We Are Team Jodi and We Will Be Victorious. Here’s why…

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In the midst of a 4 day break before the trial circus resumes again, let’s take a closer look at exactly why we’re gonna be celebrating our victory a couple of weeks from now.

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To start things off, let’s look at a few basic legal facts:

In any court proceeding, the highest burden of proof  is proof “beyond a reasonable doubt.” When a person stands trial, the jury must therefore begin with the assumption that the accusations against the defendant are false.

The constitution requires the State to prove its accusations against the defendant. It is not necessary for the defendant to disprove anything. Nor is the defendant required to prove his or her innocence. It is up to the State to prove the defendant’s guilt by evidence.

A juror can only find in favor for the State at the end of the trial, providing the prosecution has erased all reasonable doubts about the defendant’s innocence from the juror’s mind.

So taking all that one step further… and putting the ridiculous burglary charge BS aside… it technically comes down to a charge of whether or not this was premeditated (i.e. pre-planned) 1st degree murder.

Contrary to the opinion of the clueless masses and non trial watchers, this is not a “Whodunit” trial – nor is it based on the color of Jodi’s hair… a Walmart receipt… a gas can… or on what someone might have said to someone else at some point. None of that matters.

In reality, it’s actually an overcharged self defense case, and a judicial farce to boot.

This is why there’ll be a Not Guilty verdict returned on the bullshit M1 charge.

You see, the jurors have to weigh up all the evidence – including the State’s LACK of evidence, and the obvious & accompanying lack of pre-meditation on Jodi’s part. And despite Martinez’ shambolic showboating escapades, the State has never even come close to proving their case beyond all reasonable doubt… not this week, not last week, not last month… and not at any other time either. Nor will they ever.

This quote (reproduced from an earlier post) sums it all up very well…

“As far as I am concerned, the only issue in the Jodi Arias trial is has the government proven premeditation. That of course, is important because if the government has not proven premeditation, they cannot convict her of murder in the first degree and thus the death penalty is off the table. And while the government has also alleged murder in the first degree by way of felony-murder, that allegation is so specious as not to even warrant a response.

The government has not proven premeditation, and in fact, could not do so under any circumstances. Without direct evidence, either a confession by Ms. Arias that she intended to kill Mr. Alexander, as in “I wanted to kill to him”, or an overt act such as hiring a hit man or waiting in wait in ambush, the government cannot prove premeditation beyond a reasonable doubt. Note that I am not saying she did not intend to kill him or that there is not very good reason to suspect that she intended to kill him, just that the government will not be able to prove it beyond a reasonable doubt. And that has been clear since day one. Someone asked me on twitter a question along the lines of “she lied so she doesn’t get the death penalty?”. My answer, yes, exactly right. To paraphrase Lt. Kaffee from a “Few Good Men”, it doesn’t matter what we know; it only matters what we can prove.

Instead of proving premeditation with direct evidence, the government is trying to do so with circumstantial evidence. So far the attempt has been, with the most charitable interpretation possible, pathetic. While the law does not recognize a distinction between direct and circumstantial evidence, there is a jury instruction that says exactly that, the inference the government wishes the jury to draw from the circumstantial evidence is, dare I say, comically lacking.”

Yes, Martinez has his favorite autopsy pics which he’s put to good use so far, and will do in his closings… but none of those pictures prove pre-meditation either. All they prove is that the animal Jodi was defending herself against came off decidedly second best.

Jodi – the potential VICTIM – turned the tables on her attacker. Self defense. Plain & simple.

So based on all that…. the fact still remains that some of the jurors, for reasons best known to themselves, will still believe it was pre-meditated. But some of the jurors will not — meaning a hung jury.

As Jose Baez said on HLN “bathroom re-enactment” show the other week…

“The physical evidence does not lie”

Ain’t that the truth…

Here’s the clip featuring Jose with his view on the order of events:

[hdplay id=127 width=500 height=300]

And here’s a secondary clip of Jose from the end of the program:

[hdplay id=128 width=500 height=300]

And just for good measure – check out the chart below.

It’s the same chart Cheney Mason used (during Jose Baez’s closing arguments) for the defense in Casey’s trial… which clearly explained the concept of reasonable doubt to the jury…

Burden of Proof - chart - Jodi Arias Not Guilty

Fair enough, some jurors may strongly believe it was pre-meditated…

Some may think it very likely

Some may think Jodi is probably guilty or possibly guilty

… while others will suspect that perhaps it was planned.

That’s great… because they’ll be the bunch of jurors that’ll save Jodi’s life… uphold the constitution… and ultimately deliver a positive verdict. And I, for one, cannot wait for the Taliban reaction when that happens.

So like I be saying for the past few months now… let’s not stress too much over the verdict. Why? Because it’s already been decided. It’s just gonna be another couple of weeks before it’s “officially” announced.

Remember folks…

Victory is in sight.

Just like the title of today’s post says…


Never question it.

Never doubt it.

You can mark my words on that.

Have a great weekend!

Team Jodi

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  1. That chart Cheney Mason used (during Jose Baez’s closing arguments) for the defense in Casey’s trial was a GREAT IDEA. Will Nurmi use something like this to show the jury??? I blv it would help a whole lot.

    • Hopefully, someone here will email it to the defense team. I wish I was as confident as some with respect to the verdict. It is difficult for me to believe that SOMETHING didn’t happen to cause such a brutal slaying. And if it was premeditated, why the knife? A smaller woman going after a hefty guy with a knife??? I am a smaller woman and can’t imagine killing anyone….but it surely seems to me that a gun would be “safer” for JA if that was her intent, as surely one might fear a big guy taking away the knife and using it on one’s self. I hope defense hammers the point home in closing. I would not vote first degree…but most likely at this point 2nd. I CAN’T stand the prosecutor and would like non guilty just to see his reaction. That so called “expert” that had the evil eyes was a joke. I saw three personalities show up when she testified. 1) JM 2) JW 3) Jury questions DM is the one to whom I refer.

    • I too think the chart is VERY important as I don’t trust the judge to instruct the jury properly on “reasonable doubt”.

  2. Coincidentally I conclude my much improved work on the chop wounds to Alexander’s back


    The wounds on Alexander’s back are neither stab wounds, nor incised wounds. They are chop wounds.

    Jodi Arias stabbed Travis Alexander just 3 times.

    And this is proof that she was defending herself against attack.

    The Medical Examiner may lie.
    The Lead Detective may lie.
    The Prosecutor may lie.
    Even the Defendant may lie.
    But the hard physical evidence does not lie.

  3. I’m sorry if I’m asking something that has already been posted but:

    Has anyone ever considered hypnotizing Jodi?

    I was looking at the crime scene pics, specifically the shower scenes, and in some pics, Travis is looking in one direction at the shower spray, but in others he is looking in the other direction, still at the shower spray. However, theres only one shower nozzel in the shower. I realize they might just be reversed, but you would think they would post them all in the correct position.

    • Hi Bev
      that was a question asked to Dr S, I do not remember the exact answer, I only remember the answer making sense to me

      • Dr Samuels said that firstly if there was dissociative amnesia hypnosis wouldn’t work because the memory wasn’t there in the first place. Secondly he said that based on his experience with hypnosis in the past it doesn’t work with much success to dredge out memories in any case.

        • Right Al, and he (Dr. Samuels) even spoke about how (early in his career) he was involved in cases where he tried to hypnotize police officers with PTSD because they really needed them to remember more details so they could testify to them. These were critical details that they needed to have brought forth to the juries in those cases. But the police officers — who shot in the line of duty while enforcing the law — couldn’t remember the details because the memories simply were not there. I thought that analogy was extremely powerful.

          • AA, I agree. That was some of the best evidence brought in on the defense side. Took the fantastical aspect of transient memory loss right out of the case while demonstrating that if it is not stored in the first place, it will not be “coming back” even when the subject desperately wants it to.

        • Al, I have the feeling that Dr. Samuels may have used the term “dissociative amnesia” incorrectly. As a psychologist, I can tell you that it does not mean that memories are not present. It typically means that memories, which are traumatic, are split off from consciousness (dissociated). “Amnesia” implies that memories are missing.

          Check out this description from the Cleveland Clinic site.

          “Dissociative amnesia is not the same as simple amnesia, which involves a loss of information from the memory, usually as the result of disease or injury to the brain. With dissociative amnesia, the memories still exist but are deeply buried within the person’s mind and cannot be recalled. However, the memories might resurface on their own or after being triggered by something in the person’s surroundings.”

          • I’ve been reading that too. The shrinks on the web are talking about how memories are encoded with respect to his testimony. It’s interesting. Based on what I understand, when one experiences dissociation, the memory is still retrievable ( even if the person doesn’t have memory of the event ) so the memory is still encoded.

            • Yes, JC, I just reviewed Samuels’ testimony. He did, in fact, misspeak in describing “dissociative amnesia.” This phenomenon is conceived, in the psychological literature, to be “psychologically caused” rather than “physiologically caused.” Albeit, all psychological functions are, of course, associated with a corresponding physiological substratum. He also misspoke in saying that Transient Global Amnesia occurs in “3-8% of 100,000 cases.” According to my search, what would be more accurate would be to say that it occurs in 3-5 of 100,000 cases. The percentages make no sense when the 100,000 is used. His statement would yield an incidence of 3000-8000 per 100,000 cases.

              • I would like to know how current the “psychological literature” is that you have been studying. Neurological findings are occurring so rapidly now that even fully accepted ideas in that field have not yet been officially assimilated into the area of psychology. (This is probably why Dr. Samuels fought so hard to bring that popular news magazine article into evidence.) If Jodi’s memory loss is approached from a purely psychological standpoint one is observing through a clouded, possibly incorrect lens. This, to me, is why Dr. D was able to so confidently disagree with Dr. Samuel’s findings. Those two Drs. are not peers so I honestly do not see that her opinion could rightfully be found to weigh in against his on this particular topic. She is a generalist in her field and he is a specialist, a Physiological Psychologist, duty-bound to stay abreast of the latest biological findings as they pertain to his field.

                • Gulliver, people often misspeak when it comes to percentages, especially when decimal points are involved vis a vis large whole numbers, so I have no reason to doubt what you said about those statistics and how Dr. Samuels may have misrepresented them. He may have realized it a moment or so later. (I haven’t looked at his testimony again.) Obviously in a trial situation there is ample opportunity for an expert witness to inadvertently misspeak about technical data such as population statistics yet one cannot raise a hand and ask to make corrections after counsel has moved on.

  4. Geebee..HUGS…….I so agree ….

    ?…. since this trial has so many coincidences ..
    anyone else find it odd that the room mate also had a rental car on the same day Jodi?

    • Cindy….

      thanks for posting that observation…I noticed it immediately when I read the Flores Report and the Detailed Breakdown report…

      Visualize this…Wednesday morning, June 4, 2008

      1. Jodi arrived at 4 am early that morning…Where did Jodi park her car rental?

      2. Travis is home with Jodi….Where was Travis’ car parked?….Garage???

      3. Enrique is leaving to go to work that morning…he briefly speaks to Travis then leaves…Where was Enrique’s car parked?

      4. Zach has the day off work…he is in and out during the day…he leaves that morning to return his car rental…Where was Zach’s car rental parked?

      Scroll to Photo # 19….this is the front view of Travis’ house….not many places to park…hmmm…

  5. SJ-
    Again a great commentary and it brings me back to the absolute truth as to Jodi’s defense. Sometimes I forget that the Jury is not able to search the web and come up with other theories as we are able to do.

    Do you believe the defense in this case has done a thorough job putting holes in the physical evidence that the prosecution presented? I think Jose’ did in these clips, and I’m hoping the defense did as well.

    • Yes Jose makes the most sense. But the haters all hate him mostly too because
      of Casey Anthony Case I seen some real ugly things they said about him.

  6. The only reason for the gas cans now is JM is trying to Impeach jodis testimony
    She could’ve had 10 gas cans And it still would not have shown premeditation

    • Your right it’s all about IMPEACHING her testimony..Jodi lied about returning the kerosine can to Walmart ($12.96 plus tax would be the amount they are looking for). JM thinks he’s on to something with $19.65 Tesoro purchase. Unless he can prove both that the Walmart doesn’t have the cash refund AND Tesoro has records 19.65 charge was at a gas pump. Without this, this little piece of circ. evid. is weak. Still weak since she was leaving Utah.

      • JM has another reason for going to Walmart. That little errand certainly has taken the discussion away from the fact that both Jodi and Nurmi agreed that the “gas” purchased in Pasadena (in a matter of minutes) would not have fit into the car and the gas cans. The word “nonsensical” was applied by Jodi to the mathematical exercise when questioned by Nurmi, who queried her with something like, “…doesn’t make any sense, does it?”

        What is the likelihood that Jodi ever drove her car’s tank to such a low level that she could have loaded all of this alleged gasoline into the vehicle and her back-up cans at the same time? Not likely, especially when you consider that Nurmi mentioned that Jodi had bought gas in Desert Center after buying it in Pasadena. In an abundance of caution, she was evidently loading up along the way.

        Desert Center is east of the Interstate 15 but still in California. The AZ border, however, is not the boiling point in this case. It is only 216 degrees. It could be a big “so what?” for the jury. The boiling point – 212 degrees F – is any point that is significantly east of the 15 freeway. Desert Center is far enough from that north/south route to Utah that to be that far east of it would arouse suspicion. That is why Nurmi mentioned that particular gas purchase while JM has not.

        After you consider: 1) Jodi was too cautious to let the car’s own tank become low, factor in 2) she stated she didn’t fill the cans to the top because of possible spillage of a flammable liquid. Finally: 3) When she supposedly purchased all of that fuel in Pasadena, she was in….Pasadena. There wasn’t a gas scarcity in that area that could have left a cautious person like Jodi in a position to be close to empty when she pulled into the station.

        I lifted a five-gallon water bottle onto my dispenser exactly once from the floor. It’s difficult to imagine that Jodi put the full five gallons into each one of those cans after trying to lift just one when it was full.
        Back in the day, guys (such as the older dudes on the jury) did almost all of that kind of stuff for women – they would even have done it in a gas station for a stranger. The older guys on the jury know full and well just how heavy a full five gallon gas can is.

        The jury understands that JM’s purpose in scraping the bottom of this proverbial barrel is only to throw in a few brush strokes about lying. If JM could bring in that fifth grade friend of Jodi’s to mention a grade-school fib concocted as a joke, he would. He’s that desperate. He has shot the wheels out from under his case in focusing on gasoline purchased in Utah because his original point was that Jodi had a distinctly sinister purpose in utilizing gas cans at all. Can you hear that squeaky strrrretching sound?

        • Thanks Nikki,
          Like you said that a lot of them on the jury will think nothing of the gas cans.
          I would want to have plenty of them in the dessert, even if I had another person or more with me, but with ONE like Jodi, she was just thinking.
          I know a lot of people don’t so they just want to make something out of nothing.
          Most of the citizens and jurors know to take pre caution.

          • Especially if making a trip between 11pm & 4AM (?). I would need a line between the gas cans & the gas tank, Because I tell you I would not be getting out of the car at all, alone on those empty roads in the middle of the nite.

  7. I have been doing a lot of studying of this evidence and so many things are in absolute diametric contradiction to what Martinez is conspiring to attempt to force down the jury’s throat. I will elicit them one by one and the last observation is going to be a real barn burner.

    1. This was no pre-planned or intended murder whatsoever. There was one hell of a battle in that bathroom and not by the wildest stretch of even fantasy imagination was it a premeditated attack. There is blood in every geographic corner of that bathroom —north, south, east and west. Considering the shower stall as the north easterly direction, there is a sizeable blood spot on the right side column of the shower where the towel hung. Moving south, blood spattering is then also very evident on the divider wall column separating the toilet room and the bathtub. This blood is approximately 12 inches above the floor. Blood spots are also on the toilet PEDESTAL which is in its own separate alcove. And the toilet is many feet away from the shower.

    Blood spotting is then also on the wall opposite the sinks where another towel holder was. We then move along to the south wall where there is spotting on the wall from waist high to even above the TOP OF THE BLINDS, which is over six feet high. We also have blood in the corner on the floor at the south wall which is where the waste basket was. We have major blood on the west wall where the sinks are; especially in the north sink and on the mirror where blood was aspirated.

    Then of course we have blood in the hallway on both sides of the wall and at the end of the hall where the carpet meets the tile. This is now the most northerly direction.

    To get some of the best perspective on what this really means, it’s most helpful to look at photos AFTER the crime scene was cleaned up to see a layout of the bathroom…..

    For the prosecution to say she stabbed him in the shower (which is what they’re saying) then he presumbably makes his way somehow to the sink and coughs up blood in the sink while she’s stabbing him in the back making him fall to the floor, and then supposedly he crawls on all fours down the hall trying to get away while she’s still pursuing him with the knife…he then gets to the end of the hallway where, while she’s over his back, she draws the knife across his throat and slits it from ear to ear. This is all virtually and laughably preposterous. Let alone, her then dragging him back, stuffing him in the shower and then shooting him. This theory has more holes in it than a screen door and wouldn’t even sell as a fiction novel.

    If she stabbed him first:

    How does blood get into his throat almost immediately from a stab to the HEART giving him anything to cough up at the sink? This wound would initially pump blood directly out each time the heart pumped as a punctured artery would.

    How does blood get on the toilet pedestal in the seperate enclosure probably twelve feet from the shower and directly in the opposite corner from the sinks?

    How do stab wounds have a right angle inward toward the middle of the back when Jodi’s a person known as dominant using her left hand, as he also was? And all the closely grouped back wounds being “very shallow” as testified to by the ME on cross? She’s wailing on him from behind thrusting the knife into his back and can’t even penetrate the knife more than a quarter inch or even slightly NICK a bone?

    How does blood get on the south wall blinds six feet up and probably ten feet from the sink that has the “coughed up” blood? How does blood spatter get on the mini wall opposite the sinks?

    How does blood get on the floor by the waste basket directly opposing the direction of the shower and the sink with the blood?

    How does someone shoot somebody over the right eyebrow with their head in a position where:

    1. he’s crumpled in a shower with the right side of his face against the back wall of the shower
    2. the bullet having to travel downward in a left angle trajectory so it ends up in the left cheek
    3. and then do this all with the geophysical impossiblity that the shot had to be fired from AT LEAST TWO FEET AWAY due to the fact that there was ZERO stippling on the bullet entry wound.

    This would be an impossible bank shot even in pool. It would make the magic bullet theory surrounding Kennedy virtually pale in any comparison.

    If that alone isn’t laughable enough, the bullet cartridge (which ejects from the right side of guns) has to then end up on a dried puddle of blood just to the north of the north sink on the floor about a foot from the wall. WHICH IS ABOUT TEN FEET FROM THE SHOWER STALL. This would be another magic bullet, only this time it would be the casing that does the miracle.

    And to take preposterous to a new level, she stabs him in the shower while he’s sitting looking at her, but this is BETTER than just moments earlier when he was completely facing away from her with his arms raised up against the back wall of the shower like he’d be in a police bust? Pu-lease. She could have stabbed him once in each kidney, back of the neck, cut his throat, sliced both his legs and fileted him like a salmon from his ass crack up before he knew what happened. Then shot him 5 times in the head and he would have dropped right in the shower where IN FACT he did end up after whatever did happen, and she wouldn’t have had to drag him no place. This stabbing-first theory is so fucked up, it makes pizza restaurants on the moon more plausible than him being stabbed first.

    But now the REAL piece de’ resistance…… and this is all done in SIXTY TWO SECONDS ?

    Once the theory of the pictures creating the artificial timeline is destroyed, the entire case is thrown into an entirely new and different set of possiblities. With a totally different amount of time that could have elapsed to leave Travis like he was and all the evidence to be differently interpreted.

    The picture supposedly showing the end of the 62 seconds has always bothered me. The photo of him sitting in the shower was to be one bookend. The photo of Jodie’s foot where his throat is allegedly already cut and she is purportedly dragging him back to the shower was to be the other bookend. First one alive–next one, dead. Martinez desperately wants the jury to believe Travis is already dead in this picture and also wants them to believe the picture was snapped very near the entrance that goes into the closet from the bathroom—indicating that she would have already dragged him back this far down the hallway after his throat had been cut.

    I have finally figured out why this picture has always bothered me and I believe you will see what I did when I point it out to you. I haven’t seen ANYBODY make these observations. What is being depicted in this picture of her foot is difficult for almost anybody who looks at it to ascertain what they’re looking at. It’s almost like a Rorshack’s test. Even the ME didn’t know what the blue was in the foreground until Jennifer pointed it out to him that it was likely a pants leg with blue jeans. Then he finally saw it. It is that picture that holds the key to EVERY possiblity of what may have happened in that bathroom and the sequence of events.

    By far the best resolution of that picture I’ve found is at this video link at the 1:02 and 41 seconds mark……… ………..freeze that picture and make it full screen.

    Now remember, the prosecution is stating all but unequivocally here that his throat has already been cut and this picture implies her dragging him.

    So get on the floor yourself. Lay in the position as Travis is pictured with your shoulders only about 4 inches from the floor. Have someone enact that they are dragging you and they are wearing only socks.
    What is clear is that neither the hands of Travis or Jodi can be seen because the photo is cut off. So we have no idea what either Travis or Jodi were doing with their hands in this photo.

    But note that Travis’ right arm is CLEARLY raised up and OFF the floor. It is NOT resting on the floor. That means one of only two things: either Jodi had to be holding it up or TRAVIS had to be holding it up himself through his own motor responses. That would certainly mean he is alive.

    Now see if the person imitating dragging you, would be able to DRAG you with your arm in that position. You can see that is next to impossible. How could his arm be straight up if she was dragging him? It would HAVE to have to be at a much greater angle “backward.” She couldn’t be dragging him if his arm is almost straight up-and-down position in the position it’s shown. And that’s only the one arm. We can’t see the other one.

    So now look at the foot in the black stocking. If the prosecution is implying that this is her dragging him, they certainly have to be implying that this is her RIGHT foot pictured in the photo and as she would be positioned behind him. For them to claim that this could be her LEFT foot and she is dragging him would be utterly insane. She’d be at a 45 degree angle looking “away” from him if that were the case.

    So now have your partner look at their right foot. Do their toes curve the same way as what you see in this picture? Where is the big toe? The big toe on a right foot is just OPPOSITE of what appears in this picture. The curvature of toes could only be this way if it WAS her left foot. Unless she has one of the most deformed feet in human anatomy.

    So now there’s only one other possibility and ONLY one, that could still make this her right foot. That is, if she was starting to partially KNEEL and her toes were being curled under by doing that. But now look at the photo—how would the pants on the pants leg still remain in that position doing that? Not only that, this would make it even WORSE to support a theory that she’s dragging him. How in the hell could she be dragging him if she’s starting to kneel with her right knee?

    So dragging him is totally shot to shit. Nothing makes it remotely possible with the laws of physics to support what Martinez says is being shown in this picture.

    But it gets worse. And this is the bombshell as that slut Numb nuts Grace is so fond of saying. This is what I REALLY believe blows the entire timeline theory to smithereens. I haven’t seen ANYBODY point this out that I’m aware of.

    Martinez claims his throat is cut in this picture? This is your smoking gun Martinez showing him dead?

    Now his head was without question literally almost cut off as shown by the autopsy picture. It was sliced from ear to ear. Nothing was still holding the neck intact anymore except for the small section of skin still uncut at the back of his neck containing the spinal cord. The spinal cord could actually be seen through the wound.

    So now look at the angle he’s laying and what you should be duplicating with your shoulders just slightly off the floor. If his throat had already been cut in this photo, what is holding it up? There’s NO WAY IN HELL his head could be in the alignment that is shown in this picture. It would be FLOPPING BACK. He’s at least at a 45 degree angle the way he’s laying. Nothing is holding his neck in the front anymore. Sheer gravity would cause the head to tilt back and we would be seeing at LEAST the top of his forehead if not some of his face. You can see in the photo her pants leg is DEFINITELY not supporting his head. There’s a space there between her pant leg and his head. That means his head would have to do whatever the laws of gravity made it do.

    Take a cucumber, bananna, anything whatsoever that’s cylindrical–cut it four-fifths of the way through and then put it at that angle and see what happens. It will positively fall back. And a head sitting on top of a neck is considerably larger than the neck so it has an ever greater force of gravity making the flopping back even more assured. Even the AUTOPSY photo where his head appears to be SUPPORTED on something, there’s still approximately a three inch separation opening in his neck.

    Yet his head in this photo is in the same alignment just as it would look normally if his neck had never been cut. And I believe that’s because it WASN’T cut!! His throat was not severed at this point.

    However there very definitely is blood cascading down the back and that has to be accounted for some way and coming from someplace. The picture however confirms absolutely nothing as to where the blood is positively coming from because it’s too dark. The photo is completely black in that area. However what we DO know it IS coming from the right side which we can see. So if his throat was not cut, where is the blood originating from? Simple.

    We know for certain he was shot above the right eyebrow. This bullet entry wound would have bled a GREAT deal immediately. And anyone who doesn’t believe this should view the cross examination of the medical examiner where he UNEQUIVOCALLY confirms it. He said if Travis was still alive when he incurred this bullet wound, he agreed as Jennifer phrased it, there would be “lots” of blood. This then would put that blood in perfect alignment where it would flow down the side of the face, neck and over the back in exactly the way blood is shown in this picture.

    Whaat we ALSO know is that Travis had a very severe stab wound gash just below and just behind his right ear. This TOO would have put that blood in the perfect alignment to flow exactly how the picture shows the blood is flowing. These two things in combination could very easily account for the amount of blood streaming down the back, instead of it coming from the throat. And I believe that’s where it WAS from and not the throat. In fact, I believe there would have been a lot MORE blood if it was from an ear to ear sliced throat.

    When taking all the factors of what I explained into combination, I believe Travis was alive in this picture of Jodi’s foot and that it could have been taken ANYWHERE in that bathroom very early in the battle they were in. And while she was still defending her life AFTER she shot him. These equally credible forensic aberrations that dispute the prosecutions contentions totally destroy the need for everything then to be done in 62 seconds because the throat cutting wouldn’t have taken place yet. In fact, he wouldn’t even physically have been at the end of the hallway yet where the blood pattern indicates (and most agree) it is likely where his throat WAS cut. Let alone the miraculous feat that she could have dragged him all the way back down the hallway to the bathroom again where Martinez claims the foot photo was snapped therefore encapsulating the 62 second fairy tale.

    The explanations I have laid out here DO account for blood appearing in every corner of the bathroom and showing there WAS a fight where Travis was actively involved and Jodi was in a struggle for her life. It also entirely destroys the absurd timeline which the prosecution is hell bent on trying to imply with the two photos that Travis was dead and mutilated in 62 seconds by a woman he outweighed by over 80 pounds. This allows for a much longer time for the fight-for-survival struggle and certainly well beyond the 62 seconds.

    The prosecution CHANGED their theory of the bullet being first to bullet being last only AFTER Jodi changed her plea from not guilty to self defense. I wonder how the jury would like to know that little factoid. Anybody can talk to me until they’re blue in the face and there is NO explanation why they would have to change their investigative conclusions of the most BASIC first precept of the killing. Are they that stupid or stupefyingly mind boggling inept? NO!!! It was simply that they COULDN’T have the bullet come first anymore because it would completely correlate with the explanation of exactly what she said happened. They HAD to reverse this theory to maintain any hope of conviction. This now REQUIRED the coroner to revise and phony up his medical report to make the autopsy fit the theory.

    If anyone doubts this, the autopsy was done June 12, 2008. Flores testified in a Cronus hearing UNDER OATH in August 2009 that Horn told him the shot WAS first!. But now in the trial on cross examination Horn denies even talking to Flores or telling him that. So now Flores is hung out to dry and he has to do the hot potato dance to try to cover his ass and say he never “was” told that by the ME…that the shot was last and that he came to the conclusion of it being first by himself. Oh really, you have a Medical Examiner’s license on your wall? And to compound this insult, this is after first saying you “misunderstood’ him? Which is now another direct contradiction of what you said originally? As a detective of 25 years Flores, you don’t know the difference between a gun and a knife when you hear it? Gun sounds like knife to you? You’re at the autopsy and these two things are too close in description so they can easily be confused as to what a first wound was in a murder? And then you testify to it in a hearing? You would make the Keystone Cops look more brilliant than Scotland Yard.

    No the explantion here is very simple. Whatever these Maricopa conspirators have to do to get a conviction, they’re not below doing it. And this is exactly what they’re doing. This isn’t a trial to uncover and reveal the facts which is the sworn obligation of any state prosecutor. This is a deliberate and concerted effort to cover up and suppress the facts! Just like they tried to do with the several hundred text messages they said didn’t exist and the 800 emails they said didn’t have anything of any worth or probative value regarding Travis that Jodi could use in her defense.

    These are bottom feeder scum. Martinez is a latent Napoleonic wanna-be papparazi seeking POS and Horn and Flores are both sacks of it. These pricks should be investigated by the United States Attorney General for fixing capital murder cases—investigated just like they’re doing with Arpaio. This is another railroad job and smacks royally of more perjury by all players at the Maricopa County Attorney’s office. Another replay of the Debra Milke case that was PROVEN to be based on an Arizona detective’s perjured testimony by the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals after 22 years and a research team digging for 10,000 hours nonstop to uncover what these same slugs at the M.C.A.O did trying to send her to her death.

    Jodi Arias could very possibly have been the one laying on that floor June 4th, 2008 had she not defended herself. And it would be the all incarnate lily white throat-choking Mormon two faced jiggolo at that defense table.

    If this jury is seeing any outside information, I hope they’re seeing some of what I wrote.

    This is a two million dollar farce for the taxpayers of Arizona and they will be ruing the day when they didn’t accept the plea they already had from Arias who was willing to admit responsibility to a second degree murder.

    I hope now it’s even less than that. TRUE justice would be served if Martinez, Horn and Flores were all on their way to a federal penitentiary. That would be justice that could maybe start the long journey back in Arizona to what criminal trials are supposed to be…a fucking search for the TRUTH !

    • I think he was coming at her, she pulled gun to stop him, it went off but he was in forward motion and landed on her the gun fell away, the knife was somewhere there on the floor, they used it to cut the ropes and in the midst of sex, they just tossed it away to continue, so, she picks up the knife, because he is on top of her and she doesnt know if he is concious or not at this point so grabs this knife and stabs him in the back, as he is on top of her, trying to get him off?

      • I go one step further and say TA was holding the knife when he lunged at JA. Here’s why: I think he picked it up when he was chasing JA. If TA picked up the camera to check for damage, slipped on the tile as he ran after JA, and stopped to retrieve the knife he used to cut the rope it would account for the time JA had to gain time ahead of him to go into the closet and get the gun. Also when JA reenacted TA’s lunge at her, she showed him with both hands up – almost as if a weapon was in his hand. If that was case both the gun and knife would have been on the ground and near both of them. JA being on the bottom could have grabbed the knife and starting to defend herself.

        • That makes sense…Jodi never said that she remembered stabbing him…she said that she only remembered hearing something like the sound of a knife fall down…

    • Great post. I hope somebody from the defense side has read it.

      I have long maintained the killing didn’t take place in 62 seconds; it is complete speculation based on a photograph which is so vague as to be worthless.

      I hope the jury sees through that bogus argument, too.

    • This is a very nice post however it’s clear from the photo of Jodi’s foot that its in the hallway outside the bathroom.
      “When taking all the factors of what I explained into combination, I believe Travis was alive in this picture of Jodi’s foot and that it could have been taken ANYWHERE in that bathroom very early in the battle they were in.”

    • I agree, Jade. I have never believed his head could be in that position either if his throat was already slashed. No way. No how.

    • jade, I’m speechless by the level of professional analysis of your post.It shows dedication,unselfishness and a strong desire for true justice to be served.Posts like yours and many other people’s here should have been the ones we should have heard by the experts during this trial and not biased,covered up rehearsed testimonies to which we were exposed! I was also among those who said that his head can be seen NOT touching the ground in that photo hence his throat couldnt have been cut at that point.I dont wanna say I ”hope” or ”wish” that the defense team could see your post.I WANT the defense team to somehow read it!

    • GREAT POST JADE!! If the jurors are looking around I hope they see this! And along with Martinez, Flores and the ME, the judge should also be held responsible, she should know better, she shouldve knows there’s something going on. Great post!!!

    • Epic post Jade!!! I highly suggest everyone here to go out and
      watch The Place Beyond The Pines the new movie out with
      Ryan Gosling and Bradley Cooper. Not only is it one of the best
      movies of the year but without spoiling it, the middle section
      involving some cops made me really think of this case and
      and all the states smoke and mirrors.

      I have always believed it was self defense.

    • “And it would be the all incarnate lily white throat-choking Mormon two faced jiggolo at that defense table.”

      Favorite read all week.

    • regarding the foot pic. during interagation when detective is telling her we know it’s you were gave a picture, and he shows here that’s pic,she looks surprising And says that’s no my foot
      than struck me as tru

    • Jade,

      I agree that it’s obvious that he is not dead in that photo!! How is he holding his head and shoulders off the floor if he’s dead?? In fact, he looks like he might be getting up in that photo.

      What bothered me in Juan’s questioning of Jodi is that after one of his first questions, Jodi said clearly that she didn’t think he was dead in that photo. Despite what she said, Juan went on and on and on and on trying to disprove “her version of events” and she had clearly stated that the 62 second theory is NOT her version of events.

    • I have also stated a while back that the last photo could be showing blood across his neck from [probably] the bullet wound. It makes an awful lot of sense to me, and your great analysis explains it well. This changes the timeline, which makes a big difference. When I first looked at that pic, my impression was that he was down & very injured & Jodi was sitting next to him not knowing what to do. I will take a look at your link & see if I can make anything out more clearly. Thx for your post!

    • Jade,

      Maybe the best post yet! Thanks for the insight. I’m wondering if it would be alright if I copy and paste it to friends of mine. If no, then I can do my best to paraphrase. Thanks again, BRILLIANT!

    • Jade, a fabulous piece. I hope the defense gets to at least give it a glimpse. There is alot there and I wish they had a team like CA did to do research and find the missing pieces and discrepancies to show the jurors that there is alot of doubt and dubious matter here. Nothing is as it seems in this case, for sure.

    • I think that this has to be her right foot because on pants that have the lines down the sides, the lines are ALWAYS on the outside. I think she is probably in the middle of fighting him, her knee is bent, she’s getting the better of him & his arm is trying to fight her off or he is trying to get up.

  8. This is irritating. I used to type in “Jodi Arias Is Innocent”, the name of this pro-Jodi website and up would pop this website. A couple of days ago, that changed. Now, it still isn’t coming up anymore; in its place as the TOP website listed is the “Only Idiots Think Jodi Arias Is Innocent”, a Facebook entry. Scrolling down more anti-Jodi sites, you come across the “Casey Anthony” website, and as I discovered there’s a way of getting from there to here.

    Now I just enter this website’s address, which works quicker than going through the search entry. However, new people supporting Jodi and wanting to comment may not spend the time or feel discouraged in trying to find this or other pro-Jodi sites. Also, typing in the name and having that mock website against Jodi show up first, followed by several other anti-Jodi sites is not cool, as one of my friends who was trying to post in support of the defense, commented.

    I know this is through not fault of this website. However, it is possible that many more individuals may want to come to the site and read post comments in support of Jodi or the defense but may not be able to during this time. Hopefully, things will get back to way they were before-with the website appearing first and easily available rather than the mock and anti-Jodi sites appearing in the top spots.

    • that happened to me too, I thought at first, oh no, the site is down, I only came up with the site I used to get hell on for my opinion, the Huffington post one of domestic abuse, I finally found this one again by going thru the Casey Anthony website!

      • Hi everybody,
        I just typed Jodi on my FB account and this side was first that came up. So type just Jodi Arias.

    • HI Mattie
      i share your justifiable annoyance at the search engine result, probably google, being
      buried lower down in the search results
      when i looked, it was 5th
      NOW, i had an idea what was involved so looked into it, and came up with the name of
      one of the major sleaze corporations involved, GOOGLE

      I’LL post a few brief extracts to give you an idea of what these crooks are up to,
      despite their deliberately deceitful claim of impartiality in producing the ranking or
      ordering of the search results

      HERE’S just a few links revealing google’s sleaze more closely:
      In 2001 …
      “Seems that Ralph Nader and his Consumer Watchdog group has fired the first shot in
      pegging 8 search engines for reshuffling query results based on fees paid to them. Like
      we didn’t see this happening! Nader has asked the FTC to look into this based on
      deceptive advertising practices…” Check out the complaint, which itself references pages like this one detailing how to pay for placement at all the major search engines.

      in 2012 …
      Now Google is basically running a search engine shake-down racket charging
      companies for placement ranking.

      WITHIN that crooked, rigged framework or system there is some room to maneuver

      GOOGLE does advise websites how to get a favorable search engine ranking, but is
      COMPLETELY silent as to their modern form of deceptive payola [ what is payola ? ]

      LOOK at google’s hypocritical public face, under the phrase “search engine

      LIKE the two faces of TA

      CLEARLY, Mattie, when you did your search of “Jodi Arias Is Innocent” those above
      this site in the ranking, almost certainly paid the search engine google, etc, for better
      ranking, most likely to gain commercial rewards from that better positioning

      HOWEVER, they may have paid “google” simply to attack the ever increasing numbers
      of people who are supporting jodi’s innocence

      a side issue to supporting jodi would be to file a complaint with the ftc

      i don’t know if the ftc has the legal authority to do anything
      but remember not to be distracted by side issues

      i never watch or listen to any of the crap put out by any and all of the media

      i checked it out initially and reduced 56 million google results for jodi arias down to 2 websites which has the same one paragraph item

      TO exclude by malicious descriptors. or websites. put a negative in front of a term, then leave a space eg jodi arias -lover -killer -cbs
      just one instance of a malice leads to the total exclusion of all such results
      string them together

      here’s how it’s done
      just one website i found just now on How To Get Better Google Search Results – Tips & Examples

      look for more if you’re interested

    • I just wanted to say, that almost every time that I have posted a comment that is in disagreement with the Jodi Arias/Alyce LaViolette/Defense team haters on HLN, Huffington Post, especially Facebook, it is removed. I’ve reposted messages more than 6 times, and had them continually removed.
      These are not inflammatory, hateful comments, these are comments that are simply in disagreement with the rabid, foaming at the mouth people who think they are the only ones who have a right to an opinion.

      How is that even remotely objective? Especially, since, based on the Jury’s questions, I am positive they are looking at websites and watching television, especially HLN.

      I just have to say that it makes me sick how biased the media is. They are determined to get the result they want, especially since they were all shocked that Casey Anthony walked out of the courtroom free.
      It certainly seems to me that their egos are invested in this to the max. They are going to make Jodi Arias guilty of premeditated murder 1, come hell or high water.
      It’s very scary.

      In addition, I don’t trust anything going on in the legal system, based on this crazy circus. It makes me think there are a lot more people in prison that shouldn’t be there, and a lot of people out running around that shouldn’t be. (I know for a fact this is the case also)

  9. The chart is all well and good and everything you stated is correct SJ. The problem is that you never ever know what’s going on in the minds of the juror’s. In my opinion for instance the majority of them are lying when they say they haven’t heard anything about this trial outside the courtroom. BUT,
    If they can take emotion and preconceived thoughts out of their deliberations, and focus on the evidence and the testimony they’ve heard, things should work out nicely for Jodi. But you just simply never know what the jury is going to do.

  10. SJ,
    thanks for always succeeding in lifting our spirits even when some of us feel disheartened!! We certainly need you to remind us that the best is yet to come!

    • i don’t think it really matters weather jodi lied or not it is still up to prosecution to prove 1 that it was not self defense and 2) that it was premeditated

    • its a give that she killed him, she confessed ( i suppose if she was impeached then even that confession would be off the table)

    • I wish I also know the answer to that question. I do know that the defense is on top of that. it’s going to be interesting.

    • I remember reading here a while ago that if she’s caught in a lie,the judge can advise the jury to disregard her testimony. I’m not sure,though.

      • I don’t believe that but I don’t really know. I think the jury is free to believe that she lied about this but not about that or to believe that she lied about everything or nothing.

    • Vicky T and maria

      The judge will issue an instruction about witness credibility. Here’s an example

      “You are the sole judges of the credibility of the witnesses and what weight is to be given
      the testimony of each witness. In considering the testimony of each witness, you may take
      into account the opportunity and ability of the witness to observe, the witness’ memory and
      manner while testifying, any interest, bias or prejudice the witness may have, the
      reasonableness of the testimony of the witness considered in a light of all the evidence, and
      any other factors that bear on credibility and weight.”

      So its entirely up to the jury what they want to consider, and what they want to discard. Obviously, when a witness is impeached in a meaningful manner, at least some in the jury will have an immensely skeptical view of that person’s testimony.

  11. JM had no evidence of premeditation so he resorted to smoke and mirrors to divert juries attention from that fact and confuse the jury. Lets hope that they are smart enough to see through that and look only at evidence or lack thereof

  12. When I was younger and putting myself thru school, I worked at Wal Mart, as a cashier, customer service rep and in the cash office, where they process all the money, etc. If a cashier gets lazy or there is a long line and they have a customer come up with an item that does not have the code or price tag on it, they choose a generic code and take the customers word on what the item is and just type in a generic description and price the customer says, so, later on when they return that, it does not come up in the system. If someone brings an item back to be returned and they do not have the receipt and the item does not have the code on it, they can do the same thing and if the item is under ten dollars, they always give you cash back, some take a little leeway and give you cash back if under 25.00, its less work to just give them the cash then to get a wal mart card for no receipt and go thru all of those steps

    • So, if any of these things happened when she returned the gas cans they would not have a record of it, or if she did have the receipt, that had a bunch of other things on it, they could accidently choose an item that is not the exact item returned if that item no longer has its upc code on it and that could have happened and be why they have no record of a gas can, if the item is under a certain amount, with no receipt they dont even ask your for your id, so they would have no record

      • This happened to me thru (not Walmart, I know but…) I purchased 4 of the same item on 4 completely different items of much lesser value were delivered to me. I took my original packing slip/charge receipt (which showed the items I actually ordered) to my local Kmart along with those completely different items of much lesser value that I received, and was given a CASH refund! I could not believe how easy it was. Never in my wildest dreams did I expect them to believe me. And I certainly did not expect a cash refund. They had no questions whatsoever. No receipt to actually show I had purchased certain items and was returning completely different items. I have even returned items purchased on one credit card and had stores (more than once) willing to credit a completely different card or give a cash refund instead of crediting the proper card. Stuff happens. Hope something like this has happened to a juror or two as well.

        • YES, giving cash back with no trail is a lot easier especially if they have a long line and those stores normally do. To give back credit or a gift card there are five more steps and takes much longer so no record at Wal Mart? So the hell what I say, doesnt prove a darn thing

            • This is true, it just depends on the person behind the desk and the person returning the item, sad but true but if you see someone well dressed, nice looking and probably very sweet as Jodi seems to be, you go beyond and want to help them on their way faster, if they appear trust worthy. Memories are flooding back, they would train us in ways to just give cash back to make the lines go down, especially the day after Christmas, they set up registers all over just for returns and tell you to just give everyone cash back no questions asked unless the item looks used or beat up, that was to speed things up so everyone knows how to do this, it is not a fail safe system, come on, its Wally World

              • Even if this is the case, they always ask for your drivers licenses with a cash return, or gift card, or putting it back on your credit card. THis is to ensure they have accurate records, and their employees are not stealing from them.

      • I have said this all along
        I have said this all along.. now if they have video from that day…….. the defense is all over this.

      • I have personally returned items to Walmart and been given cash back instead of charge being refunded to my credit card. I know others who have had this experience as well.

        • It just happened to me last week. I send my daughter to return something I purchased on line. They asked her if she wants exchange or cash back and they gave her cash back. It was $19.99 plus tax.

          • You still have to sign though, so they should have her signature on file that will prove she did in fact return the gas can.

      • I have also gotten receipts back where a different item of same price or general item was listed instead of the actual one I had purchased.

    • Yep. A while back we had a poster here who kept insisting that Walmart keeps perfect records “TO THE PENNY!” and would not hear otherwise. Those of us who have worked in retail know that a lot of different scenarios can occur when entering a return onto a machine.

    • The store that I worked in had both a MISC-Tax and MISC-Non Tax code for returns that were problematic for one reason or another.

      • Yep…I’ve taken things back to our Walmart… and one time the lady didn’t even ask for my receipt…she just scanned the bar code on the item and gave me the money…I thought that was odd…cause they have done it differently before…but I just got the money and left…

        So yes…I know they do not keep that good of records…and five years ago…I doubt they kept that good of records back then either…

        • or if she had the receipt and she paid cash, she gets cash back and with a receipt they do not ever ask you for id, and because she paid cash there will be no record of her, so how in the world can they prove she did not bring back a gas can out of the thousands of returns, there will be no record of her specifically

        • There should still be a record of the return for the amount of the gas can plus tax…no matter what the description is, they should be able to go back and search for that return amount. And every time I have returned something to Walmart I have had to sign no matter what form my refund is in. Now how long they keep their records for I don’t know but there would have been some type of proof.

          • true Diane…but only in recent years has the CSR’s at our local Walmart really buckled down on having you sign something…5 years ago…there were some of them who were just lacksey-daisy and just took the item, scanned, and gave you the money…

  13. JM is definitely looking to impeach. He has already thrown the gas cans out of the premeditation theory by putting forth his evidence that she bought gas in SLC, Utah for the trip home.

    • Which you should have if you are traveling west to Reno and north through the California national forests. Gas is extremely expensive in Susanville, McCloud, and Old Station near Hat Creek (just outside of Lassen Volcanic National Park), so Jodi wanted to be able to save some money on the trip back to Yreka.

      • I agree and I lived in St George Utah and would make that long trip thru the desert, I got the bright idea to fill up gas cans when I was by myself in case I ran out, they are only a few gas stations there but I had people around me to tell me that was not the best idea or that could have been me! Also, when I go on long trips, to save my cell phone battery, I will turn my phone off until I need it and that could explain her phone being off, if the battery is dying, you turn it off for awhile and it gives it a tiny charge for emergency so I can see why her phone was off, they are searching so hard for so little. It is so sad

        • Is it true that it is US law to have a gas station every 250 miles on all Interstate highway/freeways? My cousin said that because of this it proves that she didn’t need gas cans. Of course that doesn’t mean anything because maybe a lot of people aren’t aware of that law.

      • I cannot believe how invested I have become in all of this, wow. I am fairly sane, haha, married to a nice man finally and mother of three that works for a TV station. I love my life, do not believe in killing people if you are mad but somehow I believe in this young lady, I am so glad I found this site. I have another person at work who shares my views and since we work at at TV station we had the TV on thru the Casey trial and now thru this but we are timid about sharing with the others but now we have this, I have yet to show her but will come monday

        • That is nice to hear, kmea. Welcome! You will like it here more and more. Pleasant peeps who: respect truth, know how to reason, laugh and cry together, discuss ideas, respect differences of opinion, and hang together without walking in lock-step. Also some good sources of music and such.

  14. Zoe , FUJuan,

    THOMAS BROWN- the other roommate ???

    Steve Bell- is likely the tire slasher and the John Doe Email author/sender.

    Dustin Thompson- not interviewed. Potential suspect, motive- adultery. Wife Ashley Thompson (witness) now DEAD, supposedly suicide, from a contortionist position, based on the path of the bullet.

    Potential Transcript –

    Nurmi: “Det Flores why did you not interview Dustin Thompson as a potenial suspect. The motive, adultery, being that Ashley and Travis were having an affair, real sex, not the “Provo Push”?

    Flores: “Sir, Travis was a bonafide, certified, card carrying 30 year old Virgin. Yes, yes I was at the autopsy and I spied with my little eye, Travis’ hymen. Yup”!

    Nurmi: “Det Flores do you know that men don’t have hymens”?


    Judge: “Sustained , rephrase your question”

    Thomas Brown was interviewed by Det Flores yet his interviews were not included in the Flores Report.
    The significance is that there is 1 person, just 1, that was brave enough to speak some truth about Jodi, but was excluded. Why?
    According to the article Thomas Brown claims that TA was shocked to get the phone call that Jodi was outside at 4am on June 4th, but TA had to act “shocked” because he was a 30 year old Virgin, or at least had to play the part.
    Thomas knows Jodi is innocent !!

    • I read that article a while ago and I don’t know if I believe him. He was NOT Travis’ roommate at that time so how could he know that TA was shocked she was outside or she even called from outside?

      • And we know that law enforcement has record of all of her calls from that day. There were no calls on June 4th.

    • Jade thanks so much for the report- so much hard work. why can’t anybody else involved in the defense figure this out????? It all makes complete sense to me now.

    • Notice Gus Searcy schedule on June 4, the missed confernce call by TA, I thought that TA was with Chris Hughes Team at PPL?
      Chris Hughes also stated on the 48 Hours special that he supspected something was wrong, “Sky, his voicemail is full, something is wrong, we have to call the cops!” But didn’t call the cops. Then at 4am Chris and Sky got a call that TA was dead.
      What Police Dept. did Chris and Sky Hughes call when they suspected that “something was wrong”? Pull the tapes, or wave files I want to hear the audio of the 911 call that Chris and Sky Hughes made concerning TA.
      The fool then tells the reporter about the 4am call about Travis’ death, and didn’t call BS on his previous statement about “Sky we have to call the cops”
      Chris Hughes tells Det Flores, on an official report, when questioned about the cell phone messages being full, “Chris figured he was just busy”. Isn’t this illegal, Falsifying a Police Report, Perjury?
      He also told the Det Flores that “While in route to Mexico, they heard about what happened and thought of Jodi…”
      Let me understand this , first you sense something is wrong with TA and decided to call the cops, but don’t, then you get a phone call at 4 am about the death, but find out in route to Mexico that TA was dead. Hmmm. I smell a rat.
      Soooooo, Chris and Sky were in a Taxi Cab or an Airplane when they got the phone call at 4 am. Show me the schedule of flights to Cancun that day.

      • I have also read a post from him on FB that he said they were already in Mexico when they heard. So that makes it what, 4 stories he told now?

            • You know what’s going on here, right? The meddling duo/hughes are trying to one-up JA with who-can-come-up-with-the-most-versions-of-a-story! If they were telling the truth, there would be just ONE story to tell!!! CYA, Cover-up, Pull the wool over your eyes, Blow smoke up your a**, all these and more apply here.

      • I read an interview from late 2011 I think that was done by DL on huffington post. Skye said Travis wasn’t perfect. Now the Hughes thinks he walked on water.

  15. Excellent post, SJ! I hope that chart (or something like it) is used in closing arguments, and I hope the jurors take the reasonable doubt seriously. The state has not proven murder 1 in the least bit.

  16. Here are a few You Tube clips I found.
    This one talks about JM and his behavior in the court room. I have no clue who the man is. Comments from haters started about a week ago and there are not many and cannot imagine why…. from haters started about a week ago.

    This next one I thought was funny although it is pro JM but we can all look at things from a different perspective. Alyce and Dr. Samuels standing up to JM, their finer moments yet we get to observe his Prosecutorial manners to use for you Data Points and there is lots to highlight in the clip.

    There is an old saying that “birds of a feather flock together.” We all know when these jurors get finished they probably will run to their computers and I hope they see all the horrible things the pro Travis people wrote on different sites thus showing their true colors.

    • Oh, god. I watched it. I see J.M. as a pathetic bully who is equally pissed off about every single thing, therefore, nothing he says is effective. I thought Jodi, ALV and Samuels all owned Juan’s ass in that video, yet the video is an homage to the “wonderful” prosecutor? WTF? I am sick of feeling like I live in Bizzaro World.

      • I have to agree. I find this all very bizarre. I cannot stand Juan Martinez, I don’t understand how anyone can stand him. He is the most abusive, hateful, ridiculous little man in the way he talks to anyone on the stand, even including some of his own witnesses. I thought that attorneys had to have some kind of restraint, respect, decorum in the courtroom. I never imagined that any attorney, especially a prosecutor, was allowed to terrorize people!
        To me, he is a terrorist, thinking in his self-righteous mind that he is justified. Nothing justifies his behavior.
        The other thing that makes me think this is totally bizarre, is all of the praise for Demarte. I had an extremely bad reaction to her and her body language and facial expressions. She is the ultimate embodiment of a female bully. For goodness sakes, it’s okay for her to be biased for the prosecution, but they keep attacking Alyce Laviolette and Dr. Samuels? What?
        I can’t even describe how revolting I found Demarte. She flatly stated that Jodi was lying. How is that okay? She decided this, and who made her God? She acted like she was going to solve everything for everyone and fix the trial the way she wanted it.
        I don’t get how anyone can say she was “professional” “objective”, etc. etc. She was sickeningly biased for the prosecution.
        When LaViolette apologized to Jodi for reading her private journals, etc., to me she was the epitome of a respectful person. She had not pre-judged Jodi as guilty. She assumed her to be innocent, as required by law. Any decent person would think to apologize to any person upon reading their private journals.
        I am sick of all of those people who think that all people are not owed basic respect. Just sickened.
        It accounts for the atmosphere that provides tacit approval of abuse of women that is rampant in our society.
        Not to mention, that Mormonism is an extremely patriarchal religion; everything is very black and white with no gray areas. In my opinion, they are essentially abusive to women since they start out with the assumption that women are inferior to men. That’s a whole book though, that subject.
        In addition, I have done quite a bit of reading on Borderline Personality disorder. There are quite a few experts who believe it is merely long-standing, untreated PTSD, or, Complex PTSD.
        The nerve of Demarte to discount whatever she felt like arbitrarily in order to reach the conclusions that she wanted to reach.
        The whole thing is crazy. No, I am not just a “Jodi supporter”, I am a person who thinks carefully about things before I accept them as truth. I can’t stand people who just follow popular opinion because it makes them feel better about their own lives.
        I think a lot of the lynch mob mentality comes from a lot of self-righteous fundamentalists, who are not very capable of critical thinking in the first place.

  17. I just don’t know anymore…. there are just too many people ass deep in this….. I know for me personally I would not have invested this much time this trial if I didn’t smell a rat someplace.

  18. I suspect that many of those haters out there consider themselves good Christians. But they certainly don’t ever ask themselves the question: “Would Jesus behave this way?”

    • I am one of those readers who came here where it could be safe to think differently and to ask questions that would illicit different responses than the masses. And I have ALWAYS asked, “how WOULD Jesus act?” Pretty sure it WOULD NOT be like those ready to put her to death!!

      • thanks mommabear. It amazes me how many people with just drink the kool-aid without using critical thinking skills…

    • Well, I am one of those “good Christians’. guess you just an’t put peeps in a box because I am on
      team Jodi all the wayl i’ve ben through my share of abuse from childhood and two marraiges, and once had a butcher knife sailed across the room at my head. (it missed!) and I understand how months and years of being knocked down, called names, expected to engage in acts that hurt and are degrading, seeing him planning a trip with another woman, yet still dating (?) Jodi….pressure can builld so slowly until it reaches the boiling point when a woman just an’t take any more. And sometimes we can just lose it and “go crazy” (so to speak) to fight badk and not take it any more. Real christians are not “religious”, and judgmental, only the phony ones are. I am seriously prayed for Jodi to get off and be able to start a new life somewhere where she will be safe. Please tell her she is in my prayers as well as the Juryl

      • Sorry, T. I certainly didn’t mean to imply that all “good Christians” are like these people. I was only speaking about those who do not see the hypocrisy of considering themselves good Christians and then spewing hate, an act I would expect to be contrary both to Jesus’ behaviors and his teachings.

  19. Was watching the HLN murder stories, and the Dad did an honor killing of the daughter. The ME Phillip Birch
    said that when someone’s being stabbed, they are wiggling around a lot. The wounds were close together and the father wasn’t strong enough to hold the girl still so the mother helped out.
    The post by Phillip was impressive.
    The stab to the neck under the ear suggests military or combat knowhow.
    Have to watch hln mysteries before that awful Graceless McNasty comes on again.

  20. Trying to post a test comment as I have tried to make a few replies and they don’t show up after I press Post Comment. The page just reloads and my comment isn’t posted.

  21. THIS alone can tell you a LOT about the MAN Chris Hughes he only FOLLOWS 16 people
    but has a WHOLE LOT OF SHEEP 3,592 following him the ones that follow false prophets
    follow in HERDS !! Obviously he is really active on TWITTER just lately? I find that strange
    since he does not FOLLOW many? but he is worried about JODI having 30,000 followers
    on that site I do believe. Funny Funny man he is WEIRD ! I have never cared for Snake Oil
    Salesmen though an he is one for sure. Only hoping to get more followers is all that is an SELL
    his LIES an maybe a few Legal Shield packages along the way hahaha

    466 Tweets
    16 Following

  22. I have a question Since I don’t have a computer at hand I cannot look it up
    when did Travis join ppl? What did he do before they at?

    I’m willing to bet my last dollar That Travis was molested as a child.

    • I think so too. All his childhood pictures he looks disturbed to me. Only a few
      have a true smile in them. But he also was the type that for being such a
      funny guy like they say all the time. Tried to pose very seriously for the
      camera a lot of times I noticed. In most Jodi has a genuine smile an Travis
      has a serious or fake looking smile. Just my opinion though.

        • I agree with both of you.Most of TA ‘s photos look weird as opposed to Jodi who always smiles naturally,as if she feels comfortable in front of the camera.He either makes strange/funny faces or has his eyes bulged on purpose.It could be his innate narcissism,he was trying to steal the thunder of whoever was with him in the photo.Or,maybe he thought this to be funny although I believe this shows he was extremely insecure or uncomfortable being photographed(remember Jodi mentioning to Florez that Travis would never agree on being photographed in the shower?Maybe she made this up during interrogation,idk).

    • Good good good question. I think Travis was recruited to PPL in about 2001 if I remember correctly, based on what Chris Hughes said (I haven’t re-listened to it). I don’t think we have ANY idea what Travis did before then. He was 23 at that point. Presumably, he worked before that time. I don’t remember anyone saying he had a college degree. In fact, he went to the college (I think it was Utah State or Brigham Young) and pretended to be a student to score girls. (Where does this come from? I actually, don’t remember.)

      I have been reading again the books, etc., that I have used to understand what makes/creates an abuser. I really really want to create a blog post. But I’m so scared about creating anything that would allow haters to then contact my ex. It would be waaay too long for me to post here. But I can say it doesn’t take (although it might have existed) molestation for Travis to have become an abuser. All the evidence is there of (a) a father who made him feel shamed and/or (b) a distant mother (addicted to drugs) during his formative months (10-24 months) which left him incapable of a real intimate relationship with a woman and constantly relating his experience with his mother not being there when he needed her as something he re-experienced in his relationships as an adult with any woman he dated.

    • There is not much out there. After he graduated from high school, he served two years as a Mormon missionary.

      Sometime after that he moved to Mesa, AZ.

      • I remember reading, more than a few times, that at the very beginning of the trial one of Travis Alexander’s bosses from before PPL and Mesa appeared on Nancy Grace or one of those shows. The old boss said that Travis had a very bad temper. The people who posted about it thought it was typical of HLN that they wouldn’t ask the guy to appear as a guest ever again. I’ve been looking for that show on youtube ever since.

    • This picture makes me so sick and sad, it looks like a pic of my ex and our kids a month before he nearly killed me, I lived for those happy days, treasured them and for the most part they outweighed the bad that I did everything for him and to him to keep him happy and not mad at me. I didnt think I deserved anyone better, he had convinced me I was crazy, jealous, slutty when it was him, just like Travis, he beat Jodi down and called her all of these things because that was really him and he hated that part of him and was so afraid Jodi would tell everyone that he was not the perfect virginal Mormon man that he had to lay the ground work for the day she smartened up and got away and told her story. Well, her story is being told now and his friends and family do not like, I sure wish it had not gotten out this way but it did and I surely hope another life is not lost because of this damaged relationship

    • Oh wow, TA seems to sport man b**bs. Noticed that in the shower pic where his shot is taken from below the shoulders sitting in the shower.

  23. I was thinking about something today. My fiance is Italian and has very black black hair. At 37 years of age, he has started to have some grey come through. It’s a particular contrast from his dark dark black black hair. Periodically, throughout the time we’ve been together (a year and a half) he has dyed his hair. When his grey starts to show a lot, and usually right before he gets a haircut, he dyes his hair to hide the grey. Most especially before summer starts, when he generally gets a shorter haircut than usual, he always dyes his hair. The shorter haircut reveals more grey than his other haircuts.

    I guess what I’m getting at is that he usually has a reason to dye his hair. He doesn’t just dye it, or the sake of dyeing it. He doesn’t just dye it on a whim. He’s a guy.

    Now, me, I’m a woman. I’ve been “dyeing” my hair since I was 19. I’m 47 now. I say “dyeing” because I didn’t actually “dye” all my hair. I have naturally blonde hair, but I got highlights, lighter highlights. I didn’t just make an appointment for highlights because I had something coming up that was important, like a staff photo — although I might have. I made an appointment to refresh my highlights regularly every 10-12 weeks because by that point in time, my highlights would show outgrowth. If I had something coming up where I would be photographed, I might make the appointment on the earlier end of that scale (10 weeks) before any significant outgrowth showed. Whereas, if I was busy with life or had trouble getting an appointment, I might wait until the end of that scale (12 weeks). I rarely, if ever, waited any longer than that.

    About a year ago during the crux of my ugly divorce from my abusive husband who did not know where I was, but had learned during a court hearing (from my stupid lawyer) that I worked in DC, I was approached as I entered a train station and a man put his hand under my jacket in the back and actually touched a portion of my breasts (I have large breasts and I’m very very short 4’11”). Reaching around my back, it is not difficult to touch my breasts. The man who did this discarded his cap and shirt in the garbage at the train station and existed the train station. He was never caught. I subsequently discovered that he had implanted a tracking device on me. I became very afraid. While I couldn’t prove it, the only explanation I could draw from what occurred was that my husband was trying to track me down. I decided to dye my hair much darker than it has ever been. It has been difficult, at times, to keep up with. I have a significant amount of grey, much of which has come about from stress. Also, because the outgrowth shows much faster, revealing both the grey, and my naturally dark blonde colour (which has darkened from age), I have to touch up my roots every 4-6 weeks.

    The night before last (Thursday), my fiance came home with a package of Just For Men. When I got home from work yesterday, I could see some signs in the bathtub/shower area that he had dyed his hair while I was at work, and before he went to work. When he got home last night, his hair was very black, with no trace of grey. Today, he went to work earlier than usual (he is a restaurant manager). I asked why he was going in so early and he said because they were having a photographer come out to do a staff photo for the website. I said “Oh that’s why you dyed your hair?” He asked me how I knew he had dyed his hair and I said, no, I knew because of the evidence. “Evidence?” he asked. I said yes, I saw the package of Just For Men, I saw the telltale signs in the shower, and I saw him last night with markedly darker hair and no trace of grey remaining.

    That got me thinking about JM dying his hair and that’s why I’ve laid all this out. Throughout most of the trial, he had a great deal of grey showing in his hair. In fact, one could reasonably refer to him as a guy with “salt and pepper hair”. He didn’t dye his hair for the beginning of the trial, knowing he was going to be on TV daily. Suddenly, after he realized he had a “fan club,” which occurred well into the defense case, long after Jodi testified, he dyed his hair.

    Contrast that with Jennifer Willmott. At the start of trial, she appeared with brown hair, with lovely lighter brown highlights. There is not a great deal of contrast between her natural colour and her highlights, however. They are a couple of shades lighter, but certainly not blonde. I would assume that perhaps she highlights her hair frequently, as I did when I was a blonde. Or, she decided to highlight her hair before the trial. Either way, I would assume that she had her highlights done before the start of trial, knowing that she would be on camera. She wanted to look her best. This is similar to my fiance wanting to look his best for the staff photo.

    However, as time has gone on, and the trial has been ongoing now for 4.5 months, Jennifer has not returned for touch up on her highlights. In fact, you can actually see outgrowth in her highlights. By this point in time, the outgrowth is pretty significant. You can actually see the demarcation line. She’s still on camera. She’s a beautiful woman, a glamourous woman, a woman who takes care of her appearance. But she hasn’t had her highlights touched up. She has obviously had her nails done (check the red tips in last week’s trial video). Nail treatments take about 30-45 minutes. Highlights take significantly longer, sometimes 2-3 hours. I don’t see huge growth in Jennifer’s bangs (fringe for our non-American members) during the trial. I also have bangs, and they grow really quickly and require cuts. Therefore, I can assume Jennifer has returned to her stylist for regular bang trims. It would not be unusual at all for her to have touch ups to her highlights during this lengthy period of time. I would think it would be part of her normal upkeep, her maintenance. But she hasn’t retouched her highlights, why? Lack of time?

    JM, a man who may or may not have dyed his hair previous to the trial, but we know he dyed his hair as black as could be during one point a couple of weeks ago, after he learned he had a fan club. He did not, in preparation for the trial, have the vanity to dye his hair at all. Even knowing that he would be on TV daily. Jennifer did get new (or touched up) highlights before the trial, but she hasn’t kept up with them. She has, however, had her bangs trimmed. As a person with bangs, I can tell you that when they get too long and before they reach a length when you could sweep them aside, it becomes annoying and virtually impossible to see through “too long” bangs. In fact, that has motivated me to get a bang trim many times. Or, even, much to the dismay of my stylist, to trim them myself.

    As men age, they become “distinguished” and grey hair often helps that perception. A little weight on a man, isn’t important, either. As women age (and Jennifer is close to my age), we become “middle-aged women” and keeping up our appearance, weight, hiding out grey, becomes very important.

    So, why, exactly did JM dye his hair at that point in the trial? What made it so important that he “appear” younger? He’s had a very successful career. He started this trial as a “distinguished looking” gentleman with “salt and pepper” hair (I know we don’t feel he’s “distinguished looking” now but think about how you first perceived him, if you can). I would have to assume if he wanted to look younger on camera, he would have decided to do that BEFORE the trial. If he suddenly realized during the trial that he was being watched on TV, and it might behoove him to look younger, why didn’t he dye his hair BEFORE Jodi’s cross examination? That was the point in the trial at which many people here (that joined us during her time on the stand — myself included — tuned in). So, what possessed him to do what he did (regarding his hair) towards the end of the trial, towards the end of the defense case, and long after Jodi testified?

    Did he expect a LOT more photo ops? Did he expect to win and have media interviews? Did he think therefore, it would behoove him to have a younger looking darker hair colour? I’m actually confused by this hair dye on his part. My fiance dyed his hair for a photo that will appear on a website. The customers in his restaurant might or might not have noticed his grey previously. He’s the manager. They see him from time to time throughout their dining experience. They know him. Sometimes, they even ask for him. But it’s not important to him that they see him as not having any grey. However, he doesn’t want to be portrayed on the website as a guy with grey hair. That’s reasonable. But JM let about 2/3 of the trial occur showing himself as a grey haired man before he decided to dye his hair, AFTER he learned of his fan club.

    My post here is not about guilt/innocence or the evidence in any way, obviously. It’s just an observation I’ve had about JM. Once that to me, seems strange. Just some thoughts.

    • I wondered if she might be pregnant, when there was that exchange between her & Jodi & Jodi had that huge grin on her face. Is there anything about not dying your hair if you are pregnant these days?

  24. Best news of the day for me……..I know it is the little things that make me happy!

    Account suspended

    The profile you are trying to view has been suspended. To return to your home timeline, click here.

    that was just one but still ! hahaha

  25. I’ve posted this before but I am posting it again because I just want to mention that I also posted it (under a pseudo-facepage name) on “Only Idiots This Jodi Arias Is Innocent.” I was thinking we might possibly be able to engage in some intelligent conversation but, lo and behold, within an hour my post was removed and I was banned. Foolish me for thinking one could have an intelligent conversation with these people. Maybe I’ll try again on an HLN page (I would hope they wouldn’t ban me but who knows…)

    While the State is trying to convince the jury that Jodi’s story doesn’t make sense, in reality, her story makes much more sense than the State’s. Here’s what the prosecution would have us believe:

    That a woman of above average intelligence decided to drive 1000 miles to kill her lover and that the premeditated plan she came up with is as follows:

    1. Steal the murder weapon from grandparents’ house – just one week before the killing. (Surely no one will ever be able to make the connection.)

    2. Rent a car 100 miles away from home to avoid detection (but don’t forget to attract attention by quibbling over the color.)

    3. Drive down to Darryl’s house near Monterey and borrow gas cans so as to disguise travel route (rather than just buying cans along the way with cash because of course we can totally trust that Darryl will never mention the gas cans when the police inevitably come knocking on his door since the police will obviously be investigating all of Travis’ friends, including – and perhaps especially – me.)

    4. Drive over to Mesa and arrive at Travis’ around 4:00 am. (Note to self: Must find out when roommates might be home or could possibly come home.)

    5. Don’t shoot him immediately and quickly beat it out of town so as to avoid being seen or arriving suspiciously late at Ryan’s in Utah, who will, by then, be expecting me in approximately five hours. (Instead sleep the night with Travis and have sex with him so that my presence will be thoroughly imprinted all over the scene.)

    6. And be sure not to shoot him in the middle of the night while he’s sleeping. Instead wait until he’s fully awake and conscious (so that, in the name of all fairness, he can have an equal chance of killing me instead.)

    7. Before killing him, have him take photos of me – with time stamps. (Just need to be sure to throw the camera in the washing machine before I leave – rather than disposing of it along the way with the gun.)

    8. Do not drive directly to Utah up Highway 17 (even though already running quite late at this point) but rather make a detour over to Hoover Dam (maybe to take in the sights).

    9. And somewhere between Kingman, Arizona and Hoover Dam be sure to call several people on cell phone (so that there’s a clear record of my travels north out of Arizona – in spite of the reason for getting the gas cans.)

    Yes, quite the plan…

    • OK…interesting…I posted on (under my pseudo-facebook name) and dang if it didn’t disappear! I can see it if I’m signed into Facebook under the pseudo-name) but from my actual facebook account it’s not there. Does anyone know what the administrators at HLN did so that nobody except the author can see the post?

    • Excellent post RB…hope the Defense Team uses your common sense logic and straight talk to drive home to the Jury how ridiculous the Prosecution’s “theory” is about this case. IMO there is no way a Juror using common sense could possibly believe this was a case of premeditation.

  26. AA Today it seems like we’re all pondering so very odd things. We seem to be going over things that just don’t make sense. Yes it was a very odd time for him to dye his hair. Perhaps or something and its private life going on. I say grab a glass of wine and let your mind wander.

    • Okay Cindy, I got a glass of wine. Sorry for pondering. It’s just that real life makes me think about stuff in this trial, these days. And I’m especially feeling bad about how women, in this country especially, seem to absolutely hate other women at times. I was thinking about something today. My friend, my real friend, one of the very few I have, and perhaps the only friend I still call a friend who has met me in person, said last night she saw me like a link on FB to save Jodi. She clicked on it too. And she was horrified by the language, by what was said. I can’t even read that crap on FB anymore. But I went to look at what my friend said I “liked” and I came across this quote by Madeline Albright:

      “There is a special place in hell for women who don’t help other women.”

      • AA~ I had to stop looking at those hate sites a few days ago when I realized how emotionally and physically sick at watching these horrific people try to “out hate and out insult and out threat” each other.

        Sometimes, I would hover over their names and see what they do in life and I saw teachers, social workers, and a lot of trailer trash. The filth that comes out of their keyboards is horrific.

        • Renee,

          I couldn’t agree more with you about the horrific things being said on the hate sites. I read some horrible lies last night before I went to bed that made be cry…… Souless, low self esteem pure hate……. I am sure their parents would roll over in their graves if they knew what there children were doing over this trial. 3/4 of them don’t even watch the trial, and know the facts. Sure hope there children are never in JODI’s situation…………… COWARDS…. and the money that they taking from people that are unemployeed, on social security is disguisting.

          • Yep. People are paying that site via Pay Pal left and right. It is one of the first posts you see, the one asking for money “for the Alexanders” Hope the IRS is on all this money SOMEONE is getting. I say someone, cause for all I know, it is going straight to that so-called Australian admin of that pathetic hate fueled site.

            • Chris Hughes also has it posted on his FB page. Guess if you send it through the mail Tanisha gets it, if you pay through paypal the ” Australian admin gets it” so it a win win for their team.

          • Renee and FUJuan,I personally rarely check the these sites anymore.I’ve spent hours crying my eyes out over their vile comments.Crying for Jodi’s sake,crying for all the darkess that threatens to swallow us,crying for what’s happened to humanity,compassion and objective kind of thinking…Reading countless times the classic”give-her-the-needle-already–comment,all the name calling,all the hypocricy etc ughhh it just made me (as I wrote in an earlier post )physically sick.People say she poses a threat and danger to society if she’s ever out,the same people who so thoughtlessly seek her own death!!Yesterday there was a comment on YouTube that ”she won’t last long” if she’s freed.I mean,wtf??Are people that stupid actually going around saying that someone’s gonna kill her??Guess it’s easier to write such coward words when you’re hiding behind a keyboard!

        • I had to stop watching HLN or Nancy Grace, especially Nancy because I would find myself flipping her off from the couch and that is not me and that is crazy but she is really such a horrible fake person, unleash the lawyers, and then the one who disagrees with her, talk over that one or take his or her face down. Then after all her ugly faces and ranting and raving, calmly and so digustingly fakely (I know, thats not a word) say – Goodnight Friends. I just want to hear both sides to help form an educated opinion but she edits out anything for the defense of anybody and only allows those that agree with her crazy self to get a word in edgewise, ugh. I just cannot stand her or the smug mugs on HLN except for those on in the daytime, they do allow both sides to be heard it seems, earlier in the day.

      • AA,

        I believe most of the hate on FB for the state comes from uneducated people who don’t even watch the trial judging by the questions they ask on that site. With DV being one out of every 4-5 women and they have 38k followers, there are many on that site that have been in JODI’s shoes. It’s easier to jump on the bandwagon with hate, people love ” drama” ” stir-up troubel” without facts and knowledge. This is very common among females….. they are caddy, condesending, back-stabbing, jealous, vindictive creatures.

        While I state that it brings me to another point…. The Donovan chick that is ” tweeting ” for Jodi, have a motive, and one that I believe is dangerous for JODI. I read on a FB page last weekend by a couple of family members this chick loves drama, and likes to destory people. I really hope JODI’s mom has a good head on her shoulders when Jodi walks FREE to keep this chick away from her daughter.

        As a friend of mine who’s a judge told me many years ago, the court systems is a vicious cycle for criminals, they repeat, and repeat again….. Never getting out the system I think this is very true with Donovan…… She needs to get the hell out of the court room, and off of the social media sites.

        As for Chris Hughes, it’s apperative that he’s the ” RING LEADER” and wants to stir up trouble and back track on his story about TA. ” Something is off with that boy, but I can put my finger on it” (Jodi Arias) famous words.

        And how the heck is this Thomas Brown that Phillip mentioned in this post ? I have read Flores report numerous times and it doesn’t mention this character. Is this the roommate that moved out without telling anyone?

        Cheers to your glass of wine…………

        • I’ve always felt that way about Donavan.There is something not right a about her. The twitter acct. was a bad idea and should be. closed, if she’s really her friend, .I noticed she wasn’t in. Court Thursday. I’d need to go ba k to see if she was there Wed. You can never trust someone you meet in jail. it’s like meeting someone in a bar and finding they over drink. A ,yeah duh

        • The twitter account for Jodi has been silent an the posts about Nasty DisGrace an JM were removed so I think Donavon is being very good about that. Hopefully they seen all the commotion about that an decided it was not a good idea.

          But I do like the thought of Jodi having over 30,000
          followers on Twitter it makes me feel like we are not such a minority in our thoughts about the case. Unless they are haters that are following ? but they are not twitting crap on that page an they could if they wanted too on the remaining tweets.

          • Rhonda-
            Most of Jodi’s twitter followers are the vile and hateful people that are on FB and book reviews. I think Jodi needs to keep a low profile until everything is done and over, and not give these people another forum.

            • I went through some of the followers an it is weird they are a lot of Business
              pages an some with nothing on the walls or private. But they do not bash
              on that wall at all I check it all the time.

              No way I would LIKE or add a Travis Supporter not even too spy I do not
              want anything to do with those people that slander people like they do.

              Still the TWITTER does really upset Travis Supporters as it has a lot of
              Followers as in 5 times more than Travis does on Twitter an it makes me
              laugh an laugh. Because on FB they rule there an I think they paid money
              for their LIKES I just have a feeling they did funny !

              IF you look at TWITTER JODI’S account has been very quiet not many
              tweets even on there at all.

              • @Rhonda- They DO bash on Jodi’s Twitter account! I follow that account and responded to one of the people bashing her, that’s how my account got suspended just 3 days after I created one. Too many of the haters following her reported me for the comments I made. One of, which, was in response to her tweet calling SJ an angel w/the link to this site. I commented that this place was my sanctuary and how I loved the people here. One of the bashing masses blocked me.

                When Jodi tweeted about her latest piece of art being finished and up for sale, the haters were all up in a fit.

          • Those tweets on NG and Martinez shouldnt have been posted in the first place,imho.Why give more fuel for heatred?Yes,those were removed but after the issue was brought up at court by Kermit.So if damage was caused,then it’s too late right?

          • Donovan, uses several different names on FB to stir up trouble according to her family that doesn’t want anything to do with her. Be careful on FB everyone. She’s up to something, and it’s not for the best of JODI.

            Crystal Minnick Rider donavan is with my sister who is in prison i dont speak to iether of them dovan is a evil person!!!! she tries and ruins peoples lives ..stay far away as you can

            Ny RaiderThe State vs Jodi Arias ~ Travis Alexander murder trial

            March 9 at 7:24am · ..

            Donovan Bering is in full throttle people, she/he has MANY profiles made up going on sites everywhere infilterating everyone’s face books,who allow them in as friends posting on people’s wall’s they are sleeping BE CAREFUL who YOU accept as a friend if you don’t want to wake up with accusations or passive aggressive accusations of Travis’s supposed pedophilia on your page..she/he is using a picture of a normal looking woman but keeps changing the name,then when you least expect it BAM, there’s is an advertisement about the pedophilia lies of Travis on YOUR OWN PAGE! BE CAREFUL who you allow on your page these days….if you don’t want to be used as a billboard for Jodi. I have seen it too many times now!! OBVIOUSLY THEY ARE GOING TO WORK HARDER TO FIGHT DIRTIER NOW, THAT IS what the devil does when he is losing…….GOD BLESS TRAVIS AND HIS FAMILY/FRIENDS!!

            • What ? I don’t think that is the Donavon? I don’t trust any of those
              people talking about each other. It reminds me of Bryan Carr where
              did he go ? HLN would stoop low enough also to do strange things
              in my opinion. The TWITTER PAGE is very QUIET now since they
              said not to be doing that an the old Tweets were removed.

              If anyone is doing weirdo stuff I would not put it past a Travis
              LOVER supporter to do something an blame it on Donavon
              either those people are horrid an send death threats an a
              lot of other horrible things. Actually they could pick any name
              off here an start some crap I would not put it past them.

        • FUJuan, I agrre with your post, about Donovan, etc BUT

          “This is very common among females….. they are caddy, condesending, back-stabbing, jealous, vindictive creatures.”
          has shocked me a bit.

          It is true that in experiments women have been found to show discrimination against women almost as much as men. And members of discriminated groups do show prejudice against their own, adopting the stereotype.

          But are not men just as “condescending, back-stabbing, jealous, vindictive creatures” among themselves? I think so. I don’t know what “caddy” really means, but I think it is only used to denigrate women ( cat-like?)
          Let not stereotypes take over.

    • I just don’t think the two of them have any credibility whatsoever.

      After all, they threw Jodi Arias under the bus on national television when we know from the emails how much they loved her.

      It’s all about the image and the bottom line with them.

      • Chris Hughes and his wife are gold diggers. I did some searching last weekend to realize it’s all about POWER and MONEY. Look at the houses these PPL/ Mormons live in, seriously, MONEY talks volumes with this clan.

        So what does Chris do, starts up a paypal for the TA family, and at least twice a week a huge post is made about helping these poor souls that don’t have any money and lost job time but are hiring 4-5 maids, numerous trips to Hawaii, Mexico, San Diego, etc…. shopping trips, eating at fancy resturants. Why not set up a fund for students or people that suffer from DV, Sexual Abuse, Addiction etc. Why, because they are all in this MAFIA clan together to make money off a a dead sibiling that they never even visited in AZ. Makes me sick…………..

  27. SJ, I love love love your post, especially the part you quoted from an earlier post by Vladimir Gagic. I so agree with you on so many parts of this post. But your statement that “a hung jury equates to Not Guilty” is not true. I’m so sorry, but it’s not, not in the US. In fact, it sucks in the US, and especially in a county like Maricopa county with a prosecutor like JM. Because it allows the prosecution to try this case again. Because a hung jury means that possible one of more of the jurors do not agree with the consensus. And often, when these cases are retried, the prosecution really knows their weaknesses and wins the second time. If Jodi is retried, it will be MORE prejudicial, not less. I don’t want that for Jodi. I want this jury to come back and find her “not guilty” of ANY charge.

    There is NO way the jury will find her guilty of premeditated murder one, in my opinion. NO FREAKING WAY. But, based on the evidence, I am 100% confident that lesser included offense will be an option for the jury. If they’re not, I hand it to you. Jodi will be acquitted. I have NO doubt about that. If the lesser included offense are included, Jodi will be found guilty of something, perhaps manslaughter. If I was on that jury, I would hang it until we convicted her of assault, but my particular views would exclude me during voir dire, so I wouldn’t make it on the jury.

    This isn’t Casey Anthony, as Jose said. It’s a very very very different case. We need to be prepared for Jodi being convicted of “something”. Even Casey was convicted of something.

  28. RB that plan makes perfect sense to me if your intention is to turn all attention on yourself so you become the only suspect they look at. And also I am sure she premeditated shooting him in the street in front of as many Arizona residents as possible so she could then deny it but I bet it was a quiet night when she arrived so scrapped that plan. JM and the State’s theory is about as crazy as it gets. They are all bonkers!!

    • Hi Gwen, They can put all the attention they want on the poster since I didn’t use my own name/information. I sufficiently afraid of those hateful misogynists that I would not expose myself to that. I was just hoping there might be one person out there that might be interested in discussing logic rather than just spewing hate. But, nooooooo…foolish foolish me!

    • Oh, Gwen…I re-read your post and realize you weren’t referring to me posting but rather the insanity of Jodi’s supposed plan. Sorry for my confusion…

  29. Hey SJ and everyone, Maggie aka Inconvenient Truths aka Sandra wanted me to tell everyone “Hi” and to keep up the good fight for Jodi…she is busy and doing it too!

    She has gotten threats from someone she is speaking with the FBI about and she has a video of the hate pages..good reference for complaining about them. (1 is rather graphic and grosses me out BTW)

      • BeeCee…

        Someone is posting numerous entries on google attacking our website…the first two pages is full of negative entries…

        I usually type in this website on google search box and click on it…but I couldn’t find the website on google tonight …I had to get on the website a different way….

        Do the haters hate people that much???

        • truthseeker, I think it is because traffic is slow this weekend so without as many hits maybe it shows up later.

          There is probably a way a webmaster could make it so it shows up more but I wouldn’t know how they do that.

          Also, i noticed on some of those pages they are saying how much money this site could make…well do any of you see any ads??

          NO, SJ does not have ads on here that I see..

          those hater pages are just ignorant.

          • I read on another site how they had a goal of $500 donations for the Alexander family and as of the other day they have far exceeded their goal they now have over $5,000 so far for them…

            I haven’t read any haters complaining about that website asking for donations to send to the Alexander family…

  30. After reading several articles this afternoon about Psychology and Science, it amazes me that courts even allow psychologists to testify. There seems to be a lot of skepticism about their work.


    This article is quite long and the first part describes science and the scientific method so if this is familiar to you, you could probably just skim the first 1/3 (approx – sorry, no page numbers)of the article. The author appears to have a certain bias against psychology as he injects a few harsh personal criticisms against it but he does describe some major missteps in the history and present day state of psychology, e.g., “Recovered Memory Syndrome.” Author states Psychology and Psychiatry will likely be replaced by Neuroscience (study of the brain).


    More moderate article from Psychology Today but the author admits psychology is under scrutiny.

    On the lighter side, I watched a Youtube video called: “What is Borderline Personality Disorder (Mental Heath Guru). I didn’t include the video since it seems to be the same old stuff. I did learn one thing. According to this video, the following actresses/singers are or were thought to have BPD:

    Britney Spears, Amy Winehouse, Courtney Love, Lindsay Lohan, Angelina Jolie and Winona Ryder. Good to know.

    • Britney Spears was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder, not BPD….. Angelina Jolie has been labled with BPD because she was a cutter ( self-injurer) and right now in the DSM that is the closest description for this behavior until the new DSM comes out where this is suppose to have it’s own criteria.

      It’s easy to label people with disorders when your a doctor, or psychologists or even psychiatrist because they need a PAYCHECK…. therefore they use the codes in the DSM….. This pisses me off to the bitter end that some of these professionals are so quick to put a label on a person because they are going through a difficult time in their life. Does that truly mean they have this disorder, HELL NO….. Remember this label is STICKED on your file…….. and can cause more harm in the long run. These professionals need to be more cautious when throwing out disorders like it McDonalds french fries……buy one get one free………….. In the end it destorys people, putting them on medications that are not necessary, labeling them falsely for a paycheck.

      • Here’s the problem with that though: When people are afraid of labeling and stigmatizing, then an awful lot of people out there do not get the help they need. And then you get tragedies like Sandy Hook Elem. This country is so afraid of mental illness, that treatment is only available in trickles and everyone wants to keep their own problems secret & keep their kids ‘safe’ by keeping them away from therapy and treatment. Knowledge is power.

      • FUJuan
        I have an off topic question which has been lingering on my mind
        To what extend is the pharmaceutical industry interested in the contend of the DSM ?

    • My feeling : the value of psychology is not so much diagnoses, but as a thinking tool that helps you to detach somewhat from very emotional situations, allowing you to analyse the possibilities properly.

      Self-analysis can be pretty helpful. When I’m thinking about a case, I try to identify dissonances, and to link them together to form hypotheses. A couple of links on cognitive dissonance theory:

    • Look at these gals’ behavior compared to Jodi. I believe that Jodi has a mix of personality disorder stuff, but to identify her as full-on borderline is ridiculous to me. I was just reading up on PD’s in the personality disorder handbook for the DSM-IV. Casey Anthony probably had BPD, but except for a few things that match it does not fit Jodi to me. If she is BPD, she is a seriously underground one, IMO.. Where are her piercings, tattoos, bar-hopping, wild, risky party all the time behaviors? Her constantly changing relationships & interests? I don’t see it, she seems to be very self-contained, if anything emotionally removed, she has had the same consistent interests for most of her life. I had a much longer list, but I forget it now. 🙂

      • I don’t think that Casey is a BPD. Her psych evals showed no personality disorders at all. Casey is a sex abuse victim who created a fantasy world to protect herself.

    • I don’t know that I buy Angelina as a borderline. She’s pretty settled these days; a mom of six. I think she just had her “wild period” like a lot of celebrity’s kids (Jon Voight is her dad).

      Britney’s episodes appeared to be more schizophrenic in nature. I hope she’s continuing to do well.

    • IMO all these labels are used to give and test drugs on people instead of providing therapy to get people to face and alter their pattern of behavior that are detrimental to themselves or others.
      It seems that many more women are diagnosed with these labels when they are suffering from stress or abuse, so that they get to blame it again on themselves, on their own personality, their own genes, where the only remedy would be DRUGS.

      As I commented before, I never saw anything abnormal in Jodi’s pre-Travis behavior, except that she was unfortunate to live in an abusive household. She certainly could have used counseling to recover from that abuse. Since she did not get the needed emotional support from her family, it would have helped her to obtain normal self-respect and assertiveness, which would have strengthened her to avoid falling into Travis’s and his cult’s claws. She just was vulnerable, and Travis and his group immediately isolated her further from family, boyfriend and friends, ‘adopted’ her into their PPL-Mormon cult family. Travis is the one who destroyed her after programming her into his cult.

      The pre-Travis Jodi must have suffered from the Vulnerability Syndrome Disorder, which ALL children, MOST teenagers and MANY young adults suffer from…(tongue in cheek)
      Predators know how to pick their victims.

      • There are no drugs that target personality disorders at the moment. IMO, the best approach to helping someone with related vulnerabilities is to follow a basic plan of making life more stable and less stressful. Also introspection is key; know thy self.

        A helpful plan:
        Treat any problematic anxiety & depression with therapy & meds
        Work on a good daily schedule – regular meals, aim for good sleep, manage comorbid health problems
        Try to minimize addictions to smoking & alcohol; any other drugs
        Active levels of supportive social interactions, organized activities for helping others can be helpful.
        If possible, family therapy to help family members understand & accept the individual’s differences & blind spots.

  31. I have had to stop myself from posting on hater’s sites from my fb because I know they can’t be rational. It seems most of them are the type to go balls to the wall trying to call you out so they can get attention and create turmoil. Neanderthals!! But awhile back I couldn’t help but make a derogatory comment about After Dark on the HLN site, though nothing real specific, and to my surprise I got a few likes and agreements.

  32. I would like to restate that I dont believe that Jodi could have inflicted all that damage to TA.I think she is covering up for someone and that is a huge mistake,just look at her so called friends the HUGHES,biggest lying pair on the planet,sold Jodi right down the river.Jodi would have had an awefultime moving TA back to that shower,as she is quite petite and TA being fairly muscular,I am a fireman and I know what it takes to move people,it is not easy.Now lets throw in a detective that doesnt do his job properly and lies on the stand,a prosecutor that was charged in criminal court in 2002 for dirty dealings in a case and lets not forget the judge,she seems to be JMs buddy,overrules the defence before they even finish what they are saying and sustains all of JMs bullshit.The media has tainted the American public towards Jodi and a fair trial is the last thing she is getting,BUT IN SPITE OF ALL THAT,Ibelieve that she will walk,cant wait to see the look on that asshole JMs face when they deliver that verdict,hope the judge gets booted from her bench and Flores is a cop out on a beat again,serves them all right for the huge miscarriage of justice that they are conveying,LETS ALL KEEP UP THE SUPPORT FOR JODI,god bless and god speed Jodi.

  33. “Next to the body in the shower was a clear plastic cup which seemed out of place.” (Flores Report, pg. 4)

    Any thoughts?

    A sacrament cup, maybe?

    Does anyone know the connections the sacrament has with the Atonement?

    • It was to hold ice cubes… for a sex act… this isn’t at all unknown, and you can google it as it’s just beyond telling…

        • No this was not brought out in the trial. The cup was used to wash off the body … which was mentioned in the trial.

              • JM was walking Jodi through the clean up as it happened according to his ‘inside source’, Mz. Piggy (aka his own limited imagination) during cross examination and he is saying something about her trying to clean the bathroom floor of all the blood when he mentions the cup found by TA’s body in the shower. He says something about her filling that cup…stops and I think makes a snarky comment about her probably not remembering where she got the cup….whatever he says she interrupts him and tells him it was under the sink. He asks her to repeat what she said and she does just that. He then goes on to say she went and retrieved the cup and filled it with water then dumped the water on the floor in an attempt to wash the blood away. This was his explanation for why the floor was flooded in the bathroom. She didn’t really say one way or the other whether he was correct.

                I remember thinking when I was watching that part of her testimony that it wasn’t the best thing for her to admit knowing where that cup came from because, if she knew something so insignificant about where the cup she used to clean the floor came from, surely she was cognizant enough at the time to look there for it. Which, would mean she was cognizant when attempting her clean up and this would certainly obliterate the very small amount of credibility she has. However, I got to thinking about alternative reasons why she would know the cup came from under the sink and concluded it may be a cup TA kept there regularly and she was simply answering from her knowledge or recognizance of that.

                Now, I recently read some talk about a man by the name of Thomas Brown being a 3rd roommate living at the home during the time Travis was murdered. The article I read on BlinkOnCrime implied that the guy saw Travis at 4am when Travis received the call from Jodi announcing she was there because it quoted Thomas as saying he noticed Travis was “visibly shocked” to learn Jodi was there. He also reportedly said that Travis had been up all night performing some kind of spiritual protection rite. However, there is no mention of this 3rd roommate that I recall in the Floreport. Does anyone know what this is about or have more information?

            • Patti,

              I don’t know who’s theory it is about the cup, and personal think it’s irrevalant. Turning on the shower makes more sense to wash the body off. But then again I am not famiiar with the mormon religion.

              i just remember hearing it was used to in the bathroom. Not even sure it has finger prints on it. I will have to go look,…..

      • I dont recall hearing anything about ice and a se act. I beleive I heard it was what was used to wash off his body.

        • That just doesn’t sound right to me. Using a cup in the shower? Why not just turn on the shower and let it do it’s job?

          • Samr exact thought her,KD!
            Can you imagine washing him. all of the blood off of him with a cup of water?
            NOT common sense!
            Why Not just turn on the shower?

            • That is a good point. Plus, you would have to some how fill up the cup with either shower water (that would take forever) or run back and forth from the sink to the shower.

              Also, someone I have thought about is.. the picture of the cardboard box in the linen closet with water/blood wicked up the sides of the box suggests that there was a lot of water on the floor. I wonder if the shower was left on. I would guess it would have been since he jumped out and attacked her. I’m sure he didn’t take the time to turn off the water.. or had the water already been turned off for the photo shoot?

    • What are the spiritual or the ecclesiastical results that are to be expected from the doctrine of atonement? This is best explained by President Brigham Young:

      You are aware that when Brother Cummings came to the point of loving our neighbors as ourselves, he could say yes or no as the case might be, that is true. But I want to connect it with the doctrine you read in the Bible. When will we love our neighbor as ourselves? In the first place, Jesus said that no man hateth his own flesh. It is admitted by all that every person loves himself. Now, if we do rightly love ourselves, we want to be saved and continue to exist, we want to go into the kingdom where we can enjoy eternity and see no more sorrow nor death. This is the desire of every person who believes in God. Now take a person in this congregation who has knowledge with regard to being saved in the kingdom of our God and our Father, and being exalted, one who knows and understands the principles of eternal life, and sees the beauty and excellency of the eternities before him compared with the vain and foolish things of the world, and suppose that he is overtaken in a gross fault, that he has committed a sin that he knows will deprive him of that exaltation which he desires, and that he cannot attain to it without the shedding of his blood, and also knows that by having his blood shed he will atone for that sin, and be saved and exalted with the Gods, is there a man or woman in this house but what would say, shed my blood that I may be saved and exalted with the Gods.” (J.D. 4:219)

      ‘Before partaking of the sacrament, we are to prepare ourselves spiritually. The Lord emphasizes that no one should partake of the sacrament unworthily. That means we must repent of our sins before taking the sacrament. The scriptures say, “If any have trespassed, let him not partake until he makes reconciliation” (D&C 46:4). The Lord instructed His twelve Nephite disciples, “Ye shall not suffer any one knowingly to partake of my flesh and blood unworthily, when ye shall minister it; for whoso eateth and drinketh my flesh and blood unworthily eateth and drinketh damnation to his soul” (3 Nephi 18:28–29).

      • Interesting, thx. Someone who was newly involved in this cult-like side of Mormonism, could hold beliefs like this close to them, especially if they have a psychological vulnerability in that area, as I believe Jodi did.

    • Apparently, they use small clear plastic cups in the LDS services. I was wondering if Jodi and Travis might have performed some sort of religious ceremony/service before he took a shower or during. Or, perhaps Jodi performed some kind of death service later. I know she washed his body after. The belief is that she was trying to wash her DNA off Travis’s body. But, washings and anointings are also conducted on behalf of deceased individuals as a type of “vicarious ordinance”.

      • You’re thinking of the vicarious Mormon baptism thing, but that’s not a death ritual. Mormons don’t have any interesting death rituals per se. In any case, it would be only Travis the priest performing whatever, as Mormon women never do anything of the sort except to wash/anoint other women in a full-on temple baptism ritual.

        I researched all this stuff back when they were trying to move the White House to Salt Lake City.

    • Mormon sacrament isn’t Christian Sacrament, and Mormon blood atonement isn’t Christian Atonement. So whatever connection between Sacrament and Atonement might be, the Mormons don’t have between sacrament and atonement. It takes a professional trained clergy to come up with ideas like that, not a bunch of businessmen with expensive suits and tight haircuts.

            • I think a full discussion of Mormon theology would be off topic. But if you’re going to work that hard, go for the Handbook of Instructions, Book 2 (the secret one reserved for internal use which you can find online anyway). They don’t take their Brigham Young neat anymore.

            • It’s true, both what I posted, and that I didn’t read your link. Wikipedia isn’t information, not by any stretch. Geebee2 kinda found that out, if you’d been following the story on this site closely.

              The leadership positions in Mormonism are (at least, with more in history or fringe practice): bishop, evangelist, high priest, member of Seventy, patriarch, apostle.

              Think about it for a moment: they ordain “elders” at 17 or 18 and then send them away on missions. What regular old neighborhood church is going to allow teenagers into anything like a real leadership position?

              • In this case, I don’t care about the truth of the Mormon church, I care about what Jodi believed was the truth, through her own reading or what she had been told by TA.

  34. what is the point u r trying to make? and who knows who washed him off? Jodi doesn’t remember. I also wonder how she managed to accomplish all she did after the incident occurred and before the roommate came home..try to clean up,wash Travis,do laundry,load and run dishwasher ..and and her saying she came ba k to awareness in the desert w blood on her hands makes no sense either if she did all that clean up.

    • I was wondering if anyone had any ideas about the clear plastic cup found in the shower beside Travis’s body. Detective Flores thought it was important enough to include in his report and said the cup “seemed out of place.”

      It’s been suggested here tonight that it was used to carry ice cubes for a sex act. But, if it’s the type of cup I think it is, it would probably only hold one ice cube, maybe not even one. It was also suggested tonight that it was used to wash Travis’s body after he was dead. Again, the cup is very small (I think). Since we don’t have an actual photo (that I know of), it could be as small as a thimble or perhaps the size of a Dixie cup. I think, the church of LDS uses both sizes.

      Someone else today suggested Travis was performing some kind of ritual or something that day and the person who mentioned it on this site was asking for more information.

      Several people have mentioned here is the last few days that the cutting of Travis’s throat many have been a desperate act of Atonement for Travis “to make restitution for his sins.”

      Usually, people on this site discuss ideas, not dismiss them.

        • I brush my teeth in the shower. I struggle to remember when I started that ritual. I was in my 20s and if I recall, correctly, I was doing laundry and met a guy in the laundry room and started chatting with him about stuff. I went to his apartment for a drink, went to the bathroom and noticed his toothbrush in the shower. I made a joke about “Do you have teeth in odd places?” He explained that he brushed his teeth in the shower. I thought it was rather clever and started doing the same thereafter and have done so ever since. When my fiance moved in and noticed I did that, he also thought it was clever and now, he brushes his teeth in the shower too.

              • Flores’ threshold for relevance is low, he being only an observer. Had it been a can of aerosol whipped cream, we’d have no mystery. A lemon slice, and Travis was doing his complexion. The cup, now… the bloody cup is certainly more interesting than even Flores picked up upon.

          • Here the “cup” in the shower: (scroll down the page)


            In Canada, we would call that a plastic glass, average size (180ml, probably). Our cups have handles and are not as tall as a glass usually.

            So a glass this size could hold ice cubes for sex or washing a body (although I would have gotten a pot of something larger – for the washing, that is).

            Thanks everybody.

              • Wow that blog …. “I myself have plotted the death of a few men in my day. I was sure at the time that they had it coming. However, my plan always stopped in the planning process.”

                I dated several jerks before I got married to my ex. In my 20s, I was gorgeous. I didn’t realize it, but apparently, a lot of guys did. I was used for sex. I was used as an arm piece by guys who thought it was great to have a hot blonde with big boobs on their arm. I often felt like I was nothing other than eye candy to them. Some of them told me that I wasn’t supposed to have a brain when I looked the way I did, and that was a problem for them. It really annoyed me how a lot of guys treated me back then. In fact, I have a section in one photo album that I went so far as to label: “The jerks of 94”. That was almost 20 years ago now, and I’m old and fat and won’t have to worry about being treated that way ever again. But …

                I can honestly say that I NEVER once thought about killing them or even hurting them in any way. I was mad as hell at some guys, especially the ones who cheated on me and used me. I called my girlfriend and we dissed them and called them names, for sure. But plotting their murder? NEVER. It NEVER happened. We might have hoped they failed at something they were trying to do. But ultimately, after we talked it all out, about all the jerks we both dated, we usually ended up wishing them well. It just wasn’t worth doing anything else. But we never plotted their murder or even thought about them dying.

                Therefore, I totally resent the implications of the author of that blog.

      • Travis would have been able to hold his own communion service (or baptize Jodi for that matter), since the Mormons ordain priests at 14 to 16 years of age. But it’s not close to anything you’d do naked and in the shower – a Mormon would be shocked, even though they do bare-under-a-sheet washing and anointing at baptism. Moreover, sin in Mormonism is a big, big deal handled (by bishops and) entirely separate from the notion of communion and personal autonomy or relationship to God. So that all seems really inappropriate, if not incongruent to their views.

        But here’s yet another idea: Take as fact there’s blood atonement going on. Take, too, that Jodi is/was/will be in “flight mode”, which was once properly called “fugue state”, and from which you lose all sorts of psychological information when you insist on the English word. Take as fact that boyfriend past had gotten her into witchcraft, the hardcore stuff rather than the Wicca chick posturing. There’s blood; there’s a cup; there’s a witch. And there’s dissociative fugue behaviour…

        Vampirism, anyone?

            • Store bought mouthwash comes with a little cap/cup. Maybe the cup wassn’t big enough for him? Maybe he used mouthwash and gargled several times. Or maybe he made his own mouthwash. Water and baking soda. I do that. It’s actually excellent mouthwash. Just water and baking soda.

      • coldcase…

        just an insight…

        I have four bathrooms in my house…and it would be difficult for me to clean and rinse each of the four bathtubs if I hadn’t installed hand held shower heads in each tub…(the hand held shower head eliminates the use of having to have a glass to rinse out the tub…)

        Mine are kinda like this one shown…

        I believe that Travis’ shower did not have the hand held shower head that would have made it easy to have rinsed him off…I believe that the clear hard plastic glass was used to rinse his body…(maybe Travis used this hard plastic glass for rinsing his mouth after brushing his teeth and it might have just been sitting on the bathroom counter prior to being left in the shower)…

        note: many people keep a glass on the bathroom sink counter for the purpose of rinsing their mouths after brushing their teeth and for gargling…a lot of people do not use the disposable 3 oz bathroom cups in their bathrooms for that purpose…

        • Thanks, Truthseeker1111,

          Good information.

          If I was a detective and saw a plastic glass in the shower beside a dead body, I would have collected it for testing. First of all, I wouldn’t have any knowledge why the glass was in the shower. Had the victim or the killer drank out of it? Was there any DNA on the glass? What had the glass contained? Water, mouthwash or perhaps a drink containing a sedative? Perhaps, Flores did collect the glass. I know it was still the shower stall after Travis’s body was removed. Also, the toxicology screen did turn out to be negative. Had it shown a sedative in Travis’s system, that might have looked bad for Jodi, as it would look like she had drugged him to make him an easier target. Of course, it would be difficult to prove she gave it to him but just the jury hearing a positive toxicology screen would be damaging.

          Anyway, I’m glad I brought up the subject of the glass in the shower although I know it wasn’t appreciated by some. To me, everything in a scene where someone died is important and I don’t like to jump to conclusions. Police always ask the public to report things about a killing “even if you don’t think it’s important.”

          • I helped with a homicide case a few years ago…I went over the crime scene evidence on a white board…I naturally focus more on the little things…and it was the little things that everyone else was overlooking that eventually helped build the case…they told me that I was an abstract thinker…and that abstract thinkers make good investigators…LOL…

    • good point, if she had done any amount of clean up, her hands would have gotten clean just from the process. Or she would be tracking blood everywhere. What always has bothered me, is how do you do a clean up and not rinse out the sink?

  35. So, Jodi is still in the Mormon cult?(I don’t mean to insult Mormons, but I truly fear this strange entity) Is it true that she has Mormons visiting her twice a week, and tweeted a Brigham Young quote recently?

    Is there any way they could be intimidating/ threatening her? Sorry, my conspiracy and and alcohol fuddled brain is running rampant….


    • Yes and yes Renee! One of the cult leaders still visits her in jail, and she is still brainwashed by them, apparently 🙁
      When I read the tweet I was so PISSED!! The way I would be if she were my sister. I wanted to SHAKE the shit out of her and tell her to pull herself together!
      Hopefully she will get the hell away from them. I cant believe her attorneys would allow it.
      Maybe I’m off base, I just feel a panic attack coming on every time I think about it.

      • I think Darryl B. was the best of all Jodi’s boyfriends except that he was marriage shy because of his recent divorce. I put weight on what he says about Jodi’s character, and he said that she was loving, caring, good hearted, and that she CHANGED when she started getting involved with the Mormon religion and Travis. Jodi’s father also said that her “strange” behavior had been for the past year and a half, which is when she got involved with Travis and the Mormons. So…I really think she should become a Methodist or something. LOL

        • Darryl B. also describes Jodi as very responsible, and that was the biggest change he saw in her after Travis and the Mormons. She became less responsible.

          • And think about this .. she was a young girl, but she and Darryl bought a house together. They came up with the down payment which was hefty and she paid half the mortgage, and while Darryl was unemployed, she paid it all. The mortgage as over $2000 a month. She was a waitress primarily, but also did a couple of other jobs on the side. That’s a lot of money per month. I live in the DC area and my rent right now isn’t over $2000, but it’s not far from it, for a small 2-bedroom apartment. People in other parts of the country, even parts of CA where everything is more expensive, or NY, where everything is outrageous, think my rent is outrageous, but it’s the cheapest I could find in this area and still live in walking distance from the train as I don’t drive. And this is many years later. Jodi and Darryl somehow paid that more than 7 years ago. She was only a girl in her early 20s then. I couldn’t have afforded that at that point in my life. She was super responsible for a girl her age. She was obviously very together and really disciplined to be able to pay that much money. Travis was THE worst thing that EVER happened to her and I really wish he hadn’t happened in her life. I really do.

            • I agree! He was the worst thing that ever happened to her!! And it’s true, what you point out, that Jodi was really remarkably responsible. Not only was she only in her twenties when she did all that, she was also without even a high school diploma. So she did pretty well.

              • DB testified that Jodi just stopped paying her half of the mortgage suddenly, saying she didn’t have the money. Yet, there are journal entries of hers detailing the many times she had to give Travis money for one reason or another. In January of either 07 or 08, Jodi gives Travis almost $1,000. She writes about being very upset because she gave him the last of her money to calm him one time and, as a result, she had to cancel a hangout session she had planned with some of her friends. Jodi also gave Travis some of her leads from PPL so he could meet the qualifications and win the Cancun trip.

      • My worry is more that she gets off with self-defense & then as soon as she has an opportunity, she kills herself. That would be a terrible hollow victory after all this. She seems too peaceful through all of this, like she has made a decision sometimes. Not always, she shows some emotions, but I still wonder about such a contingency. I would feel very bad if that were to happen.

        • That worries me too. But then I think, when there are so many people wanting to see her dead, and after escaping DP, free, survival will kick in. Usually when other people want to see you dead, you want to live.

      • Kmiller,that makes 2 of us.Jodi is so bright(hey,even her IQ scoring verifies that)but is still unable to detach herself from that cult.I dont even think she has realized that it was indeed a cult she was talked into and consequently brainwashed.The value mormons put on family bonds must have been one thing greatly appealing to hergiven that it wassomething she really missed and wanted to find in life but she could have easily have found that outside the mormon ‘beehive” in my opinion.

        • I have a mormon family 2 doors down from me. They are the nicest people in the world! I moved here 15 years ago and not once have they or any of their kids come to my door trying to shove their religion down my throat. They do, however, help me if I need my leaves raked or snow shoveled and she brings me homemade goodies every year at Christmas. He is a bishop and I know this because I have accidently received their mail before and there were tithings addressed to Bishop…

          On the other hand I knew a girl from way back when we went to school together, she was brought up mormon but got away from it as an adult. We started hanging out again a few years ago after a high school reunion. Anyway about a year later, she and her husband both got hurt and needed help. She decided to call some elders from the church to help them for some reason. Next thing you know she is back to going to church, feeling guilty for asking them for help no doubt. It didn’t take long before she was acting different and got so weird that after a few months I dissolved the friendship. I haven’t spoken to her since but I saw on FB she and her family were sealed in the temple in Feb.

          So just saying there are really good mormons out there, they are not ALL cultish (if that’s a word, lol)

          • That makes a lot of sense to me. I love the ‘The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People’ series of books, written/started by Stephen Covey. He is a Mormon and seems pretty normal and insightful to me. On the other hand, some of the things I have learned on this site, show some really cult-like groups within the Mormon religion.

    • Renee,

      Until the jail offically releases a list of vistors , I don’t believe this……… People can SPECULATE all they want. Remeber in the CA trial, they released a list of her visitors and items she was buying in jail. We haven’t seen that with JA.

      As for the tweeter account, I believe Donvoan is on a mission ( destructive). Maybe this Donovan chick things because she was in jail with Jodi for a short time, that she will get a book deal, or some interview for money. It’s obvious she doesn’t have a job……. I also thought that ex cons where not allowed to have contact with those in jail. At least that is how it works in my state.

      • I was hoping one of the *haters* would find Dono-man’s parole officer and have her picked up on violation for all this. She’s going to sink Jodi if it’s the last thing her fat ass does.

        • No, the haters have harassed enough people. If Donovan is on parole, then let her parole officer decide if her Twitter activities are allowed or not.

      • she is also been seen on camera and by courtroom observers to be sitting next to Jodi’s family on the same row in the courtroom…

      • I agree this tweeter account is not her smartest move and should have been stopped for her own sake. But who could have stopped her? I am sure her defence team doesn’t like her tweeting

      • I think Donavan was charged with a crime, but I don’t believe she was convicted. I haven’t been able to find that. Pansy Disgrace loves to talk about her as a convict, but I’m not sure she is. Just because you’re charged with a crime and do time while awaiting trial doesn’t make you a convict.

      • I dont know if Donaavan is after a book deal.She was diagnosed with a terminal illness,god only knows her true motive I guess.

    • I think I will join you in fuddled state here shortly as soon as these kids fall to sleep 🙂
      Then I will tell you all about why this “boston bomber” story stinks to high heaven!!
      (not really, I will stick to the theme of the website, but feel free to find out for yourself if you don’t already smell the shit)

        • Well a quick summary would be that our “gub-ment” is on a mission to scare American citizens into giving up our rights. It will be considered necessary for the government/police to take these rights away so they can protect us from these SCARY terrorists.
          This story is NOT adding up for me so far, and the boys parents have said (of course it’s not being echoed by our reliable news stations) that their sons have been set up. The Mother states the boys were both aware they were being watched by FBI/CIA. The news said that was because they were suspected to have ties to a terrorist group, but were cleared, but other foreign intelligence insists the boys were on the FBI payroll. Go figure (under wear bomber).
          Anyway, Fox was quick to point out last night, “this is only the beginning, this is a NEW type of terrorist threat, right here on American soil” Does that sound familiar? The same way 911 gave us a license to invade countless countries in the name of “terrorism”.
          The FBI has already made it perfectly clear that this investigation will be kept hush-hush, in other words this kid is going to take the blame no matter what, his side will NOT be heard. Who cares what his side is anyway. From the sound of the clapping, cheering, and yelling “GO AMERICA!, WE GOT EM!!” on the streets of Boston last night it sounds to me like Americans are plenty ok with the idea that an accused person is automatically GUILTY as charged with no trial. Forget the fuckin TERRORISTS, for me, THATS the scary part, America believes everything they are spoon fed by the news and the government.

  36. Hi All! I’ve been peeking in here and there in between weekend fun. My husband is out of town for work, so having all the kids by myself has really taken away from my computer time. Anyway, I just wanted to point out a HUGE inconsistency in this whole “story” (if you will). It has been talked about, but I’m not sure if we have gone in depth about the room mates and if they knew Jodi was there or not.

    As far as I know Jodi testified that she never saw or spoke to a room mate. We also have this roommate,
    Thomas w ho states that Travis was surprised that Jodi showed up that night. The ONLY time frame he could have discussed this with Thomas was while Jodi was there.

    SO, did the “first one the scene” friends who called were not aware that Jodi had in fact been at TA’s house, why would they suspect an x-girlfriend who moved to California two months prior? It makes absolutely no sense! If they DID know she had been there ( and at least ONE person did) why pretend they didn’t?

    We have gone over this plenty of times, but this SCREAMS setup!! I am so sick at this obvious railroading of Jodi. I will never believe that Jodi did this. I don’t believe she did any of it. I know her defense strategy, but that’s all I believe it is- a strategy.

    • Ahhh shit, too much Jägermeister with the hubby to rationally answer this post. Please get my email from SJ, I wanna talk to you!


        • Did you girls get my email address from SJ a while back when we were asking about this before? I would love to chat with you ladies too. I’ve never received an email from SJ about it, so I’m not sure it happened. I know he said he sent something to you ladies. Maybe you don’t want to chat with me? That’s okay if it’s the case. I wouldn’t blame you at all. I was just wondering.

          • I have not either AA. I have only gotten Ashley’s email from here, but I would love to chat with you. Why the self doubt lately? You are one of my favorite people here as a matter of fact!
            Who cares if someone (can’t even remember who it was, who cares) mistook something you were saying a time or two. We have all had that happen.
            ANYWAY!! I will be happy to talk to you more about this, and anything else. SJ can give you my email, or he can give me yours either way I’m fine with it.
            I’ll keep my eye out. I haven’t checked I don’t think I have gotten Renee’s yet.

            • “Who cares if someone (can’t even remember who it was, who cares) mistook something you were saying a time or two. We have all had that happen.”

              Yes, this. It has happened to all of us. Sometimes words sound more harsh online than intended. And, in a place like this we are not all gonna agree every single time.

            • Kmiller, you asked “Why the self doubt lately?” Oh boy, is it showing? I guess I don’t hide things as well as I think. It has nothing to do with here. It’s about something going on at work. It has given me some insight into the way haters behave regarding this case though.

              There’s a girl at work who apparently hates me. I’ve known for some time that someone was running into my boss’s office and twisting my words, and it’s resulted in my boss calling me in and talking to me about what “people” have been saying. I mean, it’s really ridiculous things like I was talking to a co-worker who has pets about the price of medications and I said pet medications are often cheaper online and vets are required to give us a prescription. Another person overheard and asked “Well, what if those medications come from China? How do you know that if you buy them online?” This person who hates me walked by as this discussion was occurring and it got back to my boss as me encouraging people to buy their medication from India. That kind of ridiculous stuff.

              Recently, she’s been going around saying that I’m wearing what is obviously a glass or cubic zirconia fake engagement ring because who would ever want to marry an old fat woman like me. I’ve never been anything but nice to her and it’s bothersome to me she would say that. And also, that she’s the one who loves to run into my boss and complain about me. Because she sometimes works at the front desk and my boss wanted to make sure my ex never came into the office, his photo was circulated. Before I knew what this girl is like, she asked me about it, and I told her I was abused and scared of him. I’m having a difficult time with the concept that someone who knows a bit of what I went through would begrudge me being happy. But that’s the same hater mentality we see on those other sites.

    • Thomas was a former roommate. If you read that article on blink, those fb posts they show he wrote do not specify he was talking about June 4th. It is speculation on the blog owners part IMO.

    • I agree, I think his guy friends did not like her because they couldnt get at girl like her and his girl friends didnt like her because she was smarter and prettier than any of them and she was not mormon, She was shy and didnt talk much so they thought she was snotty or weird, its called shy. The video hit home where she was sleeping on his lap, not paying attention, I would do things like that in a large group where I felt uncomfortable and didnt know what to say, no one really knew her of his friends so they have no frame of reference to what she was really like and their words should not even be taken into consideration

      • Regarding the video, more than likely Jodi had heard that story dozens of times. He told this story during his motivational speeches. He liked to be the center of attention. She just being quite while he is BS with friend. Don’t listen to that hater crap.

    • The only information we have about what Thomas Brown said, as far as I know, is a post he made to a site while talking to a friend. Although it sounds like he’s talking about 4 AM June 4th, he doesn’t actually say so, and there is NO evidence that his story is true. The court has all of Jodi’s phone records and she made no calls at all on June 4th. Also, Thomas Brown wasn’t Travis’ roommate at that time. I think he was either a) talking about a date other than June 4th or b) his whole story is made up.

    • and don’t forget Zach…another roommate…he told Flores that Wednesday, June 4, 2008 was his day off work…he returned his car rental that morning…and returned to Travis’ house around 3 pm…then left Travis’ house around 4pm to go clean his girlfriend, Mandy’s house…then returned back to Travis’ house around 9pm…

      and then there was Enrique…who told two slightly differently stories to Flores…Enrique said the he talked to Travis that Wednesday morning, June 4, 2008 before Enrique went to work…and he said that Travis told him that he had not slept good…and that he was expecting a conference call that evening…Enrique went to work and returned back to Travis’ house between 6-6:30 pm…

      This is from the Detailed Breakdown report under the Flores report above link…it is easier to read timeline of what happened on a day by day of who was there at Travis’ house…and who said what…

  37. jade,
    excellent post!!
    Since reading your post I looked at the photo as you described and then also repostioned the lines in the floor tile to a horizontal position to get a accurate perspective on TAs shoulders. So I submit my Rorschach Test perception.
    TA has one of his attackers in a rear neck choke hold with his left arm and his right arm providing the leverage.
    Any other ideas out there?

    A common practice for prudent Police Depts is to check with local medical facilities for potentially having treated known or common injuries related to certain crimes. My question is given the likelihood that there must have been others injured in this attack, did Det Flowers contact area hospitals.

    • Yes, If Jodi had done this, there is no way she would have so little injury. There WAS a struggle, as obvious from the crime scene.

  38. OK, with the Thomas Brown unconfirmed statement/time line, then we have to go back to the assumption that the friends who discovered the body and called 911 were not aware (supposedly) that Jodi had been in town.
    WHY would they suspect an x-girl friend who had moved over 2 months prior?
    I know Travis claimed she was stalking, but did he claim these incidents were happening after she moved? This is a real question. Did the tire slashing/etc. happen after she had moved? Why id TA want people to believe Jodi had done all of those things? It sounds like he didn’t want them to know who really did it and why. He was in some deep shit with someone.

    • Yes. The tire slash happened after she moved. It is ridiculous to assume that she would drive 5 and 1/2 hours (11 hours back and forth) two nights in a row just to slash his tires! There would be no way she’d have time to leave work, get back to work.

      Additionally, whoever slashed the tires knew that Travis spent the night. (As indicated by that email Lisa received). If it was Jodi, (like the haters claim), then Jodi would have had to spent the night in Mesa too, in order for her to know Travis never left Lisa’s house. She would have missed work. But she did not miss work on either of those days

      • Also some people have said ( I have no confirmation to post off hand) that when TA mentioned being stalked/tire slashing he only said, “an ex girlfriend” and didn’t specify Jodi. Also, Jodi testified and told AL that TA said Deanna was crazy. He could have known it was Deanna, and even made it clear it was Deanna, but it was still put on Jodi by the cult who would never turn on their own. Did they just assume it was Jodi or did TA just blame it on Jodi because it was less taboo than speaking badly about Deanna. Was she the REAL person he was afraid of (or the people who she was associated with).
        So, what all do we know about Deanna. Do we know her family’s status in the cult?

        • I don’t know anything about her.

          I don’t know if she was really a stalker as Travis claimed, or if, she decided she and Travis had no future, broke up with him, and he was mad at her, so he claimed that he ended it with her because she was crazy.

          I think she apparently went to Travis’s once to get her stuff back. He also owed her money (apparently). Maybe she was contacting him to get it back, and Jodi knew that she was contacting him and found it odd, so Travis told her she was a crazy stalker as an explanation.

          There is no way to find out for sure. I am sure Deanna does not know that Travis said anything negative about her. Now that he is dead, and Jodi is on trial, I am sure Deanna will not say anything negative about Travis because it would only help Jodi if she did.

          • Deanna was in love with Travis,she still loves him imo.His photos are still on her FB account.His beloved dog was given to her after his death becauseTravis bequethed it to her.She was as much of a stalker or crazy ex as Jodi was!Puh-leez…My gut feeling is TA portrayed all of his ex the way it suited HIM,using them for every kind of physical or emotional need they served for his appetites,while these poor girls had absolutely no idea what was being said about them and how badly back-stabbed(irony?)they were by mister Alexander.

      • I wish the defense would have put a little more focus on putting those stalking rumors to rest.
        I think it should be obvious to the jury that Jodi was NOT obsessed with TA. What obsessed stalker moves AWAY?

        • I hope everyone in Arizona is not like my sister she lives around Phoenix
          an whatever she is watching on the regular news there has got her
          totally against Jodi….grrrrrrrr………I tried again tonight to talk some sense
          into her. She believes the physco stalker crap though. She does not
          know crap about Mormon’s/LDS though I gave her some insight on that
          an she said no I did not know that too most things I said. Geez she does
          not watch talking head Joke News either hln so she is getting the info
          from regular news castings?? Really hope those JURORS are not watching
          the news in Arizona at all. But I just have a feeling they know somethings.
          Due to the questions they ask. Hopefully not though.

        • KMiller,

          I agree. I went back and watched Day 10… Mr. Brewer testimony was so good for Jodi. JUAN tried to get him to say things that were not true………….. TRAP. Thank goodness he saw through JUAN. Then I watched CH on the stand, what a SLIME BALL piece of shit. THen the nut case on the phone which I think was Abe……. Man that dude had serious issues. Couldnt believe the crap he was saying on the phone. That he didn’t know he wasn’t suppose to be watching the trial or reading things on the internet. WTFK ever dude. That showed your lack of education. Cannot even believe Jodi went out with this character.

          CH is the cult leader in this circus……… scamming money off of people through PPL, LDS, and now FB for TA family. Get a real life dude. Your a true back stabber….. Wonder if he knew TA roommates? Afterall he lived in Utah and TA in AZ….. Guess he thinks he can learn a lot about his friend through text, email, and conference calls. NOT.

        • Maybe Jodie hung around more then Travis would like. However, he used her for sex, so then
          he didn t mind her hanging around. He also borrowed money from her, more then $1,000. during
          the month of Jan. 2008. He didn t mind her hanging around at that time either.This PPL big shot
          needs to borrow money from a waitress. What a joke.

        • No. No official police report blaming anyone. Just senseless rumors. No proof it was Deanna. If anything, it makes more sense that Lisa had the stalker, not Travis.

          Travis’s tires were not slashed when he was with Mimi. Mimi’s tires weren’t slashed. Mimi received no emails.

          It does not make sense that one woman Travis was with would receive emails and have her tires slashed, but not another if Travis was the one with a stalker.

      • Don’t forget that is why TRAVIS got to spend the night because Lisa was so scared
        of his stalker stories an the email. If you ask me that is the perfect ploy move for
        a snake oil salesman that is so sneaky. If any tires truly were slashed my guess
        would be Travis did it himself to move closer too getting Lisa to hold him tight all
        through the night an it worked.

  39. On Twitter C. H*ghes states in response to some ones comment (paraphrasing) ” too bad TA didn’t listen to you and your wife when you tried to tell him Jodi was Evil”
    CH- “yes it was a strain, he insisted she was harmless right up to the end, but we got over it”

    This PROVES TA was NOT “extremely afraid” of Jodi. I guess he’s just running off at the mouth since the defense rested and he figures he’s in the clear. Please Baby Jesus, grant the defense a sur rebuttal.

    On another note. the prosecution rebuttal was the time during the Casey Anthony trial where I felt the defense was able to make some of their most powerful points. I think its because the prosecution in a desperate last chance attempt to prove their un-provable case opens the door for the defense to make a better case.

    • He and his wife warned JODI about TRAVIS, and not the other way around. They just made shit up about Jodi.

      The Hugheses lied their asses off on national television.

      • They sure did. They were OBVIOUSLY waiting until the defense rested so they could know exactly how much of the emails would be allowed in. Now that they know how to spin the story they are out in full force. CH said on twitter ” If the whole e-mail had been read it would have killed the defense”
        REALLY???? Then why did JM avoid them like the plague? If they contained info that would show they were not what the defense were making them sound to be then he would have made that very clear (like sulips said lol) faster that an Ethiopian chasing a doughnut down a hill!!
        It is perfectly clear that those emails were what the defense showed they were and much MUCH more.

        • “Then why did JM avoid them like the plague?”

          Exactly! surely there will be at least a couple people on the jury who recognize how hard JM tried to keep any and all evidence beneficial to Jodi out of the trial even if the ignorant haters two cell brains cannot see it.

  40. I went back and watched day 6 on youtube and was confused by Michael Melendez,,he talked like he did not know how the time stamps were put on the pics.JW did not really ask to find out more about this? Was it brought up later somewhere? Any thoughts? Comments on our page was very limited.

    • Interesting because I just re-watched Melendez too. I thought he was super-shifty. He kept looking over at the defense team with shifty eyes that I found very uncomfortable. He didn’t seem at all confident in what he was testifying about. At times, I almost felt like he didn’t want to be there at all. At one point, JM asked how many trials he had testified in and he said hundreds, maybe even thousands. Wouldn’t you think that with that much experience, he would be a lot more confident and competent? I also got the feeling that he was super confused by the time stamps on the pictures. But wasn’t he the expert on how they got on there? I always thought they were put on there by the camera internal memory and he accessed them that way. I think that’s why I went back and re-watched his testimony because in the back of my mind, something hadn’t added up from watching it the first time.

      • I need to go back and watch that. HHHMMMM….
        I think I need to go back and watch a few things.
        By the way AA. You got mail 🙂

      • lol,coincidence?I re-watched that trial day too!Although I think he said he has examined hundreds of thousands of photos in his career,not times he testified.

  41. So I just thought of something – Cancun angle wise.

    And (because this claim, whether true or false has no bearing on my end argument, it will be the same either way, I will go with what “haters” claim just to knock it down 🙂 )

    1) Okay, for argument’s sake, Jodi was initially booked on the Cancun trip because Travis was dating her at the time.

    2) She was excited because of that 1000 Places to See Before You Die mission Travis and her were on.

    3) They broke up, Travis and her were now pretty much hanging out in secret. (PPL friends not really aware – Hughes, Hall, whoever else).

    4) The Hughes were going on the Cancun trip. They disliked Jodi.

    Due to facts #3 and #4(which we already know is pretty much fact), I do not believe for a second that Jodi ever thought she would still be going on that Cancun trip. If the Hughes were not really aware that Jodi and Travis were hanging out, and they did not like Jodi, why on earth would Jodi even think that she’d be going on a trip with Travis that involved them (the Hughes)?? That would mean they’d find out Travis and her were still hanging out.

    Also, if we assume #1 was true, and he changed it because he was trying to court Mimi Hall after the breakup, Jodi may have been disappointed she was no longer going. But her being disappointed does not prove anything at all. Naturally she’d be disappointed if she was looking forward to crossing more places off her list (from the 1000). But again, she probably expected it, because the Hughes were going on that trip to Cancun. It wouldn’t make sense that Travis would take her!

    • I heard Jodi testify in court or I read of her testimony that she had backed out of that trip months in advance because of financial concerns…so she knew way in advance that she was not going on that trip to Cancun…

      • That is what I am saying. Disappointment would have been a natural reaction.

        I was pointing out that the haters have a flawed argument about Cancun. The Hughes were going on that trip. There is no way Jodi and the Hughes would be going on the same trip (even, if, for example, her financial circumstances changed and she suddenly had the money).

    • The “Cancun” jealousy business was a Chris Hughes-inspired load of bullshit.

      He was peddling that crap on the original 48 Hours telecast on the Arias case.

      The bad thing is this garbage was swallowed by JM and Flores.

      • Oh yes, I know! 🙂 I was sort of pointing out that it was stupid theory that made no sense because if the Hughes did not know Travis and Jodi were hanging out anymore, there would be no reason for Jodi to assume she was going to Cancun with Travis and the Hughes, hence there is no reason for her to be jealous. It is all ridiculous!

        • Remember from the ALV testimony that the Hugheses actually LOVED Jodi and warned her against Travis.

          They knew Travis better than anybody.

    • Actually the Hugheses LOVED Jodi. They didn’t hate her at all and warned her against Travis and said she needed to move on from him.

      It’s only later on, after Travis died, that they did a 180 on her and lied about the relationship.

      • No, I think they started hating her before Travis died. Clearly, they initially loved her, but later, it must have changed. Because Travis did not hang out with Jodi in front of them anymore.

        I think that after Travis and Jodi broke up, and Travis started telling people Jodi was a stalker, I think that is when they started changing their opinion.

        • I think he started calling her a stalker and scary and jealous, a liar, after they broke up to diffuse the truth about how he really was , just in case Jodi got mad that he was dating other people. That way whatever she said bad about him, he could say, hey, remember I told you she was crazy, she is lying and I hate that the prosecution does not see through all of that. Alyce did bring that up briefly though, I thought that was good. This sort of thing happened to me with my ex and he was such a talker and a charmer everyone believed him for awhile, until it happened to the next girl and the next, Jodi never had that chance and she never bad mouthed him, she wasnt that kind of person, HE was

      • They did dislike Jodi. Not initially, but they indicated that they did after she and Travis broke up.

        Now of course, they are flipping things around and claiming that the email they sent her warning her about Travis is not what it seems, but I am not talking about when Travis first met Jodi, I am talking about after they broke up.

      • CH also said on Twitter that the only reason they questioned TA was because of a LIE Jodi told them. REALLY??? They would believe a girl they JUST met over their CLOSEST friend?
        These guys are SOMETHING ELSE!!

        The Plan: Blame Jodi for any and everything.

        • Yes I agree also. Especially after reading that long post on FB from Chris Hughes from back in Dec 2012. He says anyone knowing the Theology of Mormonism understands that Travis was in heaven. Meaning to me with the neck slash the heart plunge the gut cuts he Spilled his Blood for the Lord meaning he was sinning by having sex before marriage which in that church is as bad as murder. So in order to be at least a Angel not a God but a Angel he could get in still.

    • The ‘she got mad about the Cancun trip’ motive is absolutely laughable.Just as the jealousy motive is.

    • He looks suspicious….with his head leaning forward and walking in a forward manner…

      If he was up there for other reasons…seems like a natural reaction would have been to look downward over the edge of that fence railing to see what the commotion below was about…hmmm

    • Yes, I had heard this, after all those years they finally believed her. Is she exonerated completely now, or just not on death row?

      • All I can find is the that her conviction was “overturned.” I get the impression that she has been exonerated, but don’t quote me on that. I’m not sure of her official status.

        • An overturned conviction on appeal means that the state of AZ has the opportunity to retry her. In fact, the US Supreme court remanded Milke’s case for retrial based on habeas relief under very specific instructions. Much of the decision was based on Miranda violations. But some was based on the record of the investigative cop. And a great deal more was based on Brady violations which are relevant to this case, Jodi’s case. Brady is a US Supreme Court case that set precedents for disclosure of exculpatory evidence — evidence the prosecution has that may prove the innocence of a defendant. If you’ve watched all of this trial, you should be familiar with Nurmi arguing Brady violations (see Day 6 testimony to begin with) and how long they have occurred in Jodi’s trial. .

          Everyone should read the Milke opinion as it will go down in history and be something referred to time and again:

          While most of the habeus corpus decision rests on Miranda violations, that is not the entire gist of it. There are egregious errors on the part of the judge. As the Milke opinion states: “Long-established Supreme Court precedent holds that the prosecution must turn over exculpatory evidence to the defense.” If you’ve paid attention to this trial, you will realize that wasn’t the case (i.e., communications via text, email and instant message that the defense had to litigate over — go to day 6).

          Of interest in Jodi’s case should be: “[T]he state had engaged in “repeated instances of prosecutorial misconduct” by failing to disclose evidence in a timely manner, thus
          denying her “due process, a fair trial, and a reliable sentencing determination.” Milke reminded the postconviction court that “egregious misconduct occurs where the prosecutor’s manipulation of evidence is likely to have an important effect on the jury’s determination.”

          And [I]t was the prosecutor’s “duty to learn of any favorable evidence known to the others acting on the government’s behalf in the case, including the police.” Also, think about things like: “Milke’s claim was straightforward: She couldn’t effectively cross-examine Saldate because the state had failed to disclose significant impeachment evidence.”

          Also of note is: “The second element of a Brady violation is the willful or inadvertent failure of the prosecutor to disclose evidence favorable to the defendant.”

          In case anyone doesn’t know, a US Supreme Court decision/opinion trumps ALL others. Falling short of having such an opinion, a state’s Supreme Court’s decision/opinion. trumps any other. Since we’re discussing this, most states have district for appellate court, for example, Florida has multiple. But one district’s decision is as valid in another district as any other. So, it doesn’t matter if the first district found one thing. A person appealing in the fourth district could still refer to that.

          When you think about all that in relation to Jodi’s case, you have to think about the state not turning over the text/im/emails and the compromise that resulted in Jodi’s case because they received that evidence (much of which could be exculpatory) so late in the game. In fact, this alone, when all is said and done, may be what keeps Jodi off death row!!!!

          The opinion discusses a great deal of what Flores did and it’s worth reading for that alone. I’d be happy to summarize further, if anyone needs me to, but I know our members here have great intelligence and don’t always need me to summarize something and in fact, I might insult the intelligence of many here by doing so. I never know quite how much I should explain. Not that I’m of superior intellect — I’m certainly not by any means — but my attendance at law school makes it a little easier for me to understand some things so I always want to offer that, for purposes of explanation, if it’s necessary. .

          • Thank you Also Abused. I love your explanations. I really appreciate them.

            While I didn’t know that it was a Brady violation (and now I do, thank you) I remember reading that Martinez has been in trouble for this very thing in the past. It’s as though it’s his strategy to turn over evidence at the very last possible minute, and often LATE. With Martinez, it’s a pattern, if you will.

          • I didn’t know that about the relationships between districts. Thanks for the explanation AA. I would like to learn more about Juan Martinez failure to disclose evidence. That is a legal term, right? “Disclosure?” Do we have any idea what was in those emails/text/im?

          • I have a hard time finding my messages on this site sometimes AA. So if you write a bit about this, I would really appreciate it if you could copy and paste and send the reply to my email? It is XXXXXXX. Thanks. Interesting hearing the perspective from someone with a background in US Law.

          • e.g.

            “The Phoenix Police Department and Saldate’s
            supervisors there should be ashamed of havinggiven free rein
            to a lawless cop to misbehave again and again, undermining
            the integrity of the system of justice they were sworn to
            uphold. As should the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office,
            which continued to prosecute Saldate’s cases without
            bothering to disclose his pattern of misconduct.”

    • The church dislikes the nickname MORMON ……….That makes me laugh ………..why do the have THE BOOK OF MORMON why is it not The BOOK OF LDS …………..what are they ashamed of anyways………..I am baptized an confirmed Catholic but also Christian. An the Mormon’s
      are nothing like a Catholics that made me cringe ! the ranks are totally different an there is no
      secret TEMPLE anyone can go to the Catholic Church.

      Now I see why I do not like the tone it was from that Stark woman she is Stark raving MAD ! haha

      Yes I do believe something happened somewhere with Travis fondling little boys somewhere but
      no one wants to fess up to that. No 30 year old single male offers to babysit. An if one did when
      my daughter was young I would say NO just because that is WEIRD! unless it is a family member
      an now a days hell I don’t think that would be the best choice either.

      What a bunch of crap that was huh ? I don’t believe a word from those Hughes they both sat up there with sweaty palms an lying eyes an weird grins like the devil. An have the BALLS to call Jodi soulless. Snake Oil Salesmen is all I can think of. Gus Searcy was the only honest one an everyone jumped on him. If Jodi was so scary from the start the Hughes sure were nice at first. They Bare False Witness I truly believe that an all the rest jumping on tv lying are too. Leaves me for a bad feeling for Mesa Arizona an that congregation of friends Travis had.

      • yes I remember thinking that it was strange that a 30 yo man would like to baby sit. And also I saw the video of Travis with Jodi and friends on dr drew a while ago and they were making a huge deal about Jodi yawning- she must be a sociopath etc. what I saw was that one of TA’s friends was yawning too- and later it was blurred out by hln

    • Kmiller-
      I agree 100%. Chris Hughes is as smarmy and snake like as they come. I certainly question why Hughes, whose best friend was to have a phone call and take a trip with him, never once called anybody to go check on Travis. Hell, I think they even took off to Cancun with out ever hearing from him, or hearing he was dead. Makes one think he already knew he was dead? I think they absolutely had figured out that Travis’ “age of attraction” was really little boys. But now he’s gone, so no worries…

      I am also with you 100% on Jodi continuing to be completely brainwashed by the LDS. I have been doing more research on the Mormons and watched a video yesterday that has me completely creeped out. I even had a nightmare about it last night. The video on You Tube, was done via hidden camera by someone who was a part of the Endowment Ritual at a temple. It is something the “outside world” is never supposed to see. It is clear from this ceremony that these people are all like robots going through the bizzare motions of the Cult. One of the things they swear to, is to never speak ill of one of the annointed. TA, with his temple status was clearly one of the annointed. The Hughes will go to their graves, lying their asses off, for many reasons.

      I fear poor Jodi is still under the mind control of the Cult. Her non emotional almost robotic affect appears to be more than being on medication for anxiety or migraines. The thought that these creeps are still visiting her in jail makes me shudder. It would be for no other reason than to keep her under the cult’s control. Her quote of B Young, shows she has not been deprogrammed.

    • Wow, who the heck is this person who writes all that? I’ve had Mormon friends. They didn’t say they were LDS. They said they were “Mormon”.

  42. The Hughes LIED plain and simple,so much for them to be religous folk that are supposed to be rightess and truthfull,they lied there asses off and I hope they rot in hell for selling out Jodi.The good judge always checks each day to see if the jury has seen or heard anything from the media and like good little school children they say no,Yeah OK fat chance of that,maybe if they were in upper mongolia.Isnt it amazing how the prosecution let out certain videos and leaked information to the media at key times and I thought JM wasnt suppose to watch the media either,the tweets from Jodi got him all riled up about his height,he cant help it if he is only knee high to a toad stool,slimey like one too.I dont think Jodi should have tweeted,could come back to bite her,BUT the jury isnt supposed to know that RIGHT!!!This trial has been a witch hunt from the begining,Jodi is being treated like shit from the ignorant masses,Sherriff Joe and company.The trial has been tainted and she will never have a fair shake,it might come down to an appeal court with a NEW JUDGE that has a BRAIN and certainly her defence team has plenty of ammo to appeal any sentence,Hopefully this will not have to come to that,I do believe that there are some jurrors that believe what she and her defence have said.I like to say that wasnt it great that JW got the baby doc to melt down about her words being twisted.hurts when the shoe is on the other foot,JW did a very good job on JD.I hope that all the posters here that had valid points,somehow got those to the defence,I have tried to send emails to the defence,dont know if they got them or even if they did,do they look at them,is it legal for them to view any suggestions from supporters?The defence team should have a valid point with the non sequestering of the jury and media intervention in the trial if an appeal is needed.Lets all keep suppoting Jodi,SHE WILL BE AQUITTED SOON,god bless Jodi.

  43. I had been trying to place where I’d seen Martinez before and realized while watching a Reno 911 episode tonight. Slap a mustache on Martinez and he is the actor who plays the part of officer Garcia on the show. It’s uncanny. Too funny.

  44. Michael Kiefer ‏@michaelbkiefer 3h

    I’m hearing a .25 caliber gun was found near Hoover Dam, where Jodi says she disposed of hers, and authorities are checking it out.

  45. Michael Kiefer ‏@michaelbkiefer 2h

    5 possibilities: unrelated; grandpa’s gun and murder weapon; murder weapon but not grandpa’s; grandpa’s gun but not murder weapon; total bs.
    Darwin, Charles Darwin, Charles ‏@1BigBender 2h

    @michaelbkiefer is it a credible source?
    10:30 PM – 20 Apr 13 · Details

    Michael Kiefer Michael Kiefer ‏@michaelbkiefer 2h

    @1BigBender We shall see. I will be on it tomorrow.
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    10:31 PM – 20 Apr 13 · Details

    • Hasn’t a rumor about a gun being found somewhere there been floating around for weeks now?

      If I remember correctly some guy was chasing a 20 dollar bill and he found a gun wrapped in TP and some other sort of paper tucked under a cactus, took it home and his wife asked him to call the cops about it.

      I don’t know if Jodi’s grandfather had the serial number. From the part of the Yreka police report I was able to track down, they didn’t even have the make, leave alone the serial number. They did have a size, the fact that it had black grips and 7 hollow-point rounds.

      It is relatively easy to be able to determine whether a particular gun was used to fire a particular round. There are four fundamental areas they look in, and often these provide “fingerprints” that can be very exact. The first of course is looking at the bullet. As the bullet passes through the barrel, features within the barrel leave an imprint on the bullet. The bullets are typically a tad bigger than the bore of the gun in order to ensure a tight fit, and get squeezed through the barrel. The physical features of the barrel leave marks on the bullet. The barrel has ‘rifling’ which consists of raised areas (lands) and depressed reas (grooves) with a twist. The twist makes the bullet spin and stabilizes it. Each gun’s lands and grooves are just a little different, so if you fire another bullet through the gun, you can match that to the suspect bullet and try and determine whether or not they came from the same gun. The next spot they try and match is the firing pin. This leaves a distinct impression on the cartridge primer, and again acts like a fingerprint. The third is the extractor mark. A pistol has this little hook type gizmo that extracts the spent casing after the round has been fired. This leaves a mark on the rim of the cartridge casing and can often be distinct (of course you don’t see one in a revolver). The last is the shell casing itself, which can have scratches, etc that a particular to an individual weapon.

      The problem with ballistics testing (as this is called) arises when either the bullet is too deformed to be analyzed, the shell casing is lost, or the weapon itself has been damaged through either mechanical damage or something like corrosion. And even though this was found in the desert, corrosion can occur, particularly since desert sands often have high concentrations of various salts and there is some moisture, albeit very small.

      There is also other forensic evidence such as fingerprints, etc that can be lifted off guns, even those exposed to the elements, especially off the magazine and rounds that are in a relatively protected environment.

      So if indeed a 25 caliber gun was found around where Jodi claims she disposed of the weapon it could open some interesting doors for both the prosecution and the defense. Also I bet it puts this trial back a few weeks as each side does all their testing etc.

      Of course if the gun was found a while ago the State may have already completed their testing. Which leads me to wonder if the hearing on Friday had anything to do with this gun.

      Guess we’ll have to wait and see.

      • yes, it has been floating around for a while.

        Maybe the prosecution finally admitted someone turned it in…or maybe it is just a rumor.

        • Good morning everyone. Well, even if the gun was found in the desert, and they’ve tested it and they can tell that it was the gun that was used on Travis, it doesn’t really help either side because they can’t prove that the gun belonged to Jodi’s grandfather or that it belonged to Travis. I read the Yreka police report too Al, and yes, I remember that Jodi’s grandfather didn’t have the serial number or much information at all about the gun that was stolen from him.

          Also, it occurred to me that if Jodi had wanted that gun, say to feel safe driving through the desert, wouldn’t her grandfather have just given it to her? She really didn’t have to stage a burglary. I really don’t think she stole that gun or anything else from her grandparents.

          • actually, if it has a serial number on it they MAY be able to run the history of the gun and see if it ever belonged to to anyone on either side.

            So, lets say they run it and it shows that one of Travis’ friends purchased it at one time…it doesn’t prove anything….but…

            • BeeCee,

              That could be. I don’t know how far back records were kept of purchases. If the gun belonged to Travis, I suspect it had been his mother’s and after his parents passed away it became his. Who knows where his mother would have got it from, but maybe there would be some record at least that it was originally bought in Riverside, CA.

              Jodi’s grandfather also inherited his gun, I believe from his brother when his brother passed away. All I know about it is that it was an old gun. If Jodi’s granduncle bought it originally say, back in the 40s, would there be record of the serial number? I don’t know. But I suppose if it were originally sold in Yreka, CA, that would tell us something.

          • Actually if they had the gun a bunch of stuff may be possible.

            As BeeCee says a serial number check can lead to some connection, or not.

            If the ballistics match, but the grips were brown or white, the defense can argue it wasn’t grandpa’s gun.

            If the ballistics match and you find fingerprints from TA or one of his friends some inferences can b drawn.

            I don’t know if they have any records of the gun TA’s mother apparently owned, but that might be another venue.

            And there are probably other things one can speculate, but I guess we just wait and see if there is any news.

            • Well yes, that’s true. If it’s a different color that would certainly tell them something. And what if the serial number told them it was purchased right there in Mesa?? That would be good. Or even if the serial number told them that it was manufactured say, after 1990, that would prove that it wasn’t Jodi’s grandfather’s gun. Well now I’m hopeful. If the gun really was found, it could tell us a lot.

              I’m still hoping that the person(s) responsible for the burglary at Jodi’s grandparents come forward. And I’m still hoping that Steve Bell, or whoever slashed the tires, does the right thing and comes forward. I know that’s not likely to happen, but I still think about it from time to time.

              • Another thing I just thought of…speculation obviously…

                With Travis telling his friends not to be surprised if he ended up dead…don’t you think one of them might have told him here, take this little gun as protection? It would not surprise me at all, and would be quite funny if it is proven to be purchased by the hughes or the Hall dude…or whomever it was that he allegedly told he was going to get killed.

                • Good Point. Also like I said last night. I believe TA did know he had a dangerous enemy. He wanted to talk about it, but didn’t want to say who. It was just easier to say it was “Jodi” since she was moved away, and would not likely find out.
                  If he said who it really was he would have to tell the real reason why and that would not fit his Angelic reputation.

                • “If he said who it really was he would have to tell the real reason why and that would not fit his Angelic reputation.”


                • BeeCee-
                  I agree. I have thought all along that the gun actually belonged to that grotesque thing, Dave Hall.

                • omg,it could only be a silly rumour but after reading all your posts and takes,I can almost act out in my head the happy script of them finding out the gun did belong to one of TA ‘s friends/parents and the defense team along with us jumping on a table doing the happy dance!!!!OK,back to reality now…

      • Al, could you still tell anything about a gun after it had been out in the elements for 5 years? I don’t know diddly squat about guns.

  46. How convenient, that a gun was potentially found 11th hour. Hand in hand with the Prosecutor methodically releasing info on the Defendent.

  47. Good morning…
    I have something on my mind Why is that this horrible struggle went on
    Jodi walked away with no wounds. Travi looked as if he fought like hell
    it does not make sense to me I cannot buy that she did this.

    • I dont buy it either! There is no way she left that scene, left not one drop of blood anywhere else in the house and found herself with just a little bit of blood on her hands in the desert. Whoever did this would have been soaked / covered in blood and there would have been blood all over the rental car.

      One thing that I have thought of is… we have NO proof that thd dates or times were not manipulated on that camera. Maybe he was killed after Jodi left. The only thing they have as evidence she was there is the handprint on the wall.

      When the photo expert did the examination on the left eye, I was screaming that they didnt do the right eye!!!!

      • I’ve also thought it odd that car rental guy only found his *kool aid* stains on the passenger and back seat. If she had blood on her hands and assuming, her clothes, some blood stains would have been on the drivers seat, I would think.

        Did they ever go over that rental car, like they do in the tv crime shows to confirm if they could find traces of blood in that rental car or had too much time passed to bother with checking? Since she was not arrested until a month later too much time probably had passed.

        It would of been interesting if someone like Henry Lee would have found any minute piece of evidence like a finger print the rental cleaning crew somehow missed.

      • Also, if I just prick my finger or get a bloody nose, blood seems to get EVERYWHERE! So with this bloody scene Jodi should have had blood on her EVERYWHERE! It should have definitely been under her fingernails and all over her hair too. It isn’t that easy to get your hair clean with just bottled water or getting under your fingernails clean without a brush and lots of soap and water. And then she goes to Ryan Burns and he doesn’t notice any blood?

        • Hi maria, this is is regards to the rental car. I was wondering if the rental car was checked to confirm the kool aid was in fact blood or if other evidence found that might have been important.

          Love your pic! You are gorgeous!

        • This doesn’t explain the bloody fingerprint but.. I have long dark hair and after brushing my hair, there is hair all over the floor. There is nothing suprising that her hair would be found there. I didn’t see how much hair so if there was a LOT then that would make sense.

    • Cindy, I went to sleep with this very thing troubling me. I tossed around all kinds of struggle scenarios where Jodi comes out with bandaids on a couple of fingers. I believe that’s what the guy in Utah testified to … Jodi having a couple of fingers with small bandages. I cannot wrap my mind around how all that occured. Jodi had no signs of bruising, she was arrested shortly after the killing. If there were bruises on her they would take some time to heal.

      • Natalie she was not arrested until a month after the killing and people that saw her in Utah said she was wearing a long sleeved shirt in 100 degree weather. They may not have seen anything, but it does not mean there was nothing given the clothes she had on.

    • Actually Jodi said she had bruises on her back and forearms, a bump on her head, and for the strange one, bruises on her ankles and feet. Never did get that last one.

  48. Does anyone know a link to view all the pictures that were on Travis’ camera?
    want to compare date/time on some but I can’t find them.

    Thank’s in advance!!!

  49. I haven’t been able to bring myself to look at all the photos other than what’s been waved around in court. But from what I’ve read it was a grisly scene consistent with someone terrified out of their mind trying to keep a ‘bear’ off them, if it was done alone. I can only imagine how someone as peaceful minded and non violent as Jodi would feel after having to fight for her life like that. If a gun was found and it turned out not to belong to grandpa, I bet Juan boy would fight like hell to keep it out! He can’t handle the truth. Although I’m not a conspiracy theorist, usually, I can see Nance having grandpa’s gun tracked down secretly then slithering into the desert and dropping it off so JM could then lie about the ballistics. These people are so desperate for a conviction, to save face, that nothing would shock me.

  50. The gun rumor has been around for awhile,if it is true the state would have been allover it like shit on a blanket and HLN would have broadcast it from coast to coast,but maybe Juan is methodically waiting to spring that evidence on the defence,hes a sleeze,just look at how he leaked info at key times during the trial.I cant believe that the guy who supossedly found it over a year ago would wait till now to turn it in,but hey stranger things have happened.Lets hope the closed door court thing on Friday was positive for Jodi,god bless her aand may she be free soon.

  51. …and I have never seen such ethically and morally bankrupt people in my life as the one’s trying to twist the facts in this case to make Jodi appear guilty. JM, NG, JVM, VP…too many to mention.

    • Did you watch the Casey Anthony trial? They tried so hard to guilt the jury into a guilty verdict, exploiting Caylee with pictures of her and her remains. Played the video of Caylee singing, over and over, and over,Then anyone who proclaimed Casey’s innocence was a baby killer and a lover of all baby killers, didn’t care Caylee was dead, didn’t agree she was a beautiful child, and didn’t think her singing was adorable. It was SICK!!

      • Yes I watched as they whupped people into a frenzy! Flashing those endless photos of Casey partying and drinking in btw photos of the angelic child. While I did think she should have served some time for child neglect or abandonment HLN acting as if you were evil incarnate and in on it if you weren’t willing to kill Casey yourself!!

        • Only one set of pictures was taken during the time between Caylee’s accidental death and Casey’s arrest. The rest were older pictures, as seen by Casey’s different hairstyles.

          She couldn’t have served any time for neglect/abandonment because Caylee wasn’t abandoned anywhere while she was alive. Improper disposal of a corpse, maybe, but again there was no evidence that Casey herself hid Caylee’s body.

          • What gets me about the Caylee Anthony case was that all the crazy public was distraught over the loss of this kid they didn’t even know. Obviously everyone in the Anthony family loved that child, and whatever terrible accident happened to end her life, it is Casey & the rest of the Anthony’s that will suffer that loss longterm, not all those spectators.

      • The unfortunate difference in that rial and this one is the jury was sequestered. The jury had big limits put on them, as they should have on this jury.

  52. If Nancy Grace felt her life was in physical danger can you imagine the collateral damage? She’d slash her way through a baby kitten farm. Ok I just had to get that off my chest. lol

  53. Good Morning to all.
    A previous poster referred to JM using the Agatha C. approach, working a crime scene backwards using a bunch of red herrings. IMO, JM is also a crumb dropper. At the end of the day, he will want the jurors to be awed by his brilliant mind. Like Jesus turning the water in to wine, JM will make his best effort to turn bread crumbs into loaves of bread of premeditation to feed the jurors. I think he enjoys his reputation of being sly bastard. I’ve been following the JM’s crumb trail trying to guess circumstantial evidence and elements of his closing argument. This is my premeditation crumb list of questions:

    1. Is JM going to propose Jodi premeditated 2 plans? Plan A, sex him into taking her to Cancun and if that doesn’t work…Plan B, kill him? Is he going to say the afternoon sex was the ” lay in wait”?
    2. Is JM going to use the Wal-Mart receipt to impeach her? Or is this his red herring or smoking gun? The receipt shows; 2 facial creams and 2 sunscreen purchases. Is he going say she purchased these items hoping TA will take her to Cancun? So far, it appears JM has been laying foundation for his hell has no fury motive, Jodi is a stalker/jealous crazy person diagnosed with BPD who planned on killing Travis “before” the Cancun trip because (motive) he invited another women, MH and did not want to take Jodi on Cancun trip. JM has to stick to that story. The jurors do not know what we know about the Hughes and other reasons Jodi wouldn’t want to go. My brain is running amuck here…is Wal-Mart person going to talk about the kero can refund or is he going to talk about the other items?
    3. Is JM going to say Jodi stomped on TA causing the bruising on legs and feet AND the lower level blood splatter in the water closet and stool? He has already planted the crumb seeds of her kicking her Mom and the portion of the letter Dr. Data Point read aloud about Jodi getting mad.. hitting walls.
    4. Is TA business card a red herring or crumb? I can’t figure this one out. I understand the forensic team collects all types of things from the crime scene but why did JM bring this particular item into evidence? I sometimes write numbers, names and notes on the back of my business card.
    5. Is JM going to say the smoke smell in returned rental car is from burning her clothes? Is he going to expose Jodi as a closet smoker? I don’t know if he talk about these things in closing but he got in the missing engagement ring and the guy on the plane incident. I don’t expect JM to play fair.. and I’m using this “new stuff” as JM’s data point pattern.. 🙂
    6. Is JM going take the items from the washing machine and weave them in his closing? He really likes the bleached towel (other crumb)?.

    Time will tell what he’s got up his sleeve. I’m confident the defense closing will be outstanding. Just wish I knew who was closing, Nurmi or Jen?

    • Jodi would need sunscreen just for driving all over the desert in June. So I hope JM doesn’t bring that up.

    • Can both Nurmi AND Wilmott do closing arguments? Wilmott did opening arguments and I thought she was very good.

      • I don’t know AZ laws regarding closing. It is allowed in other states. Both would be great, if only one is allowed, I prefer JM. She did the opening and all the experts. They have to break up the work load some how.

        • I read somewhere that in AZ, only one of them will be allowed to present the closing arguments. I haven’t looked that up though. But I think it was an attorney who said it.

    • Ann,
      i was the one who mentioned Agatha Cristie’s way of writing her novels but franlky if we were to compare her to Juan Martinez the poor woman would roll over her grave in protest!! With Martinez,one can never be sure as to how he will do the closing arguments.I suspect he will definitely use the autopsy photos alongside the ”no jury will convict me” clip in an affort to appeal to the jury’s emotions,first playing the clip and then while holding the autopsy photo sth along these lines”wont you?what if THIS was your son?”.Or sth to that effect.I used to be afraid of him,his reputation of being brilliant precedes him but after watching the trial there were times the haters said oh he’s gonna tie it all up,you’ll see and I honestly havent seen any ”tying up” so far!

  54. I guess the haters are on a full out campaign to shut down this web site…I googled it and went as far as page 20 of the google pages and it does not appear ONCE. Every mention of it is directed toward their campaign. The mormons have a news press to encourage people to close this site. The Hughes’ are mentioned as suing for libel… EVERY single site there is another hate campaign. I didn’t click on any site except geebee2’s site that is somewhere…like page 17 or something of google…. SO I’m posting this link again…read the words… It may not be your favorite kind of music…but the words…READ THE WORDS. WHERE IS THE LOVE?
    “Whatever happened to humanity…”

    • I keep trying to post a reply and it won’t show up.

      Yeah, this website used to be the first result when I would search and for the past couple days I haven’t been able to find it on the first three PAGES of results. I wonder what is the reason behind this sudden change?

    • This site was the FIRST to come up,that’s for sure!W T F has happened??Isnt that gagging?What about the right to freedom of speech?What if there are other people out there who want to join the site?

      I say,all of us here who have a FB account,post the site’s address for those who might be interested.(I know I would be of little help,most of my FB friends are either greek or argentinian but…anyways!You americans can have a greater impact)

      • I know that Google filters some websites from search results, even in the U.S., but these are usually things like child pornography. I am searching from Canada, and you from Greece, and we are not seeing the website come up in the results anymore either, so it’s not a localized thing. Maybe the haters somehow convinced Google that this was a hate site or something and they removed it from the search results. I don’t know what it is, but it is very strange for the site to be the number one search result one day, and then the next day the site doesn’t even appear on the first 10 pages of results…

  55. Anyone have any thoughts on the remote control? I just saw something about that on one of the hater sites…must have missed it in trial, but it says Jodi went back to whichever boyfriend she borrowed one of the gas cans from to give him his DVD remote control?? Apparently a DVD player was stolen from Jodi’s grandfather’s house with the gun and now the haters are saying she traded the stolen DVD player for the gas can. Any thoughts??? I’m probably late on this one, but I think it’s total BS!!

      • When I moved out of my ex’s house, I accidentally packed 2 t.v. remotes. It’s possible that the remote was packed with the rest of her stuff, and she was just returning it, as I had to.

        • Yes Jodi stated on the stand that she had to return to DB’s house to return the remote control that she accidentally packed with her stuff the day she stopped at his house. She returned it the same day she accidentally took it. I think, but I’m not certain, that she noticed it when she was looking in her bag for her phone charger.

            • How could Jodi of packed it in her stuff…. She only stopped by his house at 7 am in the morning and had breakfast, and then she came back a few hours after………. He said ” he never saw her luggage.”

    • I hope the defense can make a huge point with the gas cans…they are a bit problematic by itself, BUT she also had a case of water in the drunk too, which backs up her story that she wouldn’t want to be stranded in the desert in the event she ran out of gas. If she ran out of gas, then she wouldn’t be able to use the air conditioner in the car, It was 98.6 degrees outside that day, and I remember her testimony where she stated “you could die out there.” She was just prepared, Case of water and extra gas. As I’ve stated before, one of the biggest issues I have in this case in regards to premeditation is that during this rode trip she got her nails done. I can’t get passed this. Maybe it’s just me. Face wash (check), sun screen (check), Starbucks (check) nails done (check). “Ok, now I’m ready to go kill Travis!” WTF?????

      • The gas can will continue to be a big factor with the prosecutor……..and from the prosecution side they could argue the case of water was in the trunk so she could wash up…….That makes me nervous.

        • If that is the case, than buy a couple of gallon (jugs) of water, not individual bottles. As far as “cleaning up stuff”, she didn’t buy items such as paper towels, wipes, disinfectants, trash bags etc….

          • If money were an issue then gallon jugs would be much cheaper than bottled. And if she’s returning a gas can for cash jeopardizing this well thought out stealth-like ‘plan’ then jugs would make more sense.

          • Not to mention if premeditated why in the world would you ever borrow gas cans from someone. Why wouldn’t you buy them yourself?

              • If she was planning to take his life it wouldn’t matter if he went on the stupid Cancun trip or not. There was no need to kill him in his own house with the huge possibility of being caught red handed by the roommates or any random friend who might stop by.

                She could’ve easily planned a trip to some remote desert location and on a hike, when she saw the perfect opportunity, shot him and rolled his body into a deep crevice, tossed some rocks on top so it would be a long time until he was found.

                • Or with all that GAS BURN THE DAMN HOUSE DOWN the camera an all the evidence to ASHES??

        • I have said it before these gas cans are a nonstarter except for people who have no clue how remote roads in the western U.S. are and how expensive gas is in the little towns that may dot the way on these remote routes.

          This is NOT the Dana Chandler case where gas cans WERE important because she BOUGHT them just days before she killed her ex-husband and his fiancee who were in Topeka, Kansas.

          There is nothing suspicious here with Jodi Arias.

        • I really think a YOUNG WOMAN like Jodi would be scared of running out of gas
          driving alone late at night if you watch scary movies you do not want to be in the
          desert with people like in the HILLS HAVE EYES. AN the water well my daughter
          is the same age and buys those huge packs of water too because they are cheaper
          than paying almost 2 bucks for a big bottle of water. Hope a few Jurors think that
          way too.

          • I agree Rhonda, but what baffles me with the water is :

            It was 98.6 degrees

            Water in the trunk

            Not in a cooler

            Who would want to drink warm water?

      • How are they “problematic” when there was a paper trail everywhere she went.

        Good grief, she borrowed them from a boyfriend. It’s not like she was hiding something.

        I suspect there are people posting here who have no idea how remote roads and highways can be in the western part of the U.S.

        • Good grief? They are “problematic” because it’s not typical for people to go on long road trips with extra gas in the trunk of their car. Have you? Unless of coarse your traveling with off road vehicles such as ATC’s, dirt bikes etc… And because the prosecution is making the gas cans “problematic.” I was just in Mesa two weeks ago, and drove back home to Vegas. I am fully aware how remote the desert is and taking her same route. My point was explaining why she had the gas cans in the first place along with a case of water. It makes sense to me based on her own testimony and I believe her.

  56. The relevance of these gas cans confuses me. So what if she bought them or if she bought Exxon Mobile for that matter? If that’s all Juan boy has to base premeditation on he is SOL. It’s not like she packed some Depends, bought an untraceable pre-paid phone, crept to AZ using a disguise and paying cash only then kept her activities super secret from anyone. I think he has her confused with that astronaut lady.

    • Gwen, lol…the astronaut lady…You know? I actually thought of that same thing back at the beginning of this trial…Now that we know Jodi’s IQ is superior, anyone with any logic would expect, if Jodi HAD planned this, she would have given it MUCH more forethought. She left her traceable i.d. EVERYWHERE! It wasn’t like she was hiding for crying out loud. I mean really! The entire premeditation theory is inane. She could have bought her OWN gas cans before the trip with CASH eliminating the witness from whom she borrowed them . She could have filled them at a different time and then just transported them from HER car to the rental car. There is no evidence that she bought gloves to wear, or tried to disguise herself, or went to Travis’ home, snuck in did the job and then just left… There is MORE evidence that indicates she was NOT trying to get away with something than there is to indicate she was.

  57. hope everyone is having a great weekend!
    as usual, love your post SJ….keeps me grounded. while I do enjoy posts that provide alternative theories, it helps me keep my “eye on the prize” which I know I need from time to time.:-)
    One question I’ve been thinking about this weekend, probably pretty easy to answer but I’ll ask anyway.
    Why was this hack doctor not allowed to testify after the prosecution had already rested its case? I mean, i understand the concept of rebuttal and all, but its not as if the DA didn’t know the defense had its own psych experts, and the “joker” had completed her supposed expert opinion before trial began, so now the DA brings her in at the end? that should not of been during rebuttal imo.
    So now the DA gets an unfair advantage to go back and “fix” what he left out during hi s presentation of his case, yet the defense can not. wtf is wrong with this picture?
    Sorry using my phone, misspelled im sure. just hate the way this whole mockery of a trial has has been allowed to be presented. by the DA i mean

    • yup, those wounds look like the blade was flat, lengthwise,(a slicing action vs. stabbing) as if someone was around reaching from the front of his body or next to TA and not behind stabbing from behind with the pointy part of the knife. I have not seen any other autopsy pics except the one of those wounds you show on your site. I expect that the ME wasn’t thorough in his analysis.

    • Hey geebee2,

      I know you spent a lot of time on that wiki page, and have done a bunch or research.

      Anytime you want an offline conversation, I’ll show you why I think you may be mistaken.

      Ask SJ for my email.

  58. I have a question regarding the gas and gas cans………….So if she filled up two 10 gallon gas cans (which is close to filling up her small rental car twice) has anyone done the math as to how much gas she bought (confirmed by gas station receipts), plus the additional 20 gallons of gas in the trunk compared to the number of miles drove? Is it possible to of used all that gas? If not what did she do with the left over gas?

        • BTW, it’s about 270 miles, give or take, from Reno, Nevada, to Yreka, California, assuming this is the route she took from presumably I-80 from SLC. That’s all remote country from Susanville, 80 miles north of Reno, to McCloud, California, which is just a few miles from I-5. It’s doubtful she went on I-80 to Sacramento, California, up to Interstate 5. That is much farther and takes much longer.

          From SLC to Reno is 518.8 miles and 7.25 hours.

        • I think they were 5gal gas cans. I’ve never seen 10 gal gas cans except the car race track. I too don’t think that gas cans is an issue. JM is great at sensationalism, just as TA was, they jump around and contort their face and gesticulate to mesmerise the crowds, and make much ado about nothing, in particular the gas cans. I wouldn’t waste an ounce of energy on that gas can premise if I were on the jury. Gas cans are a neccessity in everyday life. I have two 5 gal, 1 smaller for the lawn mower and one for the weed eater. And countless that I have lent out and never got returned, or even those I’ve bought and given to stranded drivers. JM is trying to equate the purchase of 1 plastic gas can to the purchase of ammonium nitrare and agricultural fertilizer in bulk. In my opinion he’s insulting the jury by presenting this as evidence, I’m sure of all the men on the jury 2 or 3 have gas cans in their pickup trucks or garage or sheds.

          • Of course I have one in the garage for my lawn mower. I just know JM is going to play this point hard in closing arguements. (and yes 5 gallons was what I meant – was thinking total of 10 gallons : )

        • That’s okay. Just as long as I know you are. 🙂

          People in other places are worried about those silly gas cans. We can only hope the jury isn’t.

          • The trip from Mesa to SLC back to Yreka (assuming she took the 395 north shortcut from Reno) is a little over 1500 miles.

        • Don’t be sorry….we are all trying to make sense of this which leads to questions and discussions, not arguments.

          • Another stupid question … did the car rental guy ever comment that when the trunk was opened the trunk smelled like gas? I know when I drive my little red can back and forth just to get gas for the lawn mower it takes a day or so for the smell to dissipate and sometimes I spill some gas on the edge. It reeks for ever!

            I would think with several gas cans in the trunk for several days, in the heat, there would be a smell of gas embedded in the carpet.