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Ok then peeps… we’re back again for part 2 of the trial.

Having thought about things overnight, it looks very much like this jury took the easy way out.

It’s like this. As we all know, most of the jurors (in Casey’s trial) ultimately ended up having to relocate after they and their families received way too many death threats, following their Not Guilty verdict for Casey. The only difference with this trial is that these jurors won’t need to do that.

Basically, their knowledge of the Casey jurors experiences weighed heavily on their minds while they deliberated their verdict. So with the options of “TV interviews, book deals & celebrity status” versus “death threats & relocation”, like I say, they took the easy way out.

Add their farcical non-sequestration into the equation, and you have all the makings of a BS verdict. That’s exactly what we got. It wasn’t so much about justice, but more about their self-preservation.

After all, how could they have convicted Jodi based on the evidence? There was none. The State never proved its pre-med case in the slightest… nor could it… but it didn’t stop the jurors coming back with M1 on what would normally have been a run-of-the-mill self-defense case. Hopefully they’ve had time to consider their collective errors by now, and that can be rectified to a great degree during the sentencing phase – and prior to the appellate court appeals.

Moving on from that, I had planned on making a long list of people to say a hearty “FUCK YOU!” to this morning, irrespective of the verdict, but that can wait for another day. I’m still compiling it.

It was interesting to see the unbridled joy of the haters & retarded pedo-huggers yesterday too – even though most of them never even watched the trial, and just jumped on the rickety mormon trash band wagon at the last minute. But hey… it’s probably the only real joy they’ve ever experienced in their lives — since having sex with their kids for the first time — so let’s not spoil the moment for them… not just yet anyway.

“You have crowds of people in a state which has been reeling with a downtrodden economy swarming a courthouse to demand justice for a family & a woman no one even knows. It was akin to a lynch mob. Go home. Go to work. Take care of your families. I know this next comment makes me a traitor to my gender, but these old obese harpies who worship the HLN talking heads are some of the most pitiful creatures in existence.” – Kay

Let them carrying on clinging to the illusion of Jodi’s guilt if it makes them feel better… but the DP verdict they’re hoping for is still not gonna happen. Only Jodi gets to call the end game. Nobody else.

So with the dust still settling on this circus, all I do know is that this current verdict has set the reality of domestic violence & domestic abuse back several decades. We can only thank the jurors for that. Hung jury? Yes, maybe they should have been.

M1? So say we all? No we don’t.

Ok then peeps… we plough on regardless of everything in our quest for JUSTICE FOR JODI.

The 2nd half of this judicial farce – aka “the next phase” – starts today at 1.00 pm JT.


Yesterday’s BS doesn’t changes that.

As always, be sure to leave your thoughts, comments & observations below…

Team Jodi

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  1. In my opinion, yesterday, more than anything, was a disgusting display of what our society has become.

    You have crowds of people in a state which has been reeling with a downtrodden economy swarming a courthouse to demand justice for a family & a woman no one even knows. It was akin to a lynch mob. Go home. Go to work. Take care of your families. I know this next comment makes me a traitor to my gender, but these old obese harpies who worship the HLN talking heads are some of the most pitiful creatures in existence.

    I’m a Christian. I was raised Catholic/LDS and the fact that these people, and I use that term loosely, proclaim their Christianity and demand the death penalty proves they aren’t even close to being a Christian. When I saw the footage of Travis’ fat bald friend saying that he was praying to God to give her death made me sick. He isn’t LDS. He certainly isn’t Christian. He’s part of the “Mormon-Mob” who are demanding her head on a plate. Since I am still partially involved in the LDS community, I’ve heard from the “Mormon-Mobs” as well as the real LDS people. The first can’t believe the jury took so long to convict a “whore who killed a priesthood leader,” while the other feels it’s an absolute disgrace for anyone who believes in God to “pray for the death of another human being.”

    Of course, the family announces a civil suit on the steps of the courthouse shortly after commenting they wouldn’t make a statement until sentenced was pronounced. I think announcing a wrongful death suit the way they did is a statement within itself. I understand the fact that he is dead, but can anyone really say the world is worse off because an accused philanderer, pedophile, and abuser no longer walks among us? Oh, I forgot. He “held” a priesthood, which means nothing because he acted like a pig with any woman within a five foot radius of his penis.

    I just shake my head & walk away. As a lawyer & a Christian, I don’t condone murder; but, as a young woman, I understand betrayal and how you react when you realize in that moment when you have been legitimately & truly wronged by someone you loved. I think she snapped & no one in my legal communities believe the State even remotely proved premeditation.

    I also believe the Casey Anthony verdict had a huge impact on this trial. Again, the HLN harpies wanted blood & didn’t get it. The ages of the jurors were from mid-30’s to mid-60’s? Everyone knows about that trial & they decided convicting Jodi of Murder 1 would even the score. It’s people like that who have created a mock justice system to fit their beliefs and make it so much harder for professionals to actually deliver justice to those who have been wronged.

    I wonder who Nancy Grace will now set her sights on. I was going to say the doctor who murdered women and their babies, but since she’s a “Christian” and he was just a doctor, then that won’t fly with her following. I’m also unaware of any upcoming cases with a pretty young White girl as a defendant, so I guess she’ll have to continue to troll the police scanners for the next object of her shrieking.

    Apologies for the length of this post. I haven’t posted in awhile.

    • There’s a trial coming up in her hometown and mine (which I’m ashamed to say that I’m from the same place as that witch) of Macon, GA of a beautiful law student at Mercer University who was murdered and dismembered and her body deposited in various places around the city, some of which have never been found and she hasn’t even mentioned the name Lauren Giddings on her show. You wanna know why? Because the accused isn’t a pretty woman; he’s a pretty weird looking guy who was this girl’s neighbor and classmate. It’s a shame that she only goes after the women on trial and RARELY, if ever, looks at men on trial. The McDaniels trial, I would think, would be something she would want to cover considering it happened basically in her backyard. Here’s a link if you aren’t familiar.

    • Kay, well said. You are absolutely right about the jurors and Anthony trial. By no means do I think that Casey was innocent of everything. She definitely was guilty of neglect. The state lost that case because they over charged. In this case the state also overcharged. The most that Jodi should have got was manslaughter. She definitely snapped. And as you have said the jury didn’t want to be marked as the Anthony jurors were. So sad. I can’t believe the hatred that I see in people that don’t even know the Alexander’s or Arias’. What a shame. Especially the media like Jane, Vinnie, Nancy, Doc Drew, and Mike Brooks. Wow! I believe they would like to stick the needle in Jodi themselves.

      I hope that the witch nancy disgrace doesn’t get on a crusade against Amanda Know, that girl has been threw to much already. But watch and see nancy will go after her.

    • Oh they will be all over the George Zimmerman trial for sure. He’ll they already have him convicted now.

  2. I agree with all the comments veryone has made so far. Jodi will have to live with this, as I fear she will get life in prison, which his good in a way because having her around, she can brighten the world. And it will give her a chance to address the nagging inconsistencies in her story, which I am sure she will do over time!

  3. If I have to see that ignorant Clancy chick one more time I’m going to bust my tv, she’s on fox getting donations for the family. At least that’s what it sounded like for the 5 seconds I listened before I had to leave the room to throw up.

  4. WHY did the attorneys let Jodi give an interview when she is still in the middle of this case??? WTF

    I used to respect her attorneys, but I am starting to feel they are throwing her under the bus. ARGH

  5. Faith, is the only thought I cling to. Faith in Heavenly Father in His wisdom to love us, protect us, shelter us and soften our hearts in such times of trials. For all of those who would shout against “faith”, use whatever you would call it. My heart hurts for humanity if those who shout the loudest to kill Jodi have the final say. Her fate rests in Heavenly Fathers hands alone. My opinion of Jodi does not change. She is my sister in all things. I will behave as God would have me to another of His children and show her compassion, kindness and simple love.

  6. I do believe Jodi will appeal a death sentence if she gets one. Who wouldn’t have been very shocked and discouraged yesterday after such a long trial and the lies that came up in the prosecution’s case. I do think she will get the dp however, many pundits think there won’t be a unanimous vote for death. As Geragos said, she will have more opportunities re her appeal etc if she does get the dp. What is still very disturbing is that the jury was not sequestered in the first place, leaving the jury exposed to the crazy media and loony people wanting blood. (FEAR) I think i feel like many others here, disappointed that human beings who are supposed to have the highest brain function of all creatures, seem to behave in the lowest way. It is like wolves surrounding the hens for the kill. We aren’t superior at all when it comes down to it and you watch…….the Zimmerman trial will be the next circus. Jodi said something in the interview about people needing a place to put their frustration and anger, something to that effect and it is sure true. The Alexanders won’t have peace because they are filled with vengence. Enough said. As far as the defence attorneys go, there may have been missed opportunities but all in all I thought they did the best they could given the environment they had to work in and given the fact that Jodi had been her own worst enemy. I think she may have done it again last night with her interview.

  7. ok, so lets try this again…..I can’t even remember what I said before, but imho, this whole joke of a trial and the the result falls squarely on one person, and that’s the Judge!
    She needs to be removed from her seat, and I hope the people that have any sense left in Arizona will do this post haste.
    This will be overturned on appeal, so just let everyone sit and drool and wring their hands like the horrific people they are. It won’t last long….

  8. Hi everyone..I still am really shaken up about the overkill verdict! The Jurors are COWARDS, the Court is made up of Political hacks, Mesa is run by the Mormon Mafia and our dear Jodi is their Sacficial Lamb!

  9. Hi, I’m sorry if I’m being ignorant, but I don’t understand what’s happening today at 1:00pm. Are they sentencing her?

    • The jury should have been sequestered. Everyday Judge Sherry Stevens would face the jury and ask, anybody see anything in the media? please raise your hand in which no one ever did.. Who would? This jury was going home every night with a TV and computer within arms reach.. They seen, heard, and knew everything about this trial since it started in January. Because of that, I do not believe she received a fair trial..

      • SJ love what you have written above but what happens now that Jodi has told the would just kill me ????

  10. I posted this on SirLips post from yesterday:

    I feel a fire lit under my ass to make a change. How to donate my time and effort becomes the question? I already ignore the media machine. I donate my time to the Homeless. But now I want and need to do more.

    On the drive into work this song came on and the lyrics inspired me:

    “We gotta do much more than believe if we wanna see the world change. We gotta do much more than believe if we really wanna change things.” ~ Dave Matthews

    I want to see it change and I want to do more than believe to see that it does.

  11. matter what happens, will the link to Paypal financial donations to Jodi always be available here?

    • The sad part about donations is I think if the scumbag family wins their wrongful death suit they can make a claim towards any money donated to Jodi. That’s the way I understood last night. I could be wrong though. I sure would hope they wouldn’t. You know those greedy pukes are going to go after every penny Jodi gets.

      • Hey all~ I tried most of the day yesterday to post, but eventually gave up.

        Jury obviously was tainted and afraid to do the right thing. It’s funny. I argued about this case Monday with a friend of mine…she felt Jodi was guilty of M1, but oh when I went over the facts in the case, the lack of FACTS from the Prosc, all she could do was throw out bits and pieces of incorrect or incomplete information, sounding like re-hashed sound bites from HLN…So SJ’s posts just about sums it up to a “T”…
        The crowds outside of the courtroom….half informed people, hoping to get a minute of themselves on TV, HLN groupies, TA Talaban…yea I think the jury would be intimidated..and afraid!!!! Come on Judge, no SEQUESTRATION???? I smell an Appeal, and a successful one at that!!!!

    • Yes. the donation option will always be available. Nobody else will ever get their hands on it. No worries.

      Team Jodi

      • Also SJ and others, I thought that if there is a conviction, how in the hell can the family sue her in Civil Court??? I thought that is only possible if there isn’t a conviction!!

      • Good to hear. A wackadoodle on another site said HLN told her that Jodi’s commissary fund goes to TA’s family

        • Yes, I saw that too, they said that the state can confiscate any money for victims restitution and said they didn’t want to say that before the conviction so the donations would build up. There are ways around it as JA could just give her works of art as gifts and then the family can do what they want them. So if we donate, the money should go to her mother instead of her account.

  12. Jodi must of know from the get go that she could not fight this she wants to just get it over now and take the death penalty after see the KKK crowd in front of the court house cheering for there victory death is so unbelievable they prayed and got god to do there will i was excommunicated in the catholic church for marrying a divorced man who then abused me have lost my faith now …. no one no one no one helped her yes we were here we love her felt her pain and wanted it to be alright I to was duped the tarot cards let me down but in reality they gave the victory to the other side the media had control of this trial Nurmi told the judge this we can just take this to the media and let them try the case what the hell are we doing her you have the prosecutor giving evidence to them anyway to spin things in there direction I’m so mad all I have done is cry called my sister and told her I was crying and she told me to go back to crocheting blankets

  13. Did any of you feel that Nurmi and Willmott were not doing a good job before the verdict?

    I thought they were but now I wonder what they missed.

    • I still think they have done a great job
      maybe no I am sure lot of things were going on behind the scenes which have restricted them doing a better job though.
      There is one thing I question WHY didn’t they talk her out of that interview?????? I saw parts of the interview did not like what I saw

      • They didn’t know about it. The reporter said he didn’t approach her lawyers about this interview. Sometimes I think Jodi is her own worst enemy, but during that interview I saw a young woman who knows the deck is stacked against her.

        I think she has accepted her fate, and that interview she made it clear that fate will be on “her” terms, not on the travisites or the medias terms.

    • Go back and look at all my old posts bitching about this defense team. If I remember correctly, way back when I said I wouldn’t hire this team to defend my dog from peeing in public.

      I think they sucked. At one time when we were comparing them to cars, I think I used the Yugo as a comparison.

      So this griping about the defense is nothing new on my part. They sucked just the big one.

      Sometime later today I may post something putting together all I thought they did wrong.

      • I think that they were fine. I think they lost the trial in jury selection. That said, there will be an appeal, or series of them. Juan Martinez and Sherry Stephens will be humiliated in the AZ legal community. Nancy Grace will long since have moved on.

      • I actually agree with you Al…I know a lot of people in our little “family” here won’t…but I feel the defense truly missed the ball on multiple things that should have been rammed home to the jury.

        I wish they could have used a chart like SJ posted regarding reasonable doubt.

        • I agree, BeeCee…. why didnt they get a blood spatter expert? Why didnt they give a hypothetical about what MIGHT have happened?

          I am disgusted and sad. I refuse, REFUSE to look at ANY other media.

    • Brad, I understand the points you make, but what advert is it for a system that allows the most serious of events with a person’s life and future at stake to be treated like a TV soap opera?
      Jodi may have been handicapped in the eyes of the jury with regards to her honesty and believability, but so too should the same doubt apply to some of the state’s witnesses. And again a system that allows for such bias and prejudicial commentary throughout does not suggest one that works well. In fact rather than encouraging the best possible chance of delivering a fair and objective trial, it does the exact opposite.

    • Brad, I don’t believe the jury was influenced by the Casey Anthony trial either. Having said that, I do believe 100% that this particular jury was indeed influenced by the media coverage.

      Can you agree on that or not?

      The issue about the lies she told is something that had no bearing on what the jury was supposed to deliberate on. It appears to me that you agree with the verdict just based on the lies she told. But, you’re supposed to look at the actual evidence or lack thereof.

      Apparently 7 of those jurors believe that she stole the gun from her grandfather thus the M1 verdict BUT they also believe she stole Travis’ gun which Juan claims never existed.

      Which is it? Either one was not proven beyond a reasonable doubt. And if we’re going to discuss the issue about the lies she told. Wouldn’t you agree that Jodi fearing for what would happen to her after what happened, would have every reason to lie. She was younger then and I’m sure very scared. No excuse for lying, in your eyes, because I’m sure you’ve never told a lie in your life as your moral compass would not allow it. But give me a good reason as to why both the ME and Florez felt the need to lie on the stand. I mean, these are supposed to be people whose testimony is not supposed to be swayed by the either side. The ME’s report was changed to suit the prosecution’s case. A typo? Seriously? And Florez’ investigation was shoddy at best. He lied and that’s on the record. What do you think about their lies? Should they get a pass?

      Now as for Travis. So a lot of the pedophilia stuff has not been 100% proven, I give you that. But the psychological abuse she inflicted on Jodi is there. There’s no denying it. It came through in all the text messages and all the emails. If you have a daughter, try and picture her being involved with someone like Travis and then tell me how you feel.

      Judging by your moral compass, it appears like you agree with the rest of the world that it is okay to call a woman a 3-hole-wonder and it is also okay to think that a 12-year-old girl having her first orgasm is hot.

  14. all the news stations used deception against Jodi….if they did this w/the Arias case imagine how they have decieved us on all issue…things that affect each & everyone of us everyday…i’m very depressed 4Jodi&her family…one day we all will see Karma is real…they will feel the pain they put on Jodi

  15. Good morning all. Hopefully today will be a better day for all of us. Got my toes stomped on a couple of times yesterday but I am chalking that up to emotions running high and not getting my tush on my shoulders. I am seriously dreading having to see everyone involved in this case today, I completely avoided all media last night. I don’t want to see Martinez smug ass, I don’t want to see the obnoxious family, I don’t want to have to look at Jodi’s family and their pain, the defense team worked so hard and deserved to have a correct verdict, looking at them will just make me angrier at the injustice, looking at Jodi will make me sob I am sure. I want her pain gone and I by nature (part of being co-dependant) am I fixer and I can’t do a damn thing to fix this. Sadly I think Jodi is a fixer too…. I see so much of myself in her. She is such a loving person and she still seems like she wants to protect Travis and somehow make this right. My bet is that she doesn’t put any of the blame on him at all. Not healthy. I will continue to pray for this sweet girl and just hope that when they say she is on “suicide watch” that it is not like it is in county jail. When you are on suicide watch they place you in a loose sack type dress with no sleeves, they remove everything from your room but your mattress and you are on 24 hour lockdown with someone walking by your cell to check and make sure you are not dead every 20 minutes. That seems like suicide encouragement to me. I hope and pray she is not enduring this. She needs her friends around her right now. This all makes me sad to my core.

  16. Good morning all. Since I heard the verdict yesterday my thoughts went immediately to wondering if this jury will sentence this woman to death.

    For me, in my opinion, there was way too much evidence supporting the fact that Mr. Alexander had a HUGE part in that toxic relationship and did/said things to Miss Arias that pushed her over the edge. We don’t even have to rely on Miss Arias’ words to know that.

    Now, I know Mr. Alexander’s family wants her to die 3 times over. I know they want to slit her throat, stab her 29 times and shoot her in the head. I get that. BUT…..I don’t think Mr. Alexander’s family knows him as well as they think they do and they really need to see through their anger, sadness and grief and realize he had a part in his own death. I am NOT saying in anyway, shape or form that he deserved to die, heavens no. BUT….He pushed and pushed and pushed an already mentally unstable woman to do the unthinkable.

    Mr. Alexander wasn’t a stranger to Miss Arias. She isn’t a crazy killer that randomly picked him to brutally murder. She didn’t hate him, in fact I believe she loved him very much and NEVER got the same in return.

    I’ve been doing a bit of research since yesterday and have been reading up on other women that have been sentenced to death in America and I DO NOT see any similarities between them and Mrs. Arias, I hope the jury at least realizes this and let’s her live. I hope they do not dismiss the emails, texts and phone conversations where they can see he pushed and pushed and pushed. Weather what she ultimately did was right or wrong he did have a part in it and I don’t see how they could in good conscious sentence that woman to die for doing what she thought she HAD to do, again, weather it be wrong or right.

    I personally do not believe in the death penalty. I don’t believe we as human beings have the right to make decisions like that. In my opinion, God should be the only one making those decisions.

    On a final note. Ummm….Nancy Really? Is this woman for real? Please tell me WHY? WHY is this woman allowed to be on television? WHY is she allowed to spew her venom? WHY does CNN allow HLN to broadcast %99 of that garbage they put on the air?

    This world makes me sad sometimes, it really does.

    I agree with Miss Arias in her interview yesterday. I really hope Mr. Alexander’s family can move on and find some sort of peace. I really do. This doesn’t seem to be the case. We have already heard that the family will be suing Miss Arias in civil court. This trial will also take a very long time and they will be rewarded and absurd amount of money that Miss Arias doesn’t have. The state of Arizona will have to fork out MORE unnecessary money.

    I don’t understand the point of suing some one civil court for money they will never get from some one they hope will be put to death via lethal injection.???? That makes about as much sense as the jury’s derision that she premeditated killing Mr. Alexander.

    • Well said SRreyna….It makes me sick as well that they are going to pursue a civil suit (I didn’t watch any media last nite, so I just first saw the talk of it here today) That just goes to show that his family is in it for the $$$$$$$$$$…they got their conviction (hopefully only temp) WTF do they need $$$$ now??? Leave Jodi alone!! I thought if there was a conviction we wouldn’t have to hear from you anymore!!!!!! But apparently you just can’t get enough, and you know what? Your not getting a dime from Jodi, and I suggest Tanisha, you get your friggin teeth fixed NOW before the well runs dry!!!!
      This family just won’t shut up!!!!

  17. thank you SJ, JC and whomever else is working behind the scenes.

    I have a very low tolerance today for trollish asshole posts…just don’t need them…if I wanted torture I would go to their websites.

    Great post SJ! and I look forward to your FU list.

  18. I don’t even know where to begin this morning. Please take time to read through this long post.

    As I laid in bed last night, all I could think about was how Jodi felt. Lying there in a cold cell knowing that her life was over as she had known it.

    My 9-yr-old daughter understood it was self defense. She couldn’t believe the verdict.

    I had nightmares last night. One was of a man who had betrayed me like no other. I won’t go into huge details. Basically, he lied to me, made a decision that would affect my life forever, and never said he was sorry. Walked away as if nothing happened and went on with his life, leaving me to pick up the pieces of my shattered heart. Just know that I woke up this morning feeling very sad and lost.

    This trial has stirred up SO many emotions for me over the past 4 months. It has been difficult to watch – knowing that no one believed Jodi. I have been there. More times than I can count.

    I haven’t dated in almost 9 years. Why? Because I was always picking the wrong men. I was choosing men like Travis – ones who never valued me for the woman I was. After so many of them (and about $100k in therapy), I had to finally say “enough.”

    I feel so in tune with Jodi. Had she felt self worth, she would not have chosen someone like Travis. Her life would be so different now.

    I do not blame Jodi for wanting to die (or commit suicide). What people do not understand is that suicide isn’t about punishing another person – it’s about escaping the incredible pain you feel.

    I believe that Jodi feels so betrayed right now. Not by her attorneys – they put up a hell of a fight. But, by society in general, as I can only assume that none of these jurors have ever been in a DV situation.

    As many of us know, the mean words spoken can have a much greater, long-lasting effect than bruises or a broken bone. The words stay in our psyche and replay themselves over and over again.

    Just a couple of things here.

    First, I want to thank all of you for going through this journey with me. I think it has stirred up a lot of emotions for so many and hopefully we have healed somewhat through the process. I love you all, I hope the best for Jodi and her family, and I pray that Jodi will begin to feel some sort of peace.

    Second, and this is very hard for me to do, but I have to remove myself from Jodi’s case. It is NOT because I am abandoning her. It’s because her situation is hitting SO close to home that my life has taken a downward spiral. I am having panic attacks (back on medicine for it), can’t get my work done (single mom, business owner), and my life is falling apart because of the despair I feel right now.

    Can you all do me a favor? Can you please say prayers for me?

    I am an emotional wreck right now. I can’t stay in this “emotion” right now, as I have to provide for my family. Just pray for peace and understanding for me – to get through feeling the betrayal that has happened to me – and to Jodi.

    Please understand that I am NOT trying to make this about me. It’s just that I need love right now to surround me, and many of you know that we cannot get it from people who do not understand what we have been through in our lives.

    I love you all and I pray that Jodi feels the love we all have for her.

    • Nicole – I understand completely and I wish I could take your pain and share it so that yours would be more bearable. I am sitting at my desk at work right now with tears streaming down my face. Know you are loved by people you have never even met and that all people in this world are not evil. Our stories are similar and I want you to know that God is still in the miracle business. He is still watching and working and I will say a special prayer for you and yours right now. Go and take care of yourself and your precious children and stop in and say hello when you are well again. We will still be here and you will still be loved and thought of.

  19. I know this is being too hopeful but I keep hoping one of the following

    1) The person who Jodi returned the gas can to comes out and says they remember her, and she did in fact return it

    2) In light of the verdict, the real person who stole the gun admits to stealing the gun, to knock out premed and get this overturned

    3) If the intruder story is really true, then someone who knows about it grows a conscience decides to actually speak up and prove that it was never Jodi. (Who knows, maybe if the State of AZ or at least a judge there, wants the real culprits behind bars, they will grant the person who knows about it immunity, making it easier for them to confess)

    • yeah Nk, I’m right there with ya..I wish one of those things you listed would happen too.

      I kept hoping that someone during the trial would get a conscious and come forward with the truth about TA and his sickness.

  20. Atty. Garagos made a good point on CNN last night: Jodi is better off getting death penalty, because then the state will pay for all the appeals and she will get much better treatment in all areas. I think this makes sense. I feel certain that this verdict will be reversed or vacated on appeal. I don’t know if not being sequestered in itself will be seen as grounds. But one of the things her team did well was protest at many points about errors that the judge made in many decisions along the way. She was pro-prosecution and kept out evidence the jury should have had. Once out of the control of that judge, I believe that justice will happen. Personally, I don’t believe for a minute that the jury wasn’t influenced by the media. Compare this with Casey Anthony. That jury was sequestered, and it was clear to them right away that the prosecution had no case. Here, there was no evidence of pre-meditation. I think to believe that there was evidence, the jury must have been exposed to HLN misconstruing of evidence. So — don’t give up hope. I think the appeals process will bring justice to Jodi.

    • Thank you for your perspective…. that actually gave me some hope. I would hate to see the DP handed down but I do want to see Jodi get the best. I just wonder if she is strong enough to see what you are seeing. I pray she is.

      • We’ve known all along that this was a really unfair trial for Jodi, and many forces were against a fair verdict. I think her attorney focused all along on preparing for appeals — and they have done a superb job of this. I’m sure they have prepared Jodi for this, and for the advantages of a DP decision. I think when Jodi said last night that she’d prefer death, she was expressing her understanding of this. Actually, I think that probably this jury won’t give the DP. But, I think Jodi is better off if they do — and I think her attorneys have prepared her for that.

        • Elaine…even the Governor of Arizona expressed her biased negative comments about this trial…WTF….only in Arizona!!!

          It”s a “Travesty of Justice” when the Governor of Arizona Jan Brewer told the news media on Tuesday, May 7, 2013 that she believes Arias is guilty. The governor said “I don’t have all the information, but I think she’s guilty.”

          What compelled the Governor to speak to the news media the day before it was rumored that on Wednesday a verdict would be coming in for Jodi Arias?

          And for what purpose?…I feel that someone got to her…they desperately needed for her to say that on Tuesday to the news media…a Governor making a statement like that is powerful…

          I have always felt that the unsequestered jurors for the past four months were watching tv and the news every day…I know they’ll never admit to it…but they probably did…jurors are humans and humans have a tendency to err in many ways…

    • I don’t believe Miss Arias will be using ANY of her appeals. She spoke yesterday and it is quite clear she doesn’t want to spend the rest of her life in a jail cell. She believes death is the ultimate freedom and would rather have it now than years from now.

      HLN is even saying she’s lying when she says that. They are accusing her of saying that as some sort of reverse psychology ploy on the jury and that she wants the opposite.

      I guess they will be shutting their mouths when she DOESN’T appeal anything.

      • I believe that at least some appeals are mandatory whether Jodi likes it or not. Fact is I’d like to thank this jury for spending more of my tax money on this sham of a verdict.

      • I think what she said yesterday was said out of her shock and despair about the verdict. I think, once she really talks things over with her attorneys, she’ll change her mind. This verdict is based on so many legal errors, and its reversal will do a lot of good for many other abused women.

        • I don’t doubt that Jodi is being honest with wanting the DP. I find it hard to imagine that someone who has seemingly wanted to commit suicide several times over the years, would want to spend their life locked in a cell for 23 hours a day. Prison let alone death row , is a HUGE change from the life she has come to know over the last several years at Estrella. Frankly, I believe life in prison is a much worse sentence than death, if put in her position I would rather not appeal that sentence unless I could appeal the entire case and win.

  21. I am sad. This jury was obviously swayed because of the MEDIA. To vote guilty and 7 who believe Premeditated AND Felony murder is unbelievable. Juan Martinez said at the very end of his closing that Jodi stole the gun, so it’s a felony murder OR she stole her grandparents gun and it’s premeditated. How can it be both ways? Her grandparents burglary would not be considered a felony because it wasn ‘t during the commission of the murder. Think about it. Really.

  22. SJ I was happy to see that “family ” can not get a hold of the donations.

    OK I asked this on the other PG. Why the hell didn’t they get Jod out of the courtroom after the.
    The jury left?

    I hate that Jodi gave that interview. Not good..IMO
    I also want to know what drugs they have been giving her.
    There’s so much going on then we know.
    JW and KN did the best job they could under the circumstances. You have to realize their reputations are on the line.
    So we get to hear more lies fro
    Horn today…I do not believe for one minute that Jodi did this.

  23. I’m invoking this, from my home page:

    A theme that will come up repeatedly is this: “Poor choices and violent acts are invariably the result of mistaken beliefs or the loss of rationality, whether from anger or fear”.

    In this case, I agree with SJ that the jury acted out of fear. Fear for themselves and their families.

    • I want to repost this from the previous page because I think it fits your comment geebee2. I will be posting the quote. Thanks.

      I thought it was out of line that Judge Belvin Perry appeared on the Today Show Monday discussing CA trial and verdict. Per the Huffington Post “Judge tells ‘Today’ show there was enough evidence to convict Casey Anthony on murder charges”. This is on the first day of Jodi’s jury deliberating, it’s outrageous!!!Also, reported in the Daily Mail,, so it went worldwide.

      Here is video link: So my question is: DID THIS JURY GET THE MESSAGE?! Were they reminded of the consequences of bringing in an unpopular verdict? This jury tainted!!

      He was to appeared the next day on NG show. I heard some criticism regarding his appearances while this jury was trying to reach a verdict. Seems he had a change of mind and has not been seen since. But still this is unconscionable.

  24. My Pops in his infinite wisdom explained to me that “the appeallate route was the only way all people involved in this case would walk away unharmed, nobody dies. This is like McCarthyism”
    “God works in mysterious ways, be patient, have faith”.
    “How does it make you feel” he asked

    I reply “Well, I did 11 years in the Marine Corps and defended the Constitution so that we would never see witch hunts, mob rule and lynch mobs. Put my life on the line. The fools in AZ value toilet paper moreso than this sacred document”

    Dad said “That jury required men willing to die for the Constitution, the last true men AZ has seen willing to die for a cause was Cochise, Geronimo and Mangas Colorados, the Apaches”.
    “The U.S leaders were warned by statesman of the day to leave that desert to Mexico, but they didn’t respect counsel”

    My Dads a history buff.

    It seems simple stupid, but maybe it’s more complicated, maybe this case required a person like MLK, JFK or Che, willing to die for truth.
    Still confused but my Dads words did make a little sense.

    • Good morning Phillip!

      Are you trying to say that Jodi is willing to die for the truth? I may have taken this concept wrong and I’m not thinking clearly as it’s 8:25am here lol. Still need to get my coffee.

      Or are you saying that the jury rather put her to death? Please explain thank you 🙂

    • Phillip-
      Great post. Thank you for your service to our Country. You are not the only one saddened and digusted by what the State of AZ is doing to the liberties people like you are willing to die for.

  25. Just read on another site that someone by the last name of Cherry, young buy tweeted that he was going to bomb the court house and that is why it was delayed. Apparently, he hates Sheriff Arpaio, they hinted that it had something to do with jurors …so I am not sure if he dislikes the verdict or just wanted to get rid of everybody in there. Anyway, they got him in his hotel and he is now in custody. I cannot believe that Nancy Disgrace did not know anything about this? Of course she did…but she wanted to keep playing it up that this was due to Jodi’s interview and more of her antics…what a huge piece of shit!!!!

    • NG also said late that night, while on another show, that Jodi had been tweeting bad things about her even as late at that evening of the verdict. BS….I had been checking the twitter site all day and it was down or gone.
      I don’t listen to her, JV, or HLN news talking heads anymore. I got sick of having the news “screamed” at me. For crying out loud…just shows how filled with anger, judgement, and self righteousness they all are….

  26. This is honest crazy today..

    SJ- I had a feeling these jurors weren’t on the up and up without being sequestered, this is unfair and wrong. As far as Casey Anthony even being found innocent she still lives in a prison by society because their not happy with the verdict regardless if she did or didn’t do it.. The point is society convicts people without having the facts first and that is totally wrong. I don’t believe in the death penalty due to too many innocent people were put to death and they were innocent. Thier’s a woman in Arizona that was on Death Row for 22 yrs and the Court overturned her conviction due to a corrupt cop.. This is the point manslaughter was what Jodi should of had as a punishment there was no pre-meditation..




    In 1998 I met the freak on line. He was very sweet and kind on line and I fell in love I thought: WORST DECISION OF MY LIFE! I moved to Florida with him. The only good thing was I got my Dad to Florida, But the freak didn’t allow me to see him.
    I was getting beat up & fighting a lot. When my legs went and I couldn’t work he got even worse. I wanted to leave so bad, but my knees hurt terribly, I had osteo arthritis in both my knees . This went on til May 29,2005. We were having a really big fight and he grabbed my shoulder hard and squeezed until I yelled and he pushed me to the bed and put a pillow over my face. I got up and tried to walk no good. I sat on the bed and stared at my legs. His said lay down and leave me alone. I laid down. I was so depressed I asked Jesus (NOT allah, he forced me to become moslem) to take me to heaven , so I could get away from this super controlling monster!
    I swear that I got up off the bed put my slippers on and walked out the back door it was about 6 pm . I kept walking I wasn’t afraid, it felt great to be away from him.
    It felt great to be in charge of my life. The freak pulled over and picked me up he asked me where wanted to go I answered “Take me to my friend Jeanette at the Super 8, don’t take me home, I will pull the steering wheel and put this car in a ditch if you do .”The freak dropped me off at Super8 showed I him the bird and said” the hell get out of here”!I went in and called the cops. The officer was there in no time. I had a bruise on my shoulder that ran down my arm. The officer took pictures.
    The freak showed up at the injunction hearing (he was trying to take my house away from me) all smiles, until I told the sheriff there was a warrant out for his arrest for spousal abuse. The smiles stopped when they put cuffs on him. The freak had OCD germaphobia and putting him in a dirty jail cell was the worst hell he could imagine!
    Many things happen after the that, I would be talking to myself, having nightmares and my hands would jerk for no reason. My doc put me on paroxitine, for PTSD Post Traumatic Stress I still take it today 8 years later almost to the day that I became a
    The very first time I saw Jodie I saw myself, I recognized the hell she had gone through with that abuser, I could see it in her face. Unless you have gone through being abused mentally or physically you have no idea what I mean.We Survivors recognize each other.

    The guilty sentence from that stupid jury put women back 50 years. I know everyone thought when Jodi held up the survivor t-shirt that she survived and Travis didn’t.

    My point: If I had a gun …yes I would have shot the freak that night.


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