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The jury just asked what they should do if they can’t reach a verdict. Leave your comments below as the BS deliberations roll on.


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    • Comparing her to the BTK killer? OMG there is a big difference- he killed several women over several years after stalking them. He was, and is a super danger to society. That man is comparable to the movie Silence of the Lambs! I think that is so wrong of HLN. Then, also tonight they are trying to turn this into another Casey Anthony case by comparing her as the most hated woman in America. Unlike Casey Anthony- I don’t feel that Jodi is the most hated woman in the USA. Casey Anthony killed her own little girl for freedom. People don’t like Casey because she could have given up rights to the grandparents, or other family members instead of killing her child . I feel Jodi is guilty of killing Travis, but once again I feel this case is overcharged. If they are going to compare this to the BTK who killed many woman,, then they should compare drunk drivers to the BTK killer. There are people who kill another person via drunk driving- Sure, if someone killed a friend or family member via drinking I’d be mad and want them to die, but legally that’s insane. Drunk Drivers who kill another person due to being intoxicated are guilty of vehicular manslaughter. I feel this case should have been manslaughter – she killed while impaired due to her borderline and bipolar disorder. Perhaps Travis pushed her buttons too far, and she was not able to control her anger- this happens to people who have bipolar or borderline personality disorder. Mental health issues such as these can be treated with medication. Drunk Drivers take classes to learn how to live sober, and Jodi needs to take classes and medication to help Jodi understand why and how she did this. There is definitely a need for Jodi to get some help. There is also a big need to sequester the jury.

    • Jodi At least one person sees the light in the jury… I am sure that this person is going to hold their ground…. I pray for an impasse or LIFE. I thiink its a great sign. Just wanted to send you a shout out to remind you that just as your cousin said you have so much hope more than even after tommorrow….. appeals and opportunities you have so much left to teach us all and America loves you. You have us enthralled. Nobody wants you gone.. we love having you here your pretty bright smile and eloquent words and works. You are way more than your worst day.. Just shows how much emotion passion you had for love… life, hang in there cookie.

      • Sara well said I am hoping its more than one person and they hold their ground and the judge lets them go and JM’s boss tells him to make a deal with Jodi.

        • Yes of course more than one hopefully but like I said at least one. Our Father who art in Heaven Holy be thy name thy kingdom come thy will be done on earth as it is in Heaven. Give us today the verdict we desire we deserve.. Please God give us life…. give us women hope. Give us love. Please God give us Jodi. We need her here. We need her as an example of strength humbleness. love beauty. Please God be with her family…. be with Jodi… Be with the other side to take the verdict with dignity and peace. Jesus Christ in heaven forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us. FAITH LOVE HOPE of these three today we need them all.

    • I think we will see a verdict today. I’m not sure how I feel about a hung jury- I’d rather just get the sentence now and start appeals.

      • I agree.We want a sentence today so that Jodi can wake up tomorrow getting ready for an appeal.

      • If it is hung where are they going to get fair and impartial people to serve on this jury? The media coverage is insane. Why won’t they just make a deal with her and let this be done JM is letting his big ego get in the way of justice.

    • Renee, I’m not sure when a verdict will return. I will say this, though….I am glad the jury was hung this morning because that gives me hope that at least one juror was against the DP. What scares me though is the scenario that there is only *one* juror against DP and the rest of the jurors bully that person into their way of thinking. Jodi can still appeal the verdict if she gets life and her quality of living will be so much better in the meantime while she traverses through the appeals process. Praying, praying, praying!

    • Yes, Yes, a Christian! Just one who really believes in Jesus as Lord and in Mercy! Just one! or better yet, let the verdict just be life! and then on with the appeals! I am so tired of this circus. as I have said so many times, a civilized country doesn’t even need the death sentence anyway. when will this world ever become civilized? So tired of HLN and all the Mob mentality.. and all the side shows, and all the Lynce Mob outside the courthouse doors… and all the HLN shows who have tired this case! as soon as this is over and the verdict is read, I never ever intend to watch that network again or CNN it’s sister network. Never! I will continue though, to pray for Jodi and for her life and future and a new trial.

      • My feelings exactly! I have been boycotting HLN for at least 2 months now. I wish there could be something we can do to kick them off the air or hold them accountable for their biased incompetent reporting!

      • I’m now holding both of my grandmother’s Rosary beads (my Italian grandmother was close to a saint, I swear) and asking God to give strength and courage to the members of the jury holding out. Keep them strong and focused. Give Jodi her life on behalf of all abused woman/men.. help these jury members to stop this madness, and come to their senses. Give your precious angel a life she can live..she can and will make a difference…..Amen

        • My grand mother too I have her mother’s rosary and I to was told that she saw the Virgin Mary after kneeling for days praying for the war to end I to am saying the rosary today

    • I don’t think a Catholic could get on that jury. Would they be able to be “death penalty qualified”?

    • So True, Milan…. fellow Catholic here. Some Jodi haters have really made me feel like a piece of dirt lately. I Tweeted one of the lawyers on HLN and asked for prayer and compassion for Jodi for once…. and he responded by saying “in what delusional world do you live in”? It was Joey Jackson… pitiful!!! I am just so happy someone in the jury is standing their ground , I pray Jesus , Mary & Joseph to save Jodi, and give this juror the strength to continue holding out. Never have I seen such hatred as I have seen for Jodi …. HLN $$$ is so important to people that they will put someone to death ! And the HLN viewers are just as bad, they want to be in the spotlight as a Jodi Hater!

    • I used to like her and Jean a lot – back during CA trial the two of them seemed to try to be objective. I think they’ve been under pressure to do otherwise this time around.

      • I agree. I think Jean is biased but not as bad as the rest. Beth Karas has her moments but she tends to explain things more.

      • ITA I think they are feeling the pressure from HLN. I’ve seen on more than one occasion Jean making a pro defense sort of a comment and they jump down her throat especially when she’s on with NG. Same thing with Beth she has not joined in on the party line quite a few times and then they start in on her and she starts to cave a bit.

    • Vinnie Politan or however you spell it is a weirdo, he thinks he’s very cool. Delusions of grandeur. I think all of HLN has this problem. Maybe they should all talk to Dr. Douche about it.

    • Beth seems to be the least sensationalistic, a little more down to earth. I’ve actually seen her roll her eyes at something the DisGrace was ranting about…

      • I know. Nancy is the absolute worst. She cuts anyone off on her panel who disagrees with her and rarely lets anyone finish their sentences.

    • Beth & Jean seem like the most almost reasonable on there on site court observations sometimes. Although I don’t like the monster (HLN) they work for.. All the rest of the gang got tweets from me.

    • Beth surprised me this morning by actually saying something in favor of Jodi…. Bet HLN told her to “quit” …. they went to commercial real quick too.

  1. wild tweeted

    The buzz in here is that the jury will be hung if they are already unable to agree in such a short amount of time.

  2. I would like to see JM & TA’s family
    not get what they are ferociously
    fiending for!
    Hung Jury would make my day.
    Anything to make HLN & Nancy Implode!

    • LOL… that’s an idea.. muted huh? Hadn’t thought of doing that… like to check in on them once in a while for a minute or so, just to remind myself not to be like them…” EVIL &UGLY”… .

  3. Hi family! I was ranting of course on the other page, lol. I truly hope that the jurors who are against the death penalty stay true to their convictions! Also I find it so disgusting that the Alexanders sent out a tweet for the whole world to pray for the jurors to impose the death penalty!

    • Fuck that band of motley felons. I bet if shoplifting, burglary, impersonating someone upon arrest, drug use, and assault carried the death penalty, they’d be singing a different tune.

      • Hi Kira, were all 4 sibs convicted of at least one felony or did some sibs just get a misdemeanor conviction? I can’t find the criminal case report links that came up a few days ago as I’m still trying to get through this morning’s posts.

    • How are they any different than Jodi? They want her life for TA’s death. Murder is murder no matter who does it.

      • Patty, Killing someone who’s attacking you to save your life is not murder—it’s self-defense. Killing someone just because you want to or because you can is murder. What that slime from hell and his followers are trying to do to JODI is MURDER beyond the first degree! Why, because she is innocent—THAT’ WHY!!!!! If every person who had to kill someone to save their own life were put to death because they killed —–then where does that leave our servicemen/servicewomen and people in law enforcement?

  4. this is how haters pray: (they have a different God than I, apparently)

    In the name of Jesus, that you permeate every inch of that deliberation room, flood the room with your comforting presence….open closed minds….fill each juror with courage and clarity as well as wisdom to speak convincing truth to those who are scared and undecided.

    Please, Lord. Fill these jurors with a peace that goes beyond their ability to comprehend it. Allow them the blessed assurance and clarification that THEY are not killing Jodi, that SHE chose this with the decision to end life, HERS and TRAVIS”S on June 4th. help the jurors to understand her ability to continue to inflict pain on his family from anywhere but death row.


    • So………………….. is this “God” they pray to one that kills his children because 50,000 SUCKER$ are praying about something they have no REAL knowledge of?

      If that is God, I am converting to atheism.

      • That is the devil that they pray too…they are so full of evil they do not see or hear from God…what they hear are the whisperings of the devil in their ears…and their unforgiveness feeds the devil in their lives…

        God does not live in the hearts of wickedness…

      • I have been an atheist most of my life. It is freeing and I don’t have to deal with such hypocrisy and guilt. I live a life of reason and I believe in science. It is the only thing we have been proven exists.

      • Renee’ says:

        May 22, 2013 at 1:09 pm

        So………………….. is this “God” they pray to one that kills his children because 50,000 SUCKER$ are praying about something they have no REAL knowledge of?

        If that is God, I am converting to atheism.


        I Agree Renee,
        Enough of their “in Gods name”

    • Yes Jessie, you are so right. we don’t live under that type of bondage. If we believe in Jesus the son of God we are to walk in forgiveness. Let us keep praying for Jodi. I pray that she will over come this and get a New Trial! our entire justice system needs fixing. No more media coverage of capital punishment crimes! ever! this has to stop – especially if the jury is not sequestered. Pray Pray for Mercy for Jodi, and pray that God send his power to show that jury they would be killing her and it is so WRONG!

      • I am and I have been praying for Jodi since I first heard about this trial. You are right, real Christians practice the teachings of Jesus. And I am pretty sure he taught compassion, forgiveness and turning the other cheek.

  5. I am not pro Death Penalty…..I hope the U.S. gets rid of it. It is costly, it is unfair as innocent people die, it means that vengence is the motive and there is no chance for people who really do change.

  6. I assume they are talking about Samantha (aka bloodthirsty money hungry scam artist) in this said ” ‏Travis’ sister in tears as jury note read about unable to come to unanimous decision”

    Then the judge sends the jury back urging them to come to a decision ….Samantha should of been barred from the court room…trying to influence the jury because she wants Jodi to be sentenced to death that bad..who’s the killer now —-cant stand the Alexandar siblings …

    • Samantha probably has a new sports car picked out to buy with her “woe is me” money that she swindled from those mormon sheeple and the trailer park trash brigade.

  7. Al, AA, Someone… i need someone to work this out with me….

    So, the rules are, in AZ, that they will next try to bring in a NEW jury, JUST for the life/DP part.

    Ok, we all know that the value of a jury is that it is supposed to be a “jury of our peers”.

    We also know that every single “peer” would know about this trial by now. Shit, the 2 largest TA/JA sites are ran by people outside our country…that tells you this is BIG news everywhere.

    We know that in order to be unbiased/tainted, you cannot have talked to, watched, heard about, texted, read ANYTHING about this trial, before you are able to be a juror or WHILE you are a juror.

    So, please, tell me how ANYONE could find 15..16…17…18 jurors to sit on a NEW jury that meet these qualifications? Wouldn’t the mere fact that they didn’t even know about this trial show they are “not from the PEER group”. Hoenstly, you have to have your head up your own ass pretty far to not have heard about this or seen SOMETHING. ALSO, how do you stop one..two…three of the “Haters” from lying and getting on the jury, if they happened to be called.

    To Be Honest, I’ll admit, If I was to get a call, IF I LIVED IN AZ, I would lie through my teeth. I would not admit that I know what I know, and I would tear that jury apart when they picked me for the jury. I don’t respect the system, I don’t respect the AZ legal process and I don’t respect the state’s office. Lying to them to save Jodi’s life, would be an HONOR. I know, I know, I would have to “swear to the god of my choice” as an “oath. I believe in 2 oaths. The one I took when I joined the Navy and the one I said when I married my ex-wife. (Ex, yes, just because she didn’t believe in it, doesn’t mean I still don’t) And, if god turns out to be “real”…he better understand why I did what I did or I don’t want to go to his heaven anyway.

    Also, a bit more startling is the idea that they would bring in a new jury, JUST for this phase. How could they get all the info they need to decide the facts of the case? They don’t have to determine guilt, but they need to go FARTHER than just determining guilt and make an informed decision on life or death, as the judge instructed, “BASED ON EVERYTHING YOU HAVE HEARD IN ALL PHASES OF THE TRIAL”.

    They can’t honestly think they are going to do a whole new trial for the new jury THEN skip the “guilty/innocent” part of the trial, force the jury to believe that she is now guilty and THEN somehow decide life/death.

    They can’t do a “snap shot” of the whole trial, as that doesn’t give either party the full weight of the evidence it has presented.

    Can’t one of the Mormons just pray to zooloo, ask him to give Travis a “retry” at life, and we can all go home and abuse our OWN family like we did back in the good ole days, before this trial started?

    • Sir, there is not one untainted juror left in the world. Even we are not untainted, because we have brains and have spent countless hours pouring over documents, pictures, testimony, video, pictures….

      we have used critical thinking skills and we have matched evidence with reality and have found truth.

      Ethically, we couldn’t be on that jury. Ethically, there is not one other human at this time who can or should be the judge of Jodi. She is innocent. Yet, the fucking world sentenced her to death.

      I wish she would have been tried by a judge only…but a REAL judge, not some bobble-headed wench that is giving Juanabee head in chambers every time there is a secret meeting.

        • Mr. T….

          Where the hell have you been???!?!?!?!? I was thinking about getting our posse together to hunt you down….!

      • They would not want us on their jury because the very most Jodi would get would be manslaughter and only because she admitted killing him.

      • You know, there actually are people who haven’t paid ANY attention to this trial out there. Whether or not they exist in Maricopa county, I don’t know. But I’ve had FB friends say “Jodi who?”

        • But usually when i find one of these people, and explain “that woman on trial in AZ, that killed her boyfrriend…” They go “oh yah, i heard a bit about it, didnt know her name, or oh yah, someone was talking about that at work..etc..

          Like i said, if someone really had not heard of ANYTHING about this, would you consider them a good sampling of the “peer group”?

          • Well, I didn’t know anything at all about Casey Anthony, or what the hullabaloo was. I saw people on FB mention her name a few times during her trial. But I didn’t know what she was even on trial for.

    • I don’t understand how a new jury can be shown “all” the evidence and then said by the way she was found guilty so what do you think DP or no. That doesn’t even make sense.

      I could see wanting to lie to be on the jury. I would want to do the same thing. But I am too chicken. Even though they are all stupid I would think they would look at my computer and know I sent postcards to Jodi.

    • Sirlips,

      What you say is very true. However, the courts in their wisdom have found a way out of this mess. They trust the jury at its word. (I know sound like a “What, me worry?” moment). So the process is as follows:

      1. They form a panel of potential jurors.
      2. They ask who hasn’t heard about the case – and they take their word for it and they’re in.
      3. If they can’t get a full jury panel, then they ask “Who amongst you is willing to put aside what you have heard and is willing to form his mind on what will be presented in the court?”. And those who say yes are in.
      4. If they still can’t find enough folks they move venues to another county and repeat the above.
      5. If they still can’t fill a panel they wait for some time – the logic here is that a delay lets people forget and now its all copacetic. Then they do it all over again.

      And that apparently satisfies justice, though it defies the heck out of common sense.

      And so your plan of lying your ass off would just work. You’d be in like Flynn, watching JM cream pie Pickles. And no one would be the wiser.

      And I don’t know what they would do with the penalty phase. In theory the penalty phase has nothing to do with the conviction – Just like Pickles said yesterday. Its just a matter of balancing aggravation against mitigation. So JM could argue that all they needed was the aggravation/mitigation argument and Pickles could agree. Of course Pickles would probably agree if JM said the moon was a cream cheese pie.

        • Here’s a page from

          “In Sheppard, the United States Supreme Court stated that postponement is an action that a trial judge can take to guarantee an impartial jury because it delays the trial until the threat of prejudicial pretrial publicity abates or dies out.109 The assumption behind postponement is that public attention surrounding a case will actually fade over time.110 Moreover, trial courts assume that the lapse of time between the appearance of prejudicial news and the trial not only will diminish potential jurors’ ability to remember details of a case heard before the trial but also will allow jurors to set aside biases formed before the beginning of the trial.111”

          • OMG! That was back in the 60s though when people didn’t have internet or even TV. I wonder if that has since been overruled by a subsequent opinion.

            • Actually there are later decisions echoing the same. The other ref. in the passage is from a CA decision in the 80s. I’d originally found this in some FL case, but need more searching. The FL case was from the 90s.

              • OMG this needs to be reviewed. Nothing dies on the internet EVER! Times have changed a LOT since the 90s.

      • LOL, i just poured acid into my eye for having read such craziness.

        Wow..but like i said, WAYYYYYYY back in the begining, im here to see justice, or find out how to use this to fix the broken justice system. This is good, in that regard, as it is supplying us with TONS of examples of how the system needs to be fixed.

    • Sirlips, this is one part of the law in AZ that I really do not understand and I’m not much help on at all. I can’t even bring myself to read about it much because just about every single thing to do with the death penalty literally turns my stomach and if I start reading, I just run end up puking. Maybe Al has read up on it. He’s American and I know he’s against the death penalty, but maybe it’s a little easier for him to read up on this stuff because he grew up with it being legal to kill people convicted of crimes. Whereas, I grew up believing it’s barbaric.

      I almost wanted to better understand this myself and tried reading on the WebSleuths Legal Q&A forum because I am pretty sure that Arizona Lawyer person over there has answered in more detail about this. But quite honestly, his/her extreme bias makes me physically vomit and I just can’t stand even to read the answers, let alone the questions. (For example, I get as far as this person saying Jodi has NO friends, or Jodi’s lawyers are trying to withdraw because Jodi wants them to do something unethical, or any death threats to any witness were orchestrated by Jodi using Donavan, and I just can’t take another second of it.) If you can stomach it, read the last 10-15 pages over there as I think it’s been discussed somewhere.

      From the little I’ve read yes, if this jury is hung for the penalty phase, they would summon a new venire. I assume there would have to be new voir dire to select/reject the final jurors because how else could they select them?

      My extremely limited understanding is that once the new jury is impaneled (and I assume they’d have to select alternates for this phase as well), some sort of limited information about the case would be presented to them, but I’m not honestly sure by whom. Perhaps it would be some sort of written statement? They would be instructed that she was convicted and the aggravation factor of extreme cruelty applied.

      That’s about all I know or can stomach thinking about, sorry.

      • I’m at a loss too. The AZ instructions say

        “You are to apply the law to the evidence and in this way decide whether the defendant
        will be sentenced to life imprisonment or death.
        The evidence you shall consider consists of the testimony [and exhibits] the court
        admitted in evidence during the trial of this case, during the first part of the sentencing
        hearing, and during the second part of the sentencing hearing.”

        It also says

        “During the first part of the sentencing hearing, you found that the State had proved that
        [a statutory aggravating circumstance exists] [statutory aggravating circumstances exist]
        making the defendant eligible for the death sentence. ”

        So the jury has to consider all of the evidence and also relies on the fact that it found for aggravation.

        So where does a new jury start?

        Don’t know.

        • I assume the judge could provide modified instructions for the new panel???? It just seems so weird, doesn’t it?

          • Hung juries mormally remove the DP off the table. I wonder if this has actually ever happened. Until fairly recently DP sentences in AZ were rendered by the judge. The jury doing it is relatively new so it may not have had appellate review.

            • How can a new jury decide life or death when they haven’t watched the case and do not know the REAL facts of the case. That is like have a jury look at the charge with no evidence nothing but the charge and having to convict her or not of the accused crime. What are they baseing their decision on?

  8. I’ll tell you guys this has opened my eyes to the US justice system. It’s not something that I ever want to get caught up in.

    • All of these people rallying around hating on Jodi and begging for her to get the death penalty have no idea how serious this is. This trial has shown that any of us can be tried by the media. This is a monumental trial..I think it should go down in the history books as the most unfair trial ever.

    • Here are excerpts from Conrad Black about the justice system after being exonerated of a whole bunch of stuff they charged him with.

      “The unfairness, hypocrisy, and barbarism of the American criminal justice system is increasingly the subject of serious comment.”

      “Almost everything about the American system is wrong. Grand juries are a rubber stamp for the prosecutors; assets are routinely frozen or seized in ex parte actions on the basis of false government affidavits, so targets don’t have the resources to pay avaricious American counsel and are thrust into the hands of public defenders, who are usually just Judas goats for the prosecutors. The prosecutors poison the jury pool with a media lynching at the start; bail is often outrageously high, and prosecutions and ancillary proceedings, drag on for a whole decade, all contrary to the Fifth, Sixth, and Eighth Amendments. The plea bargain system, for which prosecutors would be disbarred in most other serious countries, enables prosecutors to threaten everyone around the target with indictment if they don’t miraculously recall, under careful government coaching, inculpatory evidence. Prosecutors win 95 per cent of their cases, 90 per cent of those without a trial, and people who exercise their constitutionally guaranteed right to go to trial receive more than three times the sentence they receive if they cop a plea, as a penalty for exercising their rights.”

      “Evidentiary and procedural rules are a stacked deck: the prosecutors speak last to the jury; most trial judges are ex-prosecutors who stitch up appeals in the courthouse lunch rooms; and the Supreme Court only takes 70 cases a year, is ostentatiously unconcerned with the facts and equity of cases, and only interprets and applies the law to ensure it is constitutional and uniform across the country. The sole defence the average American has against this evil, repulsive, and terroristic system is that America does not have the means or personnel to imprison more than one per cent of its adult population at any one time, though a stupefying 48 million Americans have a record.”

      “It is enough for the media to be a pack of wolves when whistled up by the prosecutors. That is not tolerated in other mature countries but is routine here. The presumption of innocence, (is) as much ignored by the press as by the prosecutors. Nancy Grace and her ilk regularly demand the conviction of mere suspects.”

      • Al

        re conrad black

        great post and excellent analyses by black

        black has had his own legal problems

        Conrad Black
        Life peer
        Conrad Moffat Black, Baron Black of Crossharbour, PC, OC, KSG is a Canadian-born former newspaper publisher, an historian, a columnist, a UK peer, and convicted felon for fraud who for a time headed the third-largest newspaper group in the world.

        “the prosecutors speak last to the jury”
        that was a vile, lawful, abuse in jodi’s case
        i couldn’t find the law in arizona’s criminal code title 13 on that
        prosecutor spoke twice and the defense was sandwiched in the middle
        what a malignant process

        “The presumption of innocence, (is) as much ignored by the press as by the prosecutors. Nancy Grace and her ilk regularly demand the conviction of mere suspects.”
        AND i would add judge stephens almost continously ignored the presumption of innocence

        “bail is often outrageously high,”
        this was jodi’s case
        4 1/2 – 5 years without bail
        the problem’s source from what i saw was in arizona’s political criminal code, the us constitution
        it was an abomination

        “public defenders, who are usually just Judas goats”
        don’t accept that characterization as a “judas goats” without looking at the source, they’re deliberately overburdened and underfunded to put a superficial gloss of respectability on the entire sham

        “plea bargain system”
        all sorts of abuses
        vast unfettered prosecutorial discretion is a related major abuse
        no private criminal prosecutions as permitted in other english common law jurisdiction
        dreadful system

        “more than three times the sentence they receive if they cop a plea,”
        would need to examine the reference for that
        could be true

        • the us constitution doesn’t guarantee bail, only that it not be unreasonble
          az law should’ve allowed bail
          even though capital cases etc have special provisions

          • i saw black’s statements not as kvetching, out of self interest, but though arising out of his troubles coming to a wider realization of important commnon interests among us all, enlightenment

            and maybe wider than purely narrow legal interests ?

            anyone who actually believes in justice, fairness, equality etc, the french put it “Liberté, égalité, fraternité”, supports such
            support such

            that is not a idea which has popular appeal among those who have persecuted jodi, including the mormons

            i’m not religious, but there is the parable of the good samaritan, a person from a despised group


            The parable of the Good Samaritan is a parable told by Jesus and is mentioned in only one of the gospels of the New Testament. According to the Gospel of Luke (10:29-37) a traveller (who may or may not be Jewish[1]) is beaten, robbed, and left half dead along the road. First a priest and then a Levite come by, but both avoid the man. Finally, a Samaritan comes by. Samaritans and Jews generally despised each other, but the Samaritan helps the injured man. Jesus is described as telling the parable in response to a question regarding the identity of the “neighbour” which Leviticus 19:18 says should be loved.

            Portraying a Samaritan in positive light would have come as a shock to Jesus’ audience.[2] It is typical of his provocative speech in which conventional expectations are inverted.[2]

    • Ohh,Danielle.Being a foreigner,if only you knew how I feel about the american justice system.It’s like a constant WTF?? And to think I’ve always dreamt of having the opportunity to move there one day.I m kinda having seconds thoughts right now 🙂

  9. I know, all of the eye rolling and huffing and puffing and crying and on and on, I thought the gallery was NOT supposed to show any emotion as to NOT sway the jury! The judge should have admonished the Alexanders to knock it off! The judge is completely biased in my opinion.

      • They figured it was their one last pitiful attempt to sway the jury with their theatrical crying, sniffling, faces distorted in agony. I especially enjoyed the panic striken looks of Chris Hughes and the brother. I think I even saw Hughes’ wife trying to squeeze out a fake tear.

        • Almeida
          i liked the mocking phrase,
          “I think I even saw Hughes’ wife trying to squeeze out a fake tear.’

    • They are not suppose to be able to do that at all. The judge is suppose to remove anyone doing anything that can bias that jury, but she didn’t.

      • This woman is no Judge in my opinion she is scared to do her job and she is scared of jm. she needs to be thrown off of her bench and out the doors she is a joke!!!!!

    • Jessie, its not just your opinion, it is fact. And its not just you, its ALL of us.

      If someone had their head up their own ass so far they could see what last night dinner looked like, they would STILL be able to see this judge is a…Dare I say….CUNT!

    • You know what, she IS biased. I have a news article that identifies her by her eye-rolling. Everyone knows who the eye-rolling woman in the courtroom is.

      We are forced to be held hostage ourselves to her bias. It doesn’t matter how many people see her unfairness, she is the dictator and answers to no one.

      I agree that this case has shocked me to the core.

      And, this coming from a person who has been the target of an identity thieving convicted felon, whom the police didn’t even pay the slightest bit of attention to. I am the target of a stalker, and this has gone on for more than 20 years, and yes, it is true, no exaggeration. The police have done next to nothing. The convicted felon has done what he did to my family, to others, many times before. He has a rap sheet 30 pages long, and you would think I would be screaming for “law and order” in this case. NO, nothing about our so called justice system is fair. Truly filthy dirty criminals are let off with a slap on the wrist, and others such as Jodi who deserve mercy and fairness are tormented, from what I can see, just because she was easier to catch. And of course, she’s the ideal person for the media to crucify for ratings.

    • ”She has more humanity in her little finger than the whole of the Maricopa County Attorney’s office and HLN put together.”

      Ain’t that the truth!

  10. First, let me say I’ve hated Katie W every since I saw her photographed with JM, you know the one with arm around his shoulder, his head in her boobs. Yesterday, I did hear say something that no one else has mentioned…she said, Jodi hands were trimbling, she could tell Jodi was nervous. Perhaps, if one jurors saw her trimbling, still fighting for life that maybe, just maybe one might be thinking…what in the hell have I done?

  11. Jane Velez Mitchell is speechless every time someone decent speaks out in favor or takes side with Jodi. I can’t believe that woman wants to Jodi to get the DP. HLN crew is a heartless, money hungry bunch of demons.

    • Who is she speechless about now and what did they say? I caught a little of HLN last night and thought wow, what timing, I tuned in right as This blonde lady and dam it, my memory sucks, I know her name, I posted it last night, her mom is Gloria Allred, but anyhow she was saying how America along with NOrth Korea and Iraq are one of the fewest with death penalties anymore and why do we want to be in bed with countries like that? She said something is very wrong in this case, she has never ever seen no one show up to defend their loved one in DP case and she was getting mad about how Jodis case is being handled and how unfair it is because Jodi cant afford the best lawyers, that the states side has the upper hand because its get better help but asssss hole cuts her off and flips back to her now mad mom because the daughter was not saying what they wanted her to say, dang, what is her name again, I will go look it up but I am hoping that she and groups against dp will help Jodi if she indeed does get that

    • I can’t stand JVM anymore…she is getting uglier by the minute..the hate and darkness is oozing out of her now..and seriously, she needs something to calm her down…I can’t stand her loud ranting and fast talking..I used to think she was kind of attractive, but her hate has made her very unattractive..

  12. Did anyone else see GMA today? I was laughing so hard at Nancy Grace. She got so PIST that Dan Abrams defended Jodi in a sense. Then she started boo hooing about her boyfriend that got killed…GET over it bitch!!! And how the defendant put his head down when she went by, He did that because shes one ugly heffer. Gosh that woman always turns it back to her and her sad ass life when someone says something she doesn’t have a come back for.


      she has been whining about his death for 30 years… he probably wasn’t murdered, but killed himself to get away from that demonic, ugly bitch.

          • and she references back to his murder with every single case she talks about and how she couldn’t wash her hair or brush her teeth or bathe come on nancy g you are a drama queen bitch from hell

            • I know. Everyone is different and reacts to things differently. Some people function “normally” for a while after a death because they are numb. They are so shocked, they don’t know what to do, so they go on as if nothing happened. Then when they let reality in, they collapse, and the timetable is different for everyone for the stages of grief. And, people cycle through the stages in different sequences as well.

    • NG and Abrams were on the original Court TV in the 90’s. They go back a long time. There is now hatred between them. I don’t know the reason, but..

      • Maybe because she is such a witch, Ed!! Can you imagine trying to come off as a serious journalist if your were working w/her?? She has no credibility!!!!

      • Have you seen how she treats people who are supposedly “friends” when they disagree with her? She is downright abusive! She humiliates them!
        When I used to watch her, I used to cringe when she would be friendly to her prosecution woman friend, then she would attack the woman’s defense attorney husband!
        She doesn’t even try to control herself. It makes her look like a fool more than the person she’s trying to make into a fool.

        Does anyone remember that awful case in Florida, with the little girl who went missing under Misty Croslin’s watch, and how NG sucked up to her trash boyfriend, the father of the little girl? Shameful. NG looked pretty stupid when the idiot was caught dealing drugs. She made all kinds of excuses for him. What a mess that was.

      • Dan Abrams’ father is Floyd, the famous First Amendment lawyer. Dan actually has some sense.

    • I heard NG”s fiancée committed suicide instead of being murdered. Either way he won out imagine being with that ugly, maniacal, bitch 24/7!

    • Unfortunately, I watched some of that while looking for Jodi interviews. DisGrace made a laughing stock of herself AGAIN when Dan confronted her on the fact that no matter WHAT Jodi said, she’d make a spectacle of it. She then did her tearful BS about when her fiance was murdered and the defendant and his counsel all looked down. WHATEVER!

    • I missed that … wish I’d seen it…. but then Disgrace cries all the time about that boyfriend…. if I was her husband … I’d say…. enough is enough! On top of that, HLN pays her to cry about her ex- boyfriend every chance she gets. What a circus!!!

  13. Sorry didn’t realize new page had started and posted question asking has anyone else noticed that JM looks exactly like how Satan is always depicted as looking. Then it dawned on me the reason that he looks like that….IT’S because HE IS SATAN HIMSELF!!!!!! That’s why there is such a dark aura emanating from that courtroom—–the devil didn’t go down to Georgia —- he went to AZ!!!!!

  14. Jodi, for pete sake, STOP giving interviews! This is not earning u brownie pts w/ this jury or any future juries u’ll have to come against. The interviews make u seem like a “publicity hog”, which u are NOT. – I hope.

    Gr8 job w/ your plea. Just bide your time. It will all work out. – Stay strong.

    • dave; This is Jodi’s last time to give her voice. If/when she is sentenced, she will no longer be able to talk.

      I found her interviews intelligent, and nothing bad was said.

      I am glad she spoke.

      • Renee, do you know if she can give interviews if she gets life? I’m glad she spoke last night to Mark Curtis, but Troy Hayden can go shit broken bricks.

      • Me too…the way she phrases her sentences shows how well read she is. Very articulate!

        Good thing Dr Youngblood asshole psycho-ologist gave her that reading test!

        (I accidentally posted this in wrong spot above which makes zero sense in that chain, lol)

      • I don’t know death row laws in AZ, but in practically any other state in America, death row inmates give prison interviews (mostly behind a reinforced-glass wall) all the time. The “morbidly obese lady” hasn’t sung yet. The jury could still decide “life in prison.” – Best to not do anything to persuade them otherwise.

    • will have to agree with you Dave, especially about earlier interviews which she admitted in last nights interview as being stupid. She’s grown so much. Those putting out her being attention grabber need to look at themselves. She was modest, poised and answered the questions .. not like those waving banners, making web sites and all . . who is screaming for attention? Her interview reached some people. Along with you tho, it might be wise to let it ride and offer nothing else .. at least for a while.

      • You can tell just by how she carries her self that she is no longer that “stupid” girl that gave those first interviews. I thought she was very classy in all of her interviews and in the one she did as a follow up to her post conviction interview I think she looked prettier then I have ever seen her. Even in her photos pre jail Jodi.
        I laughed this am when GMA played the segment about why the hair color change and she said they don’t sell Clairol in jail. Freaken DUH she has been there for 4 plus years…and her hair grows very fast she has donated her hair a few times already. And when she did that she did not think Oh I am doing this JUST to use as my appeal to the jury…she did it because she has a good heart.

        • I think back then, she still believed in “The Secret” mythology and magical thinking. It seems like she thought if she just thought “positive thoughts” and didn’t allow in anything negative everything would work out all right. That’s my impression.

          I agree that she did a fantastic job on her speech in front of the court, and I do think she came across very well in the interview post-verdict. I haven’t seen the one she gave last night, didn’t know about it, can’t stand the television at all lately, it’s too horrible.

    • Screw it. Let Jodi do what she wants.

      I swear, she couldn’t win either way. Casey chose not to talk to the media and people screamed about her being a coward who wouldn’t address her lies in public. Jodi chooses to talk to the media and she’s a famewhore who loves the attention.

    • dave,
      yestrday before watching the interviews I was hesitant too.Not because I was afraid of what she might say oh no..I trust my girl completely.I was afraid how the media would abuse her and twist her words.But then I read here other people’s opinions,that this might be her last chance to speak out and changed my mind.
      Jodi didnt let us down.She was once again the eloquent,soft spoken,well read,educated person we all have known and loved,That woman could have been anything she wanted in life.She has so many potential!
      Furthermore,I was SO P R O U D of her for standing her ground on many subjects that were brought up:Travis,Martinez,DV,his family etc.I was so proud to see my girl having gained some new perspective especially when it comes to that manipulative,pedophile,abuser of hers! And how she seems to gradually forgiving herself and thinking that life is worth living.I kept saying out loud ”I’m proud of you,baby” And I MEAN IT! That girl has matured so much during the last 5 years,other people need a lifetime and dont get to that level of maturity and self awareness.

      As to your ”The interviews make u seem like a “publicity hog”, which u are NOT. – I hope. ” I say huh?
      You hope?Still havent figured Jodi out?Then why are you here?Either she is our angel or not.IMHO of course.

  15. I believe many of the juror’s lied during voir dire when asked if they knew anything about the case, knowing that it was going to be a high profile case and they simply wanted to be part of it (maybe envisioning book deals). And these people, like so much of the rest of the country/world had already decided she was guilty and that it was her job to prove that she wasn’t. It’s the only explanation I can come up with for the bizarre verdict (other than maybe they are all living in an alternate universe where Jodi is actually a whoring murdering slut.)

  16. hln stuttering all over themselves . . even the public on the street showing changed attitudes. . can’t help but think Jodis interview helped her.

    • Me too CB! Jodi has remained firm in her self defense claim…and she let the jury know it too! Maybe now they can see that SOMETHING happened when she met TA..maybe now they are re-considering the abusive texts etc from him..the broken finger, how he stomped all over Jodi!! Jodi has given them something to think about..that they probably convicted an innocent person because of public pressure and intimidation!!!

  17. I’m sorry for my previous rant.
    I’m just feeling VERY disillusioned right now. I’ve led myself to believe the past 12yrs, that things were getting better in this country. That I honestly thought I could “feel” a spiritual awakening.
    I’ve met a lot of very bad people these past 12yrs, who have taken me for everything they could squeeze from me. BUT, I also met even MORE people who were honest, compassionate, filled with “Christ Consciousness”.
    After 40 years of searching, I found both myself, and my own path.
    These proceedings, plus the work I’ve been doing lately; have honestly left me with the view that *something* is going to have to happen before people will wake up, see their true potential, and make this “little blue marble” we have been entrusted with, worthy of our presence.

    • No worries. I feel the same way. I was hoping for things to get better not worse, but it’s like things keep going down the crapper.

      • Thanks everyone. It just hurts me, in my whole self, to witness this savage, inexcusable behavior. And if you DARE try and just try CALMLY, respectfully, to respond to people’s misinformation, you’re cyber-bullied and threatened.
        These “Mormons” profess to be “Christians”, but I also know from my aunt & cousin, they share a belief with me. We believe that we all, EVERYONE, has a “spark of the divine within us”.
        Maybe I just have it wrong, that all these hater’s and supposed “LDS”, are really a bunch of atheists or satanists…nah, the atheists I know actually have a soul, have that “divine spark”, they just don’t know it yet.
        There’s NO EXCUSE, NONE for this type of behavior.

        • Lainey, thanks for sharing your heart with us. I had previously thought that people were waking up, becoming more enlightened, or call it what you will and now this. I actually moved to a place that I thought would be filled with spiritual people who love nature, compassion, and spirituality. Instead, this place is full of venom, religious zealouts, racists and even hate nature! (We live in a beautiful area, by a beautiful lake!). I have had my life threatened by locals here – twice. I live my life, help the local charities, support volunteers, and out-of-the-blue I get threats from people whom I don’t even speak to! It is like evil has followed me. This on top of working on victim issues I’ve had with DV.

          I am trying to keep the faith, saying to myself it is all part of a grander picture, and positive change always takes time. We are not alone.

          • Oh goodness Cindy, sounds just like her!! There’s actually an Ashram about 6 miles from me-that’s what first brought me here. Panditji was introduced to me taking a Y & M class at the Ganapatii temple in Flushing NY, and I was originally offered permanent residency, in return for me being the webmaster. The problem was I was the ONLY “webmaster” for 3 MAJOR sites, plus about 45 smaller ones towards the end of 2 years when some Indian guys were brought in-“experts” who didn’t even know basic HTML.
            Anyways, I was still in heaven, and I hope to return to live there again in the near future. I’m legally blind, don’t drive, and a taxi to get there and back is about $40-50 I don’t have.
            But after spending my first 40yrs in North Fl and Alabama, to move into this small town in the Poconos, I was SHOCKED that the racism, religious zealots, and just a very small town with a large imagination and even larger mouths, is 1000times worse than ANYTHING I experienced down south-and I went through segregation, etc!!
            I stay to myself, now that I live out in the country, at least I don’t have to worry about all the stories I’d hear, strange people getting into my UN-secure apt I had there.
            Lol, my landlord/friend here asked me last week who my silver-haired fox was, that she heard about in town. She’d heard I had this nice looking, well-dressed elderly man over for “sleep-overs” 3-4 times a year-and I hadn’t told her about this “mystery man”.
            I literally fell down laughing-as my Uncle had when he heard about it. Obviously the gossiper’s weren’t Catholic. My Uncle came to town for a couple of years to relieve the local priest so he could go on vacation. My uncle, my “silver-haired fox”/guest in my apartment-is a Catholic Bishop. 😉

            • “Here”. Sorry about spelling/grammar, I gotta take a break, my eyes are swollen, lol, I’m a mess..,

        • You’ve really got it. That’s just what I’ve been saying. It’s insane, like nothing I’ve ever experienced, it is so over the top.

    • Me too…the way she phrases her sentences shows how well read she is. Very articulate!

      Good thing Dr Youngblood asshole psycho-ologist gave her that reading test!

      • Ok, now you guys brought a tear to my eyes. Thank you. Maybe there is hope, at least with everyone at this site. It’s just hard to see much beyond what we deal with every day.
        My kids are my rock-even if I rarely see them and they’re still trying to work out the issues of the abuse, kidnapping, separation from me, their father’s death, and now my daughter’s inability to conceive with her wonderful husband-as a result of the abuse.
        But they’re strong, much stronger than I was at their age. They’re working, in school and took up my mantle of volunteering at some of the same organizations I worked with at their age.
        But they, and you guys, DO give me Hope. 😉

      • I did too.
        If you are not already a subscriber, I think you might very much like to try a magazine subscription to “The Intelligent Optimist,” (formerly “Ode Magazine”). Also take a look at “Kosmos,” if you can. Just suggestions.
        I, too, sometimes feel like humanity is travelling backwards. Sometimes, though, things have to get worse before we are willing to allow them to get better, I guess.

        • I’m actually currently taking a couple of online/book courses through the Ashram I used to live at. One of the courses is Sanskrit-I’ve started it about 6 times since one of my friends gave it to me, (it’s actually a $750 course!! ). A part of my genetic disorder is ADD and I only take supplements right now-going to switch to better ones June 1.
          But I’ll still check into the magazines, thank you! The Ashram/HI I used to live at also publishes a magazine, although I believe it may just be online now. Here’s an article by a friend and former-hopefully soon to be present again, doctor. She’s The Best! Everyone here may find this helpful!

    • Lainey, maybe something good will come out of this…maybe people will realize what a joke HLN is, and how hateful the Alexanders are, and how they are profiting from the death of their brother..Believe me, I think a lot of eyes will be opened due to this case..HLN will be chastised and Jodi will win an appeal due to all of the corruption in this case!! Have faith!!!

      • That’s what I’ve been thinking too, and hoping that things will change because of this. But, I want Jodi to be set free.


  19. I just saw a still shot of Jodi with her hand up during one of the interviews yesterday. And you should see her finger crooked as always and you know that at THAT moment she wasn’t thinking about that finger as all the haters said she was doing on the stand. Another little piece of the BULLSHIT puzzle that the hatters tried to make FIT!!!

  20. Hail Mary….Full of Grace….The Lord is with Thee…Blessed are Thou amongst women and Blessed is the fruit of thy womb Jesus…Holy Mary Mother of God….Pray for our SINNERS…now and at the hour of our death…

    Thank you Janeen Russo (((( Sirlips ))))) has no religion and this will help him our prays are being hear in heaven

      • hey all of you, I have been coming on this site since early february. I try to everyday to at least read up and check in. I don’t post usually unless I am really pissed about the trial that day or just snippy about a juan-comment. But, coming here has helped me to vent my feelings about the media and the justice system in assizona and reading that you-all feel the same really helps me feel so much better and sleep better at night knowing that we all are praying for JODI and her family and for the jury to do the right thing. I have enjoyed my time here so thank-you.

        • I feel the same. Especially since on almost every other news site, with facebook commenting, all of my comments have been repeatedly deleted. Very rarely, I’ve kept re-posting enough to wear them down, but that has been very rare.

  21. I am so angry I suppose I should be on the vent page. Didn’t that effing apology for a judge tell them this was a case to find mitigating circumstances? Then why did she tell the jurors if they wanted help she would tell them the law? Because she wants the DP for Jodi, but haven’t we known that all along?

      • LOL my daughter prayed last night ” And GOD PLEASE holed my Mommy tongue cause I think sometimes the devil is on it with all those bad words she tries not to say…Nutter Frucker I know WHAT she REALLY means and it is bad. Just put a little hot sauce on her tongue and she will stop all that.” I was laughing so hard outside her room that I about peed my pants LOL

          • Gotta Love her!! She just came in with a present she made me at school I said OHHH a cookie I was hungry. She said no momma it will break your tooth then you’ll look like one of the Alexanders.and walked out of the room. She says some stuff that just floors me sometimes.LOL

        • My mother washed my mouth with soap when I said Fuck because someone stole my bike and to walk home and it was a long way home too

          • LOL that sounds like something my Mom would of done.LOl I was riding home on the handle bars of a friends bike and we hit a bump I FLEW off and hit my face on the ground breaking a tooth. Two men that my friends parents knew stoped to help I ran from them she chased me and said they were safe and she went back to my house with me. One of the men carried me up to the door. My Mom came running out of the house beating this man with a broom because she thought he had hurt me. So hours later after the dentist was over and I was feeling no pain my Mom came in and said So why the HELL did you get in the care with a stranger. I took the cussing cue ( not a good idea) and I said FUCK Mom my friends parents knew him. And she put HOT SAUCE on my tongue, near the tooth the dr just fixed. LOL That is why my daughter said Hot sauce in the above comment LOL

          • Thanks Duke I try not to cuss cause I want to go see my Mommy in Heaven one day, YES even after the HOT SAUCE, lol BUT sometimes no other word works but the good ole F word makes you feel better in a flash.
            Try it Everyone we are all stressed right Know so scream out FUUUUCCCCCKKKKK over and over drawing the letters closer each time. fuuucccckkk fuuccckkk fuucckk fuck SEE your laughing doesn’t it make you feel better LOL LOL LOL I am tired sorry

    • He is. I think he wants to just talk about himself. He would be so happy if he could just talk about himself and his own feelings and thoughts and how cool he is.

    • Could you imagine being his WIFE??? EWWWW…He would come home whining every night…I would have to smack the stupid out of him.

    • He’s not a real journalist. He started out as a consulting guest on Court TV years ago and just ended up where he is today.

    • If the jury is hung, Juan boy will have nothing to “plea bargain’ with. One choice he could make is to REDUCE the penalty to life, but I don’t think that can be considered a “plea deal” that would disallow an appeal. He can also choose to inpanel a new jury and retry to penalty phase. Of course, they would have to find an _impartial_;llll jury who believes the M1 conviction was correct. The odds of that are out of the park.

  22. I can’t believe so many people want her to die. I mean are we in the dark ages? It is disgusting. I really can’t wrap my brain around it. I mean do they realize death is forever? I can imagine hearing my family member was killed and saying I wish that person would die. But in all reality I wouldn’t kill them. I don’t think I could give anyone the death penalty. I’m not God. I don’t get to say when someone lives and dies. She’s not dangerous to society.

    This is pathetic. How can you truly want someone to die? You’d think as Christians after 5 years you find it in your heart to begin to forgive not for the person but for yourself to heal. I’ve had to learn that as I’ve gotten older. Yet they’re still looking for blood. I don’t understand guys.

    • Mormons are not true Christians. They have different beliefs than the Christ of the Bible. I know; I was raised Mormon, but no longer hold their beliefs.

    • Seriously. What are these people gaining on a personal level if Jodi gets a DP? It’s demented. I’m convinced that they have a sickness, a sadistic impulse that they need to project onto others if they can’t act it out in their real lives. And this applies to everyone who clamors for the DP in this country. The only ‘civilived’ country that still kills people in the name of justice.

    • I am so against the death penalty and even though I think I wouldn’t still be against it if someone in my family was killed, but I hope to never find out. But I totally don’t understand how the general masses can be so hell bent on the death penalty. What kind of sick mentality does it take to be hoping and praying (PRAYING!!!!) for someone’s death! I feel like it’s always wrong! Even when the Navy Seals took out Osama bin Laden and people were all happy, I felt like it was wrong to be whooping it up like that. I’ll never understand.

      • You know I use to be an eye for an eye type of person myself years ago, but you know life and experiences change you and make you look at the big picture as cliche’ as that sounds but it is very true. Jesus Christ Our One And Only True GOD is the Judge of life and death, right. He is the judge of judges.

    • Romans 12:19 avenge not for yourselves but rather give place unto wrath for it is written vengeance is mine I will repay sayeth the Lord

  23. Now, the damn department of correction is saying she will be in a maximum cell lockdown in Perryville no matter what…LWOP…she will be lockup for 3 years before she would be able to work her way into the prison population

    • If that is the case, then I think Jodi will focus on her appeal process. Maybe she will stop covering for whoever slit his throat and put him in the shower.

      I am not past her stabbing him in the shower scenario that JM created. He slung shit and some of it stuck in the minds of this jury. There was no undoing it.

      Hopefully some of these folks have a heart and don’t give her DP.

      Question: How is JVM employed? She is unattractive, and I think drunk?? Her rambling makes no sense. Perhaps she is a match made in hell for Kermit??

      • She prop will be treated differently because of th high profile…but mainly because of the M1 conviction. Perryville is pretty rough, loud, fights. and neighbors say it has a bad odor. The first 3 years it won’t be much different than being on DR

        • Is that the ONLY prison she can go to? I am from a state that has only ONE prison for woman we have a classification center that house some women who are pregnant or have other health issues, then they have a mental health place for people who are mentally compitant to stand trial however have mental issues. So I am not familiar with other states and how they house the female prisoners.

    • WHY?? If she’s not deemed a danger to herself or others, WHY would she be in lockdown? Or does that just put more money into Jan Brewer’s pockets,..uhm, I mean Brewer’s CCA pet’s pockets? All these “private max security beds” she’s ordered our Fed and State taxes to pay for, gotta be filled by someone I guess…

      On the .?positive? Side? Looks like Jodi will certainly be able to “work”, (read “slave”-ooops, did I say that?)

    • Why are they doing this to her? Is it to ‘protect’ her from the other inmates or just vengeance?

  24. Last night just before I went to bed I flipped through the channels and stopped at HLN. They were talking about Jodi giving interviews to the networks, they were beside themselves that she wasn’t going to do one with them, they just couldn’t understand why………guess you just can’t fix stupid!!! I thought it was kind of funny HAHAHA!

    Ray in Harrisonburg Va.

      • Me too. They are still kicking themselves in the ass over that, but continue to bash her regularly. They just don’t get that they are the reason this is happening to her.

          • Haha, I saw that too, I promise you I try at times to watch hoping against hope that they might allow opposing views in but anyhow, they said HLN had a BIG line through it, haha

    • They are so ridiculous! They are complaining and outraged that she is doing interviews. Then in the next breath they admit they put in a bid for Jodi to do an interview with them(HLN)! The hypocrites ! And I just LOVE that Jodi said,”NO!”

    • I think she shouldn’t have done an interview with ANY of them, just Geraldo Rivera. That’s the ONLY one she shouldve interviewed with!

      • Exactly LC! Geraldo is the ONLY journalist who has come out against her getting the DP too. Jodi needs to learn to stick “with her own” right now!!!

  25. As a complete aside to what’s going on right now, I’d like to comment on HLN. I haven’t watched that channel in months..and insofar as the plastic faced ratings whores (JVM AND NG)..Karma WILL be a bitch. JVM had dogs…big deal…they only look to her for food, and to shit and piss. HOWEVER, NG has children, and when those kids grow up to be independant thinkers and young adults, they’ll see what and how their mother reported, and hear her bullshit…all for ratings,and I’m hoping they look at her with disdain and lose all respect for her. This is a mother’s worse nightmare, and she will be haunted forever…so NG…be sure your words are sweet…you may have to eat them one day !!!

    • They probably already do. For God sakes she was putting their pics on her show as soon as they were born. She USED THEM for ratings and that is worse then anything else she could EVER do on camera.

      • And telling the world how they went to the park all the time…I used to think WTF does she keep showing their pictures and talking about going to the park when they are so many child snatchers out there…and I am sure a lot of them that were watching her show would love to have found a chance to snatch her kids…she is really lucky that no one snatched her kids with all the sickos in the world…

  26. Did anyone see Jodi chatting it up with the deputy watching her? You can tell she has a good rapport with him. I’m sure he is love with her now too, lol.

    I think Jenn likes her too. I liked when Jenn mentioned in closing that Jodi could have been an attorney. Jenn knows she’s smart and has a memory like no other.

    Even in these tv interviews, Jodi knows her facts. They cannot get her to trip up bc she is telling the truth!

    • Suz,I caught that! I was nervous,biting my nails,waiting with my sister and she said”Aww look at Jodi,she’s smiling!Are you feeling a bit better now?” LOL,I said Hell no I’m not.I wont till this is all over!

      But she did seem pleased to talk to that deputy.They’ve obviously got to know each other.

  27. 1 Lord, rescue me from evil people; protect me from cruel people 2 who make evil plans, who always start fights. 3 They make their tongues sharp as a snake’s; their words are like snake poison.Selah 4 Lord, guard me from the power of wicked people; protect me from cruel people who plan to trip me up. 5 The proud hid a trap for me. They spread out a net beside the road; they set traps for me.Selah 6 I said to the Lord, “You are my God.” Lord, listen to my prayer for help. 7 Lord God, my mighty savior, you protect me in battle. 8 Lord, do not give the wicked what they want. Don’t let their plans succeed, or they will become proud.Selah 9 Those around me have planned trouble. Now let it come to them. 10 Let burning coals fall on them. Throw them into the fire or into pits from which they cannot escape. 11 Don’t let liars settle in the land. Let evil quickly hunt down cruel people. 12 I know the Lord will get justice for the poor and will defend the needy in court. 13 Good people will praise his name; honest people will live in his presence. A psalm of David. Psalm 140 (NCV)

    • Another Psalm of David that I love…

      Psalm 37

      1 Do not fret because of those who are EVIL
      or be envious of those who do wrong;

      2 for like the grass they will soon wither,
      like green plants they will soon DIE away.

      3 Trust in the Lord and do good;
      dwell in the land and enjoy safe pasture.

      4 Take delight in the Lord,
      and he will give you the desires of your heart.

      It has 40 verses total…you can finish reading them here…

      • Thank you for sharing these beutiful psalms. This is another one of my favorites.

        ,Psalm 91

        1 Whoever dwells in the shelter of the Most High
        will rest in the shadow of the Almighty.[a]
        2 I will say of the Lord, “He is my refuge and my fortress,
        my God, in whom I trust.”

        3 Surely he will save you
        from the fowler’s snare
        and from the deadly pestilence.
        4 He will cover you with his feathers,
        and under his wings you will find refuge;
        his faithfulness will be your shield and rampart.
        5 You will not fear the terror of night,
        nor the arrow that flies by day,
        6 nor the pestilence that stalks in the darkness,
        nor the plague that destroys at midday.
        7 A thousand may fall at your side,
        ten thousand at your right hand,
        but it will not come near you.
        8 You will only observe with your eyes
        and see the punishment of the wicked.

        9 If you say, “The Lord is my refuge,”
        and you make the Most High your dwelling,
        10 no harm will overtake you,
        no disaster will come near your tent.
        11 For he will command his angels concerning you
        to guard you in all your ways;
        12 they will lift you up in their hands,
        so that you will not strike your foot against a stone.
        13 You will tread on the lion and the cobra;
        you will trample the great lion and the serpent.

        14 “Because he[b] loves me,” says the Lord, “I will rescue him;
        I will protect him, for he acknowledges my name.
        15 He will call on me, and I will answer him;
        I will be with him in trouble,
        I will deliver him and honor him.
        16 With long life I will satisfy him
        and show him my salvation.”

  28. I expressed my opinion today to a few of my co-workers in a more forthright manner than I’ve done yet. I said whoever wants her dead is a hate-filled killer!! And that NG is the ringleader of this bloody circus and anyone who listens to her is a fool. I can’t stand when people spew things that have absolutely no basis in fact. If this jury gives her death and I got a text saying it’s hung right now then they can go ahead and check into the nearest mental facility because this will be so deeply embedded in their psyche that the voices they hear will drive them insane. I hope they all sound like Kermi’s!

    • Isn’t it funny how they though UNTIL NOW this jury was wonderful and had it right…today they are questioning them…lol…there must be something wrong with them

  29. I watched NG a few years ago when her shows were about Natalee Holloway nightly.

    I don’t know what happened to her mind but she’s seriously fuck up in her head now.
    You guys that watch her or anyone on HLN are better people than I. I can’t stomach anything or anyone on that network.
    Vinnie Politan was who I first began to despise on there when I first started watching this trial seriously in late January.
    All anyone did that network does is yell and hate.
    I can’t put up with that nonsense.

    I also went to #JodiArias on Twitter a lot at first. I was actually against Jodi at the beginning from the reading I was doing on the case and Flores’ police report.
    Once I read all of the documents and saw the videos on this site and lurked around seeing where everyone was coming from I pretty quickly became a big time Jodi supporter.
    Not to mention the fact that my attitude changed dramatically after the Casey Anthony trial. I credit Jose Baez’ book with totally changing my mind about that trial and verdict.

    Never be quick to judge anything or anybody. You have to let things play out. This case is a perfect example of that and of all the things that can go wrong with a bad Judge and bloodthirsty prosecutor.

    I am now a huge enemy of #JodiArias on Twitter. Those people, The Travis Taliban and the Alexander Acolytes hate me with a passion 🙂 I’m so proud!

    I’m very proud of Jodi too.

    • I think they will come back today and tell the judge it still stands that they cannot reach a verdict..and it will be over for this jury.

      • I can see that. I’m thinking they are to split to think anyone will change their vote. I think Juan will try to plea.

        • I just don’t understand why they don’t just go with Life…at this point, Jodi is being punished, TA (hate even typing that) family has some sort of justice (but we know it’s incorrect)..Death wishers need to change to Life..all is set and done…(until Appeal!) I’m hoping they will do the right thing, and agree on Life Verdict..It doesn’t make sense!

  30. I think these people (media, jurors, haters) are all delusional. They think this is some kind of reality show where in the end the winner gets a prize and everybody goes home. Or they’ve seen so many murders on TV and in movies, where the dead person is “just pretending”, that they’ve lost all mindful perspective.

    • I agree, RB. I really do think the trends of reality TV and sensationalized crime fiction shows have gone too far in one direction while the ”news” media has gone too far the other direction and we’re now witnessing the real world ramifications of that unfortunate and inappropriate overlap.

    • Yep..and the sad thing is that there are tons and tons of people there thinking that this is either a reality show or even worse an effing soap opera so they have to identify with the ‘good guy” and burn the villain at the stake!
      Could we say DE-RA-NGED?

  31. So what’s going on in that jury room?
    Is that one little woman hiding under the table in a fetal position while all others blood eyed are staring at her and texting each other ‘the bitch, the slut, the whore, she won’t give up!’

  32. Vinnie Pukestain and the rest of HLN can kiss my hairy, caramel-coloured, ass dead centre!!!! JM can slide down a flag pole ass first —-although in his case it doesn’t make any difference which end goes first as he is a complete asshole! And the rest of the TA should receive a one -way ticket to Chernobyl—but be spayed and neutered first because we surely don’t want them to ever reproduce their likes into this world at all!

  33. If the jury is hung and new jury comes in and they do mini trial could it effect the origional standing verdict?

    • no. The verdict will not change with a new jury during sentencing phase – just whether or not she gets the DP or life.

      • Thanks. Just wasn’t sure since a new jury would still have to see evidence that lead the origional jurors to the verdict they chose. I mean what if some don’t think she deserves either life or death because they think the 1st jury got the verdict wrong and they would have found her quilty on lesser charges.

  34. If they dont reach a verdict today or come back hung Tanisha is going to be hitting the pipe hard tonight. Her dealers are getting all of the donations from the JusticeForTravis imbeciles.

  35. Lainey1843 – I didn’t see your rant but I saw your posts on this page and I liked them. People say I’m too young to talk like this LOL bc I sound like a hippy, but I was raised by a hippy. I really believe that history repeats itself. I have felt for a while like we were coming into a period where people were looking for more. For more than “worldly happiness”. Like you said a spiritual awakening. Even people who don’t believe in religion I feel like they would start to question how things were going in the world. I could go on about things getting more popular such as equality and bullying and taking care of the Earth and interest in religions and peoples interested more in their own beliefs than celebs.

    Now it’s like people but their brains away and blindly followed the media. I thought this was the age of people thinking for themselves and questioning following authority blindly. But, this is like the blind following the stupid to put it nicely. It’s disgusting when people leave their brains and back bones at home and do what others want.

  36. God, give the jurors strength to stand on their own convictions and NOT bend. Bless each of us as we come to you in support of this wrongdoing.

  37. I was thinking about this yesterday during Dirty Sanchez’ diatribe. If I’m Jodi’s dad they’d have to restrain me and escort me from the court room because I promise you I’m going after Martinez for the way he’s talking about my daughter.
    I’m fairly cool and calm but when you fuck with my daughter Jodi who is 24 I get crazy.
    Hell just sitting here watching Dirty Sanchez bash Jodi I wanted to reach in my laptop screen and pull his carcass thru it and bash his brains in.

    Just sayin’…….

      • So much was being said about Alice being a man hater, I think Juanitos is the one that has a problem, with women. Much like Travis the anal raping saint of Mesa did. He really has it in for Jodi. He cannot possible have a wife or daughter and be such an angry little douche nozzle.

  38. If this jury hands down this State-sanctioned premeditated murder sentence then I want all of them tried for M1 with the possibility of facing a firing squad. Deep down everyone knows TA’s death was no more than manslaughter if that. How does old Beelzebub aka JM close his eyes at night? I almost feel like this is the future and it has a Hunger Games type atmosphere where we derive entertainment from killing people for sport. None of this can ever be justified…talk about some sick shit.

    • they bought into all of his bullshit, all of his lies, all of his shock value, all of the lying ass siblings, they bought it all, they ate the hln shit! That’s what caused this.

    • I have thought that about our so-called civilization for some time, Gwen. With the death penalty still in place, people watching not only boxing, nowadays, but Ultimate Fighting and other blood sports! This trial has really opened my eyes to such an ugly and evil side of America.

      • Lets not forget Travis and his saintly friends enjoyed weekly Ultimate fighting shows where he charged them to cover his costs. Sorry but I find it quite disgusting. I wouldn’t try to ban it, but you can’t be a saint and like that crap.

        • I, too, find it disgusting. It is the same (if not worse) than the days of the gladiators. And it doesn’t make me sad that it is legal – it makes me sad that people want to watch it ‘for fun.’ Sick.

          • I didn’t even know about it until one day my nephew (who I adore) was staying over and wanted to watch it. Since he is an adult I said sure. But you must pay for it and I’m going to bed.

        • I almost forgot about that sick hobby of his! Saint my ass! Who likes to watch pure uncensored violence?Only sickos,people who fantasize and/or commit violent acts themselves.

        • He charged his friends?? What an Ass!!! Oh, sorry..Jodi probably didn’t have any more $$ to “loan” to that “successful business man”..he truly was a jerk!

  39. Hi everybody!! Wow, I’m really hatin’ that damn prunny face judge…… and I can’t look at the Alexander sibs much longer either. Call me cruel, but I have seen the way the tears bust out especially today when they didn’t hear what they wanted, I could not have been the only person that noticed Samantha’s appropriate tears at the just right time as the jury was leaving they were scrambling for the tissue box, she and her ugly ass sister taniqua wtf………………. I,m ranting I know but does it smell like shit in there or is it just Stephens upper lip he’s constantly sniffing up at wtf……………. oh wait maybe Nancy G is in the court room today does anybody no? Give it a rest HLN.

    • NG was on the phone a little while ago with someone on HLN and she was telling them about the hung jury and about the AZ law changing about death penalty…and about if Jodi Arias got out of prison when she was still in her 50’s…NG said she would still be young enough to get out of prison and “knock” off someone else…her statement sounded so stupid…grrr…

      I would fear and be more afraid of NG any day than I ever would Jodi…LOL…

      • Hell, ugly NG has always been out and should be behind bars for all the live’s she’s taken due to her hideous bullying tactics.

        Jodi, at her worst isn’t as fugly as NG is every day.

  40. So if the jury is hung and jm offers Jodi a plea deal of LWOP, and she takes it – would that hurt any appeal? I just would rather her stick to her position that she should have been given M2 (imo more like manslaughter) and not cave in. But at the same time, I don’t want to see her suffer any longer. I guess, I really want her to be free.

    • As do we all. Also, I would hope she would have the help she needs to get back to the person she WAS before the fucker and the cult pulled her in

    • I don’t know if that could ever happen though because this has prolly changed her for the rest of her life. Maybe she could have help to move past it, I just want to see her go on and be able to live without this crap following her forever.

        • I’m guessing they’ll stay til close to the end of the day so it appears they ‘worked’ on it – then they’ll come back with no verdict. Only my guess, as I’m assuming those that want DP are reptiles who will not budge while the Life people are the ones who were bullied and now will not budge either.

          But to qualify my statements; I have been wrong about many things in this case. There is no ‘common sense.’

  41. Luke 6:37
    Do not judge, and you will not be judged. Do not condemn, and you will not be condemned. Forgive, and you will be forgiven.
    Matthew 6:14-16
    For if you forgive men when they sin against you, your heavenly Father will also forgive you. But if you do not forgive men their sins, your Father will not forgive your sins.
    Mark 11:25
    And when you stand praying, if you hold anything against anyone, forgive him, so that your Father in heaven may forgive you your sins.
    No one had the moral authority to condemn a fellow human to death, Jesus said. He condemned the Old Testament belief “an eye for an eye”. TRUE Christians CANNOT believe in the death penalty.
    The Moron church made a statement ” We neither promote nor oppose capital punishment.” regarding this case, even though “blood atonement” is no longer accepted (since 1978) by the LDS church.
    What statistics do show is that victims impacted, who demand the Death Penalty, are consumed with hatred, vengeance, and revenge making it impossible to ever find Peace in their lives, now, or in the afterlife according to Jesus.
    The Haters who want a Death penalty will end up paying a great price.

    • Jan, great post. I was in a tweet convo earlier today where they were holding a prayer visual so the jury would be unanimous for death. I tweeted back and said that putting JA to death would not ease their pain and would only be defeating in the end. Again well said.

  42. I was driving home and thought if the verdict was out? Just then, a truck pulled up in front of me in big letters LIFE! It was a Vons truck, advertising for healthy food ingredients.

    • BE Well that is the prompting of the angels…they send us signs all the time…do we notice them…some of us do and some of us don’t…apparently you are one of the ones that notices their telltale signs…

      It is awesome…I live in that world every walking day of my life…signs…signs…everywhere signs…always an answer to a prayer…

      • I agree with you truthseeker. I am sensitive to signs all the time.

        I think receiving the summons for jury duty in Maricopa Superior Court today was a sign for something. I remember a book that said there were no such things as coincidences. The Celestine Prophecy.

  43. On HLN, muted. They seem constipated and full of air! HLN must be frustrated that Jodi won’t give them air time. Good for her!

  44. I love how HLN keeps making a big deal about her putting on make up for those interviews last night, “OMG who does that when your life is on the line!!!” As far as I know she has very little to look forward to in jail, no real access to make up and no one to dress up for.. So she doesn’t want to look like shit on TV.. wtf who gives a shit? And that Ryan Owens douche face asked her if it was a defense tactic to go from blonde bombshell to mousey brown blah… Didn’t he know she had been incarcerated for the last 5 years? Didn’t he know that “they don’t sell clairol” behind bars? I’m really annoyed with what the media chooses to focus on.

    • The TV crew probably told her it was necessary for the close ups and did it for her. They are the ones who never go without it. IMO she looks better without make up, gentle, natural and beautiful.

      • Of course the TV crew does makeup!! Like “Sky” Tanisha and Sammy don’t get frickin make up applied before an interview? But of course if they are talking about Jodi it’s wrong!!

  45. They are replaying that interview again on HLN….accuses her of not saying that she was sorry…they are such lying idiots on HLN…

    SORRY…Jodi says SORRY

    At 16.42 seconds into the video Jodi says “for that, I will be sorry for the rest of my life”

    Jodi does say she is “sorry” right after the part where she is talking about Travis…she says, “at one point he meant the world to me”…then she talked about not knowing that she was capable of that…and before that day she wouldn’t even hurt a spider…then she said…”for that, I will be sorry for the rest of my life”

    I don’t know if Jodi said that she was sorry any other time during her statement…but I happened to be watching it when I heard her say that she was sorry in that above paragraph….

    • Truthseeker, thank you for posting the above.

      HLN fools lie about fuck all.

      And the public doesn’t even know it. Many otherwise intelligent people have been duped by them.

      So thank you.

  46. * The Sinister Nature of the Arizona ‘Penalty Phase’

    – The AZ penalty phase uses Death as the default outcome of a conviction in a capital case.

    – Every other State that I am aware of uses Life as the default outcome of a conviction in a capital case.

    – In AZ, if a jury cannot unanimously agree with Death as the penalty, they seat a new jury and try again.

    – In other States, if a jury cannot unanimously agree with Death as the penalty, the Judge gives a Life sentence. Trial Over.

    Summary: In AZ, the default is Death. In other States, the default is Life.


    • I believe in most states, the death penalty comes to the table when there are multiple Class I Felonies: Murder 1 during an Armed Robbery, or Murder 1, Rape, Kidnapping, etc etc.

      In Arizona it sounds scary. If the prosecutor can scare the jury into seeing the murder was “extra bad” (WHATEVER THAT MEANS) then they can decide DP.

      If you get a prosecutor like Juan Martinez, apparently all you have to do is “channel” Nancy Grace and you’ve got the jury believing that this is the worst murder ever.

      People forget that ALL PROSECUTORS use the same worn out argument: if it’s a robbery case, then they tell the jury it was the worst robbery they ever saw.

      If it was kidnapping, it was the most horrific one.

      Murder is always the worst murder, until the next trial.

  47. I posted this on the previous page before I knew a new page had been started. I didn’t want this information to be lost in the shuffle.

    Maricopa County is Corrupt to its core:

    While researching death row prisons in Arizona, I came across some further information about the corruption of the Maricopa County’s Attorney’s office. In 2009, a 48 year old female inmate by the name of Marcia Powell was basically murdered by the Correctional staff of Perryville Prison. She was left in an outdoor cage in above 107 degree heat for over four hours, despite pleading to be let in. Prison policy prohibits an inmate being left in an outdoor cage for over two hours. She was also refused the right to use the restroom facilities and died in her own excrement. The cause of death was complications from heat exhaustion, which was evidenced by her severly burned and blistered body. Maricopa County Attorney’s office chose not to prosecute those involved stating “insufficient evidence to go forward with a prosecution of the involved parties”.

    The corruption goes so deep, I shudder to think of how many inmates are being killed in the prison system without ever having recieved the “Death Penalty” that the blood thirsty prosecutors are so fond of.

  48. Good afternoon, everyone! I just got home and I don’t know about you, but I’m cautiously optimistic. The fact that there is a deadlocked jury right now I think is good news for Jodi. It’s one thing to be a “sideline juror” jockeying from your couch or seat at the bar, but it’s another when you’re actually on the jury.

    I’m watching our old friends at HLN, the “talking heads” and right now they look like chickens without heads. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a group of people so impatient about wanting someone to die. I don’t blame Jodi one bit for refusing to do any interviews with HLN. They can go stick it IMHO.

    Keep the faith, Team Jodi! This isn’t going to happen overnight, but together, little-by-little, we’re going to get this done. 🙂

    • Someone needs to send those lying folks at HLN a tweet…that at 16.42 seconds into the video Jodi says “for that, I will be sorry for the rest of my life”

      They only want to tell people what they want you to hear…they are the control freaks…

    • Oh but she didn’t turn around and say to the Alexanders: “I’m so sorry.”

      Of course, if she did, they’d be saying “How dare she even look at them?”

      • I know media keeps admonishing Jodi for not turning to the TA family and saying she was sorry. Under the rules of the court she is NOT ALLOW to do this. Wow, talk about attacking her for following the court rules. Too bad, JM, didn’t do the same. He violated one rule after the other. Did media make one reference to this….NO. Only what a “Rock Star” he was. Pathetic and disgusting.

    • She said she’ll be sorry forever! I want to know how to hear only what I want to hear like all of these people bc my life would be so much happier!

  49. I’m really sick to my stomach. I watched the crap from court today which I missed live but found some of it on YouTube and for the rest I had to go to that absolutely disgusting FB page. I’ve tried really really hard to stay out of the bashing of the Alexanders for the most part. But man, watching them cry today, I just lost it. And watching the Hughes behind them and Sky smiling that weird smile. UGH! The worst part was that

    Can someone please please please explain to me WHY so many people believe in the death penalty in this country? Can someone please tell me why it’s EVER justifiable?

    Why do the Alexanders want Jodi dead? It isn’t going to bring their brother back to them. It isn’t even going to stop Steven’s nightmares or make the photos of their brother that they see in their mind go away. When I was 15, my beloved father died suddenly of a heart attack. I did NOT want to see him dead. But one of his friends thought I needed to see his body laid out in his coffin otherwise, I wouldn’t believe he was really dead, and he dragged me over there kicking and screaming, literally. It was the most disgusting thing I’d ever seen. He didn’t look ONE BIT like my Daddy. His lips looked purple and his face didn’t look like its normal colour. That was 32 years ago, and you know what? I still can’t get that image out of my head. I’ve tried and tried and tried. I still have nightmares about it, although they’re not as frequent as they used to be. I keep trying to replace that image of Daddy with the way I remember him, but it doesn’t work, and I’ll forever see him as a corpse unfortunately. Since that day, I NEVER go to wakes. I NEVER go to funerals. I NEVER go to graveyards. I’ve offended several friends but I just can not do it. How can the Alexanders actually believe that seeing Jodi put to death will help them heal? It won’t. They’ll just have YET another image to haunt them.

    How can ALL these other despicable people who post all over the internet want Jodi to get the death penalty? What does it matter to them? If she gets the death penalty, it will be appealed for the next 20 odd years. Many of them won’t even be alive by then. Others will have long forgotten who she even is. They got their conviction. They got their aggravating factor. Isn’t that enough?

    NEWSFLASH: Jodi didn’t kill a whole bunch of kids in an elementary school. She didn’t kill a whole bunch of people in a cinema. She didn’t molest and kill a whole bunch of young boys and bury them in her back yard. She didn’t terrorize the nation for months with sniper killings. She didn’t fly planes into the twin towers in New York and the Pentagon in DC. So why do some people hate her more than ALL of the above killers combined? I mean, seriously?

    She killed ONE man, just ONE. Even if they’ve been brainwashed to believe everything on HLN and you think she stalked him and she crept in through his doggy door and she was possessive around him, and slashed his tires, she’s not a serial killer! I don’t care if they believe she’s a sociopath and has no emotions either. Why does killing her make anything right? She’s ONE woman who killed ONE man. That’s it.

    She’s going to prison for a long long time, no matter what happens with appeals or anything else. Life in prison isn’t a cakewalk. Her family and friends won’t get to see her much, but at least, she’ll still be alive for them. These people say they feel sorry for the Alexander family, but why does killing Jodi and devastating the Arias family make that any better?

    Jodi isn’t going to give interviews every day from prison. If she gives one, don’t watch it. She’s not going to even matter in a few months when the Evil Gods of HLN move on to something else — their next victim to rile up the masses about. Jodi will be a blip in the news when something happens with an appeal, and that’s YEARS from now and most of them will be lost in the beginning, at least. 20 years from now, maybe she’ll win one. Or, if she gets the death penalty, maybe 20 years from now, she’ll be executed. What the hell is the difference?

    And if it comes out that Jodi didn’t really kill Travis and someone else did, how do you think the family will feel then?

    I just really need someone to explain to me WHY it’s sooooo important to so many people that she gets the death penalty! Because I cannot stomach it, not for the life of me. It’s the most disgusting thing.

    • It makes no sense at all to me. She was already convicted. Why do they want her dead? They say they just want this to be over but it won’t be bc of appeals so that is bs.

    • That family’s psychological started when they were youngsters living in a hell hole of a house with drug addicted parents with little or no food…

      That family should have been in counseling for most of their lives….their problems did not start with Jodi…yet they want to blame Jodi for everything…

      The sister only started the body shakes and crying when she peeped and saw the camera on her…HLN and AZ central films the trial live from slightly different angles…and if you watch both at the same time you get to see more of the sneakiness of those cries at the camera…when the camera is not on them or at their backs they are not carrying on like that…

      Usually I am not this critical…but I have seen this over and over again…and many other people see the same thing so I know that it is not my imagination…

      • Yup Truth, I dont know what it will take for these FOOLS to realize that TA family onky want death and they want death to put an END to all there missory, as if Jodi caused all that! In a few years they’ll realize that they’re STILL sorry trailer trash piece of shits, they WILL KEEP adding to ALL there criminal charges, they WILL ALWAYS ALWAYS be the same kindda people they are, looking for people to take advantage of, looking for someone to blame, looking for something to steal or something to snort! Bunch of PATHETIC LOSERS!!!!!

    • “She’s not going to even matter in a few MONTHS when the Evil Gods of HLN move on to something else — their next victim to rile up the masses about. ”

      She’s not going to even matter in a few HOURS .. to HLN.

    • It is disgusting. It’s the most premeditated type of killing that can be. It’s flat out murder. I joined up with these people last week. They’ve really got a good thing going, quite a following. We WILL get this repealed in Arizona. It may take some time but it’ll get done. We need to work on getting it abolished nationwide.

  50. I need to breathe… sad thing is, after this is all over; they will find their next victim to crucify.

    The hate mongers will do anything to make her look bad. Remember HLN and haters screaming that Jodi had “multiple infractions” in jail, including hiding pens (Oh MY!) and a fight??

    Then sheriff joe, who HATES Jodi says, “No, she had ONE infraction and it involved crayons”

    Yeah, big bad dangerous Jodi with her color crayons.

    I hope they all burn in hell. 👿

    • Agreed.

      Kind of weird, though, isn’t it that Sherriff Joe is more honest that than rabble of ingrates. He had to set the record straight.

      It’s just crayons, people. Get over it. lol

    • You know HLN is ridiculous when a Sheriff is sticking up for you.

      HLN is already starting to talk about Zimmerman and another blonde accused of killing her boyfriend. It’s disgusting.

      • Remember in the Casey Anthony trial,
        the talking heads were talking about ONE that might have a not guilty vote?
        When the verdict came in all 12 not guilty VINNIE, comment WOW, just WOW!
        I’ve heard WOW from him today several time!!

        I agree with the one that said looking at them, you don’t know whether to laugh or cry.
        They being the ass clowns all through the circus trial, I hope that they look in the mirror and see what the ass clowns look like.

    • Hiding pens … in jail. Shit, that’s such a crime, isn’t it. When I was a kid, I stole scissors from school. I guess I should be put to death NOW.

      A fight in jail of all places? Only one?

  51. What kills me is that this family wants Jodi to get the DP. So does that mean they are going to continue to wallow in misery for the next two decades, never able to move past this loss, never able to put aside the hate until the day Jodi dies on the table? So they are basically going to let the death of their “beloved” brother consume their very existence? They are going to let this define their entire life? In my opinion, that is giving Jodi even more power. As I have said before, continuing this hatred and resentment just allows the hurt to continue over and over again.

    If they don’t let this go and move on, they are doomed to live a life of hatred and resentment, ill health and poor relationships. Forever.

    • They already live a life of hatred and resentment. Which is why they are all felons. They need MASSIVE counseling to deal with whatever childhood abuse left them so soulless and empty.

      • Yup, that’s right Renee. They HATE everyone and the world. The ONLY reason they’re getting along with so many now is because half of the population are against Jodi.

  52. Maybe this is going to end up good. Whatever happens. If she gets an appeal HLN will have moved on by then and maybe she can have a somewhat normal appeal. Or am I too optimistic?

    • (PINCH)… Danielle, are you awake now? LOL. I dont think lions and lazars would keep NG and the death squad away from this trial. They will be airing crap about this until she is nose up or toes up.

      I think we are passed the “nose up” option, but we can hope.

      • LOL – They’re just so ready to leech on to the next person I thought maybe she could fly under the radar w an appeal.

        They seem pissed Jodi’s case may run into the Zimmerman case.

        • Yes, Danielle I was thinking yhe same thing. With the Zimmerman case turning racial, i think itll be as big if not bigger. HLN already said this morning that they’ll be ALL OVER THIS ONE TOO. So, hopefully, Jodis case will simmer down a little but its WRONG how these haters will start bullying and taking someone else life. I also blv there will be a lot more hatred in this case, a lot more danger.

          • As I said before, this Zimmerman case is going to be a real “Stalingrad”! We all know the only thing that sells more than sex is race.:-(

  53. A little cannon fader to throw out there…while we wait…

    I believe we may be winessing the creation of either the most hated person or the most loved person in AZ.

    Imagine if there is only one juror stopping the DP from going through! This person will become an instant DEVIL on HLeN and in AZ…shit..across the country. The Haters will tear this poor bastard (they voted for guilt, they are still a bastard IMO) apart. Think of what they will do! The person may as well move this weekend, because they will NEVER be able to hide from this.

    On the other hand, think of the “Hero” they will be creating if there is only one juror that is sticking to the DP when the others are all wanting Life. This person will be paraded around the networks with inerview and book deals until they cant shit without hitting gold. They will make this fucker seem like the next coming of christ.

    I sure hope there are atleast 2-3 on each side. If not…you wait…you will see the most rediculious media feeding frenzy of all time on HLeN.

    • Sirlips,
      Vere said, she hiding under the juror table…
      I texted her this…
      “When we can learn by, reason and judgment and understanding and faith that all life is worth saving, and that mercy is the highest attribute of man.”
      I hope she get it!

    • You’re so right Sirlips!
      Just wrong on this one ”They will make this fucker seem like the next coming of christ.”
      I’ve read a hater’s posting that she” really feels that Travis is a 21st century Jesus.”
      YEP,that’s right!!
      And then she went on comparing them,highligting their similarities in life and death!!!
      I mean w….t….f……?

    • That’s why that juror or jurors need our prayers too…. they are going against the HLN & public “grain” and they will pay for it…. God Bless them and keep them safe. Our Lord is mightier than evil doers.



    Ryan just said what Zimmerman was doing to drag Trayvon Martin through the mud

    • The only thing that I remember reading about this case…this is compiled from many reports…Trayvon Martin walked the neighborhood often in his dad’s girlfriends gated community…in this gated community there had been a rash of robberies…then it was said that different people had reported seeing a tall slender black male with a hoodie in their area of the community during the time of the robberies…

      They only thing that I ever thought was…because Trayvon Martin fit the description of being a tall slender black male wearing a hoodie that some had seen during robbery times…I feel that Trayvon’s father and his girlfriend should never had let Trayvon walk the streets in that community knowing good and well that the community hired Zimmerman to patrol the area because of the rash of robberies…

      I feel the parents are as much to blame as anyone for what happened to Trayvon Martin for not keeping him off the streets in that neighborhood…

      I have a son too…and we have had numerous robberies in our area over the past two years…and had my son’s description fit the description of those other kids that were seen walking our streets…then I sure as hell would not have let my son walk the streets…

      (By the way, my son never has asked to walk the streets…he knows that I would never let him do that anyway….it is not safe out there on the streets)

      • Didn’t you know that it’s a crime to be tall, slim, black and wear a hoodie?

        I mean, it’s a crime to be of hispanic descent, dye your hair blonde, then brown again, and date a Mormon guy too.

    • Ryan should have said he and his nest of viper rats have already spoken. They already voted and are gearing for a re-do with Zimmerman, using the same Hater manifesto they followed with Jodi.

      Facts be damned.

      • same ol’ same ol’ Rainy…they will continue to do this with any high profile case that comes along..hopefully tho, people will start to see what they are doing…I have faith that the human population can’t stay that stupid forever!!!

    • Oh yeaaaaaa……. I saw that this morning. I was so pissed, I vented on the VENT page! Lol
      They’re so full of shit. I dont know much about the case either, but whatever HLN thinks, im not listening and I sure dont want to agree with them. Kindda sad for both sides. HLN needs to be shut down. Its pretty bad how ill be on the opposite side of whatever HLN thinks. What about if one day they’re right?! NOT!!!!

  55. This HLN guy about the Zimmerman case. He says Now I’ve been in fist fights and every single time I’ve gotten marks on my hands. Just goes to show HLNers have been douche bags way before they got the job.

  56. Inadvertantly HLeN does give me some news value…. Basically if i want the truth and the facts, i listen to HLeN then assume the opposite is 100% true!

  57. “It’s just really tragic after all the horrors of the last 1,000 years we can’t leave behind something as primitive as government sponsored execution.” –
    Russ Feingold

    • Great quote, Josh.
      I was so disappointed when Russ Feingold was defeated by Ron Johnson for Senator seat here in Wisconsin….
      He was the ONLY Senator with the balls and sense to vote against invading Iraq to search for those ostensible wmd…

      • He wasn’t the only senator to vote against war with Iraq. Robert Byrd and a few others voted against war as well.

        • Tony, thank you for paying attention! I stand corrected and enlightened as well. Googled that there were actually 23 senators who voted against the Iraq War. I think I was confusing this with an earlier vote -> “In 2001, Feingold was the lone Senator who voted against the USA Patriot Act, despite pressure for a unanimous vote….While he supported 90% of the Patriot Act, he “voted against it because certain provisions…represent a very dangerous infringement on our civil liberties.”

          • Ron and Rand Paul both oppose the Patriot Act as well. I too strongly believe in seperation of powers as well. I cannot believe what FDR got away with during WW2! Putting Japanese Americans in prison camps WITHOUT consent of congress is a stain that will NEVER be removed from his presidency!!!

  58. Hi Also Abused, I am sorry to hear of your dear dad and how difficult it has been for you all these years. It is dangerous to be around ppl with revenge on their minds. The senselessness of hate is a disguise of their own personal demise. We will never understand the motivations behind TA’s death. It seems politically and financially motivated. I do believe Travis has forgiven Jodi. The DP mob are cowards.

    • As much as I believe TA was a POS, I do believe he has forgiven her…either for defending herself from his rage, or he knows someone else did this…

    • Oh thanks Be Well. I didn’t post that for sympathy, just as an example of how you never forget.

      As a practicing Buddhist, I believe someone like Travis — who doesn’t appear to have yet reached enlightenment in this life — will be or has been reborn within at most, 7 years of his passing, but typically within 49 days (thus, he may well have already been reborn). His body “died” the way the lived, as we all do. During his time in latency (also called the stages of bardo), he voyaged through a mystic journey back to life. He had the opportunity to contemplate his previous forms (life) and the karma he brought with him before his rebirth.

      Towards the end of his life, it seems he was making efforts to improve himself, and many say he made efforts towards the happiness of others. Whether there was a darkness inside him, he seems to have been loved by many. Whether intended or not, his life and death have had profound meaning to others (those of us here and those of us on the “other” type of sites). Perhaps in the long run, his life and death serve to teach something very important to all who have heard of him. Perhaps the life of Travis Alexander inspires some to be a better person because they believe he rose from a difficult childhood, and if he did, anyone can. Perhaps his relationship with Jodi teaches some women to look for red flags in relationships they wouldn’t previously have thought to look for. Perhaps the stories of Jodi being a stalker (even though they’re not true) will save someone from an actual dangerous stalker. Perhaps a man on his way to becoming a full-fledged abuser will hear himself in Travis’s words, and hear of the programs offered by Alyce and Bob Geffner and seek help. Perhaps the child he is now in his rebirth will someday hear the story of Travis Alexander and Jodi Arias and learn deeply from it. Either way, his life was not in vain.

      I think these are concepts any person of any religion can relate to, right?

  59. Is it true that Jury cannot agree, and SS sent them back to return with unanimous verdict? How can that be? If deadlock, can the judge force them?

    • She cannot force them they have the right to say we talked it every which way and we cannot reach any middle ground. I do not see them reaching a consensus for life. There are probably hold outs for life and hopefully they don’t give in to the pressure. If they cannot reach a consensus she will call a mistrial on this portion only and need a new jury for this portion.

    • Not forcing. That would be illegal. Just trying to get them to work on it some more.

      Rather interesting little point, (don’t want cast the mal de ojo on Jodi so this is typed with fingers crossed) but the response this judge gave to the jury was verbatim from a response a past judge gave that the AZ supreme court upheld as not being coercive.

      “It appears from your note that you are at a deadlock in your deliberations.   I have some suggestions to help your deliberations, not to force you to reach a verdict.   I am merely trying to be responsive to your apparent need for help.   I do not wish or intend to force a verdict.   Each juror has a duty to consult with one another, to deliberate with a view to reaching an agreement if it can be done without violence to individual judgment.   No juror should surrender his or her honest conviction as to the weight or effect of the evidence solely because of the opinion of other jurors or for the purpose of reaching a verdict.

      However, you may want to identify areas of agreement and disagreement and discuss the law and the evidence as they relate to the areas of disagreement.

      If you still disagree, you may wish to tell the attorneys and me which issues, questions, law, or facts you would like us to assist you with.   If you decide to follow this suggestion, please write down the issues, questions, law or facts on which we can possibly help.   Please give your note to the bailiff.   We will then discuss your note and try to help.”

      Pickles didn’t even have the gumption to write her own. These words are from another case and were delivered by Judge Brian Ishikawa. I will leave it at that.

    • I think the reason the judge urged them to deliberate some more was because they sent out their issue on a jury question form, rather than a verdict form. That gave reason to believe that they may have sought further instruction but had not yet decided this was their verdict: a hung jury. Does that make sense?

  60. If the jury is unable to come to a unanimous decision, I wonder how the hold out juror(s) will be treated by the public? I hope they aren’t given the treatment that Jodi, ALV, Dr. Samuels, Patty Womack and other have received. It’s not easy to stand your ground against the crowd. I hope they continue to stand their ground and don’t give in to the pressure.

    • Hard to say…many people in the US are against the DP, so maybe those jurors won’t face universal backlash.

  61. The jury deliberating only 4:30 and the talking heads and people standing around the court house “IN SHOCK”? Give me a fucking break.
    If this doesn’t tell a lot of people, this is jst wrong, what will?

    The judges always say NOT to show any kind of emotion OR they will be sent out of court has been a joke.
    The brother and sister have made all kind of exprestions throughout this trial and continued today..

    JUST because the jury can’t come to a DP all ready, the sister TRIES to burst out in tears.
    DO WHAT????
    Jodi has been sentenced for 1st degree murder AND they want be satisfied unless she get’s the DP?

    The talking heads in SHOCK? OH, PLEASE!!!.
    They are so worried that Jodi won’t get the DP, that if she doesn’t, I think that they will have a stroke.
    SOMETHING is DAMN wrong with these kind of people.

    OH! Forget trying to make good in prison, they’ve already said NO to that.
    I feel like I’m living in a faraway country.

    Isn’t Jodi supposed to try and do the best that she can in prison. HELPING??
    OH HELL NO!!
    If she helped a lot of women in prison, think of how many she could help in maybe NOT returning to prison.

    I’m sick and disgusted at mankind.

    I hope it’s a hung jury and they have to take it to another state ir country.
    Juan should have taken the offer of 2nd degree.
    Reminds me of greed shows, only this is Jodi, a living beautiful preson that wants to help others, God forbid.

    Why isn’t allowed to help others?

    • They are SICK! Then if this jury can’t come up with the DP or LIFE, then they’ll give it to 12 different jurors. They are EXPECTED to agree with the 1st degree murder verdic and decided if she deserves the DP or LIFE.THEEEENNNNNNN I THEY cant decided itll go to the judge. How in the world is that fair? So, the state has three chance to kill her. Because WE know what that judge will do!

  62. So is this a good thing that the jury are still working on a decision of life or death wonder if they are under pressure by another juror to change there decision to go with the rest of them

    • Absolutely, it’s a good thing for those of us who would prefer life in prison rather than the death penalty. I wonder if one or more jurors are under pressure, too. If I were on that jury, I swear before all that’s good and holy, I would not succumb to the pressure. But we don’t don’t know the jury and all we can do is pray. Wishing the jury would just give us a verdict so everyone has at least that aspect of closure.

    • I believe it is good.

      I believe there’s at least one person in that room who refuses to be responsible for Jodi’s death. And I do not believe they’re going to cave.

      • Yes, I think there may be 4.. this part of the response from SS would be meaningful to those wanting Life :

        “No juror should surrender his or her honest conviction as to the weight or effect of the evidence solely because of the opinion of other jurors or for the purpose of reaching a verdict.”

  63. Why do they keep talking to Juror 8???! Shouldn’t he be concerned about his damned DUI instead of running his mouth? But, according to him, Jodi likes attention!! The NERVE !!

      • he was stupid drunk…and even bragged to the police officer that pulled him over that he was a juror on the Jodi Arias trial…like that would make a difference in his arrest or not…

        I guess his alcohol level kept him from remembering his admonition and not supposed to tell anyone about the trial…

    • And according to him the other night his wife has a temper and wanted to throw something at the tv at Jodi…

      He drinks….she has a temper….sound like their relationship is like “oil and water” too…

      • Ha! He probably wanted to take his frustrations with his wife out on Jodi–everyone should NOT be allowed to be a juror….or vote for that matter since that’s the qualification.

      • Someone posted earlier:

        “Dr. Drew refers to his interview last night with Juror 8, and says that he felt the jury was quite committed to DP all along”

        Wow, there’s no other way to explain a statement like that other than that they had to have been discussing it.

  64. Dear Team Jodi & Friends:

    I wanted to check-in and just let you all know that I am here and I am always here for you 24/7. Watching HLN, I don’t know whether to laugh or to get pissed off. These people are an absolute joke. The way that they are ganging up on Jodi and saying and doing everything that they can to smear her is beyond pathetic. They also can’t wait to expedite her death sentence which they all assumed only yesterday was a slam dunk. Well, the way things are going, that slam dunk might actually turn out to be a personal foul. And, those of you who follow basketball know that this gets the other team two more shots. How about two more shots for Jodi Arias?

    I can only imagine how somber the mood will be at HLN if the jury comes back this evening without a verdict. I seriously think that Nancy Grace’s head will explode. Vinnie Politan might even shed some tears. And, I could be wrong, but I wouldn’t be surprised if we hear the faint sounds of “Taps” playing…gently. 😉

    Now, all kidding aside, I’m proud to be here with all of you and I don’t care if HLN, the TravisTown pedo-huggers or anyone else likes it or not. I would go through hell in a gasoline suit for Jodi Arias because I know she’s innocent and I’ll never stop supporting her or Team Jodi.

    • Frank…if it goes to appeals…there will be a lot of town people that they can subpoena to come testify in her behalf….

      Darryl is saying that Jodi was thought fondly of by the town people from where he is from…and the interviewer asked Darryl where are those folks now…and Darryl said they are at the same place and there was not much effort to get those folks to come forth to trial…the folks volunteered but apparently the defense and others did not get the folks to come to trial…

      Folks…she would have had a town full of folks that thought fondly of her…why didn’t the defense get these people to trial to speak up for Jodi???

      Darryl feels that Jodi did NOT get a fair trial…that the trial was polluted from the start…and he has strong opinions on the way that the Maricopa County has proceeded and he says that the appeals process will be telling…

      Way to go Darryl…God Bless You…and all of the town folks…God Bless You TOO!!!

      Please be available for appeals hearings…thanks…