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9 months on from its official start date, and this never-ending BS-riddled circus fiasco just keeps on rolling.

In the latest development, today’s scheduled performance has now been postponed until October 4th. Motions still pending include the change of venue, social media restrictions on jurors & live TV coverage limitations.

In the meantime…


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  1. DANM!!! missed again oh well one of these days 😀 Good morning all
    (((((PAN, MARIA)))))

    Ray in H-burg Va.

  2. I have a feeling a lot of stuff is going on behind the scenes that we are not privy to. Hopefully someone is knocking some moral sense into the prosecution’s office about how they’ve moved past sanity (not to mention economic sense) to try to kill this woman. Maybe the State will take the death penalty off the table and be done with it. But then again, look who we’re talking about.

      • In what respect, Alexis? Please expound. Do you think the Milke case brought them to their senses? Maybe about how misogyny can have such a detrimental effect when women are treated like inherently evil beings when being tried for first degree murder (i.e., witch hunts)? Or maybe the State now just has more women whom they want to kill than they can adequately deal with?

          • AZ will never come to their senses but I heard the AG office is not in agreement about seeking the DP for Jodi because some aren’t sure they will win.

  3. The one thing I don’t understand is they (prosecutors) say that the have to take into consideration Travis’ family’s wishes. But they don’t even live in Arizona, so why does the state (Arizona) really care what the family wants. Just saying 🙂

    Ray in H-burg Va.

    • I think they just say that to get the public behind them, so the public will look the other way while the state keeps throwing money at the mess they’ve made.

          • That sheriff Arpaio gets my goat every time I see him ramble on self-righteously about how he treats his prisoners like cattle. It’s like it’s his point of pride. What a throwback! That’s what you get when you put a damn savage in charge.
            I wish they threw him in one of his jails and denied him all the privileges he shamelessly denies his inmates. I wonder how much he would last.

            • I wonder if that Sheriff is as above the law as he likes to portray himself. I suspect he’s up to the same business as the Sheriff in the Shawshank Redemption.

            • I think Apraio and all those with authorities that ‘support’ his ways should be thrown in the ‘funny house’ cause they are fucking nuts! Prisoners have human rights too. He is stepping on their rights and everyone is turning a blind eye.

      • Well, I can tell you that the public isn’t looking the other way anymore. I was invited to and attended a legislative summit at the Arizona State Senate on Friday. Death Penalty Alternatives for Arizona helped to put this together and they did a fantastic job. All the usual suspects were there, including that asshole Bill Montgomery. Apparently the family does have a major say so in how the case is pursued; whether to seek the death penalty or not. Though many agreed that the family should have some say in the process, most felt that the decision should be made by the State.
        Nearly every person that testified was quite against the cost of carrying out the death penalty. That seems to be the biggest issue. Several used Jodi’s case as an example of that. Bottom line, people here are pissed. Pissed about how much this trial has already cost and what it may end up costing. It looks like it could go over $8 million – that’s fu*@ing ridiculous. The Debra Milke case is another one people are incensed over. A large majority of the people here want the charges dropped and her to go free. It’s a strong possibility that the legislature could put a moratorium on the death penalty or it could come up on the ballot for the voters to decide. It appears as though when Maryland repealed the DP it had a strong effect on the rest of the country, including here. The only way these politicians listen is when their vote is threatened. I think quite a few of them felt that on Friday when some of us voters had the chance to speak. I was given a few minutes to testify. I took the opportunity to use the words of Desmond Tutu who said, “To take a life when a life has been lost is revenge, not justice.” Just my opinion but I don’t think revenge has any business in our justice system. Jodi’s case is a prime example of a group of people wanting revenge and holding the people of Maricopa County hostage until they get it. The family and friends of Travis don’t give a f@*k about justice for him, they just want blood. In my opinion they’re sorry excuses for human beings.

          • WTG, Jeff!! If only more people felt the way you do about the DP.
            Debra Milke’s case has put the issue under the spotlight again, imagine what would have happened if that woman was put to death in 1998 (I think) when they were to carry on with it. Just imagine, an innocent woman killed by the State when nothing makes sense if you read about they way she was convicted in the first place! Geez… Now, I’m not saying that Jodi didnt do it; she admitted it. But we have discussed time and again how absurd asking for her blood is!!!

            • Maria, Jodi did it but (let me clear my throat for this one – my favorite sentence): IT WAS IN SELF DEFENCE!!!! (I am adding something to this): THUS, JODI ARIAS IS INNOCENT!!!!

              So, I agree with you 100%! ♥

        • I’ve come to believe that prosecutors are the biggest thugs out there.
          I have almost lost my faith in criminal justice.
          If they have a modicum of decensy and common sense left in them, they will abolish the death penalty everywhere in the US, it’s a barbaric ritual carried over from the violent past and should be done away with.
          Plus it’s funny how primitive people conflate revenge with justice. The Alexander family want revenge, an eye for an eye if you will. They are bloody savages and throwbacks and belong in a different century, they definitely don’t belong in this century.
          We need to be more involved, start demonstrations/protests against this. That crook Montgomery doesn’t care either way, what he cares about is money and being re-elected and if he sees a strong backlash against his actions from his constituents, he will immediately change his mind.

          • They have a cop/jock mentality. It’s all about them winning. Then you see videos of cops beating up women for the fun of it. That’s what our criminal justice system is about.

        • I hope the double-whammy debacle of Jodi and Debra’s case will create momentum.

          One suggestion I have : no death penalty in domestic cases, that is where the accused person had an ongoing relationship with the victim ( whether father, mother, intimate partner, child etc. )

          That would stop some of the nonsense.

          The other thing would be to employ people who can actually think straight at the county attorney’s office, who could filter out these ridiculous cases. Not judges or lawyers, but proper intuitive thinkers, who can spot bullshit a mile away.

          • I’d say “no death penalty, pediod” :=)))
            I think the DP is wrong no matter what circumstances. I think that killing people to show that muder is wrong is hypocritical of those who are in favor of the DP, to say the least. Not to mention that it’s morally objectionable and will never sit right with me.
            Plus, I think that instead of locking people up and throwing away the key (which is what our society seems so eager to do), we need to make an effort to rehabilitate these people and once they are rehabilitated and have shown their willingness to abide by the law, release them.
            I think Jodi is rehabilitated, she poses absolutely no threat and by that standard she should be released. It’s wrong and pointless to give in to the Alexander family’s whims and keep her locked up. The Alexander family need revenge, they are godless barbarians, plucked straight out of the medieval times.
            Revenge is not justice. Revenge is heprehensible and doet not serve the interests of society.

        • Hey Jeff, thanks for sharing the information about the legislative summit. It really strikes and pisses me that the money thing is the main issue when it comes to the DP. Like people had less problems with it when it could be carried out for little money.

          No, I guess people need to understand in the first place that life is a human right for every human being, even for those who commit horrible crimes (which I don’t think Jodi did as I believe her claim of self defense), that can’t be forfeited. Therefore to kill a human being, even if it is carried out in a democratic justice system, is a violation of universal human rights and hence a crime.

          For me, as a Christian, it is incomprehensible why a society that claims to be Christian sticks to the DP. Like it never heard of the love of God and that God seeks the sinner. In my bible the idea of forgiveness and mercy are permanent. What kind of bible are American Christians reading?

          I won’t judge the Alexander family because I don’t know why they are pursuing the DP for Jodi. Maybe it is revenge, yeah. Maybe they expect to gain relief. I’m sure it wouldn’t. So I don’t know what drives them. But I am really hoping that God will touch their hearts. That they will understand that killing a human being is just wrong. That it is not God’s will. I am hoping that they will make the experience how good it is to forgive. And I am hoping that they will meet people who won’t fuel their hate but explain God’s idea of healing to them.

          I agree with your statement concerning “revenge”, too. Revenge, an eye for an eye, pay back equally, is a medieval justification for punishment. Actually it has nothing to do with justice. So, the DP is one, life without parole the other. What do you think of that? For me it is almost as bad as the DP. It is a DP on rates. Life without purpose. And therefore to reject, too. I welcome the idea of a second chance very much. Not for dangerous offenders that is. But I believe, Jodi for one, is absolutely no thread to society and she definately deserves a second chance for life.

          • When the defense team tried to negotiate a plea a few years ago, one of the phrases went something like “Ms. Arias feels that a life sentence is the worst a jury will give her.” From the moment I read it, I’ve believed that was the literal, honest truth. That, for Jodi, LWOP would be worse than the death penalty.

        • Hopefully, it’s up to the state and not the Travis Alexander family.
          That is the worst justice I’ve ever heard.
          What if they wnting a hanging????
          Good for you Jeff in Mesa!!
          Hope the cost goes up to 20 million or bankrupts AZ.
          I don’t think you and others would mind if they set Jodi free.
          AZ will come back after that!!

          • It isn’t up to them. They have say but the final decision comes from Bill Montgomery and who knows with him and the Milke case now.

    • That is so fucked up in so many ways! ‘Take into consideration Travis’ family’s wishes’ ????!!!!! WHAT?!!! What the hell does justice have to do with emotions and wishes?

      If it works that way, then let AZ know that Jodi’s family’s wishes (not that I know but I am using common sense) are to put in jail all those that have threatened the family, the witnesses, friends and supporters!

      BAM! How is that for wishes!

      And as long as we are on the topic of ‘wishes’, I wish I wake up tomorrow and a money tree is at it’s full bloom in my backyard! LMFAO! 😉

  4. Jodi Tweet:

    ” Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don’t matter, and those who matter don’t mind.” … Dr. Seuss

    I praying for you to be free Jodi!

  5. I think maybe seeking the DP has turned into a pissing contest for Juan and the crooked powers that be in AZ. They want to save face and not admit that this was an overcharged case to begin with so in order to not look like the insufferable fools they are, they doggedly keep pushing rather than admit they were wrong. To steal a line from The Heat. ‘Someone needs to locate Juan’s balls. They would be teeny tiny like b b’s or ball bearings or like little girl balls if little girls had balls.’ lol

  6. What I find lacking in our movie industry is that we have way too many TV movies/series that portray prosecutors as “good guys”, and these movies make us sympathize with prosecutors, how many hurdles they have to jump to pu a “bad guy” away. And we have way too few movies that portray the defense as good guys that stick up for the wrongly accused.
    So it’s no wonder that on a visceral level most people who watch this swill are dead set against defense lawyers and side with the prosecution!
    But we’ve all seen how in the REAL WORLD prosecutors lie under oath, suborn perjury, withhold evidence, turn a blind eye to witness intimidation, exaggetate the defendant’s testimony to make the defendant look bad, and many other shady things. They wheel and deal and use these dirty tactics to convict faster and they don’t even entertain the idea that the defendant could be innocent of the charges. Probably because their paycheck and the inflated feeling of self-importance is directly proportinal to how many people they put away.
    As usual with most prosecutors, justice takes a back seat to personal gain and fame.

    • As an aside,
      For the record I stopped watching the police drama law & order (I used to like it), I know they got it all wrong, during its production they shoud have injected a dose of reality into it: like the fact that sometimes detectives LIE under oath, that that fat sloth Saldato in the Milke case. And the fact that prosecutors don’t hestiate to use underhanded tactics to convict, like Martinez did in the Jodi case.
      Until I got familiar with the Jodi case, I didn’t realize how corrupt rotten to the core our justice system is and what shenanigans prosecutors get away with in a courtroom. The reality has nothing to do with what we see in movies.

      • I only watched Law & Order when Ice-T was on it. I love that man!

        As for what we see on TV and in the movies… besides a handful of movies the rest is all fairytales to me.

  7. Her name was on the page where it shows the trial information though. Maybe she’ll retire! Ha no such luck. Noticed there is a evidentiary (sp?) hearing 9/27/13. Wonder if that will take place.

    • There is some speculation in the other camp that there may be some – err – oversight(?) going on with Stephens and this case. That maybe her rulings alone (without all the other crap, and we know there’s plenty of crap!) could cause this case to get kicked for yet another VERY expensive trial?

      • I saw them complaining about Sherry because she won’t make this go trial right away. i think it also has to do with local politics and whether the AG’s office really wants to spend more money on a retrial. What oversight where they talking about?

        • Oversight as in someone looking over her shoulder….

          Maybe because of the rest of the shake-up going on – the summit at the State Senate Jeff told us about, the concerns about costs of retrying Milke compounded by looking down the road at retrying Jodi too because of judicial errors.

  8. I think it would be absolute perfect karma if the conviction was overturned due to the behavior of those siblings who continuously “testified” from the front row, putting their gesticulated stamp of approval or disapproval on witness testimony. They might as well have been sending notes to the jurors and that was “testimony” that the defense was unable to cross examine. Wouldn’t it just be the perfect outcome if those vengeful people turned out to be the sole cause of an overturned conviction?

  9. Hello everyone!
    I keep meaning to comment. But I get pulled away for life craziness. I am reading everything. Excellent points are made.

  10. EeeeGads! My son is driving through AZ today I’m holding my breath until he gets out of that crazy place!!!
    I told him to be careful and do the speed limit; but we all know you don’t have to really be guilty of anything in AZ!!!!! Everyone cross your fingers for me! 🙂

    • Fingers crossed 🙂
      Tell him not to use gas cans, to always keep his cell phone charged, not to stop at Walmart , not to stop at Starbucks but if he does NOT to order a strawberry frappucino FFS!!! LOL 😀

    • Praying your son made it through the unfair state unharmed. I was reading a magazine and saw a vacation contest to Arizona. They really need to place warnings on the contest ballots. Tourism needs to fall 99%. Truthfully, who wants to get caught in that sick, vicious spider web? We pick our battles. My awesome Jodi family, keep your distance. Pass on to friends and family.
      Plus, if we don’t give them new, outside people to torture and murder they will eventually turn on themselves.

      • Thanks for all your finger crossing! It worked! He is driving he’s girlfriend from California to TN ( sightseeing as they go). I really was freaking out to think he was in AZ. Yes, Pandora and Maria I gave him special instructions on where they could stop, especially not Walmart. Although, knowing them they probably did hit a Starbucks. I know everyone isn’t bad there but I didn’t want him to take any chances. 🙂 You girls are hilarious and I love you all! Everyone has such good thoughts on here and we all pretty much think the same way! Sounds like heavens doesn’t it? I’m still praying for Jodi’s freedom and that will be a Glorious Day for sure!!!!!!. FREE JODI!

        • Love you too***
          Yes!! This is our own little corner of Heaven, where everybody thinks Jodi is a good person and not the evil witch the media has been trying to portray her. It feels so good coming here and talking with all of you, it’s been the thing keeping many of us sane I believe. Imagine what torture it would have been if SJ hadn’t created this site.

          • It really has helped to know we are all on the same page and not alone in our beliefs! Bless Jodi’s heart she is a strong woman and I can’t wait until she has her freedom.

  11. I keep trying to put together in my mind the State’s theory of how the killing took place. I know they have Jodi attacking him in the shower and then somehow she allows him to get out of the shower and go over to the sink where he deposits blood. Are they claiming the blood spurted from his chest wound? Or maybe from his mouth as a result of a chest wound? And how do they explain the blood up and down the hallway? Do they have Jodi chasing him as he runs down the hallway and then, instead of keeping going, he turns back toward her and runs back up the hallway with her in hot pursuit behind him? Or did the State just ignore the hallway blood?

    • It’s not just the sink. There are three large distinct pools of blood on the tiles.
      These need explanation, starting with the one near the toilet entrance.

      The state has this nonsense gunshot last theory, which makes it impossible to explain the blood pools.

      The defense dismantled Dr Horn’s gunshot last theory, by showing it was incompatible with Horn’s own autopsy report. Dr Robert Geffner gave the correct explanation, the bullet deflected off the skull, and travelled behind the nose, and did not affect the brain at all, which is why the Dura Mater was intact.

      Given such nonsense, it is hardly worth pointing out many other problems with the state’s theory, or even trying to describe it.

      • Thanks, GeeBee. So I presume the State made no assertions about the hallway blood (as well as the other pools) since, of course, it didn’t fit their theory. It’s like what I believe you once wrote (paraphrasing): in witch hunts, if evidence doesn’t fit just throw it away.

      • The bullet didn’t deflect. The autopsy does say the bullet perforated the anterior fossa (entrance wound), inferior skull base (bullet must have slanted sharply down and to the left to have missed the eye but re-entered the) facial skeleton (bridge of nose) at midline. So that wimpy little bullet did go through bone, not just once but three times (though I’m not sure if the inferior skull base is any thicker than the bridge of the nose.)

          • gee bee

            I don’t see any mention in the autopsy report that Horn found the cribriform plate ‘mostly missing’ as Speights asserts. Only the mention on page one that there is a perforation of the inferior skull base.

              There is a 1/8 inch circular gunshot wound of entrance over the anterolateral lower right forehead, above the eyebrow. The wound is located 3 inches inferior to the crown of the head and 1 ½ inches to the right of the midline forehead. There is a 1/8 inch wide equal rim of marginal abrasion surrounding the wound. No soot, gunpowder stippling, or intact gunpowder particles surrounding the wound.
              The wound track perforates the anterior frontal skull near the superior orbital bone and traverses the right anterior fossa, without gross evidence of significant intracranial hemorrhage or apparent cerebral injury (although examination of brain tissue is somewhat limited to the decomposed nature of the remains). The projectile re-enters the facial skeleton near the midline and the wound track terminates in the left cheek.
              Palpation and incision of the left cheek reveals the presence of a deformed apparent small caliber projectile, which is located 6 inches inferior to the crown of the head and 4 ½ inches to the left of the anterior facial midline. The projectile is recovered, photographed, and retained as evidence.
              There is no gunshot wound of exit.
              The wound track trajectory is right to left and downwards.


              The scalp is reflected in the usual fashion revealing previously described injuries. The 1525-gram brain is covered by thin, clear, delicate leptomeninges. The dura mater and falx cerebri are intact. There is good preservation of cerebral symmetry with diffuse green-gray softening of parenchyma due to decomposition. Multiple serial sections of autolyzed brain do not reveal the presence of grossly apparent trauma, foreign bodies, or previously existing natural disease. The atlanto-occipital articulation is grossly normal.


              There was a single penetrating gunshot wound of the head with injuries of the skull and face.


              • Page one geebee.

                ll. Gunshot wound of head.
                A. Gunshot wound of entrance, right forehead, indeterminate range.
                B. Perforation of inferior skull base, anterior fossa and facial skeleton.

  12. Does anyone have the dimensions of the shower?
    The more that I think about this, the more NOTHING will be just unless Jodi has a brand new trial in another city.
    Anything else is just WRONG!! The whole trial was wrong.
    The Anthony family acted like clowns. IF they can’t keep from making facial expressions, rolling eyes, and glaring down the jury, then they shouldn’t be allowed in the gallery.

      • My friends boyfriend was on trial and she couldn’t make ANY expressions during the trial OR she would have been sent out and not allowed back in. When the verdict was read, the judge said, IF you think you will not can not do that, then leave now.
        My friend left.

        • Yes, Aly. This also applied to Jodi’s family . They were admonished to refrain from making ANY KIND of facial expression. That’s why there were haters out there, attacking Sandy, saying how cold a mother she must be. FFS! Apparently, being on the Alexanders’ side they had no idea that this is a court of Law where making faces is totally forbidden.

          • maria,
            didn’t that apply to the Alexanders side as well?
            You know that is just wrong.
            I think in some cases it’s so admonished that if they DO so, it’s a mistrial.
            Not sure about that, but they are not allowed to be in the courtroom.
            The judge never said a damn thing to them and they did it throughout the whole trial.
            Damn, they piss me off!!

            • Well, it supposedly applied to them too. Did you see them abiding by that rule? NO!!
              And even when Martinez so cruelly and unexpectedly held up the autopsy pic during Lisa’s cross-examination, Samantha getting up and rushing out of the courtroom seemed like an exaggerated performance to me, sorry but it did! If they couldnt handle the autopsy pics (which would be totally understandable) they should have excused themselves and not have attended the trial. I think it was trial Day 3, when Horn was on the stand and they would all (the Alexanders and their friends) keep their heads down, eyes lowered….WTF? The ME was testifying, what did they expect?? That no autopsy pics would be shown? The Jury should have never seen them acting like that!!

    • I haven’t seen the dimensions published anywhere. It appeared to be pretty ‘typical’ in size. The typical size is 36″ x 36″, or, if it is a rectangle (which Travis’ appears to be) 36″ deep by 42″ wide.

      • Thanks Journee.
        The reason that I asked is that my husband broke his femur on Feb. 24, this year. I think it was about two months after that, he was taking a shower and got weak, he couldn’t stand up on his own and it took my daughter and myself to try and hold him up, a friend was here at that time so he could help. He was smaller than my husband. My husband is 6’2, 180 lbs. Our shower is 36″ deep and 60″ wide.
        There is no way in hell one of us could have helped him by ourself.
        PLUS, we sure weren’t going to pull him back in the shower over that ledge.
        Also there is not a sliding door, we have a shower curtain, thank goodness!!!

  13. BTW, I just found out that that lying thug Martinez almost lost his recent case – he got another hung jury on the murder and cruelty to animals charges! What a loser! I’m so glad he’s having trouble convicting people. I think Jodi’s case is coming back to haunt him – people have seen him harrassing witnesses and doubt his credibility as a prosecutor.
    I wish all his cases were losses, and in the end he would be prosecuted for something and thrown in prison – that would be poetic justice!

    • Alexey,
      I think that Karma has arrived at his doorstep and is giving him gifts. Little ones for starters and then the big one! Can’t wait for him to open up his big gift: Losing in Jodi’s trial and watching her walk a free woman! BAM! That would be a blasting gift! LOL!

      • It would certainly make my day if Jodi’s conviction was overturned (at least on conctitutional grounds – certainy her rights were violated). )))
        I’m watching Jodi’s testimony over again and I can’t help but notice the vitriol in Martinez’s voice, he’s being brute, insensitive, inconsiderate, unnessesary cruel, vicious. In other words, he’s the antithesis of what a prosecutor is supposed to be. No wonder he was dubbed “a bulldog prosecutor”.

        • He was anything but objective. Prosecutors are not supposed to take cases personally, it’s not about them! It’s about Justice. But of course, when it comes to career advancement, fame and money people can turn into animals willing to annihilate,step on,or ‘kill’ anyone standing in their way. Difference being that Martinez is ACTUALLY trying to kill Jodi. In his head, I wonder how much he thinks human life is worth; a raise, a promotion, a book deal?

      • LMFAO Martinez wouldn’t last a week in prison before he was someone’s “girl friend” I’d like to see that!! LOL.

        Ray in H-burg Va.

        • I would also love to see Nancy Disgrace’s coverage of martinez’s trial – she would rip him a new one (a former prosecutor has turned to a life of crime – to be honest I saw that one coming a mile away, all the sings were there, starting from the way he bullied everyone in the courtroom, a definite psychopath).
          These subhumans in the media, like nancy grace, would turn on their own children to score more points.

    • Looks like Social Media is coming around to bite him in the ass. As it well need be. He was behind presenting Jodi as something she is not. It is time he is seen for what he is: a lying, unethical monster.
      Yes, Pan, Karma. I am getting the sense Karma will be very busy catching up on Juan Martinez.

  14. Does anyone know how one might go about finding out if a .25 caliber gun was ever registered in California to Travis’ mother, Pamela (née Morgan) Alexander?

    • Also, on the stand Jodi began to explain what she knew about Travis’ .25 caliber gun but, of course, Juan objected. Has anyone heard any more about what she was going to say?

      • We can only speculate. I don’t think she had a problem explaining where Travis had found that gun. (from his mother that is) Even if it was a big secret, she had to come clean just as she did with Travis’ issues.
        But Kermit jumped on that, objectiong because he knew that even if the Defense couldnt provide tangible proof (like papers etc) this would plant the seed of ‘reasonable doubt’ in the jurors’ minds. Once this blow was given to one of his major premeditation arguments (yeah right…), he knew his entire case could easily collapse and that the SD case could start presenting itself as a possibility. So he chose to act like the conniving weasel he is!

  15. I saw in one of the pre-trial motions that the defense team asked to allow Jodi’s polygraph test resutls in, at least as part of mitigation/sentencing, if it came to that. (Of course it was denied.) Does anyone have any further details about this? (She obviously passed or the defense wouldn’t be asking.)

  16. Re-examining the accidental photos, there is 62 seconds between the photo of the ceiling and the next photo, the one of him on the ground next to her pants leg. I know that HLN assumed that second picture was the end of the fight (tried to re-enact the whole thing in 62 seconds) but is it possible that is just after the gun shot, near the toilet entrance (where that round pool of blood is), after he tackles her like a “linebacker” and she’s scrambling to get away from him?

    • Yes. The blood coming down must be from the gunshot wound. In the interrogation tapes, when Flores shows her that pic I think she says ”that’s his bathroom”

    • Not near the toilet entrance, it is bathroom end of hallway.

      Only gun accident has happened at this point, so Jodi is trying to help Travis, I believe.

      ” This picture showed this incident occurred at the north end of the bathroom hall, where the largest amount of blood was located at the scene.

      The last picture taken also appeared to have been taken by accident. This picture was too dark as well and had to be enhanced. Once enhanced, it was clearly a picture of the bathroom hallway floor and baseboard. The main object was not clearly visible, but it appeared it was covered in a blood like or dark liquid substance. The baseboard and floor also had signs of the same colored substance.”

      • Geebee, What makes you say the photo is at the hallway entrance to the bathroom and not near the entrance to the toilet alcove?

          • Thanks, Geebee. I see that Flores does interpret the photo as being at the location of the largest pool of blood but I think that’s because he also presumes the blood we see in the photo is from the neck wound. I think it could just as well be blood from his mouth and nose from the gun shot in which case it could well have been taken near the toilet just after the “linebacker” tackle.

            • Err… it’s correct, the blood pool near the toilet is from the gunshot wound.

              As is the well defined stain on the carpet at the bedroom end of the hallway.

              The blood seen in the photo at 62 seconds is also from the gunshot wound.

              But the largest pools are also in this location just outside the linen cupboard.

              This is where the knife fight took place.

              The other thing to note is the small blood pool just inside the linen cupboard.

              Umm.. I’m not sure this is a good place to discuss details like this.

              Maybe see my Facebook link at

  17. Have you guys seeing this ? I just saw it yesterday. Bad thing. They put out already the Jodi movie ” Dirty little secret ” on the internet. I cant past the link here I don´t know why… But is already out there.

    • That’s not such a bad thing, imo. Although the fiction in that movie is astounding – Travis comes across as a user who treated Jodi like crap.

      • It’s the fiction that’s troubling to me. People are already too willing to believe the worst of Jodi. And, as we saw with Horn, it really doesn’t take much to alter one’s memory of what is true.

        WHEN (not if) Jodi gets a NEW trial, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if the state produces a witness to SWEAR they saw Jodi follow Travis into a men’s room to introduce herself.

        • Now people won’t be able to distinguish between “evidence” they witnessed at the trial, from what they heard from Vinnie Politan, from what they saw on Lifetime. But you can be sure that each and everyone of them believe that they know the true facts of the case. Shortly after it aired I was talking to a friend who did not follow the trial and she told me the reason Jodi killed Travis is because of some text messaging that went on between Jodi and another woman while Travis was showering.

          So far I have only been able to stomach the first half-hour or so (their meeting in Las Vegas) and this is what I’ve captured so far as to what Lifetime got wrong:

          No evidence that Travis was a so-called “motivational speaker” at the conference.
          No evidence that Jodi pursued Travis, “stalking” him into the men’s bathroom no less. Indeed, he pursued her.
          No evidence that Jodi lied to Travis about her relationship with Darryl with some sultry “You’re the only man in my life.”
          No evidence that Travis told her that he was seeing another woman (that was not Travis’ style even if he were seeing another woman).
          No evidence that Jodi exhibited jealously at some imaginary bar.
          No evidence that Jodi waited and sexually leaped on him outside his hotel room.

          • Mostly everything in that movie was fictional. If people believe in stuff like ‘Jodi Arias killed travis after texting with another woman’ all they have to do is watch the trial and see that NO evidence of any text messages that day was found. Believe me, if sth like that had happened, martinez would be waving the documents in court just to prove his theory that Jodi was a jealous vindictive woman!

        • People demonize Jodi. It’s fascinating to me how there are so many cases out there where people have been convicted of something tens times more offensive with convincing evidence that there was premeditation. I was reading at a site where people were talking about a guy who went to prison for planning to torture children and eat them. He had the torture chamber ready to go. There was nary a comment against him from haters but when there is a Jodi thread, haters abound.

    • That movie was the lowest of the low, because it was all about twisting the truth, full of inaccuracies and lies. I mean, c’mon! Why bother? HLN did a pretty ‘good’ job, demonizing Jodi and blowing this whole thing totally out of proportions! Did they feel the need to make an effing movie too???

      The worst thing when it comes to movies is that they have a timeless quality (well, good movies at least and not POS like this one) and people often reference them, especially the ones based on historical facts. Now I’m not saying Jodi’s case is a historical fact but it is legal history, for sure. Just as there are ignorant people out there who whenever they say something about let’s say the Titanic or queen Elizabeth I they refer to the equivalent movies, perpetuating the historical inaccuracies and false facts, imagine what could happen if there are people too bored to look into the facts and evidence of this case and just go for ‘the short version’ ?? Why bother to research a case when all you need to know is right in front of your TV screen, know what I mean? It’s disturbing and dangerous.

      • Doesn’t matter that this one wasn’t ‘timeless’, Maria – When Lifetime makes a movie, they like to get their money’s worth out of it. It will be played over and over again for YEARS.

  18. Nurmi: What was your understanding of how Mr Alexander had acquired that gun?
    Arias: My understanding of how he got the gun is that it.. [ she tails off, swallows, thinks ]
    Arias: My understanding is that [pause] his father used to ..
    Objection (hearsay) sustained.”

    Did the defense object when one of the State’s witnesses mentioned something about stalking? If so what was the ruling?

    Also, was there any other direct testimony about stalking, tire slashing or any other such unproven nonsense?

    • Justus – I missed some of the first few days of trial (afternoons -couldn’t find anyone covering it after In Session went off) and the first couple of days of states witnesses isn’t online, just bits of it. I THINK the 911 call was played in court, and the tire slashing is mentioned on that call. But, for the most part, it seemed to me that the defense was taking pains to make sure that the tire-slashing wasn’t mentioned. I remember Lisa was limited to making vague references to ‘other things happening’.

      BUT – there was a juror question about the tire slashing. And, I’m sorry again, I do not recall whether it was a question asked in court, or one of the questions released after the trial that didn’t get asked. Maybe someone else remembers.

      Sorry, I guess I shouldn’t have bothered to answer with my non-information, lol. But figured I’d toss it out there since no one else had replied to you.

    • Justus Forusall,

      The girl calling in and telling the 911 dispatcher that there was a girl that was slashing Travis’s tires,
      Why didn’t the prosecutor or the defense come right out and ask Jodi if she ever slashed his tires.

      NG, made a comment on her show that Travis’s neck was slit from ear to ear with the same knife Jodi used to slash his tires.
      I wish Jodi could sue all of the LIARS!!

      I don’t believe anything was brought up about the tire slashing in the trial because I wondered since that was such a big deal WHY not ask it?

      • FFS, who in the name of love calls 911 after just seconds of finding their friend murdered and opens a conversation about Jodi and refers to different things that happened in the past???

        Come on folks, I personally would be freaking out screaming for help and I would not be able to be so calm and engage in a conversation!

        It just goes to show that everyone that found travis knows more than they are willing to share…

        • Pan,
          I thought Mimi Hall sounded very upset. She even involved her mother. You didn’t? Travis told her he was being stalked so when she finds him, she refers to his statements. It seems to me that he did the manipulating of Mimi causing her to point the finger. The friend who came over with his laptop? he was very suspicious.

          • That was Taylor Searle, who wanted to be sure the cops on the scene saw that kiss-off email from Travis to Jodi, then forwarded to Taylor as proof he’d broken off with her for good.

            Wouldn’t that email also be on Travis’ computer? Why would Taylor think the cops would need to see HIS computer to see that email?

            • This is the phone call to 911.

              One thing that has bothered me is why is a group of people ‘all of a sudden’ going to find travis when in the previous days nobody gave a shit??? Did they gather a search party? Isn’t it weird that all of them went together?????

              • IMO, all these people talking on the phone to the dispatcher DON’T sound shocked or freaked out. There is no noise in the backround (conversations that usually go on when a group of people find their friend dead and blood all over the place). All this just seems to ‘set up’. It is as if they are all around the phone trying their best to be convincing.

              • Thanks Pandora,
                We have a friend, he’s dead in his bedroom,
                then the other one gets on the phone yeah, he’s dead in the bedroom, THEN he says in the shower.
                So, the dispatcher asked immediately did he hit his head OR????
                Did he commit suicide?

                Why didn’t she ask what his name was, had he been sick, something on that order.

                I agree, they knew he was in his bedroom they had already been told that Travis was dead yet they stayed in Cancun. No one called from Cancun and told them that Travis was dead, the roommates?
                Why weren’t they screaming bloody murder someone murdered our friend???

                Same here Journee, Why not just go over there and ask his roommates.
                This is total bullshit and 5 of them in that room, WHAT THE HELL????????
                Not only the roommates knew, but so did the friends.
                AND the 911 dispatcher asked if he had been threatened by anyone.

                Maybe the 911 dispatcher get’s calls like that all of the time, ALL suicide, Like
                Ashley Reed and that Officer Drenth. This is too bazaar.
                There’s a lot of people who have blood on their hands in Phoenix and it isn’t Jodi.

                I remember one time Jodi’s younger brother was at the trial and he looked scared stiff.
                There’s a whole lot wrong and it scarey as hell to know there is no one there to protect you.

                That wimpy excuse the roommate gave for believing it was Jodi was all just part of their plan. But the detective believed them over Jodi?
                No way, I believe she is totally innocent and shame on the media also for ALL of them
                attacking ONLY Jodi. WHY didn’t they come down hard on those that acted so innocent and made up such bullshit lies?

        • Yah, Mimi tells Flores she really doesn’t know anything about Jodi and then proceeds to tell him nine things about her (which, as we were to discover via HLN, were the mantra of all of the Mormon ‘friends’.

          • Right Journee!
            I hope that they don’t really believe they are a reputable “news” channel.
            Are they all Mormons or just afraid?
            When something comes down on a Catholic Priest, they aren’t afraid.
            What about Jeffers, I think that his name, the poligamist?
            But, this they won’t even question?

            They spread the biggest lies instead of trying to get to what in the hell happened???
            This is nuts!
            Cortez says he ONLY heard of Jodi. BS!!!!!!!
            Billings talked to her. He said that she and he had photography in common and they talked about that.
            Maybe he took the pictures!!

  19. ((((((Maria, Pandora ♥))))))
    I’m Fixin to sit and write Jodi a postcard, I’ll tell her y’all said hey and send your love.

    Ray in Harrisonburg Va.

  20. Hi every one, I hope you all are doing well. I finally was able to watch “Dirty Little Secret” the Lifetime movie. I fell asleep the first 3 times I tried to get thru it! I actually watched it on u tube. Yes the entire movie is available there. Anyway, as flawed and untrue as it is, it still makes me feel so sorry for Jodi. I think anyone who has been treated badly or used sexually or discarded like trash can relate to it to a degree. So, mabey it did some good in portrying Jodi as a sweet girl who got involved with a user type of guy. It was so ridiculous in alot of places, I laughed at the part when she did the little pg rated strip tease.It was pretty silly. I bet Jodi would get a laugh out of it. I am sending you all Hugs and kisses, Love ya, Jesse

    • I couldnt stop laughing watching the hot shorts and tiny T-shirts they had her wear. WHERE have they ever seen Jodi wearing such clothes???? I guess they had to portray her as a slut, right? rolling eyes…..

      • Maria, you know as well as I that Jodi is anything BUT a slut, she is very sweet, kind and thinks of everyone before herself. Now I don’t know her personally except for the many cards and letters that we have written back and forth, but you can tell a whole lot from just that.



        Ray in H-burg Va.

  21. I have been trying to wrap my head around this whole thing. The media is for sure
    not on Jodi’s side, none of the talking heads, all of the friends around that part of the country,
    and if you get right down to all of the answers, it’s going to have to come from the church.
    Of course they would love to see Jodi get the DP, stay away from the camera. IMHO, I really do believe that.
    Who would do it? Somebody, hopefully with a soul.

      • Me either Journee. BTW:The petition is up to 403 for the Proof of Perjury Petition does that mean when we get to 500 signatures it will be sent to the Governor or does it just keep going on and on? I’m don’t really understand how the petition thing works. Just wondering.

      • journee,
        Yes, a real soul, feelings, a heart, someone that doesn’t care about the church, but
        the person.
        Those people that went to the same church with Jodi.
        How can they have a soul. I myself may not belong to a church, but I feel like I have a soul
        or heart for people not an organization.
        There are so many “religions” that are so dominate over the people that the people become
        not the people that they were. To me that isn’t freedom for religion.
        If they don’t obey the “religion” some are kicked out.
        I used to go to church years ago, but was never harrassed by anyone for my decision.
        Some different ones have some kind of power that they shouldn’t have. That’s what I’m trying to say.

        • Aly, I still don’t understand what you meant by your post.

          Are you saying that you hope someone from Travis’ church will grow a soul – or at least a conscience – and come forward to speak the truth?

          I hope you are not holding your breath.

          • There was a person who posted here who is Mormon, who has a soul, who was on Jodi’s side and said Travis was abusive. She knew them both and took tons of heat from the church for not siding with them.

            • I know, Alexis… sorry for my turn of phrase, I was echoing Aly’s post.

              Still very disappointed, though… that the women who knew Travis’ true nature didn’t speak up for Jodi, that they’re willing to let Jodi die rather than tell a truth that could save her.

              • That’s what I mean Journee, : )
                NO, not those around where Travis lived, went to the same church.
                I guess soul/concience something, whatever it’s called.
                They don’t have it and they never will.

                The lady quess that was on here and took a bunch of heat, is what I’m talking about. If she just knew them and took all of that heat, imagine WHY they want Jodi to take the blame for this.

                I was just watching about the Mormon atonement. Someone that used to be Mormon was talking about it. Not this case, but just the belief.
                He said that the Joseph Smith Mormon, still believe that you can’t be saved by the
                Jesus Christ blood alone. They believe that you should shed your own blood and they ask do you love your brother enough to shed his blood for his atonement of his sin.

                Here’s what he said “by cutting their throat?” He said that some were found with their heads almost decapitated.

                But, since they believe that, why not just say that they did it because his sin was so awful, that they did it to shed his own blood for him.

                This is what I’m talking about and I know someone was on here talking about this very thing a while back.

                Why are people not talking about this more. Are they afraid. What do the talking heads have to fear AND all of the media??
                They sure never were afraid to talk about Jim Jones.
                What are they afraid of here?

                • The main reason I keep coming back around to wondering if the LDS church – or someone well placed within the church – was directly involved in Travis’ death is actually the poster Alexis referred to.

                  I remember her. A very sweet lady who seemed very sincere and did know that Travis was abusive with Jodi. So I have to wonder why someone as decent as she seemed to be would not be willing to speak up to keep Jodi from death row. Just one or two witnesses who testified to Travis’ nature could have turned this verdict into Murder 2/Manslaughter at least, might have even gotten an acquittal.

                  What kind of pressure, what nature of threat, must have been brought against decent people like Bella, that they would be willing to let Jodi die rather than tell what they know? AND what motivation would anyone have to make such a threat?

                  Bella dropped in once, having not posted in several weeks… she talked about having to back off because of pressure on her family. And in that post, which was not directed to me (in fact, I don’t think she and I had ever actually ‘conversed’ here, as I lurked for a long time before I ever posted) she said something to the effect that someday people might learn that “Journee is right” – BUT SHE DIDN’T SAY WHAT I WAS RIGHT ABOUT! grrrrr Imagine how frustrating that was for me – here’s someone with an inside track saying I’m right about something and not telling me what it is I am right about. But what I’d been talking about most recently, when she turned up, was that I thought that Stephens, Martinez and Flores were afraid. Like REALLY afraid.

                • Have you ever read at the ex-mormon sites? They talk about being bullied for questioning or wanting to leave the church. I google blood atonement though and even they say it was a ritual that historically went back to the 1800s and I haven’t found much about it being practiced in real time in this century. While it it’s interesting, I think it may be a coincidence. Surely travis isn’t the only guy behaving like that in the church. Wouldn’t their be more deaths if that was practiced today? is that what you think? he was killed because they practiced blood atonement?

                • Yup, Martinez too. I still think so. Even more so than the others because he was in the hot seat.

                  When I think about him flapping around and yelling like a stranded baby crow, spouting nonsense, losing his train of thought – once I recognized the fear in Flores and Stephens, I realized that Martinez looked outright desperately fearful.

                • Interesting note though, Alexis, from the Flores report…

                  One of the first things Flores thought of when he saw Travis there in the shower, when he saw the neck wound but couldn’t see much else, was ‘suicide’…. because, apparently in Flores’ experience, a lot of people kill themselves by cutting their own throats.

                  Ummm… not where I come from.

                  But maybe it’s more common in areas with a high Mormon population – and in the Mormon population, coincidentally, there’s also a very high -cough cough- ‘suicide’ rate.

  22. OMG! There was a weird smell in my house today. Unfortunately, I discovered that the freezer ( which was full of fish my husband has caught) was not working. We have a 3 story house and I started smelling a horrible odor. I went to the basement and discovered the freezer full of thawed rotting food!!!! It could have only been 5 days.(because I got something out of it 5 days ago) Anyway, my point is the second I opened the freezer door the smell was instantly through out my whole house! Really bad smell! There is no way that roommates could not have smelled a dead body in Travis’s house. I would bet my life on it! I believe someone needs to start with the roommates alibis. Weren’t they the first ones to point their fingers at Jodi? There is something wrong with them. Someone is covering something very important up. I can still smell the horrible mess I had and I’ve cleaned all day long. Yuck!

    • R. Love, imagine: that smell was coming out of a closed (sealed) freezer! Imagine how bad the smell was of travis being dead for so many days! I too agree with you that the roommates know much more than they are saying.

      Do you or anybody else know if the roommates were mormons? Maybe someone got to them brfore testifying and dictated what they should say.

      If Jodi says she fought with travis in self defence I believe her BUT are we sure that Jodi was the one that killed him??? Jodi is blacked out from everything that occured that day, so she can’t be sure about how much or what she did in her struggle.

      Maybe – just maybe – when Jodi ran travis was still alive and someone else finished him off. Just a thought.

      • Yes, the roomies were both Mormons.

        And yes – I believe Jodi can only tell about the gunshot wound because it’s the only part of the story she knows.

  23. R.Love,
    Oh, no they really didn’t do any real investigation at all.
    They should start with a new sheriff and not if it’s jaun as the new sheriiff.
    They need someone that isn’t afraid to find the truth.

    The roommates have always been more than just suspicious IMO, and in the beginning, even Jodi said
    that they needed to talk to the roommates.
    You were 3 stories up and smelled it. Imagine them on the same floor sleeping.
    I couldn’t have slept with that strong smell one night, plus there was blood in the hall, on the wall and
    also the washer downstairs.
    I’ll never be convinced that they aren’t part of the cover up.

    The night that they were supposed to all come home from Cancun, it was a guy who called 911 I believe it was the roommate and also a girl, they did point their fingers at Jodi in the very beginning and it never changed. The guy really didn’t sound that surprised and the girl started talking about some girl that was slashing his tires, emplying Jodi and as far as I’m concerned it had to be a set up.

    There are more reasons to believe it was the roommates and not Jodi. Since it was a guy and girl calling
    911, maybe they were the two Jodi was talking about.
    I will never understand how a camera just went off and got that picture of a leg. I don’t believe that is Jodi.
    And organizations even threaten the families.
    There are several of them that use the name “church” so they don’t pay taxes.
    That really sucks!

    • Aly, I believe you are so right mainly because if a dead body was in the house for 4 or 5 days someone would have noticed. The flies would have been awful. There was no fly larvae anywhere on body or crime scene. Nothing about all of this has ever added up to me. All I know is Jodi was mixed up with some very devious people starting with Travis and carrying on to his so-called friends and family. I have never understood how people can be so misled with some of these religions. I, myself believe in God and do go to church but I never have felt better then anyone else because of my religion. Their are many that like to put themselves on pedestals and pretend they are superior but really in God’s eyes we are all the same. I believe in God because I choose to not because I’ve been threatened. Believing in Him has gotten me through some really tough times. Jodi has been misled by the Mormons and I am so sorry for that. I believe that Jodi may have shot Travis and fought with him but I think someone else is responsible for his death. He was not the angel he was portrayed to be. Whoever is behind this tragedy will pay for it eventually. I only hope it’s in our lifetime. I also believe Chris and Sky Hughes share in this tragedy. Also there is Ashley Reed’s husband. Their day is coming, the sooner the better. I will continue to pray for Jodi’s freedom because I believe she was a Victim of Travis and his “associates”.

  24. Not long ago I learned that they kept Debra Milke on drugs throughout the entire trial to make her appear cold and indifferent
    I’m beginning to worry that they might have done the same with Jodi.
    Does anybody know anything about that? I know you can’t put anything past that scuzzball Montgomery and his evil minions.

    • I don’t remember anyone talking about her having to take any drugs during the trial. It seems like she did have headaches caused from them not feeding her during the trial. Maybe the headaches were from something else, who knows. One never will know what evil things they have done to Jodi. We just need her out of prison and Arizona. I’m hoping she can go live with Pandora and Maria! 🙂

      • R.Love,
        I now just what you mean! I really do and I feel like if I wanted to go to church, I would and would still be free to leave at anytime withput my whole family being threatened or myelf in anyway.
        I do believe, and I understand very well how people go because they want to and they enjoy it.
        I think the minute that I felt threatened in anyway, it just wouldn’t be right and I wouldn’t like it and I would worry about those that were.

        There are some really scary things that happen in different ones and they claim it’s church.
        I think they are just using that because that’s not the way it should be. I think when they tell you that you should be married at a certain age, I would question, WHY??
        There’s so many things that just don’t make sense and if it doesn’t then you question it and if you’re
        made to believe that questions aren’t allowed, that is in itself a red flag.

        I seriously believe that is what happened in Jodi’s case and I always will. There’s something wrong with people that belong there and instead of trying to help Jodi, they make fun of her, laugh at her, and accuse her of things, knowing for sure something else happened and they’re fine having Jodi take the blame.

      • That would be fantastic! Jodi would have a ‘clean sheet’ and a new chance in life here in Greece. I’d have her 6 months and Maria the other 6 months! (Maria, don’t fight me on this one too! I am being fair and square!).

        • I think Jodi would love it in Greece, especially with the two of you!

          (((((PAN, MARIA ♥♥)))))

          Ray in Harrisonburg Va.

        • I’ve said it loooooooooong ago, maybe during the first couple of months of the trial: not if but WHEN Jodi is out, she is welcome to come and stay here for as long as she wants: total anonymity and people not staring at her would be the ideal solution for her. It’s just not safe fpor her to stay in the USA. Plus, she has supporters from around the globe. If she doesnt want to , she doesnt have to ever step foot in Shitzona again!!!!

    • It scares me to think about what Jodi may be going through and we will never know.
      I think they did do something fishy.

      Have you ever wondered why she says she looked down and saw blood on her.
      I believe that she really didn’t know much of anything that night and was probably slightly drugged.
      They said there were a lot of different people in and out of Travis’s that day.
      Did they find out who they were and take finger prints of evetyone?
      The license plate on upside down never made sense. Someone at Travis’s house did that.

      This is another thing while I’m asking that I wondered about, is that it could have very well been 2 people there that did it and didn’t take Jodi’s life too, was because that was the way that they planned it and then they all turned on Jodi.
      It seems like everyone there was on her case. You would think a lot of people around them, would have questions.
      Instead they all want Jodi to get the DP, it will all be over and no more questions.

      The lady that bought Travis’s house tore everything out and put in brand new. She said she loved juan and Travis. How is that? More coverup!

      • All of Travis’s friends appeared to have it in for her from the beginning. Jodi never stood a chance with any of them. They are all a very corrupt bunch but apparently have major control of the whole state of AZ. They needed someone to blame for Travis’s bad behavior and Jodi was there at the wrong time. They could not let Travis embarrass them any longer . . .so destroy him and let Jodi be punished for it. I’m sure they all are very pleased with themselves but hopefully the truth will surface soon. Maybe one will see the light but like Journee said I’m not holding my breath. Justice will come to them but maybe not here but at the “Pearly Gates of Heaven” Hope I get to see them turned away 🙂

        • R.Love,
          The brother of Chris Hughes, David, stated on TV that they heard Travis was dead before they left for Cancun. He didn’t know if the other’s that had left knew it BUT they would talk about it in Cancun. I remember seeing him say that, but can’t find it anywhere.
          He did say he introduced Jodi and Travis.
          That was a lie.
          He said they were always trying to find Travis a wife.
          Everything they say never makes sense. I’m sure the way it sounds Travis had no problem finding someone by himself.

          • There were two groups from PPL going to Cancun – that is, two separate ‘packages’ of 500 or so people going at separate times. Travis and the Hughes gang and Dave Hall (brother of Mimi, who was going with Travis) were all in the second group. Travis was found the night before he was supposed to leave on his trip. Ostensibly, that’s WHY he was found – because he had not been in touch with Mimi so she went over there (and took friends with her because she was worried?)

            Anyway – I think Chris said he found out when he was *on*the*way* to Cancun – cell phone call from someone I guess.

  25. Oh, and for the lady who bought Travis’s house it sure was splendid way to dispose of every bit of evidence. I’m surprised that the Alexander Family and his wonderful religious friends didn’t buy it and build a temple so they all could go and worship Travis and all of his wonderful works. It probably would’ve been more appropriate.

    I would never want to own such a deeply dark and evil place. Mercy.

    • R.Love,
      Yes, it was a splendid way to dispose of every bit of evidence.
      Does she actually believe we’re buying the BS????
      I wonder why she said she loved juan and Travis so much?
      I mean, yeah Travis lived there, but why juan?

      I wouldn’t want to even go into the house. She said everything was replaced and it’s beautiful now.
      I guess for people to come and see it?
      She say’s that they pass by it all of the time.

  26. I consider myself to be religious but not to the extent of being better than someone or being hypocrital. I am thankful for my relationship with God. As far Mormonism is considered I do think it has some messed up parts to it. I have a friend that escaped out of it and has told me of some real scary aspects of how controlling the mormon hierarchy is. Not sure what part it played in TA’s death but wouldn’t be surprised. Jodi definately was not alone in this. Too much cover up to sift through. Please talk to the roommates they are part of it.

    • I always wondered why there wasn’t more investigation into the roommates. Also, the people that went to Cancun weren’t held back. All the roommates, friends, business associates did was point a finger at Jodi. I think there is way to much reasonable doubt. That a jury had the intelligence of a two year old is scary.
      The Arizona Judicial System reminds me of President Nixon during Watergate. Difference being almost everyone is running around like a President Nixon. They all need to get Impeached. They are wasting people’s money and lives.

  27. Jay,
    I agree with what you said, totally.
    Maybe the “investigators” didn’t want to find out too much
    from them.

    I wonder where the roommates are today.
    I know, that they are also Mormon.
    Maybe that’s why he didn’t sound so surprised when he called 911.
    Didn’t he know that someone was looking for Travis?

    I was curious to know as much as possible about what atonement was for a person to be so bad that they had to have it done???
    I don’t understand. Do they go and ask for this so that they can get into heaven?

  28. I knew Zach Billings was there when they came “looking” for Travis, but I think someone said the other roommate wasn’t there. However in a interview with NG Enrique Cortez said he was there , he was one of the six. He said it hindsite if they were thinking about it, the ring, the light on in his bathroom may have been little red flags. She said what about the smell. He said it took quiet a while for it to smell.
    BECAUSE it was a 4500 ft. house and even though he slept on the same floor, it took quiet a while for it to smell. HELLOOOOO how long is quiet a while. Thay’s BS!!!
    We’re talking AZ in dry heat and like Journee and R.Love said there would be flies, also I still can’t imagine that the roommates wouldn’t have noticed the first day. What about the dog??

    Also ex Mormons have left, but I you tubed Mormon atonement and some very Joseph Smith Mormons talk about it happening now. That Jesus Christ can’t fogive all sins that some are so bad, you have to atone your own blood and they talk about slitting the throat and pouring the blood on the ground.

    Maybe we just don’t hear about how many do this.

    Cortez said he thought it was Jodi because of the rest of them saying it was Jodi and she had been slitting tires and all weird things.

    I think Jodi was the only sane person around there.

    • Enrique’s bedroom actually shared a wall with Travis’. That came from Jodi’s interrogation tape, and I thought it was odd that she would know it, since she had never met Enrique.

      Anyway, according to Flores report, during the five days that Travis supposedly lay dead in his shower, whenever Enrique was at home he spent most of his time in his room. So never mind the 4,500 sq. ft. – most of the time that Enrique was home he was less than 45 feet from Travis’ body…. if we’re to believe that Travis was there all that time.

      • When he says it took quiet a while for the smell to come through, what is quiet a while?
        When did he actually smell anything that made him wonder what the YUK smell was and where was it coming from.
        Couldn’t he also see the blood??
        OR did they wear close pins on their noses and wear blinders around the house?

        He spent most of his time in his room??

        WOW! when they interrogated Jodi, Flores said you’re story isn’t believable to Jodi and more or less we know the truth Jodi. He was lying!! Why didn’t they tell the roommates, YOU didn’t hear or smell or see anything?? YOU expect us to believe that BS??
        Jodi’s made a hell of a lot more sense than the roommates and friends.

        This is pathetic. How long did they question the roommates?
        Jodi was right when she told them you need to talk to the roommates.

        • Enrique said he hadn’t noticed the smell until that day – day 5.

          And R. Love says her sealed freezer might have died five days before she noticed a smell coming from the basement.

          But I smelled my neighbor dead in her bed in her house, from my kitchen in my house, 60 hours after the last time I’d seen her alive.

          • Oh Journee how sad 🙁 . . . i’m sorry for complaining about my dead appliances now. I’m bad. BUT, I believe we both have proved the point someone should have smelled Travis if he was there. So many unanswered questions.
            It is going to take someone in the so called Lime Light (ugh a Nancy Grace type maybe) to help Jodi and put the AZ legal system and HLN in their place (under the ground). Maybe this Paul fellow is popular enough to bring attention to all the injustices. Help Jodi!

            • R.Love,
              There are some in the media that could really bring up the things that we see aren’t things that we just make up. So many of them could put the heat where it belongs, not on Jodi. Some things that are happenng should be brought to the light so people can see it for themselves.
              Like why aren’t they questioning the death of Ashley Reed?
              Her death isn’t important to them, why and how she died.
              What about Sean Drenth?

              The media and the internet, people asking questions about the dark side and where it’s coming from.
              I think someone that just took on that job just because it’s the civil thing to do and started investigation not only for Jodi, but the sheriff down there and his Concentration Camp. There’s really a mess.
              It needs to be brought out loud and clear so there won’t be anymore of this secrecy.
              We don’t OR we’re not supposed to treat people the way that they do and if it’s brought to the forefront, it will also get Jodi out.
              They need a few whistle blowers!

              That’s what baffles me is that all of the media is against Jodi. What if it were someone they loved that had somehow gotten involved.

              A book would be a good idea about what happens in SOME of the Mormon churches and other churches as well.
              Jodi’s defense had to be very careful and basically they were probably fighting the church OR very afraid.
              For example, I went to a church years back. Well, one of the persons in that church decided he wanted to be a co pastor of a small church in a small town was the same denomination.

              Later we read in the paper he and the pastor took it upon themselves to beat the devil out of a man. I guess the man thought that was kosher. We all know that isn’t right, bur some people really get messed up and I guess he thought that was the best way to get the devil out of him.
              Myself, I’d be SO out of there.

              I’m sorry, I don’t mean to make light of it, I KNOW things like this happen.

              It didn’t ever happen at the church that I went to, but yet it had the same name.
              That’s what I’m trying to say. Maybe not all Mormon churches are the same, but evidently the one in AZ where Travis and Jodi went just doesn’t sound right to me.

      • After my freezer incident there is no way he could have been in the same house and not smelled a dead body. My house is about 4500 sq ft too. Trust me, I would testify to that!

  29. It is sad that Jodi’s life has to be like this. While it is true that Jodi could have just stayed away from TA, she was a girl that was looking for acceptance and he gave that to her in the form of sex. Once he got what he wanted then he could just throw her away until he needed her again. He drove her to do what she did. She is responsible for her actions but we do not know all that she did. I think the roommates knew more than they have volunteered, and I might even venture to say that they were a part of it. I don’t think Jodi is covering for anyone but she may not know what happened fully. When there is a new trial a lot of this will come out and give Jodi new life. She will go free based on the truth coming out. A new trial would mean: change of location, sequestered jury, no cameras, no admission of faulty evidence, no troll prosecutor who abuses the defendant, a judge that controls the courtroom, no intimidating witnesses, no cable news networks telling lies, and finally…… innocent defendant with the support of her peers. This new trial needs to happen soon.

  30. I heard there was a well-known crime investigator that is willing to help Jodi if only they would ask. He is asking for a $20,000. retaining fee. I believe I saw it at or something like that. His name was Paul, I believe beegee2 might know him. Wonder if the money could be raised. He sounded like he had a wonderful track record. Jodi needs a break. Praying for a Jodi. 🙂

    PS My refrigerator died today 🙁 Ha! Life the gift that just keeps on giving! Good grief.

  31. I believe Jodi was pulled in at a vulnerable time in her life by TA and these cultish Mormons. She must have been somewhat brainwashed and suffering a mild form of Stockholm Syndrome. Otherwise, I can’t comprehend why someone with her intelligence would put up with these people who talked about her behind her back and looked down on her when she is obviously a better person than they are. We have sketchy roommates who, evidently, have lost their sense of smell entirely, then so-called friends who don’t bother interrupting a vacation when their buddy is horrifically killed, as well as the calm collected group who calls 911 with no sense of urgency upon discovering said body, only to basically gossip to the police about a girl they know nothing about. Something is pretty damn fishy in Denmark!

    • Plus you have the entire media siding with the cult.
      Some places are just cults, we have to face it.
      I think all of the talking heads must belong to some cult.

      Gwen, I’m sure that Jodi was at a vunerable time in her life or she would never have accepted this. She even said that there was a time in her life that she thought she could never be in that situation.
      It’s very sad but so true a cult will prey on the weak like buzzards on a sick animal.

      They acted at first like oh, she was so good TO HER FACE, but was very ugly and hypocritical behind her back. There may have been times that she knew they were being hypocritical, but thought it was her and her depression. Depression does that to you. Makes you think that you’re so bad or not good enough, but that’s how depression does.
      If you’ve ever been there, you know what I’m talking about. You aren’t your normal self OR you wouldn’t think like that.

      I believe that’s why Alyce believes and wrote the book It Can Happen to Anyone.
      Anyone that is looking for something or Trying to find themselves is usually in that mode
      and It Can Happen to Them.

      So they treated Jodi like crap and even in the house, Hughes where her and Travis were staying and they were in another room bad mouthing her. she HAD every right to be totally pissed.
      At that time, I think I would have realized it, but then again in that time of your life and depression, you want to do anything to make it better. Travis played that big time too. He made her feel like at times she was a Queen, then turn right around and treat her like a whore.
      So they all carry the blame for Travis’s death, they KNEW he was dead and did nothing. So why should anyone come down on Jodi. Like juan asking did she call 911.
      Why haven’t they asked the friends that were in Cancun and the roommates.
      She wasn’t living in the house. She wasn’t in Cancun, where they were all discussing Travis being dead and they trapped her.

      There’s no telling how many knew exactly what happened, but I don’t believe that Jodi knew.
      For days Zach said they were wondering where he was??? His car was in the garage, his watch keys and ring on the counter, WHY didn’t they just check his room????
      Sure does stink in Denmark, Gwen!!

      BTW, has the FBI, CIA or anyone been brought into this?

    • Gwen, you are absolutely right!
      And yes something is pretty damn fishy and it ain’t R.Love’s rotting fish in her basement’s busted freezer! LOL!


  32. Hi everyone!

    I’m Rasna and I’m the new admin along with Alexis.

    It’s honoring to be part of the TEAM JODI family.

    All of you are a fantastic crowd of people.Kudos to each and everyone of you for the support and love you give to Jodi!

  33. (((((Pandora))))) we are a great crowd, eh? I don’t get here much but I haven’t seen Maria post lately. Is she still around? I did send Jodi another postcard last week in response to her letter. I think from her tweet that she is feeling lonely and out of touch so I hope the knowledge that there is a group that supports her 100% brings her some small comfort. And Aly, I agree with your statements about depression and how it can make you feel as if you don’t deserve to be treated well. I think had Jodi made it thru that rough spot without running into TA and those jackals she would have been in a much different place right now. More successful and enlightened than any of them. She is the latter already and if and when there is a retrial I have faith that she will end up with the life she was meant to lead.

    • Gwen, Maria has started work again and she ususally isn’t around til late at night (greek time). I know that the past few days she was busy with other personal issues (nothing to be concerned about) BUT of course she is still around.

      It makes me very upset to know that Jodi sounded so lonely and out of touch. It is totally normal because Jodi is such an outgoing and social person that it must be aweful being cooped up in a cell for 23 hrs a day.

      That is why it is so important for all of us to keep on sending Jodi postcards: not only to let her know that she is not alone but to keep her company and help her thru those long lonely hours, Personally, it is hard for me (and for Maria, of course) to send postcards to her because international correspondence is not allowed but thanks to a good friends’ help from the states, we have been able to send Jodi postcards and let her know that she is loved and supported from other places too, besides USA.

      • Pandora,
        Is Jodi in her cell 23 hours a day? I thought that was only if she was sentenced to the DP. I may be wrong but that is what I understood it to be. No matter what it may be Jodi doesn’t deserve to be in a cell at all. She is innocent of her charges and deserves a retrial. I vote that she have a retrial in Greece. What do you say? Thanks for being such a great supporter.

        • I agree Jay.
          That is just cruel and mean to put Jodi by herself.
          Some day the bastards will pay for what they’re doing.
          The sooner the better!!!

        • Jay,

          If I’m not mistaken, until the penalty phase is over unfortunately Jodi remains in solitary. Yes, I think this is beyond cruel and steps on human rights.

          Anywhere but shitzona (and any other place that approves of the DP) would be better for Jodi to be tried. Greece does not have the DP.

        • Someone – Ray I think – said she wrote in a letter that the 23-7 now at Estrella is for HER protection.

          But at Perryville it will be the same for the first three years, no matter what penalty she receives at this point. That’s just Perryville’s protocol for all capital offenders.

          • Jodi is probably safer alone right now. No telling what else could happen to her in AZ. I will be thrilled when she gets freedom! Her day is coming:) Hang In There Jodi 🙂 XOXOXOX

    • Also,
      Can Jodi receive anything but postcards.
      I believe she needs money for her daily needs, but how does she get it.
      I will be glad to help in anyway.

      • I know that you can deposit money into her commisary account. 🙂
        For details go to The long and short of it is you can donate via
        But in my country this site is blocked 🙁 I have a suspicion it only works in the US (if you are in the US, you’re in luck).

        Also this site accepts donations for Jodi at


        • According to an article a few days ago, Estrella is going vegetarian – will be serving soy products instead of meat to cut their expenses – AND in the next couple of months they will start charging inmates for their meals.

          • OHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, PLEASE,
            That is so disgusting.
            They are not supposed to starve them!
            The more I hear of this, the sicker I get.

            I’m telling you, I SO believe that someone should be watching and reporting on how they treat the prisoners. I wish there was someone like that.
            Can you imagine????
            If they would let the ones out, like they should, then they wouldn’t have to spend so much.
            Jodi doesn’t deserve to be there and I’m sure there are plenty in there, that aren’t a threat to society. Like Jodi, I believe she could be so much help.

          • Normally, I wouldn’t say anything about a vegetarian diet, but I bet Sheriff Joe will screw this up and they’ll starve. He will feed them peanuts and little else. I do not like that man and didn’t before I knew about Jodi Arias.

            • Well, he did specifically mention feeding soy instead of meat. I don’t know how OFTEN he plans to feed soy to the entire prison population, but too much of it can start messing with hormones, thyroid…. several not so good things. So a good balance of nuts and legumes and whole grains for protein would be better than soy every day.

            • Alexis, imagine!: he was serving crap (vomit looking food) before deciding to go vegetarian! I bet the soya goo he will serve will be 10 times worse!

              Because I am a true believer of KARMA: someday soon I home she ‘visits’ him and he gets a taste of his own medicine! He is a very dangerous man, he is on a ‘power’ trip but what he hasn’t realized is: what goes up must come down! So, I’d like to be around to hear him crash into the shit he has created!

              • I never liked him either Alexis!

                And you’re right Journee. Too much will mess up your harmones and when you
                get the thyroid all off balance, it takes a while and with medicine to get it back
                and that isn’t easy.

                He really enjoys treating them shitty
                plus, says they like it???
                They really think we’re stupid!!.
                I’d like to be around and see that too, Pandora.

    • (((((((((( Gwen ))))))))))
      Of course I’m still around. I would NEVER give up on my cyber family here. Pandora is right. I was unemployed for 3 months but have recently started working again, plus I have some familly issues to attend to so life’s keeping me busy, UGH! I’ll try and keep up with everything here the next few days, I promise.
      Love you all*** ♥

  34. Thanks Pandora,
    I have never sent Jodi a postcard.
    I went after all of this time and the team here has the address.
    I feel so bad.
    When I went over to see where to sent them one on the blog named danny
    said it took 4 months for her to get it and he was wondering a faster way.
    Well, that’s my goal now.
    I love this site it helps me so much.
    I don’t know REALLY what I would do without it.

    There IS absolutely no reason for Jodi to be all alone in a cell.
    That is torture!
    They know it and they can get b with it.
    I SURE hope it makes them happy.

    Jodi can help others and they can help her, but that bunch is wanting revenge so bad, they will
    do anything.

    • Aly, I have written to Jodi many times my postcards have never taken anywhere near that much time to get there a week tops. Writing to her is one of the best things to do for her, it keeps her busy. One of the last letters I received she told me she was lonely but very busy with all the mail she gets
      Jodi Arias P-458434
      2939 W. Durango St.
      Phoenix Az. 85009

      Tell her Ray from Harrisonburg Va. said Hey! 🙂

    • I understand your concern, I sent Jodi a postcard four weeks ago, but it’s still in transit (I check its progress thru a site) – Russian mail is awfully slow, so it could be another month before it reaches Jodi (They don’t call it “snail mail” for nothing).

      A few days ago I found out that you can send Jodi a letter thru this site:

      I’m going to try to send her a letter via it. I’m not sure if it will work but it’s worth a try. Hehe.
      I guess from the US it’s a lot easier to send a postcard – here (in Russia) you have to wait a long while before your message reaches the recipient since the mail service is desperately behind the times.

      • Alexey, you are from Russia? I never knew! Nice! And you sent a postcard from Russia?? If it goes through please tell us because I was told that mail from out of USA is not allowed. If your postcard gets to Jodi, then maybe I can get try sending her one from here (Greece). It would be fantastic to be able to send her postcards right from here! Was your postcard blank or with a pic? What was the size of it? I am oly asking so many questions because it is truely exciting to find out that it is a possibility to send one from outside of USA!

          • R. Love,
            Sure does.
            I’m not sure if she can have an album for her postcards, but wouldn’t that be great?
            And the different places around the world?
            That’s fantastic!!
            I can’t see why it would matter where they came from. It shouldn’t.

            Pandora, here you are out of the country and have problems and I’m right here in the country and haven’t thought how much it would mean to her.
            I found some really neat ones on E-bay. I can’t wait until they get here! : )
            I’m excited, myself to be able to disguss this case with mant around the world.
            Thanks to all of you for aring! : )
            You are pricelesss to me. I can only imagine how much it means to Jodi.

            I’ll also be glad when Jodi does her art again.

    • Thanks johnm,
      WOW!!! It’s so good tho know that she is getting some help out of Dr. Wayne Dyer.
      I know the book helped me and I’m not a real reader. I get so distracted, but Jodi, where she is, it will help her to stay strong.
      That’s so true the quote she read from there.

    • The trial divas, whoever they are, say that a ‘settlement conference’ is sometimes no more than a management conference where no plea at all is discussed.

      If there was any movement towards a plea, I don’t know why they’d still be planning an evidentiary hearing and oral arguments on the defense motions…. but maybe there’s thought that a plea might be more attractive to one side or another depending on the outcome of the other two hearings.

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