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  1. Thank you SJ and behind the scenes folks! The new rules are simple and easy to follow. All and all you are still giving us free reign to speak our minds. 🙂

    • I have not followed this case but have seen it on the news from time to time. While I don’t know the truth of what happened I commend you as loyal family and friends. You are standing by her in tough times. She is lucky to have such great support.

  2. 4.) No relaying BS messages from BS-themed websites (we’re not interested),

    I don’t understand this one. At times I find it humorous to see the bizarre comments made by the knuckle dragging neanderthals

    • But not if they’re distracting us from our goal of supporting Jodi.

      We don’t want attention and energy that is needed here, spent there.

      • Hello. Ive followed Jodi’s trial right from the start and continue to daily. Im writing for some clarification though : This website is devoted to Jodi’s innocence , but im sincerely wondering WHAT she is innocent from since shes fully admitted in Court that she committed the murder ??? So, id like to ask where the innocence comes into play which is the basis for this devoted website ? I have a complete open mind and am willing to apply sympathy toward Jodi cause should it be justified. I hope you will either explain your position on this forum or email me directly so I can have a better understanding of this innocence aspect. Thank you very much. Sincerely, David .

        • David, Jodi claimed self-defense. You can access comments by clicking on the recent posts by SJ at the right of the page. There is a drop-down menu for archives, and a calendar below that, also on the right (almost at the bottom). Trial video is available for review, as you can see.

          Granted, it takes some time for anyone to understand the complexities of this case. The distractions are many, and though they attract much interest, please be advised that it is of paramount importance to remain focused, to not jump to conclusions, and to study the physical evidence, working your way forward from the beginning of Jodi’s activities. Refrain from confirmation bias and a tendency to see the circumstantial evidence with a sinister eye, and you will see how trumped-up the prosecution’s case against Jodi really is. Jodi was found guilty in the midst of hysteria. This is not the first time in history that an innocent person has been railroaded.

          The prosecutor did everything in his power to distract the jury – and anyone else – from what actually happened in the bathroom, because that’s what really counts. The defense showed a pattern of abuse and negative control that Jodi endured at the hands of this former boyfriend, but the prosecution turned it around and tried to present that abuse as a motive for Jodi to plan his demise. Remember: The prosecution did not have to prove motive, but that’s all that was really offered. The trial was riddled with gossip because hearsay rules were totally confounding as they were applied to this case.

          The prosecution’s push-back – alleging that the abuse of Jodi was her motive – was exactly one of the things that Jodi had feared, and a reason she has said that she did not want to describe what actually happened to investigators. Bear in mind that Jodi offered a plea years ago, which the state rejected. She did this knowing that she was innocent of any type of murder, because she dreaded the lurid details of their relationship becoming public. So the fact is that the state forced this man’s sexual history into the open, not Jodi. The media has not reported Jodi’s plea offer accurately (or at all). One cannot trust ninety-nine percent of the media outlets to report on this case fairly. It sounds as if you watched the trial through HLN and took their commentary at face value. Will you – can you set that aside now, since you are asking questions?

          Bear in mind that traumatic amnesia is real. It happens frequently and it is a proven medical condition. Jodi still has no memory of actually killing Travis. She remembers pointing a gun at him after he threw her to the bathroom floor. She had reason to fear him because he had attacked her before, choking her unconscious. He was trained in wrestling. Her OBJECTIVE was only to keep him from pinning her to the floor again. There was no intent to injure, no premeditation to cause him harm. She did what she believed she had to do at the moment she perceived that she was in grave danger.

          Jodi said in sworn testimony that she had no intention of pulling the trigger and further that she didn’t know whether or not the weapon was even loaded. She simply wanted him to stop attacking her. She testified that she believed at that moment that if someone had a gun pointed at an individual, that person would stop. He lunged at her anyway (maybe he believed the pistol was not loaded), and the gun went off. They struggled on the floor, but as she broke away, he yelled out a threat on her life.

          She has testified that she does not remember the knife fight. The prosecution has said that she shot him after she killed him. There is plenty of evidence that she did not. Keep an open mind when you consider that there was a last-minute switch on the sequence of wounding by the state a few days before jury selection in the the guilt phase. Keep in mind that the Medical Examiner has contradicted his own written report on the stand. It is difficult to imagine self-defense if the gunshot were last, after the man would have died, is it not?

          Ask yourself why that last-minute switch was allowed after the state maintained for over four years that the gunshot was first. Then look at the physical evidence at the scene and the timing of the last photographs taken in the bathroom. It becomes apparent that, once on the stand, Jodi consistently told the truth, while the prosecution’s explanations for the blood evidence shifted around and were never logical.

          The only proven premeditation by Jodi pertaining to how she planned her trip from CA to AZ and UT was the following:
          1) rent car for 2,000+ mile trip – old car unreliable 2) See Matt in Monterey area 3) Visit Darryl and son in Monterey and spend night 4) not to run out of gas; borrow gas cans from Darryl because of unfamiliar desolate desert roads in hot summer 5) Buy case of bottled water for same reason 6) Drive to Pasadena on way to UT; take photos of Darryl’s niece in Pasadena on way to UT if possible 7) Visit Ryan in UT and attend meeting with him 8) be back in Yreka for work Friday

          In light of all these scheduled visits to other persons and the unconcealed use of gas cans, this was anything but a covert mission!

          The above list was the pre-planned itinerary and modus operandi. Detouring to see this man in Mesa was always iffy and she has testified that she had declined his pleas that she visit until she couldn’t find her cell phone charger in Pasadena after a six hour drive from Monterey that day. She then balked at driving from Pasadena to UT late at night, alone, when she knew she’d be needing a nap in a few hours and had never driven that way alone before.

          She chose a six hour drive to Mesa over a twelve hour drive to UT, giving in to her ex-boyfriend’s invitation, even though they planned to see one another soon in northern CA after his pending trip to Cancun (a CA meeting that was proven to have been agreed to by cellphone recordings of both voices). The prosecution endeavored to prove premeditation by pointing to the fact that Jodi’s cellphone was off when she was in AZ. She testified that she was trying to save the battery because she couldn’t locate the charger for a period of time and – wait! She turned the cellphone back ON and was still in the state of AZ when she began to use it again.

          Bear in mind that TA was awake and waiting for Jodi when she arrived in Mesa. They spent thirteen hours together before he was killed. Bear in mind that the prosecution stated that he died at rush hour. Why would she have premeditated killing him and done it then? The state could never explain that except to say that he was in the shower. But there was no evidence of blood on the walls of that shower. He had to have stepped out of the shower WHILE the water was still running, because there is evidence of flooding. But why would he?

          Why, indeed, if there is no evidence that this man had yet been attacked, would he step out of a running shower unless he were the aggressor, just as Jodi has claimed in sworn testimony? And the two had also taken a nap together hours before – when Jodi could have done the deed and slipped away in lighter traffic. But Jodi Arias is no murderer. She only defended herself in that bathroom – OUTSIDE of the shower. A magnification of the reflection in his eye shows that Jodi was only holding a camera seconds before the fight began. This fact was stipulated to at trial. Jodi Arias is innocent.

  3. SJ and Administration,

    it’s ashame we have come thus far, and need to enforce rules for grown adults. However, most blogs, Websites have rules that must be followed…. Thank you for taking the time to put your Jodi supporters first….

    All newcomers should have to read the rules first, and post that they understand the rules… ( just a suggestion).


  4. As a newbie I just want to say that I understand and will adhere to the rules! Thank you for posting them!

  5. Good rules SJ it is to bad we had disputes and this will clear that up nicely should be also located where we put in our name and comments or at least say see the rules above at the top of the page.

  6. SJ…

    And that is the reason that I love coming to this website…it feels like a family oriented place here…lots of kindness and niceness…that is the way that I was raised and that is it the way that I live…so thanks again SJ for keeping this website healthy and wholesome…

    God Bless everyone…

    And a great big M E O W to meowington…prrr…Hi…

  7. I’ve said this in email and in IMs, and I think it should be said here too:

    Where we go on the Internet and engage, is a form of investment.

    We can choose to invest to support Jodi, or invest in giving the hater sites drama fodder for their shitty blogs.

    The choice is clear… so should the answer be.

    Rock on! Team Jodi Forever!

  8. Hi SJ!

    If I have offended anyone in anyway. I am very sorry. It certainly is not my intent. I am not a hater. I just hope and pray that Jodi will be given a chance to live & redeem herself.

    I do understand how sometimes people can reach the end of their tether and they just snap. It is so tragic that so many were hurt by what happened.

    I have sent an icon to Jodi to watch over her and sent money to the team to give her for art supplies.

    it is my hope this may be theraputic for her.

    Please let me know if she gets anything. I am hoping her guards will be compassionate and let her have the icon.

    I give this in the spirit of forgiveness and to help demostrate Gods love for everyone.


    Thomas Pratt


    Thomas Pratt

  9. Jodi,
    I don’t believe you committed this murder. I believe that your second story was true and that you are only protecting your family. I had to make a difficult choice myself once in order to protect my own. Please, knowthat some of us know the truth. Namastè.

    Please everyone, read this!!


  10. On another occasion Brigham Young made this chilling statement regarding a person’s obligation to spill the blood of those who committed serious sins:

    “Now take a person in this congregation who has knowledge with regard to being saved… and suppose that he is overtaken in a gross fault, that he has committed a sin that he knows will deprive him of that exaltation which he desires, and that he cannot attain to it without the shedding his blood, and also knows that by having his blood shed he will atone for that sin and be saved and exalted with the Gods, is there a man or woman in this house but what would say, ‘shed my blood that I may be saved and exalted with the Gods?’

    “All mankind love themselves, and let these principles be known by an individual, and he would be glad to have his blood shed. That would be loving themselves, even unto an eternal exaltation. Will you love your brothers and sisters likewise, when they have committed a sin that cannot be atoned for without the shedding of their blood? Will you love that man or woman well enough to shed their blood? That is what Jesus Christ meant….

    “I could refer you to plenty of instances where men have been righteously slain, in order to atone for their sins. I have seen scores and hundreds of people for whom there would have been a chance… if their lives had been taken and their blood spilled on the ground as a smoking incense to the Almighty, but who are now angels to the Devil… I have known a great many men who have left this Church for whom there is no chance whatever for exaltation, but if their blood had been spilled, it would have been better for them….

    “This is loving our neighbor as ourselves; if he needs help, help him; and if he wants salvation and it is necessary to spill his blood on the earth in order that he may be saved, spill it…. if you have sinned a sin requiring the shedding of blood, except the sin unto death, would not be satisfied nor rest until your blood should be spilled, that you might gain that salvation you desire. That is the way to love mankind.” (Sermon by President Brigham Young, delivered in the Mormon Tabernacle, February 8, 1857; printed in the Deseret News, February 18, 1857; also reprinted in the Journal of Discourses, Vol. 4, pages 219-220)

    These are only two of many “blood atonement” sermons preached by Mormon leaders. Sandra Tanner, one of the authors of this newsletter who is also the great-great-granddaughter of Brigham Young, was greatly shocked when she read Young’s sermons. This, in fact, was an important factor in her decision to leave the Mormon Church.

    In 1958, Gustive O. Larson, Professor of Church History at the church’s Brigham Young University, acknowledged that blood atonement was actually practiced. He related the following:

    “To whatever extent the preaching on blood atonement may have influenced action, it would have been in relation to Mormon disciplinary action among its own members. In point would be a verbally reported case of a Mr. Johnson in Cedar City who was found guilty of adultery with his stepdaughter by a bishop’s court and sentenced to death for atonement of his sin. According to the report of reputable eyewitnesses, judgment was executed with consent of the offender who went to his unconsecrated grave in full confidence of salvation through the shedding of his blood. Such a case, however primitive, is understandable within the meaning of the doctrine and the emotional extremes of the [Mormon] Reformation.” (Utah Historical Quarterly, January, 1958, page 62, note 39)

    This may be the same case spoken of by John D. Lee, who was sealed to Brigham Young and was a member of Young’s secret Council of Fifty:

    “The most deadly sin among the people was adultery, and many men were killed in Utah for the crime.

    “Rasmos Anderson was a Danish man who came to Utah… He had married a widow lady somewhat older than himself… At one of the meetings during the reformation Anderson and his step-daughter confessed that they had committed adultery… they were rebaptized and received into full membership. They were then placed under covenant that if they again committed adultery, Anderson should suffer death. Soon after this a charge was laid against Anderson before the Council, accusing him of adultery with his step-daughter. This Council was composed of Klingensmith and his two counselors; it was the Bishop’s Council. Without giving Anderson any chance to defend himself or make a statement, the Council voted that Anderson must die for violating his covenants. Klingensmith went to Anderson and notified him that the orders were that he must die by having his throat cut, so that the running of his blood would atone for his sins. Anderson, being a firm believer in the doctrines and teachings of the Mormon Church, made no objections… His wife was ordered to prepare a suit of clean clothing, in which to have her husband buried… she being directed to tell those who should inquire after her husband that he had gone to California.

    “Klingensmith, James Haslem, Daniel McFarland and John M. Higbee dug a grave in the field near Cedar City, and that night, about 12 o’clock, went to Anderson’s house and ordered him to make ready to obey Council. Anderson got up… and without a word of remonstrance accompanied those that he believed were carrying out the will of the “Almighty God.” They went to the place where the grave was prepared; Anderson knelt upon the side of the grave and prayed. Klingensmith and his company then cut Anderson’s throat from ear to ear and held him so that his blood ran into the grave.

    “As soon as he was dead they dressed him in his clean clothes, threw him into the grave and buried him. They then carried his bloody clothing back to his family, and gave them to his wife to wash… She obeyed their orders…. Anderson was killed just before the Mountain Meadows massacre. The killing of Anderson was then considered a religious duty and a just act. It was justified by all the people, for they were bound by the same covenants, and the least word of objection to thus treating the man who had broken his covenant would have brought the same fate upon the person who was so foolish as to raise his voce against any act committed by order of the Church authorities.”( Confessions of John D. Lee, Photo-reprint of 1877 edition, pages 282-283)

  11. Your information is scary. Praying for the ultimate truth to come out. May we live to see justice in this world. Travis and Jodi apparently didn’t realize what a tangled web they were in. Will continue to pray for Jodi.

  12. I think this is a religious horrible story. I think that Jodi was ” brainwashed” and has every right to be scared. There were 4-5 friends @ TA’S to call 9-11 together. Rotting away nextdoor to his housemates TA awaited from WED THUR FRI SAT SUN MONDAY 10pm, Monday night before anybody checked on him. NICE FRIENDS!! Even his boss stayed in Mexico till things blew over. HMMM
    Dos anyone know if the lab tested the floor cleaner ,that was left out in middle of the living area? Tested to see if the floor was washed, as well as stair baninster? just curious…
    Madeline , C.T.

  13. Im not here to say anything negative to any of you. Im studying to be a criminal psychologist and this has been a fascinating case. I am just wondering why or what has drawn you to this case and why you stand behind Jodi? I will not and do not plan to say how I feel either way. Just interested in what has convinced any of you to support Jodi, whether it was any hard evidence within the case or maybe traits of Jodi herself.

    • Everyone is different, of course. Everyone brings their own experience to the table, has their own reasons for giving Jodi the benefit of the doubt (as the jury is charged to, BTW). And the people who say JODI ARIAS IS INNOCENT agree on that much, that she is innocent. Jodi’s supporters agree that the crime scene and the autopsy report endorse Jodi’s testimony – that the prosecutor’s version of Travis’ death is pure fiction, and NOT supported by the autopsy report or the crime scene. And, across the board, Jodi’s supporters agree that this woman did NOT get a fair trial. (There are even a few journalists who aren’t necessarily Jodi supporters who know that).

      Beyond that, if you GET other replies, you’re likely to get many different points of view.

      For myself, while I believe that Travis was dangerously abusive (that’s based on Travis’ own words, not Jodi’s testimony), and I *can* believe the scenario Jodi described, because – for the most part – the crime scene and the autopsy support her story, I think there is also evidence that something else, or something more, happened.

      I’m just stuck on some unanswered questions. The big two are:

      Who left the bloody shoe print?


      How did Travis end up in the shower, positioned as he was?
      He wasn’t dragged into the shower, could not have been, because the autopsy report does not document any pre-or-post-mortem scraping abrasions to his lower back, buttocks, or upper thighs that would have been there if he’d been dragged over the metal lip of the shower. The shower was a standard 3’x3′ shower, a small space for two living people- for one living and one dead weight, the living trying to maneuver the dead weight – the body would have shown nearly as much trauma from that effort as from the death. Travis either walked back to that shower himself or he was carried there.

      And there are other niggling unanswered questions. The roommates, who never testified but lived with a dead body in the house for five days and didn’t smell anything. The computer that was registered in Deanna Reid’s name, but Deanna couldn’t say when she’d given it to him or why it was registered to her instead of him. The fact that, according to Flores’ report, both roommates report having seen Travis after Jodi left. Why was there no insect activity on a body five days dead? How and why did Chris Hughes get Travis’ emails and journals? Why did the police never follow up on the tip about Dustin Thompson?

      I’ve got lots of reasonable doubts – tho, granted, some of them are based on information not given to the jury.

      Reasonable Doubt = NOT GUILTY

      • Hi, CCW!

        My reason for standing behind Jodi Arias is basically “ditto” to Journee’s reasons! BTW, Journee, you did an excellent job describing why you stand behind JodI!!!!!!!! I don’t think anyone could have said it better! There are just too many unknowns in this case and no real evidence other than, of course, Travis’s dead body, with blood and wounds, and some very drastic and tragic wounds! As for actual weapons, there are none. Also, as Journee stated, there was a LARGE boot print which was never analyzed, that I know of. Whose boot print is that? Nobody can just assume it is Jodi’s! The law does NOT work that way – you have to prove it!!! Travis’s roommates never testified in Jodi’s trial and in God’s name, I just cannot understand why since they were in and out of Travis’s house the whole five days that Travis’s dead body lay in the shower and one of the roommates was even IN THE HOUSE when Travis’s friends discovered Travis’s dead body, for God sakes!!!!!!! I don’t know why anyone would NOT stand behind Jodi Arias with any intelligence!

      • I AGREE! I also see noo motive for the crime. Hence, no premeditated acts. Or facts. Jodi knew what TA was doing. He was a dog. The T-dog ,y e t still had a relationship with him. She was aware and had the knowledge of the other women.
        Jodi was still a part of TA’s EVERYDAY life. Still going over, still calling, still texting, still IMing with him. So ?? Jealousy was not a motive,IMO.
        Again ,she was there all night ,and the next day. Why wouldn’t she just have shot him while he was asleep?? She wanted to engage in a knife fight with a bully wrestler @ 200 lbs?? Please don’t think so!
        So many doubts …… I’m still shocked at the verdict.
        It’s all strange, a trip that Hughes gave TA from PPL. TA disappears conveniently while everyone was in Cancun.
        Deanna, just had moved away a few weeks before his death. Then the theft of JA ‘s grandfather’s gun.
        Then Dustin ( called in tip ) but he’s in jail anyway?? Then his ex is dead?? Why was Dustin at TA’s the night the body was found?
        Ms. Demarte laptop was stolen bf trial. ( weird )
        So much evidence that there is something not quite right here…..

    • I find it fascinating how “reasonable doubt” is interpreted by different people. Some will say that the fact that there are things that happened and evidence present which cannot be explained adequately by the prosecution creates enough reasonable doubt to acquit Jodi despite her now having admitted to killing Travis Alexander. Others will see this information as extraneous and will focus on Jodi’s admission of killing TA along with her initial denial and attempt to cover up the murder with a story about a home invasion. I wonder if the Judge has any descetion in defining what the Jury should consider when trying to determine if reasonable doubt is present?

      • Mark, there is a ton of reasonable doubt in this case based on the crime scene itself and also on the “non-evidence” that the prosecution deemed to be circumstantial.

        Where was the judge’s discretion when the prosecution scuttled the defense’s case OF SELF-DEFENSE by spontaneously asserting that the gunshot was last?

        The question before the jury was not whether or not she killed him. The question was whether or not it was PREMEDITATED. If the jury could not grasp that, then indeed, something was lacking with how the trial was conducted.

        There are more inconsistencies within the prosecution’s case than with Jodi’s SWORN testimony.

        The prosecution had the luxury of showing the interrogation tapes and airing telephone conversations Jodi had with EF in court. They were not required to explain to the jury which of the representations they made to Jodi during those interactions were lies, i.e., part of “interrogation technique”, and which were not.

        Then JM switched around the sequence of how events occurred at the scene and held up Jodi’s initial lies as the reason why the state’s case did not add up. I don’t think that was fair. Do you?

        • Well this Jury was pretty convinced that Jodi had planned to kill Travis. You can see that come through very clearly in their questions for Jodi. I am actually wondering which Jurors could not vote for the death penalty and why they did not.

          • I’m more interested in what the jurors thought was proven that this was premeditated. Evidence of premeditation wasn’t there.

            • I am assuming the jury based premeditation on the gun which they believe she stole from her grandfather’s house and brought with her to kill Travis.

              • You mean the gun that was stolen with a fully loaded magazine of jacketed hollow point bullets?

                But the bullet retrieved from Travis’ left cheek was not a hollow point bullet.

                • One might reasonably conclude that the prosecution itself created doubt that their own case had sufficient weight, as they did switch the sequence of events at the crime scene in a Hail Mary trial maneuver at the eleventh hour.

                  If they were so CONFIDENT that the gun theft at Jodi’s grandfather’s house was an essential component of a planned scheme to kill Travis, why did they assert, just days before jury selection and four and half years after the killing, that Jodi attacked TA with a knife first, thirteen and a half hours after arriving at his house?

                  The answer of course, is that the gunshot fired first was a fact ESSENTIAL to Jodi’s claim of self-defense. Her assertion that the weapon accidentally discharged when TA lunged at her was supported by evidence at the scene that the prosecution suddenly decided not to address – because there is evidence that the gunshot was not incapacitating, actually the opposite: That it enraged him.

                  Evidence that Jodi did not plan to attack TA appears very murky when you try to attach premeditation to it. The prosecution was acutely aware of this flaw in their case, but they had a remedy for it…

                  Jodi’s previous lies about what had happened were played in court in an effort to explain the inevitable confusion the jury would encounter when they tried to make sense out of the crime scene from the prosecution’s standpoint – to try to align the particulars of evidence in accordance with the various interpretations of it that were associated with the “gunshot last” scenario. In effect, L.E. blamed their logic-riddled case on Jodi’s lies – notwithstanding the fact that those fabrications actually had nothing to do with her sworn testimony. Nonetheless, they plowed on with their improbable scenario that Jodi spontaneously attacked TA with a knife while she was in the process of photographing him.

                  By reversing the sequence of the most crucial events within the tragedy, L.E. created a massive “short” in the collective neural network of the jury, disabling their ability to discern reasonable doubt, motive, or even a chronology that hung together with integrity.

                  The explanation for all of the weaknesses in the state’s case was that “Jodi lied”.

                  Thus, you have a Witch Trial. Because, with such a logically elusive prosecution, with evidence presented in this “shape-shifting” manner, the accused must somehow be invested with power to warp space and time, be possessed of feminine wiles that seduce even a doctor of psychology, and be in perfect control of strength and agility so inexplicably powerful that they can best a man one hundred pounds heavier and known to have honed fighting skills…with only a knife, all while a loaded gun is kept in the witch’s purse, reserved for a final gratuitous shot after the extended battle with the knife, that Ms. Witch, drawing on her obvious powers of clairvoyance, has no doubt she will survive.

  14. I believe there was probably a great disparity in what the jurors beleived what happened from some believing everything the prosecution told them to some believing that it may well have initially been a self defensive gunshot wound that started things off followed by multiple stabbings.

    But obviously even those who believe this may have started as a self defense act have their doubts about Jodi’s true intent after the initial serious wound to Travis. Were ALL of the subsequent stabbings really defensive? Was there never an opportunity for Jodi to get away from Travis before he was completely dead? These issues caused even the most sympathatic jurors to agree with a guilty verdict.

    • IMO it was the neck wound that was the tipping point.

      I think there were five jurors who *might* have gone with ‘self defense’, or at least leaned towards M2 ‘heat of passion’. But with AZ’s stipulation that intent can be formed in the instant before the act, those five who voted premeditation only couldn’t get around the belief that she had to have MEANT to kill him when she cut his throat.

    • Mark wrote: “Was there never an opportunity for Jodi to get away from Travis before he was completely dead? These issues caused even the most sympathatic jurors to agree with a guilty verdict.”

      Justice was not served if they believed that Jodi was defending herself but defended herself “too much”. If that was their finding, they should have returned with a lesser conviction.

      • Which wrote: “Justice was not served if they believed that Jodi was defending herself but defended herself “too much”. If that was their finding, they should have returned with a lesser conviction.”

        Were they even given the option of returning with a lessor conviction other than first degree murder? It was my understanding they were not and that this was an “all or nothing situation”.

        • Mark, yes. they were given options.

          I refer you to Day 55 (Part 1/3) of the trial, May 2nd, 2013. Jury Instructions read aloud by the judge (to all) will answer your question.

          • I personally believe the jury was scared of public opinion. The jury foreman claimed he had not been aware of the huge publicity around this case. ??? Really?? The foreman did get attacked by the public for not voting death for Jodi.
            Just TA’s family in the court room ,and one sister being a police officer. Is something in itself. TA’s family and friends were very ,extremely inappropriate in court.
            Rolling there eyes at JAA. Making evil eyes at expert testimony.
            It was more like a football game. Where the parents of the home team were out of control!
            There were bomb threats, the phone’s going off…one with the ringtone.( dynamite ) playing.
            The song that was ringtone…went something like”..I told u once,I told you twice, we are going to light it up like it’s dynamite.”
            I saw JW, and JA jump in their own skins. Looking behind them.
            The jury had to see, if not feel the intentions of the prosecutor.
            This is all not fair game people. This is not court room order.
            JM was completely in control of the trial. Even controlled the judge.
            She should have ruled after mistrial.
            Now, Jodi has to go through another TRIAL.
            Although the convictions still stand. I think she has enough appeals for the court to be tied up for many years to come.
            This was the most unfortunate ,UNFAIR TRIAL I have ever seen in my life.
            Jodi will see the light again. There is no way,no matter how much they devalue Jodi. This is about THE RIGHTS OF AMERICANS. THE TRUTH, AND THE JUSTICE SYSTEM.

            • Hi Mad,

              Yes, I think the jury were aware of the public opinion surrounding the trial, seeing as they had their mobile devices to play with during the countless recesses & breaks… but more than that, and as I’ve mentioned a few times before, most of them were well aware of the threats & harassment all the jurors received after delivering the proper verdict in Casey’s trial a couple of years back. It wasn’t the verdict the clueless masses were hoping for. Most of Casey’s jurors ended up having to relocate after receiving death threats following the release of their names & personal details to the public several months after the trial. There was no way the Jodi jurors were prepared to go against public opinion and subject themselves to a repeat of that.

              Team Jodi

              • And the jurors were also going home each night to significant others who were following the case very closely and who were also well aware of the court of pubic opinion as well as the fate of the Anthony jurors. Nobody can convince me those people kept their mouths shut for four months.

                • So true SJ, and Mary.
                  Where did you go Mary? Welcome back =)) sorry I have been really busy. I still check in daily or try to.
                  Happy everyone is home awe .. Madeline

  15. I have just gotten out of a 3 year on/off relationship with a sexually and psychologically abusive relationship with a male (refuse to call him a Man) who I and several ex gfs all believe to be a sadistic psychopath. I also believe that Travis was as well.

    I followed the case during one of our off periods. I know that she ended his life. I don’t blame her. That’s not to say he deserved it, but her response is perfectly understandable to anyone who has lived under these circumstances. I cried when her verdict came down, the same way I cried when OJ was given a pass because I was just coming out of an abusive relationship at that time. Some of us females, especially those of us who have spent our lives as abuse victims with undiagnosed autism spectrum disorder (which I pray her new legal counsel will fight to have her tested for) are perfect prey for these psychopaths. Pop culture portrays them solely as serial killers, but those are a small percentage of the psychopathic population. Most are sexual predators hiding as “normal” males. Their aim is domination and humiliation and they don’t view us as human, only as puppets and playthings. Given that inhumane treatment in addition to asd and anxious attachment, their abuse activates our limbic system (and ADD is a common comorbidity to ASD and limbic ADD is common in women like us) and our “attachment system” which means the maltreatment and push/pull dynamic makes us love them more. This love when abused and demeaned (the predator sees it as weakness and derives duping delight from it) leads to homicidal rage. I am fortunate that I am oldee and spent time researching it so I was able to bypass it for my sanity.

    I feel deeply for the family of Travis as they probably had no idea what a heartless predator he was. But I feel a kinship to Jodi and could easily have been her. Overfocused ADD in addition to limbic ADD and ASD is the perfect storm when coupled with PTSD from psychological and sexual abuse. My life is a mess right now. I lost my job due to my instability and have had to move thousands of miles as I don’t trust myself not to hurt him or take him back when he decides it’s my turn to be his plaything again.

    Please encourage her nrw legal team to have her evaluated for these disorders. I feel it in my bones from her reactions that she shares my and many other women’s undiagnosed hell. ASD is largely undiagnosed in females due to the studies historically being based on males and new research shows that females present differently. These factors could mitigate enough to save her life. I do not believe she is a psychopath, they don’t seek love they seek control like he saught over her. Female psychopaths generally seek money and power, not love. They look for weak males not dominating psychopaths. The death penalty should be reserved only for psychopaths as they cannot stop any other way and victimize even their fellow inmates. If she were male we wouldn’t be having this discussion. Think OJ. BUT the old patriarchal fear of feminine sexuality and the trope of the woman scorned are what condemned her.

    I believe she is guilty of murder no doubt. But there are mitigating circumstances that should remove death penalty as an option. And her solitary confinement is inhumane but may be best for someone like her who snapped and truly isnt evil enough to survive among the female predators in gen pop. She should probably be in a mental facility but it’s too late for that now. Medium security would be ideal.

    Please help get this strategy to her new defense team. I feel such empathy and kinship with this lost girl who was psychologically beaten to a pulp by the man she trusted and then again by our callous, misogynist legal system.

    Until we criminalize psych abuse and destigmatize abuse and speaking out and become more compassionate towards victims by not blaming them when they do seek help, we can only expect to see an increase in cases like this as women are driven to kill. I wanted to kill my lover to prevent his further victimization of other women. I moved far away instead and pursued no action due to the reality of our slanted legal system. I will always feel guilt for running and not fighting but I refuse to be victimized and traumatized by the judicial system.

    Bless you all for your compassion.

    • Jodi is claiming self-defense. She did not report earlier incidents of physical abuse at the hands of this man to the authorities, so those incidents are not part of an official record. She has made several public pleas to women to document their physical abuse so that they do not find themselves one day in the position that she is in now. Your comment is very well written and covers a lot of important points relating to why some women stay in abusive relationships. But in this case there was also an element of a new religion that Jodi became involved with while beginning her romance with this young man that you might not have considered in your portrayal above.

      This new-found religiosity was one of the reasons Jodi could not process what was happening between them because this man was a church elder. He was also a mentor to her in business. You state that your relationship was psychologically and sexually abusive. Hers was that and more. Jodi did not plan this. It wasn’t a revenge killing or something she did to prevent TA from abusing others, but she unfortunately did have to defend herself to the death in those final minutes. Self-defense is not a crime.

      I truly believe that if Jodi had thought there might be a chance that he would become physical with her again she would never have returned for a visit. She has testified that she thought the physical attacks would stop since she’d moved back home (one thousand miles away) because from that point forward, they would only have been visiting each other. But it does seem that Jodi was not thinking clearly about the relationship at the end. She had been deeply depressed because of it, and that was why she moved away and by June was looking forward to a romance with another man she had met earlier. She had put her life back together in Northern California and was feeling better after a few months away from TA, but she didn’t really see the danger this man was continuing to present to her mental and physical health.

      This young man’s death is very tragic, but it was not murder, Sarah. There is evidence that he stepped out of that shower and was the aggressor after she fumbled the camera in photographing him, then lost control of the camera a second time (when it hit the floor) as she tried to delete the inappropriate photo.

      As for these diagnoses, please bear in mind that PTSD can be mistaken for other disorders and that Jodi has been incarcerated now for more than six years. The public has only seen Jodi since she has been in an unremitting condition of acute stress.

  16. hi, new to the site. how do i sign up for the password postings? maybe I’m missing something, i can’t find the information….

    and i wish they’d quit portraying t dog as a lily white! omg.

    • Ava, hi and welcome. The password protected page is for longtime posters here at the site. If you’d like to address an issue that you’d prefer remain private, please leave a comment on the main page and we will contact you via e-mail. Thanks.

      Rasna Admin – TEAM JODI

  17. Hi. There is a timeline at the Huffingtonpost.com website. It’s called “Timeline: Key dates in Case of California Woman Accused of stabbing her ex-boyfriend 27 times” by David Lohr. Is it possible for a similar more complete timeline to be written by Jodiariasisinnocent.com? I don’t mean a timeline of the trial events either. I mean a timeline that starts perhaps just before Travis and Jodi meet and goes all the way until Jodi is arrested..maybe further even. I ask for this because I notice that this huffingtonpost.com timeline doesn’t even include the goodbye letter Jodi wrote on May 16, 2008. In fact, the timeline only shows certain text messages. I think it would be helpful for everyone if a very comprehensive unbiased complete timeline existed so that we may all review it. Thank you.

  18. Hi! Thank you so much for this page! So much makes sense now!
    I’ve tried to view the “vent” videos, but they require a password. How would I be able to access the PW?

  19. Hi All, I am writing from here in the UK, I would just like to say for 1. (LOVE THE SITE) . It show’s load’s of love and compassion for this amazing girl Jodi .. I have been contemplating writing Jodi a letter but I am pretty sure that she’s swamped with mail .. No one should ever have to have went through what Jodi went through .and for this I am #TEAMJODI all the way .. As a psychic and reading, watching, and tuning into Jodi’s story I have to say ,, she will HEAL in time, her soul was once destroyed by an EVIL being.. but in time, will heal .. his horrendous word’s to her that may ring in her ear’s will soon leave if not already. And believe she has saved more young girl’s that would have been taken advantage of from pedophilia…#TEAMJODI ..

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