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The jury will continue their deliberations from 10.00 am this morning. Click here for yesterday’s video recording.

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  1. Thoughts and Prayers for Jodi and family,she doesnt deserve this,this trial has been so misguided from the start,God Bless Jodi.

    • Dennis I agree. I had the unfortunate first hand experiencing of the the corrupt judicial system in Arizona. The police in Arizona are sadistic individuals who get their kicks out of beating up innocent people for no reason. They use our legal system to protect them from civil lawsuits. They will stoop to the lowest form of humanity in abusing individuals civil rights. I was in a family argument and my daughter who is psychotic called the police, and they proceeded to beat me and haul me to jail for nothing. I never touched anyone. The one sadistic officer charged me with resisting arrest, and beat me up. I had told him I was just a couple of weeks out of the hospital for major heart surgery, but he didn’t care. He laughed about it when the paramedics were called to treat me. If you reside in Arizona I feel sorry for you, if you don’t avoid that state like the plague, especially Maricopa County. Please boycott any travel to that state. They have a state motto, go to Arizona for vacation, and end up in jail. Their sheriff is one dirty son of a bitch. If not for county protection, he wouldn’t be alive today.

      Back to Jodi, my heart goes out to her, and will always do so. I shake with anger when I see the Alexander family go before the court crying their eyes out, saying how their brother was their pillar of strength, and how his passing has left them in a state of hopelessness. Please, spare me from this pathetic attempt from the family to get sympathy from the jurors, in order to get Jodi on death row. Travis is dead and killing Jodi will not bring him back. He was a scum bag anyway, and his death will only serve to protect other women from his manipulative self serving ways.

      Jodi I admire you for having the strength to rid society of a piece of trash like Travis. His family and friends can sing all the praises of him, but you can’t beautify a pig even by putting lipstick on him. God bless you Jodi for standing up for yourself. Though unfortunately in so doing so you get the shaft.


      • I have seen both sides, I now live in AZ, (hate it my home is Seal Bch Cal) but the final thing my childrens father did to me was nearly beat me to death and the one sheriff that God sent in to talk to me had started a group in town called Amberlys Place and this sheriff and this place helped to keep me away from my abuser, for good. He came in and my ex had already made me change out of and hide my bloody shirt and cleaned up my ears, blood had been coming out of both my ears, when he heard sirens, and my ex instructed me not to say anything. I had no bruises, they were all on my back and back of my legs,( as usual in places that could be hidden,) as I crawled away from him after beating the back of my head on the ground, sorry, I am all over the place, anyhow, this sheriff kept talking to me as I was saying, we were just arguing, I am fine, its ok but the way he talked, the way he cared made me finally break my eleven year silence and I said, ok, I am done, I cant do this anymore, here is the shirt, this is what he did, please take him away and all these police helped me from that day forward, back and forth to work or court because my ex had put kitty litter in my car so, he thought, I would have to get him to drive me, he slit my tires, but anyhow, I have had great relations with the police. Now the court system? Not so much, my abuser got off with disorderly conduct with domestic violence connotations, he only had to take a few classe and he almost got off but the sheriff called me and said, hurry quick go to court, he is having his hearing now, the courts almost left me out of the whole procedure, I didnt know all my rights then, he had a fancy lawyer but its not all police in Az, thats all I was trying to say. The courts are why it is hard to go up against your abuser, they dont believe you if you never told on your abuser before, like Jodi, no one would have believed st travis did this, so sad it all happened this way for her, I pray she gets life

        • Kmea,

          Glad you took action, against the bum you married. Neither man nor women should be subjected to mental or physical abuse. Fortunately you met an officer that cared. Police officers can show more sympathy to a female, but enjoy beating the shit out of men, whenever they can to show how macho they are. Doesn’t matter if the man is innocent of any wrong doing, they play judge and jury before all the facts are weighed. What do you expect from police officers from Maricopa County, that are trained by Sheriff Joe?
          And I agree the court system their needs new leadership. Your husband walked after beating you unmercifully, and I spent a month in jail just after my heart surgery, which had if I had arrived 15 minutes later to the hospital, I would have been dead of heart failure. A month in jail for a non violent family argument, and a trumped up resisting arrest charge.
          See if you have the money like your husband, and OJ Simpson, you can beat almost anything, or at least walk away with a slap on the wrist. I had a public defender like Jodi. That is why Jodi and I got the shaft.
          God Bless,

      • Allan, One of my uncles lives in Tucson at present time: however, he in formed us that he plans to leave AZ and move to a state where true justice is believed in and not where travesties such as this farce of a trial has been.

    • The jury cannot come to a unanimous decision… Judge Stephens…. go back and try again.. And theres Miss Samantha… thinkin “gotta muster up some more tears for the jury.. look at them.. look sad, get some tears running.. maybe that will help… ” I feel for her.. I do.. she lost her brother.. but please, and Jodi is accused of acting … give me a break, it is so obvious. Does anyone know what happens if they do not come to an unanimous decision?

      • I don’t feel for Samantha…………..AT ALL. What a weak little piece of work.

        Nor do I feel for Steven:” i can not sleep alone in the dark anymore
        i’ve had dreams of my brother…….i don’t want these dreams anymore….” Alexander. He’s not a pillar is he? yuck.


        These people are sickening.

    • Juan Juan, you had no qualm… You really do think, you are Da Bomb!

      You’re nothing more than a mad little midget, and that’s exactly why

      you just don’t get it!! How do you sleep? How do you rise?, after you

      let that family tell so many lies!! Look at their history, trust me, it is no mystery…

      The fake tears, didn’t last years, but only while in court, then Hey! it’s

      MORE BEER!! Did you happen to see their arrest records, guess you overlooked

      that with your best effort!!

      You better prepare that weird family to deal, when Jodi soon wins her appeal!!

      Let someone smack you, call you names, try to kill you, O what a shame!

      She got the better, and you should be ashamed, you sir, are really LAME!!

      You don’t have death threats, but you’ll have many regrets, after Jodi wins,

      see, we won’t forget!! All the bias it’s proven you have, too bad, so sad, we

      will drive you mad!!

      Jodi, Don’t you worry, Don’t you fret, you my sweet lady, we’ll NEVER forget!!

      Love ya Jodi!

      Missy R

  2. I ordered my Survivor shirt yesterday. As soon as it comes, I plan to take a picture in it. I also plan to make that picture my new gravatar, and I was thinking everyone else here who bought one might be interested in doing the same. If you don’t want to display your face, you can just use the shirt logo. This is just an idea.

    • Britney oh my God I was getting scared I did not recognize hardly any of the posters for yesterday I was thinking the TROLLS had taken over!!! And here you are so I know we are ok SOMEONE I KNOW!!! LOL

      • I felt the same way Jennifer.

        Britney – I am waiting for mine now. I was thinking it wight be cool to make some sort of collage with everyone wearing their shirts. It would be a group picture of sorts.

      • Yeah, I’ve turned in a few trolls myself. We need all we can get to support Jodi, and clicks are not the way to go about it. We need to keep an open mind until they prove otherwise. Talking to new people is not a bad thing.

        • Well said. I was online all day yesterday and ‘talked’ to many people I recognize.

          On another note – I pre-ordered my shirt the day they were announced and still have not received it. Anyone know what I can do? We’re moving out-of-town so I don’t want it to be in mail limbo.

          • Yeah, this will be my last post here. I’ve been on here a long time, but I don’t like “clicks”, and refuse to ONLY talk to “certain” people. I was on here as Missy R, then changed my name. I had dealings with a few trolls, but most newcomers are NOT all trolls! I thought we all were building this site??? Newcomers reading, others think they’re a troll because they’re not in your click, is just wrong! Some post, and no one will talk to them! I try, but I can’t take the name calling of newcomers anymore! I’ve had bad experiences myself, but I don’t take that out on innocent people! Clicks are for High school aged, not grown adults! This site, I THOUGHT, was for EVERYONE to come together, not be singled out…
            Good luck Jodi! I will continue to support you, but I’ll go around the barn to do it.
            Missy R

            • Missy, I am sorry you want to go. I didn’t know you had changed your screenname. I try to post to new posters if I have something to add or an answer to any real question. It’s hard though. People post on other forums using our names to spread hate, some of us receive threats and hate mail. I want to welcome newbies but at the same time I am leary.

            • I know this is an old post but thank you. I have watched and lurked on this site since the beginning. But I never posted. However, as the case and this site evolved, I thought this site was about peace and comfort…so much so that someone could finally come out and talk about abuse or at least let go of the fear and damage the abuse caused. I am fifty years old and was abused both as a child and adult. I married a man who was abusive but, after about 15 years, when he became verbally abusive to our daughter, i fought back. You know what? THAT abuser actually loved us…so much so that he got counselling and therapy. There is a long road ahead of us, but he is trying very hard. On the other note, I was abused by close family members and watching this trial has brought that back to haunt me. I was always told that if I said anything, I would cause our entire family to be ripped apart and could end up in foster care with someone who did not love me. So, I took it.

              Anyways, when I posted over the weekend, I was immediately asked by someone who was quite hostile whether or not I was a troll and why I wasn’t here posting from the beginning. I am amazed at the courage some of the posters have here. To simply talk about it takes a whole lot of courage because you feel so much to blame for much of the abuse. So “coming out” is incredibly difficult.

              My impression was that “we were here first” and my input was unimportant. I have watched this site and the support that has been given to people. The hostility with which I was greeted really hurt to be honest. Watching so many others finally post about their situation gave me the courage even to post.

              I know this site is about support Jodi. Much of the trial I could not watch. There was no justice, there was no concern for her wellbeing or the truth…just like in the real world with most females who have been abused But watching this site turn into a situation where survivors are encouraged to go on living and be proud that they can inspired me to post in the first place. Seeing the clique-ish and the “we were here first so go away” behavior really hurt. But, it isn’t about me. It’s about inspiring others to come out, fight back, be strong and learn to live their lives and be happy without thinking it is their fault if someone hurts them. I actually felt that since I didn’t post int he beginning, I was not entitled to show up now after the treatment I received. That’s wrong! Maybe one day we can fix the world to the point that everyone has empathy and compassion for everyone else and doesn’t worry about who is first, last, richer, poorer.

              Thank all of you who told your stories and helped me come out what little I have. I am sorry that my one or two postings caused someone to believe I was a “troll”. I can’t describe how frightening that accusation was…mainly because I have been a victim and I really don’t have that much courage as some of you do.

              I will stop now…it will take days to read through all this. Thanks for the unspiration so many of you have been to me without even knowing you touched me. Please keep that up. I won’t be the only one you touch…I am sure of that.

              • Lee thanks for sharing your story. i was abused and have kind of shared my story (onky a little as it is too much to talk about. i think i know how you feel about being hurt. i am so sorry about what you went through and are ging through. i commend you for trying to make it work, i know it can be done and i know many abusers were also abused so when they want to work on themselves they, too, desrerve compassion. you will have ups and downs and sometimes they fall back, but the counseling and theray can work. but you have to be honest and speak up and stand up for yourself if he abuse rears its ugly head again.

                i would encourage you to write jodi a postcard and let her know that you can relare to her, she really needs us and i think the cards do help her. Peace to you.

                CSTH, i am sorry to see you go, i enjoy your posts. But i do understand.

              • Lee thanks for your post

                as a practical matter, i haven’t time to read many posts, but if i see someone here being attacked unfairly, i attack in detail what that attacker is doing, and call on team jodi to intervene

                i don’t like bullies, and i don’t like cyber bullies

                i’d suggest that you, or anyone, call on team jodi to assess the situation, to look fairly at what happened
                it’s a moderated website, meaning it’s a disciplined website

                maybe start any such call to alert team jodi to such behavior by using upper case letters
                ATTENTION TEAM JODI CYBER ATTACK !!! or words to that effect
                that should be dramatic enough lol
                we should protect each other here
                if i think someone is a troll i’ll say so, and fully explain why
                i have done so on several occasion, and also i have been shown to have been wrong or incorrect in my premature judgment

                this website is such a tempting target for the malevolent, and malignant, of the world

                as a peripheral matter i keep alert for the presence of such scum

                as does the moderator and as should each of us

                i mostly post longer technical stuff, and some humor

                the primary immediate focus here is on jodi, but that does not exclude kindness and caring for each other, in protective ways

                if you, or anyone else is called a troll here, remain calm, and call on team jodi in a post by you here to look into it

                here’s a couple of quotes from elie weisel who’s thoughts resonate across all issues of powerless, injustice, suffering, humiliaton, oppression, etc :

                “There may be times when we are powerless to prevent injustice, but there must never be a time when we fail to protest.”

                “I swore never to be silent whenever and wherever human beings endure suffering and humiliation. We must always take sides. Neutrality helps the oppressor, never the victim. Silence encourages the tormentor, never the tormented.”

                • Thanks Wes, but that’s not necessary. We are already alerted by our members who to check out.

                • MB – TEAM JODI ADMIN
                  i didn’t know that
                  how is that done ?

                  since it was posted as a comment on this page, and i saw nothing from team jodi in response, i addressed Lee’s comments openly and directly

                  highest regards to lee, team jodi, etc

                  oppressors, and miscellaneous scumbags excluded

              • Lee-
                Thanks for the postt. Please see what I posted to crooked as I would like to tell you the same thing. Keep posting to support Jodi. It will all iron out in the end.

            • Crooked-
              For what it’s worth, I have been a long time poster, but am not in a clique. I don’t post as much as I used to, mostly because I don’t have as much to add as I once did. I think I actually responded to one of your posts previously. I do understand that people are wary of new posters here, as I too have experienced the vile hateful vitriol from these trolls on FB. I have decided that the best way to beat the hate, is to keep right on posting in support of Jodi, whether someone who is a regular poster here, responds to me or not. Actually, there are many times no one responds to my posts. I figure, at least a few of the trolls will see my post and get the message that people who support Jodi, Truth, and Justice won’t just go away. I would encourage you, if you truly support Jodi, to continue to show your support whether you feel a part of a clique or not.

              • I agree. Very well said, like most of your posts. I do read them and enjoy them, even if I don’t respond. 🙂

                • MB-
                  Thanks. I can certainly understand why you don’t respond. I can only imagine how difficult it is to keep up, especially with all the haters trying to get through. 🙂

          • I received my t-shirt and it came with a really nice note from the Arias family… I like it so much I dont want to take it out of the tissue wrapped with a purple ribbon 🙂 I think I am going to order a bunch for the fundraiser event I’m doing in October.

        • i know i came on this site several times just wanting to find someone that has compassion for Jodi. i can’t stand HLN but that is the only place i know to see the trial. i think JODI was been railroaded. i am 68 and was in a very abusive marriage. when these women call in and says they don’t like how Jodi uses the abusive charge, they weren’t there, Jodi knows what happened to her, and i covered it up too. there are no rules on abuse.

      • Good Morning, 🙂

        I am one of the people who haven’t posted here but I have followed along with y’all. I find most of comments really help me to understand what this Court System is about and my heart is with everyone. I’m in Canada, no death penalty here, thank god.
        I’m Catholic and had a special mass for Jodi at my Church, last week. It was a regular mass but at the beginning the Priest stated my intentions for Jodi.
        Sorry to have been a silent member here … I posted yesterday but then was accused of being a troll. sheesh! Anyway, keep the faith, and the voices and thoughts of many are strong!

        • Dina, thank you for sharing about your communion. that was actually very comforting to hear. and beautiful. 🙂

          • I could barely get through Mass … bawling like a baby. It was a beautiful feeling to know that over 500 people were praying for Jodi at one and the same time. Very, very comforting and strengthening experience.

        • Dina, I don’t know many people here, but the sentiment of a Mass with Jodi’s fate included was a beautiful thing. I can’t understand the bloodthirsty (forgive them they know not what they do) souls rallying for the death of a woman with so much to give.

          I don’t think that “Travis” would put her to death.
          Who can truly speak for him?

    • Britney,

      What color did you get? I ordered black last week.

      I was thinking of doing that exact same thing – a gravatar pic in the shirt. I like your idea of everyone doing it.

  3. I am praying so hard for life. Parents are NOT suppose to bury their CHILDREN!! And yes Jodi committed a crime ( to save her life) but her family did not. And TA’s parent’s were already gone so they did not have to experience the pain of the death of a child!!

    • I agree with you Jennifer. Unfortunately, I think Jodie s train has left the station but I hope I am
      wrong. The girl was made out to be the villian and travis was promoted to sainthood.
      I hope she gets a good appeals attorney. There are many issues in this trial that I find to be
      completely unfair, but it is difficult to get a new trial.

  4. I’m just catching up on todays events.

    Jodi, you were beautiful today and did a beautiful job. <3

    I was in tears.

    I have to feel she touched someone on that jury. If not they are even more cold and heartless than I can imagine.

    Yes this entire nightmare has to be a seemingly never ending nightmare for her entire family.


  5. Jodi, you did a terrific job up there today (never mind what the HLN idiots say, it’s all for their ratings anyway). Showed appropriate emotion, put your family first – it must of been nerve wracking (the shaking hands). We’re keeping you in our prayers…these stupid tv shows keep saying you aren’t showing enough emotion blah, blah, blah…for pity’s sake, what more do they want? And people seem to forget that this occurred 5 years ago, not yesterday – be real HLN! We’re keeping your family and friends in our prayers, also ~ and I for one, am very grateful for your contribution to Locks of Love, as a cancer survivor. Giving your hair is one of the most selfless things a person can do to help and support cancer patients. Thank you.

    • Yes, Jodi did a terrific job today. She struck a good balance between showing concern for both families and sharing about who she is as a person. I loved the pictures of her as a small child and her family pictures. She also did a good job of showing what she can contribute if she is given life instead of DP.

      Unfortunately, this jury seems pretty tough (if not misguided). Praying for Jodi and her family. I’m also praying that God will soften the hearts of the jurors and members of Travis’ family, which is a tall order, I know. Only God can intervene at this point. I do believe in miracles. Let’s keep the faith.

  6. I also feel Jodi did a very good job in her statement. The haters are and were going to hate no matter what she said or didn’t say and the jurors will do what the jurors will do too. She stayed true to herself and her defense narrative. I did notice the nervousness as well and really felt for her regarding that.

    No matter what happens today we need to remember the long game and not let the fools and haters disturb us any longer. If Jodi can show grace under fire its the least we can do. I know that hasn’t been easy because we are all so passionate about the many injustices in this trial from hell. I apologize to everyone if any of my zealous posts offended anyone. Its been hard to bear the massive ignorance and hatred out there for our girl.

  7. Hi everyone! I am re-posting this from yesterday because I want Jodi and her family to see it.

    First, I want to say that Jodi did a phenomenal job today in front of the jury. It took a lot of courage and strength to face such hostility today, but she once again held her own and I never had any doubt that she would be great. Second, I would like to use this post to give my own defense of Jodi Arias and I’d like to take this occasion to address Jodi, Jodi’s family, friends, supporters and her enemies.

    “In Defense Of Jodi Arias”

    Judge Stephens, Mr. Martinez, Mr. Nurmi, Ms. Willmott, members of the jury, members of the press, Ms. Arias and her family and friends, and Mr. Alexander’s family and friends, I have chosen to be Jodi Arias’s character witness in this trial. Now, full disclosure, I have never met Jodi Arias nor have I known her for as long as Ms. Womack. And, no doubt, some of you are probably wondering, “Then how could you possibly be qualified to speak on behalf of Ms. Arias?” The answer is simple: justice. I seek justice for Jodi Arias because I believe her to be innocent of the crime of pre-meditated murder of Travis Alexander and I also believe that she suffered emotional, psychological and verbal abuse from Mr. Alexander. This is not to smear Travis Alexander or to besmirch his name, but rather to strip away emotion from this trial and focus on the facts instead.

    I seek justice for Ms. Arias because after researching her website, her blogs, her interviews and observing her body language in court, I believe that she has a good heart, a loving soul and reacted out of fear, not malice towards Mr. Alexander. Jodi did not have a criminal record prior to meeting Travis Alexander. None of her previous ex-boyfriends were killed. Then again, none of them treated her the way that Mr. Alexander did. Travis’s supporters may say to me that I am crazy and sick for supporting Jodi, especially when I have never met her or even know her. But can the same thing not be said to them and be applicable as well? Perhaps even more so when you observe the sycophantic behavior that is demonstrated by them on a daily basis? The difference between Jodi Arias supporters and Travis Alexander supporters is that we are not putting Jodi on a pedestal. We are not claiming nor have we ever claimed that Jodi is perfect. Contrast that to the Travis Alexander supporters who have taken to worshipping Mr. Alexander as if he is a deity.

    Much has been made about the graphic photos of the crime scene. I will not dispute that. Personally, I wish that Travis Alexander had never died. I wish that he was alive so he could face the consequences of his actions. Although, depending on your belief system, I personally feel that Mr. Alexander is facing a jury of his peers of his own, so to speak. The crime scene photos are horrific, but that does not stop the media, especially HLN, from sensationalizing them and almost reveling in the gore to the point of being gratuitous with the violence. And speaking of gratuitous, the sex tape between Travis Alexander and Jodi Arias has been referred to as “offensive” and “shocking” by many, but that doesn’t stop our friends at HLN, especially Jane Velez-Mitchell, from playing it on an almost nightly basis. As if that weren’t enough, the “talking heads” as my Mom refers to them on HLN have taken it upon themselves to line up one-by-one against Jodi Arias and gleefully anticipating her death sentence as the clock winds down. At the same time, they have chosen to take up the mantle of supporting Travis Alexander, almost to the point where I expect pom-poms to be delivered to the HLN studios any day now.

    Much has been made about Jodi Arias’s youthful indiscretions. Did she make mistakes? Yes. Did she make some bad choices? Yes. However, if each and every one of us were to have someone delve into our past, I’m sure that they would find some youthful indiscretions, mistakes and bad choices of our own, too. The thing is that Jodi straightened herself out, grew up and turned herself into a successful woman. Mr. Martinez likes to mock and ridicule Ms. Arias by constantly bringing up how her one talent is “drawing pictures”. Mr. Martinez, you obviously have not taken the time to study Jodi Arias as much as I have and others have. To attempt to minimize her and diminish her in front of court like that is not only offensive, but it is disrespectful and precisely the kind of behavior that was exhibited towards Ms. Arias by the late Mr. Alexander. The very fact that you are aware of this yet chose to verbally and psychologically abuse her did not go unnoticed, Mr. Martinez. Shame on you, sir. And shame on those supporters of Travis Alexander who have chosen to lead a blitzkrieg on television, radio and the Internet which apparently knows no boundaries of decency and respect. With all due respect, many of these people need to get a life before they ever have to decide whether or not to take another person’s. I frankly question the sincerity of most of them because I believe many of them are motivated more by the potential 15 minutes of fame instead of genuine support for Mr. Alexander.

    I just hope that the Jodi Arias family and her friends and supporters know that my support for her and them is genuine and that I could care less about fame. What I want more than anything is for Jodi Arias to walk out of jail or prison a free woman still in her 30s with the next half-century to look forward to. Someone recently asked me, hypothetically, if I would be crazy enough to want to date Jodi Arias. I thought about it for a minute and chose to answer him by saying that if I had a choice between never seeing Jodi again or marrying her, I would marry her. Now, this is not some pathetic declaration of love or wanton desire to be with Jodi Arias. I am only saying that if, and I repeat if, hypothetically, the two of us were to ever be brought together by fate or destiny, that I wouldn’t be afraid because I know what kind of a person that she is. She doesn’t come without problems or issues, but she’s not alone in that regard. If I was her boyfriend or husband, I wouldn’t be able to promise her that I would be the best kisser, the perfect lover or the perfect anything, but I could guarantee her that no man would work harder to give her unconditional love on a daily basis. So, to answer this gentleman’s question and, potentially, yours, too, no, I would not be afraid of dating Jodi Arias and neither should any other man be. None of her other boyfriends were murdered or hurt. What does that tell you? Why Travis Alexander? Could it possibly be because he used all sorts of disparaging names towards her? Or could it possibly be that he pushed Jodi Arias to the brink of snapping and, after months and years of internalizing her fear towards him, she finally lashed out in self-defense?

    The only hand that I ever have any interest in laying upon Jodi Arias is the one of friendship. I am Catholic, not Mormon, so my book of choice is The Holy Bible, not the Book Of Mormon although I respect the LDS Church and the majority of its followers. Today, I was reminded of one of the scriptures in the Bible. Specifically, 1 Peter 2: 1-25 that says, “So put away all malice and all deceit and hypocrisy and envy and all slander. Like newborn infants, long for the pure spiritual milk, that by it you may grow up into salvation— if indeed you have tasted that the Lord is good. As you come to him, a living stone rejected by men but in the sight of God chosen and precious, you yourselves like living stones are being built up as a spiritual house, to be a holy priesthood, to offer spiritual sacrifices acceptable to God through Jesus Christ.” Perhaps it would be a good idea for Mr. Alexander’s supporters to read that passage again and try to take away something from its meaning.

    Much has also been made about Jodi Arias’s lack of remorse. What does this woman have to do for people to stop hating her? She apologizes, she’s wrong. She doesn’t apologize, she’s wrong. No matter what she says or does, she’s going to be wrong in the eyes of Travis Alexander’s supporters and their willing accomplices at HLN. So, Jodi is really put into a “damned if she does, damned if she doesn’t” position. Perhaps Ms. Arias lacks the emotional histrionics of the Alexander family in the courtroom that allows them to cry on cue, but this does not make Jodi’s tears any less sincere. I think the easy thing for her to do would be to turn on the “water works” and start bawling in the courtroom, begging for forgiveness. But from what little I know of Jodi Arias, I don’t think she likes to take the easy way out. I think that Jodi likes a challenge, and if that is true, then she sure has one to deal with now. A big one. But it is not impossible nor beyond the realm of possibility that she can and will win this fight someday. I will be there supporting Jodi every day, every step of the way.

    Ms. Womack did not decline to appear in court because she dislikes Ms. Arias. She did so out of fear, fear of the potential repercussions that would occur had she faced the judge and jury yesterday. The fact of the matter is that some people, perhaps more than some, who support Travis Alexander have taken to making death threats against people who support Jodi Arias. They have also felt that it is their God-given right (no pun intended) to bully, attack and harass people on the Internet and in the public who are adamant about their support for Jodi. To me, it’s not important to ask why they do this, but rather how can they do this?

    Jodi Arias is more than just someone who “draws pictures”. She is survivor of abuse and I have no doubt that, given the opportunity to speak out against domestic abuse, that she will help raise awareness and funds to help these individuals. She is also a daughter, granddaughter, sister and friend to many. If I was ever to be that lucky to be her friend, I would be eternally grateful and proud to call Jodi Arias my friend. There is so much more unlimited talent and greatness that is within Jodi Arias that has yet to be fulfilled. I feel it. And, so I am asking you, members of the jury, to spare Jodi Arias’s life so that she does not receive the death penalty. Part of that has to do with my Catholicism. I believe that life is sacred, whether it’s abortion or the death penalty. And I have all of the confidence in the world that Jodi will be a mentor and role model to the other prisoners, if she is not already, and will benefit from this experience as a better person for having to go through it. I think that the moral and Christian thing to do would be to punish her with life in prison as opposed to taking her life.

    This trial is almost over with, but our resolve is not. I will continue to support Jodi and her family in the next coming days, months and years, if that is how long it takes. I believe her and, more importantly, I believe in her. She is not arrogant, she is confident. At least, she was until last week when she truly was humbled by the verdict that was rendered. It was heartbreaking for me to see Jodi like that because I had not seen her with that look previous to that. It was a look of resignation and utter shock and I never want to see her look like that again. I want Jodi to be happy and healthy and to use the knowledge she has picked up in many of the books that she has read to help her on her path to freedom. I ask you the jury to put aside whatever bias you may have against Ms. Arias and ask yourselves a question: “If this was my daughter would I feel the same way?” Your honor, I rest my case.

    • I read it all, Frank and it certainly was very beautiful and very sincere (((((((hugs)))))) spoken from your heart.

    • Well said Frank Queen!
      First of all let me say that I do not believe in the death penalty.
      We are supposed to be a civilized society so how can taking another life accomplish anything?
      I am sickened by any televised trial where defendants have been tried and convicted in the court of public opinion.
      It reeks of bread and circus at the Roman Coliseum.
      Thumbs up or thumbs down?
      How can anyone in a high profile murder case receive a fair trial if a jury is not sequestered?
      How can anyone in a high profile murder case receive a fair trial if both professional and character witnesses are intimidated in front of the jury and threatened by lunatics?
      How can anyone in a high profile murder case receive a fair trial if there is even a remote possibility that a juror has been watching programs on television such as Nancy Grace or Jane Velez -Mitchell?
      My goodness, they have even had mock juries on HLN convicting Jodi Arias.
      This is insane!
      Shame on you HLN and anyone else making BLOOD money off of this trial.
      The least Ms. Arias deserves is her day in court with witnesses who can help save her from the death penalty.
      As far as her final statement, even if she groveled, begged and pleaded for her life they would still mock her mercilessly.
      So good for her that she kept her cool and said what she wanted to say.
      When you condemn someone to death you are just as responsible as the person administering the the injection.
      It does not matter how many times you wash your hands.
      If they give her the death penalty they will have to deal with this fact the rest of their lives.
      A human being’s life is precious no matter who they are or what they have done.
      God gave us life only he should take it.
      Everyone is entitled to forgiveness and redemption.
      Apparently the news media, and angry, blood thirsty mobs and Alexander family have forgotten their Sunday school classes.
      Let’s put this in God’s hands.
      He is the only one we can trust.
      He knows all the dark secrets in their hearts.
      They can not hide from Him.
      Sleep well tonight all you haters. 🙂

      • I heard that even the ‘mock jury’ on hln couldn’t come up with a unanimous guilty of M1 vote; that, to me, reeks of either intimidating jurors into voting against what they believe, media bias or payoffs to vote guilty. The jurors are soul-less reptilians, in my eyes.

        • cindyp, re: Mock juries on HLN. In the last few weeks, I heard quite a few of them and there were always dissenters on the questions posed. If there were any unanimous decisions on that show, I missed them. But I have observed, for starters, that not all of the “jury” on the show were pro-death penalty.

    • Well said, Frank! You touched every aspect of the case. Thanks for reposting. I wanted to reply and didn’t get a chance yesterday.

    • Thank you for writing that, Frank. It made me shed a tear, it was so beautiful. I will keep the faith and continue to support Jodi because, to me, she is representing so many abused women.

    • Truly well said and from the heart. And Frank, I, too, would have absolutely no fear of JODI. Also, doesn’t the bible say “Let ye who is without sin cast the first stone”—-so, including this farce of a “case” against JODI, I wonder just how many other sins Martinez and the rest of his bandwagon have committed. (PS, although I am a non-believer, as far as organized religions themselves, I do respect others beliefs and will support–and offer— in every way prayers for JODI and her family). Again, very well said Frank and kudos to all of Team JODI!!!!!!!

    • Frank,

      This was so beautiful. I wish you could send it to Jodi. I hope she gets it one day. Plus with all the loving and caring you had the pom poms for HLN. That was such a perfect touch to this heart felt writing.

  8. I am sending prayers to the Arias’ family—-AND ESPECIALLY TO JODI.

    I have heard so many invectives about Jodi’s plea before the Jury yesterday and I strongly disagree with the spin.

    Jodi’s “AFFECT” was completely appropriate. She is trying to hold her life together after being JAILED (unfairly) already for Years ………while THIS jury already disregarded EVERYTHING she said on the stand.

    Jodi presented a rational and poised “plan” detailing what she could offer to women she LIVES with as she is incarcerated….I’m sorry, but this is all so wrong.

    SHE does not belong in this situation and there is much she could/should do with her life.

    Stay strong Jodi, WE are ALL behind you. xoxo

  9. It totally sickens me that these bullies would stoop so low as to scare away witnesses.
    How bloody unfair is that?
    The poor woman has no-one except those who believe in her to publicly state this clear Travis-ty.
    It’s outrageously egregious shameful behaviour.
    But no more than I expect from a sick cult.

    Morning all!

  10. I just watched Kermit’s closing. He is such a hateful man. Sentencing Jodi to death is personal to him…he clearly wants her to die. Watching him was truly chilling.

    Travis’ family is the most vengeful group I have ever seen. They just ooze hatefulness. I really don’t buy their tears and grief. If they really had any spiritual connection to their religious beliefs, they would find some strength in those beliefs and a path to getting on with their lives. Their religious faith (cult) has apparently not served them very well.

    Jodi and her family stand head and shoulders above that bunch, in spite of Jodi’s actions. Self defense does not equal murder and does not deserve the death penalty.

    Again, Kermit’s behavior in giving his closing was just plain chilling.

    • I don’t buy their tears either, its all in the name of revenge–all the eye rolling and smirks don’t go together with grief.

      I firmly think that the haters feel Jodi is much better than they are, which of course she IS, and that is why they choose to hate her, Not for what she did so much, though of course they wouldn’t admit that; they palm it off saying she lies when in fact its them lying to themselves.

      JM could hardly wait until JW had finished, he was writing away like mad as soon as she started. It was very chilling, he’s just evil beyond belief.

      • I have heard people say that Jodi has “dead, spooky eyes” which I find preposterous. Yesterday while Jodi was speaking, and the moment she put a picture of herself as a small child up on the projector, they panned to Travis’ family. Sam rolled her eyes, and shook her head, the brother upped his sneer, and Tanisha sucked those already sunken cheeks in even more…. and their eyes….

        all of their eyes….

        were completely dead and void of all things human. They exhumed hate.

        I was horrified.

        • The people that parrot what they hear on HLN are infantile. They’ve “heard” that sociopaths have “dead, spooky eyes” and so they regurgitate it all over the place like the small minded fiends that they are. If they are saying it, they are the ones with the “dead eyes”.

          Jodi has very dark brown eyes, and when she’s upset her pupils dilate, which make her eyes look almost entirely black. It’s an indicator of deep emotion, the exact opposite of what they accuse her of.

          Slightly off that topic, but isn’t “sneer-face” the one who was arrested for domestic violence himself?

          • I have heard Dr. Drew refer to Jodi’s eyes several times in a horrifying manner. He is the ultimate buffoon, creep, and low-minded tool.

            The crowd who have been the ringleaders in slinging ignorance and hatred for Jodi on HLN have also been responsible for routinely suppressing testimony favorable to Jodi that came out in the proceedings.

            They are the truly “infantile”. They are so eager to spew the hatred – often one-up-ing each other in the process, that you can actually hear the saliva accumulate in their mouths. Hence, the audible slurring and slathering.

            I only listen occasionally to hear what I will be reporting to the regulatory authorities.

        • Renee,
          I agree, HLN makes up things about Jodi and the Alexander family is much worse. I hope Samantha’s eyeballs get stuck in the top of her head. The whole trial has been deviant. When the Alexander got up there to talk the focus was on them. When they showed Jodi, she was crying and acting respectful. The Alexanders act like pigs and Jodi is degraded on HLN? It is a witch hunt. Jodi has been such a strong person through this.
          Juan’s whole side is so corrupt. The judge just lets him get away with it. This whole trial has been an evil kangaroo court and has to be thrown out from the beginning.

        • It serms like a lot of negative energy surrounds martinez. The feelings I sense are that of treachery and manipulation . When I see the Alexander siblings, they are overwhelmed by feelings too- but sadly, sorrow is not the one coming through. I see hatred and vindictiveness. Their actions speak loudly of greed too. I don’t get much emotions from ja’s family. From ja after the M1 verdict I sense an overwhelming sense of sadness , despair and hopelessness. If you notice her pictures and video from before, even compared to the beginning of the trial, the light has gone out of her eyes.

          From ALV I felt an aura of peace surrounding her.

          • Isn’t it funny that NONE of the reporters are ‘scared’ of this crazy sociopathic wild-eyed killer? Who in the right mind would sit in front of a potential death-row inmate unprotected??

            No one is afraid of her – which tells me that they don’t think she is capable of this crime unprovoked.

            Everyone knows that she is of no harm to anyone.

    • I’m not buying the tears either. And for such a so called religious family to be on this quest for vengeance i.e. Jodi’s death and the one sister Tanisha wanting to be there to witness it is just sick to me. then you add in the $ they are making off the Travis funds, jewelery etc. I find it all in bad taste. Jodi’s message was from the heart yesterday but of course even her comments about giving her hair to locks of love was turned into something evil.

  11. Fox 10 Troy Hayden …I didn’t like his tone during his most recent interview with Jodi…is it just me or did he seem a little hostile towards her? He just about forced her to say the words “Im sorry”….Jodi did express remorse when she spoke in court yesterday but of course it wasn’t enough for them…. Why do they think that she should apologize for defending herself, I guess they want her to apologize for not letting TA kill her that day…I am so grosed out how the HLN sheep are all making fun of Jodi & tearing her words apart…

    She wasn’t letting Hayden get away with being a jerk though…as usual Jodi handled herself with grace and dignity. I’m proud of Jodi for standing her ground and continuing to speak out against domestic infuriates the zombies but Jodi doesn’t let that stop her!!!

    • I am glad that Jodi is standing her ground. I agree that she does not need to keep apologizing. I noticed in one of her interviews she seemed to be keeping her answers short and not giving in to rambling on like she had a tendency to do on the stand. Her attorneys must have finally advised her about not saying anything more than necessary. She kept her statement in court precise, with concise short sentences, which also served her well.

      No matter what she says, however, the haters will pick her apart.

    • They would love to wreck her chances for an appeal, that’s what they are after.

      I too, can’t possibly explain the intensity I feel against this outrage. I won’t be happy unless she walks out of there a free woman. She’s been in jail long enough, she’s endured psychological torture of the worst kind for years on end. The total lack of a conscience, ethics and morals of those fiends who are on the side of the prosecution can’t be borne, not in a country where so many men and women have died for our rights and our freedom.

    • “SORRY”…for all the idiotic news stations that only hear what they want to hear…Jodi said…”SORRY”

      At 16.42 seconds into the video Jodi says “for that, I will be sorry for the rest of my life”

      Jodi does say she is “sorry” right after the part where she is talking about Travis…she says, “at one point he meant the world to me”…then she talked about not knowing that she was capable of that…and before that day she wouldn’t even hurt a spider…then she said…”for that, I will be sorry for the rest of my life”

      I don’t know if Jodi said that she was sorry any other time during her statement…but I happened to be watching it when I heard her say that she was sorry in that above paragraph….

    • Totally agree (I think I posted something on another post, called the guy “Owen” as I wasn’t sure of his name); the guy was cracking an emotionally sarcastic and cruel whip, in my eyes. His tone, the way he basically sneered at her, was disgusting. He was probing for a reaction, and Jodi responded with utter grace, yet didn’t back down. Her strength is really admirable. The guy’s a jerk.

  12. Good morning all. OK let’s try to find some good in this…Jodi did a wonderful job yesterday..JW did a good job. We will never have to endure hearing the little ass hole voice again..the jury didn’t. come back with a verdict yesterday as predicted by all the heaters……Jodi’s family is so strong…as is our Jodi.

    • I think it helped a lot that Jodi’s whole family has been in court the past two days. Their presence helps take some of the focus off of the snarling, eye-rolling Alexanders.

    • I don’t think rat-face plans to go away. I think he plans on putting his rat face in front of us and infesting our ears with the foul emanations from his mouth as much as possible in a quest for fame and money.

  13. ‘Let he who is without sin among you be the first to cast a stone at her’. Wonder if any of those sorry asses have ever heard this? All that time spent in church but apparently not. SCREW YOU, hateful hypocrites! We don’t give a rat’s ass what the jury decides because in the long run it won’t matter. Jodi will have the last laugh.

    • It says that in the Bible but they read from that other book….the one their leader transcribed from magic rocks because the Bible wasn’t good enough.

  14. Nothing but prayers for Jodi today.
    May the jurors show some compassion
    & heart for her as we do here.

    I hope they one day realize through
    the smoke & mirrors. They were
    manipulated and lied to by JM.

    I hope that if they come back with
    The DP – i hope they carry that
    burden of their heavy hearts with
    them every night knowing they sent
    an innocent girl to her death.

    I hope and pray for Jodi’s family.

    • Although I watched everyday of this trail and do not understand How they came to the verdict they did..I think that once they start reading what they didn’t. Hear in this trial there will be 12 people who will start showing some mental health issues..I wish I could say that she will not get the DP..but I am praying. that they will not. The fact that they did not come back with a verdict. last night as predicted. gives me hope.

      • Cindy,

        I too have no idea of how this jury came to its decision. Unfortunately we may never find out. What really gets me is that 7 of them found for both premeditated and felony murder. There is a sort of illogical issue there, and in fact this was something that was thrashed out in a pre-trial motion before Pickles. It seems (and there is case law to that effect) that a situation in which the intent was murder, can’t become a felony murder using the murder itself as the felony. So by the law, if you find for premeditation you should have a real hard time finding for felony.So, if you set out to rob a bank and a guard got killed that’s felony murder, but if you went into the bank to shoot the guard, that’s premeditated.

        Now the defense argued this and JM countered that his charge in the alternative was because Jodi may never have had the intent to kill TA, just to assault him (the felony) and he died in the process.

        That, then leads me to wonder why the verdict form allows for the case where the jury finds both, and I need to research that.

        That being said and done, the only fricking way this bunch of numb nuts could have logically found for pre-meditated murder goes back to the throat wound, where they decided that that was a calculated move. But given that they bought JM’s argument on felony murder, I doubt if they bothered to even think that far into the case.

        In order for them to find for M1 they had to discount everything that Jodi said, everything said by Samuels, ALV and Geffner, the complete chain of texts, IMs and emails and all other circumstantial evidence of the fact that Jodi wasn’t really hiding where she was. They also had to discount the lying of Flores and Horn, the incompetence of DeMarte and her obvious slant and all of the forensic evidence.

        So what the heck does that leave them with? JM’s opening and closing statements and the fact that Jodi lied. And of course public pressure.

        So they are basically going to either kill her or lock her away for life for lying to Flores and TV interviewers and to assuage public sentiment.

        That is about as large a perversion of justice as I have ever seen. Seems more fitting for the Roman era than modern day America.

        • Al, great post. I believe that the juries decision was based strictly on emotions and not on facts. I believe juror #8 has said it all. Their minds were made up way before Jodi took the stand. She has been criticized about taking the stand by HLN. If she had not taken the stand, Samuels and Lavallette could not have testified to certain things. Then they criticized her for being on the stand for eighteen days. The only reason she was on the stand that long was JM. As you have stated this has definitely become a perversion of our system.

          • I seriously doubt the throat wound had anything to do with it, for, after all, a wound doesn’t prove whether a murder was premeditated.

            By that “logic” O.J. Simpson should have been convicted of double homicide just on the basis of the wounds he inflicted on Nicole Simpson and Ron Goldman.

            This had nothing to do with evidence or gory pictures. This had EVERYTHING to do with factors outside of the courtroom, just as the O.J. acquittal did (and that jury was sequestered).

            The Arias jury was watching the media, and I suspect there were several Mormons on the jury since Arizona has a large Mormon population. Mormons are notoriously black-and-white thinkers. The jury was also well aware of death threats from the Travis contingency. Let me tell you, if Travis had not been Mormon, there would not have been the death threats we have seen in this trial. If he had not been Mormon, this case would have been pleaded down to manslaughter like it should have been.

            • The throat wound if anything would be proof of a crime of passion, a life-or-death struggle.

              That wound was likely inflicted after Travis was already dead.

              • I agree. That’s why this is so infuriating.

                I was just saying that other than that there is no reason within the bounds of this case and the evidence presented for them to have come up with their verdict.

                I think this jury just capitulated to public/meia pressure, or was made up entirely of people with substandard IQs.

                • Al,

                  can the jury be asked later on while the appeals are going on, to explain in greater detail how exactly they came to their conclusion? I’m talking about they found both premeditated and felony murder.

                • Well that sucks! Because I feel that since they are responsible for putting her in this situation, they should be held accountable for their decisions in all future proceedings. Especially since their decision makes no sense.

                  But of course, that’s just my logic. 🙁

          • Their minds were made up long before the trial started. I doubt there were any people in the Phoenix area who hadn’t decided she was going to “fry” for this killing of an abusive, lying, cheating creep.

          • Speaking of Juror #8 he was on Dr. Drew again last night bemoaning how he still feels he let the family down and Dr. Drew & the Harem assured him that he was aces with the Alexander family and he didn’t let them down. HELLO he is not there to be an adovcate for the victim’s family he is suppose to be impartial and there to listen to the facts and witnesses and not come in with this predetermined notion that he is there to get some payback for the family.

            Another thing that pisses me off is the way they all fawn over this guy and how they feel so bad for him the guy was drunk off his ass played the “I’m on the jury card” and that got him nowhere but booked for a DUI.

        • Don’t forget they don’t want the “public” to affect their little lives after the trial, for coming up with the wrong verdict and sentence. They don’t want to be Casey Anthony jurors, they saw what happened there and how they were excoriated for letting her go.

          They’re selfish, and they have the profile of “death penalty qualified” jurors – more likely to listen only to the prosecution’s opening arguments, make their decision, and sweep everything else away. More likely to convict of the more severe sentence, more likely to give the death penalty.

          None of this is justice.

        • I completely agree. It really doesn’t make any sense.I guarantee that this jury misunderstood the charges. The way the state presented it’s case does not support the option in charges, IMO. I do not understand how the state, can present two opposing theories, by definition, and get away with it. (ie intended and planned to kill vs. didn’t intend to kill, but ultimately did while remaining unlawfully) I believe that this was a point that Nurmi was trying to make. The prosecution needed to make one argument, based on one theory, and stick with it. Not throw a bunch of possibilities, ideas and explanations up, to pigeon hole Jodi into a guilty verdict. In his quest to stroke his own ego, Martinez took advantage of the wording of the law. Jodi’s conviction was not based on evidence. She was convicted on semantics and hair splitting by a rogue prosecutor who took advantage of the way the law was written, plain and simple. He picked and chose aspects of the laws, in effect crafted a new law, overcharged (or double charged) her and built his case accordingly. I do not understand how or why he was given this leeway. It is scary. What’s even scarier, is that 7 of 12 jurors bought into HIS interpretation of the law and death penalty or not, it will cost Jodi her life.

          Here’s a question, and I’m being serious, because I want to understand. The felony burglary charge was based on second degree burglary, which states:

          The crime of Burglary in the Second Degree requires proof that the defendant:

          1. Entered or remained unlawfully in or on a residential structure;


          2. Did so with the intent to commit any theft or felony therein

          Why wasn’t she charged with First Degree Burglary? The state would like us believe that Jodi premeditated the murder, and part of that argument is that she brought a gun (and a knife?) with her to carry out her plan. Below is the definition of First Degree Burglary in AZ:

          A. A person commits burglary in the first degree if such person or an accomplice violates the provisions of either section 13-1506 or 13-1507 (second and third degree burglary) and knowingly possesses explosives, a deadly weapon or a dangerous instrument in the course of committing any theft or any felony.

          Anyone have any thoughts about this? Was she not charged with First Degree Burglary because it would be ridiculous, and it wouldn’t make sense? But why not?Doesn’t it make about as much sense as the Felony Burglary, Second Degree Burglary scheme?

          • AI and Mordecai,
            I am about to check this out but your help would be greatly appreciated. AI says Martinez originally got the felony-murder charge in on the possible felony of assault. Mordecai says JA was charged with burglary. Aren’t these two wholly different felonies? Moreover, someone said on this site that the felony Martinez referred to in his closing was theft of TA’s gun — a third completely different one.
            It’s important to get this clarified for at least two reasons. First, if 7 jurors voted for FM and PM where the F was stealing TA’s gun, that means their vote for PM didn’t involve her stealing grandma’s gun. But in that case the premeditation evidence was absurdly flimsy — a short list of things any motorist might do or suffer, in the context of lots of other behavior negating concealment. A good judge should throw out such a vote as unsupported by evidence.
            Secondly, if the prosecution did indeed offer THREE DIFFERENT FELONIES as the predicate for felony murder, there’s an obvious federal issue here. Federal due process requires that defendants know the charges against them — but “felony murder, based on a felony to be named later” is not adequate to this job.
            The two points together constitute an argument for nullifying the whole verdict, since the votes of 7 jurors would be eliminated.
            Please, anyone, save me time by telling me what you find out, with a reference or link if possible. It’s one of the things I want to resolve this week.
            (I haven’t read the rest of today’s posts yet, so forgive me it it’s cleared up below.)

            • Chris,

              I pulled this from Jodi’s jury instructions… the entire document can be found here.


              I have to run out, so I can’t elaborate on the other three felonies, but I think they might be included in the 2nd degree burglary charge – Including Martinez’s mention of stealing Travis’s gun… which, according to the state’s premeditation theory, didn’t exist.

              CHARGED OFFENSE

              FELONY MURDER
              As stated earlier, Count 1 also charges defendant with First Degree
              Felony Murder. The crime of First Degree Felony Murder requires the state
              prove the following two things:
              The defendant committed or attempted to commit Burglary in the
              Second Degree;
              In the course of and in furtherance of committing Burglary in the
              Second Degree, or immediate flight from it, the defendant caused the
              of any person.
              An “attempt” requires the state to prove that the defendant
              intentionally did something which, under the circumstances she
              believed them to be, was a step in a course of conduct planned to
              culminate in the commission of the offense
              The crime of Burglary in the S
              d D
              egree requires proof that
              the defendant:
              1. Entered or remained unlawfully in or on a residential
              2. Did so with the intent to commit any theft or felony therein.
              Residential structure means any structure, movable or
              immovable, permanent or temporary, that is adapted for both human
              residence and lodging whether occupied or not.
              “Intentionally” or “with the intent to” means, with respect to a
              result or to conduct described by a statute defining a
              n offense, that a
              person’s objective is to cause that result or to engage in that conduct.

              • Thanks, Mordecai. I guess that clears it up, though I’ll watch JM’s closing to be sure I understand. Apparently, then, in an earlier hearing JM got felony murder in on an assault (or maybe burglary with intent to assault?) theory, but at some later point officially switched to the offense you quote, which amounts to unlawful remaining with intent to steal the gun. That may ruin my due-process argument — what a shame!
                However, I’d still love to hear what evidence of any kind was presented (let alone evidence beyond a reasonable doubt) that Jodi remained unlawfully instead of in self-defense. At least with premeditation, we know the state’s list of silly reasons (beyond the gun theft at Grandma’s). What are the reasons here?
                I would note also that stealing TA’s gun after shooting him is of course not killing him in the commission of a felony of unlawful remaining with the intent to steal his gun. Not even the prosecution, surely, could suggest that Jodi’s “objective” in the killing was to steal his gun. Rather, taking it was an effort at concealment after any homicide crime had been committed, or after self-defense. So this route to a felony-murder charge seems nonsensical on its face and should never have been allowed.

                • I still don’t get how any of this is legal, but considering what a fiasco this has become, I’m not surprised. Here is an explanation from an area defense attorney.
                  I think it was discussed on the site previously.

                  I think they went with assault as the predicate to burglary which translates into remaining unlawfully, after she began the assault. But their whole case was built on the planning, the gas cans, the inability to be traced etc. – The premeditation. Then at the 11th hour he throws in the other definition of premeditation (the no time limit one). So he raises that possibility. The possibility of the theft was also tossed in there during closing – I think. Don’t quote me on that, but I remember putting all of this together, and thinking why is Martinez introducing doubt into his own case? Probably because he never had one! He didn’t prove anything, he just raised possibilities.

                  Then, when the jury came back and “double” voted (sorry, that’s my little layman’s term that I made up)… (ie 5 for premeditated and 7 for felony murder AND premeditated, I was even more confused. So was Wilmott, by the way. You can tell by her face. She did not expect the double voting. I thought their options were unanimous for one or the other, or a combo of the two. But I found the form, and there are 3 options.

        • I think the Jury could have find logically premeditation even with the throat slash beyond a reasonable doubt they have no idea how it want down and if it was in fact a reflection after forming the thought even its a calculated move it could still be in a split second without reflection

  15. I wanted to ask this last night and made several attempts, but I couldn’t post anything, something was wrong, perhaps the site had too many people posting at once!

    Can Jodi appeal both life in prison and DP? And will the State pay for both?

    I can’t bear thinking of her spending the whole of her life in prison, that would be criminal.

    • Yes, she can appeal both.

      The State pays for a DP appeal, I don’t think that holds true for a LWOP verdict, but I’m not sure.

      • The state definitely pays for the first direct appeal on a DP, and also pays for the first Post Conviction Review for an indigent person.

        I have seen some stuff in the appeals court decisions where it seems like the PD was filing appeals for non-DP cases as well, so I’m not sure exactly what happens there, may be it has something to do with degree or something.

        • Actually should have checked before I yapped. Here’s the answer from the AZ Rules for criminal procedure:

          Rule 31.5. Appeals by indigents

          a. Determination of Indigency.
          (1) A defendant who had appointed counsel at the determination of guilt or at sentencing may proceed on appeal as an indigent without further authorization, unless, after a notice of appeal is filed, the trial court finds that the defendant is now able to employ counsel and pay for a certified copy of the record on appeal and the certified transcript.

          So it seems like the state would pay either way.

            • There’s probably a limit to how far the state will pay – I’m assuming its just the first direct appeal and first PCR. After that they’re probably on their own.

              Don’t know how many of these things get over turned on the first appeal. Always remember it took Debra Milke 22 years.

              I also read a story yesterday about a case that Ulises Ferragut won on appeal where it was after 17 years. In that case he worked pro bono with a bunch of law school students and they actually got the guy exonerated after 17 years! That seems a pretty standard sort of thing, where they have a pro bono appeals lawyer and students who finally win some of these appeals, but it seems those cases take years.

              So lets see what happens.

              • For what it’s worth I came across this comment the other day regarding potential consequences resulting from this show trial:

                ‘One outcome may come from precedent set by a previous murder conviction in Maricopa County. About eighteen months ago a three justice panel of the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals set aside a death sentence handed down by a Maricopa County Superior Court jury for far less than has been allowed to continue here. ..In setting aside the death sentence the Justices’ condemned Judge Ruth Hilliard as “overtly biased.”

                But you are right Al the appeal(s) and related hearing(s) are years away.

            • u kno what is a good twist for jodi?
              becos of hln, cnn, made her famous, she will end up with better counsel than the regular defendant.
              cos normally, a PD has case overloads and cannot usually provide the best defense.
              any PD, counsel going forward will be very aware of the attention that will be on them.
              (nurmi/jen did good job at times, but missed some things. some ppl r blaming jodi for that?)

              almost like CA made J. Baez a household name.

              (PS: Ryan Smith on robin meade JUST ADMITTED that “IF you’re a juror at home how could you not watch” jodi’s interviews! even part of the lead mob knows jurors had to be aware of media talk, just as mentioned on this site for months.)

              • Frank,

                Good point. Also since the PD’s office claimed a conflict of interest in her original trial, I wonder if they have the same conflict during an appeals process. Of course who knows in the great illogical state of Arizona. So maybe they will have to got outside counsel for the appeals.

                I wonder if appeals lawyers do in fact gravitate toward high profile cases? If so they may get a good one.

                • thnx al.
                  i also wanted to mentioned re: ur appeal lawyers + law students… i love the idea of students getting involved for many reasons. but one is they r so fresh and tend to have an unfettered view of the law. a thinking outside the box (tho i don’t like that term, it fits, so…). i think students esp. will be appalled at the machinations of these AZ proceedings.

                  jodi would b in jail anyway, for at least the next 15 yrs. (+time served) even with a ‘good’ outcome for her.
                  (i would’ve RATHER she not have said “either way i’ll be in prison for the rest of my life”).

                • I am for law students working on the appeal in this case. This is a new
                  age with internet, twitter, 24 hr. new etc. We have come into a new age
                  of communication that younger people are familiar with. The new age is
                  effecting our judicial system. It is apparent in this case, witnesses were
                  harassed and threatened by social media.Television media is selecting
                  trials where people s life and liberty are at stake and developing them
                  into reality shows.The judge in this case refused to sequester the jury because
                  a jury has not been sequester in the county in decades, well twenty, thirty yrs.
                  ago there was no social media, fewer people had computers and trials were
                  not televised like they are today.Please excuse my typos

          • It should. The state put up this circus in the first place . The state’s officers, Flores, jm and the judge, did a lousy investigation, overcharged her and denied her a fair trial. The state should pick up the tab of her appeal either way.

      • I was truly touched by everyone’s supportive threads this morning. I thought Jodi did an excellent job. I have to believe that someone somewhere will jump at the chance to appeal this case for Jodi. I felt JW did a great job too despite the camera had to show us the eye rolling haters. FRANK was right in his matter what Jodi says or does HLN puts some big dramatic twist on it. We already saw KN put it on record all the problems with this trial. I’m sure he knows someone will go after this case and give JA the JUSTICE she DESERVES.

        *******************Prayers 4 JODI*******************************************************************

    • Wow you am Mrs. AL all alone for a week!! LOL Gee what fun things have you been doing? Dinner out…..

      Well it’s a good thing to get used to them being gone a little at a time..

      BTW did you get my email address?

      • Going out tonight. Just lolled around in the peace and quiet for the last two days. Not used to being alone. I think we’ve spent a total of about 10 days without kids in the last 17 years. Hard to figure out what to do. Funny how life seems to revolve around the rugrats once you have them.

        No email, but I think SJ’s off on vacation.

    • Good Morning Sir, Hope you had a good evening.

      BTW, I have never thanked you for posting music everyday, its a “start the day” thing for me. I look for it every day.

      Also, thank you for all that you contribute and the time you take to post well thought out and detailed posts.

      the people that call you “friend” are fortunate.

  16. MB-
    I read your post from yesterday- thanks for providing constructive ways to aid not only Jodi but others in prison. I enjoy reading everyone’s posts and sometimes adding a comment or two but I would really like to take action and help via research,watching/documenting video of trial or whatever I can do.
    Moving forward is always the best and positive direction.- Suggestion- you should re-post from yesterday so people who may have missed it can read. Thanks again-

    • Zoe, yes, that was awesome, wasn’t it? I love how she always brings everyone back to what’s really important.

  17. I saw all of Jodi’s interviews. Troy Hayden sure was a piece of work. I liked her response to hi question about her reaching out to the media. She said “why do you want to me?”

    He’s a jerk. She helped him out because frankly no one heard of mr. Hayden prior to this interview on the national scope and he could’ve attempted to be neutral and not hostile towards Jodi. And I saw someone in the thread say he wanted her to apologize and yeah he insisted! Jodi’s right IMHO saying “I’m sorry” won’t bring back Travis, and it doesn’t express the regret, remorse and feelings Jodi has about this. Its almost trivial. And she killed him in self defense. I hope she gets this overturned and somehow she can get a second chance. People are projecting their emotions and anger on Jodi arias and I hope it stops soon.

    • MEDIA wants jodi for their own attention, etc. THEN BLAME jodi!
      it’s really too much… how the media doesn’t see how they themselves very much help create this attention. and u kno what? they r happy with themselves. tho they feign indignity for jodi, the MEDIA is THANKFUL FOR JODI.

    • Troy Hayden’s interviews of Jodi, and his comments after both, say a lot more about Troy Haden than they do about Jodi. And not in a good way, either.

      • Yeah they say he’s not a man that stands for his own words and submits to peer pressure doesn’t have any honor. He lacks personal values. At least that’s the way see him.

        If Jodi family reads this know that your daughter, sister or family member does stand for something. She’s helped uncover the corruption of Maricopa county and her story will hopefully help men and women in unhealthy relationships see them for what they are.

  18. It amazes me how people think just because you have been convicted of a crime that one is then suppose to change who they are and what actual happened to fit the verdict. Dwayne Gates said it best last night; “Just because they found her guilty of M1 doesn’t mean that she was not abused”. Furthermore, she did apologize and they said she didn’t, if she had cut her own throat it wouldn’t have been done right.

    • No matter what Jodi does, some people will still hate her. Jodi was right when she said society just needs to hate someone for their own self gratification. It makes them feel better to hate her, it gives them a sense of power of someone elses life. The haters all need to be checked mentally because some of them are demented and cruel. I can’t believe what I read at various pages, such as youtube and facebook. It makes me feel scared for the human race to be honest. Some are sadistic in their comments and that is scary that these same people are walking around with all of us.

      • Absolutely Lilly.
        For those that keep making the sadistic and vicious comments, it speaks volumes about them and it is indeed scary. What is worse is that those comments are seemingly encouraged and condoned by this out of control media. And you are right too, that their hatred gives them a sense of power over someone else’s life. And now we have the grotesque situation where 12 people do indeed have that power over someone else’s life. And that can never be right.

  19. I just finished watching Jodi’s interview following yesterday’s Court session. Once again, I become infuriated at the ignorance of the average citezen and more so at the ignorance of the so called journalists in America today. I am so very tired of people trying to pull an apology out of Jodi for killing Travis, and attempting to heap unearned guilt on her in regard to the “loss” his family suffered. Jodi, being the kind person she is, of course feels badly that she had to kill Travis, but she has NOTHING to apologize for. As I posted months ago, Domestic Violence is WAR on the home front. Travis was clearly a violent man, and why people can’t see that from his own words boggles my mind. Travis started the war with Jodi, thinking he would once again be the victor on that fateful day. War is ugly and when one starts one, whether it be on a foreign battlefield, or the battlefield of one’s own home, you must be prepared to die. Travis underestimated the opponent he chose that day. Do we ask soldiers to apologize for killing enemy combatants who are trying to kill them on the battle field? The answer is a resounding NO. So why do we ask a young woman who defended her own life to apologize for doing so? I am also so sick and tired of hearing the line “Travis didn’t deserve to die”, coming from Jodi supporters. Travis died by his own doing. Every day in this country, beautiful young women are beaten to death by their partners. What is it going to take for our society to say enough is enough?

    Jodi, unlike so many, walked out alive instead of being carried out in a body bag. We have the God given right, and the legal right to defend our own lives. The jury in this case didn’t decide as they should have, but that is no surprise given the deep corruption in Maricopa County. I am proud to continue to stand for Jodi and say with complete certainty that beyond a reasonable doubt, she is INNOCENT by reason of self defense. TA’s family and so called friends, can grimace, roll thier eyes. fake cry and scam people out of money for the rest of eternity, but it will NEVER change the fact that we all know who Travis really was. In case you need a reminder, just listen to the taped phone call again and read his vile and disgusting texts and emails.

    Jodi, you have nothing to apologize for!!!!

      • yes geebee2. Sane people need to speak up and drown out the insanity of HLN talking heads and mentally deranged TA supporters who clearly think it’s perfectly fine for a man to beat a woman, rape a woman, and get sexual satisfaction from young children. If we do not speak up, our country will be no better than third world Nations that look to the US for guidance and assistance. This entire case is an embarassment to our Judicial System. My only hope is that the Sytem will correct itself upon appeal, and once again be shown to be the best system in the world.

    • It isn’t rocket science to see, the on the basis of the crime scene alone, that there was a tremendous struggle in that bathroom and hallway, and one of the people was going to die in that struggle.

      This was the furthest thing from premeditated you can get.

      • I know. The scene itself was a complete disaster, it wasn’t a premeditated scene at all. A premeditated scene is well thought out, fast and the person gets in and gets out fast. Travis attacked her, and she fought for her life and the scene proves that. According to the prosecutor she stabbed him for no reason and he just let her. Total bullshit..

      • Tonysam-
        Absolutely correct. I shudder to think of the “dumbing down of America” that has taken place. Common sense has disappeared. I don’t think one would even require a high school education to see that the crime scene speaks to the fact that it was not premeditated. You would think that even the least educated amoung us, would have watched a CSI episode or two and figured that out for themselves. I suppose with the lack of intelligence we should expect no more than people fawning all over “Eddie Snell”. If anything, TA should be considered an embarassment to his family, friends and supporters.

    • Well said TR! Travis states on his my space page that MONEY, WOMEN AND POWER was his goal in life. He played with fire and got burnt.

      • The man was a joke. Just look at the “Eddie Snell” character he created. Was actually not much of a leap from his real personality. I think he thought watching all the cage fighting on TV and his brand new punching bag made him invincible. Even his crazy brother thought he was. Guess they were wrong. Maybe it will teach other loosers who think they can beat and demean woman that they may not always get away with it.

    • “I am proud to continue to stand for Jodi and say with complete certainty that beyond a reasonable doubt, she is INNOCENT by reason of self defense.”. My sentiments exactly. I too feel that a person who was acting in self defense should not have to apologize for defending their life. Do cops apologize after shooting people who come at them? Why is Jodi’s life less valuable? Just because Travis is dead, we cannot ignore what kind of man he was, or his part in what happened that fateful day.


    We know there are several grounds for appeal, here.

    My question is, would all of those grounds be set forth in a single appeal, or would separate appeals be filed for each?

    • Not a legal mind, but here’s what research and other discussions have shown.

      Firstly the notice for the initial appeal and the post conviction review need to be filed fairly quickly (30 days after sentence for the PCR, 20 days for the direct appeal, but normally the attorney will notice it immediately and in the case of a DP it is automatic). Once that is done the PCR petition needs to be filed within 60 days (again not sure of the direct appeal time – though extensions seem to be granted fairly regularly). The direct appeal brief can take several months to file. After the opening brief is filed the state gets to respond and the appellant gets to reply to the state’s response. It is only after that intial salvo of paperwork that the court actually starts looking at stuff. In the case of the PCR (which typically happens after the supreme court has decided in a DP case, alongside with filing briefs they can also have evidentiary hearings, call witnesses etc – this is different from an appeal where the bulk of the arguments are made in writing, though you may have a final oral argument).

      Now there is some overlap between issues raised in those two initial proceedings, but some points are only raised in one or the other proceeding.

      For the most part, appeals address possible errors or shortcomings in a trial (there is an exception for insufficient evidence and newly discovered evidence), so the appeals process is not a rehash of the original trial. Instead the appelas court looks to see if there were substantial issues with respect to things like judicial error, prosecutorial error or misconduct, jury misconduct, violation of constitutional rights, ineffective assistance of counsel (though in AZ that must be first raised at the PCR level) etc.

      The chances are that in any human endeavor, there will be some errors, and the appeals courts understand that. What they are looking for are errors that are substantial and which, if not committed, could have led to a different outcome of the case. Else they will deem it a harmless error. Also there are constraints to what actually constitutes error, since some issues are left to a judges discretion and appeals courts are often hesitant to second guess the trial judge.

      That being said and done, the number of points on which a valid appeal can be raised shrinks compared to what, we as laymen might consider to be valid points. Now, given all the probable causes for appeal the appellate lawyer needs to make sure that he presents a case that has maximum impact on the appeals court, and throwing everything up against the wall and hoping something sticks is not a valid strategy. So the appellate lawyer will typically look over all the issues and pick and choose those that have maximum validity and chance of success. In doing so they will consider the scale of the error and its impact on the case, the presence of case law that supports their point of view and any precedents from that particular appeals court that show the direction that court tends to rule on certain points. Once they have winnowed their possible causes for appeals down to those with maximum chance of success, they will file their brief. In fact , other than DP cases where at least one review is guaranteed, the court doesn’t even have to consider the appeal if it questions the merits. So the appeals lawyer has to be very careful of what he presents and how he does it and what points they raise on appeal, but normally the initial appeal will consist of all the points they deem to hold substantial merit.

      It should also be noted that in this case appeals can be made on all three aspects of the trial – guilt, aggravation and penalty, and the points for each may be different.

      It is not uncommon for appeals courts to find for the state on a bunch of the points argued, yet have just one point for the appellant that overturns some verdict.

      Now, of course as each appeal is dealt with it can raise further issues that can lead to further appeals. At some stage the appellant either gets a favorable ruling, or runs out of options at the state level. When that happens the game moves to Federal court where a variety of appeals can be filed, leading from district court to appeals courts to finally the supreme court.

      So this can be an extremely lengthy process where each step can often take years.

  21. Love you Jodi!
    The Haters are going to hate. Nothing you, or us, your supporters, can say or do can make them stop hating. When this is done you will be their old hate while they find their new hate.

    As I said yesterday even Jodi’s death won’t be enough for the Haters. The best thing Jodi can do is what she’s been doing. You can see how it’s pissing off the media and by extension the sheep that follow the media blindly that Jodi isn’t showing any fear of death. I’m proud of her.
    Jodi is 100% right she has been betrayed by the jury and in my opinion just as she was betrayed by Travis.

    Why is it that the media and the Haters have hearing problems? Jodi clearly stated that she was sorry in her allocution. People hear and don’t hear what they choose to hear and not hear.

    Jodi’s strength and dignity gives me strength in supporting her. It’s too bad the Alexander’ family can’t show any dignity the way the Arias family has.

    Jodi realizes that whatever happens to her is out of her hands.
    The ones with blood on their hands will be the Judge, the Prosecutor, the Jury, the media and the Alexander family.
    What a sad and pathetic group of hypocrites they all are.

    Love you Jodi! 🙂

  22. Just watched the latest interview with Jodi. I really wish the media would leave her alone right now. I don’t think Jodi is the type to say no to them and she probably wants her side heard, which is understandable..but I can’t help but wonder if this might hurt her appeals process or the juries decision., because we all know this jury is reading and watching everything about this in the media and online. I support Jodi 100% in anything she does, but worry about her at the same time.

  23. One of the interviews I saw with Jodi yesterday the reporter asked if she knew she was one of the most hated women in the world. A big fuck you to that reporter by the way. Jodi’s answer though really made me smile. She knows she has love and support. She knows there are those of us that believe her. As long as she still has faith in mankind she will continue to fight. She knows that not everyone is blindly led and vengeful and for that I am greatful. A big thanks to SJ and this site and all of you guys that are posting here. I am so glad she knows she is loved. We ALL deserve that.

    Random thought. I wish all the haters would stop and think for a moment……if Jodi was your daughter…..would you love her any less for what she has done? No, you wouldn’t. You might be angry, sad, embarassed or a lot of other emotions but one thing you would not do is stop loving her and believing she is a person worthy of being loved. They can all second guess Jodi and what they would have done in her situation but they cannot tell me that if it were their child they would find her unworthy of love or worthy of the death penalty. Wake the hell up people. This is not a game.

    • tnlucy! I would like to unite with you in that big FUCK YOU to that reporter. It’s like they all want to get their own digs and jabs at her.

      • Ya know I would understand this mentality if Jodi was a cold blooded killer with no remorse. Now some claim she is exactly that and I would refer them to my statement to the reporter as well. Jodi has never boasted or bragged or tormented the “victims” family in any way. She tried her damned level best to protect Travis and his “reputation” on the stand. Hell she tried to plea just to keep it quiet. Her own lawyers had to pull answers out of her if the negatively impacted St Travis. This is all signs of abuse. Hell this is Abuse 101 for Dummies. I honestly do not know exactly how I feel about the death penalty in general. I waiver depending on the case. If there is a serial murderer who has tortured his victims and flat out tells LE that he will kill again if given the chance…..well I do not see why society should house this person and that is simply my opinion and not meant to offend anyone here. But do we just put people to death because we are offended and outraged by the media and all their lies? NO we do not. And I am sure I will hit the Taliban radar for this comment…but if Travis had been found (as he should have) within a reasonable amount of time and his autopsy photos were not so over the top IMO we would have had a better chance at a reasonable verdict. Don’t get me wrong, the photos would have been upsetting still but after 5 days decomp they were horrifying. They really swayed the jury.

    • I’m obviously not a hater, but if Jodi were my daughter I would hug her, and tell her how proud I am that she was strong enough to defend her life. Each day, I would tell her how grateful I was that she was the one that made it out alive.

      My own daughter will be taking self defense classes this summer. I hope and pray that my child never finds themselves in a relationship with such a manipulative and vile man as TA. But just in case, I will do everything in my power to insure she is equipped to save her own life.

      • Ahh but here is the diffference….. I can tell from how you talk about your daughter that she has a leg up on most of the women in this world. Daughters who have Fathers who love them and tell them they are beautiful and worthy and amazing do not feel that they have to get their self worth from any man. They have had that self worth instilled in them at home where they should have. These are the daugthters that would have walked away from Travis and stayed gone after the first time he ATTEMPTED to disrespect her. Jodi did not have this gift given to her. She did everything to please that miserable excuse. Your daughter is a very lucky girl. I did not have what she has either. I fell into the Jodi trap as well. Thank you for being a real man. You earned that title.

  24. Morning all………….just catching up with Jodi’s interviews……….. why do they all keep asking her why she is talking on “the eve of the verdict”

    what do they all know? 🙄

    ps……………. Troy is a major dick, and Jodi handled him like a pro

    • That is the ONLY difference between “us” and “them”. We read what you just said and go “yep, that is true”, they read what you just said and go “what the fuck does that mean, bitch? I understand that she is a whore that murdered a virgin angle”

  25. But, Alvear asked her, what about people who feel that the only way for Travis Alexander to get justice is for Arias to get the death penalty?

    “That’s not justice,” Arias replied. “That’s revenge.”

    I’m glad Jodi expressed herself so well.

  26. So, i did some thinking about this jury. And, when it all shakes out, in the end we will be left wondering “what the fuck happened”, etc…

    I have decided on something. It may sound simple, but i think sometimes the simple things are the most telling. I have decided i will not fault the jury… Well, let me qualify that…I will not “over the top” in a “You people are fucking idiots” type of way fault the jury, UNLESS i hear them say 1 thing. This thing is simple. It is telling. It is at the core of an unjust system. I will hold my tongue unless i hear them say, during their media tour, “I just didn’t believe her”.

    They can say they looked at the evidence, they can claim the gas cans meant a lot, they can talk about not trusting ALV or Dr.S, but in the end, if i hear one of them say that came to this decision because they didn’t “Believe Jodi” or “Because Jodi was a proven liar” I will…I will…..Grrrr. I will not handle it well.

    Not because it’s “Jodi” and we are all just blindly following her. It’s because it’s OUR LEGAL SYSTEMS RULES THAT ARE BEING FUCKED WITH. I have said 100 times, I am not here for Jodi, I am here for Justice, Jodi just happens to be the one being ran through this UNJUST system.

    This is the core of a broken system. We do not convict people based on doing things that are not a crime, or at least are not things they charged her with. Jodi does not have to be believed; ONLY the prosecutor does. So ANY talk about finding guilt because Jodi is a liar is WRONG. Period. This is PROOF that Jodi was unjustly convicted. You may not like that haters, but it is OUR LAW.

    My first post ever, on this site, was something along the lines of:
    Jodi may be a liar, she wasn’t charged with lying.
    Jodi may be a whore, she wasnt charged with being a whore.
    Jodi may be a sinner, she wasnt charged with sinning.
    Jodi may have been a bad Girlfriend, she wasn’t charged with “bad girlfriend”
    Jodi may have made up a story to cover up the death, She wasnt charged with conspiracy to cover up a killing.
    Jodi may be icky, she wasnt charged with “icky”
    She wasnt charged with “bad”, “wierd”, “dumb”, “too smart”, “gross” or any of the other things the Media and the state are trying to put into the juries minds…

    Their job is simple, If they feel she is guilty then they must convict her, not because of these things i listed, but regardless of these things i listed.

    …So, if i hear them say they convicted her of “those things” it will prove a great injustice has happened. Sure, they will not come out and say “we were biased” based on facts that we shouldnt have used…but we will know….listen for things like:

    “I just didn’t feel the defendant was credible” (lying is guilt of Murder)
    “She lied so much, I just couldn’t tell when she was telling the truth” (lying is guilt of Murder)
    “She did so many strange things, it just wasn’t normal” (being strange doesn’t prove the states case or prove murder)
    “She said……ADD ANYTHING HERE……and that didn’t make sense/sound true/get proven” (she doesn’t have to prove shit, the state does)
    “The defense simply didn’t give us enough proof” (its not their burden to prove anything, the state must prove what happened…NOT JUST GUESS..PROVE)
    “The defendant couldn’t ‘explain away’ the story the state had made against her” (this may sound legit… remember the state needs to PROVE the story, the defense doesn’t have to “disprove” the story, but they can try)
    “It hurt my feeling/scared me/amazed me/angered me…..that Jodi…..” (They are to set emotion aside and weigh the evidence. PERIOD. This isn’t about their “feeling” its about the law)

    So, I am going to give the jury the benefit of the doubt. Until i hear them admit that they “broke the system” i will hold my tongue. I have a feeling that it will not take more than…Oh….2 minutes into the first TV interview for the first juror to admit they are a fucking moron….but, i will wait…

    • It’s big of you to give them the benefit of the doubt. I’m willing to bet that one of your cue sentences above will be the very first thing out of one of their mouths.

    • It’s very difficult for me to follow the jury’s thought process that led to this conclusion: M1. So far juror 8 who didn’t deliberate fell into your category: “I just didn’t believe her.”

      I think that many things have contributed to this verdict and I will begin from inside the court room…

      1. The judge never had control of the court room and would make rulings on objections and change them in the same instant. Usually pro prosecution. It’s like she didn’t even know what she was saying and let the prosecutor RULE the courtroom even though she’s the judge.
      2. Back to #1 she allowed the victim’s family to rule the audience area. They would roll their eyes during Jodi’s testimony to discredit her and non-verbal cues that couldn’t be ignored even through the camera lens. If they would’ve been in another jurisdiction or with another judge they would have been at the very least reseated or removed from the court room. They wanted to point out the jury “see she’s lying!” They did this numerous times with their eyes and I saw it.
      3. The judge allowed them to wear the support ribbon which was also a nonverbal cue which led to other members of the public coming in “support” of the Alexander family to wear the ribbon. This became a “whose side are you on” kind of thing and the jury saw this and could’ve been influenced by the # of people wearing it subconciously.
      4. Back to the judge’s rulings she allowed the cameras and sensationalism of this trial to occur by allowing the cameras in the court room and not sequestering the jury. If she would have ruled against the cameras then at least the media would not have had as much footage and time to “analyze” (that’s a nice word I’m using) Jodi’s behavior or her lawyers arguments. The public would’ve gotten a summation and drawings of the precedings which would have led “the sheep” to hate on something else or do something better with their lives.
      5. Stemming off #4 the media had so much to replay, reuse and “reanalyze” people were showing up to court for the sake of “being on TV” and to express “how much they hate Jodi A.” A women they’ve never met, hasn’t done anything to them, but yet they “have hate for her.” So now Jo Shmo comes out with his sign (AKA pitchfork) showing how Jodi’s burning or in blood (I really saw someone with a drawing like that on JVM-I know I shouldn’t subject myself to that junk but I did, either here nor there) looking like Medusa. This Jo Shmo comes out on TV talks to JVM, Nancy and Dr. Drew to say how much he hates her and they see absolutely nothing wrong with this because it gives them ratings. So back to the jury… Did the jury see the mob with pitchforks outside the courthouse? They don’t have to see this on the news to see the posters and mobs of people to see them outside, and Jinkausarus testified she’d seen a juror in the front of the courthouse by his or her lonesome self. How long did this go on in the trial, and did it continue to occur after it was brought the attention of the court? They weren’t sequestered so were they being protected from seeing the public outside the courthouse? I find this one impossible, but we shall see when they go on their media tour.
      6. Social media was a huge deal in this trial. I don’t care what anyone says but I’ve made previous statements on other posts that social media was a big deal because it perpetuated many of the rumors about this case over and over and over again. I’ve read news reports that have completely inaccurate “facts” based on perpetuated rumors from social media and then spread by “credible news agencies.” And going back to #1 the judge DID NOT do her due diligence in researching what the impact of social media would have on this case. Jurors, as discussed by Juror 8, were allowed to have tablets, smart phones, etc during the trial. This is just one angle of HOW CLUELESS the judge has been in this case and has allowed Martinez to run the show. It’s 2013 and almost everyone has a social media account, and it’s human nature to be curious and want to find out information. Allowing tablets and smart phones IMHO is criminal and ignorant in this day and age of technology for the defendant to receive a fair trial. They could’ve been put away during the trial and given back to the jurors at the end of the day.

    • Sirlips,

      It’s not just the jury. Go ahead and give them the benefit of the doubt. What about the other shenanigans that happened in this case:

      Somewhere between the aggravation hearing and trial Flores changed his story. That was not a “misunderstanding”. When a blatant case of perjury exists, the judge should do something – she didn’t.

      Somewhere along the line the ME realized he made a typo – see above for blatant perjury – the judge did nothing.

      The prosecutor flung unsubstantiated claims and hypotheticals around to concoct a story. That flaunts the rules of criminal conduct – the judge did nothing.

      They state changed its story about the gun shot for a specific reason, to allow a cockamamy theory of felony murder – the judge did nothing.

      The prosecutor intimidated witnesses – the judge did nothing.

      The media and public intimidated witnesses – the judge did nothing.

      The prosecutor essentially asked them to convict Jodi for lying – which is an improper argument – and the judge did nothing.

      When the judge allows this to happen, the jury is probably justified in thinking this is OK, and the rules allow for such things to happen.

      And the defense isn’t quite blameless either. Once they decided to put up evidence, any evidence, why do such a half assed job – where were their forensic experts, and their pathologist, etc. Why didn’t they counter JM’s claims?

      Lastly, states get the laws and juries they accept. In talking to friends of mine who are lawyers I am told that this kind of a three ring circus would never occur in a MD court. But the good folks of AZ obviously stand for it, and that’s where the jury comes from. Remember this is the county that keeps re-electing Joe Arapaio.

      This thing was fucked up beyond all repair from the get go.

      • Al wrote:

        “The media and public intimidated witnesses – the judge did nothing.”

        I REALLY want to see something done about this.

        And I’m not just talking about grounds for appeal or whatever disciplinary actions the judge or the state might face.

        I mean I want to see the perpetrators brought up on charges. EVERY SINGLE PERSON who passed along the link to the petition re ALV was participating in the felony of witness tampering in a capital case, and most of them do not even seem to realize how SERIOUS that is.

        THAT behavior needs to be nipped in the bud, NOW.

      • I blame the judge a lot, too. I think the defense prepared their case to respond to the initial theory of gun shot and knife. The prosecutor changed the “order of Flores’ series of events” a few days prior to trial. They just went with that theory because it was further along probably. I do agree they should’ve brought another ME to counter the ridiculous and bold face lie Horne testified. For Christ sake evenan HLN ME early on used Hornes report and said the gun shot most likely came first.

      • I agree 100% Al, i simply meant i was going to take it easy on the jury until i hear from their mouths…

        As far as the judge, the state the entertainment networks and the family/friends of travis…They already made their bed in my mind. They can all kiss my ass.

  27. Well, I for one, I’m not giving the jury the benefit of shit. They’ve decided a long time what Jodi’s fate should be. When they decided that Jodi premeditated TA’s death…that gave me the first clue. When they decided it warranty the DP….that gave me the second clue. At this point today, I have absolutely no faith in this jury. They have been groomed from day 1. They have been eating from the bucket of shit, HLN and all other media “experts” have been feeding them.

    • I am giving this jury the same benefit I am giving Juan Martinez and his whore Sherry Stephens. I will not even add “judge” to her title, because clearly, the only thing she is judging is Jodi.

      I don’t blame Jodi for speaking. She knows the decision has already been made, and this is her last time to speak to the fact that she is, was AND WILL ALWAYS BE A SURVIVOR OF INTIMATE DOMESTIC VIOLENCE PERPETRATED BY TRAVIS VICTOR ALEXANDER.

      Did Drunk Juror really go BACK on “doctor” Spew More Harm last night and say his wife was screaming at the TV while Jodi spoke? And if so, we are to believe that she wasn’t screaming at her drunk husband for 5 months to kill Jodi??


      It is my prayer that Jodi’s appeals cost the state of Arizona 11,000,000 bucks or more.

      • I’m with you both and give this jury NO benefit. I still believe that this has been a tainted, bought and paid for Jury. Yes we see it in the movies all the time, but I have no doubt our system, though still the best in the world, is wide open for corruption. My hope is that during the appeals process, the deep seeded corruption will be exposed.

      • Morning, Renee’!

        I had not heard about Drunk Juror #8’s interview. 😯

        Oh, Please…let him keep running his drunk mouth! PLEASE keep talking you dumb bloated piece of shit! Help us set our Jodi free!

      • I did watch Dr. Drew last night and heard that clown juror. What I heard is that the attorney Mark E was the one who said his (Mark’s) wife was yelling at the TV. Maybe I misheard/misunderstood.

    • I fear you are correct. As a person who knew nothing of this until Jan 2 my first reaction was guilty. I chuckled at the self defense claim. But then, horrors, I paid attention to the evidence. I realized Nancy Grace (who I also knew nothing about) was lying, as were most other talking heads.

      As noted above this was not a premeditated crime scene. You don’t use a knife if you have a gun. Premeditated is quick and clean. This was anything but that. The so called pre-planning is laughable. My only issue is this was TOO violent. I think she snapped as she was attacked, and over reacted. But that is not murder 1. Martinez makes me sick.

      So at this point I pray for life, but I fear the worst.

    • Good morning ((((((((((((((((((Sil))))))))))))))))))))))))

      You are brilliant!!! I agree – 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000%………

    • I love you, girls! I can say this openly…All the women here, are phenomenal!! They are so far from the jealous women out there adoring and obsessing over a red-pecker abusive pedophile, who liked the sound of 12-year-olds’ moans.

      (YUCK!!) I just vomited.

      • LOL Sil-
        Love you too. How sad that women today are jealous of bright and beautiful young women. I have often said that women can be eachother’s own worst enemies. The jealousy is getting worse with the younger generations and girls compete with eachother instead of supporting eachother. I believe that as a result men (excuse me, I meant mentally deranged boys) like TA take full advantage of it, and prey on young women. It’s time to reinvigorate the woman’s movement and teach our girls to respect themselves and eachother.

        • As I said above for you TR….. and it was probably missed because I had to run to a meeting in the middle of my comment (the audacity of these people here 🙂 )

          Ahh but here is the diffference….. I can tell from how you talk about your daughter that she has a leg up on most of the women in this world. Daughters who have Fathers who love them and tell them they are beautiful and worthy and amazing do not feel that they have to get their self worth from any man. They have had that self worth instilled in them at home where they should have. These are the daugthters that would have walked away from Travis and stayed gone after the first time he ATTEMPTED to disrespect her. Jodi did not have this gift given to her. She did everything to please that miserable excuse. Your daughter is a very lucky girl. I did not have what she has either. I fell into the Jodi trap as well. Thank you for being a real man. You earned that title.

          • And then realized right after I hit send that I assume anyone with initials only is a man for some reason. Please accept apologies if I am a moron 🙂

            • You right about it though. Daughters who have their dad’s love and support, grow up to be confident young women. That is some thing Jodi didn’t have. Also, girls who grow up never getting their dad’s love and support, I have seen getting into all sorts of situations, in their lifetime.

            • tnlucy-
              No apology needed. I am a proud mother who also plays the father role, as I too ended up in an abusive relationship that I had to escape, in fact while pregnant. I am committed to building my daughter’s sense of self, so she knows she too can escape any violence she may encounter.

              I do love your message though and hope that the men here, who are those kinds of father’s, read it and take great pride in being the kind of man you describe.

  28. JM is a one-trick-pony pony show with an objective is to instill Fear. He slaps down the grusome neck wound photo, and in his campfire story telling voice…look at this jurors, aren’t you scared of her, put her death so she won’t do this again.
    I don’t for minute think this jury will come back undecided. No, no, no…they won’t let another jury decide this one…they want it all for themselves, they’re invested.
    JM is one crazy bastard.
    Since he has taken several years off my life, I’m looking for a proxy. I need someone to piss on his grave for me when he dies.

  29. Does anyone have links to the interviews Jodi gave yesterday? I have only been able to find 2 – one on abc, which was somewhat hostile on the reporter’s side, and another on fox which also was somewhat uncomfortable to watch – were there any others?

  30. I know this wont win me a popularity contest on this site but I think Jodi is guilty. I will stand behind her though, cause I do NOT believe in the death penalty.

    2 wrongs dont make a right, no matter what the bible says.

    • Joel, good to hear your only half a dip shit, but we are looking for “dip shit free” posters. Maybe when you pull the other half of your head out of your as, we can talk…GOODBYE JOEL.

      • wow, that is real adult you you. I just said I stand behind her and I get insulted. I did not come here to hate or to give you a hard time at all.

        I think that was rude and unneccessary.

        have a nice day everyone,

        • Well “Joel”…if you want to go down that rabbit hole…lets go.

          I would like to inquire sir, what you based the “guilt” of Jodi on?

          Please feel free to discuss this with me, i will ask the mods to not ban you for a bit, to keep your ability to reply to this thread.. I will be waiting:

          Jodi is guilty because____________________________________?

          • I think she is guilty just because of the overkill. I think TA attacked her, and she defended herself. She won and he lost, I just think the gun shot would have been enough for her to get away. The stabbing and neck slash was not neccessary.

            Although I have never been abused in anyway so I cannot know what her stateof mind was like on that day.

            Maybe me thinking she is guilty is an overreach, I guess I just have more questions and im not ready to just let her walk without more answers. thats all I really meant.

            • “I think she is guilty just because of the overkill. I think TA attacked her, and she defended herself. She won and he lost, I just think the gun shot would have been enough for her to get away. The stabbing and neck slash was not neccessary. “—-

              Thats why i get mad JOEL…. You just explained to all of us how she is INNOCENT of PREMEDITATED MURDER!

              She was charged with M1, not the crime that you just explained.

              SECOND, and more frustrating to me is

              “Maybe me thinking she is guilty is an overreach, I guess I just have more questions and im not ready to just let her walk without more answers. thats all I really meant.”

              This is the problem…JODI IS INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY, you just explained how she is guilty until proven innocent.

              Thank you for clearing this up. Now go teach your friends that are still “looking for answer” on the other sites. Please.

              I do appreciate that you were very polite. Wrong, but polite.

              • Dang Sirlips, you got there first and all I have now are sloppy seconds.

                “Although I have never been abused in anyway so I cannot know what her stateof mind was like on that day.

                Maybe me thinking she is guilty is an overreach, I guess I just have more questions”

                That dickweed is the very definition of reasonable doubt. You know the level the state has to prove beyond. The level after which there are no reasonable questions left – yeah that level. Get it?

              • Reasonable doubt on M1 I agree, but the questions I have could make her guilty of Manslaughter.

                Anyways, this site wont let me ask questions and the TA site wont let me ask questions cause I dont think she should get the DP.

                Im like stuck in the middle.

                • Joel,

                  hm…. I am often wrong. And perhaps i am now.

                  I think the issue you had here, was that you said “Jodi Is guilty”. Perhaps you need to be more clear, we are all alittle punchy here.

                  If you think Jodi is innocent of M1, then thats what i would say. I would follow it up with ” she COULD be guilty of manslaughter” etc…

                  Infact, i am VERY outspoken on this site, i contribute dialy and am glad to call many of these people my friends now. AND, i think she could be guilty of manslaughter. I still dont understand the instructions for manslaughter that have to do with “overkill”, so i cant for sure even claim guilt of that for sure.

                  Sorry if i was an ass, i dont think anyone wants to push away open minded folks that have questions, IF THEY ARE REAL QUESTIONS and they are not “jodi is guilt of the charges” type people. They have a voice too, just not here.

                • So fine – but that’s not what this jury found, did it?


                  “but the questions I have could make her guilty of Manslaughter.”

                  If you still have questions that “could” then by the laws of this fair land of ours she’s NOT GUILTY.

                  That’s the part people seem to forget. The state’s had their say – all of it. If you still have questions, and if you believe your questions are reasonable then she walks. That is it, and all of it.

                  Man oh man, if this is what she is up against – whew!

                • Joel,

                  In case you missed the URL I will repeat it for you.

                  Jodi Arias Is INNOCENT. com

                  If your not a JODI SUPPORTER then your in the wrong place.

                  Nobody here shares your views – period.

                  All TROLLS report back to the HATERS LOVE NEGATIVITY (HLN) live blog!!

                  SJ – I know, I know I said I would try not to respond to the trolls 😳

                • Then please, don’t let us stop you from creating a web site for fence sitters.

                  Have a good day.

                • If you read the comments on Joel preceding mine, you will find that AI says Jodi is “up against” Sirlips, and Willie says Sirlips does not belong on this site. What are you all thinking?
                  The last thing this site should be doing is trying to throw off, or insult, new members. Yesterday, one of my colleagues — who’s written a scholarly book on the ethics of self-defense and war — just started paying attention to Jodi’s case after my many remarks about it. If he posted here, you’d probably jump all over him as a “newbie” or a “fence-sitter.” Yet he’s exactly the kind of person who most needs to be recruited to the cause.
                  In the last few days, for reasons I don’t grasp, this site — even an admin, MB, see above — seems to be losing its sense of mission and degenerating into an orthodox clique hostile to new members. How does that help Jodi? If this process continues, I will be embarrassed to keep recommending the site to people whom I’m hoping to convince to support her, but who at present know little about the case.
                  I would urge everyone to stop trying to purge newcomers for the crimes of uncertainty or heresy, and to remember that everyone, perhaps a long time ago, was once in their situation — namely, of not having yet made up your mind.

                • I have banned Chris. I don’t care how he feels about me, but he should have more respect for our trusted members than to go off telling other people how to think and how to act on a blog they have been posting on for months.

                  It is not an “orthodox clique.” It’s basic human decency. If you can’t show that to our little community, you need not be here.

                  Our mission is to support Jodi. SJ said weeks ago that we have no time for fence sitters or fair weathered friends. Following that I posted yesterday – find a way to contribute or move on. If you are only here to criticize or make other posters uncomfortable then you will be removed.

                  Also I have not failed to notice that Chris posted a whole whopping 11 days ago. So apparently he is much more capable of running this blog than SJ or JC, or myself as he so pointed out. Which brings me back to my original point – why don’t they make their own site? Then they can run it any way they want.

            • Sounds to me, Joel, that you would have found her “not guilty” a) you sound like you think she is guilty of self-defense. Self-defense is not a crime. b) you have reasonable doubt.

            • To be clear, Jodi, as you may know, was charged with 2 crimes.

              1) pre-meditated murder. This is where you plan out the killing then act on THAT plan. It is deamed worse, because the actor has time to think about the crime and still decides to do it, after ample “cool down” time. It also proves that they meant to actually kill the person.

              2) FELONY murder. This is killing someone, because or durring the commission of a seperate felony.

              She may be guilty of many things, MAY be guilty of some type of “manslaughter/murder/killing” type crime, but she was charged with these 2 crimes, and she was found guilty of THOSE crimes. She is innocent of THOSE crimes.

              SO, i ask again Joel, please fill in the blank:

              I, Joel, think Jodi is guilty of the crimes she was charged with because_____________________________.

            • As others stated, that makes her not guilty of M1. I subscribe to the snapped theory as well which makes it M2 or manslaughter. I think Jodi would have been able to accept that, and in fact tried to plea to M2.

        • Oh Joel….you haven’t seen rude and unneccessary…
          Sirlips with drop his pants and fling shit at you!!
          Renee and Janeen with help you pull your head out of your ASS.

              • GOT IT!!!

                Joel…dear…’s 9:30am in Cali!!! It is too damn early in the morning for your whinning….knock it off!! They won’t let me play here….they won’t let me play there….geeeesh… old are youi

                No one on this site is stopping you from commenting… just don’t like what you are being told….or perhaps the way it is being told to you!!!!

                Folks here are presenting the facts of this case to you!!! Don’t come over here half-stepping…..whinning and chyt…. or you get your ass handed to you.

                Now…if you want to suck it up and “play” with the big kids…….like you have some sense…cool!!! If not …..keep it moving Joel…..and have to wonder day:>)

      • I don’t think Joel is a hater. HE seems to be stuck and we can enlighten him on the evidense rather than kick him out of this blog.

    • Hi Joel! I am uncertain why you find it appropriate to go to a Jodi support site to tell us you think she is guilty.

        • No, you said you think she is guilty, you just dont believe in the death penalty… That means you support the abolishment of the death penalty.

          This isnt an anti DP site, even though most of us dont believe in the DP. It IS A JODI IS INNOCENT site. I…nno…cent…. is any of this making sense Joel? Hello? Joel…you their chief?

        • Yo Joel, just saw your post and I don’t like trolls nor fence-sitters period! I also don’t mince words when I feel it necessary to do ….so here and now I’m telling you to fuck -off and go back to troll-land motherfucker! We at Team JODI KNOW that she is 100% INNOCENT! AND WE DON’T STRADDLE FENCES PERIOD!

          • No worries Duke he is gone.

            I made a post yesterday putting them on notice to either contribute or move on. It’s one thing to ask questions, it’s another thing to complain and stir up our posters. This site has all the trial videos and documentation for people to find their own answers.

      • It does say an eye for an eye also.

        Anyways, I did not mean to cause trouble and I apologize.

        Have a nice day everyone

        • It also says that we should kill anyone that works on the sabith, we should have slaves, we should trade goats and grain for woman to be our wives, we should put children that talk back to their parents to death, that we are sinners if we wear clothes made from 2 different materials, that…. Should i keep going, since you want to quote text to justify your hate? I can go all day on this Joel.

          • His azz will be back…….you know they can’t stay away from us long. As soon as he/she thinks up another name…..just sayin’!!!!

          • Sirlips, read Joel’s post, for heaven’s sake. He said he was opposed to the DP “no matter what the Bible says.” He’s not calling for Old Testament justice — the exact opposite. Could you at least read newcomers’ text before deriding and banning them?

      • Not the part joel reads.

        It depends on what testiment you follow… The old testiment, where god is a dick, or the new one, where after having a kid he chills out and starts being nice.

    • What the fuck does the Bible have to do with any of this. Ever hear of separation of church and state?

      This case is tried by the laws of the State of Arizona and the US Constitution – not some religious allegory written by a bunch of people and modified or accepted by some church somewhere else.

    • Joel, What you think doesn’t matter. What does the evidence say? That is what matters. You cannot convict a person based on what you think. You can only convict them based on what”the evidence proves beyond a reasonable doubt”. This is a case where a lot of bs has been spread around. Don’t offer an opinion based on what you heard from here and there. There are a lot of facts – court documents, evidence pics etc. in this site. please educate yourself about this case before you offer your opinion.

      Also, the gunshot did not incapacitate him. He was able to check himself in the mirror. How do you know he didn’t go after her, after he was shot? He was walking up and down the corridor after the gunshot wound. The blood evidence proves it. When he had stopped, to check his wounds in the mirror, how do we know that she didn’t run over to check on him and he attacked her again? How can you say for sure, it was not necessary to slit his throat to save her life? What if he got on top of her and was choking her again, and this is what she had to do to finally stop him? We don’t know beyond a reasonable doubt what happened. There is no evidence to say one way or the other. So she cannot be found guilty of anything other that what she is admitting to!

      Also, about not feeling welcome in this forum…. People are here because they feel for Jodi as if she was their family member, or they are here because they are infuriated by a corrupt system. Either way, this is not a place to be, this late in the day, if you think she is guilty and needs to live the rest of her life in prison.

  31. BTW, I dont think your 1/2 a dip shit simply because you think Jodi is guilty, its also based on the facts that you obviously cant read, as this site CLEARLY states that we support, Second you can not make simple connections like “JODI IS INNOCENT with….MAYBE I SHOULDNT TELL EVERYONE I THINK JODI IS…GUILTY”

    But, that probably explains how you think she is guilty…your common sense is broken.

    • I don’t think we should attack people for different opinions. That is what the haters do to me. I wouldn’t mind though if Joel would answer your question – Jodi is guilty because____________________________________?

      I was asked a similar question on a haters page – Jodi is NOT guilty of premeditated murder because _________________? I answered, and some respected my opinion and some called me names.

      At least he is human enough to be against the DP.

    • Sirlips, AI, and others: you are far, far out of line in attacking Joel. See my previous replies. Are all of your brains on holiday? I can’t believe you are the same analytical thinkers I’ve been reading and learning from for weeks. What has gotten into you?
      A simple point for everyone: Haters posting here cannot possibly hurt Jodi. But driving away potential supporters, or discrediting the website, can.

  32. Jodi should tell the media that “I’m sorry I defended myself. I should have allowed Travis to kill me”

    They want to hear I’m sorry so bad that ‘s the I’m sorry she should give them.

    Man, I have no respect for the media.

    • Exactly! When that Hayden prick kept going on about how Jodi didn’t say “I’m sorry,” I wanted her to look straight at him and say:

      “Fine. I’M SORRY FOR NOT LETTING TRAVIS KILL ME. Is that what you want to hear?”


    the jury will be weighing one thing, and one thing only
    a political question,
    what might happen to me, if i do what THEY want me to do, and things go wrong

    nothing to do with the honest and intelligent application of the law to the case, which they’ve always completely ignored, BUT if they imposed the dp whether all their actions and their part in the entire corrupt scapegoating process will leak out, or be exposed, and they will be scapegoated, or left to carry the can, for all the other crooks involved directly or indirectly, behind the scenes, pulling the strings

    they know that those pulling the strings, the police, the prosecutor’s office, the county, the state, the political machine, the governor, the mormon hierarchy, will profess complete surprise when the jury’s perfidy is revealed

    those behind them will disown any involvement


    the jury could apply the law
    but what the heck, they haven’t bothered with that up to now, and this is arizona after all

      i forgot to add the judiciary among those involved in this corrupt process
      my apologies to the judiciary for that omission because they have truly earned that accolade of being CORRUPT

      and i should mention in passing what was not made explicit

      the part that arizona’s legislature has played in the process

      for instance, if they hadn’t passed the constitutional amendment
      2.1. Victims’ bill of rights

      jodi’s legal team might even have been allowed to question the alexander family before the trial

      wouldn’t that be a turn up for arizona

      the rule of law and due process allowed in arizona :O

      the victims bill of rights, a constitutional provision that prejudged jodi’s case, and decided who was a victim, and who was an attacker

      TA was with the asistance of the police and prosecutior constitutional declared to be the VICTIM



  34. And if Jodi would say “I’m sorry” in front of the camera, the Haters would say she’s lying. She can’t win no matter what she says or does.

    The hell with all of them.

  35. I take great satisfaction in knowing that Jodi is not giving them what they want. They want to see her beg and cry and snivel…FUCK THEM.

    She said what she needed to say. No more. No less!!

    Yay Jodi!! The real abuse survivors should be praising her. Because from what I’ve read here and in other places, the biggest hurdle to overcome after finally reaching out for help is the shitty feeling that some asshole doesn’t believe you. And would dare to ask…Well, why didn’t you leave? 🙄

  36. What I heard in listening to Jodi yesterday is that if she gets life TA family can put this behind them and not have to deal with it anymore but I think she also meant if she gets death she will appeal.

    • Yes, it is an automatic appeal if she gets death. If she gets life I believe she will still appeal. The fact that the jury was not sequestered is enough to appeal. Put all the other misconduct that went on, she should have no issues with an appeal. However, we know that the corruption within our judicial system will be a great hurdle.

  37. Goodmorning good people.

    Jodi did an excellent job with her interviews last night ! She is a strong and lovely woman faced with the most horrendous injustices that could happen. Jodis intelligence and truthfullness shines through her beautiful eyes.

    I pray that just one juror sees that giving Jodi the DP is just plain wrong on so many levels.

    I know that in the long run, Jodi will be vindicated and that she will be able to be a great advocate for DV. I also pray that her story will ultimately bring change to the horror that is the AZ justice system.

    For you haters, just remember that your hate will destroy you..words have power and will come back to bite you on the ass!

    • Yeah but he’d have voted guilty because he had questions.

      I guess him and his biblical ass proscribe to the concept of “kill ’em all and let God sort them out”

      • You guys rolled up the constituion and spanked his ass real good. Poor guy, looking answers, stuck in the middle, I was starting to feel a little sympathy for him…NOT…but he did seem polite…and didn’t use F bomb and other rude and unnessary words…lol…

  38. If Jodi ran out into the street that fateful night with a knife imbedded in her skull, 2 black eyes, broken arm, smashed up face and bruises all over they still would have arrested her if Travis was found dead due to a head injury he suffered while running after her and accidentally slipping in her blood and hitting his fat head on the side of the bathtub.

    She would still be a murderess without a soul for causing his death.

    I have a friend like Jodi. Sweet and loving as the day is long. He ex still cruelly harasses her. If you met the monster you’d think him the most charming, the sweetest, classiest gentleman you’d ever meet. Inside lurks Satan himself.

    It hurts me to my core to see Such a gorgeous human being go through this. Jodi is a steel magnolia. If only I could hit that lotto – I’d be down in AZ setting up camp and being a very ardent and vocal supporter for Jodi who is a SURVIVOR!!! No ifs and or buts. And I still think she is lying about killing TA. She did no such thing. She has no tendency towards violence – her sin is that she too nice, too sweet. Of course she is horrified by the murder. That’s because she didn’t do it!

    My sister, who is an atty, cannot believe how the court was so out of line. She is disgusted and we have all declared a mistrial at my house!!!

    • Good morning Andrea. I wholeheartedly agree with your first and second paragraph.

      I’m sorry to hear about your friend. I hope she gets away from the prick.

      As far as your house declaring a mistrial – KUDOS!!!! 🙂

  39. Good morning all!

    Jodi, I am here for you. Despite all you have gone through, you still smiled at JW. I can see you felt good about your testimony and I did too.

  40. “SORRY”…for all the idiotic news stations that only hear what they want to hear…Jodi said…”SORRY”

    At 16.42 seconds into the video Jodi says “for that, I will be sorry for the rest of my life”

    Jodi does say she is “sorry” right after the part where she is talking about Travis…she says, “at one point he meant the world to me”…then she talked about not knowing that she was capable of that…and before that day she wouldn’t even hurt a spider…then she said…”for that, I will be sorry for the rest of my life”

    I don’t know if Jodi said that she was sorry any other time during her statement…but I happened to be watching it when I heard her say that she was sorry in that above paragraph….

      • She has done nothing that she needs to beg and plead for and I heard a few times that she was sorry. Not only for what happened but for the pain and suffering everyone is going through. So WTF are these morons talking about???

        Oh God they hate her so much for the class act that she is.

        • And thats the truth right there !! They hate her because they can’t break her!! Jodi has given them all that they deserve and more.

          If she had grovelled, had a breakdown, cried her eyes out or whatever they deem as approriate;their come back would be..see she is guilty and deserves death!!!

          Jodi is not damned in Gods eyes..the ones seeking death are damned!

    • They want her to throw herself down crying, “I’m sorry!” Cue tears and jodi on the ground. She’s not wired that way. Jodi is strong and doesn’t want pity she wanted justice. That’s all and I think it’s fair for to have asked that because this was a case of domestic violence and abuse. She already feels aweful and it’s not just her words that say it but her actions. People need to stop judging so much and allow themselves to understand, listen n stop jumping to conclusions about what they would’ve done or said. You don’t know until you walk in that persons shoes.

  41. a not well thought out apology could destroy all her appeals, and post conviction review
    an apology must not negate self defense or heat of passion claim

  42. jodi could say she was sorry she had to kill her attacker in self defense

    she regrets that she didn’t have a stun gun with her at the time

  43. I was in awwh last night when watching Vinnie coke head on hln. There was a lawyer and a t.v. judge that said Kermit went overboard with his closing. They said he did enough for grounds for appeal. They also said that the judge should of stopped him, but didn’t. Another grounds for appeal. Vinnie looked very pissed. I don’t think they will be back on his show, they made to much sense.

    • The judge was too busy fingering herself under her robes while JM was talking. She didn’t hear a word of what he was saying nor did she care what he was saying. And every time she denied defense or overruled them she orgasmed.

    • Glen
      for the relevant law in support i googled

      criminal trial objections closing

      there’s a mountain of material about such
      read a few articles for us, then you’ll be the expert who can inform us

    • Glen…….was that a “weird” show last night or what!!!! My month dropped when the panel agreed Kermit crossed the line in his closing!!!

  44. Andrea, unfortunately we have friends whom we dearly love but they can’t see the destruction as we do. Continue to be a support as much as you can. I advocated for as long as I could for my sister who was in a abusive relationship. I was too young then and my own safety was threatened, I left home at 15. My sister finally divorced but the damage was already done because her children were not protected and became victims. So the Jodi story bring memories back.

    • I agree and I am a strong pillar of support for her. She cannot get away from him and has been divorced for over 10 years. When you have the kind of cash he has you can become very dangerous, controlling, manipulative, and he has a strong control over the courts. (They have 2 kids) He spent 400k to have a surveillance on her after she filed for divorce. He can do no wrong – she is the crazy one. It’s sick sick sick. He preyed on her sweetness like TA did to Jodi. I taught her to think “ghetto” when it comes to him and to get street with that fucker. It’s empowered her self esteem a lot. Once I heard who his father was it all made sense. You can’t make these things up!

      This is why my heart breaks for Jodi. The court system let her down, her confession was completely coerced, some palms were greased and now her precious life is at stake. It all sounds like something out of a bad movie and surreal but believe me corruption is prevalent in courts and this case proves it. It’s not too far fetched that some kind if heavy influence is at work here – mainly the Mormon mafia perhaps.

  45. Were there only 2 interviews yesterday, the Troy Hayden one and the joint Curtis/Kiefer one? Btw, Troy Hayden is a fucking prick.

  46. This entire trial was corrupted….they were aloud to say in court Jodi was responsible for a vandalism crime “she slashed his tires” via Mimi…..a crime that she was NEVER charged for… just one point of corruption….also they wld not aloud Gus to speak on the witness stand about the abuse he witnessed?? Come on!!!! The Hughes emails weren’t aloud in full?? Other emails….no crime scene expert to prove how he was killed??? So fucked up!!!! If I had the money I wld hire her the top private detective in the country to find new evidence (which won’t be hard) & force the courts to retry her…..with a defense team that wld drag Juan’s face through the mud

    • Ann,

      Everyday innocent people are wrongly accused by corrupt DA’s all across America.

      Our justice system is really just a political system to make lawyers rich.

      The Trial Lawyers Association is the most powerful political lobbying organization in Washington, DC.

      Elected judges, DA’s & Sheriff’s all funded by “We the people” answer to rich donors. Our justice system will only work when they answer to “We the people”.

    • “crime that she was NEVER charged for”-ann1020

      Think about this, as if what you said wasn’t enough… She was never charged with theft or burglary. I believe that there needed to be a seperate charge of theft proven out BEFORE they could get to the “felony murder” charge. If they claim a felony, WHERE IS THE CHARGE?

      The law is clear on this:

      Arizona abolished all common law criminal concepts and replaced them with criminal statutes. The felony murder rule survives in Arizona by current statutory law. The felony murder rule holds that a killing of a person occurring in the course of, or in the immediate flight from, the commission of the following crimes is considered murder in the first degree:
      Sexual Conduct with a minor
      Sexual Assault
      Molestation of a child
      Marijuana offenses
      Dangerous drug offenses
      Narcotics offenses
      The use of minors in drug offenses
      Drive by shooting
      Child abuse
      Unlawful flight from a pursuing law enforcement vehicle

      In this case they picked “Burglary” and “Robbery”, we dont really know which one for sure, as they simply talk about it in opening/closing arguments. They gave no proof, and infact gave proof that 1 of the possible 2 times she did this “felony” actually DIDNT happen, as durring the trial they gave testimony against travis having a gun.

      They couldnt not only prove which of the “thefts” actaully accured but they couldnt even get it past the omnibus stage to CHARGE her with it…I dont even think they ever tried. The story was suimply said that she either stole the gun from grandpa OR she stole the gun from travis.

      • sirlips,

        I just used Google to find AZ murder law. It’s pretty clear if you you kill a human or unborn child you can be prosecuted for murder.

        I have seen you make this post a few times and it didn’t seem logical to me that a second crime had to occur in order to be charged with murder. Maybe you can explain this for me ?

        “Arizona Criminal and DUI Law Reference

        13-1105. First degree murder; classification

        A. A person commits first degree murder if:
        1. Intending or knowing that the person’s conduct will cause death, the person causes the death of another person, including an unborn child, with premeditation or, as a result of causing the death of another person with premeditation, causes the death of an unborn child……………………”

      • Sirlips,

        They used 2nd degree burglary in the jury instructions… basically Martinez cost this woman her life by manipulating language and splitting hairs. She remained “unlawfully” after she began the attack. It’s ludicrous. It doesn’t have to be proven or previously charged. The felony can even just be an attempted. But the murder lacks intent. I guess?

        I posted my interpretation and thoughts on this a little while ago. Based on the laws, she could have been charged with First Degree Burglary, as according to the state, she committed the felony (which was ???remaining as an uninvited guest???), with a deadly weapon(s) in her possession based on their theory of premeditation (ie the knife and the gun). Huh? Mmmm… kay.

        Maddening, isn’t it?

        Hopefully, now that Dumbo went and stuck his big foot in his fat mouth yesterday, by telling the jury that she could be paroled if they gave her life, wink, wink – so you’d better just kill her now, this whole thing will be turned over, and thrown out. I believe the defense objected during his closing to this statement. They were curtly over-ruled, of course.

        And how’s that for poetic justice…his own lying will be the biggest mistake of HIS life.

  47. While I disagreed with Roberts column today in the AZ Republic that she would like to vote death and Jodi is always the victim, she did point out the completely insane logic used to determine death penalty. She used the example of the wife who cut up her husband in pieces and left those pieces around the valley, while telling their children she didn’t know where he was. CUT HIM UP IN PIECES. Result? M1 life – no DP.

    And we all took notice of the guy who beheaded his victim in a clear premeditated murder. Result? M2 14 years.

    What a shameful prosecutor office. Maybe if Travis head was completely severed she would have gotten a speeding ticket.

  48. Good morning everyone. I was thinking the other day about that boxer, the Hurricane, and how he was in jail wrongfully for something like 30 years, but he did finally get out on a later appeal. And that case was so corrupt as well, but this one puts it to shame. I am hoping Jodi won’t have to wait long, everything is so clearly documented in this case for the appeal. Although, even if they move this case to another venue, I don’t know if there is anywhere that Jodi will get a fair trial.

  49. HLN started early again today. I guess they can’t wait for that verdict. What a bunch of losers. I wonder if they will have any coverage on her appeal? No I don’t want them in the court room like they were this time. I think we should go back when you saw drawings of the court proceedings. And hopefully they will pass a law were it is against the law to proscecute people on T.V.

    • I don’t know that allowing filming is the problem. It is in fact supposed to be OPEN court. But I do think that if you know HLN is going to make a spectacle of it then the jury must be sequestered. It’s a no brainer, but speaks to Pickles I guess.

      • I believe court proceedings should be televised only on a channel much like CSPAN, proceedings only, no commentary, no commercials. (And as soon as I regain my sanity I plan to create a short but sweet petition to that affect on

        • RB, I really love the idea of court being held like proceedings are on CSPAN. No personal opinion lying commentators & no blood thirsty commercials! Then everyone would FEEL free to make up their own minds instead of going along with the lynch mob!

  50. I missed her interviews from yesterday after court.

    Does anyone have a video link for them??

    What do we do if she gets the death penalty??? I think I will totally freak out on my tv!!!! What on earth do we all do????? this is killing me waiting and not knowing, but what do we do?? I am at a loss…

    Praying she will get life. Because the coruption of this trial has been sooooo bad it is a joke to our system.

    And damn HLN all they do is crack jokes at this trial . I hate them!!! So biased on everything!! Makes me sick.

    But PLEASE if someone has the video interviews please post if you can. Thank you so much!!

    Glad to see all the support and love here today. Jodi girl, you are going to be alright, no matter what happens. You have all of us. We will get you through.

    • As Jodi stated she has no choice but to accept whatever. We will look forward to appeals. I’m 55 next month and I doubt I will live to see her executed if that be the ultimate ending.

    • Jean,

      If she gets the death penalty, then we APPEAL. I feel certain the death penalty will never happen; I’m sure it will be overturned along the way.

      • No no no I am not new. I started watching the case about 2 months ago only. And have checked about 4 times since then. Not much. I am not much on talking, unless I am soooo worried I can’t stop talking (like now) or unless I am so pissed off I have to vent! But I haven’t vented here – I have been busy venting elsewhere – if you know what i mean. The haters have been out in numbers and I have had to tend to the herd and put them straight….haha

        But today I am nervous – so i am will be here. I want to watch the videos too though. I will try and get a split screen. so I don’t miss anything.

        I am here and with ya’ll – cuz if I don’t lean on you guys I will go nuts waiting……..I am all nerves when i wait… either I will eat or drink diet pepsi like its my last one! haha

        but thanks for checking and replying – nice to meet you sz!!

    • We just wait for the appeals process to start. Remember that Jodi is no longer saying that she prefers death – she wants to fight. She won’t be executed anytime soon. Death Row will suck, but Jodi is strong and she will make the best of it.

      This Ferragut guy sounds like he could be a great appellate lawyer for her.

      • Not sure what your talking about haha Did you mean when Is say what will we do? I meant the next step and how we can support? sorry if I was unclear, I guess it sounds like it now that I read through it again. 🙂

        If it wasn’t that – then I guess I am not sure what you are referring to, please explain more. thx

    • What do we do? Well we can help Sil with her writing campaign. We can gather all the things wrong about this trial and make videos or a documentary movie out of it because let’s face it, most people have been too lazy to watch the trial themselves or think critically about it. Or we start projects to raise money for Jodi’s family or her legal fund. We can help people in prison to honor Jodi. There’s a lot we can do. 🙂

  51. It has been opined that Juanito has his eyes on bigger moves, primarily politically, and this trial is just one of his hurdles. So I want to extend my advance support, sympathy and condolences to all of you who live in Arizona in the event he ever goes riding his donkey into the governor’s mansion. That would be worse than what we had to endure out here with lame-brain Arnold. I don’t know how I could live in a state where that little bastard was governor.

  52. Good morning all!

    Since I started following the trial I have been giving Mr Mommabear daily updates as to how things have gone. During yesterday’s updates I started down the judge+prosecutor track and how obvious it has been AT THE VERY LEAST that the judge has shown favoritism towards the prosecution and has shown blatant disregard at taking control of her courtroom. Without going into too much detail, Mr Momma works closely with the juvenile courts in our county. His response to my update regarding the judge was, ” I see that in the courtroom too.” Took me back a minute and I asked, ‘you mean a type of favoritism?’ Yes was his response.

    The reasons for appeal are many. And I pray for justice for Jodi.

  53. Is anyone else’s mind drawing parallels between Jodi’s debacle of a trial and the fictional work The Hunger Games? I can no longer state that the society described in The Hunger Games is far-fetched. And that is a terrible, tragic thing indeed.

    • Oh yes……I definitely see the parallels. It is the Roman era all over again, watching the lions tear apart the human as the crowd cheers. So similar and I am disgusted with our ability to do it all over again!

    • I found her to be eloquent and well spoken. This was the last time for her voice to be heard, and while I was at first nervous; I am now very glad she took the opportunity.

      Sadly, I am sure she knows this jury is foul and tainted and that the decision was made the first day of trial, and what they were expected to do about the verdict has been battered into their heads by media, the “judge” and the “persecutor”

      • Renee’, I think you’re right. I feel she saw this as her last opportunity to make her voice be heard. 🙁

    • So I suppose all these saintly Alexander types like to play the holier than thou role while some are CONVICTED FELONS.

      • This family of convicted felons with a cop inside sure knew how to CON their way through this unfair, corrupt to the bone kangaroo court.

    • Didn’t Morticia have the same charges? Grand Theft Auto? Probably a whole family gang of them! TA scam was to move away & take his crimes underground!

  54. She is so eloquent and so composed and gives credit to her attorneys. She is so truthful. Boy, thank you for this link. She is so with it, you know. This is a person who listens with her heart! There is no negativity at all! She reflects who she is in her blog on myspace, years ago. She has grown immensely.

  55. Hello Peeps!!

    I will be in and out today, it’s finally warm here so doing a lot out doors 🙂 I know it’s so crazy, but when I can’t chat with you all much I miss you all!!
    I watched one of Jodi’s interviews last night it was with the guy who was very respectful but sorry, his name escapes me. I KNOW in my HEART of HEARTS Jodi will be FREE sooner than later. There is NO way she is going to have life in prison! That journalist who interviewed her was a RARE example of a TRUE journalist, and I have so much respect for him. I’m going to go back and get his name and email him to say THANK YOU!!
    I know the HLN rats are SEETHING mad because they can’t get a piece of Jodi. FUCKERS!!
    Anyway, have a GREAT day all, as much as I don’t want Jodi to have the living conditions that come with DP, the sentencing verdict means NOTHING, this mess will get fixed on appeal, and there will be HELL to pay for all the ass-clowns involved!!

    I LOVE you all! <3


    • RU Darling!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 3 snaps up!!!!!! (((((((((((((((((((($$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$)))))))))))))))))))))))

      Girlfriend I love you!!!!!!! LOL LOL 🙂

    • Deep breaths.

      I still dont know what the “smart” thing to hope for here is. Obviously we want her not to get DP, but the advantages to the appeals process are many, if she gets DP over Life.

      The next big issue will be with or W/out parole if they say “life”. the judge decides that.

    • IM HEARING FROM MY FRIEND THAT SHE WAS WRONG. She is checking again now. May be a false alarm….sorry guys.

  56. We should probably get a new thread or a link to the AZ up. they should be in soon. They have anounced the Jury is IN.

  57. After thinking about how judge Sherry Stephens fucked up this case beyond belief I thought she reminds me of a movie character and it was the kindergarten teacher from billy Madison that eats glue. I just see the judge sitting up there eating glue all day long.

  58. I believe in compassion, forgiveness and mercy has been the mantra for Jodi. So great we are in the Aquarian age where we get to question not go on blind faith. I need to pay attention to what my experiences have taught me and be more mindful. We are rich with experiences.

  59. Goodmorning everyone, I haven’t vseen the interviews Jodi gave yesterday afternoon. Hoe many were there are they worth watching or are they going to make me upset?

    One thing I don’t know weather to blv the statement she said about asking the jury for life instead of the DP. I still blv she would rather have the ultimate freedom. But she doesn’t want to hurt her family anymore, so she’d live a long life in prison for her family, so I don’t know. She did look a little more calm, at ease but in won’t give up on her and ill support her on her fight for freedom.

    Im praying for someone REAL GOOD (maybe that Cuban lawyer from AZ) to take the case and rip this case apart, show how much corruption went on and everyone behind it starting with the STATE OF ARIZONA, judge Stevens, Martinez, Flores, Horn, TA family and the media. And wanna-be be doc Dumbarte is a low life nobody so she wouldn’t loose anything but she should he called out too and her license should be revoked.

    Well have a good rest of the day everyone, ill be in and out, I still have visitors. Oh and I wanted to mention to Frank Queen great comment last night, addressing the jury on Jodis behalf. And MB too, I LOVE your idea of helping Jodi while shes awaiting for her appeal. Im down with it and I’ll be thinking about other things we can come up with to keep ourselves involved. Everyone have actually had great comments, I love being part of this group, helps me realize im NOT the one going crazy. : ))

    Im also trying to get TWO “Survivor” t-shirts but its wont let me purchase two in one transaction. Has anyone bought TWO, can anyone let me know how, plz?????

    Thanks friends…. on my way to the VENT page, I have venting to do this morning (heard some bullshit that made me mad)!

  60. wild is saying

    I am in the hallway at the #JodiArias. Just saw the thinker juror walk in. Willmott is here in dark gray suit talking to Grace Wong.

  61. wild says Jurors are expected to resume deliberations at 10am PDT. @bethkaras has on a sweet two piece bright salmon outfit on . Jenkasaurus does too.

  62. wild says

    The marlboro man just walked by, not dressed up as usual and had a few bags full of food. The thinker was dressed normally also.

  63. How sorry does society want Jodi to be? What would give satisfaction to the people who are fueled with hate and forgiveness? Are peoples’ spiritual beliefs thrown out the door for Jodi but when they go to church claim to be soldiers of God? Where is the forgiveness here? Is Jodi not human as Sky Hughes claimed? Jodi has more love inside her than society put together especially the negative ones.

    • Be Well,

      I see the day coming in the near future when congress will pass laws to regulate & pass laws to prosecute “anonymous hate speech” on the internet.

      I would like to see everyone’s real name automatically post.

      I really believe that the ability of “anonymous creep’s” to engage in hate speech against others in a publicly distributed fashion has led to the rapid deterioration of American society.

      • I’m using my real name! I don’t give a fuck who does ir does not like who I choose to believe and support! People want to HATE me for that when they don’t even know me-why would I care?

  64. Wild says

    Captain O’Neil the juror just walked by, was smiling and not dressed up in the least as usual.

  65. Good morning everyone.
    MB, appreciate your post. Writing letters, transcribing the trial with pointer references to video, and getting Michael Moore to do a movie are all great suggestions.

    • also, compiling some of our posters’ posts referring to their own abuse and how what happened to Jodi is so typical of domestic abuse, along with Alyce’s own lectures on the stand into one place, perhaps turning it into a book?

  66. wild says

    I am pretty sure that the attire of the jury has nothing to do with if they will return a verdict or not. They are always casual.

  67. I have an idea on how to raise money and how to make our community and the support for Jodi more public shooting 2 birds with 1 arrow

    I think that we have in our community great people with great talent on writing skills and analyzing different subjects as we have seen in the last few months just to give an example

    “Also Abused” is very skilled in writing on the subject of domestic violence she also have some pretty good understanding on how the law works “AL” is very talented to analyze and to give prospective on diffident situations Slipris is very talented on how to understand these haters and how to make them look with their real colors also he have a very sarcastic way of writing

    so is the case with “Sil” and “Jade” and I know we have more, these are just recognizable to be from the top of my head because they have pictures on their gravetor and they are very active here in the form

    So what I would want to suggest is that we should write a book as a community with all the subjects surrounding this case

    1. Analyzing the evidence and show the reader how premeditation is not proven al all it’s quite the opposite

    2. Domestic violence, how Jodi is a survivor and the foundational concepts supporting her relationship as a domestic violence relationship, and how this case succeeded form one angle to awareness but from the other angle diminished the opportunity to move the subject one step ahead

    3. What is the risk of allowing such a prosecutor to continue on his position

    4. What is the appropriate way a court room should be managed

    5. Trial by media and how it affects the legal system and the US culture

    6. prospective about capital punishment in light of the outcome in this case

    7. Prospective about people who are found guilty despite their innocence how this impacts society

    This is just from the top of my head I’m sure there is a few more topics we can include

    so my idea is let get these people who are talented, or even people who consider themselves as not talented in the writing area but they have talents or experiences on issues involving this case (after all we are all so attracted to this case for a reason), to write different chapters of the book or to submit their analysis/opinion to the person responsible for that specific chapter, I think we can finish the drafts in a few weeks or maybe a few month and we can sell the book to raise money for her appeals cost and to try and give the public a different point of view

    But what I’m concerned is as follows we have a lot of people bagging to help with anything what can help Jodi, coming up with great ideas but it seems that our community lacks with leadership we need a few people to stand up and tell the community “Hay I’m willing to lead the fundraising” or “I’m ready to lead the project of collecting information missed by the defense to raise issues for appeals purposes” and so on

    of course it hard to trust everybody here who is declaring himself as a leader that he will do a good job or that he is really a trusted leader but this is why we need SJ to come on board and take leadership as the leader of leaders

    I’m ready to write a chapter I’m not a good writer at all, English is my 2nd language but I have a lot of different talents and I can do a good job on “analysis of the evidence” topic so I can write it in my own words than give it to someone with good writing skills like “Slipiris” or I can take responsibility on a chapter to collect info and analysis/opinions from other members here on the form and make sure the info is correct and the points are valid

    • Eli
      I can write (as long as I have spell checker) and my daughter has a masters in teaching english- she would help me edit…..

    • eli! First, thank you for the compliment. My sarcasm is a defense mechanism, but I count on it to keep me sane.

      Second…Yes, I think we have many caring talented people, much like yourself, that are willing to help. Let’s see what today brings and we’ll take it from there.

      I can’t hear your accent when you write. lol … What is your first language if you don’t mind saying? =)

    • Great idea Eli!

      I’m here to advocate for Jodi and with the wonderful like minded people here we will make a difference for her!

    • Eli, great ideas! Some of these have been covered by Jason on his site,..if you haven’t seen them yet.

  68. Holy shit
    vinnie i want to inject her myself politan just lost it!! dummy christy actually put her hands on his shoulders to calm him down. I’m beginning to think he has a drug problem.Anybody want to do a 12step on him??? may as well get jvm in there at the same time.

  69. This is the most frightening and scariest thing I have ever witnessed. I am shocked that this was even brought to trial. The Flores Report tells the truth. Jodi has nothing to do with this. Nothing. Absolutely Nothing. I don’t even believe she fired the gun. The fear and intimidation is the formula they use to WIN at all costs. This is a disgrace and an attack on a beautiful human being. It is so obvious who is doing all the threatening. Where is America going, when a person is afraid to enter the state of Arizona if they testify on behalf of someone they knew as a child. Whoa, what is that!! . This is justice? Really, Well this can happen to anyone. Don’t investigate anything. Just sell tickets to an execution. I believe that this is going to turn around for Jodi, and the truth will come out. People are becoming outraged.

  70. oh, man…even though I feel mentally ready for what’s about to happen, I still have a sense of dread. 🙁

    • I’m confused. Missed too much of yesterday except Jodi addressing the jury (she did so amazing) Are they still deliberating?

    • Yep,me too…All of us I think.Dreading this.But we have a lot to look forward to.This is not the end.This is just the beginning.

      • exactly marie, well put “This is not the end, this is the beginning”

        but I can’t help but feel so disgusted like hate to be so blunt
        but I feel like I have been mind raped by JM & that courtroom.

      • ((((maria)))

        sorry sweetie, you came in just as I took off to run some errands. And yes, you’re right. We have much work ahead of us!

  71. I think Jodi did a beautiful job in all of the interviews. I think it is terrible that she is pushed to keep apologizing. She and her lawyers made clear that she killed in self-defense, to save her own life. It is crazy to expect someone to apologize for saving their own life!

  72. Following up a little on an earlier comment about Juanito becoming the governor of Arizona:

    (Death Row. 11:56 p.m. The condemned man has had his last meal and is in the holding cell with the warden, waiting to take the walk. The phone rings. The warden answers.)

    WARDEN: Yes, yes . . . right. I understand. (Covers the phone and talks to the prisoner.) It’s Governor Martinez. He’s going to pardon you.
    PRISONER: Oh, my God – really? That’s awesome!
    WARDEN: He wants to talk to you.
    PRISONER: No, fuck it. Kill me.

  73. Looks like everyone but HATER’S LOVE NEGATIVITY (HLN) got to interview Jodi.

    Doesn’t Walt Disney own HLN now ?

  74. To all the women of this site. You have all been outstanding in your support of Jodi. You’re like Jodi’s surrogate mom’s and sisters and Jodi even acknowledged that. She didn’t say this site by name but I know this is the support she was talking about in her interviews when she talked about the postcards she gets from so many women.

    Now my question which has been asked before I realize but I’m asking again.

    Why are so many women out there so vicious and unforgiving and evil toward Jodi? She was abused FFS. It’s been proven. How can other women not stand up for a woman who is an abuse victim?
    Whether other women have been abused or not how can women have so much hate for one of their own gender?

    I was married for 21 years and NEVER did abusing my now ex-wife ever occur to me. I have never even considered abusing any women no matter how much of a witch they are. Although these days many women are making it difficult for men to remember they are women.

    Anyway what is up with so many women acting as though Travis was the perfect man when it’s been proven that he was far, far from perfect?

    I don’t get it.

    • Simple Joe…….those women do not believe Jodi was a victim of DV. Many women believe if you aren’t beaten senseless….how could you be a victim of DV. They don’t see a woman can be mentally abused as well as physically abused. So that may be why you see what you see………

    • Oh I get it. Sadly. I am an abuse survivor. Society sees women who are abused as weak and simple minded. Trust me, we are not. We are co-dependent for the most part. We think we can help or fix the man. We believe them when they say they are sorry. We see two different people. We see a raging maniac who abuses and we see a little boy who needs love. We want to fix. That is a lot of the reason we women here are not crazy Jodi haters. For one we understand her and two, we are still somewhat co-dependent and want to help fix her. Those women who are hating Jodi are scared. They are adamant they would never let a man abuse them. They think if they protest loud enough that they will not ever be like her. They are so misguided. It is so damn easy to “see” from the outside and so damn hard to “see” from the inside. Again I will say……but for the grace of God, I am in Jodi’s shoes.

    • They figure that by helping the heat on burning the ‘bad murderous men-entrapping witch’ they will be seen as the opposite stereotype and be admired and cajoled in a man’s world. Why are so many Moslem women supporting their own oppression?

      • Oops. Cont.: paralyzed by fear of the venomous haters lynch mob and afraid to stand against them for what’s right. When you see the numerous amount of them, it’s really sad at how easy it is that they can be lead astray. Too nad they won’t make their own personal assessment of the truth.

      • It is jealousy.

        Frumpy bags are all afraid of losing their men to a woman who looks like Jodi. Maybe some have. So she becomes the scapegoat for the frustrations of their empty lives.

      • Exactly! Jealousy for a beautiful,extremely talented woman,who was sexual and not ashamed of it,witty and cultured,eloquent and compassionate.Need more? 😉

    • Don’t know Joe. Jealously maybe?
      I had an abusive ex-husband years ago. took a long time to get over it (abused my daughter too-( not sexually- ) maybe that’s why I want to help Jodi .Along with the fact that I believe this entire trial was a sham…. I would like to say that most people in this world are pretty ignorant . I think thats why intelligent people often feel they don’t fit in- thats why you are so incredulous about these women. They obviously dont know Jodi so its something about themselves that makes them so hateful.I know I try to see past them and keep trying to do what I think is the right thing. There will always be stupid people-all you can do is keep being your good self and maybe some will see someday.

      • These people are spoon fed sheep that
        sit on their ass and worship at the alter
        of Nancy Graceless, They think their lives
        are perfect & that all is great in their universe.
        They think they are not haters and that
        These people are not only weak, ignorant,
        narrow-minded but they are the same people
        who will buy movie tickets to shitty ass movies
        like The Hangover 3 & sit there and laugh
        at drivel.
        * The Hangover 1 was amazing – both sequels
        not so much the new one is dreadful *

        These people have tunnel vision.

        We are living in the dark ages friends….
        but with this group of ours here and I am sure
        many many people out there that share the same
        mindset & intellect.

        We have the power to shine through
        all their darkness and evil.

  75. Willie, I second that!
    Don’t you think the liars and hypocrites know who they are?
    Then they change camps to keep with the majority-just so cowardice, in my opinion!

    I have never seen so many cowards in one setting like this. It takes inner strength to be true and patiently wait for sound people to come your way and support you.

  76. Does anyone know what is going to happen when it first starts?

    Is the judge going to send the jurors off to the jury room to deliberate on life or death?….

    Then we wait for hour or hours until they come back with a decision?

  77. MB. If Michael Moore does not work out, there is also Werner Herzog (who has come out strongly against DP and Death Row in the US), or PBS specials with Bill Moyers, or Frontline, P.O.V. etc.

  78. Mornin’ folks, well here we are again waiting on the jury. Looks like there may be some differences
    of opinion. Doesn’t look like a slam dunk of death. Who knows how it will eventually play out but it is taking them some time at least. I, like you, feel that Jodi has something to offer in this world. Her life went sideways as she described it “she and Travis were like oil and water” . Destiny is so weird, if she had not watched that PPL video and decided to get involved with that organization, she would never have met Travis and who knows how life would have turned out.? She is bright and has much to offer and I hope she gets a chance to get some help and move forward. I have learned a lot about religiousity through this case. Regligiousity is so different from relationship with one’s Creator. Hateful desire for another’s blood is not going to bring peace and a relationship with God. I feel the Alexander family is also very sick and I hope they get the help they need. Much of their turmoil also started way before Travis’ death. I leave you with this and I am sure some of you have already seen this.

    One evening an old Cherokee told his granson about a battle that goes on inside people. He said,
    “My son, the battle is between the two wolves inside us all. One wolf inside us is Evil, it is anger, envy, jealousy, sorrow, regret, greed, arrogance, self pity, guilt, resentment, inferiority, lies, false pride, superiority and ego

    The other wolf is Good – it is joy, peace, love, hope, serenity, humility, kindness, benevolence, empathy, generosity, truth, compassion and faith.”

    The grandson thought about it for a minute and then asked his grandfather: “which wolf wins?”
    The old Cherokee man simply replied, “The one you feed”.

    The grandson

    • Yes, she is reporting:

      Wild About Trial ‏@WildAboutTrial 28m
      I am pretty sure that the attire of the jury has nothing to do with if they will return a verdict or not. They are always casual.#JodiArias

  79. I’m HOME!! But my cable is out-storm nearby, using landlords DSL connection. I’m going to head over & watch in a minute…
    I had so many things going around in my head last night about this case. I should never have stayed on the
    At comment section trying to REASON with UNREASONABLE HATERS, who want NOTHING more than to pull the switch.
    I’ll write about one of the things I was thinking about last night in a bit…it has to do with today’s society, something Jodi said in several interviews, and the ease at which millions in our supposedly great, free and Rule of law country, are SO EASILY BAMBOOZLED by media figures today.

    MB-or whoever is here today-can I send a quick email to see if something is O.k to mention?

    HUGS, Blessings & Positive Energy to ALL TODAY!!

  80. Be careful when you watch the video interview’s not to read
    the comments below.
    The hate / venom is beyond incomprehensible to me.
    I just still don’t understand how these people can be so evil
    and hateful?

    It makes me really sad for our society, very sad.

  81. Juror 8 (DUI) is is also on the HLN gravy train and has been making hateful comments about Jodi. God help her today if he represents the opinions of the rest of these jurors who are sworn to give an ‘impartial verdict’.

    • I feel that Juror 8 is heavily influenced by his wife…even he said on tv the other night that when he got home she was wanting to throw something at the tv…his wifey has been nudging him all along…with her temper and his drinking…I’m surprised that don’t have “knock down drag out fights”…and with her temper she is probably the backbone of that family…

      • No doubt, his drinking and the pressure of the trial created a volatile home life. Good riddens, I’m glad he’s gone. The scary thing is we don’t know what has been going on with the rest of jurors, at home or on their electronic devices. Too many outside intrusions for jurors on this case to be unbiased, therefore Jodi did not get a fair trial. I hope this comes back to bite the state during the appeals process.

  82. Crazy lady alert on HLN. Some crazy biatch just called in and started bawling like a crazed lunatic. What is wrong with these people?

    • One of the professionals said that people like the haters need some type of gratification that is lacking from their lives….so they thrive and get gratified by someone else’s falls…the more vilified they are the more satisfied they become…sickos…they all need to be in counseling…

  83. Hey guys, for some reason if I don’t post on here
    after today for a few days, so you know ( been really
    sick this week, I think I am coming down
    with a flu of sorts, insomnia, just feel really run down )

    I just wanted to personally thank you guys for all the support
    for Jodi & all your postings. I really appreciate everyone on here.

    🙂 Josh

      • Thanks LC, lots of water & coconut water, I am addicted to that
        stuff, love your gravatar! You just took the words out of my mouth
        F-T-H !!!

        • Thanks Josh. Coconut water????? Hhhmmm I didn’t know about that one. Will have to try it next time!!!! See….. we care about eachother so much, the haters cant say that about themselves! ; ))

    • ((((((((((((((((Josh))))))))))))))))))))))

      Feel better!!!!!!!! TEA, TEA HOT TEA AND MORE HOT TEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL

    • Get Well Josh!! Water, Vit C!!

      LC? I must be getting the wrong “coconut water”! I bought a couple of cans at the health food store last month, in cans, tried one, (I DID have an empty tummy which may have contributed..), but I gagged on it-bitter, almost “sour”?
      Do you mix it with anything?


  84. Just checking in to send stand strong with Jodi today. Was able to watch one set of interviews before work and am so impressed as always by how articulate she is. Grace under pressure!

  85. I didn’t watch the interviews yesterday but did catch a clip where Jodi tells the reporter, “I don’t know what your talking about, I told the truth, I DIDN’T KNOW YOU WHERE A HATER BEFORE THIS INTERVIEW.” Haaahaaaaa, GO JODI!!!!!

  86. What on earth will the haters do now that the trial is over? They won’t have anyone else to hate to make themselves feel better. Some of their lives have revolved around Jodi’s life, so what will these crazy people do?

    • Not sure, I had my speakers on while reading comments
      & the LOUD SOUND of the courtroom door opened
      f’in startled me & I heard Judge Pickles voice * startled me allot more *
      and I thought jurors were coming in…
      Pins & Needles folks!

  87. 10:39 AMsteve krafft @SKrafftFox10#JodiArias #FOX10 looks like attorneys having sidebar with judge inside courtroom jury was there and just left Jodi in courtroom too

  88. Well , hells bells I realized it was on just in time for Judge dumbass to ask if they had anything else. Anyone know what happened?

  89. Yay, JM blew it big time yesterday. He caused reversible error by telling the jury that with life Jodi could still get out on parole in 25 years. They said it’s definite grounds for appeal. Way to go Kermit! lol

  90. It looks to me like she gets along very well with Kurt and Jen. Again – NO ONE is afraid of her.

    It cracks me up how no one is afraid of this potential death row person (namely the reporters and JM). Such a farce!!

    They know she is not guilty of 1st degree. Its such crap!

    • Sorry for all the questions…I had the loudspeakers on,writing here and heard Jennifer addressing the jury?