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Hang onto your hats folks… the verdict is scheduled to be announced @ 1.30 pm today.

Leave your comments below in the run up!


Never question it.

Never doubt it.

Team Jodi

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    • Truth. Its such a word with so much meaning. And yet so clear of what it means, everyone seems to have their own thoughts on what the meaning of truth is. A lie is an untruth, not of the facts, but of the belief of the person. If the person who is giving the information is knowingly giving false information, then its a lie. To lie is to deliver a false statement to another person which the speaking person knows is not the whole truth, intentionally.

      The truth has been proven through the words of Travis. He said in his own words, no speculation is required, HE SAID IT IN HIS VOICE. He talked about 12 yr old girls in a sexual way, HE said he wanted to tie Jodi to a tree, and do sexual things to her, in a BDSM way.

      Evidence is only valid if there is no question of its meaning. Its not evidence if it can lean to both sides of the situation.

      Nothing in this case tells me that Jodi is guilty. The only thing here is that Jodi claims she did it. But her own words said “Well, I must’ve don’t it, because that’s what they keep telling me”.

      To the people who are wishing for death upon Jodi, you are not informed, and imo are not looking at the facts. There are no facts that point to Jodi. JM didn’t prove anything. And IMHO, the people wishing for death upon Jodi are just followers and cant see past the crime of what happened to Travis, to look at the facts, the truth, the evidence and reality. I hope that once the pain and anger has cleared, that Travis Alexander’s family will the see the reality of this horrible act, and realize that nothing says or shows that Jodi did this, except for Jodi-who can’t remember actually doing it.

      and just a side thought, The Death Penalty is wrong! Its being a hypocrite. How can anyone say its justice to kill someone as a punishment for killing someone?
      And we all know that people make mistakes, but the thing is, death is permanent, and you can’t take it back. And Thank God for Debra Milke, who even though she lost 22years of her life, they found out she wasn’t guilty, and has been set free.

      I hope that the jury are people who can think for themselves. A woman’s life is depending on it!

  1. Lots of people thought it’d be today. They were right. I have some errands to run. If I leave now, I should be back in more than enough time!

  2. THANK YOU SJ!!!


    I have been here daily for months. I have interacted with every one of you and have laughed my ass off.

    We have all been here for each other throughout this fucking shit storm of a trial.

    I’m eternally grateful I will be with you all when the ultimate outcome is realized.

    I am holding all of your hands and sending all my love and PRAYERS to each and every one of you.


    You are loved.

    (((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((BIG LIONS, TIGERS AND BEAR HUGS)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

  3. Anything more than NOT GUILTY means a biased jury who got false info from the media as well as by LYING of the ME and Flores.

  4. I’m so nervous…palms are sweating, heart pounding. Thank you all for being there. Hugs and kisses to you all. Jodi Arias, I am praying for you….dear, sweet, brave, gentle girl.

  5. Scared, nervous!!!!!!!!!!!! Someone said shit storm of a trial and YOU COULDN’T BE MORE RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. I think it will be a great day for Jodi. No 1st degree verdict would have taken this long. They were also seen coming out of the court house smiling, so I wouldn’t think they would smile if they knew they just took someone’s life away from them. I really think she will be found not guilty on that 1st degree charge.

  7. This seems surreal.Absolutely surreal.Im not handling it very well.
    I think I’ll faint.I called my sister and best friends to come over.

    Jodi,our angel.

    • Me too Maria, and I am home with my old mother, but I got you guys and I am holding your hands right now and praying !!!

    • I should make it home just in time for the verdict.

      Sending prayers out to Jodi & her family. May peace and comfort surround their hearts.

    • (((((maria)))))

      Try to relax, sweetie. We’re all here for you!

      And thank you all for being here for me.

  8. Had to change where I was watching. Can’t handle all the talking right now. Hopefully some of the cookies I baked will be here for the kids when they get home.

  9. (((((((((((((((((((Holding each and every one’s hand ,hugging you all))))))))))))))))))

  10. I am having a hard time post showing database error messages—I’ll be here even if I can’t post

  11. Holy crap, I was leaning on that T-shirt theory on HLN, that no verdict today! I stepped away, but luckily I checked back in time!

  12. The guy on the live feed who was standing outside the court just said ” Nurmi didn’t do a bad job on his closing”. That’s the closest they can get to saying anything positive for fear of haters flogging him in the street.

  13. Holy cow, this site is getting mauled right now! WONDERFUL!

    It took me 10 minutes of continued trying to get this far into the site.

    So, here we are, Manslaughter…aquittal….manslaughter?…aquittal?…. Its GOTTA be!

    Al, you here bud? AA? SJ? We ready for this?

  14. Not ONE commentator, not ONE lawyer, not ONE interviewee on any TV channel mentioning that ajury decision is based on EVIDENCE, not belief. They are disgusting.

  15. Think my clock is broken….. EVERYTIME I look at it it’s only moved by one minute!!!!! Lmao lmao lmao 🙂

  16. Keeping fingers crossed for nothing more than manslaughter if they must charge her with something… nervous

  17. hello and hugs to all of you
    hang in there and stay strong
    thank you all
    (((((((((((((((((((((((((group hug )))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

    trying to post for the past half hour

  18. This site keeps crashing so I hope this post goes thru.

    God be with Jodi and her family.

    I pray the jury gave enormous weight to the lies of the ME and Flores and JM.

  19. To me anything other than M1 is a victory for defense. But I am really hoping for no more than manslaughter.

    • exactly…we WILL be here for you Jodi…it will be in your favor!!! its almost over, and you can go home soon!
      big huuggsss!!!!!

    I think I am going to get sick. I want to thank you AA for calling me. Iowa doesn’t even have it on the news!!

  21. Praying that the Spirit of Peace Descend down upon you Jodi. God Bless you Jodi, I am praying for you to be free soon.

  22. Leaving to pick up dog from groomer…will be back b/4 FAVORABLE VERDICT!!!!! I”ll miss all the BS spewing from media, yeah!!

  23. I can’t imagine what Jodi must be feeling right now. As for me I’m as nervous as a long tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs. Stay strong Jodi

    Ray from Harrisonburg Va.

  24. Was on the phone with my sis in law and told her I had to go so I could get on here. Not even watching anything. Everyone talking on links are getting to me. So I am just going to read what everyone one from here is saying.

  25. I haven’t slept in two days. I thought mabey I would try to this afternoon, then I got this feeling that my heart was falling into my stomache. So I turned on the T.V. and breaking news interrupted and said “A VERDICT HAS BEEN REACHED!” I knew it. I am so nervous for all of us, but especially for Jodi. No matter what the outcome, my confidence has been renewed in the fact that there really are sweet and reasonable and compassionate people left in this world. I am proud of all of us for being open minded and non judgemental. WE ARE THE BEST! I love all of you guys, you have given me many laughs and a lot of knowledge and so many touching stories that tugged at my heart. I am so glad we can all be here together in the spirit of solidarity. All my love and kittie cat kisses go out to each and every one of you!. PurrrMeow! Love, Jessie

  26. I’m done listening to the pundits. They are pissing me off. I’m not listening to anyone but the people on this site until the juries verdict is announced.

    • Oh, eli, I quit two years ago and I feel like I need a straitjacket to keep from running out and buying a pack. I’d probably have three of them lit at same time right about now if I was still smoking, lol!

      • Don’t have Xanax, but have plenty of morphine, (unfortunately), and between the weather here today, and stress starting to build-up-I’m going to go take my early evening dose an hour early….maybe plus one for breakthrough, we’ll see…

  27. Dear God, Please Be with Jodi and her family—Please let Jodi know that we are with her in our hearts and our Prayers. Give her Strength. Give Jodi her Freedom. Amen.

  28. I get the distinct feeling that the so called “experts” predicting a M-1 or M-2 verdict for Jodi because of how quick they arrived at a verdict never watched the Casey Anthony or OJ trials. The “experts” are treating the verdict as a foregone conclusion.

    These clowns know nothing.

    • You are right Joe! Not one single talking head has ANY idea what this jury has decided! it is ALL a guess…it pisses me off too. You cannot compare or read anything at all into the time the jury took to deliberate!

  29. Why was Juan boy seen by the jury room this morning with his victim’s right advocate with him? He was said to have a big smile on his face.

  30. Hugs to all of you..l feel sick, stomach in knots. This waiting is horrible, and I keep trying to post and not getting thru. I wish I had someone here with me, other than this site, I feel all alone and a wreck…and I am having so much trouble with the site….whats going on? Anyone else having the same problem? I need all of you guys right now.

    • I am SO with you! ***HUGS***

      My bestie and I are actually arguing over this- and we’ve never argued ever!!!

      I feel like I’m the only one in the world who understands how Travis was treating her was horribly abusive. People say “There’s no evidence of that.” WHAT??? The emails, the text messages- even his roommate said he treated her horribly. I don’t think he deserved to die for it… but I also don’t think she deserves DEATH bc she ‘snapped’. I was in a similarly verbally/mentally abusive relationship. Difference is I became suicidal, not homicidal. I could have gone the other way. I nearly died twice. That is why I understand Jodi.

      But everyone seems to think I’m nuts.

  31. Jodi!
    Say it loud and there’s music playing,
    Say it soft and it’s almost like praying.

    (with thanks to West Side Story)

    Hoping for the very best for Jodi.

  32. Wow!!!! Can’t believe it’s finally time to learn Jodi’s fate. I can’t believe everyone in the media assumes its M1. Yesterday ey were back peddling to M2 and Manslaughter. There had to have been hold outs it will be interesting to see who changed their minds. Just heard one lady was wiping her yes walking out but e other jurors looked like “whatevs” . I can’t imagine it’s M1 with that type of demeanor.

  33. Was hard to get in here- website kept timing out or error message!


    ***I’M FREAKING OUT!!!!!***

    Someone hit fast forward so we can get this over with!

  34. I heard that too…the tears thing. I am thinking of many things, mostly the relief she must be feeling to be DONE with this very long, very emotional trial! People cry for all kinds of reasons, and we cannot read anything into that.

      • tonysam,
        I can’t get to the other page and my post didn’t make it when I could.
        I’m sick, sad and just broken heartd.
        What happens now?

        Never did I ever believe this! : (

    • Hi Dorothy,

      I have live feed from AZ Central but they are streaming from outside the courthouse. I haven’t been able to post so hope this goes through.

    • Thank you vebe…my candle is lite and I am saying prayers for Jodi and all who have been supporting her over this long ordeal. God bless.

  35. Just FYI all-I never stopped skimming/reading comments here-just got a couple of “jobs” doing research that I HAD to take and do; and I also had 2 classes start that I had registered for. With all that, I’ve barely had time to keep up with the basics, BUT:
    Am HERE this afternoon, praying that this jury was able to, fearlessly, come to an HONEST Verdict!!
    May True Justice Prevail in this case!!

    PS: but I gotta tell you guys, I’m really worried that at least some of these jurors, familiar with the disgusting way the CA Jurors were treated; will freak out and think more of their own safety, than justice….

  36. I can’t imagine if they took this much time deliberating that it’s M1 (I feel like they would have come back with it on day 1 if it was unanimously M1). Also, they came back to early for it to be hung (IMO).

    That leaves M2, manslaughter, acquittal. Not sure at all which.

  37. just got home from a funeral & layed down to cry. turned the tv on to dbl check and see the verdict is in. thankfully on my way up to my room I took a xanax. i am crying for my friends daughter, Jodi, her family & honestly Travis’s family too. No matter what I think of TA, his family is hurting along w Jodi’s. sorry if that is not a popular view.
    I guess it’s too late to pray for what the verdict is bcz it’s already in the “box” so to speak. Now is when we pray for strength, for everyone involved.
    this waiting shit sucks.

    • God works outside of time ….

      We can all pray that He touch a jurors heart to do the right thing, our prayers … “Now” can influence that juror .. “Then ……. at the time of his/her decision

      God Bless Jodi .. and Everyone!!!

  38. Please God let the verdict be fair and just for Jodi. I’m so scared. Praying very hard for Jodi. Poor girl. I wish she never got mixed up with Travis and those crazies he hung out with.

  39. Live feed is down..conspiracy by tabloid TV forcing people to watch thier channel to see the verdict read?

  40. One of the jurors was crying? Did anyone else hear that? My live feed is down…WTF HELP I DO NOT WANT TO WATCH HLN!

  41. Time has basically stopped I think. I need to get up and go watch something and come back. OMG I’m hurting.

  42. I swear I feel like this while thing is Marie Antoine going to the guillotine and that f’ng HLN and everyone cheering for the prosecutor. I hate that guy. The worst and most unprofessional attorney I’ve ever seen. Thank you for the site. I’ve been avidly reading everything but waited to post until the verdict was reached. Everyone had such excellent points regarding the whole trial. You guys are awesome.

  43. Hi guys, I have been missing lately trying to get my cortisol levels under control, too high. I am trying to stay in my happy place, wishing love and light to Jodi and all of you fine folks!

  44. im so nervous , anxious
    my stomach is tied up into one big knot
    i cant even breathe properly – my chest hurts
    jodi my prayers are with you ,
    i have supported you from the beginning and will continue to do so , no matter what happens
    stay strong !

  45. Where do all these haters come from – what is wrong with people.

    Heavenly Father I beg you to let your child Jodi go home to be with her family. Lord you know what happened on that fateful day. Please wrap your arms around Jodi and protect her from anyone who wishes evil on her. Lord I pray the jury had courage and did the right thing. I can’t bare to think of Jodi locked up for one more day. Please Lord hear all of our prayers and set your daughter free. In Jesus’ name I pray.

  46. I don’t know if it posted earlier, but I had just walked in from jury duty…how ironic. I was released so not breaking any laws. I wasn’t picked because what the State basically wanted to hear is that law enforcement is to be trusted….yeah right. They did pick two people that said they didn’t think they could be partial. Our system is screwed up.

    I excited to hear the verdict. As we all know, the State never had a case as charged and, we all know, that JA had to defend herself. As SJ has said in the past regardless it will be a win-win even if the verdict were to come in wrong because the case is so full of errors and appellate issues. Everybody stay calm and relax.

    Team Jodi all the way.

    • It isn’t anywhere near over with. The verdict other than acquittal and the sentencing are only the beginnings.

      They may not appeal at all if it is M2 or manslaughter, but they sure as hell will with M1.

  47. Just wanted to for my support!!! (((HUGS))) everyone!! Fingers, heart, toes, and everything else crossed, our girl will soon be free!!! WE WILL BE VICTORIOUS!

  48. I remember the one Casey juror that gave an interview said they all cried right after they reached verdict. She might be crying because she wanted M1 and was crying for “Travis” the fact that the guys didnt look stressed or whatever…. I think M2 or manslaughter.

    Honestly I would think they would take more time deciding on someone’s life in my opinion.

  49. Oh my gosh. An waiting for my son to get out oh school and jumped on Facebook to see the verdict is in. My heart instantly sank and I got sick to my stomach. Prayers to Jodi and her family for a not guilty. We love you Jodi girl. Stay strong honey we are all here for you.

  50. I just listened to an interview with TAs roommate the one that had the last name Alexander. Well at the end of his interview he said something that spoke VOLUMES….
    “Jodi was anyone that Travis WANTED HER TO BE.”

    Right out of the mouth of his friend proves the controlling nature of TA towards Jodi

  51. I don’t know if it’s just butterflies, but all of a sudden, even though I predicted Wednesday afternoon, I don’t like this timing.

    Who knows, just wishing Jodi the best.

  52. Thank you all for being smart, kind, considerate, compassionate, thinking people. Thank you for debating with me, crying with me, laughing with me, sleuthing with me, and believing in Jodi with me. You all are amazing people and I am so humbled and thankful to call you guys family. Prayers and hugs to each and every one of you. This is certainly a long wait. Prayers for Jodi.

  53. So,is this just the guilty or not guilty, or we will know if this is M2 or manslaughter? I am getting very confused now, i can’t think straight.

  54. This is what I wrote over at 48 Hours’ FB page: Anything other than acquittal is a travesty. M1 will be appealed and it will be overturned. There is NO evidence whatsoever to convict. The jury should have been sequestered, and this, plus the LIES told by the ME and Detective Flores will cause an appellate court to throw the case out. I do want to say something in criticism of CBS. 48 Hours should NEVER have done this story without seriously questioning the hogwash narrative Travis Alexander’s so-called “friends” were peddling on the public given how cultlike the Mormon church is. It also had NO business interviewing Jodi Arias when it knew she did not have an attorney to advise her and it was OBVIOUS from the interviews she was suffering from trauma. Shame on Maureen Maher and her producers for ever peddling a load of one-sided hogwash on the public. Because of the garbage of the original report back in 2009, we have this media circus. Watching the trial without media manipulation is an entirely different experience than watching the LIES spewed by HLN and the rest.

  55. Really don’t know what I would do right now if I didn’t have this site to read what everyone is thinking. I dont feel as crazy knowing that there is people out there that thinks like I do.

  56. I am so nervous I am shaking. I’m hoping for a downright acquittal…but worst case scenerio is that Jodi has so many routes to a successful appeal…

  57. someone posted the ciminal appeal stats for arizona some time back
    a massively high percentage of “reversals”
    if anyone has them, please repost them here again

    we all know the evil done by the police, and prosecutor, that tainted the entire process

    and the massively “incompetent” judge, who allowed the prosecutor, and the police free reign to pervert the the judicial process, and deny jodi a fair trial

  58. Just got home for lunch and my dog sure is in a different mood than normal when I come home……she is extremely excited, playful, full of energy………….hope that is a sign.

  59. Holy crap, I’ve been trying to get on here for the last 30 minutes – Connection establishment error – I feel like I’m about to hyperventilate and my heart is pounding out of my chest! Help….

  60. just got back and i am a nervous wreck …this is just like CA verdict..the mob outside courthouse ready to stone her if they dont get the verdict they want…what a sad sad world this has become

  61. Praying for Jodi! I hate that i’m not home, had to take family to do some running around, so ill try to watch on my phone as people try talking to me at the same time. Why are people like that? If they KNOW that you’ve dedicated so much time into something (this case)I’ve even changed MY Dr apt. They know the virdict will be on at 1:30, that I don’t want to miss it but STILL insist on there priorities first??? SO RUDE!

  62. I have HLN on mute and am watching the computer clock. Every time I look up I see NG – gross. I’m getting nervous and itchy like I’m getting hives or something like when you get real anxious.

  63. I hope the defense has plans to whisk her away if found not guilty. Some of these crazies probably have guns and no one seems to be checking.

    • viri… the haters will undoubtedly cause a riot! AND I agree! They are probably armed and ready…maybe they will shoot each other in the chaos…I am HOPING 😀 …AND I am hoping Jodi is safe. I love you Jodi! STAY STRONG!

  64. To divert your attention a bit for the moment it takes to read this..
    Cleveland will hold a press conference regarding the Three Girls (women) who were found the other day after being missing for 10 + /- years at 5 pm…not sure if that is eastern or central ? 🙂

      • Violette, I saw the announcement on MSNBC I don’t know if that is international/national…a bit of happiness among all this anxiety….

  65. I have CNN on here at work, can handle Anderson much better, he is talking about it all but how do I explain to my work is it is bad and I start crying, well I will either way, they dont know how I feel, ugh I cant work, I am sick to my stomach. Look at all those blood thirsty people, our own reporters are out there getting opinions

  66. As i sit here, waiting, i thought i would tell you what is going on in my mind. I feel like i should say something, as i have been pretty outspoken about my opinion and many people have made comment that they appreciate the posts, as some feel the same way as i do, but do not know how to say it here.

    Truth be told, i don’t know what to say. I have a gambit of feelings, but i just don’t know what they are. Im worried how people are going to react to this verdict. I’m worried how i am going to react to this verdict. If she is found guilty of M1 or PM, I’d like to think I could do or say something to change the minds of the “powers that be”, but we both know that my words will change nothing. That makes me very upset, as they will have sentenced with laws created in MY NAME! Yet, i don’t believe justice will have been served. Moreover, if she is found innocent or guilty of Manslaughter, should i feel happy? Why? After all i expect them to follow the law, and the law, to me, says that manslaughter and acquittal are the only legal options. I don’t celebrate when the law gets it right all of the other times. It’s expected. That’s why we pay them. WE do pay THEM.

    Also, how will the “other side” react? If she is found guilty of M1 or PM, will they think “they were right”? We know they were not, but it will continue to feed this mob mentality. HLeN and others will feel justified as being biased. They will not think they were “biased” they will think they were “right”. No matter the verdict, they were WRONG, IMO. What if the jury finds her innocent? They have already made their bed…they will not change their minds and say “well, i guess we were wrong”. They are going to be forced to advocate that the jurors are bad people. These jurors are going to be thrown under the bus, if they don’t convict them of M1 or PM.

    A compromised verdict at M2? I think that would be an injustice. I think people will justify this by saying she already offered a plea to this, so we should be happy. NO NO NO. That, in my mind will be WRONG. Period. This, i fear is going to be the verdict, and i fear EVERYONE will be upset, and then forget.

    • No matter the verdict, they are WRONG. Still TEAM JODI! I am not surprised with the poison from the media. God’s justice will prevail. Clearly this country is FAR from it. Better days are coming. PLZ Believe it.

  67. Switched to CNN. Could not stand HLN anymore and glad someone posted we could watch it on other channels. Don’t want to surf to find MSNBC in case I miss the verdict. I’m so nervous. GOD I feel horrible for Jodi.

  68. Whatever the outcome, I want to thank all of you for being the combined voice of reason during this charade of a trial. I feel grateful to have been able to come here to (mostly) read and to occasionally post. Much healthier than shouting like a maniac at the HLN commentators on TV. And much more centering.

    • It will be overturned. Make no mistake.

      There was no evidence to convict.

      The jury was made up of a bunch of Mormon morons or people who were afraid of what would happen if they didn’t reach M1.

      I vote for the latter.

    • Ashley, even though the server overload is aggravating me…it is also wonderful to know WE ARE ALL HERE!!!!

  69. Why does HLN keep calling Travis a motivational speaker?? He wasn’t paid he spoke at Pre paid legal functions!!! They just keep trying to build him up!! I HOPE the jury gets it right!!

  70. Hi just wanted everyone to know I’m here and sending thoughts and prayers of love and support and justice for Jodi (and our country). My computer was attacked again but I’m fixing it now – it will not stop me from coming here! Lol I pray for a just verdict and Jodi’s freedom and peace.

  71. I know this is in Gods hands. He knows the pure truth. Im appalled at the public lynch mob. This is a circus of grand porportions. Its all because of the media especially HLN. Especially Nasty DisGrace. And Wiennie Politan. I am scared that this jury has been contaminated. I hope its not 1st Degree. If it is it will be because of the lies and manipulation of the media and the state. God have mercy.

  72. *GULP*

    Any moment now… I need a xanax or a drink. I am shaking!

    ***PRAYERS for you Jodi Ann****

    I pray Jodi feels our support. We are here for you no matter what happens.

  73. Also here, clicking between CNN/MSNBC, can’t take that nasty shrill right now…took my pain Meds, praying for the best & praying this jury isn’t intimidated by what happened after CA’s verdict…

  74. I tried HLN (spit!), CNN & the online feed and they’re all trashing Jodi.

    As Nanni Moretti , director of “Caro Diario” said:

    “I believe in people. I just don’t believe in the majority of people.”

    I agree especially after watching the hater’s perform during this trial.

    I’m now listening to Classic Jazz on the TV. Better for the soul.

  75. Ashleigh Banfield just announced that they have locked the courtroom, which is “an indication of a much later verdict announcement, and we are already 7 minutes late”…. WTF???

    I took my meds…

  76. COMPLETELY OFF-TOPIC as we wait. I haven’t watched soaps since my 20’s-the early 80’s, but who doesn’t remember “Katherine” from the Young & Restless.
    She passed this AM.
    Uh oh, it’s time!!

    • My thought exactly. Our justice system is F’d because whether or not anyone believes she committed M1 it WAS NOT proven in court.

  77. I don’t understand how they can convict someone with NO evidence that she was guilty of pre meditation…they went on rumors…NO PROOF

    What are the chances that Jodi will be able to appeal and this time some top notch lawyers will take the case pro bono??

  78. This is BS. I so hope she gets an appeal. They should not have had felony murder. How can they have felony murder and premeditated? 7of the stupid fuckers found both. Thats impossible. So she planned it…but didnt bring the gun….but stole his gun to kill him according to hercplan? Fucking retarded assholes.

  79. That is a bunch of shit. They were watching Nancy Grace and all of the rest, and I assume a bunch of them were fucking Mormon morons.

    Unbelievable given the complete and total lack of evidence.

    The jury system is broken.


  81. What did I tell you this jury was tainted by the saturation of info NOT IN EVIDENCE this was trial by media and lies and apparently fell for Juan’s dog and gopher show. Its really heartbreaking—I see many reasons for this being turned over down the road. These jurors did NOT abide the admonition otherwise it would have not been so easy to overlooking a lying ME and detective. Shameful.




    • I’m not “republican”- I’m non-affiliated with a political party, but I am conservative about many things. I am so upset over this verdict. But I think it’s silly to say all republicans want her dead. My husband is republican and he was totally against a conviction at all.

  83. Very Upset by the verdict.

    Hated the tone of voice that the jurors had too.

    Also the Facebook Support Page seems to be under attack ATM by some death vulture POS.

    Prayers and Thought for Jodi and her family, and everyone who has supported her who is upset at this time.

  84. OMG! Now the attorney for the Alexander family is saying the family is filing a wrongful death civil suit! WTF they have their pound of flesh , someone should take the lot of them out back and shoot them all!

  85. I am especially disturbed by the findings by some jurors of both felony murder and premeditated murder — these two verdicts are not compatible!!

    I wonder whether they were at all concerned with or even fully understood the charge or the law??

    Terrible verdict.

  86. WOW! Poor Jodi! What a bunch of Morons….Now some fucktard lawyer just made a statement that he represents the surviving siblings and will be filing a wrongful death suit against Jodi for them. Those fuckers are a bunch of pukes! Sorry for the language but I am so mad. His own words showed he was a puke to her. How could they convict on murder 1. There was no evidence!!!!

    • so they file a law suit, and win. how do they get there money. its not like jodi is going to make any money, so why file a law suit. I thought they only did when the defendant (OJ simpson) had alot of money. what a waste of court time and money.

      • I guess they want to prevent Jodi from profiting from the crime. I guess they know that she will probably get out on appeal, just MHO.

    • Nk,
      If the sentence is the DP then Jodi gets and automatic appeal. Her attorneys can still appeal the verdict as it stands now, but they will likely wait and see what the sentence is. Tomorrow we will find that out. I am just as nervous about tomorrow as I was about today in a way…its just going to be so emotional. After the aggravating phase is presented, Jodi’s team gets to present mitigating factors, and Jodi can speak, and I SO hope she does. It will be hard to watch, very emotional, but very important that she does. So can her family. I am just a wreck right now, even as I type this I feel the knot in my stomach getting worse. I cannot even imagine how Jodi must feel right now…it must be beyond our imagination.

  87. This case will be won on appeals with prosecutorial misconduct and all that. I have a feeling that the mob outside that courthouse every day when the jurors arrived along the hate being spewed every single night on TV is where this verdict came from and not from the evidence. Those folks were afraid that if they didn’t find her guilt of M1, those crazies would hunt them down and do them harm.

  88. I thought I was going ti faint. Seriously pass out. It almost feels surreal to me, like it was a dream. tomorrow will be hard to watch, the penalty phase. I just really hope that Jodi speaks during the mitigating factor phase. I cannot even begin to imagine what she is feeling and going thru right now. I cant even focus clearly, and have tried to post her a dozen times and been unable. it’s making me crazy.

  89. This verdict will be overturned. Too much error and judicial/prosecutorial misconduct. And the crowd? Disgusting. Our civilization is in big trouble.

    • It sure is Nancy
      Can the verdict be overturned.
      I can’t believe what all that they got by with.
      Just sick!

    • How about you go pray to whatever God for forgiveness for actually wishing that someone gets the death penalty? Because seriously, only God can judge. Clearly you missed the empathy gene.

  90. I posted this on the new page but to spread hope that this verdict is what is needed to bring to light all the atrocities of the AZ injustice system. Now the culprits can truly be held accountable for the mockery they have made of this trial. Jodi will make it through this and we have to stand by her.

  91. (((((((((((Jodi and Team Jodi))))))))))))))

    We love you Jodi and we are behind you no matter what!!!

    I am in this for the long haul. If Drew Pinksy pretends this support group is just a temporary “infatuation” well then he wouldn’t know empathy and compassion if it bit him in the ass!!

    I love you all too – thanks to everyone, especially SJ and his team for making a safe place on the Internet. THANK YOU!!

    • ” … for making a safe place on the Internet.”

      Testify, MB! I was receiving death-threats daily out there.

    • ~{HUGS}~ for Team Jodi!

      Mr. Pinsky can suck it! He must have went to the same school as Demarte.

      Thank you SJ for such a wonderful enviroment! ♥
      Thank you also to everyone else who posts here. We come from all corners. With all sorts of life styles and differing opinions but our belief in Jodi’s innocence will not waver. No matter what the verdict.

  92. Dear Jodi: Please don’t do anything rash. Let the legal system sort this out. Prosecutorial misconduct is still an option. Don’t give up hope. I haven’t.
    Bill Corcoran, Chicago.

  93. Hi friends! : (

    I can’t post but here.
    It says ERROR on the other one. I hope this goes through.

    This is a heart breaker.
    Can someone on this site tell me what happens now?
    There was doubt all through this trial and that’s ALL they proved was more doubt.
    It certainly wasn’t premeditated.

    I love you all so much and Jodi know’s we love her and are heartbroken, BUT
    will always be here for her.

    Jodi and all of my friends here, I love you so much.

    Jodi you have proven how much you care for others more than yourself.
    You are a special person.

    You only did what was natural and that was to defend yourself.
    Any of us in that same situation would have done the same thing.

    I love all of you so much and Jodi we will all get though this together.
    We love you!
    Hang in there and be strong.
    We’re 1000% behind you and always will be.

  94. I can’t believe the verdict was first degree it’s amazing. I thought the jury would see that Travis was guilty in his own way. I know killing isn’t right but things happen and that’s the only defense left. It’s a relationship that went all wrong and putting jodi to death isn’t going to justify it.

  95. I was affected yesterday by the look on Jodi’s face while they read the verdict. She looked mercifully at each juror, begging with her eyes for just one of them to change their mind at the reading. It was painful. Earlier in this, I read where someone wrote “Jodi is paying for the CA and OJ cases”, I believe that’s true.
    Let’s see what happens the next time a sexually,physically and mentally abused woman kills her abuser and claim she was abused.
    Yes, it has set back history and victory for women who stand up for themselves when they’ve finally had enough. When is enough going to be enough? Jury of her peers would have been all survivors of domestic violence.
    Sad. Frustrated. Anxious. Sad mostly. 🙁

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