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Ok then peeps… we’re back again for part 2 of the trial.

Having thought about things overnight, it looks very much like this jury took the easy way out.

It’s like this. As we all know, most of the jurors (in Casey’s trial) ultimately ended up having to relocate after they and their families received way too many death threats, following their Not Guilty verdict for Casey. The only difference with this trial is that these jurors won’t need to do that.

Basically, their knowledge of the Casey jurors experiences weighed heavily on their minds while they deliberated their verdict. So with the options of “TV interviews, book deals & celebrity status” versus “death threats & swift relocation”, like I say, they took the easy way out.

Add their farcical non-sequestration into the equation, and you have all the makings of a BS verdict. That’s exactly what we got. It wasn’t so much about justice, but more about their self-preservation.

After all, how could they have convicted Jodi based on the evidence? There was none. The State never proved its pre-med case in the slightest… nor could it… but it didn’t stop the jurors coming back with M1 on what would normally have been a run-of-the-mill self-defense case. Hopefully they’ve had time to consider their collective errors by now, and that can be rectified to a great degree during the sentencing phase – and prior to the appellate court appeals.

Moving on from that, I had planned on making a long list of people to say a hearty “FUCK YOU!” to this morning, irrespective of the verdict, but that can wait for another day. I’m still compiling it.

It was interesting to see the unbridled joy of the haters & retarded pedo-huggers yesterday too – even though most of them never even watched the trial, and just jumped on the rickety mormon trash band wagon at the last minute. But hey… it’s probably the only real joy they’ve ever experienced in their lives — since having sex with their kids for the first time — so let’s not spoil the moment for them… not just yet anyway.

“You have crowds of people in a state which has been reeling with a downtrodden economy swarming a courthouse to demand justice for a family & a woman no one even knows. It was akin to a lynch mob. Go home. Go to work. Take care of your families. I know this next comment makes me a traitor to my gender, but these old obese harpies who worship the HLN talking heads are some of the most pitiful creatures in existence.” – Kay

Let them carrying on clinging to the illusion of Jodi’s guilt if it makes them feel better… but the DP verdict they’re hoping for is still not gonna happen. Only Jodi gets to call the end game. Nobody else.

So with the dust still settling on this circus, all I do know is that this current verdict has set the reality of domestic violence & domestic abuse back several decades. We can only thank the jurors for that. Hung jury? Yes, maybe they should have been.

M1? So say we all? No we don’t.

Ok then peeps… we plough on regardless of everything in our quest for JUSTICE FOR JODI.

The 2nd half of this judicial farce – aka “the next phase” – starts today at 1.00 pm JT.


Yesterday’s BS doesn’t changes that.

As always, be sure to leave your thoughts, comments & observations below…

Team Jodi

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    • the website not working right…post are disappearing and the time of the post are mixed up….

    • Stan, the 3 hrs off is probably due to it being pst and I assume you are in est? Anyway, more importantly is this insane verdict. I feel so bad for Jodi and hopefully she will be aquitted on appeal.

    • Ya wanna set Nancy Disgrace off? Tweet about her precious Lucy being abused by TA! HA! I so hope you do!

      • I’m gonna be mean for a second…….her kids are too ugly!!! Just like that HAG they get their DNA from! She is one FUUUUUUGLY BEAST!! :O. There. I said it! 🙁

        • Oh, Ms Des, I seriously doubt the twins have a drop of DNA from that beast they refer to as mom. She was WAAAAAYYYYYY past the age of having any viable eggs left in her dried up ovaries. She most likely used donor eggs and most likely sperm from the husband.

          At the time FUGLY BEAST was carrying the donor egg twins a friend of mine was doing donor egg IVF and was very into Fugly’s story.

          It was an issue that was glossed over at the time as to how she was able to conceive at her age as it is statistically highly unlikely unless using a donor egg.

          I bet the husband preferred the kids be hatched in a petri dish than being forced to have sex with her!

    • Hey Team Jodi…… I went to Jodi’s art for sale, and this comment was there….
      BG says:

      May 7, 2013 at 10:38 pm

      Stupid sheep. She slaughtered a person she will rott in hell.


    • I did some reading and found this and thought it was ironic that his throat was slit… or was this coincidence. I wonder if this is something that the friends would have done to help TA go to heaven since he was romping with JA in their bed so, could they have slit his throat to sacrafice TA and give a blood atonement for his adulterous sins.

  1. I had a dream last night there was a news story that Jodi had killed herself! I hope that doesn’t come true!

      • My gf and I were just talking about that. We hope court wasn’t cancelled bc she did something to herself…

        • I was thinking the SAME….BUT…since she was on “suicide protocol”….I assume she has access to nothing harmful. :/ but…where there’s a will…there’s a way. Man! 🙁 this whole thing…all around….so sad! Dammit! 🙁

  2. Let me try this again, in response to SReyna’s post on the ever-disappearing page:

    “He pushed and pushed and pushed an already mentally unstable woman to do the unthinkable.”

    Where do you get the impression that “Miss Arias” (as you call her is mentally unstable? Is that from Dr. DeMarte? I suppose you’d think me and all other abused women are mentally unstable as well? I guess complex PTSD does signify a bit of mental instability. But we don’t have that BEFORE we’re abused. We develop it FROM being abused.

    That needs to be rephrased to “He pushed and pushed and pushed a woman into mental instability where she had NO choice other than to do the unthinkable.”

    • More to SReyna:

      “I’ve been doing a bit of research since yesterday and have been reading up on other women that have been sentenced to death in America and I DO NOT see any similarities between them and Mrs. Arias.”

      I guess you haven’t done your research very well. Google this “abused women convicted of murder” and you’ll find PLENTY to research. Perhaps then you’ll understand AND see multiple similarities. While you’re at it, look up Barbara Sheehan, Wendy Maldonado and Susan Wright as well.

    • I agree 100%. By all accounts Jodi was quite normal before she met Travis who then pushed PPL and Mormonism on her. She was used and abused by that disgusting man (and I use that term loosely.) He was truly the worst thing that ever happened to Jodi.

      • I agree with your assessment. When I heard what JA’s mother said about her Jodi’s friend(s)[?] calling her in the middle of the night to say that she needed to get Jodi mental help, I thought this was from high school and something that went throughout Jodi’s teen years into adulthood. But based on what I read from Matt McCartney’s post, he had called Jodi’s parents and told them they needed to get Jodi help because she was suicidal. This was after she was with TA.

        • Of course, and her father specifically mentioned that she had been volatile for a year and a half before June 4, 2008. That’s exactly the length of time she was involved with Travis. Coincidence? Of course not. That’s how abused women are.

          • I cannot say this enough, even if you are not a suspect, as in Jodi’s parents, never, ever talk to the police without an attorney. It’s sad to see both parents, obviously under duress, make statements that are detrimental to Jodi.

    • There was no evidence whatsoever of mental instability prior to the killing.

      Even afterwards, she suffered from trauma rather than a mental illness.

    • Exactly Also Abused! I couldn’t agree MORE! I guess women like us are “unstable”? Right! See, Law Enforcement has done so much for me! 12 years of seeing women like Jodi made me work harder! I have a Masters degree in Criminal Justice, wanted to retire as a Federal Magistrate, but I see how crooked (from the inside alone) our “system” is! I see it daily! I hear Mike Brooks, and he makes me SICK! Literally! Again, unless it happens to them Also Abused, they’ll NEVER know!! Unless their child is abused by a twisted freak like TA, they can’t have sympathy, or empathy! I don’t wish abuse on anyone……….EXCEPT TA’s FAN CLUB! Let it happen to them! I hope it does! Especially Nancy Disgrace! Her precious little Lucy!! Bet her story would change then!!
      Jodi, BEAUTIFUL + SMART = HATE!!
      COME ON! I’m ready to help her FIGHT! Remember Jodi, YOU ARE A SURVIVOR!! Don’t back down now……. There IS HOPE Hun!
      Love the Team Jodi site!!

    • Good post, I also have Complex PTSD, and recognised it instantly. It is often mistaken for BPD.
      Any radical feminists out there ready for a bit of action?
      Picket this church and it’s blatant hypocrisy, it is time for political action.
      Women of the world unite.
      Talk to your collectives and get some action going!!! Hold a rally.
      There is strength in physically united numbers.

      • Feminists and women’s rights groups have been quiet about Jodi Arias. Yet, today on Democracy Now, they were discussing the Cleveland hostage story and how abuse of women is rampant. But it has to be clear cut for it to be politically correct and discussed by feminists today. As a woman you have to be dragged off the street and chained into a dungeon for it to be considered abuse. Are feminists doing a disservice to women by continuing to foster the status quo – that women are and must continue to be victims. They have not spoken enough on women who refuse to be shoved into the category of victims, of women who fight back against their aggressors. Unfortunately, Jodi Arias is not politically correct and she may pay the price with her life. But you know, if Jodi believes that freedom awaits her in death, then her only judgment comes from herself, and god or the creator or the dharma or Jesus, or whatever she embraces as her redemption.

        • They wouldn’t help me either, all those feminist and women’s rights groups. They wouldn’t help me when a judge ordered me to disclose my home address to my abuser, while in an address confidentiality program. If I win my appeal about that, they’ll then rise up out of the woodwork to talk about it because it will be a landmark decision that will impact victims all over the US. They only get involved when it’s (a) media-worthy and (b) a woman is dead or has been kidnapped. They’re all about visibility and donations. The whole system is now corrupt.

    • Absolutley AA,
      WHY wouldn’t Jodi have PTSD as much as the policemam would have after having to kill some one?
      Jodi is the last person I could possiibly think of doing ANYTHING like that unless she was struggling to save her life.

      Even the so-called women that were supposed to be women activist have been absolutley
      hateful to a woman that has never been in any kind of trouble before. I believe her when she says she was surprised that the juror’s verdict was premeditation.
      Jodi couldn’t have done that unless she knew she was going to die and she was only protecting herself
      ans STILL wanted to protect Travis’s reputation.

      I also think that Jodi wanted to say what she wanted to and it didn’t hurt her t all. IMO
      All of the talking heads are pissed because she took the wind out of their sail.
      I think her interview was probably like I said her wanting to say something and I don’t blame her at all.

      I’m sure the Travis family and so called friends were all over talking about it,
      They have been and we know most of them didn’t even get to meet Jodi before this.
      She knew Travis better than his whole family and friends.
      I HOPE out of this all of the corruption is brought out in the light.
      Some times it takes some BIG to open people eyes!
      I ONLY wish nothing but the best for her.

  3. Hello all.

    Why did Jodi give that interview right after the verdict?
    I don’t think that was such a hot idea…

      • I think you are correct, AA> I think the moment the verdict came in, she knew it was all over and that it was the last time she would get to use her voice.

        • I have watched several high profile trials on TV, and by the way Court TV was educational and
          informative not this mess we have now. There has always been someone to speak for the
          defendant, either their lawyer or a defense attorney example the Anthony family had a lawyer,
          G. Zimmerman s attorney will speak for him once in a while. Jodie had nobody, and the
          media was bombarded with Travis Alexander people.The only one who could speak for
          Jodie was Jodie.There should have been a spokesperson to go on Nancy Grace, JVM etc.
          to defend her side.

        • While she’s still “relevant” on the big networks… Don’t forget, poor George Zimmerman’s trial is about to be the next-big-thing Trial of the Century ‘hot commodity’. If Jodi has/had anything meaningful or important to her that she wanted to get out, I reckon she knew her time to speak was now. And honestly… Jodi wouldn’t be wrong in thinking that way. Isn’t that awful? And our “News Media” is a sad state of fucked up affairs!!

          • Her soon to be diminishing “relevance” may work in her favor during her appeal if she gets the DP. The media will be focused on Zimmerman case and appeals are not the stuff of TV coverage. In the appeal phase, the attorneys go back to playing with their papers again. They don’t get to pose for the cameras or sign autographs. The motions, the trial transcripts, the admitted exhibits make up the record on appeal. The defense lined up their ducks during pre trial and trial by filing their motions re Brady violations, juror and prosecutorial misconduct. They knew that in the trial court they would never get any of their motions granted, but they were setting up the record.

    • her defense team should have been with her to be sure she didn’t do something like that. i think defense has let her down in so many ways, see posts on previous page

      • Her defense team did not know about this interview. The reporter admitted himself that he didn’t speak to her lawyers. Don’t blame them for something they knew nothing about. I am sure they are not happy about what transpired.

        • To her detriment, Jodi may still be very naïve when it comes to the legal system and the media, despite having 5 years of experience with both.

          • I dont want to put the defense down but I do wish they would have hit some things harder. Like people who have survived gsw to frontal lobe. More investigations into walmart returns. Finding the gun in the desert. They could have called other experts….like a hair colorist….and a manicurist. I pray this gets reversed…..

  4. Good day all. Today’s not going to be hard. Stay strong friends and may Jodie find the strength to ensue this.

  5. This was mentioned in the up thread earlier: if we established a defense fund for her, would that money be safe from the Alex family? Does Jodi know we are all here? I would contribute as well. Still can’t believe this happened, a bunch of sheep and cowards? but they all have it coming, Karma is a bitch!

    • All I keep thinking is if I had been on that damn jury I would’ve dug my heels in and stood my ground no matter who was brow-beating me to conform!! Wusses!

      • WORD. They keep calling the jury “brave” for their decision; brave is what they’d have seen if either of us were on the jury, Tanne. I would never have wavered.

        • You’re both right. I guess people like us never make it onto the jury. The jury selection experts are apparently very good profilers. If any of us answered the questions honestly, they would automatically give us the boot. So it goes…

          • You have to be willing to give the DP in a DP case, ie you cannot be morally against it. That sets the stage for who can be on the jury; only already biased individuals.

          • Had jury duty on Wednesday. Those that didn’t believe law enforcement is always telling truth (or has no more weight than any other witness) or that a witness that has a long criminal record cannot necessarily be believed to be telling the truth if it is to their benefit were excused. The people that were on the case (drug case) were two that said they didn’t think they could be partial to the defendant due to their years of working with law enforcement, another guy who said “I would love to be on this jury and has also stated that his brother was addicted to drugs at 17 and was in rehab, and a girl who said she never did drugs but had many friends addicted or that had died and it would be difficult to be impartial (she was instructed by the judge that she had to assume he was innocent – can you do that – I guess so) and she made the jury. The defendant was African-American. A potential juror (also African-American) who said she lived in an area where there were a lot of drugs but understands the problem – of course was excused. Their was an African-American who was a naturalized citizen that made the jury though who didn’t come across to me as impartial. All other African-Americans were excused from jury duty.

        • Basse, it was me that responded to your post on psychology today. Just wanted you to know 🙂

          Take a look at this Brainwashed idiot, I received it in my email this morning:

          Hi Anonymous,

          (‘BLANK’) has commented on: “Is Jodi Arias a Sociopath?”

          Subject: Thankfully a Guilty of Premeditated Murder-1 for Jodi
          I believe when this article was written more information of Jodi’s childhood
          had not come to light. When her parents interviews by Det. Flores came
          out…Bang…there is was out of the mouths of her own parents. Jodi was
          already showing aberrant behavior.

          After the pot bust at 14 she doubled down on her secret life and her
          relationship with her parents was severed for all intensive purposes. Her
          parents admit..she became secret and paranoid.

          Secret and paranoid were hallmarks of her relationship with Travis.

          Jodi must have realized that she had proclivities that her parents would
          object and she wasn’t going to stop them so, moving to her grandparents meant
          that they couldn’t spy on her anymore.

          Quitting school was the start of her downward spiral. She had no goals and
          could not plan for the future. She would have to work as a waitress and
          better professions would be out of her reach. She never took any steps to get
          an education but continued to find men who were pot dealers or one who was an
          alcoholic and her life continued as a waitress with financial issues always

          I believe meeting Travis gave her the idea that if she could social climb,
          snag him, her waitress days would be over. She could also climb the ladder in
          PPL with his help and save herself the trouble of really working hard by
          skipping head on the coat tails of Travis who looked successful and told her
          he made six figures.

          Sex became her calling card when she learned Travis was not that experienced.
          She wasn’t the first woman to use sex to get her man. The problem was LDS
          came along for the ride and had a hold on Travis. So, she joins LDS to get
          that out of the way.

          After Travis broke up with her..she Lied to her father and said she was
          moving to Mesa to Marry Travis..and there’s her BIG Fantasy that started the
          ball rolling on her obsession with Travis. Jodi’s life went downhill from
          there because she got desperate, more in debt, became risky with her
          stalking,etc. and blew it with everyone in Mesa even Travis.

          After that email…he warns her he’s going to tell her parents about her
          sociopath behaviors. He’s also going to tell everyone else..PPL. Jodi’s dad
          said she was about to claim bankruptcy due to her debt. Jodi still owned
          Travis for the broken BMW.

          Had Travis told everyone the things she had done in Mesa..and her parents
          that would have rocked her world including her involvement with PPL and LDS
          for potential suitors. She was afraid of becoming ostracized, humiliated and
          especially her parents finding out the kind of life she had been
          leading..stalking,slashing tires,etc.

          That why 2 days later she steals the gun and kills him. She could not risk
          being discovered for behaving like a sociopath and as long as Travis
          lived…he could expose her anytime to all those people and she would have
          been ostracized by everyone at PPL and LDS.

          Her jealousy about Cancun was minor compared to saving her reputation &
          keeping her parents unaware and in the dark about her life of failures. She
          wasted years on Travis and came home in debt and demoralized but still Jodi
          always blames everyone else for her predicaments in life and why she lies and
          blames Travis for her having to kill him.

          • The article he spoke of, Basse, was Pitchforks post less than a week ago.

            The idiot believed what he wanted to believe of course. Don’t they ALL.

          • “Travis was not that experienced,” out of the mouths of babes: cream pie, tossed salad, shoot a load on your face.

            • Travis said , “you make the sounds of a 12 year old having an orgasm for the first time”

      • Tanne, Basse, and Barbara,

        I totally agree. I am so disturbed, disgusted, dismayed over the complete UNfairness of this trial. Anyone with a fraction of common sense could see that this was the most blatantly biased trial ever.

        Even The people who side with the prosecution should be able to see the unfairness if they paused and thought for themselves rather than give in to mob mentality. If they could just imagine for a moment if they were on trial that they would expect a fair one. Or imagine for a moment if she were their friend, sister, mother, etc. wouldn’t they demand fair treatment and a jusry that wasn’t tainted?

        The tainting of this jury is so obvious, it’s very scary to see this happening in the U.S. Our justice system has been flawed for a long time and it’s getting worse. I cannot believe a jusry in a highly sensationalized trial was not sequestered.

        I was hoping so hard for a mistrial. I am so sad that our courts only care about winning instead of truth. I don’t think jury members should be allowed to profit on any of this.

        • ITA!! But as the head admin posted….that’s what I’ve said ALL along (in regards to the jury learning from what happened to the Casey jurors)!!! No one wants that! They were fearful….cowards!! 🙁 I don’t care which side if the fence you fall on….whatever you “think” happened…..this was in…NOOOOOOOO effin way…premed!!! Convict if you will, but premed is a load of bullsh*t!!!!! I’m sooooo steaming mad about it all!!! The fact that THIS jury was NOT sequestered…is a TRAVESTY!!! Now, my friends, THAT is the REAL INJUSTICE!!! WTF?? 🙁

          • They basically say she stole her grandpas gun and Travis’gun. Premed and felony murder. What fucktards! Sorry for my language but it is infuriating. If they all agreed it was premeditated why even consider felony murder? How does that work. I so hope they did something wrong. Something that will cause this to be overturned. How can they convict her of 2 different counts of murder! Sheriously I think the attorneys need to check into this. Obviously the Jury did not follow instructions. They were told to start at the top….m1 and then go from there until it was unanimous.

        • I must say I believe the “experts” hired by the defense contributed to this guilty verdict. Dr. Samuels ended up looking like a complete idiot because he did not re-administer the PTSD test. As a psychiatric health care professional I believe he really blew it. ALV came off poorly in the stand as well, her comments to JM were very inappropriate and she may have appeared disrespectful to the jury. Personally I think that’s were this case needed to be air-tight and it was a fail. If I were Jodi I’d be pissed that they screwed it all up.

    • Granted my law degree isn’t from a common law country, but when you say keeping the money donated to her, to cover her defense costs, from his family, I think of a trust. 🙂

    • KW; that is my fear as well. I pray she doesn’t do it. But if she does, I hope she leaves the truth out there, so that those responsible can be pursued.

      • She is being watched like a hawk so there’s little fear of that happening. However, I would not blame the poor girl ONE bit if she did kill herself. I totally understand how she feels. Abused women NEVER win. Once we speak out about abuse, we are fucked for the rest of our lives. We might as well kill ourselves because we get ALL sorts of shit thrown at us. And we’re truly not able and not ready to face it.

        • You’re SO right AA. I had been told for years, by counselors, that once I was OUT of my 2nd marriage, second abusive husband, that “give it a few years, you will be fine. Wait until your kids are adults, they’ll see the ‘truth”, and despite not seeing them for over 4 years, (and maybe 6-7 times in the 5 years after that because he was still in a foreign country and lawyers wanted money my family and I just didn’t have), they’ll come back to you and everything will work out”.
          It didn’t, I just recently found out my youngest daughter can not have children because of the constant bacterial infections, plus herpes, she’s dealt with since she was 9 when “he” took her. I’m sure you all can guess how she got those infections, but ME?? I was “crazy”, even got accused at one point of having “Manchausens syndrome” because my son was born with my genetic disorder and was severely ADHD. “He” took him to an “expert” psych who was known for not agreeing with diagnoses of ADHD, she ended up INCREASING my Son’s medications. My ex even avoided arrest after showing up drunk to pick the kids up from school, and threw my son against a cement wall, “helps” when the school is in the county and my ex’s brother was the Sherrif…
          Sorry, just upset about this trial and what it means, upset about my daughter….

          • This may not be read by you or anyone else since it is now 5/10, but I just want to tell you how sorry I am for those things that happened in your life. I have had similar (and deadly) things happen to my offspring through 3 generations and unless you have been there, you ain’t been there. I know you understand what I’m saying.

            If you ever read this, here’s a big ole Tennessee hug from a (harmless) 70yr old great-grandaddy. 🙂

            My only advice is to not let them win and for you to turn to Jesus Christ who knows your heart and pain all to well, and will always be there for you. Get a bible, I would HIGHLY recommend the old King James bible as there is none better. Open it to the book of John and begin reading. Church-going or ‘religious’ things are NOT important at this point, and are not helpful. Read your bible and know God. I, and Jesus, have our arms around you, ma’am. You will feel us after you begin to read, I promise. May God bless you.

  6. If you really want to know why the verdict was the way it was, listen to this short video of what dismissed juror No. 8 had to say:

    I think this tells it all. The jurors passed the time in the jury room (and let’s face it, they were there a LOT during chamber conferences, various hearings, etc.) looking at their personal devices, their iPods, iPhones and tablets, he said. Plus, they chatted a lot with one another and became like “family”. And he wasn’t at all surprised, at all, by the verdict. It’s what he knew was coming. And why is that? Read between the lines.

    • WTF…………….they spent their time looking at their devices???????// Ipads and smart phones??? WTF WTF WTF WTF WTF

      • Those should have been confiscated. Man, if Barry Goldwater were alive he’d be SO PISSED that shit like this went down in his home state of AZ!

      • WTH is right! Unbelievable! And how did he “know” it was coming?? Because they had been discussing it in advance perhaps??

            • They will let him off now… after he is one of the good ole boys. SO much crap in this trial I am ashamed of the American justice system…and so it goes down the drain along with the economy, the freedoms,…everything…America is becoming more and more of a mess every day.

              • I agree, I can’t believe how many weirdos stood outside the courthouse so long just so they could be part of a disturbed cheering mob and a chance to be on tv. What a circus!

                I also can’t believe how biased the ‘news’ has become and their obsession with gathering a mob thru social media. Awful!

                I feel nauseous every time I see another quote praising the “brave jury” or how their faith in justice was “restored finally after OJ and Casey”. I saw that one a few minutes ago, how disturbing!!

                Each trial and each case is unique and deserves the utmost unbiased fairness.

                • There should be laws against the media and how they are allowed to represent the accused. How is anyone meant to get a fair trial when the media taints every possible jury before the case has even gone to court. The jury should have been sequestered there is no doubt about it. I have no doubt that each and everyone of those jurors went home turned on the TV and watched all the coverage. It would be very hard for them to not have.

                  My heart is heavy for Jodi today, I cant imagine how she must feel. I hope she can bring herself out of this dark place , stop contemplating her death and find enough courage to fight for her life.

            • lol…that would be hilarious, but I have to agree that he will probably have this charges dismissed after his comments.

      • WTF WTF WTF WTF WTF indeed Renee!!!!!
        He has the NERVE to admit they were all over their electronic devices???Does he want to make us believe they were simply checking the weather or thei e-mails or sth????
        And how on Earth he ”knew” it was coming???Cause the evidence of premed was just NOT there??Unless what he really implied was that they’ve been talking all along,sharing their opinions on what an awful bi*ch Jodi is and how good it would feel to convict her!

        I hope remorse hits each and every one of them for wrongfully convicting this woman!

    • APPEAL

      appeal on multiple, multiple grounds
      all very serious
      governor intervening in the trial, during jury deliberations
      assigning incompetent judge to case; we all know the details
      police criminality; hiding evidence, etc
      prosecutor criminality; witness tampering, collusion with flores, etc

      fortunately the trial was televised so it provides an appeal record

      one lesson perhaps
      the defense when they saw pickles in action, her de facto malicious rulings on evidence, then immediately yell out their objection

      eg jm cutting off a defense witness’s answer during cross examination
      it’d embarass stephens, but she couldn’t do much about it

      in open court confronts and challenges her to continue with such rulings

      some criminal trial lawyers are a lot more openly aggressive towards wayward, incompetent trial judges

      it’d be better instead of maintaining the pretense of normalcy before a possibly inexperienced jury

      it’d signal to a jury that a judge was acting improperly for whatever reason, maybe simple incompetence, or maybe a prosecutor’s judge, who will allow all sorts of prosecutorial misbehavior during the trial

        • spring
          “Shw sometimes cut off witnesses, too, though.”

          who is Shw ?

          w is next to e on the keyboard so i presume your typo indicates you meant to type she ie jw ?

          depends on the questions and answers etc

          it’s ok for an attorney to interrupt a witness’s if their answer is not responsive ie not related to the question, or starts off ok, but wanders far afield , including into an area they want to talk about

          question: where were you standing ?
          answer: in front of the bank, and i saw a blue sedan drive past, it continued a little then stopped in front off the grocery store and out got the mr brown the defendant holding a shotgun
          he had a wild expression on his face

          but what is NOT ok is too interrupt a relevant answer, because you don’t want the jury to hear where the answer is going
          they heard the question

          stephens allowed jm to repeatedly cut off relevant responsive answers, thus denying the jury what the witness was about to say, and thus in the process jm was allowed to build up a distorted account of events

          it’s like grabbing words from all that you’ve been saying for the last two days and pasting selected words together to form a story

          that’s a bit extreme but you get the picture


          stephens also allowed jm to generate a hypothetical scenario, containing one or more premises which did not conform to the true situation, then ask a yes/no question on this fabricated hypothetical, then conflate that the judicially ordered yes/no answer in a damaging way with the real situation

          stephens allowed jm to do this time after time

          when the witnesses protested about the distortion created, or the confusion in the question which jm had deliberately created, jm asked the judge to order the witness to answer yes or no

          stephens invariably ordered the witness to anwer only yes or no, and thereby distort the testimony

          • Agreed! I always felt like the Judge and Martinez had something going on. Helping him win the case so he can get promoted? Something very wrong which ended up effecting the trial JM would never get away with that in the real world. Hmmmm……….

    • AA…

      Juror 8 also said that he sat in the public area to see if the jurors would end voting the same way that he would…and that was guilty of 1st degree murder…all along juror 8 was for prosecution…

    • That last comment he made is so telling. Why would he know what was coming. I thought as a juror you are supposed to hear all the testimony and deliberate before reaching a verdict.

    • I think all electronic devices &computers of jurors should be checked for any violations of the court admonitions. It would be interesting to see the results. Worth a try, I would say.

      Oh, does this sound crazy? In a case I was reading about a defense atty, after trial was able to do just this.

      I saw this interview and thought WTF…..he knew it…..HOW!!! Those must have been some interesting jig saw puzzles and crossword puzzles!

      • PK i was just going to post along the same lines
        if the jury had or used their cell phones, or any similar electronic devices during their deliberations, to me, that means a clear cause for a mistrial

        it should be a simple matter to check
        the judge can issue order to all jurors and then to the cell phone companies etc

        the arizona judiciary should be able to deal with it before it is sent to the us supreme court

      • PK post the link to the article you were reading, or citation to the case

        “In a case I was reading about a defense atty, after trial was able to do just this.”

        good find

    • If Martinez uses Jodi’s interview from last night, Nurmi & Wilmott should use this tape of this Juror #8 interview. Hell, they should use it anyway. It should be possible to see what the jurors were looking at for the last 4 months, shouldn’t it? If they find anything, wouldn’t that be enough for a mistrial or retrial? The defense should be all over this interview and collect and examine all the jurors “devices.” The implications of this interview should allow this action. But, don’t let the damn police check the devices.

      And, Juror #8 should be made to explain how he KNEW what the verdict would be.

      • Yesss! They should be able to use that video! There has been so much biased nature in this circus it’s shocking.

        If only the ones joining in the mob mentality could just sit back a moment and take it all in from an objective point of view, they would see it, too!

        This trial has such a huge list of things that should allow cause for the verdict to be thrown out and/or retrial. If only they could get a change of venue.

        I don’t trust the crazy Sheriff there or the judges & prosecutors. This was NOT about truth for them! It was about publicity for themselves, seeing dollar signs in their future, win, win, win, money, money!

    • I hope the legal people who need to know this, see it. This is ridiculous, totally ridiculous. Those devices should have been confiscated. Ugh!! More crap is going to come out as the days go by.

    • I was listening to the news on the Southern California radio station KFI today around 12:30 p.m., and the newswoman said that she thought the jurors knew what was going on in the media during the trial. She said “come on, how could they NOT know”. She was convinced they were not truthful about keeping away from the media and others, and not discussing the trial.

      I hope Jodi can hang on. She must feel just awful, so awful, but I hope she can allow for the possibility of things changing for her.

      You know, there’s such a thing as “psychological torture” and that’s what the media is doing. Travis died once, but these people are killing her over and over and over. They can’t get enough of doing every kind of damage to her that they can. At least it was over for TA. It will never be over for Jodi.

      To me, they really are an insane lynch mob. If they could get their hands on her and string her up, they would, but since they can’t they are going to kill her emotionally, psychologically and every other way they can short of with their own hands.

      I consider what they are doing to her “cruel and unusual” punishment. This something new, a new way to torture someone because of technology.

      They act like suddenly, because the HUMAN jurors “found her guilty”, that makes it so. Well guess what? Those jurors are a bunch of flawed, sinful, imperfect humans, not mind readers, definitely not God. Nothing like God. I’m convinced they weren’t even remotely adequate jurors, and that they were watching HLN and lying about it to the judge and the court. The media act like they can read her mind and they act like they are God, each one of them does. As if they have the right to judge every single solitary molecule of her being.

      There isn’t anything they didn’t look at and criticize. Her most intimate private parts were put on display, and then they attacked her with their copout verdict. It would be hard to think of anything worse.

      What they are doing is unending torture and no one has the right.

  7. Hi everyone, I just want to share what I do.. I help victims document their abuse… to learn more goto
    Time’s Up! is a priceless book for victims that teaches them how to safely document the abuse, save their life and find proper justice. The Evidentiary Abuse Affidavit (EAA) is a document/video the victim creates to document their abuse and used to insure appropriate justice.
    If anyone is a victim of abuse, they need this info…I only wish Jodi had this tool…sadly it didnt come out until 2010.
    if anyone here is interested in learning more, connect with me on facebook at

    Praying for a miracle right now!!!

  8. Thank you Jodi for brining people like us together. Through your suffering we realized that there is still hope for mankind. Those so called “Christ lovers” who pray for your death shall receive death to their own souls.
    Stay strong and it is not over yet!

  9. I wanted to say, again, all this lands squarely on the Judges shoulders!
    She screwed this up big time, she needs to be removed from the bench. Not allowing evidence that would of supported Jodi’s side of the story, constantly over ruling objections from the defense, allowing that POS DA to intimidate and badger witnesses, and the biggest one…..NOT SEQUESTERING THIS JURY
    This is the one person who had control over all this, and she allowed all this to happen. The defense did the best they could do with what they had. I mean, really, you totally discredit the ME report, and jury STILL finds her guilty.
    Thats called TAINTED folks

    • Melvis, she really couldn’t sequester the jury. It’s been decades since juries were sequestered in AZ. Let’s not place the blame where it doesn’t belong.

      • So why was the defense petitioning her to do that if it can’t be done…seems very odd to me that the Judge couldn’t sequester this jury.
        Just curious, is it that she CAN’T do it, or that they just typically DON”T do it

        • Theoretically, she COULD do it … as in, she HAD the power to order it. A judge has crazy power in his/her own court room. But her bosses and the state of AZ would have jumped ALL over her ass for it and the high judge of that court would not have authorized it.

    • So true. I couldn’t believe the way that judge overruled the defense team and allowed Juan Martinez to abuse everyone whenever he felt like it.

      Scary, that even a trial that was televised with so many watching was nothing but injustice.

  10. Jean Casarez reported that the interview that Jodi gave after the verdict had been set up before the trial even began. Jodi gave her word to the interviewer and did not want to go back on her word. JW and KN tried to get Jodi to not do it, but Jodi insisted. There were harsh words between Jodi and her lawyers. I can tell miss Casarez has some empathy for Jodi. She also reported that she spoke to mrs. Arias( Jodi’s mother ) and Jodi’s grandmother after the verdict was read. She said that Jodi’s mother was sobbing uncontrollably but the grandmother remained strong and stoic. Miss casarez asked if Jodi’s mother would ask for mercy and to spare her daughters life but mrs. arias said she did not know yet. She said she did not know what to do. As much as I can not stand the HLN talking heads, I do have some respect for Miss casarez, she was the only one who ever tried to at least have an ounce of compassion for Jodi. I am really upset by this injustice, it is a disgrace. As we all have agreed upon, this was a jury that only cared about their own skins and did not want the lynch mob to come after them. PERIOD. I am in Jodi’s corner and I will always be TEAM JODI!!! I love all of you guys! Big MEOW!!! xoxoox Jessie

    • I think Casarez does feel for Jodi and her family. And if some people are going to say its because Jean and Jodi are both Hispanic/Mexican, so FUCKING WHAT!!!!

    • As I said, the mob has been turning against her since she said Nurmi’s closing argument was authentic. I think she does have compassion for Jodi. Only a heartless bastard wouldn’t. I know a few pro-TA people who truly feel for her.

    • After seeing that video of her slinking around trying to get to speak to the Arias family after the verdict was read, sorry but I don’t have much respect for Jean Casarez.

      • Me neither, I do not like most of what Miss casarez says, I was only trying to relay to you guys what I saw. And she did seem to have at least an ounce of sympathy unlike any other reporters or talking head. Love ya, meow. Jessie xoxox

        • Hi Jessie 😉

          I didn’t see the interview yet that you referenced so perhaps she tried to come across with more empathy than usual in that instance, I don’t know. I’d like to see it, I almost wonder if she was pretending in order to get Jodi to open up more? Thanks for sharing about it, I’ll look for it ;).

          From how I have seen her (Casarez) behave on the HLN shows she has definitely not shown any compassion or empathy for Jodi in those settings, just like you I don’t like the things she typically says. She quickly jumps onto their bandwagon of guilty before proven like all the other “talking heads” do.

          This version of sensationalized “news” combined with social media, very biased opinions, creating multiple very biased “juries” on their shows, omg so so so disturbing I can hardly believe it! Then when these very biased reporters get a chance for an interview they kiss up to their prey! Yuck!

          • Hi Truly, I agree, I think even IF any of these reporter do have any real compassion for Jodi they are too afraid to show it. Just like the jurors they are afraid of the mob turning on them. It is really sickening. O.K. It is almost time for trial to start again. Poor Jodi is on suicide watch! I am anxious to see how she is today. I am so worried for her. Anyhow, Lots of love and hugs to you! , Jessie

  11. Excuse me, could someone tell me what J time is? Thank you. 🙂

    >>> CLICK FOR LIVE FEED from 1:00 pm JT <<<

    • That’s been happening to me since yesterday. I think someone’s messing with the site. It appears its fixed…they know they can’t silence us, so they mess with our support forum.

  12. Why not have a surprise lie detector test when the juror’s arrive today? I mean why NOT? I respect the jury’s decision IF they weren’t watching the news. The jury not being sequestered never sat well with so many people AND the defense. So why not a lie detector test? Why would they object to it if they haven’t been watching the news or HLN?

    • Great thinking! I think lie detectors should be used on a lot of people, witnesses and prosecutors included! Think of all the witnesses who embellished stories and have had enless amounts of social media at their fingertips and HLN on their tv’s!

      I was so shocked that this jury wasn’t sequestered, wow, it threw me for a swirly loop big time! I have followed this more than my husband has and when I told him about that he didn’t believe me, so shocking! Thinking of the, watching tv and plugged into their devices, social media, etc, so so so upsetting.

      Everyone should pause and imagine how they would feel if they had to face such an unfair trial!

    • so the drunkard Juror 8 just threw the rest of the jury under the bus?? This is grounds for the judge to throw their VERDICT out—they did not abide by the admonitions.

  13. I don’t even have words to express the devastation that I feel. This is what happens when cameras are allowed inside of a courtroom, and when a jury is not sequestered. Cameras should never be allowed inside of a courtroom, and a jury in a high profile case (especially a death penalty case) should be sequestered. My husband and I have been talking about this trial for a long time now. He told me they would come back with M1. I of course thought manslaughter at most. This morning I asked him if he were on the jury would he have voted for M1 and he told me that he would have voted for acquittal and would not have swayed. I said – then why did you think M1 would be the verdict and his replay, “they weren’t sequestered, and the media was too biased. He’s right.

  14. It is DOWNPOURING with lightning and thunder here.

    God is on the warpath and the angels are joining us all in shedding tears for the “shell shock” we all bore witness to yesterday.

    All media venues, in all shapes and forms, have given me PTSD with their onslaught of coverage of this tragedy. Every welcome screen, every newspaper in the local deli or 7-11 or supermarket have capitalized on this trial. For my own mental stability and self-preservation I boycotted ALL news channels on television for the past three weeks. I have never “tweeted” nor do I have a facebook page. The only “haters” I ran into were the ones who infiltrated our sanctuary. However, I am surrounded by individuals who refused early on and continue to refuse today to entertain any of the truths of this matter. I feel great sympathy for people who “know it all” and who look to others for permission to voice or act on their beliefs and choices.

    Every one of the “fucking awesome” family members are my God given solace. This sanctuary is where sanity prevails and knowledge and humanity rule.

    Outside the confines of this protected place, the world should be ashamed of itself. The collective bodies that make up humanity should be appalled. The media shit storm participants and all the fame whores and “friends” who have contributed to the parody of a trial, would be well versed to remember Julius Caesar and Brutus, and Benedict Arnold and most importantly Judas. What goes around comes around. There will be a reckoning one day. There will be Karma. As Tonya’s card said, the wheel will come around.

    Mr. Tony….have no fear from the post above, I’m getting my boots on as I type…. 😉

    The only place to go now is UP. We’ve reached the “bottom” so to speak. All of the choices for sentencing are abhorrent. LWOP is barbaric and the death penalty is MURDER. We are at bottom. The only way to go now is UP…

    SO…everyone – I’ve got my cheerleader pom poms ready – I’ve got my diet coke, massive amounts of junk food and I have even changed my atomic clock to be on Pacific time because my self which includes my brain (so I tell myself) is too upset today to have to calculate the 3 hour difference in all these posts!!!

    Let’s ROCK and blow the fucking NAZI state of ARIZONA THE FUCK UP….

    Massengil, Flowers and every fucking fair weathered friend that sold their soul to the devil for 15 minutes of “fame” this is to all of you:


    • Janeen, you definitely sound like you’re in your “take no prisoners”, “piss on their graves” mindset!LOL

    • woooo hoooo Janeen! I’m there with ya!! I’ve been fired up all night, only slept like 3 hrs, and that’s because I couldn’t post anything so I gave up.
      I’m so ready for this appeal phase, it will uncover all the garbage floating around that state called “justice” and the entire country will see how this kangaroo court really works.
      In the meantime, I say boycott all things connected to that state, as well as LDS owned businesses. There is one thing they all understand and its $$$

        • I think Nazi is even more appropriate than Taliban for these fucks. They blindly follow their fuhrer (Dirty Sanchez) and they blindly scream for blood, revenge, and death.

          Karma will bitch-slap them into eternity. I believe this completely.

          If you look at the haters FB profiles, you can clearly see they are “future defendants” of the court. Then, and only then, will they see the importance of the Constitution and the right to be innocent until proven guilty. And I hope they all see the inside of a jail cell.

        • No I did not know that, but it figures. I lived in Nevada, that state is about as fucked up as Arizona…

    • What? NO, I live here in AZ, dont generalize, they were very helpful in getting my friends daughter away from her awful meth head mom and stepdad, we are not all bad, wow. Anyhow, I am so so sick about this, Travis abused her in life and now this, so wrong. Can we still send Jodi money in jail or write letters, could we get money together for her appeals and things?

      • hey Kmea….I understand that not EVERYONE is Ariona is bad, but doing business with a state that would allow a Judge like Sherry Stephens to reside over a case she clearly isn’t able to handle is WRONG. Allowing a DA to overcharge a person for career advancement is wrong, and lastly, to allow a certain group of people to take over and run your state is WRONG on all levels.
        I understand this is happening in other states as well, but the only way people can stand up against it is to not do business with these states. If enough people stop sending their dollars, and tell them why, maybe just maybe things will change.
        To ignore it, or pretend its not happening, is tantamount to agreeing with what they are doing.Don’t you agree…
        btw you have the power to write a letter to the bar and complain about Mr. Kermit’s behavior in the court, did you know that. Those who don’t live in Arizona can not….

    • Hell YEAH Renee!! I got my boots strapped too, I have an Idea I’m working on………
      Only going UP!
      Hold on Jodi……..

    • Hi Janeen and all,

      I’m new to this site today, very glad I found it. I was so upset by the blatant biased nature of this trial that I had to find out if others felt the same and I’m so happy to see this supportive site filled with such great people such as yourself.

      The absolute unfairness of this trial in a country that brags “innocent til proven guilty” has made me sick.

      You said it all so well, thank you. I’m usually a better writer but my brain is numb with disbelief of how this has played out so I’m very glad to see someone write out exactly how I feel.

      Imagining how scared, alone, distraught, she must feel sitting there feeling so hated while every expression or movement is being analyzed to pieces by the media is just impossible. The numbers of people quickly jumping to stone her is so disheartening.

      No one has a right to judge her reactions to any of this, too many armchair quarterbacks these days, the media is the worst. The lack of compassion leaves me sick and shaking my head.

      Thank you to everyone HERE for giving me back some hope in humanity.

    • yes the wheel of fortune was a good card and it told it like it was now Jodi asking for the death penalty go back to 2nd story she tell Flores is I killed him I would ask for the death penalty but she told him I did not kill Travis ….. now she is tired of all the hate and TV media saying bad things about her no wonder she said just kill me I don’t want to live in this world I asked myself why now I think when she told the Hughes what happened with seeing Travis masturbating to one of his kids and then on may 28 when she gets the nasty I hate you email my have been because he got a call from Chris and chowed him out but he was always good at turning things around and when Jodi called and he was told that Mimi did not want him sexually he wanted Jodi for his booty call may be she was dressed and ready to go to Ryan to move on but lets not forget the intruder the man and the woman one came in thru the closet and the other down the hallway just as she said how she wants to save them so they can live with their son she is a saint in my eyes to give her life so someone else could be happy in there’s

      • I apologize, Tonya. I should not have posted the above comment. Especially at a time like this. Hell, at no time for that matter. Take care.


  15. It’s a “Travesty of Justice” when the Governor of Arizona Jan Brewer told the news media on Tuesday, May 7, 2013 that she believes Arias is guilty. The governor said “I don’t have all the information, but I think she’s guilty.”

    What compelled the Governor to speak to the news media the day before it was rumored that on Wednesday a verdict would be coming in for Jodi Arias?

    And for what purpose?…I feel that someone got to her…they desperately needed for her to say that on Tuesday to the news media…a Governor making a statement like that is powerful…

    I have always felt that the unsequestered jurors for the past four months were watching tv and the news every day…I know they’ll never admit to it…but they probably did…jurors are humans and humans have a tendency to err in many ways…

      • This is one sentence of the things that Juror 8 said….

        Juror 8 said that the jurors passed the time in the jury room looking at their personal devices, their iPods, iPhones and tablets, he said.

        WTF…this is the way that my teenager keeps up with everything that is going on…

        There is more information on these devices than a televison ever has….

        The judge should have asked them if they were reading about the trial on their devices….hmmm…

        • Exactly, truthseeker. All anyone had to do is look at the news headlines on any given day and there it was … the latest on the Jodi Arias trial. I saw it every morning on my iPhone. And they didn’t even have to click the links with the way HLN phrases their headlines.

      • I agree, Lilly. That would be much better than a lie detector test and it would be admissable in court. I think Nurmi should file for a mistrial NOW.

    • We are talking about Jan Brewer here- she is not known for thinking first- and LOL, no one got to her- she is just that messed up about the things she says!

      I would think that video of the juror should be enough to get the info from all their devices to see if there was any access of inappropriate sites ever. This could be a good thing.

    • SJ ARE YOU READING THIS I think HLN is spying on use someone just commented about my not understanding what I said and that I should be more interested in my punctuation or spelling the person name is JEAN she is below you can find what I said by using edit find my name tonya

      SJ needs your attention here or member of the team just have a bad feeling we are being watched

  16. Everyone should be very afraid of this verdict..jodi haters as well. Jodi was convicted of 1st degree by the media, not the jury. This jury 100% watched this trial thru the media and saw all the allegations that was not suppose to be seen by the jury b/c it was too prejudicial or was a lie. What we witnessed was a modern day lynch mob. It was barbaric and uncalled for. If this could happen to Jodi, it can happen to anyone. People standing outside the courthouse chanting “Kill her” was barbaric and reminded me of a medieval witch hunt. I am hoping her attorneys file an appeal asap on these grounds. I do believe with this jury being able to watch everything unfold could warrant a new trial. This jury should have been sequestered from day one.

    • Trial By Media Wikipedia:

      Jodi Arias is an American woman, who charged with first degree murder in the Killing of Travis Alexander. Her trial began on January 2, 2013. The case was televised and viewable online and was given extensive coverage by Time Warner subsidiaries Turner Broadcasting System, CNN, HLN.

      The Toronto Star commented “With its mix of jealousy, religion, murder and sex, the Jodi Arias case shows what happens when the justice system becomes entertainment”

      • It’s something when Jodi’s name is the definition of “Trail by media” isn’t it? Shows she did not receive a fair trial.

      • Jodi’s appeal team should make this the bellwether case for trial by media. Mobile connectivity is so prevalent now that a line in the sand has to be drawn. I’m shocked that no law professors have spoken up about this. Maybe they’ve wanted to, but their opinions don’t sell soap. If it doesn’t stop now, there will be a case in the future (could even be the Zimmerman case) where it’ll get ugly and mobs will burn this country down. It really doesn’t matter who the mobs are for or against because TV and reality as entertainment, is not about rationality. It’s about appealing to the most basic, primal emotions to sell a product, and pay the salaries of useless human beings like JVM and NG. Justice, fair play, honesty be damned.

    • That is exactly what I said! It reminded me of the Salem witch trials when the crowd would cheer when an innocent woman was hung for witchcraft!

      • yes! Thats what I keep saying, I am surprised they are not wanting to burn her at the stake and hang her head on a pole, the crazys at the courthouse would probably love that

          • Natalie, That’s exactly what I was thinking! I mentioned them wanting to “stone” her in another post. It’s so disturbing to see the cheering mobs. Turns my stomach!

            Lilly, what you wrote is perfect. This horrendous “Trial by Media” has made it impossible for her to get fair treatment literally ANYWHERE! How scary that is and we should all take notice!

  17. Just about all the seats of power throughout the greater Phoenix area are occupied by Mormons or people who have had long, friendly relationships with the Mormon power structure. Mesa alone remains the most concentrated area of Mormon power and influence in the state.

    THE LAND, ‘N
    LAND & MORE ”

    • I don’t doubt it. Vegas has gotten over run by LDS as well. Funny isn’t it….that city represents everything the LDS church is supposed to oppose, yet they literally have taken over down there. One reason we got the hell out of there!

        • Mormons have a long history in Las Vegas. Senator Harry Reid is one and he was also head of the Nevada Gaming commission before he was elected to the senate in 1986.

          • I also understand that they were the ones that were involved with Howard Hughes and his death. I watched a show recently that talked about their involvement, I guess they “managed” his money for him….yep bet they did!!

      • I hope this isn’t pulling attention away from the subject of supporting Jodi but I had to say something…

        They (LDS) own a lot of property everywhere! I live in Northern California and they are everwhere here and have been as far back as I can remember.

        As for Vegas references, many Mormon familes are wonderful people perhaps led astray. But just as many others have big ugly skeletons in their closets, they are just really good at hiding them and protecting each other!

        TA is a perfect example of that, living one way in secret and living another way in public because his success and ability to manipulate others to join his business or church highly depended on his image. People in businesses such as his are told to be involved in large churches because it’s a free place to network and find victims willing to hand over money and control. Amway teaches that, too. Many churches work that way, portray an image that will draw people in to give up more money. I heard one audio of him where he said “I am not a spiritual person”, wow.

        It’s much easier to protect themselves if they infiltrate the justice and government systems plus buy up all the property. I’m not sure there is a place anymore to get aeay from it. We almost had a Mormon president! To me they are as scary as the FLDS.

        I don’t mean to sound judgmental, I’m really not a judgmental person but I’ve seen some scary stuff since I grew up with it around me.

  18. P.S. I should add that I am only relaying to you guys what has been reported. I am not 100 % sure if it is true. Also, I do not like most of what Miss casares says, but at least she had a moment of compassion for Jodi and her family. Big hugs and kisses to you all, meow!! love ya, Jessie

  19. Hi everyone…

    They just announced on HLN that trial resumes at 4:00 pm Eastern time…which will be 1:00 pm Arizona time…

  20. I know a lot about the law and I think she will get a retrial. Her defense definitely let her down, the judge made some huge mistakes, and the jury not being sequestered was ridiculous. I believe in our justice system. It does work, but it did her wrong. HLN tried this case too and I believe they helped convict her. I don’t believe for a minute these jurors didn’t see any of it.
    What I don’t understand is how they are making Travis out to be this wonderful man. He lied to everyone. He is no angel.

  21. Something that was also allowed in the courtroom that shouldn’t have been was the family sitting there sniffing and snorting and rolling their big eyes at the defense. I am so shocked at this trial and the way it was handled.

    • Thankyou for saying that! They were just ridiculous! The one brother had the nastiest, most superior, arrogant, sneer on his face. The one sister was constantly rolling her eyes at everything, and the other was making faces of all kinds just as much. It was like watching pantomime. I couldn’t believe the judge didn’t do a damn thing about it.

      You’re right, it was downright shocking.

  22. I’ve been upset since the verdict was read yesterday. I’ve been feeling uneasy and crying off and on. I so badly want to talk to Jodi and give her a hug, but I can’t, and that really sucks. This whole trial has been one big circus. I’m still shocked at the verdict. Juan’s evidence was circumstantial, not solid proof. How can they find her guilty on that? I feel like screaming. I also feel bad for the defense team because they really did a great job on this case.

      • Britney and Maria, big hugggsss to you both. Try to stay strong, she will win in appeals, there is no way she can’t. I hope this case is reviewed by the 9th circuit, does anyone know if Mesa falls under their jurisdiction…I hear that they ride these lower courts pretty hard when there is evidence of misconduct, or other shenanigans.
        btw, you two look like sisters! Pretty girls….

        • Funny you should mention that,Melvis.I’ve told Britney she looks exactly like my elder sister!!

          Hugs to you too,((((((Melvis))))))))

  23. Ok, I need some help understanding this verdict. Does anyone have a link to the instructions the jury was given regarding the verdict form? All of the instructions I have viewed end on page 22, just as the form is being mentioned.

    I’m not sure that the jury understood their instructions. They could have found her guilty of first degree murder either:
    -unanimously on premeditated
    -unanimously on felony
    -as a combination of the two (ie 6 for premeditated and 6 for felony)

    They came back with:
    – 5 for premeditated
    -ZERO for felony
    -7 for premeditated AND felony

    Based on the combo option, I would have expected:
    – 5 premeditated
    -7 felony

    Was the premeditated AND felony option even a viable option, or did they just make that up?

    Even Wilmott looked confused, as per the instructions, she expected to hear 7 for felony murder after the clerk said 5 for premeditated. Take a look at her face as the verdict is being read.

    Based on the evidence it presented, the prosecution claims the premeditation/plan/intent began when she stole her grandfather’s gun. Or maybe at some other point closer to the “killing”. Read: the state doesn’t know, which equals they didn’t prove one way or the other, which equals doubt.

    Then the felony part of their case says she killed him unintentionally as an uninvited guest, and she only became uninvited when the “attack” began?. Ok – so how can you intentionally kill someone AND unintentionally kill them at the same time? So 7 of them believe she planned/intentionally killed him as far back as May 2008, AND those same 7 also believe that she unintentionally killed him while committing a felony (still not sure what the felony is… trespassing, burglary or something that took place within seconds of beginning her “attack”). I don’t think they were allowed to double count, or cast a vote for both theories, were they? If they couldn’t decide between unanimous premed, unanimous felony, or combo of premed OR felony, equaling 12 votes total, doesn’t that make them a jury that can’t agree or decide?!

    I get that they had enough votes to convict her on first degree murder, but the breakdown shows they might not understand the differences in theories, and the way you arrive at each one.

    I guess 5 + 0 really does = poundcake.

    • You’re right Mordecai.
      Jennifer Wilmott did seem dumbfounded when the numbers and then charges were read.I couldnt help but noticing every time they replayed the verdict.
      This verdict makes no sense.

      • I think Wilmott was just shocked by the viciousness of the verdict! For 12 people to find her guilty of premeditation is mind blowing.

        The felony charge is that they think she committed the crime of murder while trespassing, not that it was an unintentional murder. It’s just overwhelming.

        That diminutive juannabe accused Jodi of killing TA three times, so I guess we shouldn’t be suprised that the jury’s mathematical skills would improve upon conviction. But are the talking heads saying that Jodi was over-convicted? Hell, no! Harpies, every last one. And don’t get me started on Jean Casarras, she was only pretending sympathy so she could get Jodis family on camera. HEARTLESS!

    • I agree with others here – the “felony murder” was classic case of overcharging. That’s why both sides spent little time on it.

      Does anyone not in that jury box seriously believe Jodi went there to commit a robbery?

      The fact that 7 jurors bought into that theory, while ALSO convicting her of premeditation, is a bad sign for the defense as they go forward to the 2nd and 3rd phases.

    • My best guess is that the verdict form had several options for them to check and they were able to check both murder in the first degree and felony murder.

  24. Hi Everyone!

    Like everyone else, tried to post after the verdict yesterday, and it went nowhere. I think I get why JA said she’d prefer to die than live on yesterday’s post verdict interview. First of all, as expected HLN et al, are only showing clips that seem provocative to continue to incite the crowd further. What happened yesterday, was just not enough for them.

    Its fine if you bash me for what I’m going to say, but I’ll say it anyway… Had JA had the VISIBLE and CONSISTENT support and full backing of her family from ATLEAST the point of the beginning of the trial (never mind about the past), she would’ve been perceived differently. Believe me, I do understand about livelihoods, etc. There seemed to be a dearth of people from her side. Also, the immediate and instinctive response from her parents at the first post-arrest interview with Flo – to me, there was no excuse for a parent to not stand up for their kid, especially when they did not have the full details of what had transpired – no matter what their prior relationship with their kid was!!! Her fathers tone and stance in that interview still rankles in me. They seemed to be more accepting of the views of a stranger – one who did NOT have their child’s best interest at heart, than their own child!! I found that so very hurtful and wondered how JA would ever recover from what I perceive as a betrayal of the deepest degree! Most of them couldn’t even bring themselves to court for closing let alone the verdict. Crying later would’ve left me feeling deserted and cold towards them, as I expect she has felt and did – esp. yesterday.

    The mob, as much as their hatred is palpable and hurtful, it is not the knife that continues to twist itself in your heart and back, simultaneously. If anything, at some point, you can move past that and even scoff at them as they ‘know not what they are talking about’!! But, when it comes to your flesh and blood, its different. It cuts to the bone. I feel that she FELT the despair one would go through, knowing that this would’ve been her best chance of salvaging what was left of her life. From the point of the start of the trial, they could’ve stood strong for her with their presence, words, some sort of demonstration or way of reaching out to her, that would’ve conveyed their belief and trust in her and her act of ending TA’s life as a forced choice of defending her life. People perceived her worth and innocence or lack of, by the scarcity of family backing and support – Even they don’t believe her, why should we?

    I feel so very sad and moved by her condition today. She has been striped of all dignity by the repeated and full-on display of her body (Thank you JM and the DT for not putting restrictions on photography and video for that segment in court), crucified over and over for even breathing let alone uttering a word, offering a glance, making even a slight movement – for even existing! What then, pray God, was the purpose of putting her on this earth? What service or lofty goal or divine purpose did she serve by even being born? So at this point, JA feels she has nothing to lose or gain, what does it really matter anyway -she probably wants to come out and say to EVERYONE (fly and all) “here, maybe my death would serve a better purpose than my life! Enjoy it all, and get some peace while you are at it!!”

    Sorry folks, for the dire comments. I just feel this as the ‘cut’ that hurts the most, even the M1/PM verdict that she recd yesterday. This is what I perceive, what I sense – from her unspoken word, as the underlying cause of her desire to just move on from this earth to a better place. I could be wrong, as anything is possible – even a verdict like the one that came down yesterday! 🙁

    • Great post. I do agree with you, Intro, in every way. Her family let her down and should have at least tried to support her. It’s so sad!

    • Yes. I can’t help but think she’s had a really bad time from her father her entire life, given the way he acted and talked about her. Her mother could have done better as well, but her father was unforgivable.

      Also it seems ridiculous to me that her parents called the police to deal with her pot thing. I’ve never tried it, never been interested and I think that was brutal. I can’t imagine dealing with something like that by calling the police. It sounds like they called the police right away, instead of even trying to handle it within the family. If I were her, I would have felt mortally betrayed then as well. And, if they would do that to a 14 year old girl, how were they handling her before then, besides the wooden spoon and other stuff? They certainly didn’t care about her emotionally. Maybe her mother, but definitely not her father. He spoke about her as if he barely knew her. “She’s been yelling at my wife”…..

      Hate to admit this, but when I had an abusive relationship that I couldn’t get rid of, I just acted crazy. I would call my mom or she would call me and I would get upset out of the blue, for seemingly no reason – but it was the extreme stress of dealing with that terrible relationship. I started having problems with my temper that I had never had before. I was a total mess. And, I could not talk to any of my family about any of it because they were fundamentalist christians. They had a history, from birth, of blaming me for everything. If my older brother wrecked my sandcastle, I would be punished for crying about it. I am not kidding. If her family treated her that way I can see her behaving in an unpredictable way, “crazy” to people who have no idea what she was going through. That proves to me even more that she was being abused by Travis.

      I think her father has been extremely harsh with her, and her mother has had to go along with it, just my impressions.

  25. hello.. again….

    I hope a really good Defence Attorny helps Jodi out with her Appeals..all the way to the Supremes!

    Arizona has made a mockery of the Judicial Systgem for the whole world to see!

  26. Good morning/afternoon Jodi family!

    I’m typing still unable to fully procceed in my brain what happened yesterday.I’ve barely slept or eaten,didnt go to work…I cant even begin to imagine how Jodi spent the night,alone in that cell.
    In the midst of all this havoc I WANT HER to know there are tons of reasonable people out there who love and support her,especially now and especially after watching the satisfaction on that stupid reporter’s voice when asking her if she knows whether the public like her or not.It was devastating to hear Jodi saying she know they dont like her,I wanted to scream out loud No,Jodi WE are here,we’ve been here all along,you just cant see or hear us.
    Now more than ever I NEED her to know that she has sth to cling to,she HAS to regain her strength,hope and desire to live and fight.She endured so much abused in the hands of that sick bastard that giving up on life at this point is just not right.She’s a survivor and somehow she MUST see and accept that in order to find a glimse of courage to carry on.Wanting to die is simply NOT the solution,or the ultimate freedom as she said.Someone,anyone must help her understand that.

    Once again I’m reaching out to all of you,especially the posters who have been here all along whom I’ve grown to know and consider my secopng family.We ARE TEAM JODI.FOREVER.AND YOU CAN MARK MY WORDS ON THAT.

    • I feel you Maria- I am like a walking zombie, I can barely function. I didn’t go to school last night, I burst into tears every time I think of the hurt and pain on Jodi’s beautiful face when she heard that (TEMPORARY) verdict. As soon as I know where she is going to be for a while I will be sending her support in any way possible and to her family as well. They NEED to know the lynch mob outside the courthouse will move on to something new to hate, we WILL BE HERE AND WE WILL BE VICTORIOUS!!!


    • Maria I am also saddened and surprised by the verdict considering how weak premeditated evidence was. I have to agree with others who say the jury was tainted. For those who are spiritual remember what another said when he was put to death by the mob.

      Forgive them father for they know not what they do. Luke 23:34

      I’m NOT comparing Jodi to Jesus. Just that they have both been wrongfully convicted.

  27. At least the world knows what kind of a manipulative hypocrite Travis Alexander was now. His family can pretend all they want…the world knows…they heard him in his own words. I don’t find this surprising though. Those who proclaim to be so chaste are usually just the opposite. He emotionally abused her, whether it was self-defense or not….HE IS RESPPONSIBLE for the events that happenned. You tell your friends she is stalking you and you don’t see her BUT you are inviting her over for sex. No wonder she snapped. What a joke his life was.

    • Yep, that family has got to know he was a very troubled/sick person. He liked little kids in a sick way, and that came from his own mouth, not Jodi’s. He had a dark side they never knew.

    • ”At least the world knows what kind of a manipulative hypocrite Travis Alexander was now. ”
      Do they really? Our experience with the brainless sheeple all these months,our witnessing the thousands people outside the court and god knows how many on all the social media cheering and celebrating,chanting for crying out loud in the name of that bastard make me very hesitant to believe that people(other than a few)have really understood the damage this trial and their actions have inflicted on society.

      • Hi Maria,

        I was thinking the same thing “do they really?”…. I’ve been so shocked at the biased media using “friends” to help turn him into Saint TA so it’s hard for me to believe that the “world” sees his hypocrisy.

        I haven’t been here since the beginning but I’m very glad I found this site now. I got a late start in following the case due to a serious illness and treatments in the past few months. I tuned in when I could though and I became increasingly dismayed at the horrendous treatment of Jodi by CNN/HLN…a network I have enjoyed before.

        I’ve been enjoying your posts and others’ too, feeling hopeful again by seeing the humanity here. I, too, hope Jodi knows of the many reasonable people who are here for her.

    • I soooo hope that more of the world feels that way than it seems on the constant media blasts!

      I hope more people are out there who like me and others here became increasingly disgusted over time with the extremely unfair nature of this wicked witch hunt.

      The more I saw the more disturbed I got and I’d love to think there are large numbers of people out there who feel the same way as we do.

  28. This may be old news/observation, since I don’t have a lot of free time on my hands these days, but has Jodi’s twitter account been deleted/taken down?

  29. Here’s why I’ve been having sleepless nights: I grew up in Germany in the 70s/80s and we were fed information about the holocaust from childhood on. We grew up with this deep sense of responsibility never to let something like this happen again.

    Now, I see THIS. The social media lynch mob. I am shocked and surprised how quickly things have been forgotten. All those haters act exactly like the Nazis. Even the ones who think Jodi is “guilty as hell” (quoting the haters) should see that they destroyed innocent people’s (e.g. witnesses’) personal and professional reputations as well. They tried to take other people’s freedom of speech/opinion by sending them death threats. Name calling is decorum for them. I, like many of you, have become very concerned about the world we created for our children to live in.

    And yes, compassion is leaving. Did you read about the distinctive features of narcissists? Lack of empathy is one! This is a generation of narcissists. That’s also why I liked Phillip’s comment on the previous article. Most people are not willing to risk anything and stand up for the truth any more. We have been so spoiled, we are so comfortable, we are so selfish.

    Okay, enough ranting now. I hope you can tell how heartbroken I am, together with all of you.


    • Hi Lene,

      Wow, so very well said! The lunch mob mentality so blatantly displayed on a so-called “news” channel 24/7 seemed like an attempt to drill communist propaganda into the minds of the underlings!

      I’m so thankful that some of us are not as easily swayed to believe what the angry mob was selling! I literally felt sick when I heard the mob cheer. I felt sick when I saw one narcissist after another join in within view of the camera hoping to get on tv, making it about them!

      Some people would walk by behind whoever was on the microphone, them slowly walk back, showing up again and again. I saw the same thing during the Boston Bombing coverage, idiots making goofy faces to get noticed. Like you, I feel It’s a sad commentary on the way this world is going.

    • Lene – This is an important post. There are some lessons that are the biggest lessons of human history, and the Holocaust was/is one of them.

      Glad you posted this, you’ve hit on something that should command everyone’s attention, especially the hit squad media.

      Truly – I feel the same way, I just can’t stand to see what they’re doing. They actually had some woman doing a slow motion blow-by-blow of Jodi’s facial expressions when the verdict was read; she objectified her to the ultimate degree. She degraded her moment by moment as she passed her Magical Mindreader Judgement (TM). How much psychological torture is enough for these people? How many times can they murder her soul? I honest to goodness felt nauseated.

  30. I think the defense really did a great job. We need to give them credit for all their efforts and standing up for the prosecution and the lack of fairness they received from the judge. It seems like everyone faces discrimination in this day in age and i saw that with Casey Anthony and Jodi Arias….so many bullies in this world.

  31. Hello all- I am at a complete loss for words. I am just zeroing in n the fact that Jodi can appeal.
    I will definitely have more to say when SJ posts the list of FUCK YOU’s!
    I have NOT lost hope, and I support Jodi more than ever now.
    This IS far form over, it IS JUST THE BEGINNING!! I just hope Jodi can hang in there.
    I just have such an overwhelming need to help in some way. We will find a way, and i’t going to be epic, because the FIRE that’s lit under my ass………watch out!!
    I am in sure there are enough of us who feel this way, we can turn this around. I am just in thought mode right now trying to figure out where my efforts would be best focused.
    THIS IS NOT OVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. I think you will find your answers if you study Mormonism.

    Take a little time to research those who have escaped the cult of Mormon’s.

    No doubt this jury was corrupted @ the Mormon Temple IMO.

    All of the smart Judges have said Jodi’s circumstance on a daily basis in their courtrooms is charged 2nd degree and almost always plead down to ‘heat of passion’ manslaughter.

    Mormon’s will go to the end of the earth to silence an ex member of the Church. Just look at what they are doing to ALV.

      • And to deny this sort of thing doesn’t happen is what they want us to believe. Those of us to do the right thing thinking the law will prevail and cover us are dead ass wrong . . my attorney told me last week the opponent got to our witness and threatened his business . . they bank on my running out of funds to fight . .pfft . . I hired the professor that taught the guy that bailed on me . . let’s fight . . it’s checkbook bs attorneys proficient in manipulating the law then the circus act before a jury because people are influenced by demeanor hype or threats . . then they get scared because of repercussion greater than they can handle.. they will get over what they decide to do to someone else but they can’t get over if they are met with confrontation or have to compromise themselves . . their own survival mode kicks in . . there is no honor anymore . . it’s survival of the fittest/richest or eat before getting eaten. Jodi just isn’t up to the reality of all this, she’s childlike innocent, easily influenced and taken advantage by predators . . God Bless and take care of the child, please. We need to believe in something good like Jodi does . . and shown it can happen.

    • Oh my gosh you are so right! I got dragged into a fundamentalist cult by my best friend’s mother as a child, who did it behind my mother’s back. Then my mother was dragged in, and then my oldest brother, who then married into it and is still in it. I’ve had to de-program myself. The one I was in is very, very similar to the Mormons.

      This is a much bigger issue in this trial than almost anyone realizes. Everyone needs to research it. The “mainstream” LDS is all too similar to the FLDS, and there’s been a lot more info out there about all of that. For example Warren Jeffs, etc. etc.

      They would sentence her to death without looking into anything beyond the surface facts.

      Kinda on a tangent, I was watching a documentary on Mormons today and there was a young guy who had been a missionary who came up with an idea to make a “sexy” calendar of missionary men posing without their shirts on.

      The calendar became very popular and got a huge amount of attention. Then, the you know what hit the fan. He got “LOADS” of hate mail, really hateful hate mail. Gee, what did that make me think of ? He then was excommunicated from the Mormon religion because of it. He didn’t present the image that he was supposed to present to the world as a mormon because of the calendar.

      Says a lot to me. I think a lot of this has to do with the fundamentalist mind set.

  33. This is not over, there is always hope and anyone who has contact with Jodi, needs to reassure her of that. The despair is not knowing when the hell she will get out of there. The wheels of the courts grind so slowly.

  34. Yesterday was the worst day ever. I was so shocked by the verdict and had one hell of a time trying to access this site. When I did manage to get the page up it wouldn’t let me post. Giving me an error message. So frustrating when this is the only place where there are people who share my opinions. I can only think the jury was too intimidated by CA trial to do the right thing. Standing up for what is right is hard sometimes but I was sure there would be at least one person on the jury who would do the right thing.

  35. Yes, we have them here in Maine too, Mormons, but they are just visiting on their crusade to brainwash. The next time two of these people knock on my door, I will tell them I can no longer talk to them. I have in the pas and believe that everybody has freedom of speech. I’m sorry if I am offending anyone. When they ask why I wish no to speak, I will tell them to go ask Jodi.

    • Glen- maybe its just because I’m so pissed right, and no, I do not apologize to any of the Mormon posters, but if one of those bastards knocks on my door I will tell them not to EVER, under ANY circumstance set foot on my front lawn again!! FUCK THE MORMON CULT!!!

        • So glad to have you Renee! I just knew some cult apologist pedo- knob slob was going to come at me deep-throat gagging some bull shit that would very well send be right over the edge into body bag picture posting mode!!!!!

                • We dont have mormons here but my new flat is opposite a Jehovah witnesses’ temple.The other day I really had to control myself to not be tempted to open the door while they were knocking because their cult brainwashed faces remind me now of the mormon cult and I swear they would be in real trouble had I opened that damn door!!!!!

                • Maria- My husband was raised JW. He has been “shunned” that’s the realistic word for excommunicated. Fuck those JW bastards and fuck my “mother-in-law” while we’re at it, just in case the effects have worn off since the last time I told her that!

                • At Kmiller:

                  I also used to belong to the ICOC (international church of christ) it’s very cult like and they stopped contact with me. I think the only ones I kept in contact with were the so called weak christians in their eyes who have also fallen away. I really dont care if they no longer communicate with me. isn’t that what jesus would’ve wanted…to communicate with the lost?

              • I have never been more about FUCK THE HATERS than I am today.

                FUCK THE HATERS

                FUCK THE HATERS.

                FUCK THE HATERS!

                • That’s my hero!!!!!! The Fearsome Foursome are READY TO ROLL!!!!

                  I ((((((heart))))))) you Renee!!!!!! 😉

                • Fuck those Bastards!!

                  I’m right there with you, I have ZERO tolerance for ANYONE who even remotely waivers from that agenda. Anyone who is not FOR this cause can suck a limp one!!

                • Anyone here ever see AZfoulks before last night? I read their post and felt like Vlad Dracul entered the forum. Just said I felt uncomfortable and had no comments.

        • I cannot apologize to people that organize and hide behind a religious name. My God lives inside me, not thru a bishop, priest, rabbi and so on, and I am amazingly blessed. I feel no need to pay anyone to listen to the sins they think I commit. I know what I do wrong and no one can punish me worse than I will myself. I make no excuses and think everything I do can be forgiven by coughing up 10% of my salary . . that’s extortion!!!!!!!! and the bigger the paycheck, the bigger the percentage so all crime/sins will be forgiven . . checkbook sin ..

            • Kmiller – I was raised JW too, got myself out of it and managed to get my mom out of it but my brother and his family are in it to the hilt. It’s a horrible cult and they are almost exactly like the mormons.

              LOL, this is great. It’s great to know there are a lot of really smart people here who have compassion and are onto all these corrupt freaks.

          • Amen, cb. Since when did any of us need an organization as an intermediary between ourselves and God. All anyone has to do is live by the golden rule – that’s religion enough! What pisses me off about organized religions is when they refuse to live and let live.

        • If you tell them to fuck off like I did, they put you on a blacklist. No more callers.
          This cult is idiotic, misogynist, and full of narcissistic money grubbers. They protect each other, Read the mormongulag for examples of child sexual abuse.
          It’s beyond revolting.
          I have had hundreds of arguments with those bloody bishops in my work in Child Protection, they couldn’t give a toss about women and children domestic violence or sexual abuse.
          They nauseate me.

  36. How does Kermit get to offer two different theories and yet the jury can agree with both of them?

    Theory 1 – Jodi took her grandpas gun, drove to TA’s house and killed him.
    =Premeditated Murder (Because she planned it).

    Theory 2 – Jodi grabbed TA’s gun (remember the gun, the one that Kermit says doesn’t exist when Jodi says it does, but now it exists to qualify his theory because he says it does), killed him with it then stole the gun by leaving his house with it.
    =Felony Murder (due to the theft of the firearm … the one that only exists when it benefits Kermits story).

    Doesn’t it have to be one or the other. How in the FORK can it be BOTH? Either she brought her grandpas gun with her constituting premeditated or she used TA’s gun and then “stole” it by removing it from his house without his permission (yet we don’t know that TA had never given her permission to take his gun whenever she wanted to use it … just sayin’) constituting Felony murder. WTF?!?

    They cannot justify the Felony by using that BS trespassing crapola story of her right to be in his residence being revoked once she stabbed him, that is the most cockamamie thing I have ever heard of.

    I totally agree that the jury took the easy way out and they are looking to capitalize on the financial gain for themselves at Jodi’s expense.

    *Please excuse the clunky grammar, trying to get way too much info out of my head into a quick post isn’t easy. :))

    • Corey this is another example of the AZ prosecution overcharging and getting away with it. I don’t believe trespassing, or even the theft of a cheap 25 toy gun, qualify as a felony. Sometimes I’m sorry I moved to AZ because there are too many nuts and villagers with pitch forks here.

    • That’s what I don’t get either. What are the chances that all of the jurors agreed to those TWO charges? It doesn’t make any sense, its NOT right! I can see in a few years this will be an issue and this same trial will be brought up as an example. They’re IDIOTS!

    • I think jm tricked the jurors into thinking Jodi stole her grandpa gun and it was used to kill Travis so its felony murder cuz the robbery killed someone BUT that is not the actual law. It has to be during the felony. I really think the jurors didn’t read the law correctly!!!

      Or it could be that they believed Jodi story that she took Travis gun that’s why its felony murder.

      • The felony was either the “trespassing” that Juanabee claims occured once Jodi began DEFENDING herself, or maybe the theft of the ring. I’ll admit it though, I dont know much about the ring, BUT if Jodi had a ring from.Travis its because he GAVE it too her!

        All this stalking bs is nuts, I bet Travis would have eventually tried to get Jodi to marry him since he knew the kind of crap she would put up with, but she showed him! Now she needs to prove that she won’t be the state of Arizona’s victim!

    • The impact of coverage upon the right of any party to a fair trial;
      The impact of coverage upon the right of privacy of any party or witness;

      They sure broke both of these rules didn’t they?

      • Don’t forget this one: The impact of coverage upon the safety and well-being of any party, witness or juror;

        What about that one and Alyce LaViolette? Or Jodi herself?

        Good points Lilly

  37. Hi everyone, I hope today is a better day. I had a very bad night, having bad dreams and nightmares. Anyway, let’s keep the faith for better thing for Jodi.

  38. I posted Goodmorning to everyone on the last post. ooops! So, goodmorning again to all my great smart Jodi supporter friends.

    Im still upset and I just cant get past the thought that ALL 12 jurors found Jodi guilty without ANY doubt. Theres NO WAY!!! They were either scared of the riot outside of the courtroom or they have been watching the media and even if they watched the media. Out of 12 jurors there had to be ATLEAST one juror that had common sense and the rest of the jury ponded on that juror until they were able to talk that one juror into a guilty verdict. its just unbelievable! I hope these people can live with themselves! And its sickening how all those people where out there yelling justice for TA!

    • Good morning LC (((((((hugs)))))))))

      Let the fucktards have their laughs and celebrations……

      …he who laughs LAST…………

      • yeah fuck them! And by the way, my feelings for the TA family have gotten worse. I don’t hater anyone, I don’t hate people but its very close to hate!

        I haven’t watched the part that the cameras show the reaction from TA family, I just CANT!

      • Hi LC 🙂 That last post mysteriously disappeared… something is up with this site…? Time stamp is weird and latest comments aren’t updated

    • LC- glad another member of the FTH (fuck the haters) posse is here! I’ve decided mad is going to work out better than sad for me.

    • LC, I don’t like it any more than you do. But it is what it is and we have to accept it. I sure in hell would not want to see the jurors threatened or harrassed in any way either. Lets all get better, not bitter!

        • As it is your constitutional right Renee’. You’d probably wish right now that you were a 200 foot giant going on a rampage in Maricopa county!lol

          • With all due respect my sweet Tony(and as you’ll probably notice from my posts) Im choosing to be bitter too.
            Bitter and heartbroken.

          • Mr. Tony….

            I do so respect you and you are such a love….


            PLEASE let us have our day for venting and letting the frustration out. The BULLSHIT pill we were all asked to swallow is stuck in some IF NOT ALL of our throats…….


            The dancing and cheering and outright spectacle that is being exhibited by the fucktards and haters and basic ASSHOLES is FAR MORE DISGUSTING than ANYTHING one of my friends here convey.

            I for one – am going to have a GIGANTIC smile on my face every single time I see “FUCK THE HATERS” or “FUCK THOSE BASTARDS” or “LET’S ROLL ALL OVER THESE SHITTARDS” – today and even if it is ONLY FOR TODAY –

            It does my heart PROUD!

            I LOVE YOU MY FELLOW FUCK THE HATERS POSSE!!!!! ((((((((((((HUGS))))))))))))))

      • No, I DO NOT accept it. I hope to God Jodi doesn’t either and she fights and claws tooth and (French manicured for the haters) nail!!

      • Posting here amongst friends is NOT the same as harassing the Jurors the unimaginable way they would have been if the verdict had been anything less than M1.

    • There’s no ”either….or…. ” in my mind.They were both scared of the lynching(see Casey’s case) and they were watching the media all along.
      I pity their souls,I hope noe of their children ever meet their own Travis!I hope they themselves will never be in any legal trouble and have to defend themselves against DEAF jurors!!!

  39. I want to repost this as it was lost when the previous page disappeared. I think this is important to note since the jury has had access to media……

    I thought it was out of line that Judge Belvin Perry appeared on the Today Show Monday discussing CA trial and verdict. Per the Huffington Post “Judge tells ‘Today’ show there was enough evidence to convict Casey Anthony on murder charges”. This is on the first day of Jodi’s jury deliberating, it’s outrageous!!!Also, reported in the Daily Mail,, so it went worldwide.

    Here is video link: So my question is: DID THIS JURY GET THE MESSAGE?!

    He was to appear the next day on NG show. I heard some criticism regarding his appearances while this jury was trying to reach a verdict. Seems he had a change of mind and has not been seen since. But still this is unconscionable

    • Agree, unconscionable! I think it was judge Seindlen (Anna Nicole) who said that Judge Perry got a phone call from some of the Supreme Court judges criticizing him for some other media appearance he made. Then Seindlen said he was glad he was retired and now he can say what he wants.

      I saw him say that he knew there was no way the jury wasn’t watching coverage of the trial, and that he thought it was an outrage that they weren’t sequestered. Who cares if Arizona hasn’t done it in 80 years, times are FAR different now than they’ve ever been. I have never in my lifetime seen them so rabid as they are on this case in such a horrible way.

      I’m sure the jury saw that Casey Anthony stuff. If they had iPads, and smartphones, etc. there is no way they could have escaped seeing tons of stuff about that and Jodi.

      I want something done about it. It was not a fair trial by any stretch of the imagination. It should be thrown out, no question.

  40. one more try…
    Hi Team Jodi-
    As many of you, I have been having great difficulty emotionally since hearing the verdict yesterday. I am not much of a crier, but I have wept since the verdict came in. I have wept for Jodi and her family, I have wept for every woman who is a victim of domestic violence, I have wept for are children who are growing up in a world that condones abuse of women and pedophilia.

    I have wept and am ourtraged at citizens in our Country that are no better than terrorists, and would gather near a Court house and cheer for someones State sactioned execution, when they were not provided with a fair and impartial trial. I am most outraged at the idea that they are doing so under the guise of Christianity. They are also no better than the Pharacies of Jesus’ day, whom he rebuked and called to repent. In fact these cries for Jodi’s murder goes against all of Jesus’ teachings. The Jesus I follow, without being involved in organized religion, actually stopped the stoning death of a woman by telling the hate filled crowd to cast the first stone if they were without sin.

    I am outraged at a Justice System in one of our States that is corrupt and tainted to it’s core. I posted last week, following the final perjured testimony of the ME, that I felt great dispair about Jodi being able to have any sembalence of a fair jury deliberation, as it was clear that the Maricopa County judicial system is beyond corrupt. I asserted my fear that the jury would also be bought and paid for by the Mormon Cult. I still held out hope that I was wrong. After the verdict yesterday, I am now convinced of it, and worry that the entire State of AZ is corrupt and Jodi will not get a fair review in the appeals Court of AZ.

    It is clear that no jury who really listened to the evidence, clearly saw via TA’s own voice in texts, emails and on the phone that he was a violent man, and heard first hand the repeated perjured testimony of the State’s witnesses, would have been able to see what was well beyond reasonable doubt. Even if they thought Jodi was guilty as hell, they could not have found Murder 1. Our Judicial system and Jury system is not immune to corruption, bribery, and threats to jurors. It is why our Democracy has appealate Courts in place.

    It appears more and more that we supporters are greatly outnumbered. I wonder how can we have any impact on turning this unjust verdict around and assist in exposing what is clearly a corrupt judicial system in Maricopa County? I am feeling helpless right now to do anything about this injustice.

  41. Hey guys and gals or ANYONE? Am I alone here? I feel like it’s suddenly become a ghost town…YooHoo! ANYONE HOME 😥

  42. Have you ever wondered how people become, what the media calls, “radicals”? I do not think there is any wonder left in that question.

    Ah, its ok everyone, talk about it, behave, play nice, put the woman to death…

    Ah, its ok, talk about it, behave, play nice, trample on the constitution…

    Ah, its ok, talk about it, behave, play nice, twist the laws into whatever you want them to mean…

    Ah, its ok, talk about it, behave, play nice, create a witch hunt on national TV…

    Ah, Its ok, talk about it, behave, play nice, cheer the death of a human being on the steps of a court house…

    Well, what are people going to do when someone steps up and says “Its NOT ok, I am done ‘talking’ about it, I will not behave for my masta’, I will no longer play nice.”?

    I do not advocate violence. I have always used my voice, rather than my fists. I have the benefit of a solid family and friends to keep me grounded. I have learned from mistakes in my past, that taught me violence doesn’t work. I have support.
    But, what about that “guy” down the street? He may look at this a bit different. He may not have the tools to deal with his frustration in an appropriate way. We call these people “crazy” when they stand up and take action, but really what choice are we giving some of these folks, by the way our society is acting? You can call him “crazy”, but I call the lynch mob in front of the court house yesterday “crazy”, and the people that support them are fucking wack jobs.

    We all see that action needs to take place. it’s clear. it’s obvious. Its time. But, when someone doesn’t have the tools to take action in an appropriate manor, then we leave them with no choice but to “adhere” or “take inappropriate action”. Most will adhere, but a few will not. This should be the concern BOTH sides have. If we don’t deal with our demons, sooner or later someone will, and we will no longer dictate the way they “deal” with them.

    I stand by my thoughts yesterday, that if you are not ashamed of what happened yesterday, you shouldn’t be here.

    • I am a little confused, Sir. Are you saying we should be ashamed of ourselves or shouldn’t be here? Why?

      I feel no shame. I am confused!

        • I reread what he wrote yesterday. I think what he is getting at is we should be ashamed at how the courts treated her in our name.

          I will not speak against you, Sir, until I understand what you are getting at.

          But I am not ashamed at myself. I have done nothing wrong with the exception of believing justice would prevail. It did not.

          The only people I am ashamed of is Pickles, Juanabee, the Alexander family, the ME, Florres, and the countless other liars involved.

          • Sirlips.. thats fine IF people are being given their rights , and in the world today our rights are trampled by the reptiles at the head of the pyramid.
            I have been waiting along time for people to wake up to the corrupt world leaders. look up Agenda 21..

            • Agenda 21……enough said. Follow the money Mormon cult= masons=government=Illuminatti
              You heard it her first, folks, call me a conspiracy nut if you want too but you can call me in Iceland when you’re in a Fema camp here in the US eating your own lice, LOL!!

              • Got your back on that KMiller . . I’ve been watching it all my life and did not recognize it til I got older and weary from relocating . . I just did not like the environment but could not figure out why . . I tried . . like Jodi has . . to believe religion was good . . uhmm nahhh I believe in God on my own and scare the ones that come to the door usually ending with, leave me alone and I’ll leave you alone lol

          • I did state on my post last night that I was ashamed to be a member of the male gender on May 8, 2013.:’-(

          • “I reread what he wrote yesterday. I think what he is getting at is we should be ashamed at how the courts treated her in our name.” thats what i’m trying to say, yes. We have to own this, or no one will take responsibilty to change what we KNOW is broken.

        • I think he’s saying that anyone who still believes in the justice system after yesterday and isn’t ashamed of the outcome shouldn’t be here.

          • I agree, he’s saying that this is a place only for those that realize how horrific yesterday’s verdict truly was and feel shame for our country’s so called justice system!

      • All I’m saying is, this is not “their” problem. Its my problem. my system is broken. I take responsibility for it, as it is mine. I would hope that others will do the same. Confussion is for when i dont understand something. I understand this…ITS BROKEN! Anger is not going to help, people have been angry and done NOTHING for years, i am not angry. I am ashamed. I am sorry but i dont know how else to describe it.

        Are we going to allow them to kill someone in my name? Thats what i am asking. I have a voice, i will use it. Some do not have that voice (they think) and will take “other steps”. That scares me. I do not condone violence, but i can see it coming. Isn’t this the same state that a congress woman was also killed by a shooter?

        What are they going to do, call the governor and ask her to fix the problem? She already went on national TV and said Jodi is Guilty BEFORE the verdict was even in. She made her mind up like the rest of the mob, based on NON legal ideals.

        • Sirlips, I love your posts. I really really enjoyed the one that SJ headlined the other day. I had too much going on to get in here and compliment you on it then, sorry.

          But about this post about shame. I don’t live in Arizona so I can’t change their system even if I wanted to. So, I can’t have shame about what that state does. I have NO power there to change anything. I have absolutely NO desire to live in that state either just to attempt to change anything. I barely got out of Florida alive and that’s another completely shitty state that I would NEVER advise anyone to live in. I hate Florida so much I wouldn’t even visit it, to be honest, and now I feel the same way about Arizona.

          Even though I don’t live in Florida anymore, I’m doing my damnedest to change something there — actually to change something all over the US for abuse victims who are in address confidentiality programs. My divorce was in Florida and the judge, knowing I was a victim of abuse, knowing I was in Maryland’s address confidentiality program, ordered me to disclose my home address to my abusive ex. I’m appealing that and the state of Maryland got involved as an amicus curiae. If I win, it will be a landmark case that will protect victims. If I lose, the landmark will be that victims are screwed and any abuser who wants to find his victim who left can simply rent a place in Florida and sue her for any old reason and a judge will order her to give him her home address. That’s what I’m doing to change something for abuse victims.

          Arizona is an incredibly corrupt racist state. Jan Brewer, Sheriff Joe, sheesh. Who could clean up that mess? I’d NEVER vote for them. But it seems people in Arizona do. I’m not ashamed of myself. But I am ashamed of what’s happening out there.

    • I understand you Sir and the frustration of where to take a problem when the problem is who we’re supposed to take our problem to for solution. The lurkers have scoped out this site and used our kindness against us, stolen all the research everyone worked so hard at, most likely forwarded it to their sources. We vent but not violent by nature . . well that might have to change, not by choice of we feel it’s evil and hateful like them . . just because . . “it’s time”. I want to take of the survivor shirt and put on a warrior shirt, lol

  43. I realize I just can’t watch the penalty phase where the State will continue to degrade, humiliate and ridicule Jodi. I just won’t be able to stomach it. So I will be getting my news from here, where people are sane and rational.

      • I’m not going to watch it either…if any one wants to give us a basic overview sans the dramatics of the United Front of Jodi Haters…that would be good. My head is aching and my eyes are burning enough as it is.

  44. Dr. Drew called Jodi an interpersonal terrorist? WTH? DR says Jodi just wanted to embarrass me…whaa …so it’s Jodi’s fault that you broke your chastity vows Deanna..c’mon? Own it! The Hughes were so quick to believe their friend was a pedo, but now he’s a saint? What is wrong with these people? Wasn’t Travis estranged from his family? And now they want to profit from his death? And did that excused juror really just say that they spent time on their devices…iPods and iPads? Ummm is that allowed? Sorry just venting! I am soooo angry! This will be a mistrial – Judge Seidlin said yesterday that it will come out eventually that the jurors were watching the news, HLN, etc, reading newspapers and that they should have been sequestered.He also said that the judge did not have control of her courtroom and did not do her job.

    • Totally agree about the Judge! Lump on a log!

      Dr Drew is a hypocrite!

      Don’t be sorry about venting. These are the weirdest people ever. It’s like they rounded up the weirdest people in AZ and in TV and they all got together to confuse and upset the world and gang up on Jodi.

    • Thank you Crystal! My sediments exactly! This whole fiasco falls on this judges shoulders. That’s their job, to run the court room, and assure that the trial is run within the limits of the law. That its a fair trial, and the jury isn’t running amok doing whatever they want. From the beginning, she never had control, and was blatantly pro DA.

  45. TR – I am feeling helpless too. I am so disheartened. I feel like even if we tossed this trial out the window and started a whole new one where on this whole earth would Jodi get a fair trial? I feel terrible for her. I found out my sister and best friend think she got what she deserved. But they didn’t watch the trial like Mom and I did. I feel like was the jury watching the same trial I was? I don’t think Jodi would ever have hurt one person in her entire life if she never met TA.

    • Danielle, I think the jury was daydreaming or SOMETHING. They COULDN’T have been watching the same trial as I was.

    • Danielle-
      I would like to believe Jodi would have gotten a fair trial in my community, but with the likes of the Mormon Cult and Tabloid TV, I am no longer sure. My community has had it’s share of grief over the past three years in relation to domestic violence. In just that short period of time, we lost a beautiful young college coed when her boyfriend beat her to death in her dorm room, a Police officer stabbed his wife and himself to death and were found by their young children when they came home from school and another young sheriff’s deputy was killed by an offender when they intervened in a DV situation. Our youth are becoming very active in the STOP domestic violence movement and are planning a Five K walk/run to raise funds and spread the word. I only wish the rest of the Country, especially AZ would get on board.

      • Oh my gosh, they are horrible loses for your community! It’s really encouraging to hear that people are learning from it! Especially the youth. I heard that even abuse in high school relationships has gone up. What is going on in this world? It just makes me sad. Something happened that day between Jodi and TA. I don’t believe this was premeditated bc otherwise the plan was totally stupid. Why can’t people admit something happened? They keep saying they can’t prove she was abused, but at the same time they can’t prove she wasn’t. I don’t understand. I read someone here wrote the jury took the easy way out and I think I agree. I would love to see a mistrial bc this was a disaster!

        I am encouraged by communities like yours that see a need for change and do something to work towards it.

        I DVRed a show that was on this morning about Mormons bc I have no idea really what it’s all about.

  46. Much like this trial begged for a Mistrial to be ordered, the verdict is begging to be thrown out.

    Does anyone in the Alexander family EVER work or do they plan on mooching off the public forever and making big $$$ of of the brother they never bothered with. What a family of hypocrites.

    Karma will bite you all on the ass Alexander’s

    Right now Travis is where ever he is abusing women and banging a 12 y/o girl in the ass while she’s tied up around a tree.

    Sick bastard.

    • Joe Y, The TA family is filing a wrongful death suit…Maybe if someone offers them free meth for life if they will back off. CRAZY CRAZY people…at least ONE of them didn’t get to reproduce..(sorry that was horrid)

  47. I’m sure this has been posted before, but I’ll say it again: I am outraged by the jury selection. I thought the jury were supposed to be ‘of her peers’. I don’t see how a 57 year old is her peer. At te time they were raising kids, it was ok to beat your child with a belt or wooden spoon and no one talked about it. No one talked about the abused spouse. They don’t know what it’s like being in the gereneration Jodi grew up in. They don’t understand the texts and the rage and anger Travis showed on them, or the accessibility of two or more computers that would have shown the child porn sites. The trial was set up from the start with the jury selection. My heart is with Jodi and her family.

    • Excellent point SJJ. I also believe they were bought and paid for by the Cult. I refuse to be “politically correct” about it, so I’m sorry if anyone is offended. If you really look at the Mormon cult and it’s history, they carry a lot of power in some areas of our Country. They have the money and the power to get one of their own on the Presidential ticket. Look at the power our TV networks have given the likes of the mini me Joseph Smiths ie: Chris Hughes etc. during this fiasco. I’m not fooled for a minute that much of this is funded by the Mormons.

      • There are a lot of Mormons in AZ, UT and NV. In fact, Mesa, AZ was founded by Mormons. And like you say, TR, they do have a lot of influence. Having said that, if TA is an example of the typical Mormon, I don’t want any of them near me. As far as I’m concerned he was a waste of humanity.

      • I totally believe this. You are so right. Also, Glenn Beck is a mormon, isn’t he on Fox news? I forget.

        I would like to see the mormon connections on this trial. It would be very interesting. Also, the mormon connections to HLN.

        Such a good point.

        SJJ, your point is something I’ve wondered about too. How can those people be her peers? Doesn’t make any sense whatsoever.

    • SJJ…I hardly think 57 year old people come from an era when it was okay to beat their children with a belt or wooden spoon…wrong generation…

      • Are you saying that you DON’T think the Mormons funded this or that you DO think that they funded it…Your last sentence is confusing
        I think The Mormons HAVE funded this as well as cajoled all the hatred toward Jodi. I think there were MANY Mormons on the jury and they lied about knowing anything about this case prior to it being presented. The Mormons LIE…it is innate.

        • Dorothy-
          I’m really exhausted from all of this emotion, so may not be making sense today. I absolutely believe this has all been funded by the Mormons.

          • TR, I understand your exhaustion…I was not sure if MY exhaustion was causing ME to misread or not comprehend what I am reading. My head feels like it is about to burst (plus I have dyslexia and when I am stressed or tired it takes me even MORE effort to focus..quite a task today)

        • not me Dorothy.. I KNOW that the Mormon Mafia is balls deep in this corruption of Justice to save their own reputation! AND I fully believe that Jodi didn’t do the throat slitting!!!

      • I’m 25 and my parents wiped my with a belt, spoon, switch, whatever they could find, and every other kid I knew got the same. I’m not saying I think my parents abused me, but, then again, my mother never carried around a spoon for intimidation. (I. don’t think her mom knew the effects it could have had on her. She did what was the correct method back then. We now know what psychological harm it has on a child and would never do it to mine. Point is, even 20-25 years ago, it was still happening. Today, using anything but an open hand is child abuse and even that’s frowned upon. There are other ways to discipline a child.

        • SJJ, I don’t know where you are from, but that sort of discipline went out with the 1950s/early 1960s…I don’t know of ANY kids in their 20s who were beat with ANYTHING never mind a belt, spoon, switch(?)…so maybe it was acceptable and common in your neck of the woods but it certainly wasn’t in mine…

          • JSS, And I’m speaking of discipline…not random domestic violence imposed upon children, which is an entirely DIFFERENT topic. The domestic violence toward children is even rampant among some families raising their young ones today…I suppose there is no generational division in that category.

          • I’m 37 and was not hit with a belt/spoon/etc…my father and mother spanked on occasion with a bare hand. My husband is 44 and he did get the belt though. I don’t approve of hitting a child with implements, ever. I do think it’s abusive.

          • Ask me, I work in child protection. Intergenerational abuse is a well known contributor to the statistics. We parent the same way as we were parented, which is dependent on the perceived ‘wisdom’ of the day.

            • Fred, I beg to differ. We do not parent the same way we were parented. I am not talking about child abuse, I am talking about discipline and punishment. I recall my older sisters and brothers speaking of far different school disciplinary actions taken upon them vs. myself 16 years age difference. I am talking about punishment imposed upon children who have done wrong, whether it is making them stand in the corner, washing their mouths out with soap, grounding them vs. whipping them with an implement such as a belt or wooden spoon. A spanking with a bare hand on the bottom when the parent calms down is punishment not abuse that is out of control…we are speaking of two ENTIRELY different things. You work with ABUSED children whose parents are out of control (or their minds) that is the difference between good parenting and ABUSE. A parent who respects their child teaches their child respect early in life. Spanking a child may need only to occur once for the child to understand that disrespectful/naughty behavior is unacceptable.

      • Absolutely agree with you Dorothy- I am 57, and I can tell you I do not believe is physical abuse of children (by hitting them- I see that as abuse). No one should be hitting children with belts or spoons!

  48. I support Jodi with whatever she decides she has to do with her life. I love you Jodi! 🙂

    It’s pretty sad when someone is thinking about suicide but the state tries to prevent them from committing suicide just so the state and the bloodthirsty masses have the satisfaction of putting her to death.

    How 12-16 jurors found absolutely NO REASONABLE DOUBT against 1st degree premeditated murder is truly preposterous in my opinion.
    What a gutless jury.

    • Fuck those cowards on the jury. They would NOT have broken me had I been among them. I’d have hung the jury if it took weeks.

    • I’ve been avoiding coming here because I knew everyone would be so distraught after the verdict. When I finally figured I could handle it, I couldn’t get in. Now that I’m in I’m going to have to leave because I can’t handle how many times people have acted like Jodi has already been sentenced to death. She has NOT been sentenced to death. She has not been sentenced at all. Why are people that are supposed to be supporting her giving up now?

  49. (((((((((((((Dorothy))))))))))))))))))))


    (((((((((((((((((MY FTH POSSE)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

    ((((((((((((((((TEAM JODI)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))


  50. TR,

    I hear you. I am having a hard time even forming words to post here. I too feel helpless. I am stunned that the talking heads continue to beat Jodi up with so much bloodthirsty passion. As someone else said they got their pound of flesh but are still going to get every dollar they can from this tragedy. Now they will go to their next victim George Zimmerman. If NG decides he’s guilty she will run with it. The heinous crimes committed are from them. NG needs to have a lawsuit against her that goes to court, not settled out of court. Fox could report on it every night or some other news outlet.That would be a problem for the HLN advertisers. There goes CNN’s gravy train. The media played the biggest role in this and the jury let them get away with it, because they didn’t have the courage to do the right thing. I wouldn’t be surprised if one or more jurors writes a book, or gets paid interviews.

    • Natalie-
      I’m sure at least one juror was working on a book during the trial. Unfortunately, I have not found a news outlet, including FOX, who have taken even the slightest look at the truth. They have all jumped on the tabloid TV bandwagon. Not one of them has mentioned all the evidence about who TA really was.

      • The only reason I say that about Fox is that they would jump on the opportunity to boost ratings and at the same time be the bearer of bad pr for one of their competitors. They are just as bad as CNN.

      • Also, I watched the interview and was sickened by what Greta and the rest said about JA and the interview. I really don’t understand. They see Jodi so differently than we do. People talk about Jodi having no soul, my God, what BS! What they don’t realize is it’s a soulless entity, the media, that’s directing the moral compass of our society now.

  51. I’m so heartbroken for Jodi. She was up against completely insane jealous horrible cult like people since the day she entered Travis’s life. Listen to the things they say about her and their double standards. That old GF of his that was on HLN. Travis did not have one woman that was as beautiful, sweet, talented or as pure of heart as Jodi. They hated her because she was beautiful. He took advantage of her, treated her like Toilet paper. Used her then flushed her down. He probably thought he could discard her and still keep her around to cater to his filthy perverted sexual desires and she snapped. She snapped and rightfully so. Why should she apologize to that family? I hope she NEVER does. She has nothing to apologize for. How I wish I was her friend during the times she was with that filthy animal. I would have slapped some sense into her and told him off and exposed him for what he truly was. He is akin to Lucifer in my eyes. The master of deceit. His friends as well as himself – the lowest form of life and a disgrace to the Mormom church. I see a vast difference between those filthy people and Elizabeth Smart and her family. I get so angry I can’t think straight!

    • I agree Andrea, Jodi should not apologize for saving her own life. The supposed “lawyers” on tabloid TV who say she should are not on her side in the least and would love for her to apologize so they can all say she just admitted she murdered him.

    • I don’t believe a word of those “friends” if they aren’t under oath.

      They really need to shut the fuck up and quit milking Travis’s death for dollars and sympathy.

      In the end, Jodi will prevail.

    • Harmony, The comments on that site are supportive of what? Do they support the wrongful death suit or are they opposed to it? I don’t want to open it.


    can you tell everyone I am with you but I can’t post and that I say “FU HATERS!” too?


  53. Well, it appears that the Alexander Family will not be lining their pockets with Jodi’s money per this recent twitter post:

    Jason Lamm ‏@PhxCriminalAtty 21h
    Hate to be the bearer of bad news but #TravisAlexander wrongful death suit against #JodiArias is barred by AZ statute of limitations.

    • LOL wow, awesome. That’s what you get. Besides, it’s not like she has any money for them to claim, and I doubt her parents have any either…..

    • Well, I’m obviously no expert but shouldn’t the attorney for the family KNOW that before making a statement that they would file one…

      • I think those ugly people are SOL!!!!!

        • A wrongful death action must be filed within two years of the death, or it will be forever barred by the statute of limitations. In some cases, especially those involving claims against government agencies, claims must be presented in a much shorter time period.

        • Liability for wrongful death likely will be covered under an auto or homeowners policy of insurance.

        • A person against whom a claim for wrongful death is made should immediately notify his insurance company and cooperate fully in the defense of the claim.

        • They’ll get donations from the ass-lickers, which they can spend on meth or whatever else they’re into.

      • There’s apparently an exception in AZ which tolls the statute of limitations for one year AFTER a final disposition in a criminal case.

        12-511. Civil action arising from criminal conduct; definitions

        A. Notwithstanding sections 12-505 and 12-542, if a defendant is charged by a criminal complaint or indictment the statute of limitations for any civil cause of action that is brought by a victim against the defendant for criminal conduct against the victim is extended for one year from the final disposition of the criminal proceedings, regardless of whether the defendant is convicted of criminal conduct against the victim.

  54. Unfortunately, today I was watching a stream of FOX news as I wanted to see a report on the Cleveland story.

    I saw a segment where a friend of Travis was saying how happy the family were and it was the the first time anyone could remember any of them smiling in the last 5 years. She then proceeded to give the website for donations to the family.


    It makes me sick how these “religious” people can be so pro murder and revenge. The are like death eaters and I feel like I am in a weird backwards parallel universe.

    Saw another report of some experts saying how Jodi’s interview would not go down well with the jurors. WTF?????????? Excuse me but aren’t the jurors still supposed to avoid the news and discussing the case. They were then accusing Jodi of trying to use reverse psychology on the jurors saying she wanted the DP so then she get life in prison.

    How does Jodi’s defense team prove the obvious multiple times the jurors obviously broke the rules?

    • I would say the defense should request to inspect their electronic devices and computers. It has been done in other cases and I do not see why is could not be done here..

    • They said that because the interview can be used in court today and she can prefer the dp over life in prison.

      • Right, she’s stated quite a few times that she would want death if this situation ended up being the case. Probably why the DT was pissed (rumored) with each other or her. That interview can definitely be used against her like the previous ones

    • Good job! Exactly! – “Saw another report of some experts saying how Jodi’s interview would not go down well with the jurors. WTF?????????? Excuse me but aren’t the jurors still supposed to avoid the news and discussing the case.” They are admitting that they know the jurors are watching and will be watching.

      I am so proud of the people on this site. You are all so smart and kind and compassionate. I just keep reading and thinking how brilliant everyone is, and just great people.

  55. Is it me or do any of you want to feel “normal” again? I guess that’s not the right word to use because what is normal right? I want to feel reassurance, safety, hope and comfort. Is that too much to ask today? I guess it’s just a process that needs to take it’s course. I’m unfomfortable, sad, angry and eventually will feel ready to move on.

      • Vicky,

        Your delusional, ” calm and at peace” WTF. She even stated that she was SHOCKED at the verdict, and she was going to take it one day at a time.


        Jodi is NUMB, in a state of SHOCK, and she has remained CLAIM throughout this trial…. YOU want her to look like a RANTING LUNATIC? GOD YOU HAVE STRUCK A NERVE WITH ME TODAY….

        • VickyT,
          She just got a M1 verdict, and you really think she’s a peace….that’s a really passive aggressive comment, and completely false.
          I hope your not in the health care field, your patients will definitely not benefit from your “keen eye”

    • I agree Meow.
      This feeling has haunted me since the verdict sunk in yesterday.
      It was immediate because I personally couldn’t believe it at first.

      The sorrow I feel for Jodi…

    • I think I know what you mean a little. I feel annoyed and like I want to be in bed. I feel sad and like someone let me down. I don’t know if that makes sense. But I feel like the jurors let Jodi down. I don’t think they did what they were supposed to and I’m taking it too personally.

    • I’d like to wake up just to see that it was all a nightmare and that stupid heartbreaking verdict hadnt been reached.
      I want Jodi to be safe and brave.

  56. ok, I turned on the Hitler Leader Network to see if a bomb threat was reported, I don’t see anything. Did anyone else hear this

    • yes…a bomb threat at the courthouse…it looks like the police was at the apartment of the person who tweeted the bomb threat..

  57. If she gets the DP, as I expect, I hope Amnesty International or some other major group gets involved in the case.

    This is that bad a human rights violation.

    • yes it is Tonysam. That’s the type of thing I’m hoping Jodi supporters will start doing (getting Human Rights organizations involved). This has to go well above the Arizona judicial system

      • I am sure somebody who is lurking here or even posting here has those kind of connections to get the ball rolling.

  58. No bomb discovered, but will be swept right before trial convenes @ 1pm. Two people being questioned re: tweet sent.

  59. Good afternoon my friends,

    I couldn’t get in all night…is something wrong with the site?
    I just wanted to talk to somebody,after the verdict 🙁
    I just got text message that 2 people got arrested for bomb threat in Jodi’s trial. Any news?
    I can’t bring myself to watch the trial today, and to see Jodi having to beg for her life, when she did exactly that… defended her life.
    I hope this post go through.

  60. There appears to be breaking news regarding the ME & EF changing stories and how it will play out today. Stay tuned. Seems to be in Jodi’s favor.

      • No, tonysam, it will not change the verdict…….BUT this is not the end. Jodi will be vindicated.

        Speaking from personal experience. My case was a disaster with a horrible verdict. Granted it was civil, but none the less, I appealed and took it to all the way to the supreme court and prevailed. So I am very hopeful. Please don’t be discouraged. She has so much in her favor at the appeals court. She will be victorious.

        • She WILL be, but it should take some major heavy-hitters willing to ignore the lynch mob to make sure she prevails.

          That’s why I say if she gets the DP, as I expect, Amnesty International or some other major anti-DP organization steps up to the plate.

    • If it is HLN breaking news then….it will favor only the prosecution…

      Which network is doing the breaking news???

    • There is some kind of a defense motion still alive, according to CNN. It’s has to do with an interview with some detective about the order of wounds inflicted on Travis and it conflicts with a version given in the trial. It could have an effect on the Aggravating Phase of the penalty sentencing today. I’m not sure I got this right because I missed part of it. This report comes from the female reporter on CNN who has followed this trial from the begging. She wears glasses that give her an “owl-like” look. Was she talking about Flores or someone else? She didn’t give the detective’s name? Anyone have any info on this motion?

      • I heard them say on HLN a few minutes ago or so….that the prosecutor is going to bring Dr. Horn back to the stand to talk about the wounds…

  61. OK! The new VENT page is up, for those that want to vent!

    Email me if you want the password, as you’ll not get in without it.

    Team Jodi

        • CAn you send to me, though I am afraid to see what lies in wait for me in my emails, I will venture there for this – I am so completely upset about this, I went home depressed with my husband and one son gloating, I was able to explain to my oldest son and beautiful daughter though. I love my husband and other son dearly, my husband “saved” me from my abuser but i cant convince him of Jodis innocence. I told him, you beat the crap out of Jeff, for me, what if there was a knife or gun there when Jeff tackled me down, maybe I would have grabbed them, we will never know. Let me tell you, my big 6ft 3in ex abuser came banging on my door, all night long, calling my new husband a p_&%sy over and over until my 5ft 9in husband came out of the door and knocked him to the ground and watched him snivle on off, that was a great moment let me tell you

        • Hi SJ
          I would like the password. I am so pissed. I literally yelled at my cleaning lady today for saying the jury got it right. In 15 minutes I changed her mind. She had no idea about bc she listened to the news and such.

          I am soooooo pissed! And I have been using much nicer language on this site than I have been discussing this with my husband.

  62. here is what I found on fb…

    Bomb threat at the courthouse…. And they called us the “taliban.”
    Like ·
    2 people like this.

    Joyce Loeppky Ya, the guy tweeted last night that he was going to plant an IED and then he would be a here….twitter name was grimlinskeleton
    21 minutes ago · Like · 1

    Lola Rossi Trolls at the brink of desperation
    20 minutes ago · Like · 2

    Kathy Slusser Check Donoman’s phone records….
    15 minutes ago · Like · 1

    Kimberly Smeltzer Pate One of Jodi’s minions I’m sure.
    9 minutes ago · Like · 1

  63. I am so troubled that Jodi was allowed to do the interview after the verdict. As much as I wanted to hear from her, what is more important is her words NOT being able to be used against her AGAIN. I completly understand her compulsion to want to get her voice/thoughts out there-but JM has proven to use anything she says as formidable weapons against her. Does anyone know what the argument between Jodi and her attorneys was about? Was she angry about her defense (Or lack of) or was she insisting on doing the interview?

    How on earth will they argue to save her life when Jodi has said she wants the death penalty? The death penalty takes a LONG time to take place and at least now Jodi gets to interact with her peers and have relationships. I cannot imagine her having to be in totat isolation by herself all day, every single day with only two hours outside twice a week. Can anyone advise?

  64. They have no faith …
    no belief in God.

    This Alexander family,
    and the multitude of Haters.

    For if they did,
    how could they ever .. pray,
    pray for a woman’s death,
    and cheer when it is granted.

    They have no faith …
    no belief in God, and …
    if they should tell me otherwise,
    i would call them liars …
    one and all!

    They are no judges …
    this Alexander family,
    nor the Haters, Martinez
    nor the jurors themselves.

    For there is only One True Judge …
    our Heavenly Father,
    and He will smile apon Jodi …
    in this world and the next!

    They will be judged …
    this Alexander family,
    and the Haters, Martinez
    and the jurors themselves.

    Woe to them …
    when the mobs are gone,
    and they stand alone!

    Woe to them …
    this Alexander family,
    and the multitude,
    when the One True Judges’ gavel falls …….

    I shed a tear this day …
    in Sadness and in Joy.

    In Sadness as i feel Jodis pain …
    in Joy as i know it is only temporary!

    • I love the poem all of it and this part is SO true:
      They will be judged …
      this Alexander family,
      and the Haters, Martinez
      and the jurors themselves

    • Sojourn, thanks a bunch for this post. It truly isn’t over…a verdict in their favor does NOT make them right.

    • I have no idea but I’d guess the 2nd phase will take 3 days or less depending on how much witness testimony. Like in the 1st phase the prosecutor gets the first and last word in as they will try to prove “cruelty” beyond a reasonable doubt.

  65. It is so sad that Jodi has become the scapegoat for the way people felt about OJ and Caseys acquitals, they believe they are making up for the fact that they were not convicted as the masses wanted so now these jurors will go on to be heros, in their own minds.

  66. Finaly trying to gather my thoughts on all this. Im just in AW.

    I just cant believe it. Never in all the world did I expect this
    verdict. I am shocked……..


    i never looked at the circus, but from the reporting back here of what was taking place it seemed likely that it was being heavily pushed externally and because mormonism was intimately involved in this case it would be likely that operatives for the mormon hierarchy would be very concerned to divert attention away from scrutiny of them and onto jodi

    the political, law enforcement, prosecutorial, and judicical system in hindsight seemed to be synchronized in this diversion

    the governor said jodi was guilty during jury deliberations

    the police hid evidence, etc

    a vindictive. malicious, zealous and mentally unbalanced prosecutor was chosen

    an incompetent judge was assigned to the case
    unknown if she was simply incompetent, or a law and order judge, a prosecutors judge

    • What every happened with Chris Hughs getting into Travis’ email/instant messages and deleting them? I caught wind of something like that in a comment he said on Dr. Drew.

    • Bingo!!

      You figured out what went wrong.

      If you followed along with the testimony TA threatened to destroy Jodi.

      We can only speculate as to why, but my guess is TA was advised to minimize Jodi’s credibility by his Mormon Bishop.

      Mesa, AZ politics are controlled by the Mormon’s. And the DA & Judges are elected.

      Keep studying Mormonism and reading about those who have escaped Mormonism to find your answers.

      Meanwhile I will keep praying for all of you who are stunned. Yes, I am a Southern Baptist.

  68. OJ and Casey have nothing to do with Jodi. She’s persecuted because she doesn’t follow the norm and act like everyone else. Could you imagine if Jodi had been a “slut” for real? All the info that’d be ou there? The other day someone was criticizing her genitalia! It’s horrible! There’s so much evidence this had no premeditation. It’s sickening. What woman plans to kill her lover and has pictures shot up close of her vagina and ass? Tell me? Who? She’s not a porn star. It’s disgusting. I’m truly heartbroken.

  69. I don’t know about how many other people would feel the same as Jodi. But I put myself in her shoes and I would also prefer the DP over life in prison. I don’t agree that she made it public but I would feel the same way about it.

    • LC,
      I understand. Being in Jody’s position I would feel the same way. To preface, I have been following HLN since yesterday and they are cruel, brutal, sadistic, evil to Jody. Not one kind word. They have participated in pulling people together to stone Jodi to death. They even have their own little town square at the court house where the lynch mob can form each day. And while everyone is in the HLN square people are interviewed saying how selfish Jody is, she doesn’t think of anyone but herself, she is not respectful to TA family, she is a liar(which she was given M1 for). It doesn’t matter the whole courtroom lied. Everything is Jodi’s fault according to HLN.
      So here is Jodi, mixed up and thinking she is in love with this liar Travis(he lied a lot to himself also). Jodi ends up treated badly to the point of abuse. She still is attracted to him and she stops to visit. He once again becomes abusive and she fights for her life. TA lost his life.
      Then, Jodi is so overwhelmed that she doesn’t know what to do. I would be that overwhelmed also. She spends two years coming to grips with this aweful traumatic event. Once she does piece it all together and is able to take responsibility she owns up to what she did.
      She goes through 4 years in jail a lot of lawyer BS and she believes if she tells her story it will be understood. Even to the point of not telling everything about Travis to keep his reputation in death.
      She goes through 56 days of trial with the Worst American Judicial System. Yet she still has belief that she has done the right thing. Why would she admit to it at all if she were a liar?
      But to make everything worse, and we haven’t even spoke of the Mormon religion, there is a nationwide/worldwide show called HLN deciding to make the most serious issue that can happen for someone ENTERTAINMENT! And this is allowed. Even after Jodi’s conviction they make blatant statements about how unemotional, cold, and disrespectful Jodi was during the verdict hearing. They don’t stop! This young woman just got M1 and her life is on the line and you continue to talk to about her like she is a piece of meat HLN. I know there are lawyers that would take this on. This is the utmost form of abuse. With all the documentation, videos, everything there is so much that the Judge, her court, and HLN can be sued for.
      HLN keeps playing when the verdict was read. It shows Jodi’s sitting there just trying to take it all in. Then they triple split the screen with Jodi and 2 videos of crowds outside the courthouse cheering and screaming in agreement with the verdict. That is like reading the story of Jesus Christ! How very sad and pathetic these people are acting. There by the Grace of God go I.
      I don’t blame Jodi one bit for her thoughts and feelings. She knows they are just going to commit her to death. There is no one that will help her properly. This whole travesty of justice is playing out and this Arizona Court is allowing this to happen. Let’s put them in the real world. I just had some ideas of putting them in the real world but they will find the real world themselves.
      Jodi isn’t playing victim. She is a real suffering human being. All these people are so cold hearted. I can totally understand where Jodi is coming from.

  70. This whole thing is so upsetting. I believe that Jodi should take some responsibility (M2 or Manslaughter) BUT I really don’t believe this was premeditated. Does anyone know her mailing address? Is it true you can only send postcards?

  71. Just read the following statement, which is so telling regarding the convoluted, unintelligent, emotion-dominated thinking of the general public, which should never be espoused by a state’s prosecutor’s office.

    “In reaction to the verdict, Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery issued the following statement: “Today’s verdict closes the guilt phase of State v. Jodi Ann Arias. However, the pursuit of justice on behalf of Travis Alexander continues.”

    The last sentence is the case in point. It is not the prosecutor’s responsibility to pursue justice for a victim, but to participate in determining a just outcome for all concerned. The prosecutor should not be an advocate for the victim or the victim’s family except in the case where there is no reasonable doubt, e.g., when there is direct testimony by credible witnesses and other corroborating evidence.

    Justice implies a fair, balanced approach. Pursuing justice for the victim denies justice for the accused, who may or may not be guilty, and often is not guilty, but is convicted nonetheless. The Arias case was decided on very fragmentary evidence gratuitously pieced together in a shoddy patchwork quilt which was wrapped around the jurors’ minds by the prosecution’s abusive behavior. This construction was aided and abetted by HLN and others.

    • Yep. Sounds like a corrupt politician who wants to guarantee his re-election.

      Too bad the ultimate outcome of this debacle won’t be in his favor.

    • “The Arias case was decided on very fragmentary evidence gratuitously pieced together in a shoddy patchwork quilt which was wrapped around the jurors’ minds by the prosecution’s abusive behavior. This construction was aided and abetted by HLN and others.” WELL SAID!

      • It seems the whole world is against Jodi. I know what she did was wrong but this whole case was handled so unfairly. Everyone is entitled to a fair trial. Since when is the public and a television network allowed to decide the outcome of a trial? If she gets the DP, “Dr.” Drew and Nancy Grace can put another notch in their belt for destroying yet another life. They, along with Jane V. Mitchell, Vinnie Politan and Joey something or other created the mob mentality that I am sure the jury saw every night. HLN is responsible for this whole fiasco and the verdict should be thrown out and a new trial ordered with the jury sequestered.

  72. I also hope that she is able to get some therapy in jail/prison. I wonder if ALV or someone that she could recommend who is local would be allowed to give Jodi some psychotherapy. I’m not sure how visiting and all that works…

  73. Jodi had bad counsel. Every lawyer/legal student in this country knows this. JM had a weak Pre-Med case. I agree w/ the moderator (of this site). The jury was contaminated w/ Casey Anthony + HLN and didn’t want the media scrutiny. ~ Pls convince Jodi to stop wanting the death penalty. Death is not the “ultimate freedom” and life is always precious.

  74. I think it would have behooved the defense to drive home over and over again that it was NOT Jodi’s job to prove that she DID NOT attack Travis, but rather the State’s job to prove she DID. The State proved nothing of the sort but I think the jury (along with most of the rest of this hate-mongering country) forgot that fundamental rule of law in our judicial system.

  75. a vindictive. malicious, zealous and mentally unbalanced prosecutor was chosen

    Well said!!!! Juan is the lunatic. Not Jodi.

    And I think the judge was highly favorable to the prosecution. I hope to see the day this verdict is TOSSED and a new trial ordered. This trial was a sham.

  76. I just can’t bear to watch the afternoon proceedings. I am in such pain over this. Dear Jodi…where there is life there is hope.
    Somewhere out there, somebody knows a juror who didn’t follow the admonition. Please come forward. Do the right thing. Let’s get this conviction thrown out and avoid a new trial by allowing Jodi to take a plea like she wanted to in the beginning.
    This is such a tragedy and words cannot express how heartsick I am today.

    • I don’t believe each of these jurors truly believed it was m1. I bet they had conversations with their families regarding the possible consequences of a lower conviction and decided it was worth the upheaval it would cause to their lives. I’m not sure we can blame the jurors. The fault should lie with the court, the media and the public lynch mobs. They literally made it impossible,

  77. How long would an appeal court take to overturn the verdict? Is this a national court, as opposed to a state one? I don’t know how it works in America. Excuse my ignorance.;)

    • Appeals can go on for years and are rarely successful.

      In most cases where an appeal does work it merely results in a new trial. Something really big needs to happen for a convict to walk free after an appeal (like evidence someone else committed the crime),

    • I know we’re not there yet, but the average time in the US spent on death row was 74 months in 1984, and that increased to 178 months in 2010.

      That means the average death row inmate in US now spends 15 years appealing that sentence before execution.

      • And then, here’s a description of what happens:

        As you can see, much of the appeals process is based on briefs (which are not exactly “brief” at all, but must contain case law — other cases which have been previously decided which show the errors claimed to have been made in the trial court). The briefs lay out the issues being appealed. The direct appeal a tough process because the appellant (the one filing the appeal — in this case, Jodi) through her lawyers, has to pick only a few issues to appeal on. Then, the other side, the appellee (in this case, the state of AZ) files an answer brief disputing those issues. Finally, the appellant files a reply brief, replying to that which was brought up in the appellee’s answer brief. Many months later, very brief oral arguments are scheduled in front of a panel of judges.

        If the AZ Supreme Court agrees with the appellant, they may overturn the verdict and remand the case back for trial to the lower court, or they may simply overturn certain portions of the sentence. If the lower court’s verdict and sentencing is affirmed (agreed with) by the AZ Supreme Court, then the appellant can petition to the US Supreme Court. But the US Supreme Court does NOT take every case.

        “The Direct Appeal
        The direct appeal is an automatic appeal given to everyone sentenced to death. The appeal is made to the state’s highest court in which someone can seek an appeal from a conviction and death sentence. In some states, this appeal is mandatory but in others, it is optional for the defendant.

        The direct appeal is limited to issues from the trial. Typically, the prosecutor and the defense file briefs and oral arguments are held before a panel of judges. After reviewing the case, the judges can affirm the conviction and sentence, reverse the conviction, or reverse the death sentence.

        The direct appeal for federal cases is also limited to issues from the trial, but is handled by federal courts, rather than state courts.

        Either losing side can then petition for a writ of certiorari with the U.S. Supreme Court, requesting a review of federal constitutional issues.

        State Post-Conviction
        This is the second stage of the appellate process. Petitions are first filed with the original trial judge, then appealed to any intermediate courts (when applicable), and then finally to the state’s highest court. At this stage, the defendant may raise issues surrounding the conviction and sentence that are outside of the record. The defendant can raise issues such as ineffective assistance of counsel, juror misconduct, newly-discovered evidence and Brady violations (A Brady violation occurs when the state withholds evidence that could help the defense’s case). There are strict timelines that must be followed when filing this appeal, and missing a timeline may end a defendant’s appeals. The defendant may again choose to petition the U.S. Supreme Court for a writ of certiorari. If the Court denies the writ, the defendant has exhausted all State remedies, and the case can be continued in federal court.

        Federal Habeas Corpus
        Federal habeas corpus is the final stage of the appeals process, and is limited to federal issues raised on appeal in the State courts. For federal death row inmates, this is the stage of the appeals process that allows them to raise issues outside the trial record. The federal appeals process consists of three levels.

        A petition to the U.S. District Court is the first step in federal post-conviction review. The decision is made by a judge reviewing briefs filed by the prosecution and the defense. The judge may also grant a hearing on new evidence. The judge can dismiss the petition, overturn the conviction, or overturn the sentence.

        Permission to appeal to the U.S. Court of Appeals is not automatic and must be granted by the U.S. District Court or the Court of Appeals. The appeal is limited to issues raised in the U.S. District Court. If the conviction or sentence is overturned in federal review, the state is usually given the opportunity to re-try the defendant. If the U.S. Court of Appeals denies relief, the only option is to petition the U.S. Supreme Court for a writ of certiorari.

        The U.S. Supreme Court is the last resort for defendants appealing their death sentence. The Court, however, only reviews a handful of death penalty cases a year. When a writ of certiorari is denied by the U.S. Supreme Court, the defendant has exhausted his appeals. The only relief available to the defendant is executive clemency.

        Executive Clemency
        Executive clemency is the power held by a governor or other body to grant relief to a person facing execution. The governor may postpone an execution in order to allow time for further review or may commute a defendant’s death sentence to a lesser sentence, such as of life without parole.”

    • Is it true that Donovan won’t be able to communicate with Jodi now?? And when Jodi gets to a regular prison there in AZ will she be a able to get more than just a stupid post card? I want to write her a letter.

  78. Jodi says she wants the “death penalty” but her eyes tell a different story. Deep down, she wants to live. Pls don’t give up on yourself, Jodi.

  79. 5/8/2013 REQ – Request – Party (001) 5/9/2013

  80. what was the bomb threat for????? They got the guilty verdict they wanted?! I don’t get it, what else do they want?

    • I have no idea LC 🙁

      I know nobody here would resort to violence. That’s the Travis Taliban’s way of handling things through threats of violence and intimidation and ruining people’s careers.

      We are above that here.

    • I think the crowd that gathered yesterday would have killed her if they would have let her walk outside. They are haters and wanted to stone her to death. The girl clearly has mental issues that have gone on for years untreated as someone said here. God should give her, her punishment not the death penalty. Don’t give up Jodi. I know deep inside there is someone in her that is very damaged and hurt by this. She took her own life the same day she took Travis’s. Travis was clearly in a cult, treated her like trash all while he was acting like a man of God. Travis did not deserve to die, but he was surely no Angel they way Nancy Grace and all of the media would like you to believe. Of course all his cult friends are going to say he was the most wonderful man ever.

      • Great post. They would tear her limb from limb if they could get their hands on her. I think it’s psychological torture. They want to kill her over and over and over again. It’s sick.

  81. I feel very badly for Jodi. People are acting like they are in middle school, criticizing her clothes, her hair and even Travis’ friends calling her a dork. You would think Travis was the second coming of Christ the way people just gush over him. I can’t help but think if Jodi were the one murdered and Travis were alive Nancy Grace and everyone else would be going on and on about how sick and twisted Travis and his sex fantasies are. Instead they downplay it like it’s no big deal. But you know Nancy Grace would be all over how disturbed he was if this were reversed. Regardless of what a person does a mob mentality does nothing but destroy the moral code our country strives for.

    • That is so true. I was thinking the same thing, they are like a nasty little clique who can’t say enough bad things about the person they’ve decided to target. They have to tear apart every little thing they can think of.

  82. i too would like the pw please. my computer is in hospital trying to recover from virus, its hard typong on phone and tablet. but i want to say that i couldn’t sleep last night too upset. i want to take action. i still believe Jodi’s was a false confession and can anyone help me, i think if we all try to contact the people at falseconfessions dot org, and someone try to get more info from Jodi about a possibility of oths involved or at least no memory. maybe we could get the ball rolling on that and get some truth with justice.

    if you guys think im nuts thats fine too, im just trying to be proactive as that is how i get when so terribly upset.

  83. Good to see others having the same problems with posting and page disappearing, I havent been able to post anything or get on site at times. I was beginning to think I was locked out for good. I was like Heelllooo oo oo oo can anybody hear me??? Please let me in! But I do have to say I have gotten much needed house cleaning done since I had no one to talk to and too many thoughts. Now I have to catch up on all the comments. I do want to say my heart goes out to Jodi today. Please dont give up!! Keep fighting Its not over!

    • ENOUGHis, I kept refreshing and refreshing and refreshing the page until I got through yesterday and when i commented I’d have to do the same thing…just when we need each other the most CRASH! It was awful.

      • Aint that the truth! I kept doing the same thing refreshing, hitting the back button, I’d get on then try to post and get kicked off again so i just gave up and started cleaning. I couldnt stop my mind from racing and I couldnt sit still.

  84. Those HLN douchebags seem so happy that Jodi is coming from psych ward and will appear in court in her prison stripes! What is wrong with them?

      • I just heard she is allowed to wear civilian clothes. That is ridiculously prejudcial to make her sit there in prison stripes! Although, with this debacle that is the trial you never know…

    • I believe they are “SOULLESS” .. the whole evil lot of them!
      Taking joy in another persons misery & pain says alot about someones character …..

      I really wish there were away for someone to bring some kind of legal action against HLN and all of their Ghouls!

    • Jodi will look beautiful in whatever she wears….they can insult her clothing all they want. It won’t change the beauty that is behind the clothes

  85. It’s a lot better today than yesterday, but of course once the sentence is given, I expect the site to have trouble again.