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So after a 2-day trial week, finished off with an awesome testimony from Dr Richard Samuels… it’s no wonder the feeble minded TravisTown Pedo-Huggers (and other timid souls) are hanging their heads in shame & running for cover. They are losers. They should be used to losing. It’s all they’ve ever done. It’s all they ever will do. Nothing changes. It’s programmed into their DNA.

Following on from that…

Vladimir Gagic will be hosting another live online radio program (via Blogtalkradio) today, Friday 3/15 @ at 1:00 PM AZ/Pacific Time – this weeks subject being: “Why the Felony Murder Allegation against Jodi Arias is Nonsense“.

Click here (or click the link below) to listen in to the program. You can also call in & ask questions during the live show @ (718) 305-6376.

Here’s an excerpt from Vladimir’s latest post“Why the Felony Murder Allegation against Jodi Arias is Nonsense”:

“The prosecutor does not allege Ms. Arias entered into Travis Alexander’s home with the intent to kill him or commit any felony, for that matter, at the moment of entry. How could he when all the evidence shows Mr. Alexander invited Ms. Arias into his house? The evidence is clear she spent at least 8 hours in his house, and during that time together they had sex multiple times.

Instead, the prosecutor’s argument is that felony murder applies because at some point Mr. Alexander revoked permission from Ms. Arias to be in his house, and at that point, she was “remaining unlawfully in… a residential structure”. This is where things get quite silly for the government’s felony murder allegation: if in fact at some point Jodi Arias was still in Mr. Alexander’s house without his permission (we can call that point T1), what felony was Ms. Arias’ intending to commit at T1? If she was intending to kill him at T1, then that would be the exact same thing as count one, murder in the first degree intent to kill, premeditated murder.

The defense filed a motion to dismiss the felony murder charge, stating quite correctly the allegation makes no sense. In response, Judge Stephens ruled Ms. Arias’ intent at T1 could have been assault, not intent to kill Mr. Alexander. I believe that ruling is in error because of something called the merger rule. To count any death that occurred during the course of an assault as felony murder would obliterate the distinction between assault and murder. And even more importantly, there would be no distinction between second degree depraved indifference murder and first degree intent to kill murder…”

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Leave your comments below on the trial so far…


Never question it.

Never doubt it.

Team Jodi

PS. After you’ve read through The Flores Report included is this site, check out a detailed breakdown & analysis of the report in THIS NEW PAGE – and all the events & conflicting statements given after June 4th 2008.



  1. Jodi Arias’ Solo Voice

    We watch and see your life unfold,
    Only that you are more than what we are told,

    You are not jealous or a nymphomaniac,
    In fact, you are just the opposite, you are a women we need to protect,

    People will say that we are loons,
    We seek your safety from the attacking goons,

    Now is the time for you to know what is clear,
    That we are standing very close and near,

    See, we are not monsters. We are just ahead of the curve,

    We live to fight for those that must endure,

    Take comfort in knowing you will be preserved….

  2. I am begging the defence team to do everything in their power to have the jury sequestered NOW!!!!!! This is getting way out of control. HLN and any other news program is taking little excerpts and twisting them around and feeding into the mob of haters. How can any of these good people go home night after night and not see something about this trial? People in the court room know who these people are and I for one would be looking over my shoulder every time I left the court house. I would not be surprised if there have not been threats already. I feel the same for the family’s…..yes, I did say familys, both sides.

    • I think you are exactly right, i’ve never really watched HLN until changing channels and coming apon this trial several weeks ago, i started watching “In Session” and was disgusted at the behavior of host and guests! I am so glad i someone posted a link to watch it other than HLN.

      I always thought Dr Drew was a decent guy, catching him on his rehab & abuse shows, but just out of curiosity i turned his show on last night just to see how he was covering this trial, as i have read some bad things about him on this site .. UGH he was something else! He should really be ashamed of himself and just watching the little bit i did .. he should definitely remove the “DR” from in front of his name!

      I called CNN/HLN to see if i could speak to someone about filing a complaint against HLN and their hosts .. well i was sent to this operator and that operator .. pressed this number and the other numbers … talked to a few more operators and finally came apon an option to leave a message for “somebody” and i did, i voiced my concerns about their coverage of this trial and all of the hate the hosts are stirring up, left my number … not sure how much good my call will do, but perhaps if others called the station and voiced their concerns we might be able to make a difference.

      Perhaps bombarding the station with calls .. as well as the petition that was put forth might do something.

      If the jurors are watching these shows …. and visiting the “Hate Sites” i think they might get scared by the “Mob Mentality” and might not look at the evidence proving JA’s innocence of the crime she is being charged with an open mind to the truth .. BULLIES can be persuasive to those who do not know they are truly COWARDS!!!!

      • Sojourn-
        I have attempted contacts to CNN to no avail.

        I love your comment about how he should remove the Dr. before his name. I think in fact he has gone so far that the Medical Board should remove his license and therfore the Dr. title. His behavior and the mis information has become so aggregious, he should in no way be allowed to purport himself as a physician.

        In addition to his HLN show, as JouJou pointed out last week, he counsels teens and addicts on other television shows. I know he has come under heavy scrutiny in regard to several deaths of his “patients” on Celebrity Rehab. Although I think the petition is great, I in no way think it is enough. It is time for the Medical Board to do a full investigation of him. It is also time that the FCC crack down on these maniacs of HLN and put a stop to thier insighting the crazed mobs. If neither the medical board or the FCC are not able to act, then what good are they.

        The CEO of CNN is turning a blind eye, because he is making millions off of this trash.


        • $$$$$$$ talks….and there are alot of viewers out there that buy into this crap that they spill out night after night. I say get the camras out of the court rooms. Ok I know this wouldn’t stop them.

          I know for myself after this is done I will never watch another trial again.

        • I think its time we protest the FCC for allowing HLN And Court TV for Initiating a crusade of false information to persuade juriors to diliberate an unfair conviction of Jodi. Look what they are doing Monday, by building a Make-shift model of the crime scene of TA’s bedroom and bathroom. That is going to be prejudicial to Jodi Defense. This thing with HLN is getting out of control!!!! Free JOdi!!!Justice for Jodi!!!!

          • I seen that ! I agree it is getting out of hand every thing they have done now is very biased as there fake jurors are everyone of them HLN nuts an favor what ever they say so how is this a fair pretend trial or whatever they want to call it so BOGUS it is crazy !

      • I believe Jodi Arias’ jurors remember very well how Nancy Grace and the HLN Headhunters chopped up the Casey Anthony jurors like mincemeat after the not guilty verdict came down…

        I remember NG kept saying things like how uneducated the jurors were…she started criticizing them immediately…she started that circus of hateful comments…SHE…SHE…SHE…instigated the whole hate crime toward those jurors…and SHE will do it again…she is camping outside the courtroom as we speak…LOL…

    • HLN has nothing more to do but sensationalize on this stuff. Nancy Grace made me so sick last night when she started taking the words the dr said about PTSD and the soldiers and twisting them by saying that the dr was “comparing ” the soldiers to Jodi. BuLLSH!T Nancy F@t @$$ Grace! That wasnt what was said. WTF! People dont listen or what? And they want to talk about Jodi lying? Really? Nancy Grace is one to talk. Guys take soem time to research old Nancy on the web and find out the real story about her. It isnt anywhere near the truth. Jodi lied to protect herself (and honestly there are reasons that people lie to protect themselves)Nancy and these other fools lie in order to hype up their programs. Nancy Made a comment about the Dr having to read out of his DSM… Really Nancy!! Does she even have any idea how that book reads and it is not information that one just simply memorizes. Geeez Lady! That book is very detailed and hard to understand much less remember. I would love to see her memorize something like that. Also, will someone tell me what that IDIOT INTUITIVE MORON that HLN keeps bringing on the program has to do with any of this? First, someone please teach the B!tch to speak English and decipherr her words before going on national television to discuss the ONE time she sat with Jodi. I had no idea you can meet somebody once and then be able to know everything about them. HLN GET A LIFE AND FOR ONCE BROADCAST NEWS… I DOnt think HLN even knows what that is… Sorry for the rant guys, just sick of hearing Jane, Nancy, Vinnie, Jean, Dr. Drew, Matt (The producer for NG who sounds like a damn girl) and of course my favorite MUPPET CHARACTER BETH KARAS “Today on Muppet News … because I sound like one”dissng on Jodi. I swear these people think they can analyze, diagnos, try, convict, and punish Jodi when they are a bunch of MORONS. Jodi, We love you girl!!!

      • Actually the intuitive never sat with JA, the time she claims to have done so was 2 weeks before June 4th. She claims she had dinner with TA and JA, but JA was in california, not arizona. HLN just lets anyone on their shows and never checks to see if their story has any merit. This kook has done all the shows too.

        • OMG A Kook she is!!! Maybe I should go on the show and claim to be Jodi’s Girlfriend. I may end up famous. They had her on there all “dolled up” yesterday. Idiots !

        • Yeah, NG keep saying that TA had 29 stab wounds, but the report and evidence presented in court said 27. But she claims to be very accurate. Well, at least she is a persecutor, as for Dr. Drew evil he is a hypocrite that only go to the side that benefit him. At first he was being neutral, but as the case advanced and everyone was condemning Jodi, he now is an expert on lying detective. . I am so sick of him and all his crap.

      • Your Rant and Rave is warranted because of the ridiculous crusade these people (HLN, Court TV) are forming to hurt Jodi’s Defense. They did the same exact thing to Casey Anthony and are pissed at the out come of that trial; so they are seeking retribution at the price of Jodi’s innocence. I believe in Jodi’s innocence 100%. We have to be her voice, because people are creating segments on Tv, like tha tampered (mock jury show) they have created to again, hurt Jodi’s defense.

      • And that Intuitive Chick..Who TF she think she is. Is she High on Life? What actually is her reason for but coming on the show just to get some attention, that she lack at home. Travis is no Saint!!!!!R.I.P. But these people that are coming on this show for a few bucks and some notoriety need to fall back.!!!

        • My feelings of intuition is that the intuitive on Dr. Drew is a “KOOK.” ..LOL…

          POSSIBLY…the money they are paying them to come on tv and make fools of themselves must be more than what they are making in the real world…desperate times call for desperate measures…

    • in some of it they are actually mocking jodi, unreal. On top of that, these people on the jury know who is on hln and who is not. The media should not be allowed to sit on EITHER side of the courtroom. That is preposterous. Can you imagine what they are thinking? Can I get an AMEN?

      • Oh My Goodness AMEN!!!!!!!!I I Can Not believe HLN I Am Furious With All Of Them After This Is Over And Jodi Is Set Free I Will Never Ever Ever Watch HLN Or any Of Those So Called News Reporters Again I Agree With Chad Too We Do Have To Be A Voice For Jodi!!!!!

    • I agree with Cindy,There is no way that the jurrors can not possibly be swayed by the intense media circus out there,this is a M1 trial and no jurror should have been able to go home every night or on the weekends.This is not fair to Jodi and look at all the trash people are saying and putting on YOU TUBE,this trial is a mockery,it was like Jodi is guilty till proven innocent.When she is proven innocent I hope that she will proudly walk away and resume her life far away from all this.She has been incredible to this point,Oh I like how ol Juan there objects to the defence witness Dr Samuels,guess he couldnt sway him over so hes scared,but oops theres the judge favoring Juan.This trial is so biased it makes me sick.

    • ummmm hate to admit it but…..I have no idea how to tweet…lol My younger son hates the fact that I am not intune to all this new stuff. Hey I just started texting about a year ago. lol

      • I copied his tweets below…

        Geraldo Rivera ‏@GeraldoRivera
        If Jodi Arias is death eligible then America must expand death rows because the legion of condemned should include all fatal lovers quarrels
        Geraldo Rivera ‏@GeraldoRivera
        Arizona killing Jodi Arias is as barbaric as her killing Travis Alexander. Its not justice its revenge.

        He makes a good point. “The other side” are all about vengeance, hate & revenge. When you are consumed in that fashion, disappointment is guaranteed.

        Team Jodi

          • Thanks…all call me crazy but I always liked that man..but am not pro FOX. After all of this I’m not thrilled with CNN…..and now nor am I thrilled with Anderson. Dr. Phill were are you? lol

            • After Dr. Phil’s treatment of the Lohans, the friend of George Zimmerman, and others, I think that he is as exploitative a profiteer as there is. Let’s not leave the pursuit of justice to him!

            • Dr. Phil had a lot of negative things to say about Casey Anthony…He got a lot of back lashing in blogs about his negativity…and we read that he paid the Anthony’s $50,000 for their interview…and eventually the Anthony’s were seen on a cruise ship in their skinny bathing suits sporting more tattoo’s…and George had huge diamond earrings in both of his ears…they appeared to be living it up on their monies that were paid to them…

              Oh well life did go on from there…back to Dr. Phil…I hope he doesn’t lower his self-image down and join in with the medias hate crimes toward people…

              • I forgot to say that I quit watching Dr. Phil after he kept talking bad about Casey Anthony…and I have never watched his show since…so I don’t really know what he is up to anymore…

          • In the past 10-15 years, Geraldo has really redeemed himself. He’s actually become a real journalist, not just a sensationalist, and he actually considers both side — shock shock. Unfortunately, not many will take him seriously due to his past and it’s actually a shame.

            • I actuallly respect him for his his expsose’ on Willowbrook so many years ago. Many changes came about as a result. He may do some goofy things, but he does take a stand for the underdog and abused.

              • I loved watching the Geraldo show years ago…he seemed so human with caring feelings toward people…Does he still act this way???

            • At one time wasn’t he one of the youngest recipients of the Pulitzer ever or something like that? Or one of the youngest 20/20 correspondents ever and he also won a Pulitzer? Sorry, my memory is failing me. (I must not be a valuable human being then, huh?) Then he had his stupid talk show (read: abandoned his journalistic ethics and followed the $$, and not in the way Deep Throat advised). He then went on to such illustrious shenanigans as Al Capone’s Vault and other capers. It’s taken him this long to begin to eek out a modicum of credibility again. You would think that newer journalists would realize that the past is prologue. I guess that’s giving them too much credit. I’m not sure they have that capacity for self-reflection. Nor are they truly journalists.

        • Geraldo is weird. The guy bounces between absolute sanity and complete whackiness. I’ve noticed over the years that he has this real bipolar thing going on.

          One of the things most people don’t realize is that Geraldo actually has a JD, was a practicing attorney and also a cop before he got on the news.

          It’s often fun to watch him on shows that are of a legal nature. And by the way he is almost always pro-defendant. He has a very cynical view of anything the state does in a case.

          I have actually seen him take on NG and tear her a new you know what.

          BTW, way back when Geraldo was the only news commentator that predicted that OJ would be acquitted. And remember that was NOT an all black jury. After both sides had rested Geraldo did a very intense analysis of the case, and gave his reasons for the acquittal, and he was right.

          But then this is the same guy with the Andrea Doria treasure and Al Capone’s vault. So go figure.

          • He was also the ONLY one who actually reported honestly on the Michael Jackson trial in 2005. He reported the FACTS, the actual testimony, and told the story of what a money digger that crazy woman was. Everyone else was describing the kind of cell Michael would have to live in for the rest of his life, and completely twisting the testimony (ring any bells?). I was reading the transcripts daily and Geraldo was the ONLY person I could stomach. Nancy Disgrace was in on that BS too.

            • Geraldo had Jose Baez’s back during the Casey Anthony trial too. He became a good friend of Jose’s and really shoved it in the hater’s faces when the verdict came in for all of the nasty comments they made about “Casey’s inept lawyer.”

            • I’m sorry, but OJ is one person I think got away with murder. The trial was a mess and so, he was acquitted. But he got damn lucky, in my opinion. This is contrary to my usual belief system.

              • Do you thk he got away because it was a such a mess or was it $ money… money… money $$$

                I think $ has alot to do with it. If jodi was wealthy, I think this trial would be alot different.

                • He definitely was able to get together a huge defense team because he was rich. What they did was get absolutely the best guys in every field and those guys were able to dissect the prosecution’s case in a way never done before. They then went in and highlighted every little error, in a manner that made it look like a major error. At the end of the deal they essentially made the LAPD and the DAs office look like schmucks. And they got the decision they were after.

                  This was probably one of those situations where the defense had more resources than the state, but the trial was carried out under the assumption that the state has more resources.

                  So yes, the money made all the difference in the world.

                  And in Jodi’s case there is no money. Imagine if the defense had the resources to put up 2 or 3 experts for each one of the state’s MEs and forensic experts and had a whole host of top notch attorneys?

                  I think this thing would have been over by now.

                • The LAPD was just doing what most police officers do in such cases. Salt the mine a little bit, bolster the evidence a little bit, lie a little bit, shade on procedure a little bit. I think Flores called it technique.

                  The only difference was that the defense laid it all out there in the open.

                • Absolutely $$$, he had THE dream defense team. In law, money always talks. He who can afford the most expensive lawyer usually wins.

                • Right Al. Nurmi is making $225 an hour … and his hourly rate was raised to that in late 2011. Apparently, it was a significant raise. Prior to that, after leaving the PD’s office, he was making peanuts. And actually, $225 an hour for a criminal defense lawyer with his experience is still peanuts.

              • I agree – OJ is one defendant whom I definitely think was guilty. At least the civil court found him liable for the deaths, and he ended up in jail in the long run anyway.

              • Ahhh I still think OJ’s son did that an he came up after an took the rap. The glove would have fit the son. Funny the son left the country for most of the trial. I know I am one of the few but that is my opinion.

                • I have a friend who is an attorney and some other friends all have said the same thing that you have said about the son…it was said that the son was obsessed with her and he was heavy into drugs at the time…

                • Did you read that PI’s book on the subject? A lot of his “proof” was a little bizarre. While I don’t doubt the son suffers from a rage disorder having grown up with that abusive man for a father, I just don’t buy it. I mean, remember the white bronco? It would be easier to convince me that the son, Jason, stumbled up and helped his father cover up the scene. But I just don’t buy that he killed her and her boyfriend.

                  The convincing “proof” was that he’d run out of his prescription for Depakote, the only medication he took. I have a seizure disorder. I took Depakote at one point. It’s not that strong, and when it’s used to control rage, it’s generally used in conjunction with other medications. As for the glove, I think it’s more likely that it shrank due to all the blood. Ever had a leather glove that got wet and you let it dry? It really shrinks.

        • I think the second comment (tweet) is so accurate. “Arizona killing Jodi Arias is as barbaric as her killing Travis Alexander. It’s not justice its revenge.” I cannot state this enough. An Eye for an Eye leaves the whole world blind. I am sad for us all if this is what our version of justice has come to.

          • Bella, if you don’t mind me asking, is there a general belief about the death penalty among those of Mormon faith? It seems most Evangelical Christians believe in it; while many other Christians don’t. With the Mormon faith being so conservative, I was just wondering.

            • Scripturally speaking there is allot of justification for capital punishment. However much more it taught of forgiveness, remission of sins, absolution and mercy. In general, many I believe feel inclined toward the latter. I do. I believe in the power of forgiveness and the Atonement, more so over capital punishment. There is a sense of relief when you can honestly and truly forgive your enemy or someone who has egregiously hurt you or your family. I think in Mormon culture the “crying out for retribution” is assuaged along with the grief cycle, as the shock and anger deplete, the thirst for vengeance does also.

              • I am a Christian and I don’t believe in death penalty, unless is a serial killer or baby rapist and murderer. I do believe in justice, but I also believe in mercy. Jesus came to this earth to pay the price for our sins and when he was taking to the cross he put himself in the place of a murder and a burglar, that was Barabbas. The penalty for Barabbas’ crime was death by crucifixion, but according to the four canonical gospels and the non-canonical Gospel of Peter, Jesus took his place instead. If Jesus being the sun of God and without sin had mercy on a criminal, who are these people not to have it on on Jodi. Also, this is what the bible tell us: “Anyone who hates another brother or sister is really a murderer at heart. And you know that murderers don’t have eternal life within them” 1 Jhon 3:15. That’s my opinion, but I dont think every christian is the same. I Think is should be the same with Mormons.

              • Bella, I am curious about this: Given the history of persecution the LDS Church and its historic leaders have suffered at the hands of different governments, as well as Lynch mob violence, do you think that that history plays any role in the average church member’s take on this case? Do you think that church members see any parallels between injustices experienced by the early church and a the experiences of a modern defendant like Jodi? I don’t mean to set you up to speak for your entire faith community, but I am very curious about your take on it. Thanks for your time. And as always, your contributions are immensely enlightening to the rest of us here.

                • Joujoubaby & friends,

                  I cannot speak for anyone else, nor am I a voice for my church. As I have said the church is not for me to defend it stands on its own merit. As a church member and as an individual, as a Returned Missionary, as a person who has personally experienced persecution, injustice, and prejudice I am deeply effected on a personal level by the inaccuracies, misconceptions and outlandish injustices foisted upon my church. I cannot (should not) take it personally, but I find myself wounded by it all. I and I believe many other church members (at least those I have spoken with regarding this issue) can see many similarities in the media’s and general populace’s tyrannical assault on Jodi. They found a central figure to attack. They found a place to wound her. They found a common foe. Like the church, she is someone who cannot stand up for herself without additional barrages of insults and accusations hurled at her, no matter what she does, just like church members. The history of the church is a varied as any other. Throughout history all churches and church members have faces some form of persecution, many have overcome it. We as members feel a particular sense of almost honor if you will allow me that term; that we have come through so many of our storms and trials as unscathed as we have. There are probably some who are following as a matter of curiosity and possibly for the historical value. I believe many members pray for her. I believe some simply cannot understand the violence, and there for shy away from listening or forming an opinion. Some may find it to mentally distracting to allow themselves to ponder overmuch. (I’ll get off my little soapbox now!) Those of us who were friends of Travis’s or acquainted with Jodi are far more involved by the nature of our connection. I continue as I started, seeking Justice for all.


                • Thank you Bella,

                  You have a gentle soul, and this must be so difficult for you. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

                • Also abused, I don’t like the Idea of death penalty for anybody, but in the extreme circumstance like a rape and murderer of a child, i will probably won’t argue about it.

              • Thank you Bella for being so open. I know this has to be hard for you at times.

                Ok don’t anyone shot me for this but I have two sons and TA and Jodi are in age with them. So I am specking from a moms point of view.

                I do not nor have I ever thought that TA was a bad person. I do not think he ever learned how to love a woman due to the up bringing. JA had her own issues from her childhood. There was a bond between them rather any of us will ever understand or not. I do not like how Jodi was treated as I have been in a very abusive relationship in the past. I, like so many of you have questions of how and why this happened. It is just so sad that it did. I am old and I have seen this kind of relationship over and over again love/hate. I think they both struggled with their religion and the sin.

                I beleive in forgiveness and I hope that the day will come that TA’s family will find forgiveness.

                But with all this hate going on I do not think that Travis would want this……

              • I am Christian and I don’t believe in the death penalty. But I also live in Canada and we don’t have the death penalty. Media cameras are not allowed in our courts, and we don’t see the media doing what HLN is doing.

                I was taught to hate the sin, love the sinner…. I’m not feeling a lot of love out there. I believe in the power of prayer, been praying a lot the past few days. The level of hate has escalated and I worry where it is leading.

              • Thank you so much Bella. I am so glad you stuck around. So, I think I have this right. The Mormon scriptures (much like the Judaic Old Testament) basically condone capital punishment. But in theory, at least, forgiveness is taught within the church (much like the Christian New Testament and Christian churches). Therefore, most Mormons, in your opinion or among those with whom you are acquainted, would not agree with capital punishment. Is that about right?

            • I agree too, Bella.
              IMO people’s individual personalities defines their position on death penalty in general or in particular cases, not their religious affiliations, beliefs or unbeliefs.
              There are probably practicing catholics in the lynch mob, even though in theory they should be against DP.

        • Oh I read some. The LOSERS are being so mean to him!!!! They’re using the racial card, that because she’s a Hispanic woman. One said they were surprised she used a gun, that Latinos love knives, so the gun surprised him. So since Geraldo is a Hispanic man, this is what they use to attack him. If he was white, what excuse would they have then? That he’s blinded by her beauty n that he’s just a big perv!!!

          • Well Geraldo is a perv, he even admits that. He had an affair with Nicole Brown Simpson’s sister during the OJ trial.

              • Eww. You have got to be kidding me. Are you serious? Plus, I think Geraldo is actually Jewish. I’m not sure that he is Hispanic at all, but I can’t verify that he is not.

                • Yes, I heard that right from Geraldo himself, and he does consider himself to be jewish on his mother’s side but also Puerto Rican on his father’s side.

            • Having an affair does not make a man a pervert. I met Geraldo in person many years ago at a restaurant. There was absolutely nothing about him that came across as perverted. In fact, he was extremely gracious and not at all what I would have expected. He took the time to talk with my friend and I after he overheard us whispering, wondering if he was THE Geraldo, or if we were mistaken. I was truly impressed with him. He was not with his wife. He was with someone he was interviewing for his talk show, at the time. We were two pretty girls who had consumed a bottle of wine. He was not inappropriate in the slightest.

              Also, neither Denise Brown nor Geraldo Rivera have ever admitted they had an affair. In fact, both have refused to answer questions on the subject.

              • The perv part was a joke because of all the affairs he’s had and he did say on the air that he did sleep with her, it was many years later that he admitted to it. When he was talking about why he’s been married 5 times, it admitted that the reason his wives left him is because he was very unfaithful. He’s very open about his life and some of the mistakes he has made . In the seventies, he was a very impressive investigative reporter. His reporting on the abuse of mental patients in Willowbrook stunned the nation.

            • Geraldo is trash and actually has made very horrible statements with regard to Jodi Arias. They are media creations for Money,Power etc. Geraldo has always been looked on as a Joke, He plays up to The Hispanic community but he is AWFUL. Each one of these Morons plays a role, but I was curious last week to see if Geraldo would defend Jodie Arias, incredibly he did not. Was I surprised, NO! He had Gloria Allred, a weird Psychiatrist with a dated bow tie, and a really ugly lady who was a Prosecutor, all three trashed her calling her slut psychopath of course she was the temptress, so I turned it off he seemed to agree with them. In his rather weak manner, he squeezed out for his audience how he didn’t really believe in the Death Penalty but, he sneered & snickered with the res of the crew t.I think its important to call a spade a spade all the sugary phony frothy people have exposed themselves. Travis was exposed as a hypocrite par excellence, and it is correct to do so. Perhaps if Jodi Arias had not been abused she would have the foundation and self esteem not to have been fooled by this manipulative creep or his bogus little group of foppish little repressed men appearing daily on MLN to report on what a whore Jodi is. One couple that looked like a brother and sister actually made my friend Puke.

          • That is really not wise. Hispanics are now the largest minority in the nation and still growing and Jodi is proof enough that its not wise to PISS US OFF!!!!

  3. An observation about mental health experts. This Dr came across very well and simply stated his conclusions. Many people have sought out help from the mental health field, some were helpful, while some experiences were not helpful and out walks a very angry person. I hope that at least one or more jurors have had a good outcome from these doctors either for themselves or a loved one. I don’t know, but if there is one or more that have had bad experiences like I have had, I hope they can put it aside. I would be lying if I said this doesn’t bother me.

    • Leah, what do you mean, you’d be lying if you said this didnt bither you????

      Iv had the “lovely experience” (sarcasm) lol of meeting with mental health doctors. Some I liked and someI didnt so much. Some I hated!!! I hope the jurors would compare there experience with a dr they’ve seen to this dr Samuel. It is a VERY different case. If anything, I think (well I would) think to myself, “wow this dr’s GOOD, I wish HE was my dr!” So, I think n hope its a good thing.

      • I don’t explain myself well, sorry, I’m hoping there are people not on the jury that have anger towards mental health doctors, instead of realizing that some are not good, while others do good work. I would hope that people would take into account his experience, and have an open mind. And it may be hard for some people to understand PTSD, and think it only happens with soldiers, because you hear a lot about that on the news, and that it can happen under many different situations.

    • Leah
      I understand what you are saying because in the final analysis its the result, Unfortunately Psychiatry is not a cure all itself many have been sadly disappointed & misled. there are multiple reasons for that To much medication, Psychiatrist do not have the proper amount of time with a patient to adequately make a correct diagnosis. Also beyond abuse cults etc. People have an unrealistic view of happiness to a point that narcissism is a decease in itself and which leaves a person very empty. The Me Myself & I Religion is very harmful. Telling people they can be like Gods etc. No one I know is getting off this planet without some grief. My Father said the more perfect someone acted on the outside the more screwed up they are on the inside. Suffering is part of Human life, And the Meek shall inherit the earth.

    • I wonder if it was because the PhD did not give the impression she was STILL in jail, but gave the impression she had been in jail in the past. The jury does know he visited her a few years ago.

      • Remember, Jodi herself said that the closet was bigger than her cell! Kermit didn’t care for that, and objected, if I recall. He objected to so much that the doctor said, I think he was trying to — at least, somewhat — pick his battles by that point in the testimony.

        I don’t think he gave the impression that Jodi was NOT still in jail though. Especially as he referred to seeing her more recently (towards the end of 2012, I believe he said).

          • Because it could be prejudicial…that’s why they have her come in, or take the stand outside of the jury’s view; especially since she has “shackles” under her clothing…That’s also why at trial prisoners are in “regular” clothes.

    • Well he also didn’t have a problem showing the 48 hours video which showed JA in typical jailhouse garb. So as a juror I would assume she was in jail since the majority of the time there is no bail for when the charge is murder.

  4. Let’s pity JVM and Nancy Grace who suffer from verbal diarrhea! Word vomit! They don’t even make sense when they are upchucking their skewed opinions! I think they are jealous of Jodi’s intelligence and good looks and are dragging the rest of the HLN crew along for the ride!

    • I would say that most of their vile blithering comes from the sting they still feel from Casey A. And Martinez doesn’t want to be “Ashtoned”. Listening to the past blogtalk show from Vladmir, he said that Martinez is a nice man and very intelligent, but in this case he is out in left field.

      • That is exactly where some of the vileness is coming from. Some will never accept that the State did not prove Casey’s case, period. Jeff Ashton was an embarrassment with his laughing and antics.

      • Vladimir did say that Juan is a nice man outside of the courtroom. Makes me wonder why he feels the need to go with this aggressive, over-the-top demeanor when questioning witnesses.

  5. I was wondering if anyone knows what the prosecution said during the trial regarding their allegation she stole the gun to kill him but he died, according to their expert, from multiple stab wounds? That is, if Ms. Arias stole the gun with the intention of killing him, then why was the cause of death knife wounds? If she stole the gun to kill him, wouldn’t she have shot him first, which is not what their expert claims? Anyone know how the government has explained this point?

    • I could be wrong, but I think their idea is she meant to kill him with the gun, and it jammed, so she finished with the knife.

        • I agree Al, I don’t think I’ve really heard an explanation for this except when the ME testified, and we’ve already discussed why we have problems with that.

    • Apparently they want us to believe she brought her gun to a knife fight……

      I look forward to your broadcast later today, Mr. Vladimir, thanks for taking the time to post here.

    • the prosecution claims that she bring a knife also, he said that in one of the motions for mistrial earlier after the prosecution rested his case but he has no evidence on that one

    • Hello Vladimir,

      I just saw your blog!!!! Thank goodness for you!!! From what I understand the state did not address that but it has been discussed on here. I am not sure that because she did not use the gun first (in THEIR theory) that it is going to mean anything in terms of being compelling enough for the jurors. The state has presented Jodi as erratic and vindictive with a the jealousy motive. Like she was going to do the job one way or another if she did not get Travis to be with her. They have not specifically addressed it just left it to the jurors to think jealousy can make people do murderous things. They are implying she wanted him to suffer too. I agree with you that the gunshot came first but I did find the ME very credible and reliable so I think the defense has to bring in their own medical expert who can say that based on the ME’s report, the gun could have done little damage. But then, if that was the case and the gun shot was first and the jurors believe that, if they also don’t believe jodi’s self defense claim (reference juror questions) I am afraid that goes more towards this being premeditated. I do not like this part of the trial either way. Especially after listening to the juror questions.

      • I really don’t think we can base much on the juries questions cause I think there are many ways to look at it-like if they believed the prosecution they would have less questions, or like the question “How many times did you see Travis’ gun?” So does that mean someone believes that it was TA’s gun and not JA’s. So at this point I don’t think we can conclude that the jury is leaning one way or the other.

    • Hi Mr Gagic I enjoyed your blog talks 🙂 Detective Flores stated that Travis was shot first and then stabbed multiple times while he was on the stand. He also stated that the ME told him Travis was shot first. The ME gets on the stand and states that he had to have been shot last because there was no blood in the brain and that he did not really get a trajectory path of the bullet because the brain had liquified some. I believe they are trying to piece it together because the bullet casing was found on top of blood, so they are saying he had to have been shot last. My question has always been, if she took a gun from her grandparents with the intent of killing Travis, why not just shoot when he opened the door and leave? Why spend all that time with him. It does not make any sense at all that she premeditated this tragedy.

  6. You know, the only people who were surprised about the Casey Anthony verdict were those watching HLN. Some never learn. Those of us who put time into actually finding factual info. and considering only what actually made sense were no AT ALL surprised.
    However, after the HELL the jurors endured because of the HLN led hate-mob, I worry that this jury may fear giving an acquittal even if they feel it is warranted.

    • …which is totally sad if you come to think about it.I know that when it comes to fear of being lynched or having your family threatened this feat certainly prevails but this is a woman’s life we’re talking about.If I were a juror I know I would be torn but at the end of the day I would want to have my conscience as clen as possible when looking back on my verdict.If they have followed the Casey Anthony case,yes they probably know that their fellow jurors did suffer a lot but it all boils down to one thing:they have to be impartial when reaching a verdict and try to overcome any fear of personal ”misfortunes”.

      • And who would want to be a juror on the zimmerman trial, when it’s already been on the news there was a bounty out on him and LE did nothing about that.

  7. The full explanation of events will be explained during closing arguments. It does not matter to the state what weapon was eventually used to kill TA. The only concern they have is to prove that she planned and intended to kill TA. It will come down to whether or not the jury buys Jodi’s story. I personally feel that they are having a hard time wrapping their hands around her explanations by the questions they posed to her. Its just too bad for everyone involved that Jodi just could not stay away from TA and get on with her life. SHe is obviously very bright and would likely have easily found a better partner. Travis used her and paid the ultimate price.

    • That is NOT what the jury is supposed to do. The jury is supposed to find out if the prosecution has proven its case of premeditated murder beyond reasonable doubt.

      It has failed miserably.

    • Actually, in order for the case to be death penalty eligible, they must have an aggravator to regular first degree murder. I don’t totally get the way they do it in AZ, because it is slightly different in the state in which I live, but they way it’s been reported, the aggravator alleged by the pros, is that the crime was heinous, atrocious, or cruel (In my state the similar aggravator is heinous, atrocious, AND cruel). In any event, I have been made to understand that there was a hearing on the heinousness, atrocity, or cruelty, and the court ruled that the crime was neither heinous nor atrocious, but it was cruel (or some other incomprehensible distinction). Accordingly, the prosecution theory has to be that the shot came last because apparently it is not cruel (or heinous, or atrocious-whichever one is applicable) to shoot someone prior to stabbing and slashing his throat, but it is to stab and slash the throat of someone prior to shooting him. That is why it is imperative for the pros that the shot came last. Otherwise the DP is off the table.

  8. What are today’s hearing about?

    Sorry I’ve been following the Steubenville trial and last 2 days have been pretty explosive so I’m a little behind on Jodi’s. Still watching yesterday’s proceedings. Is it the hearing regarding the time mag articles and the current whitness?

  9. I’m hearing that the hearings are postponed until Monday? Something about personal issue going on today with one of the attorney’s? Anyone else hearing anything?

      • Supposedly someone died, not sure which lawyer, at least that is being said. I would like to know how the beings over on that Facebook page for Travis, how or when they got a video of Jodi acting rather crazy after interrogation? They are running wild with this….

          • No. Maybe she was trying to de-stress in an unusual way, like Amanda Knox. I honestly have no idea how I’d react if I were about to be arrested. The mind can go to strange places.

          • No I have no doubts an I have not seen you on here much so sounds like you have had doubts before then to me.

            That is like the haters saying OH look Jodi smiled at her lawyer an said thanks ! OMG she is so evil……………..seriously people she has been in JAIL for almost 5 years now. Yes she is thankful for a day finally where a doctor is saying somethings are very possible. Up till now it has been pure evil forces against her is how I feel.

        • It’s very odd behaviour on Jodi’s part. Can’t figure out what’s going on in her head in that video. Glad the jury didn’t see it.

  10. So, has anyone seen that new video theyre pandering called “Jodi Arias accused murderer bizarre behavior caught on tape”. Her giggling, telling herself she should have put on makeup, doing handstands, going thru trash and singing (after she just talked 2 hours w/ Flores about the killing)? Weird. The jury better not see that. They need to be sequestered NOW. I hope Kermit doesnt show that in rebuttal.

    • That video speaks volumes!! SHE WAS MOST CERTAINLY DRUGGED OR GIVEN SOME SORT OF HALLUCINOGEN. Yesterday came the news that Debra Milke’s death sentence was overturned. Even the prosecutor in her case admitted that he felt she was drugged!

      • All that behavior in that video is anxiety. I think I’d be freaking if it was me, but we all have our own way of dealing with anxiety.

    • I can understand why this video will seem strange even provoking to they eyes of the haters but frankly all I see in it is a woman in a bad state of mind,remember this snippet takes place only days after TA’s killing and right after she was confronted by Florez and she was emotionally and physically drained.She seems as if void of thoughts,after all she had been crying her eyes out minutes before that,so her singing doesnt seem psycho or even weird to me-one of my best friends has a wonderful voice and singing is part of her daily life no matter how happy or harsh the situations are(even during her family members funerals),it’s kind of a defense/coping mechanism.
      Her ”make up” comment doesnt bother me either,she was in complete DENIAL back then and I remember her saying in the 48 hours interview ”It was all very SURREAL,it was nothing like you see on a show like Cops,I DON’T EVEN REMEMBER the hand cuffs going on me,it was all kind of a blur and part of was watching,it was almost like watching it unfold like an OUT-OF-BODY experience,like it wasnt really HAPPENING TO ME.”

      • I sing and I would most likely sing during a stressful event like that too. In fact, I often ran into the bathroom to sing after abuse by my ex.

        How many hours had she been there at that point? Lengthy interrogations can make anyone a bit loopy. Why was she looking through the garbage? Had she not been fed? Cops are notorious for depriving someone of food/water/bathroom breaks when trying to “break” a suspect.

      • Big Deal wake up people lie Oh they act so shocked!! she had no memory she was ashamed & other things, Thank God Man is not Jodi Arias final judge or Nancy Hate. This hypocrisy! She lied so what big deal they should be interested in what happened that day and from the onset they only looked at her. If the crime scene was compromised like with OJ whether you like it or not watch Baileys questions with regard to foot prints. Very telling. They keep hammering home their loaded words. Liar, Booty Call. really this so obvious they want to keep telling you she is a liar. Why?? ask yourself why? Things are never ever the way they seem.

    • The video actually illustrates what Dr. Samuels was explaining yesterday. It shows her (after grueling interrogation) still in that disconnected pre-PTSD or getting-into-PTSD state, which makes her appear deranged.
      ‘It changes my memory’ she says.

      • Possibly the police confronted her with scenarios of the event saying ‘we know it happened that way, we know you remember’ and she was trying to fit their version with what little she remembered.
        Wouldn’t it make anyone flip out not to know what is real any more, her mind blowing away, and trying physically to grab any little piece of reality in the room: her body, the garbage can, table, wall, her own voice?

    • Totally different cases, but did you not see/hear about Amanda Knox doing handstands and being lovey with her then boyfriend? Didnt mean she was guilty and doesnt mean Jodi is guilty.

      I too am sure I would portray some very odd behavior after something like this.

      As someone stated, anxiety can cause this odd behavior. Anxiety can create excess of energy or nervous energy, and I would assume one would not be thinking clearly.

      Listen to the experts on the stand – it all goes back to her experiences.
      If anything it proves her instability AFTER the killing and shows that she shouldnt have been interviewed in such a state, but what would Flores care? I think Dr. Samuels touched on this, stating that he didnt get to talk to Jodi soon enough to diagnos her with a certain disorder that shows up immediately after something traumatizing.

      Don’t let the pro pros get you down; that’s all they’re trying to do.

      Not working on me.

    • I DID. see that kmiller. I think it shows the drastic disconnect that Jodi was going through. I think she would have had a strong case for temporary insanity. I have heard its hard to prove but by god if this is not the case with the facts on her side in this trial with that defense, well, I dont know what is. The state could claim personality disorder though because right before that part of the tape, she had been crying and talking about the killing for hours. Very strange!

          • I wanted to say to you how sorry about what happened to your friend and Jodi, very difficult I’m sure to be dealing with this everyday. I’m not sure either what to think, the emotions are all over the place, highs and lows, I do wonder if she is Bipolar? I know the doctor yesterday didn’t mention this, but I am wondering.

      • Looks kind of like a mental meltdown to me. I’m not jumping on the haters’ “OMG THIS PROVES SHE HAS NO SOUL!!!!!” train.

      • Shades of Amanda Knox and Darlie Routier, both convicted. (One since released) Both had video used in trial showing “outrageous” behavior. I don’t see it as Jodi enjoying herself at all ! This goes to the testimony yesterday, Jodi was out of it by this time.

        • I’ve always thought that something was rotten in the State of Texas in that Darlie Routier case. Why would her husband be so convinced of her innocence if she truly had the capacity to do that?

          • Did you hear that later on after the trial, it came out that her husband was trying to find someone to burglarize their house right around the time of the murder for the insurance money? I follow that case very closely as well. Personally I think she was railroaded.

            • Totally railroaded. That poor family. What is worse than being falsely convicted of murder? Being wrongfully convicted of murdering your own children.

        • Trixels –
          Didnt see your post before posting (above).
          Seem to be thinking along the same lines often.

          Excuse my repetitive posts all.
          Should read ahead – just get a thought and go on a tangent. 🙂

          • M.-Oh I do the same! It’s hard to keep up with the board sometimes.

            I am livid about this video crap today. However I am going to calm down, and keep positive. I received a lovely postcard from Jodi and was thrilled. She is so eloquent in her writing. The Dr. spoke of everything I have experienced as an adult survivor of child abuse. I spoke about this before, how I cannot remember anything about 1st grade at age 6. It’s all gone, if it was ever there to begin with.

          • O M G
            Check out this post from the board that shall remain nameless:

            I am thinking Jodi has MUNCHKINS……….anyone else think that? If she does, does that mean its OK to kill someone?

            I think the poor dear means Münchausen syndrome or Münchausen syndrome by proxy.

            • Seriously, “munchkins”…….? Not only can they not spell, they also have no idea what the syndrome is. Wow…

      • Lyrics are as follows:

        “Here With Me”

        I didn’t hear you leave
        I wonder how am I still here
        And I don’t want to move a thing
        It might change my memory

        Oh I am what I am
        I’ll do what I want
        But I can’t hide
        I won’t go
        I won’t sleep
        I can’t breathe
        Until you’re resting here with me
        I won’t leave
        I can’t hide
        I cannot be
        Until you’re resting here with me

        I don’t want to call my friends
        They might wake me from this dream
        And I can’t leave this bed
        Risk forgetting all that’s been

    • No. I didn’t, because I saw it on HLN. They reported that she was humming, then kept looping like 5 seconds of her doing a head stand over and over and over and over. So I have no idea how a normal person would interpret it in context. Because HLN sucks.

  11. 07/06/2011

    Musing on Nancy Grace
    I don’t like Nancy Grace. In fact, let’s be honest, I find her utterly loathsome. In the name of ratings, she rushes to prejudge every case (and always on the side of the prosecution), she blatantly takes sides, she’s an abusive interviewer, she’s intellectually dishonest, and she’s a coward. Recall when she lead the mob that chased the Duke lacrosse team? When they were declared innocent, she just happened to take that night off:

    “Shortly after the alleged March 14 assault, wild stories began to circulate about what had transpired at 610 North Buchanan. Within days Nancy Grace was claiming — falsely – that the players had refused to provide DNA samples…Grace then invited a series of guests who would take orgiastic delight in the demonization of three young lacrosse players…

    “Nancy Grace even vilified those who cautioned the rush to judgment might be premature. During one interview Stephen Miller of the Duke Conservative Union began to worry that ‘two innocent people may have possibly …’ But Grace quickly cut him off: ‘Oh, good lord! … I assume you’ve got a mother. I mean, your first concern is that somebody is falsely accused?’”

    Jon Stewart of The Daily Show also skewered Grace over her enthusiastic support of the false accuser, noting that Grace is “the person who had staked the most on this case.” On April 11, 2007 North Carolina Attorney General Roy Cooper announced they were dismissing the charges and said that the accused players “are innocent.” The next day Stewart asked “Put through hell for over a year–how will the media show contrition?” He then said “let’s see how Nancy Grace handled it” and cut to Grace’s April 11 show–and there was a substitute host!

    This sort of thing can’t be good for the rule of law, especially when Grace berates the tot mom jury for having done their job. She taints the jury pool with her lies and misjudgments and then bullies jurors who nevertheless do their best to follow the law.

    But what do you expect from somebody whose prosecutorial record was tainted by repeated improprieties. In a 2009 law review article (55 Wayne L. Rev. 1327), Jeffrey L. Kirchmeier, Stephen R. Greenwald, Harold Reynolds, and Jonathan Sussman wrote that:

    In another case, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit noted that a prosecutor played “fast and loose” with her ethical duties for failing to turn over exculpatory evidence in a murder case. Stephens v. Hall, 407 F.3d 1195, 1206 (11th Cir. 2005) (affirming conviction under a deferential federal habeas corpus review standard despite the ethical concerns). The prosecutor in Stephens, Nancy Grace, now has her own national television show. See CNN webpage, (last visited Jan. 23, 2010). Nancy Grace’s ethics as a prosecutor were questioned in other court opinions too. In Bell v. State, the Georgia Supreme Court granted the defendant a mistrial because Nancy Grace’s statements in closing argument exceeded the scope of proper argument in that heroin trafficking case. Bell v. State, 439 S.E.2d 480, 481 (Ga. 1994) (“By referring to such extraneous and prejudicially inflammatory material in her closing argument, the prosecutor exceeded the wide latitude of closing argument, to the detriment of the accused and to the detriment of the fair administration of justice.”). See also Carr v. State, 482 S.E.2d 314, 322 (Ga. 1997) (“[T]he conduct of the prosecuting attorney demonstrated her disregard of the notions of due process and fairness, and was inexcusable.”). According to the Brief and Enumerations of Error in Carr, “the prosecuting attorney engaged in an extensive pattern of inappropriate and, in some cases, illegal conduct in the course of the trial.” Brief and Enumerations of Error, Carr v. State, 1996 WL 33482455, at *152-64 (July 24, 1996) (detailing Grace’s role in the trial).

    • I agree with that YOGA also. An way back when they were making a fuss about her stretching her back on the chair an touching the wall. My daughter does this back bend thing just like that to relieve stress on her spine an it makes her back pop. I am sure that is what Jodi was doing in that also not trying to be a VIXEN like HLN was publicizing which had me so irritated I could scream.

  12. I was reading something someone posted about the blog guy saying that Martinez was a nice guy and it made me think (iv also read this before) and wanted to know for sure. Is Nurmi and Martinez buddies??? I read that they got out for drinks. Idk probably the losers making stuff up, I dont blv shit they say. But was wondering if it was true. I just cant see it. I know, this is there jobs n this is why they look like they dislike eachother, but the LOOKS Nurmi n Wilmott give Martinez seem to be like they REALLY REALLY dont like him.

    What do u guys think? ?? Buddies or acting in court??

    • Could be true. The trial is their jobs. I know my brother goes out with the posing guys. You have to stop and think that if the little man had chosen to be DA he would be fighting just like he is now.
      Kurt didn’t want this case and tried three times to get out of it. The reason was because he wanted to start up his own law frim. Don’t get me wrong I DO NOT LIKE THE LITTLE MAN ONE BIT!!!!!! But I also realize he is just doing his job.

      • Yeah, I getvhis doing his job too. Some say he’s just passionate of what he does but I thk he takes it too far and feel like he really has that same hate feeling towards her as the losers do.

    • I dont think they are neither going-out-for-drinks-after-trial buddies nor enemies.They are just doing their job and contradicting each other is just part of it.

      • I have heard he acts like this in the court room all the time. It’s his style as Kurts is But I saw Kurt showed a bit of bull when talking to Jodi one day. I’m sure he has to ajust his tone with different defendents. Something the little man didn’t do with Jodi, bad, bad, bad mistake………

    • I have to admit, this is not unusual for lawyers that I have known. Lawyers can be extremely adversarial towards each other in court to the point that an observer would assume they might just jump on each other in anger. After the hearing/trial, those lawyers often golf together, attend functions with one another, and even have lunch or drinks together.

      Sometimes, lawyers express hate towards each other during trials or contentious cases. Yet, once it’s over, they return to being buddies. They are able to separate their jobs (fighting for their client) from their personal lives.

    • Could be, though I do get a feeling of genuine dislike between Nurmi and Martinez. Jose Baez wrote about how he had a good relationship with Linda Drane Burdick and the third person on the pros. team (forget his name), but Jeff Ashton was an unpleasant asshole in and out of court.

  13. So what if Dr. Samuel’s bartered for dental services. So he got dental work instead of cash. No sanction and no fine.

    The news media know’s we are at work. They should watch what they say they also could have a past. The internet is deeper than any ocean.

    Here’s some reading you can do on the shitter. Nancy Grace had to settle with the family of “Vodka Mom.” Google it.

    • I read the document, he was fined. He didn’t exchange services for dental work (I think bartering is great). He exchanged a custody reccomendation for the dental work. He gave his professional opinion that the kids were better off with the dad, aka the dentist. He didn’t interview the mom (but in further documents it seems like mom refused the interview).
      Dad very well may have been the ‘best’ caretaker for those children, but in the past the good doctor has been discredited for the barter exchange. He has testified several times (for the defense) and this has been brought up. Some juries have chosen not to take his expertise into account due to it, some have. He has been up against the DA’s office plenty of times, so I’m hoping if this is brought up by JA, he has a very simple explanation for the jury. (And I think JM will try to introduce it)

      He may not have made the best decision, but it doesn’t take away from his years of training and experience. (That would be my two cents if I was on that jury!!).

      • I agree. And he was also the doctor’s therapist from what I read so he would know whether the doctor was a good father or not. it’s too bad it’s a family court case because those proceedings are usually kept private. I hope the good doctor can explain without violating patient confidentiality.

    • Nancy Grace also admitted she tossed her son off the bed and he landed on his head. Medical treatment had to be sought. There was a period of time it was court ordered that she was not allowed around her children without supervision because of her drinking.

      She has been in rehab for her drinking and prescription drug abuse.

  14. BOYCOTT HLN!! I turned it on to see trial etc. and they were shredding Dr.Samuel’s Testimony that he bartered. So What!!! I Wonder who is behind all this propaganda. But I really never had watched that station prior to this trial due to the enormous amount of commercials and idiotic programming. These people have the intellect and emotional range of a Gnat.

    • Oliviero

      I have been boycotting them, since the day I got so disgusted and searched for another way to watch this trial. That was the day I found this site. Something more needs to be done. This is getting out of control more everyday.

    • Oliviero

      I have been boycotting them, since the day I got so disgusted and searched for another way to watch this trial. That was the day I found this site. Something more needs to be done. This is getting out of control more everyday.

      Any ideas?

      • TR
        My computer would crash in between my work i would try to watch it so HLM was the only network I could see it on. I have boycotted the station completely.

    • A gnat is giving them too much credit. They have the emotional range of an amoeba, all they care about is multiplying their numbers and making more of themselves. You know, like Neo said, mindless zombies.

      How hypocritical is it, that talking about the Riverside court documents opens us up to accusations of slander; yet these people are digging up shit about Dr Samuels? Uh huh, do as they say not as they do.

      Dr Samuel is still in the top five percent of his field. He is still a teacher. He is still wholly qualified to testify about this case. He is infinitely more qualified to talk about this case than they ever will be.

    • But they all love Dr. Drew, so what do they know. I have a really hard time putting dr. in front of his name. I never watched him before this trial and I found out why. And when he smiles it gives me the creeps.

      • Dr. Drew is a media whore! He has no credibility and can’t be trusted! No Dr. would do harm to a patient the way he is doing harm to Jodi’s character.

      • HLN was “walking back” the mockery he and Lisa Bloom were attempting to make last night of the transient global amnesia thing. They had an actual forensic doc on (Dr. Brannon I think) who basically disavowed what Pinsky said.

  15. I have been looking for places to complain about HLN. I used to watch their news spots, sometimes, but now I see they are nothing but money-whores looking for ratings at any cost. I am absolutely disgusted with their disregard for battered women then being hypocrites by stating the opposite. I have seen a couple people on various shows claiming they work with battered women “who are very upset at Jodi for claiming self-defense.” Yet no battered women are even on the show. I come here, having been in an abusive relationship, and I see others who have been in my shoes. We all recognize Jodi’s words, symptoms, and actions because they are authentic. You cannot make that up and keep up with those stories unless you have lived it.

    Anyway, PLEASE complain about HLN and their incitement of hatred towards Jodi Arias and battered women in general. I did at :

      • Maria – you’re awesome, thank you so much! 🙂

        And to Everyone; I feel this case is far more than trashing Jodi and an attempt to ruin her life along with jurors who want to be fair. This is about our judicial system and innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. It is also about abusers and pedophilia. I have posted in a couple forums that people should not judge Jodi so harshly because it is possible she was abused. When I said that I was and I recognize; I was bombarded with insults, name-calling and “poor crybaby.”

        Our nation is obviously not as advanced toward women as we think we are; the liberals say “give them jobs” and if one is abused its her own fault because men have needs. B.S. I posted in youtube that TA was a pedophile and women called me names like “crust of the earth” while men said lusting after girls posing as children is normal and okay. After working through abuse from a sex addict, I can tell you this must stop. Fantasizing about children is NEVER okay. But when a pedophile is put right in front of people (and I”m looking at Travis’ words, NOT what Jodi said) everyone wants to brush is off as normal; just part of a normal, healthy male appetite. Well it is not okay and those that talk of sexy children have a background that needs to be investigated. Pedophilia is out of control, children are sold for sex and when one is put in front of the public – the public takes HIS side. It is an outrage.

        Sorry for the rant and thank you for listening. I hope that everyone takes an opportunity to let their voices be heard and work to stop the further abuse of Jodi, abused women and our entire court system.

        • What is “crust of the earth?” As in, not the mantle or the core? Are those the same people diagnosing Jodi with Munchkins?

        • cindyp, thank you!!

          Yes, it’s sad in a world where people say they are against rape, pedophilia, abuse, discrimination; but then they turn their back on evidence that points to all that. It is wholly unacceptable, and I am appalled that CNN/HLN, claiming to be a liberal and progressive network, have completely come off the hinges of the worst backward rhetoric I have seen in years.

          It is interesting, isn’t it, which side the public takes in this case. It really tells where people stand on the aforementioned issues; and exposes the truth about people’s attitudes in the year 2013.

  16. It has been reported that people who watch HLN have reduced their IQ by at least 10% in only year, depending how much you watch, This is due to the very negative one sided reporting which does not enable one to think on their own. Since they also have numerous commercials and soundbites this has proven to shorten the attention span to a very significant degree. The station has been compared to the brainwashing techniques used by the Third Reich. Where you no longer think for yourself, so the ability to exercise the area of the brain which is creative is completely dulled. Since Hatred is their main staple of entertainment, the negative aspect of these programs and people who watch them have a much higher rate of Cancer Alzheimer’s Dementia Depression as well as shortened thought process. I would advise most people to stay away from these types of programs which are detrimental to your physical, intellectual as well as emotional health.

    • Oliviero,

      You seem to know so much about this and I really appreciate reading your posts. Could you please help by going to the link I posted above and tell HLN? I also posted a public complaint at – don’t know how much good, but I do know media does not like actual, formal complaints as it may be used against them (possibly showing patterns of inciting hate) in the court of law in future cases…

      • Cindy,
        I sure will I would also consider writing to The Bar Association in Arizona because of this really unfair reporting. Since all these Hacks claim to be Lawyers, Freedom of Speech is not license to kill. Which is what the media is promoting in the Case Of Jodi Arias. She has a right to a fair Trial as Our Constitution States. Her Rights are being Violated under the Specious interpretation of Freedom Of Speech.

        • You’re right, Oliviero. And if they think jurors are going home and not seeing any of this – then they are ignoring the obvious. Jurors are people and people are fallible. In addition, who wants their own life or life of their family members threatened if they go against the hate-mongers? It is even feasible that family members are watching and would tell the family-member juror to be careful to protect their family. This is an outrage and thank you.

    • That new show HLN is doing with the mock jury is building a replica of the crime scene to scale. Monday night they are going to re-enact the crime, showing the bedroom and bathroom, something the jury never got to see! Ugh!!

  17. Did you guys see what they’re doing now (HLN)? Thet are BUILDING a staged out TA bathroom to reenact THERE version of what happened! !! Again, waste of money!!!! What’s the use if what they’re reenacting is what THEY think happened? ?!!! Idiots!!!! I wish they would have two different reenactment (what THEY claim n what JIDI claims!!!

    • Oh for the love of God….ok lets look at this as this way of keeping their viewers. There must have been a bit of an issue somewhere. Why the new program? Now this? Why wasn’t this done from the begining? Food for thought.

    • Would HLN’s biased and downright abusive coverage of Jodi and this trial lend any creadance to a potential appeal? I’d think with this jury not being sequestered and the amount of ’round the clock’ coverage this could contaminate the jury.

    • I came on here just now after seeing the promo regarding the reenactment they plan on staging so viewers can see what happened that night. This isn’t the part that pissed me off to no end, though, I don’t care what they reenact so long as they are clear it is their version of events. But, that’s not what they’re doing. At least, that’s not what was advertised. I distinctly heard them say, “See our team reenact that fateful night according to Jodi’s testimony!” Funny, considering SHE couldn’t reenact that night if she wanted to because she DOESN’T FUCKING REMEMBER! So, unless their little skit involves a woman running around in circles and drooling with a fog rolling thick, they plan on acting out something completely outrageous and unsupported by the evidence but it they’ll just make sure they don’t review the evidence or remind viewers how Jodi doesn’t know what happened and mention often that this is according to her testimony that way no viewers question the information the media is spoon feeding to their anal cavities. I feel a tirade coming on so I apologize now….excuse my filthy English here but…


      Okay, I’m done. Sorry about that. I feel much better though. For now.

      • Ha ha – so glad this sight is here for us to vent like we do. We are all frustrated; but at least we have this sanctuary. Thanks, SJ.

      • I was just telling my husband that if these hypocrites had their First Amendment rights f@#$ed with the way they want people’s Fourth and Fifth Amendment rights f@#$ed with, they would be screaming louder than Ned Beatty stranded on a mountain.


        Haaaahaaa your so funny!!!! I wish they could read this!!! Have you posted it on the HLN site for them???

        • No, as a matter of fact, I did not. However, that’s actually a really good idea. I’ll have to clean it up grammatically, there are a couple of run-on sentences that will certainly be used against me by the grammar Nazi’s that troll the comment threads over there.They have plenty of fabricated weapons to use in their attack on me, I’ll be damned if I arm them with more. I’ll wear my big girl panties like a suit of armor, prepare for the inevitable asinine online bullying, and post it as soon as I’m done editing it.Depending on when my son’s teeth decide to give it a rest and whether I decide to add in a P.S. to potential tards who intend to attack me for speaking out against HLN in such a way, it could go up in an hour but will likely be up this afternoon since my son sounds like he may be asleep finally. It’s 3:30 am where I’m at and I’m deliriously tired. But, provided I get some real doozies in feedback, I’ll be sure to screen shot them and post links here.

        • Thank you! I do what I can to provide some much needed comedic relief to this site while also hoping to make valid arguments. Although, cracking jokes when I am trying to prove a point puts me at risk of not being taken seriously, I figure either the funny or the insight will resonate with the reader on some level and my voice will be heard. Or, in this case, my font will be seen.

    • I commented under someone’s post. Not sure if its you cuz it said anonymous. But some idiot replied saying, “have you even seen the trail for the beginning, bla blala” I replied to that, shut her up! Lol

      Everyone, yes….if you have time, visit this site.


    Hey guys, I think our efforts here and elsewhere have made a small dent in the coverage….but we have ALOT more to do.

    The thing is, with big corporations, is that they will continue to do bad things, and even against the law, slander being one of them, because it increases ratings/profits and that outweighs most fines or penalties if sued or settled. They’re still profiting for being dipshits for now, and if they’ll continue to dig deeper, I’m not sure.

    All I know is that any and all efforts, whether it’s a petition, a feedback e-mail, or any public outcry against their sensationalized, biased coverage, helps! For this trial and future trials. Although if NastyGrace ever went on trial, I’d pay good money to see that…and yeah, I’d probably make a comment or two, that might not be”fair and balanced”:)

    P.S. You guys are some freakin’, creepin’, funny, intelligent, compassionate, rational, and probably good-looking people! Glad to know you all!

    Taking a break from massive dosage of FB hate….Oh, had a “Chris Carr” friend me…and I accepted too quickly…and realized…he was a hater…and now I”m wondering if he’s connected to that other “Carr”…Bryan…oh dear…Anyone want to volunteer bodyguard services? I”ve got a nice little shed/cottage you could stay in!

  19. Such a beautiful day out! I wanted to thank the Admin of this site for posting the video’s of the trial. I am listening to the last few days again while I am painting the house. 🙂 It gives me a chance to think about what is being said and has been said. I am still pro Jodi and after listening to this Doctor speak I am understanding the reason for the “overkill” (as some have called it).

  20. I found this, not sure if its been posted yet. They’re trying to find anything n everything to discredit dr samuel and I think now Martinez will now use this and bring it up to the jury. What do you guys think??????? I STILL like dr Samuel

    A psychologist who testified Thursday for accused murderer Jodi Arias was fined by New Jersey regulators for bartering counseling sessions for dental work, according to a consent order obtained by The Huffington Post.

    Psychologist Richard Samuels was sanctioned by the New Jersey State Board of Psychological Examiners in 2000 after two people, identified only by their initials in the document, complained he made a child custody recommendation without examining the mother and “bartered services with [an individual in the case] so that [they] received psychotherapeutic services from respondent in exchange for respondent receiving dental services” from them, the document says.

    The state board determined Samuels “entered into a relationship … which a reasonable psychologist in similar circumstances would expect to limit objectivity, impair professional judgment or increase risk of exploitation,” violating state administrative code, according to the consent order. The board fined Samuels $2,500 and ordered training for “ethics and boundary issues.” Samuels also was directed to “cease crossing boundaries with clients and entering into relationships which may create conflicts of interest with his clients.

    • I agree. And this doesn’t detract from the research he is using to show how memory works in traumatic situations. Juan will not be able to argue the science on cross. The best he can do is use his expert to state another opinion about Jodi.

      • This is completely uncalled for. Why are they not reporting on the fact that so many of the witnesses work for PPL, a disreputable company with multiple complaints?

        • And I should say, they are not employees of PPL, but independent associates running their own companies under the corporate name (now known as Legal Shield).

          • They just don’t know what to do w/ the PPL factor. They want it to undermine the credibility of Jodi and Gus, but they don’t want Travis, the Hughes, etc. to be negatively reflected upon.

        • HLN is not really news in my opinion. I think it’s a shady network that works with LE and the prosecution specifically to taint the court of public opinion. It’s shocking how biased they are. They have a small but loud group of followers. I suspect that the part of society who doesn’t watch trials, would be shocked. HLN has had ratings problems too but these cases give them major ratings so it’s about the almighty $ too.

          • It’s NOT news, its trash media, nothing more. You have to remember that so long as the jury are abiding by the rules of the court, it doesn’t matter how much feces these monkeys toss its not having any effect on the trial. The “followers” are just ranting and cocking off because that’s what couch hero’s do. None of them give a shit about Travis, they’re just using his death as an opportunity to get out there and yell from their soapboxes.

    • I heard that he has testified in other cases in AZ and the prosecution does bring it up but he is prepared for this. I do not see how it affects this case really though. This does not change his education and experience in these type of trials. This fine of his is no secret to the Prosecutors and I an sure the defense knew of this. This is the best NG has to discredit him. Wow she is grasping at straws because she has nothing else to rant about and because his testimony was amazing.

      • Yes you’re right, every prosecutor probably tries to use it against him, it was 13 years ago and really won’t have any bearing on the case.

  21. Isn`t it strange how this hand stand video shows up when the defense has a doctor on the stand explaining why Jodi has block out parts of the murder day. The media is trying to manipulate us into focusing on the video instead of the doctor`s testamony. More media manipulation is sure to come as the docter explains how people react in a physical abuse situation. Now I hear of a model of Travis`s apt. being built. Anything for ratings I guess.

  22. The erecting of a prototype crime scene set is a really bad idea on their part. Nobody knows how the killing took place except for Jodi and she can’t remember some of it. Better to just let this play out and see what the jury decides. HLN is just grabbing at straws after Dr. Samuel’s credible testimony of PTSD and how Jodi is affected by it in this case. Building the mock crime scene is just to add fuel to the flame of their anti Jodi position. In the end I believe they will have so much egg on their faces that they will look like the fox that just got caught raiding the hen house.

    • Ignore anything about them as I said earlier they truly sick disturbed people If I was Travis Alexanders Family I would be insulted how they are using this tragedy as a form of entertainment..
      Island of Lost Souls Staring Dr.Drew as Dr.Moreau

  23. So I’m guessing building a model is gonna do what for them? I think the only sociopaths here are on the TV… Ugh.

  24. Errr Mer Gerddd! They have nothing to report so they have dredged up an old video of Jodi doing a handstand on a break from interrogation! Careful HLN, Amanda Knox got convicted because she did a cartwheel while waiting on questioning and you saw what happened there. But that was Europe! I think if you have nothing new to report you should just roll the tape of paint drying on a wall somewhere. Or of Nancy or JVM biting the heads off live chickens.

  25. Since there was nothing new going on today I decides to take a look at the “other site” on my lunch to see what misinformed tales they are spinning today.. And while I must admit some of the conspiracy theories I’ve seen here had thrown me for a loop.. Those other people are certifiable ! I have to wonder what case they have been watching , their theories are so off base and unfounded. Who are those people, have they no intelligence?

  26. OMG I soooo agree with Vladimir Gagic today. If she was a cold-blooded psychopathic liar, you would think her lies would have been much much better (in terms of her story about the “ninjas”.) Having been married to a man who I (and my counselors) believe is a psychopath, I can attest to that. His lies were perfect and he could come up with a story on the spot on any subject, and in regards to anything he was caught doing.

    • Excellent question from Vladimir. If Jodi stole the gun intending to kill Travis, then why did she stab him to death?

      • Yup!!!! Im listening to it too and of course someone tweet back with, ” the gun jammed” get over it people, she DIDNT plan it!!!

        • Isn’t it BEYOND ridiculous to charge her with planning to kill him? I just can not understand what the state of AZ was hoping to achieve here. I really can’t.

        • Another point the State has never proven to my knowledge is that the gun was 100% without a doubt the gun from her grandparents house. Did they match the casing at the crime scene to it? No. Did they find her fingerprints on the casing found at the crime scene. I have never heard if they found anyone’s fingerprints on it. All they can say is was .25 call which is one of the most common guns out there. They claim TA did not own on gun. Well there is no proof he did own a gun but he could of easily bought a gun with no records out there. The claim from his friend that he didn’t own a gun because he always borrowed the friends gun is absurd to me, my friends do not know everything about me. I think the State has not proven it was premeditation and they should of taken her plea deal. She said she used TA’s gun and their is nothing to prove anywhere that she brought a gun to his house that night. Without that and the actually gun she pointed at him, I think it pokes holes in the State’s case of premeditation. She said she killed him but to me thre is no clear evidence she planned to kill him. I think she once said she had nothing to gain from killing him and everything thing to lose if she did. Someone even said that TA would not own a .25 because it was a girls gun. Whatever my father owns several as well as many others. That is just a stupid statement. I am a victim of domestic violence from my ex husband and I see so many actions in Jodi that remind me of how I acted. I never shot my ex but there are many nights when I was fearful and thought I might have to,

          What is wrong i our society when they beat up on jodi on hln one minute and then try to justify the boys accused in the rape trial in Ohio with boys will be boys. They have them on tape saying that n she wanted it and laughing about it.. Yes that is every woman’s dream to be raped when you are unconscious. I heard a woman reporting even saying that she wanted to go with them that night. Wow. So once again let’/ beat up on the rape victim and blame her. Sorry got off topic there but it just gripes me how one sided they are on that so called network.

          • Totally agree AJ. They are much more careful with the lives and reputations of men accused of crimes than they are of women.

            They treated Jerry Sandusky better than Jodi, what does that tell us all about their slanted coverage? Everything!

            • Its just the discusting double standard our society has toward women period! Hopefully this will change now that women are both the majority of the population and workforce as well.

  27. The song Jodi was winging in the video was Here With Me— by Dido

    I didn’t hear you leave
    I wonder how am I still here
    And I don’t want to move a thing
    It might change my memory
    Oh I am what I am
    I do what I want
    But I can’t hide

  28. I ‘heard” Juan Martinez was PISSED about the hearing being cancelled today! Poor guy, damn people dying, can he EVER catch a break!:)

    As for this video, yeah, it’s completely manipulated, both the timing and the splicing..

    Which pushes me to the point of wanting to “release” everything we’ve uncovered that point to pedophilia….and it’s all in Travis’ words or court records or someone else saying something…so slander, etc. is not applicable. Maybe whoever did the video of the criminal records with music on youtube would be interested. And I still do find it odd that his Zachary Billings guy, who we haven’t proven was the roommate Zach, was arrested on a molestation charge, I think in 2006, and appears to have plead guilty to a lesser charge. Putting that clip in the video, as low as it sounds, again is just sharing public information. I hate it when you have to stoop to their level, but sometimes it’s the only road to the truth, or at least more of it.

  29. Im so tired of the circus scene goin on, I feel for you Jodi and I think your doin an amazing job holding it together, cuz if it wld have been me, I wld have wanted to be way more snippy with the prosecuter….Im sorry, but I don’t see you as someone who shld get the death penalty….I don’t believe it was premeditated at all, pretty sure heat of moment….did anyone think that maybe after you shot TA, that he fell on you and you may have thought you were being attacked and it was jus actually his nerves making his body spontaneously move and dead weight is extremely heavy!..That you reached for knife, while he was laying on you AD and that was when you started stabbing him, to get him off you, but he wldnt cuz he was already deceased….anyways it doesn’t matter… jus saying, its not like you are a serial killer and I don’t believe you are going to kill again…so that being said, in no way do I compare you to Casey Anthony or Scott Peterson (whom if anyone deserves the death penalty it wld be them)..and now they r showing a video where you were singing and headstands….So what, you had jus been interrogated for 4 hrs and prolly pretty sure u were goin to be arrested….When I am in a argument or whatever…..I tend to laugh instead of cry when I am upset. Personally having to relive this memory of killing the person you love and knowing you can never see or talk to that person ever again is brutally painful..

    • I can relate to this, the doctor was telling me a long time ago what was all wrong with my back and what they needed to do, and I sat there and couldn’t stop laughing, it was like he couldn’t be saying this, and I just kept laughing. He looked at me stunned, like I was completely nuts, and I really have no explanation to why I did that. The problem is some people think everyone should act the same when there are certain situations, they don’t.

      • Leah,

        I know someone who was in a car accident, both femurs and pelvis were broken and the guy was laughing and cracking jokes with the paramedics.

        The night they told me my husband had been killed, I slapped the doctor and walked out of the hospital.

        Everyone reacts differently.

    • I really don’t think the video reflects so badly on Jodi. First, it doesn’t matter in the actual trial, or it’s not supposed to. And in fact supports her denial claims and other brought out by Dr. Samuels. But nice timing by the prosecutor/police. Dang, wonder if Legal Shield and/or the Mormons (nothing against the decent and good Mormons) decided to make a big “donation”to get the video out now….and keep other stuff….quiet….Nice knowing you guys…ha….And let me add, my state has a lot of whacky gun/weapons laws, plus I have proven myself quite whacky and creative enough hopefully, so that no one will …pay me a to speak…ha…..

      As for the tendency to pedolphilia or other indicators, they are here in other’s posts.

      Still have not verified definitively that Dustin Thompson in jail after an FBI investigation for mortgage fraud is the same who was married to Ashley Reed. And nothing further other than the autopsy report on Ashley – self-inflicted gunshot wound. Would possibly be helpful for friends and family of Ashley Reed to reach out to us here….not sure what they could share…and of course they could do it anonymously ….but I have a feeling it would possibly shed some light somewhere that until now has been dark…..

      • I agree Maggie! I saw someone who is soooooooooo mentally damaged from an extreme situation and is reacting. I would worry more if she was acting completely normal after a horrific event such as this. I bet Juan-abee is the one who kept it out of the trial.

      • Maggie … Self inflicted gunshot wound!! Okay … do you have a link to the autopsy? Because I have looked and looked for something about an autopsy and can’t find it. Where is that info? Is there a link? Please, and thank you.

        • I sent it to JC here. She was gonna post it when and if we found the info on Dustin to verify we had the right one. There’s nothing spectacular in the autopsy, at least to my untrained eyes. Medical examiner ruled suicide, so unless someone had other evidence and/or pushed for it, there would be no other investigation. That said, if she was so distraught she killed herself, wonder if a specific event caused it, or if she suffered from unspecified depression….Just two months or so prior, she was writing on myspace as if all was well…so…..again, we just don’t know….until we know.

          • Thanks Maggie. I think this is a connection to Jodi’s case. I think it is so odd that Ashley would anonymously call the police when she found out Travis was dead. She knew something. Also, what about the friend of Travis’s that posted on his FB (I think) supporting him for ‘coming out’ with something. I wonder what that’s about? Maybe Travis was writing about some kind of abuse in his past. If it is true he had a leaning toward pedophilia then it’s highly possible he also suffered that sexual abuse at the hands of someone when he was young. Could it have been someone around the church. Please don’t flame me for saying that. I’m not disperaging the Morman church. Heaven knows that religion I was born into has a terrible track record.

            • I honestly thought the coming out meant about his past abuse. but who knows really. Your theory is as good as mine. However, I think the sex abuse more likely occured from his family of origin because of the environment he grew up in. Sadly, sometimes people “pimp” their kids for meth. ( if it did occur at all)

              • Yeah, I have no idea what ‘coming out ‘ is about. Only guessing. But there has been a lot of sexual testimony about anal sex, and all the other stuff. A lot of red flags imo pointing to sexual abuse. It could have come from more than one person. I think as a child he was in a very vulnerable position for a grown male pedo to take advantage of. There is so much about this case that could be looked at and understood to help other people instead of using it for rating purposes.

      • Maggie, did you find what caliber the self inflicted would was? Do we know if this was a gun that ashley purchased?

        If you can’t share…well that’s ok.

          • huh. I wonder if there is a police report to go along with that.

            I feel bad for her..but that doesn’t stop me from wanting to know…

            you know why.

              • I don’t think there would necessarily be a significant incident report made, if there was nothing obviously suspicious, but yes, that is a thought….let me get back to you…..:)

                • It is my understanding that the police would be required to do a report should document various show that it was suicide and not something else…

                  i sure hope it wasn’t in d^mbsh*t’s jurisdiction.

  30. Does anyone else feel like WIlmott should have been the atty. questioning Jodi???

    I think testifying could have been more “comforting” during some parts, and also it would have made Martinez appear more chauvinistic. I think “sweet” Wilmott in comparison to “Bulldog” Martinez would have really turned off the female Jurors. No hate for Nurmi, but at times he was lack luster and I really think a female attorney would have proven more of a point. I feel that was a major screw-up from the defense. 🙁
    JMHO 😉

    • I think they wanted to show the contrast between how she acts with men. Now the jury sees she isn’t somekind of flirting lolita and responsive with men with a calm kind demeanor. Jury might not have made the connection with a woman.

    • Nope….there was a very good reason why she didn’t. Not sure what it was but I do know that Jodi trusted Kurt. Besides some of the subject matter was better comeing from a man. If a man thinks that that was wrong it is better for the case. If JW did it it might have come acrossed not as strong or a man hater.

  31. Does anyone have a good quality copy of this photo of Travis sitting in the shower staring at the camera? A caller on Vladimir’s show made reference to this and claims you can see Jodi in the reflection of his eye – which I think is total bullshit – but I’d like to take a look at this on a better quality photo if possible. Thanks.

    • Neo,you can go to The State’s FB page,those wackos have already posted a couple of photos analyzing the so-called reflection of TA’s eye.There are 2 coloured and one B&W.Personally,I looked at them for several minutes and didnt see a thing,at least I didnt see what they claim they can see-meaning Jodi holding a knife on one hand and the camera on the other.I say,pleeeeeeeeeese!!

      • Yes I looked at those 2 days ago and can anyone say reaching?? I looked at them for nearly 20 mins and I never saw anything except a man with a beard. My eyes must of crossed at some point. Just the fact they claim she had a knife and a camera in the each hand is one of the dumbest things I have heard. Of course that is a very long list with these folks.

      • Thanks. Ok now I know those people are trying way to hard to twist things to suit their needs. They must be taking lessons from martinez. There is nothing in that reflection, and now that this theory has made the rounds I’m sure there are people out there photoshop’ing pictures of Jodi in to that photo. Absolutely ridiculous.

        I also noticed they typed out the lyrics to the song Jodi is singing in this newest after-the-interogation video and people have actually made comments like “OMG I’ll never be able to listen to that song again”. I’ve never experienced idiocy on such a large scale as this before, its crazy.

        • Or what about all the statements that Jodi’s eyes are PURE EVIL! She actually has very expressive eyes. Ugh, this is beyond ridiculous.

        • Yeah and isnt it so fair that THEY can do this n get away with it but as soon as a supporter puts out a video or anything about TA friends (not even about TA), , they get butthurt and take it down! !!

        • It’s like you were a kid and looked at the clouds to see what shapes you could make out. Do you really believe there would be a reflection of JA in TA’s eyes or water droplets. And some people say our theories here are too much!!

      • EYESFORLIES is a fraud. She’s about self promotion. She wouldnt DARE say the truth about anyone accused.

    • This is amazing.

      This reminded me of an old story from Jack the Ripper days. Back then some folks believed that the eyes of the victim would hold the last image they saw, and so they dissected the eyes and tried to take pictures of the retina to see who Jack was.

      I wonder if I could get these guys to buy my piece of toast. It has a picture of JM being gored by a goat.

    • i don’ t know how to prove it but the photo looks fixed to me. I took the original an tried to find the same outline an could not find it.

  32. What is this all about? From the Facebook insanity page.
    (One of our members has managed to obtain [incomplete] raw footage from opening statements. She is also waiting on another lead. ) Incomplete raw footage from opening statements? Why, how, and what will that prove? And waiting on another lead? What, that everyone on that page should be committed, STAT? These high profile cases in my opinion, sorry, shouldn’t be televised, and maybe should be a bench trial. How in the Hell does anyone get what is called a fair trial? It’s all been building up in me, now I’m mad, mad at how this is all a mockery.

    • Raw footage from opening statements? Um what? We have already watched opening statements. Both sides’ opening statements are on YouTube for all to see.

      • I really have no idea, I can’t go back there, the ignorance is mind blowing. All I could think is maybe someone was in the courtroom and took the footage, though I don’t think a person viewing the trial is suppose to do that, could be wrong.

        • Keep an eye on Tawnidilly, she uses the judges photo on her facebook profile, she’s had access to photos no one else has seen, she’s been at the courthouse watching the trial, she has an ‘in’ somewhere and seems to know more than the average person about what’s going on.

          Oh she seems to be so full of herself the shits overflowing out her ears too.

            • Thats awesome, where’d you get all the photos without “Property of Tawnidilly” scribbled all over them? I see only a few followers, can’t blame people for not wanting to ‘like’ the page with the # of psychotic freaks trolling around on the Travis lover sites. I don’t mean to be rude but it seems like the States has a seriously high number of people with mental illnesses that aren’t being treated.

          • Tawni posted a link to Juan Martinez – Prosecutor Support Page’s timeline.
            Tawni posted a link to The State vs Jodi Arias ~ Travis Alexander murder trial’s timeline.

            She is most defiantly on the other side not sure who told me she was on this site I don’t think so unless it is just as a troll.

          • She’s a realtor and went into Travis’ house to take photos when it was up for sale. No one ever bothered to clean up after the crime scene people came in.

            I think the “raw footage” that they’re looking for is the entirety of Kermit’s opening statement. For some reason, only the audio of day 1 went on Youtube and it was partial.

    • I agree, this media circus keeps anyone from having a fair trial. The jury is able to go home and how do they avoid hearing the media in this case. It is everywhere. I cannot open a search engine without seeing something about it. I am not accusing anyone of doing that but the media just makes it that much harder to avoid hearing this case outside of the courtroom.

      • You are right Cindy. It’s insanity in all it’s ugliness. And HLN bobbleheads just keep whipping up the minions.


    Lana Arutyunova:

    So everybody knows on Monday HLN build an exact life sized replica of Travis bathroom and closet and they are going to demonstrate the 62 seconds to do everything she said she did. Oh and guess who is going to be playing her defense attorney and defending her on the show Mr. Jose Bozo

    • Remember when that idiot Mark Geragos put a boat complete with a headless dummy tied
      in duct tape and weighted down with concrete anchors, in the parking lot of an office building
      he owns a block from the courthouse where jurors were deliberating the case against Peterson. That turned out well, didn’t it? It turned into a memorial for Laci.

      • HLN always has people on to take the prosecution and defense side. Personally, I don’t think that Jose is a bozo. He’s one of the few people who are being kind about Jodi’s defense team because he knows what it’s like to be in their position.

        • I don’t mean that he isn’t a decent lawyer, I just mean that it’s not a valid forum in which to “litigate” and he’s not actually representing her, so he is her “lawyer”, not her lawyer. Kind of like I predict the whole thing will be “fair.” I personally think that Nurmi and Wilmott are a. good complements to each other; b. blowing Martinez out of the water; c. hitting it out of the park; and d. the best money the state is spending on this whole trial.

  34. I am starting to hear That is not what I am asking you ma’am in my sleep. Wow JM is a piece of work and if I was on that jury he would offend me for his treatment of Jodi. Another abusive man. Heck he even treats his own witnesses as hostile. I wonder how he is going to treat Dr. Samuels. I could not believe how he was scoffing at him for writing notes in his own notebook. It was like a parent scolding a child for drawing on the wall. I think he should tread lightly when he questions him. However if he squawks at him that just shows more evidence that he treats everyone as hostile. This doctor is amazing and he is no stranger to being on the stand.

  35. I just read this nonsense unfortunately. It’s called “Biology of the Defense” and its author is 1000% convinced it proves premeditation, beyond any doubt. I mean, seriously. Biology? Now I know why these people hate this site and believe Nancy Disgrace and her crones. They simply lack intelligence to understand even the briefest of posts here.

  36. Something I don’t understand: If Jodi knew this dr was going to testify that she has PTSD & acute stress disorder, why did she testify in response to the jury’s questions that she doesn’t have a mental illness and is not being treated? I’m trying to make sense of this but am having trouble.

    This dr has met with her 12 times up until 2011 (I think that’s what he said but I could be wrong). Did he set recommend treatment for her? Jails do have mental health care availae, correct?

    • No it doesn’t work that way. He is just assessing her for court and for her defense. It’s not therapy in that sense.

    • Gusted, I’ve been diagnosed with complex PTSD from the abuse I endured, by a psychiatrist. I don’t consider that to be a mental illness. If someone asked me if I have a mental illness, I would say no. It’s an anxiety disorder classified in the DSM, but I don’t think of myself as mentally ill. It’s treatable and one can recover, after time.

      Jodi wasn’t treated for PTSD and that’s very obvious to me, someone who has received considerable treatment. As JC said, she was simply assessed.

  37. There is so much talk about bullying and teenage suicide that goes along with it. It’s something we hear about almost every week, a new story popping up all of the time. You tube videos, the lady on the school bus, everyone shouting from the rooftops that bullying is wrong wrong wrong! Yet here was have HLN using the same tactics, hours and hours of programming devoted to bullying every night. It was bad enough when it was just the tabloid magazines, now its tabloid TV. It sickens me. What are these adults teaching other than it’s ok to make shit up, blast it all over TV viciously attacking someone on trial every night. They are exactly like the teenagers videotaping fights and posting them on youtube.

    • I agree. They have specials on stopping bullying but yet they are no better. NG hardly ever has anyone on her show that does not agree with her. And if they do not she cuts their mike or yells over them. She is not just a talk show host but a lawyer so she should know better then to spew the venom that she does. It’s disGRACEful.

    • Lots of people have stopped looking at HLN for common sense or any semblance of justice, innocent until proven guilty, what is that.. Those basic things are just gone. Long Gone. And now for this case we’re down to basic decency and any humanity at all, and I see no hope of that.

      It’s toxic waste and it’s BAD for your mental health.

  38. Been away for a while. I missed most of yesterday’s happenings. Just watching the stuff today.

    Firstly like tonysam often states so emphatically. Legally speaking none of this has anything to do with the case at hand. In as far as M1 is concerned the state must prove premeditation and I don’t think they have. The way this is supposed to work is that their proof must be beyond a reasonable doubt. So let’s look at their points.

    1. A 25 auto was stolen from her grandparents. TA was shot by a 25. So? He hasn’t proven that a) the gun was the same, and b) that Jodi stole it. It’s just as possible that the gun was stolen by someone else. That is a fairly reasonable hypothesis. If it is reasonable that what actually happened is different to what the DA is alleging then that is not proof beyond a reasonable doubt.

    2. She dyed her hair a different color. So? It seems there is evidence that she’s had auburn hair at other times. In fact there is evidence that she dyed her hair a while before this. Once again there is a reasonable explanation other than what the DA is alleging.

    3. She bought gas for the gas cans. I don’t live in that part of the world, but I gather that people do that fairly often when driving across the desert, particularly in a car with a 13.5 gallon tank. So another reasonable reason, solidified by the fact that she filled them up again in SLC on her way back to Yreka. So again a reasonable explanation other than what the DA alleges.

    4. She turned off her cell phone. Her explanation, that she couldn’t find her charger is again reasonable and at odds with the DAs allegation.

    5. She rented a car away from home town. Well Redding is about as close as you can get a rental car if you live in Yreka (except for Hertz) and want to head south. Seems reasonable, and again at odds with the DAs allegations.

    And that folks is all there is to the premeditation claims. This is about as bogus as it gets.

    I am so glad that the defense entered the Doctor’s testimony based on physiological reactions to stress. I think the fact that they related it to specific parts of the brain and the reactions thereof is great. That way the actions can be tied to well documented physical phenomenon. Now when the DA puts his expert on the stand all the defense has to do is walk them through the stated physical reactions and simply ask: Is it true that when XYZ happens the ABC part of the brain does the following? That is hard to dodge.

    I do not understand the purpose of JM’s objections. They are so petty, and so easy to address that they must look bad to the jury.

    I loved the explanation of this transient amnesia thing. I never knew about this. As I had posted here earlier my Dad was a decorated WW II vet. And he could not remember the action for which he was awarded his medal. He remebered up to a certain stage and then that was it, a complete blank. His story always went along the lines of “the tank in front of mine hit a mine, we got out to see how we could get past it and a machine gun opened up, and then I just don’t remember”. I always thought it was bunk, and he was just being modest or didn’t want to talk about it. But the good Doctor said that was common amongst soldiers in combat. Wow!

    • Love your post, so succinct. The most ridiculous objection was when Juan said that the psychologist wasn’t qualified to testify about the brain?! Asinine.

        • Don’t know. But apparently he has a hell of a win record. Only three possibilities:

          1. Maricopa County has really bad Defense lawyers.
          2. Maricopa County has a really selective jury system. (Said with dripping sarcasm)
          3. We are all nuts, and truly the fringe 6%.

          • 4. Martinez gets assigned cases with obviously guilty defendants (Doug Falater, Wendi Andriano, etc.) I think most of his wins have been easy because he prosecutes “the worst of the worst.”

    • All good points. She also rented the car in her name. I did not understand about the gas cans at first. I live on the east coast but after hearing from people that live in that part of the country it seems it is quite common to carry them with you. I got so tired of hearing about them as well as those receipts. She even used her credit card. I have had to to turn my cell phone off at times to save the battery because I did not have my charger with me. She changed her hair color. Big deal women often change their hair color plus she did it months before this. I know I have had a few different hair colors. The type of gun used is a common caliber and they have never proved that was the same game stolen from her grandparents house. So that is 0 proof she took the gun there to kill him. There is no proof she had it period. They have no witnesses stating anything about her planning to kill him. There is so much reasonable doubt here that premeditation is not an option. The State has not proven it’s case here. They should have taken her plea deal.

    • I’ve even heard about people using gps getting lost in the desert and having to be rescued and that there have been deaths because help didn’t arrive in time.

    • I don’t think it’s one of the five things, but all of the five things taken together that look, for lack of a better word, hinky. And I think that’s what will hurt her w/the jury. I believe in innocent until proven guilty and am trying to look at all the evidence & both sides’ cases. Hopefully the defense can counter w/some big points.

        • I believe, if I’m not mistaken, that she told Flores in one of the interrogation videos that her cell phone was dead, she couldn’t call 911.

          • If I was so worried about driving at night in the desert that I brought 2 (or 3) extra gas cans, I would’ve been sure to have a phone charger (even buying a cheap one somewhere). That’s what I would do & I think that’s why it bugs me a little. JMO

    • Ok did anyone understand that people with PTSD will display move of a flat line personality. I have seen this for myself. But onces they are treated…..Now the creaps on HLN have been waiting for her to have some form emotions. Her tears were not real, on and on and on. Ok just perhaps Jodi is on something for depression. I know that some people are not able to cry on this med. How can you feel anything you do not recall?

      • I have been on meds for depression and yes it was harder for me to cry. I have also had these same meds cause me to feel numb and feel no emotions. Medication can be harsh and there can be so many different side effects. Everyone does not respond to medication the same.

      • I think I can help with some of this. First, I am not now and have not been on any meds for depression since my abusive ex-husband was arrested for trying to kill me 2 years ago. A year and a half ago, I was prescribed a very low dose of Lorazepam .5 mg (Ativan) for anxiety and instructed to take it only when needed. The prescription was for 30 pills. I still have about 10 pills left. When I’ve experienced very severe panic attacks, I have taken 1/4 of a pill or a 1/2 a pill.

        After his arrest, I NEVER cried. I knew that I had a huge battle ahead of me ranging from the criminal charges against him to the divorce, which I knew would be extremely acrimonious (actually, I didn’t realize just how bad that would be). In the 10 weeks before I moved, I also had to deal with an immense onslaught from him legally, financially, and a smear campaign he launched against me. He stole the business that was my only source of income. He raided my bank accounts. He opened credit cards in my name. I don’t drive and had no method of transportation and no one would help me. Cabs were unreliable and cost $50 each way, just to get groceries. I often had to wait 4 hours in the rain for a cab to bring me home, holding my groceries, scared out of my brains. Then, he turned off water in the house, and I literally did not know how I was going to survive. I had multiple cats to care for, and I worried more about them than I did about myself.

        Then, I decided to move across country, find my way around a new area, learn basic things — like, stupid as this sounds, how to cross the street without anxiety that he would push me down in incoming traffic, apply and interview for jobs and when I was lucky enough to get one, show up for work daily and manage to work, and attempt to have social interactions with people after 9 years of isolation from anyone but him. There was NO way I could break down and cry. I stuffed all of my normal emotions as far into my brain as I could manage. I went through the motions of days. It took me a month to be able to cross the street and I’m not kidding. I tried every day and couldn’t do it. Eventually, I did it. Then, I went to therapy and talked a lot. I was also completely terrified that he would find out where I lived and come and get me. I had to learn to pay for things in cash, keep everything I did secret, and yet, there were holes that I wasn’t sure I could completely plug. Still, I could NOT allow myself to cry.

        6 months after his arrest, the prosecutor told me that his attorney was requiring my deposition. There had been one prosecutor assigned to the case first who was wonderful. Then, another took over. She was cold and hard and simply wanted a plea bargain. He continued to refuse all her offers, demanding trial and his attorney was demanding my return to Florida for deposition and for trial. This terrified me since he would then know where I was at a specific time. She told me she was going to drop the charges if he didn’t agree. Finally, his attorney agreed to depose me by video here, but he wanted to coordinate it, which meant he would know my location. I did not feel it was safe. I was also completely terrified of the deposition because he would be on the screen looking at me. I didn’t know how I was going to handle it. I started acting a LOT crazier than Jodi in that video released today. I was completely insane.

        At around the same time as all this was going on, a hearing was set to domesticate my injunction for protection here. Worse, because of a clerical error, he was served with it. That meant he became aware of the county I live in. And it also meant that he would have the ability to show up at the court date. I was sure I was going to die that day.

        There is ONLY so much stress a person can handle. Eventually, a person reaches a limit. He did not show up for the hearing here, and the judge domesticated my order indefinitely (even though that’s not the typical process here). The prosecutor decided to drop the criminal charges.

        And, at that point, I began to lose it. Finally, I didn’t have to hold it together any longer. I could actually let go some of the pain. But I cried for 3 days straight. I sobbed, I literally pulled my hair out, I became completely insane. I paced the floor not sleeping. I talked gibberish. I could NOT function. I had always known that this would happen if I let down the floodgates. I had kept going as long as I could, and I just couldn’t hold it in any longer. I was like a baby. I had to be spoon fed by the man who I was having a relationship with. He held me. He babied me. He walked me to the bathroom so that I didn’t soil myself. Eventually, he led me to bed, undressed me, and I slept for days.

        I had a few months reprieve and then the divorce onslaught was brought. By then, I had a job. In fact, I started the job the week after the proverbial sh*t hit the fan in the divorce. It was a non-stop onslaught for months. How I went to work every day during those 5 months is beyond me. Once again, I stopped feeling. I was numb. I was a wreck, but somehow, I hid it well. I smiled. I was helpful. It took every grain of strength in my body, and it almost killed me. There were many many days when I stood waiting for a train and it was all I could do not to throw myself under the train.

        Why am I telling you all this? No, I don’t want your attention or your sympathy. What I’m trying to convey is that Jodi has NO choice than to hold it together. She can NOT let her floodgates down. She can not fall apart. She HAS to go through this dreadful trial. She has had to dig as deep inside herself as is humanly possible to keep going.

        She has to assist in her own defense also. I can not even begin to imagine the terrors she has been through when the attorneys appointed to defend her wanted to withdraw. Even Nurmi tried to withdraw after he left the PD’s office. I understand completely why she decided to represent herself for a while. I went through absolute hell with attorneys that I was paying all my remaining funds to. When I ran out of money, they didn’t care less about me. There is nothing quite so debilitating as losing (or almost losing, in Jodi’s case) the very people you had to come to trust. I am sure that even today, there is a part of her that doesn’t quite trust her attorneys. I don’t blame her one bit.

        I lost ALL faith in attorneys. Me, the woman who went to law school many years ago, and intended to become one. I represented myself for a portion of the divorce and believe I did a much better job than any attorney I paid. In fact, when I appealed the ridiculous judgment, it was my work during the case that gave me grounds to appeal. (The ridiculous judgment: the court ordered me to give my ex my new home address and my work address, even though I’m in an address confidentiality program, as part of discovery. When I refused, the judge struck ALL my pleadings and prohibited me from participating in my own divorce. My ex-husband was then fraudulently awarded ALL of the assets — which I had bought — plus a judgment for $31k against me. That gives him the right to track me down, and garnish my wages and bank accounts. He hasn’t done so yet. My state entered my case as an amicus curiae — friend of the court — to support my appeal that I should never have been ordered to give him my home address.)

        While the appeal is pending (which will take at least a year from the last brief filed in January), I have again been able to cry a little. I have been able to experience emotions again. I can allow myself to be me. Jodi has NEVER had that luxury. Jodi’s stress level has been through the roof continually since 2008. Jodi *has* to keep going through this trial. Her life depends upon it. I honestly hope she doesn’t watch TV or read the internet. I honestly hope she doesn’t know the abuse piled upon her by her new abusers. I also hope NO ONE tells her. And I hope that if they tell her ANYTHING, they only tell her about the people on this site.

        I really apologize for this extremely long post. My story is not even close to what Jodi has gone through. But I just hope it provides a small glimpse into what all of this is like. Magnify that by 1000 and you will understand why Jodi *has* to suppress her emotions as much as possible and can NOT let go and fall apart. I’m crying writing this thinking of all she has to go through. She is one incredible woman.

        • Thank you for sharing your story Also Abused. That took allot of courage and strength. It is obvious you possess a deep current of both. I pray your appeal goes favorably and that you find peace and happiness all the days of your journey. Rest easier knowing that by sharing your story you may have given someone else the courage to go on.

          • Bella, thank you, you’re such a special person. Thank you for all your amazing and caring posts and most of all, for being the wonderful person you are.

            I’m still trying to pluck up the courage to come out of the “closet” a bit more and post some links to my blog here, which mainly focuses on my case. Even that is anonymously handled, in fear of retribution from my ex, so I’m not even sure why I’m so afraid. But that’s one thing that lingers on.

          • Thank you sweetie. I’m doing well, really well, right now. I just got engaged, I have a decent job, and a safe place to live. Life is good for me, finally.

            But I think of poor Jodi every day, living in a cell, eating the mouldy bread and rotten fruit Sheriff Joe is “kind” enough to feed her and my heart breaks. She’s me, I’m her. I realized I was being abused finally. I called the Domestic Violence Hotline. I got some advice. And in a split second, my life almost ended on 3/14/11. But in that split second, I started videotaping him, and I called the police. And by some miracle, they arrested him. I don’t remember most of that night and thanks to Dr. Samuels, I now understand why. Jodi has helped me in more ways than she will ever know. I could be her today. It could be my trial you’re all watching. In that split second that seemed like an eternity, I briefly wondered if I could reach a knife and kill him instead. I’m not religious but the old saying works … but for the grace of God, there go I.

            • Also, you are an inspiration. Your courage and tenacity are matched perhaps only by your grace and dignity. Please do not minimize your experiences because what Jodi is going through is undeniably horrific. Comparisons of pain seem largely a waste to me. Bad is bad. And your experiences sound pretty bad. You are in my prayers. I will be asking for your peace and healing, as I do for Jodi.

        • Thanks for sharing your story. You have been through hell and back again it seems. You sound like a very strong woman and you had to be. Sharing your story I think helps others understand what Jodi could be going through and why she can’t break down.

        • Also Abused, let me first tell you hiw you possibly got through this. Because YOUR a VERY STONNNGGG WOMAN, thats how and thats why!!! You are a special kind of person (and I dont just say that to just any body). I can tell you are, by the way you write your feelings of what you’ve been through. Thank you SO much for sharing with us, it does help me understand MORE of what Jodi must be feeling and going through for these past few years. Thanks again and im so glad we have you on this site.

        • Also Abused: First of all, YAAAAAYYYYY! So nice to see you have joined me in posting little novel sized posts!!!!! Welcome to my club!

          Seriously, I am truly relieved to not be the only one posting books here because I feared SJ or the other ADMIN were going to politely tell me to knock my shit off because I’m crashing the servers or something. This way, if you post like that too, I can just throw you under the bus and escape unscathed myself! The latter was a funny. Or, at least, an attempt.

          I’m usually great with words. I make them my bitch and the tone of what I’m saying as well as the intention behind it translates with outstanding accuracy. After reading your story, I sit here with tears leading my mascara in a march down my face. Apparently, “waterproof” means about as much as “fair trial” these days when it comes to how they measure up in practice and not just theory. But, I digress, as usual. Your story speaks volumes of your courage and strength, both through your ordeal and sharing it with us.

          I’m not inspired by very much anymore, impressed by even less, and I have only been awestruck by my children lately. Although, with them, it’s a close tie between awestruck and dumbstruck. But, as I read the words you typed, holding my breath as I wait for you to cross the street, resisting the urge to offer my hand to my computer screen for you to take so that I might help you cross, it wouldn’t be until my husband loudly shushed me for crying out with glee when you made it across the street (the kids are sleeping) that I realized the swelling in my chest wasn’t gas from tonight’s BLT’s but pride for you! There were other emotions I felt that were harder to identify but I later realized you had inspired me. Not only that, you had impressed me, leaving me with a feeling of admiration for someone I did not know unlike anything I’ve felt before and the realization of how sincerely this was felt left me awestruck.

          Pssst! *loudly whispers to Also Abused* Your awesome is showing.

        • Also Abused thank you for sharing your horrible experiences and the way you handled them it makes me understand Jodi and part of myself better.
          As I read your story it feels like you are entering a new chapter of your life right now; may a new life come to bloom for you and bless you in every possible way.
          Congrats on your engagement
          Hopefully Jodi will be able to start a new happier chapter too one day

      • They are psychological tests used by forensic PHD psycholgists that are specific to test for validity of the defendents symtom reporting more than just validity scores of the MCMI that he did

          • Samuels is claiming she has or had a mental condition PTSD is an anxiety disorder!!! There are validity tests done that target testing for faking or exageration of symptoms. And yes there was a forensic psychologist who wondered why validity testing was not done. I am sure you will hear about this on cross.

            • If you listen to Dr.Samuel’s he spent more time on Jodi and Her Case then most do in these scenarios. He did administer test that you would not be able to fake. 12 hours with a court appointed psychologist is a lot.

              • Forensic psychology is about verifying everthing and not just taking the word of the defendent. I sure hope we find out more of how Samuels did that!!

                • He probably did what the defense’s budget allowed him to. Expert witnesses cost $$$$$$. Who would going to pay for him to administer every test in the book to Jodi? Her defense wanted evidence of PTSD and that’s what they received.

                • It ain’t rocket science to know Jodi has PTSD. I figured that out way back in 2009 when she was on 48 Hours. Something clearly was wrong with her.

              • Oliviero…”He did administer test that you would not be able to fake.”

                Haters like “deb” are too stupid to understand this…they prefer to believe people on the hater sites.

                Also, we don’t actually know yet if there were other tests done or not. If she already had some tests done, why would the defense spend what little money they have on having Dr, Samuels repeat all of them?

                I just love it how the haters look for all the negative shit…before we even have the whole picture!

                • Hate is the only emotion that is shown on Main Stream Media Don’t you hate her. was a comment on many networks. ????????????

      • Yes, it is the best they can get. No decent self-respecting psychologist will testify against Jodi. She shows ALL the signs of abuse and no decent psychologist would testify otherwise. Their reputation would depend upon it.

        I’m sure this woman wasn’t their first choice. She’s only barely qualified to be considered an expert to begin with. Check out her website: and her bio on She has 8 years of experience, but has only been a Ph.D. for 3.5 years.

        She will NOT be a match for Dr. Samues or Alyce LaViolette who are seasoned professionals. The prosecution’s goal is to nullify their testimony. If Dr. DeMarte is able to make a dent in their testimony, it will be a win for the prosecution. I sincerely doubt she will do so.

        • And they WON’T be able to dig up ANYTHING on Alyce LaViolette. She has earned her keep and is very well respected too.

          • But what do you bet, Kermit will still be frothing at the mouth yelling out “Objection, your honor” every 5 minutes.

          • JM is AFRAID of LaViollette. Can you believe how he’s been trying to preemptively undermine her testimony while Jodi was on the stand?

            • No and everytime he refers to as just a social worker, or, some social worker I feel incensed. Talk about him rolling in the dirt!

              • The only thing that quells my anticipation for her to get on the stand is that I’m not ready for Dr. Samuels to be done.

                • OH i cant wait to hear what else he has to say. They are having a daubert hearing on Monday where the court decides if the research Samuels talks about pertaining to instrumental and expressive murder crime scenes and what that tells us about the defendant, has been peer-reviewed enough to be valid science. They will televise that and it will be interesting. I haven’t seen one yet. I hope the conclusion is to let it in.

                • Me too. I’ll have my popcorn popped and everything! I think that a good bit of it will come in…Not to the point of his being able to testify as to whether he thinks that it was premeditated, but that’s not even the aim of the defense anyway.

        • Correct me if I’m obtuse, but ‘Sentient Psychology’ sounds to me like an academic New Age fad to describe the animal nervous system. As to what Sentient Psychology Therapy might be, I do not even dare guess.

  39. HELP , can anyone tell me where I can read the whole motion to compel wal mart and Tesoro that was filed ? I think it’s like 3 or 4 pages but I can’t find it anywhere. Thank u

  40. Ok so watch this version of the ‘new’ JA video on Fox news and note at approx. 3:50 he says “Cold, calculating is how the jury, if they ever see this and they probably will, may regard her”. They go on to discuss how this is going to affect the defense WHEN the jury sees this.

    Why are they so sure the jury will see this when they are supposed to refrain from viewing media regarding this trial??? This is a really big deal, no?

    • I am seriously going to bawl tonight because of this video. And they assume she knows she’s still on film? Why would she? She’s not a seasoned criminal. Good grief. Seriously, let’s throw her to the gladiators in an arena. Isn’t that what they’re doing, anyway?

      • I think that video proves her PTSD and its edited. And like someone else said she’s not a seasoned criminal so she didn’t know she’s being recorded. And she was in deep denial. Who gets interrogated, mind you we don’t know how long she’d been held, talks about makeup, songs and does a handstand. It’s all part of her mechanism for denial. She was in deep denial and she may have been interrogated for hours. I’ve noticed she also doesn’t read nonverbal cues very well. She’s not an evil mastermind like the other side wants people to believe. She’s a woman with denial mechanism and issues.

        • If she was a seasoned criminal she would have been wise to ask for a lawyer mid-interogation.

          “It should be noted here that in the United States, if at any point during the interrogation the suspect does somehow manage to ask for a lawyer or invoke his right to silence, the interrogation has to stop immediately. That’s why it’s so important to interrupt the suspect’s attempts to speak in the initial stages — if he invokes his rights, the interrogation is over.”

          • It’s the same in Canada. In fact no one has to speak to the police period. They try to intimidate you, but you don’t have to speak to them at all.

    • Exactly how does it make her look cold and calculating? She looks like she’s falling apart. Cold and calculating would be to sit there with an evil grin and say “Just try to get me to admit that I murdered the bastard!”

  41. Mr. Nobody and Heather, I appreciate your support over on Vladimir Gagic’s blog. Especially Heather, you rock, girl!

  42. I really like listening to Valdmir Gagic, very interesting! I am going to read the book he mentioned , Fooled by Randomness.

  43. I have seen it all now! Yesterday Dr. Samuels was giving his credentials from his CV. I just read a post on one of the bobblehead sites, “How pathetic, the defense expert has to read his credentials from a “CD”! LOL

  44. Something is not right with this case maybe I am paranoid but its too easy the evidence, camera going off, I do not see Jodi leaving the camera behind, I never thought of it. The Pictures something is missing. and weird I do not what it is but could be a huge cover up.

    • I agree with that. An I too feel it is something weird people say if we see something weird though that we are conspiracy whack’s so I just don’t say much anymore. These people that keep popping up bother me a lot. Where were these close loving friends an family on WED THURS FRI SAT SUN an finally on MON at 10 pm a couple show up but WHY? because there was a TRIP the very next day?? seems off to me.

    • Agree! I bitched about that very same issue. And we don’t hear another word about it either but you know if it were Jodi’s doctor’s there would be a new update each week about the stolen laptop and lack of professionalism.

      • Oh come on! That article implied that somehow Jodi or her supporters seemed to have something to do with this… “It does seem strange …..”


    • I read about that. I can’t believe she had sensitive information on a laptop in her home. Boggles my mind to be honest. Especially that type of information, our privacy commission would be screaming from the roof tops and demanding answers. And she’d probably be suspended from practice until this was sorted out.

      Basic rookie mistake I’d say.

    • In that article it said the defense could undermine her testimony if they get a copy of what of her report, but isn’t the defense suppose to get a copy of her report?

      • Yes, her report would be part of the discovery. The same as that little weasel had a copy of Dr. Samuels report.

      • It’s kind of a shady deal this whole discovery thing. So any report she made is discoverable. However her own notes and other communications with the attorney (JM) fall into the class of work-product, which is not discoverable.

  45. I hope this gives all of you a laugh. When i mod the HATE comments on Friday’s I notice they sound REALLY dumb and the same people will leave multiple stupid comments. I think many of the must be drunk. Seriously!

  46. People say the strangest things when upset, After My Dad died My Sister and I were visiting my other Sister who was with him in Florida when he died.. This was way after the funeral maybe months. My sister went to answer her Phone we were watching the movie Brave Heart and we heard my sister say “My vacation was cut short ya it a was a real BUMBER! my Dad Died. We ,my other sister & I burst out laughing. Because what we heard her say sounded so inappropriate.

    • Under grief and stress we say some crazy things…been there done that…

      Three years ago…my dad called me with news that my mom had died…and I said…I might as well just hang the white bow on my front door and leave it there because everyone in my family keeps dying..(NOTE: It was a year of 6th deaths in our family and friends).

      My dad is so sweet…he said something like…well you need to put the bow on the door and close your business for a week or so…So I did…Thank God for dads…