodi’s story, They pulled the race card! pathetic. BTW, I have NOT slept in three days! I am running on nerves. I don’t want to miss it when this Jury comes back with our acquittal! Love and Hugs and Kisses to all of you sweet kitties ! Purrr Meow Jessie

    • Ok. Leave it with me while I wait on the prize department to get back to me :mrgreen: We still have 6 truckloads of bullshit from Kermit’s woeful closing arguments, but I doubt you want that really… lol

      Team Jodi

    • LOL Mammabear ( I love the name by the way)
      I got the prize once and well when the UPS man delivered it I opened the package expecting to find a gift certificate to the local coffee house but nope it wasn’t that… was …it was…I cant the nightmares were too bad I cant I cant relive it……..ooooohhh kkkkkaaayyyy here is what I won….an autographed copy of the Muppetts Taken Over NEVER NEVERLAND (featuring Mr. Juanderful as Kermit the frog, Nancy DisGrace as Ms. Piggy, Dr. Drew as the GREAT GONZO, JVM as Camilla the Chicken, and Vinnie Politan as Fozzie with guest appearances by all the talking heads that have become infamous during the Jodi Arias Trial)
      PLEASE PLEASE RETURN the prize unopened to SJ……if not you may suffer from the nightmares just as I have……MS. Piggy and Kermit engaging in se……….oHHH the flashbacks never end…

        • It’s morning ????Already???What day is this????LOL I haven’t really slept in days…I am high on lack of sleep.I put vanilla soy milk in my pepsi this morning when I was reaching for ice…I have no idea how I did that but I don’t recommend it…the after taste was worse then what must of been left in JM mouth after he slewed his bullshit closing.

          • me too BeeCee, it doesn’t seem fair having this much fun while we are waiting for a verdict . Just praying the jury gets this right.

  2. I know one verdict thats in. The jurors are idiots. They are arguing between manslaughter and aquittal because some of them fully believe the effects of PTSD and others think her actions after the crime ( not calling the police, leaving the scene, hiding/disposing of evidence, calling in a fake voicemail to travis afterwards, etc) are just to hard to swallow. Everyone has already accepted she didnt premeditate. Everyone has already accepted the killing was full of emotions like fear and struggle. Everyone has even accepted that the “clean-up” was done by somebody not in her right mind. These are the obvious things. So the aquittals are like…well if you dont think she was in her right mind during the clean-up then cant u see she was still not in her right mind at the hoover damn??

    I think they are going back and forth over her state of mind from the point of leaving travis’ house and if she could have still been afraid enough with this PTSD to have done all she did after the killing.

    I wish i could scream at them, and quite frankly all of you what PTSD is like and why EVERYTHING SHE DID MAKES PERFECT SENSE coming from a PTSD mindset. Sighhhhh

    • I reposted that from the tailend of the last page. Justed didnt want my little voice to sail off into silent oblivion. Hmph! 🙂

    • You hit the nail on the head, Holly. With premeditation never even being an option, all they can do is argue between manslaughter and acquittal. Hopefully, we’ll hear from them later today.

      Team Jodi

    • Well we’ve known there are a few idiot jurors in the jury pool ever since we heard some of those ridiculous juror questions.

    • Really they simply need to throw the prosecution’s case out. It’s not that hard because it was weak and especially tainted.

      Obviously Jodi wasn’t in her right mind after the killing. A rational person wouldn’t have behaved as bizarrely as she did after she killed Travis. I think even after she in fact killed him, she thought he was still alive or thought he would get up and attack her and hence she left a mess at the scene.

      • tonysam,
        I feel the same way.
        She had to defend herself, to be alive.
        Of course she had PTSD. Ask any officer that HAD to kill.
        They need help, so dd Jodi.

        AND you know one thing I keep going to is WHY would she turn her
        license plate upside down? WHY would she even bother to?
        The kids may have taken the front off and she noticed it, threw it in her car and left.

        So do you think someone at Travis’s house, possible roomate went out and
        turned it upside down?
        Jofi sure didn’t do it.

        They can’t have it both ways, she turned down a red car to not be noticed and said she had heard most get tickets in a red car, THEN turn her license plate upside down. I honestly believe someone at Travis’s house OR someone that knew she was there turned it upside down.

        No way, she planned this murder at all. IF she did it it was definitley trying to save her life
        and then was in shock afterwards.

  3. I better go to sleep as well. A nice soft cool pillow would be a good prize for being first mommabear 🙂

    • I have the “cool” part down with the ever running pre-menopausal fan running right next to my bed!

  4. I posted on the HLN Facebook comparing them to TMZ, saying that TMZ was more classy than them. My comment was not appreciated and it got erased.

      • A judge cannot overturn a not guilty verdict.

        Yeah !!! Good to know– I heard but wasn’t fully listening to someone talking about this somewhere in the last few days.

    • The short answer is yes, but it is extremely rare, and only if the judge believes the verdict violates the law and a reasonable jury would not have arrived at that verdict. When that happens it’s called “judgment notwithstanding the verdict” (JNOV) and what a judge can do is overrule a guilty verdict and declare a defendant not guilty. However, a judge cannot overrule the other way around. In other words, if Jodi is acquitted (found not guilty), the judge can NOT overrule that verdict. It occasionally happens in tort law when a jury awards some ginormous verdict award to a plaintiff that the judge finds is unreasonable.

      In a high profile case like this, as far as I’m aware, JNOV has NEVER happened, and it VERY RARELY happens in any case, to be honest. It’s not something I would expect.

      • Very good to know— thanks for the clarity—one less thing to worry about. Now to drag my butt back to bed see you a little bit later.

  5. I’ve decided to repost this over here from the previous page for all to see. Didn’t want it to go to waste.

    Vladimir Gagic tweet from earlier today: “Heard rumor that if a hater has a stroke as a result of not guilty on murder one Maricopa County will charge Jodi Arias with felony murder.” HA! That’s some funny shit right there! I myself am looking forward to Nancy Grace’s head exploding on national tv or maybe Vinnie or any of the other schmucks over there will spontaneously combust on the air. There’s some ratings for you, motherfu@*ers! That is my greatest hope. One can dream, right?

    With that I’m off to bed with the off chance I will dream of NG’s head exploding. See you all in a few hours.

    • LOL Jeff I can always count on you to post some funny stuff to get the morning started right. A joke from Jeff and a song by AL is a great way to start the day!!

    • Amazing! Thats what that is. It is trully amazing, that after all these years of TV, Radio, print, HLeN has managed to compile the most elite Cum Bubbles in the history of communication. These people have to be the dumbest son of a bitches ever.

      I heard something that really made me think. Yesterday, Mr.Drew (Dr? pfft, ever heard of “do no harm, fuckstain”?) was talking about those 3 crazy bastards that kidnapped the 3 girls. Now, dont get me wrong, these pieces of shit would not fair well if i had a chance to put a bullet in each one of their heads, even if it meant i went to prison for a bit, BUT…Mr.Drew made this comment; “these men stole the last years a mother had with her daughter. One of the girls mothers died, while she was kidnapped. I think they should be charged with manslaughter or…no..MURDER! They SHOULD be charged with murder, people can die from stresses like this.”

      Hold up, what? Are you kidding me? Murder? Does this guy have a fucking clue? How do people like this get on TV? I agree that this should/will be used in court to convict them of a higher degree of crime, as they stole 10 years of these girls lives but also stole them away from loved ones. The hillbilly fuckers will never see the light of day again… But to charge them of murdering the mother of one of these young girls, they never talked to/met/touched/looked at/ had any contact with, because she died durring the 10 years they were kidnapped?

      Murder? Maybe they dont know what the word means? Is it really possible to be that fucking dumb yet they can still walk and talk and tie their shoes… Really? it can’t be possible. They just must not know what that word means.

      WAIT….NG was an officer of the court! Holy shit, they do make them “that dumb”.

      I’m gonna go outside now and slowly beat my head against a brick wall until it turns into gold or my head becomes swiss cheese.


      • Well it surprises me Dr. Stupid doesn’t condone the actions of the kidnapper given the good doctor was not alarmed by Travis and the sex tape and Travis’ excitement for 12 year old girls. The HLN crowd weren’t disgusted with any if that, in fact made excuses for what Travis said. By that logic the monster who took these young women was just fulfilling a regular guy’s fantasy. What’s the big deal?

        The entire channel should just disappear and all the ugly talking heads should never be heard from again.

  6. Morning ALL!!! I don’t think I remember what sleep is. Last night or tonight I guess since it is still sleeping hours, as I tried to drift off to sleep as always I prayed for Jodi before I got into bed so she was at the fore front of my mind more so then usual. In my mind I flashed through the pictures of her before the trial and pre TA. She was such an innocent back then, she believed in the good of all. Then I flashed to the photos of her in court and I looked at her eyes. She has lost that spark that glow….and as typical these last few months I began to cry for her and all she has lost being locked up for almost 6 years. Remember when you were in you twenties and how carefree you were and the excitement that the twenties hold. This is when many of us got into a career, started thinking about settling down, and a lot of us had our first babies during this time. But what I enjoyed most about my twenties was the FREEDOM oh the FREEDOM of being a REAL adult. ALL that was stolen from Jodi because she had to make a split second judgement call me or…him. and she chose as we all would to save herself. And she has in essence paid for it by losing an important 6 years of her life, those 6 years she will never get back, no verdict can ever give her back the innocence that she lost because she fell in love with the wrong man.
    Sorry for my ramble I am a little sleep deprived and have been thinking TOOO MUCH and those who know me on here know how dangerous it is for the blonde to overthink LOL

    • I wonder how much sleep anyone has gotten. At 2:30 this morning I all most took a sleeping pill. I found out you go to bed angry you don’t sleep. I was dumb enough to think I wanted to see what Deanna had to say. You all know she was the only one TA loved. OK Deanna they have pills for that delusional behavior.

      I have no one to blame but myself.
      I knew better then to turn that station.

        • OH my Gosh that was too mean….SJ PLEASE take that off!!!! I am too tired that was not very nice….God where is this meanness coming from???

            • Oh thank you…I am so freaken tired I don’t know what the heck that was about….I am NEVER that mean…not even to my fiancé LOL THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

          • I had to have SJ take that off I don’t know where that meanness came from. I am never like that.I guess I am defending Jodi like a would any of my little sisters…maybe that’s why I was so mean when I read what Deanna had said. But I am listening to Gospel music now and just said 10 Hail Marys (even though I left the catholic church years was the only way I knew how to repent right away)

  7. Morning my sister Cindy. I hope you slept well. Ready for another day of waiting on pins and needles??

    • Have to take the mom to the store. Hopefully I will be back if anything happens. I can not be with her when the verdict is read ..She is a hater. We have had words over it. So now we just do not talk about it.

      • LOL I know those conversations when you are against something and your Mom is for it…I am PRO LIFE and my Mom believed that abortion should be legal…OH the ARGUMENTS we had…she has been gone since 2007 I would give anything for one of those arguments today!!! HUG YOUR MOMMA TIGHT when you see her today!!

        • I have one thing to say, Jennifer, even though I don’t agree with you about abortion, at least you’re consistent in your beliefs. You don’t believe in the death penalty OR abortion. I always have a difficult time with people who say they are pro life, but then call for an execution of a person — most especially in a case like this where Jodi’s execution is being called for before she is even convicted of ANY crime.

          (By the way, my strong belief that abortion should remain legal stems from my time attending university in Ireland for my undergraduate degrees. In Ireland at that time, contraception, abortion and divorce were illegal. Raised Catholic, I had always been staunchly opposed to abortion. However, as the Women’s Rights Officer of my university’s students’ union (a position which I was very active in establishing), I was involved in counseling and helping girls in the college. During my tenure with the students’ union (I was later elected to vice president and then, president), I met and got to know 4 girls who had either performed their own abortions or had an abortion at an illicit “back street clinic” in incredibly unsanitary conditions, and lost their lives as a result. All 4 of those girls were rape victims — 1 was raped by her father, another by her brother, yet another by a black man (she was white, which would have made her shame in Ireland even more difficult to bear) while vacationing in England, and the 4th was a “date rape” victim — although that term did not exist at the time. I held all of those girls’ hands as they took their last breaths and left this world, and I cried bitter tears that such beautiful young girls died because they could not bear to carry children of rape and handle the shame of being pregnant, and because there was nowhere they could go for a legal abortion. From that day on, I could never again hold the belief that abortion should be illegal. It doesn’t prevent abortion; it merely makes it unsafe.)

            • AA,
              Thank you!! I believe very strongly in the right to life. When I was 15 years old my best friend I will refer to as AK and I went out one night. I had been really depressed for a long time and she and I took a lot of my grandmothers medication, she had a mental illness. Then we proceeded to walk around town as teenagers did in our time when they were to young to drive. During the night we went to my grandfathers house, he married a woman a lot younger and she had children my age. Well my step uncle took a liking to AK. So I was blacking out and went to a bedroom to sleep, it was late so everyone else was asleep too. Well my step uncle raped my best friend that night, I did not find this out until a year ago! When we left that night we were gang raped by Mexicans in town to work the corn fields. That night I was found by police and taken to the hospital where I stayed for several days not knowing who or where I was. By a miracle AK was found by a family friend and taken home. A month later I sat with my best friend as she found out she was pregnant. Being Catholic she carried the baby and became a mommy a few months before she turned 16. She was a great Mom, during the pregnancy I thought the father was either one of the Mexicans or a boy she had slept with willingly) When her baby was born it was clear she wwas not Mexican, which set MY mind at ease. MK was a great MOMMY and I was the little girls godmother and loved her soooo much.
              When her daughter who I will call MK was about two I learned that she had sex with my uncle that night, I thought willingly.
              When my goddaughter was 15 years old she took her own life. It was like I lost my own child. That was in 2006.
              As I said earlier I did not find out that my step uncle raped my friend till a short time ago.
              My point in this is AK knew from the moment she found out she was pregnant that MK was a product of rape…but STILL was a great Mommy to MK. I can’t imagine my life without ever having MK in it. She was a bright girl who touched the hearts of all that knew her. She left this world far to early.
              I understand that some women may not be able to do what my best friend did but they can at least give the baby a nine months chance at life, even people on death row get a nine months chance to APPEAL. The baby did nothing nor did it ask to be placed in the womans womb the baby does NOT deserve the death penalty.
              I feel and this is my OPINION that the women who have abortions are murderers. No they do not do the abortion themselves but they HIRE someone to do it. They are just as guilty as someone who hires a hit man. A baby has rights and the first is the right to life.
              I say all of that being a victim of two rapes.
              AA it issad that the women you knew felt they had to go to those messures to have an abortion. THough I do not feel it is right nor do I believe it should be offered I KNOW in my heart that it needs to be legal to save the lives of desperate women. MY HOPE AND PRAYER for the future of medicine is that they can take a baby out of someone who doesn’t feel they can carry it and place it in the womb of a woman who will carry the baby full term. Thus solving both issues…no need for abortion because the baby can stay alive and the woman doesn’t have to carry it after a rape.

      • Ap is Advanced Placement. It’s sort of like College level classes for High Schoolers. So the boy’s doing History and Music Theory. The young ladies got Physics and calculus. (We sort of have the non-conventional gender thing going in our family)

            • LOL I was lucky to pass basic Math in college and here are high school kids doing college level classes. LOL How many degrees does Al have 14?And three Doctorates( and I had to use spell check to spell that)

                • LOL Someone once told me a person is either book smart, street smart, or may favorite a smart ass. LOL Then I met AL and well…..he seems to be all three wrapped into one Sweet diamond in the ruff man!!!

                • Hey keys are hard to find. They’re small and when you’re not looking they grow legs. I swear they do.

                  Plus wives have a tendency to think that keys belong in some special place and not where you last left them. What, may I ask is wrong with the kitchen table for keys?

    • OHH my GOSH AL GREAT FREAKEN SONG!!!! My Aunt showed me a video of me when I was probably two…dressed all out, as my DEADHEAD parents always dressed me in my tie dyed shirt and my huge bellbottom pants. But I was jammen to this song. I mean I looked like I was on the best trip. LOL But this song was playing!! GOD I wish I would of lived in the 60’s and been 16 then GOD how awesome that would of been!!!1

        • Good Morning AL!!! I was listening to GD all day yesterday. Trying to get good vibes out there. What ever happened to Sex, love, and Rock n Roll!!!
          Maybe if weed was legal in all 50 states we would be a little more of a mellow society…

            • OMG AL That was awesome!!! I had it playing loud and my daughter, the one I talk about on here all the time, came in with her hair all crazy I guess I woke her up and she layed in bed and pulled her hair till she couldn’t take it anymore and had to come yell at me…She busted into the living room and screamed Mom turn that HYPEE(yes not hippie) music down the neighbors are going to think you are SMOKING some grass!! And I think you must be because they mowed the yard yesterday and you have been acting weird ever since!! And she turned screamed and went to the bedroom with a slam of the door! LOL I would have the only child in the free world that thinks grass in the grass from your yard. LOL I can guarantee I will never have to wake up bright and early to talk her to an AP class….but I love her anyway.

  8. Maybe it’s delirium from lack of sleep but last evening I was thinking about the Alexander siblings and wondered why they are so hell bent on the death penalty. Have they ever said why they are?

  9. I am hoping that Jodi gets manslaughter. You can all hate me for this if you like, however, with a manslaughter conviction, the family just may leave her alone. From what I have seen of the Alexander family, if Jodi were to be acquitted, one could bet they would go after her in a civil suit. They could place her in total abject poverty if they do that. I would rather see her do a bit of time than have to suffer that fate. In my point of view, once the trial is over, it should be over completely and there should not be any other recourse for the family to “get her”. I am not against Jodi at all. I just do not wish to see her suffer any more than she absolutely has to and I believe the Alexander family would be out for blood. They have already said it themselves, they would watch while a needle was stuck in her arm. They want vengeance.
    As for Chris Hughes, he doesn’t know what he is talking about. I listened to that blog talk show yesterday and he stated that she was waiting tables after she supposedly had her finger broken and she was carrying trays which “proves” her finger wasn’t broken in his mind. Except he is wrong. She is left handed, and the finger was broken on her left hand. I was a waitress for a few years and being right handed, I held trays on my left arm and served with my right hand. Jodi would do the opposite. She would not be holding a tray on her left side, she would be holding it on her right, and serving with her left hand. Since it was the ring finger that was broken, she would easily be able to serve food and drinks because a lot of times the thumb first and middle fingers are used . If you have never waited tables, watch the server next time you go out, often times the entire hand is not used.

    • EXACTLY!!! I waited tables for a short time but I have spent more time waiting on children at a dinner table and that is exactly how I do it. In fact the other day I burned my hand taking a roast out of the oven on my left hand, I am right handed, and had a hell of a time getting stuff to the table that night!!

    • I haven’t actually looked up the statutes in AZ, but I would think the statute of limitations ran out 2-3 years ago for the Alexanders to sue Jodi in civil court for the loss of their brother. It’s generally 2-3 years and that time has passed. There may be some exceptions wherein if it was filed, waiting to try it until after the criminal case was decided would apply. But I have not heard that they filed anything in civil court and I’m sure someone would be discussing that if they had.

      I don’t know if that’s any consolation!

      Excellent point about waiting tables! Chris Hughes is a dolt.

      • Did you post this yesterday too? I remember reading a post where someone said that it would have expired by now, for civil suits. Then I remember someone posting a link that said it expires 1 year after criminal proceedings end. :/ I can’t remember if that was state-specific and whether or not AZ allows that though, so don’t take my post as expert advice! 🙂

        • I think that is right NK…remember the OJ trial they filed after the criminal case ended. I have been wondering about this for awhile so I did some mole investigation and I have been told that they have the papers ready to file as soon as the jury comes back. Something about they tried to get (the person wasn’t totally clear on this part) a temporary junction against her to take the proceeds from her sales and were advised to wait till after the criminal trial to do anything.

          • well, that is no surprise. I wonder if there are ways around it so jodi’s family can get the earnings or something.

            • I do not think that the Alexanders can take money for the Arias family just Jodi. So if the Arias family sells a book about Jodi the Alexanders cannot take the proceeds from that. I think they can only take the royalties from things Jodi herself would benefit from.

              • I don’t think FL came after CA. I think her lawyers did. She could afford counsel or something and hired her own lawyers, Jodi could not (that is why she has public defenders).

                • Did Cassie pay them?? I thought I heard, well on HLN,that some of them were Pro Bono and somewhere paid by the state. Private attorneys that still did indigent cases. But heck I heard it on HLN so who knows

                • Casey’s lawyers didn’t come after her…she filed for bankruptcy recently and listed her lawyer expenses among her debts. She did pay Jose Baez $200,000 from the sale of pictures to People Magazine, which helped to finance her case.

                  I’m not sure if the state of Florida came after her for money, but those morons at Texas Equusearch did, even though Casey never hired them to look for Caylee.

                • Casey was way different. She had the cops and search groups purposely searching the wrong areas and wasted their time. Nothing like that happened in Jodi’s case

                • You’ll find that Texas Eqqusearch + others were acting on the instructions of George & Cindy Anthony, not Casey. That’s why the Texas Eqqusearch “expenses claim” against Casey got thrown out of court. Cays body wasn’t found at that time due to Roy Kronk having hidden her remains a month earlier.

                  Team Jodi

                • Yep, SJ has it right. Casey wasn’t directing anyone to the wrong area on purpose. She had no idea where Caylee was.

    • I don’t hate you, but I certainly don’t want it.
      Jodi is completely innocent, and I want that to be acknowledged.
      It’s the best thing for Jodi.
      It’s justice and truth.
      She may well feel considerable guilt, but it’s the law that counts.

    • Debbie, what you say makes sense.

      i would prefer an acquittal, but i would be happy with manslaughter for Jodi. Both of those are “wins”.

      I’m not sure manslaughter would keep the Travis Taliban from acting like neanderthals.

      • Oh, it won’t! They’re already mad at the jury for not coming back with murder 1 right away. Murder 2 won’t even be enough to appease them, nor will LWOP.

        Chris Hughes is a nosy asshole who needs to mind his own fucking business. He knows nothing of Jodi and Travis’ relationship and just inserts his own conjecture into the commentary. I did read that he was upset about Travis not earning enough PPL money, which he blamed on Jodi. No, it’s because those pyramid/triangle/circle schemes have a short shelf life.

        • Yes he tried that one on the blogtalk too Kira and I just started laughing. He actually said it was because Travis was spending far too much time with Jodi taking trips and all that to be bothered much with the business. Well that is not her fault in my opinion that is his doing.When are these people going to allow him to be responsible for his own undoing?

        • I totally agree with you, Kira, that family just want to watch her die. It doesn’t matter how their brother treated Jodi, all that matters is vengeance. Its disgusting.

  10. Good morning to everyone from me
    In the great state of Arkansas!!!

    I just got off work and have just
    Enough time to get home and get my four boys
    Up and to school.

    I’m going to have to get some rest but
    Will be checking in later on today.

    MO today is the day! Appreciate the music Al!

  11. Cindy did you get signed up for the text alert when the verdict comes in just in case you are still out with your Mom?

      • I know what you mean. My daughter makes me promise each day that I will go get her at school when it is read. Because of the time difference even if they come with the verdict as soon as they get to the court house my daughter wouldn’t miss but a couple hours of school so I was ok with promising her that.

  12. I glimpsed the ‘evil one’,NG, this morning touting her fake incarceration and hugging an inmate. The poor woman is in prison and was trapped and forced to endure that half-ass attempt of Nance’s to humanize herself. TOO LATE! She can smell the stench of defeat tickling her nostrils, hear the thunder of hooves when she puts her ear to the ground, see the writing on the wall. Sucks to be you, eh Nance?

  13. Good Morning! Will today be the day? I’m starting to think this will go into next week. I feel really spun up the waiting is so nerve racking.

  14. Morning all. Afternoon too (to whoever is in a different time zone where it is the afternoon)! Oh, and good evening to those in Japan’s time zone!

  15. I have heard allot of back peddling from the talking heads yesterday ..I bet today will even be more
    if a verdict doesn’t come in. So the longer it takes the better.

    • I think they are so scared of the CROW they are about to eat…many still have the indigestion from the crow they ate at the Cassie Anthony verdict….Speaking of Cassie does anyone know how she is doing??

    • Sorry can’t help you on that one
      Perhaps if you go to hlns web page…you didn’t miss anything. Dr Drew feed some lies. she trashed
      Jodi s bit.

      She made a big deal of getting the dog cause TA put it in his Will when he started at PPL. They tried to make it sound like TA wouldn’t think about letting. Jodi have the dog. LOL the will was made out years before Jodi was around.

      Deanna feed the dog when TA was away one time and she came in and Jodi was making cookies she offered. Deanna one..LOL Deanna said she acted like a Stepferd wife. Hummer isn’t that what Travis. wanted?

      That was pretty much it. Drew trying to make their relationship more then it was.

      • Yeah, I watched the clips and saw the weirdness I was anticipating. I wonder how much all TAs friends and family have gotten paid to do those interviews..

      • First love? I though Linda (I think that was her name) was since he bought her an engagement ring. Drew is such an ass. Looks like they are working on bringing Chrisie Paul over to the dark side as well. I hope Robyn Mead does not make the leap because I really do enjoy her.

    • OMG They don’t give men those do they OOOOUUUCCCHHH I hurt for them..can you imagine the pain the uuuummm friends who hang around down there would feel….eeewww

  16. I heard Beth Karas describe one of the jurors walking to the elevator last evening as having a very defiant posture. She is the one that apparently looks just like Jodi’s mom.

  17. Is there anyway that Jodis family can get the web pages that show the photos of Jodi TA took that day where she is….ummm…not covered to be forced to take them down??

  18. I do no’t think Deanna is delusional. I do not think that Deanna is a liar either. Two reasons:

    1) She did not lie about the nature of her relationship with Travis on the stand. She could have said they were never intimate. She did not. She could have lied and said they were only intimate once (her saying it was only once could have made it seem like that Travis was not sex crazed until he met Jodi), but she did not. She said it went on for a year.

    2) He may not have been abusive when he was with Deanna. He could have slowly become abusive in his relationships. Perhaps the death of his parents were triggers, making it worse. Or perhaps, she genuinely does not believe abuse exists. It could have been very subtle in their relationship, so subtle that she did not recognize it. Either way, I think Travis’s behavior changed overtime. That is why there is no huge signs of abuse in his relationship with Deanna.

    I do not think she lied. And I think she doesn’t want to believe Jodi’s story because it is hard for her to accept. Travis’s relationship with Jodi was very different than his relationship with her. Sometimes people don’t want to accept things, even if it dancing right in front of their face.

    I keep thinking about my close friends, people I love. If it came out one of them had a dark side, it would be very hard for me to accept, because it would be a side I never saw! Even if someone brought me a lot of proof (I may not necessarily say this proof is a lie, but it would still be hard for me to accept).

    A lot of this stuff, it just came out during the trial. Jodi has not been claiming abuse for 5 years. All the evidence has not been circulating in the media for 5 years. All the evidence came out in the trial. That really did not give Travis’s loved ones (like Deanna) a long period of time to come to terms with it all. Deanna probably hasn’t even been watching the trial – if she testified, she would not have been allowed to! Of course all this stuff is going to shock her. Of course it would be hard for her to accept. She could still be in denial. That is perfectly acceptable/normal.

    I know she went on Dr. Drew and that angered members of this site. But again I say, she had a different relationship with Travis. She probably is still in denial about all the proof out there. She heard terrible things about Jodi, that is why she feels/thinks the way she does. (Sort of like well, phantom limb syndrome – the person can clearly see that their leg/arm is not there, yet they still feel pain, as if it still there).

    • She was in the court room. It showed her during closings and I think a few other times.
      I have wondered for along time and have some thoughts on why his family feels the way they do..

      As I said earlier I keep wondering why the Alexander siblings are so hell bent on the death penalty. Then I started to think about their lives up until today.
      They had two drug addicted parents. They were neglected by them as children of addicts many times are. They lived in below poverty when with the parents. They went to live with their grandmother who basically rescued them to give them a chance at a normal life. She took care of them to the best of her ability and got them into church. They lost their parents, I use the term loosely, and they have lost their grandmother recently.
      During all of this one thing remained the same for the Alexander children…they had each other. Their one constant in a world that for a long time was not. When they were scared they turned to each other for comfort, When they were happy they turned to each other to share that JOY. For better or worse happy or sad, dirt poor or comfortable They could count on each other. They looked out for each other in a way that parents typically look after their children.
      The fact that this trial has been nearly 6 years in the making means that they have not been able to complete the grieving process. They have been stuck at one level of it or another. For years they have held onto that intense anger they have from losing their brother.
      I think they assume if Jodi gets the death penalty and the state puts a needle in her arm that SUDDENLY they will feel better that SUDDENLY their pain will ease. But the pain will still be there, Travis will still be absent from their physical lives. The only difference will be another family is now feeling what they have felt from losing a brother. I am not saying that the Alexander family needs to have compassion for the Arias family. What I am saying is IRREGARDLESS of what happened in the house the day TA died neither of their families are to blame and neither familydeserves the pain they are feeling…they did not make the choices that day for Jodi or for Travis. But they are the ones who will be left after this is all said and done(if they get their way with the death penalty..which I know they wont) who are in PAIN and who are suffering. Will the death of Jodi that they are wanting so bad bring TA back??? NO. Will it ease their pain??? I don’t think so. It will just cause more pain…..that is what I do not get about the death penalty.

      • Jennifer, I absolutely agree. I think that Travis’s siblings think that if Jodi gets the death penalty everything will magically be better. Truth is, they will not feel any better. Revenge never made anyone feel any better.

        And yes, Deanna was in the courtroom. She was not allowed in the courtroom until AFTER she testified though. So a lot of what she heard during closing, and when Nurmi cross examined her probably shocked her.She is probably not ready to accept it.

        • I think she has the “I can’t speak ill of Travis because he’s dead” mindset, just like Lisa. If Travis were still alive, I bet that Deanna and Lisa would be more willing to admit to themselves that he wasn’t a stellar boyfriend. He may not have been physically abusive with them, but I bet the emotional abuse/manipulation was there.

        • Whether it’s delusion or denial, Deanna had it. Three Mormon women saw thru Travis immediately, two did not want to marry him. Linda Ballard couldn’t see herself marrying him because of his involvement in PPL. Lisa Andrews laid it out in an email for him, his constant need for compliments, his pressuring her sexually. Mimi Hall just wanted to be friends and said she would go to Cancun w/ him just as a friend. But Deanna hangs around for 5 years hoping that he’ll marry her. He tells her while she is on mission that he wants to date other women. She returns from mission and still hangs out with him. Then they resume their romantic relationship. In 2004, he moves to AZ, she moves to AZ. They break up in 2005, delusion or denial, either/or, or both. Or – maybe, she just wanted him to pay her back the money he owed her.

  19. Good morning, Family!

    Today, I have to go to the college for a 4 hour proctored exam, so I will be out of the loop until 1:30 my time (3:30 AZ) and I will FLIP if I miss the damned verdict being read!!

    Otherwise, keep Calm and Carry on friends!!

    xoxoxoxo ♥

  20. Good Morning Everyone,

    This is when your so invested in the trial and sleep deprived. This morning my 16 year old son comes to my room to let me know he’s ready for me to take him to school. ” MOM, MOM, I am ready to leave, OK be right there I am in the middle of the VERDICT, give me a minute, there are tons of PEEPS on the front lawn at the court house.” Wow, I suddenly aroused my self to hope out of deep, noticing that OH FK I am late getting my son to school, over a crazy dream being on the front lawn at the court house with mobs of peeps listening to the verdict coming in”…………. WTF.

    Yes, I need sleep in a desperate way. So, I am taking a personal day today, and relaxing waiting for the VERDICT 🙂

    I am never going to hear the last of this one from my son…………

  21. Good Morning to our Jodi Arias, as you are on your way to the court house this morning, please know you have people who are pulling for you today. You have prayers around the clock as we await for your verdict to be heard either aquittal, or manslaughter. You will be a ” FREE BIRD” soon….

    Here are a few things for when you are released from your supporters:

    FREE dinner of your choice
    FREE Massage
    FREE 500 shopping spree
    FREE one way ticket out of AZ
    FREE manicure and pedicure
    FREE hair color and hair cut
    FREE pair of contacts and new glasses
    FREE VOICE to tell JUAN FU…….. and no turning back.

  22. Good morning my friends 🙂

    I am a nervous wreck, my stomach is in knots. I have the feeling that today will be the day !!
    I am praying that the jurors are smart and responsible people ( and we know from their questions ), and they will see through all the BS the prosecutor tried to confused them with, that Jodi’s only guilt is meeting Travis and falling in love with the scumbag
    And just for the heck of it, I changed my avatar for today…lol
    My prayers for Jodi, her family and all of us (her friends) I hope this is not a hung jury.
    Love you all and most of all JODI 🙂
    Stay strong Jodi, justice will prevail !!!!.

  23. Good morning my Pro-Jodie friends and family. Hope everyone got some sleep last night and are ready for another day of Jury deliberations. Hoping the Jurors have the strength and courage to come to a just and fair verdict for Jodi………

  24. Mornin’ everyone. I think today is the day. I hope when Jodi walks out a free woman that she will be whisked away to a warm, safe place where she can rest, eat, and find comfort in the arms of her loving family far away from the clutches and threats of the Haters. I hope so much that my wishes will come true!!

  25. Greetings and Salutations my friends! How is everyone this morning? We are another day closer to getting a verdict.
    We love you Jodi!

    Team Jodi! United We Stand!

  26. Good morning all, I am enjoying verdict watching with everyone. Sadly I HAVE to work today and tomorrow, so will only be in and out. I think it might be quite a long haul- all the better to stroke out Nancy Grace!

  27. I’d love to be a fly on the wall in the jury deliberation room. The 4 times I’ve been a juror the deliberations were something I’ll never forget.

    • I would love to be a fly in that room also. I have never been a Juror but I do not think i could decide the fate of someone else.

  28. About Deanna and stupid are people to think that a man at the age of 20 or 21 is going to be the same man at 28 or 29? Murderers, serial killers, rapists, all types of criminals show a slow progression over time in their criminal or deviant behavior. TA likely was doing the same and it would have gotten worse. Oh, look he didn’t abuse Dianna. Duh….he was barely out of teenagerhood. It was so annoying to listen to that for the short time I did on HLN. These people are frankly as ignorant as you can get.

    • This is exactly why I believe Deanna did not lie. There was either no abuse, or very subtle manipulation that she did not recognize to be abuse. People change over time. Certain events in people’s lives can trigger specific behaviors. The deaths of Travis’s mother and father could have triggered his abusive behavior.

      • I don’t think Deanna lied about their relationship either. I think there was a hint of Travis’ character in just what she told us though, wanting to date other people just before she was done with her work overseas, the fact that they broke the sacred covenant together and then he wouldn’t marry her. Please don’t misunderstand me, lol, there are plenty of decent men who just aren’t ready to make a commitment so I’m not suggesting that’s proof, however I look at those facts as well when I consider who Travis was in the big picture. As Demarte would say, data points!! I thought Deanna presented herself well overall on the stand, was a little too defensive I felt on a things, but overall had nothing against her testimony, and yet, the Harlan Coben reader in me keeps waiting for evidence to show up that she was the real stalker.

        • Absolutely. The beginnings of a disturbed man were there and had been. It just escalated with Jodi. She was the perfect canvas for his perverted thoughts.

        • There was a pattern of behavior with him that announced things to come with Jodi. He writes to Deanna while she is away as a missionary that he is dating other women, and breaks her heart. Now is it not a way to break off a relationship? Normally yes. But not with him. Just preparing her for things to come. When she comes back, he courts her again and keeps it going for several years sexually while he is seeking other conquests. The fact that she goes along with it indicates that she is under his control already, is being used, aware of it or not. She is not ‘marriage material’ yet she puts up with it several years. Very telling. Then finally she breaks it off or he dumps her off when he meets Jodi, his perfect victim, sexy, pliable, converted and shy, adoring him, willing to satisfy his every perverted needs. Yet once again he keeps Deanna ‘around’ as a friend, ‘no hard feelings, sweety, I wasted your life but everything is fine, I’m crying and feel so miserable about it’ and tells others that Deanna is a stalker. Pattern.

      • i think she did, well she had a motive

        who would want their new partner to hear how she was getting anal and cumshot and been tied up on trees, while she was been abused

        Also the motive of staining travis`s name in teh community or mormons, she would be disowned and alone if she went against them and rooted for anyone other than travis

        The computer registered in her name in the registry, did it for me.. there is no where on earth can you buy a computer and have your name on a registry until you were using it yourself and put it there

        and she said it was a Christmas present for travis? and then she couldnt remember which christmas it was ?


        so on that note, yes she is the type of person to lie,

        the defence should of picked up on that lie about computer

      • There was abuse! She had sex with him, against her religion! I am sure there was some type of abuse going on, it is just more lucrative for all of his friends and family to stick to HLN’s agenda that Travis is a saint or they would not be asked back on so everyone has selective memory loss when it comes to him, that is what I believe and that is why the people who knew him the most or the longest have not been on, it would be very hard to lie that badly when they know how he really was?

        • Agree Kmea – She is a rehearsed, scripted, liar, JUST like the rest of the travis taliban cult knob slobs. She gets ZERO sympathy from me and CERTAINLY no pass because she was “honest” about knockin boots. The only reason she did is because she couldn’t deny it! There is too much proof that she did. TA talked about it in one of his exchanges with Jodi where he told her how much better she was in the sack than Deanna, how romantic.
          She LIED about the computer, like it’s been said, why was it registered in DR’s name? Yep, she plopped her big burley ass on HLN, so now she can suck it up! She loves being known as “TA’s true love” (HA!!) so I don’t mind calling her TA’s true STALKER! That’s what he told Jodi, so it must be true, right?

  29. The Hunchback of Nancy Grace is a PERVERT.
    Yesterday she was inquiring about Jodi’s panties.
    The day before that she was talking about a “Sausage Chub” with a sexual implication, it is a suasage link that is on the inmate commissary list.
    By the way she gave birth on Nov 4, 2007 and according to the Conception calendar she conceived Feb 7-Feb 15; but Married April 2007. Can we say “SHOT GUN WEDDING”
    Yet she has the audacity to call CA …Tot Mom.

  30. Good morning sleep deprived, nervous-wreck, anxiety-ridden family…..! LOL LOL

    Whether it’s a phone call or in person, the first thing my kids say to me “Has Jodi been set free yet?” (I ADORE THEM!!!! LOL LOL)

    I’m such a wreck today, I am wearing a sign that says “WAITING FOR A VERDICT – APPROACH AT YOUR OWN PERIL”…


  31. This is my first post here. I’ve frequented this site though for many weeks. I’m a diehard, staunch supporter of Jodi.
    I’m a former member of a religous cult (JW’s), was raised as one, was an elder, and left in 2008. I want to shed some light on this aspect of TA.
    I’m not very familiar with Mormonism, but I’ve concluded, as a society, it is very similar to JW’s. As such, there is incredible pressure to conform to and uphold the community standards of conduct. The threat of excommunication is real and a life-altering experience (I am excommunicated). Your relationships, family and friends, are lost. This is a very real motive for TA to keep the “dirty little secret” exactly that, a secret.
    Additionally, in such a society, governed internally and thru intense peer pressure, a person HAS to hide certain undesirable qualities, practices, and characteristics of themselves, they can’t be open and honest without fear of serious repercussions. Sexual tendencies and practices top that list. TA, based on the sexual practices uncovered in this trial, sounds like a person who battled and cultivated and exhibited a strong sexual drive. It sounds like, as with many who live in such a society, sought relief through self-stimulation. These societies have a unhealthy view of this practice, viewing it as an affliction and a serious sin. Thus driving the person to hide it even more. The inevitable affect is an objectifying of the person/persons fantasized about. TA obviously objectified Jodi in this way. This also impacts a person’s ability to truly experience intimacy in a healthy way. It creates a strong craving and desire toward selfishness and self-gratification.
    Due to this, it doesn’t surprise me at all the way TA treated Jodi and how it made her feel. Just wanted to share this perspective as I consider it to be a major factor in their relationship and this case overall. I wish there had been a better understanding of this and a pusuit of this angle.

    • Great post! Thank you so much. You are right on all points and I hope people on the jury recognize this as a serious factor in what happened.

    • Its my belief that TA only felt fulfilled and truly himself around and while interacting with Jodi. I think he hated this about himself. His image and reputation was all he really had and meant the world to him. This reputation, however, was only a “house of cards”, Jodi held the power to bring it crumbling down. I believe TA would’ve done everything/anything in his power to avoid disclosure, especially if he really did confess to his bishop about previous indiscretions with Deanna. That’s why it makes perfect sense when KN in closing said the stalking allegations were a way for him to have plausible deniability. It was a brilliant attempt on TA’s part. I have no idea what actually happened on 6/4/08, but I believe this played a major role in it. Jodi definitely did not go there to kill him. If however she alluded to anything about exposing him, then all bets are off and he woukdve snapped and she would’ve had to protect herself. Either way, she is not guilty as charged and I hope is acquitted.

      • I share your opinion, Terry. Welcome and glad you could get out of the cult after being raised in it.
        It explains indeed a lot about TA’s behavior, hating himself for it, covering up, and I may add, hating yet needing Jodi desperately for it.

      • Yes, I’ve always thought the perceived power Jodi had over Travis’s dirty secret caused a great anger to build in him and played a role in what happened on that fateful day. I think it is possible the way Jodi said … the camera dropping and TA exploding on her. He was already angry with her when they were downstairs trying to download the images from cd. Jodi said he threw them across the desk. I think she said then there was some rough sex, and then he told her to go clean up. That’s how I remember her testimony. So he was already pissed, and I don’t think the sex calmed him down like before. Jodi herself was a perceived threat to him at that time.

    • Great post. I too think that the church angle should have been pursued more. I think TA was even more inclined to keep Jodi as his “dirty secret” due to his position in the church and its associated prestige.

    • Terry,
      Your spot on. To understand this tragedy completely one must have an insight to what is taking place under this banner of god and under this UMBRELLA of the Mormon religion practices and beliefs. TA first step was to get Jodi under this banner of beliefs. She was his convert, he opened her eyes to the path of eternal life and salvation…and we know “the much more”. Thanks for sharing how extremely different the JW and Mormom churches are from “typical” christian church.

  32. Good Morning Everyone! 🙂

    Our snow is ALL gone!! Spring has finally arrived way up here in the middle of no where!!!

  33. there is nothing about this case that does not scream REASONABLE DOUBT…if they r honest & have a 1/2 a brain…they know Jodi has PTSD and cannot remember hat happened….she will never remember….it was a fight 4 her life….i was a victim & know about amnesia…&so few believing me…all the people out there saying Jodi doesn’t have PTSD & they say they do….are blind to others suffering…it’s not just a war time’s an abused thing

    • I too have PTSD ( from something I am not reafy to discuss) but to others they would say that can’t be right.

  34. Fight for life is apparent: the struggle moved from one room to another..obvious by the blood. As Jose Baez pointed out: the evidence doesn’t lie.

  35. I just posted that pic along with a rant on Facebook, I am sick of people wanting to just throw Jodi on death row because of how they “feel”, what their “gut” says, or because of media bias, I’m just freakin sick of it. I’m sure you all are too.

        • Thanks peeps, now I’m going at it with one of my friends, commenting back and forth, this girl says- “the only piece of evidence that has reasonable doubt, is whether or not she stole the gun from her grandparents”. ?!?!?!?!?!?!?

          I just told her she must be watching a different trial than I was, that I saw nothing but reasonable doubt.

          • Augh!!!!!
            The haters make up their minds to hate and then try to tailor evidence to support their claim. So assbackwards…. reason dictates that one look at the evidence and allow the truth to unfold without being tailored to fit unproven assumptions. The blind and plodding disregard that narrowminded peeps use to preserve their narrow-mindedness gags me sometimes.

            • “The haters make up their minds to hate and then try to tailor evidence to support their claim. ”

              They are just following JM’s example, he taught them to do that!

  36. I hope there is a verdict today. So far I think it has been a good indication that one hasn’t come back and that the DP is off the table as it should be. To me ( after carefully reading the instructions) if premeditation is wiped away M2 is easily going to be wiped away based on the whole “time to reflect” which bring us to either manslaughter or not guilty. My only concern as more days pass…. That it is possible that they are taking so long and sifting through all the evidence to be absolutely sure before finding her quilty of M1. I just remember the Scott Peterson trial and everyone being so upset that it was taking the jury so long to deliver his verdict when everyone in the media ( Nancy Graces rise to national fame). They couldn’t understand why despite all the evidence against him they didn’t come back the same day opposed the 7 days they took. At the end of the day they said the sole reason they found him guilty and were able to convince everyone beyond a reasonable doubt was the fact that the bodies washed up close to where Scott went fishing Christmas Eve, the day Lacy went missing. In several interviews different jurors made it a point to mention this fact was what they based their decision on. Just one fact.

    If people,in Jodi’s jury are at odds I hope they focus more on compromising rather than turning the hold outs their way over the blind hatred they may have for Jodi. I know a unborn child was involved in Scott’s case and I do feel he was guilty however, in my opinion, it is not lawful nor right to sentence someone to death based on one piece of evidence. Especially since it had been all over the news that he was fishing there and the body didnt washup for 4 months. To me, even though I felt he was guilty on some level, this would have given me some reasonable doubt.

    • The Scott Peterson trial was NG rise to fame. Even though I believed him guilty NG was too over the top for me.

      I’m not surprised that the fishing trip on Christmas Eve, in a boat no one knew he had, on a day too cold to golf, 80+ miles away from home, with fresh water tackle while in salt water is the reason the jurors chose to convict. That case was stuffed full of circumstantial evidense.

      • I didn’t know that no one knew he had the boat. I’ll have to look into that but I do know that people ( police) testified that they over heard Lacy’s dad or someone asking about his golfing trip and Scott corrected him and said he was fishing not golfing. When another detective repeated the golf story it had circulated to the media but it was corrected.

        • There were multiple stories about what he did that day. I believe people were just confused. Peterson did say the reason he went fishing is because it was too cold to golf…near San Diego…but it was warm enough to go fishing by Berkley! I will say that until his wife and child’s bodies washed up in the same bay I believed they would never be able to charge him let alone convict him.

          I hear his appeal was filed last summer. I wonder how that’s going?

          • Did Scott Peterson testify? I didn’t watch that trial and was curious as to whether the jury had a chance to listen to his version of events.

            • No, he did not. Some felt if he would have testified in the giult protion of his trial he might have avoided the death penalty.

              • Thanks. I’m hoping that Jodi’s testimony and the fact that she talked to the jurors for 18 days will help her if, God forbid, the jury needs to decide on LWOP or DP.

            • I know the Peterson case i side and out. The boat nobody knew about, his affair with Amber and telling her he had lost his wife before she even went missing! Lots and lots of good circumstantial evidence in my opinion. He was a total scumbag and I hope he never gets out,

    • I never kept up with the peterson trial. I would hate that a person is convicted based on one thing though.

      I don’t know enough about that trial to have any opinion whatsoever….but to me that would like convicting Jodi based on the car rental. Or, the shell casing.

      bodies don’t ALWAYS wash up near where they disappear.

      • I followed the trial with an open mind. But all they stacked against him was overwhelming….albeit mostly circumstantial. But nothing as flimsy as what the pros “claimed” to have against Jodi.

      • BeeCee – The bodies actually washed up in a bay 80+ miles away from Modesto(where Lacy disappeared), the same bay Scott was fishing in that day.

        • Ok, I brought myself sorta up to speed regarding peterson.

          They had a TON of circumstantial evidence on him, and he had REAL motive…

          I mean…ordering porn channels after your wife is missing, and telling your mistress you are a widower TWO WEEKS before she disappears.

          Naturally his family can’t believe he would ever have done that…

  37. To those haters who can’t really put up a logical explanation to explain away TA’s obvious issues, but instead fall back on “TA is the victim, the victim is not on trial here”, once a claim of self defense is made, doesn’t that place him on trial at that point? Wouldn’t that necessitate exploration of all aspects of his life and character? There’s no longer a justification for the state prosecutor to claim character assassination, his character goes directly to the claim, right? This has infuriated me throughout this trial. Of course his character is being attacked, its critical to proving SD. Sorry if its embarrassing, but you reap what you sow, often to the detriment of your character and reputation.

    • Seems like JM did more character assassination than Jodi. If he had taken the plea then none of this media circus would have happened. I am very aware that Jodi is not 100% innocent, she took a life in self defense IMO …..BUT she was willing to take responsibility for her actions and spare the family the pain of seeing who Travis really was. Now stop and think for a minute…… she has been called every name in the book by Travis, his family, the media, people who think they know “the truth” but have no clue and nothing better to do. Had they accepted the plea deal, she would have never had her story heard. Everyone would have thought she was a cod blooded killer. Now, some still do but they are the uneducated masses who watch HLN. She would have served her time and still been a pariah but she would have accomplished her mission. She would have kept Travis memory clean. I can’t be for certain but IMO she would not have been one to release a tell all book after her time was served. She would have taken his secrets to the grave. She was an abuse victim……it’s what we do. So, to all you HATERS who are lurking here….. Take a minute to think about what I said. Jodi was abused, traumatized, ridiculed yet she still tried to protect Travis when all along he should have been protecting her. It is what real me do. Thankfully it is what the man in my life does now. Praise God, some of us get out.

      • YAwesome post, tnlucy!
        And wtf is WRONG with that employer of yours?
        You deserve a full two weeks of PAID “verdict leave,” and your WORD that you are diligently participating here should be good enough documentation without needing a damn written excuse from SJ. What is this world coming to? Work, work, work! Its like we all live in a giant penal colony…

        • God Bless you Sable. A voice of reason among the chaos. I mean its like they expect me to actually work when I am here! Isn’t it enough that I AM here? Sheesh. And I guess better a giant penal colony than a giant penile colony? Sorry couldn’t resist! Apologies to those I offended 🙂

  38. SJ – I will be needing you to send an email to my employer explaining why I cannot work today since I am sure the verdict is coming in today. I mean really! I have been here for two hours and have just now gotten a chance to visit here. This is not going to work for me.

  39. Good Morning Everyone!!

    Of course I am hoping and praying for an acquittal for Jodi, however, what REALLY scares me, is her safety, should this happen.

    I know with Casey, she received death threats etc., but Casey was hated by a different demographic, I think it’s safe to say, mainly by women, mothers etc., where Jodi’s haters are her peers, and don’t forget a religious cult.

    Can anybody shed some light as to how the courts will be able to protect Jodi once she’s realeased?


  40. During one of the telephone conversations Jodi had with Flores, he asked her if there were weapons in the house. Jodi said “yes, his fists”. She told Flores that he was capable of physical violence very early on. Flores saw the punching bag. Flores heard TA’s friends describe his obsession with watching the cage fighting shows. Flores heard one of TA’s friends say that he could picture TA slamming Jodi into a wall. Flores discounted all of this despite how important it was.

    • yes. Because Flores is a sorry excuse for a detective…he basically made everything fit his belief from the first hours that Jodi did it…all because he believed TA’s delusional friends and PPL.

    • Flores has no business being a detective. He couldn’t find his brain if it wasn’t attached to his where his brain is supposed to be. From the moment all of Travis’ friends started pointing the finger at Jodi, he got tunnel vision and decided all these fuckers were credible. 🙄

  41. Good Morning!

    How’s everyone holding up? Just checking in to make sure everyone is all right. =)

    ((((Team Jodi)))

  42. Why oh why do I keep getting into idiotic verbal banter with morons on Facebook? I mean really seriously retarded individuals. Where do these people come from and why do I have this masochistic need to talk to them?

    • LOL Nancy!

      They’re all Mad because there was no slam dunk, like they thought! And they’re evil and disgusting so you’ll never get a decent answer. heheh

      • But beyond that they are just stupid in general. The things they say, their grammar, their ideation, everything!

        • I have had to force myself to stay away from certain pages and sites. They make me sick to my stomach for so many reasons. Hypocritical, immoral, ignorant, brainwashed… just a few words that come to mind.

          • you know, before I found this site, I used to have horrible horrible feelings of despair. Every time they slammed Jodi with such unfair criticism, every time, I would see all those women spew such vile hatred. Every time I saw the men acting just as ignorant and vicious as the women, my heart would break a little more.

            I never followed Casey Anthony’s trial, but I knew something was wrong with HLN even then. And now, ever since I started following Jodi’s trial, I can honestly say that I’ve seen enough hatred to last me for the rest of my life. 🙁

            • It had me very depressed for a while. In fact I started coming to this site even before I believed in Jodi. I was not posting but just reading things here to see that things that weren’t making sense to me were thoughts shared by others. Thankfully, when AL took the stand, a light went off and I realized exactly where I need to be.

              • Same here . I didn’t even know about the case. Just turned on Tru TV one day and there it was. I was fascinated of course and it went from there. I keep an open mind at all times.

    • Please talk to us instead. We may not always agree 100% but we are not idiots who listen to and believe everthing on HLN 🙂 Welcome to the family.

    • You want the world to be a better place and are trying to educate those who are ignorant?
      Just because they try to inflict pain does NOT define YOU as a masochist. I admire your courage you show in attempting to engage in civil discussion with them.

      • That’s a good point Sable… why would we waste our time trying to change the minds of people such as this. Yet I’ve been guilty of it several times, and became the target of rage and cyber assault. Finally have given up. I once stated that people need to not be so hard on Alyce Laviollette, even if they disagree with her. You would have thought I were the devil by their reactions over such a simple comment.

        • I am sorry that happened to you, Ashley. Bullies suck. But I do admire people like you who have shown the ability to speak up in hostile venues. I lack the courage. Also, i know how volatile i can become when my sensibilities are ruffled, all i can see at such times is RED, and then I become unreasoning, and it just hurts too much to feel so out of control. So, anyone brave enough to have at least TRIED to make a point to those blathering, rabid fools has my utter respect. It takes a courage and a poise i have not yet been able to find within myself.

  43. A little off topic – Amanda Berry is just arriving home after her 10 years of captivity. She is said to be speaking soon to the news. I am so ANGRY at the 3 men that did this to these 3 beautiful, young and innocent girls. There is a special place reserved in hell for these vile men !!

    • Oh, I know… I’m just happy she gets to come home! =)

      She’ll need tons of support from everyone. I hope she gets therapy with someone like Alyce.

      • Did I hear yesterday Amanda had her daughter with her? (I’m assuming she was born as a result of abuse in that home?) Reminds me of Jaycee Dugard and the hell she went through. I hope the best for all of these girls going forward.

        • I’m not sure, Ashley. Yesterday I think someone said, one or more of these girls had given birth.

          Amanda’s sister, did not have much to say. She wants everyone to respect their privacy. I hope these retards do!

        • It was her daughter, the guy that rescued them said the little girl was crying for her dad and he said, HEY your mama is helping you, then it dawned on him, oh no, that creep she is getting away from is your dad! ugh

    • Perhaps the police will alter their way now, and start looking immediately for 15-20 yrs old girls who disappear instead of assuming they are runaways and just wait.

      • I really wish that viri…I wish more cops were aware and open minded and did not assume the path of least work is the answer.

    • yeah!

      And this is another great example for Dr. DeMented….She must think those three a-holes families KNEW somehow 100% of what was going on…at least according to what she said on the stand…

  44. Good morning Sil!!!! (((((((hugs))))))))

    Good morning Moni!!! (((((((hugs)))))))

    I said this yesterday…NOTHING on this earth – NO FORM OF TORTURE, NO PUNISHMENT would EVER be sufficient to make those three scumbags pay for what they did to those girls.

    Life in prison is too good for them. The death penalty is too good for them. The punishment these three bastards SHOULD be made to bear has NOT been thought of yet.

  45. Just dragged my lazy tail out of bed. Was up way too late last night. Never watching After Dark again. Surprised they don’t drag Nancy Disgrace on there to squawk.

  46. Good luck again Jodi. Wish we here the good news soon, my candle is almost gone. My ,my ,my Nancy disgrace was pissed last night. She’ll be even more pissed when the verdict comes out. The devil is dancing in Arizona, she’ll say. All I’ll have to say is, Nancy , your not dancing, I’m watching H.L.N., not re-runs of Dancing with the stars. I’m worried for her kids, did she give them any affection when she got home last night? I think not, maybe she should be reported . Ha Ha !!!

    • Yeah that was hilarious when the male attorney accused her getting her nails manicured and she had a conniption fit!!!!!!

        • perhaps SJ will see what is going on and let you know. I do know that some person’s IP’s have been not working correctly here and they are 100% Jodi supporters.

          Honestly, I seem to remember, by your poster name, that you posted something trollish, BUT I could be remembering wrong..and if you are a troll it usually just a matter of time.

          If you are a Jodi supporter, then I hope it gets worked out for you.

          • I know I am a supporter and sent a email to SJ with my parents IP. I think I might have been flagged because when there I was clicking submit too hard. ( keys are stuck)

    • I had the same thing yesterday. Went to visit my parents and could no longer access this site at their house. Went back to using my phone ( likenow)

  47. Still no deliberations. Perhaps the jury wants shorter days and will be starting at 10am the rest of the way?

  48. Good Morning my ”fucking awesome” Team Jodi!!!!!
    Are we all sleep deprived,exhausted,zombie-like nerve-wrecks?????GOOD!!!!

    Now shake it off and let’s do it,let’s support and send out positive energy to our sister,to our friend ,to our Jodi!!!!


  49. I am NOT looking at another news story for the rest of this year…..OMGGGGGGGGGGGG

    The “news” just gets worse and worse and worse and worse and worse…………

    I can’t handle it anymore……

  50. Goidmorning everyone! I was thinking, if the jurors ALL thought Jodi was guilty they would’ve already had a verdict. Obviously, there’s AT LEAST one juror (but I think maybe more then one), with reasonable doubt. I think the time they’re taking to deliberate says a lot! Can they he trying to change the other jurors mind and if that’s the case, it means there is reasonable doubt. HUNG JURY!!!! NOT GUILTY!!!!


      • Morning Maria. I dont want a hung jury either. I want a NOT guilty and I wantvher to WALK FREE (like with CA). But im trying to stay realistic. I just KNOW theres at least ONE and that’s why its taken this long. Hopefully that one juror or the few that dont agree with the charges and see that the state did NOT proove premeditation, stick up for Jodi and our laws. Dont give up jurors, bring us a NOT GUILTY verdict.

  51. Good morning early birds lol…..

    I agree if they’re taking this long it’s probably a good thing. If the jurors would have come back with an answer monday then that would be a bad sign. It’s going to be NOT GUILTY 🙂

  52. just looking at jodi art and noticed the castle and the flame coming from a butterfly and it remined me of the tarot card the tower she did this in 1996 think that is what it said have bad memory here is the meaning of the tower

    The Tower shows a tall tower pitched atop a craggy mountain. Lightning strikes and flames burst from the building’s windows. People are seen to be leaping from the tower in desperation, wanting to flee such destruction and turmoil. The Tower signifies darkness and destruction on a physical scale, as opposed to a spiritual scale. The Tower itself represents ambitions built on false premises. The lightning bolt breaks down existing forms in order to make room for new ones. It represents a sudden, momentary glimpse of truth, a flash of inspiration that breaks down structures of ignorance and false reasoning. Notice the lightning bolt is oriented left to right (from the perspective of the card), from heaven to earth, and from Spirit to material. The falling figures correspond to the chained prisoners in the Devil card. They fall headfirst, because the sudden influx of spiritual consciousness represented by the lightning flash completely upsets all our old notions about the relations between subconsciousness and self-consciousness. The flames are actually the Hebrew yods. There are 22 flames, representing the 22 Major Arcana. The gray clouds are the clouds of misfortune that rain on everyone indiscriminately. The ruling planet of this card is Mars.

    • That it’s taking “so long” as all the HLN idiots continue to whine about, is downright appalling. Just what is the proper amount of time when you are given the burden of deciding someone’s fate? To me it’s like this entire case is just a metaphor for the craziness in our society at large and proof that misogny still is the letter of the day. We are being spoon fed nonsense on a daily basis and it is just getting worse. This black-white mentality that leaves no room for grey, the people gathering on the steps of the courhouse in AZ are like sheeple following the flock of popular opinion. It’s like trying to fit in all over again, what is this high school? No one can think outside the box? I’m glad I found this site as it reassures me that there are still people left in the world that can think for themselves (though they are few in number!)

  53. I love the judge that’s on raising America right now. He’s making fun of pickles, Kermit and give him time he’ll pick on someone else. Jean k is pissed and defending the judge. Ha Ha!!!

    • Hola Amiga! I’m watching HLN right now (I know, I know)… I’m just curious about what they’re up to because someone said they’re kinda freaked out that there’s no verdict yet! Teheee…I just want to laugh at them for a little while, then I’ll change the channel. =)

      • Pues…good luck chica. OJala que me de cuenta en cuanto el jurado este listo. I can’t miss out on this what so everrrrr lol

  54. You guys are sooo addictive!! I need to get back to work. See y’all in a couple of hours!!



  55. Deanna on HLN:

    “That’s what Jodi wanted…She wanted to embarrass me, She wanted me to be humiliated…and so I just, kept telling myself, I’m not going to give her what she wants…”

    What a crock of shit! 🙄

    • Puh-Leez……. like Jodi doesn’t have anything ELSE to worry about? Gasp! I was feeling sorta sorry for Deanna…. well, I guess I still do. How can i feel anything BUT sorry for someons so self-concerned? Thi girl’s world must be so small…..

    • If someone was obsessed,had her heart broken and was more likely to be a stalker that was Deanna!!! She was extremely jealous of Jodi because she came into TA’s life,turn it upside down and there was no room left for Deanna.Deanna must HATE Jodi,so it’s no surprise she shits on her!

    • Wow, she really has consumed a lot of kool-aid from the Travis Taliban.

      What a can’t understand normal thinking!

      Jodi wanted a plea so that no one would be humiliated, including that beaatch.

      Where does she get the idea that Jodi wanted to humiliate her…oh, the same jack holes that said right away that Jodi did it…the hughes and liar gang.

      Deanna had more motive for killing Travis than Jodi did.

  56. I just read that our idiot governor Brewer said she thinks Jodi is guilty. When asked of what she said she didn’t know the details. Thanks for proving once again that you are the most ignorant governor in the country.

  57. Good afternoon all.

    I just read on wild about trial twitter that one of the jurors showed up in t-shirt and flip-flops.

    • LOLOL

      If I were on the jury I wouldn’t dress any differently on verdict day than non-verdict day.

      It never occurred to me that they would dress up. Is it normal?

      • LOL I don’t know! If they don’t dress up ever day, just because they’re going to a courthouse, why would they dress up on verdict day??

    • I don’t know! The thinking is that on the day they give the verdict, they’ll be all dressed up to be on t.v. I don’t know. I suppose I’d dress up a bit every day just because I was going to a courthouse.

      • You think they would actually show the jury on TV? I thought for their privacy, they were not going to show the jury

  58. KN saying she had enough cash to buy gas, she could have shot him in the back, she could have said an easier place for the gun to be on the shelf, just these rational statements alone should be enough for the jurors to have a lot reasonable doubt as to JA’s motives/actions.

  59. Hey all,
    I gotta run out for a couple hours. What are ways to get an alert on my phone if the verdict is reached?

    Thanks in advance

  60. The HLN nitwits are busy trying to figure out which juror is THE holdout who has been duped and therefore not voting for M1. IDIOTS!!!

    • i know there just assuming that the hold-out is for defense, not that it could be one holding out for M1

      • It’s more like somebody is holding out for manslaughter, while others are holding out for acquittal.

        • I am just hoping they are not deciding two cases at once….. Jodi’s and Snow White’s. She was on trial too right?

        • Indeed, because I can’t imagine eleven people being as stupid as HLN. I know there are a lot of stupid people out there in the general public (just look at the hate sites) but that eleven such people would end up on one jury (assuming they haven’t been watching HLN) is statistically unlikely.

  61. New jury scheduled from now on start at 10:00 am local time, no more 9:00am, HAHA they only started at 9:00am once BK said this came as a update from the court

  62. I have read somewhere that the Arizona wrongful death statute establishes that a wrongful death lawsuit must be filed within 2 years of the death. Does that mean the statute of limitations has run out for TA’s family to institute proceedings against JA for wrongful death?

  63. Has the jury started for the day yet? HLN’s clock isn’t ticking. I’m using it more as background noise while I go about my day.

  64. clicking ruby red slippers and saying
    “We are Team Jodi, and We Will be Victorious, Never Question It, Never Doubt It”

  65. Anna Nicole judge has a point: a few years from now, a juror is probably going to admit they watched something about it on TV and such. Why didn’t Pickles sequester the jury?

    • Well that would create a mistrial. We would have to trust they didn’t let it influence their vote and with how bias the media I personally wouldn’t believe them

  66. I think that if Jodi gets anything other than aquittal, that it will be appealed by her lawyers. And I think that, given all of the mistakes by the judge, that it will be either overturned or reversed. So, if she isn’t freed after this trial, I think she has a good chance of being freed over the next few years from appeals.

    • Elaine, if she gets anything less than M1, they will not appeal at all! Huge chance of her getting convicted of M1 the next time around, esp. due to media bias.

      Anything that is not M1 is a victory for the defense.

  67. What I’m envisioning is the jurors with brains trying to explain it to those folks who subconsciously want to convict her of something/anything simply because she’s guilty of the crime of being [a] young, [b] pretty, [c] intelligent (or any combination thereof.) That’s good for us because those people with brains represent us and I know none of us would allow ourselves be persuaded beyond manslaughter, no matter what some idiot had to say. And I personally don’t think I could even convict her of manslaughter. For me it all boils down to who started the violence and if I had to use statistics alone I would be putting my hard-earned money on Travis. Then if you add to these cold hard statistics the evidence that points toward Travis having a somewhat aggressive side (what some might call “unhealthy communication patterns”) I’d be doubling down on Travis. And once that is established (independent of Jodi’s words) it would then lend credibility to the rest of her story…a violent struggle in which she killed, without intent, someone she just wanted to love.

  68. What was Juan Martinez doing in the juror room??? He was probably yelling at them. Really, is it normal for the prosecutor to go into the jury room for any reason? Maybe they had a question for him? But aren’t the answers supposed to be in writing??

  69. It may have been “a” jury room – not “the” jury room… was on a tweet – the person could have been mistaken….

  70. Wild about Trial just tweeted that about 15 minutes ago JM came out of the juror room and went downstairs.

    How can that be??? I thought the juror room was sacred while they are in there.

    • Nym, the people tweeting at Wild About Trial said they saw Juan coming in and out of the same door the jury uses. They’re not sure all that’s back there, behind that door. So I don’t know. It seems to me he should keep very clear of the jury. Maybe he wants to poke his head into the jury room and yell at them. LOL

  71. I just heard from Judge Siedlen,(from the Anna Nicole trial) say that he had inside information on some of the jurors. He said he knows for sure that at least 3, mabey more are Mormons!. This was speculated but never confirmed. I think judge Siedlen is telling the truth. If it is true, that will be good for us Cause Mormons do not go for any of this sex out of wedlock and that leads me to believe that we have some people on our side, no matter what their motive.

    • Jessie, I think mormons on the jury could also be good in the fact that they KNOW what people really do behind closed doors and what they do to hide it.

    • Jessie, I hope they are not like Esteban and Pickles. That can be bad for us. Mormons stick together, and remember TA is “saint”.

      • I believe it could go either way with Mormons on the jury. Some may be inclined to protect his image. Some might be truly offended by all of it and judge the situation justly…like Bella for instance.

  72. Good morning/afternoon all, LOL

    Woke up late this morning, I stay up late cuz working overnight does strange things to your sleeping habits.

    I want to say first that all of you are awesome. This site is so great. People that have minds and use them to see the case for what it is, all of us are to be congratulated for not giving in to the barrage of Smut that HLN puts out.

    Thats the sane part of the post.

    Now, this is a funny thought. Give Nancy BS Disgrace, Vicky Pollitan, Jane Velez-Moron, & Dr. Smut a nice firm fitting pair of Conrete Shoes, and dump them off a boat in the sea of Cortez. Then can all confer amongst themselves their biased opinions while getting mauled by hammerhead sharks!!! Now thats a nice thought to go nite nite with.

    I’m glad my imagination is getting put to good use on this site. Love ya all :>)

  73. Wild About Trial ‏@WildAboutTrial 2m

    Juan just headed back into the door where the jurors go. Blue shirt and blue tie. Was smiling amd in a good mood. #JodiArias

    They’re not sure what’s back there though, behind that door.

    • Maybe the have questions? I wonder if those would be aired? I heard yesterday on HLN that if they have questions for either side, Jodi the judge, lawyers and jury go bak into the court room to address the questions

  74. IMHO, the news media should be NO WHERE near the courthouse. Their very presence could have a negative affect on the jury.

    If I were a juror in this trial (and all the media have seen their faces), I would have packed a disguise to get the hell out of there after the verdict.

  75. I was re-listening to Nurmi’s close yesterday and realized I would have never made it into deliberations because I would not have been able to control my giggles as Nurmi pointed out the absolute ridiculous nature of the pre-meditated plan. I would surely have been dismissed and become an HLN headline.

  76. Wait e said he was in the jury room? That doesn’t seem kosher to me? He shouldn’t be allowed to stop in and say hello without other people present.

  77. If the dirtly little scumbag weasel, was actually in the jury room. We have a mistrial, good news for us. That useless little leprechaun!!!! and he has the gaul to say that Jodi likes the limelight. We have videos with the loser signing autographs for all seven of his dwarfs waiting outside the courtroom.

    You know why he likes Travis so much… he’s got a mancrush on him, and mad that he can’t act out his fantasy of dressing up in the Maid outfit TA bought for Jodi. Juan wanted to have such a wild and romantic night with TA LOL!!!!!!!

  78. What does Juan’s office victim advocate do? Saw a tweet that’s who accompanied Juan to the courthouse today. Funny Juan walked write by all the reporters once again.

    • Hes the one who has been sitting with the family and he has been COUNSELING them during the trial. and to help them during the sentencing phase.

  79. Also read they brought coolers with them like many did during the trial. Maybe they will work through lunch again, I’m sure they want this done with as well.